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FAQ/Walkthrough by leonheart23464

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/12/09

Enhanced Guide (Screens/Videos) at:

||                          FAQ/Walkthrough (Chris)                          ||
||                              Resident Evil 5                              ||

Written by: Gmundy (http://www.playhaven.com/profile/Gmundy/)
Last updated: 2009-08-12 01:12:51

                               Table of Contents                               
- Resident Evil 5: Sharing is scaring
- Introduction
- Controls
- Before You Start
- Chapter 1-1
- Chapter 1-1 Public Assembely - Confident Players
- Chapter 1-1 Public Assembely - Newbie Method
- Chapter 1-1 Continued
- Chapter 1-1 End Mission
- Chapter 1-2
- Boss #1: Uroboros Pt. 1 
- End of Chapter 1
- Starting Chapter 2
- Chapter 2-1
- Seperation 1: Chapter 2-1
- Chapter 2-1 End Mission
- Chapter 2-2
- Boss #2 : Popokarimu
- Chapter 2-2 End Mission
- Tactics: Picking A Rifle
- Chapter 2-3
- Boss #3: Ndesu
- End of Chapter 2
- Chapter 3-1
- Chapter 3-1 End Mission
- Chapter 3-2
- Chapter 3-2 End Mission
- Chapter 3-3
- Boss #4: Irving
- End of Chapter 3
- Chapter 4-1
- Separation 2: Chapter 4-1
- Chapter 4-1 Continued
- Boss #4.5: Popokarimu
- Chapter 4-1: End Mission
- Chapter 4-2
- Separation 3: Chapter 4-2
- End of Chapter 4
- Chapter 5-1
- Boss #5: U-8
- Chapter 5-1 End Mission
- Chapter 5-2
- Boss #6: Uroboros Pt. 2 
- Chapter 5-2 End Mission
- Chapter 5-3
- Boss #7: Wesker (Normal)
- Boss #8: Jill
- End of Chapter 5
- Chapter 6-1 (Video Only)
- Chapter 6-1 End Mission
- Chapter 6-2
- Boss #9: Uroboros Pt 3: Excella
- Chapter 6-2 End Mission
- Chapter 6-3: Final Chapter
- Boss #10: Wesker (Final: Normal Form)
- Boss #11: Wesker (Final: Uroboros Form)
- Professional Walkthrough
- Professional Mode Checklist - Unlimited Ammo Active
- Proffesional Mode Checklist - Unlimited Ammo Off
- Trophy Section
- - Chapter 1-1 - Chapter 6-3
- - Recruit, Soldier, Veteran, War Hero
- - Egg Hunt
- - All Dressed Up, They're ACTION Figures, and Badge of Honor
- - Stockpile
- - Take it to the Max
- - They Belong in a Museum
- - A Friend in Need
- - Lifeguard
- - Exploding Heads
- - A Cut Above & Cattle Prod
- - Crowd Control & Bull's-eye
- - Get Physical
- - The Works
- - Lead Aspirin
- - Fireworks
- - Be the Knife
- - Meat Shower
- - Go Into the Light
- - Ride the Lightning
- - Stop, Drop, & Roll & Baptism by Fire
- - Masters of Removing & Bad Blood
- - Drive By
- - Egg on Your Face
- - Heart Stopper
- - Who Do You Trust?
- Copyright and Legal Information
- Coming Soon as of: August 11th 

                      Resident Evil 5: Sharing is scaring                      

- IMAGE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
http://media.playhaven.com/WME7J_B4944MzxEQXaQklQ/original/Beginning Image.jpg

>> This is, as of now, a walkthrough to get THROUGH the game on Veteran or
easier. I will have a Professional and 100% guide coming soon, but as of now
this is it. Also, as the days go by, I'll add pictures and videos as people
request them. Thanks for reading guys, and I hope it helps :)


You smell that? The smell of lead and blood mixing? That, my friends, is the
sweet smell of Resident Evil 5 that you'll be smelling for a good 7 to 8 hours
(if you're decent at the game :P) This is a FAQ as well as a walkthrough for
the game, so, please, if you have any questions, refer to the bottom part of
the guide for my email address, and I'll be happy to answer them to my full
ability. I'll even post them on the guide for other people to see too, that way
everyone gets all the help they need.

Alright, so let's start this up. I'm going to assume that you are playing this
solo throughout this entire guide. That way you'll be able to get through
everything easily, because let's face it, the AI in this game is not fantastic.
It's damn near impossible to get through professional with an AI partner. I'd
almost deem it impossible if I hadn't seen it done.

>> Please note that this guide is for Chris. I will be posting a guide for
Sheva later on, but this is, for now, for Chris only. Also, I will be adding
more pics and videos after all the writing part of this guide is done and over
with :)


Alright, so there's 2 sets of control schemes with 2 options available. One set
offers a new way of attacking (L1+R1 to shoot, etc) while the other is the more
conventional, almost classic RE method (R1+[], which still doesn't make a lick
of sense to me. Why not X Capcom?) The options available within these sets are
a control scheme VERY similar to RE4, using the Left control stick to move and
the right control stick to look around, while the other option allows for two
stick movement and strafing. There really are advantages to both, but use the
one that makes you the most comfortable (for those looking for RE4 style
shooting, go with Type A). Make sure that you're comfortable with the movements
on Chapter 1-1 while you're without any enemies, then just restart the Chapter
and begin playing. It'll become very important in the future.

                                Before You Start                               

You play RE5 as Chris Redfield, the ex-S.T.A.R.S member from Raccoon City.
Chris has put on some muscle, and you'll find that he uses it a lot in the
game. Chris plays much different from Leon, in the fact that he uses brute
force over finesse movements. Chris's physical attacks consist of:

1. A Straight On Punch
2. An Uppercut
3. A Right Hook
4. A Neck Breaker (from behind)

5. Kick in the @$$ (from behind, on their knees)

5. A Stomp (ground attack)
6(for bigger enemies/chained physical combo only). Haymaker

Chris's physical attacks are all worth doing. Every single one. Please for the
love of everything that's good in RE remember that. If a crowd of enemies gets
too close, handgun to the face or knees and Straight or Uppercut to get a few
frames of golden alone time, then mow them down. The right hook is used when
you shoot either of your enemy's arms, knocking them off balance either way.
The neck breaker kills them. Instantly. You use it by taking a stunned enemy
from behind and hitting []. CRACK. Done. End of Discussion. However, this
attack will be almost impossible to pull off without a human partner. Whenever
you are low on ammo, resort to physical attacks.

Also, with Sheva as your AI partner, assume that at all time she is on the
COVER command. (Hold O and use the directional pad to change her command)

>> This is where the guide officially starts! I'm going to do the best I can to
not reveal any spoliers, but I cannot guarantee it. Please, if you don't want
it spoiled, know that you've been warned.

                                  Chapter 1-1                                  

Woo. Alright. Now we're ready to go. Watch the BAMF cutscene at the beginning
of the game. Told you Chris was huge :P Once you gain control of him, press the
R2 button to pull up a mini-map. This handy little device will point you the
direction of your objective. Follow the road down, and if your heart desires,
watch the Majini beat up a guy, then stare at you. Continue past them until you
see another cutscene. After the scene walk forward to the butcher's shop until
a mysterious man greets you. Go around to the side of the building and talk to
him. He won't let you in unless Sheva's with you, however, so you'll have to
wait for her to come along. Another cutscene explaining your mission, blah blah

After that's finally done and over with, open the nice silver case on the table
and grab yourself a handgun (M92F). This will be your bread and butter all game
long. As long as I'm guiding you through this, you will NOT get rid of this
weapon. Use /\ to open your inventory. You'll see that it was placed on the top
middle slot of your nine space inventory. The middle boxes on each side (up,
left, down, right) correspond with the directional pad on your control. It
functions as a quick select, so you'll want to put herbs or (in my case) guns
in each slot. Use the Up button or select Equip on your handgun to trigger
another cutscene (the graphics really are beautiful aren't they?)

When that's over, make sure to collect the goodies in the barrels by smashing
them with your knife and continue moving forward...to see something being
picked apart by birds. Gross. Move forward into the next house, collect all the
stuffs again, and go up towards the stairs on the other side of the building.
You'll hear something, Sheva will blab about hearing the noise. Run up the
stairs and press O on the door to open it. Anything that has a O command
generally means you're waiting for Sheva, and this is not any different. Make
sure your handgun is equipped.

Time to put that gun to use! Capcom doesn't expect you to get this guy your
first playthrough, so be prepared to wiggle out of your enemy's grasp.
Hopefully, Sheva will just help you, but don't count on it. After he's
neutralized, raid the room, collecting the handgun ammo and other misc. things.
Then jump out the window (I love when the characters do that. It looks so cool
:D) and run to the left of the window until you can turn right, then do so,
triggering another cutscene, activating Majini. But not just one or two.
There's probably about 40 of these things, if not more. So therefore after the

TURN AROUND AND RUN LIKE HELL! Forget them! As you retreat into a house of some
sort, Sheva will close the door and seal it, forcing them out and you in. Whew.
Head over to the door that you can Investigate and do so. Then press circle and
you and Sheva will kick that SOB down to the ground. Awesome. Head through the
next room, collecting anything you can, and drop into the underground passage.
Follow the path over to the exit.

PLEASE NOTE: Sheva is a pack mule. Anything you run by that she sees, she WILL
pick up. Make sure she takes any herbs or secondary ammo and holds onto it for
you. You'll need the space, trust me.

Alright, now the fun starts. Follow the path until you can jump down. You'll
see a desk thing with handgun bullets and a green herb. Any RE fan is going
%&$! right around now. Entering the building up ahead will trigger and another
cutscene (there are so many, but they're all gold) Many who have played the
demo know what happens here, but I'll let you watch. Now there are two ways to
get through the initial part of this onslaught, one for more confident players
and the other for newbies.

                Chapter 1-1 Public Assembely - Confident Players               

As soon as the cutscene ends, collect anything inside the building as quickly
as possible. Make sure Sheva gets some bullets too. Once you grab everything,
jump out the window to the left of the door you entered and go to the left.
Position yourself against that wooden fence and aim. Let the Majini get close
enough for you to stun and melee, conserving ammo and saving time (which will
earn you a better grade). After killing a set amount, Chris will call for
backup, upon which an Executioner Majini will break down the fence holding you
in. He looks big and bad, but he attacks really slow. Killing him will get you
a nice loot item, but it's not necessary. wait for him to get close to you,
then start running away and enter the area that was originally blocked off.

                  Chapter 1-1 Public Assembely - Newbie Method                 

If you don't think you can handle that kind of pressure without screwing up and
wasting ammo and herb, this is probably an easier way to go. Push the bookcases
up against either window and collect everything in the room. Make sure your gun
is fully loaded and wait behind the bar looking area and aim at the window
where the first bookcase falls. This will allow you to collect all the loot
they drop in the safety of a confined area, making it much easier to pick them
all off. However, when the Executioner Majini is activated, a hole in the roof
will burst open. This is your cue to GTFO. The Executioner will blast down the
gate, and you'll be free to get into the main map area.

>> PLEASE NOTE: Any items in this area (including the VZ61 Machine Gun) will
DISAPPEAR at the end of this section. Make sure to try and collect as much of
the items as you can before killing off the set amount of Majini, finishing the

                             Chapter 1-1 Continued                             

Alright, as soon as you entire the main part of the map, you'll want to notice
your surroundings. The broken down bus to your 11 o' clock is crucial for
people wanting to avoid the Executioner. There are also explosive barrels
around (which many should recognize from RE3 & 4 alike) and in front of you,
there is an oil drum. This little baby sets down a line of fire, slowing your
pursers down a little. I suggest after running past that, waiting for the
enemies from the house to come close and shoot the oil can, setting off the
fire. After that, run straight towards the back of the map where you'll see a
huge gate blocking your escape. Big shock there. Hang two rights and open the
attache case with the VZ61 Machine Gun. Run forward into the building and grab
as much as you can inside here. By now, the Executioner should be hot on your
tail, so you need to make a decision. Either kill this thing, or hide inside
that bus where he can't get in and mow the little Majini down. Also, for people
looking to fight the Executioner, note that there are three hand grenades on
the top of the building you started in. Use the two ladders to get to the top
where they lie, then hop back down and make your decision (this is also a good
place to fend off the Majini, but the Executioner can get up there). If you
decide to kill the Executioner, throw a hand grenade at him. When he drops to
his knees, run up and melee him, then drop back and pump some machine gun
rounds into him, and repeat, using the explosive barrels as you see fit (make
sure Sheva doesn't get in the way). Eventually, he'll fall, dropping a gold
ring worth 5000. Woo. Great for the beginning of the game.

After the executioner falls, or if you decided not to kill him, retreat into
the bus and grab the random items inside there (usually an incendiary grenade
is inside, which helps when too many come in). Back yourself on the far wall
away from the door and aim. Wait for the Majini to come in and pick them off
one by one with the handgun. If things get too crazy, bust out your machine gun
and slow em down, then pick them off with melee attacks and the handgun. Use
Chris's machete to stun them if they get extremely close. It works a lot better
than you think.

After killing a certain amount, Kirk will arrive. Finally. Glad he decided to
come along. He'll blow down the gate along with the rest of the enemies, and
the section will end.

- IMAGE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
http://media.playhaven.com/Es65XBpWUkFzxcAEBZKIkA/original/Chapter 1-1 Bus
 This is the bus I'm talking about. I'm not sure if it's actually a bus, but
the Executioner can't get in here. It's a nice little hiding place.

>> The following video does not belong to me. I found it on YouTube for visual
purposes for you guys. Hope it helps. From 1-2 on, I'll be taking my own
pictures and videos as I replay through the game, adding them to the guide as I
go along. Hope it helps if you're confused.

- VIDEO: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 Alright...here's a video of this section of 1-1. I don't like the way this guy
did it, but it'll do to show you guys the area at least. You'll see the bus
thing that I'm talking about. This is probably the one video by this guy I'll
show you. I think I'll make my own. I suggest muting this guy. Though he says
some funny things SOMETIMES.

                            Chapter 1-1 End Mission                            

At the end of every section, you'll receive letter grades based on your
performance in accuracy, kills, time completed, and amount of times you died.
Get an S in 3 of the 4 areas and you can get away with a bit more. The points
you receive are based on your difficulty level, but they don't do anything yet
anyway, so don't worry about it just yet. Press start to continue past the
screen, and it'll automatically save your game. How nice. 

Alright, welcome to the pawn shop :P. Not really, but it's a nice little
intermission between sections. I like it. Take a look here! We get a storage
chest! Score! Press R2 inside the Inventory space at the bottom to get to the
treasures page and sell off the gold ring, if you got it. Drop off any herb or
secondary ammo you don't deem necessary. If you got the gold ring, be sure to
upgrade the capacity and firepower on your handgun. Also, increase one of the
critical stars too, increasing your headshot ratio. Since Sheva doesn't shoot
too often, take her handgun ammo and give her the VZ61 (don't worry, you get a
better one later). You can keep her with her handgun if you want, but I usually
just sell it immediately. Upgrade the VZ61's capacity if you have the money for
it, then click ready to continue to the next section

>> Upgrading the capacity of a weapon still, for some reason, replensihes the
missing ammunition inside the gun. This will be very helpful in the later
stages, and is critical for ammo preserving. Use this to your advantage as much
as possible.

                                  Chapter 1-2                                  

You start right in front of where that gate used to be. Don't bother searching
throughout the area, because there's nothing there. Run forward into the little
hut on the right and smash the barrel for some cash. Back outside the hut, drop
down into the stream and go up to the gate. See that barrel? You can smash it
with your knife too, and pick up the money. Weird, but time saving. Climb back
up the ladder weave around to the door and wait for Sheva to catch up.

In the next area run forward until you get to a ladder, collecting the handgun
bullets inside the first building you enter. You can toss Sheva up there using
Assist Jump, and she'll see some kind of key. If you've played RE before, you
want this key. And you don't care what it takes. And that's a good thing.
You'll hear someone screaming, and you can worry about that later. When Sheva
jumps back down, there are two Majini in the area. One's climbing the fence to
the right of the ladder, the other is to the left of the ladder lying in
ambush. Take them both out then run down to another ladder. Toss Sheva up again
and immediately rush back to the area to the left of the ladder. Slice the box
open and grab the bullets, turn around and pull your gun. 3 Majini fall from
the sky and they're pissed. All three will more than likely rush you at once.
Stay calm and place carefully aimed bullets into their lower bodies, causing
them to fall. Then either Stomp or knife them waiting for Sheva to come back,
who will be more than happy to waste her bullets.

Once their all dead and you have the key, head forward from your present
location and open the door to the right. Go straight out the door and hop in
the building to collect all the stuff. Hop back out and be sure to pay
attention to the Majini hopping the fence. Let him jump it and then just shoot
him in the head + Straight + Stomp if necessary and take him out. Continuing
forward, once you ahead around the corner going to the right, a Majini will pop
out of those boxes you see. Wait for the mess to settle, then take him out.
Head down farther to find another Majini and kill him too. Slice open the food.
You get stuff from it. 

Don't bother heading up the stairs; the door's locked. Instead, run underneath
the stairs and open that door. Before heading up the stairs, collect all the
stuff on the first floor. Then head up and do a 180 and head towards that
balcony. 2 Majini try to scare you, and you reply with bullets. To the left is
an Antique Clock loot item worth abut 2000 if I'm not mistaken. Which you'll be
happy about in about 2 minutes. Go back by the stairs and round the corner to
get a First Aid Spray, then go where the antique clock was and jump down to an
assist door, and wait for Sheva to come help you kick it down. Run forward to
trigger a cutscene of that screaming again. Psh. Be quiet. Can't you see we're
playing a game here?

Anyway, run off to the left to see a small green house. Use the old building
key, waltz inside and grab the Ithaca M37 Shotgun on the far wall. Open the
crates and everything, collecting whatever you can, then head up the stairs of
the building where that girl was screaming. Have your shotgun equipped and make
sure Sheva's VZ61 is fully loaded. Once you get inside a cutscene occurs. A big
thing comes out of the woman's head no matter how kill her. Let Sheva pump 25
rounds or so into it, then once it's head is replaced, trust Sheva to cover you
(I know, risky. But you can do it) and start pumpin' shotgun shells into this
chica's head until she does finally go down. Help Sheva take out the remaining
Majini in the room, the head out the door to the right of the door you came
through. Run down the stairs and take out any remaining Majini. Run forward and
hang a right and you'll see a door. Hang another right before the door to find
two barrels and head through the door. 

Head up through what seems to be clearly a calm before astorm. When you climb a
ladder and find a door that needs Sheva to be around, make sure you cross that
ledge to your left for a decent sum of money. Then head through the door.
Cutscene time. Grab the handgun bullets off the dead body and loot the rest of
the room. Then head out the other door into the elevator, and head down. Make
sure your handgun has a bullet in it. This is gonna be a lot harder without a
human partner.

Head into the room, collecting all the money and equipment. Run forward toward
the door and you'll see it's locked. Turn around and go to your right into that
passage way. Break open all the barrels, and by the control panel there's
another dead body. Joy. I love touching the dead bodies :\ bleh! Grab the
furnace key off this body and start heading back towards the door to trigger
your first boss fight.

                            Boss #1: Uroboros Pt. 1                            

So this is what that guy was talking about. Gross. Turn around quickly and
knock down the gas canister to the left of the door. Then, run over to the
control panel and press O to let Sheva handle that. Make sure Uroboros chases
you, and he'll pick up that canister. Coax him into the furnace and shoot him.
The canister will explode, leaving Uroboros helpless inside. Press O to make
Sheva activate the furnace and run out. If you're on Normal or Amateur, this
furnace attack will Uroboros in one hit. Not much of a boss hmm? Doesn't even
drop anything unless you kill it with a gun. Lame.

>> You CAN kill Uroboros with a gun, but for your first playthrough, I
recommend just using the furnance. You get a gold ring worth 5000, which really
isnt worth the bullets you'd be wasting.

                                End of Chapter 1                               

Well...It's not over JUST yet, but close enough. Use the furnace key on the
door and go up the elevator to trigger a cutscene. Chris and Sheva no longer
like HQ, and this Chapter is complete! Congratulations! You completed the
tutorial Chapter! Hooray! Considerably shorter than 1-1.

Back in the magic box, new items are on sale in the store. The Ithaca and VZ61
are on sale. The big news for this new Chapter is the Melee Vest. This beaut
turns melee attacks from the Majini into practically nothing. You probably
don't have enough money for it right now, though, and I wouldn't worry too much
about it. This next section is a long one, and is gonna require some extra
firepower. If you didn't get the Ithaca, you fail. Go back to the main menu and
do the mission again and get it. If you're playing on anything higher than
Amateur, you NEED this shotgun for now. It upgrades to hold a lot of bullets
with a high critical hit ratio. Sell off any treasures you may or may not have
gotten, and upgrade the capacity of your guns to replenish the ammo (Sheva's
too). If you've got some money left over, upgrade the Ithaca's firepower.
You're going to need it this section. Badly. Make sure Sheva has a G/R Herb or
an Aid Spray on her, and make sure your two guns are set to the quick select.

                               Starting Chapter 2                              

At this point, your handgun should have a 16 bullet capacity, while your
shotgun is holding 7 or 8, I can't remember, and Sheva's machine gun is almost
up to 100. You're going to be getting a machine gun for yourself up here as
well. Don't worry about saving your money either. You'll be making quite a bit
this Chapter. Upgrade your weapons to your heart's (and wallet's) content, and
start it up. This was my inventory during my play through of the game
specifically for this guide.

Chris Inventory
M92F - 16 Cap, 190 FP, 1.62 reload, 1 crit star
Ithaca M37 - 230 FP, 8 Cap
*H&K MP5
*S75 Rifle
**Hand Grenade
Handgun Bullets (50 MAX, store rest)
Shotgun Shells 

Sheva Inventory
VZ61 - 80 cap, rest normal
First Aid Spray
**Green Herb
Machine Gun Ammo

* Found in Chapter 2-1
** Optional

If you have a human partner, I'll assume they are not online at this time. If
they are, they can upgrade and worry about their own weapons with their own
money. If you have a human partner, your inventories should look something like


M92F - 16 Cap, 190 FP, 1.62 Reload, 1 Crit Star

Ithaca M37 - 200 FP, 7 Cap

**VZ61 - 80 Cap, Rest normal

*S75 Rifle

Handgun Bullets

Shotgun Shells





M92F - 16 Cap, 190 FP, 1.62 Reload, **1 Crit Star

*H&K MP5

Hand Grenade

First Aid Spray/Green Herb

Handgun Bullets


* Found in Chapter 2-1

** Optional

Now, an explanation. Sheva should hold the MP5 in place of the VZ because it
has piercing capabilities, making her solo missions much easier. Chris honestly
doesn't need that machine gun, but it holds the most bullets out of any machine
gun in the game, and that can come in handy later on when bullets are scarce,
so I recommend holding onto it JUST in case of an emergency. If you're playing
on Veteran, keep it. Every beginning weapon will be upgraded as high as

>> This is just my recommended inventory. If you're confident that you can do
this section without that many herb, put one away. You'll find more anyway. It
wouldn't hurt to give Sheva a grenade or two, but you might want to wait until
she needs them. More on that below. Also, the AI tends to aim more towards the
torso then the head, and the MP5 has piercing capabilities. If you feel you
don't need the automatic weapon, let Sheva play with it.

                                  Chapter 2-1                                  

This is going to be the only chapter that I'll say this, so listen up nice and
good. TAKE YOUR TIME. Don't bother running fast through this area, because
it'll only hurt you in the long run. Accuracy is crucial on the harder
difficulty's and the time grade won't hurt you as bad as you think. Inside the
beginning part of the map, you'll see the MP5 in pretty plain sight. Grab it
and do what you will with it, then search the rest of the room. You'll find
miscellaneous ammunition and money lying about in barrels. Also, on top of the
storage units, there's a BSAA Emblem (Don't shoot it) and a chest with 1000
bucks in it. Score. If you read all the documents it will tell you about the
emblems, but it neglects to tell you one tiny little detail. You already missed
three of the thirty. -_- Dumb. It makes it not worth your time the first or
even second time through. I'll post a micro guide on that after I'm done with
this one with the locations. I'll even put the link on this guide to make it
easy :)

Anyway, once the room is cleared head out the door on the opposite side and
enter what looks like a ship yard. This can be very nostalgic for your first
time through, so take it slow around each corner and make sure you strafe/look
around each one. The reason being is that around every other corner is an
explosive set up to ruin your afternoon. Figures. Make sure you're a safe
distance away before shooting at them. When you first enter the storage maze
and hang a left, aim your handgun up to your 10 o' clock to see a bow gun
Majini. Make quick work of him before going on, otherwise he'll make your stay
here very frustrating. 

The series of explosives nearly always lead in the direction you should be
heading, with the exception of one. So follow my version of the Big Bang theory
until you come up to an area where a dog shows up. Aww how cu...what the hell
just happened to it's head?! That's what I did the first time I saw it. Pull
out the shotgun and pump 2-3 shells into the mutts. Try and get them all in
your blast so that they'll stop jumping around. Quick warning: The one with the
split head can kill you in one hit if your partner doesn't help. In other
words, don't let it get you, otherwise you'll be starting this mission over. As
long as you concentrate your fire and stay calm, it's a breeze to kill them
off. Keep twisting around the maze until you finally make your way out to what
seems to be a pretty harmless open area, which NEVER happens in RE. Ever. Stay
put where you can see a big portion of the open area (See Picture 2-1A) and use
your handgun/machine gun to mow down the few Majini going around. A big one
will come, but it's nothing the shotgun can't handle. Place a few rounds in his
head and melee until he croaks. Two more dogs will join the scene. If you've
got some spare machine gun ammo, I'd save the shotgun shells. You'll need em
later. Kill them before they split themselves open and move along to the gate
that you need Sheva to help open for you. Wahoo. A bridge. Collect the red herb
and combine if you can, then look towards the bridge.

Alright this part is a lot easier than it seems. When you jump across the
broken piece of bridge, a Majini driving a truck will come barreling towards
you. Aim towards the closest right explosive can you can see (See Picture 2-1B,
sniper viewed), and wait for the truck to get up to it before shooting it. The
driver immediately loses control, and you and Sheva are free to walk to the
left side of the bridge and avoid a similar death. Immediately run up and shoot
the other barrel on the right and run towards the explosion after you shoot it
to avoid being shot by a bow gun bolt. Once the smoke clears, shoot the far
left barrel and advance in a similar fashion, then taking out the bow gun
Majini to end the battle music and calm your soul.

- IMAGE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
http://media.playhaven.com/SOA3bYWJGi0flndydE5WDg/original/Chapter 2-1 Fighting
 Picture 2-1A

- IMAGE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
http://media.playhaven.com/hSpnRF-fwKmDCIXhQVWbyA/original/Chapter 2-1 Barrel
 Picture 2-1B

Continue forward to break some barrels for some misc. stuff. Money and shells
is what I usually get. Then, run out of the garage to the right where you'll
see some stairs on the radar. Head on down into the sewer, and pull out your
MP5 or your shotgun. A lot of dogs come down on you. If memory serves it's
about 6 or 7 before getting to the next area. Fight through them, grab their
stuff and head through the other side of the sewer. From here, go to the left
and grab the sapphire sitting in the water and turn around. When you run
towards the Majini, two flying enemies called Kipepeo (I might be wrong here,
but I think that's what they're called. Correct me if I'm wrong please :]) will
burst out of their bodies. Back up and shoot em up with the pistol. Make sure
your shots land, otherwise Sheva will probably get hit. The last two Majini in
the back have Kipepeo in them too, but you could just shoot the lock off from
afar before it activates, then run through the gate and through the sewer and
go straight up the ladder. It wouldn't bother me any.

 Alright a port! That's what I wanted to see. Not. Start running towards the
area where the Majini are, and they'll...run? Huh? o.O So we both know
something's wrong here, so make sure your guns are loaded. Slice up all the
fruits and veggies for misc. items like hand grenades and ammo, grab the red
herb and continue across the path until you find a ladder on the right side of
the building there. On the far roof in the back right corner, there's an
emerald. woo. I less than three treasure.

 Anyway, go back to where the two roofs connect and jump down on the left side
of the tiny bridge that gaps the two. As you jump down, turn around and you'll
see a window praying for your [] button. Jump through and collect the random
items in the room from the food. Then investigate the body in the middle of the
room to see the Port Key hanging from there. Shoot the key down and say hello
to another Majini raid. Stand in the back corner with your handgun and just
keep all the little guys out of the window. When the Big Man pops in your view,
toss a grenade while he's climbing in. It won't freeze his animation frames,
but it'll do major damage. Finish him off with the handgun, then make your way
towards the objective point on your map. Use the Port Key there and make your
way down towards the boats. Kill this next guy using Uppercut to avoid the
Kipepeo that can pop out of him. There's a couple barrels on the back of the
boat. After that, run off onto the other side of the boat onto the dock and
jump into the water. Look around for 400 gold, grab it and climb back onto the
dock. Pick off about two more Majini, and Kirk will fly in again. Woot woot for
Kirk. You can wait for Kirk to pick off all the enemies in the area with his
Rocket Launcher, then grab the goodies everywhere. Continue running forward
until a group of Majini come barreling out of a building about 25 feet ahead of
you. Head backwards to go up against the wall of the first store after the
barricade, and let Kirk RL them. Pick off any stragglers, then go into the
building they came out of and grab the misc items and the S75 Rifle. Kirk will
tell you to stay frosty as you go through the door. I would recommend taking a
break here if you don't feel "frosty". You gotta be quick in this next area,
and you'll need some sniping skills. Unfortunately, you can't really practice
with this new gun, so hope for some prowess and head through the door.

Don't waste your ammo trying to save Kirk here. You can't kill them. Kipepeo
again...sigh. Handgun them to death and rush forward. Don't throw Sheva up top
just yet. Instead hang a left and smash the barrel down the 3 stairs, taking
out the Molotov and bow gun Majini. When you go right around this bend, at the
stairs, about 10 Majini will rush you at once. Keep your cool and either spray
at their feet with the MP5/VZ61 or use a combination of handgun/uppercut to
keep things simple. Once they're all dead, free of some of Sheva's inventory
space in necessary, then toss her up the assist jump platform. She'll grab all
your stuff and jump back down. Go back where you killed the Majini at the
stairs and head into the building and hang a quick left. You'll see some
stalls. In the last stall is a single enemy you should kill in one shot. As you
proceed up the stairs of this building (the other door is locked on the first
floor) Majini will be on them. Just take them out with careful aim. You'll want
a high accuracy grade here remember? Once everything's dead, loot the rest of
the house of it's hand grenades and ammo, and start the next portion of 2-1:
Sheva's first solo mission.

                           Seperation 1: Chapter 2-1                           

>> There are explosive barrels on the ground level of the map. DO NOT SHOOT
THEM. You will need them in an upcoming battle that people who played the demo
will recognize. 

Make sure Sheva's machine gun is fully loaded and she has at least one grenade.
If you're especially worried about your sniping ability, lend her your handgun
and the ammo just in case. There's a spot where you can toss Sheva across to
the other building. To the right of this spot is a hole Chris will jump down to
have a vantage sniping point to cover Sheva. Once you're ready, toss Sheva
across and hop down the hole. Aim immediately into the room and wait for the
crowd of Majini to enter. Shoot the explosive barrel to eliminate a vast
majority of the original few. Sheva will round around looking for more action.
Such a cute gesture, but try to let her use the least amount of bullets
possible. She's your cover fire in the next part. After you clear a path for
her, she'll let you know that the door on the first floor is open for you.
Sweet. Pull out your handgun and run downstairs to meet with Sheva. Finish off
any stranglers, then clear the house of any items and stuff you find. Stay away
from the stairs on the opposite side of the map until you have everything
collected from this area. As you run towards the stairs, you see all the Boom
Barrels and the Transformer box on the electric pole (worthless in my opinion,
but if you're tight on ammo, it's necessary). As you run up the stairs, a crazy
screaming insane person with a chainsaw. Why do they always have to have
chainsaws? T-T Anyway, run like hell. Blow up the barrels along the way
hopefully killing off some of the Majini along the way too. When you blow it
up, go ahead and melee him. Repeat until you're out of barrels. Two shotgun
blasts stun the Maniac, and his attack is so freakin' slow, that as soon as he
pulls his chainsaw up, you can just run away and pump a couple rifle bullets
into him (easily the strongest weapon you can have at this point). Once it
falls, run and grab the guard key, and forget the remaining Majini and run up
the stairs. Especially if you still hear the chainsaw whirring. He'll get back
up if you wait too long. Run. Run fast. Unlock the door, and open the chest and
quickly grab all the treasures and gold and open the O door.

Phew. That's a lot harder with an AI. On veteran, Sheva got chopped up a few
times. Poor girl. Anyway, the only thing in this area is a green herb in the
tent. Open the gate with Sheva, and an interactive cutscene happens. Press the
buttons in time to dodge an instant death. The first two dodges are single
button, while the last dodge is either L1 + R1 or [] + X. Easy enough. Then
you're done with 2-1! Woo. Enjoy the cutscene.

                            Chapter 2-1 End Mission                            

2-1 is full of money and treasures, and it's the first multi-gun section of the
game. You should have plenty of money to upgrade all the capacities of your
guns, with just about 10k or more left over. If not, no big deal, just burn the
rest or save it, whatever you decide from here on out is your decision. I
recommend keeping all the original weapons, as they all hold the most bullets
of their kind, but other guns have other advantages. Use them as you see fit.
Another thing you could do here is buy the Melee Vest for Sheva. You won't have
to worry as much about her with this on, and she could definitely use it for
the upcoming section. Here's my recommended inventories and how my guns look.

M92F - 20 Cap, 210 FP, 1.62 Reload Speed, 1 Crit star
Ithaca M37 - 260 FP, 9 or 10 Cap, Normal rest (reload speed isn't worth it)
S75 Rifle - 8 Cap, 800 FP
HG Bullets
Shotgun Shells

MP5 - 55 cap, 1 piercing star
**VZ61 (This is just in case you want free ammunition for the level. Fully
Upgrade capacity, and this gun will hold 300 bullets)
Machine gun ammo
Green Herb

- IMAGE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
http://media.playhaven.com/PWkzag3RlxrLyOYO1Xmimw/original/Chapter 2-1 End
 Just a bit of proof. I went through 2-1 on Amateur and took 32 minutes to beat
it, getting a B Rank. But I got an S in every other category, still scoring the
S overall.

                                  Chapter 2-2                                  

>> This Section is not complete. I haven't taken any pictures for this part
yet, I just wanted to get this posted. I'll re-edit this section later when I
have the time. I know for a fact there are at least 2 Ruby (Pear) inside the
mine part with the lantern, but I haven't found their exact location as of this

Alright, you start off in the house where you were talking to Josh, the captain
of Delta team. Moving right along, grab the items in the place and divide them
evenly between you and Sheva. There's a reason I upgraded my Ithaca's
firepower, and you're about to see why.

Head out the other door and you'll see some trains. Choo Choo. Run over to the
left and wrap around. At the end of this narrow path is a trip wire mine, so be
careful of that. Once you shoot the explosive and move forward, 3 dogs meet
you. Great. Shotgun the lot of em before moving forward, otherwise you have
hell to pay. Once they're all dead use your rifle to get the trip wire mine at
the end of the path, then sprint towards the back. Don't stop running. More
dogs will come from underneath the trains. When you get to the back, climb on
to the boxes to your left, then climb up one more and stand by the ladder
(don't go UP the ladder, just stand by it). Turn around and start blasting
shells into these things. They CAN get up there, but it takes em so long to do
the animation to jump up there, that you really shouldn't be intimidated. You
have the high ground. With a shotgun. You win.

Once they're all toasted, grab the stuff then go back to your platform where
the ladder was and climb up now. You got three bow gunners up here, with the
one in front of you having a Kipepeo inside him. Just take em all out. On the
train your on at the end, there's a thing of gold. Once everything's collected
hop towards the left side onto the platform. Watch for the trip mine again, and
hold your position. When you jump down, you'll fall into a mine cart. This
SUCKS, because the cart starts moving on it's own accord towards two trip wire
mines. You either sacrifice health by just running into the first one, or you
can try to shoot them while moving forward towards them. It's not as easy as it
looks, but I can do it, so you can too :P. Alright once that's all set go ahead
and press O to lower yourself into the mine shaft.

Alright this part is a pain in the ass. The mine's are dark, and it's
impossible to see without a lantern of some sort. Problem is, is the AI is too
damn stupid to do it herself, so you have to carry the lantern and let her
shoot them up, putting it down and shooting yourself as it gets necessary. This
is MUCH easier with a partner. In fact I recommend it, because a person playing
RE for the first time could do the lantern for you. =\

Since my ENTIRE family was gone at this time, I had to do it alone. Great. Put
Sheva on the Attack formation (NOTE: If you brought the VZ61, she might bring
this out instead. I don't know why, probably the increased clip) so she won't
just wait till they get to your face. Make your way slowly through the mines,
letting Sheva take out your enemies. If she happens to shoot off one of their
heads and that thing pops out, drop the lantern and snipe it or shotgun it till
it goes, then pick the lantern back up and continue marching forward until you
reach a bridge (you should have gotten a flash grenade or two along the way.
if  you didn't, go straight back without turning to get them and some ammo
too). Put the lantern down, put Sheva on Cover, and pull out your handgun. Run
towards the light and you'll activate 3 Majini. You have two choices here.
Shoot them now and risk being in close quarters with a huge head slicer thing
or run back towards the lantern, turn around and snipe. I usually go with the
handgun, since rifle ammo will be needed later. If one or more of those things
pop out of their heads, don't bother wasting ammo. Just toss a flash grenade
into the mix and turn around to avoid the flash. Once they're all dead, put
Sheva back on Attack and grab the lantern and make your way along the mines. At
one particular bend where there's an extra bit of light for you, you'll see a
Majini. A closer inspection with the rifle shows him dancing around with his
shovel. Enjoy the show, then blast his head.

After that, you're almost out. Once you see a gate do NOT open it yet. Put
Sheva back on Cover for now, and turn around. You should see a path along the
right wall that leads up. There's some treasure and ammo up there (a diamond if
memory serves). Once you collect that, go back to the gate, and set your
lantern down. You never use this again. Have Sheva open the gate for you, and
once you go through it'll activate Majini on her side. Open the gate for her
using the other controls and let her run through before letting the gate drop.
Woo. Ha. In your face! Except there's even more on your side now, and two of
them have dynamite sticks -_-

Well, beggars can't be choosers I guess. Run over to a little cubby hole to the
right of the mechanism used to open the gate and back against the wall with
your handgun. No dynamite can reach you here, and the foot soldiers will be
more than happy to be slim picking for you here. Sometimes a bow Majini comes
down, in which case you should concentrate your fire towards him. Once it seems
like no one else is coming, sprint towards the ladder on the opposite side of
the room. Climb up both ladders, then go all the way up the path, destroying
the barrels as you pass them (or you can leave em for after everything's dead,
too). Once you get to the top of the path, use your rifle to snipe out the
dyna-dudes and the music will stop. Run down this path until you see an opening
on your left and go inside. A Majini or two will drop from the ceiling, but
they're not even armed half the time. Just take em out. Another path to the
left will lead you up towards our objective point. There's another dyna-dude up
here with two bow Majinis. Irritating. If you're good at shooting, wait for the
dynamite to fly and shoot it in midair. If you're not, an incendiary grenade
works fine, just make sure the dynamite's lit :P. After they're dead, go ahead
and collect everything and get into the elevator.

If I could make Chris kiss the ground, I would. I hate those stupid mines.
Collect all the things down here before going up the stairs, triggering a
cutscene. Hey look it's the bird lady! Looks like she's on Irving's team, hm?
Well regardless, after the cutscene, quickly run forward to the left where a
locker is and grab the Dragunov rifle (if you need help choosing a rifle, see
the "Picking a Rifle" Section of the guide for more details). Use up these
bullets first before the S75. Take cover underneath the wall first, and wait
for that guy on the Gatling Gun to stop shooting. Shoot out the bow Majini
first, and then use the remainder of the Dragunov bullets trying to shoot the
guy with the Gatling Gun. After you're on 0 with this gun, pull out your S75
and run down the stairs (Sheva should've killed the guy that WAS downstairs,
but tried to come up). Grab the stuff before leaving, because you're not coming
back to this house.

Alright! Now the real fun begins. Kill off any remaining enemies in the area,
then search around to find a treasure in the back corner where one of the bow
Majini was. Then head past the Gatling Gun (you could use this to kill
everything if you want) towards a blocked off section with a big ladder. Aim up
the ladder to see something shining to the right of it. Shoot it down and grab
it, then head up the ladder. Pick your poison here. We got a bow gun Majini
left, and a dynamite guy right. Kill it off, then pick off the other one and
keep moving. Don't ever stand still in this area for too long, or you'll get
blasted away. Jump down the ledge to the right and down again to trigger a
small scene showing a broken ladder that you're going to ignore. Throwing an AI
up there is SUICIDE. They'll burn all their ammo, and be stuck by the lonesome.
Run up the hill together, picking off all the enemies as you go. Get to the top
of the hill, clear the area, and immediately push the big metal thing off the
ledge. Take out any enemies being you with your rifle from a distance. If a
dynamite happens to get off, run forward immediately to dodge the explosion.
Once the enemies are gone, loot the barrels and ammo and everything. Reload
your Ithaca BEFORE jumping off the ledge. Get ready for your second real boss
fight, which you'll find to be not much harder than the first boss

>> Make sure Chris has at least one empty slot of space in his inventory

                              Boss #2 : Popokarimu                             

This boss is completely armored. And by completely, I mean he has ONE weak
point. With a human partner, this boss is a breeze; let one person be bait,
while another snipes the abdomen (it's weak spot) from behind. Don't use the
shotgun up close while its moving, otherwise it'll smash you with it's
tail/abdomen and it doesn't feel nice. Keep sniping/lobbing grenades till it

If you don't have a human partner, it gets a bit more complicated. When you
regain control of Chris, turn around and grab the two Proximity Mines inside
the hut. run out towards the dirt path, which is clearly distinguished from the
rest of the area, and place the bomb in the middle of the path and run forward.
Do a quick turn, and, with your handgun, shoot the bomb when Popo get's close.
This will stun him for about 10-13 seconds, giving you enough time to pump some
shells or rifle bullets into it's abdomen. When it gets back up, repeat. If you
run out of ammo or prox. mines, break open the barrels inside and outside of
the huts to get more. Pretty simple, really. Once Popokarimu finally falls,
enjoy the BA cutscene, and your grade for this section.

                            Chapter 2-2 End Mission                            

You should have quite the amount of money after selling all the diamonds you
got (10,000 to be precise). For the next section, you don't need to worry about
anything in your inventory, because you won't be using your guns. Instead, use
the 10,000 you just got from the diamonds to either upgrade the Dragunov or buy
a Melee Vest for Sheva to use. In Chapter 3-1, it won't hurt her to have one on
her. Here's what I have going into 2-3. Nothing fancy.

M92F - 20 Cap, 210 FP, 1.62 Reload Speed, 1 Crit star
Ithaca M37 - 260 FP, 9 or 10 Cap, Normal rest (reload speed isn't worth it)
S75 Rifle - 8 Cap, 900 FP
HG Bullets
Shotgun Shells

MP5 - 55 cap, 1 piercing star
Machine gun ammo
Melee Vest

                            Tactics: Picking A Rifle                           

Alright so you have a decision to make here. The Dragunov SVD is semi-auto,
meaning you don't have to cock your gun before shooting off another bullet. It
also has a considerably faster reload speed. However, it pales in comparison in
the form of power and capacity to the S75. If you're not a developed sniper as
of this point, you're going to want the Dragunov, because sniping becomes a
necessity in the later chapters. However, if you can confidently say you're
hitting at least 90% of your shots with the rifle, I would opt for the S75.
It's firepower maxing out at a hefty 2000, it's one of the most powerful every
mission weapons you can use, beating out even a hand grenade. Not to mention it
maxes out at 50 capacity, making it easily one of the best guns in the game.
You'll have to decide what's best for your type of play, and don't lie to
yourself. It'll hurt if you do.

                                  Chapter 2-3                                  

Alright, listen to the people talk as you start heading towards the marshlands
in the safety of a jeep. Once the cutscene and your hopes of being safe all the
way come to an end, hop on the machine gun up top and get ready for some
action. Shoot down all the guys on the bikes. Pretty simple really. Don't shoot
too much or your guns will overheat. When a truck comes up, make it a priority
to shoot down the guys in the bed of the truck first, then shooting the truck
directly (kill the driver before making the truck explode, and you'll get the
Drive-By trophy). Every once in a while you'll have to put a button command in
to avoid taking some extra damage. Eventually you'll come up to a road block
with a truck in the way. Shoot the barrel on the back of the truck and shoot
the barrels surrounding it to clear the road. Take out the last few guys on
bikes along with the final truck, and you'll come up to yet another boss.

                                 Boss #3: Ndesu                                

Not too hard here. You're using a fully automatic, unlimited ammunition assault
rifle for cryin' out loud. When he's right by you, just pump bullets into his
head. Don't forget to heed your driver's warning about overheating the guns
from before. Eventually it'll get hurt, and two plagas will come out of it's
body. Shoot down both of them to reveal the big plaga on it's back, and unload.
Once it goes back inside the Ndesu, shoot down the bow Majini to your right
using the barrel inside the building it's on top of. If the Ndesu pulls up a
rock, shoot the barrel it's by to force it to drop the boulder, and pump lead
into again until the plagas reappear. Shoot up all the plagas again. If it
charges towards you, just keep shooting him and he'll stop. Every once in a
while you'll have to use L1 + R1 to dodge a punch or an overhead smash to the
ground. Once all 4 of the plagas have been blown up, shoot up the big one again
to finish him off (most of the time; veteran players might have to go for a
third round). And that's the end of the chapter! Easy right? Well lock and
load; it gets a lot harder from here on out.

                                End of Chapter 2                               

Not much to do here. You don't get any money or ammo or anything, so anything
that you didn't do after Chapter 2-2 you should do here. Rearrange your items
however you'd like, and get ready for some treasure hunting. Unfortunately,
it's not the kinda treasure you can sell. Well, not all of it anyway. :)

                                  Chapter 3-1                                  

 You start 3-1 with a lengthy cutscene. You may want to watch it, then restart
your PS3 and skip it. It can really cause an S grade in time to go to an A.
It's that long. It's a great cutscene though.

After the cutscene, you land on an island with a dead body with a document
saying something about an impregnable wall. Psh. Not for us. Pick up the Beast
Slate and slash everything around there for a couple treasures. Alright, here's
how this works. You're going to be driving that boat a lot in this section, so
before going to the objective point on your radar, go ahead and drive around
and practice the acceleration and turning on the boat to get used to it. Once
you get the hang of it, go ahead and head towards the objective point to get
the slate map. 

Alright, there's a couple other places we need to go first. Start by going
straight up the the top left of the map. Once you get there, use your knife to
kill off the fish and grab all their stuff, and grab all the stuff on the
island as well. Once your done, go ahead and take the boat on a diagonal
towards the bottom right, and about 7-10 seconds from the fish pond, you'll see
a boat. Get off onto the boat, break open the barrels, then open the weapon
case to find...a rocket launcher. I know. It's weird. They don't give it to you
for any particular reason either. Shrug it off and hold onto it. DON'T LET

Anyway, now we can start collecting the slates. The one to the top is the
easiest, with the one to the east being a little bit easier than the one to the
southwest. Start by going to the red X to the north. When you get off the boat,
run forward and break EVERYTHING. There are about 5 treasures on this island
besides the slate, so make sure you break everything open (for those looking
for the BSAA emblems, there's one here too, I believe). Then head to the back
part of the island. Make sure you throw Sheva up the LEFT assist jump first,
because there's a treasure up there. When she hops down, go ahead and toss her
up the right side if you're happy with the results from this island. As soon as
she picks it up, you're going to get rushed by a group of Village People!!
These Majini have this uncanny ability of pissing you off. They don't stay on
the ground long unless you give them a reason to (shotgun, Straight attack,
etc.) and the like charging and jumping at you. They're also much better at
evading then the town Majini, and it'll take some adjustment for first time

Anyway, skip the cutscene that shows them rushing towards you. The reason this
island is easier than the rest is because you can run past all of these guys
with ease. You shouldn't have to fire off a single bullet. Sheva MIGHT get
caught in the fray, but the AI usually does a pretty good job of leaving her
alone for some reason.

Get back on the boat and head towards the eastern island. This one can be a
little bit harder. There are alligators inside the water.

>> Please be aware that the Crocs/Alligators or whatever they are can kill you
in one hit. No questions asked. Try and avoid them at all costs. Once again,
though, they don't seem to care about Sheva if she's AI controlled. Pattern

Head into the water and run around the edge to the left. By the tree you'll
find a treasure, then head towards the top of the map of this area. WATCH OUT
FOR THE CROC THAT LIES IN AMBUSH! Head up the ladder and you'll be safe for
now. Check the inside of the hut you're by. Don't go in yet. Look up and you'll
see Majini. They thought they were SOOOO clever. Take out your shotgun and show
them otherwise, please. Collect everything in the room, then head to where the
red X is located. There's one more Majini in here, take him out and grab the
slate. Go back to the ladder and jump down, and make your way very quickly
back. You CAN take the route to the left of your current position; you might
only find one croc if you go that way. Two down, one to go.

Head over to the southwest into that little area and dock up the boat. Notice
that it's tight quarters for later. On this island you're going to get swarmed
again, but this time from all kinds of angles. You're gonna wanna back yourself
into a corner, and start firing away with your handgun. If it gets too messy,
pull out the Ithaca and blast em back. Eventually, they'll stop coming after
you, and that'll give you enough time to grab the slate and head back to the
boat, quickly. As you're leaving, they blockade your exit. Assholes. Drive
slowly around to avoid getting shot up, and Sheva will take out the guard
holding you up. After the blockade's down, accelerate through all the enemies.
Just go. Don't wait for Sheva to waste ammo. Now you've got all 4 slates. Head
back to the objective point on the map, and go ahead and put in all four
slates. The end of the section is near already, but you're going to want to
make sure your shotgun and rifle are both loaded, and Chris has at least one
empty slot.

Not too difficult for now, run straight in the water and hang a left. Keep
running straight so you don't get hit by the explosive arrows shooting your
way. Once you hit land, you can run up some stairs to the top. Alright, here
comes the fun part. In about 20 seconds your about to get swarmed by Majini. I
decided that this part would be easier to show you over anything else, so
here's a video dedicated specifically to this part.

- VIDEO: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 Here you go guys. My own freshly made video off of my laptop =\ haha. Hope it
helps out a little.

                            Chapter 3-1 End Mission                            

>> Do NOT upgrade the M29 just yet. The pricey upgrades are just not worth your
time at this point in the game, and the money can and should be used else
where. Only do cap upgrades when you run out of ammo in the gun

  Two big additions to your weapon cache: The S&W M29 Magnum and the Rocket
Launcher. There will be times where, if you're struggling, the big boy can be
used to clear that area in one shot. The magnum is a gun that I will usually
tell you to bring before hand, but if you feel safer hanging onto it, or you're
trying to harvest ammo for it, I won't knock you. Sell off all your treasures
and stuff; the two Blue Enigmas alone sell for a nice little 6k. By now, you
should have decided which machine gun Sheva's using. If you haven't, choose now
and free up the other slot for her, because we're not wasting our money on the
other gun anymore. Don't bother with the M92F's FP this go round; the next 10k
we make will go towards maxing it out on a straight shot. Also, stop upgrading
the Ithaca after this section. The shotgun we get in 3-3 is a much better gun
for you to have, especially for the later chapters. You'll need your rifle for
this section, so make sure you know which rifle you're using. Here's my
inventory going into 3-2.

M92F - 30 Cap, 210 FP, 1.62 Reload Speed, 1 Crit star
Ithaca M37 - 260 FP, 10 cap, Normal rest
S75 Rifle - 12 Cap, 950 FP
S&W M29 - Default
Rifle Ammo
Shotgun Shells

MP5 - 80 cap, 70 FP, 2.55 Reload Speed, 1 piercing star
Machine gun ammo (if none, Green herb)
Melee Vest

                                  Chapter 3-2                                  

Sigh. This section blows. With a AI controlled partner, you'll be lucky to get
through without dying at least once on Veteran. On my playthough on normal, it
worked out okay. As soon as you get off the gondola, collect all the rifle ammo
around the area, and equip the rifle as well. Once you walk up to the open
area, you'll trigger a cutscene. After it ends, snipe as many of the Majini you
can. Once you can't snipe them any more, finish off the stragglers with your
handgun. No point wasting shotgun shells. Also, try to save the rest of your
rifle ammo for later. You'll be glad you did.

Anyway, go ahead and continue across to the middle platform. And then the
bridge will get pulled up. Great. Guess nothing can be too easy. Climb up the
ladder and take your frustration out on the guy that pushed the button and the
bow gun Majini. Hop back down the middle area where the cutscene took place,
and investigate the crank. If you're going it Solo, Sheva will crank, and
you'll be dodging...a huge alligator. Once again, can't just be easy. Stupid.
Anyway, go ahead and dodge 4 times, and that should be enough to have you by
the platform. Climb up and press the button, lowering the bridge. That wasn't
too bad. Unlock the door and run over to the bridge and run through. Woo. A big
open area. No enemies here though, but now you can clearly see the oil fields.
Isn't funny how nearly 24 hours has past and Chris and Sheva don't show one
sign of fatigue? Or hunger? They should do something like that for the next RE.

Anyway, there's a first aid spray and some money in this area, so go ahead and
grab those before heading through the door into the oil fields. Obviously
you'll see all the Majini in the area, but none are threatening enough to waste
rifle ammo on, in my opinion. Unless you're packin' 30+ ammo, don't do it. Jump
down and clear out the area. The ladder you can climb up on the middle platform
has a valve handle at the top. Turning this turns off the fire to your left and
activates a few more Majini. Go ahead and end their sorry lives, and it's time
to prepare. Here's what happens. On either side of this map, there is a lever
that calls a zip line over to you. As soon as you use that zip line, a Chainsaw
Majini will come, and yes, if you go to both at the same time in co-op play,
they both will come. Make sure your guns are loaded and ready to go, and head
down the zip line that's to the right of the two flame jets. This one, you
should be able to use the valve handle without activating a Chainsaw Majini
immediately. Once the jet is off, unbar the door. If you're playing Solo,
however, Sheva might decide it's a grand idea to open the door. Super -_- If
she does, let it come after you and run past it before it swings it's chainsaw
on you. You don't HAVE to kill the Chainsaw Majini, but I would. It makes
things a lot easier. One rifle bullet to the head should cause it to stagger.
If it gets too close, pop two shotgun shells into it and run. If you have a
hand grenade, DON'T USE IT. You'll want it for later. After a couple well aimed
rifle shots, it will fall, leaving behind a Venom Fang, I believe. After it
drops that, go ahead and go down the other zip line, activating the other
Majini psycho, and repeat. Once they're both dead, turn both valve handles to
open your path. As you cross that bridge like area there, up the stairs to your
right a bunch of Majini will come out, one holding a dynamite stick. Try and
kill him before anything else. After that, mow them down however you'd like.
Jump down the ladder, collect the stuffs and head through the door to trigger
yet another cutscene. A happy cutscene of course ^_^ Josh is still alive. 

Woo. Time to protect Josh. They come over the fence by the only broken open
window, through the broken window, and somewhere behind the elevator. Not as
bad as it seems. Keep your aim steady by the unshattered window and Sheva will
do all the running around for you. After a set amount of time, Josh will tell
you he's almost done and the other window will break. Turn around and start
pumpin' handgun bullets into em. Once the two Big Man Majini come around, let
them come in, then shotgun them to oblivion. Don't waste time with melee
attacks; it'll knock them out of the room, and you won't get the treasures.
Grab the two treasures, even if Josh unlocks the elevator (he's not going
anywhere, trust me), and head into the elevator and go up. 

Alright up here there are couple bow gun Majini that you should snipe out or
take out. Whatever makes you comfortable. Break the barrels, and grab the
proximity bomb. Jump down the ladder and in the middle of the platform set it
down. Climb up the ladder and take out the remaining Majini if you haven't
already. Run towards the other ladder, but don't jump down and pull out your
rifle and load it. You're going to have to protect Josh again, and it's not
gonna be pretty; a Chainsawer decides to join the mix that comes up the
elevator while Josh gets that door done. They seem to expect you to block the
Chainsaw's path with the bomb, because a regular Majini is front of it. Snipe
him out first, then pump lead into that chainsaw. Hopefully the combined effort
of your sniper rifle and the bomb will take it out, because this guy drops a
gold ring, worth 5000. If not, you should've stalled him long enough for Josh
to open the door in plenty of time. If you have the M29, I wouldn't go against
pumping a clip into it. The 5000 you get will pay for a cap upgrade and still
leave you with at least 4000, so it's definitely worth it.

Anyway, after you head through the door, Josh takes off to find your escape
route. Go the other direction to search for Irving. Jump through the window for
a couple barrels with random stuff inside, then jump back out and head through
the door. 

Alright, there's Irving's boat. Break the barrels and grab the goodies. Go
right, but note the door on the left for later. Don't forget to break the
barrels in the little thing off the right side on the way up to the boat. A
hand grenade's in here, and you're going to need it in a minute. Equip the
grenade. Run forward and trigger the cutscene. After this cutscene ends, you'll
have two minutes to get to the other side of the dock. Run forward and veer to
you right and jump down. Jump across the mini platforms until you get back to
that door. Somehow, it magically has a padlock on it now. Although it seems
tempting to run up to it, run up and toss the grenade. As you run up, Majini
will jump out, only to be blown up by the grenade. Sad. Kick open the door and
rush through, pulling out your handgun. A Big Man will come out with some
doggies, but you're not messing with them. Shoot the two explosives blocking
your path, and run straight through to the boat to trigger a cutscene and the
end of the chapter. Great cutscene.

                            Chapter 3-2 End Mission                            

 Unless you killed off all 3 of the Chainsaw Majini's, there's not much in the
form of treasure on this one. Just a couple small 1000 gems. Lame. I did kill
all three though, which landed me a hefty 11k by itself. Awesome. No upgrading
the Ithaca here; you're getting a new shotgun, one much more suited for your
playthrough. You can either save your money for the new shotgun, or give your
partner an upgrade and put your handgun in the mix as well. If you used up your
magnum clip, make capacity for it your first priority. Sheva's going to get
your Ithaca as another crowd controller, as well, so don't feel bad if she's
running low on machine gun ammo. Having the rifle in this spot is very helpful,
especially if you have a bad shot with the handgun. I'm able to shoot just
about everything with the handgun, but I'll not expect the same of you. 

M92F - 33 Cap, 230 FP, 1.62 Reload Speed, 1 Crit star
Ithaca M37 - 260 FP, 10 cap, Normal rest
S75 Rifle - 15 Cap, 1050 FP
S&W M29 - +1 Upgrade to Cap if empty, otherwise default
HG Bullets
Shotgun Shells

MP5 - 90 cap, 70 FP, 2.55 Reload Speed, 1 piercing star
Machine gun ammo (if none, Green herb)
Melee Vest

                                  Chapter 3-3                                  

If you haven't gotten good with a rifle by now, this section could be hard for
you. If not, it should be a cakewalk. You'll start by being chased by two boats
with 3 Majini each. If you happen to catch the Molotov one first, it'll burn
all 3 down in one shot. Hurray! Now turn around. You'll notice a ton of
explosives and a closed gate. Shoot all of the explosives to kill the bow gun
and dyna-Majini in the area, then Josh will stop the boat at the gate. Now you
have to open the gate. Get up on the platform and take out those stupid
Kipepeo. Those are going to be annoying here, and they like to gather in large
numbers. Head over to the opposite side of this dock to open the gate,
collecting the goodies as you go and killing off whatever gets in your way.
This is the easy dock anyway. Once the gate's open, more Kipepeo will come >.>
Irritating. Kill them off as you jump onto the boat, and turn around and get
the rifle ready.

This is the most likely place you'll die. Lots of unlikely dynamite tosses
around the horn. Just do your best to shoot out the explosives as you drive by.
You'll have to duck twice when Josh says get down, so make sure you're not in
the scope looking while he says it, or you take a heavy set of damage for
getting hit by the pole. Once you get to the next dock, the gate's closed
again, but this time you've got a bit more of a challenge ahead of you.

>> I'll be posting a video for this section of the guide soon. I'm waaaay past
this part, so I'm going to come back on Veteran when I make that playthrough,
that way I have to do it better for you guys ;)

Hop up onto the dock and shoot the Majini in front of your face with the
handgun. Time to get your new shotgun!! Run to the left then slant to the right
a bit up the ramp. Don't go up the ramp all the way though; there's a spot to
jump down ahead. Run across and jump the gap. Go around the little hut to the
front side of it and you'll see that lovely silver attache case. Grab the M3
Shotgun and give the Ithaca to Sheva. You're going to love this gun. Like this
<3. Grab all the miscellaneous goodies inside the hut, the before trekking back
to the levers, jump the platform to the right for a sapphire and two barrels.
Then head back to the ramp and climb up. Then go to your right and jump across,
quickly, and run down the ramp to the left and take cover quickly. When the
Gatling guns stop shooting, take the Majini out on either gun. Once they're
gone, run forward towards the guns and run around the bend. You'll have to
climb the ladder up there and go into the hut in between the two guns. There's
a treasure and some barrels in here. Jump down and try to pull one of the
levers to start an assist action. Sheva will run over to the other lever and
pull it. Now you have one or two choices to make: make a mad dash back to the
boat, or go up the guns and use the turrets to blast all of the oncoming
Kipepeo. Once you get back to the boat, Josh will take you through, and a
cutscene will occur. Whew. That was fun. Relatively easy section so far. Now
there's that Irving character, but this won't be too hard either.

                                Boss #4: Irving                                

This can be pretty hard depending on your accuracy with the larger weaponry. On
Irving's ship, there are two fully automatic turrets and two missile turrets.
There's a first aid spray near the cabin of the boat if you need it, but pick
it up before you beat Irving anyway; that's 1000 you don't have to spend later.
Irving will come out of the water on either side of the boat, and you'll want
to shoot the weak point on what seems to be the back of his neck. Now, if
you're good at shooting, jump on that missile turret and one well aimed shot
should cause Irving to go back under the water. Repeat this until some of his
tentacles come out of the water. Their weak point is the discolored portion of
the tentacle. One missile will blow it in half, while a good 4-5 seconds of
concentrated turret fire will take one out too. Be sure to be ready to dodge at
all times; you won't take any damage if you manage to dodge everything
successfully. Eventually, he'll use his tentacles to grab the back of the boat
and the big monster will open it's mouth revealing Irving as like a tongue
looking thing. Take up shop at the machine gun turret and blast him, making
sure to keep your gun from overheating. If Irving goes back in, either the
tentacles are coming, or he's about to charge the boat, which is an easy dodge.
If his tentacles come up, make them a top priority before going on Irving.
Also, if you don't command Sheva to take post at one of the turrets, she'll
waste bullets. Lame! Take out the two on your side, then pump bullets into
Irving until he croaks, then go ahead and enjoy the cutscene after the fight,
and the end of Chapter 3. We're halfway done now. Only 3 more chapters to go.

                                End of Chapter 3                               

Chris gets a new toy; the M3 Shotgun. If you collected all the treasures I told
you to, you should be able to handle a FP upgrade or two. Go ahead and let
Sheva have the Ithaca. It won't do anything but help you. The M3's only
downside is the Ithaca's bigger upside; M3 can only hold 10 shells, while the
Ithaca holds 25. The Ithaca pales in comparison in the terms of firepower. To
put it in perspective, the M3 has more firepower RIGHT NOW if you've been
upgrading the same way I have, which, of course, I never expect. It costs 73000
to max out, making it one of the most inexpensive weapons in the game to
upgrade (you'll be getting 40k+ in the next section alone). This next chapter,
you'll be getting another new toy, but this one can't be upgraded, so go ahead
and burn all your cash on the M3 and Sheva's MP5. Also, don't bring the magnum
with you for this section. 1) You don't need it and 2) you're getting something
cool, and need the space for it. Also, some of the enemies you fight up here
can be killed with the flash grenade, nabbing you the flash grenade trophy
(kill 2 or more enemies with a flash grenade) just so you know. More
information at the Trophy section down below.

M92F - 37 Cap, 230 FP, 1.62 Reload Speed, 1 Crit star
M3 - 350 FP, 6 Cap, Rest Default
S75 Rifle - 15 Cap, 1050 FP
HG Bullets
Shotgun Shells

MP5 - 100 cap, 70 FP, 2.55 Reload Speed, 1 piercing star
Ithaca M37 - No more upgrades for now
Machine gun ammo (if none, Green herb)
Melee Vest

>> You and Sheva will be seperated again, and this time it will be without
being able to guard her with a rifle. Make sure she has that shotgun handy and
she gets a cap upgrade on her machine gun (whatever one it is; for your sake, I
hope it's the MP5)

                                  Chapter 4-1                                  

Josh will drop you off and you and Sheva will have a conversation about
Tricell. Woo. Fun times. Break the pots on the way through and pick up any of
the stuff, blah blah blah. As you continue forward, a little scene with an
enemy climbing out of the ground. Okay, this is the enemy that can be killed
with the flash grenade. Honestly, you can run straight past em without one
worry, but you wanna make sure you slash/shoot all the fires to get the gems
inside. Run straight and past the ladder to the back to climb up and grab a
treasure (those little dudes can't get up here), then look at the wall with
your handgun and shoot down another one. Go back to the ladder and climb up. If
your partner happens to get caught in the only attack these buggers have,
she'll walk straight toward you for you to free her. Once you're up the ladder,
slash everything you can, collecting the stuffs. Shoot all the torches as you
go, then at the end be sure to break all the skulls open before leaving, as
there's two more treasures in there. Woo. This is fun right? 

Well here's even more treasure. Open up the thing you need Sheva's help with,
breaking all the torches and pots along the way, until you come to the bridge.
Before you step on the bridge, take Sheva's MP5 and give her your handgun.
First time for everything right? :)

                           Separation 2: Chapter 4-1                           

Alright, as soon as you try and cross the bridge, it'll get knocked down. Woo.
Pull out that MP5 and use it to knock down all the enemies you run past to get
back to Sheva as quickly as possible. Go into one of the side rooms and pull
out your M3 and show these guys why you don't mess with a shotgun. Should make
quick work of them all. Be sure to collect all the money and treasure and stuff
in the two side rooms on the highest floor here. Not much of a separation here
if you can hurry up to her. If you don't, though, Sheva will more than likely
die, so be quick.

                             Chapter 4-1 Continued                             

  Alright there's a seemingly isolated tomb on what looks like a peninsula of
land. When you push this one open, it'll be empty and you'll start falling
down. Press the button in time to save yourself from the fall. You'll take some
decent damage if you don't. There are 3 chests and a closed door here, so go
open all three. You'll get ambushed each time, but it's nothing extraordinary.
When the torch Majini comes, just shoot out his legs so you can get a good
visual at him, then gun his head. I've never seen a Cephalo come out of these
guys, so it's safe. Anyway, once you collect all 3 treasures, go ahead and head
through the now opened door with your rifle equipped and go ahead and snipe all
of the guys on the ground below you before they can organize any kind of
retaliation. There's a thing in the middle of the room that opens up that huge
lug of a door, but it doesn't stay open long. And when you try to run to it,
big flaming balls of death come falling from either side of you. Damn your luck
right? Skip all the pots for now; the fire balls will take care of all of them.
Once you get through the door, the firey flaming death balls stop coming. To
your advantage, the balls end up breaking most of the pots, so head back out
and collect everything that you can, then head through the door to an action

Alright, not a thing in this room. Run forward onto what is obviously a trap,
then RUN!!! Tap X for your life, while every once in a while pressing [] or O
to jump over holes. At the last hole, either you or Sheva will fall into the
hole, and you'll have to press another button combo to save them. Then watch
them cross jump underneath the closing door. >.> Now that we Indiana Jones'd
it, head over to the two ropes and pull one to have Sheva pull the other and
put it behind you; a straight up action area like that doesn't happen again
until Chapter 6-2, so you've got time to prepare (Chris ain't the dodgin'

Okay, so this isn't much of a puzzle. While I remember the good old days again,
where the puzzles weren't so simple, run forward down the stairs, then forward
again down more stairs. When you get to a part in the path that you can go
straight, right, or left, head to the left. Run straight back and take another
left at the wall. Check out the silver attache case. Open it up and get the
Grenade Launcher. Woo! I love this gun. It shoots 1000-1500 FP grenades on a
straight path at your opponents. Yay. We're going to need this later, so make
Chris grab it so Sheva doesn't waste it. Do a 180 and run straight to another
rope. Make Sheva grab it and run around to the other side and grab that side,
changing the staircases again. Grab the gem from where the statue moved from,
and repeat with the new statue. Go to the left of the statue and hang another
left to jump across for a treasure, then hop back. When you run back where you
started, Majini attack. Big whoop. Go ahead and blast em all with the rifle if
you can, then take the long way down then up the stairs to pull another
statue's ropes. There's some flash ammo for your 'nade launcher in a chest.
Command Sheva to pull this rope, then you head downstairs and quickly pull
yours, skipping the animation for the enemies attacking. If you do it quick
enough, you'll pull them down, then have to worry about enemies. One all the
annoying land crawlers and Majini are taken care of, run upstairs to Sheva's
statue and grab her treasure too. Head over to the last statue and pull the
ropes, collecting the treasure. Alright, pull out your grenade launcher and get
ready for a fight

                             Boss #4.5: Popokarimu                             

The reason this isn't a real boss? You can run. The reason I put it as a boss?
You can kill it, and it's big. Simple. 

It's armor is gone if you haven't noticed. Guess what that means? Unload on
that SOB. Make it sorry it ever showed it's face again. Eventually it will fall
down, and two more shots ought to do the job quickly and painlessly. If you do
decide to run though, you're losing out on 10k and a really easy boss, and
wasting your breath. It still chases you, and then you have to press the right
dodge buttons PERFECTLY, or you'll die. After killing it, it drops a Soul Gem,
a green heart jewel worth 10k.

                            Chapter 4-1: End Mission                           

Alright, this almost isn't fair. On a replay through this mission, me and my
brother obtained 46,700 total cash. Remember how I said earlier the M3 only
takes 73k? You're more than half way there already. How crazy is that?! I'm not
posting my weapons list anymore; you know what you do and do not use by this
point in the game. My friendly advice? If you've got the Dragunov, max out FP
right now (the last rifle you get is a joke), then hit up Cap for all your guns
with a FP thrown in. If you're packing heavy with the M3 and the S75, upgrade
your handgun to full strength with a cap increase, get a cap to S75, then go
strict FP on your M3, which should be a HUGE difference. If you want to, you
can go ahead and redo this section over and over for the money. I don't like
doing that until you beat the game, just because it doesn't feel fair, but it's
not cheating if you're allowed to do it, right? Make sure you're packing a
rifle and herb; You're probably going to need it for 4-2, which is almost
strictly a puzzle section. Don't worry though, the puzzles are pathetically

                                  Chapter 4-2                                  

This section is annoying, to be perfectly honest. I guess they have to cover up
the best treasure section in the game with an annoying "I'm gonna kill Sheva
myself since she decides to die all the freakin time" section. Bah. Whatever.
Go up the first flight of stairs and do a Michigan Left Hand turn (U Turn for
everywhere else) and break some pots, then continue up the stairs. Check the
panel to see an indent missing from the wall. Woohoo! Time to collect more
tablets!! Anyone remember Krauser's Playground? Think that, but no Krauser, and
super charged Solar Death Rays of Explosions and Fire. Great. I think I'd
rather fight Krauser again as a G-Virus infected beast, to be honest. I hate
this part. It's not hard...for humans. Sheva has difficulty being cooperative
in this part. There are three tablets on this section, and I'm going to video
tape it and show you guys how to do it! Even if I die =[

- VIDEO: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 So I lied. This isn't mine just yet. I'll be working on that soon guys,
promise. I tried to record it on Professional...and it didn't go so well. Got
hit a lot.

                           Separation 3: Chapter 4-2                           

When you go through the doors, head straight down to a odd looking door with a
strange symbol. Investigate it and it will open for you, leading you into a
room with what seems to be and is a puzzle. There's a platform with one of the
mirrors on it, and you have to get the beam to that mirror. The beam will KILL
YOU. Period. Don't touch it. Ever. It will kill you. During the three levels of
puzzles, Sheva won't get off of the platform cleverly placed for her above all
the beams. Call her all you want, she won't move until you're trying to go down
to the next level. Honestly, the "puzzle" here isn't all that hard. The beams
reflect off the center of the "mirrors" that are placed around the area. If you
ever went to school, this should be pretty simple for most people; I played a
video game called Zap in 6th grade, and there was a very similar puzzle in that
game. Anyway, the first one, you just have to move the mirror closest to the
platform to the left, and the beam will reflect onto the platform. Easiest one.

Next one is a bit tougher, but nothing too crazy. Run over by the raised area
so Sheva will get out of your way again, then look around. The beam is being
blocked by a pillar that you can knock down, but don't knock the one blocking
the beam just yet. Instead, knock down the other one, and use your imagination
to set up the mirrors before hand, so no unnecessary mistakes have to be made.
Once all the mirrors are set up, knock down the pillar from the side closest to
the wall and go down the platform

>> If you knock down the pillar from behind, the beam's going towards you.
You'll die immediately. Did I mention that?

Woo! Last one, and man oh man is it a tangled mess. Luckily, the first mirror
to move the beam has it pointed into the wall, making it easy to move all your
mirrors around. Your first target is not the exit, but the statue at the
opposite side of the room. Move the mirrors accordingly, then let the beam fly.
It'll open a door on the left and right side of the statue, with treasures
inside both. The one with the tortured guy has a gold beetle I think. The one
with the pots is complicated. A lot of the pots have snakes in them. Lame. It's
minimal damage, honestly, and you can heal back up with the eggs they drop, but
tossing two hand grenades in there wouldn't hurt you. Run in, grab all the
stuff, then run out. Go ahead and move that one mirror back so the beam is
against the wall again, the rearrange the center mirror towards the exit
platform, then rearrange the mirror again. Run over the the platform and press
O to activate it, then wait for Sheva's slow behind to make it over to you. Run
forward to activate the cutscene and you're all done with Chapter 4. Two more
to go.

                                End of Chapter 4                               

The shortest chapter you've had to deal with since Chapter 1, Chapter 4
consists of about 55-60K in money and the Grenade Launcher. Since you can't
upgrade the 'nader, you get 60K in upgrades for your weapons, and you're going
to need every single penny for this next chapter. The plot thickens, a new
enemy comes back from the past with some new tricks, and a new enemy puts a new
meaning to the words hatred, frustration, fury, and "what the
(*%^". That one should be in the dictionary. Anyway, you're basically gonna
have the M29 (Magnum) on you for every section in this chapter. I'd be insulted
if you didn't. At this point in the game, if you concentrated on one gun, you
could have it completely upgraded by now. If not, you should have some pretty
powerful weapons. I'm talking like 500 FP for your M3 or higher. You should
consider pumping some cash into the M29's FP for this Chapter too; you'll use
it a lot. Don't bring the ammo though, it's a waste. Also, bringing some hand
grenades for this next section would make the boss fight that's upcoming much

                                  Chapter 5-1                                  

 Alright, starting off, pull out that trusty handgun of yours and do a quick
turn. Aim up. Check it out! Shiny! Haha...yeah...it's 10 to 1 in the morning.
Leave me alone. Shoot it down and pick it up. Run around the bend to the left
while you stick to your right and pick up the beetle, then run up the stairs
and to the exit. There's another treasure in here somewhere. I'll edit this
part later with it's whereabouts. Head around to the bridge looking thing, and
go forward through the door. Woo.

Alright walk forward and head through the door on your left for some random
goodies, then head back out. Walk forward and head to t..WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS
THAT. I assume that's what you'll be saying at this point your first time
through, correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, there's an herb to the right of the
door that Sheva should take for later, then head through the door to see more
flowers. Sigh. Whatever. Because it makes sense to have it lying around in a
incubator room, grab the ammunition sitting on the computer desks and head out
the other door. You'll see a bunch of blood and huge claw marks. Super. Keep
going forward until you reach a box with some random ammunition, then turn the
valve and open the door. Pull the lever and the shutter will open. There it is
again. Scared yet? Break open the glass with your knife and run over to the
left. Keeps disappearing on us.  Wuss. Anyway, you're in what seems to be a
animal testing facility now. One shot takes out the captives and can give you
an increase to your accuracy score if you're not a steady shot. Pull out that
M3. Around the corner to the right, the glass breaks open and an old friend
pops out. Gee, that's real original, popping through the glass, Mr. Licker.
You've never done that before. Blast it with the shotgun, and follow it up with
more until it's gone. Sheva probably took her time attacking the second one,
which makes life easier for you. Rush up and shotgun it or use your rifle to
finish it off. Also, a counterattack command and a stab to the heart will
instakill any Licker.

Once their both dead and you start breathing again, open the door and start
heading through the passageways. There'll be a door on your right. Go through
that door for a Red Herb, which you should mix with Sheva's green, 3000 bucks
in gold bars in a safe, a file, and the AK-74, the most powerful normal machine
gun in the game. It has a low clip (50 max), which makes it almost useless
without Infinite Ammo since your handgun gets 100 bullets and has the same max
FP with a faster reload speed and a Critical opportunity. Have Sheva hold onto
it for now for the extra ammunition for later. Continue through the halls until
you reach a lever and pull it, turning on some lights. Quickly go to the
opposite wall and aim your rifle into the lighted cracks at the top of the
shutter. There are more Lickers, and you can pop a few shots into em before
having to go into the next room. Gotta be quick though. Once your done, have
Sheva press the other button to unlock the door and head in. WALK. Don't run.
The Lickers' senses are weak, and they can't tell you're in there. Walk forward
and push open the door, don't kick it. Continue walking forward until you get
to a door you'll have to kick with Sheva. Great. Kick the door and run. Fast.
All the way to the back of the room is an elevator and some boxes you should
break, and you can do a few things from here. Choose the one that you deem best
for your gameplay.

>   * Fight off the first wave of Lickers, collecting everything. You'll easily
collect enough money for cap upgrades and such. Then press the elevator button
to call the elevator and bring more Lickers for your fighting entertainment.

>   * Same as above, except call the elevator as soon as you get back there.
They all rush at once, making easy Incendiary and M3 targets.
>   * Press the elevator button, fend them off with the rifle and grenades, and
leave asap.

Alright, choose whichever works best for you, and get ready to fight them off.
At first, use the rifle to snipe them out. A hit to head stops them
momentarily, but not long enough. Shoot quickly and accurately. Once they get
to mid range, decide whether you want to toss a grenade, or prepare your
shotgun and wait. The elevator get's there eventually, and then you can take it
down. If you kill all the Lickers, you should get a couple nice little gems
worth 2500 each. Woo. 

When you get out of the elevator, there's a ton of ammo ahead of you.
Restocking up right? Grab everything you can, especially that hand grenade.
You'll be glad I told you later. Right now, equip that magnum run onto that
huge platform to trigger a lengthy cutscene and the next boss fight.

                                  Boss #5: U-8                                 

This guy isn't too bad, but you'll find a lot of his attacks are one hit kills,
which can be kind of irritating if you're bad at dodging. He has a few weak
points, but the main one is covered by that thick shell. He has two minor weak
points on the legs used to keep him on the platform which are indicated by the
red marks on his legs. He also has another weak point, which is his mouth,
which we'll discuss in a minute.

Start off the battle by dodging or dying. Yay. After that, run around the
entire platform, collecting the herb and other stuff on the platform. It won't
be there once the battle's over. Then concentrate your fire on the weak points
on its legs. Now, if you aren't very good with accuracy, I would recommend
taking back the AK-74 for this battle. Otherwise, pull out your magnum and 1-2
shots should stun U-8. At this point, if you have a hand grenade, you can run
up to it's mouth and press [] to throw it in. This will cause considerable
damage and blow off a portion of it's head. On Normal, do this 3 times and it
dies. Poof. Just like that. If you don't, that portion on its head is the weak
point, so concentrate your magnum fire towards the weak spot. When your clip
empties, do NOT reload. Pull out your handgun if you're uncomfortable being
close, or your shotgun if otherwise, and stun it again by shooting the legs.
When it falls down, open fire with the rifle or shotgun on the blown off
portion. If Kipepeo come, you can kill them for a 50% drop (I made this up) of
a hand grenade, which is nice if you're out of shotgun/rifle/magnum bullets, or
if you're trying to conserve ammo. Otherwise they're just irritating, and as
long as you keep moving after 1-2 shots, they won't bother you much. Won't be
long before U-8 is taking a swan dive off the platform in agony, and ends
Chapter 5-1 after a nice cutscene.

                            Chapter 5-1 End Mission                            

New weapon for Chapter 5-1 is the AK-74, but dump it for now, as it's only
useful on Infinite Ammo playthroughs. It burns through ammo too quickly and
easily to be of any use on the first playthrough. Go ahead and sell off the
Lion Hearts you got from the Lickers you may have killed or not. Things are
going to get harder here on out, which is why I made you use up the magnum
clip. Upgrade the cap and the FP on the magnum to your liking, but I recommend
at least one upgrade to each. Then, distribute the money as you see fit. Get to
meet a new enemy for this section. Although you don't really HAVE to fight it,
the gem it drops is worth a pretty penny, and also worth your magnum clip.
Also, the boss for this section is weak to fire, so bring the Grenade Launcher
if you wish; You'll find flame rounds for the gun later in the section. Come
with it equipped with flash rounds, since they're cheap and helpful. Buying a
bulletproof vest for Sheva is an option here as well. Give her the other rifle
you're not using as well, for safety's sake. The AI is a great shot with the
rifle, and you'll be thankful for it later.

                                  Chapter 5-2                                  

Not much to do here, listen to Chris and Sheva hold a conversation then go
through the door. Run forward and to your right there are four boxes for you to
smash open. Hooray. Smash them all, grab what you want, then head through the
other door. As soon as you start heading down the stairs, you'll hit a small
scene showing Majini with AK-74s. Great. Guns. Super. They won't notice you
until you get all the way down the stairs or make some noise, so go ahead and
snipe the first three out if you can, then run forward and take cover. You
remember watching all those fight scenes in movies with guns? Do the same thing
they do; wait for the opponent to waste their clip, then aim and fire behind
your hiding spot while they reload their weapons. Waste them all, then move
forward and collect the stuff they drop.

>> For the rest of this section, you'll know where you can take cover behind by
a candy cane colored strip of metal. I'll have an example of a one such thing

 Head through the next door, and run forward and get against the wall. If you
have the grenade launcher, shoot off a flash round and melee forward to your
next Take Cover spot, and repeat until you get through and press the buttons to
get to the next area. Break open the box and continue forward until you get to
a spot you can cover behind. Start off with the shotgun and take out the guy in
front of your face. Switch the rifle to clear the area of any gunman you can
see, then move forward. You'll have to play this like you're really getting
shot by guns, because if you don't, you can take some heavy damage. Rush
forward and shoot all the explosives around you to eliminate what should be the
remainder of the enemies in the room. Collect any and everything you can and go
to the elevator in the back and get inside to trigger a cutscene as you
descend. When you exit the elevator, you'll be in a long stretch of a hallway.
Around the corner are more Lickers. Joy. I can't believe I forgot this part my
first time through. I'm embarrassed. Anyways, there's only two here, so go
ahead and snipe the closest one and just kill them off, nabbing you a Lion
Heart in the process. Around the next corner, though, it's empty. Until you run
forward. Tricksters. Anyway, when they pop out of the vents, back all the way
up slowly until you get to the wall (hopefully Sheva doesn't shoot. If she
does, bust out the shotgun and blast away). Snipe the closest one and kill them
all off. You should have picked up plenty of ammo from the last two rooms you
were in anyway. After they all die off, I think some more pop out farther down
the hall, but nothing too crazy. Head through the door when you're done killing
them off.

You'll be in what seems to be some kind of factory. Run all the way to the
right and break the boxes before heading down the ladder. This part's quick, so
read ahead first. There'll be a guy to your left that you'll want to gun down,
then quickly make your way forward, taking out the other enemy as well. Climb
up the ladder and pull out your rifle, taking out the grenade enemy across from
you. Then look down to your right and take out all the enemies from the
cutscene. They have trouble shooting you from that distance for some reason.
Once you get a majority of them, jump down and finish the stragglers until the
music stops. Run towards the fire portion of the conveyor belt and there's a
portion where you can jump down. Careful; the boxes on the belt will take you
to your death. Run down the center of the belt where there's no movement, just
metal, and run down until you see a place where you can climb up on your right.
Climb up, go up the stairs, and assist break the door in.

Run to your left with your rifle handy. Aim up top and take out the Majini
thinking he'd drop a quick grenade on you. If you don't kill him, 90% of the
time, he'll toss a grenade at Sheva, and she'll get roasted. Terrible scream,
really. Anyway when he's dead, jump down, and follow the same suit as before.
When you get halfway down the belt, pull out your rifle. Some unlucky Majini,
some with new shields, jump down on the conveyor belt. The new shields are all
metal except for the eye slot, where you can get a clear headshot.
Unfortunately for them, there's explosives behind them ^_^ Shoot them = Majini
Death. Yay. Run forward and jump up where they got down. Hooray. Not. There's
guys up top to your right. Then run down the stairs. A U-turn here will give
you a few barrels and a hidden BSAA emblem in the dumpster. The attache case
contains the SIG 556 machine gun. Let Sheva hold onto that for later. Run up
the steps and pull the lever, and nothing will happen. o.O Run up the set of
stairs to the right and follow the conveniently placed arrows to the power
supply. Don't forget to break the boxes! Run over to the dual switches and pull
them both to activate the power. Run back towards the stairs and...huh. Nice
noise right? This enemy is a JERK, in nice terms. You remember the new word I
made up above? That's for this guy. When you get close to the lever, it falls
down. It's a Reaper. These guys kill you in one hit, guaranteed. They will grab
you and end your life. You can run past this one, but it's a big risk, since
Sheva could get grabbed. In order to kill it, use your magnum to shoot its
white weak spot on it's stomach, then shoot either white spot on it's shoulders
to kill it. A lot harder then it sounds, it drops a Power Gem worth 5000, so
it's worth your magnum bullets, just not so much your frustration. Decide
whatever you want, then get to the lever.

Pull the lever and the belt will start up. Wait for the double box set to go
by, then run towards the fire. There's an opening you can go into to get to the
other two belts. On this side, the "dead" bodies will try and grab you, but
most of the time fail. There are two Dead Bride's Necklaces on your way to the
exit, so grab them if you can. If you're running from the Reaper, I'd ignore
them unless you run straight over them. Get to where the hole in the piping is
to get over to the spot where you can jump up. Wait for the boxes to leave that
belt though. Then climb up, smash the boxes, and head up the stairs and out the
door. Whew. Stupid thing. You'll see two more next section, and those one's
have to be killed. Yay.

Run along the hallway and jump down at the end, breaking open the boxes. Rifle,
Handgun, Flame Rounds, Incendiary. That's what's in those. There's 30 more
handgun bullets over in the corner over there. The next boss is weak against
fire, so if you have an extra slot, bring the incendiary grenade. Assist press
the buttons, and get another cutscene with some more explanations, and another
boss. Woo!

                            Boss #6: Uroboros Pt. 2                            

Hey, now we know what Uroboros really is! And now it's coming after us!
RUN!!!!! Seriously. Run. Fast. No point wasting ammo yet. Run away and collect
the ammo in the glass in the right corner of the room when looking at the
chair. Investigate the thing on the wall and it will start recharging. When it
get's fully charged, now it's time to shoot. Knock down one of the canisters
and let it pick it up, then have Sheva pick up the FlameThrower. You read
right. Do it. Then run towards Uroboros and shoot. Run up and Sheva will keep
it paralyzed with the fire while you unload on the tentacles that come out.
You'll have to recharge the flamethrower when it runs out. Run around until it
recharges, using your handgun to shoot the reddish spots that are Uroboros'
weak spots. Then when the flamethrower recharges, give it to Sheva again in a
minute. Use your shotgun to get rid of the tentacles, then use the other
explosive canister and let it pick it up. Grab the flamethrower with Sheva, and
shoot the canister. Run up and fire away with the shotgun, and it SHOULD go
down the second barrage. If not, just repeat without the canisters obviously,
and it should go down that time. Not too bad here. Just keep your distance and
be frosty with your dodging, and you should be done with this one in about 5
minutes, give or take a minute. Almost done with Chapter 5. Time to get those

                            Chapter 5-2 End Mission                            

You get a new machine gun here, the SIG 556. It's a really nice machine gun,
maxing out at 180 FP with a quicker reload speed and a much better clip then
the AK-74. This gun is lots of fun to use on replays, but you won't have time
to upgrade it high enough for it to be of any use to you this play through.
Dump it down for now, and make sure you're upgrading Sheva's stuff too. That
Power Stone will upgrade the magnums clip, and you'll need it for this section.
If you haven't maxed out the M3, don't worry about anything but Sheva's rifle
clip for now, and do work on the M3 or the M29's FP. If you need a bit of extra
money, any eggs or grenades you don't plan on using will sell for some good
cash. You're going to need your trusty buddy. Remember that Rocket Launcher all
the way back from 3-1? Bring it too. Bring magnum ammunition as well. You'll
need it all.

                                  Chapter 5-3                                  

Alright so the opening scene shows the door getting unlocked for you. Nothing
in this room, so head through the door and up the ladder. Keep going straight
and inside the room Excella was in for a treasure and some more shells (a file
too). Turn around and slant to the left on the way back towards the ladder and
head up the stairs and out the door.

Break all the boxes in the room and equip your rifle before heading out the
door. If Sheva's on Cover, she'll pull out the rifle when she sees the enemies
coming, so no worries. When you go through the door, run to the left until you
get to an Against Wall prompt to your left and pull up the rifle and snipe out
the guys with guns coming along the way. When the music stops, equip the magnum
and walk forward.

>> If you have an incendiary grenade, one direct hit of that, then a shotgun
blast to the midsection weak point will take out a Reaper, I found out. It's
terribly dangerous though, so keep reading if you don't want to use that

If a Reaper falls before you have to jump that gap, retreat a bit, then turn
around and see if you can get a magnum shot into it's midsection. That would
cause it to fall down, then two more shots and it's gone. If not, fall back
more and repeat. If you get all the way to the back, pump shells into it and
let Sheva unload. The AI will find it. Trust me. Repeat this for any other
random Reaper that appears. And yes, it is random. Once it's dead, grab the
power stone and jump the gap, with your rifle equipped. Aim down and snipe the
guys. Then run down to the end where you can go against the wall, and do so.
Snipe out the rest of the guys, and the music will stop. The hut ahead has
ammunition, the power supply for the switch you need, and a new rifle. Still
semi-auto, weaker then the Dragunov and a smaller clip, the H&K PSG-1. It's
only perk is an increased scope. I never understood the increased scope
distance, even in RE4, so this gun is worthless to me. However, if Sheva has
the S75, it wouldn't hurt her to have a semi-auto one, so let her grab it
either way. Turn on the power, then run out to where that lever is that it

When you get over to the lever, enemies will get on the platform on the other
side, and an enemy will move the platform towards you. Great. So they meant the
OPPONENT AI was smarter this time. One of them is a Big Man Majini. Snipe out
the small guys, then unload into the Big Man. Or wait for him if you're low on
ammo, then handgun and melee as you see fit. Command Sheva to use the lever,
and pull out your rifle, when she pulls the switch, a small scene showing
enemies coming your way pops up. Go ahead and snipe all these guys out if you
can, then finish em off with the handgun before sending the platform back for
Sheva and bringing her over.

Once she gets over and head over to the left, Majini with Rocket Launchers come
out. Yikes. Run. Get against the nearest wall and snipe them out immediately,
rushing forward with each rocket Majini killed. They have terrible aim,
fortunately. After they're all dead, the first door you see has a sheild Majini
inside and another Rocket Launcher one. Kick the door open, then back up and
let the door shut. Guess what? Rocket Launcher = friend. It should shoot your
enemies, even if it doesn't shut. Convenient. Clear out the room and head
through the door to another door into a room with another platform like the one
U-8 attacked you on. And lots of boxes before hand. Goody. 

Break open all the boxes as you head down the stairs and onto the platform. Go
to the computer and pull the two switches together and the platform will begin
rotating. Run with the rotation to avoid getting shot from enemies. Eventually
you'll get stopped by the Majini, and you'll have to snipe out the guy that
stopped the platform. It's a bit of challenge your first time, but when they
stop it again, you'll have the knack of it. When you get to the top, Majini
will be there to greet you with weapons. Run up with your shotgun and quickly
dispatch each one. Now as you leave this area, get ready for a ride. This is
hard by yourself.

Run forward until you reach a huge ruins like area. You have to lower the
bridge. The power supply for a lever to get up to the catwalk is in the top
right corner of the portion of map your on. Then the bottom left corner,
there's another lever that lowers an elevator. There's rifle ammo behind the
elevator, which you should grab. Command Sheva to use the controls, then head
up the elevator. As soon as you jump out and head forward, Lickers climb up the
sides. Take them out by any means necessary. If things get too crazy, if you go
straight and to the right, then straight without taking the left turn, you can
jump down and let Sheva join the fun. These 4 shouldn't be a problem for Chris
alone though. M3 and M29 them to death, and then run forward far enough for the
other Lickers to activate. Shoot one with a handgun bullet, then run back and
jump off that ledge I was telling you about and rejoin Sheva. Snipe any of them
you can, then shotgun the ones that get close. Once they all die (the music
will stop, it's safe to continue. Collect everything, recall the elevator, get
back up there and push the dumpster all the way off the ledge, and jump down
into the locked hut and put the bridge down. Unlock the door for Sheva to come
in and grab an aid spray and a treasure, then head across the bridge. Sheesh.
Are we done yet? Nope. Load all your guns and prepare yourself for a boss fight
you're not expecting.

                            Boss #7: Wesker (Normal)                           

Well, normal for Wesker anyway. I HATE Excella's voice, don't you? Anyway, it's
decision time. If you defeat Wesker, you nab the Heart of Africa treasure,
worth 10k, but you'll use the rocket launcher in the attempt. If you decide to
hide, you have to hide from Wesker and Jill until 7 minutes pass. Decide, then
equip yourself accordingly.

For Fighting Wesker
Run over to the blue door to the right that's locked and equip that Rocket
Launcher. Wesker will use the worst pun I've ever heard in my entire life. He
lost two points for that crap (based on a friend's point system -_^). Run to
your left and keep weaving around until you see an opening for you to run
straight into. Make sure Sheva comes as well. Inside here, to the right inside
the pot is a treasure, and there's a assist push coffin thing you can push open
with two treasures inside and a DEagle! I knew they wouldn't dump it. Let Sheva
hold it for now. If Wesker clearly says he doesn't know where you are (You're
only delaying the inevitable, etc.) go against one of the walls and wait for
him to come by. When he rounds your corner, shoot the rocket at him, and...he
CATCHES it. So much for losing two points. Shoot the rocket quickly, and Wesker
is easily defeated. Which should automatically score you an S on this mission
for time. 

For Chickens...I mean, those who want to Hide
Go to the same room as mentioned above, and just hide in there. Don't leave.
Wesker barely comes in there, and if he does, just run around to the other
opening to the same room, and Wesker won't realize you ran right behind him.

Either way, Wesker will leave after, leaving you alone with Jill

                                 Boss #8: Jill                                 

Newbies won't expect this heading, and that makes me happy inside. Jill will
immediately do a backflip down to the first place you started the Wesker fight.
Head down there and grab the Heart of Africa before fighting Jill if you
defeated Wesker. For this fight, just run up to Jill, and press [] to plead
with her. She'll resist enough for you or Sheva, to grab her, then start
pulling on the device. Now, you CAN shoot the device, but if you miss, Jill
dies, and so do you. Just take your time and pull it off, especially if you
defeated Wesker. Repeat until you finally pull it off. If Jill climbs up the
wall, go underneath one of the overpasses to avoid her machine gun fire. Also,
after every time she breaks your grab, the person grabbing Jill will have to
make a quick dodge. Otherwise, this really isn't a hard boss fight. Enjoy the
cutscene afterwards, and on to Chapter 6! Last one.

                                End of Chapter 5                               

Man that's a lot of bosses for this chapter. Key additions to your arsenal are
the L. Hawk and the SIG 556. The Lion Hearts you get from this section should
be enough to get you some nice upgrades to your handgun and your and Sheva's
rifles. This is the final chapter, and they're not gonna hand feed you any more
ready to go weapons, but getting the L. Hawk will be helpful later. Sheva with
a magnum too will be great for the final boss. Normal weapons for this chapter.
Nothing special about it. No magnum unless you don't feel right without it.

                            Chapter 6-1 (Video Only)                           

>> Sorry guys, as of now, I'm having trouble explaining this one. Lots of ways
to get you lost. So use these two videos as a reference to get you through 6-1.
If you see a cutscene with Wesker you're basically done with the chapter, so
stop watching so you don't get spoiled. Thanks for the cooperation. :)

- VIDEO: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

- VIDEO: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

                            Chapter 6-1 End Mission                            

Yay JJ!!! We missed you not. At least it's over. You won't see him again until
6-3. Couple Dead Bride's Necklaces to sell off. You should have a fully
upgraded SOMETHING by now, or evenly powerful weapons across the board. 6-2 is
basically dodging, killing a couple enemies, and a boss fight. Here we go. No
magnum necessary here either, however. You'll see why soon.

                                  Chapter 6-2                                  

Easy section really. Run forward towards the dead bodies after jumping down to
activate a cutscene that leads into an interactive cutscene. Get to that one,
dodge, duck, and weave, and you'll learn how to dodge a ball, and the tentacles
of a freakin' LARGE Uroboros. Gross. Now that you're inside, stay frosty and
dodge any of the tentacles that come inside. Go through the doors to the side
when the tentacles block your path, opening all of the lockers for treasures
and ammo. Eventually you'll come up to a bunch of "dead" bodies that aren't
dead at all, and there's a prox. bomb in the previous room. Grab it, place it
in the middle of the bodies, turn around and run back. They should all die and
one will turn into a Duvalia. This thing can kill you in one hit too, but kill
as in put into dying, unlike the Reaper. Usually, it's legs are the weak point,
but they're armored. There's a tail like thing on it's back side you can shoot
as well. Then it will fall to it's knees and open it's mouth, the real weak
point, and two shotty blasts should take care of it. It'll drop a key card for
you, and you can continue to the bridge. Grab all the ammo and stuff in the
room, then run to the opposite side of the bridge, and up the stairs and out
the door. This is a quick one, did I mention that?

Break the boxes and stuff to grab whatever you need, then go through the door
to activate the boss fight.

                        Boss #9: Uroboros Pt 3: Excella                        

I'm so glad she died. Anyway, use the bridge keycard on the shutter behind you
to unlock the satellite launcher for you, grab that, and head up the ladder.
Same objective as before, no matter how big it gets. Destroy all the tentacles,
then hit the main weak point that is revealed after destroying the tentacles.
One exception. Instead of shooting that weak point, you're going to lock on
with the satellite laser and press square to unleash an unbelievable blast of
energy. Repeat this three times to defeat it. EASIEST BOSS IN THE GAME. Next to
Jill anyway. Even the Executioner poses a bigger threat than this. If any of
the little tentacles get thrown on the ground, shoot them for a bigger enemies
routed grade and ammo. Once you're done here, 6-2's done. Just like that.

                            Chapter 6-2 End Mission                            

One more section. Then we're done. No more. Done. Sheesh. Sell off the few
treasures you got, upgrade what you can, and get ready for the storm. Sheva
needs to hold herb. Lots of herb. You need ammo. All of it. Magnum ammo
especially (which I hope you've been saving. Use your remaining funds to
upgrade cap on your magnums and FP on both, if you can, with priorty leaning
towards yours. Bring a full set of ammo for each gun you have. If you don't
have enough, it's okay, but it wouldn't hurt to go back to a previous chapter
and harvest some more.

The final boss can be killed in one rocket to his weak point, if you prefer to
do it that way. 10000 for an easy final boss doesn't sound too bad does it.

                           Chapter 6-3: Final Chapter                          

Head back to the bridge. No point telling you which way to go, you know where.
When you get back in, another cutscene, then head up the stairs behind you to
the elevator, and take it down.

Hey look, another cutscene. And you walked straight into that fire like place.
Clear out the area as best you can, and run up the ramp at the bottom right of
the room away from the bulkhead, and go around the storage unit things and
shoot the enemy guarding the lever and pull it, causing the bulkhead to start
opening. Sheesh. Here come the enemies. As soon as you go back around the
corner enemies start jumping down. Handgun them, and combine with melee attacks
to finish them all off, then take cover behind one of the pillars and snipe out
as many enemies ahead as you can. When the bulkhead opens, run forward and kill
of the Majini in the area. Then, use Assist to pull the two levers to activate
the next bulkhead. I know I'm going quick, but I want you to be quick too. As
soon as you pull the levers, two Reapers come down. It's incredibly important
you kill these two before the bulkhead opens. Use your magnum to shoot the weak
points quickly. If you forgot to kill off all the Majini, let the Reaper get
you, and the mission will restart with no enemies in the area. You'll also be
able to get more ammo for your magnum if you used any. Once you kill off both
Reapers successfully, take cover behind one of the pillars and wait patiently.
When the bulkhead opens, two Gatling Gun Majini (J.J's!!) show their ugly mugs.
Your only chance is the two gatling guns in the room they're in. let them come
to you, and kill off the small Majini from behind the pillar, sneaking a shot
in to the two J.J's as you can. When you feel you can rush into the other area,
do so, and get on either the gatling gun to the right or left, and unload! Kill
off both and grab both key cards and use them on the doors in the back of the
room, unlocking the door.

Take a breather, the last boss fight is coming up. Rest your hands, cool your
controller off and let it charge for a bit, whatever you need. Wesker won't be
forgiving, I promise you that.

                     Boss #10: Wesker (Final: Normal Form)                     

Easy part of the fight really, run to the right and grab the rocket launcher in
the display case. Run over to the lighted area and pull the lever to turn off
the lights. Keep turning off lights until he can't see you, then shoot the
rocket at him and he'll catch it again. O.O Shoot it quick, then bring Sheva up
with you and she'll restrain him. If you're REALLY quick, you can inject him
right then, if not, find another rocket inside one of the boxes and shoot him
again, then inject him with the serum.

The next scene is interactive coming up here, so get ready. Every button miss
is fatal. After you pass all the button scenes, you crash the plane, and are
inside the volcano with nothing to do but collect the...boxes with ammo?
Uh...okay...whatever. Grab it anyway. There's a red herb too, which Chris
should grab. There's a green herb ahead anyway. That's right, it's not that
easy. Is it ever?

                    Boss #11: Wesker (Final: Uroboros Form)                    

God this guy's a beast! Why won't he just die?! Run away from this thing.
You'll run across a piece of land that's clearly discolored. If you brought a
rocket launcher for this, this is gonna be easy for you. Shoot Wesker in the
chest where you can see the colored portion with the rifle, then when it's more
visible, shoot the rocket. Done. For those who don't appreciate that kind of
treatment to final bosses, run up the ramp, turn around, and pump rifle bullets
into him. When he starts flailing his arm around like a crazy weapon, run to
the top of the platform, and continue shooting his head. Eventually, he'll jump
over to Sheva's side of the map. Jump off the side towards the big boulder, and
push it off quickly. Sheva will try to come to you, but fall and have to climb
up. Cover her. Shoot Wesker with the rifle, and he'll throw things at you.
Dodge, then repeat until Sheva rejoins you. Go around the bend to the ramp up
where Wesker jumped across and Wesker will jump there too. Pull out your magnum
and put Sheva on attack. When he starts walking towards you, shoot. Eventually
he'll put his arm up. Don't let him get close to you. Magnum away!! Woo!!
Eventually he'll scream and push his arms towards the ground. Back up.
Immediately. That whirlwind kills you instantly. When he gets back up, his weak
point is showing. Shoot it with the magnum, and he'll stutter step. Grab him
with Chris, and AI Sheva will attack him immediately. Hold him down long
enough, and you'll finish him off! Wesker's defeated again! Enjoy the last
cutscene in a minute, because you have one more button press you have to do to
end the game. Congratulations! You beat Resident Evil 5!

                            Professional Walkthrough                           

Professional mode is a mode you unlock by either playing a professional game
online with someone who's hosting it or completing the game on Veteran. In
order to get all of the trophies, you have to beat the game on Professional,
which makes it a pain. As of right now, with college starting back up so soon,
I'm gonna leave some hints and tips here and tell you how to get past each
chapter easier with each passing weekend. This mode is incredibly difficult
without a human partner, but it IS doable, and I'm going to do the best I can
to get you through it. For an in-depth description of the chapter you're on,
refer to the corresponding chapter above in my regular walkthrough.

Here's a few things you need to have done before starting Professional mode.

              Professional Mode Checklist - Unlimited Ammo Active              

>   * Fully Upgrade VZ61, S75, Ithaca, Jail Breaker, L. Hawk and the M29
>   * Buy Gatling Gun, Longbow, Hydra, and S&W M500
>   * Fully upgrade Hydra
>   * Fully upgrade M500
>   * Purchase Unlimited Ammo for Hydra, M500, Jail Breaker, L. Hawk
>   * Beat the game in under 5 hours; have 2 Rocket Launchers
>   * Have LOTS of herb. First Aid Spray, G+R.
>   * Melee Vest and Bulletproof Vest are MUSTS

That's just a few for unlimited ammo. Now, the VZ61 isn't necessary, because
the Gatling Gun is only a mediocre gun at best. But, without the other
unlimited ammunition, it's the most powerful machine gun you can use as Chris.
There aren't many attacks you can survive in Professional mode, but without the
Melee/Bulletproof Vests, you won't survive any attacks at all. Don't let it
feel like a waste. 
 In this mode, the enemies seem to flock towards you more often, and thus a
shotgun is necessary. Many people think that the M3 is the way to go, and this
is just a waste. The Hydra and Jail Breaker can do higher damage at farther
distances, and distance is a lovely thing. Besides, with the magnum and it's
piercing power with unlimited ammo, you won't be missing the M3's FP as much.

If you're playing with an AI, she's absolutely amazing with the Longbow. 1500
firepower with a purpose, you really can't go wrong giving Sheva this weapon.
The Jail Breaker is a weapon the AI should have handy. They won't use it often,
but it helps out a lot more than it doesn't. Sheva should ALWAYS have herb
filling the rest of her inventory. ALWAYS. You're going to get hit way more
often, and she'll actually heal you (I had to do Chapter 5-3 with an AI because
the human player I was playing with couldn't understand the words, stick
together). She can hold a Rocket Launcher too. It helps a lot. And the L. Hawk
is an ICE weapon only, and is optional for that reason.

If you have a split screen partner, having another Hydra/M500/Rocket Launcher
set up wouldn't hurt you. Make them use whatever inventory they would be most
comfortable with, with a combination of long to short range weapons in hand.

                Proffesional Mode Checklist - Unlimited Ammo Off               

>   * Have a fully upgraded Hydra and Jail Breaker
>   * Have Herb
>   * Have vests for both characters
>   * Have at least a full box of ammo in your storage before playing
>   * Fully upgraded L. Hawk and M500
>   * Have a fully upgraded MP5 and SIG 556
>   * Have two fully upgraded rifles

>   * Have a couple Rocket Launchers or the money to get them
>   * Have the Gatling Gun and Longbow

That's just a few of the guidelines you'll need to follow. I could go on
forever about this, but there's no point. It's hard guys and gals. Extremely. I
can't stress that enough. The Gatling Gun and Longbow are musts for hot and
heavy situations, and if you're not going to use those two weapons, life gets
even harder. 

Sheva should be using a similar set up as the original playthrough. Replace the
Ithaca with the Jail Breaker, but leave her the MP5 and the rifle she had, and
toss in the Longbow as well. That pretty much does it for her, just make sure
she has herb and some vests and she should be okay.

As for you, this is where you have to be brutally honest with yourself. You
need to bring the guns you're good at use, but you have to get used with the
Hydra. The Gatling Gun is an easy pick. Sprays bullets so fast you won't have
to think about getting hurt because of the power it sprays out.

                                 Trophy Section                                

Woo! Everyone loves trophies. I wish they would really release Home already, so
every account can access it. Stupid, yes, I agree. Anyway, I'm going to list
every single trophy and how to obtain it immediately after. How cool is that?!
Woo! Alright, let's do it.

                          - Chapter 1-1 - Chapter 6-3                          

Okay. If this isn't obvious, slap yourself repeatedly with a wet noodle. Now.
After this thrashing is over, please know you must complete said chapters in
order to obtain the trophies.

                     - Recruit, Soldier, Veteran, War Hero                     

Complete the entire game on Amateur, Normal, Veteran, and Professional,
respectively. Completing the next difficulty up unlocks the lower trophy as
well. (i.e., completing the game on Professional unlocks all 4 trophies at
once). You must complete every single chapter to obtain the trophies, not just
beat Wesker at the end.

                                   - Egg Hunt                                  

Have all four eggs in your possession at once when you go to the item
management screen in between sections of the chapter. The easiest way to obtain
the 3 normal eggs are on Chapter 3-1 at the egg farm. The Rotten Egg is a loot
item an enemy will randomly drop. I noticed on 4-1 and 4-2 it was easier to
find, for me anyways.

          - All Dressed Up, They're ACTION Figures, and Badge of Honor         

In order to get all three of these, you'll need to obtain all of the BSAA
emblems throughout the game. Not as hard as it seems, though, since selecting
Chapter Select on the main menu shows you how many BSAA emblems are on each
chapter, and how many you have gotten. In order to obtain all of the Figures,
you'll have to get an S rank on every single chapter on any difficulty as well.
With fully upgraded weapons, it shouldn't be too hard to make an amateur run
and get the S ranks you need.

                                  - Stockpile                                  

Obtain all of the weapons that can be obtained in the game and have them all in
your possession in between chapters at the inventory screen.

                              - Take it to the Max                             

Upgrade all of the weapons to the maximum level.

                           - They Belong in a Museum                           

Collect all 50 treasures in the game.

PS. Do you guys want a complete treasure location list?

                               - A Friend in Need                              

Whenever your partner has been grabbed by a Majini, help them a total of 10
times. Easy one.

                                  - Lifeguard                                  

Get a partner out of dying status 10 times. Doesn't have to be an herb or
anything like that, just save them from dying 10 times.

                               - Exploding Heads                               

Another trophy you should have gotten throughout the game, kill 20 Majini with

                          - A Cut Above & Cattle Prod                          

Kill 5 enemies with the Knife for A Cut Above. Fish count as kills, so the fish
farm in Chapter 3-1 would work out well too. You could kill Wesker 5 times too,
if you wanted. Cattle Prod is a bit more difficult, but nothing crazy. You have
to kill 30 enemies with the Stun Rod. Once again, fish count. Also, using a
weaker gun to weaken the enemies then finishing them off would work as well, as
long as either weapon lands the killing blow.

                          - Crowd Control & Bull's-eye                         

Kill 30 enemies with the Gatling Gun and Longbow respectively. This should be
relatively easy. Go to Chapter 1-1, and instead of running to the house away
from that huge mob of Majini after fighting the first one you had to, kill them
all. You should be done easily, and nab a secret treasure that can only be
obtained this way.

                                 - Get Physical                                

Another trophy you probably have already, kill off 20 Majini with melee

                                  - The Works                                  

Land a 3 hit combo melee attack. To do this without an ally, go to a Big Man
Majini and toss a Flash Grenade. Make sure Sheva has no weapons, and that she's
by you. She'll attack him back towards you for the third hit. Obviously this
would be easier for a human ally.

                                 - Lead Aspirin                                

The easiest place to get this one is at Chapter 3-2 near the beginning of the
chapter. After you're about to jump to the middle platform, wait, and aim the
Ithaca up and wait for the Majini to jump that small gap. Should easily blast
their heads off.

                                  - Fireworks                                  

I do this one so much, so I think I should get multiple trophies :D

Besides that, all you need to do is shoot a dynamite stick, Molotov, or grenade
out of the air before it lands. Use a shotgun. Also, I heard if you shoot the
item while it's in their hands, you'll get the trophy as well, but I wouldn't

                                 - Be the Knife                                

This one can be a pain. You have to deflect an arrow with your knife. The best
way I found to get this was to step close to the Bow Gun Majini, maybe four or
five steps away, and just take a few shots to try and learn the timing behind
it and slash it down. It'll take a few tries.

                                 - Meat Shower                                 

Kill 3 or more enemies with a hand grenade or proximity bomb. Pretty easy one
here too.

                              - Go Into the Light                              

Easy one! Chapter 4-1, toss a flash grenade by the creepy crawlies to get it.
Kill 2 or more enemies with a flash grenade.

                              - Ride the Lightning                             

Kill a Majini with a transformer shot. Easy enough really, just go to any
chapter on amateur with a transformer and electrocute them to death. Piece of

                     - Stop, Drop, & Roll & Baptism by Fire                    

Chapter 1-1 will have you doing leaps of joy if you collect trophies. There are
two oil canisters for Stop, Drop, & Roll, which is obtained by killing 3 Majini
in the flames at once. Where Baptism by Fire is obtained by killing 3 Majini
with an explosive barrel. Weeeeee!

                       - Masters of Removing & Bad Blood                       

What an absolutely TERRIBLE name for a trophy. Anyway, to get MoR, just remove
the device from Jill's chest while your partner holds her. It won't work if you
or your partner aren't holding her, and you take it off yourself. Bad Blood is
easy. Bring a Rocket Launcher to 5-3 and when Wesker doesn't know where you
are, take cover behind a wall and wait for him to come. Shoot the rocket at
him, then shoot the rocket itself, and on every difficulty, Wesker will leave

                                   - Drive By                                  

On Chapter 2-3, instead of making the truck's that chase you explode, shoot off
the panel they call a door and take out the driver, causing the truck to flip
over on it's side.

                               - Egg on Your Face                              

Kill a Majini with a Rotten Egg. Wait until you've gotten Egg Hunt before
wasting your Rotten Egg though.

                                - Heart Stopper                                

Kill a Licker using the Stab attack. First you have to knock it on it's back,
then rush forward and stab it. You CAN shoot it over with a shotgun and stab
it, but it's considerably harder than just using the counterattack dodge and
stabbing one that way.

                              - Who Do You Trust?                              

This trophy can be only be obtained on single player games. Whenever Sheva
gives you something, saves you, heals you, etc., thank her. Eventually, her
invisible "trust" meter will go up, causing her to listen to your commands more
often and nabbing the trophy. There's also a new thing they'll do while they're
idle. Don't ask Sheva for items, or the trust meter will go down, which makes
sense. If you take ammo from her, it makes her think you don't trust her to use
it correctly. It takes some time, but Professional play can help boost trust
with your AI partner. Just keep at it and it'll come in time.

>> The rest of the trophies are for VS Mode only, and as of now I do not have
that mode, so I don't have the trophies for it either. I know most of them are
just Combo chain trophies and winning trophies (30 matches won in Slayer, etc.)
but I don't know for sure. Sorry guys. I'll get it on here when I can purchase
the mode

                        Copyright and Legal Information                        

Everything I wrote in this guide belongs to me and me alone, and I've given the
site Playhaven.com and GameFAQs.com the right to host it, with the original
being on Playhaven.com. If you want to see this enhanced version, please visit
the site and check out my work. All parts of the game and otherwise are the
copyright and property of Capcom and their respective owners, so don't take any
of it as your own. Otherwise, thanks for reading! If you have any questions at
all, or have something you'd like me to be more detailed on, email me at
garrymundy@yahoo.com and I'll get back to you the same day you send it.

                        Coming Soon as of: August 11th                         

>   * All of the trophies, and how to get them all
>   * FAQ Section for you to fill!

>   * More screen shots
>   * Video of me playing EVERY chapter of the game
>   * Professional Playthrough Continued

>   * 100%/S rank walkthrough
>   * VS/Mercenaries Mode Guide
>   * Full Weapon upgrade guide. Overall Costs, final FP, Reload Speed, etc.

Bolded Items done

Thanks for the support guys! Recommend my guide and leave comments as you see
fit! Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your responses. This is my first
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