1. Beau Billingslea Additional Voices
  2. Erik Davies Additional Voices
  3. David Earnest Additional Voices
  4. Kyle Hebert Additional Voices
  5. David Lodge Additional Voices
  6. Vic Mignogna Additional Voices
  7. Tony Oliver Additional Voices
  8. Paul St. Peter Additional Voices
  9. Patrick Seitz Additional Voices
  10. YoungJune Kim AI Programmer
  11. JooHong Choi Assistant Game Designer
  12. ByungSoo Kwon Assistant Game Designer
  13. YongWoo Kwon Assistant Game Designer
  14. William Park Assistant Manager
  15. SeMin Lee Battle and Balance Designer
  16. JiHo Lee Battle Programmer
  17. JinYong Lee Boss & Skill Programmer
  18. Kyungjin Lee Character Director
  19. HyungTae Kim Character Illustrator
  20. YeonKyu Choi Director
  21. GoEun Kim Engine Programmer
  22. Chaitanya Munjuluri Engine Programmer
  23. Jack Porter Engine Programmer
  24. Laura Bailey English Voice: Claire
  25. Liam O'Brien English Voice: Huaren
  26. Dave Wittenberg English Voice: Igton
  27. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English Voice: Keltin
  28. Kirk Thornton English Voice: Nix
  29. Travis Willingham English Voice: Raud
  30. Michael McConnohie English Voice: Villange Chief
  31. SoYoung Lee Event Designer
  32. Young-won Jeong Executive Producer
  33. Toshihiro Nada Executive Producer
  34. Soul Jeong Game Designer
  35. HyunSu Kim Game Mastering and Debug Manager
  36. TaeHoon Kim Game Programmer
  37. Chris Lee Lead Game Designer
  38. KwangSub Shin Lead Programmer
  39. ByungYun Kim Lead Quest Designer
  40. SungWoon Jang Music & Sound Director
  41. YoungGee Cho Producer
  42. Jackie Lee Project Manager
  43. Tily Scenario Writer
  44. Koji Kumakura Senior Producer
  45. YoonHee Hwang UI Programmer
  46. Crispin Freeman Voice: Alex
  47. Jamieson Price Voice: Argo
  48. Stephanie Sheh Voice: Celestine
  49. Yuri Lowenthal Voice: Crocell
  50. Johnny Yong Bosch Voice: Elgar
  51. Johnny Yong Bosch Voice: Juto
  52. Wendee Lee Voice: Melissa
  53. Kate Higgins Voice: Rue
  54. Steven Jay Blum Voice: Schuenzeit
  55. Michelle Ruff Voice: Zephie


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