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Bioshock backwards compatible includes dlc? General
why cant you were gloves? Main Quest

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Get the lot 192 remedy? Side Quest 1 1 week ago
Additional achievement? General 1 6 months ago
BioShock crashes, please help? Tech Support 1 11 months ago
I never found a solution to staggering. Can someone assist? Tech Support 1 3 years ago
Fort Frolic? Main Quest 1 4 years ago
Can you help me find the Paparazzi's diary? Main Quest 4 4 years ago
Can I go back to the Control Room that leads to Andrew Ryan's office? Plot 1 4 years ago
Hypnotize big daddy? Enemy/Boss 4 4 years ago
Can I go back to welcome to rapture? Side Quest 1 5 years ago
Your fastest playthrough? General 1 5 years ago

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