1. Josie Lawrence Additional Voices
  2. Mark Besner AI Production Manager
  3. Stéphane Assadourian AI/Gameplay Programmer
  4. Julien Bolduc AI/Gameplay Programmer
  5. Julien Desaulniers AI/Gameplay Programmer
  6. Nathalie Dubois AI/Gameplay Programmer
  7. Jean-Francois Duff AI/Gameplay Programmer
  8. David Ethier AI/Gameplay Programmer
  9. Matus Kirchmayer AI/Gameplay Programmer
  10. Eric Martel AI/Gameplay Programmer
  11. David Paquette AI/Gameplay Programmer
  12. François Poirier AI/Gameplay Programmer
  13. Pierre Portier AI/Gameplay Programmer
  14. Charles Randall AI/Gameplay Programmer
  15. Pierre-François Sapinski AI/Gameplay Programmer
  16. Sacha Viltofsky AI/Gameplay Programmer
  17. Alex Drouin Animation Director
  18. Elspeth Tory Animation Manager
  19. Mike Mennilo Animator
  20. Wilson Mui Animator
  21. Hugues Richer Animator
  22. Gaelle Robert Animator
  23. Matt Sifton Animator
  24. Kristjan Zadziuk Animator
  25. Nicolas Raffenaud Build Master
  26. Simon Habib Character Technical Director
  27. Patrice Désilets Creative Director
  28. Hugo Vezina Data Manager
  29. Yi Qing Wang Data Manager
  30. Ian Allard Digital Artist
  31. Jean-Francois Ferland Digital Compositor
  32. David Harrisson Digital Compositor
  33. Alexandre Tremblay Digital Compositor
  34. Sithiriscient Khay Digital Matte Painter
  35. Jubinville Steve Digital Sculptor
  36. Charles Beauchemin Engine Programmer
  37. Lionel Berenguier Engine Programmer
  38. Éric Bibeau Engine Programmer
  39. Michel Bouchard Engine Programmer
  40. Brian Cameron Engine Programmer
  41. David Champagne Engine Programmer
  42. Guillaume Gernez Engine Programmer
  43. Pierric Gimmig Engine Programmer
  44. David Lapointe Engine Programmer
  45. Eric Le Engine Programmer
  46. Benoit Miller Engine Programmer
  47. Jean-Luc Pedneault Engine Programmer
  48. Martin Perreault Engine Programmer
  49. Luc Poirier Engine Programmer
  50. Dominic Spada Engine Programmer
  51. Jean-Francois St-amour Engine Programmer
  52. James Therien Engine Programmer
  53. Eric Thiffeault Engine Programmer
  54. Thibaut Tollemer Engine Programmer
  55. Dominique Duvivier Engine Team Lead
  56. Stéphane Girard Engine Team Lead
  57. Tchae Measroch Foley Artist
  58. Patrick Piquette Gameplay Production Manager
  59. Richard Dumas Gameplay Programmer
  60. Mathieu Mazerolle Lead Programmer
  61. Patrick Parenteau Lead Visual Effects
  62. David Chateauneuf Level Design Director
  63. Jesper Kyd Music
  64. Claude Langlais Pipeline Director
  65. David Guida Producer
  66. Jade Raymond Producer
  67. Olivier Gueydon QA Production Manager
  68. Benoit Jauvin-Girard QA Programmer
  69. Joel Lieberman QA Programmer
  70. Nicolas Plourde QA Programmer
  71. Wilson Mui Senior Animator
  72. Dominic Couture Technical Architect
  73. Anthony Brien Tools Architect
  74. Yanick Chenard Tools Pogrammer
  75. Francois Cournoyer Tools Pogrammer
  76. Philip Shahbaz Voice: Altiar
  77. Nolan North Voice: Desmond Miles
  78. Kristen Bell Voice: Lucy
  79. Ammar Daraiseh Voice: Tamir
  80. Corey May Writer

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