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Guide and Walkthrough by cmbf

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/26/2009

Wheelman FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.0 / 26 May 2009 

 __      __.__                  .__                         
/  \    /  \  |__   ____   ____ |  |   _____ _____    ____  
\   \/\/   /  |  \_/ __ \_/ __ \|  |  /     \\__  \  /    \ 
 \        /|   Y  \  ___/\  ___/|  |_|  Y Y  \/ __ \|   |  \
  \__/\  / |___|  /\___  >\___  >____/__|_|  (____  /___|  /
       \/       \/     \/     \/           \/     \/     \/ 
A Mission-Based Driving Game by Midway/Ubisoft featuring Vin Diesel


                                TABLE OF CONTENTS

Introduction (INTRO)

PART 1 – Intel Gathering (PART1)
Mission: Frantic (MIS01)
Mission: Back to Barcelona (MIS02)
Mission: You Scratch My Back (MIS03)
Mission: Meeting Old Friends (MIS04)
Mission: Interviewing Felipe (MIS05)
Mission: Micca (MIS06)
Mission: Introducing Benito (MIS07)
Mission: Finding Family (MIS08)
Mission: Zapateado (MIS09)
Mission: Stand and Deliver (MIS10)
Mission: Miguel's Sting (MIS11)
Mission: The Big Distraction (MIS12)
Mission: Green Cross Code (MIS13)
Mission: Letting Off Steam (MIS14)
Mission: Pick of Destiny (MIS15)

PART 2 – Acting on the Info (PART2)
Mission: Follow a Wheelman (MIS16)
Mission: Defeating Felipe (MIS17)
Mission: Visiting Gallo (MIS18)
Mission: The Balance of Power (MIS19)
Mission: The Balance of Power -  Hold 'Em (MIS20A)
Mission: The Balance of Power -  No Protection (MIS20B)
Mission: The Balance of Power -  Seller's Market (MIS20C)
Mission: Milo's In (MIS21)
Mission: Balance of Power – Street Race Riot (MIS21A)
Mission: Balance of Power – Keep it Moving (MIS21B)
Mission: Balance of Power – Carrier Rescue (MIS21C)
Mission: Balance of Power – Romanian Battle (MIS21D)
Mission: Balance of Power – Lantos Battle (MIS21E)
Mission: Balance of Power – Chulos Battle (MIS21F)
Mission: The Rescue (MIS22)
Mission: Get Gallo (MIS23)

PART 3 – Side-Quests (PART3)
Side-Quest: Cat Statues (SIDE1)
Side-Quest: Contract (SIDE2)
Side-Quest: Fugitive (SIDE3)
Side-Quest: Hot Potato (SIDE4)
Side-Quest: Made to Order (SIDE5)
Side-Quest: Rampage (SIDE6)
Side-Quest: Street Showdown (SIDE7)
Side-Quest: Taxi (SIDE8)
Side-Quest: Cinematic Jumps (SIDE9)

Conclusion (CONCL)
Achievements (BLING)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ
About Me (ABOUT)
Legal Stuff (REDTAPE)


(INTRO) Introduction

Vin Diesel stars as Wheelman, a professional driver and undercover 
agent for the CIA tasked with infiltrating the Barcelona criminal 
underworld to learn the details of a crime that is about to be 
committed involving a potential WMD.  You are Vin Diesel and, posing 
as a freelance driver, you must avoid the police while at the same 
time infiltrating the criminal syndicates where you will engineer 
tension between them,  pitting one against the other.  You must get 
the evidence you have been sent to collect and turn it over to your 
Agency Handler.

My take on this is pretty simple – it is sort of like a cross between 
GTA and Burnout Paradise – though I should point out that it is not 
as play-time intensive as either of those titles, and its plot line 
is not as deep.  Having said that, I do have some observations to 
make about what you should expect – and the first is that you should 
really try to accept what this game is rather than think about what 
it is not.

This is a game based on an action movie.  Unfortunately this game 
is anywhere from 20 to 50 hours long, whereas the movie is like 
two hours.  That being the case, you have to accept that certain 
aspects are going to be used pretty much everywhere – for instance 
car chases, car combat, that sort of thing.  This is foremost a 
driving game – and you will notice that at points in my walkthrough 
I get a little sarcastic – take that with a grain of salt please...
It is intended to be funny, not serious.

If you are a fan of either Vin Diesel or the movie upon which this 
is based, you will likely enjoy this title.  I know I did –  in spite 
of the chatter on the boards that slam the game as “cotton candy” and 
“formula repeated over and over.”  Of course there are aspects of that
in the game!  But even so, it is exactly what it is represented as, 
and I suspect that the same people that disliked Wheelman probably 
do not like the GTA series of Burnout either, and that is their loss.

Give this game a fair play, and I think you will find it has a lot to 
offer you!  But please, before you start playing it, bare in mind 
that there are going to be frustration points in it, and accept that 
there are going to be missions you will need to re-play FtW, d'accord?

(PART1) Part 1 – Intel Gathering

The first half of the game is all about figuring out who the players 
are, and getting info on them.  You will be getting to know the 
agency people and contacts in Barcelona, and you will be acquiring 
things like guns, skills, and places to mod your car.  

(MIS01) Mission: Frantic

After a panoramic CS you find yourself – as Vin Diesel – sitting 
in your car on a street in Barcelona, Spain.  Within seconds you 
hear the distinctive sound of an alarm, and your client exits the 
scene of the crime and jumps into your car, yelling for you to get 
moving!  That is when the cops show up!

This first mission is also the basic training part of the game, so 
follow the orders screamed at you by this very brash woman – but 
hey, she's the client, she is paying the bills, right?

A lengthy scenic trip around Barcelona finds you turning your car 
into a lethal weapon as you try to outrun and do combat with the 
police, slamming into their cars with the special moves of the 
right stick, and causing some pretty spectacular explosions!  
Eventually – when the game thinks you have it down cold – you 
drive through a few buildings, make your first cinematic jump, and 
get an achievement for it.  Once you lose the cops it is time to 
switch vehicles, so head for the parking lot that is marked on your 

Let me ask you, were you really surprised?  Me either.  Grab whatever 
car looks the fastest that was not damaged by the bomb and, once 
your client is in the car, get going towards the safe house.  After 
you hit the marker outside the safe house, you will get a CS with 
some of the details on your cover and your status, so congrats on 
completing your first mission!


(MIS02) Mission: Back to Barcelona

	Gallo, your agency contact, wants to meet you at the 
	construction site.

Grab a new car if yours is smoking and head for the green marker on 
your radar map.   As you approach the site you should see the green 
glow cone to drive in to, and after a CS of your meeting with Gallo, 
you learn that the evidence you are there to find is being sought by 
several gangs.  

You have now unlocked your next mission – You Scratch My Back – so 
head for its marker now.


(MIS03) Mission: You Scratch My Back

Note:  You do not have to drive to the mission map marker – as long 
as you are in/on a vehicle all that you need to do is select that 
marker from the main map and hit 'A' to warp there.

Check out the tattoo's on this guy – really friendly fella too!  
Anyway, Miguel asked you to retrieve three stolen cars.  You need 
to bring each one back without doing serious damage to it.  Do that 
and he will provide you with Felipe's location.

The first car is an Astra – and Oh No's!  You are on a timer and 
only have four minutes!  Not to mentiin that the Astra is moving 
in traffic, but no worries mate!  Here is where you learn how to 
airjack a car.

	Airjacking: To airjack another vehicle all that you need to 
do is drive close behind it with the 'B' button held down.  You 
will see a red chevron over the target vehicle – when that turns 
green just release 'B' and you will automatically airjack.

There you go – your first airjack and an achievement, how spiffy 
is that?

The next car is a convertible, and is a bit more challenging both 
because it is further away from your starting point and because 
its got an aggressive driver.  You have four minutes again but 
really you should only need about three minutes to grab the car 
and get it back to the garage.  Just take it easy and try to 
concentrate on your driving.

The last car for me was a Pontiac G8, and the timer was five 
minutes this time.  You are going to need that five minutes – 
almost all of it in fact.  I am not sure if this is a part of 
this mission or not, but once I airjacked the car I had cops 
after me...

I was unable to shake them without damaging the car – but that 
turned out not to be the deal-breaker that he said it was, 
because I passed the mission despite turning in a very damaged 
car.  So if you too end up being chased by the cops, just 
take them out then hit the garage FtW.

After you complete the mission you get a short CS and then a chance 
to view the agency dossier on Miguel Delgado.  It is worth reading 
these dossier files if only to understand the personality of the 
people you are dealing with.  Delgado is a loose cannon, which 
strikes me as a good thing to know.


(MIS04) Mission: Meeting Old Friends

	Felipe has been hanging around the Drugstore Club with the 
	Chulos Carnalles.

A long CS during which you spook Felipe and jack his ride at gunpoint.
This is pretty straight forward as far as the way that the mission 
goes: Drive Felipe's car to the Construction Yard while Felipe and 
his buds chase you, trying to take you out.

You can do car combat if you like, but be sure not to actually take 
out the car chasing you, because you need Felipe and the car in good 
shape when you arrive at the Construction Yard.  A short CS follows 
during which you once again humiliate Felipe, and then back in the 
car to take out another group of thugs before they can reach their 

This is also the mission in which you acquire the 'Finishing Move' 
tactic for car combat, and you will use that to take out the pair 
of cars filled with thugs – but do not play around, you need to 
take both cars out before they can reach their desitination!

Once you take out the last car, you get the chance to read Felipe 
Lial's agency dossier – and the game unlocks the Taxi side-
missions – not too shabby progress!

A note about side-missions: Doing side-missions is how you unlock 
the extra content in the game, like garages, weapon caches, repair 
shops, etcetera.  While you can always just continue to follow the 
story line, having access to the extras will make your life a lot 
easier as you do the story line, so you might want to consider 
doing some of these between missions.

When you do the side-missions there will only be three or four of 
each type available initially.  When you score 'A' or better ('S' 
is best followed by 'A') you may unlock additional side-mission 
markers.  Bare in mind however that these are zone-based, and to 
unlock side-missions in other zones of the city you have to 
complete regular missions as well.


(MIS05) Mission: Interviewing Felipe

	You need to meet up with Paulo Lial and find out more 
	information about the Los Lantos.

Activate this mission for a CS in which you learn that Paulo Lial 
is a hands-on sort of crime boss.

Paulo tells you to go meet up with his nephew Felipe and drive him 
to a job – the carrot at the end of this particular stick being that 
if all goes well, you could have some regular work from him out of 
the deal.  The real point here is that you need to get some 
information out of Felipe, so head over to the car park for a 
short CS.

	Scare Felipe

	Intimidate Felipe by driving fast, melee attacking traffic, 
	smashing through objects, and taking jumps.
You are prompted by the game to take specific actions in order to 
intimidate Felipe into giving you the information that you need.  
Do what it prompts you to do, and eventually you will unlock the 
boost feature.  While Felipe is spilling his guts, you should be 
aware that he has not told you everything that he knows.  In fact 
after the CS end he tries to escape, ending up on the roof of the 
car because you hit the gas immediately, forcing him to hold on.
You did hit the gas, right?

Once you start the second half of the intimidation driving routine 
I am pretty sure you can do practically any move without him falling 
off.  I did a cinematic jump and car combat and he never fell off 
of the car, though he often screamed that he was going to...

Once you do a certain amount of damage, Felipe is intimidated enough 
to jump back into the car and tell you all.  You get a CS in which 
he fills you in on Radu and the Romanian gang, after which you are 
now being chased by the cops – probably because some civilian 
called them after seeing you drive around with Felipe on the roof!

As you run from the cops, Felipe urges you to “Turn a few corners” 
which is actually pretty good advise considering that this is what 
you actually need to do to get rid of the cops!  Unfortunately you 
are likely not in a part of the city with a lot of corners, so 
check your map and head for the nearest inner-city zone.  You 
will likely run into a few more cops on the way, but do not panic, 
it is all good.  Just get to the inner-city zone nearest to you, 
make four or five turns, and you will lose the cops.

Once you have lost the cops, Felipe very helpfully tells you to head 
for the garage that is now marked on your radar, where you can 
change into a clean car that the cops are not looking for.  You 
also learn that you can use these garages – there is one in each 
district – to lose the wanted starts and the cops as needed.  
Funny, for some reason this tactic sounds familiar to me...

Now head for Catalunya Station, and try not to attract the cops 
this time, d'accord?  Once you pull into the glowing marker, 
this part of the mission ends with a CS of Felipe heading into 
the station for his meeting with some drug dealers.  Things do 
not go quite as he was expecting – you know this because he 
emerges from the station shooting at people.  You knew that 
there was going to be another car chase, right?

Mission Part II – The Chase

Now there was only one car speeding away from the station – 
right?  After you take it out – and you should be able to do 
that easily – you discover that there is another car full of 
gun-toting drug dealers that you need to take out, a sedan 
ahead of you.  Even after you take out all four of its tyres 
it can still accelerate away from you – isn't that odd?

Eventually you will take out the sedan, only to discover that 
there is now a third vehicle – a van – full of escaping drug 
dealers, and it must be taken out!  If your car is in bad shape, 
get close to the van and then pick a good car parked on the side 
of the road that you can quickly grab, being sure to wait until 
Felipe is on board.  You can airjack a car, sure, but yours 
keeps going with Felipe in it, so you end up needing to chase 
it down in order to pick him up, the choice is yours.

Felipe tells you to close in on the van so that he can shoot out 
the tyres – and you do!  After he shoots out two of the tyres, 
Felipe comments” “That'll slow them down!” as the van inexplicably 
accelerates away from you!  Strange things are afoot in the world 
of Barcelona.

Eventually Felipe will kill the driver, after which he gets a cell 
phone call telling him one of the delers got away.  This dealer 
must die or it will cause all sorts of trouble, so Felipe directs 
you to head for the alley where the dealer is hiding – follow the 
green dot on your radar.

As you reach the marker you get a CS of Felipe doing his thing and 
then betraying you, and a mission complete.  You know, considering 
the crap you put him through getting him to talk, don't you think 
it is amazing that he did not pull the trigger on you when he had 
the chance?

After the mission ends, you get a mini-tutorial on building focus 
and a chance to read Paulo's agency dossier.  Isn't Felipe's uncle 
a deep and interesting character?  A quick spotting of a new side-
mission called Rampages is placed on the map, as is the location 
for the next mission.  Yay us!\


(MIS06) Mission: Micca

	Meet with Adrian at the Cathedral
After you have a chat with Adrian, head over to Orwell Plaza to meet 
up with Micca.  But wait... You did grab the scooter that was very 
obviously placed in front of you after the CS ended, right?  That 
was a good idea, because when you get to the marker in the plaza, 
Micca takes off on a scooter and you need to chase him!

See Micca run.  Get close to Micca.  See Micca shoot at you with his 
machine gun.  Bad Micca!

Yeah, he is armed – but the point here is not to avoid him shooting 
at you, rather it is to get just close enough so that he does shoot 
at you and then jink from side to side to avoid being hit while he 
empties the clip in that gun.  Once his weapon is empty, you can 
airjack him – and while we are on that subject, that is how it 
works in this game.  If the target is armed, you cannot airjack 
their vehicle.  Once they are out of ammo, you can.  Conversely 
if the vehicle you are trying to jack has bodyguards in it, you 
will need to eliminate them by shooting them to death prior to 
jacking it.  

After he is out of bullets and you airjack him, you are treated to 
a CS in which Micca provides mucho useful information, after which 
you have the opportunity to read the agency dossier on Adrian McGann, 
your expat Scottish information broker in the agency.


(MIS07) Mission: Introducing Benito

	The Romanians work out of a club in the Passeig de Gracia.

A rather cheesy CS leads into the mission, and while I would like to 
say enjoy it...  Anyway your job is to grab Benito and bring him 
back to the club, so head for the waiting car and jump in.  Drive 
to the weapons cache marked on your map and grab a pistol, then 
test it out on the idiot trying to kill you between the dumpster 
and your car, then drive to the entrance of the alley behind the 

This is a basic mission that is the mainstay for this sort of game: 
shoot your way in, rescue the target, then shoot your way out.  
This is also a good chance to pick up better weapons, so when 
you take out one of the guys with an SMG, be sure to go to it, 
and using 'X' pick it up.  You can also get extra ammo, once 
you have a particular type of gun, by walking over the guns of 
that type dropped by the enemies that you kill.  You do not 
need to do that for the pistol – the automatic version of the 
Beretta – as it has infinite ammo.  It will also continue to 
shoot as long as you hold the trigger, so bare that in mind 
while using it during this mission.

Once you are out of the alley and in your car, there will be a 
few good rolling battles before you reach the safety of the club.
Depending on how well you shoot and car fight, you may need to 
get another car before you arrive, so remember you not only have 
to get yourself there, but Benito as well.  Do not leave him behind!

After you complete the mission and see the CS, you get details on 
how Cyclone and Aimed Shot works, and the opportunity to read the 
agency dossier on Sorin Teodor.  The Hot Potato side-quests also 
unlocks now, and several are added to your map.


(MIS08) Mission: Finding Family

	Che Taraval wants you to meet him at the Drugstore Club

A short CS makes it clear that Che would like to be your friend – 
cha!  First though he has a rescue mission for you, so head 
outside and get on the waiting motorcycle.  Follow Che and his 
buds – they lead you on a very scenic series of left turns – but 
eventually you end up in a plaza by the abandoned metro tunnel.  
Che orders you to tear down the fence and rescue Miguel.

Just launch your bike onto the tracks and smash through the fence 
that is covering the tunnel itself, then race down the tunnel, 
avoiding the stuff you cannot smash and smashing the stuff you can.
Eventually you will reach a point where you can no longer travel 
on your bike – and are forced off of it.

This is your basic rescue mission – fight your way in, killing every-
thing along the way, save the captured ally, and then fight your way 
out.  You can pick up an AK47 here if you want to, but you will be 
sacrificing the ammo for your SMG, so give that some thought.

When you get Miguel to the place where you abandoned your bike you 
will find a second bike waiting there for him.  Hop on and begin the 
ride out – but pay attention to the warning chevrons,  and they will 
tell you when a bad guy on a bike is about to overtake you.  You 
should try to kill them quickly so that they do not do too much 
damage to your bike.  You will also notice that the abandoned 
tunnels are not so abandoned after all – the enemy has their own 
train with an armed shooter on it, so be wary of that as well.

You will likely be very relieved when you make your cinematic exit – 
but do not get too confident, you are not done.  Miguel takes the 
lead to head back to the club, and you need to follow him.  More 
to the point you need to stay near enough to him to not cause the 
mission to bail, while at the same time defend yourself from the 
enemies that are on your heels.  Concentrate on following Mike, 
and make taking out the bad guys your second priority.

After you reach the Drugstore you get a short CS that questions 
your ability to infiltrate the Romanian stronghold – but of 
course you know you can do it!  And bonus to you!  One of the 
previously blocked off sections of the eastern half of the 
city is now unlocked!  You are given access to Che's agency 
dossier – say don't you think it would be more helpful to 
read the details of the people you are dealing with prior to 
making contact with them?  I am just saying...

After you close the dossier, get your achievement for completing 
this key mission, and unlock a lot more side-quests.  


(MIS09) Mission: Zapateado

 A short CS illustrates how the phrase “Dance Bar” can mean 
different things in different cultures, but doesn't that dancer 
on the stage look familiar?  Yup, it is the girl from our first 
mission, and she does not seem all that happy to see us...  
After she makes it crystal clear that she is Felipe's girl – 
remember that black leather clad girl that rescued him on the 
bike after the job mission?  Yeah that was her as well – she 
makes her escape before you can stop her, with the aid of 
Javier Romos.

Before you can find a ride to jack and chase after her, your 
agency handler shows up with a dossier on Romos and a few 
words of advice for you, so the girl gets away again!


(MIS10) Mission: Stand and Deliver

You start with a short CS of the casino, where a polygraph machine 
is waiting for you!  After you confess to being a CIA agent, you 
learn that the machine is actually broken, but no worries because 
he thought you were joking.  Paulo has an assignment for you – 
kidnap an information broker who has been double-dipping, selling 
information to Paulo and then re-selling it to his competition!

When you reach the mission area on the map, the marker changes from 
a green spot to a red spot showing the actual location of the 
target, who is riding in a limo full of bodyguards that is escorted 
by two “wingmen” sedans with armed guards in them.  Your objective 
is to quickly take out the wingmen, and then get close enough to 
the limo to lure the bodyguards into popping out to shoot at you, 
whereupon you kill them!  Simple enough?

The thing is you must kill all the bodyguards before you can jack 
the limo, and you must jack the limo before it reaches the broker's 
villa near the marina.  This is a tough mission, and unless you 
are really good or really lucky, you probably will not get it on 
the first try.  

The best advice that I can give is not to waste too much time on 
the wingmen – you don't actually have to take them out, so don't 
use your specials on them – though it is tempting.  Do NOT let 
the limo get too far away or the mission ends in failure!  Once 
you reach the highway tunnel that leads to the marina district 
you can actually start the process of taking out the bodyguards 
in the limo, and not before.  No matter how close you get to it 
before this, they simply will not pop out.

As quickly as you can, take out the guy on the left side when he 
starts shooting, then boost closer to the limo to trigger the guy 
in the sun roof.  Once he is dead, boost again to get to the right 
side and take out the bodyguard there, then jack the limo and 
drive it to the estate it was heading to anyway.  Now you might 
be thinking that this is it, you did what you were told, right?  
Not so much really...  Paulo never sent guys there to take out 
his security, so when you slip through the gates, they close on 
a nice trap for you to shoot your way in to?  Out of?  Whatever!
Grab some cover and start taking out the gunmen!

Your best bet here is to use the cover of the wall behind the 
limo, and take them out one at a time.  When your vision goes 
red, retreat behind cover, reload and wait for the leaves on 
the bushes to be bright green again.  A few of the thugs may 
try to rush your position, so take them out as needed.  Once 
you get the last guy, Paulo – remember Paulo? - finally shows 
up in a pair of bright blue SUV's and grabs the broker.  

The intimation is that he plans on torturing the guy – and you 
give him some creative advice on that – but either way this part 
of the mission is complete.  Now it is time to drive Paulo back 
to the casino.  During the ride you get treated to Paulo's sense 
of humor, and once you get to the casino there is a CS in which 
Paulo goes ballistic after learning that the cops raided the 
mansion and took the broker away in an ambulance.  As if you 
have not already done enough for one mission!  

I would like to point out that, parenthetically speaking, this 
really is two missions – I don't know what they were thinking!  
Still, it is time to go jack a meat wagon!  Get your Diesel on 

	Ambulance Chasing

Now I know how you are going to react when this happens, so I 
may as well discuss it now rather than wait for later...  This 
game is not really a game but a game about a movie, and it is 
about a movie that is about a reality that is not the same as 
our reality.  After all, in action movies, physics, machines, 
it all works differently than in the real world.  You sort of 
have to expect that here, are we clear on that?


Now when you get back to the mansion a swat-van ambulance tears 
out and races down the road, swerving and accelerating like an 
Indy 500 car.  Forget for a moment that it is a two-and-a-half 
ton truck with an under-powered engine – remember, it is a game 
about an action movie!

Your job is to shoot out all four tyres.  Each time you shoot 
out a tyre, the ambulance gets faster and is easier to control, 
pulling away from your completely undamaged very powerful car.  
But hey, you have boost!  So hit a few things on the side of the 
road then boost up and take out another tyre.  Rinse and repeat 
until the ambulance is finally disabled?  I mean if you think 
about it, when you took out the last tyre that ambulance should 
have taken off like an F-15, right?

Your CS with the broker is a little unsatisfying and violates 
the rules for that sort of transaction as well – I mean you are 
just what?  Going to trust the guy when he says he will place 
the information with a tracker attached later so you can retrieve 
it?  Well you better buddy, you have no choice!  Got to love the 
creative juices of game developers – well, the juices they didn't 
wipe off the monitor anyway.


(MIS11) Mission: Miguel's Sting

	Stavo wants you to look after Miguel on a job for the Chulos 

Ah brother and brother dynamics!  Miggy does not want a driver, but 
Stavo wants you to be his driver, and what do you want?  Chocolate!
Anyway, Miggy has planned a raid and you will drive him on it and 
keep an eye on him, d'accord?

There is nothing really hard about this mission – in fact it is a 
lot like being in the military in real life – a long stretch of 
boredom followed by a few minutes of intense butt-clenching 
excitement.  Well, maybe not that much excitement, but still...

Follow the gangsta' convoy to the warehouse while enjoying a nice 
scenic ride through most of Barcelona, whereupon you drive in to 
the glowing green spot and have a gunfight with a few dozen 
Romanians.  You have a gunfight is what I am saying, because the 
gang bangers you are with are mostly worthless.  So kill your 
way through the warehouse, upstairs, downstairs, take out  the 
guys at the car, kill some more and eventually you get to – you 
knew that there would be a truck waiting full of loot right? - 
the truck.

Get in and then wait for Miggy to get in with you.  The Mission 
Complete notice?  Yeah... No.

The next part of this mission has you driving the truck back to 
the drop-off point – but that should be no surprise right?  So 
listen to Miggy (God what a nickname) and head back to the 
Drugstore man!

This is not a race you get much choices in – you are basically 
on a rail, with roadblocks and shut-out areas forcing you to 
take a specific and enemy-filled route.  You may be tempted to 
use your gun – and you should if you like – but remember, you 
are in a HUGE TRUCK.  And it works really well for melee 
purposes too!

When you finally get the truck back to the Drugstore, you have a 
CS with Stavo in which you point out that his brother has just 
started a war – which is okay with you, you were sent there to 
stir up trouble remember?  And you get the opportunity to 
examine Stavo's agency dossier...  He is only 28?  He looks 
younger to me.  A few more missions unlock and their icons 
are put on your map, and it is on to the next one!


(MIS12) Mission: The Big Distraction

	Paulo has a job for you – he has some trouble with the policia!

According to the briefing, Paulo's men are being transported by the 
policia, and he has set up an ambush.  He wants you to make sure it 
goes smoothly.  He gives you a cell phone call explaining that the 
schedule is tight and you need to move fast, so run for that car 
and get going!

It turns out Paulo really likes to use his cell phone – and now he 
tells you the cops moved early, so you have to hurry.  Catch up to 
the convoy, take out a few cops if you like, then jack the lead 
truck.  Once you have it, do battle with the cop cars chasing you 
until eventually you kill them all, then head to the safe house FtW!

After you finish this you are reminded of the other mission you 
have yet to do, but before we get to that, wasn't this a fun 


(MIS13) Mission: Green Cross Code

	The Romanians are upset after Miguel's attack on their warehouse.

From the CS it is obvious that the Romanians have taken to the 
mattresses.  Oh yeah, and the Roma's know that you helped Miggy 
with the heist... Ruh Roh!  Sorin wants you to deliver a “gift” 
to the Chulos Canallas.  If I were a betting man – and I am – I 
would say it is not likely to be a gift they will want...

And it turns out I was right!  The gift is a hot car with a body 
in it!  Loverly.  You need to get this thing back to the safe 
house but you need to do it without being seen by a cop at ALL, 
and they are actively looking for you.  Use the radar map to see 
where the cops are, and staying in the alleys and NOT on the main 
roads, work your way out of the district.

Once you manage to get out of the district you are not completely 
in the clear both from the cops and – you will love this – Miggy 
himself, who has been strapped with a bomb that is on a timer.  
Your job is to get him to his buddy who knows how to defuse 
bombs – and to do that, you are going to have to follow his 
directions; very frantic directions.

I know that it is counter-intuitive but going really fast here 
is not the solution.  If you go too fast, there will be cop 
patrols that block your path.  When one goes red, he stops, 
effectively blocking off your route and freaking Miggy out!  
So take it easy, go at a moderate pace, and you should miss all 
of the patrols and get to the alley where the safe house is 
with almost no trouble, other than a rapidly beeping bomb and 
a stinky smell from the back seat.

Completing this mission opens the mission Letting Off Steam, 
which is a key mission in the game, so unless you feel like 
doing side-quests, let us head over there now?


(MIS14) Mission: Letting Off Steam

	Radu is having trouble with a protection racket.

Now you get a CS with Radu's side of the story, and of course you are 
not worried – you just want a job, right?

Get your instructions: The Contemporani newspaper is refusing to 
pay protection money to the Romanians.  Sorin wants you to teach 
them a lesson.

Speaking as a person who works for newspapers, I am opposed to this 
sort of thing.  You should respect – no – worship the folks who 
work at your local newspaper.  Really.  Seriously.... Cha, okay.

What you are supposed to do is take out the news stands, ad props, 
and billboards belonging to the newspaper.  The high-value targets 
are marked on the map, so that will give you the suggested route, 
but there are other targets that are marked by yellow glow spots 
that you will want to take out.

Eventually the gang bangers come after you – you can mess with them 
or ignore them – but when your car starts to smoke jack another so 
that they do not kill you and end the mission.  Eventually you get 
a cell phone call from Radu about the newspaper's trucks – he wants 
you to take them out now.

	Surviving and Completing this Mission

I found this to be a frustrating mission and just about everyone I 
talked to about it on Live did too.  The main reasons?  The enemies 
respawn very quickly, spawn right next to you, and do horrific 
damage to any vehicle you switch to, whether you airjack or regular 
jack it.  You really cannot stay in the same vehicle for more than 
a few minutes because of the scale of the attacks.

I seriously doubt that any gang – I do not care how large it is – can 
field that sort of army and maintain the type of losses you will 
inflict upon them.  A few of the folks I talked to about this mission 
had the opinion that it mattered what vehicle you used, and up to a 
point it does!  A motorcycle is pure suicide, and the tiny cars do 
not work either.  You may be tempted to grab a semi – and for the 
first two parts of this mission that will work fine, but the third 
part of the mission has you taking down delivery trucks, and even 
if the semi is 100% undamaged you cannot catch the delivery trucks 
in it.

For the third part of the mission, stick to mid-size cars, and just 
gun the vans – meaning get close to them and take out their tyres 
and then shoot up their gas tanks.  Do not bother trying to melee 
them, you lack the weight to do it right.  Shoot and keep shooting 
until you take out the two vans you are required to take out, at 
which point you get a cell phone call telling you to jack a van and 
go to the paper's offices.

Obviously jack the first yellow target van you can get to – it does 
not matter how much damage it takes on the way to the paper, just 
get there as fast as you can – get the CS of you pulling up to the 
gates and the gates opening, and then barrel up the stairs and 
through the editorial offices towards the green glow spot in the 
actual editor's office.  Once you reach that you get a nice CS of 
you ejecting from the building and a grateful call from the man FtW!

You get a 20GP achievement for this key mission, and better still, 
you have now unlocked the northern section of Barcelona that was 
previously not accessible to you!  Unlocking the northern section 
also enables a lot more side-quests, and of course you get the 
chance to read the agency dossier on Radu Negrea, so bonus and 
kudos to you!  

After you read the dossier, hit 'A' to have the next mission 
unlocked and placed on your GPS map – Pick of Destiny.  Now would 
be the time to start seriously doing the side-quests, because the 
missions from here on in are just going to get harder, and having 
your car amped up and access to garages, guns, and extras is a big 


(MIS15) Mission: Pick of Destiny

	The gangs are gathering at the bullring in Torres Monumental

After a brief CS in which you see gunfire in the arena from a 
distance, you are told that the Romanians and the Canallas are 
fighting over the document tube – and that you are to get it 
before they do!

This mission may be a bit on the frustrating side for most players...
It requires patience and a sort of reckless disregard for physics 
and burning cars. Seriously, you need to shoot your way into the 
area, killing pretty much everyone on the way in without dying 
yourself.  Head for the occupied structure in the center on the 
right side as you enter, kill the guys there and go up the ramp.

When you walk out onto the platform to the glow spot, you get a 
CS as the Romanians come in in their cars, and Radu gets the tube.
You now need to jump down to the ground, avoid being killed, and 
get to the silver SUV.  Get behind the wheel and drive up the ramp 
in to the covered ring that runs along the inside of the arena, 
there to do battle with the cars and motorcycles patrolling there.  

Basically you need to destroy a certain number of them after the 
timer kicks in.  You have five minutes, but you should not really
need that much time, even if you are driving a flaming wreck by 
the time you get the CS in which Radu crashes and is ejected from 
his car through the windscreen.  He has to be dead, right?

You start walking towards the tube when Che zips in on a bike and 
snags the tube – and now it is part two of this mission – catch 
Che and recover the document!

You are not really meant to catch Che on his bike – in fact he is 
way faster than you are, and you will be lucky to get close enough 
to be able to shoot – though he has a HUGE army of biker gunners 
to mess with you.  Just try to drive, don't worry about the rest...
Stick on Che's back, take out his wingmen as needed, and follow him.
Eventually he rides down into a metro station – follow him, then race
after him along the tracks, being careful not to get derfed yourself,
until he makes a bad jump and loses his bike in a nice explosion.  

After a CS where you see he survived and that his army has shown up,
you need to fight your way up to the upper level.  Be aware that 
some of his guys are behind you – so you might want to backtrack 
and take them out first.  You are facing a lot of enemies, so be 
careful, and when things go red head for cover that they cannot 
shoot through!

	Part 2 Into the Tunnels

You fight your way through an army of gang bangers willing to die 
for Che, who it appears is not willing to fight you at all.  Maybe 
people from Spain are just really loyal to their Dominican Crime 

Anyway,  fight your way through the train station, killing everyone,
as you go!  Eventually you will get a CS where Che “steals” a train,
and you have to take out his last loyal soldier (can you see me 
crying?) and then get on the motorcycle and... Wait for it... 
Wait for it.... Chase the train.

But wait!  Somehow Che's minions KNOW you are chasing a train 
they don't know he is on, on a motorcycle that they don't know 
you are on, in a tunnel... Well, you get the idea.  

Several machine gun-armed bikers drop in to add to the challenge – 
so simply shoot them off of their bikes as you feel the need.   
Now that you have caught up with the train try to ride along the 
side and you are shown a cryptic flash of the knuckle plate (the 
thing that connects the train cars to each other) but you are not 
told what to do about it.  What you are supposed to do is shoot 
it out to separate the car from the train.

Okay so you figure it out – you are supposed to shoot the knuckle 
plate!  But oh no's!  When you do that the train rockets away 
like it has... well... a rocket attached to it!   Evidently it 
is supposed to do that, since you get on on-screen message saying 
that Che will speed up as you drop off cars from the train, so 
okay, it is supposed to do that.

Be aware that you now have dozens of guys on the train shooting 
at you,  and you have to somehow manage to get between two cars 
without getting creamed by an oncoming train and at the same 
time shoot out another knuckle plate when... Daa dah dahhh!  
A guy in a CAR comes driving up to you and starts shooting.  
Note I do not mean a train car, I mean a car car!

From a strategy point of view here is what you should be doing:

1.	Watch for the cars approaching you on the tracks from behind –
when they appear, Cyclone and take them out.
2.	Do not use boost – you will be able to catch back up to the 
train without it and you need to be able to trigger Cyclone a lot.
3.	When you are going to disconnect the next car, wait until you 
hear the two ding-dongs and the oncoming train passes before pulling 
out and speeding up to do the deed.  It is better to keep your 
distance from the side of Che's train, as you somehow can get pulled 
into it if you are too close.

By now you should have taken out around six motorcycles and four 
cars, and have removed all of the train cars but the one Che is 
driving (of course).  Now carefully ease up the right side of the 
remaining car and kill the gunman there.  Pull back behind the 
train and after the next oncoming train passes, ease up the left 
side and kill the gunman there.  Pull back again, wait for the 
next oncoming train to pass, and then pull beside the front of 
the the train and kill the gunman in the front with Che. 

Now you are ready to finish this!  Wait behind for the next 
oncoming train, and as SOON as it passes speed ahead of Che's 
train by about a hundred feet, get in the center of the tracks 
his train is on, and Cyclone!  Target Che's head and kill him, 
it is that easy.  You get a gratifying CS and you get to see 
yourself checking out the plans.  I managed to do this in one 
go, and you should be able to as well as long as you are good 
with riding a motorcycle.

After you complete this mission you should get the achievement 
The Target Revealed (20GP) and the next mission (Follow a Wheelman) 
will get marked on your map.  Before you head for that mission, 
it would be a good idea to close the GPS map and save your game 
now.  It would really suck if your game froze, lost power, or 
glitches and you lost all that progress, right?


(PART2) Part 2 – Acting on the Data

You now have the plans, so it is time to start making strategic 
moves and – eventually – take out the bad guys!

(MIS16) Mission: Follow A Wheelman.

	The documents found on Che mentioned the upcoming Realital 
	political rally.

Note: When you accept this mission you should get the achievement 
Accidental Tourist.

	Felipe has been up to something at the rally – you need to 
	shadow him, and find out where he is heading next.

You begin standing near a car – don't wait, get in it because 
Felipe will pass from right to left on the cross street ahead and 
you need to get following him so you do not lose him at the start.

Keep him in sight – and when he enters the alley you do not, 
instead take the road that curves around the alley to the left 
and pick him up as he exits the other end.  Stay with him – but 
not too close – and if his icon turns yellow, back off and 
airjack another car.  Eventually he will pull into a plaza and 
change cars – you get a CS.  When he leaves follow him, maybe 
a little closer now because he gets cute with the turns.

Eventually he ends up at the Cathedral, and you drive into a 
green glow spot and get a CS where you follow him inside and 
interact with him a little.  That is all that there is to this 
one – Mission Complete and you unlock the Defeat Felipe Mission.

This was pretty challenging and assuming you did not fail it, 
not a mission you will want to repeat any time soon, so now 
would be a good time to save your game.


(MIS17) Mission: Defeat Felipe

	Felipe wants to meet up with you.  Be on your guard.

A short CS shows you that it is a trap – and you are told that 
Felipe is working with the Romanians!

Shoot your way in my friend, and take out that weasels buddies.  
Okay, you had to see this coming right?  You take out all of the 
Romanians and chase Felipe to the loading docks where he grabs a 
tanker truck – and so do you!

This is not a real complicated mission – just chase him and shoot 
until you blow away the fifth wheel and his tanker trailer goes 
bye bye.  After that, take out his wingmen as needed, and try to 
maneuver so that you have a relatively clear shot at the gas tank 
on the side of his truck – either side will work, and go into 
Aimed Shot and target its weak point.  Just rinse and repeat 
until you blow up his truck and get a CS of his dead weasel 
corpse in the road.  Yay us!

Completing this mission gets you the achievement Best of the 
Best (20GP) and unlocks the next mission, Visiting Gallo.  You 
may as well save now – in fact it would be a good idea to save 
after every mission from here on, d'accord?


(MIS18) Mission: Visiting Gallo

	Gallo wants to meet you in Carrer De La Marina Park.

This is not really a mission, it is more of a briefing.  You tell 
Gallo what you think, and he tells you the way things are.  After 
that, the next mission is unlocked.


(MIS19) Mission: The Balance of Power

	Meet with Lumi and Javier at Club Zapateado.

You take a meeting with Lumi and Javier in which you reveal 
Felipe's treachery and offer to help arrange friction between 
the other gangs.  They take you up on the offer – no surprise – 
and off you go!

Adrian gives you a call and fills you in on the balance of power 
and a suggestion – a good suggestion really, and voila! Three 
new sub-missions unlock for you to alter the Balance of Power!


(MIS20A) Mission: The Balance of Power -  Hold 'Em 

	Radu wants to strike out against Los Lantos

Radu wants you to steal cars from the Lanto's poker tournament from 
the parking lot outside the casino.    You need to be riding in a 
Romanian car to do this, and according to the on-screen prompt, 
once you get a car the guy you are supposed to meet to trade cars 
with is only there for a limited time, so you sort of have to hurry.

Getting the first car is pretty easy, just drive in through the back 
entrance to the parking lot.  The second one not so easy – they have 
beefed up security and it looks like the guys that were providing a 
diversion for you are now dead!

Fight your way in, grab another car, and get out of there man!

A tip on fighting: You seem to be able to shoot through vehicles 
and objects on this mission, and the easy way to get to the car 
you need to steal is to ease forward and then kill the bad guys 
from your car as soon as you can target them.  Once the target 
ring turns red, you can kill them regardless of what they are 
hiding behind!

The second car has a timer and the drop location is further away.  
There will be minimal pursuit, so take it easy you have plenty of 

The last car has no timer and the drop point is way far to the north.
In addition there will be a LOT of pursuit.  The best way to handle 
this is to drive on the far left so that the passengers in the 
chase cars cannot shoot at you.  Melee as needed but if you 
concentrate on driving you should not need to do too much of that.

When you reach the drop point you get a CS and instructions that 
Los Lantos must be destroyed!


(MIS20B) Mission: The Balance of Power -  No Protection 

	Stavos wants you to strike out against the Romanians

A nice CS in which you convince Stavos that it is time to go to 
the mattresses – and then he asks you to destroy the merchandise 
that the Romanians are hoarding.  Jump in Stavos' car and head 
for the marker on your radar map.

You get a CS when you arrive – the stashes you need to destroy 
are in the basement of the warehouse down an entrance ramp.  Work 
your way in and target the exploding barrels to take out each of 
the four stashes, while killing the guards as needed.  Once you 
take out all four, grab the nearest car and head for anywhere but 
here!  Just kidding – head towards the green marker.

I found this easier by jacking one of those big panel vans – it 
can take a lot of punishment, do a lot of damage, and is not really 
all that slow.  Once you fight your way out of the Romanian zone 
you get a cell phone call telling you You-Da-Man! And the mission 
ends.  One more sub-mission to go!


(MIS20C) Mission: The Balance of Power -  Seller's Market 

	Paulo wants you to strike out against the Chulos Canallas.

Man you have quite a set on you!  You sit there in the CS and tell 
Paulo all about the 'new' cars that the Chulos have 'acquired' – 
his cars if you recall the first sub-mission kekeke.

Grab one of Paulo's cars from the parking lot and head for the 
green mission marker.  When you arrive, kill a few guards, then 
target the barrels near the cars to blow them up.  When you are 
done redecorating the car lot, head back to the Casino for a 
cell phone call from a grateful Paulo, and this set of sub-
missions is complete!


(MIS21) Mission: Milo's in

	Meet with Lumi and Javier at the Dilapidated Church.

The CS gives you more information about the plan – who does what, 
why, and of course, Lumi wants to wear the pants!  After the CS 
more of the sub-missions are unlocked, and it is time to further 
destabilize the gangs Milo!


(MIS21A) Mission: Balance of Power – Street Race Riot

	Radu wants revenge for the Chulos Canallas' recent attack 
	on the Romanians.

The plan?  Why to wreck the Canallas street race of course!  Jump 
into the Romanian SUV and head for the race, man.  

When you arrive at the race you find that you need to take out the 
four motorcycle riders.  This in itself is challenging considering 
that you are in an SUV, but once you take a few out, the Chulos 
send in their unlimited and instantly spawning army of gun cars 
and bikes – and you have to contend with them as well as try to 
shoot the last two bikes in the race.

The simple way is to ignore the attackers, take the bikes out and 
then run back to the safe house, but the reality is that you are 
not likely to be able to do that in one vehicle.  The damage that 
the gun cars do to you is incredible, and annoying.  My son said 
that this would have been both fun and enough challenge if they 
had only included say half the number of bad guys, but when you 
factor in that at first all the vehicles on the road are not 
the sort you would want to switch to – tiny cars and motorcycles – 
you can see how the “extra” challenges have been “added” in.

It is a frustrating mission, and you will be glad you completed it 
when you do.  On to the next sub-mission!


(MIS21B) Mission: Balance of Power – Keep it Moving

	Stavo wants revenge for Los Lantos' recent attack on the 
	Chulos Canallas.

Is he still angry about Che??  Yes he is!  Stavo has a plan – he 
wants you to intercept a shipment of merchandise belonging to Lantos,
so jump on the Chulos bike and get going!

Shoot your way into the marina, grab the van, and race back to the 
Drugstore marker.  Yeah, I know, this is getting old – it actually 
feels more like work than like game, but what can you do?  They sort 
of stretched the game out way past what the movie can support you 

So you get back and get your cell phone call, and now it is time for 
the last sub-mission in this set!


(MIS21C) Mission: Balance of Power – Carrier Rescue 

	Paulo wants revenge for the Romanians' recent attack on Los 

And a CS back at the patio table – Paulo is on the phone getting 
bad news.  The Romanians killed Paulo's nephew, and he wants you 
to get the carrier and his nephew back – and kill a few Romanians 
while you are at it.  Jump in the nearest car and head to the 
marker for the Los Lantos car and then get going!

So did you think it was an improbable outcome?  Were you hoping 
that this would be the last make-work sub-mission?  Yeah, me too.

WARNING: This is where the plot splits.  If you plan on getting all 
of the storyline achievements and you do NOT plan on playing the 
game again, turn off auto-save now,  and create three separate 
saves after the above mission.  The reason you need to do that 
is because you are about to pick which one of the bosses you are 
going to kill – and you only get to kill ONE.

Pick a sub-mission, complete it, and then after you receive the 
achievement for taking out that boss,  load one of the other 
saves, rinse and repeat.  It really should not matter what one 
you end up continuing on, but it is nice to have a save for each. 


(MIS21D) Mission: Balance of Power – Romanian Battle

	Take out the Romanian Gang.

The time is up for the Romanians – Fight your way to the Club and 
eliminate Radu Negrea!

Now if I told you that this was easy and that I got it on the first 
go... Well I would be a liar then woudn't I?  It is not easy, and 
you very likely will not get it on the first go because the diffi-
culty level is amped up in a major way by the outriders doing 
serious damage to your ride.

When Radu gets in the van and runs, you have a choice – get in 
the car and fail, or get in the other van and have a fighting 
chance.  I say fail if you choose the car because the car cannot 
stand up to the abuse you will take and cannot do enough damage 
fast enough to the van Radu is driving, so just take the other 
van, d'accord?

Before you start melee damaging him, take the time to shoot out at 
least three of his tyres – you will be glad you did – because that
will slow his turning speed, which gives you time to really mess 
him up with melee damage.  All that you need to do is pretty much
ignore the outriders and concentrate on the van and you really 
should not have too much trouble here.


(MIS21E) Mission: Balance of Power – Lantos Battle

	Take out the Los Lantos Gane.

Fight your way to the Casino and eliminate Paulo Lial – yeah I bet 
you have been waiting for this!  Hook me up to a polygraph?  I don't 
think so buddy!

This is basically the same mission as the previous one, except 
recast to suit the location.  Once you fight your way in, Paulo 
takes off in his armored limo screaming that you betrayed him – 
well yeah?!  You can pick the vehicle you want – I would take the 
large van if I were you – anyway I did, and I was able to take his 
car out on the main avenue past the first roadblock in one go.  It 
sort of helped that I was fresh from doing the previous mission 

Once you take down the limo, you may want to make your second save 
now, as you have gotten the achievement for killing Paulo.  I wanted 
to have a save for each fork in the plot so I could come back later 
and see how they play out differently though come to think of it, 
it flags the same mission after no matter which you pick so it may 
not matter?


(MIS21F) Mission: Balance of Power – Chulos Battle

	Take out the Chulos Canallas Gang.

If you have read the previous two mission guides than there are no 
surprises here for you!

Just fight your way to the Drugstore to trigger Stavo's flight 
scene – the difference here though is he is in a fast small car 
and you do not get to choose a truck – not that you would want 
to...  Pick the mid-sized sedan, not the convertible.

You need to use a different tactic with this one – the motorcycle 
gunners will kill you if you ignore them so do not do that.  Divide 
your time about 40% taking out the motorcycles and 60% melee with 
the target.  You should be able to get this in one go!

And that finishes all three splits in the story line for now.  So 
pick the one you want to follow after this and continue your 
adventure as The Wheelman!


(MIS22) Mission: The Rescue

	Now that the balance of power has been upset, meet with Lumi.

You get a call – Lumi and Javier are trapped in the church and they 
need your help!  Why not?

Now I have to admit that this was an enjoyable mission!  You fight 
your way into the church, meet with Lumi and Javier, and then have 
a big firefight before jumping a panel van over the alter and 
through the stained glass window of the church!  How cool was that?

But the mission is not over just yet...

According to the on-screen brief, the buyer is at the political 
rally with the briefcase, and you will need his Limo to gain 
entrance.  Well that is simple enough right?  Now race through 
town in the van while Javier searches the CCTV cameras that I am 
guessing the cops do not know he can access for the guy you are 
looking for.  About the time you get to the glow spot, you will 
have all the intel you need – so go find that Limo!

I used a motorcycle but you can probably use anything fast – go 
to the Limo, chase it (try not to damage it) and airjack it, then 
drive to the marker and pick up the buyer.  Unfortunately he does 
not recognize you and so he freaks out and the cops start chasing 
you.  As you now have the briefcase, all you need to do is catch 
up with the van that Javier and Lumi are in, jump to it ala 
airjack, and then shake the cops.  Simple right?

Once you have the cops off your back – I used the construction 
site where we jacked the car carrier in an earlier mission – you 
can head for the car park and Javier will open the gate.  Do that!

Part Two – Yawn...

Sit Milo!  Roll over Milo!  Follow the Van Milo!  Seriously, 
tell me why Lumi?!

Okay, you follow the van and then it decides it want to follow 
you.  Once that happens, lead the van to the marked intersection 
and watch the CS.  Wasn't expecting that!  But I guess all is not 
completely lost, right?  I mean she got what she came for?

And you are not done!  Take Lumi to the exchange Milo!  Good Milo!
After you drop her off you get an achievement – The Spanish Job
(20GP) – because this was a key mission.


(MIS23) Mission: Get Gallo

	It's time to meet the buyer

Okay so you have the briefcase, Lumi is safe, Javier is dead, and 
you need to meet with the Buyer.  Now I wonder who that turns out 
to be?

So you reach the meet, Gallo betrays you – big surprise there – and 
you get to see a nice CS and then, wait for it...  Wait for it... 
CHASE GALLO!  Man who would have thought they would have the last 
mission be a car chase?!  How cool is that?!  Err...

This mission is like several of the others in that you are 
basically flying blind – you are not told what you need to do – 
and I think that was a mistake on the part of the game developers 
because it adds to the resentment and frustration people often 
comment about on the boards.  

Just so you know, your job is to simply try to keep up with Gallo – 
not capture him or disable his car.  You will face a literal army 
of opponents, you will need to change vehicles several times, and 
the odds are stacked heavily in the favor of the game and not you.
Is that fair?  Well, yeah, it is.  After all that is the challenge 
here – beating the overwhelming odds and all that.

You will know that you are close to the end when you start passing 
around or through roadblocks that have semi trucks at them.  When 
you hit the final roadblock, you will automatically go into aimed 
shot mode – so that you can blow up the obstructions blocking the 
ramp.  After you do that, and take the ramp, you are almost done...

I am not going to tell you anything past this point.  First of all 
you do not need me to, as it is a rail from here, and second, well, 
I want you to enjoy what is coming.  You earned it!


PART 3 – Side-Quests (PART3)

You cannot help but think of other iconic games in this style, and 
compare this one to them, but how many different ways can you do 
collection or event quests anyway?  With that in mind, I believe 
that the developers implemented this part of the game pretty well!
These are mostly challenging, and you will want to do them because 
they both unlock extras in the game (like garages, repair spots, 
weapon caches, and vehicle upgrades) and are fun.

A word of general advice on the side-quests – acquiring confidence 
and skill in the game is key to doing these well.  Eagerness is no 
substitute for knowledge of the districts and awareness of alternate
routes, and with the Fugitive and Taxi quests this is especially true.
You may find it helpful to do your first run-through with little or 
no expectations for a high rank, and instead concentrate on learning 
the route and any tactics that will help you do well on your next run.


Side-Quest: Cat Statues (SIDE1)

There are a total of 100 golden cat statues in the game.  Some are 
in obvious places, while a few require some special tactics to even 
reach.  Your vehicle choice will matter for some of these, but do 
not think that you must use a vehicle to take them out – a few 
cannot be taken out that way.  For those, you will want to use 
your weapon and shoot them.  Keep it Simple :)

Finding the statues will be a challenge of you insist on searching 
them out yourself.  I am not saying that you should not do that – 
for all I know you have all the time in the world!  But if you do 
not have all the time in the world, perhaps the link below will 
be of assistance to you?

An interactive map to the cats of Wheelman:



Side-Quest: Contract (SIDE2)

You are tasked with taking out the designated vehicle – simply catch 
up to it and melee it until it is dead!

The best vehicle for this sort of quest is the mid-sized sedan, like 
a BMW, because they handle well, are pretty fast, and weigh enough 
to do some good melee damage.

You want to get at least 'A' Rank on this to unlock additional quests.


Side-Quest: Fugitive (SIDE3)

Can you say escape and evade?  Seriously the point here it to get 
from where you start to the safe house alive, but not necessarily 
in the same vehicle.  Plan your route out, and try not to get 
sucked into melee fighting because the object here is to get to 
the safe house as quick as you can!

You will want to get an 'A' Rank or higher on these to unlock 
additional quests.

There is a special achievement connected to this side-quest – if you 
complete one on a motorcycle – but it does not mean complete it ON 
a motorcycle, it means make the entire run on the SAME motorcycle. 
Good luck with that!


Side-Quest: Hot Potato (SIDE4)

The object here is to get to the package, get the package, and get 
the package back to the starting point marker.  Your best vehicle 
for this type of quest is a cafe-style motorcycle – the fast racing 
bike in other words.  Boost when you can, and be aware that there 
is no margin here for errors like missing the glow spot and having 
to turn around.  You just do not have the time!

Another tip that will help: learn to slide into the packages while 
turning around.  If you get that tactic down you can literally grab 
the package as you complete a sliding reversal and be on your way 
back to the start marker without skipping a beat.

Completing these quests unlocks weapons caches – and getting an 'A' 
Rank or better unlocks more of these quests.


Side-Quest: Made to Order (SIDE5)

Your assignment: Airjack the specified vehicle that appears on your 
map as a red radar marker.

I have found that the best vehicle for this quest type is the fast 
cafe-style motorcycle.  On quests where you need to get more than 
one vehicle and there is no motorcycle handy, try to get a 
convertible, since they are not as finicky about positioning to 
airjack from.

Get an 'A' Rank or higher to unlock additional quests.


Side-Quest: Rampage (SIDE6)

Each of these quests has a unique item that counts as a multiplier.
You want to get the multiplier to 8X as fast as you can, and then go 
destroy stuff.  I found that hitting higher value objects works 
best – telephone and Internet kiosks, billboards, planters, 
shelters, you get the idea.  You can also get decent damage by melee 
attacking smaller vehicles that you can take out in one hit.

Get an 'A' Rank or higher on this quest to unlock additional quests. 


Side-Quest: Street Showdown (SIDE7)

This side-quests consists of a series of races in which you compete 
for position with a bunch of NPC racers.  Violent NPC racers.  I 
thought this was fun, hopefully you will as well!

Try to get 'A' or better Rank to unlock additional quests of this type.


Side-Quest: Taxi (SIDE8)

You begin in a taxi with a three-count timer, and your objective is 
to get your passenger to their destination (marked on the map with 
a green radar icon) as quickly as you can.  

You will need to plan your routes carefully here, and remember that 
not all of the alleys are shown clearly on the map – so situational 
awareness is key here!  Your goal is to get at least an 'A' Rank 
for each, because that is the minimum required to unlock the next 
Taxi quest.  'S' is better but for most of the Taxi quests it will 
take more than one try and a little familiarity with the route to 
get it.


Side-Quest: Cinematic Jumps (SIDE9)

There are a total of 50 Cinematic Jumps in the game, and a lot of 
them are located as part of the different missions, so you will get 
a fair number that way – but not all of them.  The interactive map 
listed below can take you to each of the jumps (it is the same map 
as the cat one, just tick the box for jumps and un-tick the cats).

An interactive map to the Cinematic Jumps of Wheelman:



(CONCL) Conclusion – A few words

Having spent the better part of 25 hours playing Wheelman, and I 
can honestly say that it was pretty good.  In fact it was more 
than I was expecting – and that is saying something.

I am a big fan of the GTA franchise – my favorite was probably 
Vice City, with San Andreas a close second.  I enjoy racing games 
like Burnout Paradise and PGR, and I have a pretty high opinion 
of the folks who coded this one.  It is not like they really had 
a lot to work with – and I am in awe that they took what amounts 
to a 90 minute movie and managed to turn it into a vivid gaming 

I am a fan of Vin Diesel – though I freely admit that I thought 
Babysitter was a better role for him than XXX.  Still, you take 
your joy where you can, and I think he adds to rather than 
detracts from this title.  I hope that you enjoyed the game, 
and I hope that this walkthrough was of some help to you!


(BLING) Achievements

- Accidental Tourist (30GP) Visit every district in Barcelona. 
- Finish Him! (5GP) Perform a Finishing Move on an enemy vehicle.
- Is It A Bird? (25GP) Use the Airjack 50 times.
- Leap of Faith (5GP) Perform an Airjack successfully. 
- Mission From God (25GP) Survive a five star police response for 5 
- Mission Improbable (25GP) Complete a Fugitive side mission on a 
- Ready, Aim, Fire! (5GP) Kill an enemy vehicle using the Aimed Shot.
- Riding on Rims (5GP) Shoot out the tyre of an enemy vehicle.
- Sharpshooter (25GP) Destroy three vehicles during a single Cyclone 
or Aimed Shot move.
- Spin Spin Shooter (5GP) Kill an enemy vehicle using the Cyclone.
- Diesel Powered! (50GP) Complete all side missions with an "A" 
rank or better.
- I Live For this Stuff! (100GP) Complete all side missions with 
an "S" rank.

- A Real Wheelman (50GP) Complete the Mission - Get Gallo.
- Paulo’s Peace (30GP) Defeat Paulo, the boss of the Los Lantos.
- Praise from Paulo (20GP) Complete the Mission - Stand and Deliver.
- Radu’s Requiem (30GP) Defeat Radu, the boss of the Romanians.
- Respect from Radu (20GP) Complete the Mission - Letting Off Steam.
- Salute from Stavo (20GP) Complete the Mission - Finding Family.
- Stavo’s Swansong (30GP) Defeat Stavo, the boss of the Chulos 
- The Best of the Best (20GP) Complete the Mission - Defeat Felipe.
- The Spanish Job (20GP) Complete the Mission - Getting the Job Done.
- The Target Revealed (20GP) Complete the Mission - Recover the 
- Venga Venga! (20GP) Complete the Mission – Frantic.

- Speedy and Angry (5GP) Achieve any rank on 1 Street Showdown side 
- Furious and Fast (10GP) Achieve any rank on 5 Street Showdown side 
- Barcelona Drift (20GP) Achieve any rank on all Street Showdown side 
- Taxi (5GP) Achieve any rank on 1 Taxi side mission.
- Krazy Taxi (10GP) Achieve any rank on 5 Taxi side missions.
- The Knowledge (20GP) Achieve any rank on all Taxi side missions.
- Making a Mess (5GP) Achieve any rank on 1 Rampage side mission.
- Disturbing the Peace (10GP) Achieve any rank on 5 Rampage side 
- Anti Social Behaviour Order (20GP) Achieve any rank on all Rampage 
side missions.
- Road Warrior (5GP) Achieve any rank on 1 Contracts side mission.
- Road Rage (10GP) Achieve any rank on 5 Contracts side missions.
- Road Rash (20GP) Get any Rank on all Contracts side missions.
- Delivery Boy (5GP) Achieve any rank on 1 Hot Potato side mission.
- The Courier (10GP) Achieve any rank on 5 Hot Potato side missions.
- Man In Brown (20GP) Achieve any rank on all Hot Potato side missions.
- Made to Order (5GP) Achieve any rank on 1 Made to Order side mission.
- Gone In One Minute (10GP) Achieve any rank on 5 Made to Order side 
- Gone In 59 Seconds (20GP) Achieve any rank on all Made to Order side
- Run, Milo, Run (5GP) Achieve any rank on 1 Fugitive side mission.
- Getaway in Barcelona (10GP) Achieve any rank on 5 Fugitive side 
- Can't Catch Me! (20GP) Achieve any rank on all Fugitive side 
- Jump in My Car (10GP) Perform a cinematic stunt jump.
- Dukes of Barcelona (25GP) Perform 25 cinematic stunt jumps.
- White Men Can Jump (50GP) Perform all 50 cinematic stunt jumps.
- Art Critic (10GP) Destroy 1 cat statue.
- Cat Hater (25GP) Destroy 50 cat statues.
- Wreaking Havok! (50GP) Destroy 100 cat statues.



Q1. Should I buy this game or rent it?

A1. That depends on you really – what I mean is if you are the sort 
that just has to get all of the achievements in a game, than you 
probably will want to buy this, because getting them all is going 
to take you a lot of time, and require you to master driving several 
different vehicles and different tactics of play.  If having all of 
the achievements is not a priority for you – it was not for me – than 
by all means rent it!

Q2. How do I get the Sharpshooter Achievement?

A2. From what I understand from chatter on the boards, this is one 
that you should get automatically when you first do the Cyclone or 
Aimed Shot mode in the story line – IF it works the way it is 
supposed to that is.  There appears to be a bug so that if you 
did not get it, you cannot get it later.

Several people have suggested that they got this by starting a new 
game and not saving until after they did the mission that gets you 
this achievement.  I am uncertain whether not saving the game is 
what keeps the bug from happening but if that is what does it, 
than hey, cool, there is the solution!

Q3. How do you get the achievement Mission Improbable?

A3.   This is the one that you get for doing a fugitive mission the 
whole way through on a single motorcycle.  You need to pick a really 
short fugitive mission in an area where you know the roads.  I have 
heard that the best one to do this on is Escape from Drassanes, 
which is one that you can complete in under a minute.



I have been gaming on console since before most of you were born, 
starting with Pong in the early 1970's.  I quickly moved on to the 
Intellivision and then the Atari 2600 and never looked back.  In 
real life I write a column for the Cape Cod Times Business Section 
called Digital Grind, covering the Internet, technology, and every 
now and then, games. 

I can be reached via email at chris@boots-faubert.com
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