Review by Jebus_v2

Reviewed: 06/12/06

Rolling right into greatness

Marble Blast Ultra, one of the greatest arcade games to date on the XBox 360 arcade. For about $10 (800 Microsoft Points), you can fully experience this incredible game. The object of Marble Blast Ultra is to get your marble from point A to point B in a certain amount of time or less avoiding obstacles such as ice, wind-fans, and pinball bumpers along the way. On some missions you have to collect a set of gems before you can finish and almost every level has a number of helpful power-ups that can drastically help your time.

Gameplay- This game has a very simple gameplay idea. Basically you are a marble and you roll across the map to the finish, along the way collecting power-ups to help you avoid the obstacles mentioned above. MBU's gameplay is extremely smooth and easily playable to anyone, its the perfect game for a single gamer or a whole family. The gameplay can get you angry at times, but it's all in good fun to try again. It is a fairly easy game, but it is still fun to play over and over again.

Graphics- MBU's graphics are not the greatest compared to other arcade games such as Geometry Wars, but they are still good enough keep you addicted. The graphics are a little bit of a setback for such a great game, but I don't think it will effect you in any way when you are playing.

Sound- There's nothing too special here. During the whole game, you'll be hearing a lot of a female announcer's voice and the sounds of jumping and ultra-blasting. The music in this game is actually pretty good and it fits the feel of this game, but it still doesn't make up for the lack of environment sounds and such. Even though the sounds are small and repetitive, it still doesn't bother you much as you are playing this game. If you ever get sick of the sounds, there's an option in the menu to turn down the volume of some noises.

Replayability- This game is one of the very few games that is very replayable for a long time, it is almost impossible to get sick and tired of this game, and it's not because of its multiplayer. The single player will keep you playing each of the 60 levels over and over again trying to get better times to make it to the top of the leaderboards. It may be hard to get to the top, but once you do it, it feels incredible. Like I said, you will not put this game down for a while, it is extremely addicting and very fun to play.

Rent or Buy- Well you can download the trial version from the marketplace on your XBox 360, and I almost guarantee that you will have to buy the full version once you play the trial. You don't even have to get out of your place of seating to buy this game, you can buy some Microsoft points and dowload the full version and get right into playing.

Extras- There is a multiplayer section in which you can race to collect gems with other marble blasters and your friends, there are several different levels but sadly only one mode of playing, which is collecting gems. Also, in single player, there are a total of 20 easter eggs scattered across the maps of this game. It will take some time to track down all of them, or you can find a video of them here on the internet. All in all, this game is worth the buy.

Gameplay-9/10 A very good game with very simple yet fun gameplay

Graphics-6/10 Nothing special here

Sound-7/10 The sounds get repetitive

Replayability-10/10 Really hard to not play this game again

Extras- 10/10 Really fun multiplayer and hard and fun to get easter eggs

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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