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Scorpion by JQuicios

Updated: 03/08/96

From: b910350@zipi.fi.upm.es
Newsgroups: alt.games.mk.mk3,alt.games.mk
Subject: Scorpion guide
Date: 8 Mar 96 13:08:40 +0100

/-\_/-\_/-\_/-\_/-  S C O R P I O N   G U I D E  -\_/-\_/-\_/-\_/-\
  /-\_/-\_/-\_/-\_/-\_  by Julio A. Quicios  _/-\_/-\_/-\_/-\_/-\_/
  \_/-\_/-\_/-\_/-\_  b910350@zipi.fi.upm.es  _/-\_/-\_/-\_/-\_/--->

This is a summary of all my experiences playing UMK3 with one of the
coolest video game characters of all times.
(Well, although this is a Scorpion guide, some tricks are applicable
to other characters.)

I wrote this guide two or three months ago, so you may already know
many of the tricks explained here.

I have divide the guide in several parts:

- Methods       These are general strategies, different ways to beat
                the game.
- Patterns      Things that a specific character usually does.
- Motaro        How to beat the mighty centaurian.
- Shao Kahn     How to beat the evil Emperor.


Method #1 : Teleport

Jump backwards and kick/punch in mid-air.
The opponent will shoot a fireball.
Teleport and throw the spear. Follow it with an upper or a combo.

Method #2 : Uppercut

This is more complicated since you need to have the precise timing.

First of all, be sure there is enough space between your opponent
and you. (If he is too close, you won't have time)
Then wait crouched until he starts to run.
Uppercut him when he is in range. Timing is very important.

This is useful when the opponent comes running from across the screen.
Also, if you know how to play with the mirror effect (explained below)
move until you reach the balance. Then walk back a step to gain a
bit more of space and crouch. In this case, uppercut as soon as you
see he starts to run.

You can also use the crouched low kick instead of the upper. It is
quicker, but much less damaging.

Method #3 : Sweep

If you try to sweep the opponent when he is getting up  (he must be in
a range of half a screen) he always jumps backwards.
Immediately throw a spear. If you are faster enough it will connect.
Deliver an upper or a combo then repeat the process.
Combine this method with one of the previous for a quick victory.

Method #4 : Mirror effect

(You know, when you try to come near the opponent and he moves away
and viceversa.)
Very useful in endurance matches.
If you have more energy than your opponent, simply try to keep the
balance moving back and forth till the time runs out.
(It is NOT necessary to win over the two guys)


vs Sektor, Smoke, Mileena, Kabal

Crouch and block. They'll start to kick and punch you but eventually
they'll teleport (spin in the case of Kabal). Do an air juggle and/or
throw a spear then upper or combo.
I'm not sure about this, but I think that if you hold the joystick
forward while blocking, the trick works better.

vs Kano, Scorpion, Ermac

The same thing, though these characters are more agressive and can
punish you severely before they roll/teleport.

vs Stryker

Basically the same thing, except you must adopt a standing position.
If you crouch, he'll pass over you when does the baton charge.

vs Sub-Zero (new)

Jump at him. He always attempts to ice shower you.
Kick him before the ice drops and freezes you.

vs Cyrax

Throw the spear.
Cyrax will teleport reappearing behind you.
His teleport is very slow, so you have time to crouch and block before
he reforms.
Cyrax will throw a net that will not connect since you are blocking.
Uppercut/spear-combo him.

vs Sonya, Kabal, Smoke

These characters usually jump at you after throw you (in the case
of Sonya with her leg throw), so wait crouched and uppercut them.

vs all

There are certain situations in which they are closer to you than 
you'd like it. (e.g. when the opponent stands in front of you after
a blocked jump kick, or after a Tele-Slam from Ermac).
In these cases, almost any thing you do won't work.
If you try an uppercut, they'll crouch and deliver their own one.
If you try a low punch or kick they'll throw or combo you.
If you jump backwards, they'll do a jump punch or shoot a fireball.

The best thing you can do is jump back/forward and hit block AS SOON AS
you leave the ground. This way, if they try to punch you in the
air they'll be thrown.

You can also use this trick running and jump over them when they are
getting up.

NOTE: Some of these methods only work in later opponents, depending on
the skill level you are playing.  For instance, in the last tower they
work from the first opponent to the last, but in Novice they start to
work in the fourth one.


He's no match for Scorpion. He's dead meat.

Start the round with a mid-air teleport.
Motaro blocks and try to punch you, but he always miss and you stand
in front of him. Then, before he can recover perform a combo on him.
Repeat the process. This way you can do easily double flawless.

An alternate method is the following (is not very effective in master
and master II towers since Motaro doesn't jump very often in that
Jump backwards and kick in mid-air.
Eventually, Motaro will jump after you and then you can hit him with
a standing high kick. This will stun him, so run and combo him.
An uppercut when he jumps is another option, but in this case you
cannot run at him after it connects.


You will need accuracy, luck and some cold blood to defeat him.

Stand the round blocking in crouch position.
If he does a rising charge, uppercut him.
In other case try to reach the corner at all costs.
(If he starts to shoot fireballs wait until is safe to jump. A fireball
impact may ruin all the work)

Once in the corner, you must adopt a NON-blocking crouched position and
let Shao Kahn do the next move.
If he shoots a fireball, do nothing.
If he kicks or does a straight charge or uses the mallet right next to
you, uppercut him.
If he does a rising charge, beware!  Sometimes, if he is at the right
distance, he'll pass over you and, for a brief moment, he'll be behind
you. If that is the case, do not uppercut; it will not connect and will
leave you vulnerable. Instead perform an air juggle and then throw a
spear, then uppercut.

In all cases, after you connect with an upper you can throw a spear
when Shao Kahn is getting up  (you must time it well).

I'm not sure about this, but it seems that the CPU limits the number
of spears you can throw one after another.
That is, you CAN'T do the old trick: upper, spear-upper, spear-upper...
as you did in MK3 playing Smoke.
After an upper, you can do ONLY ONE spear-uppercut. After that
you need a little interval of time before you can throw another one.
This little interval is all that Shao Kahn needs to get up and block
the next spear or shoot a fireball.
The same thing seems to happen in the case of the teleport. You cannot
perform two teleports one right after another if the first connects.

So after you do an uppercut,spear-uppercut combination, crouch and
repeat again.
This way you'll do more damage to Shao Kahn that he'll do to you.

If you are in troubles (you haven't enough energy to eat more charges)
try to run at him when he's getting up and perform a combo (he's a
sucker for them). This won't knock him down, as un upper does, so you
will need a lot of luck if he is still alive. The best thing you can do
is to jump backwards and teleport when he charges or shoot a fireball.
I've won rounds this way with my life bar in 'danger'.

(By the way: my record of consecutive wins (using these methods and 
the free game glitch) is currently 67. What about you? )

And that's all, folks!

Send any comments, flames, etc to:  b910350@zipi.fi.upm.es (Julio A. Quicios)

(This is my first post, so don't be too rough, please)

Un saludo,

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