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2K Can Make the Perfect Game, But That Doesn't Mean That it is Perfect 08/31/07 9NineBreaker9
Truly one of the greatest games ever made. 09/14/07 BrokenDreams13
Honestly. 09/24/07 megametroid
Good game? Yes. Game of the year it is not. 10/22/07 Yedokai
BioShock should not be missed by anyone, it is awesome. 09/07/07 AmazoLK
Sometimes multiplayer is completely unnecessary. 09/03/08 Archmonk Iga
What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men? 02/11/10 BloodGod65
Slightly buggy controls don't stop this from being the most immersive and atmospheric FPS ever created. 09/02/08 Boatz!
A Great Game That's Not Without Plenty of Flaws 10/25/07 briantw
Groundbreaking - Destined to be a classic 09/09/10 cdm299
The Big Daddy of Next-Gen Gaming 09/11/07 Chronic_Apathy
Not quite the pinaccle of gaming, but still a valid effort. 05/05/08 Crofty
Never Question the Masculinity of a Man Named Mr. Bubbles 07/12/08 DandyQuackShot
Bioshock is definitely not perfect - but it's still outstanding. 09/05/07 Evil Dave
A game with no equal on the console. A must play experience. 09/04/07 HighOnPhazon
Dethrones Gears of War as best 360 title so far 10/22/07 horror_spooky
Would you kindly read this review? 09/01/08 JoeB_91
A FPS that truly stands apart 09/13/07 kilgoretraut
Leaks. Lunatics. Rebellion. And now bleedin' ghosts. Ain't life in Rapture grand? 01/18/08 kiriyama2
Games like Bioshock are the reason why I play video games. 03/24/08 Link165
A game that truly defies the worn out FPS genre 04/21/08 Masterblaze0
The Big Daddy of First-Person-Shooters. 01/03/08 masterknight14
Little sister, can't you find another way? No more living life behind a shadow... 01/10/13 nastynate3118
A haunting experience brought to life by incredible visuals and fun, deep gameplay 08/26/08 nintendosega
A mature and intelligent game that should be played by everyone 01/05/09 Osafune2
Water, water everywhere, So, why not take a drink? 05/29/12 Pirate_Higamaru
At the Intersection of Art and Entertainment Sits One of the Greatest Video Games Ever Made: Bioshock 04/09/13 rubicon14
Next-Gen Shock To The System 11/26/07 ShadowGuardian9
Leaks, lunatics, rebellion and now...Bleeding ghosts. Life in rapture IS grand! 04/06/10 Soldier_0_Cross
Mr Bubbles says: This is Next Gen! 09/04/07 T0by_the_great
Bioshock is Art- A visceral affair that might teach you something about humanity along the way 08/28/08 teenymon08
BioShock invites you to a mysterious underwater world that you'll be gripped to. 09/26/07 Thorpe
Would you kindly buy this game? 08/31/07 VGF
Everything blends so well together to create an experience that simply cannot be missed 03/18/10 Wolfvie
This is what next gen gaming should be. 08/30/07 wolverinefan
Amazing Atmosphere, but the Gameplay isn't that special 06/23/08 Xenon
I Chose... RAPTURE! 02/06/08 xXJade_DragonxX
Under the sea, down where it's darker, there is Rapture 01/22/08 zeshin_reloaded

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Grossly overrated 11/16/07 Allyourbase
Would you kindly ignore the hype? 01/11/10 Dosu1524
Not as good as it should be. 09/04/07 Lucky_Charms_
This timeless gem deserves to sit on every gamer's shelf. 06/16/08 _Spin_Cycle_
Good but definitely not perfect and not a GOTY contender 01/03/08 AlexTheGreyWolf
Perfect? No. Nearly Perfect? Definitely. 01/30/08 BlackDragon4133
Big Daddies FOR LIFE! 06/30/11 Calamity
A little over-hyped, but still game of the year material 08/24/07 CriMsOnC0bra
This is the standard now. Sorry Gears of War! 08/26/07 Def Freak7
Far from perfection, but coming from a non fps fan it's pretty damn good. 08/26/07 DevilRyodo2000
Who's your daddy now? 08/26/07 Galactus21
In what country is there a place for people like me? 08/26/07 Gnomestone
Welcome to the next generation, Xbox 360. 08/28/07 High_Rizer
Owning things one minute, runnin like a girl the next. 08/10/09 Lewttehhat
Amazing, simply amazing 09/04/07 Marche567
bioshock is a good game but it could be better 12/25/07 masterchief_550
Game of the Year? It's definitely a contender. 09/04/07 oneshotskye
A unique vision of terror and consequence set deep in the heart of the ocean 08/26/07 overachiever547
Plunged into Chaos 09/12/07 PickHut
Standard FPS with some nice RPG elements 11/01/07 pixielate_com
One ticket to Rapture please! 01/20/09 prophet_of_cool
Doubtlessly the best FPS since Half-Life 2 08/26/07 pyroman93
A is A - Bioshock is Awesome 02/12/08 renegadeoffunk7
A game I never expected to be so good 09/25/08 Shousoku
Bioshock-A honest reveiw 08/28/07 SilverMac24
Wait, who said videogames can't be art? 08/30/07 Snoop Dog
Rapture is a Beautiful Underwater Utopia that will leave you Bioshocked. 12/10/07 Snuffy_Mccrack
Why won't you move Mr. Bubbles? 08/29/07 soopakoopa
The Big Daddy Of All Gaming 08/27/14 St0kess
The stunning visuals, paired with a remarkable story and very memorable characters, make Bioshock a true beauty to behold. 11/08/07 The_Cultist5
This is one game you shouldn't pass up. 01/05/09 Unholy6
Is That A Crack In The Glass? Oh Dear... 09/10/07 zyzzvya01

Quick Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
Relegated to the D-list due to a fatal and utterly unforgivable flaw... 09/04/07 GoldenVoid
Major disappointment 10/27/08 metalgear-s
Welcome to the Under(water) World 08/23/07 Am3692
This game is Shockingly fun 01/26/09 anonymous46773
It's here and oh is it good. 08/22/07 BaconCorpse
In the depth of the abyss, you will not know how to run away 08/17/09 beckonthemoon
Thanks 2K for this game 12/26/08 BlackbeltB
Been there, done it already. 01/03/08 Booji_Boy93
Bioshock Review 06/22/16 ChillHVAC
No wonder the good folks at Next Gen Gaming call this BioGod 08/22/07 ChrisHansen_NBC
A true ambience game - one that manages to work on almost all levels... 09/13/07 Corporate_Jobber
Weapons? Check. Plasmids? Check. Horde of Insane People Trying to Kill Me? Check. 09/17/07 Defmonkee
bioshock???? 11/05/07 djohnson011211
This game is twisted, 08/23/07 doublementh
An amazing game 08/24/07 Emprex
A decent shooter, although the narrative is what makes BioShock shine. 05/16/08 Exodist
Almost Perfect. Still Absolutely Amazing! 08/24/07 farbod21
Very elegant and entertaining. 10/08/07 ghmgmmjmgm
BioShock - Worth Everything I Spent 01/15/08 googleplex53
5+ Years Of Work Brings One of the Best 360 Games in Existence... 08/26/07 Grandstream
Biosludge or Bioshocked? 08/23/07 GTA Assassin X
MOST AMAZING XBOX 360 GAME EVER!!! 11/10/08 happy3598
I am glad I bought a 360 for this 08/23/07 HeroesUnite
Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his own brow? 04/07/08 Hurgle77
A little water never hurt anyone 08/23/07 JessicaAlbaFan
Finishing this Game is like Pigs Flying to Antarctica 02/04/08 joeyissoweird
Does a man who pays $60 for a game deserve it to be great? Yes, says the man from Boston! 08/26/07 KingBrolly
You will always be their big daddy 08/26/07 Kipo6556
Awe-inspiring 08/26/07 LacklusterChari
Is 2K Games not entitled to the sweat of it's brow? 08/23/07 lastfirstborn
Welcome To Rapture! 08/22/07 LukeStrife5
Is man not entitled to a great game? I chose...BIOSHOCK! 09/07/07 macdadbo
Rip through Hell underwater 08/23/07 MarkoftheFighters
Bioshock's a great game, dissapointing to some. 08/26/07 NatorMVP
Discovering Rapture 08/23/07 Nicholi Evans
Top Five For the Xbox 360 08/26/07 Nicky Dubz
Great game, but not excellent 09/18/07 Nomad007
Works better as a work of interactive fiction than as a first-person shooter 08/24/07 Phange
Bioshock Definitely the most Powerful Published 360 Game 11/26/07 pianoMAN12
Welcome to Rapture. A psycho infested hell hole you can grow to love 08/23/07 poncho_poo
Great game for both the hardcore and average gamer 08/24/07 Pouper
Would you kindly enjoy this excellent game? 08/23/07 Shadow9392
Better than I expected 08/23/07 SnerdWilliams
Awesome Graphics, but Not a Perfect Game 08/21/07 SolidSnakeJJL
Great, just outstanding. 10/29/08 therater13
Don't Worry Mr. Bubbles, It's A Great Game 08/24/07 Ventrion366
BioShock: Well-Deserved Hype or Underachieving Failure? 08/22/07 viewtifuldahaka
I can't believe there are review's here below an 8/10 10/20/08 zBlackKnight789

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