Review by murt1987

Reviewed: 08/18/06

Decent game but can be frustrating

I'll be honest with you, I never played table tennis before in my life. It just looked really really boring. Why would I want to start now? I'll give you two reasons. First up, its cheap and secondly it looks freaking amazing. Rockstar San Diego (not the guys who make Grand Theft Auto) have really shown us gamers that table tennis is a sport not to be messed with. Having played this game for a long time I finally realise the skill that is involved in playing this sport. Yes , it does look like a really bad sport(if you wanna call it a sport) but if you give you give this game a chance, you'll change your mind. Trust me :)

First up, lets talk gameplay. Playing Table Tennis is fairly simple, you use the left analog stick to control the movement of the player and ABXandY hit the ball. Each button corresponds to spinning the ball the direction you want it. At first playing Table Tennis seems difficult but it'll take about an hour to get used to the controls. There are some flaws though, the movement of the players is very very sensitive. The slightest touch of the analog stick and you'll be on the other side of the room. This and the fact the AI is extremely difficult at certain stages of the game makes it very very frustrating, you will find yourself throwing your controller at the TV screen

For single player there's not really much to go on really. There are exhibition matches and then there are tournaments to play. There's not in fact a career mode in the game just certain tournaments you can play in. At first it seems very disappointing but considering the game only costs 30euro, its not so bad. Word of warning,the tournaments get very hard as you progress and you may end up killing the person next to you. Just a warning ;) Multiplayer is included too, with exhibitions, eliminations and timed tournaments available to play. Online play is actually a very competitive zone of battle and expect to play many great players.

Graphically this looks breathtaking. Character models look brilliant with sweat dripping off them, their clothes moving freely on them and animations looking impressive too. In the sound department there's nothing memorable enough to mention but its decent.

So overall Rockstar San Diego have made a very fun game. The main drawback is that it doesn't have a career mode shortening the lifespan of the immensely. For a budget title, its impressive but don't expect to be playing this till the cows come home.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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