Review by darksand3

Reviewed: 06/07/07

Wow!!!!!!!! Not really...

A game about ping pong? C'mon!! I mean, normal tennis games are okay, you know, Mario Tennis and what not, but table tennis? No way. There's no reason to play this game at all. Here's why.

There's no story to this game. I mean, I really can't any score to any game that doesn't have a story. I wish it had a story so I could at least give it a 1, but it doesn't. Sorry.
Story 0/10

I have to admit though, the graphics are pretty good. Then again, a game's gotta have good graphics if they dedn't waste any space putting in a story or any of that other stuff that a real game should have. But okay, I'll give the graphics a good score for one reason and one reason only: that they're probably the high point of the game. I've seen better though.
Graphics 9/10

Sound is another high point to this game. But then again, you really can't get a crowd cheer wrong. But these ARE the best ping pong ball hitting sounds I've ever heard in a video game. Then again, it's kind of hard to get that wrong too. Plus this is the only ping pong game I've ever seen.
Sound 9/10

If this game had an interesting control scheme or something, maybe I'd have given the game a 4 or 5. The truth is though, that they don't. It's basically just clicking the same button over and over again to hit the ball, and the most combo-like thing I saw in this game was the act of adding some spin to your ball.
Controls 1/10

*Sigh*...I'm getting kind of tired of thinking how bad this game is, and the horrible gameplay doesn't help either. Here's the deal (and this is the entire gameplay, not a nutshell version). You move a guy a few feet to the left and right and try to hit a ball. Fun.
Gameplay 1/10

Sorry, but overall, I have to give this game a low score. I mean come on Rockstar. If you absolutely have to make another ping pong game, at least center it around one of your better game like Grand Theft Auto. Please. I mean, how awesome would that be? Grand Theft Auto Ping Pong. But for eveyone else, if you absolutely have to get this game, here's some advice on how to play the game: DON'T.
Overall 3/10

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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