2D ArtKieron Dwyer
Additional Sound DesignMark Lampert
Additional WorkIke Adams
Additional WorkChris Bold
Additional WorkCraig Brooks
Additional WorkPatrick Clark
Additional WorkMatt Corthell
Additional WorkScott Downey
Additional WorkTony Ferrao
Additional WorkChris Forsythe
Additional WorkSergei Gourski
Additional WorkNick Hunter
Additional WorkRick Knox
Additional WorkTrevor O'Brien
Additional WorkKabir Oshodi
Additional WorkChris Palmer
Additional WorkGabe Warshauer-Baker
Additional WorkJoe Wyman
Associate ProducerTim Bumar
Associate ProducerGary Conti
Concept ArtCraig Mullins
DeveloperEric Anderson
DeveloperMichael Belair
DeveloperMichael Blanchette
DeveloperPeter Calabria
DeveloperJohn Cataldo
DeveloperLou Catanzaro
DeveloperDan Conti
DeveloperGary Conti
DeveloperIan Currie
DeveloperDiane Damon
DeveloperParker A. Davis
DeveloperKen Davis
DeveloperIan Lane Davis
DeveloperJason Dunlop
DeveloperTim Ferrar
DeveloperJames Fleming
DeveloperShanti Gaudreault
DeveloperJamie Gotch
DeveloperNick Greco
DeveloperScott Haraldsen
DeveloperChris Koerner
DeveloperEric Krasnauskas
DeveloperMatt Madeira
DeveloperBrian Mysliwy
DeveloperChuck Nicholson
DeveloperMatt Nordhaus
DeveloperShawn Shoemaker
DeveloperAlan Smithee
DeveloperTara Teich
DeveloperEric Walsh
DeveloperKevin Wasserman
DeveloperBart Whitebook
DeveloperBen Wilson
DeveloperKaren Wolff
Executive ProducerTodd Vaughn
MusicRod Abernethy
MusicJason Graves
Music Composer and ProducerRod Abernethy
Music Composer and ProducerJason Graves
ProducerCharles Harribey
ProducerLaffy Taylor
Senior Network Programmer / MultiplayerBart Whitebook
Sr. ProducerParker A. Davis
StoryDerek Chester
StoryDorothy Fontana
SupportRob Belair
SupportJeff Desharnais
SupportEd Donaghue
SupportPaul Elliot
SupportGordon Fellows
SupportDavid Fielding
SupportSteve Gargolinski
SupportJay Gill
SupportMonica Keleher
SupportBev Manning
SupportSean McCarthy
SupportShaun McDermott
SupportSandy O'Toole
SupportNate Raymond
SupportRon Rosenberg
SupportDebbie Waggenheim
SupportNick Warseck
T'UerellBari Biern
Video Design and EditingSteven Green
Voice Actor - Benjamin SiskoAvery Brooks
Voice Actor - BorgJeff Baker
Voice Actor - Captain JamesonJonathan Bryce
Voice Actor - Captain RadonovichJeff Baker
Voice Actor - Commander Lo'TalTy Ford
Voice Actor - ENT CaptainJonathan Bryce
Voice Actor - James T. KirkWilliam Shatner
Voice Actor - Jean-Luc PicardPatrick Stewart
Voice Actor - Jonathan ArcherScott Bakula
Voice Actor - Kathryn JanewayKate Mulgrew
Voice Actor - KlingonsJonathan Bryce
Voice Actor - Lt. GarrisonDavid Jackson
Voice Actor - Medical Ship First OfficerLinda Canyon
Voice Actor - ReggieDavid DeBoy
Voice Actor - RomulansJeff Baker
Voice Actor - RuhalterDavid Jackson
Voice Actor - Sub-Commander VorelShari Elliker
Voice Actor - T'UerellSusan Allenback
Voice Actor -USS Scott CaptainJeff Baker
Voice TalentSusan Allenbach
Voice TalentJeff Baker
Voice TalentReiner Bakken
Voice TalentScott Bakula
Voice TalentAchim Barrenstein
Voice TalentNick Benjamin
Voice TalentBari Biern
Voice TalentErik Borner
Voice TalentAvery Brooks
Voice TalentJonathan Bryce
Voice TalentDavid DeBoy
Voice TalentMichael Deckner
Voice TalentSongard Dressler
Voice TalentSherri Ellicker
Voice TalentTy Ford
Voice TalentRoy Fromlovitz
Voice TalentEva Goscievicsz
Voice TalentSusanne Grawe
Voice TalentMario Hassert
Voice TalentStefan Henkel
Voice TalentStefan Henkel
Voice TalentHelge Heynold
Voice TalentDuncan Hood
Voice TalentDavid Jackson
Voice TalentWes Johnson
Voice TalentLunda Kenyon
Voice TalentKathryn Klvana
Voice TalentWolff von Lindenau
Voice TalentMichael Lucke
Voice TalentBeau Marie
Voice TalentKate Mulgrew
Voice TalentStefan Muller-Ruppert
Voice TalentDorothea Reinhold
Voice TalentMike Rosson
Voice TalentMartin Schafer
Voice TalentMarco Schmidt
Voice TalentChristian Schult
Voice TalentCraig Sechler
Voice TalentWilliam Shatner
Voice TalentKlaus Sonnenchein
Voice TalentRalf Steuernagel
Voice TalentPatrick Stewart
Voice TalentAart Vedder
Voice TalentRegine Vergeen
Voice TalentRegine Vergeen
Voice TalentHelmuth Winkelmann
Voice TalentSusan Zeller


Data and credits for this game contributed by neothe0ne, jonsushi, Shadow., Crazy Jezus, cincykid, BGoldTLE, Padlorr, Bart_Whitebook, oliist, misschu, and SilverBow.

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