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It only gets a 9 because we don't get a sex scene with Tali. 04/30/08 Archmonk Iga
Adaquate effort from Bio-Ware, but not the best. 02/07/08 Crofty
Massive expectations! Effective execution! 11/26/07 dave003
Does Mass Effect Live Up To the Hype? : A Fair and Honest Look 12/25/07 egervari3
A Great Modern RPG 10/09/08 xXJade_DragonxX
Combat problems and goofy vehicle segments mar excellence 07/07/10 BloodGod65
Mass Appeal, Mass Immersion, Mass Visuals - its a Mass-terpiece. 08/29/08 Boatz!
A massively ambitious game, effectually disappointing 07/25/08 brutusmuktuk
Deep and very customizable. It was like I WAS in the game! 06/26/08 Cablevision2
Shooter and RPG combine to make the first of three in a game series known as Mass Effect 11/22/12 Calamity
One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap for the Mako 35 09/08/09 DandyQuackShot
Mass Effect is an amazing sci-fi RPG that gives birth to a whole new universe filled with it's own lore 05/21/12 Demigod_Tyek
Mass Effect is an awesome Sci-Fi thriller that anyone can get into. 08/11/08 Eagles610
An ancient threat returns, one final hope emerges. 02/03/11 EpicKingdom_
Great game, but questionable flaws killed some of the fun. 07/16/08 Gabe Shadow
In Space! 04/16/08 horror_spooky
A brilliant RPG offering that belies Bioware's lack of experience in action gaming. 02/25/08 IamTheWhiteGuy
Seeking a sci-fi movie or a space faring game? Then look no further! 10/08/08 ImperialSchwann
Massively Effective but not Effectively Massive 01/22/08 Malapropism
A mass of excellent presentation and flawed gameplay 01/15/14 nastynate3118
Great story, everything else falls flat. Worth playing, especially to import your Shepard into ME2. 01/20/11 neonreaper
Mass Effect, a pleasant meal for the RPG starved Xbox community 12/04/07 Okii_Inu
Intergalactic adventure on a massive scale 12/05/07 oneshotskye
A brilliant, immersive masterpeice that everyone should play 06/14/10 ratlank501
A fantastic surprise 04/14/08 riderwaite
Massive Flaws, But Still an Effective Game 03/03/09 SensibleParadox
An excellent, innovative game with a few snags 01/06/08 smitelf
A classic for the 360, and any gaming library 12/08/08 Solaire2
Another masterpiece from BioWare 06/08/09 TheRedneck14
You can love this even if you're not a huge sci-fi fan. 04/27/11 UltimaterializerX
Critical Mass! Sorry, I can't help myself 05/28/08 Xenon
Mass Effect: Proper name. 02/11/09 XundeadmanX
George Lucas who? 01/17/08 zeshin_reloaded
My Shepard is better than yours! 03/16/12 Zylo the wolf

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Fun for a while, but forgettable. - Rent it. 12/10/07 Furnace17
A revolution has just begun in the gaming world. 11/26/07 kaosbouncer
Game of the Year! 11/27/07 aftester
AnotheReviews: Mass Effect 01/03/08 AnotherSomebody
These guys made Baldur's Gate?! 02/20/08 blade403
Space has never been so great. 06/18/08 christmusishere
An Example of How Minor Flaws Can Drown a Great Game 12/03/07 Cyberteeka
You will be touched by the whole Mass Effect universe 09/09/09 DUBTuner
Definitely one of the best RPGs on the 360. 02/07/08 Exodist
To the stars! 02/22/10 Galactus21
A Great Action-RPG, But There Are Some Definate Flaws 02/19/08 jobz006
Well this is bloody epic then 03/02/09 Kamikaze_Kenny
Worth the Wait 12/05/07 LacklusterChari
The true next generation has arrived, and it is spectacular. 11/26/07 liltagg
The Next Best Thing to Star Wars... 06/25/08 LrdofArmageddon
One of the best experiences from a videogame I've ever had. 11/26/07 MAX PAIN
This will surely have a "Mass Effect" on future gaming. 11/26/07 MeIchiah
Mass Effect: The start of an epic 03/12/12 nwowwe723
Wow. Just wow. 12/05/07 Overlord Hikash
One of the Best Story's in Gaming History 11/26/07 Patriotwolf
The whole experience, warts and all, feels like a worthwhile venture. No small feat, for no small game. 02/16/10 rootATdarkstar
Cinematic gaming has just taken a step foward. 05/12/08 saul777
HUGE step back for BioWare 07/01/08 SwaggeringCuban
Who needs Final Fantasy when they have this? 12/03/07 Tearfang
Almost Perfect! 11/26/07 Vincentsdream
Quite a pleasant suprise..A decent rpg.. 07/03/08 Walnutasium

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This Is One of the Most Hyped Titles? 11/26/07 DeathNoteFan
The epitome of perfection in RPGs, and the redefining of the next generation 11/21/07 mixedlion
Not what I expected. 12/03/07 SolidViewpoint
Play please. 02/11/08 bobman212
I expected much better 01/28/08 Booji_Boy93
A good effect but no mass effect 12/12/07 ChrissieXII
A good look at the game... 01/11/08 Cj_will_win
An evolution in Bioware's role-playing formula. 12/03/07 CoachV
My favorite 360 game. 12/11/08 DanLionheart
An awesome game with just a few flaws. 08/04/08 derasit24
KOTOR...but not. 11/21/11 DouglasFett
Mass Effect a Space Saga 12/25/07 draconobilis
Move over Oblivion, there is a new RPG in town!!! 11/26/07 dstaiti
A great game - with one weak point 06/09/09 dTerent
Mass Effect- Engrossing story hobbled by some frustrating gameplay elements 12/03/07 Foruthnorth
Among the greatest games of the decade 04/09/09 Gaming_Force
Mass Effect, to rent or buy? 07/15/09 ganstamaori
Sets new bar for story, leaves bar alone for rest 11/21/07 HMBeast
Star Wars Without the Lightsabers 06/20/08 Hurgle77
An Innovative Sci-FI Adventure 02/25/08 ill_lo9ic
Even perfection has minor flaws 11/11/08 james_corck
It's "Out of this world!" Haha.... sorry. It's fantastic. 11/21/07 Jeff AKA Snoopy
An astounding game with amazing potential that was unfortunately not met to its fullest. 11/26/07 LysSylido
BioWare has gone and done it again... 11/26/07 maezura
A Tale of Two Games 09/19/11 Myrdraal8
A few minor bugs here and there, but overall... Amazing 07/01/09 Ninja_Caddy
Not technically perfect, but so damn good you just won't care 01/31/08 PepitoBenito
One of the best games I've played in a long time 03/23/09 pfcstuck
A great game but something is missing 06/19/09 PhD_in_Sniping
Hands down the best RPG on the Xbox 360 to date 01/01/08 PoPPiP
One of the Best Games You'll Ever Play. 12/10/07 RammItDowwn
Beautiful graphics, good gameplay, mediocre storyline 02/12/08 Raptor_XS
A giant space opera, with a few minor issues. 11/26/07 Sailor_Kakashi
Another fantastic RPG from the geniuses at Bioware! 09/03/10 Starfoxiscool22

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