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Easter Egg FAQ by Refreshment

Version: 1.9 | Updated: 07/01/06

                            HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY.

                          EASTER EGG AND DETAILS FAQ.

Publisher: EIDOS Interactive.
Creator: IO Interactive. 
Date: 30/05/2006  
Genre: Stealth/Action/Adventure

                          Author: Refreshment (GCPS) Yanki

                                 I.  Introduction.
                                II.  Version History.
                               III.  Details Guide.
				      a. Levels
				      b. Enemies
				      c. Weapons
				      d. Miscelaneous.
                                IV.  Thanks/Credits.
                                 V.  Legal stuff.
                                VI.  Contact information.

I. Introduction.

Many people enjoy the details and easter eggs FAQ's so while browsing the Blood
Money message boards, i came in contact with the "The Hunt for the Easter Eggs
and Secrets" topic by "ElricVanClaus", so i decided to compile the information
in an easy to read guide.
As a tribute to Blood Money, which has proven to be not 
only a very fun, incredible looking and creative game, but also a game that 
offers a considerable amount of cool and subtle details.

This guide has the risk of passing as inane, but take into mind the fact that 
developers created this game's worlds from ground zero, realizing them in their 
minds and materializing them through thousands of hours of code, sweat, blood 
and tears.  So, the reason for the guide to exist is to acknowledge that.

As for the details listed, we picked the ones that are subtle but also the ones
that, while obvious, are too damn cool. So here's to hoping you find this guide 
amusing in a very good way.  Maybe this is yet another incentive to replay this 
great game this time paying close attention to the surroundings.

II. Version History.

15/06/2006....................Version 1.0   First attempt.
29/06/2006....................Updated Ranks.

III. Details Guide:

How to read:

The theme of the section is inside the >>>Theme<<<, followed by the subject 
between ===Subject===, and then proceeds with the person that made the 

The themes are: Levels, Newspapers, Accidents, Enemies, Weapons, Ranks and 



-In your hideout, if you kill all of the rats (or at least the 4 in front of 
the cardboard boxes with targets on them) a message will pop up saying, 
"You sent all the rats to a happy place in [however long it took you to kill 

Maximum Fish
-In 47's hideout, in the room with the newly painted wall, there is a birdcage 
on the table with a yellow canary inside. This is likely a reference to Jean 
Pierre Melville's Le Samourai, which if you haven't seen it, was a French film 
about a contract killer named Jef Costello.

=================================DEATH OF A SHOWMAN============================

Maximum Fish
-The drug dealer in 'Death of a Showman' is named "Scoop", and looks strangely
like "Snoop".

-The TMP with the 666 rounds its in that garbage pile near the two guards are 
at the start check around near the pile closest to the railing there standing
at its like 5 inches away from that railing.

-The white car outside the park belongs to Andrew Chiseler. Thats the atorney
riding the little elephant when the gangsta is about to burn him. Notice the
blood and sign of violence in the car.

-After watching the cinema in wich 47 hits the gangsta's head with the front
door, you enter the room with the gansta and the lawyer above the toy pony.
Instead of killing the gangster torturing the lawyer, wait a while, the gansta
will pour gasoline on the lawyer and set him on fire.

-In the same room, if you shoot the gasoline tank multiple times, it'll blow up
and kill both (ganster and lawyer).

-Inside the drug facility, when you sabotage the lights, look to the right 
while sneacking. Two of the light clothed babes will head but in the darkness.

-The bat on the wall in "Death of a Showman" has Dolph written on it. The bat 
is of course Dolphs (the Blue Hippo) weapon of choice.

Terror Risk
-One of the tunes in "Death of a Showman" is a remix of the main freedom 
fighters tune, and another tune in the game sounds like it has the faint 
singing from the H2 main title theme in it.(you will hear it while in the house
on "A New Life")

=================================A VINTAGE YEAR================================

-I've just noticed another thing in the newspaper, on A Vintage Year I just 
completed it with silent assassin and then read the article on Fernando 
Delgado. The article says his wines were renowned for excellence and won 
competitions all over the world, yet the caption for his picture says "Fernando
Delgado produced some of the worst wines in Chile".

-In "Vintage Year" there are several pictures of 47 in the mansion.

Maximum Fish
-It might be that this isn't a reference, but as an avid fan of Patrick O'brian
I thought it worth mentioning that Don Fernando in 'A Vintage Year' plays the
Cello Solo No 1 in G major, the same song played frequently by Stephen Maturin
in the novels of Patrick O'brian, and the Don also has a large butterfly 
collection and is quoted as saying in the newspaper article that he appreciates
nature's beauty. Dr. Maturin was also a naturalist. If this were really a 
reference, which it would be almost too cool to be true, than this game would
be the greatest ever constructed. Intentional IO?

-A cool place to hide a body - but you can dump any inconvenient corpses that 
might be lying around the Vineyard level into the wine vats littering the 
cellar area. Whether or not this will improve the taste remains to be seen
-though it is sort of ironic to have drowned a vintner in his own wine.

-A painting in Don Fernando's room (Chile mission); reminding me of 47 killing
the 48 series clones in the Setup (from the first Hitman game), and of the 
first cutscene in Contracts.

-There are 2 "Ducks of War" paintings. Both are inside the main house. One, in
the hall at the first floor, to the left of the main entrance. The other one is
inside Don Fernando Delgado's room.

-In a vintage year one of the target breifs has a quote of him saying "only 
pussies hide under boxes" or something like that. A reference to metal gear.

=================================CURTAINS DOWN=================================

-The death scene belongs to the Opera "Tosca" by Giacomo Puccini. The part
represented in this game corresponds to Act III. 

A super quick resume of Tosca is this:  Cavaradossi is a roman painter with 
liberal ideas and loves Tosca. Baron Scarpia is the chief of the Roman Police
and desires Tosca.
One day Cavaradossi helps sacape a fellow republican fugitive and hides him in
his house. Scarpia figures this out and Cavaradossi is condemned to death. 
Pressured by the situation Tosca accepts Scarpia's propostion to spend the
night with him in exchange of Cavaradossi's life and a scape plan. So Tosca and
Scarpia plan a fake execution. Apart: Tosca never sleeps with Scarpia, she 
kills him instead.

In "Tosca" (like the game) that execution was supposed to be fake, in an 
attempt to simulate the Death of "Cavaradossi" so him and his true love (Tosca)
could scape. But Scarpia never intended to let Cavaradossi live, so his plan
was always to execute Cavaradossi, he gets the last laugh from the grave. 
Just like 47 does in the game.

Agent: Smith
-There is a famous danish hippopotamus in the newspaper, but you can only see
his eyes. Its mentioned in the french quote at the bottom.

-"Curtains Down": In the basement of the Opera house, there is a room which 
contains a couple of rats. Shoot these critters and a card should show up on 
the desk in that same room. It opens a door all the way to the back of the 
Opera, on the 2nd Floor, which is only accessible through the stairs next to 
the Actors' rooms. (Next to the bathrooms the Guard keeps going to)

-I like it when you can push one of the workers on Curtains Down over the 
railing above the stage. Its classic to see all the guards and people running
around and telling the dead body to get off the stage.

-You can asume the role of the executioner in the opera scene by grabing the
actors outfit and using the real WWII handgun.

-Also, you can dress as a police officer and make the people follow you, just
like a tour guide. Then someone comments how this is "the worse tour ever".

-In the basement, theres a worker shooting at the rats with his nail gun.

-Instead of switching the guns, if you shoot the Tenor at the execution scene,
it will count as an accident regardless.

-The keycard for entering the famous "rat club" is tiled "You Dirty Rat" club.

-Inside the "executioner" dressing room, over the counter, there are 
instructions written in french for his correct positioning in the stage in 
relation to the other actors.

-Noticed in the 2nd mission at the opera, downstairs, near the trash room of
the opera house there is a room with shelves in the tiers of the shelves are
various props of other operas that have been performed, for example the Phantom
of the Opera monster mask, there is a blue trident there too not sure what 
opera thats from though. (Note: Probably Dante's Inferno)

-One of the french quotes in the newspaper is a tribute to Dolph the blue 
hippo. Read about him here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolph. 

-Just something to show how much attention to detail is given: when you replace
the prop gun for the real thing in Curtains Down, the executioner will say (in
french) "Wow, this thing feels so real", or something to that effect.


Millers C
-Ever noticed the statues on the sides of the pool in Flatline? Worth taking a
look. (*Note: Little fountain fellows urinating the pool)

-Here is something I believe is kinda funny. In the level where you have to 
find the agent in the psych ward there is someone you have to kill once you 
end up finding out the info about him. If you notice you can kill him by 
poisosing his drink which happens to be hiding in the ass crack of one of the
statues by the pool. Its funny sticking a needle in its ass lol.

-In the newspaper after Flatline there's an advertisement for a 
Chinese Restaurant, their speials are named after things in the chinese 
missions in Hitman Contracts: Blue Lotus clan, Red Dragon clan, Zun (fat 
bodyguard) and Mei Ling (prostitute you help to escape).

===================================A NEW LIFE==================================

-The catering van in "A New Life" is called Wong Wei Dung. Wong Wei Tung is a 
chinese actor, specializing in action- and especially ASSASSIN movies.

-One thing I found out though. If you break the box outside the house where the
guard leaves Sinistra in the living room, you can poison Sinistra in the chair
and the guard will come back and never notice Sinistra is dead.

-Lauritz (Knudsen) and Co. is the name of the vehicle in which the 2 FBI-agents
are hiding. The firm is actually real, trading mostly oil- and rubberrelated 
products in Denmark and internationally.

-Inside Sinistra's house on the second floor, theres a bodyguard patroling
rooms. One of the rooms appears to be Sinistra's daughter room. Well, when this
bodyguard enters the daughter rooms, it grabs a red pantie from the top of the
drawer and starts to smell it. Great guy to thrust for your security. Also you
can pour some ether on the panties to knock the bodyguard. 

-Sinistra is kind of a playboy. If you go to his room notice a collection of
mirrors in ceiling.

-Both the Garbage Truck and the Van with the FBI agents, feature a license 
plate that says "Bad Blood".

Robert Ninja
-If you run with the jogger in the mission "A new life" He will comment on your
running and the way you are not dressed properly.

In the Sinistra's Daughter room (with Agent Panties Sniffer), check the posters
with the girl, she is wearing a Freedom Fighters shirt.

-On A New Life if you climb the drainpipe to the left of the house and climb
through the window, you step on a squeaky toy. Like in comedy shows :D

================================THE MURDER OF CROWS============================

-On the Murder of Crows level, at the hotel you start at, there is a locked 
hotel room upstairs with 2 men, both in boxers. One in the shower, one on the

-Raymond Kulinsky, the name of one of the assassins in The Murder Of Crows, is 
likely to be a reference to Richard Kuklinski, a notorious hitman who died a 
few months ago. *Note: And his girlfriend is Angenila Mason, wich has another
killer lastname (Charles Manson). Imagine what kind of kid this 2 could have.

-You can hear the Crow-targets speak passionately to each other if you have the
walkie talkie.

-Follow the delivery boy as usual. Once he is out of public view, sneak to him
and take it as a human shield. Knock him down, place a mine inside the suit 
case. Now, get out of there. After a while a police officer will come by to 
wake him up. The delivery guy, grabs the case and starts runing to the crows 
hideout and puts the case on the table. Just blow them to bits.

-Walk inside the bookstore (next to Mark Purayah's headquarters), the shop 
keeper comes to attend and starts making fun of 47, calling him "Mr. Clean",
"Kojak" or "Jean Luc" (Jean Luc Piccard of Star Trek).

-Just finished the Mardi Gras level in a barbarian style and in the newspaper,
the police officer is called Wiggum, like Chief Wiggum in the Simpsons.

-In Murder of Crows, theres bar called BLUE OYSTER. Remember movie called 
police academy?. Well theres an bar called blue oyster and its Gay bar.

=================================YOU BETTER WATCH OUT==========================

Maximum Fish
-The level called 'Better Watch Out...' may be a reference to the Iron Maiden
song 'The Assassin' in which the refrain is "Better watch out, cause I'm the
assassin". *Note: Heyhey123 says: "or simply the christmas song "Santa Claus Is
Coming to Town".

-From screenshots, i've noticed that the logo for the playboy-esque magazine 
company is a pig instead of a bunny; possibly some commentary on the Heffner's
of the world.

-In "You Better Watch Out", in the room that controls the laser grid, there's a
magazine called "BADASS BABIES". The kid on the cover is wearing what I think
might be a 'Hitman' t-shirt.

-In "You Better Watch Out", you can drag the body behind the assassin's couch
out in the open. When a guard spots and wakes the girl up, she falls asleep 
immediately thereafter again! But you ain't seen nothing yet, the guard then 
aims his gun at the poor girl and shoots her! Kinda freeky.

-If you pay close attention to the loading screen for this level you'll notice
a "?" sign and a siluete next to the 2 targets. That's because theres an 
undercover woman assassin in this level. She's inside the room next to the one
Chad Bingham Jr. uses when he bangs the jacuzzy girl. If you enter the room,
she starts seducing 47 and says something alone the lings of: "Men are so
predictable", if you stay put a cinema is triggered where she stabs you. On the
other hand if you move, she pulls a hand gun. If you kill her, 47 will receive
more money at the end of the mission.

-More over, If you look behind the sofa in the woman assassing room, theres the
body of a party girl. Probably she knocked her and took over her identity.

-The assassin woman has a small "Skull head" tatoo in her left butt cheek.

-Talk to the photographer near the small fountain. He sas something like: "This
babes are out of my league, but with this camera they'll do anything to get a
cover". Well if you take his outfit, when you get near some of the girls they
say stuff like: "Nothing has to interfere between me and your camera...Nothing"
or "I'll let you take special pictures of me". Plus you get VIP pass to the
Helipad and studio. Is great being a photographer.

-There is 2 photographers, one in the studio taking soft porn pictures, and one
sitting by a fake waterfall. You can quite easily kill/sedate this one because
you can hide in the waterfall.

================================DEATH ON THE MISSISSIPI========================

-The Newspaper that is for Death On The Missisippi (Lousiana Mail) has a 
headline at the top that says "Janitor burned to death" and a picture of him.
It is suppose to be Freddy Kruger. *Author's note: Or probably a Simpson's 
reference from one of the Holloween episodes (in the episode the burning took
place in the "SMARCH" month same month marked by the Lousiana Mail newspaper),
wich in the Simpson's is a reference to Freddy Kruger of course.

-After you complete "Death On The Mississippi," the newspaper's date says 
"Smarch" instead of March. Also, there's an article about a school janitor 
being burned to death in that same paper. That has to be a reference to the 
Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VI.

Lars Saetaberget
-Some quotes from Kurt Thyboe from the webpage http://bevs.dk/thyboe:
-Had only himself, his fists, his courage...
-One of the businesses most harsh analysts
-A battle fought in a higly intellectual, intelligent level
-He wins it with his mind, a thinking battle
-It tightens, the drama lurks just beneath the surface

-In the level newspaper (The Lousiana Mail) the webpage http://bevs.dk/thyboe
appears. Is a collection of Danish quotes related to sports, here are some 
translated quotes:

Kurt Thyboe, boxing commentator
"...a little, intelligent, refined elegantier, who on his big nights raised his
 brutal athletic skills to rare, intellectual heights."
- about Borge Krogh, from "Lord of the Rings"
"...with the frayed towel, serated as if it was slashed with a flick knife, 
over his shoulders..."
- Tyson approaching the ring
"Tyson's fists are raging, born with the rush of blood"
- Tyson in the ring
"Witherspoon looks like one of those houses where the lights are on, but 
nobody's home"
- Brian Nielsen's victory over Witherspoon
"The ring was his Shangri-La - this famous wonderland where noone grew old even
if they lived there for hundreds of years"
- about Jorgen Hansen
There are also some from Tour de France-commentators, but they aren't as good,
and you have to know the world of Tour de France to truly understand them. 

-If 47 is using the first class sailor outfit, Captain Skip will chase him 
around. Maybe Skip is trying to hit 47. But seriously, in the newspaper 
chronicle it says: "his appetite for fatty desserts is only matched by his
appetite for fit, young crew".

===============================TILL DEATH DO US APART==========================

David angell
-Go to the area where the guys are shooting the crocs and look over the river
you can see 3 bottles on a tree stump if you shoot them the boyz cheer you on.

-This is funny i thought. In "Till Death Do Us Apart" you can help the guys 
shoot the alligators. Some times they will put down there weapons, start 
drinking while you shoot them. You can put on a good shooting.

-Near the the white padded dance floor, there's fist fighting. You can go over
and take both fighters down. Dont kill them but just knock them down. Head but
and punch or shove them down. The guards will come over and break it up.

-At the end of "Till Death do us Part" there is an ad in the paper for Pine 
Cone Rehabilitation Center. One of the lines reads something like, "Specialists
for burned out gamedevelopers."

-To make 47 perform the wedding ceremony. Take the priest outfit (withouth 
being noticed obviously). Head outside to the main entrance, look for the bell
(theres a guest near it) and ring it. Everyone in the dining room will go 
outside. Follow them to the small hut, climb the steps and get behind the 
altar. An option for the "A" icon, titled "perform wedding ceremony" will 
appear. Whats cool is that you see how the bride hates so much the groom, she
doesnt even allow the guy to kiss her after 47 pronounce them "Husband and 

-Even more, if 47 performs the wedding ceremony, the people turn around and 
some guests start shooting. Since everybody is turned you take out a handgun
and shoot the groom. Then laugh until it hurts when you hear the bride saying:
"Finally!". Take about a quickly extinguished bonfire.

-You can shove the people standing near the lake railings, when they fall down
the alligators bite them.

-Bad spelling. These guys from the south, Check the hub near the cemetery,
infront there's a sign that says: "Restrict!d Area".

Terror Risk
-If you go inside the house with an invitation uisng your standar suit, people
keep commenting on how you dress: "ooh ain't you fancy", "trying to show up the
groom?", "Geese man, its a wedding not a funeral".

-In the cutscene to "Till death do us part" you see a weather forecast for 
Denmark on 47's TV, Denmark of course being where IOI are from.
Also, in the ending cutscene Diana's office is that of IOI or at least very 
close to it. http://www.dk360.dk/images/360-koebenhavnsk-solopgang.jpg (it's a
panorama picture so the angles are little distorted, but IOI are located on the
left, and the buildings you see in the game are on the right).

=================================A HOUSE OF CARDS==============================

End Boss
-In House of Cards, if you do some sneaking around on the outside ledges, you
can see a room where a bunch of guys and a showgirl are playing strip poker. 
Unfortunately, it's quite evident that one of the guys is the big loser, and
the showgirl has a huge pile of chips in front of her.

-In "A House of Cards", enter Mr. 47's room. Zoom in on the TV, and you should 
be able to see two rows of words crossing the screen rather quickly. Nothing 
special at first clance, but if you wait a little bit, you should see the words
"FCK HURRA!" in the upper part of the screen quickly sliding by. Its cheering
the Danish footbal team FCK (FC Kobenhavn).

-When agent 47 checks his reservation in Las Vegas, he says his name is 
"Cropes", which is an anagram for "corpse".

-The music in the elevator in House of Cards is the Hitman: Codename 47 
opening theme.

-At the entrance of the Shamal look at the screen displaying "Jackpot 630,000"
thats the price for the main hit in this mission.

-There are signs at the Shamal (specially a big one in the lobby) that say:
"Allan Hansen's Street Magic". Allan Hansen is one of the developers of the
Hitman series and Freedome Fighters.

=================================DANCE WITH THE DEVIL==========================

Codename 36
-In A Dance With The Devil, next to the tourture room the guy sitting on the 
couch is wearing the same costume as the lawyer in the meat king level in 
"Contracts." But you cant get into the room, you can only look into it from 
behind a gate, so you cant take the outfit.

Part-time killer
-The Maynard John guy could have been inspired by Tool singer Maynard James 
Keenan. Well, I think he was right. Keenan played the Devil in a strange movie
called "Bikini Bandits Go To Hell" and he looks somehwat like Maynard John.

-John Maynard actually is a pretty unknown poem by Theodor Fontane ( which to 
most people not living in a german speaking country might as well be pretty 
unknown). In Wikipedia a guy called John Maynard Keynes , A mathematic and 
economic mastermind. He stood for a International currency, but failed against
the will of the US (Harry Dexter White (what a tell-tale name!)

-In "A Dance with the Devil", the song Eve sings is the song you hear in the 

-On "Dance with the devil", if you pick up the food crate and go into your 
inventory, the description will read "Allan please add details". I can't 
remember exactly where it is, but I think it's in the basement.

-At the hell's party, in the backroom where Vana does the pirotechnics show,
you can push people into the shark tank. The Shark will come by and eat them.
Is great to watch the shark emerge to the surface with a big splash dragging
the victim to the debts. Then go to the dance floor to watch the shark play
with its pray while everybody keeps dancing.

-A group of 3 guests in each balcony gathers everytime the pyro show is 
performed, you can hear them say "cool" or "amazing". But After sabotaging the
pirotechnics show and cooking Ketlyn, you can hear a guest saying something 
alone the lines: "That show was amazing, especially the shark attack at the end
, how do you figure she made it so realistic?!".

-At the back of the garage, near where the "Heaven party" member suit is 
located, a "Hell's party" guest comes after a while and starts puking, saying
how bad the "bartender" does his job. That's refering to the assassin 
Maynard John, wich obviously isnt a bartender.

-If you talk to the bartender at the "heavens party", he starts talking about
how bad the singer is and how they had to quickly hire her since the 
traditional singer died "at a tragic accident". Thats a great clue right there
about the truth identity of Eve (the bad singer and assassin). 

-If you follow the singer (in Heaven) to the room and she kills you, a cinema
scene is triggered where 47 gets stabbed several times.

-We are used to lesbian scenes in Hitman games, our traditonal lesbic scene
takes place inside the "torture room" in this level.

-The laptop you need to extract the data from, has 47 profile on the screen.

=================================AMENDMENT XXV=================================

Agent: Smith
-In Amendment XXV, there are two guards talking about this: "Check this out!",
"What you got there?", "Swedish women wrestling team webside".

Dionysios II
-In Amendment XXV, the first Lady calls the vice president to take "Justice" 
(the dog) for a walk. When he enters the room, she says: "Justice needs to be
taken out for a walk, make sure she does a number two". When she walks away, he
whispers: "I'll give justice a number 2 alright"

-On Amendment XXV in the guard room next to the tape and keycard there is a 
book with the Hitman logo on it.

-At the end of Amendment XXV there is an ad in the paper for a fight (I forget
the names). On Requiem, At least one of the gravestones has the names of one of
the fighters (dated 1998 to 2004). I think another grave has the name of the 
other fighter on it, but I'm not sure.

-Also the paper at the end of Amendment XXV says it's the 666th year and No. 
256 (which is probably a programming joke).

-The two boxers that fight it out at IO Grand Palace in the add after Amendment
XXV are actually Martin Guldbaek and Rune Brinckmeyer, two programmers that 
worked with the previous Hitman-games. Brinckmeyer missed Hitman 2, though. 
They also programmed Freedom Fighters.

-If you drag the janitor-body out of the bathroom in Amendment XXV and place it
in the door and go out on the lawn and scare the target through the windows by
shooting a bit, he'll run into the room where you put the janitor. The catch is
that with the janitor blocking the door, you may enter the Oval Office and make
a majestic assassination in it instead of waiting for him to run up to the 
roof. Don't enter the room, though, because the cut-scene will then be 
triggered. Or place a bomb on the spot where he will shoot at you and blow him
to bits.

-In "Amendment XXV", there are a lot of pictures of former American presidents,
including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Nice Guy Cody
-Outside on the West Wing roof, waiting on those Secret Service guys in that 
little security room right by the door (the one where the Janitor and SS guy
come out to have a smoke occasionally). In the back room, the guards mill 
around and do stuff, and one of them goes to the other and they say something
along the lines of:
"Hey, come check this out."
"What is it? More midget porn?"
"Nah, It's Pokey the Penguin."

Split Infinity
-When you're about to exit to the courtyard where the vice president  walks his
dog, the sign by the door says: Department of Stuff.

-In the White House level (PC version), in the security room next to the metal 
detectors, there's a newspaper with the text: "PPOT ROCKS! The Commodore 64 
revial band gets major breakthru in the U.S."
*Note: Larsec says:  "Indeed. One of the game's programmers, Theo 
Engell-Nielsen, plays synths in that band (PPOT).


-At end when 47 wakes up at his 'funeral', the objective is to kill everyone. 
The ex-FBI director, Alexander Cayne, aka Wheelchair Guy, has a gun and tries
to shoot you. Did anyone know that you can disarm him, and he will get up from
his wheelchair and crouch in surrender like other NPCs?

-In the level "Requiem",the two cars you can find near the gate have the 
license plates 666 and IO Interactive.

-The name on the gravestones in the last level is "Guldbrandsen", a talented 
programmer that worked on all the previous Hitman-games and Freedom Fighters 
and some other games, hence the dates "1998-2004".

-In "Requiem", the journalist will beg for mercy by saying "I'm just an 
observer, I'm a journalist, I'm not involved!" and "Your secret's safe with me,
I swear to God, I won't tell a soul!"

-If you dont press the joystick to wake up until the credits end, 47's coffin 
is dragged underground for the cremation. Game over.

-If you wake 47 when the priest gets to his leftside, as soon as he revives, 47
will take the priest as a human shield.

-If you lure Cayne to the top of the stairs his wheelchair tips over and he 

-After you have completed requiem, the title screen will show 47 lying there 
with nobody else there, and blood stains everywhere.


Accidentes are posible in every level. The general type of accidents across the
levels consist of:

-Pushing someone (target) into a pool, Jacuzzy, vat or bathtub.
-Pushing people over rails or great highs.
-Knocking people down the stairs.
-Smashing people against an obstacle or object. Like a wall or door.


-Use Delgado's son or any other character as a human shield and push him into
the wine vat. Delgado's secret recipe for great wine.

-When Manuel Delgado is giving the drug facility tour, you can shoot a gas tank
causing an "accidental" explosion.


-The target that drinks from the bottle placed at one of the pool statues also
likes to pump weights. Wait for him to start doing his routine and stand behind
the bench. After some lifts he becomes tired and the command "drop weight" 


-One of the most interesting accidents in the whole game happens in this level.
Go to the room with the indoors pool, look at the ceiling, its made out of 
glass, if you shoot the ceiling the glass will fall over anyone below, killing
it. But watch out since it can kill 47 also.


-Shoot the glass floor of the jacuzzy to make its ocupants drop down. 
Also, you can knock out Lorne de Havilland, drop it inside the pool and shoot
the glass floor.


-At the Hell's party where you rig the pirotechnics machine, you can throw
people into the shark's tank. The sharks will eat them.


The newspaper system in this game is really interesting, for example: 

-The main headline title corresponds to your mission rating.
-When achieving Silent Assassin rating the picture in the article shows the 
 main target.
-There's always an add or reference of a following level.
-There are 1 or 2 funny articles in each newspaper.
-You can follow Tom Stewarts (president 47 protects) progress in the campaign.

***THE LONG ISLAND SUN*** Level (Death of a Showman) Date (January 10 2004)

Articles of interest:
"Why is nose picking a way to greater wisdome".
"Kids Lemonade Stand Condemned and Demolished".

"Taste the exclusive grape of El Diablo". Reference to, A vintage year level.
"FCK - Exclusively For Men". FCK is a Danish football (FC Kobenhavn  team that
the programmers from Denmark are fond of, IO Interactive is Danish.

***EL TIEMPO.*** Level (A Vintage Year) Date (Febraury 29 2004)

Articles of interest:
"The mouth from hell". This is in reference to the Chiliques Volcano. What's
interesting about the article is that it has infact a 18957 summit elevation.
Also in 2002 NASA, took a satellite image showing the volcano hot spots.

"Tosca". This one is in relation to the next level, Curtains Down.

"Va el juego a fuera o leyo un libro. Jugar juego de video solamente le hara 
mas estupido."

This quote at the top, is written in very bad spanish. Basically it tells you
to read a book or play outside instead of playing, because videogames will only
make you stupid.

"No tengo ninguna pista que estoy escribiendo".

This one is at the bottom, in bad spanish. It means: "I have no clue what im

***L' EXPRESS PARIS***. Level (Curtains Down) Date (Mars 18/2004)

Articles of interest:
"Do we really need the police?"
(Thanks to "Agent: Smith", "Matt Puckett", "Namingway", "Pea-brain")

The headlines which are in french are as follows from left to right: 
"Des grenovilles tuesuses une petit ville". Translation:
"Killer frogs destroy small vila".

"La tour Eiffel construite por des Aliens de Jupiter". Translation:
"Eiffel Tower supposedly built by aliens from Jupiter."  

"Invasion Danise en Chypre". Translation: 
"Danish invasion in chypre".  

"Cat Spark Killer Explosion".
"How to Replace an American Vicepresident".
"Brazilian Ambassador to Kenya Shot Dead in Brusselas: Police Appeal to Public"
Assesination courtesy of our Albino friend.

"Le cochon Rouge".

"Theatre Faux: La ecole de pantomime".

"Hippo bleu est invivible, personne peut le voir. Partir furtivement comme un
ninja japonais. Vous etes tous ouverure d'anus de 100%
                                        Oui Monsieur!"

Translated it says something to the effect of: "Blue Hippopotamus is invisible,
nobody can see him. He Leaves stealthy  like a Japanese ninja. You are all 100% 
                                                    Yes Sir!"
*Note: This Hipo is a famous character: "Dolph the Hipo". 

***LOS ANGELES GAZETTE***. Level (FlatLine) Date (April 1 2004)

"Cheung Chou 2 Chinese Restaurant". This restaurant specials features names 
that make reference to the chinese triad hits of past Hitman games:
Deep Fried Red Dragon feet, Blue Lotus Spring Rolls, Zun's Noodle Feast -6
persons- (probably cause Zun was really fat), Mei Ling Stir Fry (prostitute
from the Lee Hong's Assassination level).

"Move to sunny Del Mar". Reference to the level A New Life.

"I just want you to know that when we talk about war, we talk about peace"
G. Bush June 18, 2002. 

***SAN JOSE JOURNAL.*** Level (A New Life)

Articles of Interest:
"Local Play Ground Trap". Very funny article.

"Grill Code Sparks Debate". Industrial Grills for the win.

"Mardy Grass Party". Add at the top left corner for the Mardy Grass Party, 
thats a reference to the next level (Murder of Crows).

"Heli Motor's". But we dont have money back guarantee!

***THE LOUSIANA MAIL.*** Level (Death On the Mississippi)

Articles of interest:
"School Janitor Burned to Death".

"Street Magic". Add for a magic show, at The Shamal, thats the name of the
hotel in "A House of Cards" level.

"Drink Kinky Cola". Thats in reference to the cola brand that appered in Hitman
Codename 47.

A very funny webpage is mentioned. It's in Danish, though: 
http://bevs.dk/thyboe It's figurative quotes from renowned Danish sports 
commentators (Kurt Thyboe specially).

***THE NEW ORLEAN STAR.*** Level (Murder of Crows)

Articles of Interest:
"Mardi Grass Drinking Deaths Down".

"Haris Taxi: XAMNHE".
"River Boat Trips". Add titled in reference to the "Killing in Mississippi"
level. It features Captain Skip picture.

***MONTANA MOUNTAIN NEWS.*** Level (You Better Watch Out) Date (Dember 25 2004)

"Albina Protection + Care". Funny add for a non protective sun lotion.
"Pink Mansion Adventures". Promotion for a porn movie produced by Lorne de
Havilland, one of your targets in the level.

"I have opinions of my own-strong opinions- but i dont always agree with
G. Bush.

***JACKSON CRONICLE.*** Level (Till Death Do Us Apart) Date (Febraury 18 2005)

At the top left corner theres the Add: "Join the red forces". Thats a reference
to another IO interactive game, called: "Freedom Fighters".

"Pine Cone Institute". Add for a recovery institution specialized "in burn out
game developers".

***DAILY MAIL.*** Level (A House of Cards) Date (June 10 2005)

Articles of interest:
"Lady Luck Gets a New Twong: Bajou Beauty Spreads the Chips". This "Bajou 
Beauty" is non other than Margaux Leblanc, the bride from the level "Till
Death Do Us Apart".

"Daily Mail on the internet: Hitmanforums.com". This is the adress for the 
Hitmans forums in reality.

"Lion mutilated 42 midgets in Cambodiam ring fight". Funny article about the
Cambodiam Midget Fighting League.

Theres an add with a cool reference of the "A Dance With the Devil" level. It
features a picture of both Eve and Maynard John with its respective outfits.
Eve is holding an "Stileto" in the picture.

***VEGAS TRIBUNE.*** Level (A Dance With the Devil) Date (August 16 2005)

Articles of interest:
"Poodle Explodes in Microwave Killing 2". Funny article about a women drying
her "toy poodle" in a microwave.

"Business man gets robbed of kidneys by sexy woman".

"Politician wants prostitution legalized".

"Ugly Dog Show". Vegas ugly dog show, with a postum recognition to the 
exploding poodle.

"Ducks of War"

"Uncle F's Canadian Mapple Syrup"

***THE WASHINGTON GLOBE.*** Level (Amendment XXV) Date (September 23 2005)

"Guldbaeck Vs Brinckmeyer". Add for a fight at the "IO grand palace". Something
to notice is that the fights date is Saturday, June 08 2002, and its 2005.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful 
servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten 
the gift."
Albert Einstein.


*Credit goes specially to Jeron and the rest of the contributors at the 

Noise = the summary after a mission of how silent and undetectable you were 
(witnessess, bodies found, covers blown, caught on camera).

Violence = how many people you killed and the way you killed them (headshots, 
shots fired, shots hit, close combat kills).

Bonus = the extra money you get for acheiving the rating for the current 
mission. The more stealth + the less messy = the larger the bonus.

Full List of ratings:

A: Alphabetical order:

- Armed Madman
- Assailant
- Assassin

- Beelzebub*
- Berserker

- Chirurg** 
- Cleaner
- Clumsy Killer:
- Contract killer:

- Deranged Slayer: noise = 2; violence = 6+
- Dr.Death*: noise = 2; violence = 6+; bonus = $100,000

- Electrocuter*
- Eraser: noise = 2; violence = 4; bonus = $15,000
- Evil Eye Gouger*:
- Exhibitionist:
- Expert

- Fierce Offender:
- Frenzied Firefighter*: noise = 4; violence = 6+; bonus = $55,000

- Gangster: noise = 4; violence = 1; bonus = $25,000
- Garrotteer*
- Ghost: noise = 0; violence = 2; bonus = $50,000

- Hired killer: noise = 0; violence = 2
- Hitman: noise = 0-1; violence = 0bonus = $100,000
- Hoodlum: noise = 1

- Insane Florist*:
- Insurance Agent
- Invisible Killer

- Killer: noise = 4; violence = 5; bonus = $5.000
- King of the Jungle*: noise = 4; violence = 6+; bonus = $50,000

- Lean Killer: noise = 1-2-3; violence = 5; bonus = $10,000
- Loose Cannon
- Lunatic: noise = 5; violence = 4

- Mad Butcher*:
- Madman
- Man In Black**; noise = 0; violence = 3; bonus = $75,000; damage control=$0 
- Maniac
- Mass Murderer: noise = 6+; violence = 8+; bonus = $0
- Messy Murderer:
- Mobber
- Mugger:
- Murderer:
- Murderous Manicurist

- Needle Pumper*

- Perpetrator: noise = 4; violence = 1 
- Phantom Killer: noise = 1; violence = 3-4; bonus = $25,000
- Pianoman*: bonus = $90,000
- Prince of Darkness*
- Professional: noise = 0; violence = 1; bonus = $100,000
- Psychopath: noise = 5; violence = 6-7; bonus = $0;

- Raging Bluecollar
- Russian Hare*: noise = 3; violence = 6+; bonus = $75,000

- Serial Killer: noise = 0-1; violence = 6+; bonus = $5,000 - $10,000
- Shadow Killer
- Silent Assassin: noise = 0; violence = 0; bonus = $150,000
- Slugger*: noise = 2-3; violence = 6+; bonus = $55,000
- Skull Splitter*:
- Sociopath
- Specialist: noise = 1; bonus = $75,000
- Stalker: noise = 0; violence = 1-2; bonus = $75,000
- Sushi Chef*: noise = 3; violence = 6+
- Swashbuckler*:

- Terrorrist:
- Thug: noise = 5; violence = 1

- Undertaker: noise = 1; violence = 5

- Violent Thug

* = special ratings
** = blood money german version ratings

How to get them:

- Armed Madman:noise = 6; violence = 6; bonus = $0. Only kill armed people, no
  innocents, no stealth stuff, rambo style
- Assailant
- Assassin

- Beelzebub*
- Berserker

- Chirurg**
- Cleaner:noise = 3; violence = 2; bonus = $15,000. Killed targets with bombs 
  and had few unlucky bystanders
- Clumsy Killer:
- Contract killer: Kill target with bomb, take out few bystanders, no covers 
  blown, no witnesses and no bodies found.

- Deranged Slayer: noise = 2; violence = 6+.
- Dr.Death*: noise = 2; violence = 6+; bonus = $100,000
  Kill lots of people with poison syringes. 
- Electrocuter
- Eraser: noise = 1-2; violence = 4; bonus = $15,000.
- Evil Eye Gouger*: Kill lots of people with Screwdriver.
- Exhibitionist:
- Expert

- Fierce Offender:
- Frenzied Firefighter*: noise = 4; violence = 6+; bonus = $55,000Kill 
  with a fire extinguisher

- Gangster: noise = 4; violence = 1; bonus = $25,000.
- Garrotteer*
- Ghost: noise = 0; violence = 2; bonus = $50,000
- Hired killer: noise = 0; violence = 2; bonus = $75,000. Kill targets any way 
  you want, kill some bystanders, some witnesses alowed.
- Hitman: noise = 0-1; violence = 0bonus = $100,000. 
  use silenced pistol. No witnesses and   no body discoveries
- Hoodlum: noise = 1.

- Insane Florist*: Kill lots of people with the Hedge Cutters.
- Insurance Agent: 2 noise, 0 violance. All accidents. bonus = $100,000. Many 
  accidents, few witnesses.
- Invisible Killer

- Killer: noise = 4; violence = 5; bonus = $5.000 Kill the guards and only kill
  other people out of  selfdefence (cover blown, witnessess)
- King of the Jungle*: noise = 4; violence = 6+; bonus = $50,000 
  Kill most people with a bowie knife.

- Lean Killer: noise = 1-2-3; violence = 5; bonus = $10,000. kill people with
  unsilenced gun, try to avoid witnessess, about a dozen kills in total
- Loose Cannon
- Lunatic: noise = 5-6; violence = 4; bonus = $5,000 Kill dozen guards, with 
  guns, have most of the bodies discovered and have a few witnesess.

- Mad Butcher*: bonus = $0. Kill lots of people, leave lots of witnesses.
- Madman
- Man In Black: noise = 0; violence = 3; bonus = $75,000; damage control = $0
- Maniac
- Mass Murderer: noise = 6+; violence = 8+; bonus = $0. 
- Messy Murderer: knock everyone out, have lots of witnesses, get caught on 
  camera, target = accident, the rest all zeros
- Mobber
- Mugger:
- Murderer:
- Murderous Manicurist

- Needle Pumper*

- Perpetrator: noise = 4-5; violence = 1; bonus = $15,000. Run up to your 
  targets and just kill them, kill no one else. One or two extra kills allowed,
  one or two knock outs allowed.
- Phantom Killer: noise = 1; violence = 3-4; bonus = $25,000. No witnessess.
- Pianoman*: bonus = $90,000. Kill many people with fibre wire
- Prince of Darkness*
- Professional: noise = 0; violence = 1; bonus = $100,000
- Psychopath: noise = 5; violence = 6-7; bonus = $0. Just kill people for no

- Raging Bluecollar: noise = 5; violence = 6+; bonus = $40,000. Kill almost
  everyone with the hammer, mostly stealth kills
- Russian Hare*: noise = 3; violence = 6+; bonus = $75,000. Use mostly the 
  sniper rifle, must be all headshots.

- Serial Killer: noise = 0-1; violence = 6+; bonus = $5,000 - $10,000.
- Shadow Killer
- Silent Assassin: noise = 0; violence = 0; bonus = $150,000. Sedating people
  allowed, no bodies found unless it's one of the targets, targets don't have
  to be accidents, you must end with your suit.
- Slugger*: noise = 2-3; violence = 6+; bonus = $55,000. In 'a new life' kill
  everyone with baseball bat + take out dog.
- Skull Splitter*: Kill lots of people with the Hammer.
- Sociopath
- Specialist: noise = 1; bonus = $75,000
- Stalker: noise = 0; violence = 1-2; bonus = $75,000. Silently kill targets,
  shoot few guards who stand in your way, no bodies found, no covers blown, 
  no witnessess
- Sushi Chef*: noise = 3; violence = 6+. Use kitchen knife
- Swashbuckler*: Kill lots of people with the Cane Sword.

- Terrorrist: noise = 4; violence = 6. killed a few guard without silencer, 
  left witnessess but no appearance discription.
- Thug: noise = 5-6; violence = 1; bonus = $15,000. kill handful of people, 
  allow witnessess

- Undertaker: noise = 1; violence = 5. 15+ kills, no witnessess. Silent weapons
  (preferebly all kills  with fibre wire), no witnessess.
-Violent Criminal: noise = 2; violence = 6+; bonus = $5,000. have low stats,
  but many witnesses

- Violent Thug:

* = special ratings
** = blood money german version ratings


-The stiletto and the kitchen knife are the only weapons that have the honor of
performing three different gruesome stealth kills: slitting the throat, 
thrusting the knife into the victim's back, and thrusting it into the skull.

-When entering the selection menu you'll get a description of the item or 
weapon. Well, some melee weapons like the bat, hedge cutter, hammer or fire 
extinguisher get covered with blood when giving a blow with them. Then the item
description chances to: "Its covered with blood".

-Is posible to stick mines to the walls. Equip a mine, look at the cross sight
adjust the angle in relation to the wall until the crossight gets red and press
the fire key. Also is posible to throw, or put the mines in flat srfaces like 
tables, trays, etc.

-Melee weapons like the knife, screw driver, stilleto, hedge cuter and hammer
kill when throwed to a person. Also when aimed to the head it counts as a head
shot in the end level stats.

-As we know, weapons can be gained for succesive use by exiting a level with
say weapon. But another way to gain them, is by droping a weapon inside an ICA
box. There are marked with the agency symbol on the map and typically there are
2 of these boxes in any given level. To put a weapon inside an ICA box, equip
and unholter the weapon, the "place item" option will appear.


-I think that the ICA might be Dutch. If I'm correct then I've proven Wikipedia
wrong when they say that they are British. the simple two words that come out 
of Diana’s mouth leads them to believe the entire agency is British. "Your 
Majesty" but England isn't the only monarchy left in the world, certainly not
the only one with a queen. Her Majesty Queen Margarethe II of Denmark could
possibly be the lady on the other end of that phone call. The second piece of 
evidence they use to support their theory that the ICA are English is they 
claim on the seal (source 1) you can see a crown which is true. But they claim 
that crown to be The British Imperial Crown (source 2) which to the untrained 
eye at first glance one wouldn't think twice and say to themselves "oh look a 
crown..it must be the royal crown" but on closer inspection you can see that 
they are two although some what similar in shape are in fact two different 
So where could the crown come from then if it's not that of her majesty Queen
Elizabeth? The very crown of the royal family of Her Royal Majesty Queen 
Margrethe II . The crown can clearly be seen on both the seal of the Danish 
royal family(source3) and the Coat of Arms to Denmark (source4). You can 
clearly see the difference in the raised arches of the crown lined with pearls,
the three (clovers?)in the center. The three gems inset around the brim of the
crown, and finally the reoccurring globus cruciger(globe/cross) found on the 
top of the crown of both the British and Danish crowns (hence I believe the 
crown was overlooked to be British).
Although the possibility that Diana may be British it is very very likely that 
the Danish queen speaks English and would be able to communicate with Diana. 
This doesn't say with out a doubt they are Danish, however one thing this does
say and that is that the crown is indeed not the British imperial crown but 
rather the royal Danish crown.
Other little tid bit I forgot to mention....Diana was talking to "her majesty 
from a phone somewhere in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. "The waterfront 
in the final cut scene with Diana is that of Copenhagen harbor. Additionally, 
the posters on the walls of Diana's office display Copenhagen landmarks such 
as Christiansborg and Børsen. "(source4)

source1= (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/24/Merces_letifer.jpg)
source2= (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/32/Imperialcrown.jpg)
source3= (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/3f/COA_Danish_Royal
source4= (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/fb/Denmark_coa.png)
source5= (Trivia #10 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitman:_Blood_Money)

Wikipedia source for the ICA info same as above:

-The barcode found near the bottom of most issues of the newspaper is a UPC 
code for the Washington Post Daily 25 cent edition, even though all the 
newspapers are not that type of newspaper.

-To get the "Insurance Agent" Rank You don't have to kill everyone.  That will
actually only net you a Professional ranking, at least on A New Life.  *A New
Life now seems to be everyone's favorite for getting this rank*  Statwise, 2 
noise, 0 violence seperates ya from Insurance Agent and Professional. 
All accidents, no kills, 2 Noise, 0 Violence = Insurance Agent.  0 Noise and 0 
Violence = Professional.

-I think that Mark Pariah and Mark Parchezzi are nearly the exact same clones.
They both have the same first name, and one's a II and one's a III. I think 
they're cloned from the same DNA, and they're given different codenames 
(Pariah, Parchezzi) But they're 'Marks'. They might be the beginning in a long
line of Marks. Like following their DNA line Marks IV, V, VI, VII, and so on 
have been created, only Mark II and III were included targets in the game. 
I think it's a good way to explain their identical appearance.

*Author's note: Technically 47 kills the same target twice in the game.

-When you have loaded your profile and are sitting at the "start game" screen,
it shows the funeral scene.  The people sitting in the rows are your targets.  
The three patients from the rehab center are in a row together, Skip the captain
is there, Vinnie "Slugger" Sinistra in his hawaian shirt, Mark Purayah II and
Mark Parchesi on the left front, Lorne on the back left row, etc.

-All of 47's audience in the main title screen are future hits. If you stop on
a mission with a specific target, that person will dissapear from the audience,
and so on and so on until very little people are left in the audience.

-In the A Dance With The Devil newspaper (Vegas Tribune) it mentions "Bent 
Bendtsen". He is the leader of the danish right-wing party "Conservative 
People's Party." By the newspaper "Politiken" he is often called "Bedt 
Betjendtsen" (betjent = police officer) because of his politics, which someone
think will turn Denmark into a police state. Author's note: Funny thoguth, the
main article mentioning the late "Anthony Martinez" has him dressing in a 
police officer uniform.

Lars Saetaberget
-The big red demon head in the room where a gangster is setting fire to a
lawyer in "Death of a Showman" is the same as the mask you can wear in "A Dance
With the Devil". 

-The "Murderous Manicurist" is an interesting special rating. You get it if you
kill a lot of people with the nail file, but since they didn't want that 
included in the end version of the game (damn those IO-people!), you can't get
it at all, not even in Germany.

-Fernando Delgado is a Spanish actor. Carmine Desalvo is a character from 
"Walker, Texas Ranger".

-How the payment system works when replaying a level:
Play a level and get say $400,000 for completing the contract, plus any bonus,
and say I get a rating of "Specialist" and get a $75,000 bonus. Total that 
comes to $475,000 which jumps my account up. By replaying that same mission, 
it won't bump it up nearly that much again, since I won't be getting that 
initial award for the contract ($400,000), BUT say after replaying I get a 
better rating of "Silent Assassin" then I get the full $150,000, NOT just 
$75,000, that being the difference between "Specialist" and "Silent Assassin".
You will always get your full rating bonus from $150,000 - $0, depending on 
how well you do.

If I play the mission over and over, and get SA every time then I will always
get the SA rating bonus of $150,000, but no more, nothing for re-completing 
the contract. Now if I go back through the same level and get a rating of 
"Shadow Killer" it may only be $10,000 rating bonus, or whatever. So you can 
see it is difficult to increase your account by replaying missions over and 
over. You only get the big bumps by completing a new mission. It gets kind of
boring trying to earn money by getting SA rating over and over, but that's the
best way.

-When your health is diplited the slow motion sequence will start, if you 
shoot 3 people in the head consecutively 47 will resurrect. Yet you dont get
full life bar. 

-When a guard founds a weapon lying on the floor (handgun or mine for example),
he will pick the weapon up and deposit it in one of the guards quarter boxes.
You can use this to alter a guards normal patroling route or rutine, as a 
matter of fact it works better than the coins. Another example, in Ammend XXV
toss a gun over the right grate. A patroling guard will pick it up and drop it
in the quarters that has the survilance video tape.

-As well, when a guard founds a dead body, he will conceal it inside a bodybag
and drags it to a guard quarters. So dont be surprised by the macabre 

-In most levels theres a radio. If 47 stays close to the radio is posible to 
hear news regarding the presidential campaing and desicions of president 

-In the levels with people dancing like Murder of Crows or Till Death Do us
A Part, if you have the apropiate custom (same as people dancing) and leave 47
in the dance floor without touching the controller, 47 will start dancing. Is
posible to rotate the camera or enter first person mode to watch 47 move those

-Instead of lock picking, is posible to shoot the locks of some doors to open
them. In fact, when shooting the non locked doors around the knob area, it'll
make them swing open. This is useful when there are people near the door you
need to open, instead take some distance and break the lock with a silenced 

-List of products that appear in the game:
Old Fartz "Baked Beans". "Bobo Cola". "Yummy Cola". "Freedom Snacks". "IOI 
Vodka". "Super Diva" (make up). "Great Grip" (tires). 

-Bodies murdered with violence, leave a blood trail when 47 drags them.

-Desarmed guards or civilians will pick any gun nearby, if 47 is threatening
their lives.

-Across the levels you can see computer screens featuring the Hitman: Blood
Money webpage.

-Also scattered across the levels theres a magazine with the ICA symbol it 
says: "Get a Carreer in games or die trying."

-The list of license plates: IO Interactive, BADBLOOD, M 666, 1LEMN3Y (I love
money? this one on the Limousines)

-2 of the election candidates are named "Sen. N(o) F(***ing) Chance" and 
"Gov. H(?) Behind" 

-In the early newspapers there is a presidential candidate called: "Lance 
O.RegenT", I wondered why the t was capitalized. This is mostly for the danish
people to discover 'cause L O R T means: Excrement in danish.

-You can shoot cameras, single shot will do it. Saves having to steal a tape.

-Death of a showman is surely a reference to Death of a Salesman, but did you 
know that Jesper Kyd scored the music of Death of a Saleswoman ?

-You ALMOST get some good stuff 3 times in the game.
In "A new life" take the pool guy's clothes and see the wife. She will bring 
you to her room and tell you she "isn't in the mood after all". Author's note:
Then she'll fall sleep, this is a good oportunity to get the micro film.
In "You better watch out" there's the girl in the grotto. That tries to poison
In "A dance with the Devil" if the singing angel (Eve) isn't singing and sees
you she will bring you to a room to show you what else she's good at.

-47 wear his suit in 2 different ways. Tie in, and tie out. Mainly the outside
levels he has tie out with his jacket not buttoned up (the tie moves freely, 
when crouching or turning quickly), and on the 'inside' levels he has his 
jacket buttoned up with the tie tucked in. "A Vintage Year" has the tie out, 
and "Curtains Down" has tie in.

IV. Thanks/Credits.

Credits and thanks to everyone that contributed with details, these people are
clearly identified in the guide. 

All sites/links are the sole property of their repective owners.

V. Legal stuff.

The game, code and its rights is property of IO.

If, for any reason, you want to make reference or use this guide in a site 
your welcome to do so as long as you give proper credit to the people that 
invested time creating this document. But before doing it, try contacting 
Refreshment first, the e-mail adress can be seen at "Contact info". 

VI. Contact information.

E-mail adress: coolrefreshment@yahoo.com

For any constructive criticism, detail, contribution you wish to make or errors
this guide might present.

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