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No Disguise Challenge Guide by HitmanExpert

Version: 2 | Updated: 02/03/07

                           USING NO DISGUISE ATALL! 
Using the guide:
Copy the Section or Mission number; example Section 1 or Mission 1 and
paste it in the Edit -> Find dialog box, hit "Find Next" to go to the
desired location.

<TOC> Table of Contents
SECTION 1: About this walkthrough
SECTION 1a: About the author & his gameplay
SECTION 2: Legal stuff.
SECTION 3: Author's Approved Websites.
SECTION 4: Contact information.
SECTION 5: About the game:
SECTION 5.1:  New Additions & Features of the game
SECTION 5.2: Some important charecters in the game
SECTION 7: Version History
                       Mission 1.  A Vintage Year
                       Mission 2.  Curtains Down
                       Mission 3.  Flatline
                       Mission 4.  A New Life
                       Mission 5.  The Murder of the Crows
                       Mission 6.  You better watch out...
                       Mission 7.  Death on the Mississippi
                       Mission 8.  Till Death Do Us Apart
                       Mission 9.  A House Of Cards
                       Mission 10. A Dance With the Devil
                       Mission 11. Amendment XXV

SECTION 1: About this walkthrough:
There are lots of Hitman Blood Money out there so what's the need for
another one? And why come up with one so late? 

Well, firstly, those walkthroughs, good as they are use disguises to
the majority, if not all, of the missions. Here I haven't used ANY disguises.
And I have tried to do each of the missions in several ways
and not just one way trying to find the best way in and out, the most
satisfying way of killing the targets,
cutting down on guards and civilians harmed as much as possible-in short,
doing what a professional hitman would do in REAL life. I have also tried to
collect the various weapons lying about throughout the game.

This is a walkthrough that has been written to get the maximum thrills out
of the game. If you have played the game before and know the layout of the
maps then this walkthrough will help you get not just the Silent Assassin
Ranking but do with special challenges like doing the entire mission without
ANY disguise, doing the kills up close and personal using the fibre wire or
poison etc. Or we might use our customised W2000 sniper and SilverBaller and
snipe the enemy from a distance. The game developers, after all, intend
us to buy the best customised parts for weapons! So what's the point of not 
using the weapons? In short we are looking for thrills and satisfaction rather 
than mere completion of the missions. I am still experimenting with the game 
and this guide contains details about the following missions only; the rest 
will be added shortly. I won't include "Death of a Showman because it's a 
tutorial, not a mission. You don't get ratings for it either.

Before moving onto the walkthroughs of the mission lets just take 
a few moments to get acuainted with the game and charecters particularly first 
time players of hitman.

SECTION 1a: About the author & his gameplay
My name is Sandy a.k.a Jackal (from Fredrick Forsyth's legendary book 
Day of the Jackal). I am an avid fan of the Hitman franchise and I own all 
four of the Hitman games and God only knows how many times I have played 
and replayed every mission trying to find new ways of completing the missions 
with "Silent Assassin" ranking. My favourite remains Hitman 2: Silent 
Assassin mainly because it is much more restrictive than Hitman 4: Blood Money. 
In Hitman 2: Silent Assassin you have to sweat blood to get a good disguise 
and even then the enemy will get suspicious if you even blink your eyes the 
wrong way. 
And you only had only so much chloroform to knock out one or two guards 
per mission and there were no boxes to hide the bodies in. In Blood Money 
you can pistol whip as many targets, guards, even innocents as you like 
and you can also hide some of the bodies in those body-boxes that you find 
through out the game. The concept of "Enemies harmed" or "Civilians Harmed" 
is missing here. This makes Blood Money a bit easier than Hitman 2: Silent 
Assassin but these new additions in no way diminishes the fun or thrill of 
Hitman. Perhaps with the features like accidents, pistol whips and body boxes 
Hitman 2 would have been even better? Who knows!
What's the secret behind the success of the Hitman games? 
The wide open game play, which allows for several solutions for almost 
all objectives! You can do each mission in sooooo maaannny ways and still 
get Silent Assassin Ranking and it is up to you to decide how hard or easy 
you want to make these missions for yourself. Hitman Blood Money has been out 
for quite some and there are several good walkthroughs out there but this 
one is different-here I have played the game against my girlfriend Soma with 
certain bonuses and penalties specified for each mission. For example doing 
the entire mission without any disguise will net you the maximum points 
(50000) where as every civilian or guard you knock out with the pistol will 
net you a penalty of 1000 (no penalties for knocking them out with 
syringe/stun gun /air guns). 
Civilians must not die. Accidents are acceptable so long as only 
the target is killed-no body else must die. Bodies found will result in 
penalty of 5000-(this also applies to bodies found as a direct cause of 
accident even though the end-of-mission stats might say zero bodies found), 
game saves result in 5000 penalty points and time taken (to complete a 
mission) beyond a certain time limit will result in penalty of 10 
per second. 
I am not too keen (but not adverse either) about "accidents" introduced 
in Blood Money. After all hitman means 'a professional killer who uses guns'. 
I prefer to kill the victims using guns and poisons and most satisfying is 
garrotting them-so accidental kill will get 
you net you the least number 
of points while up-close-and-personal kills will net you the most points. 
I am guessing you aren't interested in such mundane stuff, so I will stick to 
doing the missions without disguises. And I love guns-I will use them 
liberally throughout the missions. If you want all accidents and no shots 
fired type of walkthrough I am afraid you'll have to look elsewhere.
The first priority is the "No disguise challenge", every thing is secondary 
including nnocents being harmed or killed. To get through the mission without 
any disguise you might need to cause a few accidents; no harm in that since 
Assassin is a murderer (especially one who kills a prominent political 
figure) who kills by a treacherous surprise attack and often is hired to do 
the deed. 
It's up to you really. 
I prefer to mix and match.

SECTION 2: Legal stuff.
WHATSOEVER, all rights reserved Including the right of reproduction for 
profit in part or in any form  (2006-2010). This guide is forviewing purposes 
only. It is present on the sites mentioned (see Author's 
Approved Websites) below on the condition that it shall not by way of trade 
orotherwise, be Published, sold, circulated or exhibited in any magazine, 
shop or Web-site without my expressed written consent and approval.
These are the only websited (see Author's Approved Websites) which may use this 
guide currently; if you want this guide to appear on your website, contact me. 
(see Contact information later).

'Hitman' is a trademark of IO Interactive and Eidos, all rights reserved.  
Also, IOI or Eidos do not authorize or approve this guide, and have no 
association with myself or  the sites that host this guide. I disclaim any 
copyright in the Hitman trademark, or in the texts, dialogue, weapons or 
characters mentioned within this guide. 

Thank you for reading this disclaimer.

SECTION 3: Author's Approved Websites.
Only the following websites may host this walkthrough.

1.    Gamefaq.com
2.    IGN.com
3.    Neoseeker.com
4.    Jackal47.myweb.i
5.    Bloguido.com/sandy1975	

SECTION 4: Contact information.
E-mail address: Jackal47@fastmail.fm
Blog: http://www.bloguido.com/sandy1975 - will be ready and up by January 18, 

For any constructive criticism, detail, contribution you wish to make or 
errors this guide might present. No hate mails please or I will come after 
you with a pair of gigantic Silverballers! Mention HITMAN: Blood Money 
and the mission name as your subject. No attachments please. In case of errors 
mention HITMAN: ERRORS and the mission name as your subject.

SECTION 5: About the game:
Hitman: Blood Money is the 4th and latest addition to the Hitman series 
of games. Mr 47, our favourite bald headed assassin is back with many many
new tricks up his sleeve. The developers IOI and Eidos have also introduced 
a stunning new graphic engine and the results are fantastic. Not that Hitman 
games ever lacked anything in that department--each one of them were stunners 
in the looks department--even the first game. It featued one of the best 
hotels, one of the best brothel...well, let's not get too nostalgic.

SECTION 5.1:  New Additions & Features of the game
1. Earn payment for the successful assassination of targets-the more 
professional your approach, the higher the reward. 
They had some thing like this in the 1st game but then discontinued it 
for the 2nd and 3rd.

2.Choose stealth like a professional assassin or take out everyone in your 
path a-la Rambo but you won't escape the consequences if you leave a trail of 
evidence behind you. Your notoriety will affect your passage through the game.

3. Use the funds you accumulate to purchase custom built weapon parts, 
This increases precision and effectiveness of your weapons. I suggest you 
equip the silver ballers with the best parts available. Dito 
for the sniper. Don't bother with the other weapons.

4. Mr 47 loves climbing - he uses the environment to his advantage. 
He can climb, scale and vault, to hunt down and eliminate his targets or 
to escape.

5. New reactionary moves allow you to use hand to hand combat, distraction, 
hostages and many new assassination techniques.

6. Superb AI with intelligent civilians and hostiles who observe and react to 
your behavior and respond to your notoriety. but thankfully they aren't too 
paranoid about you running around. Plus, they don't mind you trying to 
get behind them.

SECTION 5.2: Some important charecters in the game

<Mr. 47>
The Hero of the game is kinda an urban legend. The few, the very rare few 
who have encountered him and is still lives to tell a tale, Agent 47 is the 
world’s deadliest assassin! A Hitman with a 100% success rate who never turns 
down an assignment no matter how difficult or even suicidal, an assassin who 
never cuts and runs in the face of overwhelming odds. His name originates 
from a barcode on the back of his head, 640509-040147, a serial number that 
marks his place in a series of cloning experiments designed to create an 
army of assassins.

<Alexander Leland Cayne>, (as per Hitman.com website)
is a near genius, from an extremely wealthy background. 
Sadly, a budding career in politics and science was temporarily 
marred when a work accident left him paralysed from the waist down. This 
never stopped Cayne, who continued his work and became a very prominent 
businessman and advisor. However, he has never been able to shake his 
suspicion that his accident could have been an assassination attempt. 
For this reason he has studied the profiles of assassins and is now somewhat 
of an expert in the field.

<Diana>  (as per Hitman.com website)
is the only link and contact that Agent 47 has to the ICA-The International 
Contract Agency. As the contracts, briefings and informationon targets are 
mainly dealt with through The ICA, Diana plays an important and vital role. 
Her position in the company hierarchy is unknown, and how she's able to 
gather all this crucial information is an even bigger mystery. Even though 
they have never met, trust is the keyword, and Agent 47 will instinctively 
know when something is wrong...

The ICA, (International Contracts Agency), 
supplies the services of expert freelance assassins to all kinds of people 
including some very high profile and powerful clients. Little else is 
actually known about this secretive organisation, indeed, its very 
existence has never actually been confirmed. The price is high, but results 
and absolute discretion are guaranteed.

<The Albino> (as per Hitman.com website)
Targeting the world’s deadliest assassin is no easy task and it takes more 
than one assassin. The most powerful and dangerous of these is Mark 
Parchezzi 3 a.k.a. the Albino. An expert assassin and master of 
disguises, he is able to blend in to the background like a chameleon to 
carry out subversive operations.

Credits and thanks to will be given to everyone who contributes with some 
new details provided that they 
pertain to the  sprit of this walkthrough, that is, get Silent Assassin 
Ranking with as little use of violence, accidents, knockouts as possible. 
Everybody's contributions will be clearly identified in future versions of 
the guide. Major contributors, those who have helped with missions I haven't 
been able to do, will be give credit as co-author/collaborators.

XMen_II: You can shoot guards with the air rifle in the "A New Life" 
mission and you won't get pinalised even though the firing of darts will 
count as shots.

Pete, Steven, John, Jacque, Ellen, UNG (Ugly_Naked_Guy) and several others 
for their alternative strategies in the "House of Cards mission.

David Scot for his essential feed back in the Amendment XXV mission and also 
for pointing out that when guards kick you out of some restricted area 
these don't count as "Witnessed" even though you still have to get out pretty 
quick or else they will start shooting.

Numerous others have written in about how "body found" can be avoided for 
Richard Delahunt in the "Curtains Down" mission but they all involve dropping 
the chandalier on the guy's head. If you play the game carefully you will see 
"A body has been found...security officials are getting suspicious!" warning 
pop up in the briefing/info screen. That is what I am trying to avoid. 
When I say that "body must not be discovered", I mean that the dead body MUST 
not be seen by anybody. 
To clarify:
Is there any way of killing Delahunt in a secluded spot and then stashing it 
someplace where the body won't be found? Never mind the stats at the end of 
the mission!

I will continue to work on this guide until the end of February 2007: 
after that, who knows...

SECTION 7: Version History
Version 1: Completed on January 18, 2007
All missions up to Amendment XXV have been completed-all without the use of 
a single disguise. Future versions will definitely include feedbacks from 
other gamers and may include other useful strategies-let's see how this goes.

Version 1.1: Completed on January 25, 2007
Minor rivisions only; no major contributions as yet :(
Ammendment XXV remains unsolved.

Varsion 2: Completed February 3rd, 2007
All major contributions tested and included.
Ammendment XXV finally solved :-)>

That enough chit chat...on with the game! To find the required missions, 
just copy the mission number, example "Mission 1" (sans the quotes) and 
paste it the Edit -> Find dialog box and then click Find Next.
Voila -- your mission walkthrough! 

Mission 1.  A Vintage Year  
- (no disguise, no civilian or guards killed or sedated, no bodies found!)

Mission 2.  Curtains Down   
- (no disguise, no civilian or guards killed, no  accidents.)

Mission 3.  Flatline  
- no disguise, 1 accident and 1 body found.

Mission 4.  A New Life 
- no disguise, no body found, 4 guards sedated, 1 air-rifle added to collection.

Mission 5.  The Murder of the Crows 
-no disguise, no bodies found, 2 guards sedated, 2 rifles collected.

Mission 6.  You better watch out... 
- no disguises, no bodies found, lots of guards KOed.
- the most difficult mission

Mission 7.  Death on the Mississippi
-no disguises, 1 civilian sedated, 1 shots takes down 2 gators.

Mission 8.  Till Death Do Us Apart
-no disguise, no guards KO

Mission 9.  A House Of Cards-no disguise 
- no disguise, 1 cicilian casualty
-the most fun mission

Mission 10. A Dance With the Devil-
no disguise, plenty of guards KOes -- the most thrilling mission

Mission 11. Amendment XXV - no disguise, no KOs.

On with the missions...

Mission 1: A Vintage Year (Sunday, December 24, 2006) by Sandy
1.     Kill Don Fernando Delgado 
2.     Kill Manuel Delgado 
3.     Escape the Vineyard 

1.     The guided tour of the wine cellar might prove useful, 
     especially when looking for potential death traps.
2.     We've heard that Manuel likes to entertain friends and 
     enjoy the merchandise in the wine cellar.
3.     The entrance to the secret lab is hidden somewhere in the 
     wine cellar.
4.     The insides are guarded by highly trained guards.
     Killing Don Fernando Delagado
This is real easy. When the mission starts run past the guard heading 
west (hint: not towards the truck, 
the other way round).  Keep running until you reach a door. Open and 
Sometimes there is a worker or guard here so be careful. Run to the boxes 
and 47 will climb these. Over the wall you go when nobody is watching. 
If you haven't wasted any time yet then there will be a VIP guard just 
outside the door (the side entrance of the hacienda) and a guard sitting 
facing the door. The VIP guard will go back inside while the other guard is 
sleeping. Follow the VIP guard into the hacienda-the sleeping guard is not 
a problem as long as you don't run past him. Hide in the closet in the very 
first room and bring up your map. There are two VIP guards patrolling the 
ground floor. One is doing the rounds in the passage and the other doing the 
rooms. At this stage the one patrolling the corridor is at the furthest 
end (east) and will turn around any moment. So wait and keep watching the 
map. The guard will turn around and walk back (west), pause and then resume 
his eastward patrol. The other guard will should also be back and will go 
outside. (In EXPERT mode wait until the guard patrolling the rooms comes 
back and goes outside the hacienda for a while before making your move) 
This is your chance to exit the closet, run to the door near the pool 
table (North), open it and turn left in the corridor. 
Go through that door in front of you. Quiet now, we don't want to wake 
the guard sleeping here. Take everything you want in this room then pick 
the lock on the other door and go up the stairs (alternatively you could also 
have climbed the pipe outside the hacienda (where the outside guard 
was sleeping) and ended up in this room via the balcony door). 
I wanted those weapons so my route. Well here we are and this is a good 
time to save. 
Bring up your map (NORMAL) or watch through keyhole (EXPERT). 
There is one stationary guard and one patrolling guard. Let the patrolling 
guard move away from you and open the door while standing to one side (so 
that you can watch the stationary guard but he can't see you). 
The stationary guard rarely looks from side to side - may be once every 
15 seconds so-wait until he looks your way and then away. 
Now quickly slip out, pick the lock on the first door to your right and 
enter the don's bedroom. (The first mission of Hitman 2 in Sicily also 
involved slipping into a don's bedroom and doing him in

...what a nice coincidence!) 

From here we head eastwards. 
Check your map for the don's location and never mind the guard-he is 
also sleeping and won't be a 
problem as long as you don't run and don't touch those light switches. 
In my case the don was in the third room playing his cello. I went behind 
him a used my favourite weapon, the wire. My girlfriend pushed him off the 
balcony and the guard didn't even stir!

a vicious girl and a useless guard; what have I got myself into? 

Anyway in the piano room there is there is an open window (east) and a 
guard patrolling the ground below (if you stand to one side of the window 
you can see his route). Exit the window when this guard is moving towards 
the north (towards the truck), creeping along the roof, don't stand you 
will be spotted. Once the guard starts moving south drop down to the 
ground, preferably into the alcove between the two buildings.
Killing Manuel Delagado
Now run to where you started the mission. Enter through the door 
that is being guarded by a shotgun 
totting guard who appears to be bored. You will enter a ground full of guests
so you will blend in nicely. 
Run to the left hand double door just behind the table. Enter and walk down 
the stairs. Check map (Normal / Expert modes show target location on map). 
If Manual Delagado is taking a sniff take out your poison syringe and hide 
to the left side of the door. If he is not here yet then hide in the closet. 
In my case he was taking a sniff, so I waited until he came out, poisoned 
him dragged and dropped him into the wine vats-I was lucky the touring party 
wasn't around. Had they been then it would have meant a longer wait but this 
is the way to do it. 
My girlfriend didn't bother with the vats and disposed the body in the oh-so-
conveniently-kept body box in the sniffing room. I like panache, she is more 
Either way it's not too difficult to get your timing right-
there's only two guards you have to watch.

Now head back outside all the way to the truck and the patrolling guard. 
This guard is a real pain and I sedated him to get his gun but Soma 
Soma stayed hidden near the truck (crouch) because he was walking north. 
Once he started heading south she followed him a while and hid in the gap 
between the two walls. Wait again until he comes back north and goes past 
Now run -first run south, take a right and follow the narrow downhill path. 
Now you have two main problems-the worker taking a smoke. Push him into the 
water if you want. I didn't. No civilian casualties for me-but this is going 
to take you a painfully long time to complete the mission. 
You should have 1 or 2 sedative Syringes left; feel free to use one.
Now we have to sneak behind the VIP guard. First wait for the worker who 
takes the elevator down for a smoke to go back up. SAVE NOW! This is very 
Sneak up behind the VIP guard-oh so tempting to push him into the water but 
we aren't being paid to kill him-so let him be. 
Position yourself to the left of the crate just behind the guard and face 
him Take out a coin and throw it to his right-aim for those four barrels. 
He will turn right and go over to investigate. Run man run! Take out any gun-
not you own guns but any that might have picked up on you way down here-
for me the SLP pistol was disposable. Run across the wooden bridge to the 
other side, DROP the gun ON the bridge and take cover by crouching behind 
the boxes. The VIP guard will come back to his position eventuallly, spot 
the gun and walk over to investigate. He will pick up the gun and walk back 
to his position. This is the time you run sneak away towards the plane and 
No disguise, 3 saves, no civilian or guards knocked out, let alone 
killed, lots of weapons picked up. Time 15 minutes 19 Seconds. 

Mission 2: Curtains Down (Sunday, December 24, 2006)
1.     Kill Alvaro D'Alvade
2.     Kill Richard Delahunt
3.     Escape opera
1.    The content of toolboxes will not be searched when you are frisked.
2.    There is a lift shaft from the backstage area to the stage. It is 
       closely observed and only actors are permitted.
3.     Lead Actors go to their private rooms to rehearse during breaks.
4.     The large chandelier is attached with bolts to the floor of the attic.
5.     Only actors are allowed on stage.
6.     Light Technicians have keycard to Light Control Room.
7.     There is a light rack above the stage that might prove useful.
8.     The prop gun used for the execution in the opera is an exact  
       replica of a real World War I pistol.
Help required!
Delahunts body is being found whether I kill him by accident or by 
any other method. Anybody has any suggestions about this? I don't mind 
disguises. But using the mine is a strict no-no because it will kill other 
people, namely the guards. I don't want to see the message 
'A body has been found...security...suspicious".

Bring your sniper,  I am assuming that you don't have the scoped 

Method 1: (by Soma)
This is a very quick way of doing the no-disguise thing. Bring along your
W2000 sniper. As soon as the mission starts run straight, open the door,
run by the steps to the second floor. Ignore the two black suited guards;
turn to your left and the run up the winding staircase to the third floor.
Here there are 2 policemen doing patrol duty. Concentrate on the one to your
left first; I have my reason for this. Run up and behind him and SAVE.
When he starts to walk away sedate him quickly. 
Let the body lie where it is. Now run towards the other cop who should be
walking towards you and will discover the body of his fallen mate
unless you hurry. Once you are close to him but he can't see you yet start
walking. Walk a little past him and wait until he stops staring at you and
continues on his merry way away towards the other end. Now whip out your KO
syringe and sedate him. Run back towards the other guard and retrieve your
sniper case that you dropped when you took out the first guard.
Get out your sniper and do your second save. Pick the lock and enter through
the nearest door. The rehearsal is in full swing now.
(Note: Alvaro who is facing slightly to HIS left and lifts his head quite 
frequently while delivering his speech/song will spot you if you enter the
box on the right; so he are in the left box).
Snipe Alvaro D'Alvade and don't wait for any fancy opera singing and drum
roll stuff - the touring party will come up to
the third floor eventually.
Once Alvaro D'Alvade is dead (1 body found) Delahunt
will run out of his box and onto the stage to mourn his friend.
Use the sniper to relieve him of his misery.
(2 bodies found; but this one would have been found
no matter what). Go outside the box and pack up your rifle.
Run down the spiral staircase. The touring group is on the second floor now.
Run down to the first floor, through the door and escape.

Stats: No disguise +50000, 2 KOs -10000, 2 bodies -20000 
found. Time: 3 mins 19 seconds
Method 2: (by Sandy)
Bodies found! 
What is this game-Max Payne? GTA? 
No panache I tell you. Here's how I did the mission. 
Do bring a silenced pistol and/or your W2000.
Up the steps, open the door and turn left. Never mind the receptionist and 
walk to the door to the left of the receptionist's cubicle. Wait. 
A worker will come up the steps, a police will also come and stand around 
for a while the police doing tourist guiding is also facing your way. 
Wait for the worker to go away, and the cop to walk off on his rounds. 
Make sure nobody sees you go through that door. Make your way down the steps. 
You will come to a room with a body box. SAVE.
We don't need to make our way to the ICA drop off point. So bring up your map 
and watch for the 2 workers here (EXPERT: Watch through the keyhole for the 
worker to return to the work bench). When one goes to the changing room and
the other has his body turned away from you open the door, turn right and
run, pick the lock on the white door and make your way down the steps, open
another door and step into a long corridor.
(Note: this part is rather tricky and sometimes you just can't sneak past the
two workers-so as a last resort KO the worker that works at the bench and
drop him in the body box. I tried this seven times and
only had to resort to KO once). Anyway, make your way down the corridor. 
About the half way point you will come to a door with a green exit sign
on top.
Open the door and go up the steps. You will come to a door. Beyond this door 
is a policeman guarding the entrance to the stage area. Watch him through the 
keyhole. When his body is turned away from you open the door and Run into the 
corridor, turn left and wait; but make sure the policeman can't see you. 
Now you have a choice. 
Kill Alvaro in his room: No body found
If you wish to kill Alvaro in his room then wait for his VIP guard to go to
the bathroom (wait for the door to close totally or he will see you through
the mirrors. Most of the time he is asleep, so if you are lucky you can sneak
past him and into Alvaro D'Alvade's room).
Turn off the lights, take out your silenced gun and wait for Alvaro. When
he does eventually come into the room he will switch on the light.
Step out of the closet and smear his brain all over the wall 
though I managed to poison him after several tries. Wait a bit. Soon you will 
hear an alarm calling the actors back on stage. Peep through the keyhole. The 
executioner will soon be walking to the stage area and the VIP will nod off/ 
go off to the bathroom. SAVE 2. The coast is now clear. 
Kill Alvaro on Stage: Body will be found
This is my favourite method - snipe both targets from the light control room. 
So instead of going to Alvaro's room use the second door in the corridor (the 
one between the bathroom and the door you just exited). Go up the steps to
second floor. There are two people here. One is an electrician the other a
Now here's the key. The policeman will go the bathroom after every
three rounds.
Watch your map carefully. In expert mode you will have to watch through the 
keyhole for the policeman to walk away from the door then into the L shaped 
corridor. Currently you are at the end of the shorter arm of the L. You will
to watch the police man from the corner. If he doesn't go to the bathroom 
he will come back, so go hide behind the door for another round. But he and the 
worker WILL go to the bathroom AT THE SAME TIME. Dash to the top of the 
L, open the double door and enter to get the light control keycard. Now do 
whole process in reverse. You will need to wait quite long but eventually you
be able to dash back to the door leading to the stairs. (You don't need to go 
through this process of collecting the keycard if you have taken out Alvaro in 
his room).
Go down the stairs to the first floor. Again dodge the 
policeman's attention in front of the stage and go down to the 
basement. Again the tiresome task of avoiding the workers here. 
Tiresome but not difficult or impossible. It might help if the lone 
policeman doing his rounds isn't in this area. Your window of 
opportunity is when the cop is going away from you as you hide 
behind the door midway of the corridor and the white uniform 
worker goes upstairs (EXPERT: look through keyhole for cop 
going the other way-away from the ICA point)  I suggest you use 
up your second save here. Eventually you will need to come up 
to the theatre lobby. Follow Soma's direction to the third floor. 
But instead of knocking out the policemen open the door of the 
light control room. Snipe Alvaro D'Alvade if you haven't killed 
him yet - you can do so at your leisure-synchronize your shot 
with the executioners shot and drum roll. Delahunt will run out 
and you can snipe him from here. Problem is if you killed Alvaro 
D'Alvade in his room. Like I said you don't need the light 
control room keycard if you killed Alvaro in his own room. 
Simply wait for the police to walk away, (SAVE 3) pick the lock 
on the door of the left gallery and enter. Unpack the rifle and put 
a bullet into Delahunt's head (you don't even need the rifle - the 
silverballer can get him easily with or without scopes! If your 
gun is equipped with high velocity door penetrating bullets then 
the bullet will go through Delahunt's skull and nail the guard 
behind him. 3 bodies found! Goodbye Silent Assassin, hello Mr. 
Hitman :( Use regular bullets or wait till Delahunt stands up or 
leans over the balustrade)
Escape & Stats
Pack up and leave!
Stats: No disguise, no KO, 2 kills, 2 heat shots, 1 body found. 
Time 19.30. Anybody has any suggestions about this Delahunt dude?

Mission 3: Flat Line (Monday, December 25, 2006) by Sandy
This is another fun mission that can be done without any 
disguise. What makes it even better is the presence of stun guns 
littered all over the place; that and the fact that you roam around 
a substantial part of the map in your tux without being 
challenged. I used the stun gun liberally - its fun and we didn't 
have a penalty for this because we figured that in real life the 
victim would ultimately recover fully unlike a pistol whip which 
leads to concussion and laceration. But if you find a way to do 
the mission with fewer KOs do write in and I will put your 
suggestions in this guide along with full credit. So here we go 
again...another clinic...one in the first game, a classy one in the 
second, was there one in the third? I don't remember but I don't 
think so. Anyway we are at the clinic and about to wreck  havoc...

1.     Find agent
2.     Identify target
3.     Smuggle out agent
4.     Escape
5.     Kill Lorenzo Lombardo

6.     Kill Carmine DeSalvo
7     Kill Rudy Menzana

1.     Admission papers are required to check-in. Future patients often 
     wait in the park outside.
2.     Troublesome patients are often confined to the medical wing.
3.     The brochure lists some interesting facilities such as a library, a 
     gymnasium and a large spa area.
4.     Therapists occasionally get contacted for private sessions.
5.     Some guests hide stashes of alcohol in quiet places. Let's hope 
     they don't get alcohol poisoning.
6.     Weight lifting can be fatal.
7.     Some guests cheat on the spa's strict diet by smuggling camping 
8.     stoves into their rooms. Sounds dangerous!
9.     Deceased patients are taken straight from the medical wing to the 
Part 1: Getting to the CIA Agent
First let's get a stun gun from the security office. It's the small 
building in front of which those 2 policemen are chatting. 
There's a side entrance to the building with a policeman inside 
facing the entrance. Go to the door and open it, remembering to 
stand to one side so that the guard can't see you. The door might 
close, so keep opening it. At one point the guard will walkway. 
Sneak in and steal the stun gun from the box. Can you tell me if 
the stun gun is available in Pro mode also? I haven't played that 
Ok we have what we need. Now head over to the main building 
along the winding path (we are headed towards the ICA point). 
Make a note of those two drain pipes, one just behind the 
benches (lets call this the Bench Pipe) and one near the ICA box 
(lets call this the ICA pipe). Make sure no body is looking your 
way -one of the policeman patrols the winding path - and climb 
the pipe. Now you got to be very careful sneaking past the guards 
and civilians here. There is a nurse who comes here (is she a 
permanent fixture or what?) to smoke. Check her position on 
map (works for EXPERT & Normal). If she is facing south climb 
the ICA pipe. Facing West? Then climb the Bench pipe. To add 
to your troubles there will be one guard guarding one of the 
rooms (room D). See the figure below. We need the guard to be 
either absent from the balcony or facing North as in the figure 

W<     |     > E


^Drop/climb down here
        B            A     <GD1>     W
        B     W   A     WWWW
        B     W   A               gd2
        B   nr2     W   A                         
        B     W   A                         
        B     W   A     WWWW                    
        B           A          W
        B          A     <NR1>     W
^ (Head north)
Climb Here (ICA pipe)          Bench Pipe

GD - > Guard,      NR->Nurse
B->    Balcony wall, W - Wall
A-> Alternative path

You can't hang around here too much or too long because you 
will be spotted from the ground below. There is a second pipe 
quite close to the pipe we used and you can use that also and 
follow the alternative path. To make things simpler: when Guard 
<GD1) and nurse <NR1> and facing North and South 
respectively (or guard is absent) climb ICA pipe and quickly 
drop to the other side. If guard is absent (that is he is inside 
guarding room D) and nurse is in position nr2 follow the 
Alternative path (A). Either Save before you attempt this (beat 
stealing gun and running up path) or Save immediately after this.
There is yet another way of doing this-climbing Bench pipe and 
then climbing the other (east) balcony and entering through the 
second door (something prevents you from entering through the 
first door). Feel free to experiment.

(Soma as usual disregarded all civilian safety and Stun gunned 
the nurse and guard and the next guard and two more orderlies)

Press crouch when you climb/drop down to lessen the sound. 
Notice that utility box near a window. There is a mean guard 
sitting by that window and on his table are a) The rehab clinic 
access card b) The videotape. We need both. So break the utility 
box and immediately RUN and hide near the dumpster. The 
guard will come out to fix this box. Once he is out run into the 
room (make sure that the bastard is fixing the utility box and not 
walking by the window). It takes him quite a bit of time to fix the 
thing. Steal the keycard and video tape. Use the keycard to open 
the first rehab door and enter. You will be in a room with 2 beds 
and a door ahead. Keep moving West and you will enter a 
corridor. Now you come to another gate with a card swipe. 
Before you go through this door pick the lock on both door 
(north and south). Anyway use the keycard once more and enter 
the medical wing. There is one orderly always sitting in his chair, 
another comes and goes by. The second is a coffee drinker. 
Anyway we have to get by this area and unfortunately I could not 
avoid civilian KOs anymore. Once the coffee drinker had left I 
climbed in through the window, stunned and dragged the chair-
warmer to the body box and disposed of him. Then I added a 
dash of KO juice in the coffee, back to the table to steal the cell 
key and out of the window and hid in the corridor until coffee-
lover came back and took his special coffee. Let him lie where he 
is and bring up your map. (Can anybody find a way of doing this 
WITHOUT this two KOs? I am sure there is a way of avoiding 
the coffee-dude knockout since he goes out to the balcony for 
quite sometime. And why is there a second door, a ledge and a 
pipe that you can climb right next to CIA guy's cell?)
There is one more orderly on the floor below and he is a real 
pain. Notice his route. He alternates between two points. One is 
when he is in front of one of the cells scaring a patient-
charming fellow! Another is a long wait in a empty room staring 
at a blank wall (future inmate? You can see his movement from 
upstairs but make sure he doesn't see you. He WILL see you 
even when you are upstairs just as he comes out of his cell and 
goes to scare the other patient-he won't see you any other time. 
So hide and move accordingly). We are waiting for him to start 
his journey BACK to his cell. As soon as he starts and walks 
under the metal platform you start walking. Walk out of the door, 
hang a left and then right and RUN down the right hand stairs. 
Turn left and quickly enter the second door from your right. Take 
cover IMMIDIATELY to the left of the door (away from the 
toilet). You can see the orderly's cell from here. Wait for him to 
come out. Then go and "Talk to CIA agent". As soon as the 
cutscene ends dash back to your hiding point by the side of the 
door because the orderly is back in his cell and will turn around 
and spot you shortly. Wait for his next round to 'SEDATE the 
CIA agent'. Diana had to phone now-silly girl! Once the phone 
conversation ends HIDE again. SAVE if you like. Once the 
orderly is back into his cell get out and run up the steps, through 
the observation room and into the corridor with card-swipe 
doors. Exit through the south door. 
Getting TARGETS 1 & 2
You are back out near the ICA pipe. Move onto the Bench pipe 
and when the nurse is facing West and no policeman is nearby 
climb this pipe. Do not go near the balcony the nurse is on. Head 
East to the other balcony (one with some potted plants). Climb 
over the balustrade and enter through the SECOND door. In are 
now in room B. bring up your map. If the target is in room D 
wait until he leaves with his guard. There will be another guard - 
the one goes to the balcony to smoke.
How you want to take out this target is up to you-do you want 
to cause an accident by sabotaging the gas? This is easy-make 
sure the guard is in the balcony, go to room D and sabotage the 
gas. I didn't because that would mean a body found, plus a lot of 
commotion. I neutralized (stun gun) the balcony guard and 
dragged him to room B. Here I waited for the target to reappear 
on the map. His bodyguard follows him closely. A good time to 
SAVE if you have the facility left. Once they walk past your 
door step out quickly and stun the body guard. The target doesn't 
see to realize what's happening. Follow him into his room and 
ventilate his head. Drag his fallen bodyguard to a vacant room. 
You are done with this one.

Target 2 cannot be any easier. Go to the POI on the same floor, plant 
a bomb and go seek cover in one of the room - for me room D with one 
dead target. 
Keep checking the first floor map and denote the bomb when the target 
stands in the middle of the room. Or, you can simply shoot him as he sits 
in his couch-I did because it makes no difference to the challenge; 
his body will be found! 

Is there anyway of killing him without his body being found? In a disguise
that's easy; poison the wine inside the globe, wait by the fireplace 
in the same room, and wait for him to die and quickly drag him to the 
fireplace. Body won't be found. But can you do this without a disguise? 
Let me know.
Target 3 is the fitness freak. This one is very easy. Get out of the main 
building via the balcony way and down the pipe. Remember those big, wide 
steps near the main entrance that I mentioned at the beginning. Well just 
past these and the standing guard is a locked door with a CCTV.
The camera's not a problem-we got the tape.
So when nobody is looking, go pick the lock. Directly in front
of you, near the pool is a statue (boy urinating in the pool). Besides that
is a bottle of wine.
There is a pesky nurse smoking and another patient roaming about.
Wait for both to leave and poison the bottle. Scam quickly. Run to the morgue
and revive the CIA agent; naturally make sure that the attendant isn't about
when you use the antidote syringe.
(You can see him in the EXPERT mode map) Actually you might want to wait until
you see Target 3 emerge from the inside gym to the poolside. Keep waiting
until he is near the bottle (you checked your map when
you poisoned the bottle, didn't you?) then revive the agent and run to the
ESCAPE door. Wait here as ESCAPE as soon as that option appears; if you are
quick you would've escaped before the body was discovered.

No disguise, 2 kills, 1 accident, 1 body found (that of the 
chandelier accident), 2 KOs, Time taken: 25 minutes.

Mission 4: New Life (Monday, December 25-28, 2006)
Normal Mode: Soma
Expert Mode: Sandy
Weapons Required: None really! But the sniper would make life easier.

This is another great mission with lots of sneaking split second 
timing and lots of thrills.
Sandy comments: Soma wanted to do the mission using maps, 
me without the maps. The one criticism I have of the Hitman 
games are these map features. I like the Project IGI type maps 
that show the outdoor guards and civilians (satellite images?) on 
the map and hide the indoor ones. Anyways Hitman functions in 
its own way. Here goes then.

1.     Kill Vinnie Sinistra
2.     Retrieve microfilm
3.     Escape suburb
1.     Garbage trucks can dispose of all kinds of waste.
2.     The surveillance team have an unhealthy appetite for donuts.
3     Vinnie has complained about the neighbor's son taking pot shots 
     into the garden with an air gun.
4.     Vinnie lives close to a veterinary surgeon. Sometimes a vet needs 
     to tranquilize wild animals!
5.     Rumor has it that Vinnie's wife flirts with hired staff. But Vinnie 
     trusts her completely.
6.     Some field agents are too nosy in teenage girls' rooms.
7.     A barbeque is being prepared for the party. Be careful with 
     flammable liquids!
8.     Vinnie just bought a very expensive and unusual necklace for his 
First we want some ether to pour on a girl's panty! That said 
ether is in the vet clinic directly opposite the target's house. Go 
over there. There is a nettlesome fat lady trimming the bushes. 
Wait until she can't see you and enter the front porch. If you are 
having problems wait until she goes south. Once inside the porch 
and go to the only door here, pick the lock, enter and pick up the 
bottle of ether next to the computer and the tranquiliser darts. 
Now get out the way you entered taking care to avoid drawing 
attention of the fat lady.
Now head east, past the clown's yellow van, turn left to north. 
We are going to the POI with the ladder sign but our problem is 
this lady in white doing some gardening. You can get by her by 
sneaking behind her back when she is facing south. In case of 
difficulty throw some coins on the road. That should do the trick. 
Now climb the ladder and take out your sniper rifle.  Equip the 
scopes and look out of the south window. See the dog in the 
yard? Good. Now look for the camera. Put a bullet through that 
camera and immediately lower your gun and pack it up. One of 
the guards will guarding the front entrance of Vinnie's house will 
come to investigate. Wait for him to leave. Pick up the air rifle 
on the table. Mr 47 will automatically load the darts. Use the first 
one on the dos-never mind the suspicion meter going red. Now 
press the TOSS button (G on my computer), aim high and toss 
the air rifle into the neighbouring compound (where you shot the 
dog. We are going to use this rifle again! What fun!)
Down the ladder you go. SAVE here if you wish. Getting out 
without white lady seeing you is a bit difficult. Hide near the face 
and keep watching her until she face south (throw a coin to make 
her do so if you are having trouble). It can be done with a bit of 
patience. Now head back towards Vinnie's house and enter the 
perimeter through the door marked "Beware of Dog". Well this 
doggy is not gonna be a problem.

Getting the microfilm
Head down to the basement. Open the first door at the base of the 
stairs and run over to the gap between the wall and table straight 
in front of you (heading WEST + look for the bulb on top. Take 
cover here and wait for one of the guard to make his trip down 
here. (If you are a purist and don't believe in the try-reload-if-
seen method look through the keyhole). Anyways a FBI guy will 
come down here. When he turns away put a dart into his head to 
knock him out (it takes a bit of time for the darts to take effect; 
so shoot and then immediately hide behind some corner!). Now 
head up the basement stairs (not the ones you came down from 
outside; use the ones the FBI guy used). Look through keyhole 
for another FBI (or check your map for the FBI man doing 
rounds between the security room inside and the caterer's van 
outside). Once he goes past (which ever way) exit the door and 
take the immediate door to the left. You are now in the kitchen. It 
might be better if you don't bring the air rifle hear because the 
clown sometimes comes in here and looks in the direction where 
you are standing now. This area is pretty safe because you've 
already knocked out the guard who use to come here. Wait 
behind the kitchen cabinets and sooner or later another guard will 
come in here and stand with his back to you. Sedate him 
(naturally make sure the butler isn't witnessing your activities). 
Drag the agent outside and then down the basement steps (time 
this when the butler isn't listening to the radio and the Security 
room FBI agent isn't doing his rounds. Now WAIT. Sooner or 
later the wife will come into the kitchen to do some cooking. 
Sedating her is easy. Steal the necklace and drag her to the 
basement...more like a dungeon now. 
ALTERNATIVE way to do the wife (sounds raunchy?) 
Notice the refrigerator in the kitchen and the door next to that? Open 
that but don't out yet. Stand just inside the doorway and look up 
(towards SOUTH). You will see the corridor area of the second 
floor. Sometimes there is a guard here (the one who's obsessed 
with the panty). If you can't see him then he can't see you 
either...so dash to the door to the EAST (near the couch and 
NOT the double door). Go through this door. You need to time 
this dash just right because you are in a very busy area-Vinnie 
and his guard use this area to go up and down the stairs. 
Assuming that you've made it safely to this eastern door, open it, 
enter, turn left, walk forward a bit and then turn right. Ahead of 
you is a room that nobody visits, to your right is a small 
bathroom that the wife visits after a dip in the pool. You can do 
her in here too.
Soma adds: I did this in the NORMAL mode where you can see 
the guards on the map and you don't absolutely need to knock 
out the two guards that Sandy mentions above-he is a savage! I 
followed the security room FBI agent through the side entrance 
and then hid in the garage (just behind where the wet sheets are 
hanging). Wait until one guard goes to the basement AND the 
other guard is at the northern end of his patrol (near the indoor 
pool area) AND Vinnie is watching TV. Then dash out of the 
garage, into the kitchen, out through the door near the 
refrigerator, check the southern overhead area and onto the other 
Getting Vinnie:
Now for Vinnie: SAVE after you steal the neckless. Whereever 
you did the wife, you now need to make your way back to the 
kitchen. The butler doesn't seem to get too freaked by your 
presence but avoid him nonetheless and steal the kitchen knife if 
you want it. Just behind the counter where the radio and 
microwave is a staircase. Go up this staircase (usually when 
Vinnie is in the TV room). Make sure the lone guard here isn't in 
the corridor and then dash into the wife's bedroom (the door is 
just ahead and to the right as you come out to the corridor). Now 
watch through the keyhole of this door. The guard will go to the 
room opposite. Immediately run through the OTHER door (near 
the closet). You should now be in room with some shoes, some 
clothes hanging in open closets. Don't waste time here. Run to 
the other next room. On the dresser to the right is a pair of 
panties. When you are near it the option "Pour ether on panties" 
will appear. Do this and get back to the closet area and watch 
through the keyhole. The FBI agent will come into this room and 
sniff the panty. What a pervert! The ether will knock him out. Go 
to the room where the unconscious FBI agent is and wait for 
Vinnie to come up (either through keyhole or map-too much 
crouching will give you spinal problems). Unfortunately you 
don't have the option to retrieve the panty. When Vinnie goes to 
the computer room the accompanying FBI agent turns away. 
Sneak out of the room with your Silverballer drawn. Take him 
human hostage and walk him to the panty room and knock him 
out. Kill Vinnie at your leisure. Anytime and anywhere you like. 
Shoot him when he comes out of the computer room, or sneak 
behind him and to the TV room. Kill him here. I chose to wait a 
bit until he came to the computer room again-for the last time. I 
sneaked in after him and threw the knife at his head. Very 
Now go down any one of the stairs, through the kitchen and out 
into the area with the washing machine and drying clothes 
(CAREFUL after the only guard remaining here-wait for him to 
go to the security room). DO NOT FORGET TO PICKUP THE 
AIR RIFLE - it's a real trophy. Go down to the steps to the 
basement. Store the air-rifle in box (tis near the back of the 
basement where some plywood boards are propped up against a 
pillar. Make your way through the basement, up the steps to the 
yard where the dog is sleeping. Make your way to the door that 
will take you outside. Check for the jogger. If he is not here then 
open the door and ESCAPE.
1 guard ethered, 2 tranquilised, 1 pistol 
whipped/syringed, 1 dog tranquilised, I wife sedated by syringe, 
target killed by knife but most satisfying: NO DISGUISE, NO 
BODY FOUND! 22 minutes of pure excitement. 
+ You get the tranquiliser gun
+ You shoot people without affecting your violence rating
+ Less number of guards harmed (3)
- 1 shot from the sniper to take out the camera.
- Time consuming
Method 2: 
Actually, there's another way into the house: You 
need to KO the two FBI agents in the van by putting KO drug in 
their donuts. Then steal the videotape from the van.  Follow the 
security room FBI into the house. Wait until he goes into the 
security room and then run straight ahead to the last bedroom. I 
think you should sedate him right away and cut out problem 
areas as you try to escape. Yeah, sedate him in EXPERT mode. 
In Normal mode constantly check his position on the map. Wait 
by the window. Another FBI agent will come by. As he is 
walking away to the right as you face the window jump out of 
the window and sedate him/pistol whip him also from behind. He 
is going to be a real problem later on when you climb back down 
the pipe. There's no way you can check out his position in the 
EXPERT mode. Now go halfway up the pipe and check the 
position of the security room FBI agent if you haven't sedated 
him; else go all the way up until you can just see into the 
bedroom, this is a nursery I think. Make sure panty-sniffer isn't 
here. Now quickly enter and run straight ahead and into the 
bathroom because panty-sniffer comes here on his rounds. In 
EXPERT mode you need to watch through the window before 
jumping in through the window (best if the security room FBI 
man has just gone to the security room-that will give you a lot 
of time) and panty sniffer has entered and left the nursery Now 
you can kill Vinnie first using the method I just mentioned 
above-namely ether the panty-sniffer and pistol whip the 
personal guard outside the computer room. Careful when you 
take him hostage. A FBI agent will pass under the stairs and he 
will see you. It's best if you first take out Vinnie as you come out 
of the pink bedroom. The downstairs guard would be going away 
soon and you would have just enough time to KO the personal 
bodyguard. Stay hidden in the corridor behind the corner of 
Vinnie's compute room and wait for the FBI agent to pass by 
under you. He should be coming out of the kitchen and going 
towards the indoor pool. Come down the wide staircase and take 
the eastern doorway under the stairs. Check map for the wife's 
location. All clear? The FBI agent will be walking away from 
you at this stage. So run over and hide in the room next to the 
small bathroom and wait for the wife. When she comes to the 
bathroom...you know what to do! To escape go up the big stairs, 
to the nursery at the end of the corridor, out of the window and 
down the pipe. This is the part I don't like about this method 
when playing in EXPERT mode. You need to check that the 
security-room FBI guy isn't coming back from his outside 
patrol-he will see you as you climb out of the window and 
down the pipe. Since he is not marked on the map this becomes a 
trial-and error thing, something a Silent Assassin would avoid. 
You could of course knock him out right at the beginning of the 
mission just as we did the other FBI agent who patrols the 
grounds near the first floor window. Getting out is simple. 18 1/2 
minutes of mission time. 

1 guard ethered, I guard syringed (the security room 
guard), wife pistol whipped as she came out of the bathroom, 2 
FBI ate KO donuts (van) and another two were pistol whipped 
(guard outside first floor window & Vinnie's personal guard 
outside his computer room. Vinnie? Somebody put a bullet 
through his head in the computer room.

A fun fact - if you have the high velocity bullets for the sniper 
you can do this. Spike the donuts and steal the videotape from 
the FBI van. Then go over to the vet clinic, avoiding the 
gardening lady. Doesn't she ever give up and go inside to pee or 
something! From here you can snipe Vinnie - a head shot. 
Alternatively, use the redial option on the phone in the van and 
Vinnie will come to the window to answer the phone. If you 
don't have high velocity bullets you'll have to fire twice-one 
each for glass and skull. Now make your way to the tower where 
the air-rifle is. From here you can snipe the wife (using the air 
rifle isn't any use). Her body will be taken to the security room. 
With some luck you might be able to retrieve the necklace 
without being spotted. I didn't play this through because killing 
the wife went against by grains. But go ahead give this a try and 
don't forget to send in the outcome, particularly the rating!

Mission 5: Murder of the Crows...
This mission is so easy to do without any disguise. Taking out 
the three targets is not much of a problem, but getting the 
diamond briefcase is a definite problem if you are playing the 
game the way the makers intended. So we are going to hijack the 
Bring along your SilverBaller and the W2000 sniper.
Here goes. 
Read the "As the developers intended guide..." and attempt it 
only if you are an expert!

1.     Kill Mark Purayah, Jr.
2.     Kill Raymond Kulinsky
3.     Kill Angelina Mason
4.     Protect the politician [completed once above three are killed]
5.     Escape

6.     Retrieve diamonds case

1.     Walkie Talkies transmit everything - even background sound and 
     music, which could reveal someone's location.

2.     Clubs usually have a back entrance for the staff.
3.     Bookstore walls are like paper - you can overhear what's going 
     on next door.
4.     Clubs in this area are known for having hat-dress codes and 
     music themes.
5.     Some private apartments have a useful view.
6.     Pianos can kill - especially when they are dropped from the sky.
7.     A guy dressed as a yellow bird checked into a hotel room a 
     couple of hours ago.

Getting the diamonds
How you do the mission depends on whether you intercept the 
Red Crow courier and get the diamond case from him or whether 
it gets delivered to Mark Purayah, Jr. If you don't get the case 
then you will be competing against the clock-the assassins 
allows the politician's float about one complete circle of the 
streets before taking him out. If you get the diamond case then 
you are fine but you'll have a problem. Unless the diamond case 
gets delivered those crows won't start talking on the walkies and 
you won't get the initial locations of the targets; you'll just have 
to hunt them down. The possibilities in this mission are endless. I 
am going to tell you who to take out the targets. The order in 
which you do them is entirely up to you

If You Allow The Diamonds To Get To Purayah... 
As soon as the mission starts ignore the red crow and run 
towards the assassins' hideout in the North West corner. We 
won't be going to that hideout but to the bookstore which is next 
door. Once you reach the bookstore open the door and enter. The 
owner doesn't seem to mind if you are in the front room but isn't 
too keen to have you going anywhere else. Though you can get 
by him by timing his movements and sneaking, I suggest you 
take him out using one of the KO syringes. Either way you need 
to make your way to the second floor of the book store and to the 
point of interest. Its turns out that this is a paper thin board 
between the book store and Mark's office. Wait here. You can 
see over the top of the board. Eventually the red crow courier 
will come in and the yellow crow guard will ask will ask him to 
set the briefcase down and go. I suggest you save at this point so 
that you reload and listen to the conversation again if you miss it. 
I didn't save so I have all three saves left at this point. Now 
listen, I mean it, LISTEN carefully. The crows will start to 
chatter. You will get to know Raymond Kulinsky's position by 
hearing the first couple of sentences of the conversation. Since 
you won't be getting Mark's walkie this is the only way to get a 
fix of his position.

If You Intercept The Diamonds Before They Get To Purayah... 
Taking out Mark Purayah...
Soma adds: Don't ignore the red crow at the start of the mission. 
Watch him go out of the door and see which way he turns. If he 
turns left then he is going to take a long circuit and being a slow 
walker and a looker kinda guy a long time to reach his 
destination. This will give you the opportunity to set up Mark 
and Angelina's assassination (see relative sections for details) 
and then go into the bookstore to eavesdrop. If the courier turns 
right then go to the bookstore right away.

Sandy continues: there's a coupe of ways of killing Mark 
Purayah. Easiest is to drop a bomb right near the board and 
detonate it once Mark's near the board. Make sure that you aren't 
anywhere near the board and if you can exit the store without the 
yellow crows seeing you then its even better. This method is not 
recommended if you've knocked out the bookstore owner. We 
don't want 2 bodies found; 1 is bad enough! I actually ran out of 
the store and to the very left side of your map where there are 
two Points of Interest that are grouped very close to each other. 
In that area, there is a drainpipe leading to a little shack of sorts. 
From there, you can have a clear view to the room Purayah's in. 
Purayah will periodically step through the doorway - when he 
does, you can snipe him. [SAVE 1]. 
Alternative method: In the northwester alley, there's a door which one of the 
guards will periodically stand outside by to take a cigarette break. Once he 
back through the door, follow him and enter the closet in the room. As soon as 
passes by, exit the closet and KO him. Next, from under the stairs watch the 
yellow bird. Once he goes away (to the room where Purayah is run upstairs and 
hide to the right of the door. SAVE. When he come back out sedate 
him/pistolwhip him. Now you can kill Purayah and his body won't be found. Plus 
you can retrieve his walkie which will give you the position of the other 
Headache for Ms Mason...
What Soma meant earlier was to fix the bomb to the winch 
holding up the piano before going to the bookstore. This is the 
second POI on the map. To get here you need to climb the box 
near the dumpster. Then another box, walk on some wooden 
boards, then sneak across a metal platform, slide along a narrow 
catwalk and jump to another platform. Place the bomb and get 
down. Take care not to be spotted by the lone policeman who 
patrols here. Also don't run on the metal platform-those two 
guys drinking down there might look up. If you placed the bomb 
before going to the bookstore then wait in the shack from where 
you shot Mark and wait for Angelina to come and stand under 
the piano. Detonate the bomb just before she reaches the spot 
under the piano as the bomb goes off after a few seconds and she 
doesn't stop for too long. But you won't be able to retrieve her 
walkie; it will be trapped under the piano; but take her silenced 
Or Doing Ms Mason up close and personal...
If, like me, you aren't too keen on accidents and bombs do make 
a lot of noise, then wait in that little nook where you climbed the 
pipe. Once Angelina comes along kill her using poison syringe or 
fibre wire-don't use a gun; it will leave blood stains that will be 
spotted by the police. I found the killing and stashing of bodies 
hard to pull off here-those two drinking buddies kept spotting 
me or the police came by and fouled my attempts. If this happens 
then follow Ms Mason. Oh yeah, I remembered something. How 
do you know who Ms Mason is? She is in a black crow costume, 
looks and sounds like a lady (dah!) and is talking dirty and you 
did see her picture in the mission start screen and in the mission 
briefing, didn't you? Anyway, back to the job on hand. If you 
can't kill her in the music shop ally follow her. She will go to the 
allies behind the Blues Bar, the Rock Bar and best of all the big 
square courtyard with four corridors leading to it. This is the best 
place to take out Ms Mason. She enters the area from the north 
passage and passes very close to a door (hint: the dumpster is 
directly opposite this door). It's best to take her hostage and walk 
her inside the door and then knock her out. Kill whichever you 
want. The reason I did this was because a policeman patrols the 
area and is able to see the dumpster the moment he enters the 
passage. He kept seeing me as I was dumping Mason's corpse in 
the bin.  My method gives an extra five/six seconds.
Getting Raymond Kulinsky
Whether you go after Raymond or Angelina first depends on a) 
where Raymond is relative to the float and whether you have 
enough time to get him AND Angelina before the float comes 
around b) whether you were able to set up the piano bomb which 
would enable you to take out Angelina Mason fairly soon after 
you exit the bookstore. 
Raymond's position is random-he can be in the second floor of 
either of these locations
Salsa Bar
Blues Bar
Rocks Bar
1.     Salsa Bar Assassination
Since we are on a tight time limit lets go for an easy and fun way 
of killing Raymond. Go to that square courtyard with four 
entrances-it's slightly to the left of map as you look. Once there 
look for the door on the southern side. This is a great ambush 
spot for Angelina and the Red Crow. But let's concentrate on 
Raymond for the time being. Open the door, turn left and go up 
those stairs on the right. You'll reach a door. Open and enter. To 
your left is a white double door and on the other side of that is a 
man watching TV. Take out your KO syringe, open the door and 
hit sneak. Sedate the man. Look towards the right. Ah! Windows 
with a view. You will see Raymond through the window on the 
other side, slightly to your left. Get your rifle ready and enter 
scope mode. Once he comes to the window, say a little prayer 
like that sniper in "Saving Private Ryan" and put a bullet through 
his head.
The Salsa Bar assassination is the only one you can carry out 
from afar with your sniper if the diamonds have NOT been 
delivered. In the Blues Bar and Rock Bar Raymond's room has a 
balcony and several boarded up windows. He won't come out 
through the balcony doors unless the diamonds have been 
delivered. I may be wrong about this so let me know.
If you wish to kill Raymond without sniping him you will have 
to enter the back ally of the Salsa Bar. There's a waiter here and 
a drunk. When the waiter is near the entrance of the ally having a 
smoke and the drunk goes for a pee take the later hostage, walk 
him to the dumpster and knock him out. Dump him in the 
dumpster. Take out the waiter in a similar fashion when the 
opportunity presents itself and hide his body behind the walls. 
Getting past the cook can be problem. Open the kitchen door 
(only door in the ally) and watch him. [SAVE-the next part is 
tricky!] The moment he starts chopping with his knife enter the 
kitchen and SNEAK upstairs (the stairs are to the left). If you 
can't get by him then you will need to turn off the lights and get 
back outside quickly. The cook will come to turn the lights back 
on. When he turns away from the light switch get him from 
behind. Go upstairs, open the door and peek cautiously. You will 
see Raymond walking about like a maniac. I will leave the 
method of dispensing with him up to you. I shot him with 
Angelina's silenced gun.
2.     Blue Bar Assassination
I love it when Raymond's in this bar. This is the only bar from 
which I have been able to get his Kazo Sniper out without 
anyone even seeing me. 
Getting into the Blue Bar to Kill Raymond & Get 
his rifle
The first method is to get into the Blue Bar and kill Raymond. 
You will need to do this anyway if you've intercepted the 
diamond briefcase. In the ally behind the Blue Bar is a dumpster, 
a waiter and a drunk. Ignore all three and look opposite the 
dumpster (due North). Here is another short cul-de-sac with a 
door to your right. Go through this door, then turn left and go up 
the stairs. Open the door and enter the bar & disco area. Turn 
left, go straight and turn left. See the two doors ahead-both lead 
to the kitchen. I used the right hand door because from here it's 
easier to sneak up on the chef. Sedate him or sneak by him and 
dump him in the body box. Now go through the other door near 
the gas stove. Turn off the lights and hide in the closet. Wait until 
the waiter and his girlfriend have gone before going up the stairs. 
Pick the lock on the door, enter and finish off Raymond 
whichever way you like. I used the kitchen knife on him (you'll 
find it in the kitchen). If you wish to get his sniper then read the 
section "Clearing the Hotel room". You need to finish that part 
and then return here to get the rifle. Depending on how well you 
play you might have to go back and forth between your hotel and 
the blue bar. Assuming that you have completed the "Clearing 
the Hotel room" section you need to pick up the sniper rifle 
[SAVE], open the balcony door (don't go out to the balcony; 
you'll be spotted!) and toss the damn thing across the streets to 
the balcony across! Simple really, just watch out for the 
patrolling policeman; it's best if he is standing just under the 
balcony you are on right now. There is another door here in this 
room-to the right of the balcony at the end of a narrow passage. 
This door leads to the fore escape from where you can jump 
down when nobody is underneath. You are out of the Blue Bar 

Clearing the hotel room
In the hotel where you start off the mission are a couple of 
interesting places, one is the ICA drop box. Go to the second 
floor. We aren't interested in the room where the yellow crow is 
sleeping; we aren't interested in the couple making out. Our 
interest is in the only other accessible room-the one with the 
sleeping girl and the drinking guy. Notice their movements. The 
girl sleeps, then wakes up and goes to fetch a drink for the guy 
and goes back to sleep. The guy just alternates between the 
balcony and bedroom. There's a third bloke who's in the corridor 
outside. He periodically sits in a sofa and then goes for a drink 
from a dispenser. When the girl just gets BACK to the room with 
a drink and the guy outside goes to get a drink, strike! First get 
the corridor walker-get him near the vending machine-pistol 
whip him, you'll need the syringe later. Now go open the door of 
the room where the girl is sleeping. If she isn't then check 
through the keyhole. We are waiting for the girl to go to sleep. 
Once this happens walk into the room, sneak up to the guy on the 
balcony (very easy), take him hostage (don't even think of 
syringing him here; you'll be spotted by the police), walk him 
inside and knock him out. Then apply the KO syringe on the girl.
I wonder if we can drag the guy out to the balcony or the bathroom and save 
knocking out the girl. Even the corridor walker can be easily dodges.
Give this a
try and let me know. Or can we avoid KOing then altogether?
Now you can snipe Raymond when he comes out to the balcony 
(if you have allowed the diamonds to be delivered to Purayah). 
You can also retrieve the Kazo sniper and deposit it in the ICA 
dropbox-just stick to the wall when you are bringing it in from 
the balcony.

3.     Rock Bar Assassination
Similar to the Blue Bar, you can access Raymond via the Rock 
Bar itself or shoot from afar.
Behind the Rock Bar is a platform you can climb when the 
waiter isn't around. Maybe there is a drunk also. Climb the 
platform, walk across ledge and climb in through window, walk 
down spiral staircase to the dance floor. Walk to the other end of 
the room, open door to the left and enter bathroom. Three 
musketeers waiting to take a leak. Don't bother them. Pick the 
lock on the white door (very easy because both waiter & cook 
have their back to you most of the time). Go upstairs, pick 
another lock and kill Raymond.
Alternatively go to the square courtyard. Notice a raised platform 
near the door (to the right) we talked about earlier. Climb the 
pipe to a balcony and then hop across to the other balcony. Open 
the door, then throw a coin to lure the gentleman watching TV 
out. Knock him out. These are all illegal activities; make sure our 
cop friend isn't talking a walk downstairs. When you have taken 
out the couch potato enter his abode. To your left should be 
another door. Anyway keep following the passage or rooms or 
whatever until you come to the window. Now from here you can 
shoot Raymond when he comes out to the balcony (provided the 
diamonds have reached Purayah). So no matter where Raymond 
is, you can see him from somebody's window-everybody loves 

ESCAPE: This is too simple to write.
Loose Ends: I have done the mission is a certain way but there 
are many questions left unanswered.
Can you get the sniper out of the Salsa and Rock Bars to the ICA 
box without being spotted? You can toss the gun across to the 
other window but after that what to do?
STATS (Raymond was in Blue Bar; diamond case intercepted). 3 
KO (2 yellow crows in HQ + 1 chef in bar), Raymond knifed, 
Mason pianoed, Purayah-shot through the head at close range, 
no bodies found, 1 sniper rifle for collection, time: 15 minutes!

As the developers intended ... do you have the cojones? (by Soma)
Only the initial part and that too outlines.
Run to enemy HQ ignoring Red Crow for time being.
Notice the guard movement and dash in when all three 
conditions given below are met...
One guard has just gone in back through the door.
Second guard has turned away from the door and gone to pee 
near a dumpster.
Third guard has gone for a walk past the bookstore and away 
from the ally
... dash in through the door and hide in the closet. When you see 
the yellow crow through the crack, exit and take him down. Take 
his MP9. 
go through door to the other room. Stay UNDER the stairs & 
rotate camera so that the yellow crow is just about visible. Wait 
until he goes to Purayah's room.
Throw the MP9 somewhere he will spot it - near the weapons 
box is a good spot.
Go hide in the corner behind the book shelf.
Yellow bird will spot the MP9 and will come down the stairs to 
retrieve it. He will walk past the shelf without seeing you. Get 
him from behind.
Not much time left. Red crow will walk in any minute now. So 
hide the bodies away from the double door. Take out the red 
crow when he walks in or wait till he leaves. (Sandy adds: I still 
recommend the hijack method. Then you can come back and 
finish this part off at leisure without getting your balls in an all 
mighty uproar!)
go upstairs and kill Purayah. Get his walky to get the locations of 
Raymond and the girl.
also get the SG (some number) gun and go downstairs. Open the 
door and stand to one side.
we are waiting for
one guy to go to the dumpster and start peeing / smoking or 
the patrolling guard to away towards the bookstore
when conditions are just right sneak up behind the yellow crow 
and store the gun in the ICA pickup box and then sneak away. 
(Sandy adds: in expert mode you might want to hide in the house 
first after depositing the gun and then sneak away once the 
guards break up and go away to the positions mentioned in hint # 
follow guides for getting Raymond & Mason.


Mission 6: You Better Watch Out  (Monday, December 29-31, 2006)
This mission sucks without the 1.2 patch! I had this trouble prior 
to getting the patch that whenever I throw something, anything, 
guns, coins, sausages, knives, even place bombs the games 
crashes. If you are having the same problem I am having the 
same problem as I am having, bring along the SilverBaller with 
high velocity bullets. Or may be a silenced SMG? I am assuming 
that you DO HAVE the problem.
1.     Kill Lorne de Havilland
2.     Kill Chad Bingham Jr.
3.     Retrieve video tape
4.     Escape the estate
1.     Don't expect any presents this year - Santa drinks too much.
2.     The bartender knows how to help improve performance in the 
3.     Waiters often shower in the staff changing room.
4.     Even small, annoying Dogs eat sausages.
5.     The glass-bottomed outdoor jacuzzi looks down on the pier 70 
     feet below.
6.     Among the high society, spiked drinks are all the rage.
7.     Heavy light rigs are installed in the Photo Studio.
8.     Lorne recently hired a former US Air Force helicopter pilot.
Getting Havilland
When the mission starts, run forward. We are heading to the 
elevator to the left. Run forward until you hit the wall, turn left 
and then right, all the time hugging the wall. You need to run 
BEHIND the Santa Claus guard if you want to avoid the camera. 
If you were quick enough then a guest would be walking towards 
the elevator which is now on the Pier level-meaning door will 
open as soon as you 'call elevator'. If the guest enters with you 
ignore him and ride with him to the first floor of the main house. 
A white coated butler/waiter will greet you. Ignore him and turn 
left, then left again (negotiating the pillar) and then run forward 
the double glass door. Open. Enter and run forward until you 
come to an area with one set on stairs going up and a door 
marked "Staff Area" or "staff only" or something like that. Wait. 
First a black clad bodyguard will walk down those steps, 
followed by a Santa clad guard. Wait for the later to leave and 
then immediately dash up the steps. The moment you hit the 
second floor landing go through the double door to your right 
(West). This is why I was so keen on running at the start on the 
mission-I wanted to get past those two guards going down the 
steps. This had worked for me seven times out of seven, so no 
reason why it shouldn't work for you. If you are having problems 
try [SAVING] before going up the steps. Now you are in a room 
just next to the security room. There is another door right next to 
the door through which you entered. A guard will come out of 
this door and walk over to the balcony opposite (5 times out of 
7). Or he might be in the balcony and will be walking back to the 
security room (2 out of 7). If its the first case stay in the corner 
between the security room door and the double door. When the 
guard comes out take him out - pistol whip him or syringe him. 
If he is in the balcony sneak up hide to one side of the balcony 
door and wait for him to return. Knock him out whichever way 
you want-DO NOT PUSH HIM over the railing-the area 
below is full of guards. Once this guard is out then SAVE[1]! 
Now there's another guard in the security room. Watch the map 
or through the keyhole. Taking him out is a breeze. He stays put 
in the same place for a long time. Wait for him to do one 
complete round and walk back towards you. The moment he 
turns around open the door, hit sneak, get behind him and 
WHAM! Use the pistol because we need the syringe once more 
later on. Steal the video tape if you want. Make your way to the 
other end. Pick the lock on the door at the other end (even as I 
write this I am wondering if you can sneak this one through. I 
mean when one guard goes to the balcony can you sneak behind 
the other and pick the lock on the door? I am NOT playing this 
damn mission one more time! So let me know!)  Run up the 
stairs. Up and up you go until you reach a door. Key-hole watch 
here for a guard to come and take a smoke break facing you. 
Wait until he turns away. Open the door, half run, half walk (you 
can't catch him by sneaking) up behind him and knock him out 
using pistol. [SAVE 2]. Go through the storage room here until 
you come to the POI here (a ICA type box). Nearby is a door. 
Open it but don't go out as yet. From inside the doorway watch 
the area to your WEST. A guard and Havilland regularly come 
out of that door you can see ahead of you. When Havilland is in 
the balcony area (he shouldn't be on his way to the studio) and 
the guard has gone BACK into the room come out of the 
doorway, turn right (EAST) and run a bit, turn left (North) and 
run towards where they are shooting. The girls and photographer 
don't get suspicious unless you are overly conspicuous. Hide 
behind the white canvas. It's something like a corridor here and 
wait. Havilland will come to the studio, watch the shooting and 
then walk out through the other door with his blasted dog 
yapping behind him. God, I hate this dog! Follow Havilland out 
of this room (rather follow the dog out of this room). But first 
make sure that the guard I mentioned earlier isn't here-watch 
from behind the canvas.  Now you are in that 4 way corridor. 
Havilland will turn left and go through the door with the flashing 
heart symbol over it. Make sure that guard isn't guarding the 
doorway. He won't be majority of the time.
Since you aren't using the map, 
this area can be tricky. How do you tell what the guard is doing? 
What guard? The guard we avoided earlier. This guy alternates 
between several spots-from the security room he comes out to 
the studio area, back into the security room, out through the other 
door, comes out and stands under the flashing heart door, then he 
goes to the door that leads to Havilland's private area and finally 
back to the security room. You obviously can't stay in the 
corridor for too long because Havilland will be back. So what do 
you do? When you follow Havilland out into the corridor wait 
and watch around the corner. If the guard is here then its great 
news. Wait. When he goes back inside (through the double door 
with flashing heart) and the door closes KEYHOLE watch him 
for him to go from RIGHT to LEFT (that is back to the security 
room where the video tape you have to retrieve as part of your 
mission objective is). Also check your map from time to time. If 
he is walking towards you and is about to come out of the 
flashing heart door and Havilland is also all set to bust you go 
hide in the room to the West. There is a guard here but he is 
asleep. You should be OK unless you run about. OK. When the 
guard goes back to the security room (right to left) then make a 
dash for it (naturally making sure you don't get caught by 

Soma brought her silenced SMG tactical and blasted 
Havilland and dog in the corridor!

Back FOR ALL MODES: Once the coast is clear go through the 
flashing heart double door, into the red room with Chinese signs. 
Turn right and left and go through the door to the South. You are 
now in the second red room with lots of red trellis. Turn right 
and head all the way to the wall. Turn left and walk HALFWAY 
up to the double doorway you see. Sooner or later Havilland will 
go to the balcony for a smoke. [SAVE 2]. When he does open the 
door and shoot him through the head. If you used the high 
velocity bullet he will topple over the parapet. Sometimes the 
dog gets suspicious, sometimes not but if you live him alive you 
risk the chance of a witness. Go ahead and kill him-I know you 
want to! Alternatively, if you can get into the kitchen unseen get 
a piece of sausage, poison it and feed it to the dog. Wait for it to 
die then kill the master-you can do this if you aren't bugged by 
the throwing problem!

Getting the Video Tape
Get back to the door through which you entered the second red 
room. Now watch through the keyhole. It's that pesky guard 
again. He MUST be standing with his back to you. If not you 
gotta wait a long time until he does so. Bring out your syringe. If 
you try to pistol whip him the security room guard tends to get 
his balls into an uproar. When the bothersome guard starts to 
walk away immediately open the door and sedate him. Now go 
over to the Eastern door and watch the security room. The 
moment you see the guard through the keyhole, open the door, 
enter and knock him out. Take the tape. Save if you like, I didn't. 
Get out of the other door. You should be now in the studio with 
the ladder right in front of you. Head over there and go through 
the door just behind the ladder. This place looks familiar to you? 
It's the storage area. Retrace you step all the way down to the 
second floor, past the security area to the room where you 
ambushed the first guard. Definitely SAVE her. That's three 
saves for you. You are done saving. Open the double door and 
dash down the stairs. I got lucky sometimes, other times I got 
seen and had to reload. Can anybody come up with a failsafe 
system here?

Getting Chad Junior
Once you are on the first floor head to the bar area. Talk to the 
bar tender and he will give you a bottle of aphrodisiac. If you are 
lucky there will be a martini glass on the bar. Pour the 
aphrodisiac into the glass (if the glass is not there you may have 
to wait a long time for the waiter to bring it around). Now go 
outside where Chad Bingham Junior is having fun in the Jacuzzi. 
Ignore him and head towards the other Jacuzzi. There is a guard 
here who gets real pissed if he sees you entering the VIP only 
area (grotto). 
(The best thing for amateurs is to take out this guard before 
spiking Chad's drink. If you are good you can easily dodge him. 
Here's what you do to take him out of the equation. Just follow 
the guard the guard into the grotto area. See that couple making 
out. The girl will dump her man real quick when she see you and 
beckon you to a room nearby. Carefully note the girl and the 
room. She is your unmarked target (the dark mysterious "?" on 
the mission start screen).  Eventually he will go through the 
grotto and end up going up some stairs. Wham!)
Now assuming that you have taken out the guard and spiked 
Chad's drink wait near the Jacuzzi where Chad is having a ball. 
Funny people they have-it's snowing and the guy is in an 
outdoor Jacuzzi! Soon his lady friend will join him and after a 
while they will get up and go to a private room in the grotto for 
some...well lets just say sinful acts. Follow them. If you didn't 
come to this area previously to take out the guard then out 
mystery target will be in the corridors, tickling some guy's 
tonsils. Notice the room she goes into but ignore her for the 
moment. Keep following Chad and his girlfriend. Once they go 
into their bedroom go and open the door, thereby breaking up the 
tryst. A frustrated Chad will come out of the bedroom and go 
down a long flight of stairs to have a smoke in a balcony. You 
can push him down the steps though I found that it doesn't kill 
him. I shot him in the head; Soma pushed him off the balcony. 
You can poison him as well. Whatever floats your boat!
Now go find the other girl-the third target. The moment you 
enter through the door a cut scene cuts in (no pun, seriously!) 
The girl says something about "men are so easy". Don't kill her 
until she attack you; you will be penalised for killing an innocent 
otherwise. Move sideways as soon as you have control of Mr. 47. 
Head butt her, punch her; do anything but don't draw any 
weapons. She has a SLP pistol without a silencer which she will 
draw and shoot if you draw any weapons. Once you have 
knocked her out kill her. I used the poison syringe. All loose 
ends are sewn up here. Time to escape.

is easy. Head back through the grotto, past the two 
Jacuzzis and go to the elevator you used earlier, take it town to 
the pier and head towards Escape.
Alternatively, if you have the scoped SilverBaller, shoot the 
Jacuzzi from the pier area and send Chad to a watery grave-you 
won't be docked for killing civilians. 

Stats: No disguise, no body found, 3 kills (4 if you count the dog), 5 guards 
KO (6 if you can't dodge the grotto guard).
I have some suggestions and questions which I am hoping you 
can try out and then send feedbacks.
Q1. Can you sneak past the 2 guards in the first security room on 
the 2nd floor of the main house?
Q2. Can you sneak past the 2 guards in the studio floor security 
room to steal the video tape? Guys, I am looking to cut down on 
KOs here, this is an Assassin not Mike Tyson.
Q3. If you bring down the lights on Havilland's head will the 
guards converge on the dead body, particularly the one in the 
security room, giving you the chance to get the videotape?
Q4. On the second floor balcony there is a wall with protruding 
footholds that you can climb. From here you can shoot both 
targets. I did this in disguise. Anybody has any suggestions about 
how to do this without a disguise-I haven't even tried to do 
this? Needless to say, this must be a solid strategy, not a trial and 
error thing. And in EXPERT mode please.

Mission 7: Death on the Mississippi
This is perhaps the most linear mission of all; excluding the 
tutorial maybe. Try as I did I couldn't find any way of making 
this too exciting. We go from deck to deck clearing gators and 
finally a cute little pig-like captain of the ship. Bring the sniper if 
you don't have the scoped Silverballer. Equip this gun with high 
velocity bullets.

1.     Kill Skip Muldoon
2.     Kill the Gator Gang [there are six]
3.     Retrieve pictures
4.     Escape via the rescue boat

1.     The engine room is off limits to passengers - the furnace is a 
     dangerous workplace.
2.     Man over board - the wild waters of the river will cause certain 
3.     The captain's cake is being prepared in the galley in the rear of 
     the 4th deck.
4.     Only the 1st Class Pursers are allowed in the Gators Private area.
5.     The lower class kitchen prepares food for both the tourists on 
     board as well as the Gators on the top deck. Extra flavor could be 
7.     The boss has received some heavy duty hunting gear from a 
     business alliance. The present is kept secure at the staff quarters.

Gator 1 gets the wire...
We start on the first deck near the front of the ship. The stairs go 
upwards in a Y shape. A gator member will soon come down 
from the second deck along the right side of the Y, down the 
stem of the Y and then walk along the deck to the engine room. 
Near the engine room entrance are some boxes. I stayed behind 
these and waited for the gator member to come across. When he 
open the door sneak up behind him a fibre wire him. It's quick 
and clean-we don't want blood stains in this area. You can drag 
his body behind the huge boiler on the right (as you face the 
room) or drag it across to the room where the ICA box is. Nice to 
clean up while we have the chance! Later on we will be leaving a 
lot of blood trains and slain bodies lying around! Just look 
around to make sure that both crew members are walking 
towards the front of the ship. Also remember to drag the body 
out towards the left of the door as you exit because there is often 
another crew member just on top of you on a platform and he 
will see you should you go to the right. Stick to the left. Once 
inside the room deposit the body in the box. Go back where you 
started the mission. Go up the stairs. Enter through the double 
door and use the double door in-between the two stairs (do not 
go up the stairs). When you enter you will be in a long corridor 
with a second gator member getting hot and heavy with a female 

Gator 2 needs to cool off...some water maybe?
Walk up to the gator and girlfriend. They will break up and go to 
a side room. The girl will come out shortly. Desist the temptation 
to do the gator right here-the girl will return after a long time 
and we don't want her finding any bodies. After a while the gator 
will come out and go to the deck to the right. Usually there's 
another passenger here-you can scare her away by running up 
and colliding into her. She will walk away while gator 2 will 
stand near the railing having a smoke or something. How very 
considerate! Push him into the water.

Gator 3 looks sick...where's the syringe?
Go back inside after disposing of gator 2. Make your way to the 
back end of the ship (opposite of the direction you came from--
SOUTH). You will come to an area where there is a crew 
member patrolling the corridor and a waiter who goes to a room 
for a drink. Make sure the waiter isn't around and the crew 
member is going towards the door to your LEFT (east) as you 
face south. Go out of the door to the right (west) and climb the 
trellis or whatever this white thing is. But don't climb all the way 
up; stay just under the top but be sure that you can view the deck 
above you. Gator 3 will either exit through the door just ahead of 
you and he will go away from where you are hiding (or hanging) 
or he will come by towards you and enter through this door. 
Either way climb onto the 4th deck, the restaurant floor. If the 
gator is walking away then take out the poison syringe or wire 
and get him from behind. Otherwise wait to the left of the door 
and get him when he comes out. Leave his body here. Nobody 
comes to these parts. Now head towards those double stairs 
(towards the south). SAVE [1].

The purser need a break...
Strangely nobody sees to see you if you hide under the stairs 
though you can see perfectly well. But to be safe hug the wall 
near the ICA box and watch the stairs furthest away from you 
(look eastward). Soon a purser will either come up or go down. If 
he goes down then follow him and sedate him. Drag his body 
under the stairs. If he is coming towards you then he is going up. 
Start moving immediately towards the steps but don't come out 
just yet. Wait until he goes up a couple of steps, bring out your 
syringe and run up behind him and sedate him. If he makes it to 
the 5th deck he may be a long time coming down or he may not 
come down at all-happened to me twice. So get him before he 
becomes a nuisance. Go up the stairs-the ones to the left as we 
stand near the ICA box looking south. Again, do not go up all the 
way-just enough so that you can see the gators. Bring up your 
scoped weapon - for me it's the silverballer. 

Bang...Bang...Bang...and then there was none...
What are we waiting for? (For EXPERT mode. In Normal mode 
check your map)We are waiting for the shirtless gator to come outside and then 
go to the east to eat get some donuts or something. Snipe him 
here if you like but make sure that the gator near the door isn't 
too close to where the body will fall. He can take a very long 
time to come out. You need to be patient. You can get him 
inside-but that' slightly chancy. Now wait for the gator 
patrolling the west deck to come into view. Take him out as he 
turns the corner. Now very quickly snipe the one near the door. 
All three down. Alternatively: line up your scope on the head of 
the gator near the door. I have found that he stands to the left of 
the door looking east while the green gator comes up behind him. 
The cross each other as the green gator goes in through the door. 
Then the door guard goes and stands on the other side. Like I 
was saying, they overlap for about half a second. If you have the 
high velocity bullet you can kill them with one shot a-la the 
"Kierov Park Meeting" in Hitman 2. If you haven't taken out 
shirtless gator now's the time to go inside. First check the 
bathroom to your left to make sure he isn't here, then check the 
other room-the big room with lot's of table-the captain's 
lobby I think. He will be in either of the rooms. Put a nice little 
lead slug into the scumbag's head.

Skip whoring around...
Now for the captain! Go open the skip's room and survey the 
inside while staying out of sight. Wait until he goes to the room 
where the safe is. Follow him there. Another shot, another head 
splattered on the wall. Get the pictures . 

Escape...some luck and lots of timing required...
Make your way to the second floor. Use the trellis that you 
climbed earlier. Make your way to the area where the waiter is 
going about drinking from the guest's room. There is a crew 
member standing near a flight of stairs going down. [SAVE 2] 
When he moves away go down these stairs. I didn't have a 
problem with anybody coming up the step until I entered the 
door marked "staff area" at the bottom of the stairs. Take a peek 
through the keyhole. Make sure nobody is coming your way. 
Open the door and enter. You are in a sort of I shaped corridor, 
that's I lying on its side. First open the door to your left. Is there 
anybody here? Yes? It might me a good idea to use the second 
KO syringe on him because he has a nasty habit of spotting you 
later on in the corridor. No? Take a peek around the corridor. 
Empty? That's good news. Go hide in the closet with a view of 
the entire length of the corridor. [SAVE 3]. From now on it's all 
luck in the EXPERT mode; Normal mode guys can of course 
check their maps.-if you get spotted you'll have to reload and 
retry. Wait until two crew members come out and have a mid-
corridor chat and then enter the other room. Wait a few seconds. 
Another worker (you'll see him on the map) will walk away from 
you going along the long passage. Exit the closet and follow him. 
Keep checking your map. If you see any more green blobs 
coming at you on the map hide in the closet about mid way down 
the corridor. You biggest worry is a waiter who smokes in the 
EXIT area and will come up and go down quite often. If he isn't 
around make your way to the end of the corridor and turn 
LEFT-the other end is a busy area. Make a dash for the other 
door at the end of this short corridor. Get out and close the door 
behind you. Wait at the top of the stairs. Wait until the crew 
member patrolling this area come out almost directly underneath 
the platform you are standing on. Follow him a safe distance 
behind. Check your map to make sure that pesky little waiter 
isn't around in the area of EXIT. If he is, and believe me, he will 
be there, wait, wait and wait some more but don't panic. He will 
move away before the crew member comes along. Anyway, 
Alternatively, you can sneak away past through the engine room 
but I haven't tried it. Is it safe-meaning can you time your 
movements without using the map?
6 kills (5 gators + 1 skip), 1 accident (gator), 3 head shots (1 to 
take out 2 gators on the 5th deck, 1 in the dining room of the 5th 
deck and 1 for skip). I gator strangled, 1 pushed into water (1 
accident) and 1 poisoned. 17 minutes. 

Mission 8: Till Death Do Us Apart
1.     Kill the Groom
2.     Kill the Bride's father
3.     Ensure the Bride's safety [already completed]
4.     Escape

1.     Guns and shooting in outdoor areas don't make Rednecks panic.
2.     The water is home to alligators.
3.     The Priest rings the Wedding Bell to announce the ceremony.
4.     The Father's recently deceased brother is buried at the family 
5.     The Groom can't keep himself away from the whipped cream on 
     the wedding cake.

This is a fast and easy mission. From the start of the level, follow the 
along until you come to a gap between 2 buildings - walk down here. You should 
now be facing the party, and to your left should be a guest who would appear to 
have had a little too much to drink. After a little while he will stagger into 
the rundown abandoned building to your left - follow him or wait for him in 
he won't suspect anything. When he gets there, he'll sit down and pass out, 
leaving you free to take his Party Invitation-you can't get in without an 
invitation (but clothes don't seem to matter except for some snide comments
the guards and guests). Head to large building right ahead, past the people
and in through the front door of the mansion. Walk to the right of the stairs
(around them not up them), and look for a room on the right that has a sign
outside saying 'private'. This is the kitchen area. 

Taking out the priest (optional but recommended...)
You don't absolutely have to take out the priest but it helps if 
you do so, I didn't but Soma did and it didn't affect the outcome 
one little bit. It helps because the priest has a nasty habit of 
turning up in the kitchen just when you are about to dispose of 
the groom's body in the body box.
Watch out for the groom coming out of the kitchen-resist the 
temptation to kill him right now-let him go for now. When he 
leaves, enter the kitchen; make sure no one else is watching and 
poison the cake. Now go through the first door on the right, 
GUARD WAITING NEAR THE STAIRS), turn directly right 
again, follow this corridor around, and you should find 2 doors - 
the one on the right is locked and leads back to the main room 
(lets call this Door 1 and we will use this as our EXIT route 
later), and the one of the left is where the priest likes to go to 
take a little drink from the bottle in his hollowed out bible-
shame on him! If you were fast enough getting here he will still 
he here and you can sneak straight in behind him and syringe 
him - however, if you aren't, you'll just have to sit tight and 
wait, he'll turn up. There is a built in cupboard next to the 
grandfather clock - if you hide in here and look through the 
keyhole, you'll be able to see him when he next comes in. Either 
way, when you've sedated him with a syringe, drag his body into 
the cupboard next to the grandfather clock. Now get back to the 
door that leads to the kitchen following the same path that you 
did to get here. Wait near the door until the groom turns up.

Grooms who don't watch their weight don't go on honeymoons...
The groom will soon come into the kitchen, eat the poisoned 
cake and die. SAVE. Drag him to the body box and dispose of 
Note: The kitchen is a busy area. The waiter comes in here all the 
time as does the priest. If you took out the good padre then you 
have some breathing space. But the waiter is still a problem as is 
a guard who sometimes sees you through one of the windows. If 
you are having too much trouble disposing of the body in the 
box, drag it to through the door on the right (the one you have 
been using all along) and leave the body near the potted plants. 
Nobody but the priest comes through this door. So you are safe 
leaving the body here. Just make sure the guard who comes in 
and stands near the staircase can't see it.

Pappy's last watch...
Having disposed of the groom, head up the stairs all the way to 
the attic. To the West is another set of stairs. Take these down to 
the second floor. Pick the lock on the door to your left (it's the 
door nearest the stairs heading down) and enter. Go through the 
passage and find the door to the left (one with a broom standing 
close to it). Open and enter Pappy's room. He will come here to 
watch television. There are plenty of places you can hide-the 
cupboard is a good option, as is the walk in closet to the left. I 
chose the later as a change. When Pappy comes in here and sits 
down (let him get all comfy) exit your hiding place and, 
well...you aren't here to shake his hands are you?
Don't take that elephant rifle unless you are disguised as a 
guard-it will give you a shit load of witnesses (20+) if you try 
to walk out with it in you tux or a guest.
Get out the way you came-out through the door, follow the 
passage, open the door, go up the stairs to the attic and the n 
down two flights of steps. Stay hidden behind the corner of the 
stairs and make sure the guard comes and goes away (unless you 
are using the map). Turn left from the stairs, go along the 
passage. You will come to two doors-one is the one you 
entered earlier to sedate the priest. The other is the one we are 
interest in. Pick the lock and exit. (If you have problems with the 
guards seeing you from top of the stairs use the kitchen to exit. 
Just wait for the waiter to go either way then dash out of the 
kitchen). Now walk away to your boat and Exit exactly where 
you started the mission.
No disguises, no saves, no witness, groom was poisoned, pappy 
was strangled.
Loose Ends:
Couldn't get the elephant rifle out!

Mission 9: House Of Cards
Ah! A Hotel! I love the hotels in the Hitman games. These classy 
places make for a wonderful backdrop for some great missions 
with plenty of variations available for the hits.

1.     Kill Sheikh Al-Khalifa
2.     Kill the scientist
3.     Kill Hendrik Schmutz
4,     Escape
5.     Steal diamonds

1.     It would be wise to check in at the reception as one of the first 
     things you do at the Casino.
2.     Security is very tight in high profile casinos, so staff have 
     keycards which only provide access to the floors they work on.
3.     As requested, we have left an Agency Pickup in your hotel room, 
4.     The casino has strict fire-safety procedures. Easily accessible fire 
     alarms are located on the top floors.
5.     It's important to find good vantage points. Room balconies may 
     provide this.
6.     The VIP Lounge has been reserved all day by the Sheikh - only 
     waiters are allowed in this area.
7.     There is no cell phone coverage inside the casino to prevent 
     cheating. Anyone receiving a call has to step outside.
8.     The items used in the trade are carried around in an ordinary 
     looking suitcase so they don't catch too much attention.

There are two ways of doing this mission. One is a stress free 
way of doing Schumtz & the scientist in the elevators and then 
doing the sheikh in a variety of ways.
Soma adds: The real challenge of this mission is to kill all targets 
through accidents with no bodies found. For this no weapons are 
required. But first the easy way. Just remember to the killings in 
this order.
3 Kills Method
     1. Scientist
     2. Schmutz
     3. Sheikh
3 Accidents Method
     1. Schmutz
     2. Sheikh
     3. Scientist
Taking out the Schmutz and the scientist
First of go inside the casino, go to the reception counter and talk 
to the girl. Pick of the keycard to your room and head for the 
elevators. Call the one to your left as you face the elevators. It 
takes a bit of time to come down. When it does enter, wait for the 
door to close and climb the hatch. Set your rifle case down and 
wait. The scientist will enter (takes  bit of time-about 6 minutes 
from the start of the mission). Let the elevator start moving, and 
then strangle him. Take his keycard and jump down to pick up 
the payment briefcase that fell out of his hand. Climb the hatch 
again and put down the diamond case for later retrieval. Pick up 
your rifle case and jump down.
You should've reached the eighth floor by now. Exit the elevator 
and call the OTHER elevator to your floor (another long wait). 
When the elevator comes select the option to go down to the 
lobby and immediately climb the hatch and wait for Hendrik 
Schmutz. Strangle him when he enters the elevator (wait until it 
starts moving). Take his keycard also. Two down 1 to go. 
Alternative Method For Schmutz (if you are going 
for the all accident method)
Follow above guide lines up to the point of getting into the 
elevator. Get out of the lift at the top, and use your map to locate 
room 707 in the North East corner of this floor. Head in that 
direction, and then look for a set of grey doors opposite room 
707 that lead to a corridor full of bins. This is where you are 
going to wait a long long time until Hendrik Schmutz comes up 
to his room - watch his progress on your map until he reaches 
floor 7. As he walks past the corridor you're in, dash up behind 
him and sedate him. Do not use a poison syringe - you are just 
sedating him for now. Pick up his keycard to room 707, then 
drag him to the room and hide him in there. Now, take his gun - 
his clothes aren't essential, as the Sheikh doesn't know what he 
looks like. Drag him to the door to the balcony (don't go out 
there yet, or you will be seen through a window). Return to the 
corridor that you hid and waited for him in, and you should see a 
fire alarm on the wall next to it - activate this to cause everyone 
on the floor to congregate at the lifts, then return to room 707 
and drag Hendrik to the balcony, throwing him off for the first 
accident. Pick up the DNA briefcase, and place the gun it - it is 
important that you do this, because you will get searched in a 
minute. Return to the lift, and then go back down to the lobby.
Another alternative is to Head over to the Point of Interest on this 
floor. After the cut-scene with the drunk woman follow her into 
her room. Watch her perform a dance for you (no Demi Moore 
this lady). She'll eventually keel over and fall asleep (notice how 
47 bores women, they keeping falling asleep on him-no James 
Bond, our Mr. 47). Now, once Schmutz arrives in his room, get 
out your sniper rifle and snipe him from the balcony.

Alternative Method for the Scientist
If you didn't kill the scientist in the elevator then here's what you 
can do.
Go to your room, then snipe the scientist from your balcony 
when he arrives in his room on the eighth floor (more precisely, 
the bedroom in his room). But it's too easy for the scientist to see 
you (and then he'll alert the guards). The best and safest location 
to snipe the scientist from is from Hendrik Schmutz's room. 
However, to do that, you'll need Schmutz's keycard, and to get 
that, you'll need to eliminate Schmutz himself. (See above). 
Alternatively, you can head to the seventh floor balcony (it's by 
the Guard Quarters on your map), sedate the casino staff 
member, take his keycard, and then throw his body over the rail. 
(Make sure no guard is roaming around your area while you're 
pulling this off.) Now you have access to any room on the 
seventh floor, including Schmutz's. Once you're in Schmutz's 
room, take out your sniper rifle, open the door to the balcony, 
then snipe the scientist once he's in his bedroom.
You aren't done yet. There are some diamonds to be picked up. 
For this you need the 8th floor keycard. I have mentioned the 
method of procuring it but here it is again.  (Go to the balcony on 
the 7th behind the lifts and climb the trellis to the 8th. Once on 
the 8th floor, there's a hotel employee sitting in a room who can 
be sedated to get a keycard from.  The room is the one 'Staff 
Only' room to the right of the lifts as you come out of them. This 
will give you access to all rooms on the 8th floor).
The Sheikh (all accident method)
Back on the lobby floor again, go down the stairs and then U turn 
to go down yet another set of steps into the casino. It is possible 
to move through this area without being caught on camera - 
enter the doors to the right of the slot machines as you enter, then 
walk down the corridor to your left in here, and out of the doors 
at the end. You should be in a bar - the Sheikh is the lounge 
directly opposite you, you'll have to walk through his security 
guards to get to him. You need to have the DNA case with you or 
they won't let you though - allow them to search you, then as 
soon as you're in, retrieve your gun from the case. Proceed 
around to the left to talk to the Sheikh. Stand and wait in here 
while he talks to you - he will send for a courier, it takes a while 
but he will arrive and take the briefcase. Keep waiting here for a 
long time, until the courier delivers the briefcase to the Scientist 
on the top floor - the Scientist will then call the Sheikh's mobile. 
He will talk to him briefly, and then walk out of his cubicle 
towards a door at the back of the lounge - follow him here. If 
you try to walk through the door with him, a bodyguard will run 
over and tell you that you aren't allowed through there - watch 
for your suspicion meter filling up to yellow, then take a step 
back into the lounge. The guard will run over and stare at you for 
a few moments, and then walk back to his post - this is your 
window of opportunity to sneak out of the door, when his back is 
turned. You might also throw coins to distract him-I don't 
know, I didn't try. Now go up the flights of stairs to the top, and 
hide behind the right hand corner of the door - the Sheikh will 
walk back in after his phone call, sneak up behind him, and then 
push him when he is at the top of one of the flights of stairs. 
Remember that it takes 5-10 second for someone to die from 
being pushed down stairs, so wait a while for the tick to confirm 
he is dead. 
[I read this in a different walkthrough by dark and I include the 
text as I found it.
If you really have trouble with this method, you could try using 
your gun to take him as a human shield, knock him out and then 
drag him and then use the 'drop body' option while facing a wall 
to bash him into it a few times, (grabbing him again each time) - 
this should bring down his health, so throwing him down the 
stairs might then work.] If neither of these is working for you, 
then your only alternative is to strangle or inject him with poison, 
but this will count as a kill. This is my favourite way of doing the 
With the Sheikh dead, walk down the stairs, and calmly over to 
where the payment briefcase was left while you stood with the 
Sheikh - pick up the payment briefcase full of diamonds, and 
stroll casually out of the lounge and back into the bar.
Alternative methods for the Sheikh: No Accidents: SNIPING FUN!
Enter your room and unpack your rifle-you won't have much 
time later on! You'll also need a keycard for the eighth floor to 
pull this method off. You can get one off scientist's dead body if 
you've killed him already in the elevator. Else, on the 7th floor 
there is a balcony where a stuff member is smoking. Sedate him, 
take his keycard and throw him over the rails making sure no one 
sees you doing this. Now go to the 8th floor. Now make your way 
to the scientist's room (803). On the way there, you should see a 
fire alarm. Pull it, and the guards near room 803 will scramble 
away. Now enter the scientist's room and go into the bedroom. 
On the table, there is a cell phone - choose the option to "Redial 
Sheik." You should see a split screen showing the Sheik picking 
up his phone. Immediately head down to your room and walk out 
onto the balcony. To the right, you can climb over the rail to get 
to a convenient platform that just happens to be a prime location 
for sniping. Once the Sheik stops outside to talk on his phone, 
send a bullet down with his name on it. (it helps if you took out 
that stuff member on the balcony-he might be a potential 
witness later on.).
I have found out that you don't have to kill the stuff 
member on the 7th floor. You can go to the balcony on the 7th 
behind the lifts and climb the trellis to the 8th. Once on the 8th 
floor, there's a hotel employee sitting in a room who can be 
sedated to get a keycard from.  The room is the one 'Staff Only' 
room to the right of the lifts as you come out of them. This will 
give you access to all rooms on the 8th floor.
First off deposit the sniper in the ICA box in your room (you 
need to unpack it and then place it in the box). Don't worry about 
the case-leave it in your room. Next retrieve the diamond case. 
Walk down to the casino area, out of the door to the left and hop 
into a limo and exit!
No disguise, 3 accidents, 0 shots (Soma)
No disguise, 2 strangles, 1 snipe (Sandy).
Time 15-20 minutes.

Mission 10: A Dance With The Devil
Without a disguise this is a sheer devil of a mission; with one it's stylish! 
Nobody, absolutely nobody must see you once you enter the 
building if you don't have a disguise-even innocents don't like 
you inside the building. This time there are two parties going 
on-one on the eighth and one in the basement-and we are 
going to crash both. 

1.     Kill Anthony Martinez
2.     Kill Vaana Ketlyn
3.     Retrieve information
4.     Kill Eve (Not known at the beginning of the mission & shown as 
     innocent on the map)
5.     Kill Maynard John (same as Eve)
6.     Escape

1.     Trailers arrived earlier with decorations for the parties.
2.     Information about who is trying to kill you might be found on a laptop 
on the top floor.
3.     Don't go for a swim in the shark tanks at the Hell Party.
4.     Be careful playing with pyrotechnics - they could kill someone.
5.     Bartenders are usually well informed.
6.     Look out for the singer at the Heaven Party. Looks can be deceiving.
7.     The devil is never to be trusted.
8.     There is a food elevator which might be used to transport more than just 
The intel that you get from Diana misses out on the critical 
aspect that once any one of the targets realise that the other(s) 
have been killed they will behave really differently. I don't know 
about Eve but about the other 3 I am relatively sure.
To cut a long story short; don't let any of the targets realize that you
have eliminated anybody else--aplies particularly to Maynard John & Vaana. You
won't get anywhere near then without a disguise once you alarm them!

It absolutely helps you got the air rifle earlier in the "A New Life Mission"-
otherwise it's a pretty hard mission. Anyway here goes. But bring your SCOPED 
silverballer otherwise its no ball! Bringing the sniper instead of the air
rifle is also OK.

Ground Zero:
This is the area outside the building and the garage area. The 
targets we are gonna take out here are all policemen. First off run 
straight ahead and go into the reception area of the building 
(through the sliding glass doors-don't go near the garage as 
Cop 1
Talk to the policeman about having left your briefcase. Never 
mind the camera-we are going to neutralise it soon. The cop 
will leave his counter and go to the back room to search for your 
imaginary briefcase. You must pistol whip him otherwise he 
might see us taking out Cop 2. And don't waste syringes (or 
Cop 2
Immediately run back outside and wait outside the glass sliding 
door. Cop 2 will come inside for a while and then go outside for 
a smoke. Another pistol whip and leave his body near the glass 
door, protected from view by some plants (do not try to drag it 
inside). Just make sure the body is not visible from the other 
Cop 3 & getting the tape
This one is in the guard house at the entrance of the garage. He is 
the one standing, watching out of the window. You are in for 
wait now. Wait near the plants. He will come out through and 
stand facing away from you. Time to pistol whip him. Now 
SNEAK into the room and steal the tape to neutralize the 
cameras. You might also throw some coins near the camera and 
wait for the sitting guard to come out to investigate and then get 
him too!
Cop 4
Go inside the garage and SAVE. Hang a right, always 
SNEAKING and always HUGGING THE WALL on your right 
otherwise one of those goons will see you. There is this cop near 
a limousine guarding a locked door. While sneaking and hugging 
the wall, round the corner and go around the back of the 
limousine and sneak up on him from behind. You probably won't 
be able to get around the limousine while sneaking. Just walk-
don't run. If you get stuck then rotate the camera and try again. 
You will make it-I have tried it with Patch 1.2 in both enhanced 
and scaled down graphics mode and its always works though the 
camera shakes like crazy at one point. Like I said, SYRINGE this 
cop-taking him hostage won't work-he will cry out and all 
hell will break loose. Tidy up by dumping him in the garbage 
bin. Pick the lock on the door. Climb the stairs and onto the top 
of the elevator. Jump down while SNEAKING otherwise you 
might get penalised for making too much noise-I kept getting 1 
witness until I figured that you must sneak while jumping down 
elevator hatches-atleast on this mission. Select the option to go 
to the top floor and then immediately climb the hatch. The most 
difficult part starts now!

God like timing...and Retrieve the Infromation
This is a glass sided elevator and you can watch the floor below 
by sticking close to either side. If you have the benefit of seeing 
enemies on the map then use the map, else stick to watching out 
of the sides.
Here is what happens in this area.
There is a guard in the elevator area facing the elevator. He will 
turn away to his left from and walk a couple of step, open the 
double door (Door 1) and stand in the doorway. (Guard 1)
Another guard (Guard 2) inside the double door (Door 2) 
opposite the elevator comes out about the same time as the Guard 
1 turns around toward Door 1 and stands facing him but walks 
back through Door 2 before Guard 1 return to his initial position 
of facing the elevator.
Guard 3 patrols the corridor outside Eve's room and stops at the 
security centre.
Guard 4 does a long patrol of the elevator area, the L shaped 
corridor neat the restricted area and the party area using both 
Door 1 & 2. Without the map he is a problem. There is little to 
guarantee that he won't come out of the door just as you exit the 
An innocent loiters around the area when Eve is not performing. 
If you were fast then Eve is still singing.

Wait until Guard 1 is facing Door 1 and Guard 2 goes back 
inside. You can watch all this from the top of the elevator but 
what about Guard 4? Perhaps wait until he comes out of Door 2 
and goes through Door 1-I did this but without planning to-it 
just happened while I was waiting for Guard 2 to move. With the 
map it's simpler but not much! Now that you know the routine of 
the guards time to do something about them. If you have the air 
rifle shoot Guard 2 as soon as you see him from the elevator top. 
You can't imagine how much simpler life becomes after this. If 
you don't have the rifle wait until you see him walk away. Jump 
down but wait a second or two for Door 2 to shut-a girl kept 
seeing me exiting the elevator. If you darted him then exit the 
elevator and throw his body over the rails and get back inside the 
elevator. Either way, make sure Guard 2 isn't around and exit the 
elevator. Guard 1 is facing the door to your right but there is all 
the possibility that there is Guard 3 and also perhaps Guard 4 
facing him, and therefore you, as you try to sneak up behind him. 
Don't even try this without the map. With the map wait just as 
the corridor guards move and then try to sneak up behind Guard 
1-but you can't get away with it unless they are moving away 
and not towards the area where they can see you. Believe me, 
you can't do this fast enough. So here's what you do.
As soon as Guard 2 goes Door 2 dart out of the elevator. Hide 
just behind the pillar near Door 2-to the left of the door. From 
here you can see inside the corridor. If you have the air rifle, 
shoot the guard if the corridor is empty but a safer option is to let 
him get back to his starting position. With Door 1 closed, move 
to your right so that you can just about line him up. Tranquilise 
him and dump his body over the rails. If you don't have the air 
rifle, you can either chance your luck by trying to sneak up on 
him (from near the pillar so that you can watch the corridor) as 
he faces Door 1. Chances are you won't have enough time to 
syringe him and then drag and drop him over the rails. Guard 2 
or Guard 4 will catch you in the act. This is what I did-I shot 
less. When I got back to the cover behind the pillar near Door 2 I 
saw that there was one guard walking away from the corridor 
leaving Guard 1 facing the corridor. I got close behind him and 
tossed a coin into the corridor he was watching (from behind 
him). He will walk forward to investigate. If you throw a gun he 
will simply call for backup. Follow him, sneaking of course. Shut 
the door behind you. Sedate the guard once the door closes. The 
problem I had was that Guard 2 came out of Door 2 as I was 
throwing Guard 1 over the rails. Now you have atleast eliminated 
the risk of Guard 2 and Guard 3 catching you on the act. Good 
luck avoiding Guard 4. Any ideas anybody? Drag Guard 1 to 
Eve's room further down the corridor and to the right. Hide him 
behind the huge desk and check the laptop. Now you have 2 
additional targets-Eve and John. Well, Eve will soon enter the 
Stay to one side of the door and when Eve enters-well, shoot 
her. If you want to try something else make sure the door is 
closed and she is far away from it.
Guard 3 & 4
These two's got to be taken out. Once Eve is dead, open the door 
and peek out. Make sure no body is in the corridors and go hide 
in the closet and the corner of the corridor. Guard 3 will go to the 
security room. Follow him there and take him out with a pistol 
whip. Hide again in the closet and take out Guard 4 when he 
comes in here during his rounds. Hide his body in Eve's room. 
You can take out either guard first depending upon what 
opportunities you have. These 2 are to be taken out so that you 
can take your sweet time getting to the elevator. SAVE 2.
Getting back to the elevator-dodging the old 
Ok, Eve is dead, there's nobody to ogle at; so this old fools 
loitering in the elevator area. Plus there might be Guard 2 
coming out occasionally. Didn't I say, get rid of him right at the 
start? Ok, open the door but stay to one side to avoid detection. 
Do this when the guard has just gone back inside. The old man 
should be near the elevator. If not, throw a coin to lure him 
towards the elevator. Once he starts moving towards the elevator 
run out of the door. Quickly enter the elevator. Soma did this the 
other way round. She threw the coin in the direction away from 
the elevator because the man was near the elevator and then 
slipped out hugging the door to her left. This is a safer method, I 
Anthony Martinez in the elevator
If you were quick enough MJ will be taking an elevator ride 
down in the life soon. Strangle him when he does. If you've 
missed him then you will have to get him in the throne room in 
hell. See that section later on. Alternatively wait for MJ in the 
elevator and take him out first (gets really boring waiting for 

Going down to hell...
Take the elevator down to the garage. Get out of the elevator just 
the way you entered. Circumnavigate the limo (press run/sprint if 
you are getting stuck by the limo-you will get through). 
Hugging the wall get out of the garage, round the reception 
centre. Go right of the desk and out of the door, down a flight of 
stairs and quickly slip out of the door. To your right is another 
limo. Crouch behind this and watch for the last cop in the area to 
walk away from you. When he does so, go down a short flight of 
steps. To your left there is a door with a camera on top. Pick the 
lock and enter. Run down the steps to the basement-henceforth 
the Hell!

Clearing Hell...part 1
There are two guards here that we must clear immediately. Open 
the door and take a look either way. To your right you should see 
a big board giving you some great cover. There is one guard that 
goes back and forth from the end of the corridor to the kitchen. 
There is another guard waiting outside a room with a projector. 
Wait until the kitchen guard walks away (right to left as you face 
the door-looking through a keyhole). Once he is gone open the 
door and take a peek at the other guard. He will be going through 
a door-that to the projector room. Run as bit and then sneak 
when you near the door. Open it and take the guard hostage. 
Knock him out and hide him behind the projector. 
Now for the other guard. Stay hidden in the room and ambush 
him when he comes back, stands around for a while and then 
starts on his next round. Or hide behind that board and ambush 
him as he goes past-this will save you some time.
Clearing Hell...part 2
There are two more guards in the other area-near the 
pyrotechnic machine. Wait until they are both gone-atleast they 
shouldn't be facing the kitchen area. Keep peeking from the 
corridor. Once these two guards are gone run over and hide 
behind those crates. From here you can do quick sorties to take 
out both guards but don't get seen by Vaana.
One guard can be pushed into the shark tank.
The other who stands close to the crates has a habit of turning 
around and checking those big pipes. It's a simple matter of 
getting him-hide him behind the crates or dump him into the 


Getting Martinez in the throne room...
If you didn't get Martinez in the elevator, turn on the projector so 
that he can't see you-the bright light blinds him maybe. Shoot 
him through the window the moment Vaana leaves the room. 
You got move very quickly if you do this. You have to take out 
both Vaana and Maynard in quick succession. 

Give the devil his due...
Vaana will go through the double doors near the pyro machine to 
give a short performance on the metal platform. MJ will leave his 
bar to come and see her perform. SAVE 3. Open the door if it's 
closed, bring out your SilverBaller and go to scope mode. MJ is 
in a red dress-the only one in the mission. Stay behind Vaana-
her stylish butts are giving you wonderful cover. Line up MJ 
with your scope and give the devil his due-a bullet through his 
head. If the door closes you will have to open it. Occasionally 
you might get caught by Vaana if you get too close to her. 
Actually the best time and place to shoot is when she is to the left 
of the door as you face her. MJ is slightly to your right. You 
should stick to the left and shoot. That way, if Vaana turns 
around she won't see you.

Vaana takes her last bow...
Don't bother with sabotaging the pryo machine. The moment MJ 
gets a slug, Vaana will panic. So the moment you take a shot at 
MJ step back and hide neat the pyro machine. Vaana, in a panic 
won't look this way. She will try to run out of this area by 
turning left. Surely you can get her now-shoot her or run 
behind her and poison her-all before she makes it out of the 
wooden double doors. Dump her in the shark tank. Me? I threw 
Eva's stiletto at her head. Soma through came out trumps-one 
shot from the SB sent her flying into the shark tank!

Too simple to write. Just don't get caught by the lone cop 
patrolling the garage. Otherwise head up the stairs from the hell 
to the garage and escape in that blue van.
Sandy: No disguse! That's BIG for this mission. 4 cops + 4 
guards KO. 1 shot for MJ, Poison syringe for Eve, fibre wire for 
Martinez, stiletto for Vaana-Time 31 minutes! Soma: No 
disguise! 4 cops KO, 2 guards KO, 2 guard tranquilized, 4 head 
shots. Time 26 minutes!

Mission 11: Amendment XXV
This is the mission that has made my hairs go gray. It's easy to execute 
but very was very difficult to figure out how to go about things. In this 
mission I have been greatly helpled by David Scot - his tips were very
helpful. We will come to that later. On with the mission.

About the mission:
A nation's worst fear is realized. The President will be assassinated upon 
his return from Los Angeles by clone assassin Mark Parchezzi III, more 
commonly known as the Albino.
The Vice President has been in league with the Franchise in hopes of 
taking the Presidents place. Take every step in this historical building 
with extreme caution!

1.     Kill Mark Parchezzi III
2.     Kill the Vice President
3.     Escape

1. The guards here will open fire if weapons are detected by the 
   metal detectors.
2. Any confiscated weapons at the museum entrance will be stored away 
   by security.
3. The White House is surrounded by an iron gate - which varies in height.
4. Guards will respond if the laser alarm system in the Museum is triggered.
5. The First Lady has a dog, which is regularly taken out for a walk in the 
   backyard. (by the VP!)
6. The Oval Office has been the setting for many historical meetings.
7. Carpenters working in the main building have put up scaffolds for 
   renovation purposes.

Part 1: Getting into the White House
First of all, we don't need a gun for this mission--but bringing along 
a pistol won't hurt--any pistol will do.

You start off near a bus. There are many tourists in this area and they will 
ALL be going in soon. Evidently they have all arrived here in those two buses.
Now notice the lady with the briefcase? 
She will go behind the bus for a smoke. You can steal the briefcase when 
she sets it down. We need this case to create a diversion.

Go inside the white house. Set down the case on the conveyer belt, 
pass through the metal detectors and pick up the case. 
Go towards the roped off section and then go to the door on the LEFT--any 
other door and your ass gets kicked. This is the bathroom. Wait here until
a museum attendant comes in here. Close the door and shove him hard. 
He will knock his head against the flush and go out cold. Drag his body 
where  it won't be seen when you open the door. Head back outside to 
the main hallway. 
(We took out this guy because he is a real pain in the backside you we 
are trying to escape!)
Go to your right to the museum area. You will be caught on camera -- never 
mind. Go to the case that's being guarded by laser rays. There's a lady here 
who is examining the contents of this case with the great interest. If you 
brought the briefcase through it towards the laser beams when she is not 
looking. Else you can push the lady into the beams as well but that would 
mean a "body found" later on. No, throwing the case is a better option.
The alarms go off. Security run helter-skelter to the source leaving you to 
free to enter the restricted areas. By that I mean you have to return 
(running) to the main hallway, turn left towards the roped off section. 
There are three doors here. To the left is ofcourse the bathroom where 
we went in earlier. The double doors are in front of you. There's another 
door to the right this is the one we are interested in. Go through this 
door and out of the second door to your left. You will be in the gardens.
Just to the left as you exit, is a trellis. Climb it to reach the roof 
of the east wing.
On the other side is a similar trellis but there might be a marine 
patrolling the area. Watch from above. 
Wait until he starts moving away from the trellis. Climb down 
(jumping down isn't a bad idea either) the trellis. There is a window very 
close to the spot where you come down. Make sure there is no one is
watching from the room inside and climb in through the window. There is a 
marine here but he is sitting with his back to you--how rude! Steal the 
Video tape from the table to the right as you enter. You don't need the 
keycard but take it if you wish.

Soma adds: 
Actually you can avoid getting caught on camere altogether. 
You can plant anywhere outside the white Xhouse but preferably near the 
ICA drop box -- just make sure that the marine who comes out here does 
not get a chance to pick it up. 
He won't if you are quick. 
Go inside and go to the loo. Detonate the bomb. 
Watch with glee as the marines rush outside. Then follow Sandy's directions 
for getting to the targets.

Continuing on from the security room; exit via the window and climb the 
trellis onto the roof. Watch out for the marine who comes up to patrol. 
When the roof is clear of undesirable elements go and climb the scaffolding. 
Don't go all the way up--stay just below the top and watch the two carpenters 
at work.
[SAVE 1]
When the carpenters move away from the window climb the scaffolding. We want 
just one carpenter in the room and he should have his back to you. Climb in 
through the window, PICK UP THE TOOLBOX and enter the room to the right using 
the nearest door to the right. 
***That TOOLBOX is essential***
without that you are cut,cooked, eaten, digested and excreted! I flunked this 
mission a dozen times before I fugured out the importance of the toolbox!
Having got the toolbox and entered the room to the right, turn right again 
and continue moving west. Go through the doors in front of you. Take care to 
avoid running into the marine who partols the rooms. You can take out the
marine if you feel he is a nuisance--use the syringe. Same for the second 
carpenter --use the syringe. Taking out these two isn't necessary 
but makes the return journey a breeze.
Continuing westwards you will ultimately come to a room with lots of 
covered furnitures, a spare carpenter's uniform on a table and a large window. 
Exit via the window. Make sure the VP or Secret Service Agent (SSA 
henseforth) don't see you climb down the scaffolding. 
Lets just wait here until the VP comes out and then goes back inside 
(for Expert mode) or check the map to make sure he isn't coming this way soon 
(for Normal mode). Now then, move as close to the edge of the roof so that 
you can just about see the SSA. 
We want him to be taking a smoke just near the trellis we will soon be 
climbing down. You can just about see his leges from the roof edge (need to 
climb over the parapet but not down the trellis!) He will turn around and 
walk westwards and enter the west wing for a short time. As soon as he turns 
around climb down the trellis and walk behind him. Don't get too close--he 
might hear you and turn around. Don't sneak-its too slow. Just walk a safe 
distance behind him. 
He will enter through a door to the right. Wait for the door to close and 
make a dash for the oval structure to your left. That's the window to the 
oval office--the office of the US president. Place a mine in the toolbox 
and tossthe toolbox as close to the window (the one without curtains) as 
possible. Ah, I see you that you have worked out why we need the toolbox! 
What! you haven't? Look, if you throw/drop/plant the bomb on/near the 
window that pesky SSA will see it and pick it up and take it away. 
We don't want that.
I once saw a friend chuck a M14 (which he got from the marine patrolling 
the second floor of the main building) down from the roof to near the 
spot where the SSA was smoking. He picked that gun up and took it to the 
2nd floor security office in the west wing. You can do this also--
the agent is gone for a long time and you will have ample chance to 
plant the bomb but the toolbox trick is rather neat.
Either way, you need to plant/drop the bomb near the window--as close 
as you can get. Now get the hell out of here! Climb up the trellis 
and await the VP's arrival. You might need to get a bit closer for the 
detonator to work. Just head west towards the building a bit and wait. 
[SAVE 2]
When the VP goes to the window and the assassin also come along to 
meet him at the said window...set off the bomb...the conspiracy just 
blew up in the VP's face!
As for Mark Perchezzi he never did learn the lesson...
Mess With The Best.... Die Like The Rest!
Escape is simple. Retract your steps back to the roof of the east wing 
(up the scaffoldings, through the 2nd floor of the main building avaoiding
guards and carpenters, down scaffolding). Now comes the tricky part. As 
you stand facing the east wing building there are two gardens/lawns on 
either side. You were in both of them earlier. The garden to the left is 
patrolled by one marine. Sometimes there is a second marine here (the one 
who goes out to the ICA box in a long patrol route). Another museum attendant 
also moves about between the museum counter(where the coats are hanging) and 
the main area. So use up your 3rd and final SAVE now because getting out is 
very difficult now.
If you have a gun throw it onto the ground below. The marine will see it. He 
will pick it up and take it away to the security room. Immidiately climb down 
the trellis and go through the door to your left. Stay inside a bit and watch 
out for the museum attendant. When he goes either way dash into the corridor 
and out of the door in front of you. There is a marine guard here who might 
challenge you about the "area being for govt employees only" or it being a 
restricted area.
*David Scot* points out that this won't affect your ratings but you gotta MOVE 
away when challenged. No problem sonny boy! We ARE leaving. Go out into the 
main area past the metal detector, stroll out of the white house and escape. 
Pity Mr 47 can't whistle.

Soma adds:
There is something else you can do. Toss a mine in either of the gardens. 
Set it off. Wait for the guards to converge on the spot. Climb down the
OTHER side and calmly get out!

No disguise, 2 kills, 2 bodies found (1 bomb set off + 
1 laser alarm triggered by throwing briefcase)

No, no, no - Mr 47 is not dead! Come on guys-how can he be taken out by 
that nothing-but-useless dame Diana? She laced her lips with the antidote 
from the Flatline mission and then kissed 
Mr 47. No shudders this time! You have only one objective in this mission-
kill everybody who moves and even those that don't. 
On my PC I have the left arrow configured to move left. To wake Mr 47 up 
move the mouse anti clockwise rapidly. At the same time keep hitting the 
left key as fast as possible. Your configuration might be different-so use 
whatever you have to. 
Notice the red bar filling up? 
That's Mr 47 coming back to life!
There are quite a few ways to proceed now. Take the priest hostage Make 
sure that Mr 47 doesn't wake up until the priest comes around to the side 
where there is this single guard sitting. Then hit the button like crazy. 
As soon as Mr 47 climbs out of the bed take the priest hostage. The game 
goes into slow motion for just a little bit. Shoot as many guards as you 
can while holding the priest as a shield. Back up against a wall so that 
the goons can't surround you. I suggest you seek shelter in that little 
corridor sort of thing that to the right ide of the spiral stairs as you 
go down. Another good place is behind that statue of Jesus. Either way you 
need to pick the goons off quickly as soon as you get a clear shot 
at them. If you keep dying then try the other method...it works better.


He who runs away from a fight lives to fight another day...
This is my favourite method. The moment Mr 47 wakes up start running-
first head straight for the door and turn right. Go around the round 
structure while hugging the wall. This will give you some shelter for 
a while. Don't bother shooting as yet. Keep heading south. You will see 
some graves, rather headstones and a pretty sick looking tree. By now you 
will be taking a few hits. Never mind. Jump down near the mountain-it's 
a short fall and you won't loose any health. Hide in the little building-
a crypt that closest to you. Here you will find a host of melee weapons 
that you can use. The bad guys won't enter the crypt though they will shoot 
at you from outside if the doors open. Stay behind the corner. Most if not 
all the bad guys except the wheel chair guy, the priest and reporter will 
converge on the crypt-in my case about all but 7 including the three--um--
OK...7 including the VIPs didn't come to the crypt. Stay hidden behind one 
of the corners and watch them closely. Sooner or later they will get 
confused/frustrated and will stand in a spot roughly midway between the 
two crypts. And they will turn their backs on you periodically. Open 
the door and blast them! Step back, reload and repeat. Make sure there
isn't any dead body blocking the doorway-the door won't close then. 
After you have dispensed with all the guards in the area, the remaining 
guards will turn up in 1s and 2s. Take them out and collect their guns. 
Taking out the wheel chair guy is difficult. He has a custom pistol and one 
or two shots of that enough to cook your goose. Try and get him from a 
high vantage point where he can't climb--rule of thumb is, if you can't 
climb it he can't climb it either. It takes a few shots to get him-use the 
MP5 or MP7 that you find on the guards. Switching to first person helps 
shooting from a distance. Finish off the priest and reporter as you see fit. 

You are done! See the real end of the game; enjoy the credits  while listening 
to "Tomorrow never dies!"

Thanks one and all for downloading this guide.
Do drop in a mail to say if you liked it or not.
See you until next time.
Sandy (Jackal47) & Soma.

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