Review by DMerci

Reviewed: 07/25/12

Good to kill time while waiting for the next Skyrim.

Okay, to start off, I'm going to be as objective as I can.

The 360 has a very limited library of RPGs, so when I find one, I generally give it a shot. I've honestly liked the ones I've played thus far. Now, when a genre like the Eastern RPG has been out for a certain amount of time, there are hard boundaries placed on originality in the form of what has already been done. These clichés usually rear up in every game in the genre, and what distinguishes a game from being good and forgettable is how the writers choose to incorporate them. Desperate princesses, amnesiac heroes, the seasoned veteran party member, corrupt politicians/nobility, just to name a handful. They're everywhere, but they still can be used to tell a good story. However, when they're blatant, they detract from the experience.

Honestly, that's the problem that Magna Carta 2 has. It starts off nicely enough, right up to the introduction of the amnesiac hero, Juto, and the resistance leading princess, Zephie. While these two characters are more or less likable, they are cookie-cutter character with interesting designs and really nothing more. The same can be said for every character in the game. The character back-stories are cliché-ridden, and barely explored in some cases. Even the attack names for each character are lacking in originality. The circumstances of the game are also copied from better games of the genre, but done with mediocre skill at best, twists are foreshadowed early on or woefully predictable.

I could go on, but, in short, the game is lacking in originality. However, it does have a few good points to make up for it. For one, the music is very well done. Sometimes a track doesn't seem quite right for a situation, but most work. The battle system is simple, frustrating at the start, but easy to get used to. The graphics likely won't impress much, but they do the trick. And, although predictable, I found the story well paced and enjoyable despite the clichés

I do have one other fault with the game, though. The voice acting. There are maybe two or three roles that are done decently, most are mediocre, and for others it's like the producers picked the most annoying voices they could. Anyone that plays long enough to meet Celestine will likely agree with me. It's hard to take an emotional scene seriously when the drama of the moment is suddenly ruined by a screeching voice that could shatter glass.

In closing, Magna Carta 2 is not a terrible game. It's not an excellent game, either. It's one of those games that kill the time while you're waiting for the new release you really want to come out.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Magna Carta 2 (US, 10/13/09)

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