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    Secret Icon Location FAQ by dralter

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/01/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Transformers: The Game Secret Icon Location FAQ
    By: DRalter [lusthogg182@hotmail.com]
    Version 1.0 -- 07/01/07
    ------------------------------[ Table of Contents ]-----------------------------
        I. Introduction
        II. Version History
        III. Autobots
                a.) The Suburbs
                b.) More Than Meets the Eye
                c.) Inside Hoover Dam
                d.) The Last Stand
        IV. Decepticons
                a.) SOCCENT Military Base
                b.) The Hunt for Sam Witwicky
                c.) A Gathering Force
                d.) City of the Machines
        IV. FAQs
        V. Credits
        VI. Copyright
    ------------------------------[ Introduction ]---------------------------------
    This FAQ is meant to detail the locations of the 40 factions icons throughout
    Transformers: The Game for the XBOX 360. The difficulty of finding these icons
    varies considerably - some are out in the open and some are hard to see due to
    the environment of the level **cough - The Hunt for Sam Witwicky**. The secret
    icons appear as silver emblems of the respective faction. Each faction has 20
    icons hidden throughout 4 stages (5 per stage).
    The secret icons unlock 3 things in the XBOX 360 game:
    1. G1 Optimus Prime - collect all 20 Autobot icons
    2. G1 Megatron - coll all 20 Decepticon icons
    3. "Pride of Bumblebee" Achievement - collect all 40 icons
    The descriptions here are intended to get you to the right spot with minimal
    difficulty in finding the icons. Because the mini map lacks cardinal directions
    this guide uses a combination of visual landmarks and game landmarks (the region
    names that appear when entering an area). 
    These icons should be the same in other versions of the game on other consoles.
    The main difference is obviously, the "Pride of Bumblebee" achievement will not
    be awarded.
    If you have a more detailed description of an icon's location, please contact
    me at lusthogg182@hotmail.com to have it added to this list.
    ------------------------------[ Version History ]------------------------------
    Version 1.0 -- A complete list of each faction's secret icons with general
    descriptions on where to find them.
    --------------------------------[ Autobots ]-----------------------------------
    | The Suburbs |
    1. The High School:
       On the roof of one of the high school buildings.
    2. Bobby Bolivia's:
       Behind a building in the back of the used car lot.
    3. The Mall:
       On the roof of the main building.
    4. Sam’s House:
       Behind billboard on roof of building closest to Sam’s House.
       Drive down the street Sam's house is on towards the city. It is on the roof
       of the first building you approach.
    5. Power Plant:
       On top of a fuel oil tank around the middle of the Power Plant.
    | More Than Meets the Eye |
    1. The Police Station:
       There is a ring of buildings around the central police station. The icon is
       behind middle building in this ring.
    2. Power Plant:
       There is a park near the Power Plant. Look closely in the park to find it.
    3. The Baseball Field:
       In the parking lot right next to the actual field.
    4. The Police Station:
       In the alleyway of a square shaped cluster of buildings found on the street
       connecting the Police Station and the mall. It is on the right hand side of
       the street if going from the Police Station to the mall.
    5. The Baseball Field:
       Rooftop of a building in triangular shaped cluster of buildings between the 
       Baseball Field and the Mall.
    | Inside Hoover Dam |
    1. Central Control Area:
       Inside the control room (progress through the story missions)
    2. The Containment Lab:
       In front of Megatron (progress through the story missions)
    3. Service Tunnels South C,D:
       In a corner to the right of the tunnel leading towards Service Tunnels South
       A,B area (close to Chapter 1 dot on the mini-map, although on the opposite 
       side of the wall).
    4. Service Tunnels South C,D:
       Heading towards Service Tunnel North B, in a cubby hole on the left just 
       before the road leading to the Central Core Area, above a health pickup.
    5. Service Tunnel North A:
       On 1st level of generator structure closest to the tunnel, on the side of the
       structure facing you as you come out of the tunnel).
    | The Last Stand |
    1. The Construction Site:
       Across the street on top of the tallest, tapering building.
    2. Central Park:
       Near the bird statue.
    3. City Boulevard West:
       Roof of tall, brick building near Chapter 3 (JUMP!)
    4. Central Park:
       Next to a water tower on top of a building across the street from the bird 
       statue’s right wing tip.
    5. Difficult to explain:
       From Central Park – Roof of the 3rd cluster of buildings directly behind the 
       obelisk (From the starting point, head forward straight over the first two
       clusters of buildings. The emblem is on top of the third set of buildings, a
       small one story building is to the right and a “LUSH DOG’s” billboard is to
       the left.)
       Other descriptions:   
       From where you start the level in the area with the copper statue in front
       of you go forward and climb right up the first building. Go forward and you
       should end up at the next street and before you it should be a pink building
       and a yellow building there. Climb up them and go forward and climb up the
       buildings at the the edge of this and you'll be at the next street. If you
       look left there should be a billboard that says Lush Dogs and its the next
       set of buildings dead ahead of you next the the building with the billboard.
       Go up two streets from where you start off and climb the last cluster of
       buildings dead ahead before the ones along the edge.
    --------------------------------[ Decepticons ]--------------------------------
    | SOCCENT Military Base |
    1. U.S. Military Airbase:
       Next to hangar near Chapter 1
    2. U.S. Military Airbase:
       Behind a building on the opposite side of the base from Chapter 1
    3. Supply Depot East:
       Near tank lot (I got it in the Attack sub mission)
    4. Bedouin Village:
       Roughly the center of the village
    5. Bedouin Village:
       Across the paved road from Bedouin is a cluster of small bases. The icon is
       next to the L-shaped base closest to the square base.
    | The Hunt for Sam Witwicky |
    1. High School:
       In the park next to the high school (look CLOSE - it is there!)
    2. Bobby Bolivia’s:
       In highway tunnel near the used car lot.
    3. The Mall:
       In the middle of the three way alley in the cluster of buildings
       immediately between the mall and the baseball field
    4. Housing Estate North:
       Between two houses on elevated row of houses (first two house on left as
       you come up towards the dead end)
    5. Sam’s House:
       Behind the brown house that's between two white houses.
       There is a health pickup in front of the brown house.
    | A Gathering Force |
    1. The Tank Depot:
       Between two long buildings near the mountain.
    2. The Recreation Area:
       Between two buildings on a curved part of the road (near baseball field).
    3. Roof of a building between the Recreation Area and the Aircraft Depot
    4. The Aircraft Depot:
       Behind a building that is near a fuel oil tank.
    5. The Residential Quarters:
       In the middle of the larger housing circle.
    | City of the Machines |
    1. Central Park:
       Top of tall building facing bird statue’s LEFT wing.
    2. Main Avenue:
       In curved area with many umbrella covered tables.
    3. Central Park:
       Roof of building cater-corner to bird statue’s LEFT wing.
    4. Central Park:
       Roof of tall corner building in cluster BEHIND the bird statue.
    5. Central Park:
       Roof of corner building cater-corner to bird statue’s RIGHT wing.
    -----------------------------------[ FAQs ]------------------------------------
    1. What do the G1 Optimus and Megatron look like?
       G1 Optimus Prime
       G1 Megatron
    2. Are these just repaints like the codes give you?
       No! These are not skins like the codes. These are actual replicas of the G1
       models of Optimus Prime and Megatron. Optimus Prime turns into a flat cab
       truck. Megatron should turn into a gun, but as there would be nobody to
       shoot hime, he instead flies for his transformation.
    3. I can't find xxxx...please help!
       *SMIRK* Can't help you there - post on the GameFAQs for some additional help
       and then send me the more detailed description so I can update the document.
    4. Can I unlock the G1 models with codes?
       To my knowledge, the only method of unlocking the real G1 models is by
       collecting all of the secret icons.
    5. How do I use the G1 characters?
       First, acquire the respective icons.
       Then, turn them on in the Bonus Features section of the main menu.
       Now, pick a level that you use the respective character in.
       For example, for G1 Optimus, I can pick "More Than Meets the Eye" if I have
       completed that level to play as G1 Optimus.
    ----------------------------------[ Credits ]----------------------------------
    - GameFAQs: The BEST place to go for video game information, period.
    - GameFAQS Message Boards: for assistance in completing this document.
      I received noteworthy help from the following posters (in no order):
            Sir Auros
            We live
    - Microsoft: for the XBOX 360
    - Activision / Traveller's Tales: for this decent game
    -----[ Copyright ]-----
    Copyright 2007 Travis Merkle
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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