Review by MarioAllstar07

Reviewed: 07/24/06

Ping Pong on the 360

Rockstar brings the enjoyment on playing Ping Pong in your friends basement to the Xbox 360 with Table Tennis. Table Tennis is a budget title, so it doesn't have much to offer. But what is does offer is great graphics, simple and fun gameplay and easy to learn controls.

The graphics in this game look good, but they are not mind blowing. The players movements look smooth and realistic. The tables, the crowd, and the judge all create a beautiful atmosphere for you to play in.

Table Tennis is much more complicated than just pressing one single button to get the ball across the table. Table Tennis uses the four main buttons on the Xbox 360 controller to represent different spins you can place on the ball. A is used to top spin, X is used for left spin, B is used for right spin and Y is used for back spin. You use the left stick to control the placement on your shots. During the matches a focus meter will build up, and once you have filled it up your character will be able to use focus shots. Focus shots are high powered shots that help you counter difficult shots and help you make winning shots. You can activate a focus shot by holding the right bumper. The gameplay is very addicting and using the right combination of different spins to defeat your opponent is lots of fun.

The games sound effects are excellent. The sounds of the ball hitting the table and the paddle hitting the ball are perfect. The soundtrack to this game is all Techno and will playing during your matches. After a while the techno gets very repetitive. Also during the matches you will get to hear the crowd react to the match. Sometimes they start a chant for your character and sometimes they will "Boo" at you when you hit a shot out.

They are 11 characters in this game, 7 of which are unlockable. They each represent a different style of play. Also each character has three outfits they can unlock and one new table tennis court to play on. This games amount of unlockables will keep you busy and you won't be disappointed.

I reccomend that you purchase Table Tennis for the Xbox 360. I give it a 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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