1. John Harrison Additional Art
  2. Duncan Mattocks Additional Art
  3. Steve Banks Additional Design
  4. Alan North Additional Design
  5. Mattias Gustavsson Additional Programming
  6. Ben Hinchcliffe Additional Programming
  7. Dan Leyden Additional Programming
  8. Jay Rathod Additional Programming
  9. Alan Savage Additional Programming
  10. Bob Shand Additional Programming
  11. Stephen Holmes AI Programmer
  12. Pranay Kamat AI Programmer
  13. Bryan Robertson AI Programmer
  14. Nathan Ruck AI Programmer
  15. Hussam Suliman AI Programmer
  16. Richard Clay Animator
  17. Neil Pollock Animator
  18. Andy Sawers Animator
  19. Jeff Cairns Art Director
  20. Russel Murray Art Production & Animation Lead
  21. Ross Nicoll Audio Designer
  22. Stuart Ross Audio Designer
  23. Raymond Usher Audio Director
  24. Roland Peddie Audio Programmer
  25. Daniel Brown Character Action Programmer
  26. Bert McDowell Character Action Programmer
  27. Paul Simms(Sr) Character Artist
  28. Steve Hodgson Characters Lead
  29. Dave Jones Creative Director
  30. Jonathan Hughes Designer
  31. Gary Penn Designer
  32. Stuart Campbell Environment Artist
  33. Jason Hall Environment Artist
  34. Stacey Jamieson Environment Artist
  35. Mick McCallion Environment Artist
  36. Phil McClenaghan Environment Artist
  37. Mike McLarty Environment Artist
  38. Tahir Rashid Environment Artist
  39. Barry Sheridan Environment Artist
  40. Christian Simcock Environment Artist
  41. Paul Simms(Jr) Environment Artist
  42. Brian Smith Environment Artist
  43. Richard Fox Environment Lead
  44. Mike Enoch Gameplay & AI Lead
  45. Barry Cairns Gameplay Programmer
  46. Bill Henderson Gameplay Programmer
  47. David Hynd Gameplay Programmer
  48. Niall Rore Gameplay Programmer
  49. Stig Petersen Lead AI Programmer
  50. Bill Green Lead Mission Designer
  51. Russ Flaherty Level & Mission Designer
  52. Steve Iannetta Level & Mission Designer
  53. Dave Mccoy Microsoft Art
  54. Curtis Neal Microsoft Art
  55. Kiki Wolfkill Microsoft Art
  56. Ken Kato Microsoft Audio
  57. Kristofor Mellroth Microsoft Audio
  58. Jason Shirley Microsoft Audio
  59. Guy Whitmore Microsoft Audio
  60. Chris Novak Microsoft Design
  61. Russ Almond Microsoft Engineering
  62. Andrew Kertesz Microsoft Engineering
  63. Aimee Lorena Microsoft Engineering
  64. Jason Major Microsoft Engineering
  65. Andre Ruiz Microsoft Engineering
  66. Cesar Ruiz Microsoft Engineering
  67. Rudy Tirado Microsoft Engineering
  68. Peter Connelly Microsoft Production
  69. Pete Wong Microsoft Production
  70. Ed Campbell Mission Designer
  71. Neil Crawford Mission Designer
  72. Chris Isaacs Mission Designer
  73. Iain Ross Networking Lead
  74. Peter Connelly Producer
  75. Phil Wilson Producer
  76. Phil Wilson Producer
  77. Alistair Baxter System Programmer
  78. George Harris System Programmer
  79. Dave Lees System Programmer
  80. Hugh Malan System Programmer
  81. Peter Walsh System Programmer
  82. Keith Hamilton Technical Lead
  83. Gordon Milligan Tools Programmer
  84. Damian Scallan Tools Programmer
  85. Ant Sims User Interface & Live Programmer
  86. Matin Good Vehicle Artist
  87. Gary Thomson Vehicles Lead
  88. Michael McConnohie Voice: Agency Director
  89. Paul Grenfell Xen Services AI Programmer
  90. Chris Gottgetreu Xen Services Enviromental Artist
  91. Chris Rundell Xen Services Enviromental Artist
  92. Will Sykes Xen Services Gameplay Programmer
  93. Neil Duffield Xen Services System Programmer
  94. Andrew Thomas Xen Services Tools Programmer
  95. Thor Hayton Xen Services Visual Effects Artist

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