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Move List and Guide by LeeChaolan

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/07/2011

Much in the same style of Poln's easy MK2 movelist here is a "quick" movelist
for those who want a refresher or to be able to quickly look at the moves of 
a new character. 
6/7/2011 V2- Added Jade's Pit Fatality
             Formatting Corrections
             Nonsensical sentence errors corrected

HP - High Punch LP - Low Punch
HK - High Kick  LK - LK
B - Block RN - Run

Distance Markers

C = Close
PS = Past Sweep
S = Sweep
F= Far

Friendships and Babalities can only be done when you don't use BLOCK on the 
winning round.

To do an Animality you must first perform a Mercy. To do a mercy win on round 3 
and  Hold RN and Press D D D then release run.

Pit Fatalities may only be  done on the following stages:
The Subway
The Belltower
Scorpion's Lair
The Pit 3

The Kombat Kontinues......

*Fan Toss F F HP+LP*
Fan Lift B B B HP                            Reptile:
Square Wave Punch D B HP                     Acid SpitF F HP
Kiss of Death RN RN BL BL LK (C)             Fast Forceball-F F HP+LP       
Fan Decapitation B D F F HK (C)              Slow ForceballB B HP+LP
Rabbit D D D RN (C)                          Elbow DashB F LK
Friendship D B F F LP                        SlideB+LP+BL+LK
Babality F F D F HK                          InvisibilityU D HK
Pit F D D LK                                 Body Snack B F D BL(J)
                                             Acid Puke F F U U HK (S)
                                             Chimpanzee D D D U HK (C)
                                             Box D F F B HK  (c)
                                             Babality-F F B D LK

Sonya                                    Jax

Rings D F LP                       Missile B F HP
Leg Grab D+LP+BL                   2 Missiles F F B B HP
Square Wave Punch F                Dash Punch F F HK                       
Up Bicycle Kick B B D HK           Gotcha Grab F F LP
Kiss of Death B F D D RN  (a)      Ground Pound hold LK 3 release
Purple Haze hold RN+BL U U B D(PS) Back Breaker BL in air
Hawk hold LP B F D F rel. LP (C    Slam Throw HP rapidly
Flowers B F B D RN                 Arm Blades U D F U BL
BabalityD D F LK                   Giant Stomp RN BL RN BL RN LK (F)
Pit  F F D HP                      Lion hold LP F F D F rel lp(C)
                                   Jump Rope LK RN RN LK
                                   Pit D F D LP

Nightwolf                                    Jade

Arrow D B LP                                 Boomerang B F LP    
Hatchet Uppercut D F HP                      Up Boomerang B F HP
Shadow Charge F F LK                         Down Boomerang B F LK
Projectile Shield B B B HK                   Returning Boomerang B B F LP
Enlightenment U U B F BL (c)                 Shadow Kick D F LK
Lightning Hatchet B B D HP (f)               Projectile Shield B F HK
Wolf F F D D  (c)                            Staff Impale RN RN RN BL RN(C)
Raiden Morph RN RN RN D (ps)                 Shaker U U D F HP (C)
Babality F B F B LP                          Cat F D FF LK (C)
Pit RN RN BL                                 Pogo Stick B D BB HK
                                             Babality D D F D HK
                                             Pit B F D RN
Scorpion                                     Kano

Spear B B LP                                 Knife Throw D B HP
*Teleport Punch D B HP                       Knife Upper D F HP
Air ThrowBL in air                           Cannon Ball hold LK 3 Sec rel
Toasty D D U HK  (j)                         Up cannon  F D F HK
Hell Raiser F F D U RN  (c)                  Grab n Choke D F LP
Penguin F U U HK  (c)                        Air Throw BL in air
Skull In The Box B F F B LK  (c              Skele Pull hold LP F D D F rel(C)
Babality D B B F HP                          Eye Laser LP BL BL HK (S)
Pit F U U LP

Mileena                                Ermac

*Sai Shot* hold HP 2 sec. rel. HP      Fireball D B LP
Teleport Kick F F LK                   Teleport Punch D B HP
Roll B B D HK                          Slam B D B HK
Man Eater D F D F LP  (c)              Uppercut Decap RN BL RN RN HK(C)
Nail Spit B B B F LK  (f)              Massacre D U D D D BL (S)
Skunk F D D F HK  (c)                  Pit RN RN RN RN LK
Mirror D D B F HP
Babality D D F F HP
Pit D D D LP

Classic Sub Zero                              Sub-Zero

Freeze D F LP                                 Ice D F LP
Ground Freeze D B LK                          Ice Shower D F HP
Slide B+LP+BL+LK                              Behind Shower D B F HP
Head Rip D D D F HP  (c)                      Front Shower D F B HP
Pit F D F F HP                                Ice Clone D B LP
                                              Slide B+LP+LK+B
                                              Break B B RN B R (C) 
                                              Mist B B D B RN (OS)
                                              Snowman LK RN RN U
                                              Babality D B B HK
                                              Polar Bear F U U (C)
                                              Pit B D F F HK

Sektor                                        Sindel

Missile F F LP                                FireBall F F LP
Heat-Seeker F D B HP                          Air Fireball D F LK (air only)
*Teleport Uppercut F F LK                     Scream F F F HP
Compactor LP RN RN BL  (s)                    Fly B B F HK (RN cancels)
Flame Thrower F F F B BL  (f)                 Hair RN RN BL RN BL (S)
Bat F F D U  (c)                              Scream R R BL BL R+BL(C)
Ring the Bell RN RN RN D (PS)                 Goal RN RN RN RN RN RN RN U
Babality B D D D HK

Stryker                                       Cyrax

High Grenade D B HP                           Close Bomb Hold LK B B HK
Low Grenade D B LP                            Far Bomb Hold LK F F HK
Nightstick Toss F F HK                        Net B B LK
Nightstick Trip F B LP                        Teleport F D BL
Gun B F HP                                    Air Throw D F BL LP (air only)
Bomb D F D F BL  (c)                          Chopper D D U D HP
Tazer F F F LK  (f)                           Self Destruct D D F U RN(C)
T-Rex RN RN RN BL  (s)                        Shark U U D D (C)
Crossing Guard LP RN RN LP                    Dance RN RN RN U
Babality D F F B HP                           Babality F F B HP
Pit F U U HK                                  Pit RN BL RN

Kung Lao                                      Kabal

Hat Throw B F LP                              FireBall B B HP
Dive Kick D+HK in air                         Spindash B F LK
Spin Shield F D F RN                          Ground Saw B B B RN
Teleport D U P or K                           Inflate D D B F BL(S)
Spin of Death RN BL RN BL D                   Scream RN BL BL BL HK(C)
Hat Boomerang F F B D H(s)                    Rhino hold HP F F D F rel HP(C)
Cheetah RN RN RN RN (c)                       Roast RN LK RN RN U (PS)
Hat Frisbee RN LP RN LK (PS)                  Babality RN RN LK       
BabalityD F F HP                              Pit BL BL HK

Sheeva                                        Liu Kang

Fireball D F HP                               High Fireball F F HP
Teleport Stomp D U                            Low Fireball F F LP
Ground Stomp B D B HK                         Flying Kick F F HK
Ground Pound F D D F LP  (c)                  Bicycle hold LK 3 sec rel LK
Skinner hold HK B F F rel. HK  (c)            Flame F F D D LK
Scorpion RN BL BL BL BL  (c)                  U D U U BL+RN
Plate Spin F F D F HP                         Dragon D D U (C)
Babality D D D B HK                           Puppet RN RN RN D+RN
Pit D F D F LP                                Babality D D D HK
                                              Pit RN BL BL LK

Smoke                                   Human Smoke

Spear B B LP                            Spear B B LP
*Teleport Uppercut F F LK               Teleport Punch* D B HP
Air Throw BL in air                     Air Throw BL in air
Invisibility U U RN                     Uppercut Decap RN BL RN RN HK (C)
Earth Bomb U U F D(f)                   Babality D B B F HP
Throat Bomb hold RN+BL D D F U(s)       Pit F U U LP
Bull D F F BL  (f)
Horn RN RN RN HK  (f)
Babality D D B B HK
Pit F F D LK

Shang Tsung

Morphs                       Flaming Skull B B HP
Kitana F D F RN              2 Skulls B B F HP
Reptile RN BL BL HK          3 Skulls B B F F HP
Sonya D+RN+LP+BL             Hell Skulls F B B LK
Jax F F D LP                 Spikes hold LP D F F D release LP (C)
Nightwolf U U U              Soul Steal hold LP RN BL RN BL release LP(C)
Jade F F D D BL              Snake  hold HP RN RN RN release HP (S)
Scorpion D D F LP            Joust LK RN RN D
Kano B F BL                  Babality RN RN RN LK
Mileena RN BL HK             Pit U U B LP
Ermac D D U 
Classic Sub-Zero BL BL RN RN 
Sub-Zero F D F HP
Sektor D F B RN
Sindel B D B LK
Stryker F F F HK
Cyrax BL BL BL
Kung Lao RN RN BL RN
Kabal LP BL HK
Sheevahold LK F D F rel. LK
Liu Kang 360° B

Noob Saibot (wavenet or cheats only)
Teleport Slam - D U
(Can only teleport slam on wavenet UMK3)

Unlocking Characters 

Ermac Mileena and Classic Sub Zero must be unlocked via
the ultimate kombat kode that displays after the game over
time runs out. The box order is as follows:

Mileena -2226422264
Ermac - 1234444321
Classic Sub Zero - 8183581835

Play as Human Smoke 

P1 Hold HP HK B RN and L until the match starts
P2 Hold HP HK B RN and R until the match starts

Play as Noob Saibot 
Pick Kano and Hold B LP LK HP and BL until the match starts
This only works in wavenet MK. 

Shao Kahn's Lost Treasures key

1 - Tournament Outcome
2 - Play Galaga
3 - Fight Ermac
4 - Fight Noob Saibot
5 - Random Select
6 - Fatality Demonstration #1
7 - Fatality Demonstration #2
8 - Fatality Demonstration #3
9 - Fight Noob Saibot and Ermac
10 - Fight Classic Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot
11 - Fight Noob Saibot, Human Smoke, Classic Sub-Zero, Ermac, and Mileena
12 - Supreme Demonstration

VS Codes

P1               P2

#= how many times to press

044-440 - Sans Power
688-422 - Dark Fighting
444-444 - Randper Kombat 
300-300 - Silent Kombat
788-322 - Quick Uppercut Recovery
033-000 - Half Energy P1
000-033 - Half Energy P2
707-000 - Quarter Energy P1
000-707 - Quarter Energy P2
985-125 - Psycho Kombat 
466-466 - Unlimited Run
999-999 - Revision Number 
010-010 - Throwing Encouraged
100-100 - No Throws
020-020 - No Blocking
987-123 - No Power Bars
227-227 - Explosive Kombat
022-220 - Explosive Kombat and Throwing Disabled

Kombat Zone Selection

820-028 - Pit III
002-003 - Waterfront
079-035 - Street
091-190 - Bell Tower
077-022 - The Bridge
933-933 - Lost Portal 
666-333 - Graveyard
330-033 - Jade's Desert
004-700 - Kahn's Kave
880-220 - The Balcony
600-040 - Kombat Temple
880-088 - Subway
343-343 - The Roof
666-444 - Scorpion's Lair
123-901 - Soul Chamber
050-050 - Noob's Dorfen 

New to UMK3

Waterfront - This scene takes place in a seemingly flooded area of the city. 
Shao Kahn's fortress is visible in the distance.

Lost Portal - A blue version of the red portal from previous games. It has the
 same walkway sprites from the Pit 2 from MK2. This is the starting stage in 
the lineup after all secret characters have been unlocked. You will always 
fight on this stage when controlling Human Smoke.

Jade's Desert - Jade's very own stage. It is a desert stage that has Cyrax 
trapped in the background alluding to his fate. 

Kahn's Cave - The place where Shao Kahn tried to steal the soul's from Earth's 
hell, it is above  Scorpion's level.

Scorpion's Lair - The area of the Netherealm where Scorpion was imprisoned. 
You  can do a stage fatality here.

Special Stages:

The Pit III : This is inside Shao Kahn's fortress, and you will always fight
him here.The rotating blades below the arena allow for a stage fatality.

The Balcony: This balcony is above the Soul Chamber in Shao Kahn's fortress. 
It is Motaro's stage and you will always fight him here.

Noob's Dorfen: This arena is essentially the Balcony, but with the foreground 
sprite removed. This makes the area much darker and gives Noob Saibot an 
advantage. When fighting Noob it will always be on this level. If you use 
cheats to play as Noob it will force the game to have the fight on this level.

Defunct Stages:

The Portal: Essentially the Lost Portal but with a red background. In MK3 
you would  fight Smoke on this stage. It also had the electricty effect 
from the MK2 portal level.

The Bank: This is the area under the rooftop stage that is still in UMK3. It 
was a large marble room with a window in the background that showed Shao 
Kahn's  Fortress.


550-550 - Go see Mortal Kombat the live tour!
122-221 - Skunky!!
004-400 - Watcha gun do ? 
282-282 - No Fear 
717-313 - Rain can be found at the graveyard
448-844 - Don't jump at me 
123-926 - There is no knowledge that is not power
987-666 - Hold Flippers during casino run

Next Opponent
969-141 - Winner Fights Motaro
033-564 - Winner Fights Shao Kahn
205-205 - Winner Fights Human Smoke
769-342 - Winner Fights Noob Saibot


Random Select
Press up and start on your side's default character

Frosty and Toasty

Freeze and opponent when he is listed as "Danger" and Dan Forden
will say "frosty"

Do the pit fatality and hold both player HP buttons and Dan Forden will
say Crispy. Hold both runs to have Shao Kahn say it. 

Using hacking to force the game to let you be normally nonplayable characters
will produce some interesting results. It seems that secret characters have 
special stage data tied to them that will force the game to pick their stage 
unless you use another cheat to force a kombat zone. Unfortunatly using cheats 
to play as Shao Kahn, or Motaro will cause the game to crash as their motions 
haven't been mapped. Noob Saibot has motions mapped, but you must change your 
character AFTER selecting a character or the game will crash.

How the CPU does it:
When you fight the CPU you aren't really fighting against an equal at all. 
The cpu characters are simply name data, and sprite data that includes a list
 of moves that can be performed. In MK2 this allowed them to make Secret 
characters like Jade , Smoke, and Noob that had different combinations of 
moves and sprites. This also allows the cpu to have a few tricks you don't 
such as Jade's cpu combo doing more damage and those other nasty tricks the 
CPU can pull.

corrections trentchaolan@gmail.com

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal  
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited  unless
given permission by me the author of this faq.
sites that may use this are www.gamfaqs.com

C 2011 Trent Harmon

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