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Plot Summary by xg3

Version: 1.14 | Updated: 07/22/2009
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                             BioShock Plot Summary
                         A Complete History of Rapture

Version: 1.14 (07/22/09)
Author: XG3
Contact: bioshockstory@gmail.com

!! ** SPOILER ALERT ** !!

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For the Record

- The BioShock story is very complex and richly woven, but it is told through
  many fragmented audio diaries and radio messages. As such, not everything
  that happens in the game is directly stated; many events are implied or
  inferred. Feel free to email me if you have a better take on a certain
  character or event, and I will include it with proper credit if your argument
  is compelling enough.

- If I got any part of the timeline wrong, please email me with a source
  (quote, image, link, etc.) or compelling argument for why I'm wrong, and I'll
  do my best to correct it.

- I'm not the best writer in the world, and a lot of the text was spliced
  (sorry) together from various sources. I tried my best to blend everything
  together into one cohesive text, but some sentences may be awkward, the tense
  may be wrong, or the flow of a certain section may seem off. If you have any
  suggestions or possible rewrites - in which you are able to state the events
  more concisely than I have - feel free to email it to me. I do plan on
  eventually rewriting it to improve the grammar/sentence structure of this

- If you really enjoyed this FAQ and would like to donate, please email me and
  I will provide a paypal address.

- If you have any questions, comments, edits, or suggestions about the story,
  this FAQ, or anything at all, I'd love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to
  email me!


90% of the facts stated in the account of Rapture below are taken from the
things you hear, see, and experience in BioShock. 5% are taken from reliable
outside sources. Ryan's backstory was taken from an interview with Ken Levine, 
creative director of BioShock, on CultofRapture.com. The construction of 
Rapture was taken from a magazine ad someone had transcribed on some forum 
(I've never personally seen the ad but the info seems compelling enough to 
post, and I doubt the poster made it up). Per the disclaimer above, some events 
(the last 5%) are implied and not directly spelled out for the player.

BioShock's story is a big puzzle. I merely put together the pieces.


{c01}  ...  Andrew Ryan
{c02}  ...  The Construction of Rapture 
{c03}  ...  The Discovery of Adam
{c04}  ...  Frank Fontaine
{c05}  ...  Little Sisters
{c06}  ...  Rivalry
{c07}  ...  Jack Ryan
{c08}  ...  The Beginning of the End
{c09}  ...  New Years Eve
{c10}  ...  Big Daddies
{c11}  ...  Paradise Lost
{c12}  ...  Welcome to Rapture
{c13}  ...  Frequently Asked Questions


         "I am Andrew Ryan, and I'm here to ask you a question.
          Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

          'No!' says the man in Washington, 'It belongs to the poor.'
          'No!' says the man in the Vatican, 'It belongs to God.'
          'No!' says the man in Moscow, 'It belongs to everyone.'

          I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something
          different. I chose the impossible. I chose...Rapture,
          a city where the artist would not fear the censor,
          where the scientist would not be bound by petty
          morality, Where the great would not be constrained by
          the small!
          And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your
          city as well."

                                     - Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan                                                               {c01}

Andrei Ryan was born in early 1900s Russia. The Russian Revolution, which led 
to the rise of the Soviet Union, destroyed his family when he was a child. 
Resenting the Communist ideology, Ryan fled to the United States, changed his 
name to the more American-sounding "Andrew", and eventually became an 
incredibly successful industrialist, scientist, and inventor. Ryan was 
initially very happy with America, a place where intelligence and 
determination was rewarded with prosperity and fame. When the Great Depression 
came about in the 1930s, however, Ryan got a bit of a rude surprise. The New 
Deal, a series of programs facilitating the redistribution of wealth to the 
poor, upset Ryan because it reminded him of the world he thought he had 
escaped. His belief in, and devotion to, the American Dream was finally 
shattered with the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Immediately after World War II, Ryan began plans to build a hidden sanctuary 
for those who shared his beliefs - a place for those he considered to be 
humanity's best and brightest, in a location where it could not be taken from 
him by outside forces. The society was envisioned as the ultimate capitalistic 
and individualistic paradise, with the elite achieving for themselves rather 
than for the whole. It would be free from God, government, and the Parasites
of the world - those who take without giving. The city would be named Rapture, 
where all of Ryan's chosen people would at once be taken away from earth, 
leaving everyone else behind. It became obvious to Ryan that there was only 
one place he could conceivably build Rapture: at the bottom of the ocean. It 
would have been impossible to build it anywhere else.

The Construction of Rapture                                               {c02}

           "What would the Russian Bear and the American Eagle do if
            they discovered our paradise? Our secrecy is our shield!"
                                           - Andrew Ryan

During his time in America, Ryan amassed a fortune worth billions from 
contracts with the United States and other various world powers on underwater 
weapons and research, which funded the construction of Rapture. In 1942, Ryan 
invented an ingenious device that compressed the molecules in water with an 
electrical charge in the same way that air is compressed with force. Ryan 
originally intended for the device to be used applications such as cooling 
mechanisms and for desert countries where water was scarce. The government, 
however, decided to use it as a military weapon. The device could rapidly 
increase the water pressure around nautical vehicles such as submarines, 
crushing them in a matter of moments. Ryan resented the government's use of 
his invention in such a way, which added to his extreme dislike of government 
and his own extreme individualistic ideals.

Ryan began construction of Rapture in early 1946. An oil rig construction site 
was set up in the mid-Atlantic, in-between Greenland and Iceland (63* 2' N 29* 
55' W). Rock, granite, and other resources for his buildings were gathered on 
location using drills, while metal was purchased from outside sources. The 
materials were processed on the oil rig while the actual buildings were 
constructed on a platform supported by two other massive oil rigs.

The base for each building was constructed on the platform and slowly lowered 
down into the water using flotation devices and very sturdy chains. The 
foundation for each building was laid first, with the other stories being 
lowered in succession like building blocks, each placed on top of the other. 
The sections of each building were then sealed together using the granite and 
cement harvested on site, and the windows were securely fasted into place. 
Finally, the buildings were drained using Ryan's water compression device. A 
"pressure explosion" blasted the water out of the top of the buildings while 
creating a huge pressure bubble to keep the lower levels dry. Conventional 
pumping methods would have been costly and unfeasible, making the device 
absolutely essential to the construction of the city. After most of the water 
had been blasted out of the buildings, the outlets were sealed permanently.

Protected by a network of giant sea walls and consisting of a cluster of 
enormous skyscraper-shaped hive towers, Rapture was designed to be entirely 
self-supporting, with all of its electricity, food production, water 
purification and defense systems powered by undersea volcanic openings. To 
harness the heat from the geothermic vents, Ryan created a massive power 
production facility called Hephaestus and situated his main office there.

Ryan also hired a scientist from Berkeley by the name of Julie Langford to 
build a tree farm at the bottom of the ocean. Arcadia became the living, 
breathing heart of Rapture, its lush forests and abundant plant-life serving to 
generate life-sustaining oxygen. Transportation among the different areas of 
Rapture was by a system of bathyspheres called the Rapture Metro. Smaller scale 
travel was facilitated through a network of glass tunnels. Mail was delivered 
through a series of pneumo tubes. The city's architecture featured a grand Art 
Deco style that had an appearance merging the futuristic and archaic.

After construction had completed, the oil rig on the surface was cannibalized, 
with the exception of its foundation. It was used to support Rapture's only 
entrance, a great stone lighthouse flashing its guiding light to the world's 

Rapture opened its doors to the world's elite on November 5, 1946. The city's
population numbered several thousand at its peak during the early 1950s, 
composed of those people Ryan viewed as the best examples of mankind. A large 
and tiered economy grew among the people, catering different quality products 
to different levels of the society. 

The Discovery of Adam                                                     {c03}

Bridgette Tenenbaum was only 16 when she found herself a prisoner in a German 
prison camp. She was able to observe German doctors as they did experiments on 
the prisoners, and it was here where she discovered her love for science. 
During these experiments, Tenenbaum would often point out to the doctors their 
errors. The Germans noticed that this girl was clearly brilliant and decided 
to employ her talents. They called her "Das Wunderkind", the wonder child. She 
was very interested in discovering why people were born the way they were, and 
did genetic experiments on the other prisoners. For some reason, she did not 
consider her colleagues in the German prison camp as tormentors, but rather 
kindred spirits. Her scientific talents allowed her to survive World War II, 
and her desire for scientific growth eventually led her to Rapture.

One day, Tenenbaum saw a man with a crippled hand from the war playing catch 
on the docks of Neptune's Bounty - home of Rapture's fisheries. She inquired 
about this apparent miracle. The man revealed that he had been unloading the 
barge one day when he was bitten by a sea slug. Waking up the next morning, he 
discovered he could move his fingers for the first time in years. Luckily, he 
had the foresight to retain the sea slug, and so he gave it to Tenenbaum for 

Tenenbaum discovered that the slug secreted pure stem cells, later called 
Adam, that not only healed damaged cells - it resurrected them completely. 
Needing money for further research, she approached all of the "respectable 
labs" for funds, but was turned away. With nobody else to turn to, Tenenbaum 
was approached Frank Fontaine, a successful businessman who also happened to 
be Rapture's criminal mastermind.

Frank Fontaine                                                            {c04}

                "A gun in every home, peace on every street."
                           - Frank Fontaine at the installation of the
                             first Power to the People machine, 1/22/57

Frank Fontaine was a savvy entrepreneur of modest beginnings and engaged in 
charity and various other enterprises. He built the foundation of his empire 
on Fontaine Fisheries, a front for his smuggling operations in Port Neptune. 
Fontaine used his charisma to those in Rapture who were disenchanted with 
Ryan's Great Chain philosophy. A man of great foresight, Fontaine understood 
that even in a society of the world's elite, "somebody's gotta scrub the 
toilets" and so he began his campaign to control Rapture by appealing to the 
lower class. He set up Fontaine's Home for the Poor and recruited the fish 
workers in Neptune's Bounty, led by Peach Wilkins, to smuggle items from the 
outside world into Rapture.

Bibles and crosses were among the most prolific contraband smuggled into 
Rapture by Fontaine's operation. The items were in demand from those who found 
their lives in Rapture to be empty and those who would need something to turn 
to during imminent war between Fontaine and Ryan. Fontaine supplied these 
religious articles to make a profit and simultaneously gain an edge over Ryan 
by appealing to the public's morality.

Fontaine immediately saw the potential economic viability of Adam, so he 
decided to invest in Tenenbaum's research in exchange for any future profits 
resulting from it. Through his smugglers in Neptune's Bounty, Tenenbaum was 
finally able to get the equipment and money she needed.

Thus, Fontaine Futuristics was established. Tenenbaum spent her time 
researching Adam. She discovered that the substance could be used to enhance 
one's body, improving physical or mental capabilities, cure disease and 
heal injuries. Her research partner, Dr. Suchong, began developing a series 
of genetic modifications made from processed Adam called plasmids. These 
plasmids, code-named "Lots", gave humans special powers and additional innate 
abilities using a serum called Eve. While Suchong immersed himself in 
developing different applications using plasmids, Tenenbaum focused on 
studying the genetic properties of Adam itself.

As Adam reached the general public, Fontaine Futuristics began reaping the 
profits. At this point in time, Fontaine had become a major influence in 
Rapture through his various business ventures. These included the oxygen 
market, Accu-Vox Personal Voice Recorders (everyone who was anyone had one), 
and the Power to the People machines. He sunk the profits he made from Adam 
into bigger and better plasmids. Fontaine, now a player in high technology, had 
cornered the market on genotypes and nucleotide sequences while Ryan had spent 
his time purchasing real estate. Initially, Ryan praised Fontaine's plasmid 
business as an exemplification of the free market ideology, and refused to 
regulate it despite pressure from his closest advisors.

Little Sisters                                                            {c05}

Adam revolutionized Rapture. The world's best and brightest humans were able to 
better themselves by "splicing" (integrating into the genetic makeup) more and 
more plasmids and gene tonics. Plastic surgeons were able to sculpt the flesh 
in ways never thought possible. The long-term effects of Adam soon became 
apparent as more people used it. Adam acts like a benign cancer, destroying 
native cells and replacing them with unstable stem versions. This instability 
is what gave it its amazing properties, but was also what caused the cosmetic 
and mental damage resulting from it. It became a vicious circle; the more Adam 
you took, the more Adam you would need to undo the damage. While this was 
catastrophic from a medical standpoint, it was great from a business 

Another side effect of splicing was the ability to see ghosts. This occurred 
from memories being passed on between users of the Adam through genetic 
sampling. Those who overused plasmids and gene tonics became psychotic and 
extremely aggressive, and were known as splicers. Fontaine himself was 
secretly building a spliced up army of lower class citizens in the poorhouses.

As the demand for Adam grew, Fontaine Futuristics began looking for a way to 
increase the supply. Tenenbaum discovered that she could produce more Adam by 
implanting the sea slug within the stomach lining of a host. The initial tests
using young girls as hosts were a success. The host was induced to regurgitate
after feeding, yielding 20-30 times the amount of usable Adam as a lone sea
slug. The host also became indestructible as a side effect. Any wounded flesh
would be regenerated with stem versions of the dead cells. Since the
relationship with the implanted slug was symbiotic, harvesting the slug would
result in a dead host. Tenenbaum discovered that the symbiotic relationship
only worked on children, and of them, only girls. She did not understand why.
When she disclosed this fact to Fontaine, he quipped that it was one less
bathroom to build for the orphanage he was setting up to address the shortage
of hosts. Before long, Fontaine opened the doors to the Little Sister's
Orphanage, welcoming his future "Adam factories" with open arms.

Rivalry                                                                   {c06}

          "We laid the foundations of Rapture at the end of the last war...
           but before the final, terrible war that is to come..."
                                           - Andrew Ryan

As Fontaine's influence and wealth grew, Ryan became more aware of him both as 
a political threat and as his ideological antithesis. Ryan began attempts to 
stomp out all smuggling in order to prevent Fontaine from becoming even more 
influential. He was sure that Fontaine was behind the rampant smuggling taking 
place in Neptune's Bounty, and so he put his chief of police, Sullivan, on the 
case full time.

Sullivan and his men made it their mission to take down Fontaine by any means 
necessary, and even resorted to torture. Unfortunately, Fontaine always 
managed to be where the evidence wasn't. Fontaine displayed his cutthroat 
personality at this time by taking a bigger cut of the smuggling revenue and 
threatened to report the workers himself if they had a problem with it. In one 
case, a worker died from electrocution under interrogation after refusing to 
reveal anything to Sullivan because he was more afraid of Fontaine than he was 
of Ryan. In another case, a worker privately revealed that he was going to rat 
out Fontaine, but was found dead in a sack the next day. Peach Wilkins and his 
crew were essentially trapped between a rock and a hard place.

As the smuggling problem grew worse, Ryan enacted the death penalty despite the
disapproval of the council. Convicted smugglers were publicly hung in Apollo 
Square for all to witness. As a result, the residents of Rapture rioted in
the streets. 

Jack Ryan                                                                 {c07}

Fontaine began preparations for his Ace in the Hole, a secret weapon he would 
use as a last resort in the imminent war against Ryan. He knew that his weapon 
would need to be genetically tied to Ryan to get past his security measures. 
On behalf of Fontaine, Tenenbaum approached Mary-Catherine "Jasmine" Jolene - 
a performer at a club called Eve's Garden who was publicly known as Ryan's 
mistress - to get pregnant with Ryan's child in exchange for some much needed 
money. Once this was done, they extracted the egg and proceeded to create Jack 
Ryan, Andrew's illegitimate son. Andrew Ryan eventually found out about this 
arrangement and killed Jolene in the back room of Eve's Garden.

Dr. Suchong was assigned to engineer Jack for the purposes of assassinating 
Andrew Ryan, if that were to ever become necessary. He used an accelerated 
growth plasmid on Jack to speed up the aging process, and he weighed 58 pounds 
and had the musculature of a 19 year old at the age of one. Suchong was also 
responsible for the false memory and mind control imprinting that Fontaine had 
requested. Jack was made to obey the phrase "would you kindly", a test which 
was proven successful when Suchong ordered him to break a puppy's neck against 
his wishes. Fontaine commissioned an antidote to the mind control plasmid 
in case Jack ever fell into the wrong hands. Fontaine also had a second code 
phrase, "Code Yellow", imprinted into Jack's brain to slowly stop his 
heartbeat in the event Jack ever rebelled against him. When Jack's physical 
and mental conditioning was completed, he was smuggled out of Rapture to the 
surface as a sleeper agent living a pre-programmed life until the day Frank 
Fontaine would need him.

Tenenbaum eventually had a falling out with Fontaine over her increasingly
afflicted conscience. She was disturbed by the maternal instinct she had
developed over time working with the Little Sisters. Seeing this, Fontaine
fired her from Fontaine Futuristics. Tenenbaum went into hiding, building a
safehouse for the Little Sisters she would attempt to find and cure.

The Beginning of the End                                                  {c08}

             "Ryan takes down smuggling operation...Fontaine
              and thugs killed in fiery shootout!"
                                 - Headline, Rapture Standard, 9/12/58

On September 12, 1958, Ryan and his men, including security chief Sullivan and 
general contractor Bill McDonagh, killed (who they thought was) Fontaine and 
his thugs in a fiery shootout, after overcoming his army of splicers. Fontaine 
had seen this coming and faked his own death. Instead of handing over the 
organization to those specified in Fontaine's will, Ryan proceeded to 
nationalize Fontaine's Futuristics, assimilating it under the Ryan Industries 
banner despite the protests of McDonagh. Ryan, who once burnt down a forest he 
owned when the government moved to nationalize it, betrayed his own 
principles. The event was a turning point in his career, and was the first in 
a series of poor decisions that would lead to the downfall of Rapture.

McDonagh resigned from the council in protest and Tenenbaum was nowhere to be
found, having previously disappeared. With Fontaine and Tenenbaum both gone,
Suchong took advantage of the situation and eagerly accepted a position from
Ryan, knowing that he was the only other person in Rapture who knew all about
the Little Sisters, which had been a Fontaine Futuristics secret up until this

At this time, Fontaine reemerged as Atlas, a revolutionary war hero that 
picked up the movement where Fontaine had left off. Adam use was still not 
ubiquitous in Rapture, and civil order was still maintained relatively well. 
Ryan was becoming a dictator. He hired Sander Cohen, a musician and artist, to 
shill for him in Fort Frolic, writing and performing propaganda pieces to 
clean up Ryan's increasingly corrupt policies. Anna Culpepper, another 
performer in Fort Frolic, openly condemned Cohen for being Ryan's stable boy 
and wrote a few songs criticizing Ryan himself. As the feud between Culpepper 
and Cohen escalated, Cohen sought out Sullivan to do something about 
Culpepper. Eventually, Ryan got involved and ended up ordering Sullivan to 
execute Culpepper. Sullivan complied, but not without remorse. He killed her 
as she was taking a bath in her Mercury Suites apartment, and took with him a 
red and black, half-knitted blanket to remind himself of what he had done that 

Ryan's biggest mistake during this period was perhaps his complacency. He 
assumed he was controlling the situation and failed to disassemble Fontaine's 
organization, so Fontaine was able to continue his underground activities under
the identity of Atlas. Atlas had control over certain areas of Rapture, 
such as the poorhouses in Apollo Square, and he never stopped recruiting and 
planning for the day he would finally strike.

New Years Eve                                                             {c09}

           "Do we gouge the suckers a little? Maybe.
            But where else they gonna go?"

                      - Lloyd Webster, President, Circus of Values Vending

The Kashmir Restaurant served as a staging area for fresh arrivals, welcoming 
them to their new home in Rapture. It was also a popular destination for the 
inhabitants of Rapture to both eat and play in style; its New Years Eve 
celebrations were legendary. The Rapture Masquerade Ball of 1959 would become 
perhaps the most legendary of all.

Rapture's wealthiest citizens gathered in The Kashmir, many of whom were 
sporting bunny masks, to ring in the new year. One of the attendees was Diane 
McClintock, Ryan's girlfriend. Ryan himself was nowhere to be found, working 
late in Hephaestus, something that McClintock had come to expect. She was 
complaining about this fact into her audio diary when shots suddenly rang out 
and screams erupted from the party.

Fontaine's splicers came streaming out of the poorhouses, breaking into riots, 
storming the rich, and razing the rest of the population. It was an open 
revolt that would initiate a full blown civil war and signal the collapse of 
society. McClintock's face was horribly disfigured in the attack. A handful of 
sane individuals, including Ryan and Dr. Tenenbaum, survived but locked 
themselves away to prevent being attacked, while other, less sane beings found 
other forms of "entertainment" to keep themselves occupied.

People quickly joined the call to arms, and soon the city was divided into 
two. Rapture's capitalist nature rose to the occasion; before long, 
companies were installing vending machines, such as the new El Ammo Banditos, 
to provide ammo and weaponry to those who needed it. More combative items were 
added to the Circus of Value and U-Invent machines. The Power to the People 
machines were so popular during this period that they would often run out of 
upgrades after a single use, as many a customer would find out to their dismay.

Ryan began setting up a harsh regime of security and checkpoints. Security 
cameras and automated turrets were not an uncommon sight all over Rapture. 
Ryan instructed Sullivan to lock down all of the bathyspheres in Rapture by 
installing a genetic device that would only allow him and his inner circle to 
move around the city freely. Unfortunately, the genetic keys at this time were 
unreliable, and anyone in the same genetic ballpark (close relatives) could 
come and go as they pleased.

As things in Rapture grew worse, and due in part to Ryan's capital punishment
policy, Sullivan officially resigned as chief of police. He was haunted by what
he had done to Anna Culpepper, and committed suicide.

Atlas' popularity soared among the population, with many preferring to support 
him rather than Ryan, who had become reclusive and increasingly dictatorial. 
To counter Atlas' growing number of supporters, Suchong proposed a mind 
control plasmid - in the form of pheromones - through which the actions of 
Rapture's citizens could be effectively be controlled. Ryan was initially 
hesitant to go with the plan citing free will as a fundamental cornerstone of 
Rapture, but he quickly succumbed to the "desperate times call for desperate 
measures" mentality. He rationalized the decision by saying that if Atlas were 
to win the war, they would be turned into slaves, which would be just as bad 
if not worse. By bending his ideals yet again, Ryan was able to amass his own 
army of splicers.

Ryan also commissioned Suchong and his team of scientists to create a series 
of Vita-Chambers, a device that could resurrect specified people, upon death, 
through the use of plasmid reconstruction and quantum entanglement. Ryan had 
the device tuned to his genetic frequencies only for the testing phase, which 
it never left.

Big Daddies                                                               {c10}

One of the benefits of the war was the number of corpses strewn about the 
city, many of which contained recyclable Adam which had skyrocketed in demand 
since the war began. Suchong, now working for Ryan Industries, solved this 
problem by adapting the Little Sisters to become scavengers, harvesting Adam 
from the corpses of people killed in the war. Knowing that the Little Sisters 
would be at great risk if they were out on the streets gathering ADAM with no 
protection, Suchong sought to rectify the problem through the use of 
bodyguards called Big Daddies. These Big Daddies would follow the Little 
Sisters around and attack anyone who attempted to harm either of them.

Suchong presented his idea to Andrew Ryan, but with trepidation. Knowing that 
becoming a Big Daddy would be a "one way street" Suchong was worried about 
finding candidates. Andrew Ryan assured him that this would be no problem, and 
began "volunteering" people for the job. The Big Daddy program was initiated, 
and a Big Daddy/Little Sister production facility was quickly set up at Point 

Volunteers had their skin and organs grafted into an enormous diving suit. 
Ryan was cheap and asked an incredulous Suchong to reuse the suits to conserve 
on materials. This was disgusting and impractical as it was impossible to 
remove the steam-sealed flesh from the suits of expired Big Daddies.

The candidates went through a painful voice box modulation process and a 
pheromone application which the Little Sisters were attracted to. They were 
then injected with a plasmid that effectively turned them into mindless drones 
with only one purpose: to protect the Little Sisters from harm. Using various 
other plasmids developed at Optimized Eugenics, the humans inside the suits 
were spliced with strength and agility, but with no humanity or sanity to 
lose. They were able to lift heavy weights with ease, as their steel suits 
were designed to keep them alive during their duties and to resist pressure 
six miles beneath the ocean.

Two models of Big Daddies were produced at the Failsafe Armored Escorts 
assembly facility: Bouncers were armed with a large drill and Rosies carried a 
rivet gun and proximity mines. Bouncers were subjected to far more splicing 
than the Rosies, and as such their heads were deformed to the point of 
grotesqueness. They wore a helmet with multiple tiny portholed eyes, while 
Rosies were fitted with a more traditional diving helmet. In addition, elite 
versions of both models were created, with enhanced size and strength.

The Big Daddies communicated by haunting sounds similar to that of a whale's 
call, as their larynxes had been modified. For easier understanding and for 
the protection of civilians, lights were added to the helmet to display what 
state the Big Daddy was in. Green meant that the Big Daddy was completely 
passive and unalarmed, common for civilian situations such as repairing and 
maintenance. Yellow meant that the Big Daddy was highly aware of his 
environment and protecting a Little Sister or actively searching for one. Red 
meant the Big Daddy was threatened or engaged in combat.

Since they no longer had access to Fontaine's Little Sister's Orphanage, Ryan 
Industries resorted to kidnapping young girls in Rapture to be converted into 
Little Sisters. One of these girls happened to be Masha Lutz, daughter of Sam 
and Mariska Lutz. The couple stayed at the Fighting McDonaghs Tavern in 
Neptune's Bounty and searched tirelessly for their missing daughter.

The kidnapped girls were put through mental conditioning exercises, at the 
Little Wonders Educational Facility, to bond with the Big Daddies. Suchong 
began work on a protection bond plasmid that would imprint the Big Daddies to 
the Little Sisters. One day, frustrated with an unsuccessful test batch, 
Suchong was recording an audio diary in his Artemis Suites lab when he was 
rudely interrupted by a Little Sister. He slapped her away, and promptly 
received a Bouncer's drill to the chest. Since the plasmid was apparently 
quite successful after all, Ryan was able to continue production of Big 
Daddies without the help of Suchong.

Ryan set up a network of tunnels throughout Rapture for the Little Sisters to 
easily traverse, and made it an actionable offense to interfere with them. The 
Little Sisters affectionately referred to their accompanying Big Daddy as "Mr. 
Bubbles." They were mentally conditioned to recognize the dead as "angels". 
Upon seeing an angel, they used a hypodermic syringe to extract the used Adam, 
take it into themselves, and convert the material within their body back into 
a usable form. Ryan also set up the first Gatherer's Gardens vending machines 
to profit off the population's need for plasmids, using much cuter depictions 
of the Little Sisters as marketing assets.

One day, the Lutzes saw their barely recognizable daughter drawing what looked 
like blood out of a corpse near Fontaine Fisheries and then walking off with a 
Big Daddy. The couple later committed suicide in each other's arms by taking 

A few weeks after the New Years attack, Diane McClintock recovered after being 
operated on by Rapture's most famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Steinman. Rapture 
had changed a lot in the time she had spent in recovery, and she was shocked 
to see that people were being rounded up and executed in Apollo Square. She 
confronted Ryan about killing innocent people, to which he replied that there 
were no innocents, only those with him or against him. From that point on, 
Ryan showed little interest in McClintock, and she blamed it on the scars the 
"terrorists" had left her during the raid. Eventually, McClintock decided to 
seek out Atlas and his men to tell them how they had ruined her life.

When she arrived in Apollo Square, McClintock witnessed one of Ryan's guards 
incinerating a woman as she tried to escape. She bribed one of the guards to 
let her into the Hestia Chambers compound and began to sympathize with their 
plight and living conditions. Eventually, the people living there grew to 
trust her, and took her to see Atlas, despite her past as Ryan's mistress. 
Before long, McClintock was in Atlas' inner circle and began participating in 
raids for supplies and skirmishes against Ryan's splicers. One day, she was 
recording an audio diary about how her party had successfully defeated one of 
Ryan's Big Daddies and harvested the Adam from the Little Sister, when she 
accidentally entered Atlas' office as he was also recording a speech as 
Fontaine. Rather than risk having his identity exposed, Atlas/Fontaine killed 
her right then and there.

Paradise Lost                                                             {c11}

                     "My city was betrayed by the weak..."
                                          - Andrew Ryan

As the civil war continued, the need for Adam greatly outpaced the supply for 
it. Neither side of the conflict had enough Adam built up to help their 
combatants resist the inevitable damage caused by the substance. As a result, 
Ryan's followers began suffering physical and mental damage, resulting in 
widespread depravity and insanity throughout Rapture. Splicers began wearing 
the left-over bunny masks from the Kashmir Restaurant, which had been 
abandoned since the new years attack, to hide their facial disfigurement. 
Atlas' army suffered even worse than Ryan's, having lost control of Fontaine 
Futuristics and therefore the large supply of Adam the Little Sisters 
provided. Peach Wilkins and his men sealed themselves within the Fontaine 
Fisheries freezers to protect themselves from both Ryan and Fontaine, whom 
Wilkins was convinced was still alive.
The mechanics of the city were routinely targeted by Atlas' splicers and thus 
not enough of them were around to keep the city up and running. The city fell 
into disrepair, with many areas flooding with ocean water from breaches. 
McDonagh begged Ryan to hand over Fontaine Futuristics to Atlas as a peace 
offering, but Ryan ignored this and continued splicing up his army with more 
and tougher plasmids. It had become an arms race, and by all accounts Atlas 
was losing.

At this juncture in time, several people attempted to assassinate Ryan. 
McDonagh vowed to kill Ryan in order to save Rapture from going down the path 
Ryan was setting for it. He was unsuccessful, and was burnt and staked up in 
what had become Ryan's morbid trophy room of "doubters."

Anya Andersdotter, a women's shoe designer who - like Mariska Lutz - also had 
her daughter taken away by Ryan Industries, decided to try and assassinate 
Ryan on her own initiative. Having lost her daughter and all faith in Ryan and 
Rapture, she had nothing else to lose.

Meanwhile, Kyburz, one of Hephaestus' top engineers, was also plotting to take 
down Ryan. He did some surveillance but discovered that Ryan had barricaded 
himself within his office and surrounded it with splicer guards. Kyburz 
decided that the only way he could get to Ryan would be to trigger the circuit 
breaker on Ryan's shielded gate using an EMP bomb.

Andersdotter began her mission by seducing and sleeping with a mechanic for 
three weeks before he revealed that it would take a "sympathetic overload in 
Harmonic Core #3" to reach Ryan. She travelled to Lower Heat Loss Monitoring 
to inquire further about this and ended up sleeping with another mechanic by 
the name of Pablo Navarro, who finally pointed her towards Kyburz's tool shop. 
At this point, Kyburz gave into his paranoia, as his bomb was nearly complete. 
Thinking she was sent by Ryan to spy on him, Kyburz reported her as one of 
Atlas' sympathizers. Ryan's splicers dragged Andersdotter away and hung her 
corpse in Ryan's trophy room, across from McDonagh. Unfortunately, Kyburz was 
also killed before he was able to complete the device.

None of Ryan's would be assassins were successful up to this point, each 
foiled by Ryan's many security measures, or by each other. Things looked dire 
for Atlas' cause. And so he began making arrangements for Jack Ryan's return 
to Rapture.

Welcome to Rapture                                                        {c12}

             "They told me, 'Son, you're special. You were born to
              do great things'. You know what? They were right."
                                           - Jack Ryan

For as long as he could remember, Jack Ryan had lived a quiet life with a 
normal family on a farm in the United States. One night, he found himself on a
flight over the Atlantic ocean, carrying a wrapped gift with a mysterious note

     To Jack
     with love
     from Mom & Dad
     Would you kindly
     not open
     until: 63* 2' N
     29* 55' W

When the time came, Jack opened the package revealing a revolver inside. For 
reasons unknown to him, Jack proceeded to hijack the plane, blacking out amidst 
the screams of other passengers, as the aircraft plummeted towards the dark
ocean below.

When Jack came to conciousness, he was several feet underwater. He quickly 
scrambled to the surface and swam towards the nearest piece of land, an 
ominous, towering lighthouse in the distance, carefully avoiding the blazing, 
floating wreckage that surrounded him.

Jack went into the structure and instinctively descended down the stairs until 
he reached an open bathysphere. Stepping inside, Jack pulled the lever and the 
bathysphere slowly submerged into the water. A prerecorded speech by Andrew 
Ryan began to play and soon ended to a beautiful view of the underwater 
metropolis Ryan had referred to as Rapture.

A voice suddenly emanated from a small handheld radio attached to the wall of 
the bathysphere. A man by the name of Atlas was communicating with a man named 
Johnny. Atlas had just seen the burning wreckage above and was sending Johnny 
to receive the survivor who had apparently taken a bathysphere down into 
Rapture. Johnny sounded apprehensive about this, and his fears turned out to be 
justified when a splicer attacked and gutted him live, to the horror of Jack 
who had just arrived in time to witness it.

                "Would you kindly pick up a crowbar or something."
                                        - Atlas

Atlas instructed Jack to to pick up the small radio, introduced himself, and 
pledged to guide Jack to safety. Jack stepped out of the bathysphere and made 
his way out of the Rapture Metro station, fighting off a splicer with a wrench, 
until he found himself drawn to a Gatherer's Garden machine at the top of a 
flight of stairs. Jack impusively grabbed the red plasmid syringe that rested 
on top of it and plunged it into one of his tattooed wrists. Jack's body began 
pulsing with electricity and he immediately lunged himself off of the balcony 
in distress.

                "Look Mr. Bubbles. It's an angel. I can see
                 light coming from his belly. Wait a minute...
                 He's still breathing. It's all right, I know
                 he'll be an angel soon."

                                      - Little Sister

When Jack came to, two splicers hovered over his body and were about to finish 
him off when he was saved by an approaching Big Daddy and Little Sister. The 
Little Sister, mistaking Jack's body for a corpse, was about to harvest him 
when she realized he was still alive. She left, and Jack quickly fled the area 
and headed towards the abandoned Kashmir Restaurant. At this point, Atlas asked 
Jack to help him retrieve his family, who was trapped in Neptune's Bounty.

                "So tell me, friend, which one of the bitches
                 sent you? The KGB wolf? Or the CIA jackal? Here's
                 the news: Rapture isn't some sunken ship for you
                 to plunder, and Andrew Ryan isn't the giddy socialite
                 who can be pushed around by government muscle."

                                      - Andrew Ryan

As Jack approached the entrance to Neptune's Bounty, one of Ryan's security 
turrets discovered him and locked the gate. At Atlas' suggestion, Jack began 
making his way over to Rapture's Medical Pavilion - where there was an 
emergency access entrance to Neptune - but was stopped when Andrew Ryan decided 
to confront the stranger through a projection feed. Ryan accused Jack of being 
a CIA or KGB agent sent to take over Rapture. As a result, Ryan began a 
campaign to kill Jack by using Rapture's automated systems and his splicer 
armies, controlled by the pheromones Suchong had created and pumped into 
Rapture's air supply.

Atlas was able to hack the gate just in time, and Jack quickly escaped from the 
incoming splicers into Medical Pavilion.

                "Darling, you really MUST go see Steinman...
                 everyone goes to Steinman!"
                           - Marianne Delahunt, Resident, Mercury Suites

At its inception, the Medical Pavilion was the main location to have ailments 
treated. The quality of care was directly related to how much a patient could 
pay. As plasmid use became prevalent, self-healing eliminated the need for the 
Pavilion's services, save for one. The plasmids used to boost physical and 
mental performance left their user scarred. The only fix came in the form of 
the Medical Pavilions retooled purpose: cosmetically correcting physical 

Dr. Steinman was the most famous plastic surgeon in Rapture, operating on many 
of its citizens in his clinic, Dr. Steinman's Aesthetic Ideals. When Adam was 
discovered, Dr. Steinman went insane with the endless possibilities of 
"sculpting" his patients, considering himself more of an artist than a true 
doctor. The utterly delusional Dr. Steinman often conversed with Aphrodite, his
imaginary muse. Aphrodite "convinced" him to pursue a new type of beauty: lack
of symmetry. Thus, the self-proclaimed "Surgery's Picasso" began to operate on
his patients unethically, including one event where he gave an unconcious
patient a face lift she never asked for. It became common practice for Steinman
to butcher his patients' faces and bodies in the name of perfection, killing
many of them in the process.

When Jack arrived in Medical Pavilion, Atlas informed him that Dr. Steinman 
held the key to the Emergency Access to Neptune's Bounty. After overcoming 
Steinman's obstacles using his newly found Incinerate and Telekinesis plasmids, 
Jack killed Steinman and retrieved the key.

As Jack headed towards Neptune's Bounty, he ran into an unguarded Little 
Sister. Atlas encouraged him to harvest the girl for maximum Adam, which would 
have the unfortunate consequence of killing her. Tenenbaum then appeared on an 
overlooking balcony and begged Jack to save the little girl instead, which 
would result in less Adam. Tenenbaum threw Jack an antidote plasmid that would 
remove the Little Sister's thirst for Adam, and promised to make it worth his 
while if he used it.

After much delibiration, Jack made his decision and headed off to Neptune's 

Neptune's Bounty was where all of Rapture's critical fisheries were found. In 
time, it had become the home for some of the city's criminal element. A local 
bar, the Fighting McDonaghs, offered refreshment after the work day. Rumors of 
a smugglers ring operating out of Neptune's Bounty had been heard, though no 
evidence had been found.

After arriving in Neptune via bathysphere, Jack made his way to Fontaine's 
Fisheries, where he reached a lock door. Peach Wilkins, who had sealed himself 
and his crew inside during the war, introduced himself and said that Atlas had 
radioed him ahead of time to let Jack in. Wilkins, unaware that Atlas was in 
fact Fontaine, warned Jack that he would kill him at the first sign he was 
working for Fontaine. He then asked him to retrieve a camera from the wharf 
master's office and take a few photos of some enemy splicers, in exchange for 
access to the fishery's freezer, the only path to Atlas' family.

At this point, Atlas gave Jack a sob story about his wife Moira and son 
Patrick. Little did Jack know, his family had been completely fabricated and 
their names were taken from two well known Rapture performers of the same 

The camera Jack successfully retrieved was able to analyze genetic information 
and parse biological structures. After the photos were taken and delivered, 
Wilkins kept his word and Jack in, but not before demanding he put all of his 
weapons in a pneumo beforehand. Jack complied, and was promptly ambushed by 
Peach and his men, who were convinced he was working for Fontaine. Jack was 
able to defeat them using only his plasmids, so he retrieved his weapons and 
headed down a secret passage into Smuggler's Hideout.

Smuggler's Hideout was a submarine bay that only smugglers and thieves used. 
Jack made his way to meet up with Atlas at the submarine in which his family 
was allegedly held in captive. Once he reached the rendezvous point, Atlas 
instructed Jack to open the gate by flipping a switch so that he could get 
inside. The next thing he knew, Ryan had sent in his splicers to attack Atlas 
and the sub was detonated in a huge explosion. Atlas vowed to get revenge on 
Ryan, and instructed Jack to head to Arcadia, just a bulkhead door away.

             "Why not spend your holiday in Arcadia?
              Fun for the whole family!"
                           - Ad in the Rapture Standard, 9/1/53

Arcadia was the living, breathing heart of Rapture, its lush forests and 
abundant plant-life serving to generate life-sustaining oxygen. It was also a 
tranquil haven for those seeking a respite from the daily rigors of life 
beneath the surface. Vacationers seeking something more relaxing than the 
flashing lights of Fort Frolic could find peace and serenity in the lovely 
Waterfall Grottos, serene Tea Garden, and other havens beneath the canopy.

Atlas told Jack to get to the Rapture Metro station in Arcadia, just past the 
Rolling Hills. On his way, Jack encountered the Saturnine, a cult of houdini 
splicers who had formed a religion around their plasmid powers. Instead of 
treating the powers as being something created by gene-splicing and genetic 
manipulation, the demented splicers believed that their powers were granted by 
ancient gods. The Saturnine were known to drink human blood and chant, "Harness 
the flame, Harness the mist!"

When he reached the gate to the metro, Ryan began releasing a gas into Arcadia,
killing the trees and forcing Arcadia to go into automatic emergency lockdown
(as to prevent polluting the rest of Rapture with contaminated oxygen). As a
result, Jack was trapped inside Arcadia. Atlas pointed him towards Julie
Langford's office, hoping she could help them somehow.

Julie Langford had spent four years on the surface coming up with ways to 
defoliate trees in the Pacific to scare out the Japanese at Iwo Jima, and was 
now at the bottom of the Atlantic doing the same thing in reverse. 

While working for Ryan, Langford discovered a way to use genetic engineering to 
revive dead plants. Her so-called "Lazarus Vector" would be able to reverse the 
effects of Ryan's herbicide. After retrieving a sample of Rosa Gallica for her, 
Langdon let Jack into her office, but was gassed by Ryan right as Jack got to 
her. In her dying moments, Langdon scrawled the combination number of her safe 
on the office window. She had left in her safe the ingredients to the Lazarus 
Vector as well as a key to Farmer's Market, where several of the components 
would be.

The Farmers' Market was Rapture's most lively and popular marketplace. 
It was the only place folks could go to obtain the freshest produce - melons, 
tomatoes, delicious cheese and even pumpkins could be found being hawked by the 
vendors of the Farmers' Market. Citizens could also enjoy the exquisite wines 
at Worley's Winery, and honey still dripping from the combs at the Silverwing 

While the Farmers' Market was a bustling and successful area at its peak, its
level of standards fell towards the end of Rapture's more civilized days.
Merchants began resorting to using fake or imitation ingredients in their
various products. By doing this, they were able to increase their profit
margins by reducing costs and cutting corners and naming their products, for
example, "'Apple' Pie" and "'Chocolate' Cake". Instead of buying or growing
legitimate ingredients, merchants would buy the cheaper knock-off ingredients
that found their way into Rapture through the smugglers. In one instance, the
owners of Worley Winery were found to have diluted their wines with distilled
water. With no government agency regulating the standards of food in Rapture,
there was nothing to prevent the Farmers' Market vendors from engaging in this
kind of activity.

After retrieving the materials for the Vector in Farmer's Market, Jack returned 
to Langdon's office and placed them into the misting device. Ryan took this 
opportunity to send in splicers while the Vector was cooking. Jack was able to 
fend off the waves of splicers, and soon the Lazarus Vector was successfully 
released into the air, reviving the dying trees. Jack went into the Rapture 
Metro station and continued to the next stop, Fort Frolic.

         "A star, mama! Mr. Ryan said he's going to make me a star!"
                               - Mary-Catherine (Jasmine) Jolene

Fort Frolic was the playground for the citizens of Rapture. Whether its high 
class shopping, gambling, theater or just some "company" for the lonely... 
anything could be had for a price at Fort Frolic. It featured a main atrium 
with various entertainment offered around this hub such as "Sir Prize: Games of 
Chance", "Eve's Apple" exotic dance club and the fantastic "Fleet Hall" where 
opera and musical theatre would regularly take place.

         "If you can't come in from the	cold, then you gotta grow ice
          over your heart. And the iceman cometh, Sander baby.
          The iceman fucking cometh."
                                        - Martin Finnegan

When Jack arrived at Fort Frolic, Sander Cohen shut down his radio access to 
both Ryan and Atlas. He promised to let Jack out of Fort Frolic if he killed 
each of his four estranged proteges, Patrick, Cobb, Martin Finnegan, and Hector 
Rodriguez, took a picture of their corpses, and hung the photos in the atrium. 
Once Jack completed Cohen's "quadtych", Cohen allowed him to leave.

     "Would you kindly get to Ryan's office and kill the son of a bitch?"

                                        - Atlas

When Jack reached Hephaestus, he headed towards Kyburz's office, where he 
discovered his nearly completed EMP bomb hidden away. Jack finished the bomb 
and was able to attach it to the core of Hephaestus, destroying the power 
supply to the locks barring him from Ryan's office. At this point in time, Ryan 
literally connected the dots and figured out who Jack really was, having 
listened in on Atlas' radio communications with Jack the entire time he was 
there. He taunted over the radio:

     "So far away from your family, from your friends, from everything
      you ever loved. But, for some reason you like it here. You feel
      something you can't quite put your finger on. Think about it for a
      second and maybe the word will come to you: nostalgia."


     "Even in the book of lies, sometimes you find truth. There is indeed a
      season for all things. And now that I see you flesh-to-flesh and
      blood-to-blood, I know I cannot raise my hand against you. But know
      this: you are my greatest disappointment."


     "Come now, my child. There is one final thing to discuss."

                                            - Andrew Ryan

Although never stating it directly, Ryan revealed to Jack that he was indeed
his son. This explained why Jack was able to travel freely using the
genetically locked bathyspheres and Vita-Chambers spread throughout the city.
This was confirmed once Jack reached Ryan's office, where a series of photos
were pinned on the wall and connected with string, linking Jack to Andrew
Ryan and Jasmine Jolene.

           "The assassin has overcome my final defense, and now he's
            come to murder me. In the end what separates a man from a
            slave? Money? Power? No, a man chooses, a slave obeys.
            You think you have memories. The farm, your family, an
            airplane, a crash, and then this place. Was there really
            a family? Did that plane crash or was it hijacked, forced
            down, forced down by something less than a man? Something
            bred to sleepwalk through life, until they're activated
            by a simple phrase spoken by their kindly master? Was a
            man sent to kill? Or a slave? A man chooses, a slave
            obeys. Come here, stop, would you kindly? Would you
            kindly, powerful phrase, a familiar phrase. Sit, would
            you kindly? Stand, would you kindly? Run, stop, turn! A
            man chooses, a slave obeys. Kill! A MAN! CHOOSES!
            A slave, obeys. OBEY!" 
                                            - Andrew Ryan

           "Nice work, boyo. It's time to end this little masquerade.
            There ain't no Atlas kid, never was. In my line of work
            it takes the full variety of aliases. Hell once I was
            even a Chinaman for six months. But you been a sport, so
            I guess I owe you a little honesty. The name's Frank Fontaine.
            I gotta say, I had a lot of business partners in my life,
            but you? Of course the fact that you were genetically
            conditioned to bark like a cocker spaniel when I said 'would
            you kindly,' might've had something to do with it. But still,
            as soon as that machine finishes processing the genetic key
            you just fished off Ryan I'm gonna run Rapture, tits to toes.
            You been a pal, but you know what they say, never mix
            business with friendship. Thanks for everything kid.
            Don't forget to say hi to Ryan for me."

                                            - Frank Fontaine

Ryan had set Rapture into self-destruct mode moments before Jack confronted him 
in his office. Ryan revealed to Jack that Atlas had been manipulating him since
his welcome in Rapture with the words "would you kindly." After a short speech, 
Ryan used the code phrase to instruct Jack to kill him with a golf club. This 
was to demonstrate two important things. Ryan wanted to die on his own terms to
prove that he was in control to the end. He had shut off the Vita-Chamber in
his office so that he wouldn't be resurrected. He also wanted Jack to realize
that he was truly a slave and a puppet so that he might get revenge by seeking
out Atlas.

Once Ryan was dead, Atlas revealed that his real name was Frank Fontaine.
Fontaine asked Jack to kindly shut off the self destruction mechanism, an order
to which he could only comply. Once that was finished, Fontaine left Jack to
die from Ryan's security system when a Little Sister appeared and led him to an
escape route through a crawl space. Crawling in the narrow tunnel, Jack
accidentally fell through a gap and blacked out.

Jack woke up in a safehouse, located in the sewers of Olympus Heights, to find 
out that Tenenbaum had sent the Little Sisters to rescue him from Ryan's 
office. While he was sleeping, Tenenbaum had undone some of the genetic 
conditioning that kept Jack a slave to Fontaine's will. To finish the 
job, Tenenbaum suggested he look for "answers" at Suchong's flat in Mercury 
Suites. Soon after Jack departed the safehouse, Fontaine tried to get him 
killed by asking "go get stepped on by a Big Daddy, would you kindly?" This 
attempt was unsuccessful thanks to Tenenbaum's treatment. However, Fontaine had
a backup plan, and activated Code Yellow, a phrase that would increasingly slow
Jack's heartbeat until he was dead. Jack quickly made his way to Suchong's
apartment where he found a diary that revealed the existence of Lot 192, the
antidote Suchong had made for Fontaine in case Jack ever fell into the wrong
hands. Luckily for Jack, Tenenbaum had stolen a sample of this plasmid but had
left it in her old apartment.

Jack made haste to the apartment to retrieve the sample, but not before
stopping by Sander Cohen's apartment to kill him. He searched Tenenbaum's
apartment only to discover that the plasmid had been moved to Fontaine's
penthouse. Jack was able to enter Fontaine's apartment (due to a paparazzi
tabloid that revealed his security code) and retrieve the small dosage that
Tenenbaum had stolen. The dosage was enough to eliminate the effects of Code
Yellow, but made control over his own plasmids difficult. Tenenbaum told him
that a second dosage could be retrieved at Suchong's lab at Artemis Suites in
Apollo Square. Once Jack took the second dosage, he had completely broken free
from Fontaine's grasp. Tenenbaum then directed Jack towards Point Prometheus,
where he could finally confront the man that had created him.

When Jack reached Point Prometheus, he briefly saw and gave chase to Fontaine 
until he was stopped by a collapsed entryway. Fontaine fled through a door into 
the museum. Tenenbaum informed Jack that the only way through that door was by 
getting a Little Sister to open it, and to do that Jack would have to appeal to 
them by disguising himself as a Big Daddy. Jack traveled to the different 
wings of Point Prometheus to retrieve the necessary components and undertake 
the necessary procedures to become a Big Daddy, or at least appear as one. Once 
this was completed, Jack banged on a hole in the wall, and a Little Sister 
appeared to guide him the rest of the way to Fontaine.

The Little Sister that accompanied Jack, while cured of the need for Adam, was 
still mentally imprinted to collecting it. This made Jack's journey slightly 
longer than it needed to be, and it forced him to protect her since she no 
longer had the invulnerability of a slug-infested Little Sister. Eventually, 
the pair made their way to the end of the museum. The Little Sister offered 
Jack her syringe, knowing it would be useful in the upcoming fight. Jack loaded 
his arsenal one last time to prepare for his final task: murdering Frank 

               "I had you built! I sent you top side, I called
                you back, showed you what you was, what you was
                capable of! Even that life you thought you had.
                That was something I dreamed up and had tattooed
                inside your head. Now if that's not family,
                I don't know what is!"

                                        - Frank Fontaine

When Jack emerged from the elevator, Fontaine was strapped into an Adam 
injecting device pumping into him all the Adam, plasmids, and gene tonics he 
could get his hands on. Fontaine revealed that this was to be the very first 
time he would splice plasmids, having only spliced with gene tonics before as
evidenced by the chase in Point Prometheus when he was able to lift and throw
a statue. Fontaine was quickly growing into a monster. Tenenbaum told Jack
that the only way to defeat him would be to draw Adam out of his body using
the syringe he had received from the little girl just moments before.
Eventually Jack was able to extract nearly all of the Adam from Fontaine, and
Fontaine knocked Jack off his feet. Suddenly, a group of Little Sisters
appeared, swarming the defeated Fontaine and stabbing him to death with their

What happened next is uncertain. Some say that the Little Sisters offered Jack 
the city, which he refused. He decided to return to the surface, bringing the 
little girls along with him and giving them a normal life in the outside world. 
Jack finally had a family, and they would love him to his deathbed as the man 
who had saved their lives.

              "They offered you the city, and you refused it.
               And what did you do instead? What I've come to
               expect from you, you saved them. You gave them
               the one thing that was stolen from them. A chance.
               A chance to learn. To find love. To live. And in
               the end what was your reward? You never said.
               But I think I know: a family."

                                  - Bridgette Tenenbaum

But others say that Jack, overcome with his lust for Adam, began his rule over 
what was left of Rapture. When a rescue party arrived at the Rapture lighthouse 
surveying the wreck, Jack sent up a contingent of splicers to slaughter the 
unwelcome visitors, and seized the nuclear weapon aboard their submarine.

              "They offered you everything, yes? And in return
               you gave them what I've come to expect of you,
               brutality. You took what you wanted, all the ADAM,
               all the power. And Rapture trembled, but in the end
               even Rapture was not enough for you. Your father
               was terrified the world would try to steal the
               secrets of his city. But not you. For now you have
               stolen the terrible secrets of the world."

                                  - Bridgette Tenenbaum

                                    THE END


Frequently Asked Questions                                                {c13}

1. Why did Atlas/Fontaine go through all the trouble of deceiving Jack?

    The first, more obvious answer is that it's easier to get someone to do  
    something if they believe in it and are motivated to achieve that goal.
    Instead of risking an insubordinate Jack fighting him every step of the
    way, Atlas wove a believable story to make Jack personally hate Ryan, and
    thus motivate him to kill him.

    The second reason is that Atlas was simultaneously tricking Andrew Ryan,
    who he knew was listening into all of their radio communications. Ryan did
    not figure out that Atlas was actually Fontaine, and that Jack was
    actually his son, until moments before Jack reached him. If Ryan had known
    these things earlier, things would have played out much differently. Ryan
    could have exposed Atlas as Jack's slave driver, or refrained from
    blowing up the submarine if he knew that there was nobody inside.

2. Who blew up the submarine in Smuggler's Hideout?

    Ryan did, thinking Atlas' family was really inside.

3. What do those tattoos on Jack's wrists represent?
    The chain tattoos on Jack's wrists symbolize his role as a slave. Fontaine 
    created Jack for the sole purpose of carrying out his wishes, so it was
    the entire embodiment of his existance.

4. Is Ryan really dead?

    Yes, Ryan is dead. There is a Vita-Chamber in a hidden corner of his
    office, but it is the only one in the game that is de-activated. Ryan shut
    it off before the confrontation with Jack to prove a point, and leave the
    world on his own terms.

5. Why did Fontaine have to use Andrew Ryan's son as his assassin?

    The fact that Jack is Ryan's son is the sole reason he is able to travel
    freely throughout Rapture using the Rapture Metro bathysphere system. Ryan
    had Sullivan lock down the bathyspheres during the war, and only those
    closely related to Ryan and his inner circle could come and go as they

    It is also the reason why Jack is invincible in Rapture; he is able to use
    Ryan's Vita-Chambers, which are genetically locked to Ryan himself. This is
    why the splicers in Rapture die permanently while Jack can ressurect. An
    assassin that cannot die is the perfect assassin.

    I'd also like to comment that this is absolute brilliance on the game
    developers' part; that such an integral part of the story explains
    the player death/resurrect mechanic perfectly.

6. I seem to have thought that the Little Sisters-as-scavengers predated the
   Atlas/Ryan war. Weren't they already being cultivated for this purpose by
   Fontaine for his Adam industry?

    The Little Sisters were adapted to become scavengers only after the war
    began (after Fontaine had become Atlas and Ryan took over Fontaine
    Futuristics), when corpses began filling the streets and they realized
    there was Adam to be had. Something important to note is that Fontaine
    got all of his Little Sisters strictly through the orphanage. These were
    little girls with no families, etc. Ryan, on the other hand, got them all
    through kidnapping, which is ironic considering Ryan is the leader of
    Rapture and Fontaine is a notorious crime boss. All of the kidnappings
    you hear of in the audio diaries are directly linked to Ryan Industries.
    The Little Sisters before Ryan (for example, in all of Tenenbaum's
    recordings) are just "Adam factories"; there's never a mention of them
    physically going out to do any harvesting.

7. How do you know that Sullivan killed himself?

    It is never directly stated in the game that Sullivan killed himself,
    although it is heavily implied. Sullivan was a good guy at heart who
    followed orders from a corrupt official and ended up doing some very
    horrible things, including killing a guy during interrogation and a singer
    for writing a few songs that upset Ryan. After he killed Anna Culpepper,
    the audio diary talks about how he took from her room a half-knitted
    blanket after killing her as a reminder of what he'd done. It's clear that
    at this point he is very remorseful and on the brink of quitting. When
    Ryan finally enacted the death penalty by hanging, Sullivan handed in his
    badge. We never hear from him again, and there is a dead body in the
    wharfmaster's office next to the interrogation room and the "Have My
    Badge" audio diary. We can therefore reasonably conclude that Sullivan
    committed suicide for the atrocities he committed during the latest parts
    of his career as chief of Andrew Ryan's police.

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1.14 (07/22/08) - Added spoiler alert at the beginning and fixed the reason
  why Jack was locked in Arcadia.
1.13 (10/07/08) - Fixed an error about Fontaine not having spliced before the
  final boss fight. We assume he was only talking about plasmids, since it's
  obvious he has spliced gene tonics, at the very least, to be able to lift
  and throw the statue at the beginning of Point Prometheus.
1.12 (10/06/08) - Fixed an error in chronology. Fontaine didn't activate Code
  Yellow until after Jack had left the safehouse. Also, clarified that Ryan
  did not explicitly reveal Jack to be his son, he only heavily implied it.
1.11 (06/07/08) - Fixed a typo.
1.10 (05/29/08) - Fixed a few sentences.
1.09 (12/18/07) - Rearranged a few points regarding the timeline of the death
  penalty and its relation to smugglers and Sullivan's suicide. New paragraph
  explaining that Tenenbaum actually disappeared before Ryan's takeover of
  Fontaine Futuristics and why. Clarified that Fontaine only continued his
  underground activities after becoming Atlas. Clarified that Aphrodite,
  Steinman's muse, was imaginary and a product of his insanity. Elaborated on
  the Farmers' Market's declining standards towards the end of Rapture. Fixed a
  paragraph that said that Ryan revealed to Jack that Atlas was Fontaine. In
  fact, he never said this; Atlas himself revealed this after Ryan had died.
  Various typos. Thanks Ivan!
1.08 (09/21/07) - Fixed a few typos.
1.07 (09/19/07) - Reworded the part about why the slug hosting only worked with
  girls and not boys.
1.06 (09/18/07) - Fixed a typo.
1.05 (09/14/07) - Fixed a typo.
1.04 (09/13/07) - Fixed a typo.
1.03 (09/12/07) - Added a question about Sullivan's suicide.
1.02 (09/11/07) - Fixed a typo and added a frequently asked question. Added a
  sources section at the top.
1.01 (09/10/07) - Added more info about the Saturnine and the first FAQ
  questions. Added a quote. A few typos fixed.
1.00 (09/06/07) - First version of guide completed.

- Thanks to Irrational Games for creating this amazing game and story.
- Thanks to the following people and sources for all of their contributions,
  whether it be providing insight or simply reporting a typo:
  Mauricio V, Brett Middleton, Brooks Carmichael, Ivan Trembow,
  Michael Herrling, Michael Fortson, Ivan Tarapov, Jered Gunn, Christopher
  Saunders, Jason Roper, Al_Ka_Pwn, Chris Vig, Kcappa, DSLSublime,
  _SilentGhost_, jungfreud, PrivateJoker, Growshroom, ShadowsDieAway,
  Snowmanatee, perianwyr, Deacon Swain, Sith_Lords, Yann van Uden, Scott
  Matthew, Arca Gunay, http://bioshock.wikia.com, 

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