Additional VoicesBeau Billingslea
Additional VoicesErik Davies
Additional VoicesDavid Earnest
Additional VoicesKyle Hebert
Additional VoicesDavid Lodge
Additional VoicesVic Mignogna
Additional VoicesTony Oliver
Additional VoicesPaul St. Peter
Additional VoicesPatrick Seitz
AI ProgrammerYoungJune Kim
Assistant Game DesignerJooHong Choi
Assistant Game DesignerByungSoo Kwon
Assistant Game DesignerYongWoo Kwon
Assistant ManagerWilliam Park
Battle and Balance DesignerSeMin Lee
Battle ProgrammerJiHo Lee
Boss & Skill ProgrammerJinYong Lee
Character DirectorKyungjin Lee
Character IllustratorHyungTae Kim
DirectorYeonKyu Choi
Engine ProgrammerGoEun Kim
Engine ProgrammerChaitanya Munjuluri
Engine ProgrammerJack Porter
English Voice: ClaireLaura Bailey
English Voice: HuarenLiam O'Brien
English Voice: IgtonDave Wittenberg
English Voice: KeltinMary Elizabeth McGlynn
English Voice: NixKirk Thornton
English Voice: RaudTravis Willingham
English Voice: Villange ChiefMichael McConnohie
Event DesignerSoYoung Lee
Executive ProducerYoung-won Jeong
Executive ProducerToshihiro Nada
Game DesignerSoul Jeong
Game Mastering and Debug ManagerHyunSu Kim
Game ProgrammerTaeHoon Kim
Lead Game DesignerChris Lee
Lead ProgrammerKwangSub Shin
Lead Quest DesignerByungYun Kim
Music & Sound DirectorSungWoon Jang
ProducerYoungGee Cho
ProducerYoshihisa Kanesaka
Project ManagerJackie Lee
Scenario WriterTily
Senior ProducerKoji Kumakura
UI ProgrammerYoonHee Hwang
Voice: AlexCrispin Freeman
Voice: ArgoJamieson Price
Voice: CelestineStephanie Sheh
Voice: CrocellYuri Lowenthal
Voice: ElgarJohnny Yong Bosch
Voice: JutoJohnny Yong Bosch
Voice: MelissaWendee Lee
Voice: RueKate Higgins
Voice: SchuenzeitSteven Jay Blum
Voice: ZephieMichelle Ruff


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