Reviewed: 04/11/07

Get ready to be blown away by Rockstar's new venture.

You look at your opponent across the table, and place your serve. The ball goes up and so does your paddle, your opponent blinks and then swiftly returns fire. Welcome to the world of Table Tennis; Rockstar Style. The esteemed company is surprisingly presenting a game without open-ended law-breaking or violence.

Rockstar's take on the not so up-and-coming Olympic sport is nothing short of spectacular. With visuals that can shame games like G.R.A.W. and a physics engine capable of competing with that of games like Gran Turismo 4 and top sports brand games, such as EA's yearly Madden games, Table Tennis is a worthwhile experience.

The game has a few modes which are: Tournament, Exhibition, Training and Xbox Live. The Tournament mode consists of three different levels:from amateur to pro. It compensates for the lack of a career mode and offers around 5-8 hours of gameplay depending on the character used and your own abilities. Exhibition is the second mode, it allows you to enter a match with any character and play against any character, at any location (of course you must unlock the character(s) and location(s) first!). The mode also lets a second player get in on the action by pressing start. Doing so will abort the match currently in progress and return both players back to the character selection screen. Training mode is the final offline mode; offering a tutorial like program which at the end gives you achievment points. As well Tournament mode offers unlockables such as new equipment, character clothing, characters, and arenas.

Online Multiplayer is probably one of Table Tennis' best modes. It has two modes which are: Timed Tournament, and Exhibition both of which can take you to the point where you sweat with every swing. The online mode also has its share of achievments to offer, on top of bragging rights of course.

In-game sound seems almost absent, however occasionally you will hear a crowd member shout or cheer, and the game gets some non-lyric music going after you've rallied the ball about 10 times. As well there is an announcer who also acts as your trainer in training mode. Luckily the game supports Custom-Soundtracks which can definetly add to the action and increase the game's audio aspect.

Overall Table Tennis is a good pick-up game. Its simplicity is its greatest strength and weakness since some players may find it "too simple". The online mode is bound to keep interest, and is extremely competitive. With great visuals, its only other downfall is the short offline modes which can be completed in about 10-12 hours for all modes. All-in-all Table Tennis is a great game and is definetly worth renting, and if the online multiplayer hooks you then possibly even purchasing.

Graphics 9.5/10
Gameplay 9/10
Sound 7.5/10
Multiplayer 9/10

Final Score: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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