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FAQ/Walkthrough by Geezguy

Version: Final | Updated: 01/22/07

  HHH       HHH     HHH      HHH    HHH    H    HHH HH   HH HHHH   HHHHHHH

                                      B  L  O  O  D    M  O  N  E  Y

=                HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY                 =
=                 FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                    =
=                  PlayStation 2                     =
=               Version: 1.8 (Final)                 =
=               Written By: Geezguy                  =
=             Started: May 26th, 2006                =
=            Updated: January 22nd, 2007             =
=           E-mail: Geezguy-@hotmail.com             =
=             Document © 2006 Geezguy                =
=          The Guide Contains Spoilers!!             =
=          The Guide Is Only Allowed at:             =
=                                                    =
=             http:// Gamefaqs.com                   =
=             http:// Neoseeker.com                  =
=             http:// Supercheats.com                =

Table Of Contents

a. Death Of A Showman
b. A Vintage Year
c. Curtains Down
d. Flatline
e. A New Life
f. The Murder Of Crows
g. You Better Watch Out...
h. Death At The Mississippi
i. Till Death Do Us Part
j. A House Of Cards
k. A Dance With The Devil
l. Amendment XXV
m. Requiem

|             I  N  T  R  O  D  U  C  T  I  O  N            |

When Hitman was released, I began directly on the walkthrough writing!
This walkthrough will guide you through every mission in the game,
past the heavy security, how to eliminate the targets in a silent way.
You can also find a complete ranking list and full lists of the game's weapons.
You can also find some contributors strategies that they've sent in. To see who
they are, check the copyright section. Enjoy it!

I hope you will enjoy this walkthrough, and that it will help you out.
If you want to thank me or send in a alternate strategy/tip/addition,
or just ask a question look at the copyright & contact section to see what to

Also remember that if you encounter a problem, please check the FAQ which might
answer your question.

|        V  E  R  S  I  O  N     H  I  S  T  O  R  Y        |

V1.1: May 26th, 2006
-Hitman: Blood Money was released today, and I got it!
-First version
-Added a few sections at the beginning

V1.2: June 9th, 2006
-Guide Finished
-Error swept the guide also

V1.3: June 13th, 2006
-Changed stuff in the texts
-Added fun thing about Rick

V1.4: June 16th, 2006
-Added mission summeries at the start of every mission
-Added interesting things at the end of every mission
-I have sent this version out

V1.5: September 1st, 2006
Sorry for the very late version of this walkthrough. But I've got so many
e-mails latley and another reason is that I had trouble with Gamefaqs,
I'm so sorry for letting you wait so long. But now it's here, and this is
the biggest updates I've ever done! Enjoy!
-Added new strategies for "A New Life", "Till Death Do Us Part" and
 "A House of Cards"
-Added a FAQ which will answer a few questions
-Fixed a ASCII text at the top, all by myself!
-Changed many things...
-Added new interesting things
-Changed the e-mail adress to the second one that I had, look above.
-Added a note on the mission "Death Of A Showman" that you can take the
 weapons from the level (except melee weapons)
-Changed the introduction, I found the first one childish :P
-Added a new tip to "A New Life"
-Added a new tip on "Till Death Do Us Part"
-Added a earlier location of the Baseball Bat
-Added two more rules at the copyright section
-Added new strategy to "Amendment XXV"
-Added three missing weapons, the Stun Gun, Shovel and the Cane Sword
-I changed alot in the strategy for the level "A Dance with the Devil"
-Added many credits

V1.6: September 28th, 2006
I think that this will be the final version of this walkthrough. I don't own
the game anymore, but it's still fun to help people and update this walkthrough.
Today I got an e-mail regarding a missing weapon in the weapons section. I of
course added it, and I changed some other things to make sure that this will
be the final version. Anyway, if I don't update this walkthrough anymore, see
you next time. Also, just because this might be the final version it doesn't
mean that I won't accept more e-mails. I still want to hear more opinions and get
more stuff to add. The walkthrough's future is up to you...

-Added the Stiletto in the weapons section. I can't believe I had
 forgotten that many weapons
-Added two more credits

V1.7: November 20th, 2006
Well, I lied again, here's another version of this walkthrough. I got a few
more emails regarding a strategy for A House of Cards and then a question
which I put up in the FAQ. As this might be the final version, I wish everybody
a merry christmas and a happy new year 2007!

-Added a new strategy for "A House of Cards"
-Added a new question for the FAQ

V1.8: January 22nd, 2007 (Final)
Well, another update. And it's also a new year! Anyway, I got another
contribution, and this time for the level, "Vintage Year". From now
on, I WON'T accept any more contributions, only questions, which I
will answer by replys, I won't post them here, because I want this
to be the final version. Now, it's been great to work on this guide,
and it's my only most successful one, in my opinion, next to my
Silent Hill walkthroughs.

-Added a new strategy for "A Vintage Year"
-Changed some text in the document

|               G  O  O  D    T  O    K  N  O  W            |

Here, I'll explain the things you should know. Even if the best info is
in the game manual that's in the Hitman: Blood Money box.


When you're saving in the game now, its diffrent. You can choose up to
three files to save on. If you restart the Stage on the RESTART option,
the saves will disappear and you'll have to create new ones. The Stages
will be saved on your profile, which is also new to the game. The save
option will always appear once you have beaten a mission.


When standing infront of a guard who has a weapon equipped, press the R1 button
to make Hitman slam him/her in the face and grab his/her weapon, and he/she
will be helpless and begging for mercy.


When standing infront of a guard, press the R1 button to make Hitman headbutt
Then press R1 rapidly to make him punch the guard until he faints.


Hitman can now throw weapons at his enemies. Only knifes, meat cleavers and
Press and hold the L1 button, then press and hold the L3 button. Then release it
to make Hitman throw the weapon.


Sneak up on a guard/civilan with a weapon and press the X button. Hitman will
then grab the person and point the gun out. The guards won't shoot at you, but
you can shoot them. Reload is the same, but in a diffrent way. To put the
person unconscious, press the X button again.


Hitman can push the characters. He can push them off balconies,
ledges and push them into walls or other things. Or when they're running,
he will make him/her fall!


To blend in right, you must choose the right disguise. When you have
killed/knocked out a guard, stand infront of the body and choose to take
the suit that shows. To make your disguise complete, you must often walk
with the weapon the guard was having. If you do a mistake, like show another
weapon, go into a restricted area with the wrong disguise, it will be blown.
Simply find a new disguise and take it.


You can posion food and drinks. This is very good for an assassin, just equip
the desired syringe and point the crosshair at the food/drink and then press
the R1 button the inject it into the food/drink.


To climb things, just walk towards it and Hitman will eventually climb it.
When you are near a small edge, Hitman will flat himself against the wall
and follow it to a pipe or ladder which he also can climb. He can also climb
in nets or special brick walls.


To distract a guard, you can throw Hitman's newbie, the coin. He has infinite
coins, so no worries there. The guard will walk towards the sound, giving you
the opportunity to sneak up behind him/her. You can also manipulate the lights by
turn it off. The guard will walk towards the panel to turn it on.


When your notoriety is high, you can bribe the civilians to keep their mouth
shut for 50,000 dollars (15 points down), bribe the police chief to forget
everything for 100,000 dollars (40 points down) or the best but the expensivest;
get a new identity for 200,000 dollars! All your notoriety will disappear then.


You can now buy upgrades for your weapons. You can add fat silencers for them,
larger magazines, big scopes and other fresh things. You can also buy a new case
which will not give a sound when you have your sniper in it! Always remember to
upgrade your weapons if can after every mission.


You can buy intel during a mission on the select button. They cost 3,500 each,
and it's very good info, but you must figure out what it means yourself. They
have helped me out alot.


God bless IO Interactive! For beginners, they've set up a Rookie difficulty,
you will have full assistance, infinite saves and the guards AI will be quite
low. Try pro if you want a challenge. Anyway, here are the number of saves you
have on each difficulty:

Rookie = Infinite saves
Normal = 7 saves
Expert = 3 saves
Pro    = 0 saves

|                     C  O  N  T  R  O  L  S                |

X Button: Confirm

O Button: Pick up item

Square Button: Holster

Triangle Button: Cancel

R1 Button: Fire, push

R2 Button: Reload

L1 Button: Sneak mode

L2 Button: Display map

R3 Button: First person view, scope

L3 Button: Hold to get a toss aim

Left Analog Stick: Move 47

Right Analog Stick: Rotate camera

Select Button: Briefing

Start Button: Pause

|                W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H            |

Yeah, this is the main reason why you came here, right? The guide is simple,
I will guide you through every mission and tell you how to sneak into the areas
and eliminate the targets. Also, the guide was written while playing on Normal
difficulty and when I say north, west, east and south I mean the directions on
your compass. Just so you know, the objectives are not displayed in the first
mission because it's basically a training mission even if you're executing
someone. I wrote the objectives myself though on that one.

Now the guide has a new feature, you can read some interesting
things at the end of every mission. But it's more like my own intel.


Main Objectives

**Kill Joseph Clarence

Weapons Found: SLP.40, Kitchen Knife, TMP, Dragunov, Poison Syringe,
               Fire Extinguisher RU-AP Mine & Detonator, Hammer,
               Shotgun, Baseball Bat

This is a training mission, but you will be executing a target. You will learn
how to climb and such. You will also be guided all the time about what to do.
This is a straight forward mission, you can't do it any other way than this.

Also, there is a way to take the weapons away from this level! You can take
the weapons you want (except the melee weapons) and place them in the box where
you're taking the mine and the detonator from.


When you start, follow the bridge forward until you can climb up on a ledge,
do it and continue forward. Climb the stone to the infront of you and then
climb the plank to the right, finally climb the other ledge. You have now
arrived at the streets. Diana will talk to you here. Go straight forward
until you encounter a big gate. Wait there until the gangster comes and
talk to you. 47 takes care of him and opens the gate for you. Go left on
the spot here and through the door to the gift shop. Go behind the counter
and take the coin from your inventory. There are two gangsters outside on the
porch, so throw it through the open window to distract them. Then sneak through
the left door and then through the door to the left of the entrance door to a

In here there will be a guard torturing a man...You must sneak towards him
and when you're behind him, use the fiber wire to kill him. Take his gun and
go right. Oh, don't worry about the lawyer, he won't see anything. Now, climb
the red fence to the left. On the top, jump over to the other side by walking
towards the railing. There, go forward and pick up the shotgun who's leaning
against a box. Then pick lock the door to the left, you can shoot it up also.
Shoot the two gangsters here and take their ammo. Take one of the bodies and
hide it in the dumpster at the back of the room. Then take the other body and
hide in the other one. After that, hide in the closet which is to the right of
both dumpsters. A chemist will come in. When he is standing with his back
towards you at the table, exit the closet and blast him away with the shotgun.
Take his chemistry clothes and a keycard.

Go to the other room to the right of the closet (btw, drop the shotgun). Use
your keycard on the panel to the right of the door and go through. Follow the
corridor to the left until you can turn left into a small room. Pick up the gun
there and put it in the box. Drop your other weapons, NOT the Fibre Wire (and I don't
think you can do that either). After that, follow the corridor until you encounter a
guard. He will frisk search you. If you took away the weapons, you'll be fine.
Otherwise, he won't shoot and he won't let you in. However, go through the door behind him.

Here, you will see a short scene. After that, retrieve your gun from the soda
box and jump on the elevator roof (btw, there is a hammer on the control panel to the
right of the elevator if you want it). Take out the fiber wire and the option
strangle will appear when you're standing near the open elevator hatch. Do it to make Hitman
strangle the gangster nelow you. Now, jump down the hole and go forward. Break
the electricity on the panel to the right. Keep to the left wall and enter sneaking
mode on L1. Follow it to the end and turn right when you can. Go to the men's
bathroom and sneak up on the guy who's taking a leek. Press the X button behind him while
having a weapon equipped to take him as a human shield. Now, go out of the
bathroom to the upper left from where you are now. Shoot the gangsters here in the head.
Press the X button again to make him unconscious. If you are interested, there
is a TMP in the bathroom you were at on the sink. Climb the ladder on the right

On the top, follow the way to a tower. Equip the Dragunov Sniper that is in
the sniper case infront of you. Aim out through the left window. You must
shoot the three guards outside. The first one is patrolling around the street
(starting from the left), the second is on the roof infront of you. And the last
one is to the left on a wonder-wheel on it. After all that, put down the rifle
and go back out of this tower. Go right on the stairs and down the edge. Open
the door to the right and go left. Flat yourself against the wall and follow the
small ledge. Go down the pipe and you're at the streets where you sniped the guards.
Follow it to the left and enter the door to the office, there's a sign that says so,
you can't miss it.


In here, pick up the Syringe in the case to the right of the stairs,
then go up the stairs and slowly sneak towards the gangster who's talking
to the girl. When he goes to look through the balcony to the right. Sneak
up on him and press the R1 button to push him down! After that, go through
the door behind you. The secretary is talking to Joseph right now, so hurry
up and poison her bottle which are to the left of her table, then hide in the
closet. You will now when you're about to run out of time; the phone starts to
ring. After she's dead, nothing can go wrong. So enter the bastard's office to
the left when you exit the closet. A scene will play. Swing King is now begging
for his life. It's fun to listen to him, but after a while, shoot him in the
head...! Or you can just walk behind him and syringe/wire him. I had fun by smacking a
Fire Extinguisher in his head! There is also a Baseball Bat in here, take it if you
want to play with it, it's in a corner. Now, climb through the window to the left of
his desk.


Out here, go left and pick up the mine and detonator in the case.
Follow the way to another open window and go through it. Go forward
and plant the bomb where a rope is attached. Go away from it and blow
it with the detonator. This will kill the purple dressed man that Swing King
talked to, if not, shoot him or harm him seriously by shooting him accurately
in the stomach. He has a Desert Eagle, which I'm sure you want. Just place it
in the box by backtracking to it. Go down the stairs and through the door to
the upper left to complete the mission. Oh, and shoot the hooker if she's still
alive, or she will count as a witness.

Interesting Things:

-A better rank is possible...
-Don't let the lawyer die...

          A VINTAGE YEAR

Main Objectives

**Kill Don Fernando Delgado
**Kill Manuel Delgado

Weapons Found: Shotgun, SAF-SMG, Hammer, TMP, Kitchen Knife,
               Fire Extinguisher, Snub Nosed


When you start, run to the right and enter the coming left door. In there, climb
the boxes infront of you and climb over the wall, the civilian worker won't
mind. Note: Make sure that nobody's in there before you enter. Over the wall, there
is a patrolling guard far away from you on the other side which patrols in and out
of the Hacienda. When he goes in, sneak past the sleeping guard to the left near the
fontain and go to the north wall. Look for a drainpipe which you can climb up on. Then
enter the door at the top of the balcony. In the Hacienda, go through the left door
and down the stairs. Pick lock the door at the bottom of them and sneak through it.
Continue to sneak in here because there is another sleeping guard in here. On
the south side of his bed on the chair are some VIP guard clothes you can take. With
them you're allowed exactly anywhere! Now, take his SAF-SMG also, there are
plenty of ammo in here too. Now, sneak out of the door to right of the one you recently
came from. Wait for the guard outside to walk away. Then go forward in the
corridor and go up the stairs to the left to the top. Go left up here and pick lock the
at the right coming door when the patrolling guard walks away. Then enter the door
when it goes upwards again.


You are now in Fernando Delgado's room. He sits by the open balcony and plays
his cello. It sounds very nice, it's a shame that he has to die...Wait for him to walk
away to another room. There is a sleeping guard on the couch, but he will not bother
you. When Fernando enters the balcony, sneak up behind him and push him of it! You can
also wire/syringe himn while he plays his cello and then throw him of that balcony
(only throw him off if you sedate him, it will only look like an accident then). If
you want, you can also poison his wine bottle which he has below his chair.


Go back to the party, but watch out for the east side patrolling guard. Then
look at the map and enter the winecellar which you can't miss.


Inside, rig the panel that holds the rope to the wineboard up with a mine. Just
watch out for the guard that goes up and down the stairs. After you have planted
the bomb, go down the stairs and watch as Manuel goes to the right of the
stairs. When he enters the alcove, detonate the bomb and the winebarrel board fall down
on him!! To avoid trouble, hide in the closet behind the infront of the stairs for
a while. Then, continue.

Alternate is to push him down the stairs when he comes from the party, just
watch out for guards or civilian who might spot you if you're doing it at the wrong


Now, all targets are eliminated. Go to the east point of interest and open the
round door which holds wine bottles, but this time it holds on to a secret
passage! The guard that stands behind the door might see you and will make you leave the
passage. Go out before him and hide to the right of the door. When he comes out, sneak
back in. Now, when nobody's looking, run straight forward to the next room and take the
clothes there. Now, go back to the entrance of the passage and go left. Follow the way
until you arrive at a place where there are a lot of workers. Go to the through the
door the the north of where you're now. There, board the elevator to the right and go to
the hangar. Go out when you've reached the bottom. Now you will see the plane, go
left and around it to find the escape option by the plane. Mission complete.

To escape with your clothes. Take them from inside the Hacendia where you got
the VIP clothes and then you must sneak down the drainpipe again, watch out
for the patrolling guard that goes in and out the Hacendia. When he goes in,
sneak down. Then go right and quickly through the double door to the left. Now,
look at your map and go to the north outside. Follow that way to the east and
you will spot a ledge you can follow a long way down to the hangar! At the
bottom, push the worker that stands infront of you on the dock into the water. Go right
and push the guard to the right into the water. Now, be quick becuase another
worker will come down here with the elevator. The drunken guard won't mind you at all near
the plane. Now, just escape.

Nick McEvoy mailed another strategy:
When you start, go to the left an round the back. Kill the guard will your
silenced 'baller and take his uniform and shotgun. Go back to the main door and through
the semi open double door to its left. Go to the drain pipe in the far corner and
climb it. Get onto the roof and through the window.Kill Don Fernando Delgado.
Personally I like a 'baller to the head.

Go to the winch in and wait for the guard to leave(Normally takes less than 1
minute). Plant the mine and wait outside for the target to appear below the
wineboard. (R2 is useful) Blow the bomb.

Go back to the 1st guy you killed then go to the wooden fence. Follow it to
just before the house then turn left follow the path down and kill the VIP
guards and the worker(s). Run back up the path, get your clothes and escape as

Interesting Things:

-Watch out for the film crew...
-There are many entry points to the vineyard
-Fernando has a wine bottle below his cello chair...
-The VIP guards are allowed anywhere...
-The east side might lead to a hard infiltrated place easier...
-The big wine boxes in the winecellar can cause deaths...
-The winecellar tour might be useful to sneak in...


Main Objectives

**Kill Alvaro D'Alvade
**Kill Richard Delahunt

Weapons Found: Real WWI Pistol, SLP.40, MP5, Hammer, Nailer,
        Screwdriver, Prop Gun


When you start, go left and talk to the officer at the counter to get a real
WWI pistol from the jacket! Now, enter the toilet to the right and wait for
a green dressed worker to enter. When he stands in one of the stalls, sedate him
and take the clothes. Hide the body in the cotainer to the right. Drop your guns
except the Mauser. Take the his toolbox into this room (it stands outside the
toilet). Place the Mauser inside the toolbox and go out of the toilet. Go through the
door to the left of the counter. Follow the stairs to the bottom and turn left. Go past
the hammering guy and through the door to the left of him. To the right below a
shelf is a nail gun you can take. Go left and down the stairs. Go through the middle
double door and you have arrived at a corridor. To the right there should be a door with a
green light above it, go through it. Go down the corridor and turn right. Go through
the door there and go up the stairs. Turn left up here and go through the LEFT door, not
the right or you'll be coming to the ladies changing room! Go through the mens
changing room and through the door on the other side.

Now, go to the room with the point of interest. Hide in the closet here until
one of the actors comes in. He will practice with his gun. After a while, he'll put
it on the table and go to the bathroom. Now, exit the closet and switch the prop
gun for the real one you picked up. Now, all you have to do is wait. When he comes
back to get the gun he will go to the scene and execute Alvaro with the real gun.


He will run down to the scene and cry over Alvaro. That means you can set up
another accident for him. From the actor's room, go out and open the double door
infront of you. Run up the stairs and you're above the stage in the attic. Watch
out for the worker up here before you plant a bomb on the south side of the
rectangle hole in the middle of the area. After you have planted the bomb, run to the
beginning of the stairs and detonate the bomb. The lights should fall on Richard and
he'll die. The police will come up here, so run to the actors room directly after you have
detonated the bomb.


Run back to your clothes in the toilet at the entrance of the opera.
Pick them up and escape the opera the same way you came through.

Interesting Things:

-A visit at the jacket-reception might be good...
-The construction workers will provide more cover...
-The chandelier is big enough to kill...
-Alvaro is standing above the light-holders...
-Only actors are allowed on the stage...
-Alvaro's room is guarded by a bodyguard outside of it, who's entering
 the toilet often...
-Richard falls in the middle of the stage-room when he's running towards Alvaro...


Main Objectives

**Find Agent
**Identify Target (then) Kill [insert name]
**Smuggle Out Agent

Optional Objective

**Kill [insert name]
**Kill [insert name]

Weapons Found: SLP.40, TMP, Stun Gun

Why I wrote "insert name" was because one of three persons will be 47's main
target. And the other two remaining will be bonuses. It's always diffrent targets when
you're playing the Stage so I can't tell who's gonna be the target. So what to think
about the disguises on this level is that in the medical wing, the therapist or even
the police isn't welcomed. That means you must get some warder clothes before you
can get to the agent's cell. Other than that, you will get a good use of the Stun Gun,
since it's like having a unlimited number of sedative syringes! Enjoy it!


To begin with, to the right is a morgue, remember it.
When you get control, if you want the Stun Gun now, go left from the start
and open the door on the left side of the guard house. There is a cop inside
directly when you open the door. But after a while, he'll disappear. When he
does,sneak in and get the Stun Gun and a SLP.40 in the black box to the left. Now,
go back to the gate where you started and follow this road until you get to the
entrance door of the clinic. Go to the door and turn left. Follow the way until you see a
drain pipe to the right (the second one, not the first one). When the cop isn't looking,
climb it up and run across the roof and jump down on the opposite side. Look at your map
and go to the utility box. Sabotage it and hide behind the door to the left. A cop
will come outside to fix the box. When he does it, sedate or stun him and take his
clothes. Hide the body in the container further to the left and go through the door.


Turn right in here and steal the tape on the desk. Also, pick up a keycard
which is also on the desk next to it. Now, use it on the keycard-reader and
go through the gate that opens. Follow it to another locked gate and use the
keycard on it. This is the medical wing that you're not allowed to be in, so
it's best to sneak. Look through the open window at the reception and wait for
the walking guard to leave the room (sometimes he's not there, so wait until he
comes in and continue when he's gone). When he does, climb through the window
and sedate the guard who is sitting in the chair. Take his clothes, cell key
and stun gun. Hide the body in the box to the lower right of your position. Go
through the door to the right of the table and down the stairs. There is another
guard in here. Follow him into a cell where he stands with his back towards you
and stun him with the Stun Gun. Close that door and open one of the cells to the
right, look at your map to see where he is. Talk to him to recieve an identity
of your target. Now, inject him with the false death injection by pressing the
option that appears after the first conversation, you must go to him. After that,
Diana has two bonus targets for you, but they are completely optional.

Note: Go back to the reception and change back to your cop outfit.


The identity you'll get from agent Smith can be one of these three persons.
As I said before, I don't know which one you get, but I'll show you how to kill
each one of them. Lorenzo is often cooking in a small kitchen to the northeast
on the second floor. Enter the door where he is and go to the gas canister. Turn
the gas on and wait for Lorenzo to come. When he turns the heat on, BOOM!


He is working out in the southeast area of the map. He's lifting weights, and he
shouldn't do that right now...Stand behind him, and when he puts the weights up
leave, the option to put the weights on him will appear...Don't worry about the
They will be out of sight when he puts the weights up.


He's drinking from a hidden liquor bottle which is inside of a globe in a
library to the north on the map. Go to the second floor via the stairs
(take the right one. Turn right up here and go through the door. Go right
again and you will come to a balcony overlooking his room. Place a bomb on the
rope attachment to the lamp on the right side. When Rudy drinks from the bottle,
detonate the bomb from a safe distance and the lamp will fall down on him.

Alternate is that when he's not in there, go to the globe (in the library to
the north on the first floor) and open it. When nobody sees you, aim the
crosshair with the poison syringe on the bottle and poison it. When he comes
back to drink it, he's dead.


Go to the room where you stole the videotape (to the west inside)
and pick up your real clothes. Climb the pipe onto the roof. Stay
near the top in case a guard is smoking and might see you then. When
the coast is clear, sneak across the roof and jump down on the opposite
site. Just remember the nurse also. Go outside to the south and to the morgue
I was talking about at the beginning. Just walk inside since nobody will care,
but be sure to close the door. Press the X button infront of the agent to revive
him. He'll stand up and then there's nothing you can do.


The agent will be fine by himself so escape through the door to the east.

Interesting Things:

-A patient is hiding behind to dumpsters to the northeast outside...
-A useful Stun Gun can be found at the guard house to the left at the
-The Stun Gun is like a unlimited collection of Sedative syringes...
-A admission paper is a must to be allowed at the clinic...
-Someone has forgotten a therapist outfit in the northeast room on the
 second floor...
-Neither cops or therapists are allowed at the cells in the medical
-The therapist outfit will make the target/s go to the office on the
 second floor...
-The target's will be near water sometimes when they are taking their

            A NEW LIFE

Main Objectives

**Kill Vinnie Sinistra
**Retrieve Microfilm

Weapons Found: SLP.40, Hedge-Cutter, Air Gun, Baseball Bat, Nailer,
               Bull.480, MP7

In this mission you must kill a witness inside of his luxury villa.
He is protected 24/7 by the FBI, and they are everywhere; outside and
inside the villa. They are even hiding in a van watching the security
cameras. Can you get through this? After the witness' death you must get
a microfilm that's shaped like a diamond.


When you start, go to the target's house and turn right. You should see
that the house he lives against is a vetrinerian. Go to the right of her
garage and keep to the wall. She should not see you when you're sneaking
into her garage. Pick lock the door at the end of the garage. Enter the
room and pick up the darts here if you want and the bottle of ether. Go to
the point of interest on the middle of the street. There's a van with two
guards sitting inside of it and watching the cameras around the target's house.
Before you do something there, go to the hotdog van and pick up the donut box
when nobody sees you. Go to a place where no one can see you, which should be at the
exit point. Drop the donut box on the ground and aim the sedating syringe's
crosshair on it to inject them. Now, pick it up and go to the van.

Stand to the right of the back doors of it and when the options to let the
box down appears, press the X button and Hitman will put it down. He will
also knock on the door so the guards in the van will come out, pick the donut
box up, eat them and pass out. That's your chance to go in there and steal the
tape so they won't catch you on the cameras later. Take the FBI clothes from one
of them and go out of the van. Turn right and walk right into the house. Yep,
you're inside now.


Wait in here until Vinnie comes to this floor. Go to him by looking at the map.
Here he will be watching TV. You can't kill him yet becuase of the bodyguard
who's sitting in the sofa. To get rid of him, go through the south door and you'll
come to a kitchen. Turn left and walk through the door infront of you. Turn left again
in here and go through the door behind the cloth. You're now in the garage. To the
right is a baseball bat leaning against the wall. Open the left garage door and walk
outside. There is a electric box to the left. When nobody is near you, cut the power and the
guard that was sitting in the sofa will come out here to fix it. Now, run back to Vinne
and sneak up behind him. Strangle him with the Fibre Wire and pick up his Bull. 480. Drag
his body inside of the closet behind you before the guard comes back in.


Go north and you'll come out to a backyard. Go to the shack to the northeast
and pick lock the door. Walk inside and wait for the pool boy to come inside.
Sedate him and take his clothes. Walk outside and go near Vinne's wife, which is
the drunk walking woman. She'll seduce Hitman and will lead you to her room.
She'll even tell the guards that you're clean. Follow her to the room and wait until
she goes to the bath room and then comes back out to say that she's not in the mood to
have sex. You must now leave the room. Go to the room to the left and go through the
other left door in there. You're now in the bathroom she was in. Look through the keyhole.
When she lies on the bed, sneak in and steal the microfilm which is her necklace.


Now, go to the northwest room and climb through the window there (don't
worry about the noisy teddy bear on the floor, as it will not bring the guards
in). Climb down the drain pipe and you're back in the backyard. Go to the shack and
change back to your clothes. Go through the villa and to the FBI van, change
back to your original clothes and leave the area to the northwest.

James Sanchez mailed an alternate strategy for this level:
This strategy requires the W2000 sniper rifle, I also recommend a good scope.
First, sneak into the veterinary's garage and go to the back of it.
Unpack the sniper here and drop it, you're gonna come back for it later.
Now, do the donut thing and get a FBI disguise. Steal the tape and note the
phone on the right table which you can use to call the witness with. Now, get
the Darts from the veterinary's garage room and go to the tree house, which is
to the northeast on the map. Take the ladder up and then pick up the Air Rifle
on the table. Load it with a dart and look through the left window. Shoot the guard
dog you'll see there in the yard. Now, go back down and to the right of
Vinnie's house. Open the tree-door which has a warning sign for the dog to the left of it.
Follow the yard to a stairscase to the left and take them down to the basement. Open the
door and look for a shelf to the right. There is also a patrolling guard who comes down
here, so watch out. On the shelf, take the Lighter Fluid and go through the next door.
Take the stairs up and go to the pool area. Pour the lighter fluid in the grill to the
north and wait for Vinnie's girlfriend to come and start the grill; she will be crisped.
Grab the microfilm when she lies in the water. Now, go back to the FBI van and call
Vinnie on the phone. Run to your sniper and aim it straight forward into the living room
window. Shoot Vinnie, it must be one the first shot, otherwise it might cause trouble.
And sometimes, the window stops the bullet from hitting him. Well, thanks to
James for this strategy.

Bruno Santos Mailed:
Here's what I did. First of all, I just walked to the Cartering van and grabbed
the donuts. After that, like in the others, sedated the donuts, FBI agents got
knocked out, I entered and grabbed a suit and their weapons.
Microfilm - After grabbing my new beautiful FBI suit (Glasses included ;))
I just walked in throu the front door, and went to the kitchen. There
I found the woman with the necklace. After following her I learned that
after the kitchen she goes to the barbecue drink, then she goes to a small
pool inside the house, and after that she goes to a bathroom. What I did was:
- Followed her into the small pool inside.
- After she is done, she walks throu a small area to reach the corridor and the
In that small area there's a sauna. Just sneaked behind her while she was
walking (she is extremely slow) and sedated her. Then I just dragged the body to the
sauna and in there, grabbed my microfilm. Step one done.
Killing the Target - I was amazed how easly it can be done. Like you said, the
target walks between the first and second floor. The COOL thing, is that once he enters
the room on the second floor, the FBI Bodyguard stays on the corridor and the
target is solo inside, with his backs turned! I just followed the target and Bodyguard
until they climbed the ladders, the target enters the room. Because you are
dressed as an FBI, you can just walk by the bodyguard, enter, close the door
and enter sneak mode. After that, I just poisoned him and that's it. I just
had to walk out, get my Suit back from the van, and run to the exit.
For some reason the FBI agent never suspects the time the Target takes inside
that room. ^_^

Aaron Dunlap mailed:
You can plant a bomb outside Vinnie's window where his phone is.
Then call him on the phone in the FBI van. When he anwers, blow up the mine.
Wear the FBI outfit and you will have no trouble when the threat bar has rosed
to yellow.

Interesting Things:

-The guard dog eats any king of sausages...
-You can get a good view of the guard dog from the tree house, also of
 the poolyard...
-A clown is entertaining in the pool area, and will sometimes come out
 to his van...
-Two important items is kept in the veterinary's garage room...
-A sasuage is found behind the veterinary's house...
-A player's tool is found in Vinnie's garage...
-Vinnie only walks between his room on the second floor and the living
 room on the first floor
-Keep an eye out for open windows and drainpipes which will lead into
 the house...


Main Objectives

**Kill Mark Purayah .Jr
**Kill Raymond Kulinsky
**Kill Angelina Mason

Optional Objective:

**Retrieve Diamond Case

Weapons Found: SLP.40, MP9, Desert Eagle, SLP.40 .S, Kazo TRG, SG552

This is a very interesting mission. Remember, as long as briefcase that
the red bird has is not delivered to Mark, the assassination won't take place.
If he do get the case; after a while, two of the targets dressed as crows, are
gonna sniper the politican, which you're supposed to protect. You must also kill
his girlfriend which he has communication with via walkie talkie, and she will
also try to kill the politican with a knife. And your last target is the leader of
that black Crow group, Mark.

As you can't enter the bars in you suit or your regular outfit, you must get
a waiter outfit. There is one in a locked hotel room, find it and sneak in.
Grab the outfit on the floor without waking the sleeping civilian.


When you start, you must follow that red bird into an alley.
When he stands still, quickly sedate him. Take his clothes and dump
the body in the container. There is a police that patrols the streets
and is walking into the alley, so that caused me much trouble the first time.
Go inside the apartment door (it's green) in one of the corners and hide the
case in there. As long as that case isn't delivered to Mark Purayah, the
assassins can't kill the politican.


You can't see her on the map yet. But we'll kill her now.
Go to the two points of interest to the west. You will there notice
a uphanged piano. Climb up the tree box which has a trashcan besides it.
Follow the way to the piano and plant a bomb on the attacherope. Climb back
down and wait for 10 minutes or little more and Angelina will arrive. When
she's standing under the piano, detonate the bomb and she will be crushed under
it! Now, pick up her gun and her walkie talkie. Now, after a while, it's fun to
see her being draged away in a bodybag by the police...


With the walkie talkie you got from Angelina, you can track down Raymond.
He's in one of the three bars that are in the area. In every backside of
every bar there is a waiter outside smoking. Just sedate him and take his
clothes. Hide the body in the container that are nearby. Watch out for the
drunken man that's also in every backside. Then just enter the bar and go to
the top of the stairs (which every bar has). There are three bars, the Salsa Bar
to the east, Blues Bar to the south and the Rock bar to the north. On the top,
watch out for Kulinsky and find a way to get behind him and wire him. You can in
one bar, push him down the balcony he enters. He has a Kazo TRG sniper rifle,
which he was going to use for the murder, it's in the room where he was.
I recommend taking it on your second playthrough, though.
Take his walkie talkie and Desert Eagle.

Alternate is to sniper Raymond through one of the apartment windows, when you
know in which bar he is, enter the apartment on the side opposit him. Just watch out
for civilians.


Be sure that you have the red bird's clothes on before going towards the other
target. When ready, go to the point of interest to the northwest of the map and go to
the yellow bird you see. He will tell you that you can visit the boss. Go in and turn left.
Go up the spiral stairs and through the door on the top a bit forward. Here,
you'll see Mark. Place the diamond case on the table and go back to the stairs. Now,
the yellow bid might annoy you, so sedate him when you get the chance. Look at your
map, when Mark's looking through the balcony, sneak in and hide in the closet to the
right. When he stands by a couch to the left, sneak out and strangle/poison him. Take
his gun if you disire and his walkie talkie. Now, hide the body in the container to the
right of the closet you were hiding in. You have a SG552 rifle to collect by his desk
to the right, you can smuggle it to the nearest point of interest and stuff it in the
box. But the spot-risk is very high. An alternate strategy is to take the
W2000 sniper rifle with you and go to the west point of interest. It's not
the one with the piano but the one to the right of it. Climb the pipe up
to a tower. There you'll have a very good view of Mark, so unpack the rifle.
When he stands near the balcony in the open, shoot him in the head and get down.


Pick up the diamond case and pick up your suit in the middle alley where you
sedated the red bird. Then run to the exit point to the south to finish the

Bruno Santos Mailed:
Well, I refused to dress myself as a waiter to take out the male assassin that
is hidden in one of the bars. I wanted to counter sniper him =).
Anyway, the most easy way to kill Angelina Mason - on the back alley where
the Red Bird stops to take a pee (or sometimes, he stands still), stay there.
To your joy, after some minutes or so, Angelina comes in. I just waited until
she was the closest as possible to the Dumpster and Headshotted her with my
silenced ballers. I just had to put her in the Dumpster nearby.
Raymond Kulinsky - Snipe him up! - After you learn his position, it's fun to
counter-sniper him =). Carrying my W2000 on that handy suitcase, it was
time to take out the sniper. Easiest Position: Hotel room. If Raymond is
near the backalley where we killed Angelina and the Red Bird takes a pee, you
just have to enter the apartment (The Grey Door at the floor! Not the one after
some small stairs), head to the second floor, and before the double doors, get
the "Make them sleep" Syring ready. A Civilian is watching TV inside, sneakly
sedate him, and get your W2000 ready. Raymond will walk around the room you see from your
current position. As soon as you see him...shoot him down! And there all done.
Medium - Oyster Bar - This position can be seen from 2 hotel rooms.
Problem is, they are occupied. Enter the Hotel, climb the stairs and go
left. In one room, there's a yellow bird guard and 2 woman, in the other
1 man and 1 woman, both civilians. This is a "Not so stealthy" solution
for the best way is to enter the room with the 2 chicks and guard, headshot
both girls and then quickly take out the guard. IF you have good ballers,
it's quick, easy, and silent.

After that, just get your sniper ready, watch from the open window at your left,
BUT DO NOT HEAD OUTSIDE. There's a place outside the room where you can see a
more ample area, yea, but the police can see you, so stay inside the room, point to
the door where Raymond will head during his routine and BOOM! HEADSHOT! PWNED!

Interesting Things:

-As long as the dimamond case isn't delivered to Mark, the
 assassination won't take place...
-The tower to the west is a good sniping point, as well as the windows
 in the apartments...
-Angelina will open fire if she founds out that Raymond is dead...
-Always use the back doors when entering a disco...
-A waiter suit can be found at the hotel...
-The red bird is only a delivery guy...


Main Objectives

**Kill Lorne de Havilland
**Kill Chad Bingham .Jr
**Retrieve Videotape

Weapons Found: SLP.40, Kitchen Knife, TMP

You will notice a "?" on the loading screen. That's because there is an assassin
on the Stage which is supposed to kill 47. You better watch out...


You start off at a pier. Follow the bridge forward and enter the lift to the
left. On the top, the waiter welcomes you to the party. Turn left 90 degrees and enter
the party. Walk forward to the next room and turn left in here. Run forward and
talk to the bartender infront of you. He'll give you a bottle of Aphrodesiac,
which he say's gonna help you out in the grotto. Now, go back to the entrance
of the party and turn right. Walk through the staff door in front of you. Make
sure that the guard doesn't spot you. Go through the other door at the other
end. You're now in the kitchen. There is also a drunk santa in here. He don't care
about you, so you can just sedate him while standing. Take his clothes and hide the
body in the box which is in the kitchen. Also, pick up one of the two sausages, one
is on the floor by two trashcans and one is on the left counter. Posion it with the
posion syringe and take it with you, the ranking won't change even if you're
using poison so just relax...


Go back to the bartender and look to the right of the bar counter.
There should be a drink there which you can pour some aphrodesiac in.
If the drink's not there, the waiter is serving it to Chad, but he'll come
back with it. When he does, put some of the aphrodesiac in it. Wait for the
waiter to serve it to the target and eventually Chad will walk away with a girl.
Follow them. It's gonna take a while for them to get to the room. When they are
in there, just open the door to make them leave. Chad will walk down some stairs
to a balcony so follow him. When he's standing there, push him over the balcony
and move away from there in case someone spots you for some reason, but that
shouldn't happen.


The assassin that is supposed to kill you is standing in the corridor where
Chad and the girl went through to get to their room. You will see her making
out with a guy in the corridor. When you are walking near her, she will make
you follow her into the room. After the cutscene, headbutt her and knock her
out. Otherwise she will stab you with a nail polisher...You will notice that the real
hooker is behind the sofa...dead. Thanks to James Sanchez for confirming that
you don't get bonus money for killing the assassin.


Go back to the bartender and go right. Becuase of the santa disguise,
you're allowed to go into the grotto. Follow the way to the point of
interest on the top of the map. Go through the waterfall and sedate the
camera man on the left side of the waterfall, he's sitting on the edge in
front of it. Drag his body behind the waterfall and take his clothes. To the
northwest of the grotto there are tow guards guarding the door that leads to
an elevator. You're now allowed to pass them with the disguise. Enter the lift
behind that door and take it up to the film studio where your next target
awaits. Lorne is walking between his room and the studio. He also has an annoying dog
which you must get rid of before you kill him, otherwise it will alert the guards if
it finds him dead. Turn left in here and go through the door to the studio. Wait
for Lorne to arrive with his dog and then throw the poisoned sausage on the floor.
The dog will eat it and die. Lorne will cry over the dog and then continue to
walk between the his room and the studio. Climb the ladder to the east and follow the
crated floor to the right side. Plant a bomb to the right where the spotlights
are attached. Climb back down and wait again for Lorne to arrive. When he's
standing still, detonate it and the spotlights will land on him...

Or after you have poisoned the dog, sneak into Lorne's room.
You can get past the bodyguard by looking at his patrol route.
When he leaves the pink-looking room, run for Lorne's room.
Run to the balcony at the end of the room and push him down the
balcony and get out of the room when the guard isn't in the next room.


Go to the south point of interest and pick up the tape on the second left table.
Be sure that the guard isn't looking at you or he will open fire.


Now, make your way to your suit in the first floor kitchen and take it on.
Now, make your way to the boat you arrived here with and escape. Oh, if you
want to steal the tape, it's in the guard quarters on the second floor.
Destract the guards with the coin before taking the tape.

Another method of escaping is to take the elevator down to the helipad when
you have the bodyguard outfit, the guard at the end will search you, so I
don't recommend this method if you want to keep any new weapon...Anyway,
after the search, go to the next room and escape with the helicopter...

Interesting Things:

-Lorne's dog eats sausages...
-Only the santa, bodyguards, VIP guests and the film makers are allowed
 at the grotto...
-Warning, the film makers are the only ones that gets frisked at the
 entrance of the grotto...
-A certain liquid will turn even a faithful priest into a sex demanding
-Lorne enters the party sometimes, via a stairwell...
-Many sausages can be found at the kitchen...
-The glass of the jacuzzi seems pretty sensitive...


Main Objectives

**Kill Skip Muldoon
**Kill The Gator Gang
  Everett Jefferson
  Junior O'Daniel
  William Scorfitz
  Adam Henrikson
  Joe Netberg
  Elijah Krup
**Retrieve Pictures

Weapons Found: Snub Nosed, FN-2000, Bull.480, Desert Eagle, Shotgun,
               Shovel, Fire Extinguisher

Oh hoy! Time to take out a bunch of crew members and their captain on a big
ferry. What to remember here is that there are two types of waiters. There are the 1st
class waiters which are the only waiters who are allowed to the Gators private
area. Then there are the lower class waiters which are only allowed in the first and
second resturant room.


Your now on a ferry, and your targets are the captain and the Gator gang.
Lets begin. When you start, run to the left and break the utility box.
A sailor will be coming to fix it. There are some stairs to the left of the box.
That's where the man is coming from. When he's fixing the box, sneak up the
stairs and through the right door. Here, watch out for a Gator member who's coming
outside the window, and he might see you. When he has past by. Pick up the Engine Room
key on the table infront of you. Sedate the beer bottle also beside the key's
location. Hide in the closet to the right and wait for the sailor to return. He'll drink
the beer and fall unconscious. Take his clothes and his gun if you want. Go back
down the stairs on the left side. Open the door under the stairs with the key and
enter the engine room.


Go forward in here and find the member. Follow him around until he stands
towards a rail. Watch out for the machinery guys in here that might see
you throw him off the rail. I smacked him down with the shovel, that was cool.
But I think that results as a kill, so just push him off the rail. Now, exit the
room through the door to the north.


Go back to the start and up the stairs and through the double door.
Don't go up the next set of stairs. Instead, go through the double door
in the middle of the to set of stairs. Follow the corridor until you see a
man standing with a woman. As you're walking near them, they'll go inside of
a room. You can't follow them in because the doors are locked with keycard
readers. After a while, the member will come out. Follow him to a rail where he will
stand. Don't push him off yet because there is a woman standing to the left and she
will alert the guards if she sees you. After she has leaved the area, push the
member off the rail.


Go back to the two set of stairs and take them up now. Go through the
door to the northwest and go through the next double door to the north.
In here, walk to the end and pass the two guards through the next double door.
Take the first door to your right and take the special waiter clothes to the
right of the dresser to the left. Go back out and take the next door to the right. In
here, the cook will order you to take the birthday cake up to the boss. To the right
on a table is the cake. When he isn't looking, posion the cake and drop all of your
guns. Take the cake and go through the door to the left. Drop the cake for now and
watch the third member walk along this side. He will walk inside the kitchen and then
back out to the end of the side he's patrolling. There he will stand towards the
railing, so push him down at that moment.


Go up the stairs where the point of interest is. Go to the member and he will
frisk search you. After that, go through the door. Go through the next door to
the left and hide behind the door. The fourth member will walk in here to take a
leak. Use that opportunity to wire him. Turn the lights off and go back out.


He's patrolling outside and inside of the captains room.
When he comes outside to the east he will stand with his back towards
you. Push him over the rail, and he's out.


Yes, the last one. And he's easy. He's the one that frisk searched you. When he
stands to the left of the door. Sneak up on him and wire him. Throw him off
the rail and you can now easy take out your main target.


Go back and pick up the poisoned birthday cake. Take it to the boss' office and
put it on the table. When he eats it, he will feel pain and die...What a
birthday... Take him to the rail where you throwed down the sixth member. There, throw Skip
overboard and you're done.


In his bedroom to the west of his office is a green safe. Just open it and
take the photos.


Make your way back to the room where you picked up the sailor clothes and put
your suit back. Then, go through the engine room and through the northern door.
There, go around the deck and escape via the boat. NOTE: always check your
map to find how the guards patrols. Then you can just sneak past them and
go straight for the boat.

Interesting Things:

-Remember, all the Gator members will stand near a rail...
-Waiter clothes can be found in the staff area...
-A guest wants champagne delivered to his room in the second restraunt
-Only the 1st class waiters are allowed at the Gators private area...
-Waiters are preparing food for the Gators and the guests on the ship,
 extra flavour won't hurt
-Skip watches TV sometimes...
-Tonight's Skip's birthday, a cake is prepared in the 1st class


Main Objectives

**Kill The Groom
**Kill The Bride's Father
**Ensure The Bride's Safety

Weapons Found: Shotgun, Six Shooter, Elephant Rifle, Shovel

At the start of this wonderful mission, you'll see that the ensure the
bride's safety objective will be completed. Well, that's good.


The thing to remember on this mission is that nobody cares if you're walking
around with a weapon! They're all crazy rednecks, and they are shooting like hell!
At the beginning, follow the bridge until you can go between two houses to the
right. When you arrive at the grass, look to the left to see a drunken guest.
Follow him to an abandoned house. Wait until he lies down to pass out and then
take his clothes and party invitation. Now, go north to the party entrance. The
guards won't frisk search you.


The disguise we need now is the priest's, since the wedding won't take place if
he doesn't ring the bell outside. Inside, you can first talk to the bride. After
that, picklock the door to the right of the stairs. Sneak inside and you're in the
priest's room. Wait in the closet for him. When he comes with his back against you,
sedate him and hide his body in the small closet behind you. Now, take his clothes, bible
and his boat key. Alright, go back to the stairs at the entrance and open the upper
left door. You're now inside of a toilet. Pick lock the door on the left in here and go
through it. There is a single patrolling guard in here. So when he has his back towards you,
sneak/run up the stairs infront of you. Take the stairs to the attic and plant
a bomb on the upper left point of interest. After that, go to the entrance and go
through the double door to the north. Watch the piano to the left. When the groom comes to
play it a little, detonate the bomb to make a crystal lamp fall on him! He is as good
as dead...


Look at your map (outside) and go to the family grave. The priest's outfit will
allow you to go there. Follow the bridge until you can go right and enter the
schack there. Turn left in there and sedate the guard who is sitting in the
chair. Now, he won't see you do the coming accident. Wait for the father to come.
He will first visit the grave where his brother rests. After that he will come
and feed the crocodiles. Charge at him and push him down to the crocodiles and
they will eat him up...

An alternate strategy: After the graveyard, he will go up to his room.
Follow him in the guard uniform. Inside of the room he will sit down in
his chair and watch TV. Strangle/syringe him and hide the body in the closet
behind you. You will also notice a awesome Elephant Rifle on the west wall
of the room. You can escape with it by wearing any disguise.


Go to the norhtwest exit point and use the priest's boat to escape.

Simon Bainbridg has another strategy, and it involves sniping:
First, go to the abandoned house where the guest passes out and make sure
that your sniper rifle has a silencer. Unpack the sniper in the house where
you can get a good look of the people dancing to the north. Remain crouching
until the groom comes out infront of the dancing people. Shoot him and crouch
down again. The tense bar will rise up to yellow, but nothing should happen.
Pack the rifle back into the case and take the invitation from the passed out
guest. Enter the party and go to the wedding pavilion and go around it into the
water. Unpack the rifle here and wait until the father comes from the family
graveyard. When he does; there's your shot! Now, go back to the start and exit
via the boat.

Matthew Markowitz mailed:
You can poison the wedding cake in the kitchen (northeast from the entrance.
And when the Groom comes in, he will lick it and then die...
Then you can hide the body in the box to the upper right of the cake.
But be quick so the waiter doesn't come in.

Interesting Things:

-The Priest is allowed anywhere except the 2nd floor...
-The priest is the one that starts the wedding ceremony...
-47 can carry out the ceremony while wearing the priest outfit...
-Shooting is allowed outside...
-No one will care even if a priest walks around with a shotgun...
-The groom should not be eating from the cake right now...
-After the ceremony, the groom will have another patrol route...


Main Objectives

**Kill Sheikhal-Khalifa
**Kill The Scientist
**Kill Hendrik Schmutz

Optional Objective

**Steal Diamonds

Weapons Found: TMP, RU-AP Mine, SLP.40, SLP.40 .S


Walk into the Hotel and turn left. Follow the way and talk to the girl at the
reception to get your room key number 701 on the seventh floor. Turn left and
go up the stairs. Enter the elevator and go to the 7th floor. Up there, turn
left and open the left balcony door there. Watch your map so that the cop isn't
coming. If he isn't near, sedate the staff member on the balcony. Take his 7th Floor
Access card, which has access to all the rooms on this floor! Quckly, dump his body
over the balcony. Go to your room number 701. In the room you can pick up a TMP and a
RU-AP Mine in the box behind the couch.


Take the elevator down to the lobby. Enter the casino and take the double door
to your right when you see it. Enter the left toilet and pick lock the door at
the end. There is a staff member walkng here. The door he enters leads to a
changing room. There stands a single staff member. When the walking one has exit that room,
sneak in and sedate the staff member facing the lockers. Take his clothes and dumpb the
body in the box to the right. You must be quick or the other one will come in. Now,
exit the room and look at your map. Go to the lounge where the sheikh is. You will be
frisked by the guards, so don't have any weapons on you. Hendrik Schmutz will soon come
here with a case to make an exchange to some diamonds. After a long wait, the sicentist
will call the sheikh and he will go upstairs. You have the staff member suit on you, so
you can follow him. Follow him up the long set of stairs. On the top, sneak up behind
him and wire him. Hide the body behind the ventilations. Then go back down.


He will first enter the toilet before going back to his room. So use that time
to get to the elevator, he uses the left one. Climb the hatch and wait for Hendrik.
Then strangle him up on the roof. Take his gun and the diamond case (which is
optional). Then jump down and go to the seventh floor.


Go to the balcony where you sedated the staff member. Turn right if you take the
left door and vice versa. There is a fence which you can climb on in the middle
of those doors on the wall. Climb it up and follow the edge to the left and enter
through the window. Enter through the east door where the guard quarters is. Sneak up
on the staff member to the left who's sitting in a chair. Sedate him and take his 8th
floor access card. Hide the body in the box behind you. Now, go out and turn left.
Press the button on the fire alarm to activate it. Everyone will exit their rooms and
assemble at the elevators. Use that opportunity to go to the scientist's room to the
northwest. Hide in the closet to the northwest in his room. After a while he will come back and
look out the window. Sneak up on him and wire him. Leave his body and sneak through the
bathroom. Turn left and sedate the guard who's facing the balcony. Leave his body and go
out to the balcony. Jump over to the other baclony and wait for the man in the couch to
enter the bathroom. Then run through his room and out to the corridor. If you haven't the
diamond case with you, go and get it.


Go to the casino and turn left after you have went down the stairs. Go through
the double door and follow the alley to a waiting car which you will use to escape
the hotel.

Aki Haaparanta mailed an alternate strategy:
You'll need a sniper with silencer type 2. On the start, don't go to the
reception, just take the stairs up and enter the left side elevator. Climb the
hatch and wait for the scientist to enter it. Strangle him from the roof and
take his keycard. Go back to the lobby and enter the right side elevator. Climb the
hatch and wait for Hendrik to get inside of it. Strangle him like you did with the
scientist and take his clothes. Now go to the 7th floor and talk to the drunk woman. She
will let you into her room. When she starts to dance inside, wait until she falls asleep
and don't exit the room via the door! Go out on the balcony and jumpb over to your
balcony which is the next one. Exit and go the the 8th floor. Start the fire alarm up
here so everyone will exit their rooms. Enter the scientists room and call the
scientist on the phone on the table. Take the sniper and run fast to the woman's room. Enter the
balcony and unpack the rifle. Aim down where you can see some red lamps above a door.
The sheikh will come out from there, so shoot him when he stands in there. Get your own
clothes right now and pull the fire alarm again on the 8th floor. Enter the scientists room
once again and grab the diamond case and leave the casino.

Dima Todd mailed an alternate strategy:
When you first begin he must run to the right and get to the receptionist's
desk. Next you must talk to her and get yourkeycard. Next run to the left elevator and
climb the hatch. Wait for the scientist and when the elevator begins to move
strangle him. Leave the suitcase up here. Be sure to take the eighth floor keycard. Get
down from the hatch and then get into the right elevator. Wait for your second
target Hendricks. You have no time to go to your room between targets. When he gets in strangle
him and take his clothes. Go to Hendricks room. Get the DNA briefcase. Next go to your room
and drop off the DNA briefcase. Next get the payment briefcase.

Bring it back to your room. There should be a mine in the box next to the
couch. Take it. Put it in the DNA briefcase. Take the briefcase and walk down to the lobby.
Stand to the left of the guards. Throw the briefcase over the wall. As soon as you are out
of range detonate it. You will have full suspicion so I suggest you run for the exit. Do
not forget your briefcase. If you do not wish to take Hendricks clothes, you can take the
clothes off a bodyguard. There is a men's bathroom in the lobby. It is perpendicular to the
bar and parallel the vending machine. Walk in and stand in front of the mirror farthest
to the right. Make sure no one is here. A civilian will come in and use the first
stall next to the door. Make sure the doors close before pushing him. He will hit his head on
the toilet and being knocked out to. Go back in front of the mirror. Soon a guard will
come in and use the stall farthest from the door. Again push him and knocked him out. Take his
clothes and leave his body here, no one will notice. If you are lucky, Henricks will come
in and use the middle stall right before the guard comes in. You can do the same with him,
just push him and knocked him out. He has a silenced pistol which you can use to shoot him
once in the head and end his miserable life. The guard will come in soon but he
will not notice. You can push him as well so you have your choice between
Hendricks and a bodyguard. Be careful, this guide was made only for the
normal level. Any level other than normal might require a different approach.

Interesting Things:

-The staff members has the all access keycards to each floor...
-Only waiters are allowed at the sheikh's private lounge...
-All targets can be sniped...
-The phone in Tariq's room might be useful...
-47 can do Hendrik's business with the sheikhh...
-There are only cameras in the main casino hall...


Main Objectives

**Kill Anthony Martinez
**Kill Vaana Ketlyn
**Retrieve Information
**Kill Eve
**Kill Maynard John

Weapons Found: SLP.40, FN-2000, Dragunov, MP5, Desert Eagle, Meat
        Cleaver, Kitchen Knife, Stiletto, Cane Sword


You can't pass through the garage to the northeast so go through the glass doors
to the north. Talk with the guard at the reception and Hitman will lure the cop
that he forgot his suitcase and that it's kept in the staff room. When he has gone
over there, follow him into the room and sedate him. Take his clothes and go to the
point of interest to the northeast. Stand infront of the VCR and wait for the cop
that stands up to go to the back of the room. Then he won't see you steal the tape (the one
in the chair won't see you). After that, go down the parking lot and look at the map.
Go to the point of interest to the northeast and equip the heavens party guest
clothes that's outside the truck, beware that a cop might spot you changing outfit, so take a
look towards the trucks behind you if he's looking at your direction. When you
manage to change costume, go to the right lift and take it up to the party. Btw, the guards will
frisk you before you can pass. If you want the weapons, go right of the right elevator
and distract the cop there with a coin. Do it near the south side of the car there or a
heaven party guard might hear it too. When the cop goes to investigate it, pick lock the
door to the left of the car and climb the ladder once it's unlocked. At the top you're on
the elevator roof. Go down the open hatch there and take the elevator up to the party.


Go north and enter the toilets. It's the second door if you're coming from the
left and the first door if you're coming from the right. The CIA agent will come
in here to take a leak, so sneak into his stall and wire him. Take his clothes
and the case if you want.


Go south and enter the point of interest room. Eve, the terrible singer
(assassin) on the stage by the bar will come in here. Make sure that you stand behind the
double door on the right side because for some reason she always looks a little to the
left side, and if you're standing there she will spot you and attack you like crazy. She
will then go towards the windows, that's when you sneak towards her and wire her. If she
happen to see you, headbutt her and then punch her to the ground if it happens. After that,
(posion her, if you punched her down and...) hide the body behind the table. Note that
there's a weapon case to the right near the desk containing a Dragunov Sniper, might come in
handy if you're trying to do the mission in another way.


Use the laptop on the tabe to retrieve information on the two remaining
assassins. They are not here, so go back to the elevator and take it back down.


Outside the elevator, turn right and enter the elevator, the guards won't search
you if you're wearing the CIA agent's outfit. And if you don't have it on you,
you can't enter the hell party without the Hell party outfit, there's one to the north in
this parking lot, if you need it, but I really recommend the CIA agent's outfit
since you're allowed exactly anywhere with it. Now, take the elevator down to the hell
party. Follow the way to the bar and talk to the bartender. He is the assassin Maynard John.
He says you must meet him in a Torture Chamber. Follow him directly and talk to him.
You must fight him in that room. Your weapons lies on a table infront of you when you
begin. Now, pick up the weapons and enter sneaking mode. Maynard is on the other side
of the fence. Keep away from the shelf as they will come down on you if he hits them,
so hide behind the pillars. When you see him, enter first person view to get a better
aim. A few shots is enough to kill him. He's just like a normal guard but a little
stronger. After that, pick up the storage key from his body and exit the chamber.


Go to the storeroom to the northwest. Turn left in there and go past the
guard. If Vaana is out there on the balcony and introducing the disco dancers
to the flames, examine the panel to the left of the door to make the flame
throwers be aimed at her! She will be crisped and fall into the shark tank and be eaten,
the dancers at the disco will think it's a part of the show, so they'll applaude.
Quickly get out of the hell party.


Back at the parking lot. Retrieve your suit and escape via the blue
van in the parking lot. Look at the map to find it easier, and try to
stay out of the guards sights.

Interesting Things:

-A certain person in the parking lot will let you into the hell party
-There is another way into the heaven party in the parking lot than
 taking the elevator...
-Maybe sneaking through the hatch of a elevator might spare your
-Never mess with Vaana's Flame-equipment...
-Anthony is best to kill at the Heaven party...


Main Objectives

**Kill Mark Parchezzi III
**Kill The Vice President

Weapons Found: M14, SLP.40, Desert Eagle, Custom 1911, Nailer

This mission is very cool. You're about to enter the white house! Be sure that
you have the foil filled case if you want to smuggle your sniper in, otherwise
you'll be shot. Also, if you want to smuggle in your gun, hide it in the woman's
case who's to the left of the bus. She will be taken for a interrogation...oops.
And the case will be taken to the guards quarters.


Go through the entrance to the white house. Turn left and go to the bathroom.
Drop your guns here and go back out. Go through the metal detector and make a
left. Go to the other end and watch the woman looking through the glass box. While
she's looking through it, sneak up on her and push her unconsious to the glass box.
The guards will come, so stay there for 3 seconds. After that, quickly run through the
double door to the north. Hide behind it and take the second door to the right. Sneak
into the bathroom to the right in here. Sedate the showering staff member in here and
take his clothes on the bench. Just leave the body here.


Go back out to the corridor. Enter the guards quarters and pick up
the White House Access Card on the table infront of you. There is also
a CCTV tape to steal here near it. Now, go back to the corridor again and
follow it north until you can turn right through a door. Go up the stairs to the
roof. Follow it backwards and climb the ladder at the end. At the top are two
workers, wait until they are gone. Then go up. Enter the last room on the left side (go
through the door to the left where the tool box is, then follow the room through the
other doors to reach the last room. Why is because cameras will spot you in the
corridor up ahead) and pick up the worker clothes on the bench. Go back to the
toolbox and pick it up. Put a gun inside of it if you wish and go to the room
where you got the clothes. Exit through the door to the right of it (remember the
open window to the north of the clothes. Open the double door to the north in the corridor
and go down the stairs. Go right and let the guard frisk you. Then enter the room and
wait for the president to come in. He will tell you to fix the panels and then get
out...? Anyway, he will go to another room. Quickly follow him and wire him while you're
running. Take his gun and the keycard, then hide the body in the box in the next room to the
north from where you came in from. His wife will come in here because he isn't answering the
phone. Ignore her and go back to the open window I told you about.


Climb through the window and take the ladder down. Follow the roof to a locked
door and open it with the keycard. Go through the door and sneak inside the first
room to the left. Go left again and enter the door. Don't wake up the sleeping
guard. Take the new guard clothes in here and the Desert Eagle. Exit the room and
follow the way through the offices to the targets room, nothing can go wrong. Inside the
office you'll see a cutscene. After that, Mark will escape. The guards will be alerted but they
won't shoot at you as long as you don't do anything odd. Back at the roof (where you
entered the west building from), hide behind one of the boxes opposit where Mark is and
equip your Desert Eagle. Mark has a powerful Custom 1911 so stay under cover. Bend up
and shoot at him a few times to kill him. It's very easy. After he's dead, pick up his
gun if you want.


Go back to the bus which you arrived here with. Don't worry about the metal
detector. They will think you're a real guard. If you want to escape with your suit, then
distract the guards from the metal detector, they won't search you when you're walking
through the metal detector.

Interesting Things:

-The woman outside with the suitcase will be useful to smuggle in
-A coin might distract the guards from the metal detector...
-Weapons will be kept in the guard quarters...
-The Vice President is expecting a worker in his room...
-The dog will count as a witness if you kill the target infront of
-Mark is easier killed with the sniper rifle...
-The Vice President walks in a yard, which gives a good oppurtuniy for


Main Objectives

**Leave No Witnesses

Weapons Found: MP7, SLP.40, Hedge-Cutter, Shovel, Screwdriver, Kitchen
               Knife, Custom 1911, Stiletto


When the credits begins to roll. Rotate the left analog stick around until
Hitman gets up. Now, shoot the guard infront of you and run to the left. Hide
behind the half wall to the upper right and shoot the rest of the upcoming guards.
The silverballers is reloadning VERY slow, so that might cause you death. After everyone
is dead in here, kill the rest on the map. There are some tools for you in a shack to the
southeast. Be sure that you're picking up the MP7, because you'll need it. Watch out for
the bastard in the wheelchair, he has a Custom 1911 which will cause much damage. Shoot him
with the silverballers or the MP7. Just remember that you can't save or change
disguise... When EVERYONE is dead, the final scene will take over...

One fun thing is that if you don't kill Rick (the man who talks to the
wheelchair guy all the time) at the beginning, he'll run to a gate to the
southwest of the map with the priest. There they can't go any further, so he and the priest
will just stand there and knock on the gate desperately! The fun part comes after
you have killed everyone except them. You can walk slowly towards them and shoot a final
shot when you're close to Rick or just throw a stiletto in his back (I recommend
killing the priest first with a throwing Stiletto and then just focus on Rick), cut him in
the neck with the hedge-cutter or smash him with the shovel (these things are found at
the point of interest). That's real fun, the choice is up to you if you decide to do it.
If you're close to him when he runs, he will yell after the police and at the gate he
will beg for his life; that he's an innocent and that he will keep 47's secret to himself.
Poor guy...

Interesting Things:

-At first, it might be good to rotate the left analog stick around...
-The priest will provide a good shield...
-Good tools are found in the small shack at the point of interest on
 the map...

                  !!  C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S  !!
                  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
                 You have now beaten Hitman: Blood Money!
                          Enjoy the ending!

|                     W  E  A  P  O  N  S                   |

Here are all the weapons you can find in Blood Money. Remember that the
weapons you can find in the level Death Of A Showman can be stuffed in the
box where you're picking up the mine and the detonator. Otherwise if you
don't do it, the weapons won't be added to your hideout or weapons selection.
And also, this is only for that level because it's a training mission.

a) Pistols

|    NAME       |    FIRST FOUND AT     |      CONCEALABLE        |
| SLP.40        |   Death Of A Showman  |         Yes             |
| Snub Nosed    |   A Vintage Year      |         Yes             |
| Silver Baller |      Default          |         Yes             |
| Bull. 480     |    A New Life         |         Yes             |
| Custom 1911   |  Amendment XXV        |         Yes             |
| Six Shooter   | Till Death Do Us Part |         Yes             |
| Desert Eagle  |  Death Of A Showman   |         Yes             |
| SLP.40 .S     | The Murder Of Crows   |         Yes             |

b) Sub Machine Guns

|    NAME       |      FIRST FOUND AT   |      CONCEALABLE        |
| SMG Tactical  |       Default         |         Yes             |
|     TMP       |  Death Of A Showman   |         Yes             |
|     MP9       |  The Murder Of Crows  |         Yes             |
|     MP5       |    Curtains Down      |         Yes             |
|     MP7       |     A New Life        |         Yes             |
|   SAF-SMG     |    A Vintage Year     |         Yes             |

c) Rifles

|    NAME       |     FIRST FOUND AT      |      CONCEALABLE        |
|     W2000     |       Default           |          No             |
|      M4       |       Default           |          No             |
|  Dragunov     |  Death Of A Showman     |          No             |
|    SG552      |  The Murder Of Crows    |          No             |
|   FN-2000     |Death On The Mississippi |          No             |
|   Kazo TRG    |  The Murder Of Crows    |          No             |
|Elephant Rifle | Till Death Do Us Part   |          No             |
|     M14       |    Amendment XXV        |          No             |

d) Shotguns

|    NAME       |     FIRST FOUND AT    |      CONCEALABLE        |
|    Shotgun    |  Death Of A Showman   |          No             |
| SP12 Shotgun  |       Default         |          No             |

e) Miscellaneous

|    NAME       |     FIRST FOUND AT    |      CONCEALABLE        |
|   Air Rifle   |      A New Life       |          No             |
|    Nailer     |    Curtains Down      |         Yes             |
|    Hammer     |    A Vintage Year     |         Yes             |
|  Screwdriver  |     Curtains Down     |         Yes             |
| Hedge Cutter  |      A New Life       |          No             |
| Baseball Bat  |  Death Of A Showman   |          No             |
| Kitchen Knife |   Death Of A Showman  |         Yes             |
| Meat Cleaver  |A Dance With The Devil |         Yes             |
|Poison Syringe |       Default         |         Yes             |
|Sedate Syringe |       Default         |         Yes             |
|  RU-AP Mine   |       Default         |         Yes             |
|  Fiber Wire   |       Default         |         Yes             |
|    Shovel     | Death At The Mississ..|          No             |
|   Stun Gun    |       Flatline        |         Yes             |
|  Cane Sword   |A Dance With The Devil |          No             |
|  Stiletto     |A Dance With The Devil |         Yes             |

The Baseball bat is first found at the level Death of a Showman, but since you
can't take it from the level, it will be found at the level A New Life, and then it
will be collectable.

|         W  E  A  P  O  N    U  P  G  R  A  D  E  S        |


Stage One: $50,000 /part

Low Velocity Ammo
Silencer Type 1

Stage Two: $75,000 /part

Extra Ammo
Rail Mount
Laser Sight

Stage Three: $100,000 /part

Magnum Ammo
Long Slide
Dual Action

Stage Four: $150,000 /part

Red Dot Sight
Large Clip

Stage Five: $200,000

Silencer Type 2
Scope Type 1
Full Auto Fire


Stage One: $50,000

Flechette Ammo
Butt Stock

Stage Two: $75,000

12 Guage Shots
Extra Ammo
Reaload Boost

Stage Three: $100,000

Rail Mount
Short Barrel

Stage Four: $150,000

Laser Sight

Stage Five: $200,000

Silencer Type 1
Red Dot Sight


Stage One: $50,000

Low Velocity Ammo
Butt Stock A
Butt Stock B

Stage Two: $75,000

Extra Ammo
Magnum Ammo
Rail Mount

Stage Three: $100,000

Silencer Type 1
Short Barrel
Rapid Fire

Stage Four: $150,000

Laser Sight
Double Clip

Stage Five: $200,000

Silencer Type 2
Red Dot Sight


Stage One: $50,000

Low Velocity Ammo
R.I.S Handguard
Butt Stock

Stage Two: $75,000

Armor Piercing Ammo
Rail Mount
Extra Ammo
Laser Sight

Stage Three: $100,000

Silencer Type 1
Pistol Grip

Stage Four: $150,000

Double Clip
Red Dot Sight

Stage Five: $200,000

Silencer Type 2
Drum Magazine


Stage One: $50,000

Low Velocity Ammo
Double Capacity Clip

Stage Two: $75,000

Lightweight Frame
Scope Type 1

Stage Three: $100,000

Silencer Type 1
Armor Piercing Ammo

Stage Four: $150,000

Carbon Fibre Barrel
Extra Ammo
Bolt Action

Stage Five: $200,000

Silencer Type 2
Scope Type 2

f) MISC.

Stage One: $50,000

7x50 Binoculars
Improved Lockpick

Stage Two: $75,000

Enhanced Detonator
Kevlar Vest

Stage Three: $100,000

Extra Mine
Flak Vest

Stage Four: $150,000

Craft Shultz Lockpick
Foild Padded Suticase

Stage Five: $200,000

Flexible Flak Vest

|                T  H  E    R  A  T  I  N  G  S             |

This is possibly all the ratings that you can get in Hitman Blood Money.
If not, I would be glad if you could mail them to me :) Just so you know,
this ratings took me a awful lot of time to get. And a thanks goes to Blair
Diamond for telling me that I should fix them! And if you spot any error here,
mail me them and I will fix it!

Name                                           Rating Bonus
----                                           ------------
Armed Madman...................................$0
Clumsy Killer..................................$0
Contract Killer................................$5,000
Deranged Slayer................................$15,000
Evil Eye Gouger................................$100,000
Fierce Offender................................$5,000
Frenzied Firefighter...........................$55,000
Hired Killer...................................$75,000
Insane Agent...................................$25,000
Insane Florist.................................$100,000
Insurance Agent................................$100,000
Invisible Killer...............................$75,000
King of the Jungle.............................$50,000
Lean Killer....................................$10,000
Loose Cannon...................................$15,000
Mad Butcher....................................$15,000
Man in Black...................................$75,000
Mass Murderer..................................$0
Messy Murderer.................................$0
Murderous Manicurist...........................$10,000
Needle Pumper..................................$100,000
Phantom Killer.................................$25,000
Prince of Darkness.............................$100,000
Raging Bluecollar..............................$40,000
Russian Hare...................................$75,000
Serial Killer..................................$5,000
Shadow Killer..................................$50,000
Silent Assassin................................$150,000
Skull Splitter.................................$100,000
Sushi Chef.....................................$100,000
Violent Criminal...............................$5,000
Violent Thug...................................$5,000

|                           F  A  Q                         |

Here are some of the questions that are good to know, and they were sent in by
wonderers. If you have a question, look at this FAQ first to see if it's here. Otherwise,
just drop me an email at the adress Geezguy-@hotmail.com

Q: Why didn't you answer at the adress geezguy-@hotmail.com at first?
A: I'm sorry about that. I thought that everyone would send their
   messages to the first adress and their second message to this one if
   they didn't get any answers there. But now I have changed the adress
   to the one that almost everyone was mailing to, which is the one at
   the question above.

Q: Where exactly is the Elephant Rifle located?
A: A the lobby, go to the west door and pick it when nobody is looking.
   Go through the door and up the stairs. Turn right up here and follor
   the corridor until you see a couple of guards here. Go through the
   door behind them and you will arrive at the fathers room. Look
   directly to the left in here and you will spot the Elephant Rifle on
   the wall infront of you.

Q: How does the save system work on Normal, etc?
A: You will have 7 saves and they are only used on the mission you're
   playing. If you use those saves on the the three save files, you
   can't save anymore on that mission. And when you complete the
   mission you will get to save your profile. When you start the next
   mission you will have 7 new saves to save with on that mission.

Q: How is this game builded?
A: This game is simple. It's a mission after mission game, and even if
   it's only 13 missions they're taking their time to complete if you
   want it to be clean. It's also fun to create your own custom
   missions (it's not a feature) which Pennywise380 has done. Check
   them out at Freewebs.com/pennywise380/index.htm .

Q: Why is the sound disappearing sometimes at A House Of Cards?
A: I never experienced that, so I can't really help. But I read on
   Gamefaqs that everyone who has a Slim PlayStation 2 has those
   problems. But I'm not sure at all. If you are asking me, then I'll
   say that it's a normal game glitch.

Q: Can you hide bodies in closets?
A: No, only in boxes and containers. You can only hide yourself in

Q: I can't find the chandelier in the Curtains Down level. Where is it?
A: From Alvaro's room, go through the double door on the southern wall
   from his door and go up the stairs to the attic. At the top, go
   through the door on the western side and you will find the
   chandelier's attachment in that room. That's where you must place
   the bomb.

Q: Will I still get money when I redo the missions?
A: Yes, you will get money, but not as much as you got when you first beat
   the mission. If the regular prize was $1,000,000, you will probably get
   around $200,000 when you redo them.

|            C  O  P  Y  R  I  G  H  T    L  A  W           |

This FAQ/Walkthrough is Copyright © 2006 by Mikael Eklund, Geezguy. And
it should not tried be sold anywhere on a site, magazine, book, or whatever
the thief is trying to do. To get this guide on your site, you must E-mail me
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walkthrough can only be used in a private use and it can be copied personally.

|             E  -  M  A  I  L    P  O  L  I  C  Y          |

If you have any suggestion, question, recommendation, strategy or anything that
can help my Hitman guide in any way to become even more better, please feel free to
e-mail me at my adress "Geezguy-@hotmail.com". Your reply will come in at least
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that you now that if you want me to read you mail you must input "Hitman Blood Money" or
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You will only see this FAQ/Walkthrough at GameFAQs.com and Neoseeker.com And
should you spot it anywhere else, please infrom me at once!


* You can send me any recommendations, suggestions, questions and new
  strategies or tips

* You can ask for permission to post this Walkthrough on your site.

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Do Not's

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|                     C  R  E  D  I  T  S                   |

This is the people that has contributed to me their diffrent strategies that
can be found in the walkthrough at the end of the missions. Some hasn't got
strategies, but who knows? It might come some day. Do you want to join the list?
Send me something good, and I will give you a credit.

A thanks goes to Lauren, Spencer, Simon, SteveH, Austin and Steve for telling
me about what Rick says if you are near him at the gate on Requiem (yeah, they were
many, but it's the late versions fault)

A thanks goes to James Sanchez and Steve for the strategy on A New Life and the
confirmation about the assassin on the level You Better Watch Out...

A thanks goes to Simon Bainbridg for the strategy on Till Death Do Us Part

A thanks goes to Aki Haaparanta for the strategy on A House of Cards

A thanks goes to Blair Diamond for suggesting to create a Ratings section

A thanks goes to Michael Underwood for pointing out that the Baseball Bat can
be found on the level Death Of A Showman

A thanks goes to Matthew Markowitz for the tip on Till Death Do Us Part

A thanks goes to Brendan Ostrom for reporting to me that I had forgotten the
Stiletto in the weapons section.

A thanks goes to Bruno Santos for mailing me a strategy on A New Life
and The Murder of Crows.

A thanks goes to Dima Todd for mailing me a strategy for A House of Cards.

A thanks goes to Nick McEvoy for mailing me a strategy for A Vintage Year.

A thanks goes to Supercheats for e-mailing me to get a permission to post my
guide on
their site. I appreciate that they're following my copyright law.

A thanks gose to everyone who has given a comment about my walkthrough and to
who has read my guide, I really appreciate it!

To those who didn't get a credit or got their strategy in the guide,
that means that I either didn't get it or I lost it, or I forgot you. Even if I
did get it, it may have been too big, or not necessary. Just remember that I won't
accept more contributions, so don't re-mail them to me.




Thank you for reading!


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