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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/25/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       RR    RR   EE    E  S    S   II    DD    D   EE    E  NN     N  TT  TT  TT
       RR    RR   EE       SS       II    DD    DD  EE       NNN    N      TT
       RR    RR   EE   E    SS      II    DD    DD  EE   E   N NN   N      TT
       RRRRRRR    EEEEEE     SS     II    DD    DD  EEEEEE   N  NN  N      TT
       RR RR      EE   E      SS    II    DD    DD  EE   E   N   NN N      TT
       RR  RR     EE           SS   II    DD    DD  EE       N    NNN      TT
       RR   RR    EE    E  S    S   II    DD    D   EE    E  N     NN      TT
    	    EEEEEEEE VVVV   VVVV IIIIII  LLL          5555555555555555555
    	     EE    E  VV     VV    II     LL          5555555555555555555
    	     EE       VV     VV    II     LL           55555555555555555
    	     EE   E   VV     VV    II     LL           55555
    	     EEEEEE   VV     VV    II     LL           55555
    	     EE   E    VV   VV     II     LL           555555
    	     EE         VV VV      II     LL          555555555
    	     EE    E     VvV       II     LL   LL    55555555555
    	    EEEEEEEE      V      IIIIII  LLLLLLLL     555555555555
     *****************************************                      55555
    * Game:	        Resident Evil 5           *                    55555
    * Type:		FAQ/Walkthrough           *                   55555
    * For:		PS3, Xbox 360             *         5       555555
    * Played on:    PS3 & 360                 *         55    555555 
    * Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *         5555555555
    * Email:	lunatic_252000@yahoo.com  *         555555555
    * Web:		www.thechaosuniverse.com  *         5555555
     *****************************************           55555
    Version 0.4 - Got through a good portion of the game, up to the Irving fight.
    Version 0.8 - after losing my PS3, picked it up on the 360 and have just one
    chapter to go.
    Version 1.0 - got the walkthrough complete for normal, vet is next. Still have
    many things to cover, and something new.
    Versions 1.2 - not much added, still have yet to cover all of vet or get some
    of the cooler things added. I may be off my Warcraft guide for a while to
    really buckle down on this one.
    Table Of Contents
    Use quick find (Ctrl + F) and type in the code or level. 
    	Section:		Code:
    1. A Brief Foreword
    2. Controls			( CON2222 )
    3. Starter Tips			( TIPS333 )
    4. Walkthrough			( FAQ4444 )
    	Chapter 1-1: Return to Evil
    	Chapter 1-2: Urban Warfare
    	Chapter 2-1: Leaving Town
    	Chapter 2-2: Mining Site
    	Chapter 2-3: Savanna
    	Chapter 3-1: Marshlands
    	Chapter 3-2: The Refinery
    	Chapter 3-3: Chasing Irving
    	Chapter 4-1: The Cave
    	Chapter 4-2: Dungeon Raiders
    	Chapter 5-1: Into the Darkness
    	Chapter 5-2: Capture the Base
    	Chapter 5-3: Ghosts of the Past
    	Chapter 6-1: The Undead Seas
    	Chapter 6-2: Storming the Bridge
    	Chapter 6-3: Killing a God
    5. BSAA Emblems 		( BSEM555 )
    6. Weapons & Items 		(coming soon)
    7. Enemies & Bosses		(     "     )
    8. Author Info & Copyright
    * 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *
    It all comes full circle. If there was any time for me to step out of guide
    making it would be after this one. 
    If you don't know anything about me, good. But one thing to know is that I 
    started making guides with Resident Evil 4. Not only was RE4 a sort of coming-
    of-age moment me, the guide that I wrote has sent me down this very interesting
    road of gaming. Needless to say, I owe a lot to RE4.
    Many have said my RE4 was the best guide they had seen, and to be honest, I 
    think I put in some original and exclusive, big time content in that guide. 
    Now I've tasked myself with not only making the best RE5 guide, I want to do
    great things with this guide and game.
    Well, didn't happend as quickly thanks to my favored PS3 calling it quits,
    making me change sides once again in the console wars and go back to how I
    was to start with, a PS3 hater and 360 lover, only this time I own a million
    PS3 games as opposed to two.
    Anyway, the guide will get done, and maybe this horrible twist of fate will
    result in a better guide, and has given me time to think of some new and 
    interesting things to do in the future, so stay tuned.
    * 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *
    Basically the only difference in the controls is that the knife and aim buttons
    switch on the consoles, and trust me, it takes time to adjust from one to the
    X - reload when aiming; hold to run or turn easier (just hold if you want to
    SQU - use; melee context; move items around in menu
    O - partner commands
    TRI - bring up items
    R1 - fire/toss; swing knife; locate partner when not aiming
    R2 - toggle mini map
    L1 - aim
    L2 - draw knife
    RS - move camera
    LS - move
    START - pause/options; can RESTART the chapter
    SELECT - end cutscene
    D-Pad - map four weapons in your inventory
    XBOX 360
    A - reload when aiming; hold to run or turn easier (just hold if you want to
    X - use; melee context; move items around in menu
    B - partner commands
    Y - bring up items
    RB - toggle mini map
    RT - fire/toss; swing knife; locate partner when not aiming
    LB - draw knife
    LT - aim
    RS - move camera
    LS - move
    START - pause/options; can RESTART the chapter
    BACK - end cutscene
    D-Pad - map four weapons in your inventory
    Key Controls
    Quick Turn - hold down and press the run button to turn faster.
    Knife - to smash crates instead of using ammo.
    Map Weapons - put the four desired weapons in the four slots that correspond
    	to the d-pad buttons.
    Melee - either use the knife to quickly attack nearby enemies, or sometimes
    	enemies will stagger and allow you to run up and presss the melee
    	button. This helps in fights with few enemies, but you must not be
    	afraid to run up to them. Can even disrupt others nearby.
    * 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *
    #1. Map four weapons on the D-Pad to the corresponding inventory slot in your
    item menu. This means you put your handgun to UP, shotgun to RIGHT, rifle to
    DOWN, and machine gun to LEFT.
    #2. You can combine ammo, grenades, and herbs. Press the pick up button (SQU
    or X), move to the destination, and press again to drop. You can combine your
    green herb with a red herb, and Sheva will do this after taking a few steps.
    #3. Sheva likes to go after items that you seem to pass up, so if you turn your
    back to something or make no move to beat her to items, she will get them or
    break the containers.
    #4. Sheva is best used as a mule for the items you are unsure you'll use, 
    healing items, and handgun ammo. The reason for handgun ammo is because your
    M92F can hold a ton of ammo, so you should rarely need to request some from
    #5. Upgrades need to be focused. There is no sense in spreading your upgrades 
    across different guns of the same type, like upgrading the Ithaca and M3 at the
    same time. Just pick one and stick with it. For your first run, stay with the 
    M92F, pick up a P8 maybe, the MP5, Dragunov, Ithaca, and the M29.
    #6. You can use the RESTART option to better set up your inventories and clear
    space, just be sure to use it at the start of a new area.
    #7. Best to explore an area fully before moving on, you may find drops or 
    things you would otherwise miss. I generalize directions for most items, as I
    assume you can look for items on your own to some degree.
    #8. Is the handgun your base gun? Not really, not like in RE4. Due to space 
    you may have to pass on handgun ammo, but still, I think with 10+ bullets you
    are good to go with a handgun. The Dragunov used late can be your standard,
    and depending on the drops, perhaps the MP5.
    #9. Reloading guns is not mandatory, because you can use the capacity upgrades
    to "buy" ammo. If your gun is almost empty, don't reload, get to buy a cap
    upgrade for it, and the gun will be full. Of course with the smart-drop that
    depend on your supplies this may be overkill, but still, you may as well use it
    since you can plan along with this guide.
    #10. You don't need more than one healing item, you don't need the vests, and
    you don't need the stun rod. If you played RE4, there are no yellow herbs, the
    rocket launcher is not a boss-killer like it was, and you can hold more items 
    for later in the game. One more thing is that there are some points where you
    can take cover, just like in Gears of War, but in this game it's not game-
    * 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )                                                  *
    Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough
    As of 4/10/09, this guide is only for normal mode. Expect slightly tougher 
    bosses on VETERAN.
    Chapter 1-1: Return to Evil
    Just move up the street, you can run, FYI, and go left by the beating of 
    You can move up into the meat area to be told to go around to the right and
    into the door. Then grab your gun and equip it. Learn to swing your knife and
    break a box in the corner for some coin, then read two documents on a counter.
    *NOTE: You can kick down doors by double-tapping the open button.*
    Go out and slash another barrel to your left. Down the steps, remember you can
    run, and you can investigate the carcass. Go in, open the door, look at another
    dead goat, and then slash three boxes. Grab an herb on the way out and go up
    the steps. Open the door for a scene, and be ready to fire at his head after.
    In the next room is ammo to reload, then jump out the window. Move up a little
    to trigger the next scene, then turn (you have a quick turn move), and run 
    right into the house.
    There's a red herb, grenade, and then kick down the door for more in the next 
    room including three barrels to slash. Jump down the hatch and climb up at the
    end to get more ammo and a herb, but remember your gun can hold 10 rounds, just
    in case that first box of ammo didn't reload it all the way.
    Go down the path and jump down for ammo and a herb. Now is a good time to 
    open your equip menu and give Sheva two herbs and some ammo, and then combine
    your red herb with a green herb. Remember to equip your gun when leaving the
    item menu. Also be sure ammo is shared. Go into the building for a scene.
    Mad Town
    So this is like the cabin in RE4. Push the two shelves in front of one window
    and a door, then there are some items to collect in both corners, including in
    some of the fruit. Take up point behind the wooden wall thing and from here be
    ready to attack and shoot heads through the window. When Chris talks be ready
    for three enemies to appear where you entered, and then from a hole in the 
    ceiling soon after. Next comes the Executioner. The only thing you need to do
    now is stun him, maybe run up and uppercut him, and then run passed him into
    the market area.
    *NOTE: Don't be afraid to run and do whatever. Though there are a lot of 
    enemies they are very inaccurate. Most of the time you can just run right by
    them and they won't do much to attack or stop you. The key to fighting when
    outnumbered is to just have no fear and run when in danger, odd as that may
    So from the cabin in RE4 we move right into the village-like area. There are a 
    ton of places to go and things to collect. Mainly is the VZ61, a machine gun, 
    if you run straight down the path and turn right, you'll find it in a case. 
    Feel free to use it or wait. Your whole objective in this area is to stay alive
    for about five minutes until support arrives and saves you. 
    That sounds a lot easier than it is, as the enemies will pour into the area
    and swarm you until then. There are countless ways in which to elude them. I
    will highlight the areas of note:
    1. Market - this is where you find the machine gun and where you will have the
    most space to evade enemies. Come here first for the gun, ammo, and be sure to
    use the two flame stacks to burn enemies as they follow, including the one
    by the bus that will buy you time.
    2. Two-story Building - come here next for the frag on the shelf and just wait
    for the Executioner to bust in before tossing that frag and any other at him.
    The top level is not safe as enemies can jump up from a number of places, so
    just run up and jump down to go back to the market.
    3. Single-story Building - NOT inside it, above it. Take the stairs from the
    market to get above this building. On this roof  you have two points they
    can attack you from, so hop over the side to the roof of a shack. From this
    roof you can use the barrel on the other rooftop, but this place is not very
    safe. Hopefully you can stay here briefly and finish off the Executioner, then
    jump to the bus and back down. These areas are not safe, but they give you a
    brief time to clearly see the field and evade the mob.
    4. Top of Starter Building - to the right as you approach the first building 
    you were in is a ladder to go up. If you follow the right wall you can go up 
    another ladder to the top of this building. If you followed the other areas
    then at some point during this you should end the area.
    Killing the Executioner is not hard, you just use a lot of your stuff on him
    alone. You had a frag to enter the area, and another or so from the start,
    and then the ones you find on the field. All of these MUST be tossed to his
    feet, then followed with you running to him for a melee attack while he's
    stunned. You must also use the red stacks to burn him for good damage, and
    use all your machine gun ammo on his face. Do all of these and the melee attack
    when he's stunned and you should be able to kill him and get his treasure. 
    Be sure to pick it up or it will be gone.
    As for the mob, ignore them unless they are right on you, and if they are a
    good distance away just use the handgun to keep them away. At no point should 
    you "camp" in one spot and expect to survive, there are just too many enemies
    for this to work. You must keep moving, attack, and move again.
    Lastly, while you need to collect items and they disappear with the end of the
    chapter, do not try to go after all of them. Just get what you can see and 
    maybe use the brief pauses for collection, but you don't need to hunt for 
    items. There are items in drawers in the buildings, in the fruit, and some that
    are set:
    Grenades - market, two-story building, and roof of starter building.
    Machine gun ammo - in the buildings except the first one.
    Herbs - the one-story building and roof of the shack.
    Sheva will pick up a lot of stuff on her own, another reason not to hunt for
    items because she may already have them. So at times of calm you may bring up
    her items and see what she is holding.
    When Kirk calls in the support, the area and chapter are over.
    Chapter 1-2: Urban Warfare
    Item Management
    Between chapters is your chance to buy and sell and upgrade. The gun in your
    "inventory" is meant for those that somehow didn't get it at the start, so all
    that gun is worth is selling. Distribute ammo somewhat evenly, always giving 
    Sheva the little bit more. Make sure to give her more health items as well. 
    For upgrades (which have one button to access) I would say you must get the 
    capacity upgrades for both characters' guns, or just yours if not enough 
    You'll have a treasure to sell if you killed and picked it up from the 
    Executioner, and that's the Gold Ring. So press the button to scroll over your
    inventory and sell it. This will fund the firepower upgrades for both handguns.
    Also, if you can, may as well get a capacity for the machine gun.
    Shouldn't need to buy anything, but it's possible to buy a machine gun for her,
    but I wouldn't since she prefers her pistol.
    *NOTE: One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes Sheva will claim items 
    herself or get items you may have missed. She's like a nice little gopher for
    things you may not realize.*
    *NOTE: Just use the one clip on the VZ61, because after this chapter it is 
    trash. Don't put bullets into it when it's empty.*
    Surprise, Surprise
    As I said, all I found were the two frags on top of the first building after
    the fight; everything else was no longer there. Feel free to look around, maybe
    you can find more. Go through the opening and there is a barrel in the shack.
    Then swing around the path and hop down the hole for a quick barrel, then back
    up. Open the large door.
    *NOTE: You can stomp enemies when they are on the ground.*
    An in the building she'll probably grab, and then some ammo. Go out and 
    assist jump up the broken ladder. Down the alley you will kill a woman, and 
    then two enemies to the right and left; the one behind the fence will climb 
    over to get you. Two will surprise you when you go near the fence, and there is
    one more inside the building to the left, not the little shack. There are 
    plenty of items, some Sheva will get, and the rest are boxes for you to knife;
    don't forget the fruit. 
    #1. Ch 1-2, look south from the two-story building east balcony and shoot this
    emblem which is out of bounds.
    Then go out and locate the ladder by the fence where the two ambushed you. 
    Assist jump Sheva up and she will get the key, then look up and take out the 
    enemies that appear above. Through the shack there is ammo through the window,
    and an enemy behind the fence. Go around and one enemy busts out from the 
    boxes, then another if you move up. Fruit, and then go under the stairs to 
    enter the building. Shells, items upstairs and on the balcony, and two 
    enemies when you try to unlock the upper door, so be ready. When they are 
    dead, go out to the balcony and pick up the clock from the trunk. Hop down, 
    get a barrel to the left, and then open the door to the right.
    *NOTE: You can hold down the run button as you move, and all you have to do to
    turn is stop and turn. It's actually EASIER to hold run and turn than move 
    both analog sticks.*
    To the left you can use your key on the door to get the Ithaca, a shotgun.
    On the roof is an egg, and then one item under the stairs to the building. 
    Before you go up the stairs, equip your VZ61. DON'T shoot her just yet, run
    back out and onto the ground level and then pop her head to reveal her plagas.
    Use up the VZ61 on it (don't reload), then pop it from a distance, and if it
    gets close just run. After that, take care of the Majini and then go back into
    the room for items at the back.
    *NOTE: You can use the shotgun here, and if you don't reload we get free 
    shells with the capacity upgrade later. And you won't need to reload it 
    Go out the door, kill a group, then get two crates before going through the 
    exit door.
    *NOTE: It's nice to bring up the equip menu and see if anyone needs something
    the other character has between fights, or just from time to time so you know
    who needs to pick up what.*
    Following Shadows
    *NOTE: You only need like 4 bullets from here to the end of the chapter, so
    feel free not to reload your gun.*
    One box in this room, then out the door. Four enemies will appear down the
    steps, then go around and knife two barrels before going through the door to
    the checkpoint. Proceed down the path and investigate the body that you see,
    then pick up the two items in this room. Go up the ladder for two barrels, and
    before you go out the door jump to the left for a trunk full of three stacks of
    gold. Then through the door.
    #2. Ch 1-2, when climbing the building with BSAA dead bodies, look up through
    the hole in the ceiling and hit this under the water tank.
    Two crates and one box of ammo. Go out and down the elevator. Slash the box and
    there is something to look at in the corner of the hall. Some crates to slash
    around the body, and down the hallway to the next room. Some items all over,
    then pick up the furnace key by the controls. I will tell you that using the 
    console closes the doors and turns on the furnace, so you don't have to use
    it, but if you do be sure to wait until it resets before leaving the room. Then
    head back to the locked door.
    BOSS: Uroboros
    It's a very simple fight. Just turn around and run back into the furnace room
    for a quick scene, and while waiting you should knock over either gas tank,
    but the one near the door is best. When the monster is inside lead him left of
    the doorway, the way with only the narrow path, not the side with the console.
    If you tipped over a tank he will pick it up, so run into the furnace and wait 
    for him to get inside, shoot the tank to blow him up, and then run out to use 
    the controls and melt him away.
    I can't stress enough how you must be quick to run out and use the controls,
    a moment late and he may bust out. If so feel free to use the restart option
    in the pause menu.
    Several things to note for this fight:
    	Veteran must burn him a second time, so use other container
    	If he disappears with the explosive on him, it will fall off, so either
    	put it back on or try to manage without
    	On a similar note, try not to get too far away from him to prevent 
    	him from going away
    	Keep Sheva near or she may distract him
    And finally, a small tip for helping to pin him in the chamber. If he's near
    you as you try to exit the chamber for the controls, hug the wall as you move
    for the console. With the walls not being totally solid as for most games, he
    will try to attack you through the wall and hopefully be partially stuck. I
    haven't tried this out many times, but it's a small help if you are desperate 
    to keep him inside.
    #3. Ch 1-2, after the Uroboros fight but before using the elevator, look down
    the second half of the fence to hit this emblem.
    Now go to the locked door and go through. Probably best to let Sheva have the 
    ammo in the case, then go up the elevator. 
    Chapter 2-1: Leaving Town
    Item Management
    One healing item to Sheva, spread out the handgun ammo, REMOVE the VZ61, sell
    your two treasures, store your frag grenades and keep your flames grenades,
    and then get capacity upgrades for guns with non-full clips.
    Before you spend below 10,000 you can consider whether to upgrade the shotgun
    and both pistols or get Chris a melee vest. The vest is a wise buy considering
    the upcoming dogs are hard to prevent from attacking you, but more damage means
    you can kill everything quicker. If the capacities get you below 10,000 just
    get firepower for all three guns.
    *VET: You can pick up either of your Magnums, assuming you played on reg
    before. You can use one on the sub-boss.*
    *VET: A very solid setup is to have your upgraded handgun, M3, Dragunov, and
    the revolver; Sheva will have her handgun (maybe the M93R for kicks) and your
    upgraded SIG machine gun. She can hold any or all ammo, as well as a healing 
    item of course. I say no go on melee vests, you'll pretty much use healing 
    items after every hit either way.*
    Mission: Expendable
    #4. Ch 2-1, at the start, when you read the document explaining these, shoot 
    it on the wall to the right. 
    Several crates along the walls, and in the corner is a ladder to get on top of
    the shipping container so you can jump to a trunk with gold. There is an MP5
    in the case, and then a ton of documents to read, most important is the one 
    explaining how to quickly equip items. SQUARE for the PS3, X for the 360 to
    grab an item and press it again over the item slot to switch it to that spot.
    You can only equip items into the four slots that correspond to the d-pad
    directions, with the angles and middle slots being for ammo and things you
    don't need to equip.
    *NOTE: I like to have my grenades to the left, shotgun right, machine gun down,
    and pistol up. Later you may not map the grenades.*
    *NOTE: Remember you can hold her button down to call her to you, in case she
    is away and you can't pick up an item.*
    Open the door to get outside. In this area watch out for wire bombs, like 
    the first one in your path. Just be sure to shoot them while standing a ways
    back, and of course never touch them. Passed the first one be ready for a few
    enemies, and two crossbow ones above you. Chances are there is another enemy
    around the corner, so be ready unless the music is off. A wire blocks the first
    left, so take the second for a herb in a container, then go up the ladder to
    shoot the wire bomb and then hop down for the three items. Equip your shotgun
    now. Before you go beyond the next wire bomb, to the right you'll find a spray
    in container. 
    *NOTE: Feel free to use your flame grenades up coming. They don't kill the 
    dogs but they do help. It seems like the handgun is better for the dogs, but
    that's only if you're dealing with one at a time. So if you're good with the 
    handgun maybe you can use it instead of the shotgun. The dogs that turn into
    monsters seem tougher than the others however.*
    *NOTE: One thing that happened was the molotov thrower kept burning the 
    big guy, so don't back up, try to stay at the mouth of the containers.*
    Around the corner you'll see nothing, and then a dog appears, so blast him and
    his friends, back up, and once all three canines are dead kill the crossbow
    enemy. Clear the bomb and go around and up. Equip the shotgun and hop down into
    the next area where you run into quite a large fight. There are about three
    dogs that will come after you throughout, but you want to stay around the mouth
    of the containers to handle the big guy as the molotov thrower could burn him
    for you. Then you must deal with a few crossbows and enemies in the open,
    keeping in mind a dog may show up. Collect any items, including the treasure
    the big guy drops, and open the gate.
    #5. Ch 2-1, after the bridge fight, stop on the steps and look to the middle 
    beam under the bridge for this emblem.
    Two crates, and when ready hop over the gap. Move up a little to trigger the 
    truck, and quickly shoot any of the red barrels on the side you are on so the 
    truck turns away from you. Now get ready for a huge mob of enemies, bringing 
    a little bit of everything, so use all the barrels. From there use grenades on
    more than two enemies and then your machine gun when you run out of handgun 
    ammo. Some breakables in the garage at the end, then take the steps down and
    into the sewer. Three dogs and then two, so use your flame grenades and then
    handgun on both groups. Two items in the room and use the door.
    Port Superiority
    Turn left for a sapphire, then equip your shotgun and be ready for the dead 
    bodies to spit out some bat things. Kill them and you can either shoot the lock
    or kick it a few times to open the door. Go through the tunnel and up. In the
    water is some gold by the canoe, gold by the three sticks in the middle of the 
    water, and topaz by the boat. Back up the steps is a herb by the stacked
    canoes and items inside the shack. 
    #6. Ch 2-1, when you enter the market to right, find the green booth, and look
    inside for the emblem.
    Head into the market area and none of the enemies will attack. Some items in 
    the fruit, including a frag you can use to destroy the wooden stall at the
    south end (use map) to access the ruby in the trunk. There is another jewel if
    you climb on top of the buildings using a ladder at the south end, then look to
    the very north end of the roof for the emerald. Before you enter the building,
    go around and jump through the window. Leaving the lock on the front door 
    saves you a little trouble. Inside are a few items and the key on the body
    up above you. Shoot it down, pick it up, and the scene triggers.
    If you entered by breaking the lock then you must quickly evade or stun the 
    big man, then run out. If you came in through the window you have a lot of 
    time before the big guy can get to the window. So just use your handgun and
    pick off goons as they try to climb in. When they are done and you see an 
    opening, jump out and equip a flame or the shotgun and hold back the big 
    Majini as you back up to safety. Kill the rest, then go use the key on the
    door leading to the boat.
    One enemy, so take him out. Three barrels on the this boat, then quickly run 
    to the other side and hop up onto the narrow street. This will not only 
    spawn a ton of enemies, if you do it will trigger your air support. With that
    you can hide behind the corner of the building and hope a missile takes out
    this second big guy. He drops a treasure, and as the chopper clears the street
    you can hop back down into the water and find gold under the board from pier
    to boat.
    #7. Ch 2-1, after going beyond the boat and into the street with fire support,
    climb a ladder on the right, go to the end, and look for the emblem on the 
    door of another building where an enemy was.
    If you let the chopper do its job then there is only the one archer on the
    balcony by the emblem. So you can grab the drops, items on the roof to the 
    right, and the one item in the building to the left. Move up to the end of
    this road and a mob busts out of the building, including at least one behind
    you. You can again hide behind the corner of the building to the left and 
    hope a missile takes them out. If so then there should only be one crossbow
    to take out. A herb on the left, barrel to the right, sniper rifle ammo as you
    enter the final little building. Pick up the Sniper Rifle and map it to one
    of your d-pad buttons. Use the gate to exit this map.
    *NOTE: By now it's close to time to giving Sheva one of your bigger weapons.
    The alternative is for you to hold them all, let her have the health and 
    handgun ammo, and only between fights do you request pistol ammo to reload, or
    anything of that sort.*
    To Protect and Sever
    *VET: You can restart and pick up the magnum, even sell your treasures to get
    a capacity upgrade if needed.*
    Going straight down this path has one item, and then through the window you can
    take out the three goons in the slaughter house. One item in here, a herb out
    the door, and items around the corner. Give Sheva all your handgun ammo.
    After the scene, kill two bats, then run to the half-broken ladder and toss
    Sheva up. Run around the corner and kill the molotov-thrower and quickly
    take out this bat. Kill the three more, and then smash the barrel. When you
    approach the door a huge mob will emerge, but you only have to hold them back
    with a few shotgun shells as Sheva will dissect them, or toss a frag in, your
    call. Use the command to call her (O or B) and collect the drops.
    *NOTE: Not sure if the sniper strategy works, but you can give her the 
    rifle and rounds along with the handgun ammo if you want.*
    In the bathroom to the left is one enemy in the last stall, and two items. 
    Another in the living room, and a few more up the stairs. Items all the way up
    to the top where you will toss Sheva to the other building; so if you want to 
    give her your shotgun for a spell, that is fine, just make sure you have the
    sniper rifle and she has all the handgun ammo - she won't use the shotgun 
    unless out of handgun ammo, but it's a decent option just in case.
    As soon as you toss her over, run back down a flight and start sniping, but 
    wait for a big mob and her to be back before you use the red barrel. Snipe
    heads or just hit targets to keep them off her. When she is at the stairs,
    not much you can do, but you can wait for her to go down. Then you get to the
    ground level and wait for her to open the gate. DON'T use the red barrels, save
    them for the next part. Just pick off targets, back up into the building, and
    you should be fine.
    #8. Ch 2-1, after the part where you snipe to cover Sheva, go into that 
    building and up to the second level, come to the edge, look up to the right,
    and you can barely see this one leaning. 
    Grab the drops and items on both levels of the building, and get familiar with
    this immediate area. Some items around the bus, including a herb. Before
    going up the steps make sure you have max shotgun shells, give her all the 
    pistol ammo, and you hold all the grenades. Go up the steps to trigger the
    Chainsaw Maniac. This fight can go many different ways, but let's stick to a
    few rules:
    1. If he gets close just run right by him or farther away.
    2. Use the shotgun for 95% of the fight, with the handgun for picking off 
    minions and popping barrels, and then maybe one use of the MP5 instead of
    reloading the shotgun. The sniper rifle will get you killed.
    3. Use the transformer above the bottom of the steps, and then all the red
    barrels in this area. You can back into the building you tossed Sheva to
    only to go through the door to slip into the back alley. 
    4. DO NOT back into a corner, this is certain death mainly because you will
    probably get Sheva hit. Just use the building and the back alley, and stay 
    around the middle of the street.
    I found it not too difficult to just run back and forth in this narrow 
    street. Shotgun blasts cover a wide area, enough to hit him and knock back
    any minions on the sides. Grenades are essential, so make sure you toss them
    to his feet so they don't go too far away. When he's stunned run up and do a 
    melee attack, then run far away, turn around, and resume the attack. Use
    grenades when he's coming at you to ensure you stun him. And that's it, just
    run back and forth, frag, blast, pay little if any attention to the minions,
    and just focus on him.
    When he goes down, take this time to clear any enemies and collect any nearby
    items. Quickly grab the key from him and bolt up the steps. There is a barrel 
    and then use the key on the gate, go through, quickly grab the gold and jewels
    in the trunk, and then go through the gate to leave him behind. DO NOT try to
    finish him off, it's not happening. And if you bolted from him fast enough
    he won't even give chase.
    *NOTE: Once he's down, DO NOT reload because you can buy capacity upgrades
    for all your guns and they get full clips.*
    Black Hawk Doomed
    Go through the door for a herb and shoot the crow - it was there the first
    time and not the second, no big deal. Go through the gate and get ready to
    hit three context-sensitive buttons: two singles and then probably both the
    aim and fire button. It's to avoid the chain attack, shoot the chain, and 
    then avoid when two bikes charge at you. Enjoy the rest of the scene.
    Chapter 2-2: Mining Site
    Item Management
    Combine any items and store your VZ61 by selecting "Remove" for it if you 
    haven't done so already. And for all end of chapters you only need one healing
    item on Sheva, or anywhere from 0-1 healing items on Sheva. Even if you're
    terrible you still only need one max.
    Sell all your treasures. This is a crucial juncture because you can get both
    characters a Melee Vest, or get mucho upgrades. Start with capacities for 
    all non-full guns. Here is a rundown of your weapons:
    Sniper Rifle - will be replace very soon, so no need to upgrade at all. 
    Shotgun - will be with you for the whole game, so start upgrading that fire-
    	power (FP).
    Handgun - there will be a new kind introduced soon, so consider only 
    	heavily upgrading one of your two current pistols.
    MP5 - will be with you for the whole game, get to work on it.
    It's not hard to max the reload speed and current FP of the shotgun, get a 
    few FP's for the MP5, and max the FP of Chris' handgun.
    *VET: Could go with same lineup as the start of last chapter, or grab the 
    magnum before the boss in a restart. Also feel free to grab a stack of flame
    grenades for the dogs.*
    Dangerous Mines
    #9. Ch2-2, go out the first building, go left, turn around, follow the power 
    line behind the building, and it's on the tower.
    There are a few items in here, as well as a most interesting document to read.
    Go out and around the trains to hit a wire bomb, which should spring a pack of
    dogs to attack, so blast them as best you can with your shotgun. Go around and
    hit the next bomb, then run and elevate onto the raised area at the back of 
    the train, turn right and hop up to grab a beetle off a stack, and then go up
    the ladder and take out the three crossbows.
    *VET: You really should just hit both wire bombs ASAP, grab the one beetle on
    the stack by the ladder, and climb the ladder to be done with these dogs.
    One chomp of a mutated one and you're basically dead, and they transform very
    As for the pack of dogs, they are tough to take out. The only reason to clear 
    the ground is for a 30 pack of machine gun ammo and a 2,000 money for another
    beetle. That is not worth the effort and damage needed to dispose of the 
    entire pack. Aim for their heads, and when they transform into monsters aim
    for the start of the split in their heads if you decide to take them out. They
    will all transform if you waste too much time.
    *NOTE: There is a small gold on top of the car to the left as you climb up the
    Hit a wire bomb up here. Before you drop down try and take out one of the two
    wire bombs down the tracks of the cart you're about to hop in, otherwise you
    will have to hit both when you drop down into the cart. If you do or don't,
    get out and grab the gold down the tracks on the side, then use the lift to
    get down. 
    There is a herb and lantern. The lantern is your only source of light for 
    this cave, so tell her to grab it. When moving it's best for Chris to move up
    the left side while she moves to your right; and if you want to look at 
    something just aim and she will point the light to that spot. Move up and at 
    the first fork pick up a herb to the right. Go down the left path and a little
    into the water an enemy will appear, who will probably sprout a head, so blast
    it back and snipe it, then you can snipe the other enemy down the path. Look
    up near the end of the water and shoot the jewel to pick it up. 
    #10. Ch 2-2, at the wooden bridge in the mine, look right and it's in the 
    At the fork there is an enemy to your right, and another to the left. One will
    most likely sprout a plagas, and to the right are some supplies including at
    least one flash grenade which kills those tentacle heads. Move up to the
    bridge and there is a jewel above the end of it, but when you pick it up you
    could toss a frag into the corridor as three enemies will appear, or use a 
    flash if a head pops out - or save the flash for the big battle ahead.
    *NOTE: Snakes can be shot or slashed, and after they are on the ground, try to
    knife em if they are near you for a free egg, but don't chase them around or 
    waste a bullet on them.*
    Move up to the next fork and two enemies drop to the left. To the right are 
    three crates to open, and the right-most one has a snake in it, so be ready to
    double-slash it. To the left are two more items, then move up the path where
    you may be able to snipe the lone enemy in a corner. Move right and when you
    see some light, go right and down to a lit area for a trunk with a jewel, and
    the left crate has a snake in it. 
    When you approach the gate the lantern is of no more use. You turn the crank
    and then when Sheva goes through let go and be ready to fend off a couple of 
    enemies while she turns the crank on her side. So just back up into the gate
    and you'll slip through when it's open, and feel free to finish them off. If
    you don't you'll probably fight them when the rest of the mob shows up in the
    main room. Your biggest targets are the dynamite throwers and archers, but
    those are hard to take out at the start. Run left and hide in the little
    tunnel. You can just camp here and let all but the crossbows up high come
    to you. If you saved that flash from earlier then now is the time to use it
    when multiple or just one plagas emerges. When you are no longer under attack
    in the alcove, snipe the dynamite thrower in the middle above you, far to the 
    left, the archer, and then slip out to hit the guys up to the right; watch out
    for the dynamite.
    *NOTE: On the top level, in the middle, is a fence to hop over for a barrel,
    in case you miss it.*
    Plenty of items in the corners, and a jewel on the wheel of the central 
    mechanism if you go to the left of it, it's on the round axle. Get on the top
    level and take the left-side tunnel, kill the lone enemy, and look up to see a 
    jewel you can shoot down. Take the exit tunnel where a few archers wait for you
    by the lift, so take cover to the right and lob a flash grenade over the wooden
    wall, which may cause the dynamite not to be tossed and explode on them, then
    clear whatever is left. Pick up the items and take the lift up. 
    Breaking Through
    *VET: If you need your magnum for the boss, get it now with a restart.*
    A few items to the right and then go up the steps. After the scene quickly 
    grab the Dragunov in the locker in the left corner (it's the only open locker)
    and then take cover under the window. Wait for the turret to stop its stream
    of fire, then pop up and kill the gunner, and if you do also try to take out
    the two crossbows near the turret. Then snipe the guy that tries to get on
    the turret, and then be ready to defend from anyone near you. Should be a few
    more turret gunners, so snipe him and the rest before leaving. There's a 
    document here if you want to read it quickly.
    *VET: Just snipe faster, the ranged attacks from them are much more accurate
    and deadly. To start just hit the crossbows to the left, then the guys that 
    try to get on the turret, and if you don't want Sheva to switch between the 
    guys in the room and the guys in the distance, snipe everyone out in the open
    *NOTE: Of course the Dragunov is the sniper rifle of choice, so quick equip it
    or map it to the button you mapped the other rifle. The old rifle will be 
    inventoried at the first chance.*
    #11. Ch 2-2, after you climb the first tall ladder outdoors, turn around and 
    snipe this one on a building.
    *NOTE: There is a grenade in the bed of the truck, and another behind the 
    truck with the turret. There is a final grenade before the boss, giving you
    three to go into the battle with for sure.*
    When outside, go left and up a ladder for a trunk with a diamond, and there is
    a red herb up here. Go around the turret truck and pick up a frag, then some
    sniper ammo by the port-a-potty, and some ammo in the shack. Then look to
    the top of the first tall ladder for a jewel to shoot down. Go up it and an
    enemy will probably follow you. Hop down the next one and to the road to get a
    brief scene for the next fight. If you want to give her your old sniper rifle
    and some ammo that is fine, you keep the shotgun and pistol. You can run her up
    to the broken ladder and push her up, then handle the mobs of enemies from all
    sides as she assists. After the bottom enemies are clear, run up the road and 
    assist her and kill the rest. Hop down the ladder to the ledge for a jewel on
    the wall and some ammo, then back up.
    *VET: Really a lot of ways to die here. One option is to equip your handgun and
    just run up the ramp with Sheva, pop enemies in your way to stall them, then
    shotgun blast your way to the trash bin, and from there mount your defense. Two
    many ways to be attacked anywhere else for this fight.*
    *NOTE: You can shoot the dynamite out of an enemy's hand to blow it up.*
    Move up to the trash bin where one last enemy should drop down. Then go to the
    left of it and push the trash over the side. Many items to pick up, and let's 
    take this time to distribute supplies before we hop down. Reload all guns you
    have, and here how you map your items:
    UP - handgun, second option to inflict damage.
    LEFT - shotgun, the key to winning this fight quickly.
    DOWN - Dragunov, NOT a key offensive weapon, but an option for big damage.
    RIGHT - Frag grenades.
    *VET: Just make sure your frags and magnum are mapped. They are all you need.
    And you may not need the frags at all, but you may as well play it safe and 
    not waste ammo, and you may have time to snag a few items.*
    During the fight just be ready to manually equip the mines. And no, the MP5
    is not intended to be used, it's the last weapon you use. Feel free to take 
    away any guns from Sheva to prevent her from wasting tons of ammo. She can 
    hold the rifle and handgun ammo though.
    BOSS: Popokarimu
    This boss is very tough, and it's basically a game of cat and mouse. He has 
    only a few attacks: swipe when close, lunge when a medium distance away, acid
    when you're directly behind his tail, and his aerial dive he does four times or
    more when in the air. To avoid the aerial attack you can either step to the 
    side to avoid it, run away, or use the dodge button. I suggest just turning 
    away and running, slashing barrels of items as he is in the air, and you don't
    have to grab the items, hopefully Sheva will.
    His only weak point is under his tail, the pink part. He exposes this after a
    failed lunge, slightly while in the air, when one of you is behind him and the
    other in front, when he's "stuck" in the field, and when he's been stunned.
    You have three things to keep in mind during this fight: collection of items
    on the field, including the proximity mines which are gold for this fight; 
    stunning him; and then causing damage. There is little reason to shoot at any
    part other than his pink side, but enough damage to his face and that will
    stun him. This is done by using grenades or by just blasting him with whatever
    you got, but since you don't know when he will stun your only choice is to toss
    *NOTE: Direct grenade hits equals stun, but if the blast is far from him
    don't expect him to get stunned.*
    *NOTE: Inflicting damage to his body other than his tail does seem to count
    against his HP, but not a lot.*
    The reason you want the mines is because those equal instant stun. So it's best
    to use up all your grenades on him to start, pump some lead into his tail, and
    with open items slots map the mines to a button. So long as he's not right 
    behind you, you can pick up the items around the shacks without much harm - 
    it's not like he will attack as soon as he touches you. Pick up the mines and
    only set them down in the lower part of this area, because you need space to 
    go around him, and that is not given in the raised part. Sadly, the mines seem
    to only go off if he's directly over them, so it may take some running around
    a mine before he sets it off.
    *NOTE: You can pick up the mines from a set spot to re-place them.*
    *NOTE: Again, you use shotgun, handgun, MP5, and sniper rifle in that order
    if you run out of ammo for the shotgun.*
    So this is the game plan: stun using either frags or the mines, run to his 
    tail and pump shotgun shells to the pink part, and once he regains just run
    around the field and slash barrels to pick up more mines. Basically you never
    stop moving unless you're doing something. And NEVER get behind him if he's
    not stunned or you'll be sludged. No need to go in the shacks unless totally
    out of stuff. 
    *VET: With the magnum, really simple. Takes about three frags to turn him over,
    then about 4-6 shots to the tail to end the fight, depending on how much you
    upgraded your magnum. Even if for whatever reason you don't have a magnum or 
    didn't bring one, all your upgraded guns make this fight much easier.*
    Chapter 2-3: Savanna
    Item Management
    If you didn't get the melee vest before, no reason to get it now, unless you
    are constantly getting hit and dying of course. Remove the S75, mines, flash
    grenades, all but one healing item, and you only need one full box of MG
    ammo. Your inventory should be:
    Chris - M92F, shotgun, Dragunov, MP5, MG ammo. Maybe some frags, they could
    	prove useful later.
    Sheva - Handgun ammo, M92F (less upgrades than Chris'), healing item.
    I say get capacities for all your guns, except the old machine gun and sniper
    rifle, which both should be in the inventory. I maxed the FP of the shotgun,
    got the Dragunov to 800, and the MP5 to 90. 
    As you can see the armor piercing handgun is in the shop, but let's wait one
    more chapter to get that. Just give Sheva's gun a capacity upgrade and that's
    it, feel free to get your handgun a few upgrades.
    You could save 3,000 for after this brief chapter, but it's not crucial at all.
    And I shouldn't have to remind you to sell your treasures.
    Safari Hunt
    *NOTE: Remember not to hold down the trigger too long of you overheat the gun.
    And don't miss the turns.*
    You start on a turret, so mow down the first couple of bikes. There's a turn
    and then a big truck to the right, but don't neglect the bikers on the road.
    Basically when Sheva fires to a side, you handle the bikers. More turns and 
    enemies, with the third turn having a dual-press. Then you get two trucks on
    either side as well as tons of bikers, so take the side she doesn't and just
    balance your fire all around.
    Then you hit a roadblock where you just fire all around and aim for the red
    barrels. Then one truck to your right you need to get quickly. More bikers and
    this rail gun part is over.
    BOSS: Ndesu
    Yes, ol' El Gigantes! "What's up bro, what'cha been up to all these years?"
    Okay, so no TMP and flash grenades this time, it's pure turret shooting. Just
    keep an eye on your gauge so you don't overheat it, and just fire on his face.
    When he staggers backwards shoot the barrels he gets near. When the plagas 
    emerge, shoot those. After those are popped go after the big one.
    During some down time, meaning he's not attacking you, pop a few of the cross-
    bow guys on the sides. Keep firing and doing the button dodges until four 
    plagas pop out. Now fire on those to stop his attacks as each one is popped. 
    He may often pick up objects and use them against you, so either dodge the 
    pole or break the boulder he hurls at you. It may even be best to save the
    three barrels until all four appear (there's one down to your right).
    He has several attacks:
    Leg smash - he raises his left leg when close. Just hit his head to stop it.
    Slam - he raise both hands when close to slam you. Inflict damage to stop.
    Swipe - he throws his right arm when close. This has to be dodged.
    Ram - he will be far away and charge. Just inflict damage to halt him.
    Ground slam - just press the button to avoid.
    Boulder toss - just hit the rock to destroy it.
    Telephone pole - only way to stop this is to hit him with a barrel, or pop a
    Minions - there are two to the right and one to the left, not very important
    	on reg, but they are on vet.
    Once all four are gone just pour lead into the big one a final time. It should
    only take two main plagas appearances for the fight to end, no matter what.
    *VET: This is a real tough fight on vet, mostly because you have no advantage
    in weapons. You MUST kill the guys on the sides, the two to the right and the 
    one molotov thrower who all show up at different times. It's also very 
    important to dodge what you can, which is basically a split second to react,
    and aim for boulders when he pulls them up, don't try to hit him when he 
    raises a boulder.*
    Chapter 3-1: Marshlands
    Item Management
    Just a stun rod. It takes up a spot in your inventory and can only be used at
    close range, not worth it. 
    Nothing is different from the last time, so continue.
    Into the Wild
    #12. Ch 3-1, this one is hard because it's meant for co-op but can be gotten
    by wasting a few sniper rounds. From the start of the level, move up to the 
    end of the walkway, turn, look right, and zoom in on the telephone pole far 
    away and you should see the slanted blue disc. Thanks to your wavering gun it
    will take a few shots to get it. That or get it while in co-op with a pal, or
    plug in a second controller and get it alone if you chose that option to start
    Pick up the Beast Slate, some items, and a gem on the skull to the left (knife
    it down) and get the beetle on the fence to the right. Now get back on the
    boat and drive it straight and land at the chicken farm.
    *NOTE: At any time feel free to toggle your mini map to help get around.*
    #13. Ch 3-1, under the hut at the chicken farm, easy to get if you stand by the
    There is a tiny beetle to the left on a pillar after you get off the dock.
    Here you have a spot that you can farm for eggs. Seriously, you can hop on and
    off the boat and the chickens will continue to drop eggs, and it seems like a
    gold is dropped every time. There are also two eggs on a rack to the right,
    two jars to break, and a trunk with a chalice. I say you owe it to yourself to
    hit this place at least 3 times, if not to get your health up then at least
    get some eggs for Sheva, and the eggs do stay to one stack in your inventory.
    After you farmed the eggs enough, get on the boat and go directly west. All
    you have here is a Slate Map that marks the slate pieces on your PDA, your 
    mini map when you toggle it.
    From here go north a little to find the shipwreck. One jar and a Rocket 
    Launcher in the case. Of course the RL can instantly kill a few bosses, so 
    just letting you know that you need to save it for a big enemy. Also pick up 
    the beetle in the sunken part of the ship.
    #14. Ch 3-1, in the hut of the fish farm, hard to miss.
    Now go northwest to the fish farm, where you can jump into the pool in the 
    center to knife the fish for only tiny amounts of gold. Then grab the treasure
    in the trunk at the top before departing. There is a beetle on a tree in the 
    marsh, south of the northeast dock, that Sheva will pick up when near.
    Head east of here, to the northeast dock. Move up and knife the altar to pick
    up an emerald and other items. To the right is a hut with jars on either side,
    and at its front you can knife a skull for a ruby. Another hut and move to the 
    back. Two jars on the side and then notice the two raised huts. Assist Sheva up
    the left one for a treasure, then toss her up the right and be ready to fight
    a new type of Majini. These village Majini are much tougher than the townies,
    and they seem more aggressive as well as better equipped. So just equip your
    shotgun, blast through the first few, quickly knock down or frag the next mob,
    and then run for the boat to end the fight.
    To the south of here is the east dock, but watch out for the towers in the 
    marsh that have bombers and archers, so just avoid and hurry to the dock.
    When there you will see that a pool is between you and your goal, and in this
    pool are live crocodiles. You can just run around the wooden wall and to the
    ladder directly opposite the dock, just angle to the side of a croc when their
    head bobs up. Be careful as they are one-hit kills.
    Climb the ladder and in the first hut four Majini drop from above, so it's best
    to just snipe them through the window. Go in for an egg, a red herb, and some
    items. Around the right of the tiny hut you can kill the last Majini here, then
    pick up the Raptor Slate inside. Now you have to drop down the ladder and face
    a croc, and it takes about three shotgun blasts to take him out, so you better
    be quick or toss a frag; you could try avoiding, but it's tough with such a 
    little space. If you kill him, grab the ruby to the left along the wooden 
    fence. You could also run all the way right, pick up the beetle at the tree,
    and it should only require dodging one croc. Then run to the boat for safety.
    Navigate your way around the towers and head to the southwest channel to reach
    the village. Through the narrow opening of the narrow channel you can find 
    ammo on either side that Sheva will pick up when near. And on the front right
    and back left of the wooden wall in the water are more items; of course Sheva
    can't pick up items if her inventory is full. There is a herb south of the 
    village before you get in, and then finally you have a beetle on a tree as you
    round the wall on approach to the dock.
    At the village you will find a treasure, herb, and jar in the middle; a single
    item in the first shack; one in the corner shack; and one item with the last
    slate in the left corner. A big mob of Majini spring up when you approach the
    back huts, so it's wise to clear some space, grab the item in the right corner
    shack, and then run for the other shack with your slate and the final jar. 
    Then just blast a path back to your boat and get on and speed away.
    *NOTE: You can give Sheva the handgun only, it may cost less MG ammo and be
    You have to kill five Majini in order to open the gate to get out. If Sheva has
    the machine gun this should go faster, just circle around the wall until those
    four are dead then let her mow down the last one in the tower, and never be
    still for too long. With the gate down you can speed down the narrow path while
    running over a few in the water. You can even run over the rest to kill the
    music. If you do you can have Sheva pick up items in the water if possible.
    Also, just in case you somehow missed items in the village, you can go back
    now, but it's not worth it if you skipped a single item in a hut.
    With all four slate pieces go to the west dock and insert all four to get
    out of the marsh.
    The Village
    #15. Ch 3-1, after you've gotten through the slate door and are in the village
    area, drop off the wooden platform at the start, turn around, and it's under
    the walkway.
    Drop over the side and snipe the crossbow guy in the tower. Move along the 
    water and don't worry about the crows, they aren't as rewarding as their RE4
    cousins. At the village checkpoint DO NOT go right, it's a trap. For one the 
    only way to trigger the true attack is to go north and investigate the down
    bridge. Before you do that, you can loot items around two buildings on the 
    west side, but don't go crazy making space of the items and herbs, you can get
    them after the fight.
    So when ready, go north to trigger the enemies, who spawn from your sides and
    even a few from where you entered the area. Back up first and decide how you 
    wish to take on this group and their two leaders. The giant Majini are your
    focus, and using the shotgun's spread shot to manage the minions is better than
    focusing on them. 
    There are a few options for the two big Majini: use the rocket launcher when
    both are close to end them quickly, or use your frag and shotgun on their 
    bodies until they go down. It takes a good amount of shotgun shells to down 
    them, and it gets tough to stun either when both are close. I fully support 
    using the RL now ONLY IF you get both; so only use when you are 100% sure you
    will hit both and not a goon who just ran into the picture. If you choose to
    slice and dice your way out of this your best option may be to backpedal as far
    back to the start of the area as needed, or just run around the middle of the
    village. Of course keep your eye open for drops and don't forget any healing
    items if it comes to that.
    To get the magnum just go up the stairs of the structure to the east of the
    center, go right, and drop down to pick it off the dead body. If you try to 
    get in there from the ground you'll not only trigger the spikes but a few 
    enemies will spawn too, so that's not a wise move. There are also torches 
    inside the hut that can be used to burn the lower part, but since all the 
    Majini can jump, not much of an advantage from there.
    *NOTE: Remember to not reload any empty guns after the fight, unless that 
    opens needed space.*
    After the fight, get the magnum as stated above, loot items you didn't get the
    first time, and to the left are jars at the back, but don't step on the holes 
    on the ground for the sack of gold, it's not worth it. Head to the upper right
    and slip around the tiny path to reach the crank. Get Sheva on it and either
    now or later pick up the beetle to the right of the locked door. As Sheva turns
    the crank go to the middle of the village to get across the bridge. Some jars
    with snakes are beyond the door, and then another jar in a corner before you
    go up to unlock the door for Sheva. 
    Lots of jars, items, ammo, and a document after you unlock the door. Go up and
    into the tunnel for a treasure. Come back and hop across the gap to reach the 
    gondola and use it to end the chapter.
    Chapter 3-2: The Refinery
    Item Management
    Store your flash bangs and healing herbs, but keep one if you don't have any
    eggs. Remember to sell all treasures, and just because there isn't the "NEW"
    symbol over a treasure in the list doesn't mean there isn't one to sell.
    Several things to look for here. First I say just max out that magnum's FP to
    max or near max, and a reload time or two. Two is getting the P8 for Sheva.
    It will be a little costly to upgrade it, but the armor piercing and ability
    to shoot through enemies is nice. And lastly is the decision to upgrade your
    other guns or get a melee vest or two. Again, unless you're getting torn up
    by melee attacks, no reason to get the vest(s). Just upgrade your other guns
    as you see fit.
    Yes, the old rifle and first machine gun are sitting in your inventory, but 
    they only sell for a few hundred, not much reason to sell them unless a hundred
    away from something.
    Escaping the Village
    Some items before you hit the scene, and from here you can snipe about five 
    initial Majini, including two to the far left. Another wave should come out
    of the tunnel, so snipe them too. Hop down and pick up the jars before climbing
    up and jumping over the gap to trigger one more group, with two behind you. 
    clear it out, collect any drops and investigate the crank in the middle. 
    Follow the path to the raft and get on. All you do is hit the four context
    presses, which are most likely two button presses. On the PS3 it was a little
    harder than I thought it would be to do the SQU + X press, it required I made
    sure my thumb was completely flat over both buttons. Climb the ladder when it's
    in range, kick the button, and get back to the middle where you can cross the
    #16. Ch 3-2, when you reach the Tricell tents, go behind them and shoot this
    emblem between them.
    Shoot both torches for gems. On the other side of the tunnel you hit a scene.
    In the three patches of grass are snakes, so you can run around them and let
    them jump out if you wish. There's a document, first aid spray, and items 
    in and around the tents. There's a beetle in the spilled oil and a few items 
    in the shack. There is one gem to the right, on the rock wall, as you near the
    door to the oil refinery.
    Objective in Sight
    *NOTE: Again, hit dynamite to use against enemies.*
    Snipe three crossbow Majini, then hop down and kill more around the corner and
    some from the center. Barrels are in all but the northeast corner, which leads
    to a locked gate. So just climb up the middle to a valve and turn it, then 
    kill the four enemies, one having a crossbow to the left. Go into the new
    area for some items. Head up the ladder and call the zip line over. Get on with
    magnum equipped as you get over, which triggers a Chainsaw Majini to appear at
    the entrance. This is good since you have a few free hits, and if you have a
    frag or two you can use them to pelt his path, but he only needs to go around
    the corner to jump up to your spot. When he's close, just use the magnum and 
    run back and forth. With headshots it should not last very long. And if you
    really need the proximity bomb in the barrel, that is its purpose, otherwise
    you don't need it; unless you want it for the next chainsaw guy.
    *NOTE: Don't miss the beetle on the other side of the valve in the middle.*
    Turn the valve here to shut off one half of the flames in your way. Go up the
    middle structure and head right and call another zip line. Take it across and
    wait for Sheva to do the same. Now you may want to set that proximity mine
    in the middle of this "cage", since putting it by the door will set it off
    for nothing. Equip your magnum and someone turn the valve, and then Sheva will
    probably unbar the door after. Another Chainsaw Majini drops down and busts
    through the door, and this one is much tougher than the last - obvious from his
    blue pants. You need more headshots with the magnum and you'll need a few 
    shotgun shells, and maybe even a grenade or two; if you brought the mine, us
    that too and don't be shy to melee him when he's stunned. Very small quarters,
    you could leave, but just run back and forth, it works and simplifies things.
    *NOTE: I say just use one magnum clip and then the shotgun to finish him 
    off, that way you can park the magnum and get it a capacity at the end of the
    Just a big mob as you go through the open path, so shotgun away, and be ready
    for a plagas head. Jump off at the end and get two items before hitting the 
    next area. Just defend him as he works by shooting enemies out of the windows
    and from the fence; it's easier to just hit them while they climb up the 
    fence. Have a frag mapped to a button for the last part, and there there a 
    moment of calm after the first wave for you to collect items. After he opens
    the lift, toss a frag to knock the big mob of enemies including two big Majini
    and just get in the lift. 
    Not much peace as you must blast your way up a ladder, quickly get the two 
    items, and then clear your path to the second console. Quickly gather the items
    before the scene. Now you can easily hold back the enemies because you can 
    blast them off either ladder as they climb, but the Chainsaw Majini will reach
    you - maybe if you're crazy good at sniping him you may be able to halt him,
    but then you leave all the rest to come at you. Unhindered, it takes only a 
    few seconds after he reaches you for the door to open, so hopefully as soon as
    he gets close you can blast him, stun him, and then just press the button to
    open the door to exit the area. A frag or proximity mine could work too.
    The Gauntlet
    After that, go outside and you can jump through either window to pick up two
    items in the barrels, then take the door to the next area. Couple of barrels by
    the entrance and more if you go left through the door, so do that now. Then go
    right and toward the big boat, but get the barrel below you in the corner. Two
    items in the first shack and from the first shack shoot the barrel in the 
    other shack. BEFORE you move past the first shack here, make sure you map your
    frags, you need two to make this next part easy. Move forward to trigger the 
    *NOTE: If you somehow only have one frag, use it on the dogs. If none, have to
    shotgun it the whole way.*
    #17. Ch 3-2, at the very end when Irving sets the timer off, run to the end of
    the dock his boat was parked, turn, and quickly shoot through the bars on the 
    window of the building to hit the emblem. Should only take 10 seconds and on 
    my first run I had 15 to spare and I got the emblem.
    Turn and run to the end of the wooden dock for a case of money, then stand on
    the other side to shoot the emblem through the window. Shotgun blast the mob
    and just run to the fork at the start, but toss a frag to the gate before you
    arrive so the enemies run into it. Quickly kick the door and toss a frag in
    the middle of the ground to blast the dogs, doesn't matter if you hit the 
    big guy. Just run by them, or shoot a shell, then at the top of the steps 
    quickly hit the wire bomb, then run around and to the end of this dock. Turn
    and help your friends if they get stuck.
    Chapter 3-3: Chasing Irving
    Item Management
    Sell treasures, and then capacities where needed. Store all grenades, the
    magnum and bullets, and then upgrade away. Here is where my guns stand on 
    M92F (Chris) - 230
    Shotgun - 360
    MP5 - 90
    Rifle - 850
    Magnum - 2700
    P8 (Sheva) - 220
    If your guns are close, that's fine. If you get within 200-300 money of some
    upgrade, sell your older guns (maybe keep the other M92F) and flash grenades.
    For ammo, give Chris the rifle, shotgun, and MG ammo. Sheva should just have 
    the P8, handgun ammo, and a healing item.
    *NOTE: It's up to you who gets which pistol. Since I give her the handgun ammo
    it's better she has the smaller clip so I don't have to reload as much.*
    River Rabids
    #18. Ch 3-3, from the boat when you first stop, look under the archway you 
    passed under and snipe this emblem.
    Snipe the boaters behind you, and after you give a few shots to each boat you
    need to turn and focus on the tanks of explosives all along the path; aim for
    none of the enemies, just the containers. When you reach the first stop, snipe
    any enemies around you. Climb out and there are barrels in the corners. Hop
    over the gap and get more items before pulling the lever, then turn and kill
    a few bats and blow the tanks to kill the guys above. Should be one more Majini
    and you're free to get back on the boat. However, if you stand at the corner
    that is touching the gate from this side, you can snipe several enemies and 
    hit some explosives to make this next part much easier before you get on the
    *NOTE: With you having the rifle, let her have all the handgun ammo. You will
    be on rifle and shotgun duty.*
    Two things to duck under for this second, shorter ride and of course more 
    enemies from more sides, so just try to get as many as you can, mostly the
    ones in front of you. When you stop hop up and get the healing items, then 
    take cover behind the wall as the two turrets will go live and Majini will pour
    out on both sides. One thing to do is wait on the right side of the wall for
    the right turret to go empty, then peek around and pop it to not risk attack
    from the other turret, then take it out while it reloads. It is quite a long
    pouring of enemies, but they do stop, so keep sniping them.
    After that, go southeast, basically down the walkways until you find the M3
    Shotgun in a case, along with items in the shack, and a gem and more if you
    hop to the opposite shack. This new shotgun is inferior to the one you have,
    so let's just tuck it away until it's five shells are needed. Up the right-
    side walkway you'll hit a red herb and items. When you approach the turrets, 
    quickly climb the ladders and be ready to mow down the Majini and bats using
    the either turret (hold down the button to stay on) though you might let them
    get close so you can easily pick up any drops. But getting on the turrets to 
    mow them down is best. And a small group of Majini come at you when you head
    for the raft.
    Before you get on the raft, reload your handgun and take the handgun ammo from
    Sheva, she will only waste it. You need to reload no guns, just use the 30
    bullets you have in your handgun.
    BOSS: Irving
    The only ammo you need is what is in your handgun, and you can take any or
    all from Sheva because she will waste what she has.
    There are only three things to do in this battle: attack weak point on his 
    head, alternate the turrets as you mow down tentacles, and run around when the
    smooth tentacles are flying about.
    The front turrets are shells, while the back ones are chain guns. You want to
    stay around the back ones because their accuracy is better for hitting Irving's
    head. The front ones are only used for when the tentacles line up.
    When he's swimming to the side, unload with the chain guns, and when he 
    disappears be ready to attack the tentacles as they get in position. You shoot
    two and then be ready to dodge, then run to the front one (a shell turret) and
    blast just one arm, then run back to the chain gun to finish off the arms and
    be in position to start on the head.
    He may sometimes ram the boat, but you can't do much about that. Also, when
    he disappears from the sides and back just be ready to run in circles to avoid
    the smooth tentacles. Lastly, when he goes to make a chomp at the boat, just 
    avoid and if you are on the left of him (which you should be if you stay by
    the chain guns) then you can shoot the top of his head with a few handgun
    The final phase is he will latch onto the back and expose his "tongue". You
    need to focus on that and that alone. After the first showing, the next time
    there will be the tentacles, and all you do is fire, dodge, run to the other
    turret, and repeat. He should only have to reveal the tongue three times, and 
    you should be able to kill him before the second tentacle wave start attacking.
    Pay absolutely no attention to the tentacles, just dodge them.
    Chapter 4-1: The Cave
    Item Management
    Capacities for all guns that need it, and if you don't mind Sheva having the 
    MP5 then feel free to let her have it while you store one of the handguns.
    If not, you'll have the Magnum, M92F, Shotgun, MP5, and rifle. You only need to
    hold the shells and rifle rounds. Sheva can hold the magnum, handgun, and MG
    ammo. Also pull out and give her the eggs and a healing item if you took 
    damage in the last fight.
    *NOTE: If you're keen on using the RESTART function, you can wait to grab the 
    magnum until the last part.*
    If you bought the melee vest(s), good luck fitting all these and more items,
    you may seriously have to give her the MP5 and park a handgun. Of course, park
    that new shotgun, the M3 - you will NOT be using it or upgrading it.
    Cave Crawling
    You can have the MP5 and give her the pistol. Three jars in and around the
    shack, then just move down the path until you're in the waterfall area with
    the skeletons. Little spiders emerge who are little more than pests that will
    lunge and grab you, leaving you helpless and requiring help from Sheva while
    causing a tiny amount of damage over time. With the shotgun you can blast
    the first group, then use the MP5 or let Sheva have at the ones around
    the ladder. To the left of the ladder is a jar, then hop up up to the ledge
    for a trunk, and before you hop down shoot the gem on the ceiling in
    this same alcove. When you try to exit be ready for four spiders. 
    #19. Ch 4-1, when you go up the first ladder, look right below the light you
    saw on the skeletons, and the emblem is below that.
    One more up the ladder, then smash the two jars. Have the shotgun in hand as 
    you move up. Knife the torch, then get ready as a spider mob will rush in,
    and then another wave. Blast them away and the music stops. Smash another torch
    as you approach the exit, slash the torch at the exit, and then smash both
    skulls on the ground, then leave.
    Underground City
    #20. Ch 4-1, You can see in from the start if you snipe it down below, to the
    left a little among the city. Or just wait til you get to the middle of this
    By now you either think the RE4 to RE5 settings are uninspired or there just
    aren't many other places to kill things. Hop down and slash two jars, then look
    above the doorway for a gem. Hop down the steps and in the next room you can
    open the chest for a good haul of gold. In the next room slash the torch for
    a gem to pop out. BEFORE YOU MOVE FROM HERE, give Sheva the handgun ammo, your
    Sniper Rifle, rifle ammo, and you take the MP5 and ammo. 
    When you move up you hit a scene where you two get separated, duh. Just hop 
    down and either toss a frag or just blast the mob of Majini that appear. Kill
    the shielded ones and when you move up another batch approaches, as well as 
    one behind you, so back up to take them out. Only pick up drops and move up
    the steps. If you can toss a flame into the room before the three undead 
    come out, that works, then just frag them because they are tough.
    With that battle over, return from where you came for the herbs, and slash the 
    torch on the steps for a gem. Inside the Majini room is another chest with 
    lots of gold and a gem. In the next room is a jar and two gems if you examine
    the mummy three times, and yes, another gem in the torch by your mummy. 
    Proceed to the next chest for the trap. Run to either end and from there defend
    yourself; I prefer the south end since you'll see the fire guy as he comes, but
    Sheva liked to stay in the middle here for some reason, so you may have to
    cover her more than you like. Just blast away the Majini and spiders until
    the door opens and the fire guy runs in. Shoot him, frag him, and clean up
    these corridors. At each end is a chest with a gem. Swap you MP5 for Sheva's
    Look out through the doorway and quickly snipe the crossbows, then the shield
    guys before they can run and hide, and a few more will appear on both sides.
    Hop down for the items but DON'T smash any of the jars just yet. Turn the 
    crank, and after the scene quickly just make a break for the door and press
    the button to slide under before it closes - of course dodge any fire balls. 
    Of course failing to do this the first time means you'll have to do it again
    I guess, so don't mess up. When you get under the door the fire balls are gone
    and you can go collect the 14 items from the jars at your leisure; should have
    tons of handgun ammo. Take the opened door to the next area.
    Same as #20, only this time you are closer - just a reminder. It's above the 
    A Maze Apart Part 2
    The joke is this is the same title for an area in my RE4 guide. Just move up
    to trigger a long context scene, where you have running, three jumps, and a 
    grab; I just put the controller on my knee and mashed accordingly, and you have
    to repeatedly mash the run button, very fast. At the end of that, hop down and
    pull the cords to enter the maze.
    #21. Ch 4-1, look far up to the left as you enter the maze and you can shoot
    this, may have to move up or to the right a little.
    Jar to the left, then go right a few steps to see a gap you can jump over. 
    Go up this wooden path and at the top look up for a gem, and don't forget the
    two jars up here. That's all, go back to the start and head down the steps;
    nothing else to find. Take the left and you'll find the Grenade Launcher,
    and it's wise to pick it up. Then go to the statue in the northwest corner and
    use the cords. Before leaving, from the north side look up to the west to see
    a gem on the end of a board and shoot it, and pick it up while not forgetting
    the one revealed after using the cords. There is also a jar with a first aid
    spray from the north side of this "room."
    Now go to the middle and up, but DON'T pull the cords yet. First go left of
    them, turn, and jump over the gap for a treasure. Now use the statue to call
    for a change of steps. Make your way to the start and enemies appear - I
    shouldn't have to tell you but SAVE the Grenade Launcher for later. You are 
    NOT taking the upper path, you are just going right, down the steps, and up
    to the cords, so blast a way through and just run and pull to send the Majini
    away - stop for nothing.
    Face the purple statue, but to right to pick up flash grenades for your GL;
    you can drop these if you need to, they are not that important. Reach the
    statue and Sheva will stay on this cord while you go to the other. Go down the
    steps and take the room on the right first, for three barrels. Then go into the
    room under the cord Sheva is at to trigger enemies, but as soon as the scene
    is over just run and pull the cord, ignoring the spiders. Quickly nab the gem
    after and then it's your choice to run up and get the gem where Sheva was at
    (you may as well, then use the other path from it to evade the enemies. Now
    run to the southwest room, quickly, and pull the cord. After you do that, turn
    and move up a little to trigger the boss. You can pick up the gem before or
    after the boss, your call (best to get it after, especially if you can kill
    him quickly).
    BOSS: Popokarimu 2
    This fight can be very simple, hard, or very easy, your call.
    The simple way is to toss a few frags until he is stunned, then run to the 
    tail and shoot the pink with your nearly maxed out firepower magnum. It just
    took two bullets for me. And it's best to stun him when he's in front of that
    pillar, otherwise you may not have room to clearly see the tail - just keep 
    in mind you need room to his left if you want to see the pink. And of course 
    you could use the grenade launcher to stun him as well.
    The hard way is to stun him over and over and use the shotgun to kill him.
    This is difficult because it takes more to stun him and you have less space
    to navigate. This is basically how you fought him the first time.
    The easy way is to just run for dear life, it's up to you. But killing him
    nets a valuable treasure.
    *NOTE: If you don't have a powerful magnum, or didn't bring it, just restart
    and pop a few upgrades on it.*
    Chapter 4-2: Dungeon Raiders
    Item Management
    Tons of treasures to sell, and the Soul Gem if you killed the boss; gave me 
    a grand total of nearly $50,000, or "N" of whatever it's called. Capacities
    for whatever needs it, though I would hesitate to upgrade the magnum's cap so
    soon if it's only two shy of a full clip or something.
    *NOTE: It may be overkill to upgrade the magnum any further, it's not really
    as useful for the rest of the game. It helps for the next boss, but that's 
    kinda it. And you may upgrade it for future use, so it's your call.*
    I got the magnum's power up to 2700, along with maxing it's reload time. Best
    to get FP for the shotgun, and a few for the sniper rifle. Firepowers for the 
    handguns, and with whatever is left upgrade the MP5.
    Also store the GL and the flash rounds, no need to buy more grenades for it 
    since we've upgraded the magnum. Should only need one health item, a single 
    spray, an you can store all your grenades.
    You either store or bring the magnum, here's why. There are just two giants
    to face in the next area. They take one or two magnum bullets to kill, however,
    with a trick we will only face one at close range. If your shotgun is near its
    max on FP, you could save yourself an item slot by not bringing the magnum.
    The Paths of Light
    Two jars, then turn around and look above the entrance door for a gem. Move up
    to the locked door to see that you need three round keys to get through. To the
    left is a scene to show a beam of light down this path. Let it fry the undead
    that appears, and when it passes go through the doorway. To the left is another
    doorway that is slightly safe to pass through, though the beam seems to end in
    front of it, so you can run out and grab the two items in the jars.
    From this second doorway look up to the left and snipe three enemies, and a 
    fourth will come from that spot after. Snipe them, then snipe the shoulders
    of the masked Majini in the center. Move up, that fourth one will drop, and
    get the jar items to the right. Collect the items around the Sea Emblem and
    pick it up. Quickly run back to the first doorway, pull out your shotgun, and
    be ready to hold the enemies, including the giant, in the path of the beam.
    This will let the beam take them out for you, or just a magnum round on the 
    giant (it's really all you brought the magnum for, otherwise just hold him
    back with the shotgun).
    From the middle, go back a bit and take the right path which will also be 
    covered by a beam. This narrow path requires a lot more zig-zagging as the way
    to the next emblem is farther away. Just take cover in the alcoves as you move
    up, and you can slash the brazier in one for a gem. Careful toward the end that
    you don't mistake the fire for the laser going by - make sure it goes by before
    you move.
    In the hallway on approach to the earth emblem is a slight ambush of three 
    guys. If you picked up that mine earlier, set it toward the corner of the
    hall so it hits enemies as they come from behind you. Go to the corner and 
    quickly snipe the shield enemies (you can hit them through their shields with
    the rifle), and all the others that come from the emblem area. A few will be
    behind you, so handle them. Lastly, peek out of the hall, look up to the right,
    and snipe a crossbow.
    *NOTE: Don't think you can skip an alcove, Chris may be able to jump two 
    hiding spots but Sheva will probably get caught.*
    Pick up the earth emblem. Up the steps opposite are two jars and a gem you can
    knife off the wall. This upper path is also blocked with a light beam, but you
    only have three alcoves to zig and zag to, so just run as soon as the beam
    passes by you - you're going toward the beam, in case you thought it was left.
    At the end smash the jar, then go right for a jar, a gem in a brazier, and 
    then you can pop the head of the beam operator to neutralize this right-side
    beam; just needs a handgun round to kill these operators.
    Now you are heading northwest, and since you knocked out one beam there is only
    one left to cover the path. Run under the archway and knife the gem off the 
    ceiling and wait here to take out the incoming Majini.
    This is a pro tip, so listen up. From this hiding spot, which is the archway
    halfway across the walkway, get out your sniper rifle and look to the north-
    west corner of the map. You should barely see the arm of the second giant 
    Majini. Snipe that arm, stay where you are, and use the beam and either the 
    rifle or handgun to keep him at bay. Not a big need for the magnum, just keep
    pumping lead into him and he will die. Now the next part will be 60% easier
    (I'll allow a pause as you contemplate the meaning of that percentage, which
    was 50% random).
    Two jars to the right, and you can kill the beam operator, and since we killed
    the giant there is almost no reason to let the operator live. BUT FIRST, let's
    now go back a bit and take those steps where you found that herb a second 
    ago. These paths would be beamed up, but with the light out you can collect
    the four items with ease. There is a gem in a brazier, down the first path,
    and then three jars down the path that leads back to the locked door.
    *NOTE: It's up to you to give Sheva the shotgun or MP5, or neither.*
    Get those and return to the northwest area. Make sure Sheva only has the 
    pistol, and perhaps the shotgun if you really don't want her to take a hit.
    This is the only time when a flash grenade could help. Assist toss Sheva over
    the gap, then use the MP5 or really pro sniper shots to take out the mob that
    surrounds her. From where you tossed her you have a decent view of most, but
    some will disappear behind the wall. Do what you can and this should be a ton
    easier so long as you took out the giant earlier using that tip. Sheva will
    nab the emblem and return.
    All you do now is run back to the start and place all three in the middle door.
    A few Majini follow, so you can kill the ones that followed Sheva then get the
    two that appeared elsewhere, not a big deal. Insert the emblems in the middle
    of this map, nab the gem above the exit, and leave.
    *NOTE: No need to reload your pistol, and you can waste a shotgun clip in the
    next area, just for the purpose of getting it a capacity upgrade.*
    Pyramid Scheme
    *NOTE: Be sure she's on the raised parts in all areas, don't want to burn her
    by moving the mirrors.*
    Kill the snake in here with your knife, then go down and through the door to 
    the first puzzle room. Needless to say, don't touch the focused beams of sun-
    light. Only one step in room one to solving the puzzle: 
    1. Use the upper-left mirror and turn it once to the left so it hits the wall
    Now stand on the blue area around the panel and use it to go down.
    In room two Sheva will pick up the gem at the raised area. Here are the steps
    to room two:
    1. Turn the middle mirror right.
    2. Turn the the upper-right, or northeast, mirror left.
    3. Topple both pillars, with you back to the nearest walls.
    #22. Ch 4-2, in the pyramid puzzle, when you reach the third floor the first 
    thing you do is enter the northen room and shoot this above the doorway.
    Take the lift down to room three. DO NOT OPEN THE CHEST IN THE MIDDLE OF THE 
    ROOM. Go to the north room now and kill the three spiders, then look at the 
    trap (get the BSAA emblem now). Here are the steps for this final puzzle:
    1. Turn the NW mirror right.
    2. Turn the SW mirror right.
    3. Turn the NE mirror right.
    4. Enter the west and east rooms opened for treasures. The eastern room has a 
    ton of jars, about five with snakes, two skulls with gems that flank the 
    idol, and the idol; if you have about 20-30 MP5 rounds in the clip, use those
    and don't reload so you can get a capacity upgrade. The west room has only
    a single beetle - don't forget to get the eggs from those snakes.
    5. Turn the NE mirror left.
    6. Turn the middle mirror left.
    7. Turn the NE mirror right. Yes, the NE mirror blocks the way to the middle
    *NOTE: If really low on ammo I guess you can open the middle chest to call a
    swarm of spiders to you, they do drop ammo. But I still wouldn't.*
    Now head to the south room and out. Call Sheva when you stand on the left side
    of the mirror, just in case she glitches. In the next area just move foward
    to watch the scene.
    Chapter 5-1: Into the Darkness
    Item Managment
    Sell treasures but buy neither the new pistol nor the bulletproof vest. Of
    course capacities for empty guns, and you should have a few, maybe even for a 
    non-full magnum, and then upgrade.
    It's wise to upgrade the MP5 a good deal, maybe even maxing it's FP, and even
    getting a few capacities just for the heck of it. I also got my rifle up to 
    1000 FP, and then a few reload times.
    The next part could use grenades and any number of ammo supplies from your
    MP5, shotgun, or rifle, or all three. If you are low on ammo and grenades, but
    still want those treasures, consider bringing a bunch of healing items; again,
    only if you have nearly nothing but somehow want to claim the treasures,
    otherwise just the standard one healing item.
    Here is a nice reminder for gun assignments in case you didn't pick this up
    on your own or have not followed along:
    MP5 - can be your base gun if you have a vest or two, but if you didn't buy
    	the vests this thing may not see much use.
    Shotgun - used for mobs or close enemies.
    Sniper - long range, but about to become a key weapon.
    Magnum - used for tougher enemies only, seldom reloaded, and not needed for
    	this chapter, but could help. This is the gun to leave if you plan
    	on getting those treasures.
    M92F - your pistol, or not if you have vests.
    P8 - Sheva's handgun, it shoots through armor and shields.
    Grenades - used for large crowds or to stop big enemies, and you have a little
    	of both in the next chapter, and for the boss.
    Vests - two kinds, melee and bullets, but neither are required if you know
    	your stuff.
    That's it, all other guns should be tucked away, and there should be no doubles
    of any type of gun other than two pistols a piece in your inventories.
    *NOTE: Ten grenades of either type are probably fine, maybe even mines you've
    stored from earlier. But we are talking about one part where you don't have 
    to fight, so it's up to you. You only need 8-10 frags and no flames if you
    want to do it.*
    *NOTE: Of course if you use the restart function you could do so after the 
    Lickers to bring you magnum for the boss.*
    Hidden Evil
    #23. Ch 5-1, to the right as you start, under the metal walkway. Hard to hit.
    Three gems, the first being behind you and on the rock wall above. Second is
    to the left on the ground. Then you stand on the bottom steps of the garden
    and snipe the blinking one way up on the north end of the room (it falls at the
    bottom of the north steps). Then go read the document before leaving.
    Enter the left room for a document on the desk, then inspect the left wall
    for items in drawers, including a short document. In the hall and after the
    quick scene, read another short document to the right. Around the corner is a 
    herb, then go into the room. Just ammo in here, and you can look at the flowers
    before going down the hallway. Smash a crate, open the door, pull the lever, 
    and slash the glass to get through. 
    Go through the room with animals and on the other side you'll run into two 
    Lickers. Quickly turn around and run a good distance back down the room. With
    medium to long range between you and them they cannot attack you, and killing
    them with the MP5 should require about two clips. If you somehow aim for 
    something else, aim for their head and keep firing when they are turned over.
    Pick up the treasure one drops, then open the door, smash a crate, and into the
    room on the right. A red herb and then the AK-74 from the case. It's base FP
    is 90, so if you're MP5 is at 100 or 90 and has upgrades, better to just let
    Sheva hold the AK and you keep the MP5. With upgrades the AK will have more
    *NOTE: For all intents and purposes, you will not be using the AK-74.*
    Two items before you pull the lever up the steps. Go through the door and DO 
    NOT FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR RUN! Just cautiously walk between the two pens and 
    reach the door. When you open it this will break them free, so run to the end.
    BEFORE you decide to inspect the elevator you should know that there can be
    two groups you can take out one at a time. There are the base six that come
    after you, then four more once you press the button. So maybe it's a wise 
    idea to press the button if you don't intend on killing them, but if you
    brought a ton of grenades with you, maybe you'll want to wait to press the 
    button to you can take out the two groups a little easier.
    As for killing them, just hold them at the corner with grenades, and when you
    spend five on them, get out the shotgun or rifle and blast the rest away. Do
    again after you press the button. You are rewarded with about four Lion Hearts
    and all for the cost of a few un-used frags.
    *NOTE: Last chance to use the RESTART option in the pause menu to get your
    items in order. It's okay, it's not cheating. Bring at least 2 grenades, even
    though you get two in this area. Give Sheva a few healing items to be safe,
    and the magnum can speed this fight up a little.*
    Pick up the generous stock of supplies, make sure you have the MP5, magnum,
    shotgun, and either grenade type mapped to a d-pad button, then move up for
    an interesting scene. DON'T miss the button press at the end of the scene.
    BOSS: U-8
    The key to this fight is tossing in two frags into his mouth to expose his
    tasty brain. Yes, there is one given on the platform and as soon as you stun
    him you can toss em in if you have them, otherwise you won't expose his brain.
    Exposing his brain is optional, it's only his true weak point but you can 
    manage without.
    To stun him you simply shoot at either his mouth or the red joints of his
    arms. Once stunned to use the button press to toss a frag into his exposed
    mouth, but not tossing in a frag like you would at any other time, it's a 
    button press.
    Once you toss in two frags his brain will be fully exposed. Now you no longer
    need to stun him, but you can try. It's at this time you may want to let him
    get close and just unload magnum rounds onto his brain.
    He has a few attacks. The dodge-able swipe, the swipe you can't dodge, a ground
    slam to stun you, a slam from the wall to greatly damage you, and little 
    flying bugs to cause tiny damage and stun you. All attacks can be avoided by
    running away from him, so this battle is a struggle with staying in view of him
    and staying away from him. To avoid the bugs just run around them.
    *NOTE: Of course no reason to reload the magnum, or to have brought the extra
    Chapter 5-2: Capture the Base
    Item Management
    Remove grenades, the AK-74, sell your treasures, and get capacities for the 
    guns that need it. 
    Magnum - totally optional for the upcoming sub-boss, and even then I say leave
    	it here. If you MP5 is decently upgraded, you can park this with
    Grenade Launcher (GL) - optional as well for the boss, or picked up before you
    	face the boss using RESTART.
    Grenades - Frags mainly. There is another Licker portion, but you have the 
    	ability to dispatch them with other firearms, so these are not as
    	important as in the cramped area of the last fight.
    Remember, one healing item. The only upgrades were the capacities, if you 
    have more for other upgrades then by all means.
    Tango and Slash
    *NOTE: The sniper rifle is the only weapon for this area, maybe a shotgun shell
    or two are needed.*
    From the chambers just go into the north door. Four crates of items in the room
    beyond. Through the next door you can stop on the other side, get out your 
    sniper rifle, and look down to see the feet of some soldier Majini. Yes, these
    Majini have guns, real guns, not the crossbows of all the enemies since RE4,
    these enemies actually have guns. But of course since you can't move while 
    aiming, neither can they; so it's really a sorta boring gun fight if someone 
    were watching. The only warning you have you're about to be shot up is the 
    green laser of their gun needs time to focus on you. Either quickly shoot them
    down from afar, or take cover. When behind cover wait for them to reload to 
    *NOTE: All cover you can actually hide behind is lined with red and white 
    lining, to help you know what you can use or not. Of course just standing 
    behind cover will work, but you can only duck behind the lined cover. This 
    new cover system may be odd if you only played RE4, but if you've gamed with
    GTAIV or any Gears of War title, it should feel natural.*
    From atop these steps, snipe the leg of the one you see, then the second one
    that should run up. Run down and snipe the other, then the two that emerge from
    the door. Get the drops, the herb, and the crate in here. Three crates on the
    other side of the door. Take cover at the corner and let the Majini fire, wait
    for the reload, and snipe his face. 
    Before you run out of cover there are two others in this room, one to the left
    and one far to the right. So long as you don't go in front of the wall of 
    boxes you won't trigger to six other enemies to rush in. So take out the first 
    two, then move up and be ready for two waves of three enemies to emerge from
    the left doorway. Snipe them before the get into position.
    Lots of drops, and then a few items to the left of the room, and three more
    if you go left at the end, just watch for the Majini that appears by the 
    broken steps. Take the security door to get three more items. Take cover at the
    corner with shotgun in hand to quickly blast the melee Majini that runs up, or
    back up and let him come to you (quickly dispose of if he sprouts a plagas).
    Three more gunners, so you can either use the cover and hope the rest don't
    shoot you, or just peek around the side of the wall, ensuring the left-side
    Majini doesn't see you. Then take out the two up the steps. Three crates of 
    items, two of which on below the steps and one above. Use the elevator when
    ready to leave. 
    Hall of Monsters
    All Lickers in this area. Get the items and get into the first corridor. It 
    might very well be possible to get through this without firing a single shot,
    but there are a few reasons to just blast away. First is that you simplify
    how to get through, and also you get nice Lion Hearts for money. The sniper
    rifle is the gun of choice, with the MP5 as your next long range option, and 
    then the shotgun if they get close (a full FP shotgun does very nice). Also
    be sure to just shoot the Lickers that hold Sheva, much easier than setting
    her free.
    For this first corridor just snipe the first one down and try your best to hold
    the first two back. Remember, the sniper rifle can fire through as many 
    enemies that stand in one line as there are; meaning if your bullet path would
    hit more enemies if you went straight, then it will. You don't have a lot of 
    space to retreat into, and you'll take damage if you try to run by them, but
    if they get close just blast with the shotgun. Be sure to grab any drops, 
    including treasures.
    When you round the next corner two more pop out, so just start sniping. When 
    they are gone you'll probably out or near out of sniper rounds, so when you
    move up this corridor you'll have to spend all your MP5 on the huge group 
    that approaches, then just blast with the shotgun or toss a few grenades. 
    That's all, collect any drops, and exit.
    Of Belts and Bugs
    A very challenging area, but not too bad if patient. Go grab the crates and hop
    down the ladder to trigger a nasty battle. Yes, grenade spam from Call of Duty
    makes its way onto RE5. Stand behind a metal panel and blast the two melee
    dudes on your side. Don't use the panels as cover here, just take out the 
    enemies to the right, and move down the belt as you take out more. If you feel
    like ending this quickly, you could either run up the first ladder and snipe
    the gunners, or hop panels down to the end and take this ladder. Clear the 
    ground enemies, then look up and hit a red bundle of containers to kill a melee
    enemy. Drop off this walkway to the other side, grab the drops, then go left
    into a corner for crates. Turn and look left to snipe one more Majini who
    should be stuck to kill the music. 
    There was a red herb back where you first dropped down, so go back and get 
    that. Then get back across and go down to end of the conveyor belt where the 
    boxes are going. Hop onto the belt and run down to the other end, you can go
    between the boxes, and hop up. Kick down the door and grab the three items.
    One Majini should appear above the second belt, so take him out before he 
    frags you. When hopping onto the belt be careful that you don't hop just as a 
    bundle goes by, the blast does stun you for a second. But first, stand just
    to the side of the rail and try to snipe the second grenandier, but no big
    deal if you can't. Make sure your pistol is full of ammo, and give Sheva the
    rest of course.
    Stepping onto the belt you need to stand in the middle so you don't get pulled
    by either belt. The stream of melee enemies will keep coming until you get off
    at the other end, so you need to hurry. As for dealing with them you should use
    the explosives, but if there are none near a group then just try to run by 
    them and to the end. But most important are hitting the grenade throwers up
    above, especially the two at the end. The quicker you pull the switch the 
    quicker you end the groups appearing. 
    #24. Ch 5-2, after you get past the second conveyor belt, go down the steps
    and shoot it in the dumpster to the left. 
    Use the console and head down the steps. There is a document, a new machine 
    gun, and poor poor souls who you would put out of their misery if ammo wasn't
    so scarce. Try to use the console and hop onto the inactive belt to realize
    that all of the trouble you're about to go through is because Chris and Sheva
    lack the ability to get over this rail. Go up the nearby steps and toward the
    area covered in slime, grab the ammo, and investigate the missiles for some
    chat. Four crates behind the power box and a herb. Grab and activate the power.
    Make your way back and through the slimey area you run into a Reaper. One 
    option if you are not confident in yourself is to retreat back to the power
    box and run around while you shoot at him. That works, but so does just running
    away from him a little, then turning and using your MP5 to shoot at the 
    pale bulbs you see, then unload on the chest bulb when it is exposed. Trust
    me, this is only considered a sub-boss because it's your first encounter, but
    it's a fairly weak and easy enemy if you have a good MP5 and know to hit the 
    *NOTE: Your handgun and MP5 are probably nearly out of ammo, so don't 
    reload, we'll get upgrades for those by using RESTART, or reload and don't
    if you want.*
    Pick up the treasure he drops and head back to the powered up console. Use it 
    and get on the belt. Go around the rail and run up the middle to avoid the 
    bodies who lunge at you, and if you see the option to pick up a necklace just
    backtrack and grab it quickly (only two show up), avoid the rest, and hop
    up at the end. Two crates and exit.
    Burn This House Down
    *NOTE: One of the few times I'll advocate openly using the RESTART option from
    the pause menu. Do so to unload flash bangs, the SIG, the red herb, and to
    get capacities for your handgun and MP5. Selling all your treasures will allow
    for the caps and more, so feel free - probably maxing both pistols. No need
    to bring sniper ammo, bring 150 MG rounds, and about 20 or so shotgun shells.
    Also, as an option, bring the GL, you'll get flame rounds for it in the 
    level. So Sheva can have two healing items, P8, and handgun ammo, that's it.
    You hold the ammo, guns, GL, and flame grenades to be safe (you could map
    the flame grenades and remove the rifle even). You don't need the magnum.*
    See the dark goo on the walls? Move up and hop down. Grab all six items in
    this room, then bring up the inventory. Sheva should have one handgun, all
    the grenades, and the sniper rifle ammo. You should have both machine guns 
    mapped to a button, the handgun and all ammo, and the shotgun. Open the door
    when ready.
    BOSS: Uroboros
    This fight is very simple at it's core: you weaken the thing's arms by shooting
    the bulbs with the handgun or a machine gun, you order Sheva to pick up the
    flamethrower on the east wall, and then you shoot at either the other bulb or
    the boss' head while she burns it, and when you see the thing curl up and 
    sprout a few more bulbs into the air, run up to the thing with shotgun and just
    keep blasting the new weak points until they go away or the thing regains its
    So basically you run around until the flamethrower ding signals it's ready,
    then you need to take out an arm, before having Sheva pick up the flame gun. 
    While she approaches the thing you need to keep firing at it or else it may
    attack and not let her get close. If she keeps getting knocked back not only
    will she drop it and you'll have to order her to pick it back up at times,
    she'll also use healing items.
    The best thing you can do is at times stay a medium distance away from the 
    monster. He can send his arm at you that you can dodge, but his swiping attack
    can't be dodged. It's best to just run around the place until the flamethrower
    is ready, picking up items where you can, and using the red explosive tanks 
    to help stall him. Once you hear the ding, go get Sheva on it. Again, if she's
    hit you have to lead the monster away from the flame pack so she can pick it
    up again. You must also be cautious of when he disappears, he will most likely
    pop up under your feet or nearby - the worms will tell you this.
    The only guns you need are the machine guns and handgun to pop his shoulder 
    bulbs, and then the shotgun to blast the sprouted bulbs. This fight can take
    over 10 minutes if you keep getting hit for no reason or have no plan to be
    aggressive, or it can take just two meltings and you're done.
    Now if you brought flame grenades those will momentarily expose the inner
    bulbs, but not for long enough to do much. Also feel free to use the grenade
    launcher, but it's not required to use. You really only need the flame tank
    and some handgun and MP5 ammo to finish this fight.
    The items here are gone after the fight, but no big deal if you let them go,
    just try to kill the boss quickly. Hopefully Sheva will pick them up. 
    Chapter 5-3: Ghosts of the Past
    Item Management
    Camp the SIG since your MP5 can be maxed quicker. Store any flame grenades, 
    and any spare rifle rounds (you can keep a maxed box of bullets though). Don't
    forget to grab a healing item, maybe two if you remember taking damage in the
    last fight.
    As far as upgrades, capacities for both handguns, the shotgun, MP5, but 
    probably not needed for the rifle. Your MP5 and shotgun should have maxed 
    firepower. That should leave only the rifle and handguns with un-maxed FP, 
    and for that I say upgrade the rifle. That may sound odd since you're about to
    get another sniper rifle soon, but that rifle doesn't exactly blow the Dragunov
    out of the water, so feel free to upgrade this rifle. I also maxed the FP of 
    the M92F. With whatever you may have left, maybe get a reload speed for 
    Sheva's P8.
    I can't stress it enough, maxing your MP5 really helps handle the Reapers 
    *NOTE: You have Reapers, so bring the MP5, and you also have Lickers, so bring
    spare grenades. You probably don't have 10, but just like the last mob of 
    Lickers, you can kill another optional mob for treasure.*
    The Exterminator
    #25. Ch 5-3, go through the opened door at the start and shoot the emblem
    through the right fan.
    Go through the door and up the ladder, then follow the left path into the 
    room for two items and a gem in the safe, and a document on the desk. Then go
    down the other path, pick up the MG ammo, and hit the door.
    Couple of items to the right, then go out into the next missile area and take
    cover by the first metal panel as you exchange fire with the two Majini across
    the way. Then the next pair of enemies may run up or they may delay a little,
    but be ready for them. Two crates nearby, and about five items in the nearby
    room, including new rounds for the GL which you don't have. 
    There are about four more Majini to exchange fire with along the walkway as
    you approach the room, but more important is the fact that you can face any
    combination of 2-3 Reapers before the room. On multiple playthroughs I found
    that sometimes the first egg opens, the second egg opens, or the third egg
    opens. It turns out the outcome is random and some have hit all three. No
    matter what you get, use the MP5, and with full firepower you can just wait for
    the chest bulb to expose, shoot it to knock it over, and then tag the two
    on it's back to fully expose the chest spot. Do this as many times as there are
    bugs, and don't forget there are Majini, so don't let them get you.
    Inside the room are a ton of items including a new rifle, the PSG-1, which is
    not much of an improvement over your upgrade Dragunov, so let Sheva have it.
    Pull the lever and go out to the lift to hit a scene. Shoot the dynamite off
    the throwers, then snipe the big guy to death, and finally the one at the 
    back. YOU operate the lift first and send Sheva over, but hit the gunner to the
    right, then quickly take out both shieldists who will sprout plagas, so snipe
    quickly. Get on and Sheva will send you over. Pick up the treasure waiting for
    Hop to the right for three items, and when you try to go left you'll be 
    introduced to the RPG Majini. Don't take cover at the corner of the catwalk,
    just stay at the first steel plate. Two RPG's will appear at first, but also
    a couple of Majini, including suicide Majini who will stagger once hit enough
    and then blow up, so not only know when to stop attacking them you must also
    stay away when they blow - so try to only attack when they are moving toward
    you, and they wear vests of explosives. After the first group another group
    will show, but maybe the RPG's will take each other out. Finally, when you
    approach the room you need to watch out for the three that wait inside. DON'T
    take the first door, go around and flank the shieldists. Grab the treasure,
    herb, crate, and read the document in the room and exit the map. 
    'Round You Go
    #26. Ch 5-3, when you reach the moving platform, BEFORE you turn it on, get 
    out your rifle and zoom up from the east side of the platform to hit the 
    emblem through a metal walkway.
    FYI, I forgot to get this once and got it for hitting the first lever holder
    guy, so maybe you get this one regardless.
    About nine items as you approach the lift. Find the console on the side and 
    pull the levers to send the lift up. There will be a few enemies on some side
    walkways as you go up, but just hide around the middle column because it only
    takes a few revolutions before those enemies are out of view. 
    Once you hit the scene you need to locate the enemies on the side and only
    kill the middle one, the guy holding the lever. This is possible with the
    handgun if you don't mind random luck, but it's best to get out the rifle,
    hold the sight to the right of your target, and when ready to fire move your
    sight left and then shoot; it's the only way to know where your sight will
    be since it will be moving no matter what.
    After the lift is back to moving, just use the middle column as cover from the
    next group. When you hit the second stoppers there are actually two of them,
    the ones level with you and the ones just below you. Again, do the sniping as
    described above for only the middle guy below you. Then back to hiding as you
    anticipate the end.
    Finally, when close to the top there will be four gunners waiting for you,
    all of them stretched along the staircase. Just hide behind the column and
    snipe the right one and then the rest from right to left. Pick up the drops and
    get to the next map.
    Pest Problem
    *NOTE: If you need a RESTART to get your grenades, do so, or maybe even use 
    the GL. This is of course if you wish to confront this mob of Lickers.*
    *SPOILER WARNING: If you want no part of spoilers, don't scroll below the 
    dotted line. Glancing at the title, possibly by just reading this, you'll 
    have a little bit spoiled for you. Even when you see the first boss name,
    seeing the second is the real spoiler. But if you just read the first boss
    name and play, you'll know the surprise and can see the second name.*
    #27. Ch 5-3, at the beginning of the cave-like room with the controls (the
    Monarch Room Entrance), go left, go around an elevator shaft, and shoot the 
    emblem below.
    Move up to the open and then turn around and look up to shoot a gem on the 
    ceiling of the tunnel, near the light. Crates to the left and right, and one
    up by the bridge. Pull the lever to the right of the bridge to restore power to
    a lift to the left. Before you call that lift, go around and pick up the 
    ammo (as well as hit the emblem in the shaft). Now pull the lever to call the
    lift, and then you hop into the lift to go up (or command Sheva to send you
    up). DON'T send her up there, please, it's far easier for you to do the 
    On the upper walkway tread cautiously as the Licker appear. Back up and calmly
    snipe both. Move up and along the way you need to quickly dispatch the three
    you see moving up the wall, and time is essential here. Quickly pick up the 
    drops and the two crates along the way as you SPRINT to the end of the path and
    begin pushing the metal object. Do not stop pushing until it topples off the
    end of the path. No matter what, just keep pushing and only fight if they get
    really close, otherwise Sheva will most likely stall them for you. Once it
    falls off quickly hop down and into the room.
    Pull the lever in here and then quickly check the left locker to your left 
    for a treasure, but that's it, you have no more time as the Licker are outside
    the room and falling in. After grabbing the treasure unlock the door and run
    out toward the tunnel entrance, let them draw to you or let them attack Sheva
    to the side, then sprint for the bridge. Quickly pop the treasure on the 
    ceiling toward the exit door and leave.
    The items to collect in and above the building are magnum shells, a treasure,
    a herb, and a first aid spray. Good stuff, but of course requires a ton of
    effort to clear the Lickers. You can do this will all your firearms, or use
    the frags you brought. As far as I know these lickers do NOT drop treasures, so
    killing them is totally optional. Just grab the treasure in the locker, the one
    above the exit, and leave.
    If you do kill them, either use RESTART after you go through the door, or get
    organized now. You picked up 12 magnum rounds in this chapter, so give those
    to Chris. There is no need to RESTART because you will get a new magnum in the
    next fight. Get the magnum rounds, don't need MP5 ammo, and don't need grenades
    of any kind. Sheva only needs handgun ammo, which she will totally waste. 
    Again, don't forget the gem on the ceiling before you leave.
    BOSS: Wesker
    This fight is a very difficult game of cat and mouse. To start you must run
    right and use the door to get through, then just turn around and run up the
    steps to lose Wesker. For this whole fight pay no attention to Jill, since if
    you kill her you lose.
    Get to the northwest of the map where you have two rooms and a long hallway
    that can allow you the space to evade Wesker. He will slowly walk around and
    you can track him on the map, but Jill will constantly be running all over and
    shooting you. 
    First, run to the northwest and smash the jar directly to the right as you
    enter the first room, it's on the wall, for a gem. Then run into the second 
    room and use Sheva's help to open the sacophagus. Keep Sheva close, if you
    can, and try to give her as much of your ammo as you can. Pick up the Hawk
    magnum and the two gems. This magnum will be your friend until it's out of 
    ammo, which you've gotten a little from this chapter.
    As far as attacking Wesker, you only have to inflict damage if you want to 
    speed up the actual Seven Minutes until he leaves. If you think you can 
    hurt him enough then feel free to attack, otherwise he'll leave and you will
    not get the reward to chasing him away.
    You can ONLY attack when he is not looking at you, otherwise you'll miss. You
    only have time to shoot him 2-3 times, or four seconds, before he will regain
    himself and dash to you; you could try to counter with the button press, but
    it's wiser to either turn and run or run by him. If you are serious about 
    attacking you will need to work fast, possibly luring him to the NW area from
    the start. All you can do is run to one end of a room, wait, shoot the instant
    he is in view, and run when he gets off his knee. Of course use the Hawk. 
    Repeat by watching the map and seeing which way he is facing, then pop up
    behind him and shoot some more.
    It's possible to evade him for 7 minutes, his slow movement, radar tracking,
    and ease to lose track of you will play into your ability to stay away. Again,
    you can just run around the rooms and the hall adjacent the rooms to evade him
    for as long as you wish and to get in position to hit him.
    *NOTE: All items in the upper rooms all but lost once Wesker leaves, so 
    collect them as you try to evade and get in position during his fight.*
    BOSS: Jill
    If you chased Wesker away then get the treasure that is in front of you. Also,
    run to the east balcony and grab a gem from the jar. There are more jars along
    these balconies, but don't go crazy getting them all, Sheva can't hold her own
    very long.
    Just get on the floor and chase Jill around, trying to get behind her and 
    using the ENTREAT option when you see it, or just mash the button when near 
    her. Once she is held by Sheva, run up and press the button to grab the control
    device on her chest, then mash the button to rip it off; if on the ground then
    you need to be ready to dodge her kick. You must do this about seven or so
    times until you finally rip it off.
    She can twirl around shooting her guns to both sides, get on a balcony and 
    shoot guns, and she can always kick you when close. All of these can be avoided
    by being behind her, under her, and keeping some distance to her respectively.
    Now you can grab her if you want, but it's tricky. If you do be ready to avoid
    her counter after. Lastly, the option to shoot the control device is there,
    and will possibly speed this fight up. But of course killing Jill is not the 
    option, but if you don't like mashing buttons just use your pistol while 
    Sheva holds her, or Sheva will when you hold her.
    It's not a difficult fight.
    Chapter 6-1: The Undead Seas
    Item Management
    Store the Hawk, new sniper rifle, and Chris just needs a few flash grenades 
    if any. Only one pack of ammo for each gun, and don't forget to bring a herb
    or spray with you. Bring two if you can recall either of you having low health
    from the boss fight.
    Selling your treasures nets you nearly 50,000 money, and that's quite a lot.
    At this time you can choose to either buy vests or go for the special upgrades
    of each gun you have. I know you have a whole cache of weapons that seem much
    better than the old guns you have, but it's just not cost effective to start
    upgrading them this late in the game when you're near maxing these guns.
    You should have: M92F, Ithaca, MP5, Dragunov, P8, and the M29 (first magnum)
    with good upgrades. The Dragunov has no special. The P8 and MP5 can have their
    piercing ability increased. The M92F and Ithaca can have their critical head-
    shot percentage increased. You don't have to max these, but at least get one
    of each. With 10,000 left, perhaps pass on the Ithacas and get Sheva a melee
    vest if you didn't get one earlier.
    *NOTE: The flash grenades finally find a use, though you are provided them in
    the level, but you can still bring one or two if you wish.*
    *NOTE: For a BSAA EMBLEM you MUST bring a frag grenade, it's a must.*
    Ship of Fouls
    *NOTE: For any Majini with grenades on their vest you can shoot those to blow
    them up.*
    Turn and snipe an enemy directly behind you, then two more along the tall beam
    that crosses high above the ship - just make sure you hit them or they may
    run after you and keep the music on (RESTART is an option). Snipe one more
    enemy high up to the north end of the ship, then hop down and collect some 
    items before confronting the heavily-armored Majini you'll face for this 
    whole section. Kill these three with either precise handgun rounds, quick
    sniping, or shotgun blasting and head stomping, your call.
    *NOTE: I can't stress enough how effective it is to blast an enemy to the 
    ground, run up, and stomp on them, and hopefully on their head for an instant
    Get the drops and go up the ladders to the top for a few items. Hop back down
    and at the north end of the ship are about six items. When you hop down and 
    take the stairs you will be ambushed by two dogs behind you and two Majini
    in front. You need to blast the dogs, then either keep blasting them or pick 
    them off with handgun rounds, then blast the Majini.
    When you move forward from this ambush you'll be attacked by two more dogs,
    two goons, and a big fat Majini. The big guy will not be a problem for your
    upgraded shotgun, so just shotgun blast all of them from the top of the steps.
    Then around the corner is a fairly weak Majini who runs up, but upon death 
    turns into some massive clam thing. No, the thing at its side is not a weak 
    point, only when it briefly opens its mouth to chomp is the weak point exposed.
    However, with only a brief time to shoot that spot and the legs being your
    only other option, it's best to just use a flash grenade, or the one on the 
    wall around the corner. These kill this type of plagas instantly. Just remember
    to keep your distance from these things at all times.
    Grab the flash if you didn't and the red herb on the wall. Move up and go 
    right, get the crate in the alcove, and go use the button along the wall. Go
    through, hit the crates, and go up the ladder. Push up the trash container and
    Sheva will activate the next fight. There are about four Majini, and the one
    that turns into a clam will drop the key card. If you don't have a flash on
    you, one is in the crates on the side. Kill him and the others, grab the key-
    card, and shoot the button higher up. Use the key card at the previous panal
    to open it, go up the stairs, kill the Majini, climb the ladder, kill one more
    Majini, and then wait. First snipe the two dogs near Sheva, while not necessary
    you will save her from consuming a healing item if hit. Now you can decide if
    now is the best time to aim for the BSAA emblem, which is closer than before,
    but still far away. Then pull the lever to let her out. She will climb a ladder
    to escape the dogs. 
    *NOTE: The dogs will circle the cage two at a time, and Sheva will waste her
    ammo on them, so consider taking it from her before. And the dogs will keep
    coming for a while, they do stop refilling, but not quickly.*
    #28. Ch 6-1, in the spot of the ambush where one character is trapped, you must
    toss a frag grenade into the northern, open container (the one where a Majini
    camped in) to get the emblem.
    So with her free climb back down and return to the spot just above the ambush
    and kill any dogs with the pistol, or sniper rifle. Get any drops and climb up
    to meet Sheva, as well as more items. Go north to the area above alcoves you
    passed earlier and hop across to pick up gold bars out of a safe, then kill
    the two pair of Majini before you hop back.
    #29. Ch 6-1, at the double lift "puzzle" spot before you leave the outside of
    the ship, you can stand around the west side lift and look to the far south and
    snipe this emblem on a radar tower. It's possible to hit from other spots on
    the ship, but this is the closest you'll get.
    *NOTE: Sheva may be low on handgun ammo, so no harm in giving her the MP5
    for a spell.*
    Around the corner you need to quickly kill two big guys before they cause any
    damage to Sheva. Collect the items here before shooting the button visible on
    your side, and Sheva will do the same. When you're both up you'll need to 
    blast away the dogs and quickly get to the bottom level you can so that you
    can kill the dogs to cover Sheva's stupidity of constantly wanting to stay on
    the ground level. Anyway, collect the items you can after, but careful, if you
    drop to get the boxes that are between the two lifts, you'll have to redo the 
    shooting of the buttons, and Sheva may not help, but luckily you can knife 
    the buttons. Collect all the items and take the door to get inside.
    *NOTE: Forgot to mention that before you leave, you can climb to an area on the
    side, press a button, kill a dog, and get another safe of gold bars.*
    Undead Vessel
    Get you items in order as you get the bunch in here. Down the steps are two
    crates, then down a hatch and all the way down more steps for crates and the
    Jail Breaker, which sadly is not the second coming of the Striker from RE4.
    Just give it to Sheva and use the door for a scene.
    #30. Ch 6-1, the last one is after the first scene when inside the ship, in
    a cupboard up on the wall.
    *NOTE: One computer to read in this room.*
    Sniper ammo, one in the glass shelf and one on the side of a desk, and a herb
    by the door. Go through the door (the right one is locked), and snipe the 
    Majini in the distance. Move up and snipe the one below to your left, then the
    one on the floor and another up above. When the alarm sounds either use the 
    explosives on the floor to kill them or snipe them quickly. 
    Get on the floor and be ready for two to emerge from a container up to the 
    left, then more will fall in. Just take out each with sniper rounds and move
    around the room. Don't miss the two that could be above, where you entered.
    When clear, drop down the open hatch and be ready to snipe and blast your
    way through every corner of this corridor. After two long  stretches a clam
    Majini will sprout from the one at the ladder, so flash it away. Go up and
    snipe two more from the catwalk if you didn't earlier to kill the music.
    A few items and a moments pause to organize everything. Don't miss the two
    flames in the corner. Equip them if you wish and move up to trigger the 
    Gatling Gun Majini. Take cover by the hatch and use the red tank to stun him,
    then run up, wait for him to recover, and use a flame grenade to stun him 
    again, or try to just run straight up the steps which will most likely result
    in you getting hit. Quickly run up and down the right walkway, hop down, turn,
    and with the sniper rifle just unload on his face over and over and over until
    he dies; not the walkway by the red tank. If you stand as far to the left as
    possible from this small area you can avoid damage, but he will pelt Sheva a
    bit. Just keep sniping his face and he will die. 
    *NOTE: Possibly the more active approach would be to turn and climb the ladder
    near the hatch, but the two stuns is enough to get you to the southwest
    corner perch.*
    Crates up here and a key, then hop down for the mine, herb and crates on the 
    floor - even the stuff in the corner if you died. Few items up higher, then
    pick up the key from the sub boss and use both on the door. Quickly just snipe
    the first RPG, then the one to the right, then the one below - speed is the
    key because those crates do blow up. A crate and herb up here, then hop down 
    from two more crates as you pick up the necklaces they dropped. Take the hall
    to the elevator and a nice cutscene.
    Chapter 6-2: Storming the Bridge
    Item Management
    You can remove all grenades, but two boxes of MG ammo, a box of shells, as much
    handgun ammo as you can, and whatever rifle ammo you got should all be given to
    Sheva. Again, with eggs, try to remember if you took damage in the last 
    segment, and if so then bring them. Also, for at least one clam plagas, bring a
    flash or two.
    You can hold the healing items if you wish you really only need to hold the 
    four guns. 
    As far as upgrades, your base five guns excluding the magnum should be fine on
    everything but a few reload times and capacities, as well as a few perks to 
    upgrade. It's your call to get those perks or buy capacities on full clips.
    The alternative is to finally purchase a melee vest for both of you, but I
    would get the upgrades first - you've made it this far without them anyway.
    Tread Lightly
    Move up for a scene, then prepare for a context sequence of many presses:
    it's four that you should double press to be safe, a double to climb, and then
    mash run. 
    Move up and where you see the herb be ready to hit the dodge button to avoid 
    a tentacle. In the room there are two items in the lockers including a chalice.
    In the next hall you must twice avoid a stab from the vent above. In the next
    room is one item in the locker, then one locker item and two more in the 
    third room. Go out, avoid the stab at the bottom of the steps, and go up.
    On the second level take the first door for a treasure in a locker and a herb.
    Go back out and the first two and last two dead bodies are live, so shoot them
    to call to their bluff, but careful of the last one who is a clam, so use a 
    flash I told you to bring. Pick up the key it drops and enter a computer room
    with two documents with nice info. Use the key and go up the steps.
    Ammo to the right, herb and ammo on the raised area, and shotgun ammo behind
    the other steps. Go up and out the door.
    Get your items in order:
    Chris - Handgun ammo, mine and flame grenade, shotgun and ammo, and rifle and 
    Sheva - Healing items, MP5 and ammo, and P8.
    There is just a red herb she'll need space for, along with any drops. Open the 
    door when ready.
    BOSS: Excella
    Basically this is not a tough fight, just a test of endurance, staying calm,
    and maybe having four healing items. You can start by climbing the ladder to 
    grab the red herb and ammo up here, then jump down. 
    She has basically four attacks: rear back a tentacle and stab you, toss goo
    at you, the goo attacks you, and the rare slam which is hard to evade. With
    four full healing items you really have nothing to worry about, just make sure
    to dodge the stabs and you'll do fine.
    You can ignore the goo, hopefully Sheva will be on those. You focus purely on
    sniping and blasting the bulbs. The handgun is used after the rifle, and the
    area you can shoot at to register a hit is quite large, so feel free to hold
    down the trigger. If the bulbs are close and you want to conserve ammo I guess
    you can use the shotgun, but that may be overthinking it a little.
    Keep shooting at a bulb until it pops, then move to the next. There are two
    bulbs, then four, then two. Once all visible bulbs are popped you have time to
    collect items, insert a few more rounds into the giant bulb, and then use the 
    laser gun on big bulb. The LTD is on the wall on the lower level, and you get
    it by using your key card. You just pick it up, aim for the giant bulb when 
    it's exposed, hold your aim, and fire to reign death upon it. It should only
    take three hits, and feel free to pop a few rounds into the big spot, you have
    a lot of time. Just be cautious of the spewing goo after you hit it.
    Chapter 6-3: Killing a God
    Item Management
    Not many upgrades, probably capacities for the P8 and MP5 and that's it. 
    Get 5 of each grenade type, give them to Sheva, and give Chris back the MP5
    and ammo. One healing item, all the ammo you can reasonably carry for the five
    guns, and you're ready.
    Last Defense of the Majini
    Take the door back to the control room. After the scene take the elevator.
    Enemies to pop before you head down. Some items in the pool, then climb up
    and kill any remainders. To to the side and pull the lever, then back up and
    take up a position at the top of these steps as you fight back the many Majini
    that rush in from all sides.
    *NOTE: Again, reminding you that frags on an enemy's vest can be blown up, and
    that the MP5 is the weapon of choice here.*
    Quickly collect drops, clear this room, and take cover behind a pillar as you
    start on the next room. TONS of enemies all over this area, so keep your eyes
    peeled, stay behind cover, and always assume one is somewhere. After it's
    clear, go find the many items, including on the sides in the water, and up 
    above at each end of the walkways. There are more than enough healing items 
    in the corners and the rooms, so carry what you can. Reload the MP5 and when
    ready, pull the lever to open the bulkhead.
    Then turn and quickly unload your MP5 onto one Reaper, and hopefully you take
    it out (remember you only need to hit the bulbs a little, then unload on the
    chest when it staggers). Run back to not get cornered by the other, kill it,
    and grab their treasures quickly - time is a factor. Then hop down to the left
    of the bulkhead and wait for it to open. Quickly hop over the gap, climb the 
    ladder to your left, and one after the other take burst shots at the two 
    Gatling Gun Majini to stun them until they die. Even if you do reach you, you 
    can hit them from the top of the ladder, and even down below if you can't see
    them. But you hit one, stun him, then the other, and so on until they are both
    dead. Mop up the few Majini on this side, and only if you really need health
    or have spare handgun ammo should you hop to the previous area because there
    are more Majini there. You can grab the items on this side, the key cards, and
    use them at the door to get out.
    *NOTE: The mines can be dropped, as well as any flash grenades. The grenade 
    launcher ammo probably won't make it back either, but no big deal. If you
    don't make it to the turrets for some reason, use those flash bangs to hold
    off the big guys.*
    BOSS: Wesker Round 2
    Quickly run northeast, use the lever, then southeast, then southwest, and 
    finally run northwest and grab the RPG. Run away and a scene should show you
    that Wesker can no longer see you. Just get a read on him and fire. Quickly
    switch to your handgun while he's holding the rocket and shoot it. Pick it back
    up and run to the northeast, smash the crate, pick the RPG back up, select load
    since you're near a rocket, and Sheva will load you up. Hopefully Wesker still
    can't find you, so make sure he doesn't see you and fire again. Pop the rocket
    as he holds it. This time run behind him and if you don't restrain him, she 
    will. Whoever does the holding, the other person does the injecting to end the
    *NOTE: The stash of rockets if the battle drags on is up above in the middle,
    along with seemingly random drops from crates. 
    Honestly, it's simplier than that one, long paragraph would imply. And took 
    less than a minute, so work fast and don't worry about him hitting you, just
    Be ready to dodge, fire, waggle, fire, and help (double press) during the 
    nice scene.
    BOSS: Wesker Round 3
    Lots of items behind you as you start. Move up the path after you've set things
    aside, and there is one green herb you might get to go with that red. After the
    scene, run up and before you step on the bridge, aim beyond the bridge and to
    the right of the outcrop of rock to make it fall. Then step on to fall down. 
    Quickly turn left and hop over to grab the gem. Now avoid him and jump back 
    over the gap. He should have jumped to the upper part.
    *CO-OP: The thing that makes him jump up is Sheva hitting his back. So in co-
    op one player must snipe that orange spot on his back to get him to jump up. 
    It's also good if this player moves up the path a bit, so that when Wesker
    jumps up he doesn't land on you.*
    Jump to the middle island and run along the right side, lower path but don't
    get on the boulder just yet. Instead look left and wait to sniper Wesker as
    Sheva is in danger. Now wait to avoid his projectile attacks, then get on the
    boulder and do the long and multi-button press sequence of mashing to create
    a path for Sheva to join. The buttons change as you are pressing, so watch 
    for the change.
    Run up the ramp, pick up the herb on the ramp, and get ready for the final 
    fight. You should have plenty of shotgun ammo, but use the more precise MP5
    or handgun until they are out. You have two spots you want to aim for, the 
    weak spot on his back, and when it's open the spot on his chest. To hit the 
    back you must let him come after you and then just run behind him, turn, and
    hopefully you can get in a hit on his back. That should open the spot on his
    chest, which is easier to hit. After the chest is hit you need to back up
    to avoid his deadly tentacle tornado. 
    His other attacks include a swing after he raises his arm and projectiles,
    all dodge-able or avoidable with distance or moving out of the way. He may 
    also pound the ground and send tentacles after you in the ground, so just
    run around the area. 
    To end the battle you must test the waters of going behind his back and doing
    one more restrain. It's best to try after two times hitting his chest spot, 
    just try to run behind him and if there is no prompt to RESTRAIN then just run
    back and do it again.If there is then be ready to mash the hold prompt, and
    that's it. You've beaten the game... well one final double press during the
    scene to end the battle. 
    *CO-OP: One player mashes the button to hold him, the other must shoot that 
    spot over and over. The restraining player MUST be Chris. And again, only try
    after two hits to his chest spot.*
    Feel free to start a Game+, start on VETERAN mode, try mercs, go online, or 
    play with a friend. Really a lot to do...
    * 5. BSAA Emblems ( BSEM555 )                                                 *
    #1. Ch 1-2, look south from the two-story building east balcony and shoot this
    emblem which is out of bounds.
    #2. Ch 1-2, when climbing the building with BSAA dead bodies, look up through
    the hole in the ceiling and hit this under the water tank.
    #3. Ch 1-2, after the Uroboros fight but before using the elevator, look down
    the second half of the fence to hit this emblem.
    #4. Ch 2-1, at the start, when you read the document explaining these, shoot 
    it above on the wall. 
    #5. Ch 2-1, after the bridge fight, stop on the steps and look to the middle 
    beam under the bridge for this emblem.
    #6. Ch 2-1, when you enter the market to right, find the green booth, and look
    inside for the emblem.
    #7. Ch 2-1, after going beyond the boat and into the street with fire support,
    climb a ladder on the right, go to the end, and look for the emblem on the 
    door of another building where an enemy was.
    #8. Ch 2-1, after the part where you snipe to cover Sheva, go into that 
    building and up to the second level, come to the edge, look up to the right,
    and you can barely see this one leaning. 
    #9. Ch2-2, go out the first building, go left, turn around, follow the power 
    line behind the building, and it's on the tower.
    #10. Ch 2-2, at the wooden bridge in the mine, look right and it's in the 
    #11. Ch 2-2, after you climb the first tall ladder outdoors, turn around and 
    snipe this one on a building.
    #12. Ch 3-1, this one is hard because it's meant for co-op but can be gotten
    by wasting a few sniper rounds. From the start of the level, move up to the 
    end of the walkway, turn, look right, and zoom in on the telephone pole far 
    away and you should see the slanted blue disc. Thanks to your wavering gun it
    will take a few shots to get it. That or get it while in co-op with a pal, or
    plug in a second controller and get it alone that way.
    #13. Ch 3-1, under the hut at the chicken farm, easy to get if you stand by the
    #14. Ch 3-1, in the hut of the fish farm, hard to miss.
    #15. Ch 3-1, after you've gotten through the slate door and are in the village
    area, drop off the wooden platform at the start, turn around, and it's under
    the walkway.
    #16. Ch 3-2, when you reach the Tricell tents, go behind them and shoot this
    emblem between them.
    #17. Ch 3-2, at the very end when Irving sets the timer off, run to the end of
    the dock his boat was parked, turn, and quickly shoot through the bars on the 
    window of the building to hit the emblem. Should only take 10 seconds and on 
    my first run I had 15 to spare and I got the emblem.
    #18. Ch 3-3, from the boat when you first stop, look under the archway you 
    passed under and snipe this emblem.
    #19. Ch 4-1, when you go up the first ladder, look right below the light you
    saw on the skeletons, and the emblem is below that.
    #20. Ch 4-1, You can see in from the start if you snipe it down below, to the
    left a little among the city. Or just wait til you get to the middle of this
    #21. Ch 4-1, look far up to the left as you enter the maze and you can shoot
    this, may have to move up or to the right a little.
    #22. Ch 4-2, in the pyramid puzzle, when you reach the third floor the first 
    thing you do is enter the northen room and shoot this above the doorway.
    #23. Ch 5-1, to the right as you start, under the metal walkway. Hard to hit.
    #24. Ch 5-2, after you get past the second conveyor belt, go down the steps
    and shoot it in the dumpster to the left. 
    #25. Ch 5-3, go through the opened door at the start and shoot the emblem
    through the right fan.
    #26. Ch 5-3, when you reach the moving platform, BEFORE you turn it on, get 
    out your rifle and zoom up from the east side of the platform to hit the 
    emblem through a metal walkway.
    #27. Ch 5-3, at the beginning of the cave-like room with the controls (the
    Monarch Room Entrance), go left, go around an elevator shaft, and shoot the 
    emblem below.
    #28. Ch 6-1, in the spot of the ambush where one character is trapped, you must
    toss a frag grenade into the northern, open container (the one where a Majini
    camped in) to get the emblem.
    #29. Ch 6-1, at the double lift "puzzle" spot before you leave the outside of
    the ship, you can stand around the west side lift and look to the far south and
    snipe this emblem on a radar tower. It's possible to hit from other spots on
    the ship, but this is the closest you'll get.
    #30. Ch 6-1, the last one is after the first scene when inside the ship, in
    a cupboard up on the wall.
    * 8. Author Info & Copyright                                                  *
    i'm sure there will be some, but probably will be too many to start. just be
    patient, I'll get everything into this guide over time
    Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to praise me, if you want
    to talk, or if you want to ask a question. All help is appreciated, but that
    doesn't mean it will be included in the guide. No response either means I've
    heard it before, I've already done it, or I just can't help you - replying 
    saying "I can't help you" makes little sense. 
    I would love to help you with multiplayer, but 95% of multiplayer or co-op
    questions will not get a response. I'm just not an online kinda guy.
    Flamers may or may not get a response, most likely not. Please, I'm not here to
    hate on people or start fights, so even if you disagree with me but aren't 
    looking to flame, just be polite.
    My email: 				lunatic_252000@yahoo.com
    Title of your email should be: 		RE5
    Extra points for good spelling. So anything you want to send, email away.
    PS - To GameFAQ's users, if you like the guide, click "recommend" at the top
    of the guide, but only if you like it.
    PPS - I cannot fix bugs, glitches, or achievements/trophies not hitting. I
    mean, I can't write some code and hack your machine or anything, and speaking
    of which, I can't fix technical issues either. That should be a given, but 
    these things I get asked a lot and I can never fix them for you.
    I have other guides floating around too. They are:
    Resident Evil 4
    Dead Rising
    Gears of War
    Lost Planet
    GRAW 2
    Rainbow Six Vegas
    TES IV: Oblivion
    Shivering Isles
    Knights of the Nine
    The Darkness
    Halo 3
    Half-Life 2
    HL2: Episode One
    HL2: Episode Two
    Call of Duty 4
    Assassin's Creed
    Mass Effect
    Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
    Perseus Mandate
    Sam & Max Episode 203
    Devil May Cry 4
    God of War: Chains of Olympus
    Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    Grand Theft Auto 4
    Condemned 2: Bloodshot
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Alone in the Dark (360)
    NCAA Football 09
    Madden 09
    Dead Space
    Gears of War 2
    Prince of Persia (2008)
    Call of Duty: World at War
    FEAR 2
    I've also been published in GamePro magazine, June 2007. Pretty cool if you ask
    me, and all because I write these little guides.
    Also, I am in the October issue as well, which should be out at the time of 
    this guide's release. At least I ain't a one hit wonder.
    In a nice surprise, I didn't even know I was in the March 2008 issue of 
    GamePro, but I am. Maybe I'll be in more I don't know about...
    Look to Gamerhelp.com for a slew of other articles written by me in the 
    featured article section.
    Here is my list of sites:
    GameFAQs (main host site)
    GamersTemple (http://www.gamerstemple.com/)
    CheatCodeCentral (cheatcc.com)
    and more here and there, too many to keep up with
    and even a few foreign ones too!
    *NOTE: There are many more with single guides, and then others with a few, and
    some that I just don't keep track of.*
    All other sites must ask permission if they want this. All I ask is that the
    guide be ad-free and in this text format.
    And if you want to make a donation at my site for hosting a guide, that is 
    fine too.
    Here is my website:
    You'll find all my other guides here too and perhaps something else you may
    I'm trying to up the quality of my guides all around. Currently I am trying to
    find options to make a SOLID website with users and boards and all that good
    stuff. With every guide, at some point, I want to cover at least their hard
    mode if not a little more. 
    I ask for donations not just because I've helped you, but also because I want
    to buy things like a pdf maker, image editor, video capture card, and funds 
    toward getting someone to make me a nice website. 
    For the short term all I want is to make color guides with pics, and then 
    make videos. Although the vids are iffy since the pics would do, and it would
    take forever for me to upload those vids.
    You can give whatever you want, all of it helps. 
    ... maybe a little of it will pay for Warcraft time, just a little though.
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2009 Brad Russell

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