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FAQ/Walkthrough by Simon Moon

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 05/30/06

Hitman: Blood Money

By Christian 'Simon Moon' Riesen (simon [at] gomp [dot] net)

This guide covers each level of the game. It will show you how to get through 
the level. The goal is to reach Silent Assassin status on each level. So here 
are a few general guidelines. Never kill anything other than your marks. If 
you need a uniform from a living target, sedate him. Try to use accidents if 
possible, and fiber wire and poison if not. You can poison food and drinks, 
also use sedative on those things.

Inside the game, you have three action places on the top left. This guide is 
generally written for PC, but can also be used for other platforms. The three 
indicators are form top to bottom throw, pickup and action. If you for example 
see something about an action text, then the lowermost of these three is to be 
looked at, not the others. For PC it is by standard the E key.

In general directions are given by either saying "turn left" or "right" or by 
using directions according to the map screen, where up is north. Use the map 
to get a good sense of the map. Check all levels. I know the game wont help 
you much putting which level is where, but you get a general idea of where 
targets are and where the guards sit.

This document might contain errors, confusing text or some missing piece that 
might make things easier, so i invite you to edit this, yes this very text at 
GameWiki with your input. You can find it at this URL: 
Sign up (only username and password required) and you can edit it. Please go 
ahead and do so, i really would love to see your additions and edits of it. 
Also of course you can always find the latest revision of the document there.

Death of a Showman

It is very straight forward here. Follow what the game tells you to do and you 
will make it through in no time.

A Vintage Year

In Chile you have to eliminate two targets. One is in the cellar, the other in 
the mansion.

Run straight and circle around the compound on the left side. On its eastern 
wall, is a lonely guard on patrol. Go past the guard then sneak behind him and 
sedate him (don't kill). Take his cloths and shotgun, then drag him into the 
recess there, so no drunk visitor will find him accidentally. See the old 
truck there? Go onto the trucks loading area, then the drivers booth and then 
to the roof. Don't get too close to the ridge, wait until you don't see the 
guard that comes across the yard anymore, and let ten seconds pass. Now sneak 
on the northern side to the other roof side and fall through the hole. Slowly 
circle around the people in there and walk slowly out.

You are now in the middle of the compound. The first kill is the colonel. Go 
to the southeast corner, there you will find a pipe you can climb. Check that 
nobody sees you, then climb up and go to the left around to the eastern side. 
Now wait out here, until the colonel starts playing his instrument. Now go 
through the window, and sneak up on him. Kill him with your fiber wire or 
poison syringe. Exit again to the roof we were just on to get inside this 
place. The most secure path is now to walk further straight, and drop down to 
where you sedated the guard.

Circle around to where you started and enter the big yard where all the people 
are. Enter the building straight ahead, the wine cellar. Close the doors 
behind you. If there is a guard up there, wait until he leaves, at least 
around the first corner of the stairs down, the place a bomb at the winch 
there. Now go down all the steps and stand behind the barrels in the corner. 
Now wait for your second mark to come in. When he is close, throw a coin into 
the corner. It has to be really into the corner. When you look up, you will 
see the platform will only crush your mark, when hes as far in the corner as 
possible. If it doesn't work on the first throw, just throw another coin. Once 
hes in the corner, detonate the bomb, then go up the stairs.

Exit the compound again and circle around again the same way you went for the 
guard in the first place. Go to the south side of the building and there is a 
path leading down. Follow it all the way down and you get to a plane hangar. 
Walk around the hangar bay to get close to the plane and escape with it.

Summary: Silent Assassin Rating, 1 accidents, 1 close combat kill, time 10:24, 
objectives $400'000, rating bonus $150'000, total $550'000.

Curtains Down

To achieve the silent assassin here, you have to stage two accidents. One 
involves a gun, the other a chandelier. The target with the chandelier comes 
second and is sitting in the audience. The other victim is an actor, that will 
have a tragic accident with a gun.

Enter through the door and go to the receptionist (cop uniform) at the booth 
to your left. Wait for the man to get up and close then talk to him. You 
retrieve a real gun that you have to exchange against the fake one behind the 

Just next to the wardrobe you see two workers talking to each other, one in 
white the other in green suit. Wait there watch them from a few steps away 
until they part. The green worker goes into a door, the bathroom. Follow him 
immediately and use the sedatives on him when he takes a piss. Fast take his 
overall, then dump him in the container in the corner there, make sure to 
close the lid.

Exit the bathroom and pick up the tool kit on the left just outside the door. 
Go again into the bathroom and hide the weapon you got from the jacket in the 
tool box.


This is one of the more interesting levels. You have to find agent smith, get 
from him the picture of the main target, and while you do that, you get also 
two more contracts. These two are optional, but hey, why not do them while we 
are here?

As son as you enter the level, run up the path. You will see a guy standing to 
your left, looking away from you, smoking. Behind him on the bench you find 
admission papers. Steal them. If you are not fast enough, a guard will come up 
the path and you cant steal it anymore.

Now walk into the clinic and talk to the nurse behind the counter. She will 
open door for you, go in there and grab the patients robe. Now go the the door 
with the guard to your left and wait until hes done frisking you. Then enter.

Straight ahead is the study with the globe, there one of your victims tends to 
go and grab a drink. So we prepare a surprise for him first. Take the stairs 
to the north, next to the study. When you are up on the next level turn right 
(west), go through that door and then immediately again right (north). You 
stand now on a balcony above the study. On the wall to your right is the 
fixing point of that light above the globe. Attach the bomb there with the 
action text when you are close enough. This is only preparation, blowing the 
charge comes later.

Now head out the two doors again, so you have the stairs to your left and 
right.Go straight and take the second door to your left, its usually open, so 
its not a door you have to pick. Inside turn around to the right and there on 
a dresser is a therapists uniform, take it. This way we can go to more places.

Go down again and take the stairs that are on the left side of the study (to 
the west). Up there are 4 apartments. One has the letter D in front of it. If 
you were pretty quick, you could be there just when your mark is already in 
there, we don't want that. Wait until he leaves. One guard always stays close 
by, but occasionally takes a smoke. When he goes for his smoke, enter the D 
apartment, and get close to the gas canister. You get an action text for 
rigging it. Do so then get out. That was mark number 2. The next time he 
secretly cooks himself something, he blows up. We do this now, because it 
takes a while to play out, and it has no negative effect on you later, so you 
might as well get it done early.

The last mark needs a very close encounter. so we leave that for the end.

Lets go for the agent. Walk into the western area, same level as the study. 
Through the dining room then take the second door on your right (north). There 
is a guard in there, ignore him and get outside. If you want some weapons, 
pick them up, nobody minds. Exit straight through the door (north). Turn to 
your left and there on the wall is a breaker box. Fiddle with it and the guard 
will come out. Simply sedate him, take his uniform and dump him in the 
dumpster right next to the door. Go in again and steal the videotape as well 
as the key card there.

Use your shiny new card and go through the two grates. Now you see on your 
left two doors and some sort of counter. You can simply climb over that 
counter but wait outside now. You should see one guard on a chair, and if you 
see a second one that's good. IF there is no second guard, wait until the 
guard comes, takes a coffee and then after putting it away again walks out. 
When he walks out, that's your queue to get in there. Sedate the orderly on 
the chair, take his uniform then dump him in the corner in a laundry basket. 
There is a cell key and a rehab key card on the table to the left most, so 
take them.

Go into the cell area, down a level, the in the left side wall, the second 
cell from the right. Talk to the agent and you get a picture. Then sedate him 
with your death serum (not the poison) with the action text you get. Take a 
look at the picture in your inventory. The game hands you randomly one or 
another target. One is the primary the others are simply extra cash.

We already prepared the early death of one target with the gas container. One 
we prepared with the bomb. And now we go for the kill for the third one before 
we drop the bomb.

Leave that area and return to the guard post. Outside you should still have 
the therapist clothes, so change into those, you are less suspicious then.

Go back to the study, now go further east, through the door then turn right at 
the end of that corridor. A bit to the front and left, very eastern part of 
the clinic, you should see some fitness equipment. Position yourself on the 
eastern wall, near that door there, then wait. Your mark should come sooner or 
later and use the weights. Stand behind his head, and you get an action text 
that will end this ones life.

Leave the area quickly, back to the study. Go up a level again, stand on the 
balcony to see down, of course on the other side of the bomb. Wait until the 
mark starts to drink and detonate the bomb. Do not detonate it before the mark 
opened the globe and started to touch the bottle. If you do it before that, he 
will be alarmed and run away too quickly.

Make your retreat to the exit. On the left side is the morgue, right next to 
where you entered this level. Go in, and revive the agent, then take the exit 
door inside that building to escape.

Summary: Silent Assassin Rating, 3 accidents, objectives $370'000, rating 
bonus $150'000, total $520'000.

A new life

Your job is two parts here. Kill the witness and steal a microfilm (in a 
necklace around his woman's neck).

Follow the street. At the end of it, on the eastern part is a dump truck. A 
garbage collector guy is standing next to it, that's your first mark, his nice 
uniform is what we need. Watch out for the jogger and the other garbage 
collector, so they don't come into your play field while you do your mark. 
Stand a bit to the south, wait until he is very close to the side, then sneak 
up and wire him. Take his uniform, then dispose of the body in the truck.

Now go back towards the heavy guarded house. Right across the street, is a 
woman trimming her hedge. Walk on the other side of the hedge (west side) of 
that hedge along around the house. Make sure the other garbage collector just 
left there or wont be near there for the next minute. Behind that building is 
an open window. Enter and take the darts to your right (close to the window) 
and the flask on the table straight when you come into the place. Leave the 
same way.

Out on the street, go across to the caterer car. There is a bunch of donuts in 
there on the right side. Make sure the guard that comes out of the house on 
the west side doesn't see you and neither the caterer. Put the sleepy stuff 
from the house you just were on the donuts then pick them up. Go to the van 
parked across the street, stand at its right side door so you see the action 
text for putting the donuts down. When you do that he will knock on the door, 
the agent in there comes out and takes the donuts.

... You can go to the tree house northeast of the dump truck, sneak past the 
lady doing yard work out there, and climb to it. Inside you find an airgun 
that will shoot the tranquilizer darts you found. You can aim at the pool 
area, but you only see the clown, the pool boy, the lady of the house and two 
guards form that point. Who to shoot and when, i don't know.

... to be continued

The murderer of crows

You have four targets here. A suitcase and three assassins. When you start you 
get to follow a guy. Wait until he leaves the bar and see if he goes left or 
right. Follow into the street now comes the tricky point. If he took a left, 
to the east that is, you will have to go to the right back alley. If he took a 
right, heading east, go to the right alley. With alley, i mean the enclosures 
that are inside the two full blocks you can circle around.

If you go for the left one, just enter from the south and stand next to the 
dumpster. You will see the courier coming in from the north than stand there 
for a bit. You have to be quick, just fiber wire him, then take his costume 
and dump him in the dumpster.

If its the right one, wait at the south entrance to it, on the street. The 
courier will enter the same way, than stand in the northeast corner. Just 
sneak up to him and wire him, then take his costume and dump him in the 

Now you have the case. A good hint is to place it in a corner, somewhere where 
you killed the guy, but not next to him. Find a decent spot so you can 
concentrate on the rest.

Lets kill the sniper. He is in the northeast corner building of the map. Go 
into the alley just west of it, than climb on the eastern wall over the crates 
and whatever else you find into the window. There you have to go down and 
through the dance floor in the eastern part. Use the door in the north corner 
and you are in the bathroom. Pick the door leading off there, and climb all 
stairs. You are at the same level as the sniper. Just head in a fiber wire 
him. In most cases, that will do plenty.

Two more to go. The same alley you entered through into the snipers building, 
will sometimes contain another of your targets. But that's not the best spot 
to kill her. That one is on the west side, the alley just south of the 
building with the last target. There is a piano hanging in the air. Climb on 
the cage at the east wall and follow the things you can climb all around to 
the south wall where the winch is. Place the bomb, then get away from there 
and wait for the victim to come, then blow the bomb.

If you have a sniper rifle, you could also climb the pipe that is very close 
to where the piano hangs and get a good shoot at him. But the best is to 
simply use the case you stowed away, enter the building, go into the bosses 
room, then kill him there.

Now make a quick exit and you are done.

You better watch out..

At a Christmas party, your job is to steal a tape and kill two people.

Go straight and take the elevator where the two red guards are standing. Turn 
left and follow the railing. You come to a pool with your first victim in it. 
You can simply shoot into the pools bottom and hes dead, but that would 
attract a lot of attention now. So ignore him and go north from here into 
another pool area.

There is a door in the west wall here, wait for a guard to come out and around 
the corner towards the other pool, then enter through that door. Go straight 
then to your right. There is a waterfall there in a recess. Step through that 
waterfall, you can, yes. Now sneak to the other side and you have a 
photographer with his back to you there. Wire him, take his cloths and drag 
him in between the waterfalls. Then exit the waterfall where the photographer 

Follow the corridor and turn right. You will see guards an an elevator. Take 
it up to the studio level. The guards will let you through without a problem.

Go to the left through that door and you are in the studio. Turn right and go 
behind that graveyard scene. Wait until a guard comes through a door to your 
right and vanishes through there again, then climb the latter you have there. 
Go to the eastern part and you will get an action text for placing the bomb. 
Do so then go back down. Stand somewhere in the near area of the graveyard 
scene, so you don't get hurt when the big boom comes.

Wait until the old man arrives and stands next to that big square light. Blow 
the charge and one of your victims is down.

This will bring out guards, go quickly to the ladder you climbed before. That 
door where one guard came out, go through there and turn to then wall on your 
left (south). There is the tape you want.

... to be continued

Death on the Mississippi

Your contract is for the captain and his 6 main thugs. The captain is always 
at the uppermost level of the ship. ... to be continued

...till death do us part

For this one, you could come armed like Rambo, they don't seem to mind. You 
have to kill the groom and his father. ... to be continued

A house of cards

In Las Vegas your job is to eliminate three targets. One is already in the 
casino part, the other two will arrive over time. ... to be continued

A dance with the devil

Two parties, hell and heaven, house each the marks you are looking for in this 
level. ... to be continued

Amendment XXV

The hardest of all levels. Go through the white house, kill the vice president 
and the albino killer. ... to be continued


Not a real level, just the end credits and showing how it all ends.

If you wish to use this document, go ahead and do so, but please send me a 
quick email where its being posted. Always keep the reference to GameWiki.net 
in tact as there is always the latest version of this document. You may 
reformat this guide as you see fit, as long as you don't remove important 
notes such as references, credits or copyright notices.

Copyright 2006 by Christian 'Simon Moon' Riesen

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