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Guide and Walkthrough by wombat908

Updated: 08/01/2008


Assassins Creed is a game developed by Ubisoft exclusive to next gen consoles.
This is a walkthrough for the game for the PS3 edition. This is my first
walkthrough. I hope this can help you in anyway possible in the game.

Version 1.00

Left Analog Stick- Move
Right Analog Stick- Camera Angle
Select- Map

Directional Pad
Up- Hidden Blade
Left- Knives
Right- Sword
Down- Fists

Face Buttons
X- Legs (blend)
Square- Left hand (attack)
Circle- Right Hand (gentle push)
Triangle- Head (Eagle Vision)

L1- Target Lock/Enter, leave fight mode
L2- Chase Cam (when available)
R1- High Profile
R3- Centre Camera


Life (Synchronization):
This is your energy bar. At the beginning of the game, you will have very little
but as you progress through the game you will gain more until you have it full.
You lose life by killing civilians, falling from great heights or in battle if
an enemy gets a lucky hit. You can get life bar in the limit of your bar by
helping civilians, killing Templar’s, collecting flags and completing
objectives. Its located at the top left of the screen.

Perhaps the most entertaining thing of the game is climbing. 95% of the
buildings in this town are climbable. To climb a building, run into it holding
R1and X down. As soon as you are holding onto something, you can let go of these
buttons. Now using the analog stick scale the building to the top. If by any
chance you are not able to get to the top, press circle and you will drop down.
If you are on a high place then try and leap off to another building using R1
and X again and pointing the Analog stick in the way you want to go.

There are two profiles for this game. High profile and Low profile. Low profile
is what (I hope) you do everyday, just casual and not looking for trouble. You
can do this by just moving the left analog stick forwards. Doing this you will
gently move people to the side so you can move forwards. Another low profile is
by holding down X. Now you will be praying and blending in to the crowd. This
will go unnoticed and will be easier to sneak past guards.

High Profile is more fun but dangerous. You will do this by running, running
into guards and attracting attention by killing people whether they are innocent
or guilty. High profile is moving but with R1 held down. This will make you run.
Holding down X however at the same time will make you run faster which is
essential for running away from guards.

This is another impressive addition to the game. This is a very realistic
fighting method. There are two ways to these. I prefer the latter. You can
rapidly press Square but this might lead you to being hit easily.
This is the better way: Counter Attacking. This way you might never get hit in
a fight. Hold R1 down and when a guard lurches at you, press Square immediately.
If your timing was good then you should parry the blow then either kill, wound
or punch your opponent. If they don’t die then hit them while they are on the
ground. If bad guys just wait for you and don’t do much, then attack one then
stay back. They should then attack.

Social Status Metre:
Next to your health in the very top left of the screen, is a little triangle.
This indicates if anyone suspects you.

White: Clean as a whistle. You’re just another person in the street
Green/Blue: Hidden
Yellow: Suspicious of you and if you hurt anyone they will come onto you
Red: They know who you are and will attack on sight

Eagle Vision:
Now this will help you greatly. It will help you discover who is friend from
foe. To use Eagle Vision, press Triangle/ Y. If you haven’t got full
synchronization then you won’t be able to use Eagle Vision and only see
normally. When using EV, most people will be coloured in white, blue, red or

Blue: Allies
White: People with information
Red: Enemies
Gold: Assassination Target

Now there are 4 ways you can hide on this. I’ll go through each of them

Hay bail- These can be located at most around 20 times in the city. If you are 4
being chased by guards on the ground or the rooftop then you can run into one of
these and stay in there until they give up the search.
Garden: These will be found only on rooftops and are the best if you are running
up there. When you have broken the line of sight, jump in here and stay there
until it’s safe.
Benches: This is by far the most easiest to do. Run towards a bench and you will
automatically sit down on it. If the guards can see you then you will just jump
on top of it and carry on.
Scholars: This is by far the coolest. You will unlock these by helping civilians
who need help. Run towards them and press X/A to get into their circle. They
will carry on walking with you in the middle and the guards will carry on past
you. You can also use them to get past enemies who guard certain areas.
Note: You can only use one of these if the guards can’t see you. If they can
see you and you jump into a hay bail then you will pop right back out again.
Only do this when your Social Status is yellow.

This is useful. If you ever get REALLY annoyed at a civilian, hold R1 and Circle
and then push them away. You can also do this on guards.

If it’s ever getting too tough for you in a fight and you have very little
health then run. Press L1 to exit the fight and sprint away to the rooftops or
stay on the ground and avoid the public. It’s better than dying anyway.

Ready for the actual game? Yes? Good so let’s go.

After the creepy beginning (where you just need to run around like crazy) you
are now in the tutorial. If you didn’t understand my crazy talk, hopefully this
should be better. Now you are onto the real game. After the scene has finished
follow your fellow assassins across the beams. There will be two sets to cross
and a ladder at the end. There is a guard stopping you from entering. With your
hidden blade, quietly kill him and carry on. See your target enter, listen to
your friends and climb down the ladder towards Robert. Lock onto him with L1.
Press Square. Your target is still alive? Damn, that didn’t go well. He throws
you into another room leaving your friends trapped. There are several ways now
to get to the top. Choose your way and run to the end of this section.

With your assassination failed you need to back to your master. Pinpoint him on
your map and go to him. It’s not good. After the scene, Templar’s will attack
the city and take no prisoners. Running from Al Mualim’s (your master) place
and take on the bad guys. You should be able to counter attack so kill whoever
takes you on. This bit is fairly simple as only one bad guy will attack you at
a time. By the time you get down to the city gates, you’ll be back to the next
part of the chapter.

Follow your companions up the ladders to the top. Once up there, look for the
mini balcony where no one is. Go there. Listen to the scene, see one of your
own die, have a sudden urge to kill the guy who did and jump. No seriously jump.
Hold R1 and X and run off the edge. You will land in a bail of hay at the
bottom and not be harmed. Ignore the reality of life and notice the beams
across the deep chasm. You have to go across them. Edge slowly towards them and
walk across them. You can hold R1 to go across them faster. There are 3 beams
to cross. Once the third one is done you have a big wall to climb which is
easily manoeuvrable. Run up to it and climb to the top. Here turn right and
hack at the wooden pillars. Roberts’s men will be crushed but he will live. So
yes, you’ve saved the city from the evil guards and killed lots of them and you
are a town hero. Then your master stabs you. Thanks mate. With that shocking
cliff-hanger, you turn into boring Desmond. Go to your room (North east door)
and carry on to the bathroom. Here stand near the left wall and eavesdrop on
the conversation between Lucy and that idiot professor you so desperately want
to hit. After that’s over, go to bed. When you wake up, go back to the Animus
and enter Altair’s memories once again.

Well your friendly master last time stabbed you. Well, all he did was make
you see what he wanted you to believe but your health has gone down to only 4
bars, you’ve been stripped of your weapons (apart from your fists) so its time
to become Sam Fisher and be a Splinter Cell of the 12th Century.

Your mission is to find the traitor in Masyaf so you need to do some
investigations to get the information. Follow your map to these 3 events you
need to do.

1: Pickpocketing. This is quite simple though needs practise. Find the guy and
target him. Listen to his conversation to the woman. When that’s finished,
blend and walk behind him. The way to do this is stealth. Every few seconds
he’ll turn around to check his item is still there. When he turns back after
he’s checked is the time to strike. Hold circle when prompted in the top right
and your hand will stretch out. Still holding it you will successfully take
the item. Leave him and onto your next investigation.

2: Eavesdropping. Oh yes this one. There are 4 steps to this.
1) Sit on bench close to target
2) Press L1
3) Press Triangle.
4) Listen to them and that part is done.

3: Interrogation. Yes boxing in the 12th century. This time you have to listen
to this person talking about God and Jesus. When he’s done nattering to himself,
(be honest, were you actually listening) follow him. When he turns the corner
and goes into the secret area beat him up. He may fight back so hold R1 if he
does. He gives you information. You have your traitor. Take him to Al Mualim.
Now you have a sword and your hidden blade. With your list of targets ready to
kill, set out to Damascus.

Go to the main gates that lead out of Masyaf and grab a horse. The same buttons
are for high profile, just hold R1 and X to go super speed. Keep on running and
following the path. Now you will be introduced to view points. With these you
must climb a high tower and then look down upon the ground and your
surroundings. Your map should direct you to one. At the top, press triangle to
look around. As soon as that’s done, leap of it to land in a bail of hay which
coincidentally is there just for you. You can now get all the view points in
Kingdom or go to Damascus.

Target: Tamir
This is the first town to assassinate someone. Run towards the town. A citizen
is being abused by the soldiers.  Get your hidden blade out and kill one of the
soldiers guarding the fight. Hopefully the others won’t notice. If you are lucky
you can normally get 3 soldiers with your blade but usually its only 2. From
what are left you’ll have to fight them. At this moment, you don’t have counter
attacks. You can still block though. Just hack at the Square button to kill them
all. Once this is done, talk to the saved citizen. Now you’ve unlocked Scholars.
These will help you get into the castle. Run up to them and blend with X. You
only need to press it once. Wait until you have got past the guards then come
out again with X. Now walk into town. Now there are 2 activities to do. You can
do View points where there are 9 of them all ready for you to climb and
civilians that need to be saved. Saving citizens is what you did outside. Save
them and they will give you a gift which are either scholars or vigilantes.
Vigilantes are useful that if you are being chased by guards, and you go past a
vigilante, they will start wrestling the guard so you can continue on. There
are 12 citizens to be saved. If you save all the citizens then they will play a
big part at the end of this memory block. You need the view points to get your
investigations up. So get climbing and have fun.

Okay now you’ve climbed and got your surroundings its time to find out about
your target. On your map, find the Assassins Bureau. The entrance is on the
roof which can only be accessed when no guards are alerted. Go in there and
talk to the man. He’ll give you the places to go for your investigations. There
are 6 in total but you only need 2 to go on with the assassination.


These are the ones that you did earlier to find the traitor. There are 3
Eavesdropping, 1 interrogation and 2 Pickpocketing.

1) Interrogation:
This is like earlier in Masyaf. Listen to his speech and follow him. If you
start beating him up then guards won’t help him. The catch is that civilians
may help the man. So when you do beat him, make sure it’s an alleyway where
nobody else is. After he tells you the information, you stab him and your info
is that Tamir is preoccupied in making weapons for someone.

2) Pickpocketing:
Again do the same as earlier. Two men will be discussing a letter. When the man
with the letter walks off, follow him. When you get your chance then grab the
letter. Your information is that Tamir (your target) is preparing a large
3) Pickpocketing:
Your final investigation is here. Listen to the men by the fountains and follow
him for a map that some there is an escape route through many beams.
4) Eavesdropping:
The three men will be talking about Tamir. Listen to them on a bench behind them
and discover that Tamir has a meeting. You should be able to go after Tamir now
but it’s advised to keep getting information.
5) Eavesdropping:
For these 2, the bench is quite far away. It’s in front of the man giving his
speech and around 5-10 metres away from the two targets. Sit down and listen.
Tamir’s fortress has a weakness; the beams across the courtyard can be used.
6) Eavesdropping:
Again??? These two men by the fountain will reveal that you need to find friends
who will distract escaping guards. The ‘friends’ they are talking about are the

Go back to the Bureau now. Towards the end of the scene the guy behind the
counter will take out a feather behind his desk. The scene will not commence
until you go up and take it. It will be in front of him. Now go to sleep by
exiting the bureau.

Helpful information:
1) Vigilantes will stop any guards that will chase you if you go past them.
2) The beams across the courtyard can be used.
3) There is a escape route through many beams.

This is your first target to kill so lets do it good. Get up from your bed and
get out of the bureau. As planning the kill, get your hidden blade as your
selected weapon. Get to the market and be prepared.  Now Tamir will come. He is
displeased with one of his supporters. After a heated argument, he will kill
him with his knife. Then he will go to a market stall. Now wait for him to move
around. Keep X/A down ALL the time to blend. If you don’t then the guards will
attack. A beggar will pester you and however much you want to kill her, resist
the temptation. Tamir will go and talk to a merchant. He will talk to them and
move to another back away from him and watch him. Another chat and he will move
to another. Then finally he will go to the 4th stall which is next to a market
entrance (Don’t get confused with the third stall which is where Tamir entered).
At this time the beggar will have left you. While still blending in with the
crowd, walk up to Tamir behind him. When you release blend, guards will become
more suspicious. Now is the time. Press Square/X and assassinate him. You can
also hold R1 and assassinate him in a more brutal way. You will talk to him now
more a few minutes (yes I’m still trying to make sense of it after you stabbed
him) then you will take his blood with the feather you got earlier in the

Okay now because of your assassination, the guards are alerted and are now
determined to get you dead or alive. With no hesitation you choose the latter.
From where you assassinated Tamir, run to the right and you will see some
crates. Run on top them which will launch you to a beam. Jump to the one in
front which you will swing off landing on a platform. Run up the wall in front
of you using the windows for support. At the middle look to the left hopefully
there should be a trail of beams which lead to either left or right. If you
can't see them then try and find them. When you do that, leap on to them and
traverse along them. Now with your two options, immediately turn right. Here
you will hopefully lose the guards and they will not be able to see you. Keep
on going; if possible get the flag in the middle of a beam. Keep going until
the end. Jump and you will swing off a bar and if you did it right, land in to
a hay bail. The guards come round the corner but cannot see you. They have lost
you. As soon as they look away, get out and blend in. As soon as you lose sight
of them, run on top of a building, and return to the bureau. Your first
assassination was a success. Once the scene has ended, a new memory is unlocked.

Now as boring Desmond, get out of the Animus and walk to your room (the door
which is North East to the Animus.)In there continue to the bathroom and stick
to the wall to the left. When in there you can listen to a conversation between
Miles and Lucy discussing you and the Animus. When they’re done, go back to the
main room and turn right to another door. Miles will come out and tell you to
go to bed. Do what he says and wake up for Memory Block 3.


It’s a new memory so new assassinations targets and cities.
After your talk with Al Mualim, you have unlocked Counter Attack. You can train
with this out in the courtyard. Now run to the main gate, get on your horse,
ride to Kingdom and choose your next city.

Target: Garnier de Naplouse
Acre comes first in alphabetical order so I’m going here first. This is very
different from Damascus seeming as its much grottier and darker. The guards are
tougher here and some will be stationed on rooftops. Now with your counter
attacks, this should be quite an easy level.

Like Damascus, you can save a citizen outside to get scholars. In case you
don’t see the citizen when you first come in, they are up by the graveyard
which is east to the guards. Another way here to get rid of the guards at the
entrance to Acre is by killing someone walking by. Make it stealthy, move out
of the way and wait for the guards to go up. Once there, you need to leg it in
without anyone noticing you.

Now you’re in the city, you need to do the exact same as Damascus. Take your
route to the bureau and then take to the skies and get the view points and save
the citizens. Now you’re ready.

1) Informer
This is new for you now. This hasn’t been in the past 2 memory blocks. This is
doing a certain task for someone who will then give you information once the
task is completed. One task stays true to the game while the other is something
out of a kid’s game. This one unfortunately is the latter.
Your informer is the guy who dresses in white so he’s easy enough to recognize.
After his talk has finished, he sends you to collect 20 flags within a time
limit of 3 minutes. If you hadn’t noticed already, there is a miniature map in
the right hand bottom corner of the screen which will pinpoint the flags.
Follow that as your guide to find them. They will be on the ground and the
rooftops. Your time is easy enough to beat so do it quickly and go back to him.
He’ll tell you that Garnier usually never leaves within the Hoteliers fortress.
2) Interrogation
His speech will end for you to beat him up in a secret place. Garnier is a
cruel person and will be easily vulnerable when tending to his patients.
3) Pickpocketing
The info you will receive is that there is a connection between Tamir, Garnier
and another man.
4) Pickpocketing
Pickpocket the guy and reveal that the candelabras of the hotelier’s fortress
are being changed.
5) Eavesdropping
Listen to the 2 guards discussing that the guards on the roof are gone without
6) Informer:
A different task this time, as now you have to assassinate a guard. He’s seen
the informer's face and he needs you to kill the guard. It’s pretty easy. Find
him (he will be gold with your Eagle Vision) and assassinate him when no other
guards are looking. When that’s done, the informer will tell you that Garnier
lets patient's walk round the hospital as they please.

Garnier Assassination
Helpful Information:
1)Garnier never leaves the hospital
2)Garnier will be easily vulnerable when treating his patients
3)Some guards are gone without permission

Garnier will be located in his hospital all the time of the assassination.
Mesmerise the information you have got and prepare your hidden blade for
Garnier's last day on Earth. Back the bureau, and sleep and head off. Once there
find your entrance either from the rooftops or with Scholars blending past the
guards. Now you’re in. Garnier will show he’s a cruel person by breaking
someone’s legs. He moves back through a gate with his guards and the victim.
Now you can either turn right of left for an alternate way into the hospital.
Make your way in and find Garnier. This bit is quite tough as Garnier is
surrounded by many people who will push you around a lot. This will make it
tough to get to him. Stay hidden and blending until Garnier has finished
tending to his patient, he will walk away. Follow him but stay clear of any
drunks. When available, stab him and kill him.  If a drunk hits you, then a
fight may break out. If so then try and kill as many as you can before attacking
Garnier. If you do fight him then hit him with your sword and when he falls to
the floor, stab him with your hidden blade. He’ll tell you secrets and then die.
It’s time to run. If you can go back to the main entrance that you came through
with the scholars, run up onto the fountain and leap to the exit. There will be
a pole which you can swing on which will give you momentum to run. Now hide and
get back to the bureau when you can. As soon as he’s finished his mini speech,
exit the town and onto your next assassination.

Target: Talal

Your next city is Jerusalem. This is a lot the same as Damascus with the sand
buildings. By this time you should know how to go in. Fight or disguise
Within the city, do the tasks of View points and Save Citizens. Thinking that
this is starting to get repetitive? Well try and stay towards the end of the
NOTE: If you want to catch Talal easily then you will need to save all of the
citizens who are being attacked. If you enjoy a challenge then leave them.
The one citizen you can save is the one outside of the city.
1) Interrogation
Beat this guy up and learn that Talal keeps his slaves in a warehouse but then
later ships them to Acre.
2) Pickpocketing
Stealing the letter will reveal the locations of Talal’s guards.
3) Pickpocketing
More stealing and stealth will help you in the fact that Talal will hide if he
escapes from you.
4) Eavesdropping
The two men taking will say that Talal has a bow and arrow and if anyone
attacks, he will use it against them.
5)  Informer:
A flag mission this time and you have 18 flags. They’re located on the ground
and on rooftops same as before. The information he will give you is that
Talal’s bodyguards are so dedicated to their job that they will sacrifice their
lives to save him.
6) Informer:
This guy wants you to kill another two targets. Easy enough do the same as
before and when you do that, the informer will reveal Talal likes to operate in
the shadows.

Talal assassination
Helpful Information:
1) Talal will hide if he escapes from you.
2) Talal has a bow and arrow and will use it if anyone goes against them
3) Talal’s bodyguards will be sacrifice their lives if needed to.
With your investigations complete you can return to the bureau. Tell him the
info you have and take the feather from his desk. Rest for the night and set
off. When you get there, you might need to go over the guards that stop you
from entering the castle. Once in you will need to blend and go past any guards
that are around. Talal is in a building to the east. Get in there and listen to
his speech. Once he’s finished follow him inside. Here he will greet you with
his bodyguards that will fight you. Now, you can either fight them or follow
Tamir. There will also be Archers above but they will not interfere unless you
go to the upper level. Once you are up there, Talal will run. Dodge his archers
and follow him up the ladder. Talal will have skipped ahead and be on a building
to the North West. Turn north and run across the scaffolding. Jump to the next
building and go after him. He will run so give chase. He will leap to the ground
so jump after him. If you are lucky enough then you might not bash into the
crowd and you might be able to kill him. If not chase him still. Now if you
saved the citizens then some vigilantes will come out and start wrestling him.
Get him now. If the vigilantes didn’t stop him then you may have to enter sword
fight with him and his guards. When you kill him, you will have to escape. Find
the smallest buildings that will be able to climb quickly. Keep running and
turning at points wherever possible until you are able to hide. As soon as you
are hid and done, get to the bureau. Tell him of your success and go back to Al
Mualim. He will grant you new ranks and a new memory block.


As Desmond, go to your locker and get an access code. Go to sleep and wake up.
Then, pickpocket the good doctor and enter the animus. Now go into the Animus
and get ready for the 4th Memory Block.

New targets are striking the cities and it’s up to you to stop them. Listen to
Al Mualim, run from the castle, jump on your horse and ride to

Target: William of Monterferrat

Now this is your second time entering the city and a new district has opened.
You may have noticed that the first time you were in here; you were restricted
to the poor district. It’s changed now so that you can visit both the poor and
the Rich District. When you are in the Rich District, find a view point which
you haven’t got before, climb upon it, get all the rest and save the citizens
that need your help. It’s all in a days work.

After your super-hero days are up, visit the bureau to get permission on
investigating Will. Your investigations are as follows;

1) Interrogation:
Beat him up into a pulp and he will tell you that William is going to be
distracted by King Richard's visit.
2) Pickpocketing
This time you will find out that a man in the harbour has connections with
3) Pickpocketing
This is a harder one to get because the man who had the map, will walk through
a guarded area. It’s advised to either get rid of the guards or taking a
different route (alleyway/ rooftops) to get to him. You can however pickpocket
him before he enters the restricted place. If it all goes smoothly, you will
acquire a map showing the positions of Williams archers on the rooftops.
4) Pickpocketing
Does it ever end? This time the man is inside a guarded area so kill the guards
or enter from above. As soon as the letter is yours you can find out that a
structure can be a useful entrance.
5) Informer
After you will the two knights then he’ll tell you that the only escape method
is to climb the walls.
6) Informer
After you get the flags then you can get information that William will go back
to the most protected part of the city after meeting with Richard.
Now as soon as you’ve done all 6 or just limited to 3 then go back to the
bureau. Sleep it off and set off for your 4th target.

William of Monterferrat assassination
Helpful Information:
1) William will be distracted by Richards’s visit
2) Williams archers are all stationed on the roof.
3) A structure is a good entrance
4) The only exit is to climb the walls
5) William will go back to the most protected part of the city
Set off to the castle. When you get there you will watch a scene where William
is angry with King Richard. Richard will go away on horse back and William will
go back to the castle. Follow him. When you get in, turn right. There will be
two guards guarding an area but ignore them and climb the building to their
left. Going along you will encounter a guard. Kill him (but don’t chuck him off
of the edge as you are very close to Will.) Go back and see a ladder nearby.
Climb to the top and there will be 5 guards on the roof. One will be patrolling,
two at opposite ends and two in the middle. Take them all down quickly. Now
jump onto the wall and follow it. Will is in the middle of the courtyard. There
will be a guard moving along the roof of the courtyard. Assassinate him and
watch Will order his guards to be killed.

After that William will go back behind a desk. His soldiers will have their
backs turned to him. Follow Will and there will be a small gap between him and
the wall. On the roof, centre yourself above it. Now climb down the wall. At
the bottom, William will still be there. Get your hidden blade and stab him in
the back.
RUN! Go back the way you came. On the big walkway, you can climb over buildings
towards the entrance/exit. If you keep going, at the south east next to the
entrance, there is a ladder in one of the small roof huts. Climb it and go onto
the wall. Keep going west until there will be planks and ways to get out. Jump
on them and keep going along the path. Now escape and hide. Get back to the
bureau and to Al Mualim.

Target: Abu’l Nuqoud

Its time to go back to Damascus. Get in there with your method of choice (fight,
blend or beams) and go to the bureau. The guy behind the counter will tell you
that Abu’l stays within the Rich District. I guess we should go there then. In
there you need to find your view points. Get all of them and move onto the
citizens. Now with the vigilantes and scholars on your side you’re ready to do
your investigations.

1) Interrogation
Once he’s finished talking, he will go through a guards post. You can either
kill them before starting the mission or use the scaffolding to the left and
then use the beams. The man will go down a alley around 30 seconds waking. Beat
him up in here and he will tell you that the best time to kill Nuqoud is at his
2) Pickpocketing
Steal the letter and find out that Nuqoud is preparing a festival within his
3) Eavesdropping
Someone forgot to take down the scaffolding by the party. This will be a good
way to get to Nuqoud.
4) Eavesdropping
Find a bench and hear two people discussing that Nuqoud is holding a great
5) Informer
Again, kill two superior guards, run for your life and in return you will get a
map showing where the guards are.
6) Informer
Start the clock and collect all the flags. By now you should of got the hand of
these and you can use your little map in the right hand corner aswell. When you
get all of them and return to the man, he will tell you that the fountain can
be climbed.
With your information return to the bureau and sleep.

Abu’l Nuqoud assassination
It’s the big day and we have a party to go to.
When you’re there, you will see some guards blocking the pathway up to the
gates. Just ignore them and climb over the fence away from them so they don’t
spot you. Find the gates and enter through them. Abu’l will give a lengthy
speech which can get quite boring. Still try to stay awake as he has tricked
his guests. They’ve been talking about him behind his back and for that, he
kills them. Some will fall dead poisoned by the wine while others will be shot
with arrows. Ignore everyone and equip your throwing knife.

There is a structure to Nuqoud’s right. This should be your left if you were
standing next to the fountain. Climb the structure to the top. There will be a
guard who will fire arrows at you. Chuck a knife at him and leave his body
where it is. Jump of the structure to where the guard was positioned. From here
turn right and right again and climb the building that will lead straight on.
Climb this to the top. Now if you move along a bit you will see Nuqoud. Jump
down and try to get him. When he sees you, he will run. Now for a fat guy he
runs VERY fast. He will try to exit the palace as fast as he can. You can get
him as soon as he starts running but it’s tough. If he carries on running, he
will go through a load of guards. Try to dodge them and carry on. Now just next
to the exit, he will run into a wall. You can get him now. Otherwise he will go
through the exit and bump into some vigilantes. You can get him now. Or he will
carry on until you get him. Now run. I can’t offer a good escape plan but just
get away. Once you’re hidden, get back to the bureau. By now, the word
repetitive might if come to mind.
Back in Masyaf, talk to Al and then head for the last assassination of Memory
Block 4, Jerusalem.

Target: Majd Addin
Now if you want some one and you got into Jerusalem on your horse, you can some
fun here. Notice there are a lot of people leaving Jerusalem. Well here’s your
fun. Jump on your horse. Now ram into them. Laugh at them as they fall over and
scream in pain. You can do this many times. Now leave your victims and go to
the city. Again you must enter the city by force, stealth or jumping. Choose
your entrance and enter the poor district of Jerusalem. Earlier on you were in
the rich district but now you can go to the poor. Find the view point in the
poor district, climb high, fight low and take a trip to the bureau.

1) Interrogation
Follow him until by a safe spot then beat him up until he lets the cat out of
the bag and tells you that Addin rules Jerusalem by fear.
2) Pickpocketing
With your newfound map you will discover the whereabouts of Addins guards.
3) Pickpocketing
Again; the guy will walk through some guards when you try to get at his pocket.
Nick his map quickly and with it find out the execution plaza position.
4) Informer
Two stealth assassinations now. When both men are no more, go back to the
Informer and he will tell you that Scholars lurk about the execution area.
5) Eavesdropping
Addin is performing an execution today and has someone’s son.
6) Informer
Now this is tricky. You have 3 targets to kill. The first 2 roam about the
ground so they will be relatively easy if you are good at stealth kills. The
other one is located on a building. When you have the correct building, hang
along the edge and wait for him to turn his back. Although you may be find of
pushing them over the edge, its much better just to make a quick kill with your
hidden blade. If he hits the floor then guards might find you, making your
targets resurrect and you failing the mission. Go back to him and find out that
Addin turns his back to the crowd.
With your last investigation, get back to the bureau and get ready for the 5th

Majd Addin assassination
Helpful Information:
1) Scholars are in the execution area
2) Addin is performing an execution today
3) Addin turns his back to the crowd
Get up from your bed and run to the execution. Watch the scene where those two
men in the eavesdropping investigation will die and Addin preparing for the
executions. Now on the far right of the courtyard are those scholars that we
heard about. They will be an important factor. Unfortunately they will be
protected by a drunken man. Do your best to avoid him and try not to let him
push you into the guards. I’ve had the experience and it is very annoying. As
soon as you are in the scholars, they will walk past the guards towards Addin.
Keep watching him. When he turns away from the crowd, exit the blend. If your
hidden blade is not selected then get it out. Get Addin now when he doesn’t
look at you. Now with his death, you need to escape. Run to the ladder to right
and climb it. Now keep going until you find a good place to hide. When the
guards have given up looking for you, get back to the bureau.

It’s time to go back to Desmond. After the scene, go back to your room. If you
got the password then you can go back into the main room. Sorry you can’t go
into the Animus but you can login to Vidics computer. Some interesting
information which includes Lucy’s missing friend who she thinks has gone
missing in this very place. With those secrets, go back to bed and then to the


Al Mualim will let on more about the treasure that the Assassins took from the
Templar’s (your 9 targets you have to kill). You have 3 more targets to kill.
Your two cities are Damascus and Acre. We’ve visited Acre first so let’s not
break old traditions.

Target: Sibrand

So we’ve visited the poor district and the middle district. All that’s left is
Middle District. Lets in the city then and go their. Now you need your view
point. The one at the docks is most noticeable. There’s one problem. At the
docks. Water. Altair never learnt to swim. When you’re there be VERY careful of
drunken guys. They prefer to stay around the docks and will push you in if you
get close. So keep away from them as best you can before getting towards the
viewpoint. You will need to jump from boat to boat and sometimes on some small
thin narrow poles. Once you’re at the top of the Lighthouse and you’ve looked
around, you’ll have many other view points. Do the same as before including
saving citizens. Now go to the bureau to start investigating.

1) Interrogation
Beat the man in a one on one match if no thugs come in and find out that
Sibrand is going to blockade the docks to stop Richard getting more soldiers.
2) Pickpocketing
Nab his letter to discover that Sibrand will retreat to his private ship in the
3) Pickpocketing
Sibrand hasn’t located guards the end of the docks.
4) Eavesdropping
Listen in to find out that Sibrand hides in the docks and is scared about being
5) Informer
Now the going gets tough. You have 5 targets to kill and only 4 minutes to do
it in. Try and get them all when no guards are looking and don’t run into them.
Stab them in the neck or back will be quick. Running into them will be slow and
guards will spot you as if the cries of the crowd. When you do it, go back to
the informer and he will give you a map of Sibrand’s guards.
6) Informer
Another assassination but this time only 3. But now they stick around a lot to
the big cluster of guards that patrol the area. Try your best and get lucky. Go
back and get a map which shows where the drunken dudes are.

Sibrand assassination
Helpful Information:
1) Sibrand will go back to his ship
2) Sibrand doesn’t have guards at the end of the docks
3) Sibrand hides in the docks
This may be your toughest assassination yet. When you get to the docks
(there will be guards blocking the entrance) watch the scene. See someone
getting killed who is being murdered because of you. All you can do is watch.
Sibrand will now head off in his private ship. Now If you look at all the other
guides they show the dangerous route of getting to Sibrand. Knowing Altair
can’t swim (I’m guessing he gets dragged down because of all his weaponry and
heavy clothing) I took the way on land. It’s slower but safe. Now blend all the
way on land to where Sibrand is. You can run an little places but be well aware
of guards. With two assassinations already taken place in this town, they’re
not taking any chances. When you get there, locate which ship Sibrand is on.
He should be dressed in a funny hat. Now you should be by a tower where many
guards walk in circles round. Resist the temptation to kill them and blend
towards Sibrand. There are 3 people on the boat. Two guards and Sibrand. Watch
Sibrand carefully. Stay a bit away because if the guards notice you, they will
attack you. When Sibrand comes close to you, get your hidden blade out and run
to him. The guards may notice you and shout but Sibrand will be scared and
won’t do much. Leap upon him and kill him. After he says his dying speech, you
have to run. With some luck, only the two guards who were on the boat have been
alerted. Fight them off quickly (grab them and chuck them into the water) and
then blend back to the main land. Get to the exit as quick as possible but as
soon as anyone with a sword approaches, blend immediately. Get back to the
bureau as quick as possible. Then go back to Masyaf. Talk to Al Mualim then set
off on your horse. Only 2 more assassinations left.

Target: Jubair Hal Hakim
Back to Jerusalem. This time, head towards the middle district. This is where
Jubair is located. Find your view points and save the citizens then visit the
bureau. By now, with 7 assassinations successfully done, the guards are WAY
more cautious.

1) Interrogation
Find him, beat him up and he will tell you that all the books in the city are
being destroyed.
2) Pickpocketing
Taking the object from this guy, you will find out that Jubair can be found
within the Madrasah Al-Kallasah where he is burning the books.
3) Pickpocketing
Surrounded by drunken people, you can find out that Jubair waits in a garden
inside the Madrasah.
4) Eavesdropping
They will be discussing that Jubair holds daily meetings in the Madrasah.
5) Informer
Kill all the targets that are near and he will give you a map which will show
where Jubair will be later on.
6) Informer
More assassinations but one guard will be on a rooftop. Watch him cautiously
and when he has his back to you, kill him. Get the other two as fast as you can
aswell. Here the Informer will be wearing a large pouch which will make him

With your investigations done, report back to the bureau ready for the next

Jubair Hal Hakim assassination
Helpful Information:
1)  Jubair is in the Madrasah and is burning books
2) He will be wearing a large pouch to indicate he is the real deal
3) He can be found in the Madrasah
Remove the covers and leave the bureau. This is your penultimate assassination
and let’s make it as good as the others. When you are there, use the roof
entrance to get in. Not the most commonly used way but certainly the most
exciting. Once in, you will see another scene and this time Jubair next to a
load of burning books. Unfortunately, many people are dressed like Jubair.
They will all leave including Jubair. Ah. Now you have to find the real one.
Locate them all on your map. When you get to one, use your Eagle Vision. The
real one will be gold. The others will be red. You can kill the fakes if you
want a little fun but it is not essential. Onto the real Jubair, he’s actually
pretty easy. There will be a wooden platform by him. Stand on that. Watch him
before he talks to the crowd. When he does turn, sneak up behind him and stab
him with your hidden blade.
That was pretty easy. Now it’s the same again so you need to run. Go back the
way you came for a quick escape route then hide wherever you can. Then go back
to the bureau.

You’ve finished Memory Block 5. Now onto your FINAL assassination.
Talk to Al Mualim then go back to the future. Here talk to Lucy and then again
at Vidics desk. Then go to bed, sleep, wake up and get back into the Animus to
kill your final target.


Target: Robert De Sable

With more throwing knives and sword damage, you’re able to travel to Jerusalem
to kill Robert De Sable. He was the guy that you unsuccessfully killed at the
beginning of the game but now you can get your revenge. Sort of. Anyway that’s
later and you need to stay in the past. No wait? Get into Jerusalem in any way
you prefer and head towards the middle district. The guards are all around now.
There are archers on rooftops and loads patrolling the ground. In the city,
evade the guards, find a view point, target the others and save your citizens
and then go the bureau. This guide is getting smaller by the second.

1) Interrogation
This guy is pretty hard. If he hits you then he’ll lose you 3 bars of health.
Just hit him first then don’t let him hit you. If he does, block as soon as
possible. When he falls to your mercy, he will tell you that Robert wants peace
in the land. With that information, stab him.
2) Pickpocketing
Kill all the guards near the Pickpocketing first before you start this mission.
You will get a map showing where the guards will be at the funeral.
3) Pickpocketing
Get a map to show where Robert will be at the funeral.
4) Eavesdropping
There will be a funeral going on today.
5) Informer
There are two targets here. You have 3 minutes so do it fast. One is on the
ground and the other on the rooftops. Be stealthy and strike when you can.
You are able to get close to Robert by using scholars.
6) Informer
Yeah, now don’t be afraid but you have 5 targets to kill. They are all quite
close and will move past each other at times. When you kill someone,
blend immediately and move to the next target. Be aware that a Templar is
located down on of the alleyways. If he sees you, he will go after you. This
will fail the mission and you will have to start again. Kill him if possible.
When all this is done, the informer will tell you that Roberts men and well
organized. If you cause a disruption, hide and then return back later.
Once all these are done, go back to bureau. Sleep and then wake up for the final

Robert De Sable Assassination
1) There will be a funeral going on
2) Roberts men are well organized
3) You are able to get close to Robert using scholars
Get to Roberts place. He’s in a graveyard surrounded by many guards. As it’s
getting to the end of the scene, Robert will spot you. Uh Oh. Run. Jump to the
rooftops as fast as you can. Guards will follow you and this will be good. When
they come to you, fight them off with counter attacks. If you hear a voice that
sounds like a pixie that has just been crushed by a hammer, that’s Robert. Yes
it sounds odd but it will be explained. Just keep fighting. Robert will attack
as well but you cant kill him with counter attack. Neither will a building fall.
This will work against guards though. Grab a guard and throw him into Robert.
If lucky and near the edge, they will both fall. Only one will die but Robert
can be a pain to fight as he will take 2 bars of health away at the same time.
At last, you will finally kill all the guards. Now move onto squeaky voice.
Counter attack him as best as you can. The best move is where you parry their
sword, then whack them in the face. As soon as that is done, quickly switch to
your hidden blade and kill him. Robert's down, hey wait that’s not Robert! It’s
a girl. It explains the voice but where’s the real Robert. You let the girl go.
You can have some fun chasing her and trying to get her but it’s not necessary.
Go back to bureau. He will inform you that the real Robert is in Arsuf. With
that in mind, either fast forward there or travel there into Kingdom.

Robert De Sable Assassination Take 2
Okay this is the real one people. First if you took a horse to Arsuf, this will
make it quicker. If you didn’t then you should of. Now go along on your
horse/feet. Every few minutes you will bump into a load of guards. They will be
like the others you have encountered in the game. There will be ones who where
big shiny helmets but you can take them. Now as soon as you have defeated them
then get back on your horse. Keep riding until you get to a barrier. Say
goodbye to your horse and climb over the top of the barrier. More guards will
meet you here so again fight them off. Keep going and keep fighting guards
until you get to Robert and his merry men. Here, as soon as the scene is
finished you are against Roberts guards. Here just be on your guard holding
down R1/RB and attacking when you can. Mostly use counter attacks and press
R1/RB and Circle/B whenever they grab you. There will a few where with a
counter attack you can kill them, but most of them will just fall down and you
will have to hack away at them on the ground. If you lose lots of
synchronization, you’re trapped. Try your best and just hold R1/RB until you
get full synchronization. If that doesn’t work, just run around them trying not
to get killed.

As soon as they are dead, Robert (Yes the real Robert) will fight you. Although
he looks scary in his big helmet and robes, he’s easy. You can either:
A) Counter Attack him and knock him to the floor and kill him with your hidden
B) Grab him then throw him on the floor then kill him with your hidden blade.
He can grab you when you try to grab him so watch out.

When he’s dead, he will let on some crucial information. There is a traitor.
Then talking to King Richard, you will know the traitors name. Al Mualim. The
leader of the Templar’s. The leader of all the people who you have killed. Go
back to Masyaf for the final memory block.

You are now back in the present. After Vidic leaves the room, have a quick chat
with Lucy. Sleep then go back to the Animus once you wake.

Target: Al Mualim
It’s best to keep your throwing knives until the last bit in the level. You will
need them so don’t waste them. In Masyaf, the entire town is in fear of Al
Mualim. Run up to the castle. When you are close, there will be around 5-10
guards waiting for you. Walk into the middle of the circle. They will start
attacking you. Evade their attacks, use counter attacks the best you can to get
rid of them. Once they are down another group will come. Fight these ones until
your friends and bureau leaders will help out. Run up the pathway towards the
castle. Have a quick chat then they will go to kill the remaining guards while
you go to Al Mualim. Go figure. Walk through the city gates where they will
close behind you. Up ahead there will be many many civilians. Hold circle/B to
go past them and not to harm them.

Once you get through them all, walk through the building and into the gardens.
Onto the small patio, you will be trapped. Al Mualim is holding you prisoner
with the Pieces of Eden which you will have seen through emails in the present
as Desmond. When he has finished his chat, he will have made 5 illusion enemies
to fight. You might recognize them from somewhere. They are the 9 targets you
killed. All of them from Tamir to Jubair. This time they are a lot easier. They
can all be taken down by counter attacks. Save your knives for later. Your
sword is your best bet here in killing them. If you are dying, there is a lot of
space to run around in. Keep running until you have full synchronization then
attack again.
Once they are all down watch another scene which is quite short but proves how
powerful the Pieces of Eden are. Al Mualim will make 9 copies of himself. They
will all station them selves in front of you and make it near impossible to
determine the real one. You can however find the real one with Eagle Vision. He
will be gold while the others red. You may get lucky and kill him first
resulting in all the others dying, or you may fight them all and the last one
you kill will be him. I got the last one. Now if you were wise enough to listen
then you would of you’re your knives. If you did then this will be easy. If you
didn’t it's gonna be tough. Al Mualim (fake or not) will take away 2 bars of
synchronization in every strike he hits you with. So 10 hits and you’re out.
Now jump back to the end of the garden. Don’t jump into the water because it’s
a long way down and our hero can’t swim. Al Mualim will follow you the way
there. When close enough, target him and then throw a knife into him. It will
kill him and he will die. If it’s the real one then all the others will vanish
and he will live. Whatever happens, repeat that strategy in different parts of
the garden.

When that’s done, Al will talk again. As soon as that’s done, you’re restricted
to your sword. Make sure you strike first. Hit him then he will attack you. Do
a counter attack which will only stun him. Then he will vanish into gold light.
Then your health will go away. Don’t panic it will come back but it’s risky.
Search the courtyard to find your master. He will be a gold light flashing away.
If you have any left, select your knife and target him. Throw your knife and
you will get your life back. If not hit him with your sword before he can hit
you. Run up to him and let him attack you so you can counter attack him. Find
him again and do the same. Do it once more and you will have to face him for
real. He will run up to you and will attack you. He will either grab you or
attack you with his sword. Either way it doesn’t matter. Counter Attack him and
he will fall onto the floor. Select your hidden blade and... well you should
know what to do.

Now you will be ejected back to the present. As Desmond you can’t talk to
anyone but you can do something else. Press Triangle/Y and you have Eagle
Vision. Look along the floor and all around the room. Then travel to your
bedroom. Here use Eagle Vision on the wall. Here it sets up the cliff-hanger for
Assassins Creed 2. Then after the credits finish, check out Memory Block 7 for
a small epilogue. Now sit back and wait for Assassins Creed 2 coming hopefully

Maps: So you want to get all the flags and Templar’s hey? You won’t get anything
for it unless you have a 360. Still want to do it? Well follow the link and use
the website. Done and dusted:


Contact Details :
If you spot any mistakes in the guide or any misspellings or if you want to ask
me anything about the game, you can email me at alewis909@googlemail.com. I am
not guaranteeing I will answer every email but I will try my best. I will not
reply back to things that are already in the guide or that have been asked many
times before.

A BIG thanks to GameFAQ’s for letting me have the guide up on the web. It’s much
A BIG thanks to Assassinscreedmaps.com for letting me use the link instead of
me playing on the game many countless hours trying to find the flags
A BIG thanks to all the fans who are using this guide to get through the game
and to the end.
Thank you to Supercheats and Neoseeker for asking permission to put the
guide on their websites. If you want to add it onto your site, just email
me and I'll let you know as soon as possible

Thank you to Chris A.K.A Lemmerman for editing my guide so it was able to go on

Q: What happens after the credits?
A: Not much. You can visit the room that Lucy and Warren go through a few times
during the course of the game (opposite your room). You can access both Lucy and
Warren’s laptops. Finally you can go back into the Animus and visit old memories
and collect flags and kill Templar’s.

Q: Can I skip the cutscenes
A: No. Every time you want to revisit a memory, you have to go through Al
Mualim’s speech before you can set off.

Q: I’m on Memory Block 4 and I don’t know what to do. Please help!
A: Okay, this is where lots of people get stuck. You need to enter a new
district. They’re marked on your big map. Press select to get it up, then find
a new district and mark it. Once you’re there, look around for a really tall
building. Find it, climb to the top, synchronize and jump off. Now check your
map again.

Q: When do I get the crossbow
A: You don’t. Nuff Said.

Q: Any news on Assassins Creed 2?
A: The only news I know about Assassins Creed 2 is that there will be an
Assassins Creed 2.

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Thank you to Supercheats and Neoseeker for asking permission to put the
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Thank you to Chris A.K.A Lemmerman for

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