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Translation Guide by nitake92

Version: 3 | Updated: 01/19/10


Episode 1

Out in space, in a galaxy far away, a mysterious man tells his lady 
commander that the time to use the power of the C.U.B.E. (henceforth CUBE 
as in GameCube) for their glory has come to which the lady commander agrees.

It is the year UC.0079, humanity has established outer space colonies in an 
age of advancement. However with the destruction of the Mars base some 
times ago, humanity learned that there are those out there that wish them 
harm. To combat this, defense teams have sprouted up to protect the world 
but the invaders that appear are numerous such as the Jyakku Empire, the 
Robot Empire, the Dinosaur Empire and Dr.Hell's Kikaijuu army. Against them 
are those such as the Photonic Labs, the Saotome Lab, Saishou Industries, 
and the Earth Defense Class. The colonies however are left undefended and 
unaided as the Earth Federation focused on defending the Earth which led 
the Zeon and Giganos to take advantage of this dissatisfaction and begin 
war on the Earth Federation for their own profits. The war between the 
Earth Federation and these two factions has continued for many months with 
the Federation on the losing end.

Earth is no longer a safe place, it is being targeted.

Some years ago in Japan, Suiun Akatsuki and his chief engineer Jinpui 
Kawanichi were investigating a UFO landing. Suiun noted that they only 
picked up on this with their new radar system otherwise they would have 
thought it to be a very small meteor that would break up through the 
atmosphere. With the Mars base's destruction as an example, they're not 
sure what they'll find. Suddenly Suiun and Jinpui see a young woman in the 
shadow from the "UFO" or spacecraft. She collapsed in front of them and 
Suiun decides to take her to get medical aid at his company's med ward 
against Jinpui's protest.

Today, Suiun note that it's been many years since Fairy arrived. Jinpui 
note that Fairy has quite the engineering knowledge in addition to acting 
as Suiun's secretary and as a test pilot. Heck she even got a doctorate 
from a British university in no time. Suiun says that above all, Fairy is a 
good influence as a big sister to his daughter Akimi Akatsuki.

Fairy arrives and says that the test unit is ready and everything seems to 
be ok and Suiun note that the problem is with the main pilot, they'll have 
to get Akimi ready. Jinpui note that Akimi don't want to pilot that thing 
so why force her though Suiun is headstrong saying that she has the same 
burning blood as him. Jinpui says that if he puts her on this path, there's 
no turning back.

Fairy gives her assessment that Ms.Akimi (as she calls her) has talent, she 
doesn't think Mr. president made a mistake but she wonders if it's truly 
wise to send her to the frontline since she'll be targeted as the pilot of 
the robot and have a burden to bear.

Suiun says that he's made his decision and Fairy will just have to believe 
in him. By the way, where is Akimi? She's supposed to be here. Fairy says 
that Akimi has gone out which doesn't exactly sits well with Suiun.

In the town, we find our main heroine, Akimi Akatsuki, walking around town. 
She notes that the town's actually pretty big, it always look so small from 
her cockpit when she's flying around. Akimi tries to get a grip of herself 
stating "What kind of normal girls flies a robot?" and decides that 
starting from now she's going to go back and be a normal high school girl.

Suddenly there is an attack on the town and Akimi sees a boy being hurt by 
the debris. She goes to aid him and tells him to stay still and let her 
look at his wound to his protestation. The wounds are only flesh wounds and 
Akimi bandages up the boy and grabs his hand telling him to run, it's 
dangerous here. The boy tells Akimi to stop deciding everything and listen 
to him but Akimi goes on and introduce herself and learn that the boy's 
name is Jeeg (no, not Koutetsu Jeeg nor Koutetsujin Jeeg, we should be so 
lucky) Jeeg says to stop holding his hand while she takes him to wherever 
it is she's taking him and Akimi replies "Why you're quite shy aren't you? 
That's cute" This annoys Jeeg who retorted "You, who do you think I am?" 
which got a reply of "Why you're Jeeg, you just told me and I'm Akimi, not 
you. Call me by my name. "

At the office of Saishou Industry, Suiun note that there's an attack and is 
angry, where is Akimi? He tells Fairy to deploy alone first. At the hangar, 
Fairy tries to do that but note that she can't bring out the machine's full 
power alone. Akimi arrives apologizing for being late since she has to take 
this boy to a shelter and tells Fairy that they'll deploy the Soul Gunner. 
Guess her little sojourn to return to life as a normal girl is going to 
have to be on hold.

Meanwhile, at Takeo Watta's elementary school, Watta is playing dodgeball 
with Kaoru cheering him on. The attack on the town put an end to that as 
his vice-president comes to pick him up. This looks like a job for the star 
of GC, Takeo's General Company (Yep, the game doesn't stand for Game Cube 
but General Company) otherwise known as Trider G7.

Trider G7's launch from the public park begins with a public announcement 
from Watta's beautiful secretary ala a train platform and Trider G7 appear 
ready to take on the evil robots and earn money for the extremely small 
four person company.

The Vice Pres tells Watta to be careful about firing missiles since they're 
expensive. As an alternate, he can fire some beams if necessary. The 
enemies are Ondron's robot army from the Robot Empire. The trio of Falsebu, 
Belzebu and Daitu also creates Jark monsters as one of their usual plan to 
invade Earth for the Jark Empire and just for the heck of it, the Dinosaur 
Empire's Mechasaurus also joins in the fun.

SoulGunner piloted by Akimi arrives to help Trider G7 but the Vice Pres 
says that it's their rival company's product out to take the job from them 
which the beautiful secretary (I'll get her name later) says that he 
shouldn't say that, it's an ally mech. Akimi chides Watta that he should be 
more serious with the job instead of saying that what with the town being 
destroyed and Watta says that she's just trying to make sure he doesn't get 
the job done what with Saishou Industry taking job offers that General 
Company needs to keep afloat. Akimi says she's just joking and asks if they 
can work together since she can't stand by and watch the town burn, it 
isn't about money for her as it is with Watta and she'll have to talk to 
her dad about the rivalry between their two companies. Watta chides Akimi 
for being daddy's little girl whereas he being the head honcho, he's got a 
lot of responsibility managing his employees instead of being able to go do 
what he wants but this isn't the time to talk about it.

A voice comes out "Hey guys, what the heck are you doing just sitting 
around" and three mechs appear with the pilot Jin shouting "The Earth 
Defense Class is here."
The vice pres's response is "The EDC's RaijinOh, another rival" (The worst 
kind, they're free) Watta shouted "Trider's the best, RaijinOh GO HOME!!" 
which earns a rebuttal from Jin "What? We came to help, what's with that 
attitude?" Akimi asks Koji and Asuka if things are always like this between 
Watta and Jin and Koji says that it's a pain and Asuka grumble that he 
wants to go home. 

The enemies began to move and the three groups of "heroes" decide that they 
should cut out the bickering and squabbling and get to work. Jin shouted 
"Let's show them our strength. Guys, let's do it. RaijinOh Muteki 

RaijinOh forms and takes care of the Jark monsters to which Belzebu and 
Falsebu blames Daita for it's failures.  Trider G7 also takes care of 
Ondron's robots which shocks Ondron that Earth's robot are more powerful 
than he expected. Akimi wonders if Jeeg is alright and if he'll behave in 
the shelter. However Jeeg had left the shelter and saw Soul Gunner and 
mutters to himself "That's Soul Lancer? No, it's similar but why would the 
humans built something so similar? This bears investigation." 

After the battle, Fairy reminds Akimi that her father is quite furious for 
her skipping out on their meeting and Akimi whines that she doesn't want to 
hear her daddy's lecture. Jin says teasingly like a kid his age "Akimi's in 
trouble." Maria's voice comes in saying that he's being disrespectful to 
his elder since Akimi bails them out of trouble more than once in the past, 
now come back to class. Jin says that he's taking the rest of the day off 
which makes Maria quite ticked off. Kooji and Asuka says that they should 
go back, Maria's scary when she's pissed off which earns an angry "What did 
you say?" from Maria.  
Akimi then says that the EDC seems to have problems of their own (They're 
one to talk) to which Asuka asks if she heard and Akimi says that they were 
talking on an open channel. Kooji apologize and Akimi says to take care of 
things for her, she's gotta split which makes Jin grumble that adults seems 
to always take advantage of them though Kooji says that Akimi is just a 

Later on at the General Company, the Vice president reports to Watta that 
the city needs the money that they  can use to pay them to do repairs so 
they haven't made any immediate cash, only credits and combining this with 
the repair costs for Trider, they're pretty much in the red this month. The 
other employees note that the people will still be grateful to Trider. 
(This will hopefully translate to more jobs)

Meanwhile Ondron is being berated by his superior Zakuron, who says that 
Earth is a B-Class target, Ondron shouldn't be coming back with failures. 
Ondron blames it on other factions also interfering and Zakuron tells him 
to use those other factions to their advantage. After signing off, Ondron 
then wonders why they're targeting a B-Class planet anyway.

Episode 2

At the Saotome Institute, Mechasaurus are attacking and the automatic 
defenses they've put up are no longer enough to repel them. Shou asks if 
Hayato is planning to use that thing but they still don't have a third 
pilot. Hayato says that with Musashi dead and Ryouma quitting, who else is 
left to pilot but him who's one of the original team. Shou says that 
Hayato's body can't take it and Professor Saotome says that Hayato and the 
other still have things to do; they've found a candidate for the third 
pilot. They have to go recruit him and leave the defense of the lab to the 
Defense Force. Gai says that the 3rd guy will probably be a failure like all 
the rest anyway. Hayato lament that if his body hadn't become this damaged 
then he would have been the one piloting right away. Professor Saotome says 
that as the one still living, they still have jobs to do or has Hayato 
forgotten Musashi's sacrifice.

Hayato says that he'll never forget as he flashback to the final days of 
their battle with the Dinosaur Empire. Ryouma had amnesia and couldn't 
pilot. They were trying to get "that thing" up and running but couldn't and 
Musashi decided to go out alone in Getter Robo to stop the Dinosaur Empire. 
In the end he sacrificed himself by blowing the Getter Robo up taking most 
of the Dinosaur Empire with him but there are still remnants. Professor 
Saotome says that Musashi sacrificed himself for the future and they can't 
let a tragedy like that happen again so they'll have to believe in 
reinforcement from the defense team.

Meanwhile the RaijinOh general,Bushida and Chief Ashikatsu who usually 
hires Trider for job are briefing the EDC, Akimi and the vice pres on the 
attack on Saotome Institute. Asuka asks what happened to Getter Robo and 
Jin ask if he really doesn't know, even someone like Jin heard of how 
Getter Robo got badly damaged in the Dinosaur Empire's big attack some time 
ago and self destructed taking along the Dinosaur Empire's main forces. 
However there are remnants left that are still attacking. The Vice Pres ask 
if this is a formal request for a job, if so then he'd better get the Pres 
from school. Jin is all fired up to go and help.

At the Saotome institute, the Mechasaurus have breached all defense line 
but Akimi's trio arrives in time and begins to dispatch the enemies. Jin 
says that if it's just these guys and they're THIS pathetic, RaijinOh alone 
is more than enough for the job. Asuka tells him not to be cocky, they're 
still outnumbered. Gai note that they can breathe easy now that help is 
here. Shou says that they're not out of the woods yet with Ondron's robot 
also arriving and more Mechasaurus also appearing. Jin and the others note 
that this is quite bad. Ondron says that the Earth Robots have their hand 
full with the Mechasaurus so his robot troops can take advantage and finish 
them off.

However more help arrives in the form of TexasMac. Jack tells the Japanese 
Super Robots that they can go home now that TexasMac is here. This doesn't 
sit well with Jin and Watta who asks where Jack was hiding and shivering a 
couple of minutes ago. Akimi wonders if they can rely on Jack.

The foursome manages to defeat all enemies and Watta's employee tells him 
to come home for some snacks. Jin wants to go home too but Maria tells him 
to come back to class. Akimi wants to go home and take a shower though 
Fairy tells her not to forget and write up a report on this. Akimi says 
that she'll do it tomorrow though Fairy tells her to do it today or she'll 
claim she forgets the details already.

Jack note that the Japanese Super Robots are all piloted by kids though 
Mary note that their skills are topnotch with Jack noting that this is 
quite a country. Hayato note that they owe Jack and Mary one not to mention 
the people from the defense team.

Later on, Chief Ashitatsu asks when the new Getter team will be ready and 
Prof. Saotome says that they're about to go get the candidate for the 3rd 
pilot. Hayato note that if they could only find one more idiot for this job 
then they'll be set.

A couple of days later at Saishou Industry, Suiun is annoyed that Akimi is 
late again for their meeting, he told her to come within ten minutes after 
his call. Akimi of course ignores her dad and ask Fairy what's up which 
enrage him to no end and Akimi retort "oh shut up daddy" Jinpui says that 
there's this job in outer space that Suiun has taken for Akimi and Akimi 
says that if the job's in outer space then it means she won't be coming 
home for a while, what about school? Suiun retorted "Who cares about school, 
works come first" to which Akimi asks if that's what a responsible parent 
should be saying.

Outside at the park, Akimi note that if it was for vacation then space 
sounds good but it isn't. She bumped into a boy who turns out to be Jeeg. 
Akimi says that she was worried whether he was ok or not after that ruckus 
a couple of days ago. Jeeg says that he's not a little kid. Akimi asks if 
he lives around here and Jeeg says that he's not telling her to which Akimi 
then says that she doesn't really care anyway. Jeeg's response is "Well 
then, don't ask" and Akimi says "Well I like to see you all flustered like 
that when I ask."

Akimi is then interrupted by a call-sign from her dad and asks Jeeg if he 
comes to this park often, her house is in that building, Saishou Industry, 
over there. Her parent is owner of Saishou Industry. Jeeg is quite 
surprised and say "Akimi...Akatsuki... of course. I have a lot to ask you." 
"Ok...but later" Akimi says as she leaves Jeeg a bit dumbfounded "God...I don't 
understand her... I really don't." Jeeg then note that Akimi will be a good 
source to get information from.

Episode 2A

At Class 5A-3, the members of the Earth Defense Class are having a meeting 
over whether they should take this new job that the General asks them to. 
It means going out into space. Jin of course wants to go and it devolves 
into bickering. Some kids don't want to go for petty reason such as space 
food being tube paste or for more personal reasons like Asuka saying that 
they're soon to enter 6th grade and soon have to take middle school entrance 
exam. They can't afford to go gallivanting around in space. Some noted that 
there's a war going on in space and they don't want to go there.

Mr. Shinoda, their class teacher and Ms.Himeki comes in and says that 
they're not the one making the decisions alone. The PTA has already voted 
NO unanimously for the EDC so they're staying put. Mr. Shinoda says that 
while their job is to protect the Earth as Eldran left that task to them, 
their job is also to study hard as students of this school. Ms. Himeki says 
that there'll be a lot to do back in Japan. Maria thinks it over and agrees 
so the EDC is staying put.

Later on Jin grumbles that it's so unfair, Watta's also an elementary 
school student yet HE gets to go. Koji says that Watta is the president of 
his own company so his priority is different.  Jin then asks what about 
Akimi? She's only a high school student and not the president of her 
company yet SHE gets to go. Asuka tells Jin to stop grumbling since with 
those two gone, only they and RaijinOh are all that's left to protect Japan. 
(I guess the Mazingers aren't well known to them)

At Watta's General Company, the staffs receive another phone call from the 
RaijinOh general saying that the bad guys are at it again wrecking the town. 
Watta deploys and note that they just don't give up, THIS time he'll stomp 
them so hard they'll think twice about showing their face again. RaijinOh 
and Soul Gunner also arrive. Akimi note that she's going to go into space 
soon and she isn't even done with the preparation yet, why do they have to 
attack. Fairy smiles and asks Akimi as to what type of preparation is she 
talking about since all the packing and preparation are being done by 
others. Akimi says that she still has to go shopping. Watta shouted that if 
Akimi's THAT reluctant to be here then butt out of interfering with his job. 
Akimi tells Watta to take it up with HER dad; she doesn't want to do this 
job anyway. Fairy tells Ms. Akimi that the city is burning and that they 
should get serious against the enemies which are Ondron's robot and Jark 

After they finish off Ondron's robot, Akimi says that she's going home and 
Jin begrudgingly returns to class. The Vice Pres offers to take Watta back 
to class since he can still make it in time for some class. Watta tries to 
talk himself out of it but the Vice Pres and the Secretary says that he has 
to go when he has the time.

Out in space, Ondron is again cursing that the Earth robots foiled his plan, 
just wait till next time.

Episode 3

Today is the day Akimi leave for the job in outer space, Side 7 to be 
precise. They will rendezvous with the Cosmorangers J9. Akimi can't believe 
the famous J9 are also coming on this mission. At J9Base, Bowie notes that 
with lot of occurrence happening, they've been kept busy with not much time 
for R&R. Omachi says that is not going to last since Aizak got them another 
big job, which is to safeguard a new Federation ship. Omachi notes that for 
the Feds to have to hire them means that they've sunk quite low on reliable 
manpower. Aizak says that out in space, the Zeon and the Giganos are quite 
stronger than the Feds which Kid says that it's because the Fed's weapon 
are outdated compare to the Zeon's Mobile Suit. Aizak asks if they want to 
do the job and the rest of the J9 team oblige and Aizak says that the job 
is also being taken in conjunction with General Company and Saishou 
Industry from Earth. Bowie notes that it's those two companies that are 
taking most of their job on Earth. Aizak says to make preparation and 
rendezvous with them.

Out in Earth's atmosphere, Akimi notes that the job of guarding a new 
Federation ship is beginning to feel a bit dangerous. Fairy says that in a 
sense, they are also part of the Federation (what with their contract right 
now) Akimi wonders WHY they have to do this anyway and Watta's voice comes 
over the intercom saying that if they don't give their all to a job they've 
taken then they won't be trusted in the future. Akimi is surprised that 
Watta's also taken this job and asks about the EDC and Watta says that they 
phone him to tell that they're not coming, something about the PTA vetoing 
them from coming. Akimi says that she wish they would take on her dad.

At Side 7, we meet Kaine, Tapp and Light who are loitering around, Kaine 
note that there's a lot of military people in their colony lately. Light 
says that rumor has it there's a new Federation Ship stored here and Tapp 
wonder if their colony is going to become a battlefield. A blast suddenly 
rocks the colony and Tapp says that he just had to jinx them.

Zeon's Zaku troops arrive and head for the Federation's hangar with Jin 
disobeying orders and rush in alone determined to make a name for himself. 
Nearby a young Amuro Ray note that it's a Zaku. Frau Bou comes to get him 
but Amuro tells Frau that it's dangerous and for her to get away. More 
blast rock them killing Frau's relative and Amuro tells her to run, she's a 
strong girl, run to the shelter. Amuro gets angry at the Zeon's Zaku and 
see a white MS lying underneath a canopy. He notes that it's the Mobile 
Suit that his dad was developing and wonders if he could use it. The brand-
new MS begins to rise and Jin tells his captain that the enemy MS is 
standing up. Jin fires on it but it appears to be unharmed. Denim tells Jin 
to get away but Jin figures he could still take it as the RX-78-2 Gundam 
stands ready for battle.

Bad move Jin, as the RX-78-2 Gundam takes him out easily. Denim is enraged 
at Jin's death and moves in to attack. Denim tells Slender to return to 
their ship to report the situation.

Meanwhile, Kain, Tapp and Light are also still near the Federation base, 
they find a gravely injured Federation solider who ask them to take these 
keycards to the containers nearby.  He dies and Tapp wonder what they 
should do and Kain says that this man asks them to do a job before dying. 
They have to carry out his last wish. The trio arrives to find a trio of 
robots. Giganos troops also arrive into Side 7 looking for the D-Weapons 
reported to be stored here.

Kaine note that it's not Zeon's Zaku but Giganos's Metal Armour that are 
heading their way. He gets angry that they come here and burn up his 
neighborhood and they've got the jokers right here to even up the score. 
HE's going to beat them up good. Light says that he agrees though Tapp 
isn't that fired up. Light says that he'll take the one with the dome-head 
and Kaine says that he'll take this one which leaves Tapp with the cannon-
one. Tapp gets annoy but agrees to the idea. The three D-weapon then 
activates and the Dragoon troop called Dragonar appears.

Kaine asks Tapp how it feels to be in one of these things and Tapp says 
that actually it feels quite good to which Kain says "And here you were 
complaining just a minute ago" Light then says "Shall we go" and Ken says 
"Right, let's kick their butt."

The Dragonars tackles the Giganos's Metal Armour and Amuro note that those 
three are allies, he wonders if there are more allies MS around to help. IF 
those three can hold off the enemy's reinforcement then he might be able to 
handle things on this front. Meanwhile, Light notes that the white MS might 
be the talked about MS that the Feds are building. Kaine says not to talk, 
he's busy trying to get this thing to work like he want it to though Tapp 
says that he's a pro at piloting his own machine already.

 The Giganos troop can't believe they're being defeated and call for more 
reinforcement. Light wonder if they should run though Kaine is against it 
with the Giganos/Zeon coming to their home and ruining it and such, beside 
if they run, the Giganos/Zeon will kill everyone. Help arrives in the form 
of Akimi, Watta and the J9 team. Kid wonder if the one fighting are 
Federation machine and Omachi says that it's probably the machines they 
were hired to guard. Aizak note that that's the case and the enemies 
probably attacked first, time for them to do their job.

The team finished off the Zeon/Giganos troop and Kid commends Akimi for her 
skills. Akimi asks for Kid's signature later. Watta notes that there are a 
lot of robots gathered here and Akimi notes that the enemies might have a 
ship nearby. Fairy relay the order from the Feds to Akimi, all of them are 
togathered at the White Base. Aizak notes that they should go before the 
enemies can attack again. Omachi, Kid and Bowie then ask if they should 
take these others with them though they annoyed Kaine. Amuro ask if they 
should move to the dock and Akimi ask if he's not a Federation solider. 
Amuro says that he's a civilian and for them to help escort him to the dock. 
Akimi is surprised to know that.

Meanwhile at the White Base, Bright Noah is readying the evacuation of 
civilians into the White Base though as Ryu and the civilian Sayla Mass 
pointed out, they're short handed on people with a lot of Fed member dead 
from the assault. Bright says that they'll have to let those people do the 
work and help get evacuation supply even though this ship is top secret and 
also for whoever is piloting the Gundam and the Dragonars to pitch in.

The team note that this is the White Base and it's not just any ordinary 
Fed ship but one equipped for war. Bright apologize for using them like 
this and they can bill the Federation for overtime and such later.

Amuro meets Bright for the first time and is dismayed that Bright is 
ordering him to stay on as the pilot for the Gundam and that he should be 
better with it already. The same goes for Kaine and the others and they're 
not keen on following that order also. Bright says that they went and 
operate the Dragonars without permission so they don't get any say in this. 
He's the captain of this ship and it's his responsibility to keep everyone 
alive and if it means forcing civilians to follow orders then so be it. 
That's their situation right now. Kaine says that they already paid back 
the debt by repelling the Giganos troops; let the Federation soliders 
handle it from now on. Tapp and Light says that they were asked by a dying 
solider to take the cards to the container and here they are for the Fed 
soliders to use afterward. The trio turns to go and Bright says that if 
people don't do what they can then how are they going to survive.

Amuro says that he still doesn't want to do it but there seems to be no 
choice with this and Bright says Amuro can hate him all he wants.

At the Musai, Slender is reporting to Char Aznable and Char decides to 
report this to Dozul and tells him of the Fed's V Operation which consist 
of new Federation MS and Metal Armour and he needs supply to sink it. Dozul 
authorize it and also says that he's sending some capable Giganos troops 
over, Maiyo Plato and his troops, the Practice.

At the White Base's cafeteria, Kaine says that they were only fighting to 
protect people; they won't cooperate with the Feds though Light says that 
most of the Federation pilots are dead, if the Zeon/Giganos attack again 
then there's going to be problems. Ryu Hose suddenly comes in saying that 
there's a problem with the Dragonars, he'll let Bright explain.

Kaine, Tapp and Light can't believe it but Bright says that he's the one 
who has a headache, it seems that the Dragonars have registered the three 
as its' pilots so no one else can use it. Until they can get to a base 
where they can delete that information, the three of them are drafted and 
he's turning them over to Sarge Ben Rooney to learn the in and out of 
piloting. Sarge Ben then tells them to march out; they're in the army now. 
When Kaine doesn't oblige, Sarge Ben drags him out kicking and screaming.

Bright says that they will now leave for Lunatz and for Mirai to pilot. 
Amuro comes in saying that he's done his job and Bright gives him another 
job which doesn't sit well with him. Hayato Kobayashi and Kai Shiten offer 
to help Amuro and Bright tells Hayato to tell Ben that the Cabarier-0 for 
the Dragonar-1 is available for use. Ryu wonder what the enemy is planning 
and Bright note that they'll be attacking again soon enough.

Episode 4

Maiyo Plato rendezvous with Char's Musai and consult with Char on attacking 
the White Base. Maiyo suggest sending in some Zaku first to gauge their 
capability. Char asks Maiyo that if possible, to only disarm both the Fed's 
new MS/Metal Armour since it might prove useful to capture it for use.

At the cafeteria, the Dragonar Trio are tired out after going through 
training after training that Sarge Ben  put them through. Light see a cute 
girl at 11 'o clock and it turns out to be Akimi and Watta who greets them 
and tells them that they're pilot of Soul Gunner and Trider G7. Kaine and 
the others can't believe that a cute girl like Akimi and a kid like Watta 
was the one piloting those machines that helped them in Side 7. Watta takes 
offense to being called just a kid since he's the president of Takeo 
General Company. Tapp apologizes and says that he's heard a lot about the 
"We'll do anything" (that isn't too immoral, etc) Takeo General Company. 
Kaine and the other introduce themselves to Akimi with Kaine calling 
himself the leader of the gang. 

Akimi says that they're close in age so they should be good friends and she 
commends the trio on how well they did on their first time in the Dragonar. 
HER first time was pretty horrible and Kaine has a huge smug and say "Yeah, 
we're THAT good" Light and Tapp however reveals the truth that the 
Dragonars are equipped with super computers that compensate for the pilots' 
shortcoming but the supercomputers are what is preventing other pilots 
other than the one registered to be pilots from piloting the Dragonar, 
which is why they were drafted. Akimi says she understand the feeling, she 
went through something similar (with her dad) Tapp says that Amuro and the 
others were drafted too.

Frau Bo, Dian, Linda and Rose comes in showing the refugee the cafeteria 
and how they'll get their meals and medicine (what little they have) Kaine 
gets quite attracted to Linda and Akimi note that those three (Dian, Linda 
and Rose) must be volunteer. Tapp and Light also gets quite attracted to 
Rose and Dian. Akimi asks Frau where they are headed and Frau says that 
it's Lunatz and Dian asks if that's when the refugee will be able to leave. 
Kaine note that that's probably where their fight will be over.

The alarm sounds and Akimi and Watta scrambles though Tapp isn't too keen 
on going out. Rose says that she'll root for them and Linda says that 
everyone thanks them for doing this which perks Kaine up and he tells the 
other two to put it into gear.

Hayato Kobayashi asks if they don't have any smaller pilot suit for him and 
Ryu says that this is the closest they've got to kid-size. Amuro note that 
they're already being put to work by the Feds and Kid says that it's better 
than being able to do nothing and he tells him that Amuro should try and 
think differently, instead of thinking that they're being used by the Feds, 
think that they're fighting to protect their friends, family and the 
refugees from Side 7.

Deploying, Bright tells Kaine that he has the Cabarier-0 for use and that 
they should utilize everything they have if they plan to survive to Lunatz.

Ryu wants to talk to Bright, they're still underpowered and he thinks that 
if they can capture an enemy MS to use then it'll make their journey a 
little safer. He thinks that Amuro is good enough to sharp-shoot the enemy 
MS's part so that it can be immobilized and captured. Bright tells Amuro 
the plan and says that they're depending on him to do this which Amuro 
doesn't like being pressured like this at all.

Amuro disable some Zaku and Bright says to move the White Base near them to 
capture them. Char and Maiyo arrive and Maiyo tells Char that the White 
Base is probably headed for Lunatz since it's the only base that the ship 
can dock. Char says that they can't allow that, he'll take on the V Plan's 
MS which leaves the D-Weapon for Maiyo and his cannon fodder, the Practice. 
Bright orders counterattack and the new White Base crew note that this is 
it, they're going to fight in a war for real. Maka, one of the operator 
report that one Zaku is moving three times faster than normal and Aizak 
says that it is the Red Comet Char, with him is also the Blue Falcon of 
Giganos. Bright knows about these two's reputation as aces and wonders if 
they'll be able to survive. Aizak says that it's no worry, they'll take 
them on and the Braiger team backs him up on this.

Akimi launches a bit late and Fairy brief her that this is her first time 
fighting a battleship so she'll have to fight differently by taking out 
it's engine or weapons. This goes for larger enemy as well.

Kaine confronts his future brother-in law and shouts that he doesn't care 
who the Blue Falcon of Giganos is, if he gets in the way, he'll take him 
out and Maiyo is amuse that someone like Kaine wants to take him on but 
he'll agree to it. After one clash, Kaine is surprised at Maiyo's speed, he 
can't keep up and Maiyo is quite surprised that Kaine can withstand that 
attack. Maiyo is defeated when the others arrived to back Kaine up and 
Maiyo notes that he was too careless this time.

Char does his famous "Let me see, the capability of the Federation's MS" 
line and Amuro is resolved to take Char out. Char like Maiyo is taken out 
and he notes that he too must have underestimated them.

The battle is over and Bright note that they've repelled them and that they 
will continue to Lunatz. Kaine dock in from space for the first time and 
say not to leave him behind.  Aizak tells Kid who wants to dock in the 
White Base that he has a lead to follow and they will go by themselves for 
a while, they can leave the guarding of the ship to Akimi and Watta.

The White Base reaches Lunatz and Fairy excuses herself to report back to 
the company. Bright is in conference with Wakkein who orders the White Base 
to head for Jaburo on Earth. Bright asks that at least, the refugees be 
granted asylum here since there are sick people. Also, in their current 
condition, they can no way reach Jaburo. Wakkein says that the White Base 
is a new model ship and while he's sorry that there are refugees aboard, 
they need the White Base to go to Jaburo at once as per order from Jaburo.  
They can unload the refugee and get resupply at Jaburo. He will resupply 
them as best as he can. After Bright leave quite angry, a subordinate asks 
Wakkein if the White Base will really reach Jaburo. Wakkein doesn't know, 
all he can do is gives them supply and an accompanying Salamis. The war 
against Zeon and Giganos had turned so bad that they're drafting civilians 

Bright relays the news to everyone and Mirai says that the civilian 
contractor (Akimi and Watta) are to extend their contract until Jaburo. 
Watta note that this is turning out to be one long job but he can't leave 
the refugee unattended. Akimi is of course disheartened at this but Mirai 
says that they're relying on Akimi and Watta. Kai asks if the White Base 
will make the trip alone and Sayla says that one Salamis will accompany 
them since that's all the Feds can spare.

Amuro tells Kai to stop complaining, it's not going to change anything and 
Akimi says that they'd better check up on their machine. Amuro note that 
they'll have to do this in order to survive.

Episode 5

Char and Maiyo note that the V-Plan MS and the D-Weapon are stronger than 
they imagined. Char says that intelligence report that the Feds are already 
planning mass-produced MS / Metal Armours based on these prototypes. Char 
note that they'll trail the White Base and observe them for a while. Maiyo 
ask if they should rendezvous with friendly troops for greater firepower 
though Char says that the White Base will probably make a run for Earth, 
either Jaburo or Japan from the looks of things now, so they can't let them 
slip away too far.

The White Base launched from Lunatz to Jaburo. Meanwhile in a Salamis, 
Shiro Amada takes a look at Earth and note that it's different from looking 
at it from Side 2. Shiro tells Michael to take a look though Michael isn't 
up for it since they're going there to wage war and Shiro says that that's 
right, they'll drive the Zeon out from Earth. Michael note that Shiro 
doesn't get it, it's like he think he's going for a picnic or something. 
They are suddenly witness to a Federation/ Zeon skirmish in which the 
Federation troops are slaughtered and Santas wonder if this is the end for 
him. Shiro wants to go out to help and runs to the Bridge to get permission. 
At the Bridge, Captain Reed says that the battle is too close and they have 
to get away since their mission is to rendezvous with the White Base to 
escort it. Shiro says they can't abandon their allies though Reed says they 
have no means to fight but Shiro says that they have a Ball and he'll use 

Shiro deploys and note that he can't just let an ally die while watching 
since he doesn't want a repeat of what happened in Side 2. Shiro rush over 
to Santas and tells him to retreat to the Salamis, he'll hold them off and 
he rush to grab the experimental Zaku piloted by Aina Saharin. He manages 
to rush them both away from the battlefield. Norris is shocked by this but 
can't leave the battlefield to search for her yet. Santas's ally is 
slaughter as he retreated which leaves him alone to fight.

The White Base arrives and Reed fills Bright in on the situation and Bright 
orders the team's deployment. The J9 team also arrive saying that they saw 
the experimental Zaku and a Ball crashed together heading for parts unknown 
and decide to investigate. Aizaku says that Char might appear so keep their 
guard up.

Giganos troops appears saying that Char ordered them to come help Norris 
and Norris wonder if they're actually after the federation ship. The team 
defeats Norris and the other troops. Santas asks them to find the Ball's 
pilot. Meanwhile Shiro is lost in space and have landed on space debris. He 
hopes someone finds him and someone does, only it's Aina Saharin, the Zeon 
pilot he had a tango with. Shiro tells Aina to stop with the gun, there's 
no Zeon or Federation right now, they have to work together to both survive 
since the air is running out. They both agree to split up to search for 
something to use to signal their respective ally and rendezvous in ten 
minutes. Shiro's watch is broken so Aina gave him her personal watch. Shiro 
found a firework missile and he hopes it works. Aina says that if it 
doesn't they'll both die, Shiro says it'll work, there's Earth over there, 
he's going down there. Aina asks why and Shiro says that it's to wage war 
but also he think he's going to find the answer he wants on Earth on who he 
is, what he can do and so on. Aina says that Shiro doesn't fit the image of 
a Federation soldier that she imagined, she's a bit jealous.

 Norris arrives to find Aina and Aina tells Shiro to come with her, Shiro 
refuse saying that he doesn't want to be a captive and his side will come 
soon enough. Akina introduce herself to Shiro who does likewise and she 
left before he can give her watch back. Santas arrives to rescue Shiro.

Shiro is sound asleep in the White Base and Frau says that he's just tired 
from the ordeal which makes Michael note that Shiro's a remarkable guy. 
Michael introduce himself to Santas, he's been ordered to join the same 
squad as Santas, the 08th Ms Squad as they are now called are ordered to 
remain stationed on the White Base and their leader is sleeping beauty over 
there. Santas laughs and says that that's good and Michael says that it 
isn't, under this no regards for his life captain here (or could it be 
Yuuki) he's not gonna have enough lives. Santas says that Shiro saved HIS 
life and there's no telling what will happen in war. Santas note to himself 
that Shiro Amada may be the one who breaks his curse of bad luck.

Kaine asks Bright if it's true that Shiro will be their commander and Tapp 
note that he sure has the devil's luck. Amuro asks if that means Shiro will 
take over as the Gundam's pilot and Bright says that he'll ask Shiro's 
opinion. Aizak arrives and says that they were tracking Zeon movement after 
they left but they'll be joining up with the ship from now. Poncho also 
arrives and says that he's the J9's manager. Kaine says that with the J9 
team here, it'll sure get exciting though Ryu says that this is no game and 
Bright and Sarge Ben orders them to go to the deck and prep their Dragonars.

Bright grumbles that this isn't a school but Aizak says that those people 
were in school just a little while ago and Kid assures Bright that they're 
good which makes Bowie asks if Kid wants to find and train a protege from 
one of them. Kid says that he's not that old yet.

At the Deck, Akimi notes that they're entering the atmosphere and Amuro 
says that Char might take advantage of that. Fairy notes that being 
attacked here might prove difficult for them especially with newbie pilots. 
Watta says it's no problem with all of them banded together and Akimi says 
that Watta sure is cheerful and Watta says that the Red comet can come, in 
the atmosphere, Trider can still work easily.

Episode 5A

Shiro is asked by the Dragonar team to teach them some dog-fight techniques 
though he's not sure how to teach them since they just met. Kaine says that 
he doesn't have to get them to equal the enemy aces but just enough so that 
the enemies won't run rings around them. Shiro says he understands and 
he'll arrange a combat simulation in 10 minutes.

In Akimi's room, Fairy is telling Akimi about the training that Kaine and 
the others are going to go through with Shiro and Akimi says that they've 
sure got the drive. Fairy continues smiling "Well, it's certainly 
encouraging" and Akimi then says sheepishly "Uh oh, I have a bad feeling 
this is leading up to something" Fairy conclude saying that they haven't 
trained for a while so they should rectify that situation but Akimi bails 

At the cafeteria, Rose and the others are conversing amongst the refugees 
when Sayla and Sarge Ben comes in asking for volunteers to help in the 
White Base's reentry, especially technicians. Linda says that she's study 
some engineering before though it might not be much and Dian and Rose also 
volunteer to help even though they might not be much help.

At the deck, Kai asks if Hayato is training in the simulator again and 
wonders if it's gonna make much of a difference with the enemies right 
after them though Ryu tells him to shut it. Shiro arrives saying that he's 
going out to train with the D-Team. Kaine meets Linda and Sarge Ben 
explains how Linda volunteered to help and Kaine says that they'll protect 
this ship no matter what.

Suddenly the alarm sounds, an enemy ship is fast approaching them. Light 
says that the enemies are cutting into their training time though it can't 
be helped so the D-Team deploys along with the others. Kaine says that to 
protect the babe, they'll go through anything. Light says that once they 
get down to Earth, everything should be fine from then on so they have to 
shape up and fight. Shiro admires their courage and says that he and the 
others will deploy right behind them.

The team manages to take care of the enemies without them delaying reentry. 
Upon returning to the White Base, Kaine smirk and asks if Linda saw that 
and Linda, Rose and Dian praise the three for good work. Meanwhile Shiro 
note that the Dragonar team might be a bunch of civilian newbies but 
they're quite skilled. From now on their lives are in his hands so he's got 
to work hard at leading them. Suddenly the watch that Shiro got from Aina 
began to beep and Shiro wonders how to stop this thing. After a little 
fumble, he stopped it and wonders how Aina is doing.

Episode 6
Shiro formally announces himself to the White Base pilot crew and that he 
will, for now, be leading the team in battle and he wants everyone to 
remain in their current MS/ Metal Armours, etc for now. Amuro asks why he 
has to remain as the Gundam's pilot since usually someone with military 
training like Shiro should be best qualified to take over the Gundam. Shiro 
says that his own MS is waiting for him on Earth and for Amuro to get 
acquainted with the Gundam as much as possible.

At the Bridge, Bright asks Mirai if she's comfortable entering the 
atmosphere and Mirai says that she did it once when she flew a space glider 
but that was with full contact with personnel on Earth. Bright says that 
the basics are the same though Mirai is more worried about Char attacking 
and Bright says for her to focus on getting them through the atmosphere 

Sayla announce reentry and for all personnel to remain in designated 
quarters. Watta asks if Trider is in top shape and his employees say that 
they just finished repairing it. Akimi note that Watta is sure care-free, 
it must be because he's gone into and back from space a lot of time on his 
own. Fairy says that as pilots, they should relax when they can since they 
don't know when they'll be called into action again. Akimi says she knows 
that but she can't helped but be worried, she note that Fairy seems right 
at home in space, maybe she actually came from outer space. Fairy asks if 
that's so and Akimi says that it seems that way with her being this 
superwoman in everything.

Reed says that he'll go through reentry with the Salamis's capsule but 
suddenly the capsule is damaged by a Musai's fire and Reed barely makes it 
to the White Base. Bright orders the team to deploy and Amuro to detain the 
enemy. This is so that the White Base makes a run for Earth's atmosphere 
though Amuro resents being ordered and pressured like that. Sayla tells him 
to be careful and Amuro snaps back asking if she really think he can be 
careful in the midst of combat. Sayla says that of course he can. Beaten, 
Amuro deploys "Amuro, ikimasu." Shiro deploys in a Guncannon to help Amuro 
and Shiro tells himself to be calm and Santas hopes that everyone makes it 
out alive. Everyone else also deploys.

Maiyo and the Practice along with Char blocks their path and Maiyo note 
that the enemy will be making a break for reentry which is why this is the 
best chance to attack. Norris also says that he will fight on Aina's behalf. 
Meanwhile at the White Base, Reed asks why Bright allows the Gundam and D-
Weapon to deploy, they have to do reentry in 6 minutes and they can't lose 
those two super prototypes. Bright says that Reed can say whatever he want, 
his mission is to reach Jaburo alive with all his personnel.

Char and Maiyo are defeated and Maiyo is astonished that the D-Weapon's 
pilots have gotten better this quickly. The team reached the atmosphere and 
prepares to do reentry. Bright tells Amuro and the Dragonar trio to hurry 
up and get back in but suddenly one Zaku appear intent on sinking the White 
Base. Amuro and the Dragonar trio surround it and demolishes it but all 
five of them are caught in Earth's gravity and is beginning to be pulled 
down. The Zaku pilot begs Char for help but Char says that the Zaku cannot 
withstand reentry, but the pilot's death wouldn't be in vain since they'll 
now have another chance at the White Base. Aina asks Norris if they can't 
do something but Norris says that it's too late.Bright ask if they can't 
move the White Base closer to get them in but is told that this is the 
closest they could go. Watta says that he'll go get them and Trider G7 
deploy. The Vice pres tells Bright to believe in their Pres.

The White Base goes through reentry and once they regain visual see two 
forms entering the atmosphere. It is the Gundam and Trider G7 in carrier 
mode, the Dragonar team is on top of Trider preventing them from burning up.

 Maiyo note that Char's plan was twofold, if they couldn't sink the White 
Base, then they could alter it's reentry course. Char says that from his 
estimate, the White Base should be landing in Zeon territory commanded by 
Garuma Zabi.

Episode 7

Reed is told that they've been forced to land in Zeon territory in the 
United States. They can only do one thing and that is to do their best on 
their own to get out and head for Jaburo. Shiro and Ryu are told to brief 
the pilots on this, it's vital they know the White Base's situation. Ryu 
says that after reentry, Amuro's condition is getting a little strange.

Meanwhile at the cafeteria, the Dragonar trios are wooing Linda, Rose and 
Dian (as usual) asking how they feel coming to Earth and promising to take 
them for a drive around Earth soon. Dian note that the Dragonar trio are 
perky as usual and Light and Tapp says that they won't get anything out of 
being glum and a worrywart. Kaine says that he is worried about Amuro a 
little since he's shut himself off in his room ever since reentry. Dian 
thanks them for getting them down to Earth and Tapp and Light says that 
they should celebrate and lookie here, he's found this nice little sake. 
Unfortunately Sarge Ben comes and takes the stuff from them telling them to 
go on patrol. He mutters that these twerps seem to need constant 
supervision all the time.

Frau Bo comes to visit Amuro who's trying to sleep since he hasn't gotten a 
decent night's sleep since leaving Side 7 but he can't seem to fall asleep. 
Frau asks if Amuro should consult Sayla who's training to be a doctor. 
Amuro shout to leave him alone. Frau tells him to stop it, this isn't like 
Amuro but Amuro retort that riding an MS and fighting others isn't like him 
also. Frau says that the war between the Feds and Zeon/ Giganos have taken 
their toll on both side with teenagers being drafted to fight.

Amuro says that the Feds are using them as bait; they're developing 
stronger new weapons and needs something to draw the Zeon/ Giganos's 
attention which is them.
Frau says that Amuro is over thinking things.

Meanwhile at a Zeon base, Garuma looks over recon photo of the White Base. 
Char arrives along with Maiyo and Aina and Garuma tease him that it isn't 
like him to not be able to stop one ship. Char hits back calling Garuma by 
his full title which cause Garuma to pause and says to just call him Garuma 
like the old days.

Aina is introduced and Garuma says that her brother Gineas is also here. 
Garuma tells Char to rest up though Char says that he won't let his prey 
out of his sight. Garuma then asks if Char wants to accompany him in 
attacking the White Base right now.

Garuma's force arrives at the White Base's location and Garuma says that 
this act will finally make him a man in other's eyes, especially his 
family's. Char laughs maniacally which Garuma tells him to stop, others are 
watching (This should have been your first clue, bright boy)

Maka and Osuka, the White Base's operators say that Zeon troops are 
deploying and that another ship is heading for them. Reed note that it's 
the Federation's Media carrier, it must have rushed through enemy line. 
Bright says that it's quite reckless for them to do that. Matilda contacts 
them saying that this is the supply ship and they have materials for the 
White Base and the White Base has to get here fast. Reed note that it must 
be the 08th MS team's Mobile Suits that they're carrying, they can't afford 
to lose that. Reed orders Shiro, Santas and Miguel to get ready to board 
the Media and take their MS once they reach it

The White Base reach the Media and Matilda tells them to hurry and get into 
their MS. Karen says to open the hatch for the Ground Type Gundam and 
Eledor says that he's doing that now. Shiro note that this is HIS Gundam 
and ask who Karen and Eledor are, Karen says that she is Karen Joshua, one 
of his subordinate in the 08th MS team and so is Eledor. Shiro says to do 
their best and now that they're all together and though he may not know 
much about them yet, he has one thing to say, don't die, there is no glory 
in death. Eledor notes that Shiro sure is naive but keeps it to himself.

The 08th MS team deploys and Migel ask where HIS MS is and Eledor says that 
Migel is riding the hover with him. Migel lament saying that he thought 
he'd get an MS to pilot and Santas says that Migel's a little too green for 
piloting an MS.

Char says that new MS have popped out of the Media and Garuma wonders when 
the Feds were able to amass this much firepower and decides to deploy 
himself since he has his position and reputation on line. It's something 
Char wouldn't understand since he had no family. Char says that he will 
deploy also.

Shiro tries to attack an enemy but Karen tells him to pull back since he's 
not good enough yet, Shiro ask if she's questioning his skill and Karen 
says that this is different from battle in space and Shiro says that 
unskilled people have their own ways of fighting, just she watch.

Char is defeated by Amuro and Garuma tells him to pull back. Garuma himself 
is defeated, (don't mess with Super Robots with just a Gau, bright boy) 
Shiro note that he's getting the hang of fighting on ground and apologize 
for worrying Karen. Karen note that it's probably because of the MS's spec 
that Shiro is still breathing and Santas note that everyone is ok, he's 
going to bet on the Captain's strong luck.

At the White Base bridge, Matilda says that Reed, injured and sick 
personnel and refugees are to be transported to the Media while the 
personnel like Karen and Eledor along with the MS are to board the White 
Base and for the White Base to continue it's course. The Dragonar team 
tries to protest saying they were roped into this and Matilda says that she 
came here on order of General Revil and this is her order. Bright asks why 
they have to maintain present course. Matilda says that General Revil 
consider the White Base's capability and fighting prowess as equal to the 
best of the Federation army and the rest of the Federation is not in much 
of a shape right now.

Bright asks when they can get the next supply and Matilda says that they 
have to get out of Zeon territory but she will say this, the Federation are 
not abandoning them and letting them out to dry. The J9 team tells everyone 
that they have been asked to accompany / guard the Media out of Zeon 
territory. Akimi note that the Media now has refugee and V-Plan data on it 
so guarding it is a necessity but then note that if the White Base go with 
the Media, they could get out of here. Fairy says that it's dangerous since 
the Zeon will be gunning more for them. Akimi then note that for the Media 
to get out safely, they have to draw the Zeon's attention. Akimi note that 
things are getting so complicated, just when she is going to be able to go 

Meanwhile Aina meet with Ginias who tells her that the Apsalas prototype is 
ready and it will change the face of the battle. Aina says that she wants 
to be her brother's strength.

At the Zeon Dukedom, Giren Zabi tells Degin that Garuma is in contact with 
them.Garuma apologize for being defeated but Degin tells him not to worry 
about it and Garuma promise that he will have good news for them next time. 
Giren asks if Degin isn't too soft on Garuma. Degin says that this isn't 
time to focus on victory on a small battlefield, the Feds are up to 
something, a major counter attack of which the V-Plan are but a small part. 
Giren says that even so, Garuma's loss would affect their troop's morale 
and says that they should have Gineas complete the Apsalas as soon as 
possible, with it they can use it to take over Jaburo.

Episode 8

Char and Garuma are planning their next move against the White Base and 
Garuma is glad to have Char here to support him. Garuma then invites Char 
to a party he's holding. At the party, Gineas thanks everyone for their 
involvement in the Apsaras project which has finished it's first phase and 
Garuma says that they're counting a lot on Gineas's project and Gineas says 
that that's why Lord Degin gave him a lot of fundings and he's glad to be 
of help. Iserina then greets Garuma and Garuma note that Iserina had been 
talking to Aina. Garuma tells Aina to enjoy the party and excuse himself 
and Iserina. Aina herself isn't feeling too well and excuse herself.

At the veranda, Norris asks why Aina came here and Aina says that it's for 
her brother's dream. Aina says that if Apsaras is completed, the war will 
change but lots of people are going to die. Norris says that he will pay 
the price for that since his life is devoted to the Saharin house. Aina 
note that with her bloodline, her reputation, her honor weighing on her, 
sometime she feels like a puppet to all these things and she's a little 
jealous of Iserina who's free from this to be with her man.

Garuma ask if Iserina's father still won't accept his daughter being in 
love with the son of the Zeon dukedom's leader but Iserina says that she 
doesn't care about Federation or Zeon, even if she betrayed her father, she 
will be by his side. Garuma says that once he finishes with a project (the 
White Base) his father will listen to his request. A solider informs Garuma 
of the White Base's location and Garuma order the Gau to deploy along with 
alerting Char.

At the Zeon airbase, Maiyo is surprised that Garuma isn't asking for their 
help and Char says that Garuma has a lot of confidence this time since the 
White Base is near a border line that's a Zeon stronghold. Gineas says that 
the Apsalas prototype is also ready for use and it would be a good test to 
pit it against a mother ship like the White Base. Char says he understands 
but Lord Dekin expects a lot out of the Apsalas project and they can't 
afford for it to be shot down. Gineas doesn't like that though his body is 
in no shape to argue and Char tells Gineas to rest, he'll take care of 
things and if the conditions are good, he'll request the Apsalas be 

Meanwhile the White Base is in the ruins of a city with Zeon forces closing 
in on them. Bright decides to hide the White Base inside the ruins of a 
dome and for all pilots to be on standby. Amuro is quite annoyed that 
they're not really soldiers but Bright is ordering them around like so but 
Light and Tapp tells Amuro to quit it since no one like fighting but they 
have to make it to Jaburo. Shiro tells Amuro that he understands Amuro's 
feeling but they all have to work together to survive and he wants Amuro's 
help. Amuro tries to tell Shiro that that's not what he was trying to say 
but then apologize for troubling them all.

A Gau fleet arrives and starts bombing the city trying to lure the White 
Base out. A lot of the people on the White Base are scared and Watta asks 
why they're just sitting here hiding, they should go out and kick butt. 
Fairy tells Watta that with their supplies limited, they have to pick their 
fights carefully and avoid fights that can be avoided.

Garuma decides to search for the White Base on foot and Char volunteer for 
that. Garuma tells Char that once he finds the White Base, he should tell 
him at once so he can take the Gau to destroy it. Bright note that the 
enemies are now on foot and to deploy their forces and to lure the enemy 
ship into the White Base's firing range so that they can sink it in one 
concentrated barrage.

Char note that the White Base isn't coming out, their MS troops are trying 
to lure the Gau fleet somewhere, which means the White Base should be 
inside that dome and it's quite a good plan really.

Char is then sunk by Amuro and he notes that he doesn't have to give it 
everything he's got this time and retreats. However he tells Garuma that 
the White Base is beyond the area where the enemy MS are retreating, beyond 
that dome over there. Bright sees the Gau going pass them and orders the 
weapon primed and the engine started and soon the White Base attacks, 
damaging the Gau severely. Garuma decides to turn the Gau around to 
kamikaze himself onto the White Base. Char's voice then comes over the 
intercom to Garuma/ "Garuma, if you hear this, curse yourself for being 
born, you were a good friend but your father wasn't such a good man, 
hahahahahahaha" Garuma then shouted "Char... you  TRICKED me." Bright note 
that the Gau is trying to kamikaze itself and orders Mirai to raise 
altitude and burn rubber to get out of it's path. The Gau crash killing 
Garuma but the White Base is ok and Char leaves. Karen notes that it isn't 
just luck that they survived this long. Watta note that this was what's 
called a strategy, he should take notes and his staff tells him that that's 
good but he shouldn't forget to study his normal curriculum also. Watta 
tells them to stop reminding him of that. Fairy notes that the plan almost 
went too well as if they had an unknown collaborator but puts it out of her 

Iserina is shocked to learn of Garuma's death and so are Gineas, Aina, 
Maiyo and the Practice. Gineas note that they should have deployed the 
Apsaras, Garuma was one of the few people who truly supported his project.

Meanwhile at the White Base, Bright hope that the enemies would stop 
harassing them for a while and Mirai tells him that while the ship is 
roughly ok, everyone has been pushed to their limit. Shiro and Ryu agree 
that the pilots' stress had been building ever since they left Side 3 
especially Amuro's. It might be best to not put them on duty for a while. 
Bright says that he'll leave the personnel management to Shiro. Ryu also 
says that one of the Ground Type Gundam's head was also damage as a result 
of the blast from the Gau's kamikaze and they had to fix it what they've 
got and the results aren't pretty. Bright says that as long as it moves and 
fights he's ok with it.

Episode 9

Bright note that they've made it past enemy line so now they have to decide 
their route to Jaburo. The shortest route however is peppered with Zeon 
base so Bright decides to make a detour to the west and get some resupply 
from Federation base there. Shiro note that Japan's self defense force has 
good relation with the Federation and Bright note that a lot of the people 
here are from Japan, if they head there, a lot of them would relax and 
decides on that route.

Several days later, Japan

At the Juusenkitai base, Shinobu note that he's finish recon and now to log 
some time in the battle simulator. Shinobu sees Shapiro talking with Sarah 
who says that she'll be at Shapiro's side no matter what. Shapiro berates 
Shinobu for his bad landing and Shinobu counter that the two of them should 
get a room instead of doing their love scene in public. Shapiro then tells 
Shinobu that he's too green and can never match him as he is now. Shinobu 
tries to put that to the test but Shapiro sends him backward with a kick 
and tells him to go practice some more.

Ryou and Masato then ask if he got into a scuffle with Shapiro again and 
Masato tells him of the news that they'll soon be assigned to the White 
Base which Shinobu note is that new Federation ship they've heard about. 
Shinobu asks if Shapiro is coming too and Masato says that of course he is, 
and Shinobu note that that's a drag. Suddenly an enemy alert is sounded. 
Ryou tells Shinobu to calm down because they're a secret group so they 
can't go out whenever they choose. Commander Ross Igol says that a huge 
enemy fleet is attacking Japan and will cross path with the White Base. The 
Juusenkitai are to deploy and support the White Base. Masato note that the 
White Base seems to be extremely important and Ryou note that it's 
important enough to blow the Juusenkitai's secret for.

Meanwhile at the Adarus base, Dr.Arl asks where Lord Kento is going and 
Kento says that he isn't this prince of the planet that Dr. Arl wants him 
to be. Dr. Arl says that the proof is that Kento got Atlas, Berarios and 
Ganpa to combine so he is definitely the son of Prince Harin and the heir 
to the throne of Elios. Danji then say that Kento is a war orphan just like 
them and nothing else. Dr. Arl then says that Lord Kento is the key to the 
revival of Elios after he defeats the Zarl Intergalactic Empire. Tanosuke 
says that Kento defeated them already and Dr. Arl says that that was just a 
recon unit which will tell the Zarl of Daltanias's appearance and they will 
soon attack the Earth.. Manabu suddenly says that enemy forces are 
appearing. Kento note that it can't be helped and tells Danji that they 
should deploy. Sanae tells them to be careful.

Appearing in the city, Danji says that they have to do as least damage to 
the city as possible and Dr. Arl tells them to combine. Kento shouted 
"Cross In" and Daltanias is formed.

Daltanias is attacked and Danji tells him to be careful though Kento 
retorted that it's taking all he's got to pilot this thing, he still 
doesn't have the hang of it. Dancougar arrives and Masato wonder if the 
Lion chest robot is their friend. Shinobu then ask to which organization 
does it belong to. Kento asks if they're military, if so shut up. He hates 
military people, especially those like Shinobu. Shinobu is ready to come 
tear Kento a new one but Sarah reminds him that the mission comes first. 
Shinobu then retort that Sarah is all good-girl like in front of Shapiro. 
Shapiro says that if the other robot isn't an enemy then let them do like 
they please since the White Base is soon to enter this area.

The White Base arrives and is surprised to find that a battle is going on. 
Ryu note that they thought they could relax a bit here. Shinobu makes 
contact with the White Base telling Bright that they've been assigned to 
the White Base and are here to protect them. Fairy couldn't believe that 
the Feds have developed something other than an MS. Akimi then asks who the 
other one is and Shinobu says that they're someone in need of a buttkicking 
but not now, they don't seem to be enemy. Kento tells him to stop 
badmouthing him and Watta tells Kento to focus on the enemy at hand first.

Shinobu note as the White Base team enter the battle that they're pretty 
good. However, suddenly Shapiro says that another enemy force has entered 
the fray. It is Baron Ashura leading Dr. Hell's Kikaijuu army out to 
conquer Japan and you know that this is a job for the Mazinger team of 
Kabuto Kouji and Tsurugi Tetsuya in their Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger.

Kouji shouted that he won't let Ashura do as he pleases. Sayaka and Boss 
also come berating Kouji for leaving them behind like that and Kouji says 
that they'll get in the way of him and Tetsuya. The Mazinger team then 
enters the fray. After a couple more minutes, the Earth Defense Class also 
shows up with RaijinOh and Jin note that everyone's already tangoed without 
them. Watta note that the EDC are still ok and Jin says that while Watta 
and Akimi were out in space, they were the one protecting Japan. Akimi says 
that that must have been tough taking care of Japan all by their lonesome 
and Jin eats up the praise saying that as long as the EDC is here, these 
morons won't be able to do anything. Ashura gets angry and orders the 
Kikaijuu to take them out.

However Ashura is no match for the assembled Super robots and has to beat a 
hasty retreat. Jin then greets Akimi and Watta that it's been a while and 
Koji says that they should have called. Watta says that they didn't expect 
to have to deploy and fight here and Akimi says that she didn't think the 
Mazinger team would also arrive to bail them out. Kouji says that it's all 
right but they have to go now, they'll meet again. The EDC also has to 
return to class and Commander Igol tells the White Base to head for the 
Juusenkitai base. Kento decides to go home also but is stopped by Dancougar 
saying that they have a lot to talk about. Kento is annoyed but Dr. Arl 
says that they should go along since it was with Dancougar and the team's 
help that they won and Kento reluctantly agrees.

At Kroppen's ship, Kroppen and his commander learns of Daltanias's 
appearance on Earth and that of the gathered force it seems to be allied 
with and Kroppen swears that he will destroy Daltanias and it's ally.

At the Juusenkitai base, Commander Igol is told about Daltanias and the 
Zarl Empire. Dr. Arl says that he created Daltanias to fight against the 
Zarl but upon it's completion, Elios was pretty much conquered so he had to 
flee with the prince Harlin but they got separated when they arrived on 
Earth. Lord Kento is the heir to Lord Harlin. Shinobu can't believe that 
this brat is a prince and Kento says that he knows and he doesn't believe 
it himself. Commander Igol finds that hard to believe but Dr. Arl persist 
that it's the truth. Commander Igol says that if that's true then they have 
a common enemy since the Juusenkitai was created to fight against the 
aliens that attacked the Mars base  Commander Igol says that they want Dr. 
Arl's help since they know so little about outer space.

Kento says to not make deal without his consent, he's not going and Danji 
agrees with both saying that they're not going to go out there and die for 
someone they don't know, he's only fighting to protect his friend and has 
no intention of helping out the Feds in their war. Commander Igol then says 
that if it's true, the Zarl will target them and Daltanias and they will 
endanger the lives of their friends. Shinobu adds that Kento's just afraid 
of fighting which is why he's coming up with excuses. Masato apologize for 
Shinobu saying that their leader is foul mouthed and Ryou adds that 
Shinobu's just worried whether Kento and Danji can continue to protect 
their friends by themselves if this keeps up. It might be wiser to make use 
of the team to survive. Kento can't find anything to argue with and 
Commander Igol then says that it's decided.

Bright meets with Commander Igol, Shapiro and Dr. Hatsuki and Commander 
Igol says that he will resupply them as much as he can and adds Daltanias 
and Dancougar to their rank. Commander Igol says that they cannot take 
refugee from the White Base since that would compromise the integrity and 
secrecy of the base even more so they have to strengthen up the White Base 
for its journey. They will also need to send data of alien invaders to 
Jaburo on the White Base.

At the White Base Cafeteria, Akimi asks Kaine if it's true that they've got 
leave and Kaine says it is, they've got leave to go outside and some free 
time and Akimi is up for it but Fairy says that they have to return to 
Saishou Industry for machine maintenance which peeves Akimi to no end.

The next day, back at Saishou Industry, Akimi is lounging around her dad's 
office and overhear Fairy's voice saying that she can't stand hiding the 
fact from everyone else and Suiun says that everyone is doing their best to 
stay alive right now, they don't need more worry. Fairy says that at least 
they should tell Akimi but Suiun says that once Akimi gets emotional about 
things, she doesn't see the big picture. Akimi then comes in and asks what 
the heck they're keeping secret from her. Suiun says it doesn't concern her 
and Fairy says that Akimi heard nothing but Akimi says that Fairy wanted to 
tell her something, wasn't she? Fairy says that she can't just yet and 
excuse herself.

Suiun and Jinpui say that Fairy was feeling guilty about keeping something 
from Akimi and for Akimi to learn about it like this must really be hard. 
Akimi says that she'll pretend she heard nothing, at least for a while at 
least for Fairy.

A bit annoyed, Akimi went to the park noting that she's had the fun drained 
out of her and takes the chance to screech and scream a little out of 
frustration. This attracts the attention of Jeeg who tells her to quit it. 
Jeeg then realize it's Akimi and says that he's been waiting for her 
everyday since she said she'd come here a lot, what a waste of time. Akimi 
brightens up and ask "Oh...were you waiting for me?" "Could it be that 
you're...." and Jeeg tells her not to get any ideas, he's only interested in 
Saishou Industry. Akimi starts to sniffle a little looking a bit down 
prompting Jeeg to try and do his best to cheer her up to which Akimi then 
bursts out laughing saying "Made you look, god you're easy." Jeeg isn't 
exactly amused and Akimi apologize saying that she hasn't had a good laugh 
for a while since there were lots of things to be worried about so he's 
done her a big favour and she's really happy that he was worried about her.

Jeeg says "oh..well...ah..I'm glad you're ok" and Akimi says that she's glad 
he's ok too. Jeeg then ask why she didn't go to school since he checked and 
Akimi says that it's a secret. Jeeg then ask if she's a part of some secret 
weapon or something trying to pry more info from her. Akimi thinks that all 
boys are alike since they seem to like big guns and asks if Jeeg has an 
interest in her company's product. Jeeg says that he saw a humanoid weapon 
which he's interested in though it hasn't been around lately. Akimi froze 
and meekly says "Well...I wouldn't know..." Jeeg then ask what she's doing 
here anyway and Akimi says that she's come here to get her father out of 
her mind and Jeeg note that she's definitely hiding something but it's best 
to change the subject before she notice he's quizzing her.  Putting on his 
best fake smile, he apologize for asking a lot about stuff and Akimi note 
that the guy must really be interested in her to ask this much nonsense.

Jeeg then asks if Akimi's seen this woman before and hands her a picture. 
Akimi note that the girl in the picture is quite a beauty, is this Jeeg's 
girlfriend? Jeeg says that it's a friend of the family that he's searching 
for. Looking closely at the picture, Akimi note that the girl in the 
picture looks eerily like a young Fairy. Akimi tells Jeeg that this person 
looks like someone she knows if she was younger. Jeeg says that the photo 
is a couple of years old so the girl in the photo might have changed her 
hair style and grown a bit. Akimi asks about her name and birthplace. Jeeg 
bluff saying that she's from space (the colonies) and that he doesn't know 
her name because she might be using a fake name back then. Akimi says that 
it seems this is another person from whom she knows since that person is 
from Britain and if he gives her a copy she can use her company's network 
to try and find her for him. Jeeg says that it's ok, he doesn't want to 
make a big deal out of it. Jeeg then note that he has to go and Akimi ask 
if she'll see him again. Again with the fake smile, Jeeg says that they'll 
definitely meet up.

Alone, Jeeg note that Akimi definitely is hiding something about Saishou 
Industry and that robot but he'll get the truth out of her eventually. 
Sally then comes and says that her big bro seems to be all stiff and 
blushing when around Akimi. Jeeg ask if Sally had been watching him and 
Sally says that it's dangerous to make contact like that, he seems to be 
jelly putty in her (Akimi's) hand. Jeeg admits that Akimi can dominate the 
conversation with him and it's hard to get stuff out from her but she's the 
one holding the information they want. Sally reminds Jeeg that they have to 
hurry and finish their investigation on the CUBE and Fairy's location. 

Episode 9A

The Dragonar team is having fun with Linda and the others on the beach. 
However they are called back into action when Jyakku monsters and Baron 
Ashura makes another attempt on the city. Tapp and Light note that it's 
like they haven't rested at all. The EDC's RaijinOh also arrives to help 

Jeeg and Sally sees the Soul Gunner and note that it's that robot from 
before and Sally note that it must have went some place else which is why 
they haven't seen it recently. Jeeg note that it seems a little too 
coincidental that when Akimi returned, the robot also did.

RaijinOh is ganged up on and Jin note that this might be it but suddenly 
Eldoran's voice rings out telling them not to give up, the fate of the 
Earth lies in their hand, Jin says that he understand but RaijinOh can't 
move anymore. Eldoran says that he will lend them his strength once more 
and take them to the nearby Castle saying that he will give them the 
strength to protect the Earth once more and the castle turns into a robot, 
another RaijinOh. Eldoran tells them to protect the beautiful planet Earth 
and leaves. Jin, Koji and Asuka say that the battle is not over yet and 
returns to the fray once more.

Ashura and ilk are defeated and the team returns to base. Later at the 
Cafeteria, Frau Bou asks everyone to be seated for their meal and is 
surprised to find a pig called Tonsuke running around. Frau asks for the 
animal to be put elsewhere but the Daltanias kid wouldn't have it since 
Tonsuke's their friend. Sanae apologize but ask for the kids to do as they 
please for now. Danji wonder what is up with this ship, there are civilians 
running around like crazy. Manabu says that his research shows that over 
half aren't professional soldiers and Ochame asks what's going to happen to 
them now and Kento says that he'll protect them like usual. The ship is 
headed to Jaburo and Jiro ask if Kento is going to cooperate with the Feds 
and Kento reasoned away that he's just using them to get back at those that 
burn down their town.

Episode 10

Akimi note that it sure was a short stay in Japan and she felt that she 
didn't get any R&R at all. The White Base is headed straight for Central 
Asia which is also a Zeon/Giganos territory but not as fortified as America, 
there are guerilla troops fighting against them. Shapiro reports to Bright 
about his assessment on the MS/ Super Robot team's fighting capability, 
they're good but still got a way to go. As for Amuro, he's got talent but 
no discipline as a solider at all. He's begun the process to train other 
crew member to be MS pilot since compared to the Juusenki that makes up 
Dancougar, MS are extremely easy to pilot so they should have more pilots 
ready in no time.

Shinobu and Kento are grumbling about the regimen that Shapiro puts them 
through especially Kento and Danji since they're not exactly soliders 
though Ryou says that it's to make sure they become good enough to protect 
the one they love. Watta's engineer asks what the Juusenki runs on and 
Masato says that it converts their rage energy to move the machine though 
Sarah shuts him up since that's military top secret. Watta hearing this 
notes that Shinobu must really fit the bill since he always seems angry. 
Shiro comes in asking if they've seen Amuro, and Akimi says that outside of 
battle, he's made himself scarce.

Amuro is in his room using the computer as usual and Hayato, Kai and Shiro 
comes in saying that Frau asks them to check up on him and Amuro thanks 
them for the concern and says to tell Frau that he's gotten some rest. 
Shiro tells Amuro not to over do it.

Amuro goes to the deck noting that new enemies mean that there are new 
movement patterns which he has to prepare the Gundam for so he might have 
to do an overhaul on the OS. However he overheard Bright and Mirai talking 
with Bright asking if Mirai think that Amuro is a Newtype and that in order 
for them to survive, it might be best to remove Amuro from the Gundam since 
if they accept him as he is now, he'll come to think of himself as 
something special.

Amuro heard this and runs away and Bright prevents Mirai from going after 
him to explain. Bad move, Bright.

Meanwhile, Eledor heard that his song has made the chart and decides to go 
out to town to celebrate saying that the official reason is to go 
investigate and drags Miguel into it. They met up with Amuro who has 
decided to leave the ship and decide to tag along. Frau sees this and asks 
Amuro to stop and Amuro says that Bright and Mirai told him he was 

Amuro launch taking the Gundam with him along with Eledor and Miguel taking 
their hovertruck. This frustrates Bright to no end. Eledor note that with 
this happening, he guesses he'll have to jump ship from the Federation. 
Shiro is brought up to speed on the three's running away and decides to go 
looking for them and Akimi decides to go too since desertion is a major 
crime in an army. Fairy says she'll try to talk with Bright and calm him 
down a bit.

The three has made it to a bar but Eledor suddenly tells Miguel to take off 
their Federation jacket since he hears Zeon car coming. A large army of 
Zeon including Norris and Ramba Raul's troop arrives at the bar ready for 
some good time before their operation. Ramba's wife, Hamon decides to treat 
Amuro and co. as well. Amuro decides to decline which makes Ramba quite 
interested in him and he decides to treat Amuro as well. One of Ramba's men 
catches Frau who's come to get Amuro, and since she's wearing a Federation 
uniform. Ramba decides to let Frau and Amuro who he surmise as the girl's 
boyfriend go saying that when they meet next time on the battlefield, 
things won't go as easy as this. However he then tells his troops to 
restrain Miguel and Eledor and then tells Norris that they've caught 
Federation spies. Norris and Aina wonder if the Feds have caught on to the 
Apsalas program's testing.

Meanwhile Shiro is at an oasis and meets up with Gigi, a guerilla fighter 
who hates both Zeon and the Feds who knocks him out and takes him to meet 
her leader and father Barest. Barest informs Shiro of Miguel and Eledor's 
capture and Shiro promise to drive the Zeon out of this territory in 
exchange for his freedom. Those two are his first subordinates and he 
doesn't want to let them die. Barest doesn't trust the Federation but Gigi 
note that Shiro is different and Barest relent.

On the way back, Kiki leads Shiro out though with a gun aimed at him. A 
sound comes from Shiro's pocket that is from Aina's watch and Kiki decides 
to take it with Shiro saying to give it back since it's on loan. Meeting up 
with Akimi, Shiro relates his misadventure and what he found out. The two 
meets up with Fairy and Frau who says that Amuro left her again to try and 
rescue Eledor and Miguel. Shiro tells Frauto go back to the White Base and 
get everyone while they go and rescue Amuro.

Eledor and Miguel are surrounded by Zaku aiming for them as sports, both 
doesn't want to die and Miguel blames Eledor for this mess and Eledor says 
to make a break for their Hover truck though he got wounded trying to get 
on so Miguel is the one driving. Amuro arrives in the Gundam to rescue them 
with Ramba Raul arriving in the Gouf noting that if he let one of them go 
while retaining the rest, they would surely bring back others to rescue 
them. Hamon tells him to be careful since they have no idea of the enemy's 

Akimi and Shiro also arrive to help out but so does Norris who says that 
he'll get revenge for Garuma. Then the White Base arrives and Bright says 
that he'll deal with Amuro later and for the rest of the team to deploy. 
Shinobu says that if they were going to run away, do a better job and Kento 
says that he thought that all the Feds solider would quickly sentence 
deserter to death at gunpoint, Shinobu's all right in his book and Masato 
says that Shinobu has broken quite a few law of his own.

Norris is defeated but note that now that they have the White Base's 
location again, they can regroup and attack with much more forces behind 
them. Ramba fights the Gundam and Amuro note that the Gouf is a lot 
different than the Zaku and Ramba Raul says his famous speech "This is no 
Zaku, boy, no Zaku (beat that Heinne)
Ramba is defeated by the Gundam and is surprised that the boy Amuro is the 
pilot, he notes that the time are sure changing. Raul congratulates Amuro 
on his victory but reminds Amuro that it isn't through his own skill that 
he's won but by the power of the Gundam that he's piloting.

Barest says that without MS, the Zeon can be driven off the town and orders 
his guerilla fighters to advance.

At the White Base, Shiro does some disciplining to Miguel telling him that 
the platoon is a team and selfish action can lead to its destruction. He 
then says that he's glad that Miguel's all right and to rest up. He then 
goes to check up on the wounded Eledor.

Amuro isn't so lucky as Bright throws him into the slammer saying that his 
action endangered them all no matter what the reason and refuse to listen 
to Amuro's reason. Amuro says that if the enemies come, they'll just drag 
him out to fight for them again and Ryu says that Amuro isn't the only one 
who can pilot the Gundam and Kai tells Amuro to think about that.

Ryu then ask Bright if what they did was really good for Amuro and Bright 
says that Amuro doesn't think much about other people and their situation 
and it is best if they leave him there until he cools down. Shiro says that 
his two troublemakers have been given stern lectures though Sarge Ben 
thinks that's too light a punishment and Shapiro agrees. Shiro reason that 
the two of them being hunted by Zeon mobile suit is punishment enough. 
Sarge Ben then ask if Eledor is all right and Shiro says that Karen had 
medical training so she's patched him up enough. Shapiro notes that Zeon 
has gotten wind of them and it might be better to stay here and get some 
info from the guerilla until they can determine their course.

In the slammer, Amuro says that he is the one who can best use the Gundam 
and Ramba Raul's word comes back to haunt him that he won only because of 
the Gundam which makes him want to beat Raul fairly.

In the next morning, Shiro and the 08th Team are then drafted by the 
guerilla to carry supplies for them as payment and Shiro tells Karen to go 
along which makes Karen wonder if Shiro has his priority straight.

Meanwhile back at the Zeon Dukedom, Gihren Zabi makes his speech about 
Garuma's death and inspires Zeon solider to fight on against the Federation. 
At a bar, Char hears Gihren's speech asking why Garuma die and mockingly 
says "Because he was a kid (wanting to be a man)." Char is then approach by 
Jeeg and Sally who says that they have a preposition for him.

Episode 10A
Ramba Raul has decides to attack the White Base and the White Base cannot 
outrun them so Bright decides to fight. Amuro is still in the slammer and 
thus undeployable. Ramba tells his men not to be suicidal, this battle is 
meant to chip away the White Base's strength and supply until they're weak 
enough to be taken out. Giganos forces also arrive to aid Ramba Raul in 
getting revenge for Garuma.

The White Base team beat them up and Shapiro note that they'll be after the 
team again. Ryu agrees noting that they're not just any Zeon troops. Light 
says that he picked up their conversation on D-3, it seems they're being 
targeted by Ramba Raul and his troops who are after them as revenge for 
Garuma Zabi's death. Shapiro has heard of the Blue star Ramba Raul (not so 
sure of Ramba's nickname) and note that they've been target by quite an 

Episode 11

Ramba Raul asks Klamp as to the White Base's movement and is told that 
they've made no movement to get out yet but have deployed recon units to 
investigate Zeon stronghold. Klamp wonders if the WB team is aware of that 
project since they might have seen the aftermath of the testing of the 
Apsalas. Ramba Raul tells Hamon that they're still understaffed to take out 
the WB so he'll have to contact Norris for more reinforcement.

True to Klamp's word, the 08th Ms team has found traces of mega particle 
cannon fire from the Apsalas and note that it must be from a new Zeon 
weapon. Kiki then ask if her info was correct, 3 days ago, her men saw 
something going down here.

Shiro radioed the White Base informing them of his team's find and that 
there might be an enemy base nearby. His team will go on ahead to confirm 
it's existence. Shapiro offers his opinion that that is the best course of 
action since they must destroy the super weapon although Bright says that 
their prime objective is to reach Jaburo as quickly as possible and thus 
should avoid unnecessary confrontation. Shapiro says that the top at the 
Federation has acknowledge the WB team as an extremely capable squad that 
can operate by itself and in order to get out of this area safely, it's 
best that they trash the super weapon first before it's operational to be 
used on them.

Shapiro offers a strategy of sending in a team to divert the attention of 
the Zeon while the White Base moves out while another team guards the WB 
during that time. For this they'll need Amuro so his punishment should be 
lifted. Shapiro however notes that his plan is going along quite well, he 
only has to bide for his time.

In the corridor, Sayla note that they'll be attacking a Zeon base and she 
might have a chance to make contact with a Zeon solider and hear about her 
big brother.

The Dragonar team and a couple more units are send to aid the 08th Ms team 
in taking out the Zeon base and it's new super weapon which Shiro has guess 
that it might be a new Mobile Armour. The new MA or Apsalas is piloted by 
Aina and Norris note that the Feds have turn the table on them attacking 
first before they can go aid Ramba Raul in attacking them. Norris tells the 
Cyclop troops to help hold them off since the Apsalas is still a test unit. 
Aina note that the WB is here and it's a chance to get revenge for Garuma 
and Isarina.

The battle begins and the White Base soon arrives to break through the line. 
Suddenly Osuka says that the Gundam is launching even though Bright hasn't 
given the order and Osuka says that it seems Sayla is behind the wheel. Ryu 
says that Sayla isn't good enough yet and it shows when the Gundam crash 
landed on the ground. Sayla note that things went better in the simulation 
but now that she's out, she's got to get contact with a Zeon solider. Ramba 
Raul's troop deploy as they have been tailing the White Base. Shapiro note 
that it's not a large force, they can wipe the enemy out in one go and to 
deploy units to assist the Gundam. Shapiro also request Amuro be transfer 
into the Gundam right away and Bright tells Frau to get Amuro from 

Ramba Raul targets the Gundam and Raul note that they're quite green having 
deployed the Gundam when the hatch to it's cockpit isn't repaired and gets 
close to finish Amuro who he thought is piloting the Gundam. He then see 
that it's a girl and whips out his pistol telling her to surrender but then 
is shocked to see Sayla's face asking if she is Alteicia. Sayla is 
surprised to hear her real name and Ramba Raul ask if she's forgotten the 
son of Zimba Raul who was Zeon Daikun's loyal subordinate. Sayla ask why 
then does he have his gun pointed at Alteicia.  Ramba is at loss for word 
when Ryu comes out in the Guntank and Raul attacked it and Ryu return fire. 
Ryu tells Sayla to get away and Amuro will take her place. Sayla tells 
Ramba Raul to turn back.

Ramba Raul retreat and tells Hamon to attack the White Base and he'll 
assist. Hamon asks what just happen and Ramba Raul says that he made one of 
the greatest folly in fighting. Amuro in the Gundam attacks and finishes 
him off and Ramba Raul note that it's the boy from before and Ramba Raul 
then says to watch closely, this is what happens when you fall in battle. 
Ramba Raul dies and Sayla can only regret his passing.

Aina's Apsalas falls (this is not SRW AP where you have 20,000 HP up you 
know) and Shiro decides to take advantage by clinging on as Aina tries to 
leave the battlefield. Aina tells the MS pilot to get off, does he want to 
die. Shiro remembers that voice as both Apsalas and Ground Type Gundam 
takes off. Shinobu note that he can still try to shoot it down with the 
DancouHou but Ryou says that at height and at that distance, Shiro will be 
the one to die if Shinobu shoot it down. Karen reports to the White Base 
that their leader has gone missing and Bright says that they're in the 
midst of operation, they'll have to deal with it later. Kiki can't believe 
that Shiro is gone.

Kosun is defeated and Bright note that the pilot must have been knocked 
unconscious so they should capture him for information. Hamon is of course 
furious at Amuro for killing her husband and Amuro tells Hamon to stop, 
Ramba Raul is dead.

Hamon is defeated and Frau asks what they will do to the captured Zaku 
pilot and Bright says that he'll think about it, first they have to see 
about Shiro. 

Speaking of Shiro, he figured out that Aina is the pilot of the Apsalas and 
calls out to her. Aina recognize Shiro and tells him that he should get off, 
he might be able to make it out alone but Shiro wouldn't have any of that 
and finds a way to crash land both units gently enough that they make it 
out alive. However they are stuck in the Himalayas Mountain (go figure) 
Both have to stick together to make it out alive like last time.

Shiro says that he hated the Zeon but after meeting her in space, he can't 
forget about her, even if she's a Zeon or have a lover. Aina says that she 
doesn't have a lover and even if he's a Federation solider, her answer is...

Akimi and the others respond Shiro's distress signal and Akimi runs into 
Norris and both starts fighting. Shiro note that if they keep it up, one of 
them will die and tries to go out to get them to stop. Norris saw Shiro and 
Aina together and Akimi note that Norris is here for Aina and calls for him 
to stop. Norris agrees and commends Akimi on her good dogfight skills.

Shiro note that just now, there are no Zeon or Fed solider, people can 
understand each other if they try but if the fighting continues, he will 
have to face Aina again, he asks Aina if they really can't do anything with 
this war and Aina has no answer for him.

Back at the White Base, Miguel greets Shiro though Shapiro says that Shiro 
broke regulation using a top secret Federation code for a distress signal 
while in the midst of a Zeon solider. Fairy says that the odds of the 
Federation code being intercepted by them are higher. Akimi agrees saying 
that if the rescue came later, they'd be frozen popsicle. Shapiro says that 
it didn't change the fact that he used the code and there was a prior case 
of him having contact with a Zeon solider, is that coincidence?

Santas tries to stick up for Shiro though Karen isn't so sure and Shiro 
says that he talked with the Zeon solider about cooperating to survive, and 
only that. Shinobu also sticks up for Shiro saying Shapiro is talking crazy. 
Shapiro says that it isn't just their problem, for good measure he'll have 
to have Shiro undergo a tribunal hearing.

Sayla meanwhile agrees to take any punishment for taking out the Gundam and 
is sentenced to 3 days solitary confinement. Meanwhile Kosun is shown his 
cell and Sayla asks to give him his meal before his confinement. Entering 
his cell, Sayla ask Kosun who the Red Comet is. Kosun says that he's Char 
Aznable and he was rumoured to be from Earth. He's rumoured to hold a 
grudge against the Zabi and is rumoured to have been at fault for not 
protecting Garuma Zabi. Ryu comes in saying that Sayla wasn't supposed to 
come in and ask question and lead her to her cell.

In her cell, Frau says that if Sayla wants anything, give her a ring and 
she'll find a way to get it for her. Alone, Sayla note that Char must be 
her bigger brother.

Episode 12

General Revil is reviewing the White Base's activities and notes that they 
really are something which is why he tells Matilda that he authorize 
sending them new MS, weapons and supply.

Meanwhile at the Giganos Empire on the Moon, Gildor allows Maiyo to go back 
to Earth to reclaim his pride by attacking the D-Weapon and the White Base 
again along with the three Black Stars in the Odessa Campaign. The Black 
Stars are being briefed by Makube that they are to attack Revil's forces 
first but they says that they will take care of the White Base first.

At the same time, Shiro is at a Federation Base hearing defending his 
action with Aina. Shiro says that there are good people on the other side 
(Zeon) which illicit a snicker from some troops and he is ordered to return 
to the White Base to continue their mission of drawing the enemy's 

Eledor has healed from his injury and is welcomed back to the team, he asks 
about Shiro's inquisition and is told that Shiro got off light but it's 
better than being sent to the firing squad. Shiro returns and tells the 
team that their mission will only get more dangerous from now on as they 
will be tackling the best that Zeon/ Giganos will throw at them but they 
must remember that they are not butcher and that the other sides are also 

Shapiro hears of this and mocks Shiro's view saying that war is where 
people shed of their skin of humanity and become ravaging beasts. They must 
kill the enemies before the enemies kill them. They must become ruthless. 
Shiro says that he can not think and fight that way and Shapiro retort that 
Shiro will never be able to protect his friend and Shiro says that he will 
find his own way. The J9 team arrives and says that at least Shiro isn't 
about to run away from his responsibility so that's good. The J9 team is 
back and this time for the long haul and Shapiro says that he will see 
Shiro's answer on the battlefield then.

Kiki has also decided to go back home since she's Barest's daughter and she 
has responsibility back home. She tells Shiro that he's still quite green 
but has extremely good quality that she hopes Shiro never lose as the war 

Sayla is assigned the new G-Fighter which the Gundam can use as a carrier 
and though Sayla tries to refuse, Shapiro brings up the point that Sayla 
did take the Gundam out without permission which the punishment is actually 
more severe than a couple of nights in the brig. Shinobu grumble that 
Shapiro is always belittling and going down on others to which Shapiro 
heard and tells the Dancougar team to do another set of exercise.

Amuro is talking with Matilda and ask if the WB has to join in the Odessa 
Campaign, Matilda says that they have to but she'll help as much as she can. 
It's obvious that Amuro is enamoured with Matilda and Matilda says that 
Amuro's data and ideas on MS are quite good and have been sent to be 
considered for use.

Akimi note that with all the new models coming in, she wonders if they have 
a new model for use as well since she remembers having to go test this and 
that back home. Fairy says that it's in the work and Akimi says "I thought 
so, God I hope it's not something weird, I mean, the pilot is me, a 
beautiful girl."

Sarge Ben tells the Dragonar Team that their pilot license cannot be 
revoked just yet but they have made modification to the Dragonar to allow 
it to fly and they have been given promotion to a point that they now 
outrank him which means that he'll have to be polite to them. Tapp and the 
others however are too depressed to even think of taking advantage of this 
but suddenly enemies attack. The Dragonar team deploys and so does the 08th 
MS team.  Kaine and the others note that they're not used to aerial warfare 
yet, this is going to be hard and see that Shiro has a new Gundam to which 
Shiro says that it's just his old Ground Type Gundam patched up with handy 

Sayla isn't too sure about this but Matilda reminds her of her crime taking 
out the Gundam and the reason she got off light is because they believe 
that she might also be a Newtype. Mirai tells Bright that the engines are 
only at 50% so they can't move just yet and Matilda asks if that's just 
Mirai's intuition or something more. Mirai says that that's how she thinks 
things are, only that. Matilda says that she'll lend all the support she 

The enemies are the three Black Stars and Maiyo's Giganos troops. Gaia 
smirk that the Fed's MS aren't all it's cracked up to be and tells Mach and 
Oldekka to follow him and attack the White Base. Amuro sees this and moves 
in to intercept but got surrounded. Matilda moves in and attack trying to 
free Amuro but Oldekka then attacks her Media killing her. Enraged at this, 
Amuro attacks Mach but wasn't able to kill him and have to retreat before 
being surrounded again. The others back Amuro up and soon the three Black 
Stars are defeated and have to retreat. Maiyo and his troops are defeated 
by the Dragonar team. Maiyo note that the Dragonar team have improved and 
he'll get them for this one day.

The battle is over and Frau Bow tells Bright that the Odessa Campaign has 
ended in victory for the Federation and the White Base is to move on to 
it's next destination on it's trip to Jaburo and deal with any Zeon/ 
Giganos force along the way.

At the end of the day, Makube console himself saying that this was just one 
battle but with the resource that Kishiria has sent him, Zeon can last for 
10 more years. (or so his deluded mind believes) Meanwhile Bright tells 
everyone to salute those who gave their lives in the Odessa Campaign. Akimi 
wonders why human have to hurt and kill each others like this and Sayla 
regret not being good enough to help Matilda with Amuro shouting out her 
name in sadness at the setting sun.

Episode 13

The Goum Jame troops are ordered by their superiors to change objective but 
them being dirty fighters and rogues, Goum Jame decides to kill his 
superior in order to assume command and go after the White Base which is 
heading towards Belfast.

Several days ago back in Japan, Shou and Gai are testing out the new 
recruit in a Getter Gattai formation only for the pilot to not be able to 
handle it and crash to the ground before they can Gattai and save him. 
Hayato note that they must find the third man soon before "they" make their 

At Belfast, today, the Neo Getter team is scouting out a man named 
Ichimonji Gou in an underground wrestling match. Gou beats his opponent 
silly only to find his opponent transforming into a Dinosaur man. Shou see 
this and asks Hayato if they really shouldn't go to help him. Hayato says 
that they're not interested in normal people and if Gou gets himself killed 
here, then it's a mercy killing since what lies ahead is hell. Gou doesn't 
need help as he beats the Dinosaur man to death with his bare hands. Hayato 
claps at Gou's performance as Shou reads Gou's history out to him including 
the fact that his parents were killed 5 years ago during the Dinosaur 
Empire's final assault and he's been living as an underground fighter 
making money winning matches since then. Gou asks who they are to dig up 
the dirt on him and Hayato says "I'm Jin Hayato, the man who will show you 

Suddenly there is an attack and Hayato tells Gou to get out of the building 
and live. Gou and Hayato makes their way out and see Dinosaur Empire mech 
to which Gou asks "Weren't they supposed to be wiped out 5 years ago?" 
Hayato says that their extinction was highly exaggerated as Gou's eyes is 
showing him the truth but they've been dealt a big blow to which they need 
to kidnap capable humans to experiment on and turn into their foot solider 

The Neo Getter machine arrives piloted by Shou and Gai and Hayato tells Gou 
to get in and shove him in. Hayato then flies the Neo Eagle and initiate 
the Getter change to become Neo Getter 1 but the strain of the gravity took 
it's toll on his body and he begins to cough up blood.  Gou asks if he's 
all right and Hayato says that it's old wounds but he thought Gou'd passed 
out from this already. Gou then smiles maniacally and says that this is the 
most fun thing he's ever been in. Gou then note that Hayato isn't up for 
this and tells him to get in the back and tell him how to control this 
thing. Hayato says that there's a lever which needs to be pulled along with 
voice activation command for the various weapon. Gou note that it's easier 
than he thought and Neo Getter 1 engages the Dinosaur Empire's mech.

The Goum Jame troops arrive and so does it's mark, the White Base. Bright 
and Shapiro note that they'll have to take out both the Giganos and the 
Dinosaur Empire or the city is doomed. The Practice also arrives following 
their mark on the Dragonar and asks for the GJ troop's cooperation.  Goll, 
one of the four heavenly general got annoyed at the Practice so much that 
he fires upon them which shocks the Practices.

Goum Jame tells Goll to discipline himself, the real target is the White 
Base and Maiyo also arrives to command the Practice. Kaine note that the 
Practice boys and Maiyo are sure persistent but Light says that with the 
combined fire power from both groups, they could be in for quite a fight. 
After a long tedious fight, both groups are defeated by the team and Goum 
Jame note that the Dragonar team and the WB are worthy prey and he'll get 
them next time. Watta notes that the Neo Getter is really quite something 
with Gou going on a testosterone chest pounding round of "Of course, who da 
man? I'M the man" Gai says that they'll be counting on Gou's help from now 
on. Looking on, Hayato muse to himself "The three idiots' all here, do you 
see that Musashi?"

 Later on, Hayato tells Bright and Shapiro that he and the Neo Getter team 
will be joining up with them. The Neo Getter team is inexperienced but 
their good point is that they're all idiots who aren't afraid of death or 
anything. They can get good work out of them.

At the Cafeteria, the D-Team is wooing it up with the girls as usual. Sarge 
Ben tries to get them to go run some practice drills but suddenly remembers 
that they now outrank him and Tapp says that the fight with the Giganos 
today was enough work to be today's practice. Tapp then asks Rose what she 
plans to do once they get to Jaburo. Rose says that she, Diane and Linda 
will go volunteers to help survivor in camps. They weren't allowed to leave 
until the WB reaches Jaburo because they know of military secrets. Sarge 
Ben is quite smitten with Diane and is sad to see her go and Light wonder 
since when did that happen?

Meanwhile in the Artic, Galery and Bat are talking about the emergence of 
Neo Getter Robo. It'll be quite some time before Lord Gol reawakens and 
they manage to harness the power of this ancient relic so Bat note that it 
might be wise to form temporary alliances with other powers for now until 
Lord Gol obtain ultimate power.

Episode 14

Makube reports to Kycillia that the White Base has finally reached Jaburo 
and Kycillia tells Makube that Zeon is starting their major offensive 
towards that base by using the Apsalas and converging all it's remaining 
forces on Earth.

The White Base has reached Jaburo and is now on repaired. Many officers 
note that it has gone through many trials and tribulation to get here and 
no longer looks like a brand new ship but the things that will go down in 

Akimi note that the White Base is being strengthened up with new equipment 
and MS added to it. The J9 team tells Akimi that Amuro and the rest of the 
WB crew have been officially entered into the Federation and now commands 
quite a respectable rank. Akimi wonder what they should do next, 
technically their job is finished since the WB has reached the intended 
destination but she's been with the WB team for so long that she really 
can't just leave them like this. Fairy says that that's quite like Akimi.

Slegger Law arrives and introduces himself to Bright saying that as of 
today, he's been stationed aboard the White Base and promptly tries to 
charm Mirai who says that she's going to go look for Sayla to relieve her 
of patrol duty.

Sayla meanwhile meets up with Char unexpectedly and her suspicion is 
confirmed that Char Aznable is her older brother Casval Rem Daikun. They 
get into a bit of argument as to what each other are doing but are 
interrupted by Mirai searching for Sayla. Char leaves telling Sayla or his 
sister Alteicia to quit the Federation and get out of here. Mirai reaches 
Sayla and ask if she didn't notice a Zeon solider here and Sayla lies 
saying that she didn't.

Meanwhile Kaine and the D-Team are shocked to learn that Linda is getting 
off here and leaving right now and go over to see them. Linda asks if Kaine 
wouldn't get off the WB but Kaine says that while originally he didn't want 
to fight but it's not like he wants to kill other people that he's chose to 
remain with the White Base, he just doesn't think he should leave things 
like they are now and get off, he doesn't want to run away. However an 
alarm is sounded, the Zeon have attack. Kaine tells Linda to wait, he 
doesn't want to say goodbye like this. Pissed off, Kaine says as he launch 
in the Dragonar that he's going to give the enemies everything and more 
this time for interrupting.

Makube arrives with a large contingency of Zeon along with Hamon's troops 
seeking revenge for Ramba Raul. General Revil orders a Code Red and orders 
the WB and its team to deploy to fend off the Zeon. The battle begins and 
after a while, Amuro, Kai and Hayato also launch but the Goum Jame troops 
also arrives to make things difficult

Char and the Cyclop troops also arrive to make things difficult and Char 
announce his presence by impaling a Gm. Goum Jame is defeated and he notes 
that his prey is quite a vigorous bunch. Char is also dealt a finishing 
blow and he notes that he'll have to pull back for now and regroup, he hope 
that Altecia took his warning and left the White Base.

Bright ask for status report and is told that they've repelled the first 
wave though fighting are going on nearby. Shapiro advises that the second 
wave will come here soon enough and they should use these moments to 

Inside the White Base, Shiro order all units that have finished resupply to 
redeploy immediately and stand guard for the second wave.

Episode 15

Bright is notified of the second wave which is Zeon/ Giganos's main attack 
forces and orders all troops to deploy now and prepare for battle.

Amongst the invading forces are Maiyo and the Practice. The Practice boys 
are a bit overeager saying that this is their chance for glory by 
participating in such a big campaign. They are almost hit by Jaburo's 
automated defense which downed a Gau. Maiyo tells them to concentrate on 
surviving first and glory will come later.

Aina also deploys in the Apsalas III and ask her brother if this will end 
the war and Gineas says that they will end it with their hands though Aina 
is quite disbelieving of that. Akimi note that that flying armoured flea of 
a Zaku had gone and mutated into a more heavily armoured version. Fairy 
tells Akimi that it's probably their enemies main attack force and to be 
careful. Shiro shouted out asking if Aina is the one in there, she has to 
get off; she can't pilot something that destructive. Aina apologize but 
says that this is her brother's dream and this will end the war. She begs 
Shiro to run and then fires the Apsalas's beam at Jaburo.

Revil is informed that while Jaburo is still functional, that shot took out 
a mountain and he notes that it's Zeon's ace in the hole. Aina tells 
everyone to stop fighting and to open Jaburo up for peace talk. This 
applies to both side and Shiro is a bit relieved over Aina's intention. 
Gineas meanwhile is furious and tells Norris to get him to Aina. He tells 
Aina to stop this silliness and attack the Feds or she'll die. Aina says 
that she knows this thing's power so she can't fire it lightly. However 
Feds force attack the Apsalas and a couple of Gm Sniper rush in to finish 
the job. Gineas takes the opportunity to have Norris take Aina away while 
he pilots the Apsalas. Shiro is in dismay that he couldn't help Aina or do 
anything but Karen tells him to calm down.

The battle begins and soon Maiyo is defeated and he lament that he will not 
see this battle to the end and retreats. Gineas's Apsalas is also taken 
care off (Sorry pal, you're not the 80,000 HP monster in AP here) and he 
dies shouting that he was supposed to change the tide of the war against 
Jaburo with his Apsalas. Makube is also defeated and he cursed the 
Federation for defeating him twice. He'll be back to settle the score no 
matter how many time it takes.

General Revil note that with this, they can finally begin the Hoshi Ichigou 
plan (Star 1) and that the White Base has become essential to the 
Federation's strategy.

Later, Revil tells Bright that the WB is to go into space to attract the 
Zeon's attention there. Bright isn't too happy about being the decoy every 
time since half the troops are amateurs but Revil says that he believes 
that they have grown up during the war and the WB is the best that the Feds 
have right now and he will provide support as much as he can such as giving 
them the new Gm Sniper to use. Bright reluctantly accepts the mission and 
brief his team telling the independent contractor (Watta, Akimi and the J9 
team) to continue their work and they will be compensated. Kaine and Akimi 
aren't happy with Kaine noting that this means he's going far far away from 
Linda and Akimi notes that she's not getting back to Japan at this point.

Shapiro informs Dr.Arl about the decision and tells him and Kento to 
cooperate and rack up some favor out of the Feds. Kento doesn't mind since 
he doesn't like Giganos and Zeon anyway for starting this war that created 
orphans like them and Danji agrees. Especially after hearing Gihren Zabi's 
talk about the chosen people, Kento's really annoyed at Gihren. Dr. Arl 
counters saying that chosen people like wise kings who rules their subjects 
are naturals. Kento says that he hate those who looks down on people from 
up high.

Sayla, meanwhile, is alone and is thankful that at least her brother Casval 
is still alive. Elsewhere, another sibling reunion occurs as Linda runs 
into Maiyo. Linda tells Maiyo to come to the civilian camp if he wants to 
avoid the Feds but Maiyo says that he's finished prelim repair on his mech 
and he'll be going back into space soon so he's taking Linda back to 
Giganos but Linda reject going back to Giganos and runs away.
Kaine is also still feeling quite down about having to leave Linda but Tapp 
and Light reminds him that they'll probably be able to meet up again one 

Episode 15A

Danji asks Kento if going into space is really such a good idea since they 
wouldn't be able to bail if they want to. Kento says that it's ok since he 
doesn't like the Zeon/ Giganos for what they did, what about Danji. Danji 
says that Earth's his home and he wouldn't let the aliens do as they please 
to the Earth.

Jiro and the other kids come up to Kento and begs to be taken into space 
with them, they don't want to be left behind but Kento says that this isn't 
a game and for them to wait here and live on in their behalf. When the kids 
tries to insist, Kento stamp his foot down and says No leaving them running 
away in tears. Sanae comes up to Kento and starts crying telling Kento that 
he's being selfish and that he hasn't considered the feelings of those left 
behind, always wondering if those that left will return or not 

She ran away in tears too and Kento wants to go after her but Danji tells 
him that it's better they part this way since seeing her again now will 
bring even more pain to both side.

In an official ceremony, the WB is officially christened the 13th autonomous 
corps and Amuro, Bright and the others are officially given rank. Amuro 
starts asking if giving them ranks is supposed to make up for no help at 
all. Kaine and the D-Boys agree saying that they should get some money for 
this. What they earned is the official reading them their ranks giving them 
a knuckle sandwich.

At the Med bay, Sarah tells Amuro and the D-Boy that being in the army 
means they need to know when to keep their mouth shut. Frau agrees on that 
saying that Amuro and Co were just asking for it back there. Ryou says that 
the Dancougar team can't practice what they preach though.  Sarah then asks 
Frau about the kids Kento brought along and Frau says that she left them at 
the orphanage in Jaburou but wonders if they'll be truly happy there. Amuro 
says that it's better there since children shouldn't see war first hand.

At the bridge, an alert comes out saying that Feds forces have located a 
Zeon grouping doing some retreating and that they are to go and give 
pursuit. Said Zeon force is Aina's group. Norris tells Aina that they've 
loaded all they can into the shuttle and Sanjibal to leave for space and 
that the Feds will be here soon. Norris plans to deploy to fight off the 
Feds and Aina plans to do the same though Norris wouldn't have it.

When the Feds arrive, Aina took the initiative and launch in an Apsalas 
that was cobbled from spare parts and fires a warning shots to the Feds 
saying that if the Feds allow them to retreat into outer space, then she 
will not attack and will surrender afterward. However the Feds solider 
wouldn't take the demand and begins to attack. 

The WB soon arrives and Shiro plans to talk to Aina. Karen says that 
Shiro's still quite naive but Santas points out that he's still the one 
that got them out of lots of scraps like these so they'll go along. Norris 
decides to deploy as well and some of his troops decides to follow him. 
Aina wants to stop this or she'll be responsible for Norris's death.

Shiro confronts Aina and ask her if she plans to continue fighting and Aina 
says that she's fighting for the troops that support her, but once they 
reach space, her battle is over. Shiro says that he's been asking himself 
why he fights everyday since he met her and he's found a reason beside 
fighting Zeon, he wants her to come with him.

Aina says that she plans to surrender to the Feds after this battle anyway 
but Shiro says that he wants her to come with him to the White Base and 
Aina decides to believe in Shiro and agrees to join him.

Shiro tells his team to pull out since the Zanzibal is beginning to launch 
into space and rushing off after it is almost impossible and fighting the 
Zeon soliders here can be left to the Federation troops already here 
because it's a meaningless fight.

At the hangar, Kento is shocked to see that the kids and Sanae have snucked 
back on board and grumble that they are idiots for doing so. Dr. Arl says 
that he'll have them help on Daltanious to earn their keeps.

Meanwhile, Aina is being interviewed by Bright and Shapiro. Aina says that 
she'll accept any terms and condition for herself but to let Shiro off the 
hook for not pursuing the Sanjibal. Shiro says that it's his decision and 
he'll take responsibility for it. Bright says that he would have made the 
same decision. Shapiro tries to push the point but Bright says that they 
can't waste time and resource on a meaningless fight and uses his rank to 
shut Shapiro up.

Meanwhile, back at Jaburo, Rose tells Linda that it seems that Sanae and 
the gang had snucked back on board the White Base. Diane also comes to tell 
Linda that her father, Dr. Plato is also here at Jaburo and if she would go 
see him and perhaps forgive him for creating the Metal Armour that the 
Giganos use in their war.

Linda says that she has to sort out her feelings first and she can't go see 
him yet.

Episode 16

 Jeeg and Sally meet up with Char and Lalah on board his ship. They 
introduce themselves as from Guardisword. Their objective is the same as 
Char, to go up against the White Base for personal reasons. Char notes that 
the White Base is headed for Side 6 but that seems to be a feint. Their 
true objective is probably to draw attention away from the massive 
Federation troops that are launching from Earth. However if Char's team 
ignores the White Base and tries to take out the Federation troops then the 
White Base will most assuredly double back and run interference for them. 
Char note that their target is the White Base anyhow so they can leave the 
large Federation troops to Commander Dozzle.

Char then contacts Dren to attack the White Base and hold them there until 
he and his team rendezvous sandwiching them.

Having made it out of Earth's orbit, the White Base team is confronted by 
Dren's troop who deploys Biglo Mobile Armour against them. Sleggar gets 
overeager to take one out and fires upon launching but miss to which Kai 
tells him to calm down.

Shapiro tells the team that another Zeon troops is coming up behind them so 
they have to take care of the one ahead of them fast or risk being 
sandwiched between enemy forces.

The team hears that and gets to work defeating Dren. Dren can't believe 
that he was defeated before Char even arrived and Char arrives moments 
later noting that the White Base had grown a lot stronger to have done this. 
Jeeg note that this can't be just a normal Federation Ship, there has to be 
some secret behind it. Char agrees and to find out, they have to engage 
them. Lalah also says she will deploy but for Char to remain on his ship to 
get ready to retreat. Char asks if they can't beat them and Lalah says that 
this isn't the place to sink the White Base. Jeeg and Sally also say they 
will deploy.

Jeeg notice the Soul Gunner and note that its movement is possibly due to 
Guardisword technology and Sally says that's true since Earth tech isn't at 
a  level that they can possibly stumble onto it and discover it on their 
own yet. Jeeg note that that means Fairy is still alive and on board that 
ship and the only way to find out is to go past their defense and attack 
the ship.  Sally tells him to wait up for her since he always leaves her 
behind and go off by himself foolhardily. 

Jeeg is beaten up and he notes that it's time to retreat for now, but 
before that. Jeeg then moves his mech up to the White Base. Shapiro notes 
that they're not attacking and Frau notes that there's communication from 
Jeeg. Jeeg thanks them for not firing and note that even Earthling military 
pay courtesy to each other in the midst of war. Bright ask if they're not 
from Earth and Jeeg says that they are from Guardisword but they're working 
with Zeon for now. Shapiro says that Guardisword is probably an outer space 

Jeeg says that there should be a woman named Fairy from Saishou Industry on 
board or maybe using another name. Sally adds that they've found out that 
the machine from Saishou Industry uses Guardisword technology, so don't try 
denying it and Fairy Firefly is from Guardisword. If she is on board then 
please turn her over. Bright says that if even she is on board, they're not 
going to turn her over. Jeeg says that he doesn't expect them too at this 
moment but he'll give them time to think it over. Both Jeeg and Sally leave.

Shapiro thinks to himself that those two must be the one who leaked the 
information about the Muge Solbados Empire to him. Bright is furious that 
those two think that they can just waltz in and demand things from them 
just like that and Shapiro says that they're probably confident in their 
fighting skills to coerce the other side. When this is over, it might be 
best to have a talk with Ms. Fairy.

Amuro also have a first meeting Newtype style with Lalah who note that he 
is an enemy that has to be destroyed since he will bring Char suffering but 
feels as if she can't do it and leaves. Amuro tells her to wait but Shapiro 
tells him not to follow any retreating enemies. Amuro wonder what the heck 
that was.

Char's ship also takes a beating and he retreated as plan. Akimi note that 
that's over but Fairy is deep in thought. Later on at the deck, Shapiro 
quizzed her about the Soul Gunner being Guardisword's and Fairy says that 
it is. Akimi is confused since she saw the plan being drawn up by Jinpui, 
their head mechanic. Fairy says that it was based on Guardisword technology. 
Shapiro then asks if she's not from Earth and Fairy says that she isn't. 
Shapiro says that this is quite a problem for her and Akimi begs Fairy to 
tell them the truth and Fairy says she will.

At the Bridge, Fairy says that she is from Guardisword as they heard but 
her home planet was destroyed by an interstellar war by the energy released 
from a power source called C.U.B.E. C.U.B.E. is said to be able to destroy 
worlds and create new one. Afterward, her remaining cohort manage to secure 
a safe haven from their enemies' eyes and it was there that the new leader 
of Guardisword, Helrukka manage to obtain his hand on the C.U.B.E and he 
manage to gain everyone's cooperation, whether this was by coercion or not 
is unknown. Their purpose was to rebuild their home planet and create a 
world where there is no interstellar war. At least that's what everyone 
believed but Fairy says that she found out the truth that Helrukka plans to 
use the power of C.U.B.E. to subjugate the entire universe.

Some years ago....

Worth tells Fairy if she's made her preparation and Fairy tells Worth to 
get on but Worth says that he's staying behind. The Soul Lancer that 
they've developed is planned to incorporate the C.U.B.E. and they can't let 
it and the main developer who is Fairy fall into Helrukka's hands. Fairy 
has to take this machine away and complete it so that it can be used as 
hope for a peaceful world. Fairy says that it means they should both go. HE 
promised her. Worth says that he'll stay behind and gather up evidence to 
convince others. Fairy says that at least he should tell Sally and Jeeg 
since he can't go it alone. Worth says that failure means death and he's 
not about to rope them in at this stage but they'll come around eventually 
and help her and he'll go to her one day. Worth then leaves Fairy.

Back in the present day, Akimi then ask if afterward, Fairy made her way to 
Earth and Fairy says that's how things went. Shapiro then ask if the reason 
the enemies from outer space are invading is because they want the energy 
of C.U.B.E. Fairy says that she doesn't think they know about it  but 
what's certain is that Guardisword is leaking other information to other 
enemy factions. If those factions knew about C.U.B.E. then their movement 
would be different. Shapiro then asks if it isn't easier to just come steal 
the C.U.B.E. instead of invading. Fairy says that there is a key needed to 
regulate the power of the C.U.B.E., she doesn't know what it is but without 
it, no one can use the power of the C.U.B.E. safely. Shapiro then notes 
that that's why Fairy cooperates with Saishou Industry, to research a way 
to regulate it.

Bright says that the White Base are dealing with the Federation's war, they 
shouldn't have to be dealing with this but Shapiro says that Daltanious, 
the Dancougar Team and  J9 were put on the White Base to deal with this 
situation. They are not just a lure team right now. Bright relent and says 
that Fairy is to be treated like before, this is not a request.

Later on, Amuro asks Bright where they are next headed, is it to Solomon? 
Bright says that they are headed for Side 6. It's a neutral colony and Zeon 
wouldn't attack it openly so they can buy some time.

Akimi says back in their room that Side 6 means that they can relax and get 
some shopping done and note that Fairy is a bit depressed. Fairy apologize 
for not telling Akimi sooner about this though Akimi isn't at all bothered 
by it and tells Fairy that they'll be working together just like before. 
Fairy starts to cry from having to keep quiet for so long and Akimi 
comforts her.

Episode 17

The Cyclops troop has infiltrated Side 6 noting that the White Base has 
entered here. Schteiner wonders if the WB is here to pick that thing up, if 
so they have to steal it before that happens. Schteiner then orders Bernie 
to go to the dock and assess the WB's strength and to take Al with him so 
he doesn't look suspicious.

Akimi note that now that they've reached Side 6, it's shopping time and 
Fairy agrees noting that they didn't get to do much at Side 7 except fight 
fight and fight. Akimi then asks if the Guardisword people from the last 
battle was some friends of Fairy. Fairy says they are but those two haven't 
realized Helrukka's ambition yet. Akimi then says that they should convince 
them then but Fairy says that they don't have that luxury in the midst of 
battle since those two are quite formidable pilot. Their names are Sally 
Emil and Jeeg Aldrid, two of Guardisword's ace pilots. Akimi is a bit 
shocked at the name Jeeg and says that it's the same name as a recent 
acquaintance of her. Fairy says that's the first she's heard of it, where 
did they meet?

Akimi spills the bean happily about their meeting and then note that Jeeg 
was asking about Saishou Industry a lot but then laughs it off saying that 
Jeeg can't be a pilot. Fairy says that she'll go check up on the Soul 
Gunner since she isn't feeling like going out. Akimi note that that sure 
spoiled her mood pretty quick.

At the deck, Amuro wonder what the cause of the problem is since the joints 
are functioning normally. Hayato asks what Amuro is doing and Amuro says 
that he's checking up on the Gundam's joints and connections since recently 
he felt that it's become quite unresponsive. Ryu says that that's weird 
since it should be fully tuned. Hayato brush it off as Amuro's overthinking 
and ask if he want to come to town with them. Amuro says that he'll go 
alone later and Ryu tells Amuro not to be a shut in and go out and get some 
air. Amuro note as everyone takes off that they seem pretty happy and go 
lucky considering that more and more powerful enemies are popping out of 
the woodwork.

Amuro is then approached by a lady named Christina Mackenzie who says that 
she is ordered to take Amuro to a lab since they have something big to show 
him. Amuro tells her to wait a minute and runs off and Chris note that that 
was Amuro Rei, she can't really believe that a boy like that can pilot the 
Alex better than she could.

Chris thinks back at her time testing the Alex and it's new wide cockpit 
screen and magnet coating and that it's response time and movement are fast 
enough to scare her. Is this thing really meant to be used ? The mechanic 
tells her that it's up to the pilot and Chris ask if he's saying that she 
isn't good enough to use the Alex to it's full capability. The Mechanic 
says that he think Chris is good but this thing was made for another Type 
entirely, it'll be passed onto the White Base's pilot Amuro Rei.

Driving Amuro to the Base, Amuro asks that this is supposed to be a neutral 
colony so why is there a Federation lab/base here? Chris says sadly that 
the Federation does not officially accept the treaty of neutrality with 
Side 6 so there's a lot of problem recently.

Amuro then tells her to watch out for a kid and Chris swerves right in 
front of Al. Chris note that it's Al and tells him not to just run up like 
that. Al ask if his camera is all right, he's going to the dock to take 
picture of the ship and then he lies saying that he's going to meet his dad 
and runs off. Chris says that it's a boy who lives next door to her.

Al and Bernie spied on the WB noting that there's a Gundam right there and 
there and there. The WB sure has a lot of Gundam. Al asks if Bernie can win 
against a Gundam and Bernie says that he'd give it 50/50 odds. Bernie then 
asks if Chris said anything about him since he did bothered her and her 
hospitality a bit. Al says she said nothing and asks why. Bernie tries to 
cover it up saying that she's a Fed solider so they might be able to get 
some info from her. Al says he'll ask her then. Bernie then tells Al that 
it's time for the operation and for him to go hide someplace safe.

Amuro asks if this is the thing Chris wants to show him and Chris says it 
is, the Gundam NT-1 or Alex. It has magnet coating on it so it's response 
time should be greater thatn the RX-78-2 that Amuro usually pilots. This 
machine was created just for him but right now it's in the midst of testing 
so he'll have to make do with the RX-78-3 nearby, it's got magnet coating 
also and ready for use.

No sooner has the word left her mouth that the alarm sounds. Amuro note 
that it's the enemy and Chris can't believe that this is happening in a 
"neutral" colony.

The Cyclops troop has arrives and Schteiner tells Bernie not to get 
reckless, they're only here to steal or destroy the new MS. Once they do 
that, they have to retreat before the WB troop can arrive. Garcia tells 
Bernie not to die since he's the only one with a rank lower than him and 
thus the only one he can boss around. Chris meanwhile is against fighting 
in the colony but the troops tell her that this is the only way to limit 
casualty in the colony. Amuro agrees with this and deploys in the RX-78-3 
and Chris reluctantly follows in the Alex. Schteiner note that with it 
being operational, they have no choice but to destroy it

Amuro note that the RX-78-3 is quicker to respond which is thanks to it's 
magnet coating. Chris note that Amuro is amazing, he's already adapted to 
the RX-78-3 like a pro. It looks like what they say is true; he's leap and 
bounds over her.

The WB team arrives and Fairy asks if Akimi didn't go out shopping and 
Akimi says that she just can't go out and have fun while Fairy works. Akimi 
then tells Fairy not to worry by herself, they're partner. Anyhow, they're 
here together so they can respond to the emergency call. Bright says that 
it's inside a colony so they can't deploy all their forces so they'll have 
to make do with this amount.
The team defeats the Cyclop troops and Chris has to commend on how awesome 
Amuro is on the battlefield but Amuro says that it's because Chris was 
watching his back that he could fight like that. Chris takes that as a 
compliment and says that they should get their Gundam to the WB since 
that's where it'll be stationed from now on.

A wounded Bernie manages to find Steiner's badly wounded body in the forest 
of Side 6. Steiner asks what happened to the Gundam and Bernie lied saying 
that Miesha took care of it, and they have to retreat now. Steiner says 
that Bernie's a bad liar and passed away. Bernie screams his captain's name 
and vow to come back and get revenge but then says that that's a lie, he's 
scared of fighting. Al also comes looking and see everyone dead and screams 
that it's a lie.

At the White Base, Bright is quite shocked to see that Chris is the 
Gundam's pilot and that she will be stationed on the White Base from now on. 
Going back home, she meets a dejected Al and says that she's going to be 
sent out to space. It's quite sudden but she's glad she got to told him. If 
he meets Bernie then tell him for her. Al says that Bernie will definitely 
regret it.

Back at the base, Akimi note that today's shopping plan was a bust but at 
least she should be able to get a good shower but then she notice someone 
skulking around. Sally notes that unless they go in further, they won't be 
able to get any info on the White Base and Jeeg agrees that they're not 
just any normal Federation force. Akimi bust up on them and note that it's 
Jeeg, what is he doing here? Jeeg tries to lie saying that he's got an 
interest in mecha but Akimi tells him to tell the truth and Sally says that 
her big bro's face is so easy to read that he's lying. Sally then decide to 
take matter into her own hand and attacks Akimi telling her to endure the 
pain a bit. She then grabs and twist Akimi's arm which shocks Jeeg as well.  
Sally note that it's not like her big bro to be this fluttered. Sally says 
that since she's from Saishou Industry, she should know about Fairy which 
perks Akimi's attention and Sally continues that unfortunately, she saw 
them so they can't just let her go. Jeeg note that that's true so they'll 
have to take her to Guardisword.

Akimi shouted that the two of them are just being deceived by Helrukka 
which surprises Jeeg and Sally. Shinobu and Ryou suddenly chance upon Akimi 
and see that there's an invader and runs towards them. Jeeg tells Sally to 
withdraw and Akimi tells Jeeg to wait up. Akimi can't believe that Jeeg is 
the one Fairy was talking about. Ryou checks up on Akimi and note that she 
seems to know the intruder.

Episode 17A

Bernie note that everyone's dead and there's no reason for him to stick 
around here anymore but he wonder if that's really fine with him betraying 
the trust of the captain and everyone especially Al's. Al then appears 
thanking god that Bernie's all right. Bernie says that he plans to attack 
the Gundam once more to beat it and asks for Al's help.

At the White Base's deck, Oscar report that an enemy Zaku has appeared 
inside the colony. Bright notes that it must be a leftover enemy from the 
previous attack; Shapiro says that most of their troops are now outside the 
colony repairing the damage and guarding against further Zeon attack so 
they can't deploy immediately. Chris offers to go alone to stop it before 
further damage can be done.

Al asks what Bernie's plan is and Bernie says he plans to lure the Gundam 
into the woods which is where his trap will ensnare it, afterward a Heat 
Hawk should be enough to take it out. Bernie tells Al not to cry and Al 
says that he can't help fight at all. Bernie says that he alone is enough 
for fighting, what he wants Al to do is to do as what the disk he's giving 
Al tells him to do. This is only if he's dead, he wants Al to see it and 
follow orders. It's an important job so he's counting on Al. Bernie then 
says that it's just in case, he has no intention of dying. Al leaves and 
Bernie flashes his best fake smile and turns his attention to the Alex that 
has arrived.

Shapiro tells Chris that since it's only one enemy, she should try 
disabling it to capture it. Reinforcement will be here soon. Chris says 
she'll try. The Alex takes on the Zaku and Al prays to God saying that 
he'll be good from now on, he won't do anything bad but please protect 
Bernie and let him live.

However some more Zeon/Giganos forces arrives and they see Bernie fighting 
and note that he must be a remnant of the Cyclops troop and decide to aid 
him. The WB forces also arrive following them. Chris disables Bernie's Zaku 
and tells him to surrender. Bernie note this is it and opens his cockpit 
hatch which surprise Chris that it's Bernie. She opens her own hatch and 
asks if it's truly Bernie. Bernie is surprised that it's Chris and Chris is 
glad that she didn't go for the kill. Chris radioed to Bright that she's 
captured the Zaku and will be returning to base with it leaving the others 
to fend off the Zeon/ Giganos troops.

The others dispatched the Zeon/ Giganos troops and the battle is over. 
Later on at the deck, Bernie admits to Chris that he doesn't plan on 
returning to Zeon, he was planning to start a new life afterward as a cop 
on this colony or something as penance for the trouble he brought this 
colony. Chris says she understands and she'll try to do something so that 
he wouldn't get taken away by the Feds. Bernie asks if they can do 
something like that and Chris says that this ship is a bit different from 
the other Feds although she's only gotten aboard herself. Bernie says that 
he'll trust Chris's judgment and will go along with her but he's not going 
to fight fellow Zeon soldiers. Chris says she understands.

Episode 18

At the Dukedom of Zeon, Dekin says that Gihren's request to use the Solar 
Ray seems to indicate the lack of capability as a solider but Gihren says 
that they will wipe out the fleet of Federation forces with it; it is the 
most expedient way. Dekin then asks what Gihren plans to do after winning 
and Gihren says that the population has dwindled thanks to the war, he 
plans to ensure they don't increase but leave only the more capable master 
race to rule. Dekin asks if Gihren knows about Hitler, since what Gihren is 
doing is like him. Gihren brush it off and says that he has works to do.

Later on, a solider asks what Dekin is planning to do, having the Great 
Dekin ship launched since Gihren is the one in charge of the actual 
military operation. Dekin says that with the advance of enemy forces from 
outer space beginning to attack the Earth, this is no longer the time to be 
fighting with the Federation. They must use their position now to negotiate 
a favorable treaty on their behalf to walk away from this with Solomon and 
Granada still in their control.

However at Abaoque, Gihren is notified of the Great Dekin's launch and note 
that his father has grown old but it's too late anyway.

 The White Base has now rendezvous with Wakken's ship and Wakken told them 
that they are to participate in the battle of Solomon as the frontline. 
Hayato note that they might be going to their last stand but Gou says that 
this is a place to go wild gleefully disturbing Sayla a bit. Wakken says 
that the main fleet will arrive soon so they will only have to hold on 
until they do.

Meanwhile Akimi is still down after the revelation of Jeeg's true identity 
but Fairy tells her to put it out of her head for now, they will talk about 
it afterward. Akimi asks how Fairy can just switch gear in her mind like 
that and Fairy says that she believes that Akimi is the one who can talk 
and convince Jeeg.

At Char's ship, Char is informed that Kycillia has ordered his ship to make 
for Solomon as reinforcement. Maiyo says that if the White Base is headed 
there, so should they. Char ask if Maiyo is comfortable going into this as 
his subordinate but Maiyo says that after his repeated defeat at the hands 
of Dragonar, he only wants revenge.

At Solomon, Dozle is surprised that Kycillia is helming a massive cavalry 
from Granada to aid Solomon herself along with Char's ship. Dozle note that 
just to be safe, he wants the woman and children evacuated immediately.

Defending Solomon at the beginning is Konskon's troop and he deployed 12 
RickDoms only to have the Gundam earn it's legend by defeating them all 
within three minutes. Reinforcements begin to arrive in the form of Hamon, 
the Three Black Stars and then Dozle deploys in the BigSam himself to get 
rid of the White Base before the main Federation fleet can arrive. His 
arrival fuels the Zeon soliders 

Amuro note that the BigSam deflects a beam blast from Wakken's ship and 
Shapiro says that it's a beam coat. Sleggar tells Amuro that they have to 
get close; they're fighting against time since this is war. (just make sure 
you don't ram your G-Fighter in it, Sleggar) Hamon and the Three Black Star 
are defeated and Hamon says that no matter how many time it take, she will 
always come back to attack the White Base.
Konskon's ship is destroyed and he dies.

Dozle can't believe that the BigSam is defeated, his pride and Zeon's glory 
won't allow it and he dies as the BigSam explodes. Bright note that they 
did it but Mirai says that they've suffered considerable damage soloing the 
place. Bright order the White Base onto Solomon and Shiro orders the staff 
to get ready to resupply their mech as best as they can. Akimi ask if 
they've taken Solomon already but Shiro says that until the reinforcement 
arrive, they can't let their guard down.

Episode 19

Bright ask what the situation with the Zeon reinforcements are and Oscar 
says that they're near the moon and Shapiro note that it must be Kycilia's 
force. Hayato says that by the time they arrive, the Federation's main 
force should arrive too and it'll prove impossible for them to recover 
Solomon. Bright says that Kycilia's troop may retreat after picking up Zeon 
soldiers that escaped from Solomon.

Oscar says that the main Federation fleet is here and Revil is amazed that 
the White Base managed to take over Solomon by their lonesome. A solider 
tells him that the Great Dekin ship has entered the area and is asking for 
negotiation. However before anything can happen; a flash of light hits both 
the Great Dekin and Revil's fleet obliterating it. Dekin curses Gihren 
while dying. Bright is notified of the situation as well as Kycilia's 
fleet's arrival. Makube says that the Federation is in disarray and that it 
is their best chance to attack and Kycillia orders their fleet and some of 
the Solomon's troop that they rescued to be deploy. Oscar says that other 
Zeon fleets are on their way and Bright says that if they retreat now, the 
surviving Federation ships don't stand a chance; they have to make their 
stand here. 

Char's troops also arrive and Maiyo says that from the situation, they can 
retake Solomon. Lalah tells Char to be careful, she has a bad feeling. Jeeg 
and Sally also deploy and Sally note that they couldn't get Fairy back at 
Side 6 but Jeeg says to focus, they may have a chance this time. Amuro note 
that Char is here and he wonders who the person that is in that Mobile 
Armour is. Fairy says that she is curious as to why Jeeg and Sally are with 

Amuro attacks Lalah and note that he's feeling this feeling again and Lalah 
asks who he is but before Amuro could answer, Char cuts him off telling 
Lalah not to converse with the enemy. Amuro rush Char shouting his name and 
Char note "Not bad". Both Char and Lalah are defeated and retreated. 
Elsewhere Kaine note that Maiyo is dogging him again and shouted "God, 
you're persistent" Maiyo retorted that he won't let the Dragonar get away. 
Maiyo and the Practice are dealt with.

Jeeg shouted to the Soulgunner "Fairy, if you're on that thing, get out of 
the frontline and come with us" and Fairy says "I can't do that Jeeg, I 
won't return to Helrukka" Jeeg says that Fairy is too attached to these 
humans which makes Akimi shouted "HEY, what the heck do you mean?" This 
surprised Jeeg "Akimi? You're on there?" Akimi shouted that Jeeg and Sally 
are the one being lied to, she's heard enough from Fairy to know that 
they're invading the Earth.  Jeeg counters "Yeah, go ahead and say that 
while you humans are busy obliterating each other, we're working for the 
peace of the entire universe, don't lump us in with Earthlings" Akimi then 
shouted "Then stop fighting and start explaining." Jeeg says that this 
isn't the place, it's a battlefield. Jeeg then tells Fairy that the 
intergalactic alliance has grown since then and her strength is needed. 
Fairy then says that she's decided to walk alongside the Earth people and 
she hopes that Jeeg and Sally realized Helrukka's deception soon. Jeeg then 
says that this is going nowhere, he's gonna use force to bring Fairy and 
Akimi both back to the Guardisword. Akimi gets angry and then shouted "Jeeg, 
you dunderhead, I'LL turn your machine into scrap and haul you back to 
base" Jeeg shouted back "You mean you'll try" Jeeg and Sally are then 
defeated and Jeeg can't believe he lost and decides to retreat with Sally.

Makube dies and he asks his subordinates to give Kycillia his vase 
collection since they're good stuff. Too bad that Kycillia's ship gets 
beaten too. Kycillia decides to retreat to Abaoque to investigate why the 
Solar Ray hit the Great Dekin ship. She believes that Gihren is behind this. 
However her trip is cut short when in her retreat, Char's Gelgoog appears 
and Char says that he's sending Garuma's big sister to him.
Char fires and sink Kycillia's ship killing her. Char then says that the 
future that he wants does not need the Zabi family in it and leaves.

The battle is over and the Federation remnant decides to rendezvous at 
Solomon. Shiro tells everyone to rest up but be ready to deploy at a 
moment's notice. Shapiro note that the Federation won this round but it's a 
fleeting victory since those people will soon be here and he who is 
selected by God will begin his journey.

Episode 20

Near Solomon, Jeeg and Sally note that the Feds have won this battle even 
though the Solar Ray demolish more than half it's troop, but the main event 
is now starting since the Interdimensional Gate is opening. Bright wants to 
know what that is as unknown troops begin popping out. Fairy says that it's 
an interdimensional gate and those troops are the MugeSolbados. They're 
allied with the Guardisword and have decided to add Earth and all it 
possess to their empire in order to win the intergalactic war. Akimi says 
that they waited until the Feds and Zeon were both weakened in order to 
strike. Desgaia of the Muge says that the time for the Earthling to quake 
under the power of Muge is here. Shapiro says that the time for the outer 
space's true invasion is here, this is why they've only been investigating 
up till now.

Shapiro deploys under the pretense of adding to the team's firepower but 
then says that the Federations and Zeons are fools, he's leaving for his 
glorious destiny; fools like them can continue to protect the Earth for all 
he cares. Shapiro then rendezvous with Jeeg and Sally. Shinobu demands to 
know what the heck Shapiro is doing, this is treason. Sally thanks Shapiro 
for his help, thanks to him the plan went perfectly. Jeeg mutter that if 
only Akimi would be this cooperative but Sally then tells him to forget her 
since they have plenty of other stuff to do. Reginia then arrives and 
thanks Sally and Jeeg for tenderizing the Zeon and Federation, it's great 
work from GuardiSword's best agent. Sally tells Reginia to be careful since 
Zeon and the Feds still have some firepower left. Reginia says to leave it 
to her and for them to go to the next star system for their next mission. 
Sally asks Jeeg what about Fairy and Jeeg says that they'll have to leave 
it to Reginia. Jeeg and Sally leave with Shapiro.

A Federation captain contacts Bright saying that they've lost General Revil 
and are quite damaged. They have to retreat to Lunatz and ask the White 
Base to cover for them. Bright says that it's up to them to take on this 
huge fleet. Aina then deploys in the GM Sniper saying that she'll fight 
since they need more firepower but Shiro is against it. Aina then says that 
she hates waiting around doing nothing and didn't Shiro say that they would 
be together in all things. Shiro then apologize saying that he did forget 
and asks for Aina's help and support.

The battle begins and though the White Base team is tired, they manage to 
hold the line for the damaged Federation fleet to start getting clear. More 
enemies arrive and Bright tells everyone to hang on. Suddenly Hatsuki of 
the Juusenkitai troops contact Bright to have him and everyone get out of 
the Gandol Cannon's range. The Gandol then appears and fires it's cannon 
obliterating the enemy's reinforcement. Hatsuki explains that this is the 
Gandol ship; it was developed in secret to be used against outer space 
invasion as humanity's trump card.  Hatsuki then tells Bright that the 
Gandol will charge into the interdimensional gate to investigate the outer 
space situation and they will need all of the firepower the White Base team 

Desgaia is sent packing and Reginia is defeated and she says that she 
overestimate herself but don't the team get too cocky, she'll have plenty 
of time to play with them from now on. All the team then enters the Gandol 
as it enters the interdimensional gate. Hatsuki then tells Fairy that he 
heard about Fairy's story from Saishou Industry and while it might be a 
half-baked plan, they need to go into outer space.

In the Gandol, Hatsuki introduce himself and that he will be commander for 
the duration. Bright and a handful of the White Base crew isn't here, they 
will be needed to remain on Earth. Dr.Arl notes that his knowledge might 
prove useful in outer space.

Meanwhile, Shinobu and the Dancougar team talk with each other over 
Shapiro's betrayal. Shinobu gets angry and says that he'll beat Shapiro up 
the next time they meet.

At Akimi's room, Akimi ask Fairy if they know their destination and Fairy 
says that outer space is vast but if they're using the gate that Muge 
Solbados open then it might be a domain under their or their allies' 

Episode 21

At the Gandol Bridge, the Dancougar team, Shiro and Hatsuki are talking 
about Shapiro's betrayal. While he doesn't know about the Gandoll's 
development since it was top secret, he knew a lot about the Feds and it's 
inner working and plans. Aizak note that it's best they focus on their 
location and situation right now, it's pretty obvious they're lost in space.  
Fairy says that from the star's location, they're obviously in Pentagona 
World.  When she was in Guardisword, Pentagona was part of of the galactic 
alliance that obliterated Guardisword but she doesn't know a lot about it. 
Dr. Arl says that Pentagona is an ally of Elios. Elios, Gamon (of 
Pentagona) and Edon are the holy trinity or the three kingdom alliance. 
Akimi then says that means that Pentagona is part of the galatic alliance 
that obliterated Guardisword and Kento asks if this three kingdom alliance 
is an alliance of invaders? Dr. Arl says that each of the three countries 
is peaceful but maybe they've been taken over by the Zarl while he's in his 
cold sleep towards Earth.

Fairy says that the Zarl alonog with Pentagona and Grados makes up the 
Galatic alliance, that's because Pentagona was conquered by Oldonna 
Poseidal. Dr. Arl didn't think that there'd be another group as dangerous 
as the Zarl and Kento asked how long was Dr.Arl asleep anyway? Hatsuki asks 
if Dr.Arl can guide them around the Pentagona star system and Dr. Arl says 
that they're near the planet Mizun.  As long as the House of Gamon 
continues to exist, they will continue to resist Poseidal's rule so they 
should have friends here. Kento says that Dr. Arl sure got peppy quite 
quickly and Dr. Arl says that it's a good chance to start the revival of 
Elios. Hatsuki says that they'll go down to Mizun and try to find this 
House of Gamon, he'd like to talk to Sarah and Fairy afterward.

Afterward, Sarah asks Fairy how it went with her and Fairy says that it's 
the same as with Sarah's case which Sarah says is about Shapiro. Fairy says 
that doubt in the battlefield is dangerous, for her it's to go up against 
old friends and for Sarah is to go up against a lover. Fairy asks Sarah if 
she can shoot him down and Sarah says that she will, he's a traitor. Fairy 
says that saying is different than doing; it's quite hard when they're face 
to face. She believes that Jeeg and Sally are only being deceived and they 
can be explained to which makes her doubt. Sarah says that it's different 
with Shapiro since he's always been ambitious from his core. She would have 
gone along with him and his ambition but seeing the other's on the White 
Base that fought alongside her, she couldn't just betray them.

At Little Say base on Mizun, Kyao tries to persuade Daba to join the 
Poseidal army again. Daba says that he won't budge on his position and 
Lilith backs him up on that. Kyao mumble that he sure is unlucky tagging 
along with Daba like this to enter the resistance army. Lecce comes and 
tells Kyao not to confuse Daba with such thinking since the leader of the 
resistance Stella Koban is here. Amu also arrives with Stella who asks Daba 
to help him go to talk to the Aman merchant Amandra Kamandra for fundings 
since he's a big sponsor. Kyao tells Stella not to get any idea, they're 
not officially part of the resistance army yet. Stella says that Amandra is 
a big sponsor of theirs though Lecce says that he funds and sells to both 
the Poseidal army and the Resistance army. Stella says that he knows that 
quite well, Ms. Former Poseidal's 13 general. Daba says that Lecce believes 
in him that is why she's here, stop doubting her. This gets Amu in an 
uproar and Kyao asks if she'd like to swap partner and go out with him. Amu 
kicks him in the butt and says she'll do it. Daba says it's dangerous but 
Amu says that Stella accepts her. Stella says that he wants Amu here in 
case they fail to do so and Kyao says that that's pretty much taking 
hostage. Daba tells Amu to come with him but Amu is stubborn saying that 
she won't if Lecce's still there. Kyao says that women seem to always be 
like this which earns him another butt kicking this time from Lecce.

Kyao asks Daba what they should do and Daba says that they'll accept the 
job but nothing better happens to Amu. Kyao asks Stella to take Lecce 
hostage as well but Lecce uses this chance to take a jab at Amu saying that 
she won't betray them as long as she's with Daba, which is more than she 
can say for Amu right now.

Meanwhile Poseidal tells Nei Mohan, one of her 13 General that she has a 
mission for her, it's from the Galatic Alliance that their army is a part 
of along with Grados and Zarl. A battleship from a distant star system has 
arrived here, she is to capture it. Nei note that the ship is headed for 
Mizun, right where the resistance is located, she'll have to rely on her 
subordinate Gabley.

On their journey, Lecce asks Daba if he's serious about entering the 
resistance since it's hopeless. He doesn't know the full power of Poseidal. 
Daba says that Poseidal conquered and rule five of their star system, he 
thinks it's wrong. Kyao says that it's useless to try and talk him out of 
it. Daba can be quite stubborn. Daba says that they've arrived at Amandra's 
secret dock.

Inside the dock, Daba asks why Amandra is backing the resistance army and 
Lecce guess that it's to help him continue to sell weapons to the Poseidal 
army.Daba is angry that Amandra's final purpose is to make money and 
Amandra says that that's pretty much it though the money is only coming in 
from Poseidal's side though. Suddenly they heard an explosion and Kyao says 
that Poseidal's army is coming here. Daba says that they'll act as a lure 
while Amandra escape. Amandra says that they aren't the target and for Daba 
to view this.

Some minutes ago, the Gandol appears near the area and Kento is pissed at 
Dr.Arl. It seems that the force they try to talk to attacked them. Dr. Arl 
wants to try again. Lecce wonders what that ship is and Kyao think that it 
might belong to one of Poseidal's galactic ally but Daba doesn't think so. 
Gabley arrive and is elated at being able to steal weapons from other star 
systems. Hatsuki says that they're not here to fight and Dr. Arl says that 
if they just talk, they'll come to an understanding but Gabley refuse to 
talk and orders the attack. Hatsuki orders the team to deploy.

Kyao note that it's Gablet Gabley at the command and Lecce says that they 
can use this chance to get away but Daba is interested in the message 
that's coming from the ship. Dr. Arl is busy blabbling away asking if there 
isn't a representative of the House of Gamon that they can talk to. Kyao 
note that the old geezer is talking about dangerous stuff on open channel 
and Lecce agrees saying that all of the House of Gamon was executed by 
Poseidal. Daba says that that person is asking for the House of Gamon's 
help and Kyao says that it may be a survivor but he's a little behind the 
time since the House of Gamon was wiped out decades ago. Daba says that he 
can't let this be and decides to join in the fight with the L-Gaim which 
surprise Kyao. Daba announce himself to the Gandol team and asks for their 
code. Dr. Arl asks if Daba is from the House of Gamon and Kyao tells the 
old geezer to shut up about the House of Gamon. This gets Kento laughing 
and Tapp notes that he likes Kyao's attitude, he thinks he'll get along 
fine with him (He should, since they're voiced by the same person, just 
don't try to do it with Yazan or Beck) Kaine note that at least there's 
SOME reasonable people around here. Lecce tells Dr. Arl that the House of 
Gamon was wiped out by Poseidal and Daba says that because of Poseidal, 
everyone's suffering which is why they're fighting as the resistance army. 
Lecce and Kyao then says that they didn't agree to join up yet but Daba 
says that the fight's starting.

Gabley note that it's Daba Mylord, while they've shared a meal together, 
it's a dog eat dog world, only the strongest will survive and that's him. 
Kyao says that they didn't eat anything together; Gabley only stole their 
meal. This ticks Gabley off and he says that they'll decide the winner with 
Heavy Metal and Daba is up for that. Gabley can't believe that someone 
who's going to have a glorious history of wins on the battlefield like him 
lost and Daba says that it's now that's important and that he's won. Gabley 
says that the last to remain is the winner; he'll be back. Gabley wonder 
what these other people are, they're quite strong in their own right

Later on, Daba is filled in about the team and Kyao says that it's quite a 
shock knowing they're from another star system. Hatsuki says that they're 
here to gain information on the invaders to their own star system. If 
there's a resistance army that's fighting the same enemy then they want to 
make an alliance. Daba says that like they said before, Poseidal had 
conquered this star system and Dr. Arl can't believe that the House of 
Gamon had been wiped out which makes Daba says that someone from the House 
of Gamon should be alive somewhere. The resistance is full of people 
against Poseidal, it's possible they might meet those people Hatsuki says 
that they'll entrust things to Daba and Daba says to leave it to him. Kyao 
and Lecce wonders if that's a good idea, Daba says that he's taken care of 
Lecce and Lilith pretty well up till now. Hatsuki says that it can't be 
helped and there are mistrust on both side but he think that he'd like to 
trust Daba. Lecce notes that that's Daba good point, he possess a quality 
that makes people trust him.

Returning to Little Say, Daba gives Stella the fundings from Amandra and 
asks for Amu to be free. Stella says that the fundings should suffice but 
he's brought a target back with him. That ship is targeted by Poseidal's 
force and bringing it back to base would put this base in danger. How does 
he plan to take responsibility? Daba says that he'll drive off the invaders 
and to show he's serious, he'll give the resistance the plan to create L-
Gaim. Kyao says that if Daba does that, then their chance of joining the 
Poseidal army will be gone and Lecce tells him that it never was there with 
Daba around. Stella wonders what brought about this change of heart and 
Daba says that he has a desire which the coming of the ship sparks so he 
wants them to accept the ship.

Stella meets Hatsuki and says that while he's glad that they have the same 
goal, Hatsuki shouldn't expect much supply since they're running low too. 
Daba thanks Stella for agreeing to work with the Gandol team and Stella 
says that he's had an interest in the L-Gaim. It's a fine Heavy Metal that 
if mass-produced will give them a lot of firepower. Daba says that that's 
only if they get used to it. Kyao grumble that he thought they'd be wearing 
those cool Poseidal uniform and Stella wonder if Kyao decided his life on 
how cool he looks. After a stern scolding from Daba, Kyao agrees to join 
the resistance army and Stella agrees to lecture him on all their 
philosophy which makes Kyao shudder why he ever open his big mouth.

Episode 21A

 Stella asks Hatsuki if the Gandol needs much repair and Hatsuki says that 
it went through a bit of combat before arriving here.Stellar then wonders 
if it can't be used for the coming mission then. Daba argues that these 
people just got here, don't start sending them out on mission.Stella then 
asks if Daba's group want to go at it alone and Daba agrees to but Hatsuki 
says that they'll join in as well. 

Later on Hatsuki tells the team that their mission is to disperse some of 
the enemies, a hit and run. This is important to gain the resistance's 
trust and resource and Shiro note that it's not a bad plan.

Arriving at the battlefield, the team deploys and attacks. The battle is 
over and Kyao sees that some Heavy Metal are left intact too, they can 
definitely use this. The team retreat just as one of Poseidal's 13 General 
arrives. Later on, Stella agrees to let the Gandol use the dock for repair.

Episode 22

Emergency repair on the Gandol has started though the team isn't exactly 
happy that they're lost in space. Watta and his subordinates wonder what to 
do since they have families back home on Earth. Kaine and the D-Team wonder 
why THEY had to be the one to jump into the unknown like this. Amuro says 
that the only way to succeed in this mission is to RETURN home with 
information on outer space and Sayla backs him up noting that they don't 
have a mean to return home. Amuro note that the enemies are the one who 
attacked Earth so THEY must have a way to go to Earth. Fairy agrees saying 
that something like the gate used at Solomon is their best bet though she 
doesn't know what type of gate technology the Galactic Alliance have.

At the bridge, Aizak and Hayato wants to know more about this star system 
and Kyao and Lecce agrees to teach them though Lecce says that it's 
probably mostly her doing the teaching. Lecce says that the "outer space" 
star system that the team refers to is broken down into five zones or 
empire. One of them is Pentagona comprising of the planet Mizun, Goam, 
Gastgal, Traidetal and Sayla. Dr. Arl adds that originally the House of 
Gamon rules over these planets but Lecce says that right now Poseidal has 
conquered it. Kyao says that sooner or later, they'll get to join 
Poseidal's army which makes Eledor ask if they aren't really the resistance 

Lecce says that Kyao and Amu aren't dedicated so they'll probably betray 
the team sooner or later which really gets Kyao's goat up. Lecce says that 
she was originally one of Poseidal's general but decided to follow Daba to 
defeat Poseidal which Kyao says is because she's got the hot for Daba. 
Hayato then ask them to return to topic.

Next up is the Zarl Empire that conquered Elios. Dr. Arl says that Emperor 
Dolmen and his commander Kroppen are the one that holds the power there. 
Lecce then says that Dr. Arl may not know that the Robot Empire from the 
planet Gabal under Commander Zakuron has agreed to work with the Zarl 

Next is the Edon Kingdom, while it hasn't been taken over, it's been 
surrounded by the Galactic Alliance which makes them boxed in and thus no 
one can enter that empire easily these days. Shiro note that the Edon 
Kingdom still exist which means that not all hope is lost.  Hatsuki note 
that if they get their ship repaired, it's a place worth going to but 
they'll need more information.

Lecce says that the last is the Grados Empire but there's not much 
information on it at all. Lecce says that when she was with Poseidal, the 
only info she heard about them was that they were heading to attack another 
star system so it might be the team's planet. Kyao ends the explanation 
that these empires (outside of Edon) have banded under the name the 
Galactic Alliance. 

Aizak then asks about their purpose and Lecce says that it's to not invade 
each other and to spread their sphere of influence over the galaxy but 
there's probably no main purpose since each empire's style is different.

Outside the dock, Stella asks Hatsuki if Hatsuki is dissatisfied with his 
decision and Hatsuki asks just how long Stella plans to keep them working 
for him and Stella says that it's obvious that it's until they defeat 
Poseidal. What's more, this ship is too eyecatching to move around freely. 
Hatuski says that they can use the Gandol to act as lure against the 
Poseidal army. And for that they'd like to move freely since they want to 
head for the next star system. Stella is dead set against that saying that 
Hatsuki can say that after they defeat Poseidal (it's quite clear that 
Stella isn't letting this golden egg out of his grasp) Hatsuki says that 
they're not abandoning the Pentagona star system but they have to analyze 
and split the enemy and get help from ally star system. Without it, they're 
not in a position to beat Poseidal. Stella says that his team will gather 
information and plan the time to strike; they have to wait and obey his 

Daba tries to speak up for Hatsuki saying that Hatsuki's team has veteran 
soliders and strategist which is more than they have but Hatsuki decide not 
to pursue this further and agrees to work under Stella for now since he 
doesn't want to cause a split in rank.

Later on, Daba apologize for putting them in this situation and Lecce says 
that she thinks that Hatsuki's plan is definitely doable and will gain them 
lots of result, it's quite clear that Stella just doesn't want to 
acknowledge it. He's lacking in the drive to defeat Poseidal. The so-called 
resistance army is also full of amateurs and they're in no position to 
really defeat Poseidal at all. Kyao agrees saying that being in the so-
called resistance army is just too risky but Daba won't change his mind.

At a Poseidal base, Gabley apologize to Nei Mohan for his loss but Nei says 
that they didn't know about the Gandol's capability. Gabley point out that 
from reports, the resistance is gathering supplies and they seem to be able 
to pinpoint a location. Nei says that Chai will take care of it; it's time 
to let these resistances get a taste of pain and for Gabley to go attack 
and gather more info on them.

At Little Say, Poseidal force are attacking and Daba says that they have to 
fight, he plans to deploy in the L-Gaim but Stella tells him to not get far 
away from base and let the automated defense take care of it. Daba says 
that the automated defenses are no match for the Poseidal force. Hatsuki 
backs Daba up saying that if they play defense on this terrain, their 
forces will be cut in half since the terrain will work against their ground 
MS,Heavy Metal. Stella shouted that HE'S the commander

As the battle begins, Stella orders the automated defense to attack but 
Daba and Lecce deploys with Lecce saying that there's no ways she's obeying 
a losing strategy like that. This gets Stella in an uproar and Hayato note 
that they can't just let this be, so he says out loud that he's disobeying 
Hatsuki's command to stay put, who's with him?

Gou is all charged up for it with Shou saying that they have to go along to 
stop Gou's rampage, and Gai says sarcastically that it's such a problem. 
Shinobu says that obeying orders all the time just isn't in their blood. 
Same goes for the "trouble-making" D-Team. Shiro, Amuro, Chris, Watta and a 
couple more decides to follow. Stella says that they're troublesome but 
Hatsuki says that it might be so but they're quite good at fighting and to 
watch. Daba notice Gabley who has no problem charging in to settle old 

The fight begins and Chai note that the resistance have gotten some other 
forces with them and Nei contacts him saying that she'll join in soon since 
the resistance have unknown forces with them. She's bringing the O-Je to 
test it's function. The battle continues and Chai is angry that the team 
isn't falling like he wants them to so he decides to bring out all his 
forces. Chai attacks the L-Gaim saying that it's his prey and Lecce tells 
Daba to be careful since that's Chai Cha, one of Poseidal's 13 General.

Chai and Gabley are defeated and Nei arrives with her subordinates to "test 
her machine" The battle begins again and Lecce note that it's Nei Mohan's 
O-Je. Nei says that she'll get Lecce THIS time and Lecce is up for it. Nei 
note that Daba is good enough to give Gabley trouble and Daba note that Nei 
is quite good too. Nei is defeated and she note that while the O-Je is a 
good Heavy Metal, it needs fine tuning and she decides to retreat.

Daba thanks everyone for going out with him and Gou says that those losers 
were weak, got anyone with more backbone? Shou tells Gou not to gloat but 
Lecce says that taking out two of the 13 general in the same battle is 
quite an accomplishment. Dr. Arl wonders noting Daba's action for a while 
whether he could be... Fairy tells Akimi not to be deceived, this is only the 
beginning and underestimating the opponent is the biggest enemy.

Stella admits that his plans were wrong but still they did disobey orders 
and Daba agrees to be punished alone but to leave the others out of it.

Hayato finishes his report on the profile he gathered on the Resistance 
army and that they're full of amateurs who doesn't have it in them to 
advance to be professional. Hayato says that that also seems to hold true 
for the Poseidal army, only a few are elite soliders while the rest are 
just amateurs. Aizak says that the resistance is too weak, only Daba's 
ideal won't keep it aloft and Hayato says that they'll have to strengthen 
the resistance to fend for themselves if they want to make any headway here.

Lecce asks Daba if he's fine with having his surroundings dictating his 
actions or in other word, going with the flow. She wants Daba to make his 
objectives clear. She wants him to take the position of leadership. Daba 
isn't comfortable with that saying that Lilith, Amu, Kyao and Lecce all 
decide to follow him on their own, he never asked for them to follow his 
lead. Amu's arrival stop this conversation as Daba says he'll go help Kyao 
and the two girls starts bickering in no time.

Episode 23

Akimi asks Fairy if this star system is all under the Galactic Alliance's 
control since it means that they might not bump into Jeeg and Sally. Fairy 
says that while the Galactic Alliance was enemy with Guardisword, it ended 
with Guardisword's home planet being destroyed, so it might not be too 
strange if Jeeg and Sally sneaked in here. Fairy asks if Akimi wants to 
meet them and Akimi says that she doesn't want to leave things as it were, 
she'll capture them next time and make them see reason.

At the Gandol's dining hall, Daba explains that they are getting ready to 
mass produce the L-Gaim which makes Amuro and Sleggar quite perplexed since 
that's quite sudden. Daba explains that the resistance had been advancing 
plans to mass produce Heavy Metals for their own use for a while. Kyao adds 
that for the Pentagona star system, mass producing Heavy Metal is quite 
quick and easy. Daba says that they have to go back to base, Stella is 
calling them.

At Little Say, Kento asks why Dr. Arl is staring at the L-Gaim and Dr. Arl 
says that the L-Gaim is quite familiar, it's appearance is similar to the 
Kairam that the Yaman Tribe once used. Stella comes in asking if Dr.Arl 
thought so, that's why he called for Daba.

Stella tells Daba that Daba's brought problems with him since L-Gaim uses 
Yaman technology. Dr. Arl note that the Yaman clan made up the House of 
Gamon so what seems to be the problem? Stella explains that Poseidal wiped 
out the Yaman clan from the face of the star system utterly to show her 
power and no one in the Resistance is going to dare used technology from a 
damned tribe. Stella's troop agrees with him and Lecce asks if these losers 
think being the resistance is playing for them. Daba says that his dad made 
L-Gaim but Stella continues to say that it still uses Yaman technology. The 
soliders say that thanks to Daba, they've been targeted by the 13 general; 
it's all because of his damned Yaman blood. They shout for Daba to be 

This gets Kyao angry "Why you ungrateful losers, Daba gave you his prized 
L-Gaim for your cause" Stella says it's different, if they have Yaman 
amongst them, they will face Poseidal's full wrath. Lecce says that she's 
always thought so but this confirms it, Stella and the others aren't 
serious about fighting Poseidal. Dr. Arl agrees with Lecce but Stella says 
that if Dr.Arl wants to pursue this, he'll expel Dr.Arl too.

Gabley insist Nei that he be given another chance at the resistance's base 
but Nei slaps him telling him to calm down. She then allows Gabley to do it 
though Gabley is quite angry at being slapped, he note to himself that he 
won't forget this and he'll rise through the rank and get payback one day.

Poseifal force under Chai attacks Little Say and Stella orders the Gandol 
team to deploy. Gabley also arrives to aid Chai under the pretense of 
paying back debts that he owes Chai. The resistance soliders see that it's 
a huge Poseidal force and shouts that they're done for. Amu tells them to 
stop shouting and deploy for god sake. Daba asks why the Resistance army 
isn't deploying and Lecce says that they're too busy cowering in fear. Kyao 
says that it looks like the only one capable is the Gandol team. Stella 
berates his troops for cowering like that but they're too scared to obey 
Stella. Daba tells everyone that if this keeps up, everyone will die; if 
they don't pull together then they'll never make it out. This makes the 
soliders think twice and they reluctantly deploy. Stella can't believe that 
the soliders were moved more by Daba's word than his own
As the battle rages, Stella bemoans that there has to be something that he 
can do but Hatsuki tells him that all they can do is wait and believe in 
the team's victory. However suddenly a King Cobra sneaks up on Stella and 
bites him. Hayato shoots it dead but wonder what a King Cobra is doing 
here? Hatsuki says to call the doctor but Stella tells him to continue 
fortifying the base. Hatsuki says he'll take care of it and Hayato tries to 
rush Stella to the medic but note that the poison is preading too quickly. 
Daba wonder what's happening at the base and Hatsuki informs him which 
makes Daba wonder how Stella could have been attacked

Gabley  and Chai are defeated but Gabley plans to go back in but Nei 
contacts him and ask what is the meaning of this defeat? She tells him to 
retreat and come see her at once, which is an order.

The team finds out that Stella has died and Lecce is surprised since no 
attack ever hit their base. Kyao is surprised to find out that he was 
killed by a snake. Sarah notes that this makes the morale of the people on 
the base hit an all time low. Gou says that it can't just be any normal 
cobra. Lecce thinks it's weird and Daba wonder if it's a trained snake sent 
by the enemy. Hatsuki say that it's a possibility but for them to try an 
assassination while attacking the base seems unnecessary. Aizak says that 
he has a premonition about this and wants to exam the cobra's remain more 

Lecce tells Amu and Kyao later that with Stella gone Daba himself must 
become one of the more important people or at best the face of the 
resistance. Though Amu and Kyao mocks the idea Lecce notes to herself that 
if mentally Daba is running away from something, now is the time for him to 
stand his ground.

Episode 24

Most of the resistance soliders are fleeing the Little Say base after 
Stella's death. Many decide to return home and admit defeat. Kyao wonder if 
Daba shouldn't try to stop them but Daba says that it can't be helped, 
there are other resistance army that will continue the fight. Kid and Shiro 
note that these people have no obligation to fight to the death, they're 
not as commited. Hayato says that the resistance here is just a collection 
of those discontented; they haven't received training at all so they're not 
an army. Daba acknowledged that and says that the resistance needs to gain 
more capability to make itself a force to be reckoned with. Also if each of 
the resistance soliders doesn't want to overturn Poseidal's rule then they 
won't be able to make headway.

Hayato and the rest leaves and Kyao ask what's next for them and Daba says 
that they should try to make contact with other resistance army and join 
them. Lecce tells Daba to quit with this crap which surprises Amu and Daba. 
Lecce tells Daba that he may not know it, but he fought with the 13 general 
many times and survived, he's already become one of the last hopes of the 
Resistance army. Poseidal will be gunning for him to quash any hope of the 
resistance and this time it'll be on another level with huge forces sent 
after him alone, bandits will be out to collect rewards that Poseidal army 
put out on him. There's no way that the Resistance army at this stage can 
fight Poseidal troops and continue to protect him, they're just too weak.

Amu asks what Lecce is trying to suggest and Lecce says that Daba's 
presence right now is counter productive, he's just going to draw attention 
from the enemy and that's not what the resistance need.Daba needs to leave 
the Pentagona star system as part of the Gandol team. Kyao doesn't 
understand what Lecce is saying. Lecce says that they need to bide for time 
and chance, the Gandol is quite strong and Daba won't stand out and they 
seem to be willing to help. Daba is quite lost for word and Lecce tells him 
that they're trying to forge a revolution so he has to be willing to go for 
broke and put everything he has behind this. Daba admits that he lacks the 
determination to do that right now, he can't find it in him to commit fully.

Later on, Lecce asks what the Gandol will do next and Hatsuki says that 
they think they'll try heading for the Edon Kingdom in the next star system, 
they might be able to get the Endon Kingdom to back the resistance army 
using Dr. Arl as a meditator. Dr. Arl notes that King Dokuga will most 
certainly lend them his strength. Lecce asks for Daba to be brought along 
to widen his view of the world. Hatsuki says that Daba is leader material 
for the resistance and Lecce points out that the resistance can't protect 
Daba right now, what with Stella's assassination. It's not safe even 
amongst the resistance. Without Daba, the flame of resistance will be 
snuffed completely. Daba asks to be one of the team and Hatsuki and Aizak 
note that they'll need his help for their endeavour so they welcome him 

Amu asks to go along too but Lecce tells her that right now they can't win 
against Poseidal so they need to go to another location and rebuild which 
means that with Daba gone, it's up to her and Amu. Amu tries to protest but 
Lecce more or less tricked her into going along. Amu finally decides to do 
it if it's for Daba dearest and Daba says that they'll meet again.

Meanwhile at Nei's ship, Nei learn that Giwasa had ordered the 
assassination of Stella. Giwasa says that he use his contact with Nubia 
Connection to do it which pique Gabley's interest as to what Giwasa is 
planning. Giwasa asks about the Resistance's movement and Nei says that 
many have deserted the resistance but a handful of soliders still exist 
after a new leader seems to have been found. Giwasa note that Stella wasn't 
much of an influence on the Resistance then and he then orders Little Say 
to be totaled.

Little Say is under attack and Amu note that they can't leave if the 
Poseidal troops are coming in full force like this. Lecce note that this is 
bad, the 13 generals are serious this time. Daba understands the situation 
and says that he'll do something since the Gandol is deploying right now. 
The only way to survive this is to rush through the Poseidal troop's 
offense at full speed and outrun them. The Gandol will lead the rush and 
then head for space. Once the Gandol does that, the rest can abandon their 
mech or whatever, but they have to try and survive.

Amu and Kyao pout that Daba always listen to Lecce during all this and Amu 
say that it's because Lecce's a solider. Kyao says that Lecce is always 
trying to be the "teacher's pet" This gets Daba angry and he lets Kyao have 
it in the face and tells Kyao to stop picking on her. The two gets into a 
fight and Daba shouted that things can't continue to go on like the past or 
they'll all get killed. Lecce herself is fighting and don't think she'll be 
around everytime; if she's gone who's gonna pick up the slack; it might 
have to be Kyao or Amu. So it's high time they learn what needs to be 
learned while Lecce's still around. He himself might die sooner or later 
and who's going to continue the fight against Poseidal if that happens. 
Daba cries and ask why they don't understand. Kyao sigh and says that Daba 
doesn't have to get THIS emotional and he makes a decision and runs off.

The Gandol deploys and Akimi note that it's one huge army this time and 
Fairy tells her to concentrate on getting the Gandol out of this in one 
piece, they can't afford to have it damaged again. Amu asks if the L-Gaim's 
part and weapons have been checked and Daba says that Kyao already did it 
when he ran off. Amu asks if that's true and Kyao says he did it. Lecce 
tells Amu to gather the resistance soliders and head off. A few soliders 
decide to aid Daba in escaping and the team deploys to back them up.

After the battle rage for a while, Kyao says that the Turner ship is ready 
to go and deploys, this ship contains personnel and the vital things that 
they could take from Little Say.

Gabley is defeated but his troops say that they have taken over Little Say, 
all that's left is to get rid of the Resistance's ship though Nei note that 
it won't be as Gabley makes it out to me. Nei orders Little Say to be 
totally demolished and as Little Say burns, the Resistance soliders note 
that their base is gone but Kyao says that they can rebuild if they're 
still alive. Amu hope that she'll get to meet Daba again as the Turner ship 
begins to leaves, Amu then wonders where Lecce is and realize she's been 

Nei and her subordinates are beaten and she note that the ship that helped 
out the Resistance, the Gandol and it's robot army, have powers beyond that 
of the normal Poseidal army. She has to report this to Giwasa.

The Gandol makes it out to space safely and Hatsuki note that he's figured 
out a lot of the Gandol's weak point and problems, if they can find a place 
and material to modify it, they wouldn't have as much problem as they do 
now. Aizak says that the enemy they just faced may have given up on them 
but they're still in enemy territory so it's best to be on guard The Turner 
contacts the Gandol and say that they will now leave for another resistance 

Kyao note that he never thought he'd be saying goodbye to the Turner ship 
and Daba says that it's carrying injured personnel and vital materials so 
they'll be leaving it in the care of the resistance for a while. Daba and 
Kyao suddenly see Lecce walking out the door. She makes up a flimsy excuse 
that Daba lacked knowledge so she's here for support. Daba says that 
there's more to it than what Lecce is selling, such as the true reason Amu 
was sent along with the Turner ship. Kyao says that it's unfair of Lecce to 
do this since Amu likes Daba also. This stings Lecce's conscience.

Lecce later on asks Daba if she should leave the ship since while she 
really thought Amu wasn't suited for combat so she shouldn't be on a 
warship like this but what she did was unfair. Daba shouted that she 
shouldn't try to confess her feeling or anything since that's not fair to 
Amu also. She'll have to apologize to Amu later. Daba leaves quite 
frustrated and Lecce wonders what she's done, Daba now hates her.
Daba apologize to Hatsuki for the trouble that Lecce cause. Hatsuki says 
that her knowledge is useful to them but from now on, they'll have to work 
alongside the team's objective. Dr.Arl says that the closest planet in the 
Edon star system is the Bad Land Planet which they should head for.

Episode 25

 The Gandol team will soon reached the Bad Land Planet. Lecce is still down 
at what happened between her and Daba but Daba comes up and apologize for 
his outburst earlier and says that he'll count on her for support. Lecce 
notes that she now has to find a way to apologize to Amu the next time they 
meet. At the Gandol bridge, Hatsuki, Aizak, Dr.Arl agrees that Daba is 
hiding something from them but Hatsuki note that it doesn't seem to be 
anything bad so they'll have to wait for Daba to trust in them enough to 
come forth with it in time. Dr. Arl notes that Daba has charisma and strong 
will and puts them into action; it's too bad that Lord Kento doesn't follow 
his example.

 Meanwhile on the Bad Land Planet, Prince Mito and his followers Kakus, 
Sukedo and Shinobu are going over the objective for their sojourn incognito 
into the various planets under their kingdom that is to both widen Prince 
Mito's perspective and see how things really are in his vast kingdom. Mito 
then sees a peasant girl being chased and attack by the Royal soliders 
under command of the regent on this planet and goes to defend her demanding 
they stop their brutish behaviour.  His aide, Kakus and Sukedo follows his 
lead and aid the prince. They are soon joined by three roadside warrior who 
calls themselves Diego Shutekken and Shiro. Diego's other two friends also 
arrived and chased off the soliders. Mito introduces himself but keep his 
true identity a secret.

Mito asks Diego to take the girl to the nearby village and he agrees. Diego 
then introduce his comrade, Shutekken, Shiro Maboroha, Layla and Samanosuke. 
Kakus then realize that Diego is the famed Don Condor and Shutekken is the 
bladesman Shutekken which means Shiro is Billy the Shot. Sukedo says that 
Diego's group, the Retsu, is famous around the asteroid belts here. Diego 
looks at Mito and says that he feels some ties to them and he'll stick 
around with them for a while.
The girl whose name is Anita wakes up and thanks them for the rescue but 
she hates those with money like them and the regent here. Mito asks why and 
Anita says that the regent alway gives them trouble and she has decided to 
go and give the King a piece of her mind. Her dad was killed by the regent.  
Suddenly a blast is heard and Shiro M.says that a horde of robots are here 

 Mito runs out and demands to know why the soldiers are attacking the peace 
loving villagers and the soldiers says that there's a little liar here 
who's going to go give false info to the king and thus it's a terrorist act. 
(SURE it is, you just go think that) Anita says that it's not a lie and 
that the regent has been after them to get them to abandon the village. 
Shinobu then comes to Mito and say that she's found out that there's a 
diamond mountain near here which is why they've been trying to get the 
villager to abandon the village
 The Badland regent then appears and says that with the diamond in the 
mountain, he can definitely be on the level of the Aman merchant (Amandra) 
and the Bloody syndicate's network. His aide Rubitai agrees and the regent 
then say to kill everyone. Mito has heard enough and tells Shinobu to get 
everyone clear. Sukedo then tells the prince to call for Daiohja. Mito and 
his two guards then cross their sword "Cross Sword" he shouted "Come On 

The Daiohja appears and all three appears in their regal dress, (Cue 
Daiohja's theme) Kakus then shouted "Kneel, knaves!!" Sukedo then continues 
"Do you not know who stands before you?" "The one before you is Dokuga the 
16th Prince Mito."   Rubitai then note that the robot must be the symbol of 
Edon, the Saishou robo Daiohja.  The villagers seeing this then bows to 
their prince with Anita hardly believing it.

Shiro and the others note that that was quite an entrance and quite the 
reveal. Diego note that it's time to go in and tells everyone that it's 
time to Synchron Gasshin.

Diego then shouted "The Ginga Reppu is here!!" and tells Prince Mito to 
give the order and Mito shouted "To those who preyed on the helpless, I 
will render punishment in the name of heaven" (Sailormoon's got nothing on 
him) and Diego continues "Ginga Reppu Baxinga, Go"

The two begins to fight the regent's men but Sukedo and Kakus note that the 
enemies have numbers on their side. Mito says that he will not abandon his 
subject. Suddenly a flying train (you heard right) comes in with I.C. Blues 
saying that Mito is not going to die here. Blues introduces himself as a 
big time gambler. He's here to gamble over the fate of the Edon Kingdom. 
This raises Kakus and Sukedo's ire but Mito asks which way Blues bet. Blues 
says that he bet that Mito will ascend the Dokuga throne and brings peace 
and prosperity to his subjects. Mito is content with that and says he'll 
trust him. Blues tells his crew, Rock, Birdy and Pete to get ready and 
shouted "Take Sasurait On" and the flying train becomes the Ginga Shippu 
Sasuraiger and joins in the fight.

The Gandol also arrives and Dr. Arl notes that that's the symbol of Edon, 
the Daiohja. Dr. Arl says that they have come from Pentagona to ask for the 
Prince's help and Shutekken note that the prince sure is in demand by many 
people. While Sukedo and Kakus are hesitant, Mito says that he wants to 
talk to them. The regent then deploys all his men and the team then joins 
in the fight.

The battle is over and Diego note that the Gandol is really something and 
he'd like to go on a ship like that and tour the galaxy. Shutekken says 
that he doesn't mind going too and Shiro M.and the others are in agreement. 
Mito hoped that peace will be restored to this area now.

After much fanfare from the villagers and Anita who now pays their proper 
respect to the prince, Mito goes to meet the team to talk to them. 
Meanwhile the regent gets assassinated with a cobra courtesy of the agents 
of Carmen Carmen. Mito happens upon the corpse and Aizak note that it's 
quite similar to what happened with Stella and conclude that Carmen Carmen 
of the Nubia Connection is definitely behind this. Shinobu says that she's 
heard of the Nubia Connection, they're a mysterious cult with unknown 
purpose and Aizak note that Carmen's influence has spread to outer space or 
maybe his base was in outer space to begin with.

Mito learns of Dr.Arl's predicament which irks Kento a bit that Dr.Arl 
keeps saying that Kento has no interest in reviving the Elios Empire but 
Kento says that he's first and foremost Date Kento, a Japanese. Mito says 
that he seems to like Kento a lot and they seem to have a lot in common. 
(such as their Seiyuu)  Meanwhile Diego meets with Aizak and says that he's 
heard of the J9's legend even out here in outer space since Nubia seems to 
consider J9 an extreme nuisance. Blues agree saying that Nubia has been 
making moves against the Earth and it's solar system for quite a while.

Shutekken then asks Blues to explain his motive and Blues says that he's a 
Big Game gambler like he said; he's made a bet with Bloody God, the Don of 
Darkness of the Bloody Syndicate. The bet is whether the Edon Kingom will 
continue to exist or not and Blues bet that it will. Blues will gain lots 
of money if he wins that bet and Bloody stands to gain a lot of money 
should the Edon Kingdom fall.

 Blues then says that the Grados of the Galatic Alliance also has developed 
dimensional transfer technology to which Shutekken note that it's a station 
planet which can be used to transfer goods (and arms) here and invade Edon. 
Aizak note that there must be those who wish to instigate a revolution or 
more in the Edon Kingdom.

Diego then says that he and the other members of his team will ally with 
Prince Mito to protect him since they have been requested to do so.

At the bridge, Hayato and Hatsuki note that their goals mirror and 
supplement each others so it's best they cooperate. Kento says that Mito is 
in for a ride and Dr.Arl tells Kento to be more respectful but Mito is ok 
since he's wanted a friend who'll treat him normally for a long time. Dr. 
Arl then asks Mito if they can gain an audience with King Dokuga the 15th 
since his majesty's opinion will be important. Mito then says that they 
should head back to Planet Edon.

Episode 26

Bloody God, the head of the Bloody Syndicate contacted Carmen Carmen to 
talk about the situation with the battle between the Galatic Alliance and 
the Interdimensional Alliance and how the fiercest fighting is now at the 
3rd planet of the solar system, the planet called Earth. Bloody says that 
even the Edon Kingdom is headed for an age of chaos. The reason that he 
called is to reaffirm that the business in the Edon Kingdom will be handled 
by his syndicate. Carmen Carmen then says that the Aman merchant of 
Pentagona is moving in to take advantage. Bloody says that as agreed, he 
will use the service of Carmen Carmen in assassination. After breaking 
contact, Carmen Carmen note that Bloody, the Galatic Alliance, the 
Interdimensional Alliance and the Earth Federation are all just little 
players in his scheme.

On their way to Edon, the Gandol team intercepts a ship piloted by Ozuma. 
Diego and Shutekken recognize him. Ozuma says that he is now carrying goods 
for both the Edon Kingdom and the Galatic Alliance so he's got lots of 
things should they want to make a purchase. However Shutekken gets quite 
angry and Ozuma merrily says that maybe next time they can do business.

Mito asks who Ozuma was and Diego says that his name is Ozuma Drago from 
Tolsa, a planet in the Edon Kingdom; he travels throughout the galaxy 
selling his goods, following his dreams. Shutekken says that it doesn't 
change the fact that he's selling to the enemies and backing them.

Akimi note that after arriving in Outer Space, her view of the people here 
have changed, since before she's thought that they were all enemies but 
there are good people here as well. Fairy says that the reason they are 
here is to gain information to take back to Earth to plan. Akimi hopes that 
they can get an alliance with the Edon Kingdom. Fairy says that Edon has 
always protect itself during the war between the Galactic Alliance and the 
Interdimensional Alliance, Guardisword, in actuality, should have tried to 
ally with Edon but the reason that it allied with the Interdimensional 
Alliance is probably due to Helrukka's judgement. Suddenly a call to 
scramble comes

At the bridge, Sukedo note that the ship attacking them isn't one of Edon's 
fleet and Shutekken note that it's space pirates. Diego notes that the 
weapons/robots that they use are all available on the market and Blues says 
that it might be one of Bloody God's agents.

Kei is surprised to see that the Ginga Reppu group is still alive and Diego 
note that it's Kei Maron. Shutekken asks why Kei is standing before them. 
Kei is discontent with King Dokuga's laws and is planning to revolt. His 
goal is to capture or kill Prince Mito. He talks as if Mito is going to go 
easily. The battle begins and is soon over as Kei is defeated. Kei notes 
that the Ginga Reppu has picked up some powerful friends bu the stone had 
been casted and those who aid the Dokuga Kingdom will soon fall. Kei 
retreated and Osuma reappeared having had a good watch which irked 
Shutekken. They are soon contacted by the person called 3J who supplied the 
Ginga Reppu with their weapons and information. Diego and 3J talk about 
Osuma who's making quite a name for himself and Diego hope that they won't 
have to cross sword against Osuma.

The team finally made it to Edon and is granted a hearing with King Dokuga. 
Dr. Arl says that it has been a long time since he had the pleasure of 
meeting his majesty. King Dokuga says that he wished that he could have 
lend Elios strength before it fell but now is the time to set things right. 
He will lend aid to revive Elios. King Dokuga then tells his son Mito that 
the Edon Star system is now filled with strife. Even if they ally 
themselves with the Galatic Alliance, there is no place for a peace loving 
kingdom like theirs. King Dokuga then says that they must maintain peaceful 
relation with other countries etc that wished the same to remain at peace 
and for the future of Edon, Mito must gain more knowledge and experience 
which is why King Dokuga wants Mito to go with the team and find the 
methods to bring peace to Edon and space.

Meanwhile Kei apologized to Despan for failing but Despan says that the die 
is cast, the Edon Kingdom will fall into strife and sooner or later, he 
will become the ruler of the Edon Kingdom.

At the Gandol bridges, Hayato ask who the shady man named D.D. Richman is 
(not Daredevil that's for sure) Blues says that D.D. is his group's manager. 
3J note that with him and Poncho added, the three J9 group's managers have 
all gathered. Sanosuke says that from the looks of it, it's a gathering of 

Aizak asks Poncho about the route that the Galactic Alliance use for going 
to Earth and Poncho says that the route is in the Grados Empire. Poncho has 
more news but want Akimi and Fairy here. Poncho says that he got a lot of 
info from the people of Guardisword about the route to Earth, their name 
were Jeeg and Sally. 3J says that Guardisword people are dealing 
informations all over the area and they put it to good use but ran out of 
money to buy more useful info. Fairy note that it's typical since 
information like these don't come cheap. The info that they did get is that 
the two of them are seeking an alliance for a mission against the Galactic 
Alliance attacking a station planet since it can send things to Earth.

3J says that with the station planet fully operational; the Galatic 
Alliance has now eliminated the problems of sending reinforcements and 
supplies to their armies on Earth that arose from distance. Poncho 
continues that the Galatic Alliance had already sent a force to Earth. The 
situation on Earth is quite dire; the Muge Zolbados of the Interdimenisonal 
Alliance and the Grados from the Galactic Alliance had invaded.

However with the Station planet available, the odds are in Grados's favour, 
the best thing to do is to take out the Station Planet to interrupt their 
supply lines. Hatuski notes that if they attack the Station planet, they'll 
be up against heavy forces but Fairy says that it's their chance to return 
to Earth with information and regroup with the Earth Federation's forces. 
Hayato hope that the Feds will last till then.

3J then says that there is another Station Planet near Pentagona but it's 
not as heavily guarded as the one in Grados because Poseidal has refused to 
send reinforcement to the Galatic Alliance with the excuse that it will 
throw her Empire into turmoil. Grados has used it's position to create one 
Station Planet there but Poseidal isn't too keen on protecting it. Fairy 
note that if it's the same type of Station planet then they're closer to 
Pentagona and it's less guarded, it's more advantageous to attack there.

Poncho says that the two Guardisword agents thought so as well and plans to 
rendezvous with their ally at a resistance base in Pentagona. Akimi note 
that Poncho and the others seem to have the deal all done already without 
consulting them first. Diego thinks that it could be a trap from Poseidal 
and Shutekken says that it might but it might not be; what's more important 
is how trustworthy those two Guardisword agents are. Poncho says that's why 
they have to ask Akimi and Fairy. Fairy and Akimi note that while the two 
are currently their enemies, they are good people but she thinks that the 
plan to attack the station planet isn't false. Hatsuki says that they will 
return to Pentagona and meet with the resistance. Akimi hope that this time 
they can convince Sally and Jeeg.

Episode 26A

The Gandol is near Edon's border heading towards Pentagona and Akimi note 
that Edon is quite vast. Dr.Arl state that the Edon Kingdom streches about 
51 Planets, 36 of those are new planetoids. Shutekken says that while it's 
technically the Edon Kingdom, they are in the new planetoid's star system 
where the new planetoid alliance is active. Diego explains that new 
planetoids originally do not exist in the Edon Star system, they are 
manufactured using asteroids and other materials to create living ecosystem 
for people to exist on. Akimi is shocked that the technology existed to 
create planets. Shiro M. then updates Dr. Arl that the number of new 
planetoids has jumped up to above 50 during his long sleep. Now about the 
new planetoid alliance, it's mostly the people from the Planet Long and 
Kowahand who are anti-Dokuga Kingdom, they wish to depose of the Dokuga 
Kingdom and take over. Danji note that it means that Edon has to deal with 
enemies both on the inside and outside.

Diego says that they are in the Planet Long's vicinity and they are the 
most radical about overthrowing the Dokuga Kingdom. Mito wonders if it's 
Kei Maron and it is.
Kei attacked again and the team fights back. Kei is defeated again and he 
doesn't believe that the team have THIS much power. Diego hopes that Kei 
behaves himself for a while now but he doubted it.

At his quarters, Mito asks Sukedo why does his people not band together?  
They are all in danger of being invaded by the Galactic Alliance. Sukedo 
says that it is an age of unrest and those who are angry at the rules of 
the Dokuga Kingdecide that now would be the best time to further their 
plans. Mito wonders if the populations of Edon hated the rules of the 
Dokuga King. Kakus is a bit angry at Sukedo for troubling their prince 
saying that the rule of the generations of the Dokuga Kings have brought 
peace and prosperity but Sukedo says that's why they must inform the prince 
of the situation. Kakus says that most of their subjects are content with 
the rules of the Dokuga Kings wishing for peace.

Dr.Arl is incensed at the New Planetoid Alliance for daring to rise up 
against the Dokuga Kings and cause nothing but trouble but Shutekken note 
that even amongst the New Planetoid Alliance, there are those who wishes 
nothing but the best for the future of Edon, they just don't think it lies 
with the Dokuga King. Everyone has their own justice. Blues says that 
behind these people are the one who wants carnage and bloodlust, the death 
merchants such as Bloody God of the Bloody Syndicate. Daba note that to 
prolong the war, they might team up with the Aman merchant. Aizak adds that 
Carmen Carmen also figures into this, he's also a death merchant 
(assassination, etc)

Episode 27

The Gandol is in an asteroid belt to meet resistance operatives and Jeeg 
and Sally at Full Flat's Third Star. This is because the Third Star is 
neutral territory that Poseidal granted to Full Flat and the resistance 
operative does not want something that is pretty glaring like the Gandol to 
go to their real base for fear of leading Poseidal's troop there.

Full Flat allows the Gandol to dock and resupplies them. She also 
introduces them to Semu- Ju, the resistance operative and Jeeg and Sally. 
Full Flat note that Akimi is a bit antagonistic towards them and Sally 
tells Akimi that their dispute needs to be on hold for this mission. Full 
Flat excuses herself from the planning (i.e. to keep herself neutral) and 
runs into Daba who thanks her for her help against Poseidal but Full Flat 
asks him if he's not scared or does he actually want to die. Anyhow she's 
willing to see how Daba does in this battle.

At the Gandol, Jeeg tells Akimi that Fairy must accompany them back to 
Guardisword and if Akimi wants to be with her, then she has to come too 
which gets Akimi's goat up. Fairy says that she won't be going with Jeeg 
and Sally and Sally tells Jeeg that they shouldn't push this right now 
since they're going to be working together so it's best not to stir up a 
hornet nest. This actually proves impossible since Jeeg then comment that 
the team are just soliders working for the Feds which gets Akimi's goat up 
and she says that she thought that if they talk they'd be able to 
understand each others but Sally then says that it's because the team's not 
under the Fed's command at the moment that they risked contact. Akimi says 
that they can 
co-exist, Fairy's proof of that and what about Jeeg's experience with her 
on Earth before this happened. Jeeg bluff saying that he was just gathering 
info to which Akimi say is a lie, he's a bad liar. Sally says sadly that 
she did research on Earth and outside a few short period of peace, Earth is 
always warring with each other and Jeeg continues that unless Earthling are 
forced to change then they'll exterminate themselves and others one day.  

Fairy then asks if Reginia is the one commanding the invasion of Earth, if 
so doesn't that say something about Guardisword right now? Doesn't it bring 
up doubts about Helrukka's methods? Sally says that Reginia may not value 
life much and Jeeg continues "But what Guardisword needs now is power, 
without the two of them, Guardisword would have been destroyed." Sally 
continues that after Fairy left, the two of them had to fight hard since 
Guardisword lost it's mother planet and all it's major colony, even though 
Reginia's method is questionable, it brings results and she was the one who 
handled all the stuff that they couldn't do or bring themselves to do.

Akimi asks Fairy who Reginia is and Fairy says that Reginia is one of 
Helrukka's closest aides and a fight with her is inevitable. Jeeg tells her 
that they should focus on this job first and their dispute can be settled 
later. The Gandol launches from Third Star with Full Flat musing that the 
young are always the one throwing themselve into danger without a second 
thought and she tells Daba Mylord to live his life the way he wants.

Meanwhile, Poseidal asks what Giwasa is doing coming back to her palace on 
the planet Gastgal and Giwasa says that he has come to inform Poseidal of 
the Resistance's attack on the station satellite near here. Poseidal tells 
Giwasa to take care of it and to locate and wipe out the various resistance 
bases which to Giwasa also includes investigating the Third Star's 
connection with the Resistance.

The Gandol reach the Station Base but face opposition from Giwasa's forces 
including Gablet Gabley, Nei and Giwasa who came himself to cement his 
position in Poseidal's eyes. Goztello from the Grados Empire also appears 
to kill the Earthling before he goes to kill Eiji on Earth. Commander 
Kabuto of the Zarl also appears noting that the Earthlings are brave to try 
and cut off the supply lines here. Jeeg and Sally say that they have to 
disperse the enemies first before taking over the Station Planet.

Jeeg then asks if Akimi can keep up with him and Sally says that if it's 
too hard, try keeping up with her which starts to gets Akimi's goat up 
again and Fairy says to not lose her cool by their words and Akimi says she 
understands but she's going to show the two of them the strength that comes 
when she and Fairy works together.

Goztello is defeated and he shouted that his brain hurts.He'll be going to 
Earth first and he won't forget them when they turn up. Commander Kabuto 
also decides to use the Station Satellite to head towards Earth as planned 
to conquer it. Kento says that they're heading towards Earth and Kaine note 
that they couldn't stop them. Sleggar says that there'll be time to get 
them later but to concentrate for now on the enemies at hands.

Nei is also sent packing even though she wants to continue to fight but her 
subordinates remind her of her obligation to Giwasa. Giwasa himself can't 
believe that he lost and he notes that the Gandol is a lot more powerful 
than the normal Poseidal Army can handle.

The team plans to take over the Station Satellite but Poseidal 
reinforcements comes in much quicker than expected and the team thinks that 
if this keeps up they'll be surrounded. Frau then tells Hatsuki that 
there's a transmission from Gastgal. It is Poseidal who allows the 
Earthling to use the Station Planet but she will not let the resistance go 
and demands their surrender. 

Hatsuki note that Poseidal seems to be well informed that they are from 
Earth and Poseidal says that she knows all things happening in Pentagona 
which is why they were allowed to come here. Daba asked if Poseidal planned 
this from the start. Poseidal says that she is the child of God and she 
gave the Earthling a trial which they pass. Daba is furious asking if being 
the child of god means oppressing people making them despair. Poseidal says 
that she did as the nature of Pentagona wanted since it's previous rulers 
dirtied the beautiful Pentagona. Daba retorted that at least there was 
peace. Poseidal replies that the peace means nothing since it is only for a 
while, her mission is to cleanse this world and test it's people to lead to 
a new awakening. Daba is furious shouting that Poseidal is the cause of the 
killings and the warfare even to the amount of genocide of certain races. 
Poseidal retorted that they "had it coming" Poseidal continues "It is good 
to grant trials and tribulations that strengthen the people since those 
that survived will lead to creation of new world, isn't that so, last 
survivor of the Yaman Clan, Gamon Mylord?"

 Semu Ju is shocked that Daba is of the Yaman Clan and so is Dr. Arl. Daba 
admits that it's true; he is the heir to the bloodline of the Yaman Dynasty. 
Poseidal continues that she had tested Gamon Mylord and given him a chance. 
Daba says that if this is a test then he will show Poseidal that there are 
people who will resist her everywhere. Poseidal then dares Gamon to try. 
Hatsuki says that they will help Daba and the others; they can't just leave 
them here while they run away back to Earth. Shinobu and the Dancougar team 
like the sound of that and gets ready to bust head and Jeeg tells them not 
to forget the mission objectives but Akimi says that there's no way they 
can do that right now and Sally has to agree that they need to keep 

Lecce asks Daba if what he says was true, that he's the last of the Yaman. 
Daba says it is and apologizes for keeping it from them but Lecce says that 
she had an inkling of the truth anyway. However even with the Gandol's help, 
it looks like curtain for the Resistance.

Amu suddenly calls in and tells them to stop with the cheap melodrama and 
arrives with more Resistance forces. Amu says that she'll use an SLS to 
kill all the sensors which is when they have to make their escape. The 
Poseidal troops led by Ryogurei gets hit hard and had to stop in their 
track or they'll run into each others. Amu heads for the Gandol to meet 
Daba and have words with Lecce for her cheap tricks before. Lecce calls 
"uncle" "Mercy" but Amu isn't having any of that though she forgives Lecce 
when Daba asks her to.

Amuro notes that the enemy is disoriented right now and they can make their 
move. Sally and Jeeg volunteer to stay behind and clear a path for both the 
Gandol and for the Resistance to get away but the Gandol team better 
destroy the Station Satellite on Earth's side

Ryogurei is destroyed and he note that if only Poseidal's personal forces 
were deployed then this wouldn't happen but Poseidal says that she will not 
waste her personal force on this and she wants Ryogurei to do a job for her. 
Hatsuki announce that they will now head for Earth. Jeeg and Sally wish the 
team good luck even though they may end up on opposite sides again.

Lecce then deploys in the Turner saying that she is also staying behind 
saying that if Daba had been more of a leader, this wouldn't happen, 
they're not playing at war, they can't win right now and Amu knows that and 
she doesn't want to die so if Daba is truly serious about reviving the 
Yaman clan then she'll stay behind to make preparation for it. Lecce then 
tells Amu that they're even now.

Semu Ju says that he did heard of a rumour that the young prince of the 
House of Gamon escaped the purging from Poseidal a long time ago and 
perhaps this prince can now become a true leader to their group. Lecce asks 
how Jeeg and Sally plan to destroy the Satellite and Jeeg says that after 
explosives are placed on it, he'll light it up with his Cloud Harken and 
proceeds to do so.

At Poseidal headquarter, Oliby informs Poseidal of the Station Satellite's 
destruction and if Poseidal wishes it. Poseidal says that it is fine, this 
way she wouldn't have to commit to the Galactic Alliance's game over Earth 
but more Resistance escaped her than she thought. Oliby is interested in 
Daba Mylord and Poseidal note that she should be since Kwasan Oliby who 
also has Yaman blood shares the same biorhythm of Daba Mylord.

Meanwhile Full Flat is under investigation by Giwasa for aiding the 
Resistance but Full Flat says that Giwasa probably don't know WHY she was 
able to obtain neutrality from Poseidal in the first place and Giwasa says 
that he knows she once saved Poseidal's life and Full Flat used that fact 
to discredit Giwasa's source that the Resistance were here. Giwasa is 
incensed later that the source, Amandra Kamandra, and Full Flat seemed to 
have played him for a fool.

Episode 28

At the Gandol, Hatsuki notifies everyone that they're in warp now but when 
they warp out, they may be in a battlefield so he wants everyone ready to 
deploy. Daba asks for a moment to speak up and he apologizes for keeping 
his identity as Gamon Mylord a secret but Hatsuki says that no one is going 
to blame him for anything. Dr.Arl in particular is pleased to find the heir 
of Gamon with them but Daba asks to just be called Daba since he was raised 
up normally and not as a King. Kento agrees and so does Mito saying that it 
can be a burden. Shutekken has to comment that the heirs to the three 
kingdoms of spaces are with them and Diego note that they may be looking at 
their future rulers right here. Mito asks for Kento and Daba's help in 
bringing peace to the universe. The team is near Earth and Hatsuki has to 
hope that all is still well and that the info they got will mean something.

Around that time, on Earth, the Feds have retreated fully from Jaburo and 
Commander Igol note that Jaburo has fallen and he wonders why they have 
concentrated on attacking South America. His companion, General Bushida and 
Chief Ashitatsu wonder if it's because Jaburo was there, if so the next 
target might be their base in Japan. Commander Igol is informed by the 
Resistance in North America that the Galatic Alliance and the 
Interdimensional Alliance are gathering both on Earth and in space after 
the fall of Jaburo. Chief Ashitatsu says that it's going as predicted which 
is where their plan comes in but with their depleted firepower, do they 
have a chance? Commander Igol says that they need to disperse the enemy 
gathering even a little.

Albatrona Eiji Asuka then comes in saying that the Layzner's maintenance is 
complete and he will head off to aid the White Base in destroying the 
Station Satellite here on Earth otherwise the enemy reinforcement will 
continue to build. Chief Ashitatsu and the rest tells him not to hurry, 
they want to wait until both the Intergalactic and Interdimensional clashes 
and the White Base still hasn't rendezvous with the Lunatz troops yet. Eiji 
then says that he'll prep the Layzner to go at anytime. Bushida notes that 
Eiji is quite hot blooded and Commander Igol says that they got precious 
info about the Grados from him. It's been three years since he arrived, the 
half blood man between Grados and Earth, Eiji Asuka, who betrayed Grados to 
warn the Earth. Without his warnings those years ago, they would have lost 
even more to the Grados than their present state. Commander Igol is then 
informs that the White Base is ready to proceed with the Plan.

The White Base has now rendezvous with Wakken's Salamis team. Bright ask if 
Zeon's movements are quite bad and Wakken confirms that Gihren has 
negotiated a cease fire with the Intergalactic Alliance to save 
Zeon/Giganos alone. Igol then calls Bright saying that Muge and Grados 
forces have begun clashing elsewhere which means that protection on the 
station will be little and this is the chance to wreck it. Commander Kabuto 
arrives and note of the White Base's plan and decides to protect the 
station launching all his troops and automated Grados mech. Bright orders 
the launch of the Z Gundam, Gundam Mk II, Hyakushiki and the Elmeth and the 
fight begins.

More AI mech arrives and Quattro asks Bright for his decision and Bright 
says that they have to destroy the station. Lalah says that it will be ok 
since reinforcement for them will arrive with Camille also sensing it when 
the Layzner arrives and V-Max the enemy reinforcements to bits. Eiji 
introduces himself and joins the battle. More AI mech arrives but afterward, 
the Gandol arrives as well. Amuro and the others recognized the White Base 
and deploy to help out at once.

After the team downed some enemies, Zeon forces led by Haman arrives to 
help out the Galactic Alliance by orders of Gihren. Haman tells Lagan who 
acts as caretakers for the enhanced humans Puru and Purutsu to let them out 
to play. This will test the worthiness of the programs. Purutsu is fired up 
to kill but Puru isn't exactly so eager but Purutus berates her since this 
is what their purpose is about.

Commander Kabuto is beaten and he notes that the forces here are 
insufficient to protect the station satellite and orders his ship to 
rendezvous with the main forces.  Ragan is also beaten and he note that 
there are those with bones in the Feds after all, he'll look forward to the 
next battle.

Haman tells Char that it's been a while, she didn't think he'd betray Zeon 
and Quattro says that right now he is Quattro Bagina, no more and no less. 
Haman tells him to cut out the tiresome charade or does he plan to be one 
of those who won't accept where the ages is heading. Quattro says that if 
that means being led by the Zabis then the one who won't accept where the 
ages are heading is them. Haman tells Char to come back to her but Quattro 
says that he won't. Haman then says that if he doesn't, he will die.

Puru is beaten and she cries that everyone is mean to her and Purutsu note 
that the Psyco Mu system needs more work once she is beaten.  Haman is 
beaten and she notes that she doesn't have to give it her all here and 
retreats but note that the Gandol is the means that the team plans to use 
to destroy the Satellite..

The Gandol and Dancougar get ready to destroy the Satellite and Shinobu 
asks Hatsuki if they're going to do "that" but Haman appears again and 
targets the Gandol. Dancougar tries to block her but is no match for the 
Quebley's speed but then the Black Wing shows up and hits the Quebley dead 
on prompting her to retreat. With Haman out of the way, the Gandol fires 
it's cannon obliterating the Satellite.

Alan tells Shinobu that he's still green which angers Shinobu and Alan 
continues that he'll harden Shinobu up to be better to save the Earth. 
Shinobu asks who Alan, the pilot of the BlackWing is anyway. Alan tells 
them to come to the Resistance base, Eiji knows the way.

At the White Base, Eiji tells Bright that before they head to the Eastern 
Base, the White Base needs to head for the American continents. Hatsuki 
says that the Gandol will head for Japan first to make repairs but the 
Dancougar team and the others need to rejoin the White Base.

Quattro introduce himself as the Commander of the White Base's MS troops to 
Shiro and says that he'll look forward to their briefing since they've got 
more friends on the way back than from when they left. Quattro introduce 
the others under his command, first up is Emma who is from the Federation, 
next is a former Zeon solider, Lalah Sun. She doesn't agree with the fact 
that Zeon under Gihren Zabi had forged an alliance with the Grados and many 
other Zeon troops felt the same and had abandoned Zeon. Emma confirms this 
and says that many who left decided to join with the Feds in fighting off 
the aliens. Quattro says that they are here to fight for the Earth and 
Shiro says he understands, they're not just fighting for the Feds 
themselves and he believes that if they talked, people of Zeon and the Feds 
can come to an understanding.

Quattro continues and introduce the Z Gundam's pilot Camille Vidan; he's 
been scouted from the civilians. His colony was attacked by the aliens and 
he board a trial MS (the Gundam MkII) to fight them. The Feds then asked 
him to join up. Camille says that he heard that the WB was a gathering of 
"unique" individuals which is why he's decided to join. Fa comes in telling 
Camille to apologize but Camille says that he didn't meant anything bad by 
it. Shiro asks who Fa is and Fa says that she's Camille's old friend who 
escaped along with him after their colony was attacked. Shiro asks if she's 
a civilian and Fa says that it's complicate.

Inside the hall, Amuro asks Lalah if she was that pilot from before and 
Lalah says that she saw that they and him would be fated to be like this. 
Amuro ask if that means Lt. Quattro is like he suspects actually... Lalah 
says that he should learn to trust his instinct more since they're correct 
and Amuro wonders if he'll get along with that person but he IS glad she's 

At the cafeteria, Kaine note that they're probably headed for Jaburo and 
Amuro says that they'll meet up with the Resistance here. Things have 
gotten so bad that they may not be able to go back to Japan for a while. 
Both the Interdimensional Alliance and Galactic Alliance have concentrated 
their attack to the American continents, there has to be SOMETHING there as 
many surmises. Lalah says that power usually lures people, something IS 

Fairy thinks hard back at her room; if both the Interdimensional Alliance 
and Galactic Alliance are after the same thing then it might have something 
to do with the CUBE. Helrukka had probably been leaking information about 
the CUBE to both sides in controlled amount to premediate this circumstance 
but he wants the power for himself which is why they must not let it happen.

Chris asks Bernie what he plans to do from now, since they're going to have 
to go to war with the Zeon again and Bernie says that after hearing what 
Lt.Quattro said back then, he's made up his mind. Zeon right now isn't the 
Zeon he fought for and he's learned that this isn't the time to be talking 
about factions like Zeon or Feds. He wants to fight for Al's future and 
Chris says that they'll do it together.

Episode 29

At Grados Headquarter, Ru Kain is incensed that the Station Satellite had 
been destroyed by the White Base team. He decides to use the captured 
Resistance member, Anna Stefani as a lure to draw them out by having her 
publicly executed. And to do that he has his aide Roan Demitiri carry out 
the plan. This is also to test Roan's loyalty since Roan was once one of 
the people who resisted him and was friend with Anna and Eiji. Roan says 
that while it's true he was part of the Resistance once, he's since seen 
the errors of his ways and now accepts Grados as their overlord.

Meanwhile the WB team has arrived at the Resistance base in North America 
and meet with it's leader, Dr. Elizabeth Greby. Alan introduces himself as 
the Resistance's battle commander, Alan Igol which surprised the 
Dancougar's team as he's Commander Igol's son. Alan doesn't get along too 
well with his dad, but Eiji says that Commander Igol asked him to come and 
work here to help Alan out.

Alan outlined the situation; the Intergalactic Alliance or Grados has 
conquered America and have pushed their forces to occupy South America as 
well. With South America under their full control, they will now call back 
some of their forces to deal more harshly with the Resistance. Before that 
happens, the Resistance plans to evacuate and join up with the troops in 
Japan. Most of the important stuff has been packed up; they just need to 
get it on the White Base.

Meanwhile the Shangrila Gang has snucked in to steal some Resistance MS/ 
Machines to sell so that they could in their own words "live like kings" 
However Judo's sister comes and berates him and the others for doing the 
wrong things. They hide once Quattro, Amuro and Ru Rukka who brought the 2nd 
Gundam MkII arrives with stuffs to put on the White Base. Ru says that 
she's been assigned to the White Base from today.

Eiji asks what happen to Simone and David and Dr. Elizabeth says that the 
two are out checking enemy movements with the new Earth-made SPT. Eiji asks 
if the Doll has finally been completed and Dr. Elizabeth says that it's 
soon to go into mass production. A call from David tells Eiji about Anna's 
situation. Alan and Eiji note that they can't abandon Anna and decides to 
mount a rescue without the White Base's help but the WB team asks Bright to 
follow anyway.

The Shangrila Gang having hidden aboard the White Base is shocked to have 
the White Base launched and decides to steal MS to get away.

Meanwhile in New York, Anna is forced to do the "perp walk" by Roan who 
says to draw it out for as long as necessary to intimidate the populace 
into submission. Anna tells Roan that he's changed but Roan says that Anna 
should beg and submit to Grados though it doesn't seem like she would do it. 
There's nothing else to be said since he's a traitor to them.

David and Simone see this and David can't take it anymore and deploy but 
Roan has his SPT troops deploy as well. The SPT commander says not to take 
them out at once, they'll draw in even bigger fish. Eiji and Alan then 
arrive to help and Eiji asks why Roan is helping the Grados. Roan says that 
in war, winners are always right, he's been chosen because of his ability, 
for those who aren't, they just lack the will to try and be useful and 
those who doesn't try and become a part of society are just a problem. Roan 
mocks David for being lucky enough to survive and says there's no escape 
now and deploys more troops. 

Eiji says that he'll go get Anna at once but Ru Kain arrives and uses his 
V-Max Red Power to attack the Layzner and then declares to the Earthling to 
submit to Grados for their own benefit. There is only one truth in the 
universe, the conquerors and the conquered. It is time to throw down their 
old belief and submit. Anna says that it is wrong, Earth belongs to the 
Earthlings, only those born here can change their own ways. David adds in 
that the Grados can go home, that's what the people of Earth wants. Eiji 
says that this planet isn't Grados's. Ru Kain says that all that barking 
isn't going to sway him but Eiji says that he will find a way to defeat Ru 
Kain and Gresco and sent them packing from Earth.

The White Base arrives and Alan berates them for taking this huge risk and 
Sarah says that they want to hear the father-son reunion talk. However Judo 
and gang take that moment to steal the new ZZ Gundam, the Hyakushiki, the 
Gundam MkII and the GunCannon. Riina tells Elle that they should go back 
and apologize but Elle isn't having any of that. Amuro and Camille have to 
note that Judo is actually doing a good job at driving the ZZ Gundam. Ru 
Rukka then deploys in the Z Gundam and captures Elle. Quattro takes the 
chance and tells Judo that they have his sister, if he wants her back then 
he'd better return their MS but for now they'd better get out of the 
battlefield. Judo says that they can't run without Elle and Riina. Mondo 
asks if they should get out of the way but Judo says that he'll take out 
Grados, without Grados they would have a much better life than what 
happened to them. The others have no choice but to go along. Ru Kain then 
deploys the Death Ogre squad with Goztello pining for Eiji's death. The 
battle then begins. Goztello is defeated and Ru Kain tells him to make 
himself scarce since Goztello's defeated state infuriated him. Ru Kain and 
the other Death Ogre are defeated and Ru Kain note that the team is quite 
good but suddenly his father Gresco ordered him to return but Ru Kain says 
that this is the time to defeat the team and asks for more troops from 
headquarters. Gresco says that the troops from the South are returning and 
to leave it to them. Ru Kain begrudgingly retreat and tells Roan to take 
care of the rest and he note that these Earthlings will give him quite a 

Eiji note that the defense is now broken and heads forward to rescue Anna 
while Roan tells his troops that ground forces are no match for SPT and 
orders their retreat. Bright order the team to retreat since the troops 
from the South is coming in. The Shangrila gang wonders if for them it 
isn't going into the frying pan to escape the fire but Judo says that 
they'll just have to bear the consequence. Quattro tells Bright that Judo 
and the Shangrila gangs have potentials as pilots and Bright agrees that 
they've been witness to military secrets so they'll have to bring them 
along to Japan as well. Emma wonders if they aren't being too soft on these 
little thiefs but Amuro says that they probably have their reasons and they 
should hear it first though Camille is intent on "straightening" them out.

In the deck, Camille does just that and Shiro tells him to stop it though 
Camille says that if luck wasn't with them, all of them and the team could 
have died. The Shangrila gang says that because of the Zeon war and the 
current war, they were orphaned and had to live on the streets and Kento 
sympathize with them since his conditions was the same before he got to 
pilot Daltanious. Karen says that normally they'd be trialed and punished 
but Judo says to leave Riina out of this and the others say that it's all 
the adults' fault for making war. Alan says that whatever the case, they 
now know military secrets and will now have to come to Japan with them. 
Judo doesn't like that but Ru says that adults have their reason as well. 
Mondo says that they may just sell the White Base's secret to the enemies 
and Alan says that they'll be allowed to run around certain area in the 
White Base and they'll be given jobs to do instead of being punished. Shiro 
agrees with that but Camille is still quite pissed at Judo's gang. Riina 
begs to work and Ru asks Judo if he's going to make his sister cry again 
and Riina tells her big bro that he should work on this ship.  Alan says 
that they won't force him to work but he should think over the situation 
and consequences clearly though Beecha grumbles that being on a ship that 
they can't escape means that they're pretty much forced to work which makes 
Alan asks the two of them if they said anything and Beecha and Mondo says 
they didn't say a thing. (Alan would probably throw them in the slammer if 
they grumble anymore)

Gresco is reprimanding Ru Kain telling him that Ru Kain certainly was busy 
during his commanding of the forces that took over South America. Gresco 
says that needless destruction and murder will only drive the populace away 
from them which makes Ru Kain wonder why his father is saying that since 
the one who ordered the usage of WMD and killed off 1/7th of the population 
on this continent was his father. Gresco is silent and says that that was 
necessary for a time (to cow the populace into surrendering) but the rules 
for ruling the masses have it's steps but it's all for Ru Kain.

Gresco continues asking if Ru Kain believes that he is superior to the 
Earthling thus fit to rule thus a superior leader will lead to superior 
governance?  Is that his reason to conquer the world? Ru Kain says that he 
believes so and Gresco then tells Julia to enter. Gresco says that this is 
Eiji's sister. She was once in their army but was helped by the earthling 
and is now called the Holy lady of Gusco. During his military operation in 
South America, she approached him to try and convince him. Gresco says that 
Ru Kain should hear this. Julia says that the Earthling and Gradosian are 
offshoot of the same ancestor race, they are thus brothers

Ru Kain doesn't believe that but Gresco says that it is true but Ru Kain 
says that his father is deluded for believing in this woman but Gresco says 
that the inner people of Grados's government, the top people all knew this 
secret. Ru Kain hasn't learned the meaning of the words to conquer, it 
means to accept that you are evil first because to gain the power to 
conquer means killing billions upon billions of people. Ru Kain says that 
those deaths shouldn't be in vain and thus the conquerer must be superior 
to those they conquered. Gresco says that those are slippery slopes, 
superior in which way? bodily, in knowledge, socially? For Gresco, to 
conquer means merely being more powerful than those conquered. Ru Kain must 
come to accept that he is evil first.

Ru Kain doesn't accept that way of thinking, to him the strong, the 
superior is meant to rule just because they are superior. Gresco and Ru 
Kain gets into a more heated argument over their views and Gresco relieve 
Ru Kain of his position of Commander telling that Ru Kain seems to be too 
green to accept this position and fact. In a fit of anger, Ru Kain shot 
Gresco. Gresco then tells Ru Kain to kill Julia, this is all for his 
benefit. Keep his death a secret and kill Julia to keep Grados's secret of 
being a brother race to humanity a secret.

However Ru Kain decides to make Gresco's death public and says that he will 
work to lead the Earthling and Gradosian to an ideal Empire. He appoints 
Roan as his right hand man and state that those that have proven themselves 
to be skilled and superior no matter their race will have a place in his 

In the slum of the Grados capital, Roan asks why Arthur asks to meet him 
and if he has nothing to say then he's leaving. Arthur says that Roan must 
be killing himself inside becoming Ru Kain's right hand man to wait for the 
time. He'd like to hear Roan's true thoughts but Roan says that he fully 
believes in Gradosian and Ru Kain's ideal of the superior ruling the 
inferior, belittling Arthur and then tells him to never approach him again. 
Arthur shout as Roan walks away that he still believes in Roan

The White Base has finished evacuating the resistance base and Judo and the 
others wonder how they'd escape but Ru and Riina comes in telling them to 
quit it. Ru then tells Judo that he's been assigned the Double Zeta if he 
wants to continue piloting. Judo doesn't want to fight for those that he 
doesn't know but Ru ask if he isn't going to fight for his friends and 
sisters and begins to string Judo along with words of encouragement and the 
others note that Judo sure likes to have his ego inflated.

Akimi, Watta and his employees are glad that they're finally getting to go 
back to Japan since it's been ages that they were there.

Episode 29A

In the White Base, Quattro is teaching Fa how to pilot an MS and use it to 
do labor such as gathering MS parts that are salvageable. Camille sees this 
and asks why Fa is doing this and Emma says that she asked to be trained as 
a pilot and Ru says that she probably wants to make herself useful. Emma 
says that Fa isn't combat ready yet and Ru says that Fa will probably not 
go into combat but to let her do as she wants for now.

Camille then catches up to Fa and asks for an explanation and Fa says that 
they're short of hand and she doesn't want to be a bother so she decides to 
become one. Camille doesn't want her to go out and die but Fa says that 
she's not his thing so let her do as she wants. 

Meanwhile Simone and David are asking permission from Alan to deploy since 
they planned a rendezvous with Arthur. Arthur had been working for the 
Grados grudgingly but David says that he hasn't sold his soul to the Grados 
like a ceratin someone. Alan says that they need to leave this continent 
and head for Japan as quickly as possible but Eiji says that they'll be 
back in time. 

Eiji and the others meet Arthur and David wasn't sure he'd come since 
Arthur had been working at Grados headquarter. Arthur says that he brought 
supplies which even Gradosian doesn't get to eat normally. David and Simone 
say that they hope Arthur can give them more info on Grados. They eat and 
Eiji asks about Roan to which Arthur says that he's completely on the 
Grados side which made Eiji go "I see..." Suddenly Eiji and the other see a 
fleet of Grados SPT heading towards the direction the White Base is in and 
decides to follow back.

The White Base is under attack and Bright says to protect the supply ship 
that's carrying their supply from other Resistance base. Roan then arrives 
saying that Arthur is an idiot for thinking that he'd not know about this 
and orders the Death Ogre squad to deploy to sink the White Base. Alan 
notes that it's the Death Ogre squad and wonder if Eiji isn't back yet. Fa 
decides to deploy (in a GM to boot) to help out which doesn't do wonder for 
the health of Camille and the others and Quattro says that he'll cover for 

Eiji arrives saying that David and Simone will be here later, he hurried 
along with the V-Max first. Goztello sees Eiji and heads for him and Bright 
tells Eiji to take care of him while they deal with the rest.

The team dealt with the Death Ogre squad and Arthur looks on saying that 
this is goodbye. He's sad that he won't get to go with them but he believes 
that one day they'll drive Grados away from Earth.

Fa meanwhile gets an Emma slap for going out without order and Camille says 
that it's his fault for not understanding Fa. Ru then says to go comfort Fa.

At the Grados capital, Ru Kain applauds Roan for using his old friend as 
bait to track the resistance, he doesn't care that it ended in failure 
since the troops that accompanied Roan was too little. With the White Base 
gone now, they will focus on weeding out the small pocket of Resistance 
that choose to remain behind.

Episode 30

In his fortress at Bardos Island, Dr.Hell relates the tales of the ancient 
Mykenian (who aren't in this game) who uses their robot army to subjugate 
the world and he has recreated those army but the one who stands before him 
and his goals are the Double Mazingers, Mazinger Z and it's pilot Kabuto 
Kouji and Great Mazinger and it's pilot Tsurugi Tetsuya. However, today is 
the day that they will finally end the Double Mazingers' resistance.

Commander Bushida learns that a Kikaijuu army has decimated a Federation 
battle line. Dr Yumi calls in and says that the Double Mazingers are on 
their way to intercept since Japan is the last fortress of the free world. 
Commander Igol says that the White Base should be headed for Japan soon and 
for the Double Mazinger to hold the line. Chief Ashitatsu note that it's 
been a fierce battle and if they fail, everything is over but Commander 
Igol says that the news hadn't been all bad. They got precious information 
from the Gandoll's trip to Outer space and most of their forces that 
retreated from Jaburo and all over the world are now gathering in Japan to 
stage a counter attack. Commander Bushida says that because of that, 
invasion has intensify in Japan and various cities have been destroyed, 
leaving the refugees from those town to evacuate to other town and thus 
overpopulation in those towns, even the  RaijinOh base, their school, had 
become a refugee shelter which means Raijin Oh can't deploy easily. 
Commander Bushida and Igol agrees that they overrelied on the kids but 
there's nothing they can do for now.

At the EDC's base, Tsutomu and Maria note that the enemies have been 
getting stronger and they've been coming in more numbers than before. If 
this keeps up, even the matchless Raijin Oh won't be able to handle them. 
Tsutomu says that they have to find a way to become stronger and he shows 
Maria his lead on a different robot that they might be able to get to 
enhance themselves. Jin and the others arrive with Jin wanting to copy 
Maria's homework but Gen.Bushida calls saying that Jyakku Beast have 
appeared again. With Asuka not here yet, Jin decides to go out in his own 
mech to beat them.

Meanwhile the Mazinger team is working it's hardest to keep Ashura's attack 
from spreading but the numbers are too great. Dr. Yumi suggests a retreat 
but Kouji isn't having any of that since they have to protect the city so 
they have to keep them from advancing.

Kouji fought on but Mazinger Z is overwhelmed (actually one-shotted in the 
game which is a real shame since this is the ONLY game to have parts 
disabling and I thought that they would do something like disabling the Z) 
Tetsuya tells Kouji to get out but Kouji shouts for Mazinger Z to move, he 
won't abandon the Z since it was something his grandfather left him but 
suddenly the Hover Pilder split off by itself and heads for parts unknown 
and Mazinger Z explode knocking Kouji in the Pilder out. Ashura is elated 
to have finally destroyed the hated Mazinger Z and tells his Kikaijuu to 
bring Mazinger Z's remains with them. Ashura then leaves and deploys more 
Kikaijuu to take care of the rest of the Mazinger team.

Commander Igol calls in and says that they will take up the task of 
searching for Kouji and that the RaijinOh is on it's way. Jun says that the 
enemies are gathering their forces for a full scale attack on the city and 
Dr. Yumi note that they have to take this chance and repair and resupply as 
best as they can.

Episode 31

The White Base is entering Japan and Bright asks Frau for an update. Frau 
says that along the eastern side of Japan is decimated and the Photonic 
Labs is under heavy attack. Quattro note that the Feds have their hand 
fulls just trying to maintain the line elsewhere and Shiro says that they 
should head to reinforce the Labs quickly. Meanwhile Tetsuya, Sayaka and 
Boss have returned to the battlefield after resupply to head off the attack 
though Jun tells him that all the mechs got quick repair so it's not as 
good as a normal one so Tetsuya should be careful.

Desgaia also arrives to attack Japan though he's not pleased that he's been 
ordered to since he wasn't able to concentrate on taking Jaburo thus the 
Intergalactic alliance got it but Shapiro who is now dressed like an 
exhibitionist says that Jaburo was just a lure, the real head of the 
Federation now lies in Japan, they began moving it once the attacks from 
outer space intensify. He knows this because he was once a part of them. 
Desgaia is pissed at Shapiro noting that if Emperor Muge didn't favour this 
cretin, he'd kill him instantly. Meanwhile Falseb note that the Muge empire 
has deployed and Belzeb says that it's not too bad working alongside them 
and deploys the Jyakku Beast along with the idea that RaijinOh was a pain 
in the ass to them in their conquering of the world thus he creates the 
Jyakku RaijinOh to counter RaijinOh.

Jin and Kooji arrive in their respective mech and Tetsuya thanks them for 
the assist since they're outnumbered. Jin note that they made the right 
decision to come first instead of waiting for Asuka and Kooji says that 
there's a mech like RaijinOh rampaging and Jin smirks that did they think 
that if it looks like RaijinOh, it'll win against the real thing? Asuka 
arrives late saying that he was finishing his homework. Jin berates him for 
it but Asuka says that as a kid, doing your homework is just as important 
as protecting the world. Maria tells them to form RaijinOh but Belzeb 
appears in his mech, the Jyakku Satan and says that he won't let them form 

Tsutomu says that the enemies won't let them combine and will pick them off 
one by one but he has an idea that just might help. Asuka note that if the 
enemies won't let them combine them they'll have to fight as is for now and 
wait for the chance. More Jyakku Beast appear and Jin ask if Tsutomu still 
hadn't figured it out yet but Tsutomu says that he doesn't know the last 
activation code for something in their school but Maria tells him not to 
give up, as a man he should fight till the end and everyone in class gives 
him encouragement.

The White Base appears and Akimi says that it's been ages although she 
wasn't exactly hoping to come in fighting again. Hayato asks if Tetsuya is 
all right and Tetsuya fills him in on what happened to Kouji. Gildrom also 
appears to aid Desgaia and Jin asks if Tsutomu hadn't figured it out yet. 
Tsutomu tries his best and Maria see that a lever had pop out from her desk. 
Once Maria pulls it, a big robot comes out from the Schoolyard, it's name 
is BakuryuOh and it can be controlled from the EDC's command room. Bakuryu 
Oh launch and appears to aid the team. With this chance, Jin and the others 
combine into Raijin Oh

Desgaia see that his army is being manhandled and Shapiro advises a 
strategic retreat since Japan is the head of the Federation now so it won't 
be easy to crack and Desgaia grudgingly retreat. Belzeb is defeated and he 
can't believe that the EDC has something like the Bakuryu Oh up their 
sleeve so he'll retreat for now.

The Gandol then arrives with Hatsuki saying that he has something from 
Saishou Industry for Akimi and Akimi heads for the Gandol where she meets 
Chief mechanic Jinpui who introduce her to the Soul Lancer. Fairy waste no 
words in prepping it for launch and Akimi is surprised by it's power. She 
note that it's quite powerful for a new model but Fairy says that it's not 
a new model, this is the machine that she was in when she came to Earth. 
She continue to research the unfinished system that incorporate the CUBE 
with the test machine Soul Gunner and with the data that Akimi gave when 
she used the Soul Gunner, they were able to complete this machine fully.

The team attacked and finish off the remaining enemies. Sayaka then ask her 
dad if they've found Kouji yet but Dr.Yumi says that there's no trace of 
the Pilder and Tetsuya wondered why, the Pilder was leaving the battlefield 
the last he saw it. Dr. Yumi then tells Tetsuya and the Mazinger team to 
come back to the Photonic Lab since they need to fortify it, they can leave 
the clean up to the others. Jin and the others thanks Tsutomu for his hard 
work in finding Bakuryu Oh and they says that they'll have a party to 
commemorate it. The EDC leaves and Bright says that they will now head 
towards a dock. Akimi can't believe the power of the Lancer, is this the 
power that comes from unleashing the CUBE's energy? Fairy however says that 
this is nothing compared to what the CUBE is capable of but controlling the 
energy is going to be the challenge which is why there's also a limiter in 
place. They should head for Saishou industry

Suiun greets Akimi and ask if her little sojourn had made her grown a 
little and Akimi isn't amused considering she didn't think she'd end up 
going to the edge of space. Akimi asks where Fairy is and Jinpui says that 
she's at the lab since there's lots of thing to do. Akimi says she knows 
and she's going over to see Fairy leaving Suiun noting that his baby girl 
did grow up.

Akimi arrives and tells Fairy to take a break and go out and have dinner 
with her but Fairy says that it's ok and there aren't any restaurant open 
at this time of the night and it's wartime so things have been rationed out. 
They might need to deploy at any time so she'd like to get some time in to 
do some research. Akimi ask if she could help with anything but Fairy tells 
her to rest up and says that everyone here worked to help finish the Soul 
Lancer so she has to do her part and do what she can. Akimi says that in 
that case, she'll make dinner and they can eat together. Outside Akimi see 
and note that this is the park that she met Jeeg and wonders how he is 
right now. 

Back at the General Company, Watta note that a lot of things had changed 
since he last came back, the town and the school are feeling the effects of 
the war, everyone is feeling depressed about it. One of his employee, 
Mokushita ask if they have to return to the WB but is told that they're not 
getting paid if they don't, beside it's for the Earth and Watta tells 
everyone to cheer up.

Meanwhile Dr. Hell commends Ashura for his work and tells him to modify the 
Z into their firepower and their next target is the Great Mazinger and the 
Photonic Lab.

Episode 32

Tsutomu is busy teaching the rest of the class how to properly operate 
Bakuryu Oh with everyone eager to pitch in and help.

Meanwhile, Hayato decides to leave for the Saotome Lab feeling a 
premonition. Gou decides to tag along saying that there's sure to be 
something fun where Hayato is going. Shou and Gai wonder if it'll be ok 
with just the two of them.

Near the Saotome Lab, Nagare Ryouma has returned to visit Musashi's grave. 
He tells Musashi that Musashi was an idiot for dying like that and 
apologize saying that if he hadn't been captured and tortured by the 
Dinosaur Empire resulting in his amnesia, then Musashi wouldn't have to die. 
Suddenly Ryouma see an explosion at the Saotome Lab and goes to investigate.

Bat Shogun has invaded the lab with his troops and is planning to kill Dr. 
Saotome before the Shin Getter can be awaken, however Dr. Saotome is 
rescued by Ryouma, Hayato and Gou. Bat then orders Neo to appear and Neo 
appear having gained control of the Proto Getter in the Getter Grave. Gou 
ask if the Dinosaur Empire people are fine piloting something with Getter 
ray like that but Hayato says they aren't, they're dying from it but 
they're that fanatical in stopping the Shin Getter's resurrection.

Shou and Gai then appear saying that they'll hold them off while Gou and 
the others take care of the troops in the base. The Raijin Oh and Bakuyru 
Oh then also appear to help. Meanwhile Ryouma and the others have defeated 
the Dinosaur troops in the lab and Dr. Saotome tells Hayato to activate the 
Shin Getter.

Meanwhile the Proto Getter keeps appearing and Tsutomu note that the best 
way may be to sacrifice Bakuryu Oh to save everyone and Maria says that 
Bakuryu Oh contains no pilot so it's the best choice but Jin isn't having 
any of that since Bakuryu Oh is their friend and suddenly both machines 
light up and another lever pops up near the student Hiroshi and Jin. Both 
pulled it and Bakuryu Oh and Raijin Oh combines to become GodRaijin Oh

The Neo Getter team defeat Neo but he regenerate which surprises Gai who 
says that Getter shouldn't have that type of power, Shou note that the 
Plasma power is dropping, only two pilots can't bring out the Neo Getter's 
full potential.  Neo says that they've thrown away their lives for the 

Back at the lab, even though everything went according to procedures, the 
Shin Getter just won't start up which pisses Gou off and he jumps into the 
cockpit saying that he'll start it up himself. Dr. Saotome wonders what Gou 
just did in the cockpit when the Shin Getter begins to absorb the Getter 
Rays into itself and starts up. Outside Neo is planning to finish off the 
Neo Getter Robo when the Getter energy begins to leave the Proto Getter and 
exploding them in the process being gathered into Shin Getter.

Suddenly Bat Shogun appears in his Mechasaurus and attacks the Neo Getter 
but then suddenly the Shin Getter Robo appears. Gou tells Shou and Gai to 
hop in and they'll use this to finish things off. Bat Shogun then orders 
his Mechasaurus army to appear.

The WB team then arrives and Jin says that they're slowpoke which irks 
Akimi a bit though she sees that the RaijinOh is different. Jin proudly 
presents the GodRaijinOh and challenge Akimi to a showdown of whose power 
up is better against the Dinosaur Empire. Maria tells Jin to quit it and 
Bright tells Akimi to cut the small talk and deploy.

However more troops from Muge including Desgaia and Reginia appear. Fairy 
tells Akimi that it's Reginia and she will not be someone you can try to 
convince so their only recourse is to fight. Desgaia does not understand 
why they have to target this lab and this Getter Robo but Shapiro says that 
they do not understand the power of Getter. If the Earthling ever manages 
to Mass Produce it then there will be problem. Ryou note that the Muge 
seems to be targeting facility in Japan a little too precisely; it's as if 
they know the inner working of the Federation. Sarah thinks that it might 
be Shapiro's work but doesn't voice her opinion.

Belzeb also arrives seeing that the RaijinOh has upgraded into God RaijinOh 
and wants to defeat it but is beaten back. Desgaia is beaten and he note 
that they should have brought more troops but Shapiro says that they did 
get valuable information and they retreat. Reginia confronts the Soul 
Lancer and note that it's Fairy's machine and she wonder how good it'll be. 
Fairy tells Akimi to be careful since Reginia had been known to decimate an 
entire battalion on her lonesome. After a bit of skirmish, Reginia leaves 
and Fairy tells Akimi that Reginia is a hunter, she's probably gauging 
their strength this time before the final blow which peeves Akimi off since 
she thought they had her running.

Gou is ecstatic as to the power of the Shin Getter but Shou and Gai tells 
him to be careful since this thing is an untested machine, it's power 
output is a lot more than Neo Getter. Bat Shogun is defeated but decides to 
kamikaze himself onto the Shin Getter but Gou fires the Getter Beam at 
point blank range at it killing Bat Shogun.

At the Dinosaur Empire's fortress, Emperor Gol learns of Bat Shogun's death. 
Gareri wants to go next but Gol says to wait until the dust clear from the 
humans' battle with the forces from other dimension and outer space, they 
will be weak and they can strike at once.

Meanwhile Helrukka contacts Reginia and she informs him of Akimi and 
Fairy's new machine and the fact that Fairy has been able to draw energy 
from the CUBE safely. Helrukka is deep in thought at how Fairy has been a 
thorn in his side but it's worth considering capturing that machine and 
Fairy if it means he can know how to use the CUBE since he can't afford the 
Earthling that knowledge since they might become a danger to his plans.

Episode 32A
Dr. Saotome had called Hayato in to give him the notes on Shin Getter since 
there are many things unknown about it. He leaves the task of taking care 
of it and Gou to Hayato. However suddenly the Dinosaur Empire decides to 
attack again and the Neo Getter Team deploys in Shin Getter to ward it off.

However the number is a little too great but Texas Mack arrives to help 
although Jack doesn't hit it off with Gou calling him a monkey. Soon after, 
the White Base team arrives to fend off the Dinosaur Empire. Afterward, 
Jack and Mary say that they will join Shou on the battleship which irks Gou 
since that cowboy hippie keeps calling him a monkey.

Episode 33

The team has a meeting on the current situation. While they've protected 
the Saotome Institute, the Muge Empire had conquered the Phillipine. It's a 
loss for the Feds but the main target is probably China using the 
Phillipine as a beach head since China is the place where the MP Dragonar 
are being created. Light note that that means the fight against the Giganos 
is soon going to come to a head but Quattro says that it's not that easy 
since Giganos had joined the Intergalactic Alliance. Amuro says that he's 
curious that the Interdimensional Alliance (Muge) seems to know the Fed's 
working a little too well which makes Sarah a little angsty.

Bright says that they will soon head for China but they need to beef up 
their strength a little more here.

At the Photonic Institute, Dr. Yumi asks Jun for status on the Great 
Mazinger and Jun says that quick patches have been applied to it so that 
it's battle ready. Tetsuya blames himself for this disaster that they're in 
with Great badly banged up, Mazinger Z destroyed and Kouji lost but Dr. 
Yumi says that the enemies are also going for broke so it's not his fault.

An alert tells Tetsuya and the others that the Kikaijuus are attacking 
again.Boss deployed to try and stop them but suddenly Baron Ashura appears 
in the Ashura Mazinger and fires the Photonic Beam at the Institute. Ashura 
smirks saying that the hope of all humanity, the Photonic Institute will be 
destroyed by it's own "former" protector, the guardian of humanity, 
Mazinger Z. Tetsuya deploys in the Great Mazinger shouting that one other 
guardian of humanity, Great Mazinger, is still standing.

Dr. Yumi is told that there are more Kikaijuu on the way and they've 
trampled through what's left of the Federation's defense. The only ship 
capable of responding right now is the White Base team but they've just 
finished fighting off the Dinosaur Empire at the Saotome lab so they'll 
take some time to get here.

Great Mazinger attacked the Kikaijuu army and Ashura Mazinger and soon the 
White Base arrives just in time to fend off the Kikaijuu army that just 
arrives. However Jyakku Beast also appears and Bright tells Frau to contact 
General Bushida. Bushida says that he'll contact the EDC and get RaijinOh 
over there as quickly as possible.

As the team battered the Ashura Mazinger, Ashura says that the Photonic 
Institute will feel fear at being destroyed by the robot they created. 
Great Mazinger blocked the attack but got badly damaged. Ashura see this 
chance and says that a Mazinger should die by the hand of a Mazinger and 
plans to Breast Fire the Great but suddenly a mysterious new Mazinger 
arrives destroying the path of Kikaijuu standing in front of it. Dr.Yumi is 
aghasted and mutters "Mazinkaiser....b...but who built it...could it be?..."

Ashura is livid and fires all of the Mazinger Z's weapons at the 
Mazinkaiser only to find out it has no effect but one shot is all it takes 
to destroy the transformed Z. Tetsuya thanks the pilot of the Kaiser but 
suddenly the Kaiser attacked the Great and Dr. Yumi note that it's on a 
rampage and can't distinct between friends or foes, it'll destroy anything 
that moves or is in it's path.

More Jyakku Beast appears and Akimi is angry that they seem to pop out of 
nowhere. Fiary says that is why they need the EDC since these things can 
cross army line as seeds and bloom into Jyakku Beast. The Raijin Oh and 
Bakuryu Oh also arrive to fend off the Jyakku Beast.

The Kaiser starts attacking the Photonic Lab and Sayaka rush over to stop 
it and suddenly sees the pilot and shouted for Kouji to stop. Tetsuya 
shouted asking if Kouji has gone crazy and fires the Breast Burn at the 
Kaiser only for it to not affect it one bit. The Kaiser gets ready to fire 
the Fire Blaster and Dr.Yumi tells Tetsuya to run but Tetsuya grabs the 
Kaiser as it fires reducing the blast aimed at the Photonic Institute. The 
result totaled the Great, damage the Institute and leaves the Kaiser dead 
in it's track.

Tetsuya shout that he's ok and he's getting Kouji out of the Pilder. 
Tetsuya shouted for Kouji to wake up but Dr.Yumi says that Kouji seems to 
have gone through a lot of shock to his nervous system so it's best to get 
him to rest up. Bright says that they will station themselves here for the 
time being to help out the Institute.

In his dreams, Kouji remembers what happened, he sees the Mazinkaiser, the 
thing that will make him more powerful than God and with the power to 
defeat the Devil. Kouji wakes up and remembers taking the Kaiser out and 
losing consciousness.

Kouji asked what happen and is told that the rampaging Kaiser returned to 
the Photonic Institute with an unconscious Kouji on it. Kouji is sorry for 
the damage he unintentionally caused but Tetsuya says that if Kouji hadn't 
come, Ashura would have totaled the place.

Dr. Yumi says that he learn of Mazinkaiser since it was the ultimate 
Mazinger created by the creator of Mazinger Z, Dr. Kabuto Juuzou. 
Apparently if Mazinger Z or Kouji was in a crisis, the Hover Pilder's 
emergency program would cause it to split off and head for the Kaiser's 
location. Boss says that with the Kaiser and Borot around, they're 
invincible but Dr.Yumi says that according to research, if the pilot isn't 
strong enough, they could lose consciousness and the Kaiser would go into 
berserk mode like what happened. So if Kouji still can't pilot it well 
enough then they can't deploy the Kaiser. With Kouji's body hurt like it is, 
there's no way. Kouji sees that as a challenge and says that he'll get good 
enough for the Kaiser.

Dr. Yumi then says that they have been asked to join the WB crew or rather 
Kouji, Tetsuya, Boss, Jun and Sayaka. With the situation as it is right now, 
most of the defense in Japan has been destroyed and they need to go protect 
the factories in China. Once the MP Dragonar and MS are completed then the 
Feds will have a chance to fight back and they can go on the offensive. To 
head this charge is the WB team and all the Super Robots and MS/ Metal 
Armour,etc that they have.

At the Saotome Institute, Professor Saotome tells Hayato to head for China 
since that's where all the capitals for their counter offense have gone.

At the EDC's school, General Bushida is explaining to the EDC why the order 
to put the RaijinOh on the WB crew has been given out. The teachers aren't 
exactly ok with this decision but it seems like the only thing that they 
can do to end this situation. The School will then turn into a shelter 
fully while the EDC is away. Some in the class feel like this is a little 
beyond them since it should be the adults who are fighting this war and 
Bushida agrees but Tsutomu says that in a situation like this with Earth at 
stake, there's no difference whether you're a kid or an adult. Jin says 
that things haven't change, they're still going to protect the Earth which 
rally the rest of the class up.

Later on as the teachers gives Bright the responsibility of looking after 
the kids, Jin is glad that his teacher isn't coming along and Maria says 
that that's because Jin is thinking that he's finally going to be rid of 
homework on the ship. However he is told that there will be classes on the 
ship in their free time.  Jin is lost for words and his teacher then says 
that there will be a test on what is taught in the ship.

Later on at the bridge, Bright confess to Quattro that he heard that the 
RaijinOh didn't come with a manual but the kids figured out how to pilot it 
by themselves which makes Quattro wonder how they did that. Quattro says 
that with both EDC and Photonic Institute's firepower with them, they're 
quite stronger now.

At Dr.Hell's lair, Dr. Hell is livid at the appearance of the Mazinkaiser 
and plans to get even.

Episode 33A

Sayaka is given the new Venus Ace to use to protect the Institute before 
they are transferred to the WB. Right now Great Mazinger is still under 
repair so Venus Ace is all they have to protect the institute though Boss 
says not to count him out. Kouji prayed that nothing happen.

However Baron Ashura comes in with a horde of Kikaijuu looking for a fight 
with Mazinkaiser. Sayaka and Boss deploy but Dr. Yumi wonders why they 
aren't firing on the Institute at all. Tetsuya and Dr. Yumi surmise that Dr. 
Hell may know that Kouji still isn't proficient with Mazinkaiser yet and 
they're taking advantage of this. Sayaka is attacked and Kouji wants to 
deploy in the Kaiser to help her but Dr. Yumi says that the enemies is 
waiting to take advantage of that or has he forgotten what happened with 
Mazinger Z, the worst case is that it'll become like the Ashura Mazinger 
all over again. Tetsuya deploys in the half-repaired Great to try and bide 
for time before the WB can comes but he doesn't last long in the half-
repaired Great under heavy attacks from the Kikaijuus. 

The WB team then arrives and Ashura ask his subordinates what happened to 
the troops that were supposed to delay them and is told that it got wiped 

The WB team joins Sayaka and Boss in defeating Ashura. Tetsuya apologizes 
to Dr.Yumi for the destruction of the Great but Dr.Yumi says he doesn't 
care since they have to get him to intensive care at once. Kouji ask if 
Tetsuya will be ok but Tetsuya says that instead of worrying about him, 
worry about how to get Kaiser under full control.

Dr.Yumi later tells Bright that Great Mazinger is badly damaged that it may 
not be repairable at once and the pilot is in intensive care. Tetsuya 
apologize for having to pull out as soon as they agree to join force and 
says that once he gets better, he will join up. Tetsuya tells Kouji that 
he's counting on him and Kouji says that next time they meet up he'll be in 
the Kaiser with it fully under his control.

Episode 34

One month ago in the Giganos Empire, a disagreement between Gildol and 
Dolchenov over the use of the Mass Driver to attack Earth and joining 
forces with the Intergalactic Alliance leads to Dolchenov assassinating 
Gildol and pinning the blame on Maiyo Plato.  

Today, Dolchenov note that everything has moved according to plan, Goum 
Jame arrives and note that Dolchenov has it good with what he heard about 
Maiyo assassinating Gildol and Dolchenov says that he's leaving the Earth 
to Goum Jame which means Goum Jame can do whatever he please on Earth and 
he's quite please since it means the age of force is here.

At Saishou Industry, Suiun and Jinpui note that the WB has taken off and 
Jinpui asks Suiun why he has decided to develop unmanned weaponry even 
though he was dead set against it before. Suiun says that no matter how 
good a machine he build, it wouldn't equal to a pilot's soul but he doesn't 
want to see any more young blood spilled. Suiun apologize to Jinpui that 
both their dream of creating Super Machine in the end turned out to be 
creating weapons but Jinpui says that they can change focus after the war 

In China, the WB has arrived at the main Federation factory and Bright says 
that the teams that planned to strengthen themselves up should divide up 
and go do their things. Quattro decides to take this opportunity to train 
Camille and Judo while Ru, Emma and Elle decide to go shopping though it's 
not pleasant shopping since Riina asks Elle to buy stuff for the others who 
are stuck here.

The SPT team splits from Bright to go look over the SPT line that the Feds 
are manufacturing (the Dolls) These SPTs will be used primarily against the 
Gradosian SPT. Dr. Elizabeth tells Eiji that they can use the facility here 
to upgrade Layzner or create a new Lazyner frame to move Rei/ Fauron into. 
Eiji choose the new Layzner frame although he says that explaining things 
to Fauron will be hard.

Akimi meets up with Dr. Plato who's looking for Kaine. Akimi says that 
Kaine probably went to town though Dr. Plato says that he told Kaine that 
he was going to show them the MP Dragonar, the Dragoon's production line. 
Fairy is an old acquaintance of Dr.Plato and congratulates him on the 
finishing of the Dragoon but Dr.Plato says that they still need new data 
input to make it strong since they use all three Dragonar's data and 

However suddenly the alarm sounds and Akimi scramble. Dr. Plato notes that 
this is a good time to test the Dragoons.

Outside, Quattro, Judo and Camille have return from training and see the 
enemies and begin to engage. Akimi appears and so does the Dragoon. The 
Dragoon troops say that they will get to see the fruition of their 
trainings and manage to down one enemy Metal Armour.

Meanwhile Kaine and the rest of the D-Team has return and note that their 
MP counterpart has gone one up ahead of them and deploy which doesn't make 
them look good. Kaine and the other run to the Dragonar to deploy.

The Goum Jame troops arrives and some more Dragoons appear to try and fight 
them but Goum Jame begins to demolish them but soon after the Dragonars 
appear to fight off the Goum Jame troops.

The WB and Gandol also appear and join in the battle but so does Zeon 
forces led by Ragan and the Purus. Kaine and the others defeated Goum Jame 
and he beats a retreat for now. Judo targets Puru and is surprised that she 
doesn't seem to harbour any will to kill at all. Puru tells Judo to play 
and Judo asks how and she attacks. Ronmel attacks Quattro and is surprised 
at how good he is (former red comet and all) Quattro note that Ronmel is 
quite good.  Ronmel and Ragan along with the Purus are beaten but the hits 
keep on coming as Boida from the Zarl arrives to make trouble and so does 
Ondron from the Robot Empire.

In secret, Desgaia ask Shapiro if it's ok holding back like this since all 
those Intergalactic Alliance are taking all the glory but Reginia says that 
once the team are finished with all the Intergalactic Alliance then they 
will make their move.

Eiji arrives in the new Layzner MkII and Kouji note that everyone is 
fighting but he's grounded like this, he hates it, he won't hide and 
neither will Mazinkaiser. Kouji then takes off in the Kaiser Pilder and 
shouts "Mazin Go, Pilder On!!" Mazinkaiser arrives which shocks Boss and 
Sayaka who ask if he can really tame the Kaiser and Kouji says that he'll 
manage somehow through guts and determination. He fires the Rust Tornado 
and note that he felt that through the Feedback. Boss shout that he'd 
better get the Kaiser under control quick

The team defeated the Zarl and the Robot Empire and Dr. Plato congratulates 
the Dragonar team saying that the Dragonar will be reborn and strengthened. 
In secret, Desgaia can't believe that the team managed to defeat the 
Intergalactic Alliance troop that attacked and Shapiro says that human may 
be fools but they are good at fighting and now that the Intergalactic 
Alliance had been dealt a blow, they won't be able to move freely on Earth 
which leaves them free to do what they want.

At the dock, Kaine is glad that their mech is getting a power up and he and 
Tapp see Rose and Linda and Diane as well. Light ask why they didn't come 
and tell them but Diane says that the trio went into town before they could 
meet. Linda and the other two have been helping Dr.Plato in his research. 
Kaine asks if she's ok with working with her father that she disliked but 
Linda says that she dislike the ideals that her father worked with but she 
does like her dad.

Hatsuki tells the Dancougar team that the Gandol had been strengthened and 
refurbished and it will be part of the WB force that head into outer space. 
Bright says that now that they've protected the factories, the Federation 
will soon be pumping out Gms, Doll and Dragoon to fight the various enemies 
in the counter attack.

Alan takes over explaining that the plan includes going back to North and 
South America to pick up the Resistance that opted to stay behind. The 
objective is to go aid them since Ru Kaine has begin wiping them out in 
earnest and supply them with the MS/SPT/ Metal Armour that they mass-
produced and regroup all of them in secret Federation base that are left 
standing. With this they will manage to up the Federation's force and bases 
by a lot.

Episode 34A

In town, Camille complains to himself that Faa had the nerve to ask him to 
come pick up all the stuff that she had to abandoned when they had to 
scramble previously. He meets Four who asks for a ride back to base 
introducing herself as a Federation officer. They hit it off quite well. 
Enemies attacks again and Camille and the others scramble and Four later 
joins in as well in the ReGZ. After the battle is over, Four tells Bright 
that she is assigned to the White Base and Bright commends her on her 
skills and ask if she had pass lots of battlefield but Four says that it's 
not exactly like that.

At the cafeteria, Akimi and the others are talking about Four and Akimi 
wonders if she's half Japanese what with the last name Murasame but Alan 
says that Four is a product of the Murasame Lab, an enhanced human. Chris 
says that she's heard of that lab when the Alex was in production, she 
wonders if the Feds can really stoop that low to experiment on humans. Alan 
says that a bunch of them such as Jamitov Haiman and Basku Ohm are but 
fortunately the lab was ordered close and those two were court martialed 
thanks to General Igol and Four is sent here for her own sake. (And thus 
the plot of Zeta pretty much never exist here, so Jerid is probably still 
somewhere far far away)  Everyone agree that Four isn't to blame for her 
condition and they should work together with her.

Quattro and Bright receive the news from General Igor and while Quattro is 
still worried, Lalah says that Camille is around so Four should be ok.

Episode 34B

Light receives a letter from an old friend informing him that his favourite 
teacher had passed away and Ken and Tapp feels sorry for him. Light says 
that what's even sadder is that he doesn't feel that sharp pain in his 
heart when a loved one passed away. He's gotten too used to seeing death on 
the battlefield.

The enemies attack and the team fends them off. Tapp note back at the 
cafeteria that they really do get used to this but Kaine says that not to 
worry about it and let's go have some fun.Sarge Ben and Dr. Plato comes in 
saying that the Dragoons for them are ready (not that they're as useful as 
the Dragonar and there's no one else to put them in) but Dr. Plato says 
that should something happen to the Dragonar or if it needs lengthy repair, 
they'll still be able to use the Dragoons to sortie.

Episode 35

Things aren't going too well at Grados capital. Many Gradosian soliders are 
downright disgusted at Ru Kine's Empire of the superior ideal where the 
talented whether they are Earthling or Gradosian will make up the ruling 
class. They believe that they are superior because they're Gradosian, the 
conqueror and that Ru Kine ordered all the Station Satellite destroyed 
because he fear reprisal from the mother planet. Of course this doesn't sit 
well with Ru Kine who eavesdrop on them and shoot them dead.

Depressed about all this, Ru Kine blames it all on his dad. His mood 
doesn't improve when Julia says that she is leaving and he forbids her to 
leave but she does anyway. 
When a solider asks him if they should restrain Julia, Ru Kine says to let 
her do as she please

News of Julia's departure hit the resistance who remained behind and in 
Seattle, where Julia is in; Commander Kabuto had trailed her and decide to 
use her to lure the resistance out. He begins his attacks killing them.

Eiji and the SPT team arrive along with Daltanious to stop him which 
Commander Kabuto says that he'll destroy the Daltanious to get glory from 
Emperor Dolmen for his army.

The WB arrives and Hayato asks Alan if there's a resistance base near here 
and Alan says that the resistance had gathered here and radioed them. He is 
told that the Gusco Holy Lady had been used as a lure to draw resistance 
and civilians out to be killed and Alan tells Eiji to retrieve the Gusco 
Holy Lady or his sister Julia Asuka. This shocks Eiji but he says he's up 
to the task. Eiji rush in and gets Julia back to the WB saying that they'll 
talk afterward and Julia says that she has something to tell Eiji and the 
WB crew.

When Ru Kine hears of the attack by Kabuto, he is incensed that Kabuto 
would fight the WB and target the Gusco Holy Lady without his permission 
and under advice by Roan, orders a squad to be sent out to attack the WB. 
Goztello asks to be a part of the squad and is told that this is his last 

Goztello and his team arrive and Kabuto orders all his troops deployed. 
They all got beaten in record time and Bright orders all available 
personnel to do rescue and evac on the city ruins immediately.

The Dragonar team asks about the Gusco holy lady and is told that stories 
of her being the holy lady originate from South America near Gusco who 
works for coexistence between humanity and Grados. Some of the Gradosian 
here have begun to support her cause.

Eiji asks why Julia chose to keep her existence a secret, he thought she 
was dead. Is this because he killed Gale Sempai? Julia says that is a 
matter of the past. Once she abandoned the army, she went to Gusco and 
learned of something that she must do, to heal the world. Their paths are 
different because he chose to fight but Julia tells him to do what he needs 
to do. There will come a time when she will tell all to him but she needs 
to know the opinions of the people on the White Base

Commander Kroppen of the Zarl Army is very displeased with Kabuto and 
Poinda. He tells them to come back to Zarl and to leave the Earth to Nechia 
who managed to take over Jaburo. This is Emperor Dolmen's decision. 
Elsewhere Ondron of the Robot Empire is told by Zakuron to take all his 
force and return home. Emperor Dolmen had ordered their defense line beefed 
up which is why the forces here are need since the Interdimensional 
Alliance seems to be up to something.

Ru Kine is not pleased with the result and note that the WB not only took 
out their forces but a Zarl fleet led by Kabuto as well. He ordered another 
attack to be prep against the team.

Back at the White Base, Dr. Elizabeth note that it's quite ironic that 
someone against military strengthening like her had to be the one who 
created the Doll SPT but David says that it can't be helped but that set 
off another debate on the meaning of life, liberty and the death that war 
brings between the Layzner crew. Eiji ends it saying that fighting can't be 
avoided for now but he still holds hope that Earth and Grados can find a 
way to coexist. Eiji return to Julia with the others' opinions and Julia 
tells Eiji to bring her to Gusco.

Julia tells Bright and everyone the secret between Grados and the Earth, 
that of the Gradosian coming to Earth to give the Earthling culture and 
technology and left behind a part of their civilization at Gusco, the 
Grados Seal. Alan note that the enemies had been concentrating on South 
America and Julia says that the legend of the Grados seal had probably 
reach the other empires but misinterpreted into being a grand weapon. 
Bright, Quattro and Alan note that it might be best to go there.

Akimi wonder if this Grados Seal is the CUBE but Fairy says that from 
Julia's description, it seems different but it's possible that ancient 
Gradosian might have knowledge and ways to control the CUBE in the seal 
which is worth an investigation.

Episode 36

Mondo and Beecha aren't exactly thrilled to go wading into the enemy 
stronghold in South America but Shutekken says that they are fighting for 
the peace of the universe, those without the resolves have no meaning to be 
on this ship but Diego tells him not to scare the runts like that and 
Beecha says that there's a difference between bravery and plain stupidity. 
Quattro says that the enemy will probably be concentrating all their 
firepower to guard Jaburo and not Gusco which has no strategic meaning. 
This means that they can take it back if only for a while to use the power 
of the seal and then retreat. Quattro then note that in order to succeed, 
it's best if they had feint operation to divert some of the enemies' 
firepower and attention and Alan says that they'll let the resistance and 
the Federation soliders do that.

At the Grados capital, Ru Kine learns of the WB's movement and after some 
consultation from Roan, decides to dispatch a fleet to destroy them noting 
that their movement after being in contact with the Gusco Holy Lady 
deserves attention.

At the Zarl's fortress, Commander Neshia is informed of the human's 
movement and she makes plan to deal with them thinking that they're here to 
take back Jaburo.

The WB team arrives and note that there's not much firepower guarding it 
and decides to attack to regain the Gusco seal. Akimi wonders if the enemy 
could use the power of the seal on them before they take back the place but 
Eiji says that if they can use the seal as a weapon then there would 
probably be more guards and Julia confirms that the only one who can use 
the seal is those with Gradosian and Human blood in their body, or half 
blooded like her and possibly Eiji.

The battle begins and the Zarl forces is shocked that the WB's firepower is 
being concentrated on taking the Gusco seal back and decides to contact 
Neshia for help. At Jaburo, the Federation forces note that they've stalled 
for time long enough and pull out before Neshia brings out the full Zarl 
forces. Neshia is then inform of the WB's movement and tells her 
subordinates to use all the forces there and nearby to stop them from 
taking the Gusco seal and she will go there shortly with more 

The team dispatched the enemy forces there and Eiji leads Julia to the seal. 
Julia note that their forefathers once set off for space here but now their 
descendant having come back to this place are now called aliens. Their 
forefathers must have predicted something like this might happened which is 
why they created the Gusco seal. Julia says that she still believes that 
talking face to face is the best way to solve the problem which is why she 
was reluctant to use it but if needless bloodshed can be avoided though 
this then, she will use it.

Eiji escort Julia in and Akimi note that the seal seems like any old ruins 
here.   Akimi suddenly notes that the energy readings of the Soul Lancer 
are going off the scales. Fairy says that the engine is in rest mode so 
they're not manually drawing more power from the CUBE, the power is 
actually going up by itself. The CUBE is resonating with the energy from 
the seal. Akimi might have been correct in guessing that the seal uses the 
power of the CUBE. Grados forces arrive and Akimi note that if they don't 
take care of those enemies, then they won't have time to investigate the 
seal. Under advice from Roan, Ru Kine agrees not to deploy but sends in the 
remaining Death Ogre squad instead. Quattro says that they'll have to 
protect the seal and says that more enemy forces may be coming.

Quattro is right since Goztello appears, not having died from the last 
battle but he and the Death Ogre squad doesn't last long. Neshia however 
arrives and deploys her troops along with Ru Kine adding in the troops that 
he detained from the previous assault along with deploying himself letting 
Roan leave to do the commanding. Roan is shocked but accepts. Bright note 
that they might be able to make a run for it if they create an opening but 
Gou and Kento are against that so Bright says that they will fight to the 
end and Akimi asks if the Lancer is still at full capacity. Fairy says it 
is and Akimi says that she's not going to let the boys get all the glory.

Anna tells Eiji that there's been no contact from Julia since she entered 
but suddenly says that the top of the seal is shining and Julia's image 
comes out saying that she is broadcasting all over the world. Julia says 
that Earth has come into contact with people from other world but many on 
both side have chosen to war with each others. It may be that it is too 
soon for people to overcome the barrier of understanding those that come 
from another planet which is why they must now count on the wisdom of their 
elder. She is activating the seal of Grados. With it, traveling from the 
solar system into outer space will be completely shut down. She hopes that 
with this act, the people from outer space that are left on Earth will 
decide to find the path of coexistence with those on Earth.

Hearing this, Neshia half believes it and decides to destroy the seal 
before it activates, however for many Grados troops, having lost the 
Satellite Station, if they can't even go back to their planet, the normal 
way, then they'll be stranded on Earth. The Gradosian soliders ask Roan to 
order a full scale assault but Roan then tells them to withdraw. The 
soliders suddenly realize Roan's deceit but Roan fires a warning shot 
saying that he rigged the ship to explode, consider this the payoff of a 
long term undercover sting operation by the Resistance Army.

Roan contacts Eiji saying that he's pulling the Grados fleet out. Ru Kine 
tries to reestablish control but finds that the channel his troops use has 
been jammed. The Gradosian soliders in the capital are in turmoil not 
knowing what's happening and what to do which is perfect for the resistance 
army. Neshia decides that whatever the case, they must attack and starts to 
do so.

Neshia however gets beaten by Daltanious and is unable to eject to safety. 
Kento chuckles a bit saying that they finally got a big one down. Ru Kine 
is beaten by Eiji and note that his dreams which he murdered his father to 
try and achieve is gone. Roan calls in and asks him to understand that he 
is at first and foremost an Earthling. Ru Kine says that he might have been 
fooled but they did share something together, he'll be back sooner or later 
and until then, Roan can keep his life.

The battle is over and the team asked Julia what she did and Julia says 
that she has sealed off this section of the galaxy. It is now impossible to 
travel beyond this solar system. Daba, Prince Mito and the Baxinger team 
says that that's quite inconvienient for them considering that they have 
things back to do in their home planet. Being stranded for life on another 
planet was not on the table. Julia says that there is a way around the seal 
which is to use a key of the same energy of the seal to penetrate the seal 
temporarily. That key is with the team and Akimi and Fairy then realize 
that it's the CUBE inside Soul Lancer. It seems that the ancient Gradosian 
really did know the technology of the CUBE.

Quattro note that this changes the battlefield a lot, the Intergalactic 
Alliance troops here are stranded and their reinforcements cannot come in. 
They can pick off the stranded one or negotiate with them to surrender. 
It'll also give them time to deal with other problems such as Giganos/ Zeon 
and ready their troops safely so that they can counterattack. Diego added 
that with this they can also head off to outer space safely and tackle one 
problem at a time without worrying about the home front afterward.

Julia says that she did not do this so they would have a military advantage 
but she did it because she thinks that it will lead to further 
understanding between Grados and humanity. Diego apologizes. Everyone note 
that they'll have to protect Soul Lancer once they go back into outer space 
and Akimi note that she's going to be like a princess with her knights 
protecting her which Jin says is quite stupid of Akimi and Fairy looks a 
bit cross as well.

Later on, Akimi asks Fairy if she's still angry at her for that little joke 
but Fairy says that the Interdimensional Alliance have CUBE technology 
through the Guardisword as well so they have gained an advantage at the 
very least over the Intergalactic Alliance and they are still free to 
attack Earth with their troops and reinforcements. She can't help but 
wondered if this outcome was preorchestrated by them. Akimi says that Fairy 
might be imagining things.

Episode 37

Desgaia is not happy about relocating troops into space since they just got 
done conquering the Phillipines but Shapiro says that now is the time to 
pursue the Intergalactic Alliance and crush them. Gildrome voices his 
concern that the Grados Seal seems to be interfering with their 
communication with Emperor Muge and Helmatt says that if so then they 
should blast it to smithereens. Shapiro says that even if they destroy it, 
it won't revert things back to the way it was or the Intergalactic Alliance 
would have tried it but his information from Guardisword had predicted it 
and they have come up with a way to bypass it. For now they should use this 
chance to take out the Intergalactic Alliance stranded armies and leave the 
task of contacting Muge to Reginia.

Back at the White Base team, the team receives an SOS from NESA base in 
Japan telling them that the Dinosaur Empire are on the move with Gol 
transmitting his image all over the world proclaiming that the age of 
humanity is over, with this ancient relique, a big UFO  that he uncovered, 
it's power puts him leagues above humanity. To demonstrate it's power, Gol 
wipes out NESA base in one shot.

General Igol and Dr. Saotome then calls in saying that Gol is headed for 
Japan and they need the WB forces back in Japan ASAP. Quattro then alerts 
Watta, Akimi and the Getter team to fly on ahead first since they were 
originally based in Japan and get resupplied quickly (to cover the energy 
cost of flying back) and detain the Dinosaur Empire forces until the WB 
makes it back. Jack and Mary also volunteers to go on ahead as well

In Japan, the last of the Gm forces protecting it fell to the Mechasaurus 
and General Igol launches a barrage of missiles at the UFO only to have no 
effect against it's barrier. Gol laughs off the attack but suddenly  Gou in 
the Shin Getter comes in and starts attacking Mechasaurus shouting that as 
long as Shin Getter is standing, the people of Earth is going to be 
protected. The other three arrives but Galeri also appears saying that 
he'll take them all on. The four fights the Mechasaurus but Akimi note that 
the four of them are being overwhelmed. Fairy tells Akimi to hang on since 
the WB will be here soon.

Suddenly Judo and Elle appears saying that it's a good thing they decide to 
come. Akimi thanks them but then ask if Bright ordered it to which Judo 
fumbles for words. Ru Rukka then appears along with Slegga and Sayla saying 
that Judo is such a trouble maker and Elle shouldn't have taken the G- 
Flyer out since it's just been delivered to them. Elle says that without it 
the MkII can't fly which lets Ru snaps out "THAT'S NOT THE POINT!!" Slegga 
tells her to calm down and Sayla says that they should focus on the enemies 
to which Judo agrees.

During the battle, at the refugee shelter, Puru rans out smiling and going 
Purupuru puru prompting General Bushida asking her where the heck she's 
going, it's dangerous outside. Puru says that her heart is pounding and she 
thinks it's a good feeling and it's coming from that pilot of the ZZ. She 
deploys in the Quebley Mk II and goes to grab Judo and ask if he came to 
see her. Judo half-remembered Puru (technically I think he's faking it) as 
Puru tells Judo to play with her. Judo says he's a little busy right now 
and asked if she's Zeon but Puru says that she got bored and left so let's 
play. Ru tells Judo to back away since it's probably a trick but Judo says 
that it's not and Elle backs him up since she's known Judo for a long time. 
Ru can't believe this but suddenly the Mechasaurus blast hits near Judo 
angering Puru and Judo tells Puru that they'll play kick the Mechasaurus's 
butt. Whoever kicks more butts win.

Galeri is defeated but he comes back in an even bigger mech but is defeated 
nonetheless. Akimi however note that no matter how hard they try, they 
can't pierce the barrier and thus attack the UFO directly. Fairy says that 
they'll have to give up on it since they're wasting precious energy. Gou 
note that not even Getter Beam is doing damage. Gol deploys more 
Mechasaurus and General Igol tells the team here to fall back but Gou 
doesn't want to run but Sleggar says that they're going to fall if they 
stay here. Puru then says that reinforcement is here as the WB team finally 

Judo is ecstatic that help is here though Camille says not to get too happy 
since he plans on setting Judo straight the moment this is all over. The 
battle continues but Gol keeps sending out Mechasaurus reinforcements. 
Bright note that they have to do something about the ship and orders all 
cannons fired at it but still not a scratch. Dr. Shikishima then appears on 
the communication channel and says that that won't do it, leave it to him. 
Ryouma asks Hayato if he actually let this mad scientist loose to do as he 
wants and Hayato says that he's the ace in the hole now isn't he?

Dr. Shikishima whips up a Pulse Gun that he state will destroy any type of 
barrier. It's semi effective and Hayato tells Shou to use the Getter Drill 
to weaken the barrier even more. Watta also decides to join in and use the 
Trider Bird Attack and totally cracks the barrier. Gol then decides to come 
out with his last troops of Mechasaurus to decide things with the human and 
the WB team feels immense pressure from Gol but Gou says not to be scar 
because it's time for the finale.

Jack and Mary targets Gol and says that it's time to shoot the big rodent. 
Gou attacks but Gol says that he has evolved beyond the point of Getter Ray 
to harm him. Gou says that he's going to finish this. Gol says that they 
ruled the Earth first but those that came after like the human manage to 
control the surface world thanks to luck and Getter Ray. Shou and Gai ask 
why Gol didn't consider living together but Gol is adamant about grinding 
the worm/humanity to dust. Gou tells the two to quit it, this is a battle 
and not time for reasoning. Gol then attacks the Shin Getter relentlessly 
but Gou shout that he doesn't have the Empire's hope behind him like  Gol 
does, he's fighting for himself and he ain't gonna lose. He may not have 
much strength left but in a battle of endurance, spirits and guts always 

Gou tells the two to get up and Gol note that the Getter Ray seems to be 
building, Ryouma, Hayato and Dr. Saotome sees it as well and Dr. Saotome 
note that the Neo Getter Team are being engulfed by Getter energy. Hayato 
tells them to focus and Ryouma tells Gou not to use force to push it back 
but to feel it with his mind. Gou then note that he knows... the power of 
Getter. Shin Getter then turns into Jin Getter and crushes Gol in one stab 
ending the battle.

After the battle, Hayato asks Ryouma what he plans to do now and Ryouma 
says that this is not his place anymore and his successors have things well 
in hand so he's getting off. Hayato then asks him to take care of the Lab 
and Dr. Saotome while they're gone and Ryouma tells Musashi that their long 
battle is finally over.

Meanwhile at Bardos Island, Dr. Hell is informed of the destruction of the 
Dinosaur Empire and tells his troops to ready his force, the time to strike 
is now when they're tired and weakened.

Episode 38

Elle and Judo are forced to help unload containers during the White Base's 
resupplies as punishment for what happened earlier with Karen and Ryu 
supervising to make sure they don't goof off. Ryu then asks Puru to keep 
watch over Judo to make sure he don't goof off since he's needed elsewhere 
with Elle muttering that this is the worst.

Suddenly the alarm sounds with Shiro running in to tell everyone that an 
enemy is attacking and to get ready to scramble. As for the unloading, 
they'll let the staff on the base take care of it and Elle note that they 
sure are lucky.

At the bridge, everyone learns that Dr. Hell is mounting a major offensive 
due to the Federation being at the lowest ebb after the Dinosaur Empire's 
attack. General Igol asks the WB team to rush in and take care of Dr. 
Hell's main force at the moving fortress, Bardos Island.

The Federation forces along the coastline try their best to stop Dr. Hell's 
advancement but are wiped out. Dr. Hell note that the only thing of concern 
is Mazinkaiser and the WB team with it's troops of powerful robot. Ashura 
then appears telling Dr. Hell that there is nothing to worry and beg Dr. 
Hell for a final chance by becoming the head of his most powerful Kikaijuu. 
Seeing this loyalty, Dr. Hell then says that he'll grant Ashura's wishes.

The team arrives only to find the Fed forces wiped out but Puru says that 
it's ok, they all escaped through the escape pod but Bright tells Puru not 
to come running around the bridge during operation time and asks Frau to 
remove her to Puru's dismay.

Kouji deploys in the Kaiser and Dr. Hell deploys his Kikaijuu troops with 
the other charging in after Kouji's lead. More Kikaijuu appear but so does 
Great Mazinger. Jun says that they are in time and tells Dr.Yumi that the 
Great Mazinger Tetsuya is piloting is the true Great Mazinger that they 
found in Dr.Kabuto's hidden lair while the original one was just a 
prototype. THIS Great Mazinger is much more powerful than the other one. 
Tetsuya says that now that the grandest of the brave has arrived he won't 
let the Kikaijuu do as they please. Dr. Hell is incense that Tsurugi 
Tetsuya has returned to challenge him once more and deploys more Kikaijuu 
but Tetsuya starts dropping them left and right telling Kouji to head for 
Bardos Island while he takes care of things here. After downing a couple 
more, Tetsuya shouted "How's that Kikaijuu? Had enough taste of Great's 
true power?" and he then shouts that he's on his way to aid Kouji and the 

The team arrives on Bardos Island but Dr. Hell then deploys his most 
Kikaijuu, the Gordol which is piloted by a modified Ashura. After an attack 
from Ashura, Kouji note that the Mazinkaiser is acting strange and suddenly 
a light flood the cockpit.

Kouji hears a voice telling him that he has proven himself as Mazinkaiser's 
true pilot and now it's true power will be unsealed, the power of the 
Kaiser Blade. The Kaiser Scrander then appears and Jun says that the Kaiser 
Scrander was made for Kaiser to fly. Kouji then Scrander Cross and draws 
out the Kaiser Blade, ready to finish things off with Ashura.

A concentrated attack brought Ashura to his knee but he then charges Kaiser 
with a mad on spouting things about the pain of the Kikaijuu and his 
torment that he will pay back but Kouji then shouted back "Oh shut up" and 
cleaves him with the Kaiser Blade. Ashura apologize to Dr. Hell and then 

Kouji then approaches Dr. Hell and says that there's no place left to run. 
Dr. Hell then commends them on being powerful, the most powerful group ever. 
Why do they waste all those powers on protecting those worthless worms 
anyway when they should be ruling them? Is it out of some misplaced love 
for the world? Gou smirk sadistically and says that he has none of that, 
he's fighting for himself. This amuses Dr. Hell and he says that he's 
really intrigued with Gou and makes an offer of all of them working 
together to just go wild on the world and do as they please. 

Kouji says that he'll have none of that, he's not going to be god or the 
devil and Gou says that he doesn't like Dr. Hell anyway. Dr. Hell says that 
he'll admit to their victory today but he'll be back, count on that. Bardos 
Island starts to explode and Bright order everyone to pull back. Tetsuya 
tells Kouji to pull back but Kouji says that he has to see Dr. Hell dead 
first. An explosion engulfed both and after it clears, Kaiser is nowhere to 
be seen. Tetsuya note that Kouji won't die that easily and he is proven 
correct as Mazinkaiser emerges from the cloud, without a speck on it. Kouji 
shouted "Sorry to worry you guys, but Kabuto Kouji here is invincible"

Later on, Quattro note that with the Dinosaur Empire and Dr. Hell out of 
the way, they're clear to take on Giganos and Zeon. The remnant troops of 
Dr. Hell, Intergalactic Alliance/ Zeon/ Giganos on Earth can be taken cared 
of by the Feds and their MP Gms/ Dragoon/Dolls army. Dr. Plato says that 
specifically, they need to take care of Dolchenov and Gihren Zabi since all 
the people of Giganos and Zeon aren't bad. Some are still fighting for the 
independence they believe in, these are the one that can be talked to and 
join forces with to fight against the Intergalactic/ Interdimensional 

Back at the base, Beecha, Mondo, Iino are noting that a lot of stuffs are 
being put on the WB for it's counter offense against Zeon/Giganos. Iino 
says that they seem to be more involved in this than just being tagalong 
now and Beecha says that they're not knee deep in the war; they're up to 
their neck in it. There's no turning back now.

Suddenly a loud explosion comes from nearby and it is confirmed as an enemy 
attack. At the bridge, it is confirmed that it is meteor hurled by the Mass 
Driver on the Giganos moon base. Originally it wasn't meant to be used this 
way but Dolchenov has other plans. At Abaoque, Gihren compliment Dolchenov 
for working well with his plans. This turn of events show that Giganos/ 
Zeon might be going for a scorched Earth policy now that most of their 
troops has gone back into space which means that the team needs to speed up 
their offensive against Giganos and take out the Mass Driver.

At her room, Kaine asks Linda what's wrong and Linda says that she is 
worried that Kaine is going to be warring with her family, her brother is 
Maiyo Plato of the Giganos army. This news shock Kaine that his 
girlfriend's brother is his arch-nemesis on the battlefield.

Episode 38A

Mondo and Beecha note that there's another shipment for the WB and another 
shipment being send into space consisting of Gm/ Dragoons/Doll. The Feds 
are really putting out all the stops to win the war.Elle says that to 
decide things in one stroke like that is like a man. Beecha decide to take 
that advice and try to hit up on Elle again only to receive a slap.

Amuro is running battle simulation on his computer in his room since lot of 
new enemies had shown up. Ryu come in and tells Amuro to come with him 
since the Full Armour parts for the Gundam has arrived. With it the 
Gundam's firepower will be increased though it'll be heavier and less 
maneuverable. Quattro tells Amuro that he'll let Amuro decide what to use 
in each occasion.

At Saisho Industry, Akimi tells Jinpui to hurry up the repair/ resupply on 
Soul Lancer since they need to hurry back to the White Base for it to 
launch into space.

At the WB, an alarm sound showing Giganos /Zeon forces converging near the 
base. The WB deploys and Shiro tells them that most of their forces have 
retreated back into space, why are they still fighting? The Giganos/ Zeon 
troops say that they chose to stay behind and they'll use every last 
machine/ personnel they have today to at least do heavy damage to the WB. 
The WB team deploys and defeated them all but Grados remnants also appeared. 
They say if they are forced to live on Earth then they'll attack and get 
some provisions and materials from the Federation base. Of course they too 
get defeated.

After the battle, Shiro is depressed as to why these soliders would throw 
away their lives like this and Aina tells him that many people fight for 
different things, some fight for the sake of the glory of their country. 
Aina tells Shiro that they are too deep in the war now to get out and leave 
the others behind. No matter what cruel future may come, she'll bear it as 
long as she's with him.

Episode 39

General Igol and Bushida note that the WB is gone and in the end they had 
to rely on the young ones again. General Igol says that they still have 
things to do, they must keep Earth safe while the WB is out in space.

The White Base has made it out into outerspace to rendezvous with Wakken's 
troops to take out the Mass Driver. Wakken's troop has been slowly 
advancing towards the Moon and deflecting debris that the Mass Driver is 
hurling towards Earth. Wakken tells Bright that the WB and one of his 
troops will make up the forces that will invade the Moon while the rest 
takes out the other forces/debris.

Meanwhile Shapiro has learned of the WB movement and note that they don't 
know about his plans and he can use this.

The Zeon/Giganos forces at the base panicked when they see a large 
Federation fleet but no reinforcements are coming since they are all being 
stationed at Abaoque to make Zeon/Giganos's last stand, it's up to them to 
defend this base. The Zeon/Giganos troops deploy every MS and ships they 
have. The battle is fierce and Wakken sends in more troops as the Salamis 
troops on the Moon falls

The team manages to defeat the Zeon/Giganos fleet and Wakken says that his 
team will send in occupation force to round up the troops guarding the Mass 
Driver Base and use it later on to help send forces to attack Abaoque. 
However when the landing party arrives, Helmut and Shapiro's forces arrive 
and Helmut says that they've been waiting for this moment, since when the 
ships are sending in landing parties, they are sitting ducks. Helmut 
destroys the four Salamis containing the landing party. Shapiro plans to 
take over the Mass Driver for his own use in conquering Earth. He has 
Desgaia and Gildrome attacks Wakken's Federation fleet so that no more 
reinforcements can come.

However four Metal Armours arrives. They are Maiyo Plato and the Practice. 
The Practice group are adamant about following Maiyo to the end of the 
Earth since they do not believe in Dolchenov. Maiyo thanks them and says 
that they will rescue the Giganos/ Zeon soliders here since most of them 
are not in line with Dolchenov's vision but are only here because they are 
soliders. Maiyo tells the soliders to start boarding escape shuttles while 
he and the Practice provides cover. Shapiro and Helmut's ship are badly 
damaged by the team and are forced to retreat. The escape shuttle launches 
and Maiyo note that he and the Practice no longer has any energy left to 
escape from the Moon so he's planning to surrender to the Feds.

Dr. Plato and Linda are surprised to see Maiyo contacting the WB and asking 
for surrender. The WB recovers Maiyo and the Practice and Maiyo then tells 
the WB team that Gihren and Dolchenov has planned to use the Mass Driver as 
a lure to draw a lot of Federation fleet in and self-destruct it, they have 
to get out of here. Bright says that if so then they have to recover the 
Federation soliders that may have escaped from the fleets that got sunk in 
trying to take over the place. 

Of course Shapiro doesn't know that and send in more forces. Maiyo and the 
Practice then redeploy to help out the WB with Dr. Plato says that he did 
emergency repair and resupply for them. Shapiro then pulls out all the 
stops and sends in a fleet to destroy the WB. Alan sees this and plans to 
kamikaze himself and the Black Wing into them to create a diversion for the 
WB to escape but Shinobu and the others stop him saying that they are also 
General Igol's "children" and they won't let Alan do such a foolhardy thing. 
Shinobu says that he'll use Dancougar to take out those enemies. Suddenly 
the Aggressive Beast mode of both Dancougar and BlackWing roar to life in 
rhythm combining the two into Final Dancougar (as Prof. Hatsuki puts it) 
This is possible because their will are now one which activate the latent 
power and combination.

Shinobu doesn't know what Hatsuki is yammering about but he does know that 
they now have more power than they need and Dancoukogaken the enemy fleet. 
The WB makes it's escape but Shapiro deploys in his mech to try and take 
them out. Dancougar blocks it and the collision open the hatch on Shapiro's 
mech which makes Sarah realize that Shapiro was behind this. Shapiro tells 
Sarah that's there's still time for her to come with him but Sarah says 
that she thought she sense Shapiro's hand behind all the attack on the Feds, 
she's going to kill him.

However before any of that happen, an explosion starts to rock the Mass 
Driver and causes a chain explosion. The WB team and Shapiro managed to get 
clear but Helmut was engulfed in the explosion and dies. Shapiro contacts 
Desgaia and Gildrome saying that the operation was a failure and Helmut's 
dead but the Federation has lost a lot of it's troops, they can still work 
with that. The WB team meanwhile is still ok, and Wakken says that the WB 
team will have to spearhead the attack on Abaoque.

In his quarters, the Practice urges Maiyo to fight against Dolchenov for 
the Giganos ideal and that they will be beside him all the way.

Kid and some of the outer space brigade such as Mito, Daba, the Ginga Reppu 
talks about the final battle of Abaoque and that hopefully it will lead to 
peace in this planet. Mito's kunoichi Shinobu says that from the 
information she last receives, things in the Edon Kingdom has worsen and 
that was a while before the seal took effects. This riles up Kakus who note 
that they shouldn't be standing around here then but Sukedo tells him to 
calm down since they alone wouldn't be able to do anything even if they did 
manage to get back. They'll need the help of the team. Mito says that once 
things clear up here, it's their turn to clear things up back in their home.

Elsewhere Camille is annoyed that Four is ok with fighting like that, she 
shouldn't have to but Lalah comes in and tells Camille that Four has found 
a new purpose for living and one of the most horrid things in life is not 
being able to do anything in a situation and he should understand Four's 
reason better.

At Abaoque, Gihren gives a speech raising the morale of the troops to ready 
them to repel the Federation attack.

Episode 39A

Bright says that before they head to Abaoque, they will hit a secret Zeon 
MS Plant on the moon to reduce the amount of troops going to Abaoque and 
Quattro says that from his sources, the MS Plant contains a top secret 
experimental MS that Anaheim had developed that he'd like to recover so 
he's leading the charge on this one. The team attacks and Quattro enters 
the installation while the team wipes out the Zeon resistance.

Later on, Quattro tells Amuro and the others that he recovered the Sazabi, 
a funnel equipped MS that he plans to use.

Meanwhile, the kids of the Earth Defense Class along with Watta are being 
tutored by Watta's vice president. Jin groans that even here he has 
homeworks. For a guest lecturer, Watta's vice president has Sukedo comes in 
to give speeches on economy and agriculture and Sukedo regails them with 
tales of the BadLand that he visited and of the weird animals (by Earth 
standard) that he met which the kids loved but Watta's vice president think 
it might have been  a mistake asking Sukedo to lecture.

Episode 40

The operation at Abaoque is about to commence which Amuro notes is good 
since they don't know if the forces from outer space might come back. Eiji 
asks Amuro if he thinks the seal is going to be destroyed but Amuro says 
that it's a feeling he has. Lalah reassures Eiji that she thinks things 
will be fine for now.

The Dragonar team talks about Maiyo staying on this ship, noting that he 
did surrender and it seems Quattro is going to talk to him to convince him 
to help.

Meanwhile Linda is hard at work telling Rose and Diane that she's glad her 
brother is alive but she won't go see him yet since she has to work hard 
now for everyone's sake in the upcoming assault.

In Maiyo's quarter, Quattro asks Maiyo if he knows who Quattro is and Maiyo 
says that he does but he wonders why the Red Comet of Zeon is now working 
for the Federation? Quattro says that not to get him wrong, the ideals of 
Zeon is still alive and burning in him but he does not like what Gihren and 
Dolchenov has done since the Intergalactic Alliance arrived. Quattro tells 
Maiyo that from all indication, the Federation WILL win this war, they need 
to make sure that afterward the people of Zeon and Giganos does not kowtow 
to every whim of the Feds afterward but work together as equals to evolve 
humanity spiritually which is why they need to keep the ideals of Gildol 
and Zeon Khun Daikun alive. To that he wants Maiyo to help. This ship is 
Federation in name only since it now contains people from all sorts even 
from outer space to work towards the future. Maiyo says that he can see 
that and he heard that they will soon head towards outer space and he says 
that he can lend them strength then but he just cannot bear to kill a 
Giganos solider. Quattro then tells Maiyo that he'll give him time to work 
things out in his head and not to worry since he won't let the Feds take 
Maiyo away.

The battle of Abaoque commences and Gihren has Haman in the southern field 
while noting that the reinforcement from Dolchenov isn't here yet. 
Apparently they've only just deployed from the Moon and Gihren note that 
Dolchenov is up to something. Haman has Purutsu, Londmel and Daghan deploys. 
Puru encounter Purutsu and tries to convince her to change side but Purutsu 
says that she won't listen to traitors. Purutsu is shot down and Haman 
tells her to retreat for now.

Gihren note that the WB is in the southern field and deploys himself to 
take their measure. Hamon and her troops along with the Three Black Stars 
also appear to take their vengeance on the WB for Garuma and Ramba Ral but 
they got defeated and killed.  Haman note as her ship is heavily damaged 
that this battle could turn into a battle of attrition and decides to 
retreat. Gihren does so as well when the team hits his ship hard and he 
note that they DID defeat Garuma and Dohzle.

Having retreated, Gihren is informed of more Federation troops from the 
Northern side. Gihren tells his troops to send only some forces there and 
tells his soliders not to be fooled by the numbers, the REAL danger is the 
WB team, with their powerful mechs, they are the REAL attack force that 
must be dealt with. Haman then comes in to see Gihren saying that she has 
some words from the late Kycillia. Haman says that for those who killed 
their father, even being the president wouldn't save them and points a gun 
at Gihren. Haman then shouts for nobody to move since she has a deadman 
switch triggered to spray poison gas that she rigged in this room. Gihren 
asks Haman to reconsider since without him, Zeon is doomed, what does she 
plan to do if he's dead?

Haman says that after taking out the Feds, she can wait until Dohzle's 
daughter Minerva is of age to use as a puppet to bring Zeon to it's glory. 
Haman tells Gihren that he can't read the ages and then shoots him in the 
legs and trigger the gas payload while getting out killing Gihren and the 
soliders on the bridge. Near the dock, Haman asks Daghan if the 
preparations for the show is made and if so, to escape and rally their 

Haman deploys in the Quebley and announces that a Federation strike team 
has infiltrated Gihren's ship and assassinated him but for the people of 
Zeon not to worry since she is going to take command and lead Zeon to it's 
victory. Suddenly a fleet of Gms appear and Haman takes them all out in one 
shot showing the Zeon troops just how capable she is. Secretly, Haman smirk 
that it was a good thing that she had one Gm shipment intercepted and 
readied (AI Equipped) to use as a show to convince the people of Zeon.

Light in the D-3 picks up on Haman's transmission and relay the fact that 
Gihren is dead to the team. Bright is then told by Wakken to retreat for 
now to regroup and resupply and to reassess the situation.

At the dock, Akimi notes that she sure is tired from this and hopes that 
this will lead to a ceasefire but that doesn't seem to be the case. Fairy 
tells her to go rest for now and Akimi decide to go take a shower before 
they attack again.

Elsewhere, Dolchenov notes that Haman really did kill Gihren and he read 
the situation correctly. Now if he can get rid of Haman later on, he can 
swoop in and claim all of Zeon for Giganos by using Minerva as a puppet. 
Goum Jame and his troops also arrives saying that it's time for the final 
battle, he's brought new mechs to use and they'll be "Zeon's white knight"

Episode 41

At the bridge, Bright asks about Haman Khan and Quattro says that after 
Kycillia and Dozle were killed, she took charge of responsibility for 
Minerva and the works of Kycillia. She is a capable commander that can 
rally the troops even though Gihren has been assassinated. What will happen 
here if she wins is that she'll probably prop Minerva up as a figure head 
for Zeon while maintaining the power herself. Dr. Plato and Aizak then note 
that if that's so then they can't rule out the possibility that Haman 
assassinate Gihren himself and set it up so that it looks like the Fed's 
handiwork in order to take full control of Zeon. Whatever the case, any 
investigation can wait after they've beaten her.

Shiro and the 08th Team are talking about how Puru has gotten quite sick and 
is at the sick bay with Judo watching over her. Shiro says that Puru is a 
kid so she shouldn't push herself.

At the sick bay, Judo watches over Puru and tells her to get well, he has 
to deploy and Puru understands. 

The battle of Abaoque recommences with the WB team attacking the Southern 
Front which Haman's ship is at again. Haman tries to flank the team's 
position by sending in hidden troops from the Eastern front but Quattro 
uses the Hyakushiki's MegaBazooka launcher to destroy them all.

Ragan is defeated and retreated. Puru also feels a bad pressure in her head 
and deploys in her Quebley to help Judo against Purutsu. Both Purutsu and 
Judo tries to convince Purutsu to come with them but in the end she is shot 
down. (Unfortunately, I don't think I got her this time)

The Goum James troops also arrives to aid the Zeon with Goum James in the 
Gilga Samune gigantic MA but he and his team fells before the Dragonar team 
and the WB team.

Getting desperate, Haman orders troops from the Northern front to be sent 
here and tells her solider that the main force of the battle is the WB team, 
she is willing to lose some grounds in the Northern front than they can 
take back later if they can crush the WB team.

Against a horde of Apsalus II and III along with the Mp Gilgasamune, the WB 
team fought on against MAP happy enemies and manages to sink Haman's ship. 
Haman then deploys in her Quebley along with her troops of Bigzam to finish 
off the team.
Quattro tells Haman that her way will only cause things to repeat, she 
should safeguard the future for everyone. Akimi, Camille and Judo tells 
Haman to stop, she has the power to end the infighting between the people 
of Zeon and the Earth Feds right here. Haman is still adamant about not 
giving in to those animals that she called the Federation and Shiro says 
that it may take a while but the Federation can change, they can't force 
changes through warfare like this.

Judo tells Haman that Puru asks him to help stop her but Haman is still not 
giving in, she tells Judo to come with her, she will show him the true 
humanity. She tells Judo that someone like him only fought because he got 
caught up in the situation but Judo says that he knows at least the ego of 
how some people causes war to starts and not stop.Haman says that there's 
no more time to play nice and hope the Federation will change with the 
threats from outer space at large, they have to force the Feds to change to 
their tunes now and defeat the outer space armies.

Haman decides to finish off Judo but Lalah tells Judo to use her power, 
Puru also lends her power to Judo as does Camille and Four. Everyone else 
cheers Judo on. Judo note that everyone's power is going into the Double 
Zeta. Haman is amazed at how the will of the people are being turned into 
power and Judo shouted that she should understand that war only creates 
needless death and ends people's thought

Haman shouted that not everyone can be like Judo, before that humanity will 
crush itself. Judo asks if she doesn't believe in humanity that much, if 
she is raised on hate then it's time to spill that out of her and he fires 
the souped up Hi Mega Cannon defeating Haman.

Haman admits her defeat and Judo lament that Haman was a capable woman who 
could have used her power and intelligence for much better things but Haman 
says that she had been to the depth of the Asteroid belt and return seeing 
the infighting of humanity. It's all thanks to idiot kids like him that she 
couldn't get to do it but she is glad that she returned and met them. The 
Quebley then pushes away from the team before they are engulfed in her 
explosion and everyone lament Haman's death and the tragedy that was her 

Suddenly Dolchenov and a horde of Gilgasamune also arrive. Dolchenov note 
that with Haman gone, Zeon is his for the taking. He doesn't last long 
against the team and he is terrified at seeing a group that could take out 
the best that Zeon/ Giganos has to offer (at present that is) and decides 
to retreat. Maiyo sees that it is Dolchenov and deploys to defeat him with 
the Practice tagging along saying that they will follow Maiyo to the end.  
Dolchenov tries to plea bargain with Maiyo saying that they should work 
together for the better of Giganos but Maiyo cuts him dead.

The battle is over and the Zeon/ Giganos troops are surrendering. Lots of 
lives had been lost but now the true battle can begin. Maiyo apologize to 
his families for the grief he had costed them and says that he will now 
work alongside Kaine and the others for the Earth.

 Four asks Camille what happened back then when they lend Judo their 
strength, it's as if their hearts were one and Camille says that that is 
the power of the will of people. Camille says that it is the will of 
friendship and thinking of others. Four asks if the others think of her as 
a friend and Camille reassure her.

Shinobu and the Dancougar team note that this war is over but Shapiro and 
Muge are still around to attack Earth, they should keep themselves ready to 
deploy. Quattro asks Lalah what's wrong and Lalah note that she senses a 
new battle is soon coming.

Bright learns that the resupply fleet had been destroyed by Muge since 
Shapiro knows the route quite well. Shapiro has been busy cutting off 
supplies for the White Base trying to make up for his loss at the Moon. 
Reginia says that reinforcement from Guardisword is coming and reminisce 
back a couple of hours.

Some hours ago during the battle of Abaoque, Reginia has received a 
transmission from Helrukka that he can no longer tolerate other people's 
usage and knowledge of the CUBE so an assassination order against Fairy has 
been given. Jeeg and Sally are in the dark about this. Knowing this now, 
Reginia plans to get serious and kill Fairy and the human girl she is with.

Episode 42

Wakken informs Bright that their supplies lines are being hit and if they 
don't protect it, they won't be able to resupply and after a big mission 
like Abaoque, they are in dire need of supply. To that end, he wants the WB 
team to go protect the supply fleet so that they get here safely. Bright 
agrees and Hayato note that this might be a trap by Shapiro who knows so 
much about the Feds.

Shinobu asks Sarah if she'll be ok for this mission and Sarah brush off his 
concern saying that she's fine.

In her room, Akimi asks what Fairy is thinking about and Fairy says that 
she think it's odd that the Interdimensional Alliance have focused more on 
getting rid of the Intergalactic Alliance remnant than going head to head 
with the Feds even though they have the manpower to do it. She wonders why 
they are moving in the shadows like this and Akimi says that right now they 
should focus more on protecting the supply ships.

In the supply route, one supply fleet is being attacked by Muge. After one 
ship sank, the WB team arrives and Bright orders all units to rush in ahead 
and protect the fleet.
After the fleet is rescued and sent to a safe distance.Shapiro appears 
saying that the WB team has taken his bait and they are now in his trap. 
The Neo Getter Team and the Dancougar Team which has been reserved as fresh 
reinforcement against the possibility of a trap deploys and Gou is raring 
to go bust ahead for having to wait this long in a fight.

Shapiro's ship is destroyed but he comes out in his mech. Suddenly Reginia 
appears and triggers an interdimesional gate which brings forth more Muge 
mech, this surprise Akimi since the Gradosian Seal should have prevented 
that and Fairy surmise the situation correctly that Helrukka must have 
figured it out and used the CUBE to bypass the seal. Shapiro tells Reginia 
to get ready to send in Gildrome and Desgaia on his command and the team 
fights him again damaging him.

Shapiro note that the team has done well against him damaging his mech like 
this but they've fallen into his trap and he tells Reginia to send in 
Gildrome and Desgaia along with their fleets. They'll throw everything at 
the team. Gildrome and Desgaia appeared but no fleet accompanies them. 
Gildrome smirkingly tells Shapiro that they have been ordered by Emperor 
Muge to return home. Emperor Muge had decided to focus on wiping out the 
Intergalactic Alliance. Shapiro contest this saying that they almost had 
Earth conquered but Desgaia says that once the Intergalactic Alliance falls, 
he will come back to Earth to conquer it in full. In the meantime, Shapiro 
can make himself useful with some of the troops he left behind for him. For 
someone SO smart like Shapiro, even with these meager troops, he can do 
something about the Earth right?

Reginia tells Shapiro that he has misread his position. They do not 
tolerate failure from an Earthling like him and his failure on the Moon was 
a big one. He went in even though she advised against it and look where it 
got him. Shapiro stares and asks if in the end, he was just a pawn to be 
thrown away and Reginia laughs mockingly at him. Shapiro says that he'll 
get them all for this, they'll all pay and Reginia asks if that's the word 
of someone who's about to die and signs off and Shapiro's mech explodes.

Sally and Jeeg then appear and Reginia tells them that they will now begin 
phase one of the retreatment and for Sally and Jeeg to cover the retreating 
fleet that she commandeered. Shinobu wonders what happened, it looked like 
Shapiro was going to send in his fleet but that didn't happened and Ryou 
theorized that somehow Shapiro must have lost command of the 
Interdimensional Alliance and Alan note that in the end, Shapiro was a pawn 
since the other side do not tolerate failure.

After a brief skirmish with the team, Jeeg asks Sally if Reginia wasn't 
acting a bit weird, considering how war-crazy she was, it doesn't seem like 
her to ask other to do the battle for her. Sally brushes it off that it's 
probably responsibility to the mission and to her position.  Akimi and the 
others defeat Jeeg and Sally and Fairy tells them to surrender, they can no 
longer fight nor retreat. Jeeg apologize to Sally for having it end this 
way but at least they got their troops out. Akimi tells them to stop 
ignoring her and Jeeg tells her to shut up, they're having a moment here. 
This ticks Akimi off and she tells Fairy that she's going to drag Jeeg's 
machine back to the WB bits by bits if she needs to and Fairy agrees. Jeeg 
tells her to get away, he's going to self-destruct but Fairy points out 
that he'll kill Sally if he does. Suddenly Reginia appears and says that 
the two of them performed JUST AS PLANNED. She tells Jeeg to hold the Soul 
Lancer tight, and she'll kill them both because the power of the CUBE is 
only meant for the Guardisword. "This is goodbye Fairy, and Jeeg and Sally 
can accompany you" she shouted.

Amuro tells Akimi to run but Lalah note that she's not going to make it and 
rush in with her Elmeth to protect Akimi making Reginia's shot run wild. 
Akimi can't believe that Reginia would also kill a friendly while trying to 
destroy them. Quattro shout out if Lalah's ok and Lalah says that the 
Elmeth is badly damaged but she can still retreat. 

Fairy tells Akimi that Reginia is recharging her weapon and Akimi say that 
they have to strike back but Reginia shout that it's too late which is when 
Dancougar and Shin Getter intervenes. Gou shout for her to fight fair and 
Quattro tells Akimi to fire now.

Reginia can't believe she's failed and retreats saying that she's not going 
to lose to a motley crew like them and deploys Jyakku Beast to aid her in 
fighting the team.

Having been recovered by the WB crew, Jeeg asks Reginia if she plans to 
kill them along also and Reginia says that Fairy has been targeted for 
elimination and Jeeg asks if Fairy wasn't necessary for Guardisword. 
Reginia says that's no longer the case, this is Helrukka's order but Sally 
doesn't believe that. Reginia says that they would never have carried it 
out if ordered to anyway and they too are no longer needed by Guardisword. 
Sally can't believe it, they've been fighting for Guardisword and it's 
people's future. Reginia says thank you but they never understood what 
Helrukka's true goal were which is why they are no longer needed. This 
ticks off Jeeg who says that for Guardisword's future, they endured a lot 
of dirty jobs and now they're being brushed off by their country? He 
demands to hear that all of this is for Reginia's twisted pleasure. Reginia 
laughs mockingly and says "Oh ok, yes it's all me,hahahahhahahaha, happy 
now?" "You?" Jeeg is lost for words afterward

Reginia is defeated and tells Fairy that she's her prey and that she should 
wash her neck before Reginia comes for her with the guillotine and she 
retreats. Wakken tells Bright that the supply line is secure but they 
should head to rendezvous near the seal of Grados.

Sally wonders what they should believe in and Jeeg says that maybe it was 
just Reginia acting on her own so they should believe in the future they 
fought for. Right now they don't much of a choice but to surrender.

Fairy introduces Bright to Jeeg and Sally and Bright says that right now 
they're in a special position having aided the team in the past so even if 
they are technically POW, they would not be sent to the Feds. Jeeg asks why 
since isn't that normal procedures. Bright says that they need information 
on Outer space and Sally asks if Fairy plans to use the CUBE. Jeeg asks why 
aren't they  pulling the information out of their head since the technology 
for that exist and Bright says that they'd like to get a working relation 
going. Akimi adds in that if they can't succeed here with Jeeg and Sally 
then what they're planning, the peaces between different planets are out. 
They may have to use force now but they would truly like to negotiate with 
the other side since they have to cut the hatred that flows from war 

Jeeg can't believe they're serious about this and says that talking's easy, 
do they have a plan. Bright says that it's all from here which is why 
they'd like the two's help. Akimi tells Sally that they should think of a 
plan together and then shout to Jeeg that he'd better cooperate in finding 
a plan. (She's still pissed at Jeeg) Sally is silent but Bright says that 
they don't have to decide right away but he'll allow them to see live 
broadcast of the bridge and the battle situation. They can see the team and 
their conviction and then decide for themselves. For now they are confined 
to the room and Akimi apologize to Sally about that and see that Sally is 
silent and Jeeg tells her that Sally is in more of a shock than he was. 
Sally thanks Akimi but says that she'd like to be alone to think.

Jeeg says that at the very least, they should look on for a while since 
they can always steal their mech back and run away later. Jeeg says that 
what's important is that Sally shouldn't have hidden those bruises like 
that, Sally says that she didn't want them to see an opening but Jeeg says 
that if the team had planned to do anything to them, they'd have done it. 
They may be skilled but they're a bunch of amateurs in terms of behaviours. 
What's important is to rest up now in order to be able to move when they 
need to.

In the debris, Shapiro is cursing the WB Team for interfering with his 
plans to be God and he will get rid of them, this he swears.

Episode 42A

On their way to the seal, the WB plans to rendezvous with another supply 
ship to keep themselve stocked before their trip to outer space. However 
the supply ship is being targeted by Muge troops that were left for Shapiro. 
The WB arrives to fend them off. Afterward, Beecha wonders what the 
supplies are especially that big container. It turns out to be the Nu 
Gundam which was created just for Amuro. Amuro says that he'll put it to 
good use and Shiro is amazed that Amuro can master something like the Nu 
Gundam. Amuro says that he sure is glad that they could make his ideas and 
concept into a reality this fast. Elsewhere Akimi asks how Sally and Jeeg 
are and Fairy says that it'll take a while to bring them around.

Episode 43

Fairy and Akimi tries to persuade Jeeg and Sally again but Jeeg says that 
Akimi don't know how they feel, they've still managed to protect the Earth 
unlike the Guardisword who lost their home planet. Fairy tells Akimi to go 
meet everyone on the bridge since she'd like to talk alone to the two. 
Sally says that she really want a world where the people of Guardisword can 
live in peace and Fairy says that the people of Earth won't understand that 
and Jeeg says that Fairy was lucky and Fairy agrees since not all the 
people of Earth are as understanding as Akimi and her father but someone 
has to try and take the first step to lead into mutual coexistence between 
the two races which is why she'd also like the people of Guardisword to be 
brave and open up also.

Jeeg says that he's not as idealistic as Fairy but from this he can surmise 
that Fairy is still the same Fairy he knows so he wants to see how they 
fare for a while.

Akimi meets up with Sayla and Chris who ask why Fairy isn't with her and 
Akimi says that she's talking with those two. Chris asks why Akimi isn't 
talking with them and Akimi says that Jeeg seems to not want to listen to 
her so she's leaving it to Fairy. They'll probably take those two with them 
to outer space and sooner or later she's hoping they'll come to their sense 
and cooperate.

Bright explains the situation that with the Giganos/ Zeon war at an end and 
the Muge Solbados army in retreat, most of the threat on Earth is over but 
with the interdimensional gate being used, the danger from outer space is 
not passed, they will now go to the Gusco seal which is moving out into 
space under it's own power from Earth. They will go there to protect it and 
use it's power to go into outer space which is where the Soul Lancer comes 
in.  Akimi note that she'll have use the power of the CUBE and Jin says 
that without Fairy, she can't do it which irritates Akimi a lot.

Afterward, the talk turn to how short a time the seal was before somebody 
bypassed it and Amuro note that the enemy must have used the CUBE to bypass 
the seal which is why they need to go to outer space now. The three J9 team 
noted that the Guardisword which have been moving in shadows are beginning 
to move into the limelight and they are throwing the entire outer space 
into chaos.

Elsewhere, Shapiro gathers his remaining forces left to him to attack the 
seal. He tells himself that he'll follow this last order of Muge but once 
he's finished off Earth, Muge is next on his hitlist.

The team arrives at the rendezvous with the Gusco seal and saw that it (the 
stuff underground) is actually bigger than a colony.  Shutekken asks where 
in Outer space that they'll head for first and Dr. Arl says that they 
should head for Edon first since that's friendly territory. However the 
remaining Grados troops lead by Ru Kine appears. Ru Kine says that he will 
settle things with Eiji here. Ru Kine tells his troops that they will steal 
the seal from the team and be able to return home to Grados. This fires the 
troop up and Ru Kine says that they will see the power of those with 
nothing left to lose.

Shapiro also arrives with his forces and Sarah tells Shinobu to be ready 
for anything since the enemy is Shapiro, he probably has something up his 
sleeves. Ru Kine also has stuff up his sleeve as well as he has Terminator 
Police deploys from their hidden position. Dr. Maiyo notes that Ru Kine is 
making use of huge amount of AI piloted machines that he has gathered to 
compensate for the small amount of Grados soliders that are with him. Eiji 
asks why Ru Kine is still fighting, he's already lost and Ru Kine says that 
his greenness cost him his victory at Gusco but he still has his dreams and 
ideals which is why he's gathered the remaining soliders to fight. Eiji 
says that it'll only end in blood being spilled meaninglessly. Ru Kine lost 
to Eiji but says that if that's how it has to be then he'll destroy the 
seal and crush their objective. Eiji shouted that he won't let that happen 
and Ru Kine shouted that a half-blooded mongrel like Eiji won't get in the 
way of his dreams and ideals. Eiji shouted that he won't forgive those 
ideals but suddenly both of them gets suck into the Gusco seals.

Julia welcomes them into the seal and Ru Kine tells Julia to unseal Outer 
space or he'll kill her. Julia tells Eiji that here Ru Kine has no power 
and tells him to do as he please and he'll only be shown the extent of his 
powerlessness. Ru Kine takes that as a challenge but soon see that his 
energy and Zakarl's are being drained away by the seal.

Shapiro also deploys hidden troops of his own and Bright orders the team to 
fend them off. After being beaten a bit, Shapiro's own hype of being God 
starts to delude him even more and he's gone batshit insane. Shapiro sees 
Sarah and Sarah say that she told Shapiro that she'd be the one to end his 
life. The only thing she's glad that came of their "relationship" is that 
she gets to kill him. God Mania sets in and Shapiro says that she can't 
kill a God like him which makes Sarah says "Wanna bet?" Making his maker 
but still deluded, Shapiro bites it which Sarah does regret having to kill 

The battle is over, and a Fed rescue team arrives, they say that they'll 
rescue anyone still alive be they Grados or Feds (no Muge) and for the team 
to get ready to go to outerspace.

Inside the seal, Julia tells Eiji that it is his time to go and do what 
needs to be done in outer space. She will keep Ru Kine accompany as he is 
sealed within the seal. Eiji protest but is sent out. Everyone asked where 
Eiji went but Eiji sideline it asking if the preparations are ready.

Fairy is busy simulating the course destination and says that Akimi's 
piloting will be needed once they use it to steer the two ships there 
safely. Inside the WB, Prince Mito note that they will finally return to 
the Edon Kingdom, a lot happened but he made many new friends and learned 
many things.

 Sanae is at the sick bay tending to Sally's wound and tells Sally not to 
hide it next time. Sally thanks her but is soon surprised by Puru and 
Ochame's running around with Fa and Riina chasing after them telling them 
to stop. Sally says that she saw lots of kids on board and Sanae says that 
some of them are actually pilots, there has been times when they were told 
to get off but it's became impossible since these kids now consider this 
ship their home and the people here are their family.

 Sally tells Jeeg that this ship is weird and Jeeg agrees noting that the 
head of the Pentagona Resistance and the Ginga Reppu are even here, they 
introduce themselves to him, what's more amazing is their battle prowess as 
seen in the last battle. This may be a small fleet but their power far 
exceeds any battalions.

The time is here and Akimi starts the CUBE engine in the Soul Lancer. Eiji 
tells his sister that he's going and Julia wishes him luck in bringing 
peace between Grados and the Earth this time. Julia watchs as the team 
warps out and tells Ru Kine that she will pray for him now. Ru kine then 
accepted what had happened and his fate.

Episode 44

The WB team has arrived in Outer space near the Kingdom of Edon. Nearby 
Ozuma and his comrade Naaka sees the Gandol and note that the team is back. 
Ozuma decides to pay the WB team a visit. Naaka tells the team who meet him 
at the dock that right now the Edon Kingdom is in internal strife between 
the Dokuga royal family and it's supporter and the New Planetoid Alliance 
which makes the team note that during their absence, things have gotten to 
the point that a full scale war looks inevitable. Ozuma asks to meet with 
Don Condor and with a hearty smile gives the reason that he wants the Ginga 
Reppu to join up with the New Planetoid Alliance.

Ozuma enters Diego's room and meets Diego and Shutekken. Shutekken isn't 
exactly pleased at seeing Ozuma and draws his blade saying that he consider 
Ozuma who sided with the New Planetoid an enemy since the Ginga Reppu are 
backing the Dokuga King and the Royal Government. Ozuma says that he wants 
to say his mind first, he came here to convince the Ginga Reppu to abandon 
the Dokuga Royal Government and it's King and become an independent agent 
to open the way to a new age. This is no longer the time for the Dokuga 
royal family alone to be shouldering the power in the Edon Kingdom to give 
and take as they please, what the New Planetoid Alliance want isn't wrong 
since the old rules of the Dokuga King and the Royal Government is not what 
this new age need. They need reforms and new bloods. He likes the Ginga 
Reppu and he knows that without them to back up the Royal Government then 
the government wouldn't last.  Even if the New Planetoid Alliance took 
control, it's just a first step since the true step would be to shore up 
the Edon Kingdom to stand against the invaders. Right now Edon is ripe for 
invasion.  This is why he wants Don Condor's cooperation.

Diego says that they are not only fighting for the Dokuga Royal government 
but also to bring about a new age for the galaxy and for their friends. No 
matter how much change the new age needs, they will not betray their 
friends. Shutekken asks if all the member of the New Planetoid Alliance 
feels like Ozuma and Ozuma says that they get shiver just hearing the name 
of the Ginga Reppu and they're also mostly set in their believe but he'll 
do his best to convince them if the Ginga Reppu agrees to his plea. 
Shutekken says that for Ozuma's sake he'll pretend he didn't hear any of 
the stuff Ozuma talked since he came in here and tells Ozuma that if he 
looks too far ahead in his vision for the galaxy then he'll stumble. Ozuma 
smiles and says that he'll leave it at that for now.

Diego note that he can't understand Ozuma much but he's a visionary and 
Shutekken agrees that if Ozuma isn't a part of the New Planetoid Alliance, 
they really could have worked together.

Ozuma is leaving and runs into Prince Mito. Mito says that he's been to 
Earth and had learned a lot of things especially the fact that the rule of 
his father and forefather may be out of date. He doesn't want the people of 
Edon to fight amongst each other which is why he wants Ozuma to help him. 
Ozuma doesn't mind personally but his position says otherwise. Suddenly an 
alarm sounds.

It is Kei Myron of the New Planetoid Alliance. Bright asks Ozuma to 
negotiate Kei retreating which thanks to Kei's stubbornness is about as 
useful as bleeding oil from a rock. The fight begins and Ozuma marvels at 
the Ginga Reppu's prowess. Nakka wonders why the GingaReppu is backing the 
Dokuga Kingship that is headed for extinction and Ozuma says that he begins 
to understand that the Ginga Reppu are true men and not suited for laws and 
reforms which is such a waste. The Ginga Reppu confronts Kei and says that 
his rampage is getting excessive and that it's costing the innocent people 
dearly. Kei says that it's all for the new age, the new country. The one 
who side with the Dokuga King like them will be divinely punished and 
Shutekken shouted that the one receiving divine punishment is Kei. Kei is 
defeated and retreat. 

Hayato note that things have gotten much worse here and Blues note that the 
one pushing it to this state might be the Nubia Connection which makes Dr. 
Arl note that they should get to Edon as fast as possible. Ozuma leaves and 
says that while technically they are enemy, he wouldn't fight them and 
Bright allows him to leave. Leaving, Ozuma note that Prince Mito is quite 
something, perhaps with him in charge, the fighting will stop and the 
Kingdom of Edon will be able to move into the new age. Nakka asks what they 
should do next and Ozuma says that he'll try to convince the planet Long 
and Kowaband to stop fighting and go to the negotiation table.

Back at their base, Kei chew Ozuma out but Ego asks what Ozuma is thinking 
and Ozuma says that against the team, even if they win it'll be such a 
pyrrhic victory that it'll leave them weak against outside invaders. Ozuma 
wants to go to the negotiation table and talk with the Dokuga King again. 
Kei is adamant that the new age does not need the King since the Kingdom 
used to expand with conquest through it's army and it's Saikyou Robot. 
Ozuma admit that the old Dokuga rules where ministers are appointed to rule 
in the King's stead need to go but they can't do it through force since 
stronger forces are out there. Kei says that with the Gandol here, the 
Dokuga King's supporters will get stronger, they need to strike now. Ozuma 
is also adamant about setting up talks and Ego says to let Ozuma try his 
way and Kei says that it'll at least give them time to strengthen up their 
forces and to move on a moment's notice.

Meanwhile the team had reaches the planet Edon and Kakus note that it's 
been a while, Mito wonder if his father and mother are still well

Back at Ozuma's side, Ozuma has reached the planet Edon before the team and 
is about to go strike up an audience with King Dokuga, he says that the 
King will hear them out if they bare out their feelings to him. Nakka 
agrees that the current King is well-loved but his dynasty is built on 
subjugation by the previous Kings. However before Ozuma can begin his plan, 
a King Cobra strikes and kills both him and Nakka. Ozuma's last thoughts 
are that this is Carmen Carmen's work.

At Carmen Carmen's hideout, Carmen receive words of Ozuma's assassination 
and says that Ozuma's plan would have been a hindrance to HIS plan, next up 
is Desban's move against the Edon Kingdom. Desban is backed up by Bloody 
God in his campaign against the Edon King.

Episode 45

Prince Mito had return to the Edon Kingdom but decides to keep his return a 
secret. Diego and the other Ginga Reppu note that even so, things are bound 
to leak and they decides to do a patrol of the city first before letting 
Prince Mito head for the castle.

Jeeg note that they're in Edon so it's not too far away to get back to the 
Guardisword base, perhaps they should make their escape now but Sally says 
that they should wait since it's not every day that they can get into the 
Edon Kingdom and gain info like this

Patrolling, Shiro M.note that it's too quiet, he is then approached by 3J 
who informs them of Ozuma's assassination before he could meet with the 
King to ask for a peace talk. Shutekken note that this is bad since Ozuma 
was assassinated at Edon so the New Planetoid Alliance won't stand for this 
and 3J says that news has it that the assassination was ordered by those in 
the Dokuga Kingdom and Shiro M. says that it's probably false info to whip 
up the anti Dokuga people.

News of Ozuma's assassination reach the team and Aizak note that it's the 
work of Carmen Carmen. A full on collision with the New Planetoid Alliance 
is inevitable. At the Royal Palace, the Dokuga King is saddened to learn of 
Ozuma's death since he would have worked with Mito to bring Edon to a new 
age. This angers Mito a lot and Shinobu then informs him of the New 
Planetoid Alliance ships coming to attack. Mito decides to return to settle 
things and King Dokuga note that his son's time to ascend to the throne has 
come, this is HIS age now.

Kei is livid at the Dokuga Kingdom and Ego's subordinate ask him if Ego is 
against this attack and Ego says that even if they win, if they have 
nothing to fight the Intergalactic Alliance with then it means nothing but 
everyone else is too whipped up to care now since the order to strike from 
headquarter has come. Ego says that they should can the talk and deploys 
all his troops.

Dr. Arl tells Kento to help Prince Mito for the sake of the alliance of 
Edon and Elios and Kento tells  Dr. Arl to quit it, he's gonna help Mito 
because Mito's his friend. Dr.Arl also tells Daba that together they will 
regain the former glory of the three empires and Daba says that as someone 
who is the last of the House of Gamon, he plans to fight with all he's got 
and Amu tells Daba to be careful and Kyao says not to let the old geezer 
get him too fired up.

Amidst the sound of battle, a voice rangs up "To those who would throw the 
world into chaos, make your peace!! Let's go Suke-san, Kaku-san" "Cross 
Triangle!!" "Daiohja!!"   Mito makes his appearance in the symbol of Edon 
which scares off a lot of the New Planetoid Alliance.

The Baxinger team also arrives to help fend off the New Planetoid Alliance 
but suddenly a transmission by Desban, one of the high ranking authorities 
under the King fills the air saying that he has captured the King and Queen 
and that Edon is now under the rule of the New Planetoid Alliance, all 
resistance will be crushed. Dr. Arl can't believe that there is a traitor 
in the Edon Royal Court and  Kei asks Ego what this is about, he's never 
heard of this , he wants to finish things with the Dokuga Royal government  
fair and square but Ego says that headquarter is telling them to go along 
with Desban's plan. Ego says that there are things about headquarter that 
he doesn't know about, it's gotten too big. Kei grudgingly says that he 
will go along with the momentum to take out the King and the government but 
afterward, Desban is next.

Mito doesn't know what to do but Sukedo tells him to fight on and says 
things out frankly that they cannot lose the Kingdom, even if the current 
King should die, then Mito must ascend to the throne and rule in his 
father's stead. Mito note that everyone is fighting for his sake and they 
must not lose, no matter what. Everyone on the team agree noting that Edon 
is the only friendly Empire/ Kingdom in outer space for them, if they lose 
this last haven then they wouldn't be able to do anything in outer space. 
The Ginga Reppu then reconfirms it's commitment to Mito and the Dokuga King 
saying that they will fight to their last breath.

The team fights on and Kei's ship is badly damaged, Ego tells Kei to 
retreat but Kei says that he wants to show the soul of the New Planetoid 
Alliance that Desban usurped, everyone must see the Anti-Dokuga movement as 
being more than just a power play by a corrupted official, which is why he 
is willing to die for his cause. Kei tells Ego to continue his ideals and 
dies. Ego then retreats. Shinobu then contacts Mito saying that she has 
evacuated the King and Queen to a safe place which means that what Desban 
said was a lie meant to trick the team into surrendering. Desban deploys in 
his Darth Vader mecha accompanied by more Storm Troopers but is no matched 
for the team, one of his underlings decides to flee but Desban execute him 
on the spot which makes Mito angry.

Daiohja then deals with the Darth Vader ripoff and shows why it is the 
symbol of Edon's strength. Mito tells Desban to go to hell and grovel at 
Ozuma and all the New Planetoid Alliance's solider's feet for forgiveness.

The battle is over and the team receives a transmission from Ego saying 
that he is willing to agree to a cease-fire for now since what happened 
seems to be orchestrated by shadows within the New Planetoid Alliance so 
he's going to head back there first to clean it up. Aizak says that Ego 
might be dealing with Carmen Carmen and to be careful not to die. Shutekken 
note that one day they WILL have to cross sword with this man again.

Back at the Royal palace, King Dokuga makes an announcement that he will 
soon step down from the throne, a new age requires a new King with new 
thoughts to bring it to fruitition and Mito has proven himself.  Kakus, 
Sukedo and Shinobu note that their time as wandering allies of justice are 
over and are deep in thought over the change that will soon come in their 
lives when Mito comes in telling them to get ready, they're still going 
with the WB until all is said and done which makes the trio smiles that 
things will still be the same if only for a little while longer.

Hayato and Bright are pleased that Prince Mito will continue to journey 
with them since having the soon to be future King of one very big Empire 
with them will help with negotiation and such.

Meanwhile Akimi sees that Fairy is spending her free time in the dock and 
Fairy says that she wants to use the time to repair Jeeg and Sally's mech. 
While they still won't cooperate, she's pretty sure they'll come around 
sooner or later so she wants to get it ready for them. Fairy tells Akimi 
not to worry about her and take sometime off. Akimi agrees not wanting 
Fairy to be worried with her.

At the dock, 3J tells Diego and the Ginga Shippu that the New Bax Sword is 
ready; it was commissioned earlier and paid for by the Dokuga King 
personally as a gift to the Ginga Reppu. The Ginga Shippu thanks 3J since 
they need to get stronger because of the intense fighting ahead and 3J says 
that it's nothing, he's also part of the Ginga Reppu.

Episode 45A

Dr. Arl informs Kento that thanks to Edon's technology and resources, he is 
able to power up the Daltanious. Kento is ecstatic and Manabu asks to put 
in the Cannon Cubic that he designed onto Daltanious also. Dr. Arl agrees 
to it. The enemies attack and Kento is raring to go out and kick butt but 
Dr. Arl won't allow it since Daltanious's new weapons and setting hasn't 
been tested and it's too dangerous. However Kento just bum rushed him and 
deploy with Danji anyway. Kento says that the test will be on the 
battlefield. The Ginga Reppu note that the enemies are those from the New 
Planet Alliance that were stationed to foster unrest during the previous 
assault. They must have decided to try again. The team defeated them and 
Kento note that the CannonCubic and the powered up Kaen Ken is quite 
powerful and thanks Manabu. Kento later apologized to Dr.Arl for taking out 
Daltanious like that but all's well that ends well.

Episode 46

Zakuron orders Ondron to attack the weakened Edon Kingdom and sends in 
Silver, his liuetant and Kroppen tells Poida that Emperor Drolmen has 
ordered an attack as well.

At the New Planetoid Alliance base near Edon where Ego is at, Ego receives 
news of the invasion but what's more shocking is that the NPA fleet 
stationed where the invasion is coming in is parting way for them as 
headquartered ordered. Ego note that the influence of the Bloody Syndicate 
and Nubia had their grip in the NPA much more than he ever thought and he 
tells his subordinate to rally the troops here in his name, he is going out 
to defend Edon, anyone who wishes likewise can follow him.

However Ego's meager forces prove no match for the invasion but The WB team 
arrives in time. Ego asks the WB team to gather his men who are hurted and 
retreat, he'll buy time for them by kamikazeing into the invasion fleet. 
Prince Mito tells Ego to stop that since they will need his help in 
protecting Edon while they defeat the Intergalactic Alliance. Gou says that 
they'll wipe the floor with these guys. Ego relent and agrees to retreat 
taking his men, 3J, Poncho and D.D. asks to go with Ego since he'll need to 
get some medical supply to treat his men and they have connections for that. 
Ego wishes them well since they may be at odds about how to run the Edon 
Kingdom but their love for Edon is the same. 

Silver is playful deploying lots of MechaRobot which annoys Ondron because 
the battle isn't on just this front alone. Poseidal forces led by Ryogley 
also arrive to invade out of their membership with the Intergalactic 
Alliance. Daba wonders if the fact that the Poseidal forces are taking part 
meant that the resistance in Pentagona had fallen but Amu says that he's 
overthinking things too much. After the team mops up half the battlefield, 
more enemies shows up and Daba note that at this rate they're going to fall, 
they need more forces.Carmen Carmen's personal forces also shows up along 
with Bloody of the Bloody Syndicate on board. Aizak note that Nubia 
Connection has finally shown it's tail. Bloody tells Blues that it looks 
like he's winning this bet of theirs  since it's only a matter of time 
before the Edon Kingdom falls and a new one run by his Bloody Syndicate 
arise from it's ashes but Blues says that it's not over till all the chips 
are in.

Help arrives in the form of Lecce and the Pentagona Resistance who comes to 
the aid of Edon. As Ryogley falls and the woman Olivy falls, Daba notice 
some weird familiarity about her but can't place it. Ryogley retreat saying 
that they attacked out of formality to the Intergalactic Alliance and this 
is enough. Carmen's ship is disabled and the J9 team decides to go in and 
finish things off with Carmen. Bloody and his subordinate readies an escape 
shuttle but it got crippled by Sasuraiger. Kid enter Carmen's abode and 
shoot him dead saying that Carmen is the source of many people's suffering, 
however Aizak discover that this is only an impostor Carmen sent.

Bloody tries to feign innocence saying that he was just caught up in it but 
Ego appear shouting that he won't let Bloody run.  D.D.'s voice comes from 
Ego's ship saying that Bloody was careless and they gathered a lot of 
evidence of his hand in instigating this unrest. Ego shouted that they will 
all join force to beat him. The subordinate is not giving up and readies 
the missile on the shuttle but Bloody knows when he's beat and surrender. 
Blues tells Bloody that their bet is still ongoing and Bloody tells Blue to 
show him the outcome. Mito looks at all this and tells Kaku and Sukedo that 
once he becomes King, they will have to do a lot of reform but now they 
have to go help the Pentagona world after the WB and Daba helped them.

Afterward, Lecce and Semu-Ju tells Bright of the situation at Pentagona, 
the battle between the Intergalactic and Interdimensional Alliance have 
worned them both down, the time to attack is now. Jack says that he'll be a 
space cowboy bringing justice to the wild wild frontier of outer space and 
Gou can be a space monkey (Hey don't knock the Space Monkey, they have been 
known to go Super Saiyajin). Shutekken tells them to be quiet or be striked 
down by his blade which Jack misinterpret as having to do hara-kiri which 
annoys Shutekken that Jack is mocking him.

Kroppen berates Poida saying that he thought he gave Poida enough forces 
but what's with the result and Poida and Kabuto says that the WB team is 
more powerful than they imagined.

Episode 47

Arriving at the Resistance's asteroid base, Hatsuki apologize for taking 
this long to take Daba home but Daba says that it gave him a chance to 
widen his horizon and he knows that he must end things with Poseidal. Daba 
is surprised at how much production is done in these asteroid bases and 
Quattro says that asteroids are ideal for bases since they can be mined for 
materials. Semu Ju says that this base creates the Desaad Heavy Metal to be 
sent to other Resistance Base for their upcoming unified assault on 
Poseidal's capital Suiede. Lecce shows Daba his new HM, the L-Gaim MkII 
that they modified from a captured HM. Daba then accepts the mantle of 
leadership and as Gamon Mylord, the last of the Yaman, rallies the troops 
for their fight against Poseidal.

Semu-Ju is informed of an enemy attack and asks the WB team to respond. The 
Poseidal forces are near one of their decoy base that they created to fool 
them. They must defend it to convince them that the decoy base is real 
since the real base is still necessary and needs to be kept secret.

The WB team arrives with Daba on the MkII and Kyao on the L-Gaim deploying 
and they battles the Poseidal forces, when one of the ship explodes, a 
shuttle escape and Daba and Kyao captures it and brings it back only to 
find Amandra Kamandra on it. Amu and Lilith wonders why he was on the enemy 
ship and Amandra says that he's a merchant, he goes to sell stuff though 
the two says that woman's intuition is saying that Amandra is hiding 
something. Daba says that they'll talk with Amandra later and returns to 
the battlefield. Dian asks if Amandra would come to the shelter area with 
them but Amandra says that he wants to be near the shuttle if worst come to 
worst he can just hop back on it and escape again.

The battle is over and Daba returns to talk with Amandra. Amuro note that 
this is only the first skirmish and more Poseidal forces will be here, they 
better go resupply.Judo asks Reina for food and is told by Ru and Elle that 
Reina already got that covered. Jin notes that Reina is sure nice and 
helpful unlike the girls in their class which got Maria shouting "What was 

Daba asks for Amandra to help by lending the resistance his personal fleet 
because other merchants will follow his lead but Amandra refuse saying that 
he's only a merchant and has no interest in politics. Daba asks why 
Amandra's actions are very contradictory since it was Amandra who gave him 
the Turner ship but he also sells weapon to the Resistance and Poseidal. 
Amandra says slyly that if the battle drags on, Poseidal forces will pay 
handsomely for better weapons so he can't have the resistance getting TOO 
weak. Daba asks if Amandra is just a merchant of death and Amandra says 
that being a merchant is all he is. Daba then tells Amandra to go ahead and 
keep selling but he's going to defeat Poseidal as the last of the Yaman 
which piqued Amandra's interest and he ask if Daba is a survivor? Daba 
confirms it and sends Amandra out on his shuttle. Amandra note that Gamon 
Mylord seems to be serious about this, it seems he'll have to be waiting 
for him at Suede after all.

Episode 48

Poseidal force led by Qwasan Olivy and Ryoguley attacks the Resistance's 
base. Olivy demands the surrender of Daba Mylord but Daba is shocked to see 
that it's Olivy. Kyao recognize as Daba's sister by bond, someone he was 
originally supposed to be married to. This news shocked Amu and Lecce. Daba 
deploys and Amu deploys also noting that Daba probably can't do anything to 
Olivy. Shiro tells the other to help Daba out. Olivy tells Gabley that his 
track record isn't so good so don't he disappoint her. Gabley says that he 
has a score to settle with the team anyway. Gabley gets beaten and 
Ryoguley's ship is damaged but Olivy and Ryoguley deploys to fight. 

Daba asks if Olivy doesn't remember him and tries to remind her but Lilith 
tells Daba to fight back since this isn't the Olivy he knew. After a lot of 
persuading by Daba, Olivy suddenly screams and she starts talking 
differently as to how the Yaman had destroyed her comrade which is why they 
must be wiped out. Justice must govern this land to save the world. Daba 
recognized that voice as Poseidal speaking through Olivy and says that 
Poseidal is lying, Poseidal is the one who tries to control other and liken 
herself to God, she is the one who instigate the unrest. Daba tells Olivy 
not to follow Poseidal and to return to him. Olivy snaps out of the 
Poseidal trance but rejects Daba saying that she is Poseidal's general. 
Olivy retreats and Daba tries to follow but Amu pulls him back saying that 
it's futile to go after her, he is the Resistance leader right now.

The battle is over but Mito and the others are worried about Daba who's 
shut himself off in his room, this is the first time that they've seen Daba 
like this. Dr. Arl notes that Poseidal couldn't hurt Daba physically so 
she's attacking him emotionally. Semu-Ju says that they can't call off the 
grand attack on Poseidal's capital at Suede and Quattro agrees that they 
can't let the opportunity slips by. Dr. Plato says that they'll have to 
restrict access to Daba to only the WB team personnel since they can't have 
him bringing down the rest of the resistance and sowing doubts in their 

At his room, Amu tries to get Daba to come out but Kyao says that they have 
to leave Daba alone for now, Lecce isn't here since she's busy with all the 
preparation and they should follow suite since they have to get ready for 
the final assault. There's no time to wait by Daba's side for Daba to get 
over this. Amu reluctantly agrees. Inside the room, Lilith tries to cheer 
Daba up that Olivy will probably realize the truth sooner or later but Daba 
sadly says that if she's not rescued then it means nothing.

Meanwhile, Giwasa's force note that the Resistance is about to launch their 
big offensive and they can let them take out the brunt of Poseidal's force 
and then swoop in to overthrow Poseidal and install Giwasa as the new ruler. 
At Suede, Poseidal tells Olivy that she is aware of the Resistance's grand 
attack as well.

Episode 48A

The Resistance is getting ready to launch their assault. Kyao note that the 
mechanics that the Resistance sent to help him are actually slowing him 
down since their skills aren't up to standard. Amu brings him some 
refreshment and Kyao note that she seems down and cheers her up a little.

Meanwhile, Kento asks Dr. Arl for more powerup to the Daltanious and Dr. 
Arl and Manabu says that they already power up the Daltanious just a while 
ago. Kento concede that the Cannon Cubic and the powered up Kaen Ken are 
strong but it's best to have more. Dr. Arl and Manabu says that unnecessary 
and rushed power up will be detrimental to the Daltanious and Danji says 
that if that's the case then they should find new ways to use their current 
power  and Manabu asks if that Chou Kukan Energy that the Daltanious can 
tap into can be utilized. Kento asks what this is and Dr. Arl says that 
Daltanious can tap into and generates Chou Kukan Energy to use (ala Shine 
Spark) to ram into the opponent but the danger are knowing whether 
Daltanious's body can withstand all that stress and pressure.

As if on cue, enemy attacks and Kento deploys saying that he'll test it out 
for real. After cornering an enemy ship, Kento tells Danji that they're 
going to use the attack and it worked. Dr. Arl is relieved that Kento is ok 
but Kento asks why Dr. Arl is so worried, after all, Dr. Arl created the 
Daltanious and it's never let him down.

Lecce note after the battle that Poseidal will commit more force to search 
for their base but Daba says that may mean that the defense at Suede isn't 
as strong as it should be; they need to take the chance and gather all 
their reforce for one desperate final battle.

Meanwhile Akimi is feeling down as she explains to Fairy that Sally just 
wouldn't try to even listen to her. Fairy says that Sally must be feeling 
that she's betraying her home planet if she relent so it's best to leave 
this to her. Fairy enters Jeeg and Sally's quarter and says that their 
machines are repaired but they're not going to force them to help. Sally 
tells Fairy to please let them go back to Guardisword and they'll cooperate 
from there but Fairy says that she already knows how that will turn out and 
believe it or not, it's for their safety right now that they not go back.

Jeeg tells Sally that she's not thinking clearly, so far the people here 
can be trusted to a degree  and right now they're not hurting Guardisword 
by being here so they should hang out for a while to see how this is going. 
Sally shouted that her bro trust people too easily. Jeeg note that that 
might be true but if the team is about to take on Poseidal, he think he'll 
have to get involved and see their true resolves for real in the 

Episode 49

The WB team is making it's way to Suede through the asteroid field. Inside, 
Shiro M. asks Shiro if it's true that some of the younger children in the 
Resistance base wants to go fight too and Shiro says that it's true but he 
and the others turns them down since they are not trained to fight and will 
only die and drags other with them. They helped with supplies so that's 
enough and Aizak and Shutekken says that needless blood need not be spilt. 
Shiro agrees noting that the children on this ship have made up their mind 
to stay on board.

 Jeeg agrees to help Akimi in the battle of Suede since he also has a 
grudge against the Intergalactic Alliance. Fairy asks if that means he's 
changed his opinion about Helrukka and the team but he says it's different. 
Anyhow he's leaving Sally as hostage for the team since they know he won't 
try to escape without her. Akimi says that she doesn't exactly like the way 
Jeeg is putting it.

Daba note at the bridge that they have to win this one and Kento and Mito 
says that they're right behind him. Semu-Ju outlines the plan that the 
resistance will take care of the Poseidal forces near the stratosphere 
leaving the team free to attack the Suede's capital.

Deploying, Daba note that Olivy is with the Poseidal force and that he'll 
defeat Poseidal and free her. The battle begins and Poseidal makes an 
announcement demanding that the Resistance surrender to their God. This 
makes Daba angry but Kyao tells him not to be hot headed and rush in.

Ryogley can't believe that the Resistance got this far and deploys with 
Olivy and Zarl troops also appears to aid Poseidal. Danji note that if this 
keeps up, the enemy forces will grow, they need to deal Poseidal a quick 
blow. Akimi says that she's so tired she wants a bath to which Jeeg tells 
her to focus since they're still on the battlefield. Akimi says that Jeeg 
just doesn't know a joke when he sees one and Jeeg shouted that if she 
wanted a bath then get shot down over the sea. Defeating Gabley, Daba 
tackles Olivy's machine and manage to disable her machine trying to coax 
her out of the mind control but then Gabley reappears saying that he'll 
protect Olivy. Daba asks what Gabley is doing and Gabley asks what's wrong 
with protecting the women he love, what is Daba doing anyway?

Daba asks if Gabley's serious but as Olivy's brother, he's not gonna allow 
this relationship. Gabley asks if there's any qualification you have to 
have for loving someone since he betrayed Giwasa to be with Olivy only to 
see her as a puppet to Poseidal. Does Daba know the sadness that he had to 
endure to see the woman he loves like that? Daba note that Gabley is 
serious about this and says that he'll trust him. However suddenly Olivy's 
demeanour change as she suddenly laughs out loud like someone brain damaged, 
Daba tries to talk with her but she can only utter the word "Onichan" and 
then laughs. Gabley note that this may be because of the cut in the 
Biorelation system and that they should take Olivy back to the ship.

Amu, Kyao and Lecce sees Daba heading back to the ship and retreat back 
also. At the medical room, they see Daba and Gabley in shock since it seems 
that Olivy had been mentally crippled. Lecce tells Kyao that even though 
they cut the Bio Relation, her memory and mind hasn't returned. Daba cries 
that Olivy is no longer here but Amu slaps him telling him that Daba isn't 
someone who accepts things easily like this. The Daba she loved isn't like 
that, for her, Daba Mylord is someone who is always pushing forward which 
is why she loved him. Lecce agrees saying that they have Olivy with them 
now, now is not the time to give up. Amu consoles him telling him to stand 
up since there are still things that only he can do waiting for him. Daba 
takes that all in and rises up redeploying. Gabley also deploys saying that 
Poseidal can't be forgiven for doing that to Olivy.

At the Suede Capital, Poseidal feels her link with Olivy is gone but says 
that she can make more like Olivy later. Suddenly however Full Flat walks 
in saying that she is here for Poseidal's life or should she say Mian's 
life. This surprises Poseidal and Full Flat asks if Mian had forgotten the 
last battle in the Second Sart War where both she and Mian, the Temple 
Knight of Poseidal were rewarded by Poseidal.  Amandra then also walks in 
and tells Poseidal or Mian that she did a better job of being him than he 

Poseidal/Mian then gets angry and says she is Poseidal and that Full Flat 
has raised her ire by cooperating with the rebel even though she was 
rewarded with the independent Third Star. Amandra says that Mian understood 
like him that to bring in a new age, someone needs to be God. Full Flat 
says that Amandra/ Poseidal is wrong in playing with people's emotion and 

The battle starts reaching near Suede and Amandra rushes Mian out saying 
that this place is dangerous and they should go to that room. He tells Full 
Flat to play with his guards and Poseidal soliders for a while.

In a short while afterward, Amandra broadcast on an open channel that if 
the Resistance doesn't retreat, he will kill them all since he has an ace 
up his sleeve. Daba says that he won't accept that, if there's a time limit 
before a bomb or something then they'll defeat Poseidal before that time 
limit. Amandra then appears in the Oji along with a fleet of Oje saying 
that he is the true Poseidal. The others tell Daba to be careful since this 
one is strong. The team attacks and Amandra/Poseidal says that the team 
isn't bad for surviving this long against Poseidal but he will show them 
the true terror of Poseidal.

The team can't believe that they haven't damage Amandra/Poseidal that much 
at all and Amandra/Poseidal says that this is the power of the Biorelation 
system where it converts life force into power and eternal life. No matter 
how many times the team defeats him, he will regenerate. Amandra/Poseidal 
concludes that the Poseidal that they usually saw is just a shadow of him 
the true Poseidal while he in the guise of Amandra walks amongst them 
gathering information and ordering his shadow to take action in the name of 
Poseidal. Daba shouted that he won't accept it and he told Amandra before 
that he would defeat Poseidal. The team attacked but Amandra/Poseidal keeps 
regenerating. Jin says that this won't do, they're not making headway and 
will tire out sooner or later. Daba note that there must be some secret and 
Amuro agrees since no weapon is perfect, there has to be a weakpoint.

Full Flat contacts in and ask if Daba has a problem, Amu says that Full 
Flat is really their ally but Full Flat says that Amu is too green but that 
naivety may be what is needed for the new age. Full Flat tells Daba and the 
others to attack an area in Suede where the Bio Relation system is stored 
at, once it is destroyed, Poseidal's "immortality" will fade away. Daba 
asks why Full Flat is helping them and Full Flat says that she, Mian and 
Poseidal still continue to live thanks to the Bio Relation but the age no 
longer belongs to them, it belongs to the young like them. Amandra/Poseidal 
just hadn't realized it.

The team does just that and Poseidal/Amandra feels himself starting to age 
into dust. Poseidal/Amandra asks why Full Flat betrayed him and Full Flat 
says that they have gone against the cycle of time are just going back into 
the cycle of nature and time after this long delay. A new age needs to be 
handed to the young. Poseidal/ Amandra shudders in dismay that everything 
he's built is crumbling with him and Daba shouted that Poseidal/Amandra's 
time is over, this is THEIR time now. Daba finishes off Poseidal/Amandra 
off with his Buster Launcher and in the capital, Poseidal/Mian asks why 
Full Flat came back for her and Full Flat says that she couldn't let Mian 
die thinking she was Poseidal, that would be too horrific and the two ages 
into dust as well.

Mito and Kento congratulates Daba and Dr. Arl says that the House of Gamon 
can finally be reborn but Kento tells Dr. Arl to stop since their job isn't 
finished yet. Bright ordered Suede's capital to be taken and Poseidal's 
remaining forces to be captured.

After the Resistance has taken the capital, Dr.Arl note that the Pentagona 
star system is finally free but Daba and Lecce says that Giwasa is still on 
the loose. He probably knows about the Resistance's attack and will 
probably strike while they're still weak and tired from defeating Poseidal. 
They should do their best to rest and resupply.

Daba and Lecce's word are true since Giwasa then orders all his forces to 
attack Suede and crush the Resistance now that they have defeated Poseidal.

Episode 50

As the team predicted, Giwasa's forces attack Suede and tries to install 
Giwasa as the new ruler. Nei Mohan and other Giwasa's subordinate lead the 
attack on the Resistance but are ultimately defeated. Giwasa lead a strike 
force himself but the team proves hard to handle. Giwasa's subordinates 
want to run but Giwasa says to make quick repair to his damaged ship and 
sent out for reinforcement and stall with their remaining HM. He says that 
his troop is as good as Poseidal's but why are they not triumphing over the 
Resistance. Daba and the team note that Giwasa just won't give up since he 
wants the throne THAT badly but Daba says that if Giwasa were to reign, 
nothing would change from Poseidal's reign at all, they have to defeat 

Semu-Ju and the other Resistance arrive to help Daba and Giwasa's ship 
falls. Giwasa escapes on board a shuttle but Daba aims his Buster Launcher 
at it killing him. Jeeg note that the team has proven themselves and he'll 
have to reevaluate them and what they're doing.

Later on, Daba tells Olivy that once this is all over, they will both 
return home to live together and Olivy with her broken mind daftly agrees. 
Gabley note that Olivy is now mentally crippled for life and Lecce says 
that this is Amandra's final revenge against Daba since Daba is now a 
puppet that must care for Olivy for the rest of his life. However Daba 
tells Olivy that no matter what, he'll never give up hope that Olivy will 
one day be able to reclaim herself.

At the bridge, Semu Ju says that the Giwasa force and Poseidal forces are 
surrendering and they've won. There may be some Poseidal/ Giwasa forces 
that are in hiding and waiting to strike again but they can handle them. 
Bright notes that that is good newsbecause they need to move forward to 
another star system.  Kento wonder if the Zarl will attack while they're 
not here but Semu-Ju says that with Poseidal and Giwasa dead, more and more 
people that were oppressed will join with the new Government's causes so 
they should be able to handle things here. What's left is to decide where 
to go next, Zarl or Grados.

Eiji asks if they can go to Grados next since he knows that there are some 
Gradosian who oppose what their empire is doing and perhaps they can try to 
strike up peace with Grados. The others note that that's not a bad idea and 
Fairy adds that they might be able to get information about the ancient 
Gradosian and the seals along with information on the CUBE as well so 
everyone agree to go to Grados. Later on Alan, David and Simone 
congratulates Eiji and Eiji hopes that he can try to negotiate peace 
between Earth and Grados.

Episode 51

Sanae asks Dr.Arl if they can't make peace with the Zarl like they plan to 
do with the Grados and Dr. Arl says that as long as Emperor Dolmen still 
exist then there can be no peace since Dolmen's ambition knows no end. He 
would probably betray his ally in the Intergalactic Alliance if they end up 
winning the war. The people living under his rules however are a different 
matter, they can be talked with but they are oppressed since Dolmen has any 
dissenter or resistance and their planets destroyed.

At the bridge, Bright note that they've liberated Pentagona and helped Edon 
out of it's problem but in order to protect a wider galaxy, they need to 
set up an organization that is strong and commands a large force and for 
that they need to gather those like Prince Mito and Daba to form the core 
of this organization. Layla says that not everyone can be a leader like 
Prince Mito or Daba and Quattro says that it doesn't have to be someone of 
that caliber; they need someone who is respected in this part of the galaxy 
to be backing them.

Dr. Arl then suggests the name of Gascon which Diego, Blues and Shutekken 
then agrees is quite good. The three says that Gascon, the tiger of space, 
is quite well known throughout the galaxy as a righteous warrior who is 
well known and commands respects. Sukedo and Kakus say that Gascon had once 
visited Edon many years ago to dispense justice to evildoer much like what 
they did. Shutekken says that if Gascon backs them up, then those that are 
still loyal to Poseidal or the New Planetoid Alliance will have to 

Dr. Arl says that however, Gascon goes where he please so there's no 
telling where they'll meet him but if they do, he hopes Lord Kento isn't 
disrespect ful to him.

The team arrives in Grados space and is faced with automaton Grados and 
Zarl troops, Eiji note that the automatic forces will detain the intruders 
while the main forces is contacted. Alan says that they are here to try and 
negotiate peace anyway so they have to make contact with the main forces. 
Gou and Kouji then note that the best way to get them here fast enough is 
to raise enough ruckus.

The team deploys and defeated the automatic forces but then a Grados fleet 
appears and Eiji hails them saying that he is Albatrona Eiji Asuka and he 
is here with the Earth force to negotiate peace. The Gradosian commander 
however recognize Eiji as a traitor to the Grados but Eiji counters that 
while he did run away from the Gradosian army, he never betrayed his home, 
he's working for the peace between Grados and Earth. The Gradosian 
commander won't listen but Alan says that they have Prince Mito of Edon 
with them. Would the Gradosian higher up REALLY want to refuse an audience 
with the future king of the Edon Kingdom?

The commander is unsure but Zarl reinforcement arrives and amongst them is 
someone who calls himself Gascon. Gascon announces himself as the tiger of 
space that is here because of his pledge with Kroppen and denounces the 
team saying that they are here for revenge on Grados, they've already 
decimated the Grados forces on Earth, and decimated Pentagona. Eiji says 
that that's not true, while it's true that many on Earth hated Grados for 
what the Grados did, they personally are not here for revenge, but the 
Grados troops and Gascon doesn't believe him or even Prince Mito and 
spurred on by Gascon's word, more Grados troops appear.

Bright consider a retreat but Grados troops cut off their exit. Kento is 
mad and tells Dr. Arl that Gascon is nowhere near how Dr. Arl describes him 
and Shutekkent and Diego is in shocked that someone of Gascon's caliber 
would bow down to the Zarl and become their lackey.

The team fends off Grados troops and defeat Gascon and Gascon note that 
they are powerful but all is going to plan and retreats. The Grados troops 
note that Gascon's signal is still around which means he is only going for 
repair. Soon after Gascon reappears but he then tries to break up the fight 
that the team has with the Grados.

Kento is fighting mad and shouted that Gascon had the nerve to try and play 
peace maker after what he did just now. Gascon doesn't understand and Kento 
shouted that someone who is in league with the Zarl like him is going to 
get whupped. Gascon note that Kento probably heard about Kroppen giving him 
information on the team's whereabout and misunderstood but NO ONE, not even 
the grandson of Emperor Palmillion of the former Elios Empire talks down to 
him like that. Gascon says that he will show Kento the true power of the 
tiger of space who had walked through the various battlefield within the 
ten million light years of the galaxy and Kento shouted back that if 
Gascon's a tiger then he's going to skin him for a rug and roast him for 

Daltanious and Gascon's Robo then clash with each other with Daltanious 
dealing heavy damage to Gascon but Gascon then rush Daltanious damaging the 
leg portion and says that now Daltanious can't move and the fight's not 
over yet.

However suddenly the two are then attacked by Kroppen and another Gascon 
appears. Gascon can't believe that there's someone who looked exactly like 
him and the fake Gascon spills the bean that he attacked the team earlier 
using Gascon's name and likeness to create this situation so that they 
would kill each other and now that they're half dead, he'll finish them 
both off and use the name Gascon, the tiger of space from now on.

Tetsuya, Gou and Kouji then rush the fake Gascon saying that they'll take 
care of him and Kento apologize to Gascon for jumping to conclusion and 
Gascon says that goes double for him and technically Kroppen did a very 
good job of fooling them. Gascon offers to take the Daltanious back to the 
ship for repair. Gascon and the Daltanious leave the battlefield but the 
team is more than able to defeat the fake Gascon and Kroppen.

Kroppen note that this failure means that Gascon will now aid the WB team 
and they're now even deadlier than before.

The Grados troops call for more reinforcement and a horde of ships come but 
their leader broadcast on a frequency saying that he is Amas Gale, a former 
Grados solider and for the Grados soliders here to stop the fighting. The 
Grados commander asks if they are the opposition faction that they've heard 
about. Gale asks if joining the Intergalactic Alliance to wage an invasion 
is the Grados army's justice? They can no longer hurt or lose the Grados 
ideal, they must be brave enough to pull out of the Alliance and seek for 
peace with others. The Grados commander isn't caring and Gale says that if 
the Grados commander wants to force the hands, they will not hold back. The 
Grados commander is surprised that a huge number of fleet appears at Gale's 
word and Gale says that many soliders are tired from this useless war and 
have voiced out their thoughts. The Grados commander reluctantly flee and 
Akimi note that there's also a resistance in Grados.

Eiji asks if it is truly Gale and Simone ask if Gale isn't the one that was 
engaged to Eiji's sister Julia. Eiji says that's so but he's supposed to be 
dead after clashing with Eiji.

Meeting with Bright, Gale confirms that his opposition movement is 
considering joining forces with the WB to pull Grados out of the 
Intergalactic Alliance and stop this invasion war. A lot of voice in Grados 
is calling out for the end to the war thanks to it's length and he'd like 
the Gradosian to resolve this situation by their own hands. Daba note that 
if Grados does pull out that means the Intergalactic Alliance will be on 
it's last leg.

Gale tells Bright that he thinks the opposition movement is strong enough 
to push for changes within Grados and he'd like the WB team to go take out 
the Zarl Empire instead. With the Zarl defeated, the pressure on Grados to 
continue this alliance will be gone and they can lobby for change. Right 
now they're pushing for Grados to stop their invasion of other star systems. 
Bright agrees to it and Gale says that there's an old station satellite 
that they can use to travel to Zarl territory

Gascon is in a good mood and laughs it up with Kento and Gou on how well 
they get along. Dr. Arl asks if that means Gascon will help them and Gascon 
says it is so. Hayato says that there's one more idiot around to which Dr. 
Arl says is quite demeaning to Gascon but Gascon doesn't mind at all.

Gale comes to Fairy's room and gives her a data disk on the info they have 
on the ancient Gradosian seal which will help Fairy in her research on the 
CUBE and tells her to use it for people's future

Later on in the hallway, Gale meets with Eiji and he asks about Julia. Eiji 
tells Gale that Julia is alive and well on Earth. Eiji asks if Gale wants 
to come alongside them to fight for the peace of the galaxy but Gale says 
that he thinks he is more suited to stopping the Grados government from 
their current course of action. Gale tells Eiji that while their course may 
differ, they are working for the same things and he asks that Eiji take 
care of the fight with the Zarl.

Episode 52

The team is traveling into Zarl territory and Shutekken says that according 
to their info, most planets under the rules of the Zarl are slowly secretly 
gathering a resistance force and they can be rallied around the name of 
Kento who is the grandson of the old Elios Emperor Palmillion. Kento says 
to not make him TOO famous since he isn't going to be around to take care 
of this responsibility which really annoys Dr. Arl that the heir to the 
throne is so irresponsible.  Lecce and Shinobu (girl) says that some forces 
from the Pentagona system have commited themselves to fighting the Zarl as 
well as Ego's group from Edon. Alan note that with their current war 
against the Interdimensional Alliance, adding in enemy troops from 
Pentagona and Edon not to mention internal rebellion means that the Zarl 
forces will be stretched thin which will allow them to sneak in and take 
care of the head. 3J and Poncho also says not to forget their contribution 
since they create a good supply line for all of this to come about.

Emperor Dolmen meanwhile gives Kroppen one last chance to defeat the WB 
team or not to come back.

The team is near the Zarl mother planet, the former planet Elios. Most ally 
troops have now engaged the Zarl forces and Zarl forces also arrive where 
the team is too. Kento and Danji deploy forming Daltanious and the battle 

Dr.Arl tells Kento to be careful since Kroppen will definitely be joining 
this battle and fight to the death. Danji asks how Dr. Arl is so sure and 
Dr. Arl says that Emperor Dolmen does not tolerate failure especially 
continuous failure that Kroppen has been having against the team so this is 
probably Kroppen's last chance.

True to word, Kroppen and his underlings arrives with more forces. Kento 
says that it's a good chance to pay back the commander of the Zarl forces 
that burnted their home back in Japan to ashes. Kroppen decides to activate 
the space mines that are scattered around the area and Fairy tells Akimi to 
not land near them or risk detonating them.

Even so the team manages to defeat Kroppen's underling like Kabuto and 
Boida but Kroppen himself does not go down easily as he get a second and 
third wind against the team and deploys even more forces. After much 
beating up of Kroppen whose will is still strong and doesn't quit but his 
mecha quit for him and Kento delivers the final blow against Kroppen 
defeating him.

Carmen Carmen is informed of this development and note that all is going as 
plan for his Osiris Project. Back at their base, Boida and Kabuto apologize 
to Emperor Dolmen for their failure and say that the next time they deploy, 
they will fight to the death. Emperor Dolmen then appointed Zakuron from 
the Robot Empire to be Zarl and the Intergalactic Alliance's Commander in 
Chief which greatly peeved off the two since they thought that with Kroppen 
dead, they were next in line to succeed him.

News of the team's victory spread and congratulatory message comes in from 
all over the conquered planet of the Zarl Empire and many have begun to 
openly join the rebellion led in Kento's name.

At the hangar, Jeeg tells Akimi that he didn't think that the team would be 
this fast in making progress against the Zarl and Akimi ask if Jeeg plans 
to deploy against the Zarl as well. Jeeg says that the people from 
Guardisword have a score to settle with the Zarl as well since they were 
part of the Intergalactic Alliance that invaded Guardisword and it resulted 
in their home planet blowing up. Akimi asks if it's ok to leave Sally in 
the room like this and Jeeg says that this has become a matter of necessity 
since even if Sally DID cooperates like he does, she wouldn't be able to 
fight with a clear head and if she deploys, she's likely to get herself 
killed along with others as well. Even HE finds it hard to remain calm and 
cool if they're going to fight the Zarl. While it's not good for both he 
and Sally, he think that Sally should sit this one out.

At his room, Dr. Arl prays to Emperor Palmillion to watch over his grandson 
in their final battle against the Zarl.

Episode 52A

Akimi asks Fairy why Jeeg and Sally hates the Zarl that much and Fairy says 
that it's because during the final invasion when the Intergalactic Alliance 
invaded Guardisword which led to the Guardisword planet being blown up, 
those two were at the forefront so they saw their comrades died and their 
planet destroyed and the main attacking force of the Intergalactic Alliance 
was the Zarl. Akimi asks if Fairy also hates the Zarl and she says that she 
doesn't like them but she's wondering if their invasion really did led to 
the Guardisword's home planet's destruction as was publicy announced. 
Helrukka's announcement that the CUBE experimentation area was attacked by 
Zarl forces leading to the CUBE going out of control leading to their 
planet blowing up seems a little fishy to her. She wasn't on the home 
planet at the time but she think it was orchestrated by someone. Akimi asks 
if she think it's Helrukka's work but what does he gain by blowing up his 
own home planet? Fairy doesn't know since this is all speculation on her 

Enemies suddenly appears on their route to Zarl and Bright orders the team 
to rush through since they can't waste time here. After rushing through, 
the team resumes their course to Zarl.

At Sally and Jeeg's quarter, Sally is adamant about deploying against the 
Zarl but Jeeg forbids her to do so.  Sally asks why can her bro deploy and 
she can't and Jeeg says that Sally will let her emotion get the best of her 
in the coming fight, it's different for him because he's fought alongside 
this team for a couple of mission now so they know how he fights but Sally 
would just throw the team's teamwork out the window. Sally isn't buying 
that much and says that as per their agreement with Akimi and Fairy, each 
of them can cooperate if they want to so she's going in, but Jeeg says that 
whatever the reason, he's not letting Sally deploy and he locks the door 
telling Sally to stay put until this is over.

Episode 53

A message to the WB from the Resistance forces attacking Zarl territory all 
over tells the WB that Zarl forces have been ordered to give up defending 
the territory and to begin retreating from their area and head back to Zarl. 
Quattro, Shutekken, Diego and Gascon note that this isn't good. Zarl 
territory is quite large so there are lots of forces spread throughout the 
territories; if they decide to gather back at the Zarl Planet then the 
number will be huge. Of course, the resistance forces will try and stop 
them and maybe take out some of the Zarl troops but the majority of the 
force will remain and they will do their best to head back since words have 
probably gotten out that the team is the true main attack forces heading 
for the main head planet and that they've taken out Kroppen, the commander 
in chief. This makes the team note that it's a race against time before 
Zarl reinforcement return to Zarl.

The team arrives at Zarl planet and Zakuron asks Ondron about their 
calculated chance at winning and Ondron says that according to their ruler, 
Mother Computer Sigma, they have a 100% chance of winning. Kento and Danji 
deploy and decide to rush in but are driven back by a planetary barrier. 
Zakuron deploys Silver and Boida and Kabuto also deploy. Boida and Kabuto 
aren't pleased having to take order from Zakuron and decides that they will 
use this battle to show Emperor Dolmen why THEY or more specifically, one 
of them, should be the new commander in chief.

The team notes that they can't get through the barrier and they can't 
retreat now after coming all this way since if they do, Zarl reinforcement 
will arrive and make Zarl truly impenetrable. Dr. Arl tells Kento that 
it'll take sometime to analyze the barrier and find a weakness so they have 
to hang on and Kento says that they'll have to take out Boida, Kabuto and 
Silver first then.

Boida and Kabuto are determined to use this opportunity to become the next 
commander in chief but they also fail and died. Silver screams for Ondron 
to help her as her mech explodes and Ondron note that it is such a waste 
since Silver really was beautiful. Meanwhile Dr. Arl has analyzed the 
barrier and tells the team to attack the satellite surrounding the barrier 
to dissipate it but Zakuron comes out to battle the team since Boida and 
the others are defeated. Zakuron is a tough nut to crack as the team batter 
him with attack but he says that it is all going according to the 
calculation of the Mother Computer and regenerates himself. 

Watta note that this Mecharobo is tougher than all the rest but Gou tells 
him that instead of complaining, he should be firing more missiles at it. 
The team manages to destroy all the satellite. (Note to "highly smart" 
supercomputer, NEXT TIME, put the satellite IN the forcefield) Ondron can't 
believe that the calculation and prediction of the Mother Computer Sigma 
was proven to be false. He begins laughing hysterically shouting that if 
the Mother Computer Sigma is wrong then the Robot Empire is over, 
everything is over if they can no longer trust in Mother Computer Sigma to 
always be right. Zakuron note that the enemy's fighting power is beyond 
what Mother Computer Sigma reported, how can this be? Zakuron is damaged 
badly by Trider G7 and he notes that if his defeat is known then the trust 
towards Mother Computer Sigma will be gone and the Robot Empire will fall 
apart. He can't fail, he's fighting like the computer tells him to. Watta 
sees his chance and uses the Trider Bird Attack to finish off Zakuron and 
Zakuron dies wondering why? Mother Computer Sigma was supposed to be 
perfect. (Technically I'd start having doubt the moment I see that the 
satellite generating the forcefield isn't INSIDE the force field)

Kento shouts for Dolmen to come out and Dolmen deploys with a very large 
number of forces. Dolmen then announces that he will not accept their 
surrender, they will all die but they will know the dark secret of Elios as 
he shows them his face. Dr. Arl is surprised to see that Dolmen looks 
exactly like the deceased Emperor Palmillion and Dolmen says that it is 
because he is Palmillion's clone.

Kento doesn't care about what happened that long ago, whatever the case, 
Dolmen has brought pain and suffering to them when his forces attacked 
Tokyo and destroyed their home not to mention the various planets he 
subjugated along with the countless innocents he killed. The team notes 
that it's a large enough force and odds are that there are more available. 
If the battle keeps up, they're going to be badly outnumbered, so they have 
to take out Dolmen as soon as possible.

Jeeg is livid at the sight of Dolmen and Akimi tells him to stay calm. 
Akimi then wonders how Sally is feeling right now. Cut back to Sally's room. 
Sally is pounding on the door begging to get out, she promises not to run 
away but no one is there to hear her. Jeeg tells Akimi that it's ok, he's 
not going to let emotion get the best of him.

After one attack, Dolmen's face changed and Kento asked what's going on and 
Dr. Arl says that it's true then that Dolmen is a clone since one of the 
way to tell them apart is that their skin pigment can change color under 
certain conditions Dolmen says that that won't stop him and deploys more 
troops telling Kento that the glory of Elios was due to the sufferings of 
the clones. Kento shouted that he doesn't care about the dead past. Dolmen 
attacks him saying that someone like Kento who continues the bloodline of 
Palmillion will die painfully at his hands. The glory of Elios meant that 
he was supposed to live and suffer in the shadows as the spare parts for 
the Emperor. The dark past of Elios is that they breed clones for parts for 
the Emperor and as stands in treating them like dirts and disposing of them 
once the Emperor falls. Kento says that he may emphatize with what the 
clone had to go through but because of Dolmen, too many people had to 
suffer and die, he's not going to forgive him for that. Dolmen bites it but 
says that this isn't over. As long as there's a need for clone in society, 
situation like his wil reoccur and rebellions like his will rise up again

With Dolmen dead, the Zarl forces are in disarray and many began to 
surrender. Kento says that they've won but Danji note that it's a victory 
with a bad aftertaste. Shutekken tells the two not to worry about it, 
Dolmen was weak, he gave in to the world blaming every bad thing he did on 
being a clone.

Akimi ask Jeeg if this means the Zarl are finished and Jeeg and Fairy says 
that the troops on the other world will go into disarray without someone to 
lead them. The Intergalactic Alliance is technically finished which means 
the battle with the Interdimensional Alliance will intensify. Akimi asks 
Jeeg what he plans to do next since Guardisword is part of the 
Interdimensional Alliance. Jeeg says that he plans to stick with the team 
for now, if the Interdimensional Alliance gives up their plans on conquest 
then there may be a chance for peace.

Back at the ship, Dr. Arl is ecstatic, Elios can now be reborn but Kento 
isn't having any of it. Danji note that their boy just isn't fit for ruling 
but Daba and Mito wonders about that since they think Kento also makes a 
good king with Daba saying that sometime they have to live up to what 
others see in them and Dr. Arl adds that a lot of people expect big things 
from Kento and Kento says that he's postponing this little talk until all 
the battles are finished.

Back at their room, Sally pout that her big bro didn't trust her but Jeeg 
says that there's another reason he kept her out of it, this battle had a 
very big chance of becoming a three way battle if the Interdimensional 
Alliance sees the chance and join in to attack both side. If that happen, 
Sally will definitely feel conflicted and that will cost her her life. With 
her on the ship, he himself isn't too conflicted if that situation occurs 
since even if they are "allies" if they attack the ship, he's not gonna 
hold back.

Sally says she forgive him and Jeeg ask if she wants to attend the next 
meeting but Sally is still pouting saying that she knows her big bro had a 
thing for Akimi, she can see it during their deployment together, she's 
just gonna get in the way of his pining for her during the meeting .Jeeg 
says that's not true but Sally says that she doesn't feel like attending. 
Jeeg says he understands and leaves with Sally noting "Why did I say that, 
it's like I...."

Bright note that with the Zarl situation resolved, he's wondering about the 
Interdimensional Alliance. Mito asks Shinobu about their movement and she 
says that there's been no noteworthy movement. Shutekken says that his 
source tells him that one fleet is withdrawing. They don't seem to want to 
negotiate with the team though Quattro thought that they would use the 
opportunity to attack. Shinobu says that they're probably planning 
something and Dr. Plato agrees saying that it's too quiet, too unnatural 
for them.

Frau tells Bright that there is a message being broadcasted across the 
galaxyfrom Carmen Carmen. Carmen Carmen says that soon his Osiris plan will 
come to fruitition by exploding the Zarl sun ending all their ambitions and 
future to bring this area to the next dimension.

Professor Hatsuki note that by exploding the sun, Carmen Carmen probably 
plans to utilize the massive energy from the explosion to move this area of 
space to another dimension, which isn't good for not only this area alone 
but Pentagona and Edon will be affected as well.

Diane and Lecce quickly confirm that Nubia forces and the Interdimensional 
Alliance are moving towards the Zarl sun. Jeeg confirms that Nubia is one 
of the more dominant partners in their alliance in the IDA. Chris asks if 
they won't get caught up in the explosion as well but Fairy says that they 
will probably warp out since the IDA's main base is in another dimension. 

The team note that their next course of action is clear, they have to stop 
Carmen Carmen and Bright orders all ships to move out.

Episode 54

Bright is told that at their current speed, they will arrive in two hours, 
faster than they anticipated. Quattro hands him a list of pilots/mechs that 
are still available for deployment since the battle with the Zarl damaged 
quite a lot of their machine and they don't have the time to do full repair 
right now. Bright note that Jeeg's name is still on the list and Quattro 
says that he's using every resource at his disposal. While Dr. Plato note 
that Jeeg works well with Akimi and his mech is powerful, Hayato wonder if 
he can be trusted since they are going against Guardisword's ally from now 
on and Quattro says that he wouldn't put Jeeg's name on here if he doesn't 
trust him.

Akimi talks things with Jeeg, they're about to go up against Guardisword's 
ally now, is he fine with that. Jeeg says that after seeing the team in 
action for a while, he's come to believe in them and that the future they 
want to build is the one that he wants Guardisword to have, so he's in for 
the long haul with them.

At the bridge, Bright says that they will send a strike team that can reach 
the destination quicker than the main fleet. Their job is to locate the 
machine that Nubia plans to use to destroy the sun and destroy it while the 
main fleet arrives afterward to take care of the IDA's forces. This means 
Akimi, Jeeg, Watta, the Dancougar team and the three J9 Teams are chosen

Arriving at the destination, the strike force wonders where the machine to 
destroy the sun is and Fairy suggest that it may be aboard one of the enemy 
ship which means they need to wreck them all and/or wait until they start 
the machine up. Gildrome arrives to stop them and Jeeg note that it's 
Gildrome and Gildrome recognize Jeeg and says that he's been given order to 
terminate Jeeg. Jeeg says that if it's Muge then he won't have to hold back. 
Gildrome mocks Jeeg saying that it was due to Muge's protection that 
Guardisword which is comparable to a small country could survive, if 
Emperor Muge wishes so, he could wipe out Guardisword in an instant. He's 
going to rob Jeeg of all hope and crush him like a bug. Shinobu shouted 
that they're gonna fix that but Gildrome says that the nightmare is only 

Gildrome is right, his nightmare is only beginning as he is defeated, the 
main forces arrive and Bright asks if they've destroyed the machine but 
Fairy says that they haven't found it yet. Jin says that they should deploy 
and search around and Quattro agrees saying that they need to put the 
pressure on the enemy. Frau asks Puru what's wrong and Puru says that 
someone seems to be calling her so she wouldn't deploy just yet.

Carmen Carmen arrives and deploys his forces which consist of Heavy Metal, 
enemy robots from Edon and more to which Izak note that Carmen Carmen must 
have been building up his forces for this gambit. Meanwhile, inside the WB, 
Sally is agonizing over what she should do since she still hasn't made up 
her mind like her big bro but Puru comes in saying that Sally should go out. 
Sally asks if that's the captain's order but Puru says that it's her own 
decision since she feels that Sally is going to be important in a while. 
Puru runs off and Sally wonders what to do and where her machine is.

Carmen tells the J9 team that the only one that will go on the trip to the 
other dimension are the chosen ones of Nubia, as for them, they will die 
here. Izak says that there's no such thing as the chosen race. Carmen's 
ship is destroyed but he soon reappears and says that he is eternal. Izak 
note that it was a stand in and Bowie hopes that this time they have the 
real deal. Destroying Carmen's ship again, Carmen reappears with even more 
forces and Bowie notes that THIS must be the real one. Akimi's machine 
suddenly starts glowing and Fairy says that the CUBE is resonating with 
Carmen's ship which means that Carmen is using the CUBE which means it 
definitely IS the real Carmen this time. Kid and the others says that if 
that's the case then they can bombs away and reduce Carmen to ash and get 
it over with but Fairy says that it's dangerous to try and destroy the ship 
with the CUBE on it and Jeeg says that's true, it once wiped out 
Guardisword's mother planet. He doesn't think it'll wipe out just the sun 
but this entire solar system if they're not careful. 

Shutekken then says that they'll have to damage the ship enough to be able 
to slip in and disarm the CUBE. More enemy reinforcement appears and Bright 
notes that the difference in firepower is making it hard to do that. Any 
reinforcement on their side from Pentagona or Edon isn't going to make it 
in time before Carmen initiates his Osiris project. Sally then tells Bright 
that she's deploying. Jeeg asks why she's deploying and Sally says she 
doesn't want that tragedy to happen again and rushes in. with Akimi 
straight behind her. Jeeg tries to go too but Shutekken says that the stone 
has been cast, all they can do now is support her. Bright tells everyone 
that Sally and Akimi will have to reach Carmen's ship to create an opening 
for a boarding team to board Carmen's Ship while the other takes care of 
Carmen's reinforcement. Afterward the boarding team can go disable the CUBE.

The J9 Team confronts Carmen again and he thanks them for coming to see him 
off in this glorious day. Izak and Kid shouted that Carmen had destroyed 
many lives in his mad destiny and it's time to pay the piper. Sally and 
Akimi finds an opening and enters. Fairy tells Sally that they're going in 
and if they're capture, to return to the WB with their machine since they 
can't let another CUBE fall into Carmen's hand. Carmen sends out arm guards 
to take out Fairy and Akimi who have reached the CUBE room and Fairy 
quickly overwrites the software regulating the CUBE.

Escaping, Fairy tells Sally that she change the programming but Carmen's 
troop should only think that she quick disable it and thus reboot the CUBE 
with the new programming. They can't risk letting the enemy know over 
communication line so they have to get back to the ship. Once near the ship, 
Fairy tells Bright that she reconfigures the CUBE for Carmen's ship to make 
the jump without tampering with the Sun and the result should more or less 
throw him and his nearby follower into dimensional oblivion but they can't 
stay near here or they risk being transported too. They have to get out of 
here in five minutes.

Carmen note that the team is retreating, have they given up or is it 
something else, whatever the case, he won't let them escape and enemy units 
appear blocking the team's escape route. The team dispatchs of them and 
prepares to pull out. Seeing the team running and believing he's won, 
Carmen Carmen heads over to the sun to start his Osiris plan and he and his 
followers disappears unaware that their destination is dimensional oblivion. 
Fairy note that the sun seems to be ok and that they save this galaxy.

At the bridge, Hayato wonders what they should do next since the remaining 
enemy is the Interdimensional Alliance. Hatsuki says that if they can't 
control the gate then they have to wait for the IDA to attack but Fairy 
says that that might not be so since when she reset Carmen's CUBE, she 
copied the data and it can help them use gates to go anywhere they want. 
Jeeg confess that he has Muge's destination data if they want. It's decided 
that the team will go to Muge next. Akimi asks if Sally wants to come along 
and Sally says with a frown that if that's what they want, she'll be at her 
machine. It's pretty clear that Sally is still conflicted over having to 
fight the IDA.

Meanwhile Desgaia is informed of Gildrome's death and Carmen's failure. The 
fact that the team is heading their way also enrages him. Desgaia informs 
Emperor Muge who says that the WB team will soon find out that the entirety 
of this dimension is comprised of Emperor Muge himself and Desgaia is 
filled with pride at battling beside his Emperor once again.

Meanwhile, Helrukka note that the WB team is soon going to attack Muge and 
it seems Fairy has manages to crack the gate technology. Reginia apologize 
for not taking out Fairy sooner and Helrukka says that it's fine, what 
about the development of the army that she's in charge of. Reginia says 
that they are in final phase and with them complete, Guardisword's military 
might will increase a thousand fold. Helrukka says that is well but they 
will need to test them so he's sending some of them in as Muge's 

Episode 55

 The team arrives in Muge space. Sally comment that it's just as depressing 
a place as ever and Akimi asks if they've been here before and Jeeg says 
that it was during their alliance with Muge. Amuro can feel the intense 
pressure from the planet and Jeeg says that's where Emperor Muge is and the 
team decides to go there.

Entering the planet, everyone is surprised to see the sky is red. Dancougar 
deploys and Sarah note that it's like hell and the party with the reaper is 
starting. She note that they fought and fought Muge only to have it end in 
a place like this but their destination is not hell but the light beyond.  
Everyone deploys and Desgaia arrives saying that he will pay them back for 
that defeat they gave him on Earth..

Shinobu note that something is odd, he can't move Dancougar as freely as 
normal and Ryou and Masato say that they feel the same. Something's wrong 
here. In Muge's castle, Muge calls forth the evil spirits to do his 
biddings. The New Types sense enormous pressures with Puru shouting that 
she doesn't want to be here anymore. Prof. Hatsuki notes that the 
Dancougar's spirit energy level is dropping down like crazy and Dr. Plato 
note that everyone's mental condition seems to be deteriorating but they 
don't know the cause so they'll have to find out quick during the battle.

 The team defeated Desgaia or so they thought. As Shinobu goes in to try 
and verify it, Desgaia reappears and jumps Dancougar. Desgaia says that his 
Sangaio is undestroyable and it will always revive. Shinobu is ready to 
give it another go but Ryou tells him that if this keeps up, they wouldn't 
win, they'd just be wasting their energy. He's been thinking that this 
dimension has been designed to sap them and their mech of energy and 
vitality. Hatsuki says that they're working on ways to counter this and 
tells the team to hang in there. The team defeated Desgaia again but he 
pops back up cursing that the team managed to destroy his Sangaio twice but 
as long as the red skies are here, they'll never kill him. Sarah asks 
Hatsuki if he found a way yet and Hatsuki says that from their analysis of 
the Sangaio's revival, the biological parts regenerate but the cockpit core 
can't. Masato note that's true, Desgaia can't regenerate himself so if they 
kill him they can win, all they need to do is notice where the core is when 
it's regenerating. Shinobu shout that this time Desgaia is going down for 

The team blows the Sangaio to pieces and as it starts regenerating, Shinbou 
shouted that Desgaia isn't going to regenerate out of this one but the team 
was too slow in attacking the core so the Sangaio regenerates but this time 
the team is determined to do it right and defeats Desgaia once again. Ryou 
shout for Shinobu to hit Desgaia with the Dancoukougaken and don't miss and 
Shinobu heartily agrees.

Emperor Muge sees that Desgaia is defeated and comes out. The team notes 
that the red sky is gone and now that they can move freely, they have a 
chance of winning but suddenly Fairy notice that the Interdimensional Gate 
is activating and Reginia pops out with Jyaku Jyu, Kikaijuu and Metal 
Armour (The Gilgasamune kind). Akimi asks Jeeg if the Guardisword made 
contact with any of the groups before the team defeated them but Sally says 
they only surveyed them but there was no talk of getting them on board. 
Akimi note that they'll have to ask Reginia what is going on then.

The team manage to hurt Emperor Muge and he applaud them as a specie that 
hasn't fully evolved to his point but manage to give him a thrill, he's 
going to see how well they do against his offspring for a while and Muge 
retreats. Ryou doesn't think this is just a normal retreat and Alan tells 
Shinobu to save some strength to take Muge on once he reappears.

Jeeg and Sally confronts Reginia and says that they have a couple of 
questions to ask, what is this group that she's brought with her but 
Reginia says that she has no time for talk and she blast a path away for 
herself and activates the dimensional gate. Sally rush in saying that she's 
going to confirm things with Lord Helrukka personally about Reginia's 
action but Jeeg shouted that Guardisword is no longer a place that will 
accept them. Sally doesn't understand what Jeeg is saying, she says that 
their objective is to find a new mother planet and create a peaceful world; 
she has to go tells Lord Helrukka that they can coexist with these people. 
Jeeg shouted that they've been abandoned by Helrukka but Sally thinks 
otherwise, it's all Reginia's fault. Jeeg says that that's not it, right 
now Helrukka rules over Guardisword with no dissention, the only one who 
could tells Reginia to do that was Helrukka. Sally says that it isn't true 
or is her big bro really adamant on fighting their own people. She's going 
to go and get things cleared up.

Akimi tells Sally not to go but Fairy says that the gate is closing and 
Sally apologizes to Akimi and says to take care of her big brother. The 
other enemies are taken care of and Shinobu shout for Muge to come out of 
hiding.  Muge says that he is the peak of their evolution and he will 
absorb all of them into him. Ryou shouted that Solbados is absorbing their 
willpower and everything they've got. Amuro says that the pressure is more 
intense than ever. Shinobu is hectic but Ryou tells him to calm down, he 
sense that Solbados is using the power of the ghost and evil spirits in 
here to absorb their energy. The only way they can win is to make their 
spiritual energy stronger. Shinobu note that they don't have much power 
left but if Solbados have the backing of evil spirits then he'll pray for 
the good spirits to help them and lend them power. Camille says that is so, 
the people who died for them and for the peaceful world they wish to create. 
Amuro, Camille, Judo and the other New Type then sense that the will of the 
people both alive and dead are beginning to join as one and gives them 

Muge is astonished, he can't believe that the dead are lending these 
foolish humans the power to fight him and Shinobu shouted "THIS is it 
Solbados, Yatteyaruze!!" and  Dancoukougahen him. The fight is over but 
Hatsuki note that Muge encompass this planet and once he dies, this planet 
is dying with him. The team retreats and once out in space sees that the 
planet they were on has broken down and vanish along with the dark will of 
the evil spirits.

Later on, Bright is informed about Sally and Fairy says that she is 
probably at Guardisword right now. Jeeg tries to plead for Sally's case 
saying that she only wanted peace and Lalah says that she understands that 
Sally really want what's best for Guardisword. Akimi asks if they should 
follow and Kouji agrees noting that he's curious about the Kikaijuu army 
that Reginia summoned and Bright agrees to it.

Meanwhile, Sally has reported to Helrukka about her findings about Earth 
and that they can co-exist with them now that the Intergalactic Alliance is 
destroyed, they don't have to hide within the Interdimensional Alliance 
anymore. Helrukka says that's true, they no longer need to hide and he 
tells Reginia to take care of the rest. Reginia then laughs and tells Sally 
that if they were to go about making peace with the Earthling and such, 
they'd be dead within a couple of years and proceeds to restrain Sally 
telling her that as per Lord Helrukka's command, she will be reborn to 
serve the new Guardisword. Sally tries to resist but Reginia says that 
she'll introduce her to a friend of her. Worth then walks in and Reginia 
orders him to take Sally to their lab. Sally recognize Worth as Fairy's 
former lover and asks what's wrong with Worth and Worth says that he must 
obey Lady Reginia and knocks her out.

Episode 55A

Kaine asks why they aren't headed for Guardisword yet and Dr. Plato says 
that Fairy is calculating the location for the warp gate right now. 
Meanwhile Bright tells the operator to be on full alert since the enemy can 
warp forces right near them without advance warning. No sooner has Bright 
says that that the mysterious troops that Reginia commanded attack again. 
The team deployed to stop them. Afterward at the cafeteria, Akimi note that 
the mysterious troops they fought feels quite fearsome and Amuro agrees 
that they give off bad vibes. Jeeg also agrees saying that they fought on 
until each one of them was destroyed but they don't seem to be A.I. manned 
robot, he wonder how Reginia created them. Akimi asks if Jeeg don't know 
anything about them considering that he worked dealing information for 
Guardisword but Jeeg doesn't know which makes him worry about Sally's well 
being since she still believed in Helrukka. Akimi says that they'll soon 
head out to save her so he should keep his hopes up.

Episode 56

 Fairy explains that the reason that it's taking so long to calibrate the 
measurement to warp to Guardisword Headquarter is because she doesn't want 
for them to be hit by space debris nearby. If they don't warp out precisely, 
they stand a chance of getting hit by it. Chris asks why the Guardisword 
headquarter is stationed in such a dangerous place and Jeeg says that it's 
for protection, Guardisword headquarter is stationed in what they termed 
the Rainbow space which is in an unstable dimensional rift which makes it 
hard for anyone to invade. Dr. Plato notes that just to be sure, they'd 
better recheck the calibration again.

At the corridor, Akimi says that Jeeg is being quite cold even though Sally 
may be in danger but Jeeg says that it's because that Akimi is worrying in 
his stead that he can keep his cool. Akimi apologizes saying that she had 
him pegged wrong and that he's probably tearing up inside.

Elsewhere, 3J delivers to the GingaReppu, a spare Baxinger that is equipped 
with the Auto-Synchro system. Diego and Shutekken say that with this, any 
one of them can use a Baxinger even if the rest can't deploy so they have 
to get used to using it. Before they can practice, the order to deploy come 
and the Ginga Reppu scrambles.

Fairy thinks back of when she escapes from Guardisword years ago and how 
her lover Worth decided to stay behind to fight to give her the chance to 
escape. She tells Worth that she is no longer sad, the hope he entrusted to 
her is now with these brave people from Earth.

Arriving at the location, Jeeg says that this is Fortress Isbelga and Fairy 
comments that it was only in construction when she left. Jeeg says that 
it's quite powerful but largely automated since the surviving population of 
Guardisword is fairly low. Akimi thinks that Sally must be in there and 
Puru says that she can feel Sally's presence there.

Inside the fortress, Reginia is expecting the team and she tells Sally that 
unfortunately, there isn't time to brainwash her but she can still use the 
power of the CUBE to "dub" her which is to duplicate her machine and her 
but under the command of Reginia to fight the team. Sally screams for 
Reginia to stop but Reginia proceeds.

Enemy mechs appear and Fairy note that Helrukka seems to be amassing up a 
huge army somehow. Sally's mech also appears and Puru says that it seems 
that Sally's on board but something feels off. Jeeg decides to go take a 
closer look but Amuro advised against it when another duplicate of Sally's 
machine appear. Puru says that the two machines definitely don't contain 
Sally even though it felt like it. Inside the fortress, Reginia smirks and 
asks Sally how many duplicates can Sally create before her mind breaks from 
the CUBE's power?  Puru feels that Sally is in pain and Judo tells Puru, 
Akimi and Jeeg that the four of them should rush in and rescue Sally right 
now while the others take care of the enemies. The other three agrees and 
rushes in.

Bright is furious at Judo for doing as he please and dividing their forces 
without his approval. Things go from bad to worse when Reginia expects it 
and puts up a force field within Fortress Isbelga, locking the four inside 
and preventing the others from getting in. Reginia then deploys hidden 
mechs against the outside team. The team fends off the enemies and Reginia 
tells Fairy if she remembers their encounter when she escaped from 

Fairy remembered all too well, after Worth stayed behind to fend off 
pursuing enemies, she had almost made it to the border of Guardisword 
territory and was about to go into Hyperdrive when Reginia caught up with 
her and begin to relentlessly attack her. Reginia tells Fairy that her 
troops have disposed of Worth but Fairy will be captured alive to continue 
the research on the CUBE but she's not going back without a couple of major 
injuries that Reginia plans to inflict on her just for kicks. She should 
have been wise and just keep on researching the CUBE like she's told. Fairy 
says that she cannot participate in what she knows is wrong. Suddenly Worth 
appears and tells Reginia that she's not laying a hand on Fairy and rushes 
her. Worth says that he knows that even if his mech is in fighting 
condition, he can't win against Reginia but he's taking Reginia out and 
before Reginia can reactWorth self-destruct his machine allowing Fairy to 

Back in the present, Reginia says that she won't forgive Fairy for that 
time and this is her revenge and she orders the Odai to deploy. The Odai 
deploys and Fairy is shocked to see that the pilot is Worth or more 
precisely, a brainwashed puppet once named Worth. Reginia orders Worth to 
kill Fairy and Worth moves to comply. Jeeg tells Fairy that this isn't the 
man she knew any longer. Akimi asks Fairy what's wrong, she needs Fairy's 
support and Fairy tries hard to comply with Jeeg telling Akimi to cover for 
Fairy since she's not up to it right now. The four blasts back Odai and 
Fairy tells Worth to stop but the others note that there isn't anything of 
the man Fairy called Worth any longer.

Judo note that this is bad, they have to find a way to take out the barrier 
and regroup with the outer team. Jeeg tells Akimi to go in to the core 
since Fairy is the only one with the expertise to deactivate the force 
field and she's useless on the battlefield against Worth right now.  Akimi 
complys and head for the core with Judo and the others telling Worth that 
they'll be his opponent. Jeeg tells Judo that the Odai is too powerful for 
the three of them to take out so the best course of action is to stall for 

Inside, Akimi note that Fairy has calmed down and they both head to free 
Sally. Expecting to take on Reginia, the two busted in only to find Sally 
alone. A weakened Sally tells Akimi that Reginia has retreat towards the 
hangar to deploy. Fairy tells Akimi to take Sally to their mech while she 
goes to deactivate the force field. Akimi drags Sally to her mech with 
Sally apologizing for not understanding anything and causing this to 
happens but Akimi says not to worry. Sally asks to be taken to her machine 
but Akimi is against it since Sally can't pilot in this condition but Fairy 
comes in saying that Sally's mech can be programmed to take her back to the 
ship and they can't pilot efficiently if they have Sally on board the Soul 

The forcefield is taken out though Reginia deploys more hidden force 
against the team though the team manages to regroup and takes out Worth who 
retreats. Akimi wants to follow but Fairy is against it saying that she now 
understand that the Worth she knew and love is dead, what's in front of her 
is a puppet that Reginia left alive to torment her. What's more important 
is to take Sally back to the ship.

With Sally aboard, Bright orders the team to pull back to resupply and 
regroup before they attack again. Jeeg and Akimi takes Sally to the medical 
room before the order to redeploy comes again. The two tells Sally to rest 
as they head back to the battlefield.

Episode 57

The team redeploys to take out Fortress Isbelga and Worth redeploys against 
the team also. Fairy says that the leader of the enemy's attack is Odai so 
they should focus on destroying it. Akimi asks if Fairy is ok, maybe they 
shouldn't have deployed but Fairy says that she needs to cut away the ties 
herself. The team concentrates on attacking Odai and Soul Gunner starts to 
land the final blow. Worth asks what Fairy is doing but Fairy shouted that 
he's no longer the Worth she knew and love and this is to free him. Odai is 
destroyed and Reginia comes out telling Fairy that that was pretty good but 
they're all going to be space scrap. She deploys a huge number of enemies 
which makes Kento and Eiji wonder how much force is stored on Isbelga. 

The team tackles Reginia and managed to severely damage her mech and Jeeg 
says that beyond them is the Guardisword's headquarter and that they can 
move in right now. More enemies deploy and Amuro says that it's too 
dangerous to rush in but Jeeg says that if they don't pass here they won't 
be able to get to Helrukka.

Reginia then laughs and says that it's rare seeing the normally cool Jeeg 
acting all fired up like this but unfortunately there's nothing beyond here. 
Lord Helrukka had used the power of the CUBE to move Guardisword 
headquarter from this area and towards Earth. Earth is now under attack by 
the Jyakku Empire and Guardisword's replica army. Lord Helrukka foresaw 
everything and laid this trap for the team.

Bright asks if it's true that Earth is under attack and Fairy confirms that 
with the power of the CUBE, it's possible to move the Guardisword 
headquarter and Bright note that they've been tricked into coming here. 
Reginia says that the entire area is going to be blanketed with high 
pressure gas that will soon turn everything in the area into ashes once it 
explodes. Hayato see that Guardisword plans to sacrifice their fortress to 
take down the team.  Bowie says that they have to get out of here but 
Reginia isn't having that as she deploys more troops from Fortress Isbelga 
and activates an Interdimensional gate to get out of there. As she leaves, 
she shout for them to be honored that Lord Helrukka valued their fighting 
prowess so highly that he is willing to sacrifice all firepower here and 
Fortress Isbelga to get rid of them, now the question is will they die by 
being overwhelmed by the automated forces or the big boom from the gas.

Tsutomu note that there are too many enemies deploying, far faster than 
them to get rid of, they'll be overwhelmed within a short period of time. 
Hatsuki says that they need some time and breathing space to create an 
interdimensional gate of their own to escape. Daba note that this fighting 
isn't getting them anywhere but Shiro tells everyone that Hatsuki and the 
others are probably coming up with something so they have to hold on and 
protect the ship.

Diego note that everyone's mind is in turmoil, this is going to make it 
even harder for them to fight efficiently and survive. Shutekken note that 
there's nothing else they can do but fight and survive. Diego says that he 
has a plan and it involves using the spare Baxinger that they have. The 
Ginga Reppu then retreats back into the WB and Diego then pilots out the 
spare Baxinger. Diego tells 3J that if anything happens to him then he 
wants 3J to give this video message to Shutekken.

Diego tells everyone that he's going into the core of the fortress, he has 
an idea and for everyone to protect him while he reaches the core. Diego 
tells everyone to trust him and everyone reluctantly agrees. Once he 
reaches the core, Diego tells everyone to get clear of the fortress and go 
back to Earth because he's going to take out the fortress by destroying it 
from the core. Kento shouted that if that's the case, if everyone combined 
their firepower, it might work better than Diego going it alone but Diego 
says that there's no time, if everyone dies here, who will be left to 
protect the peace of the universe. Enemies force then focus on Diego's 
Baxinger just as he predicted since their first priority is to protect 
Fortress Isbelga from falling, they will concentrate on him who is the 
closest to the core and disregard the others for a while. Diego shout for 
Shutekken to take care of the rest.

The team can only watch as Diego begins his last stand and Hatsuki 
activates the interdimensional gate.Diego shouted as his Baxinger is 
destroyed that he may die but the spirits of Retsu that he created with the 
Ginga Reppu will never fade. Shutekken makes an oath to Diego that they 
will continue his dreams and vision. He tells everyone to not be saddened 
by Diego's sacrifices he has left them the future. The WB team then heads 
for Earth.

Enroute, Shutekken shows the sadden Ginga Reppu, Diego's final video 
message. Diego's face then shows up telling the team that if they're 
watching this, he's already dead but he didn't went off to die for nothing 
but to preserve the spirits of Retsu that he and Shutekken created. He 
wishes for Shutekken to carry on his work and for the others to support 
Shutekken. This makes the Ginga Reppu resolve to carry on.

Prince Mito wonders if the GingaReppu will be ok but Aizak says that the 
spirits of Diego will live on in them. Kakus also says that he has given 
them courage and they must now head back... to the final battle ground... to 

Akimi asks if Sally is ok now and Sally says that she's ok but Jeeg tells 
her to rest up since they'll need her for their next battle. Outside, Jeeg 
thanks Akimi for the help she's given them and Akimi says that they're 
friends. Akimi then invites Jeeg to come live with her after the fighting 
is over, her dad owns a lot of land and he and Sally can get a separate 
house to live in if they want. Jeeg says that he hasn't exactly thought 
about the things to do after the battle is over and Akimi chides him for 
being too focused on the battle and Jeeg shouts back that she's thinking 
way too far into the future without concentrating on the present.

Back on Earth, at the Federation Base in Tokyo, Commander Igol is told of 
the invasion by the mysterious base that's attacking the Earth. Bushida 
wonders what happened in outer space and Chief Ashitatsu note that with 
their current firepower, they can't protect against the invasion at all. 
Commander Igol says that they'll have to do what they can for now but he 
hopes the WB team gets back soon since only they can handle this crisis.

Meanwhile, Emperor Waruda prepares for their final attack on Earth and he 
gives Belzebu's machine, the Jyakku Satan, a power up, telling him that 
this is his last chance, there's no retreat anymore.

Episode 58

Helrukka gives a speech to the people of Guardissword saying that the days 
of their former glory are almost near, for years they had to live in terror 
inside their own base in that dimension but it's allowed them to create the 
Replica Army which they can now use to dominate and conquer. They will soon 
gain a new home.

Reginia comes in saying that they have taken over many areas that contained 
materials and production facility which they can use to mass produce more 
forces. Suddenly the alarm sounds showing that someone has come through an 
interdimensional gate which can only mean the WB team.

Reginia is shocked to see that the team made it out and apologizes for not 
doing the job but Helrukka say that it's ok since he didn't think that that 
would stop the team
Helrukka note that their sacrifice with the fortress only bought them some 
times. From the look of things, it looks like they're headed straight for 
Earth to take on the more immediate threat which is the Jyakku Empire which 
means they'll have time to fortify their base and produce their forces.

Bright asks General Igol for an update and learns of the invasion from the 
Guardisword and the Jyakku Empire, General Igol tells Bright to deal with 
the current problem first and to head for Japan to take out the Jyakku 

General Bushida is busy evacuating the people of the Raijinoh town, he note 
that this is all they can do for now.

 Approaching their town, Jin see a strange aura permeating it, it's cut off 
communication with General Bushida in the town. Tsutomu note that the aura 
is Jyakku power but they don't know the purpose of it unless they're inside 
the WB team decides to do a forced entry into the town and notes that the 
aura permeating the area is depleting their machine's energy faster than 
usual. If the battle keeps up for long, they'll be out of power.

Jin shouts for Asuka and Kooji to follow him as they are the first to 
deploy, after all, this is THEIR town and they'll protect it.  The RaijinOh 
forms and Jin tells Maria to deploy the BakuryuOh and they'll follow up and 
form the God Raijin Oh but Maria tells Jin that they don't know what the 
enemy has in plan right now, the Jyakku Satan isn't even here so it's best 
that they keep the Bakuryu Oh and the God Raijin Oh formation in check for 
now until the enemy shows their hand. Jin note that's not a bad idea and 
Gou and the other deploys to back Jin up.

General Bushida then contacts Bright and says that their troops are doing 
all they can to protect the evacuated civilians but the Jyakku beast are 
stronger than usual so be careful. Jin says to leave it to them, this is 
THEIR town and they'll protect it. Asuka and Kooji agree and shout "Let's 
go protect OUR town." Maria asks if Tsutomu knows what the enemy is 
planning and Tsutomu wonder if they plan to plunge this town into their 

Belzeb arrives in the Jyakku Satan and Maria says it's time for the Bakuryu 
Oh and Jin shout for the Chou Muteki Gattai to form God RaijinOh.  God 
RaijinOh clashes with the Jyakku Satan only to find it much stronger than 
before. The team manages to defeat the Jyakku Satan but it regenerates. 
Belzeb shout that as long as this area is permeated with Jyakku Aura, he 
won't lose. Jin shout that he won't run and attacks again but Belzeb sends 
him flying. Maria tells Jin to run but Jin says that if they do, their town 
is done for. Belzeb tells Jin and the others to surrender and they will ask 
Emperor Waruza to spare their lives. Jin shouted back "Don't be counting 
your chickens before they hatch, we still haven't lost yet!!"  Belzeb then 
says that if they do not surrender, they can die.

The kids in the EDC wonders what they can do since the Jyakku Satan just 
regenerate no matter how many time they defeat it. Maria and the others 
then note that the Jyakku Aura in this area may be the key, if they can do 
something about it, find out where it's coming from and stop it, they may 
have a way to win. Tsutomu says that he's working on it and for the 
RaijinOh and the others to stall for time. However some of Guardisword's 
replica army also arrives to make trouble for the team.

Tsutomu says that he's got it, the Jyakku aura is coming from that crater 
nearby, it's deep underground. Kaine wonders how they can attack something 
underground and Gou says that it's showtime for Shou and the Shin Getter 2. 
Shin Getter 2 drills down into the ground and destroys the Jyakku seed 
spreading the Jyakku Aura which stunned Belzeb that they have a mech that 
can go underground. Tsutomu says that without the Jyakku Aura, they're on 
an even footing and Jin says it's time to strike back. "Eat this, Jyakku 
Satan, Hyper Thunder Crash!!"

The Jyakku Satan is defeated but Tsutomu says that there is a rise in 
Jyakku Power. Emperor Waruza then appears out of the crater and announces 
himself as the team's opponent. Kooji is scared saying that they threw 
everything they had at the Jyakku Satan so they're not in a shape to take 
on Waruza. Jin bolsters him up saying that they've come this far, they're 
not quitting now. The team attack enforces but Waruza seems to be able to 
shake it off as child's play. Jin can't believe that there's not even a 
scratch but Tsutomu says that Waruza is definitely hurt but he's 
regenerating continuously. Waruza says that he'll spread the Jyakku Power 
over this land that is full of hatred of people against others after 
defeating the team

Belzeb and the Jyakku Satan then appears and says that these are their prey, 
they should be the one to kill them but Waruza has had enough of his loser 
underlings and decide to kill them off for daring to tell him what to do. 
Hayato is surprised at the split and Dr.Arl says that Waruza is like Dolmen 
who does not tolerate the underlings' failure. Belzeb is dismayed at the 
turn of events and wonder what he has been fighting for all this time. Jin 
then attacks Waruza distracting him and tells the Jyakku Satan to retreat. 
This angers Waruza who says that RaijinOh will be the first to die. The 
Jyakku Satan retreats.

Shinobu note that like Muge, Waruza is stubbornly insanely tough and 
Tsutomu note that the only way to win is to stop him from regenerating with 
his Jyakku power, in order to do that, they need to hit him in his most 
weakened state with an anti-thesis power to it which is RaijinOh's 
Raijinpower raised to the max. In other words, let RaijinOh deal the 
finishing blow.

Waruza is then hit by a concentrated blow by the team again hurting him but 
he says that as long as he has even a little Jyakku power, he can 
regenerate, however Belzeb then returns and fires a shot at Waruza making 
him lose concentration. Jin then hits him with God RaijinOh's full powered 
Hyper Thunder Crash. Waruza dies shouting that if only the Jyakku Satan 
hadn't interfered, then he would have still won. Jin says that they did it 
and Tsutomu says that the Jyakku power is gone and all Jyakku beasts on a 
rampage elsewhere have become inoperational.

Jin says that they should call it a day and go home/back to base to 
celebrate but Belzeb says that celebration are premature, not until after 
they defeated him should they think they've won. Kooji says that Waruza is 
gone, there's no need to fight anymore.

Daita tells Belzeb that he doesn't want to fight these guys anymore either 
and Belzeb drops him off from the Jyakku Satan saying that Daita must live 
on in this 3rd dimension. He offers Falseb the same choice but she declines 
saying that they were always a part of each other. The Jyakku Satan clash 
with the God Raijin Oh and Jin says that this is pointless with Kooji 
agreeing saying that the battle's been won already, there's no need to keep 
on fighting. However Belzeb would not accept the fact that his side has 
lost, he doesn't believe that there is someone here in this paltry 3rd 
dimension more capable and talented than someone from the 5th dimension like 
him. The God Raijin Oh then struck the Jyakku Satan down but does not 
finish it off. 

Shiro note that it's still operational but Amuro says to leave it to the 
kids. The GodRaijinOh then picks up the fallen Jyakku Satan over it's 
shoulder saying that Belzeb can learn to make up and live with them here on 
Earth as Belzeb says that Jin and the others have good friends, they have 
the power of the heart, something the people of the 5th dimension do not 
have. Belzeb then announce to the children of Earth that the Jyakku Powers 
are from the darkest of the human heart but it can be defeated through 
their courage and willpower. He note that this place is not a place they 
should have come to and announce that they will return to the 5th dimension. 

The Jyakku Satan disappear along with Belzeb, Falseb and Daita and Asuka 
note that he's glad that they worked it out in the end. Kooji says that the 
battle against the 5th dimension is over and Jin says that they should go 

Bright is informed that the Guardisword replica army has retreated and note 
that they have to hit back soon against the main base, since there's no use 
in fighting off the Replica army one after another. After resupply, repair 
and information, they're moving out. Quattro note that it will be their 
final battle.

Akimi visited her dad and Fairy takes the time to do heavy maintenance on 
the Soul Lancer. Jinpui note that the engines have been wornedo ut thanks 
to being used a lot more than he expected and Fairy says that Ms. Akimi has 
been doing her hardest to keep both of them alive. Jinpui is glad that he 
could do repair and return it to tip top condition before the final battle.

Akimi then meets Jeeg and reminds him that this is the park where they 
first met and then looks on sadly as she says that this is the last BIG one. 
Jeeg then consoles her saying that it may be  big but it's ok, they can 
come back here afterward and see this park again, it's not like they're 
rushing into Custer's last stand as Custer or anything. Akimi then smiles 
and agree with Jeeg also agreeing trying to make his best faked smile 

Meanwhile Reginia had informed Helrukka of the Jyakku Empire's defeat and 
Helrukka says that he predicted that, the power of the heart is both 
humanity's strong points and their weak points but without it, the Jyakku 
Empire could not win against a race that has it. Even their replica army 
amounts to nothing without a human commander. Helrukka then divert the 
topic saying that the WB team will soon be here so it's time to make 
preparation for the final battle and since it's final, let's make it worthy 
of one.

Episode 58A

 The WB team's ship and mechas are undergoing repair and waiting for 
information and supplies. They are also waiting for other parts of the 
Federation to amount their forces to help support them in their final 
assault. Bright learn that Guardisword are sending in replica army to 
attack all over the world. The Federation forces are struggling to hang on. 
Eiji note that if the Federation force are overwhelmed before they can 
start their counterattack, then it'll be all for naught
This makes David want to go out and attack already but Bright says that 
they'll have to make sure that the Federation can hold the line for now 
while they are getting ready. This will mean deploying and dealing with 
some of the Replica army themselves in order to make sure that the 
Federation force are still standing by the time they launch their counter 
attack. Aizak note that they can't do that forever since the pace of the 
attack will intensify since Guardisword's base are mobile and they are 
heading closer to Earth's atmosphere. Quattro agrees but reiterate that 
until they are all ready to launch the counterattack, they will have to 
deploy and hold off the enemy's assault and lessen the damage to cities and 
Fed bases for the time being. The team is then informed of an attack and 
goes off to deal with it.

Episode Final

Maria and the rest of the EDF class are perplexed at why Jin, Asuka and 
Kooji are asking them to remain behind on Earth. Jin and the other two say 
that the risk is too great so it's best that everyone remain on Earth and 
help out via long distance contact. Tsutomu says that it's too risky since 
there might be interruption in the communication and they cannot assess the 
situation and provide help accurately if they are not there with the team. 
Maria and the rest of the EDF class agrees that if they chicken out in the 
end then they're not worthy of calling themselves the Earth Defense Class. 
Jin and the other two then thanks Maria and their classmates' commitment.

The two teachers note that their students just got back and now they have 
to leave again but decide to reassure themselves by saying that it's close 
by this time and before long, they'll be back for good.

At the Photonic Lab, Dr. Yumi and Professor Saotome note that once again, 
they have to leave things in their hand and all they can do is send them 
off. Dr. Yumi says that even so, he still believes in them, they'll be back 
with victory.

The White Base and Gandol is in orbit and reports are coming in that the 
Guardisword base is picking up pace and heading their way. Bright orders 
all pilots to battle station to prepare to launch.

Camille heads for the dock and Faa asks him that once this is over, can 
they go back to life like before with going to school and studying. Camille 
says that it wouldn't be like before, he's found something that he wants to 
do after the final battle but until they win it, it's useless to talk about 

Judo asks Mondo if the ZZ is ready and Mondo says that he's got it up 
running. Judo tells Riina not to worry since he'll be back in a jiffy as 
Elle tells Judo that it's their turn to launch.

Emma asks Chris in the mess hall if Chris is serious about quitting the 
military after this battle. Chris says that she wants this battle to be her 
last. Emma says that it's such a waste since Chris graduates with honors 
from military school. Chris says that without a reason to fight, she 
doesn't want to remain in the military. Chris asks about Emma and Emma says 
that she's staying since there's no guarantee that the Federation wouldn't 
become corrupt and Chris says to give her a ring if things get bad. Bernie 
then enters and Emma says that she'll be waiting at the dock.

Bernie then asks Chris what she plans to do after the battle and Chris says 
that she think she'll return to the colony and she haven't thought anything 
afterward out yet. Bernie says that he promised Al that he'd go back and 
he'll look for a job there and if Chris would....(you know) Chris says that 
she'll consider it and tell him that it's time to go.

Kento note that it's time for the final battle and he and Danji begins to 
walk out of their room. Sanae and the others tell him not to do anything 
rash and come back to them. Kento smiles and says "Roger that"

Reginia tells Helrukka that the WB team has arrive and she will do 
everything in her power to destroy them. Helrukka says that it's time to 
greet them and let's make this the final battle a worthwhile one.

Launching in the SoulLancer, Fairy note to herself "Worth, I have returned, 
returned to free Guardisword from Helrukka's grasp" Akimi shouted "Let's go 
Fairy -san"
Behind her, Jeeg and Sally sortied with Jeeg swearing to himself "Helrukka, 
I'm coming for you,prepare to meet your maker" Sally is also intent on not 
letting Helrukka and Reginia getting away with this.

Mito says that this battle is for the peace of the entire universe, they 
must not lose. Sukedo and Kakus agree saying "let us go, my lord" Mito then 
roars as the Daiohja forms"To ALL who preys on the weak and innocent, I 
shall mete out divine punishment!!"

Shutekken reminds the Ginga Reppu that the concept of Retsu that they live 
by is embuing one's self with their sense of justice; Diego had shown them 
how to live by it. Laira then says that it's THEIR turn to shine THEIR 
Retsu and Shutekken adds that they will fight until their last shining 
their spirits of Retsu. They all roared "Ginga Reppu Baxinger, MAIRU!!"

Blues says that this is the final gamble with Rock saying that he's been 
waiting for it, let's make it a big finale. Aizak tells his comrade that 
the time has come and they replied with their trademark thumbs up and shout 
"YEAH" "Cosmo Ranger J9, just call and we'll be there"

Gou shout that they won't let this go as the Guardisword wants. Gai chimed 
in that they'll protect the peace of the universe with Shou ending it "With 
the power of the Shin Getter Robo"

Frau give some words of encouragement to Amuro and Amuro reiterate to Frau 
that whatever the case, she can't give up, to die here is too sad. Frau 
thanks Amuro for also encouraging her and tells Amuro not to overdo it. 
Amuro nods "Amuro...Ikimasu"

As the assault begins, Lieutenant Wakken comes in with an army of 
cannonfodder Gm and Dragoon. Wakken says that the rest of his forces are 
doing their best to detain the replica army in nearby areas so that the 
team can focus on taking down the main forces.

The Federation troops note that the battle is going well with the WB team 
destroying replica Metal Armour and so on and charges in to the Guardisword 
command area in hope of finishing the job. Kai shouted for them to pull 
back, rushing in right that is no good and before he can even finish, 
Reginia appears and murder those troops. Reginia thanks the team for 
finishing off the other enemies faction but now they are in the gate of 
hell. Akimi gets annoyed and shouted "Sheesh, you make it sound like you 
had it all planned out, newsflash lady, you're on the rope." Chris, Amu, 
and Puru add that they're going to end this battle here, Reginia isn't 
getting away. Reginia says that she's not running since this is the team's 
grave and deploy MP Odai. Sally shouted that it's not going to stop them 
and Akimi rally everyone "Let's go, people"

After beating the MP Odai and damaging Reginia's mech, Reginia decide to 
retreat back into the base and deploys more of the replica army and MP Odai 
saying that the team can deal with these things first. Shinobu note that 
these things are getting on his nerve.

After trashing these enemies, Jeeg shouted that the Odais are scraps so 
it's high time Reginia comes out or do they have drag her out. Reginia 
redeploy saying that it's been ages since she found enemies that have made 
her blood boil like this and release the limiter on her machine. Jeeg tells 
everyone to be careful and Fairy adds in that by releasing the limiter, 
Reginia and her machine are going all out for the first time in their 
battle against her. Akimi is a bit shocked but Gou shouted "Well, that also 
means she's not running away anymore, HER back is against the wall, all we 
need to do is go in full steam and smash her through it."

The team piles on Reginia and Shiro shout for Reginia to stop it, doesn't 
she care that her base is burning, let's end this peacefully and talk. 
Reginia ask how a simpleton like Shiro can still be alive, no thanks since 
she LOVES killing, nothing beats it. Shiro is shocked at Reginia's lust for 
blood and Reginia shouts "Come on, show me those bestial tendencies of 
yours, otherwise it's no fun."

Reginia is defeated and she can't believe that even going all out, she lost 
to this bunch of so-called weaklings. Fairy says that it's because she 
doesn't have any friends at her side to back her up. Reginia says that in 
this world, there are only those who used people or those who gets used, 
nothing else exists. Reginia then apologize to Lord Helrukka for failing 
him and dies. Fairy note that Reginia was so enticed by the flames of 
battle, by bloodlust and by using other people that she won't allowed 
herself to be saved. Fairy has no idea what made Reginia this way but Jeeg 
says to stop thinking about that mad dog, the main event is coming.

Helrukka's voice flooded the area saying that they did well to defeat 
Reginia, just as he planned for those that he raised. Akimi ask what's that 
supposed to mean and Helrukka says that he planned their ascent little by 
little into becoming a force that can take out the various other factions 
in the universe. Akimi and Kaine shout that he's cuckoo, all he actually 
did was attack them over and over, they built the bonds of friendship with 
each others themselves. Helrukka says that they are fools and now they will 
see his power, that of the Arounza, his ace in the hole to get rid of them 
now that they have served their purpose. A gigantic mech appears from the 
Guardisword base and Sally can't believe that a mech this huge was 
concealed from her during her time there.

Kento and Jin says that the big boss has finally appeared, time to beat it 
to get the good ending. The team attacks with Akimi leading the charge.

Akimi shouted "Let's finish this Helrukka" and Helrukka says that she must 
be Akimi, the earthing that is with Fairy. Let's see how well her machine 
uses the CUBE, don't disappoint him. This pisses off Akimi and she shouted 
that she'll show Helrukka her and Fairy's power. Fairy shouted that they 
will end his ambition.

The Arounza and Soul Lancer clash and Akimi note that the Arounza is very 
powerful and Fairy confirms that it's also powered by the CUBE but she 
can't believe that Helrukka was able to draw out THIS much power and still 
be able to regulate it.

Helrukka smirks and asks if Fairy is surprised and reveals "Actually...I 
started my research on the CUBE long before you did so of course I'd have 
better result. You see... I knew that I'd need to decipher a lot of 
information on the CUBE in order to control it which is why I directed the 
direction of your CUBE research from the shadows so that it wouldn't 
overlap with mine. By my prediction, if you'd continued to be in 
Guardisword, I reckon the Arounza would have been completed two years 
earlier." "Have that sunk in, you had always been dancing on my hand for 
quite a while now..."  Fairy is shocked but Akimi shouted that it doesn't 
matter, don't be swayed by his words, what matters now is that they're 
being overpowerd by Helrukka and they need to focus in order to survive and 
beat him. Fairy says that's true and reassures Akimi that she's all right, 
they'll beat Helrukka together even if he has the technological advantage. 
The others then rush in to support Akimi

Camille shouted that Helrukka is the source of all the strife and warfare 
in the universe, he can't be allowed to live and Helrukka says that Camille 
is a stupid boy, he will now learn the difference of power between them.

Helrukka note that the D-Weapons aren't anything worthy and that pisses 
Kaine off. Tapp shout for Kaine to lead on, and Light agrees, they'll show 
Helrukka their power, the power of Dragonar. Kaine shouted that the old 
geezer can gloat for now, they'll see who laughs last.

 Eiji tells Rei to attack a lot to see the enemy's capability and Helrukka 
says "So YOU'RE the Grados half-blood Eiji Asuka. Julia Asuka's seal's 
activation helped out my plan a lot, I really do have to thank you for 
making it possible. Eiji shouted that Helrukka should stop counting his 
chickens before they hatch and he won't forgive Helrukka for manipulating 
peoples like this. "Let's finish this" Eiji shouted and Helrukka retorted 
"Fine, come then Eiji Asuka"

Amuro dodged Helrukka's attack and Helrukka comment "You're quite a good 
pilot to be able to bring out performance beyond your mech's capability" 
and Amuro note that if this keeps up, he's done for but this is someone 
that has to be defeated.

Daba note that Helrukka's mech is stronger than it looks and Helrukka 
smirks and says "What's wrong, Daba Myrod, your movement is lacking" Daba 
retorted that he won't let Helrukka bait him since this is going to be a 
battle of attrition and concentration.

Mazinkaiser gets attacked and Helrukka comments that Mazinkaiser doesn't 
seem as tough as reputation has it. "Kabuto Kouji, don't make me 
disappointed" Kouji shouted "Blast it, Mazinkaiser, move, move. Mazinkaiser 
won't lose, it'll NEVER lose!!"

Helrukka comment as Shin Getter Robo approaches it "So THIS is the Getter 
Robo that eradicated the Dinosaur Empire? It's not as good as rumours have 
it" Gou retorted "Is that SO? You old geezer, well the battle is just 
beginning" Helrukka replies that there seems to be more of a problem with 
the pilot than with the machine's capability. Gou growls "WHAT?" Shou then 
adds "Well it can't be helped if you think that's the case but you're 
forgetting one thing, Getter Robo is operated by the Getter team" Gai adds 
in "That's right, our leader's intelligence may be on par with  a mountain 
monkey but if we three are together, we're the strongest" Gou grumble "Why 
you two little #@()*" Shou concluded "Helrukka, if you think you can beat 
us, go ahead and try but it wouldn't be easy"

After clashing with Dancougar, Helrukka comments "Not bad, now THIS is a 
worthy test for Arounza"Shinobu grumbles "What a frustrating old geezer" 
and Sarah tells Shinobu to slap his wrinkly butt to which Shinobu agrees. 
Helrukka says that they can attack all they want, it wouldn't change the 
result but he wouldn't mind exercising with them just a little longer.

Watta note that this one is hard to crack and his employees offers advice 
and tells him to be careful, if there's  a problem come back and they'll 
provide all the support they can and Watta says that he's counting on them 
as he tackles Helrukka.

Helrukka note that the team isn't doing too badly but enough of the warm-
ups, if they don't get more serious, he won't be able to test the Arounza's 
power, even though the results will be the same with his victory, it 
wouldn't hurt for them to give it their all. Shinobu grumbles and shouts 
"You old geezer @*&!, I'll SHOW YOU!!"  and the team attacks again.

Quattro and Shiro say that the Arounsa has taken substantial damage; just 
one more strong valley of attacks should take it out. This is where they've 
got to give it everything they've got.

Helrukka acts as if he was expecting it and plays his next card, telling 
the Guardisword base to accelerate full power. Kaine and the others then 
note that the fortress base is headed straight for Earth. Jeeg asks what 
Helrukka is planning, is he going to use this fort as a weapon ala a colony 
drop? Light says that from the looks of it, there's no way to decelerate it. 
Helrukka says that the Earth will be awashed in flames so what's THEIR next 

Suddenly something appears from the fortress and Shiro M. wonders if it's 
some sort of new weapons but Fairy says that it's an escape shuttle so the 
one on there are probably the entirety of the Guardisword civilians so 
please don't attack them. However the pods are attacked by the automated 
weapons on the fortress base which shocks everyone. Dr. Plato says that the 
fortress's automated system doesn't recognize the pods as allies and Dr. 
Arl wonders if Helrukka is using the civilians as hostages to throw the 
team's movement and formation into chaos. Maria shouts that they can't let 
those people die and Bright says that the White Base will move to recover 
those in the shuttle.  Kai says that's impossible but Sayla tells him to 
stop whining and start recovering. Sleggar says let's go and the White Base 
and some of the WB team moves to protect the pod.

Helrukka smirk saying that he knows how the team's hearts think, they're 
fools for wasting precious energy and chances in order to save the 
innocents and they will suffer for it 

The WB has start recovering the shuttle but is attacked by barrage of 
missiles. Bright is told that the ship's integrity is down and the engines 
are being destroyed one by one. Bright tells everyone that the WB will stay 
and recover the people in the shuttle but Quattro note that the WB contains 
their supplies and a lot of their friends so they'll have to divert some 
forces to protect it. Lecee note that this is Helrukka's underhanded ways 
of cutting their forces. Helrukka gleefully laugh and says that the team 
can't run now, not without abandoning their friends and the innocents.

MP Odai appears and Light says that those things are from the other areas 
that the Federation forces were fighting, it seems they've been defeated 
and are either dead or had to pull out. The longer this keeps up, the more 
enemies will come from other area.

The team members that remains to face the Arounza attacks it again and 
Akimi wonders if their attack did the job but Helrukka says that the power 
of the CUBE is infinite and he will rule the universe with this and begins 
to regenerates the damages done. Helrukka then activates some more 
underlings to attack the team and some more Odai appears with Light noting 
that the Federation forces stalling them must have either pulled out from 
being too damaged or they were decimated by the Odai. Linda announces that 
they've pass over the limit of stopping the decerelation of the fortress, 
they can't stop it anymore. Bright note that this means the Earth is done 
for even if they win. Bright tells everyone to retreat, there's no more use 
in them being here. They've lost the battle.

However Fairy says that there's a way, if they can destroy the Arounza's 
CUBE, it will send out an impact that can demolish the base and what's left 
will be too small and burn up during re-entry.

Quattro asks if something like that is possible and Fairy says that it is 
but they have to destroy it before the Arounza fully regenerates, she has 
an inkling where this CUBE core is on the Arounza, if they destroy it, 
it'll also destroy the Arounza as well.  Judo says that it's two birds with 
one stone but Fairy says that the final blow to destroy the CUBE has to be 
pretty powerful or it'll regenerate itself. Akimi note that this means they 
have to use final attacks and such. Blues note that it's a dangerous gambit 
but he's in. Winner takes all and it's time to cash in all his chips. Gou 
shouts that he's burning up inside to do it and Kouji shout that they won't 
run, they will fight and win.

Watta says that if that's the case, the one dealing the final attack will 
be his Trider G7 and the Trider Bird Attack to which Jin shouted "As if... 
the final blow will be dealt by the absolutely matchless, RaijinOh. Maria 
tells the two boys to stop showing off, this is the fate of the Earth 
they're talking about here.

Helrukka shouted for the team to despair, this will be a holy battle for 
the pages of the history of the universe and he will show the entire 
universe the fearsome power of Arounza. Akimi shouted "Go ahead and gloat, 
but there's no way we'll let you do any of that" Helrukka deploys more 
troops and the WB is attacked more,  The Gandol then moves in to cover for 
the WB and repels the attack. Hatsuki then says that the Gandol will take 
the civilians and the WB crew and Bright orders everyone to evacuate the WB. 

As the Gandol moves away with the WB crew in tow, the WB is again engulfed 
in enemy fire and begins to break down.  Everyone is sad that their home 
for this one year along with their memory is going down but Bright says 
that it's the final phase of the battle and for everyone to concentrate. 
They need to win.

Helrukka shout that they cannot run, all they can do is come to him to die. 
Mito shouted that they will come all right, but not to die but to provide 
divine punishment against Helrukka. Fairy tells Akimi to prepare to attack 
once more while keeping their distance and Helrukka then tells Fairy "Oh... 
one more thing that you should know...
I was the one who made the CUBE unstable back during the attack by the 
Intergalactic Alliance on our home planet; it netted me a lot of 
information on the CUBE"

Fairy, Jeeg and Sally can't believe it, Sally says that it can't be.... 
Wasn't the reason their planet explode because of the attack of the 
Intergalactic Alliance force making the CUBE unstable? Akimi shouted 
angrily "You... you sacrificed your own planet and  murdered your own people 
and lied about it to rule over them, you Bastard" Helrukka smirks and says 
"Yes, but without doing that , there won't be today where I'll be the 
emperor of the universe, that little planet can go boom with those 
worthless peoples for all I care" Jeeg and Sally are livid "It really WAS 
your doing " Jeeg shouted and Sally says that she won't forgive Helrukka 
for what he did to their planet, to their people.

The team then attacks and the final blow is a huge gigantic one. Arounza is 
finally defeated and Helrukka can't believe that he is defeated, he will 
not accept this result, but whether he accepts it or not, the Arounza's 
CUBE begins to go berserk. Fairy says that the CUBE is going to explode and 
for everyone to get clear. There is a huge explosion and aboard the Gandol, 
Linda says that the Guardisword's base have been largely vaporized as 
theorized and the small pieces that escaped are either burning up in the 
atmosphere or being vaporized bythe anti-meteorite system near the Earth's 

Tsutomu and the rest of the EDF shouted that they did it, they saved the 
Earth. Prof. Hatsuki says that celebration is premature because they have 
to find the others since they might not have escaped the explosion safely. 
Maria hope that they didn't get caught up in the explosion but Jin's voice 
suddenly comes in saying that this is the RaijinOh, they're ok but that was 
a close one.

Elsewhere, Akimi and Fairy are adrifted in space. Akimi ask if they won and 
Fairy says that they won. Their sensors are dead but they're still in one 
piece, all they have to do is find the others. Suddenly Jeeg and Sally's 
voice comes in asking if Akimi's ok. Everyone else is ok and they've been 
picked up by the Gandol. Jeeg shouted "Come on back, will ya" and Akimi 
grumble that Jeeg has no delicacy as usual which makes Sally laugh and Jeeg 
says a bit embarrass "I don't care, just come on back" Akimi tells Jeeg 
"When I heard your voice, I knew I could relax because things are all 

It is the year UC 0080, The White Base team that assaulted the Guardisword 
fortress base emerges victorious, All enemy faction that have attacked the 
Earth have stop or are destroyed.

Finally the war that had involved other planets has come to an end.

A couple of days afterward...

The Gandol is headed towards the Grados seal to rendezvous with Julia in 
using the power of the CUBE to open the seal and send some of their friends 
back into outerspace. Dr. Plato thanks them for coming to help Earth in the 
time of need and this is goodbye. Hayato says that they have been through 
many life and death situations together, no matter the distances in the 
universe, their ties will never fade. Mito says that is true, no matter how 
far apart they are, they will always be friend.
Daba note that Earth is a beautiful planet, if possible, he'd like to 
return one more time in his lifetime to see it again. Kid says that they 
didn't really get to show the beauty of Earth that much but Shutekken says 
that they have pressing matters back on their side of the universe to 
attend to. Julia says that in them all, she see the light of hope and when 
peace has truly arrive, the seal on the Earth's solar system will reopen 

Fairy and Akimi uses the CUBE's power to open the seal temporarily and 
Gascon says that he'll be the first to test it out, he doesn't mind where 
they send him, not knowing makes it more fun. Kento note that's so like 
Gascon and Gascon promise to return to Kento's side with a billion soliders 
should the need arise. They both laugh and Dr. Arl note that it was a very 
long journey and Mito hope that the universe will be full of peace from now 
on. Daba then asks Mito what he plans to do after he returns to Edon.

Mito says that he plans to return to travelling the province of Edon 
incognito to help those who suffered during the war. When asked about his 
ascension to the throne, Mito says that his father is still capable and 
there's also Ego to help out with reforms. He wants to learn more to create 
an empire that is filled with peace and happiness. Sukedo, Shinbou (girl) 
and Kakus pledge to follow Mito wherever his travels take him.

Daba then asks if Kento will revive the Kingdom of Elios to which Dr. Arl 
says but of course. Kento says that he never promised such a thing to Dr. 
Arl's dismay. Dr. Arl then says "But you say you'd consider..." "Yeah, and I 
thought about it a lot and I came to the conclusion that I don't have the 
making of a king" Kento replied.
Daba note that's true, the time may be coming where the Empires in the 
universe aren't rule by one above all and Mito agrees saying that is true, 
the universe belongs to everyone, he wants to create a world where there is 
no segregation.

Kento then says to Dr. Arl "Just because I'm not going to be king, doesn't 
mean that I'm not going to help with the recreation of Elios" Danji note 
that they'll have to start with Elios and go from there and the kids and 
Sanae asks to be a part of it. Dr. Arl then thanks everyone for their help. 
Daba note that for a new country, the important thing isn't power but the 
cooperation of it's people who have the bravery to forge ahead to tomorrow. 
Kento apologize to Dr. Arl and says that because they've changed direction 
a bit doesn't mean that everything he did was all for naught. Dr. Arl then 
says that if it's for the advancement of the universe, he will no longer 
complain about it, he will work for the remaining people of Elios scattered 
throughout the universe. Mito says that the three of them must work hard 
for the people in the universe and Daba agrees that that is the best way to 
honour the old Elios, Pentagona and Edon trinity.

Kyao then asks if Daba isn't returning to live his life out in Guam. Daba 
says that he wants Olivy to live in peace and Amu then asks what about the 
restoration to Pentagona. Daba then says that it may take a while but he 
will definitely return. Lecce then says that in the meantime, they'll take 
care of things for Daba and ropes Amu into it.  Amu asks if Kyao isn't 
coming with them or Daba but Kyao says that he plans to go with Lilith to 
find Lilith's Milari race with her.

The Ginga Reppu and Ginga Shippu then comes and bid farewell to Prince Mito 
and Kento tells everyone that they'll have to do their best to make the 
universe a peaceful one and he tells Akimi that once outer space is revived, 
they'll come back to Earth, so take good care of it. Akimi promises and 
soon all the people from outer space have left.

Bowie note that the other J9 teams have left and Kid asks Aizak what's next 
for them and Aizak says that before all this trouble started, he had heard 
that there were a group of people wanting to explore the outer space 
frontier around Pluto and set up colonies there for the advancement of the 
human race. Kid and the others say that sounds like fun and Aizak note that 
it's decided then. Kid then bids Abayo to the team.

Jeeg learn that the J9 team has left and Sally asks about their next course 
of action and Jeeg says they're staying on Earth to look over the rest of 
the Guardisword people who are refugees to this world.Fairy says that 
she'll help so that they can be integrated into Earth's culture so that 
they can live peacefully on Earth. Akimi says that she'll help too and Jeeg 
says "Welcome aboard"

Several weeks afterward...

Boss is riding his bike down the field noting the splendor of peace and 
nature as he rides...into a ditch and falls face first into the mud bank. 
Kouji rides by and tell Boss that they're told to head back to the Lab, 
there's a big announcement.

Dr. Yumi announce that the Photonic Lab that they are soon to join a new 
galactic organization that will deal with reconstruction and enforcing the 
peace within this solar system.(Think Londo Bell but with a wider scope) 
General Igol created it to help deal with insurgent that are left by the 
war and perhaps to get them to stop.  The force will be autonomous but will 
be made up largely of Federation force and independent force or in other 
word what's left of the WB Team. Tetsuya doesn't care much under what names 
they're called but he will walk down his path of justice with or without 
them. Kouji says that as long as the Mazinger army exists, all evildoers 
can just give up.

At the Dancougar base, General Igor is briefing the Dancougar team on their 
new status and mission. For now they will be helping with helping Earth 
recover. Alan will be in charge of recovery in many areas so they'll be 
working under him there. Shinobu is game and so is Sara who says that it 
beats having nothing to do but sit around.

Elsewhere, Shiro informs the rest of the 08th MS team that the 08th Ms Team 
has been assigned to protect the peace in the shadows. Karen asks if that 
means they're leaving the umbrella of the Federation. Shiro says that it's 
true (They're joining the new team) and for now they'll be using their MS 
to do some jobs. Aina points out that the job is to clear out trouble in 
some spots and make way for reconciliation between the Feds and the 
remnants of Zeon/ Giganos people. They have to work to clear the image of 
the Feds as oppressor who won the war. Shiro says that this job will take a 
long time so they're free to resign if they want. Miguel says that they 
can't leave it all up to Shiro, can they and Eledoa note that his music 
career will have to wait yet again. Karen and Santos are also in and Kiki 
then arrive saying that she heard what Shiro is going to do through the 
grapevine and she wants in also.

At the Saotome lab, Gou is bored of all the training days in and out with 
Professor Saotome and Hayato looking on. Hayato wants to use the power of 
Shin Getter for humanity's future though Prof. Saotome is wary of it and 
thinks that technically Shin Getter should be sealed since it is too 
powerful and unneeded in peace time. Gou comes in asking if Prof. Saotome 
can make the Shin Getter even stronger and Gai asks what for since there's 
nothing to deploy Shin Getter against and that's the way it should be. 
Ryouma says that there may be nothing to use Shin Getter against but if Gou 
is looking for a fight, he can always join Ryouma in going to beat up bad 
guys like crooks and evil yakuzas and all that. Gou is game but then 
wonders what that Texas idiot is doing these days in time of peace.

Jack and Mary calls in saying that they are patrolling all of America (ALL 
of it) but if there's trouble, Eiji and the rest are on call to help.

In the United States, the Cosmic Culture Club has a long awaited reunion. 
Roan's pragmatic behavior and always looking for the bad side gets on 
David's nerve and he asks why does Roan have to be a spoilsports all the 
time, can't they have fun for just one day without him ruining the mood?
Roan apologizes but Elizabeth says that Roan's behavior can't be helped 
since he had to be on alert all the time when he was infiltrating the 
Grados. Eiji tells Roan and David that they are friends that will work 
together for peace and Anna adds in that Roan no longer has to keep his 
grief and worry to himself anymore, he's no longer alone. Roan takes this 
in and thanks everyone.

Later on, Eiji apologizes to Anna that he cannot step down from the Layzner 
to live a normal life like Anna wants but Anna says that she is fine with 
that , she wants to follow Eiji no matter where his life leads.

At a Federation Base, the Dragonar team is beginning their new job at the 
base. Kaine thanks Dr. Plato for pulling strings for them in order to be 
with the Dragonar on the base and Tapp note that their new jobs at the base 
mean that he'll have a lot of time to spend at the hamburger stall. Kaine 
asks where Maiyo and the Practice are and Dr. Plato says that they are 
headed back to space on the next shuttle taking off from this base. Light 
says that there's still time to talk to them and Kaine takes Linda with him 
to go see Maiyo.

Meeting up with Maiyo, Maiyo reconfirms that he is headed to space to the 
asteroid belt. Kaine says that he thought Maiyo would join them here to 
work at this base but Maiyo says that he wants to reconfirm his believe 
some place far away from Earth and asks for Linda to let him do as he wish 
for now. The Practice says that they're going with him so there's nothing 
to worry about (got that backward don't you?) Maiyo thanks Kaine for 
protecting his sister and tells him to take care of Linda from now on. 
Kaine asks that Maiyo promise that he would return and Maiyo says that when 
the time is right, he will return.

Elsewhere at another Federation base, Emma tells Camille that he and Four 
will be her subordinate for the time they are stationed on this base and go 
on to explain their current mission in clearing out leftover weapon stores 
at a destroyed base before insurgent can get their hands on it to add to 
their arsenal. Outside the building, Faa is waiting for Camille when she 
runs into Four who talks to her and reassure Faa that she isn't going to 
take Camille from her since the only place Camille can return to is a place 
that Faa is waiting for him. Faa later meets Camille who says that he think 
that it's good that Faa quit being a pilot to take this support job at the 
base, he feels good that she is waiting for his return at the base.

Out in space at Lunatz, Lt. Reed and Wakken talks about the new galactic 
organization that is going to be formed and Wakken says that he believes 
that the young people can handle it. Elsewhere at Lunatz, Sleggar says that 
the one in charge of them in this galactic organization is none other than 
Bright but he's at the moon seeing their new mothership so he'll be taking 
charge of them until Bright gets back.

Amuro says that Judo is also on the moon and Sleggar says that he and 
Quattro are heading for Jupiter from there. Ryu asks if Amuro wasn't 
invited by Quattro to join them and Hayato ask if Amuro refuse the 
invitation. Amuro says that he think that there's a lot to be done on Earth, 
beside he's got Lalah with him. Amuro then turns the conversation to Kai 
leaving the army and Kai says that he plans to become a reporter since he 
seems to find that he's good at it. Sayla then asks if that questionnaire 
after the war was Kai's test run for the job. Sleggar then says that 
they'll celebrate Kai start in his new career, it's his treat.

As the others walked away, Amuro asks Sayla if she's sure that it's ok that 
she isn't going with Lt. Quattro, after all, isn't he her brother? Sayla 
then ask how Amuro knew and Amuro says that it was intuition (being a 
Newtype and all) Sayla says that all she can do right now is send him off, 
their path are different, Amuro felt the same so he decide to stay behind 
right? Amuro nods and Sayla says that there's a lot of things for them to 
do and Amuro says that they should try their best together.

At the Moon, Quattro asks "So THIS is Agama?" "It looks like a good ship."
 Bright asks Mirai to go ahead and check the system on the ship while he 
sends Quattro and Judo off. Quattro says that it's time for him to leave 
but he's glad that he was able to see this ship before he takes off. Bright 
tells Judo that he's counting on him to work hard on Jupiter. Elle tells 
Rou to take care of Judo but Puru says that's HER job. Judo says that he'll 
do his best. As Lalah tells Quattro and Judo that it's time, Riina bid her 
big bro farewell and Judo says that they'll meet again.

As the shuttle leaves the Moon, Judo thinks to Amuro, Camille and himself 
that he will always believe in their belief that people's heart can be one.

At Side 6, Al is in shock to see Bernie alive and Bernie says that he's 
back as he promised and Chris apologize for not contacting him sooner. 
Bernie tells a sobbing Al not to cry, they'll be together from now on.

Back on Earth, at the RaijinOh school, Watta and his General Company, the 
Earth Defense Class, Akimi and the people of Saishou Industry and Jeeg and 
Sally are gathered to hear General Bushida and the other in the Federation 
outline the new galactic organization and how they can help. There's lots 
of reconstruction project for them to help in.  The EDF agrees to Suiun 
tells Akimi to join up with Watta and the EDF agreeing to help, especially 
Watta since his company needed the money. Akimi grumbles that she's still a 
highschool student but is told that as before, she can study and work on 
these projects on her free time from school. Akimi says that isn't 
heartwarming to hear at all.

Fairy also outline the fact that there are still remnants of many alien 
race that invaded and are still in hiding such as the Grados, Zarl, they'll 
have to find them and convince them to end their hostility towards Earth 
and live with them in peace like with the Guardisword. She'd like Jeeg and 
Sally along with Akimi and her to form the core of the team that would seek 
them out and negotiate with them. Jeeg then tells Akimi that he's heard 
enough of her fussing and whining but Akimi tells him to lighten up, every 
team needs a mood maker and she was playing one. Jeeg still doesn't get it 
but Sally says that Akimi isn't actually playacting since it's how she 
naturally is. Akimi grudgingly accepts that Sally has adapted too well to 
Earth humour and is now a master.

General Bushida then says that the J9 is taking care of work in the outer 
space hemisphere and is making good progress.Maria and Jin sees that as a 
challenge and so does Watta who says that they brought peace to the Earth 
and now they'll rebuild it. Asuka note that that's right, it's THEIR future, 
they have to grasp it for this as Akimi ends it, is THEIR Earth.

Later on, back at the park in front of Saishou Industry, Jeeg tells Akimi 
that the people of the WB team may have gone their separate path but they 
are all working together for the same cause. He says that if he never met 
her here, then all this couldn't have happened for him and the people of 
Guardisword. Akimi smiles mischieviously and then says "Well, compliments 
still wouldn't get you anywhere with me, big boy" Jeeg retorted that he was 
being serious and he's not done expressing his feelings yet. Akimi then 
smiles again and starts strolling off saying "Well, you'll have to catch up 
to me and tell me then."leaving a flustered and bewildered Jeeg behind for 
a moment before he runs off after her.

...And the warriors with their belief and their new path in life begin their 
walk to the future that they believe is full of hope.


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