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Extreme Mode Boss Guide by Ryan_Murray_X

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/22/2007

               ************LOST PLANET: Exreme Condition************

Lost Planet Boss Guide for Extreme Mode
Version 1.0 (1/21/07)
Written by: Ryan Murray X

1. Debreifing
2. Mission 1 Giant Rolling Akrid w/ My Play by Play Walkthrough
3. Mission 2 2 Smaller VSs and 1 Large VS
4. Mission 3 Basil's VS
5. Mission 4 Giant Wasp Akrid
6. Mission 5 Giant Mantis Akrid
7. Mission 6 Green Eyes Akrid
8. Mission 7 GAB on Rooftop
9. Mission 8 Giant GAB w/ 3 GAB
10. Mission 9 Giant Spider Akrid
11. Mission 10 Mid-Level Boss Akrid w/ Tentacles
12. Mission 10 Main Boss Bandero's VS
13. Mission 11 Isenberg's VS
14. Credits and Copyrights

1. Debreifing

Goal: To help people complete Extreme Mode on Xbox 360's Lost Planet

This is a guide I wrote over the last 4 days mainly to help people on the
GameFaqs, A360P and Xbox forums complete Lost Planet's Extreme
mode after I completed it myself. I hope this guide helps with any boss
you might be stuck on. This mode isn't impossible, only extremely hard.

2. Mission 1 – Giant Rolling Akrid

Goal: Destroy his glowing tail.

This guy is the trickiest of all the bosses and pretty much to test you to
see if you're up to the challenge of Extreme Mode. I put the most detail
into how to defeat him because he is the one most people have a
problem with.

Ok, so here is a play by play on what I did. 
NOTE: I made it to the Cave Checkpoint without being hit once. 


You start, run to the VS. Turn to your left and blow up the 2 gas tanks, the
cars, then the two tanks to the right and collect the T-Energy as you go,
ignore the small akrids and shoot the two hives until they explode grab the
T-E, kill the Wyvern-like akrid as fast as possible collect his T-E. You
should now have about 2000-3000 T-E, grab the shotgun then go into the
parking building. 

Switch back to your machine gun and shoot the akrids, barrels and hives
while keeping a distance as you run through here. To your right there are
Hand Grenades and a Shotgun grab them. Once you run out of ammo run
to the next area. I made it out of here with 3500 T-E. 

Unbury the Rocket Launcher to your left by the corpse (exchange it for
your machine gun), switch back to your shotgun and run to the warehouse.
Shoot the barrel by the door while running inside and grab it's T-E then
blow up the barrel by the hive and the hive itself. Run past the Big Akrid
and blow the door off or shoot the barrels by the door. 

Hang to the left as you cross the plateau, make sure you stay close to that
car to avoid the next big guy, grab the shotgun ammo and grapple up the
ledge. Grapple up again and then run along the left edge so that the two
rolling akrids miss you, one should fall of the cliff. If you don’t have 80+
shells in your shotgun then grab the ammo by the boulder. Now run towards
the cave. I had about 2500 T-E here, when the last rolling akrid appears
click in the left thumb stick, hold right and press A to roll out of his way.
When the rocks start falling wait about 5 seconds or so then continue to
avoid them. make sure to have your shotgun out and shoot the flying akrids
that come out for more T-E. Pick up the Rocket Launcher ammo before
entering the cave. I had a little over 2400 when I got here. You should
have 20 Hand Grenades, 5 Rockets and close to 100 Shotgun Shells. 


Okay this one is kind of up to chance, you can't avoid all of the flying akrids
but you can try. Run as fast as you can along the center walkway with the
shotgun shooting everything that comes at you and the hives. Collecting
every piece of T-E you can. When you need to reload, reload while
jumping so you can jump and roll while reloading. Shoot all the eggs as
you go also. Grab the shotgun shells if you need them. Jump down after
crossing the walkway and shoot the eggs, run forwards shooting only the
hives and flying akrids. After the hives cross the web-like walkway to the
main hive, make sure to reload your ammo in you shotgun before the
checkpoint. I made it here with roughly 2100 T-E. 


If you don't have over 1700 T-E I recommend restarting. You now have to
fight the Giant Rolling Akrid and 4 smaller rolling akrids. Start out turning
to the right and throwing a grenade at the eggs killing 1 then shotguning
the one next to it to death then jumping over it's body and circling the main
boss. You kind of have to make it up as you go from here but keep jumping
while reloading and kill the 4 smaller akrids first. Whenever you hear the
boss roar he is going to attack, jump over his mouth-like attack, roll from his
arm attacks and when he is charging his roll throw a grenade at him to
knock him sideways. Keep a distance and circle him while shotguning
his rear side.

3. Mission 2 – 2 Small VSs and 1 Large VS

Goal: Destroy both VS then the third that appears.

There are two good strategies and both prefer you enter the fight with a
shotgun as your second weapon to quickly blow up the tanks for T-E. One
is to run immediately to your right as you enter the fight and climb on top of
the building and grab the VS Rocket Launcher and hop down then equally
blow up both the normal VSs while hiding behind the building to reload
then collecting their T-E after they blow up. Then grab both the Gatling
Guns and the tank T-E to your right then run to the opposite side of the
stage and destroy those two tanks. Don’t let up on the boss while firing the
Gatling Gun it does damage all the way across the stage and if you aim it
right you can blow up the missiles the boss is shooting at you. If a missile
gets past your bullets then roll sideways to avoid damage. The second
method is to use the Gatling Gun from the get go to take out the first two
VSs then collecting all the Rockets both big and small around the level
then hiding in the back left corner (from start viewpoint) and use that
building as cover. I’ve beat the boss using both these methods. 

4. Mission 3 – Basil‘s VS

Goal: Destroy Basil's VS

Before crossing the ice snow plane collect as much T-E and ammunition
as you can (I brought rockets) and run along the right hand side blowing up
all the tanks that you cross for T-E and zigzag from the two giant worms.
Blow up the tanks behind the fence before the boss fight then go into the
area. You have 2 VS in this area and 4 more tanks for T-E just jump and
hover above her laser attack and don’t let up on rockets and reloading
and she is as good as dead.

5. Mission 4 – Giant Wasp Akrid

Goal: Destroy his glowing inner stinger.

Make sure to dig up the VS before jumping up to the boss fight. During
the boss fight destroy the tanks and collect the T-E when the boss is too
far away. When your VS is about to blow up get to the ledge you came
up on and let it be destroyed there, collect its T-E and drop down. Now
where the fun part is. WOW another VS is buried where you got this one!
Hey look a gas tank blow it up. Get back up and finish the fight.

6. Mission 5 – Giant Mantis Akrid

Goal: Destroy his arms then his glowing forehead.

Before the boss fight there is a VS in a cave hallway on the way towards
the boss before the final drops, there are two other VS’s in the room with
the boss but it’s easier to enter with one, grab duel shotguns or a shotgun
and a gatling gun and let loose on his arm to get his face closer and if
you run low on T-E just point blank attack his smaller arms for an almost
unlimited supply. His forehead is his weak point.

7. Mission 6 – Green Eyes Akrid

Goal: Destroy all 8 side eyes, all 4 face eyes then it's glowing forehead.

You are piloting your father’s VS which is my favorite VS in the game.
You can shoot his ice missiles out of the air easily with your Gatling Gun
and run when he jumps, does his ice blast attacks or climbs the wall
towards the ledge you’re standing on. First step is to jump onto the ledge
immediately to your right and start blasting out his side eyes, hop down
and follow him until he makes the corner. Jump back up and shoot the
tanks for T-E then grab the grenade launcher. Grab as much T-E from
his eyes as you safely can and wait for him to turn around then take out
the four eyes on his other side. Once those eyes are gone hop down
into his path and try to get a grenade between his eyes, you can take
out all four
with one grenade if you’re lucky. Once you get those eyes he will start
charging you that’s when the Y button comes in handy keep a somewhat
good distance ahead of him while letting his newly exposed forehead
have some nice grenades.

8. Mission 7 – GAB on rooftop

Goal: Destroy the GAB

When you get inside the area with the laser robots and high security kill
the first guard, drop down and kill the two guards on the floor below and
about 25% of the time they will drop a Plasma Gun. Snipe the cockpit of
the VS across the Stage and kill the Pilot then rush over to the VS and
get in it and hit the checkpoint on the upper ledge through the door. With
this VS the boss is a piece of cake wielding dual VS Shotguns. 

9. Mission 8 – Giant GAB with 3 smaller GABs

Goal: Destroy Isenberg's GAB

Kill the smaller 3 ASAP then make sure to jump over all his dash attacks
and side step to avoid missiles. Use as many rockets and grenades on
the cockpit as possible and if your VS blows up before he is to 1/4 life I'd
blow up in it. Collect as much T-E as you can get a hold of including what
your VS leaves when it's gone. Grab the Plasma Gun by where the
Grenade Launcher was and head up to the ledge. Destroy all of the gas
tanks and equip the Plasma Gun and hopefully when you look at him you
see his pilots. Keep moving while shooting his cockpit, eventually they
will die. 

10. Mission 9 – Giant Spider Akrid

Goal: Destroy two legs to tip it over and attack it's glowing back.

There is a VS in the cavern before the boss fight make sure you have
this one or the same one you fought Green Eyes with when you get to the
boss. He is near impossible without a VS. I kept a gatling gun on my left
and a shotgun on the right grabbing both shotguns for more ammunition.
All I can say is stay close to a leg and take it out as fast as possible then
run to the next closest leg and take that one out then point blank let loose
on his back. Each time you knock him down he should lose at least 1/3
of his life. If your VS blows up don’t bother ejecting.

11. Mission 10 – Mid-Level Boss Akrid w/ Tentacles

Goal: Destroy the tips of its tentacles, its inner core and its glowing tongue.

Get there in a VS, it's not hard to do, grab one Gatling Gun and one
shotgun and give the tip of the tentacle heck! When it retracts grab
a hand held rocket launcher and follow it into the hole, it should take 3
rockets to its core per tentacle. Get back into your VS and repeat. Once
the tentacles are gone grab dual rocket launchers and fire one at a time
while reloading the other at the Akrid's tongue like thing spewing spores,
he'll die fast.

12. Mission 10 – Main Boss Bandero’s VS

Goal: Destroy Bandero's VS

He was simple, before the boss fight is a hanger with about a dozen VS’s
in it if you need T-E get in them and get blown up, eject and collect. I did it
with only 1000 T-E the VS near the entrance with a grenade launcher and
a rocket launcher. Just wait until he charges then step out of the way and
let him eat the grenades and rockets.

13. Mission 11 – Isenberg's VS

Goal: Destroy Isenberg's Ultimate VS

MY GOD HE IS ANNOYING! Rush and slice with R and repeat until he is
to half-life, it's not hard to do without being hit. When he reaches half-life
is the tricky part. Start running away from him as far as you can get but
stay at the same height as him, wait for him to use his sword attacks and
get close, once he does his 3rd sword attack (Spinning) fly a little higher
than him and rush and slice him then run and repeat.

14. Credits and Copyrights

Thanks to The Cows Milk for helping me get through Extreme Mode with
his helpful suggestions.
Thanks to Capcom for providing yet another incredible game for me to
Thanks to Microsoft for emptying our pockets but filling our hearts with
the Xbox 360!

This guide is meant for use only on GameFaqs, Achieve360Points and
the official Xbox forums.

This guide may not be duplicated or quoted under any circumstances
except for personal or private use. It may not be placed on any web
site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display
is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Please no e-mails requesting walkthroughs for all levels or for target

Gamertag: Ryan Murray X
Email: Ryan18x2003@yahoo.com

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