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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Drunky

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    Outpost Kaloki X
    Written by: Drunky
    	Table of Contents
    1.	Updates
    2.	Controls
    3.	Introduction
    4.	Menus
    5.	General Tips
    6.	Expansions
    7.	Adventure Story	       (G) = Gold Medal Time
    	 7.1) Testing Your Wings	(G)
    	 7.2) Princess Bethyni		(G)
    	 7.3) Wally's House		(G)
    	 7.4) The Jumpgate		(G)
    	 7.5) The Junkyard		(G)
    	 7.6) The Gathering Spot
    	 7.7) Homeward Bind
    	 7.8) Military Madness
    	 7.9) Ransom!
    	 7.10) Deja Vu
    	 7.11) Eye in the Sky
    	 7.12) Tree Hugger Haven
    	 7.13) Election
    	 7.14) Cash Flow
    8.	War Story
    	 8.1) The Beginning		(G)
    	 8.2) Resort of the Curious	(G)
    	 8.3) Building The Gate		(G)
    	 8.4) Into The Warp		(G)
    	 8.5) Probin' The Unknown	(G)
    	 8.6) Attack			(G)
    	 8.7) From The Ashes		(G)
    	 8.8) Tides of War		(G)
    	 8.9) Behind Enemy Lines	(G)
    	 8.10) Finale			(G)
    9.	Eight-Port Challenge
    10.	Hammer & Crucible Scenarios
    11.	Frequently Asked Questions
    12.	Copyright and Contact Information
    1.	Updates
    10/26/06 - Glitched Achievements Fixed!
    04/02/06 - Started the FAQ/Walkthrough
    04/03/06 - Finished up to Chapter 3
    04/05/06 - Finished up to Chapter 6
    04/09/06 - Finished up to Chapter 11
    	   Started the Expansions
    04/10/06 - Finished up to the Nature
    04/11/06 - Finished Expansions
    04/12/06 - Finished Adventure Story
    	   Started War Story
    04/15/06 - Finished up to Mission 5
    04/17/06 - Finished up to MIssion 7
    04/29/06 - Finished War Story - All Gold
    07/16/06 - Information About Achievement
    	    Glitch Patch (FAQ Section)
    2.	Controls
    Start			Pause
    Back			Show Goals
    Left Analog Stick	Select Port
    Right Analog Stick	Move Camera
    Y			Visitors Bar
    X			Menu Bar
    A			Accept
    B			Back
    LB			Slow Down Gameplay
    RB			Speed Up Gameplay
    LT			Zoom Out
    RT			Zoom In
    3.	Introduction
    Well if you're reading this you've probably already blown your 900 Marketplace
    points on Kaloki Outpost X, and if I may say so myself, it was an excellent
    I wrote this FAQ/Walkthrough because there are a few users who wanted one, and
    I was looking for something to FAQ. Please remember that I am *not* an expert
    at this game. Most of the strategies in this guide are just on how you *beat*
    the level in order to move on to the next, its not aiming for leaderboard
    scores and if you manage to get one based on this guide, I'll be thoroughly
    surprised. I will try to aim for Gold Medal times though, although the first
    version of this guide will most likely be Bronze Medal times as I'm just trying
    to complete it before retrying everything.
    If any experts out there want to help me by writing up better methods and are
    willing to offer help, it would be gladly accepted as I hope to replace all my
    methods with better ones.
    4.	Menus
    This is a brief overview of all the menus you'll encounter in the game, these
    will help you decide what to build and how to go about it.
    Statistics Menu
    The first menu is the most important, this is the statistic menu on the middle
    right of your screen. The stats are just examples, the explanation is on the
    left side.
    Your available money		$800
    Your available power		100
    Time Remaining before Failure	10:00
    Station Rating			*****
    Social Facilities (person)	|#########--   |
    Research Facilities (Beaker)	|###########-- |
    Trading Facilities ($)		|##############|
    Information Facilities (i)	|###-----      |
    Nature Facilities (Flower)	|#######----   |
    The last 5 statistics are how well your station is meeting the needs of its
    customers. If the bar is showing any red it means that the facilities you have
    are inadequate and the visitor wants more. If the bar is completely green, it
    means that all the needs of the visitor have been met and they are happy with
    the facilities you have.
    There are two shades of green and red.
    A bright red means that visitors are demanding this service immediately, while
    a darker red means that the visitors would like this, but not as much as they
    would like something else. So its a secondary need.
    A bright green means that the visitors are demanding this service, and you are
    adequately meeting it. A darker green means that you are supplying too much and
    the visitors dont really want it.
    Visitors Bar
    At the top of the screen you'll notice the yellow Y on the left side of this
    bar, you press Y on your controller to switch from the port selection to the
    visitor selection. The comments left by the visitors are important, along with
    the statistics bar on the right side they will you what your station is lacking
    and what they want to see. These comments must not go ignored, as it will lead
    to you failing your objectives.
    Occasionally you'll see a visitor with a flashing exclamation mark on their
    image. This means that character has something to tell you that is important.
    So make sure you always read what they say. It could be anything from giving
    you new technology to a new piece of storyline information.
    Menu Bar
    This menu is basically useless, as most of its options have designated
    controller shortcuts.
    This one is on the left side of your screen and is designated to the X button
    on your controller. The first option is Controller Tips, which just shows you
    the controls of the game.
    The second option is the Scenario Progress which shows you the goals you need
    to complete in case you forget them.
    The third option is to adjust the game speed, you wont make much use of this as
    you can easily use the RB and LB to change the speeds while playing.
    The fourth option allows you to save and load your game whenever you want.
    The final option is just the pause menu, which can also be accessed by pressing
    start on your controller.
    5.	General Tips
    - Don't make more power facilities than you need at the time.
    - If you have lower level power facilities, sell them when you can afford it
      and build upgraded ones.
    - To shave seconds off your time already be on the purchase screen of the
      building and build it as soon as you have the available money.
    - Slow down the gameplay! Most people will set the game speed to 5, which is
      fine if you're waiting for money, but when you're going to upgrade an
      expansion, build one, change it, etc., slow it down. That way you waste less
      time on the menu screens. It'll really help you raise your leaderboard times.
    - When you have a power surplus and are waiting for more money to continue on,
      adjust power facilities so you have no spare power.
    - Keep building appeal at roughly 80%, its the best balance for profit and
      operating costs.
      When dealing with the trade buildings, such as the Pawn Shop or Trading Post,
      you'll have two sliders, one for quality and one for price. Leave the price
      slider alone, and move the quality one all the way to the right, and then one
      notch to the left. You'll have roughly the same appeal but save on operating
      For buildings with no sliders but different options, always choose the second
      to last option. e.g. Chem Lab would be Happy Juice, Flower would be Special
    - As with trade buildings, adjust Power Facilities all the way to the right and
      one notch to the left. (Assuming you need maximum power).
    - If your station starts losing money, sell off the least profitable buildings
      and the lowest level Power Facilities that powered them.
    - Start off with the Research facilities first, the upgraded Power expansions
      will help you greatly later on.
    - In the War Story turn off your weapons when you're not using them.
    - MAKE USE OF THE REPAIR GLITCH! It saves a lot of money, letting you move on
      faster. The glitch is listed in the FAQ section, question #5.
    6.	Expansions
    Expansions are what you build in the game, your little planet will have ports
    sticking out of the side of it, these are where ships will dock and use your
    services. Visitors will demand certain services more than others depending on
    what they like, this demand is shown on the stats bar on the middle right hand
    side of the screen (see Menus section for more details).
    Expansion	Name of the expansion.
    Cost		How much it costs to initially build.
    BPC		Base Periodic Cost, how much it costs each turn to run.
    Power		Amount of power needed to keep the building active.
    Bonus		For expansions with this column it means that it will fill the
    		visitor demand bar by that much.
    Rec. Up		Which upgrade is recommended to get the desired 80% appeal.
    		Periodic cost will go up for each upgrade.
    Requirements	Whats needed to unlock that building.
    Min.P		Minimum power produced by expansion.
    Max.P		Maximum power produced by expansion.
    Droids		How many repair droids available. Periodic cost will go up for
    		each additional droid.
    Periodic Cost is basically the operating cost, you will be charged for each
    building. The recurring goal of the game is to always have your profit exceed
    the periodic costs, otherwise you will go bankrupt.
    	6.1	Social
        Expansion      Cost   BPC  Power  Bonus    Rec. Up          Requirements
       Singles Line    $200   -6   -90    +10    Love Lines       -None
       Arcade	   $300   -10  -100   +11    Void War         -Singles Line
       Skating Rink	   $500   -13  -120   +11    Quit Leaving Me  -Arcade
       Malt Shop       $800   -15  -130   +12    Chillin' Dude    -Skating Rink
    							      -Rating > 3.5
       Restaurant	   $1200  -16  -140   +12    Johhny Winter    -Malt Shop
    							      -Herb Garden
       Comedy Club     $1700  -18  -150   +13    Hypnotist	      -Restuarant
    							      -Rating > 4.00
       Dance Club	   $2300  -20  -160   +13    Jazz Band        -Comedy Club
       Amusement Park  $3000  -21  -180   +14    Space Coaster II -Dance Club
    							      -Rating > 4.50
    	6.2	Research
        Expansion      Cost   BPC  Power  Bonus    Rec. Up          Requirements
       Chem Lab        $200   -6   -90    +10    Happy Juice       -None
       Hall of Records $350   -10  -120   +11    Monkey Anatomy    -Chem Lab
       Observatory     $550   -13  -150   +11    Flygthor Nebula   -Hall of Records
       Museum	   $950	  -16  -180   +12    Evaporation Cycle -Observatory
       Cryonics	   $1500  -20  -200   +12    Vitrification     -Museum
        Facility					Vat
       Nanotech	   $2100  -20  -220   +13    Gray Goo	        -Cryonics
        Facility							 Facility
       Genome Project  $3000  -21  -230   +13    Cloning You       -Nanotech
       == Special ==
       Brain Farm	   $1500  -20  -150   +13    Quantum Mechanics
    					     Unlocked in War Story Mission 1
       Wormhole	   $2000  -11  -200   	     Unlocked in War Story Mission 3
       Space Probe     $2200  -10  -180   +11    Unlocked in War Story Mission 5
    	6.3	Trade
    I wont list the recommended upgrade for Trade because due to their sliders, I
    cant give an exact measurement. Just remember to balance it out so the bar is
    80% full, and it should be a darker shade of green, try to raise it as much as
    possible before hitting the next increment for periodic cost.
        Expansion      Cost     BPC    Energy     Bonus       Requirements    
       Lemonade Stand  $200     -6       -90      +10        -None
       Pawn Shop	   $350	    -10      -120     +11	 -Lemonade Stand
       Trading Post    $550     -13      -150     +11        -Pawn Shop
    							 -Talk to Slick Mark
    							     Buy for $200
       Used Ship       $950     -14      -180     +12	 -Trading Post
        Emporium						 -Talk to Slick Mark
    							     Buy for $
       E4		   $1500    -15      -200     +12        -Used Ship Emporium
       Jewel Exchange  $2100    -15      -220     +13        -E4
    							 -Talk to Slick Mark
    							     Buy for $800
       WallStreet	   $3000    -17      -230     +13        -Jewel Exchange
    	6.4	Information
        Expansion      Cost   BPC   Power  Bonus    Rec. Up       Requirements
       Newspaper Stand $200   -6    -90    +10    Navigator's      -None
       Radio	   $300	  -10   -120   +11    Full Status      -Newspaper Stand
    						Report         -Talk to Shadow
       Spy Training	   $500	  -13   -180   +11    Laser Pistols    -Radio
        Center						       -Talk to Shadow
       Cryptography	   $850	  -14   -180   +12    Troops	       -Spy Training	
        Lab						Positions	Center
       Spy Gadget      $1400  -15   -200   +12    X-Ray Glasses    -Cryptography
        Central							Lab
    							       -Talk to Shadow
       Radar	   $2000  -15   -220   +13    Asteroid Motion  -Spy Gadget
       Spy Satellite   $2500  -17   -230   +13    Police ACtivity  -Talk to Shadow
    	6.5	Nature
        Expansion      Cost   BPC   Power  Bonus    Rec. Up        Requirements
       Flower          $200   -6    -90    +10   Special Nutrients  -None 
       Herb Garden	   $300   -10   -100   +11   Special Nutrients  -Flower
       Park		   $500   -13   -120   +11   Special Nutrients  -Herb Garden
       Pond		   $800   -16   -130   +12   Whistling Reeds	-Park
       Waterfall	   $1200  -20   -140   +12   Shining		-Pond
    								-Rating > 3.50
       Lake		   $1700  -23   -150   +13   Shining		-Waterfall
       Aviary	   $2300  -25   -160   +13   Cookies		-Lake
    								-Rating > 4.50
       Animal Reserve  $3000  -26   -180   +14   Purino Happy Chow  -Aviary
       == Special ==
       Wally's Habitat $1000  -4    -120   +10   Unlocked in Adventure Story
    						Chapter 3
    	6.6	Power
    With power expansions its important to remember the rule to saving money each
    turn, only have the necessary amount of surplus power. If you need more, move
    the slider as high as it'll go before it goes up another dollar.
        Expansion           Cost   BPC  Energy  Min.P   Max.P   Requirements    
       Solar Windmill       $200   -5    +80     64      104    -None
       Collector Prototype  $350   -5    +126    96      156    -None
       Solar Collector      $450   -6    +176    128     208    -C. Prototype
    						            -Chem Lab
       Generator		$700   -7    +242    168     273    -Solar Collector
    							    -Hall of Records
       Dynamo Generator	$1100  -8    +336    224     364    -Generator
       Fusion I		$1600  -8    +450    288     467    -Dynamo Generator
       Fusion II		$2100  -10   +650    400     650    -Dynamo Generator
    								or Fusion I
    							    -Garage 2
    							    -Nanotech Facility
    	6.7	Defence 
        Expansion      Cost   BPC   Power  Bonus    Rec. Up        Requirements
       Zap-O-Tron      $200   -8    -90    +100   Medium Missile   -None
       Blastomatic	   $300   -10   -100   +210   Medium Missile   -Zap-O-Tron
       Launchoid       $450   -11   -110   +330   Fast Missile 1   -Blastomatic
       Big Bertha      $700   -13   -120   +350   Huge Missile     -Launchoid
    							       -Garage 1 or 2
    	6.8	Maintenance
        Expansion        Cost    BPC    Energy     Droids     Requirements    
       Janitor's Closet  $200    -5      -90          1	   -None
       Garage 1	     $300    -7      -120        0-2       -Janitor's Closet
       Garage 2          $700    -10     -150        0-2       -Garage 1
       Hangar 1	     $1200   -13     -160        0-3       -
       Hangar 2          $2000   -15     -170        0-3       -Hangar 1
    							   -Nanotech Facility
    7.	Adventure Story
    	7.1	Testing Your Wings
    Objectives:	1. Build 3 Lemonade Stands
    		2. Build a Pawn Shop
    		3. Earn $1000 cash
    Gold Time:	8:00 remaining
    Silver Time:	6:00 remaining
    Build your first Lemonade Stand anywhere you want, then while thats building
    build a Solar Windmill. This first level is extremely easy. So finish it as
    quickly as you can, you can do that by sliding the power bar on the Windmill to
    around 95, then go slide the treasure bar on the Lemonade Stand to the max, and
    leave the price marker where it is. Now build another Lemonade Stand and
    another Windmill. Do the same to the sliders as you did with the first set. Now
    wait for $200 and build another Lemonade Stand to complete Objective One.
    Once you're finished building three Lemonade Stands you should have around 50
    power left, and you'll notice you're able to build a new shop and a new power
    facility. Ignore the new power supply, the Collector Prototype. Its $150 more
    and you dont need the power. So just build another Windmill and then a Pawn
    Shop. Now you're done Objective Two. Dont build any further, it'll just end up
    being a waste of time. If you really want to go for a leaderboard time, then
    I suggest waiting until you have around $700 and selling off all your buildings
    to get you to $1000 faster. When you do reach $1000, you'll have completed
    Objective Three.
    	7.2	Princess Bethyni
    Objectives:	1. Build a Spy Training Center
    		2. Build an Observatory
    Gold Time:	9:45 remaining
    Silver Time:	8:00 remaining
    Right near the start you'll see the flashing exclamation mark in your visitor
    bar, so if you wish you can talk to the Princess. Its not necessary however.
    The first thing you want to build is a Chem Lab, so do that and wait until you
    have $350. On the Chem Lab you should raise the expirement to Happy Juice, just
    like the first chapter this is an easy one and you just want to finish it as
    fast as possible. Dont build any Windmills, instead build a Collector Prototype
    when you've got enough money. For Collector Prototypes I usually put them at
    145 power. You'll notice most people are complaining about the lack of
    information, so you can either build a Newspaper Stand or a Hall of Records.
    For the sake of the walkthrough lets go with the Hall of Records first. When
    you wait for money, you can turn off the Collector Prototype until you're
    nearing $350, then turn it on and get ready to build. Set the research to
    Monkey Anatomy, then when you have another $350, build another Prototype
    Now its time to build the Newspaper Stand, when its finished you'll see another
    flashing exclamation mark on the visitors bar, this is who you need to talk to
    if you want to be able to build Radio Stations, but first set the Newspaper
    Stand to carry the Navigator's Almanac. Build another Collector Prototype. Then
    once you've built that and set it to 145 power, build the Radio and set it to
    Full Status Report.
    Now its time to build another power facility, but instead of Prototype
    Collectors, build a Solar Collector. This one I set the power to 190. Once that
    is completed, build an Observatory to complete Objective Two. It doesnt matter
    what you set the subject to, as you will soon be done the chapter. The only
    thing left to do is build a Spy Training Center. You should have roughly 160
    power left, so another collector is not needed. If it is, just max out the
    existing power supplies as high as they will go. Once thats finished you've
    completed Objective One.
    Congratulations! You've unlocked a Gamer Pic!
    	7.3	Wally's House
    Objectives:	1. Build a Pond
    		2. Build a Habitat for Wally
    Gold Time:	19:30 remaining
    Silver Time:	7:30 remaining
    As soon as you start you'll see the flashing exclamation mark and Princess
    Bethyni in your visitors bar, so talk to her so she can give you the first
    This level will focus mainly on the Nature demand of things, so the first thing
    you should start with is a flower, with the Special Nutrients care, then wait
    until you have enough money for a Collector Prototype.
    You'll see that the visitors now want a social hangout, so build a singles
    line. (I chose the Lovelines Teleprompt for the enhancement). Max out the
    Collector Prototype so you have 100 power and build a Herb Garden. Then build
    another Collector Prototype. Remember to upgrade the Herb Garden to the Special
    Nutrients upgrade.
    Now build the Park when you have $500. You should have enough power by
    adjusting your sliders on the Collector Prototypes. Build another Collector
    Prototype and then its time for the Pond. Save up the $800 to complete
    Objective One.
    Now its on to goal two. So talk to the Princess to open up Wally's Habitat in
    the building menu. Along with an extra $500.
    You should have more than enough right away for Wally's Habitat, but now you
    have no room. So sell your Singles Line, which should push you over the amount
    needed to build the Habitat if you are short and should free up enough power.
    Objective Two is now finished, and you've managed to snag an achievement.
    	7.4	The Jumpgate
    Objectives:	1. Build 1000 Extra Power
    Gold Time:	14:50 remaining
    Silver Time:	8:30 remaining
    Within a few seconds you'll see two visitors with important information, so
    talk to the first one to get your Objective and then talk to the Emperor if you
    want. This level is going to be based around Research and Energy (obviously).
    The first thing you should build is a Chem Lab with the Happy Juice expirement,
    and at the same time build a Collector Prototype and Lemonade Stand. Remember
    to slide the quality slider all the way to the right, and one notch to the left
    for the Lemonade Stand. Now you can save $450 to get a Solar Collector followed
    by a Hall of Records. Monkey Anatomy should be a good research subject. Slide
    one the power bar on the Collector Prototype until you've got 120 surplus power
    then build a Pawn Shop. Do the same thing with the slider as you did with the
    Lemonade Stand.
    I chose to wait here at this point and accumulate $700 to build a Generator.
    Turn it off when its finished, then make one more Generator. As thats building,
    max out all your power supplies and sell off all your buildings (not the power
    expansions obviously). This will finish the level.
    	7.5	The Junkyard
    Objectives:	1. Build a Maintenance Expansion
    		2. Earn $1600 Cash
    Gold Time:	10:00 remaining
    Silver Time:	8:30 remaining
    This will pretty much be the last tutorial level you play, and then its on to
    the real challenges.
    This is the first scenario you are going to play that introduces the buildings
    condition level. Over time the buildings condition will deteriorate, and will
    eventually catch fire and burn up. Plus the buildings condition possibly plays
    a role in the profitability. The way to stop this is to build Maintenance
    facilities, they will automatically repair buildings that need to be repaired,
    but if you have too many buildings and not enough maintenance, some will get in
    worse shape than others. If that happens you can manually call attention to the
    building by selecting "Call Repair Bots".
    	IMPORTANT - There is a glitch in the maintenance expansions
    	that allow you to repair buildings without having to pay the
    	operating costs. This glitch is explained in the FAQ section,
    	question #5. This will shave a lot of time off your final
    	scores, and will boost you up the leaderboards.
    The second you start this scenario, your buildings are going to catch on fire.
    Thats going to be a huge problem. The first thing you need to do is sell your
    Lemonade Stand which is currently on fire. That will free up the power so you
    can build a Garage. Build the Garage and repair the most damaged buildings
    first, which would probably be the windmill. You'll want to keep that alive so
    you dont have to rebuild a power facility. When your buildings are safe, glitch
    the garage. (FAQ Section Question 5).
    	NOTE: If you dont want to make use of the glitch, then you
    	can build the Janitors Closet and repair as normal. This
    	will still work efficiently. However you will need to build
    	an additional power expansion later to make up for the
    	power the Janitor's Closet is using.
    Once thats repaired, start on the other ones. If the other ones are almost
    completely gone, call the repair bots anyways, they'll leave the windmill and
    start on the new buildings. Once thats under control, you need to start
    So the first thing you should do is build another windmill, and the second its
    done building, turn it off until you have enough to replace the Lemonade Stand.
    Now you can either just sit here and wait for your $1600 to roll in, or keep
    building. Just remember to keep your buildings in good shape. Theres a limited
    amount of building choices in this level, so I chose to build another Windmill
    and then build a Pawn Shop. If you glitched a Garage, you will not need to
    build another Windmill. Wait until you have $1000, then sell off every
    expansion you have. This will help you reach $1600 a lot faster.
    	7.6	The Gathering Spot
    Objectives:	1. Build a Malt Shop
    		2. Build a Restaurant
    Gold Time:	12:00 remaining
    Silver Time:	8:00 remaining
    This is the first real level you'll play. It *is* possible to lose this one.
    If you wish, you can be insulted by the flashing visitor, or you can start
    First thing you want to do is build a Singles Line. Upgrade it to the Love
    Lines Teleprompt. Then make a Windmill when you have the money, and turn it off
    once its finished. When you have $200 to build a Flower, turn the Solar
    Windmill back on, and build it. Upgrade the care to Special Nutrients. Then
    save $350 and buy the Collector Prototype. Again, turn it off until you have
    the money to build an Arcade. The second the Arcade is finished, sell it and
    use the money to build a Skating Rink. If you're going to be waiting awhile to
    save the money, turn off the Collector Prototype again. Once thats done upgrade
    the Skate Song to Quit Leaving Me, and build another Collector Prototype.
    Your buildings should now be dangerously close to catching on fire, so when you
    have enough, make a Janitors Closet, scale down any power facilities that are
    making surplus power, and start repairing buildings.
    Then build another Collector Prototype, and scale it so you have 130 Surplus,
    now you can make a Malt Shop, completing Objective One. While doing that, if
    you have the money, (if not you can wait), raise your power facilities to
    generate 100 surplus power, and then build a Herb Garden, and while thats being
    built, another Collector Prototype. When the Herb Garden is done, upgrade it to
    the Special Nutrients. When the Collector Prototype is done, scale it down
    along with any other power facilities with surplus power. Wait until you've got
    $1200 and then raise the power facilities back to generate 140 and build your
    Restaurant. Now you've completed Objective Two.
    	7.7	Homeward Bind
    Objectives:	1. Build a Nanotech Lab
    		2. Build 1700 Extra Power
    Gold Time:	10:00 remaining
    Silver Time:	7:00 remaining
    This is going to be a tough mission that a lot of people have trouble with, you
    just need to remember that Research is the most important priority. Once your
    Research Facilities are up and running, then you can satisfy the visitors.
    *Note - The following section is a method developed by Woody Thrower*
    You'll need to unlock the best Power Facilities for this scenario, so the first
    thing you should worry about is getting their prerequisite buildings.
    So start off with a Chem Lab and a Collector Prototype, turning off the
    Collector Prototype when its finished building. Remember to adjust the Chem Lab
    to the second last option for the 80% appeal. Save up $350 and build the Hall
    of Records to unlock the Generator, upgrading the Hall of Records to Monkey
    Anatomy. While you (probably) wait for the $700 for the generator, scale down
    the Collector Prototype if you want to save a few bucks.
    When the Generator is built, your buildings will probably be hurting a little,
    so build a Janitors Closet followed by an Observatory which you can upgrade to
    the Flygthor Nebula. Preferably building the Janitors Closet first, so you dont
    waste the excess power.
    Now you have to save the $1100 for a Dynamo Generator. You should have enough
    power to build a Love Lines Teleprompt and a Museum before needing an upgraded
    power supply.
    When the museum is finished you'll see an important visitor, you need to talk
    to him to get the blueprints for the next two Science Facilities.
    You should be past the breaking point where your buildings deterioration is
    outweighing the Janitors Closet, so its time to build Garage 2. You dont have
    the power, so save $700, scale a power facility to provide 150 surplus power
    and then build it. You only need a 
    Save $1600 for your Fusion I and then build a Flower once you've sold off the
    Chem Lab. Turn off the Fusion I until you've saved $1500 for the Cryonics
    Facility. Upgrade it to the Vitrification Vat, scale down the Fusion I and wait
    for $2100 to build the Nanotech Facility. This will complete Objective One.
    Now start selling everything you've built except for the Power Facilities and
    the Nanotech Facility, which you can scale to finish Objective Two and the
    	7.8	Military Madness
    Objectives:	1. Build an Amusement Park
    		2. Achieve a 4.5 star rating
    Gold Time:	13:00 remaining
    Silver Time:	10:00 remaining
    You'll see the Emperor as an important visitor in your visitors bar, so talk to
    him and you'll realize that due to the unfavorable environment you will not be
    able to build any nature facilities (which is one less thing for you to worry
    about), but unfortunately, the atmosphere will deteriorate your buildings
    faster than the previous levels.
    Since you'll be entertaining the military, you'll need to focus on Social and
    to a lesser extent, Information Facilities. You will not need to worry about
    money for the first part of this scenario, its hard to fail. You just need to
    manage your buildings to get the best possible time. As long as you follow the
    rule of having an 80% appeal on all your buildings (Check the general tips),
    you shouldnt have to worry about the 4.5 station rating either.
    So right away build a Chem Lab, Collector Prototype and Singles Lane all at
    once. Make sure you upgrade the Chem Lab and Singles Lane. Now buy a Solar
    Build a Newspaper Stand and talk to get the Radio upgrade. Then you can build a
    Janitors Closet, followed by another Solar Collector and then a Hall of
    Records. Now you can make a Generator followed by an Arcade. You can then make
    another Skating Rink and a Generator, followed by a Radio. You shouldnt have
    needed to adjust your power facilities earlier, but now you will. So scale any
    facility to give yourself an extra 10 power, and then make a Garage 2 with 2
    repair droids.
    You can now start replacing buildings. So replace the Skating Rink with the
    Malt Shop, scale your buildings to give an extra 130 power, and then talk to
    the visitor who will rip you off by selling you the Herbs you need to open your
    restaurant for $1200.
    Scale your buildings to 150 surplus power, and build an Observatory. Now sell
    both your Solar Collector and Collector Prototype and replace them with Dynamo
    Now sell your Arcade for a Restaurant, then sell your Observatory for a Comedy
    Club, which you can then sell again for a Dance Club. Sell your Dance Club for
    an Amusement Park.
    Congratulations, you've got another achievement.
    	7.9	Ransom!
    Objectives:	1. Earn $30 000
    Gold Time:	14:00 remaining
    Silver Time:	9:00 remaining
    Alright, you have a pretty straight forward objective, earn a ton of money in
    30 minutes or less. You'll have to focus on pretty much everything if you want
    to rake in the money. People will be asking you to build certain buildings, so
    make sure you try to do that, as you will be paid very nicely for their rental.
    Start off as usual with a Chem Lab and a Collector Prototype, and 30 seconds
    into the scenario the Emperor will talk to you and give you $2000 so make sure
    you speak with him. Then build a Hall of Records, followed by a Generator.
    Then you can make a Janitors Closet, after which you should talk to Leafin to
    get a request for a Pond. Now build a Flower and another Generator followed by
    a Singles Line. Talk to Cerebella for the request of a Museum.
    Scale the power to 180 surplus, and build a Newspaper and Lemonade Stand,
    remember to talk to the mysterious man for the Radio plans.
    Now sell your Collector Prototype and replace it with a Generator, and then you
    can talk to Vladimir for the Dance Club request. Scale your power facilities to
    150 surplus and build an Observatory, now you need to build a Garage 2, so sell
    your Janitors Closet and scale whatever power you need to be able to build a
    Garage 2.
    Then build a Dynamo Generator, followed by a Pawn Shop and Radio. Get the free
    plans for the Trading Post from your visitor. Now sell the Observatory for an
    Arcade and then build a Herb Garden. Sell your Chem Lab and scale whatever
    power you need to be bale to build a Park. Sell the Herb and replace it with a
    Pond, collect the $5000 from Leafin.
    Sell the Flower for a Museum and then collect the $4000 from Cerebella. Now you
    are going to start selling buildings, so you'll have to scale the power
    whenever you need it. Keep in mind that the upgrades need a little bit more
    power than the building you just replaced.
    So sell the Hall of Records for a Skating Rink and then the Skating Rink for a
    Malt Shop. Sell the Park for a Restaurant and then sell the Malt Shop for a
    Comedy Club, then sell the Comedy Club for a Dance Club. Collect your $7500
    from Vladimir.
    Wait for roughly $26 000 before you start selling off your buildings, but you
    can sell off any building thats not making a profit and the power supplys you
    no longer need. If your buildings are in decent shape, you can sell the Garage
    if you want.
    You should have $30 000, so congratulations.
    	7.10	Deja Vu
    Objectives:	1. Build a WallStreet expansion
    Gold Time:	17:00 remaining
    Silver Time:	14:00 remaining
    Okay, this level looks a bit worse than it actually is. At the beginning of the
    level, all the buildings will blow up, or be close to blowing up. Thats not as
    bad as you think, because if you're fast enough you should be able to sell a
    few of them off before they all go boom. Dont keep any of the buildings, you
    wont be able to repair them in time and they'll just start losing money.
    So when you've sold them all off you should have 100 power and (hopefully)
    So start with a Lemonade Stand, followed by a Windmill and then a Chem Lab.
    Make a Solar Collector when you have the $450, followed by a Pawn Shop. Scale
    the power up so you have enough for a Janitors Closet, because your buildings
    should be hurting already. Sell the Windmill for a Solar Collector. Remember to
    talk to the visitor for the Trading Post plans.
    Your trading demand should be evening out just about now, so build a Singles
    Lane once you've scaled up your power supplies sufficiently. Then you can
    build another Solar Collector. Followed by a Hall of Records. When thats done
    you can make a Generator.
    Now make an Arcade followed by a Skating Rink. One more Generator and then a
    Trading Post. At which point you can purchase the blueprints for a Used Ship
    Lot. Sell the Janitors Closet for a Garage 2.
    Scale all your power buildings up to 180 surplus power and build a Used Ship
    Emporium. Build two Generators, you should have only one free spot, so sell off
    a Solar Collector also. Sell off the Hall of Records for a Malt Shop. Sell the
    Malt Shop for E4. Now sell off the Pawn Shop and talk to the Slick Mark for the
    Jewel Exchange plans which will cost you $800. Build the Jewel Exchange once
    you have the plans. Sell Lemonade Stand for Flower, Flower for Herb Garden and
    Herb Garden for Restaurant. Now sell the Chem Lab for the WallStreet and you're
    done. Good job, and you've managed to get another Achievement!
    	7.11	Eye in the Sky
    Objectives:	1. Build a Newspaper Stand
    		2. Build a Radio
    		3. Build a Spy Training Center
    		4. Build a Cryptography Lab
    		5. Build a Radar
    		6. Build a Spy Satellite
    Gold Time:	6:15 remaining
    Silver Time:	5:00 remaining
    Okay, obviously this mission will be very heavy on the information part of
    things, but one specialty might make this easier. (Excluding the Research which
    will be needed for more advanced power facilities).
    So start with a Chem Lab, followed by a Newspaper Stand to complete Objective
    One, while building those two, you can also build a Collector Prototype. Now
    build a Solar Collector, followed by a Hall of Records. Scale both power
    supplies to 120 and build a radio when you have the $300. When the Radio is
    done, talk to The Shadow for Spy Center Plans, and then build a Generator.
    Build a Spy Training Center, followed by a Janitors Closet. (You'll probably
    need to scale the Generator to generate 90 surplus power). Sell the Spy
    Training Center, and talk to the visitor, he'll say nevermind, but you get the
    Cryptography Lab plans anyways, so build that and then immediately sell it.
    Now talk to the guy again and build the new Spy Gadget Central, sell that
    immediately after its done. Then you can talk to The Shadow and lend him $600
    for information and Radar plans. Scale your power supply, and build the Radar
    and then sell any of your buildings until you have the money and the power to
    build the Spy Satellite.
    Congratulations, you're done! :)
    	7.12	Tree Hugger Haven
    Objectives:	1. Build Three Nature Expansions
    		2. Build an Animal Reserve
    Gold Time:	13:00 remaining
    Silver Time:	9:30 remaining
    Like the chapter name suggests, this level will focus mainly on the Nature
    expansions due to a mess caused by the previous station manager. You'll see on
    the loading screen that because of the high radiation levels, your buildings
    will deteriorate quite fast.
    So first start off with a Chem Lab, and while thats building make a Flower and
    Collector Prototype. Make sure to turn off the Collector Prototype when its
    finished, because you wont need it for a little while.
    When the Flower is done, build a Herb Garden. When the Herb Garden is done,
    wait until you've almost got $500, turn the Collector Prototype on, and build
    a Park. You've now completed Objective One.
    The Princess will be waiting to talk to you in the visitor bar, so talk to her
    quickly if you want, but its not necessary. What you should worry about is that
    your buildings are now very close to being on fire. So you have to move rather
    quickly, build a Solar Collector followed by a Janitors Closet, while thats
    building, make a power surplus of 150. Immediately after the Janitors Closet
    is finished, make a Garage 2. You shouldnt need to wait for money, and if you
    do, you can say good bye to three buildings. As thats building call the repair
    droids to the buildings that most need it, which would be the initial three,
    Chem Lab, Flower, and Collector Prototype. You should be able to get them out
    of the red, dont try to heal them all up completely. Just get them out of the
    danger zone until the Garage 2 is finished, then you can repair them all and
    let the Garage handle the other buildings.
    Now talk to Vernon, who will give you a better repair bay, Hangars 1 and 2.
    Build a Solar Collector, and when thats finished, a Hall of Records, and when
    thats finished, a Generator.
    Then you can build a Pond. While thats building get a surplus of 150 power and
    build an Observatory, followed by a Dynamo Generator.
    Now you've probably maxed out your Nature demand, so start selling stuff. First
    build a Waterfall, then sell your Herb Garden. Talk to Oakroot and he'll give
    you $1000. Then build a Lake, sell the Flower, build an Aviary, sell the Park.
    Now get a surplus of 180 power when you've got nearly $3000, and build an
    Animal Reserve to complete the chapter.
    	7.13	Election
    Objectives:	1. Achieve a five-star rating
    Gold Time:	28:00 remaining
    Silver Time:	23:00 remaining
    Okay, this level is straight forward enough. It will be a little harder, as
    you'll be dealing with all 5 demand bars. This is where the 80% appeal factor
    will come in handy. Check the Expansions section for more information, but the
    basic rule is that the expansions upgrades should be the second last option.
    Start with a Chem Lab, a Singles Line and a Collector Prototype all at the
    beginning. Once the Chem Lab and Collector Prototype are finished, build a
    Solar Collector, then a Flower and Lemonade Stand when you have the power.
    Build another Solar Collector, and build a Newspaper Stand. You'll now have
    one of everything. Now that you're all set up, get a surplus power supply of
    120, and then you can build a Hall of Records. Once the Hall of Records is
    done, make a Generator. Followed by a Janitors Closet and then an Arcade. Plus
    another Generator.
    Now build Garage 2, and get yourself a surplus of 150 power, followed by an
    Observatory and a Dynamo Generator when you can. Then a Herb Garden, and when
    thats done, a Park. Sell your Collector Prototype for a Dynamo Generator and
    build a Radio. Sell the Hall of Records and replace it with a Pawn Shop, and
    talk to Slick Mark for the $200 Trading Post plans. Sell the Herb Garden and
    build the Trading Post in its place, then sell the Janitors Closet and build
    a Hangar 1, scaling your power if you need to.
    Dont worry about buying the Used Ship Lot plans from Slick Mark, you wont be
    able to use it before you finish the level. Then sell the Lemonade Stand for a
    Pond, and scale your power expansions to accomodate it.
    Now its time to replace buildings, so Sell the Singles Line for a Spy Training
    Center, the Arcade for a Waterfall, the Newspaper Stand for a Malt Shop, the
    Collector Prototype for a Dynamo Generator, the Flower for a Museum and the
    Trading Post for a Restaurant.
    The Restaurant should have pushed you to a 5 star rating, if not, make sure
    all your buildings are upgraded to 80%, or even upgrade everything so that the
    appeal bar is maxed.
    	7.14	Cash Flow
    Objectives:	1. Build a Dance Club
    		2. Build a Jewel Exchange
    		3. Earn $50 000
    Gold Time:	2:00 remaining
    Silver Time:	1:00 remaining
    Yikes, this will be the final level, and even with a walkthrough it might take
    you a few tries.
    This is important, throughout the level people will be stopping by to give you
    $3000. Make sure you talk to EVERY flashing visitor.
    So make a Chem Lab, Singles Line, Collector Prototype and Lemonade Stand all at
    once. When the Chem Lab is finished, make a Solar Collector, followed by a Hall
    of Records. Sell the Hall of Records and replace it with an Observatory. Sell
    the Collector Prototype and make a Generator in its place, and max out the
    Then build a Flower, a Newspaper Stand, and another Dynamo Generator when you
    have the money. Make a Janitors Closet, and as soon as thats finished, a Garage
    2. When the Garage 2 is finished, sell the Janitors Closet and make another
    Dynamo Generator.
    Now make an Arcade, Pawn Shop, Radio, and Herb Garden. Reduce your power
    expansions so that you have no surplus power, and make another Dynamo
    Your cash flow should be doing okay by itself for now, so its time to complete
    the first two objectives.
    Make a Skating Rink and a Trading Post (You'll only have enough to power one
    building at a time, but you'll be selling them right away, so its okay). Then
    sell them both. Now build a Used Ship Emporium and a Malt Shop, again, sell
    them both. Build an E4 and Restaurant, buying the Jewel Exchange plans from
    Slick Mark for $800. Sell the Restaurant and E4, and build a Jewel Exchange and
    Comedy Club, selling the Comedy Club for a Dance Club. Keep the Jewel Exchange
    if you want.
    You should have 17 to 16 minutes left in the game, this is where it gets hard.
    I cant exactly walk you through the rest of it, so just make sure you keep your
    buildings from burning down. Sell any buildings that are not making a profit,
    you can choose to ignore the demand bar if theres only a tiny demand for
    something, or build another expansion to fill it. Remember to sell all your
    buildings to help you hit $50 000 early. Dont sell it too early or you might
    go broke and wont be able to complete the level. If you're not sure if you'll
    be able to get the money, just wait until there is 25 seconds left in the
    scenario, reduce the game speed to 1 if you've increased it, and start selling
    everything. Chances are if this doesnt get you past $50 000, you wouldnt have
    done it anyways.
    Congratulations, you've completed the Adventure Story and gotten yourself an
    8.	War Story
    	8.1	The Beginning
    Objectives:	1. Build 5 Science Expansions
    		2. Build a Brain Farm
    		3. Earn $3000
    Gold Medal:	10:00 Remaining
    Pretty much the same as Adventure Story, but with a few new buildings.
    Start off with a Chem Lab and Lemonade Stand, and when the Chem Lab is finished
    make a Collector Prototype, followed by a Solar Collector. Then make a Hall of
    Records, followed by a Generator and then a Pawn Shop.
    Now you can simply build 3 more Chem Labs, and then sell them once you've
    completed Objective One, you should have enough for a Brain Farm. So build one
    and at around $2500 sell your power expansions and other buildings if needed.
    You wont be able to sell the Brain Farm.
    	8.2	Resort of the Curious
    Objectives:	1. Please Fish (10)
    		2. Build a Malt Shop
    		3. Achieve a 4 star rating
    Gold Medal:	12:00 Remaining
    For this mission you'll be focusing mainly on Social, Research and Trade
    expansions. Dont worry about Objectives 1 and 3, those will be taken care of
    at the same time. Dont worry about talking to the Sarge all the time either,
    unless you want a lowered self esteem.
    Start with a Chem Lab, talking to the Sarge if necessary. Then while the Chem
    Lab is building, a Collector Prototype. Turn off the Collector Prototype when
    it is finished, and upgrade the appeal of the Chem Lab. Talk to the Grouper,
    and reply, "You got it, my fishy friend!" to please a fish, although it is sort
    of unnecessary.
    When you have $200, turn on the Collector Prototype, and build a Singles Line.
    When you have another $200, upgrade the power of the Collector Prototype and
    build a Lemonade Stand. Now build a Solar Collector, followed by an Arcade and
    then another Solar Collector. Build a Skating Rink and Pawn Shop at the same
    time. You'll need to upgrade the Solar Collector for an extra 4 surplus power.
    Now save up the $2000, and talk to Fishy McFisherson. Once you've done that,
    you will have pleased more than enough fish, and managed to upgrade the station
    rating to 5 stars! All thats left is the Malt Shop, so sell whatever you need
    (not power expansions obviously) and build it to finish the level.
    	8.3	Building The Gate
    Objectives:	1. Please Oculus (15)
    		2. Build Wormhole Generator (1)
    		3. Extra Energy (1000)
    Gold Medal:	10:30 Remaining
    For this mission you'll need to focus on everything except Nature expansions.
    Start with a Chem Lab as usual, followed by a Collector Prototype and Lemonade
    Stand while that is building. Then talk to Einstein to get the Please 15
    Oculus goal. Raise the Collector Prototype to 90 surplus power, and build a
    Singles Line followed by a Solar Collector. Then a Hall of Records and a
    Newspaper Stand, which will require you to upgrade the power on the Solar
    Collector to break even.
    Now build a Generator, followed by an Arcade and Janitors Closet, then a
    Skating Rink. Sell the Janitors Closet when its done, and then make a Garage 1.
    Now make another Generator, and an Observatory when you can, upgrading the
    power if you have to. Make a Dynamo Generator followed by a Pawn Shop, and wait
    for the game to tell you you've completed Objective 1. Now you'll have to talk
    to Einstein to get the plans for the Wormhole Generator, so I suggest you move
    quickly, seeing as how you're cutting the Gold Medal Time really close. Once
    you've got the Wormhole Generator building (Its under the Research expansions),
    start selling off your buildings to get 1000 surplus power. You should make it
    with at least 11:30 remaining.
    	8.4	Into The Warp
    Objectives:	1. Build 3 Guns
    		2. Build 800 Extra Power
    		3. Earn $1000 Cash
    Gold Medal:	4:00 Remaining
    This level is so easy you can beat it without even trying. First off, build a
    Chem Lab, Singles Line and Lemonade Stand. Dont worry about powering it, your
    friend, Max Power, will help you out. So talk to him the second he appears in
    the visitors bar to get him to lend you some power.
    Now wait for the money, and build 3 Zap-O-Trons as soon as you can to prepare
    yourself for the upcoming simulated attack.
    Once the attack is over, sell everything to complete the level. You should have
    a lot more than $1000, so every goal should be completed.
    	8.5	Probin' The Unknown
    Objectives:	1. Build Big Bertha (1)
    		2. Build Deep Space Probes (1)
    Gold Medal:	12:00 Remaining
    Start with a Chem Lab and a Collector Prototype, followed by a Lemonade Stand.
    Build a Hall of Records before the Lemonade Stand is finished, otherwise you'll
    be given the insufficient power message. Then build a Solar Collector when the
    Chem Lab is finished, and upgrade it to 90 surplus power and build a Janitors
    Closet. Then scale the Collector Prototype to 90 surplus power and build a
    Flower. Then a Generator and a Herb Garden.
    Sell the Flower for a Singles Line and sell the Herb Garden for a Park, and
    then talk to Max Power to be given 700 extra power. Sell both your Collector
    Prototype and your Solar Collector and build a Zap-O-Tron, followed by a
    Blastoid and then a Launchoid. Then build a Garage 1 and sell your Janitors
    Closet. Scale the Generator to get enough power to power Big Bertha, and you'll
    be attacked. During the attack, sell all your non-power expansion buildings so
    you'll get $2200. You and your buildings will survive easy enough. So talk to
    Einstein to be given the plans for the Deep Space Probe.
    Build the Deep Space Probe and you've completed this mission.
    	8.6	Attack
    Objectives:	1. Destroy 15 Ships
    Gold Medal:	10:00 Remaining
    This one is fairly straight forward, and kind of easy. As always start off with
    a Chem Lab followed by a Collector Prototype and Singles Line. Then make a
    Solar Collector and Lemonade Stand followed by a Hall of Records. When the Hall
    of Records is finished, make a Generator and talk to Max Power. He'll tell you
    that he wants a Repair Hangar if you want his help. So tell him to 'Come back
    when it's done'.
    Now make 2 Zap-O-Trons, because the first attack will come at 17:30. You'll
    probably have lost a building or two, but thats okay, its not exactly vital.
    Now make a Janitor's Closet followed by a Garage 2 when it is finished. Talk to
    The Shadow and he'll sell you a VCR for $800. Talk to Sarge to give him the
    VCR so he can record his soap operas. It doesnt seem like it will help you out,
    but later it will come in handy.
    Now make a Newspaper Stand and Flower followed by a Generator. Now when you
    talk to Sarge, he'll say that thanks to the VCR he had some time to secure you
    some extra funding.
    Now use it to build a Blastomatic, and then sell the Janitors Closet for a
    Hangar 1, then build a Launchoid.
    Now you can talk to Max Power. This will get you 700 power and an Achievement.
    Now that you have a nice amount of free power, sell the Collectors for 2
    Launchoids, and sell the Generator for Big Bertha. You're pretty much set right
    now, so just speed up the game to the attacks. Make sure you repair the
    damages. Then you can talk to the Alien Girl to set up the story for the next
    You should finish just barely in time to earn the gold medal and a gamer
    	8.7	From The Ashes
    Objectives:	1. Build an Animal Reserve (1)
    		2. Build E4 (1)
    		3. Earn $5000 cash
    Gold Medal:	12:00 Remaining
    	This section of the FAQ was written by Matthew Erickson, a.k.a
    Talk to the Alien Girl (now known as Mini) to get the information you need.
    While you're talking to her you'll learn that you'll be getting attacked as you
    try to rebuild, so you'll have to defend yourself as best you can.
    This mission will have the power turning on and off every 2 minutes until 18
    minutes is remaining.
    Sell *everything* at the beginning of the mission, even if they're in decent
    shape. You dont have a maintenance expansion for awhile, so eventually it will
    start costing you money.
    The first part of this mission requires you to build every building at the
    same time, they all have to be under construction before the first one
    So start with a Singles Line, Chem Lab, Lemonade Stand, Flower, and Hall of
    Records. Remember that the Hall of Records can be built right away since you
    previously had a Chem Lab.
    Now build 3 Solar Collectors while the previous expansions are building, until
    these are done you will have negative power. While everything else is being
    built, build a Janitors Closet. Try to get this in before the Singles Line is
    finished building. 
    While you wait for everything to finish, you should increase the appeal of all
    your expansions.
    Sell the Hall of Records and Janitors Closet immediately upon completion. Then
    build an Arcade, Herb Garden, and Pawn Shop as soon as you can. Now build a
    Generator. Max out all power expansions, you'll be relying on these four, and
    only these four.
    Build the Garage 2 and glitch it as soon as you can. Since this is the first
    time making mention of it in the actual walkthrough, here are the steps.
    	Repair Glitch
    	1. Build expansion
    	2. Set drones to 0
    	3. Turn off power
    	4. Exit menu
    	5. Set drones to max
    	6. Exit menu again
    Now build a Skating Rink and Park. Sell the Skating Rink immediately upon
    completion. Then build a Zap-O-Tron, and sell the Park. Set the Zap-O-Tron to
    Large Missile and turn the power off. Then build a Pond. Roughly 26:00 is left,
    1 minute until the first attack. Build a Malt Shop and Trading Post.
    As 25:00 approaches, turn on your Zap-O-Tron and call the repair bots even if
    the building is not damaged yet. Once the attack is over, turn off the gun.
    Sell the Malt Shop, and IF the demand requires it, build another Chem Lab. Its
    not necessary though.
    Now sell the Trading Post and build a Waterfall. Turn off the second Chem Lab
    if you've built one, and sell the Waterfall for a Used Ship Emporium. Turn on
    the second Chem Lab (if applicable) and build a Lake. Then sell the Used Ship
    Emporium and turn off the Chem Lab again. Sell the Lake for the Aviary. The
    Aviary requires a 4.5 star rating before you can complete this step. You
    shouldnt need to worry about it though.
    Now turn on the Second Lab, the next attack will be at 22:00. Repeat what you
    did for the first attack, turn the Zap-O-Tron on and call repair bots to it.
    You will successfully destroy one of the two ships but (even with repair bots)
    will likely be destroyed by the second ship. Don't panic. After that, the ship
    seems to run out of steam and if it did attack anything else, I couldn't tell
    the difference. 
    Sell the Aviary and build an E4, once the E4 is completed, sell the Pawn Shop.
    If demand allows it, turn off the E4 and sell the second Chem Lab (again, only
    if you built it. Dont sell the original one). Now save up your money and sell
    what you can to hit the $5000 mark. Remember to keep enough power to run both
    the Animal Reserve and E4.
    When you have the $5000, build the Animal Reserve to complete the level.
    This walkthrough will yield a leaderboard time. Thanks again LunarDuality!
    	8.8	Tides of War
    Objectives:	1. Destroy 25 Ships
    Gold Medal:	8:30 Remaining
    Fairly easy, you'll have to destroy the incoming attackers while still trying
    to maintain a profit to keep everything running. So you'll need to focus on all
    of the demands, but more importantly, repairs.
    Start with a Chem Lab, Singles Line, Lemonade Stand, Flower, Newspaper Stand,
    Zap-O-Tron and Janitors Closet and 3 Solar Collectors all at the beginning.
    You'll have more than enough money.
    Sell the Janitors Closet and upgrade your Zap-O-Tron and turn it off. Build a
    Hall of Records and a Garage 2, and when the Hall of Records is finished, a
    Generator. For the sake of the rest of the walkthrough and for a better time,
    glitch the Garage 2. (See the FAQ section, question 5).
    Then a Pawn Shop, Arcade, Observatory, and a Blastomatic. The first attack
    comes at 18:00. The Zap-O-Tron, even if you're repairing it, will probably be
    destroyed. Luckily the Blastomatic should be finished just in time to kill off
    the remaining ship. Turn it off when its done and build a Dynamo Generator.
    Then sell off 2 Solar Collectors for 2 Dynamo Generators. Sell the last
    remaining Solar Collector for a Launchoid, another attack will come at around
    Now here comes the open part, you no longer need to worry about money. You
    need to worry about surviving further attacks and killing 25 ships as soon as
    you can. So start selling off whatever buildings you dont need and replace them
    with Big Berthas. 4 Big Berthas should easily be able to win the level with a
    gold medal time, but you may want to make another Garage 2 to help with the
    At 9:15 Mini will ask for help, setting up the next mission.
    	8.9	Behind Enemy Lines
    Objectives:	1. Achieve a five-star rating
    		2. Build a Wall Street
    		3. Build a Radar
    Gold Medal:	7:00 Remaining
    	This section of the FAQ was written by Matthew Erickson, a.k.a
    The objectives should clue you in that Trade and Information will be your
    primary tasks. You wont be given any guns because they're too expensive, which
    is one less thing for you to worry about.
    Build a Singles Line, Chem Lab, Lemonade Stand, and Solar Windmill all at the
    same time. Adjust your expansions as they are finished and don't worry about
    the power problem.
    Turn off the expansion with the least amount of demand. (You can switch them
    as necessary until you get more power online.) If you can, adjust the power
    down to create no surplus. This will help tremendously in the beginning when
    money is so tight.
    Build a Collector Prototype, and when thats finished, build a Newspaper Stand,
    Flower and Janitors Closet simultaneously. Once the Janitors Closet is built,
    immediately sell it. Build a Solar Collector and wait for it to be completed.
    Build a Hall of Records and a Pawn Shop, selling the Hall of Records when it is
    finished. Build a Generator and wait for it to be completed, then build a
    Garage 2.
    Build an Arcade and an Observatory. (Note: You may need to power cycle here,
    meaning turn off any expansion for a couple seconds to start this build
    ASAP/without enough power to sustain it.) Buy the plans for the Trading Post.
    When the Observatory is complete, build a Dynamo Generator, and when thats
    done, a Herb Garden, Skating rink and Trading Post.
    Sell the Observatory for a Museum, the Skating Rink for a Malt Shop, and the
    Trading Post for the Used Ship Emporium, which you'll need to buy the plans
    for. When the Malt Shop is finished, sell it immediately and build a Fusion I.
    Build a Radio. Sell the Used Ship Emporium and build an E4, and a Spy Training
    Center. At this point you should have a 5.0 star rating. Sell the Spy Training
    Center, and build a Cryptography Lab. Buy the plans for the Jewel Exchange.
    Sell the E4 and build the Jewel Exchange, sell the cryptography Lab and build
    the Spy Gadget Central. Then build a Restaurant. Sell the Spy Gadget Central
    and build a Radar. Now simply sell whatever you need to reach $3000 so you can
    build a WallStreet, remember to maintain enough power. Now speed up the game
    and wait for victory.
    	8.10	Finale
    Objectives:	1. Destroy Ragathor!
    Gold Medal:	4:00 Remaining
    Ah the climactic battle, your work is almost done. Now all you need to do is
    defeat Ragathor to claim victory. This is a very simple mission, as you wont
    even need to worry about making any money. You'll be given a nice sum to start
    with, and the bounties on the enemy ships have increased tenfold.
    So for this mission, you'll need to focus on power and weapons. You dont even
    need to tech up the Repair expansions that high. As for the usual strategy of
    upgrading weapons as high as it will go and turning them off, you dont have to
    worry about that if you dont want to. Money wont be a problem.
    So start with a Chem Lab, Janitors Closet, Zap-O-Tron and Solar Collector to
    start with. When the Chem Lab is finished, build a Hall of Records, and when
    the Janitors Closet is finished, sell it for a Garage 2. Now build a
    Blastomatic and a Generator when the Hall of Records is finished. The first
    attack is coming at 9:00, you can let the Zap-O-Tron get destroyed if you want,
    just focus on keeping the Blastomatic alive.
    Now sell the Hall of Records for an Observatory, and build 2 Dynamo Generators
    when its finished. Now build a Launchoid, and another attack will be coming
    at 7:50.
    You should be set for power, so build as many Big Berthas as your power can
    fit, and even more if you want to keep expanding your weapons and power. You'll
    deal with a few more enemies before your final confrontation with Ragathor, but
    it shouldnt even be a problem if you have enough weapons. The leaderboard time
    will depend on how fast you can defeat Ragathor. So remember that the more
    weapons, the better. And remember to upgrade the weapons to Freakin' Bomb.
    Congratulations! You've completed War Story and destroyed Ragathor!
    9.	Eight-Port Challenge
    Gold Time:	1:10:00 elapsed
    Silver Time:	1:30:00 elapsed
    10.	Hammer & Crucible Scenario
    Crucible Gold Time:	1:20:00 elapsed
    Crucible Silver Time:	1:45:00 elapsed
    I cant tell you what to build for this one, since the asteroids hit randomly
    and with varying degrees of damage, so I'll just give general tips.
    Tip #1:	Do not listen to that lying scientist who wont stop claiming that the
    	previous wave of asteroids was really the last. It wasnt.
    Tip #2: Buildings cannot be hurt by asteroids when they are in the middle of
    	being built.
    Tip #3: According to an admin at NinjaBees, buildings on the top layer are more
    	likely to be damaged by an asteroid.
    Tip #4: The last minute or so of the scenario will be asteroid free, you can
    	either repair every building so that when you sell them they'll be
    	worth a bit more, or you can turn off all your repair facilities and
    	the power supplies that you no longer need.
    Tip #5: If you're having problems keeping your buildings alive, skip the first
    	round of asteroids. They come roughly 30 seconds into the scenario, so
    	wait until the first one is on its way and start building what you
    The most effective method is to build the most basic building for each category
    and just keep repairing them, never building anything more advanced. Once all
    your basic buildings are set up, you can look at your demand bar and see what
    the customers want, and build another basic building to suit that need. You
    WILL need a Hangar if you want to survive the final waves of asteroids.
    So an example would be:
    1. Singles Line
    2. Chem Lab
    3. Windmill
    4. Janitors Closet
    5. Lemonade Stand
    6. Windmill
    7. Newspaper Stand
    8. etc.
    You dont need to use windmills if you dont want to, given the amount of ports
    you have, you may need to use a few Solar Collectors to save room. Get a
    Janitors Closet as early as you can, and you dont need to worry about upgrading
    or enhancing your buildings if you dont want to.
    Near the end you can choose what to do with your buildings before selling them,
    you can either repair them or just turn off all the repair facilities and the
    power facilities. You'll need about 20 seconds to sell everything, and assuming
    you have the correct balance of buildings to power facilities and all ports
    filled, you should make $2500, so try and make sure you have $4500 at the 20
    second mark.
    Good luck.
    11.	Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Why can't I get gold medal times on the later half of the levels?
    	Glitch in the game.
    2. Why can't I get the 8-Port Master Achievement?
    	Glitch in the game.
    3. Will this be fixed anytime soon?
    	Can't be sure. NinjaBee admins will likely fix it in the future, but
    	not immediately.
    	UPDATE: NinjaBee will be releasing an automatic patch to fix the
    	glitch with gold medal times. The update will require you to
    	replay any of the missions in which you did NOT get a gold medal
    	time, then you have to replay Chapter 14, this is when the game
    	checks to make sure you have all gold medals to get the Adventure
    	Story Gold achievement.
    		UPDATE FOR THE UPDATE: As of October 26th, 2006, the
    		achievements now work.
    4. Are there any achievements in the downloadable scenarios?
    	No, MicroSoft wont allow achievements in downloadable expansions.
    5. What is the repair glitch and how does it work?
    	The repair glitch lets you use a garage or hangar without actually
    	paying for it. You'll still get its effects.
    	 1.) Build Garage or Hangar (doesnt work with Janitors Closet)
    	 2.) Lower the drones to 0
    	 3.) Turn off the power
    	 4.) Exit the expansion menu
    	 5.) Go back into the menu and set the drones to the max
    12.	Copyright and Contact Information
    Special Thanks to the people at the ninjabee.com forums for all their expert
    advice and tips. And to LunarDuality for helping me on the missions that gave
    me quite the headache.
    Sections of this document (Sections 8.7 and 8.9) are copyrighted by Matthew
    Erickson (aka LunarDuality). Those sections are to be used as a
    private/personal reference for help with Outpost Kaloki X. It can not be
    reprinted, reproduced in parts or in its entirety in any form or shape without
    permission. All rights reserved.
    Questions/Comments/Suggestions? Then please email me at
    Please read the FAQ section first. It is right above this section.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    The following sites have permission to use this FAQ as long as it is credited:
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2006 Brandon Duve (Drunky/GimpyTheGreat)

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