Review by murt1987

Reviewed: 08/18/06

So, how bad is this game? VERY BAD!!!!

Every four years, the world comes together to watch the greatest sport on the planet to see who becomes the worlds greatest football team. Every four years, EA give us another cheap cash in on the greatest sport on the planet and makes us wonder, do they actually deserve this great FIFA License they currently own. Yes folks, its that time again. ANOTHER VERY BAD FIFA GAME.

First off, I want to say that Im not one of them guys who try and bash FIFA and saying that Pro Evolution Soccer is better. I honestly hoped that EA would have changed their ways this time and create a new era of football games on the next generation of consoles. But no, we got the old usual. Here I go.

Lets talk about what game options are there in the game, not many in fairness as its a tournament tie-in. We get to play the World Cup, we get to qualify to the World Cup(a whole game was made on this feature alone a year ago), we get to play friendly games and we get to play online with our friends. Everything you'd expect with a World Cup game. The final option to play is called Global Challenge, bringing us back through time to play some historic matches and possibly to change history by changing the outcome of a certain game. This is possibly one of the most frustrating thing I have done in my short gaming career. I like a challenge but not impossible ones. Some challenges require you to score 3 goals in ten minutes and with a default difficulty setting of hard, its very difficult.

So how does the game play? Not very well. I find the AI in the game to be very stupid for the opposition at easy and near impossible at harder difficulties. The opposition seem to know your every move and therefore its difficult to pull off some special moves on a player. Passing to some players on your team can also be very annoying. Sometimes the computer wont pass to the person your trying to pass to and ends up giving it to the opposition.

The visuals in the game aren't too impressive either. I mean, its not bad but for a game on the Xbox 360 the visuals are below par. Player models don't look fantastic and sometimes the pitch your playing looks completely fuzzy. Other things to mention are the huge amount of achievements and badges you can earn for beating certain teams and other scenarios. Nothing amazing but it could keep you going for a while.

All in all, I highly recommend that you don't buy this game. Its just another cheap cash in on the FIFA franchise with very little or no improvement from FIFA:RTTWC or FIFA 2006 on the last generation. EA used to make good football games in the 90's but no its gotten to be a joke how bad they've become.

Rating: 5

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