How do I get the seed of lust to grow?

  1. I am playing with leinheart and need to get the seed or whaterver to grow and i need some thing from the "ice maiden" acording to the faqs i read but as i read shes on the fourth region but i can only go to 2 when i got to the gate at the end of the second region (the one with meat men?) but when i get close to the gate it says that the gate is sealed or closed or locked, shut, whatever but i can't go through wtf?

    User Info: bellben_wolf

    bellben_wolf - 11 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. you're at the wrong end of the map.

    "Q: I'm stuck at City of Desolation:Night map, there's a locked door but I don't
    have the key.
    A: That door can only be opened by Kendal who has the key from his story quest.
    If you don't have the key, go to the opposite end of the map, there is a open
    portal to Hall of Arrogance"

    Most questions you may have in the future can probably found in this guide, which is where the above quote comes from:

    User Info: TobaccoISwacko

    TobaccoISwacko - 11 years ago 2   0

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