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FAQ/Walkthrough by Axel7174

Version: 1.70 | Updated: 06/19/09

 ___ ___  __  _ __  ___ __  _ _____   ___ _   _  _ _    
| _ \ __/' _/| | _\| __|  \| |_   _| | __| \ / || | |   
| v / _|`._`.| | v | _|| | ' | | |   | _|`\ V /'| | |_  
|_|_\___|___/|_|__/|___|_|\__| |_|   |___| \_/  |_|___| 

         Wvvvvvvvvvv            vvvvvvvvvvvW
         Wvvvvvvvvvv            vvvvvvvvvvvW
         Wvvvvvvvvvv   vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvW
         Wvvvvvvvvvv   vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvW
         Wvvvvvvvvvv          vvvvvvvvvvvvvW
         Wvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv    vvvvvvvvvvvvW
         Wvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv    vvvvvvvvvvvW
         Wvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv     vvvvvvvvvvvW
         Wvvvvvvvvvv           vvvvvvvvvvvvW
         Wvvvvvvvvvv           vvvvvvvvvvvvW

                   (thanks to dandadog for the 5 logo!)

| Resident Evil 5 Guide       |
| Created by: Axel7174        |
| FAQ and Walkthrough         |
| Copyright 2009 Ryne Gardner |

Version History:
Version 1.00 3/20/09 - 4/01/09
--Well..... here you go. It took me a long time, but I got this off the ground
finally. I had a lot of things going on, like college, my 21st Birthday, and
other stuff. But here it is finally, my first new guide of 2009! Great, great.
I have a full walkthrough as well as some basic info, but lots of the extra
stuff has yet to be added. I'm also missing a few things like a couple BSAA
Emblems. I hope to have these and more added soon. 

Version 1.05 - 4/03/09
--I found those last few BSAA Emblems I was missing (Huzzah!) and I updated
the walkthrough with them. Did a little bit more of the basic stuff and I also 
did a major spellcheck that I wasn't able to do before, so the guide has less 
errors than before. I'm also tracking down extra treasures too. This was just a
minor, quick update. Planning something better over the weekend. 

Version 1.20 - 4/06/09
--Well, I'm on the cusp of Spring Break (hallelujah!) and I went to an amazing
show this past week to see A Day To Remember and The Devil Wears Prada. Was a
wild show. Anyway, enough about that, on to the important stuff. I was able to
make a decent sized update. 

Here's what you'll find:
-Added 'Playing Co-op' section under BSAA Training
-Started the Your Arsenal section. Each sub-section added
-Found new treasures and added them to the walkthrough. Still missing a few...
-Revised Uroboros boss fight
-Revised Chapter 5-3 boss fight and added maps
-Started the Additional Assignments section with the Trophies/Achievements
-Updated some of the opening info, forewords, etc. 
-Added one new FAQ question

Version 1.30 - 4/08/09
--Well Spring Break is upon me. I decided to celebrate early so there was no
update yesterday. It's great being 21. Anyways, I made a few more changes. The
biggest change was fixing Items and Intel with Chapters 3-1 and 3-2. I 
accidentally typed the 3-1 lists up for 3-2. So I fixed that and put the real
lists for 3-1 in. Also, with the DLC now out, I have decided to make space for
that. Found each individual treasure too, but now I'm looking for every 
treasure, period. 

Here's what's new:
-Fixed Items and Intel for Chapter 2-2, 3-1, and 3-2
-All Treasures found in Walkthrough
-Started the 'Treasure List' section
-Changed Section 6 to Mercenaries & Versus Mode
-Added more to the 'Trophies/Achievements' section
-Added a new FAQ question
-Fixed other minor errors

Version 1.35 - 4/09/09
--String of updates continues. I'm apparently very blind, because the same 
mistake I made with Chapters 3-1 and 3-2 with the Items & Intel, I repeated 
with 5-1 and 5-2. *facepalm* Off my game, it seems. In any case, I fixed that,
and also made a slew of other changes, including adding more to the Weapon 
section. I'm trying to fill in more of the missing stats there, but if you wish
to help me out, drop me a line. 

Here's the full list:
-Added more to the 'Weapons and Upgrading' section
-Started 'The Mercenaries & Versus Mode' section
-Fixed Items and Intel for Chapter 5-1 and 5-2
-Added a little more to the 'Treasure List' section
-Added a little more to the 'Trophies/Achievements' section

Version 1.40 - 4/13/09
--Well, hello again dear friends. I hope everyone had a nice holiday, for
those of you out there who celebrate Easter. I have a small sized update.
I intended to work on another guide over the weekend that I had been neglected
but unfortunately I had little time. Anyways, enjoy the update. 

The new stuff:
-Revised Chapter 3-3 Boss fight
-'Bosses' section started
-Finished 'Treasure List' section
-Some small fixes

Version 1.45 - 4/14/09
--Another update. I'm slowly working toward incorporating everything I set out
to include in this guide. I'm also working diligently on visualizing how I
want to format some sections better so that they will not only look more
pleasing to the eye, but they will be better organized for reading and getting
the information you want. Changes like that are on the way. Meanwhile, I'm
still on break and I have to go to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art for
an assignment for my Art History class. Yeah, that sounds sooooo fun doesn't 
it? More updates from me soon...

Changes this time around:
-Updated Treasures for 4-1, Treasure List, etc
-Edited and added more to the 'Weapons and Upgrading' section
-Added more to the 'Bosses' section
-Added 'BSAA Emblems' section
-Added new section 'Unlockables' to Table of Contents (will be added later)
-Added first submissions

Version 1.50 - 4/17/09
--Spring Break is almost over and I have a lot of work to take care of before
I go back to school. I got a fairly good update here... I guess. 

New changes:
-Fixed the Title at the top of the guide, which was strangely askew
-Added 'Action Figures' section
-Very small addition to 'The Mercenaries & Versus Mode' section
-Filled in some stats in 'Weapons and Upgrading' section
-Completed 'Bosses' section
-Made a "secret" addition
-Minor fixes

Version 1.55 - 4/20/09
--Another update. Gee, aren't I consistent? Not really, actually. In any case,
got a slew of additions, changes, fixes, etc. I have to say, I've only been
in the guide making business for a year now, and I think that this will be the
most work heavy guide for me so far. Also, not that my personal life is 
remarkably interesting, but I'm currently pretty happy because I got accepted
into Stony Brook University. Long story short, I pretty much hate the college
I attend now, so I've been trying to transfer for the past year for various
reasons. Stony Brook is a great university and it's much, much closer to home
than my current school. Really happy about it. 

Anyway, here are the updates:
-Added a little more to 'The Mercenaries & Versus Mode' section
-Fixed the Items & Intel for Chapter 3-2
-Updated Treasures for 3-2, Treasure List, etc
-Made a small update to the foreword of the Walkthrough
-Small fixes 
-Added another submission

Version 1.60 - 5/04/09
--Another small update I suppose. Was sick over the weekend and I've also been
distracted by other games, aside from real world issues like college and work.
I really want to tidy the guide up soon so I'm banking on that soon. Also need
to add the last few missing items. 

Changes this time around:
-Updated Treasures for Chapter 4-2, Treasure List, etc
-Revised walkthrough for Chapter 4-2
-Updated Items & Intel for Chapter 3-1

Version 1.65 - 5/11/09
--Minor update. I just made a few fixes and added some submissions about
treasures. Therefore, the walkthrough and Treasure List sections were updated.
I'm lagging a bit more than I wanted to, but the guide is mostly finished so
I guess it's not all bad. With finals approaching, I'm going to see what I can
get done soon.

Version 1.70 - 6/19/09
--Whoa. It's been a while. More than a month in fact. Tsk, tsk. I still have
work to do too. While the Mercs and Versus Mode section is really the last
"big" thing left to work on, and I will be getting to it, I do have other
updates here. It's mostly in the form of fixes. I finally finished the weapon
section. I also tidied things up and made it all look neater. I also fixed
the Action Figures section because the info there was actually slightly off
in some spots. A few tips were also added. That's all for now. 

Table of Contents

 /--------|RESIDENT EVIL 5|--------------------------------------------------
|1. Introduction........................................... [itro]
| * About This Guide
| * Using This Guide
| * Important Info
|2. BSAA Training.......................................... [BA00]
| * Controls
| * Playing Solo........................................... [BA01]
| * Playing Co-op.......................................... [BA02]
|3. Your Arsenal........................................... [BA03]
| * Weapons and Upgrading.................................. [BA04]
| * Treasures and Key Items................................ [BA05]
| * Managing Your Inventory................................ [BA06]
|4. Walkthrough............................................ [RE00]
| * Chapter 1-1............................................ [RE01]
| * Chapter 1-2............................................ [RE02]
| * Chapter 2-1............................................ [RE03]
| * Chapter 2-2............................................ [RE04]
| * Chapter 2-3............................................ [RE05]
| * Chapter 3-1............................................ [RE06]
| * Chapter 3-2............................................ [RE07]
| * Chapter 3-3............................................ [RE08]
| * Chapter 4-1............................................ [RE09]
| * Chapter 4-2............................................ [RE10]
| * Chapter 5-1............................................ [RE11]
| * Chapter 5-2............................................ [RE12]
| * Chapter 5-3............................................ [RE13]
| * Chapter 6-1............................................ [RE14]
| * Chapter 6-2............................................ [RE15]
| * Chapter 6-3............................................ [RE16]
|5. Additional Assignments................................. [exra]
| * Bosses................................................. [exbo]
| * Treasure List.......................................... [exva]
| * BSAA Emblems........................................... [exba]
| * Action Figures......................................... [exac]
| * Trophies/Achievements.................................. [reth]
| * Unlockables............................................ [exun]
|6. The Mercenaries & Versus Mode.......................... [remv]
| * Mercenaries Overview................................... [mcov]
| * Strategies per Character per Stage..................... [mcst]
| * Versus Overview........................................ [vsov]
| *
|7. Miscellaneous.......................................... [misl]
| * Frequently Asked Questions............................. [fak4u]
| * Contact Info........................................... [cifo]
| * Credits/Special Thanks
| * Legal Matter

 __  \
/  |  \
`| |   \        RESIDENT EVIL 5                [itro]
 | |    ------------------------------------------------------------------
_| |_  /                         INTRODUCTION
\___/ /

About This Guide
Welcome dear friends, to my first guide of 2009! Huzzahs are in order! Ok,
never mind. Well, I actually have reasonable aims in this guide and I don't ask
for anything in return. I just do it for fun and maybe even boredom, as well
as to lend assistance and maybe even invoke a laugh or too. Hey, I try, maybe
not well, but I try. 

Here we are, Resident Evil 5. Another long awaited title. Like many of you,
RE4 was my first real RE experience. Technically, it's not the first game in
the series that I played. I did play Resident Evil 2 on two occasions many
years ago, although I never played it for more than a few hours each time. RE4
was my first complete RE experience. If you're like me, RE5 is a welcome 
continuation. If you're a long time RE fan, you will also hopefully enjoy the
ride.... and hopefully not whine on and on about the "lack of a scare factor".
Please, please... 

Using This Guide
Here, it's all about quality... I hope. I'm delivering a comprehensive 
walkthrough of the game, which although imperfect, will hopefully assist any
prospective gamers in not only getting through the game soundly, but also in
getting the most out of it possible. To navigate through the guide, use the
quickjumps located in the Table of Contents in conjunction with the ctrl+f
function on your browser. Use this to jump around quickly to a section of the
guide you want, or to pick up where you left off in the walkthrough if you are
using it.

In this guide I for the most part, completely avoid spoilers. I will not talk
about what goes on in the cutscenes with one or two exceptions, but even then
I will not divulge any critical plot info. I also have a spoiler warning in
place before a certain boss fight. 

Important Info
If you have questions or suggestions of any kind, I humbly beg you to first
read the Contact Info section at the end of the guide. PLEASE read that 
section first as I have an important policy on submissions. That's the only
thing I ask. 

 _____ \
/ __  \ \
`' / /'  \        RESIDENT EVIL 5                 [BA00]
  / /     -------------------------------------------------------------------
./ /___  /                         BSAA TRAINING
\_____/ /

Here are your control schemes for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the
game. Both deserve the attention anyway. 

There are four control schemes in RE5. You have the freedom to experiment with
each and see which best suits you. I will only being listing the button layouts
for A and D however as I feel these two are the most comfortable. 

Type D
|Action                 |    PlayStation 3    |    Xbox 360    |
|Movement               |Left Analog Stick    |Left Stick      |
|Pick up/Interact/Melee |Square               |X               |
|Inventory              |Triangle             |Y               |
|Command Partner/Open   |Circle               |B               |
|Aim/Operate Turret     |L1                   |Left Button     |
|Shoot                  |L1 + R1              |L. + R. Buttons |
|Reload                 |L1 + X               |Left Button + A |
|Prepare Knife          |L2                   |Left Trigger    |
|Slash Knife            |L2 + R1              |L. Trg + R. But.|
|Locate Partner         |R1                   |Right Button    |
|Show/Hide Map          |R2                   |Right Trigger   |
|Quick Equip Top Weapon |D-Pad Up             |D-Pad Up        |
|Quick Equip Left Weap. |D-Pad Left           |D-Pad Left      |
|Quick Equip Right Weap.|D-Pad Right          |D-Pad Right     |
|Quick Equip Bot. Weap. |D-Pad Down           |D-Pad Down      |

With Type D you have something that might be useful for you FPS fans, or just
people who like me, were playing a lot of Call of Duty prior to jumping into
RE5, heh. It also feels reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid. The reason for this is
the Aiming being L1 or Left Button. Using the knife will take some getting used
to in this scheme. The advantage of this scheme however is that it lets you
turn left or right with the Right Analog Stick. This also takes a lot of
getting used to, but it is a very helpful feature. 

Type A
|Action                 |    PlayStation 3    |    Xbox 360    |
|Movement               |Left Analog Stick    |Left Stick      |
|Pick up/Interact/Melee |Square               |X               |
|Inventory              |Triangle             |Y               |
|Command Partner/Open   |Circle               |B               |
|Aim/Operate Turret     |R1                   |Left Button     |
|Shoot                  |R1 + Square          |Right Button + X|
|Reload                 |R1 + X               |Right Button + A|
|Prepare Knife          |L1                   |Left Trigger    |
|Slash Knife            |L1 + Square          |Left Button + X |
|Locate Partner         |L2                   |Left Trigger    |
|Show/Hide Map          |R2                   |Right Trigger   |
|Quick Equip Top Weapon |D-Pad Up             |D-Pad Up        |
|Quick Equip Left Weap. |D-Pad Left           |D-Pad Left      |
|Quick Equip Right Weap.|D-Pad Right          |D-Pad Right     |
|Quick Equip Bot. Weap. |D-Pad Down           |D-Pad Down      |

As you can see, Type A most closely resembles the control scheme of Resident
Evil 4. I was intent on using this scheme for the familiarity, but
unfortunately, I was way too brainwashed in hitting L1 to aim. Still, this is
probably one of the better schemes. What you lose here those is that more
free movement allotted by the Right Analog Stick with strafing. Not being able
to strafe may seem more natural but you can seriously put yourself at a
disadvantage by doing so. Still, it's your call. 

X-Actions Broken Down-X

[Square Actions]

The Square button (or X on 360) will be a frequently used button for you. It
lets you pick up ammo and goods, as well as check out areas or interact with
certain things. It will also be a prompt button for those interactive
cutscenes. Yes, those are back again. 

[Circle Actions]

Circle is primarily a co-op button. If you're playing on Solo, you can tell
AI Sheva to pick up ammo and she will. Circle will also let you move on to a
new area when you reach the door at the end of a map. You can't move on until
your partner gets into position however. AI Sheva does this automatically, but
a human partner must get to where you are manually and hit Circle also. 

Circle will also let you make simple communications. They differ depending on
the situation. The most basic one is "Come on!" Hit Circle after your partner
gives you an item or uses an Herb on you however and you'll say "Thanks!". Hit
it after your partner dispatches an enemy, and you'll say something along the
lines of "Nice shot!" These are simple communications that allow you to get a
point across and can be helpful if you or your partner do not have mics. 

Finally, Circle will be important in all situations where you must operate two
levers or switches at once. Again this requires cooperation between both human

Playing Solo    [BA01]
Going it alone is a popular choice for people playing through the game for the
first time. You avoid being tugged into the latter parts of the game too early
by a friend and it also lets you unlock more things by yourself. In the long
run though, solo play doesn't have the same feel, atmosphere, and spontaneity
(good or bad) that co-op has to offer you. 

If you're going solo, you have to get used to the computer controlling Sheva
(AI Sheva) and its behaviour. In some situations, AI Sheva is a very helpful
partner. There will be plenty of moments however, that will leave you
speechless becuase of her stupidity. 

AI Sheva will automatically attack enemies that are in range or seek them out,
depending on your setting for her (more on this in a bit). She'll automatically
go search out boxes and open them, unless Chris gets too close. She procures
items for herself and she'll even be able to judge when Chris needs them more
and hand them over. In this regard, and many others, she is a useful ally to
you. In the toughest of firefights, you'll be glad to have her with you. She
also adds more space to your limited game inventory and this gives you another
dimension of gameplay. 

On the other hand, the AI has some annoying behaviours. For one, AI Sheva is
completely incapable of finding a clear line of sight with which to fire from
if she's in Cover mode. You'll inevitably find yourself in many firefights with
her wasting precious ammo into Chris' back. Majorly annoying on two counts. 
Second, you can't tell her not to attack at all, which can be detrimental in
getting certain Trophies or what have you if you're by yourself. 

Overall however, the AI makes for a competent partner. There are two settings
for the AI partner, Attack and Cover. In Cover, AI Sheva will stick by your
side. She only drifts away when there are items or boxes with items very close
by, or if by default, she progresses on her own to wait for Chris to get to a
door or other area as part of continuing the story. In Attack mode, Sheva will
automatically seek out nearby hostiles and engage them. She'll often equip a
different weapon more suited for this, should she have one. 

There are of course, advantages and disadvantages to each mode. Cover is very
basic though and it handles just about every necessary facet of the game well
enough that you can play the game beginning to end with it. Attack mode is
helpful in a few specific situations in the game though. On the one hand, you
lose Sheva's companionship as she goes out to do things on her own. This means
you can't immediately heal her or trade items with her unless you go track her
down. The advantage is that she equips stronger available weapons which not
only puts less of a strain on your precious supply of handgun ammo but it means
she has an easier time protecting herself and helping you clear out the bad

By default, AI Sheva in Cover mode will use her handgun only. If she runs out
of ammo, she'll go to another gun, depending on what you let her hold. If she
has no ammo or even guns, she won't do anything but stand around (yeah, she
will not use her knife) which can be a major liability in the long run. For
this reason, and for others, it's very helpful to upgrade Sheva's guns and
have her hold extra guns that Chris isn't immediately using. 

Playing Co-op     [BA02]
You'll find an overwhelming number of advantages in grabbing a buddy to kill
zombies with. Having a human partner adds a dynamic so immeasurably helpful
and fun to the game. Your mindset and your experience changes with another
player aiding you. Teamwork will go hand in hand with a profound gaming


So, how do you link up with a buddy? Well, assuming you're not one of those
people who sits all alone at home with the blinds down, it's not too hard. 
Capcom decided to make things a little bit more complicated and didn't include
a simple "Invite Player" feature. Here's how you do it. 

First, you need to host a "session". Do this by either hitting New Game/New
Game+ or Continue, or hitting Chapter Select. Start a session on any level
and once you've hit the Organization screen, you can start to invite somebody.
To do this, hit the PS button (not sure what it is on 360 but I'm sure you can
figure it out) and on the XMB go to your friend's name who is also playing
Resident Evil 5 at that moment. Hit Triangle and you'll see the first option
clearly says, "Invite This Player". Do that and it automatically creates a
premade message to invite them. If they accept, you'll get an incoming request.
Approve and your partner will join you. Note that if you invite them while you
are playing, you will lose any progress you've made past your last checkpoint
and that is where you will resume from when you and your friend are ready. 

If you are the one getting the invite, accepting is also an easy process. The
first mistake most people make is reading the message they received, expecting
the option to be in there. It's not. Highlight the friend that sent you the
invite (similar to sending above) and hit Triangle. Select the option "Accept
Invitation" and it will bring up the message you received. Hit X, and then
"Join" and you'll be shown the session you're joining. On the screen, it will
tell you what level your friend is playing, the character they are using and
the difficulty they are playing on. Once they approve, you'll be in! It's that

When playing co-op, it's obviously best to have mics, but it is by no means
required. Having mics just affords you quicker and more efficient tactical
prowess. When playing co-op, you have more options by holding Circle (normally
these options are just Attack and Cover). You can use these to make simple
communications like "Thanks", "Wait", and whatever else, should you not have
a mic. 

The best part about playing co-op is that you have someone you trust (hopefully
you trust your friend!), who has your back, and may not only be able to share
their experiences with RE5 with you, but may learn something from you as well.
With a human player, you also don't have to worry about a dumb AI wasting
bullets into your back (unless you are getting in your friend's line of sight
too much or vice versa). 

When you and your partner are linked up, you're brought to the Organization
Menu. Both you and your friend bring their own in-game inventories from both
characters to the menu. So, you'll have access to your Chris and Sheva's items
and weapons, and your friend will be able to use those from his Chris and 
Sheva. You can exchange items with your friend, even weapons if you so
choose. Any treasures and gold will go to the same place. Both of you will
receive a copy of the treasures found and will be able to sell them as you

Well, that's all for now. I may expand this with more info and tips, but you
got the idea right? Now grab a friend and go crazy! (Well, not TOO crazy...)

 _____ \
|____ | \
    / /  \        RESIDENT EVIL 5                [BA03]  
    \ \   -------------------------------------------------------------------
.___/ /  /                         YOUR ARSENAL
\____/  /

You have your assignment, you know the tricks of the trade. Now it's time to
get a look at your tools. Because nothing says "Die, fucker, die!" like a
shotgun blast to the head.... followed by two more. 

Weapons and Upgrading     [BA04]
Like RE4, you'll be able to equip a number of different guns. You have a few
different classes of weapons, like Handguns, Shotguns, etc, and each class
has different guns, each potentially more powerful than the last. Without an
attache case this time, each gun takes up one slot in your small inventory
space and that's good. The rest can be stored in your Main Inventory on the
Organization Menu. NEVER SELL YOUR WEAPONS. You will get chicken feed for them.
You're not meant to sell them anyway. 

Similar to RE4, you can upgrade your weapons with money and make them stronger.
You have the option of what facet you wish to improve upon, whether it be the
strength of the weapon, the amount of ammo it can hold in one clip, its reload
time, or other special attributes. The choice is yours and that makes it even
more fun! 

Here's a list of each weapon, organized by class. I have provided their basic
stats and their stats at max, as well as the total cost of fully upgrading each
weapon. (NOTE: Reload Speed numbers are seconds, so lower numbers are good). 
They chapter in which they are located if applicable, is also listed. For more
specific directions in finding the weapons though, refer to the walkthrough. 

NOTE: I'm still in the process of fully updating this information below, so
there's a lot of blanks. If you see a blank, it means I honestly don't know
yet! Haha, sorry. I'll get to it when I can so hang in there, or e-mail me if
you want with info. I have to basically buy all the weapons again and upgrade
them so it will take a little while. I will be updating soon and I will most
likely change the format of this section later.



Cost: 2000
Found: Chapter 1-1  

  -Base: 150
  -Max: 250
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 1.70
  -Max: 1.36
  -Base: 10
  -Max: 100
]--Critical (increases chance of a headshot)
  -Base: 0
  -Max: 3 slots

H&K P8
Cost: 4000
Found: In the shop after Chapter 3-1

  -Base: 140
  -Max: 300
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 1.53 
  -Max: 0.85
  -Base: 9
  -Max: 25
]--Piercing (measures the power of the weapon in piercing through surfaces)
  -Max: 5 slots

SIG P226
Cost: 4000
Found: In the shop after Chapter 5-1

  -Base: 180
  -Max: 480
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 1.70
  -Max: 1.62
  -Base: 8
  -Max: 16

Cost: 30000
Unlocked: Completely upgrade the M92F to unlock it in the shop

  -Base: 170
  -Max: 400
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 1.70
  -Max: 1.36
  -Base: 10
  -Max: 30
]--3-Round Burst (can fire up to three bullets in one pull of the trigger)


Ithaca M37
Cost: 2000
Found: Chapter 1-2

  -Base: 200
  -Max: 400
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 3.00
  -Max: 2.40
  -Base: 6
  -Max: 25
]--Critical (increases chance of a headshot)
  -Base: 0 slots
  -Max: 2 slots

Cost: 4000
Found: Chapter 3-3

  -Base: 300
  -Max: 900
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 3.00
  -Max: 2.70
  -Base: 5
  -Max: 10

Jail Breaker
Cost: 4000
Found: Chapter 6-1

  -Base: 180
  -Max: 350
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 2.52
  -Max: 1.82
  -Base: 5
  -Max: 15
]--Attack Range (measures the spread range of the blast)

Cost: 30000
Unlocked: Completely upgrade the Ithaca to unlock it in the shop

  -Base: 280
  -Max: 550
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 3.67
  -Max: 3.30
  -Base: 4
  -Max: 10
]--Attack Range (measures the spread range of the blast)


Cost: 2000
Found: Chapter 1-1

  -Base: 50
  -Max: 100
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 2.83
  -Max: 2.27
  -Base: 50
  -Max: 300
  -Base: 0 slots
  -Max: 2 slots

Cost: 4000
Found: Chapter 5-1

  -Base: 90
  -Max: 250
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 2.83
  -Max: 2.55
  -Base: 30
  -Max: 50

Cost: 2000
Found: Chapter 2-1

  -Base: 60
  -Max: 120
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 2.70
  -Max: 2.10
  -Base: 45
  -Max: 150
]--Piercing (measures the power of the weapon in piercing through surfaces)
  -Base: 0 slots
  -Max: 3 slots

SIG 556
Cost: 4000
Found: Chapter 5-2

  -Base: 80
  -Max: 180
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 2.55
  -Max: 1.42
  -Base: 40
  -Max: 80

Gatling Gun
Cost: 30000
Unlocked: Completely upgrade the VZ61 to unlock it in the shop

The Gatling Gun has no stats that can be viewed or upgraded. Instead, it has a
set range and accuracy. It has infinite ammo and can only be equipped by Chris.


Cost: 2000
Found: Chapter 2-1

  -Base: 750
  -Max: 2000
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 3.67
  -Max: 3.30
  -Base: 6
  -Max: 50

Dragunov SVD
Cost: 4000
Found: Chapter 2-2

  -Base: 650
  -Max: 1300
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 2.83
  -Max: 2.41
  -Base: 7
  -Max: 18

Cost: 4000
Found: Chapter 5-3

  -Base: 600
  -Max: 1200
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 2.55
  -Max: 1.70
  -Base: 5
  -Max: 15
]--Scope (increases the range of the rifle's telescopic sight)
  -Base: 0 slots
  -Max: 2 slots

Cost: 30000
Unlocked: Completely upgrade the S75 to unlock it in the shop

The Longbow has no stats that can be viewed or upgraded. It has limited rapid
fire and has no sight system. It has infinite ammo and can only be equipped by


S&W M29
Cost: 4000
Found: Chapter 3-1

  -Base: 1500
  -Max: 1700
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 3.53
  -Max: 2.83
  -Base: 6
  -Max: 12
]--Piercing (measures the power of the weapon in piercing through surfaces)
  -Base: 0 slots
  -Max: 3 slots

Lightning Hawk
Cost: 5000
Found: Chapter 5-3

  -Base: 1400
  -Max: 1600
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 1.70
  -Max: 1.36
  -Base: 5
  -Max: 8
]--Piercing (measures the power of the weapon in piercing through surfaces)
  -Base: 0 slots
  -Max: 2 slots

S&W M500
Cost: 30000
Unlocked: Completely upgrade the S&W M29 to unlock it in the shop.

  -Max: 5000
]--Reload Speed
  -Base: 3.53
  -Max: 3.18
  -Base: 5
  -Max: 6
  -Base: 0 slots
  -Max: 3 slots


Hand Grenade
Found: All throughout the game
Notes: High damage, capable of defeating most normal enemies in one direct
blast. Stuns larger type enemies.

Incendiary Grenade
Found: All throughout the game
Notes: Low damage with small blast radius. Stuns small and large type enemies.

Flash Grenade
Found: Chapter 2-2 to the end of the game
Notes: Stuns all surrounding enemies and instantly kills Cephalo and Duvalia
type parasites. Allows for easy melee attacks. Can stun the players if 
detonated at close range. 

Proximity Bomb
Cost: 3000
Found: Chapter 2-2 to the end of the game
Notes: A portable mine that detects nearby enemies and detonates when they are
in range. The mine is able to differentiate between friend and foe and so it
will not go off if you or your partner are near, unless an enemy is also near.
Can be picked up after placed. 


Rocket Launcher
Cost: 10000
Capacity: 1
Notes: One time use weapon. Instantly kills any enemy or boss. 

Found: Chapter 6-3
Capacity: 1
Notes: Found in the final boss fight only. Can be reloaded. 

Grenade Launcher
Cost: 10000
Found: Chapter 4-1
Capacity: 12
Notes: Launches any of six ammo types. Only one type of ammo can be loaded at
a time. The ammo types are listed below:

--Cost: 1000
--Notes: Causes damage similar to a hand grenade

--Cost: 100
--Notes: Sets off a stunning flash

--Cost: 400
--Notes: Upon detonation, unleashes a stunning blast of electricty with decent
blast radius. 

--Cost: 500
--Notes: Releases a blast of acid that is effective against Lickers. 

--Cost: 500
--Notes: Releases a blast of fire similar to incendiary grenades.

--Cost: 100
--Notes: Freezes enemies around the blast point. Frozen enemies can be melee
attacked for an instant kill. Large enemies like Chainsaw Majini, etc. can not
be frozen. 

Stun Rod
Cost: 3000
Unlocked: After Chapter...?
Notes: A melee rod filled with high voltage electricity. Deals fairly damage
to foes but requires one to be within close range of enemies. 

Treasures and Key Items     [BA05]
Again, like in RE4, you'll be able to find a lot of treasures and these will
become the main source of income for you. Any gold you find is just icing on
the cake. None of the treasures can be combined this time and are sold as is so
get rid of them immediately to reap the rewards. 

You can carry as many treasures as you want, they are not stored in your
in-game inventory. You can find them on the Organization Menu under a separate
tab. Select Organize and then hit R2 to find them. Here you can view their
details, and sell them off. This menu also records what treasures you've found
in the game. For a complete list, see the Treasure List under Additional
Assignments [exva]. 

You'll also have Key Items. Things like keys and puzzle objects are nothing
new to Resident Evil. These are not stored in your inventory either and you
never take them with you outside of the stage in which you find them. You can
see that you're holding one when it appears in the top right corner. You can't
get rid of these items until you use them, but you almost always do immediately
after you acquire them. 

Managing Your Inventory     [BA06]
Ok, this is an important part of the game. The days of the attache case are
gone. Yes, I'll give you a moment to grieve as well. .............Good? Ok.
You have two inventories basically. Your in-game inventory is comprised of a
3x3 grid (9 slots) accessed by hitting Triangle. Chris has one and Sheva has
one so this makes for 18 possible inventory slots. Every item in the game takes
up just one slot and they can be stacked up to a certain max number (ex. you
can hold up to 50 pieces of Handgun Ammo in one slot. If you have 51, the extra
bullet takes up a new slot). 

You have a much larger storage space available to you though. I refer to this
as the Main Inventory. You can access it at the Organization Screen and you
will do this any time you begin or continue a stage, or after you die. The
Organization Screen is where you can manage all three of your inventories and
store away unneeded things. Never sell your guns that you're not using; you
always get 1/10th their value. Even selling excess ammo is pointless until you
start to unlock infinite ammo. 

On the Organization Screen, you have three main options: ORGANIZE, BUY, and
READY. Organize lets you manage, sell, and upgrade. Buy lets you into the shop
to pick up weapons and items. Ready means you're done and ready to move on to
the mission. Under Organize, when you select an item in your inventory, you
have even more options:

REMOVE - The item will be removed from your personal inventory and stored in
your Main Inventory. 

GIVE - The item will be given to your partner if they have room. You can not
give your partner weapons. 

MOVE - Change the slot in which the item is stored in your personal inventory.
You can also do this by hitting Square. 

SELL - Allows you to sell the item. 

UPGRADE - For Weapons only. Upgrade your weapons with money. 

Also on the Organization Screen, you have your Treasure tab where you can look
at your treasures (see above and see Treasure List). You have a lot of
available space on the Inventory tab. Here you can stack even more items than
in your personal inventory (999 max of any ammo). This is also where you will
upgrade your weapons with your collected money. 

With limited personal inventory space, it's very easy to get overloaded in
each stage. Learn the tricks of the trade and you can free up space and then
develop good judgement skills and be able to priortize items. 

-Give higher priority to Handgun Ammo. It's your most used gun for the most
part and you also have to make sure Sheva is well supplied.

-Keep ammo with the player who needs it. Don't have your partner or AI Sheva
hold Rifle Ammo if you're the one holding the rifle. Request the ammo if you
have the room. This will not only get you the ammo, but it frees up space for
your partner. 

-If you're playing solo, entrust your healing items to AI Sheva. She has good
judgement in using them and it frees Chris from the responsibility and allows
you as the player to focus on shooting. 

-Always combine ammo to free up space. If you have two slots of Handgum Ammo,
one with 35 pieces, and another with 8 pieces, combine them to make just one

-Learn what grenades are more valuable. Hand Grenades are for the most part
the only grenade to make room for. If you find Flash Grenades though, there is
a good chance you'll be needing them soon, so find room as well. 

-If you're nearing the end of the stage, feel free to load up. You can just
dump excess stuff when you hit the Organization Screen. 

-Try not to carry more than four or five weapons. It just makes things harder
because you'll run out of room very quickly. 

-When you get a feel for each stage, you'll learn what parts may be made easier
with say, a Magnum, or more grenades, etc. 

-If you're stuck, feel free to back out after a checkpoint and reorganize your

As I said, when you get to the Organization Screen, store away the things you
don't immediately need.

   ___ \
  /   | \
 / /| |  \        RESIDENT EVIL 5               [RE00]
/ /_| |   -------------------------------------------------------------------
\___  |  /                         WALKTHROUGH
    |_/ /

Here's the walkthrough, the meat of the guide. Here I'll go be going chapter
by chapter, stage by stage. The boss fights will be delineated when necessary
and the walkthrough is detailed enough I think to get you through. Before
each stage, I will give you a heads up of the items, treasures and even weapons
you can find. They will be in the walkthrough text in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS so
you might see them easier. I will also point out particular moments where you
might be able to acquire a Trophy/Achievement (marked by the words "TROPHY
OPPORTUNITY") and where to find BSAA Emblems. 

The walkthrough is 99% spoiler free. There may be a brief mention of something
happening during a cutscene but it will never be plot revealing. The later
boss fights contain spoilers (Chapter 5 onward), but I have flagged those with
spoiler warnings. 

The walkthrough will go chapter by chapter, stage by stage. At the beginning
of each stage, I'll list Items & Intel, which is basically a somewhat accurate
list of items, weapons, and treasures you can expect to find in that stage. 
Please note that for Items, that list only accounts for items found on tables,
shelves, etc. It does not count items found dropped by enemies or in boxes
because these are usually difficult to account for due to the random factor
involved in these drops. 

So we begin. Take a deep breath, ease those muscles and get ready. The journey
begins and it's one unlike any before. Prepare to face those fears...

/Chapter 1-1: Civilian Checkpoint \____________________________________________

Items and Intel

o------ITEMS-----o   o---WEAPONS---o   o-------TREASURES-------o
|Handgun Ammo x4 |   |VZ61 (MG)    |   |Gold Ring - 5000       |
|Green Herb x5   |   |             |   |Topaz (Marquise) - 3000|
|Red Herb        |   o-------------o   o-----------------------o
|                |       
o----------------o  o---KEY ITEMS---o
                    |None           |
                    |               |

After the scene, you'll gain control. Your new partner, Sheva, will be walking
along with you through the village. As you can see, there are a few locals about
and you can just get the sense they don't really like Chris. Although Sheva
will go on with our without you, you don't have to follow. There's nothing to
find in this little introductory gameplay, but you can see some interesting

As you approach the first open alley on your right, you might catch sight of
one young man being forcibly dragged off by another two. If you proceed down
there, you'll see an extended scene of that. Get to the adjacent alley though,
and they'll be gone. Strange...

Head back to the main road and follow Sheva. You'll pass by some other
villagers beating on someone trapped in a sack (yikes). Again, all you'll be
able to invoke here are some menacing glares so just proceed on. 

You'll see some boxes but you can't open them yet, just move left for a scene.
After that, continue toward the butcher shop, which is your destination. Use
R2 to bring up the GPS map if you somehow get lost. 


Follow Sheva around to the side entrance and open the door. Enter and talk to
the man for a scene. After your contact is done speaking, open the silver case
in front of you. Note if you're starting a New Game+, you only have to equip
the weapons that will already be in your inventory slots now to skip ahead, but
doing so will let you miss out on a free gun which you can sell for... chicken
feed actually. Not a big deal either way. 

Proceed toward the exit, but look to your right and you should see a wooden
crate. Bust it open with your knife and take the contents, 100 GOLD. That's a
start... To the left of that counter is another with two clipboards you can
read. They just share some basic tutorial info for you, which is useful if you
never played RE4 or RE5 before, or need a refresher. 

When you're done, go back outside. Now we can explore properly. To your left is
a barrel with GOLD. The nearby corridor leads to your destination, so go down
there to find a carcass surrounded by a few crows. Shoot at them and you might
get some GOLD. There's nothing around the next corner so just duck into the
house on your right. Bust down the door and proceed in, past the strange sights
on the tables. At the far end, bust open the crates and barrel for GOLD, a 
GREEN HERB, and more GOLD. 

As you may have already noticed, when picking things up, you have the option of
taking them for yourself, or letting Sheva pick them up. Gold is irrelevant
because it goes to the same place. Other items can make a big difference on
who you choose to take them. I usually let Sheva take all the herbs and let
her handle the healing when I'm playing solo. It's up to you though. 

Go down the adjacent hall and find another GREEN HERB on the shelf. Head out
the door next. 

Outside, you'll hear an unsettling scream. Sheva runs ahead, so follow along,
going up the stairs to the door. You'll be treated to a scene following the 
unfortunate demise of a young man who will subsequently turn on you. When you
gain control, he'll come running at you. Yay, our first enemy! I mean... OH 
SHIT, AN ENEMY! Have those fingers ready because he'll be quick. Fire away
or if you want to save some ammo, try going for his knee caps to force him to
kneel. Get close and use an uppercut, then stomp him to end the fight. Chris
makes an appropriate comment and then you're free to leave.

Enter the next room and find five pcs of HANDGUN AMMO on your right. Let Sheva
take them if you're going solo. You can't really account for her shooting so
you need to compensate for that. It's like babysitting in a way, unfortunately.

It'll seem like there's no way to get out. Approach the window in the
northwest corner though and hit Square to jump out.


Move forward, then venture down the right alley. A quick scene shows a bunch of
villagers, (hereafter referred to as Majini) coming after you. When you get
control, seems like a more appropriate fight. Bring it on, right? Well, as they
start to fan out more and pile into the alley, that notion should quickly
vanish from your brain. You're vastly outnumbered, so don't even bother. Save
your ammo, turn, and run! Follow Sheva out of the alley and into the nearest
house. You're safe, for now...

x-If you decide to stay and fight-x

You're faced with an entire horde of Majini. And that is no understatement. 
There are really a lot of them. Let me repeat that one more time. There are a
lot of them! It is highly recommended you run on your first time through. You
will most likely be unable to beat them, unless you're really hardcore or

On a return trip, when you are better equipped, you can think about it. Stand
back in the alley or even around the corner, across from the safehouse. Wait
for them to come out of the alley and blast them with whatever you have. The
narrow space makes shotguns a good choice but watch your ammo. If you don't
have infinite ammo, this can really tax your supply. Fend off wave after wave
and one of the final Majini will drop the TOPAZ (MARQUISE) for you. Good find.

Now, inside the house...

Take the RED HERB on the shelf and let Sheva take care of it, if you're so
inclined. She automatically mixes them to save space so don't worry about it.
She also has a good idea of when to save a mixed G+R herb. For example, she'll
use a regular Green Herb (if it's available) instead of the mixed if your
wounds are not that serious. 

Also take the HAND GRENADE and then mosey on over to the door. It's different
than the others. It's a 'co-op' door I guess you can say. After you investigate
it, you can only open it by hitting Circle. AI Sheva will automatically get
in place, but your human partner needs to do this him/herself. 

Go in and find ten pcs of HANDGUN AMMO near the cardboard boxes behind the
counter. Bust open the various boxes and stuff for more HANDGUN AMMO, GOLD, and
MACHINEGUN AMMO. If you don't get MG Ammo, that's fine. From here on out, the
drops will have some random setting to them, based on the weapons you have in
your inventory, the ones you're using, etc. I can't account for that
unfortunately, so I'll be listing them more generally. Fixed loot will be the
ones standing out in the open for your sticky little fingers. 

Once you got everything, drop down into the nearby hole. There's not much down
here other than some rats. They're useful actually, as they may drop some GOLD.
They're tough targets though, so you might want to see if you can corner them
and knife them, which is difficult, but doesn't waste any ammo. 

Climb out and then claim the two HANDGUN AMMO boxes and the GREEN HERB. Open
the door and leave.


If you played the demo, this should seem very familiar to you. Go down the path
and drop down to enter the house. A scene plays. Yikes, sucks to be that guy.
Once you gain control again, prepare for an onslaught. Start by barring the
doors and windows which will buy you some time. Have Sheva push one if you're
playing solo, while you, as Chris, push the other. Next, begin snagging up all
the goodies inside this room. Slice open the melon pile for some AMMO. Bust the
nearby barrel for more or some GOLD. Open the drawer behind this spot, and
check the nearby table for more AMMO. In the adjacent corner, you'll find two
more pieces of AMMO on the table and under the tomatoes. Make sure if you're
going solo, you tell Sheva to pick up some of it. 

Now you get to play the waiting game. As the Majini start to break in, take aim
and keep them out. If you feel confident enough though, let them in and take
them out so you can quickly access dropped goodies. You can make things easier
by standing behind the little barrier in this room, giving you at least a
little protection (though it doesn't put you out of the enemy's reach). 

Eventually a quick scene shows a bunch of Majini busting through the roof. This
is a good time to escape this house. The big boy in town, the Executioner will
chop down the fence for you to enter the main part of this area. Quickly slip
by him (damn that's a big ass axe!) and flee. Use the nearby flame barrel to
start things off when the enemies slip by. Pick up any ammo drops nearby. You
only have your pistol so unlike in the demo, you're a bit underprepared. Don't
even think about taking out the Executioner now, it's just too difficult. Focus
on the Majini charging you, and watch out for them from all sides. You will
find a little aid though. In the northeast corner, near the wrecked car, you
can find a silver case on the table. Open it up and take the VZ61, which is a
small machinegun (MG). Nice. Chris can hold onto this until he gets a Shotty.

It's not a bad idea to use this chance to not even fight at all. Just run and
you can explore every inch of this place for goodies. This is a good idea
because strangely enough, once the fighting is over, they'll all disappear, so
now is your chance. Still, it's good to get some work in by defeating some of
the Majini, if not for extra ammo, then to contribute towards something. Also,
if you're playing a New Game+ or just have impeccable skill, you can defeat the
Executioner and get a GOLD RING. 


See those piles of red barrels? They're not explosives. You'll pass one on your
way out of the first house. Wait for some enemies to congregate just behind it
and shoot to unleash some fire. If you're lucky, you can get three at one go
and earn this Trophy. If not, there's another to use, although it's harder to
get enemies with that one. 


Another useful, but slightly less obvious trap are the electric generators
hanging from high above in a few spots. They look like air conditioners kind of.
Wait for some enemies to get close and shoot it down to give them a shock they
won't soon forget. Just kill one of them with this method to snag this Trophy.

Kirk will contact you, telling you to wait a little longer. Great... Keep
exploring. You can find AMMO and a GREEN HERB in the small house on the west
side. Take the stairs to go onto the roof of this house, jump the gap and you
can find another GREEN HERB on the platform. 

Eventually, Kirk will radio in again and that will be the end of that. The 
first part ends. 


Taking this guy out is no small feat, but it can be done on your first time
through. It takes quick work, preparation, and a steady head. 

To begin with, if you're planning on doing this the very first time through the
game, be prepared to die, especially if you've never played before at all. 
The real threat is not so much the Executioner, as it is the countless Majini
surrounding him. This task will be a lot easier with a co-op partner. 

Start off by finding the small house on the west side. It's the one with the
staircase on the side leading to the building's roof. Enter this house and
take the grenades. Hopefully you should have a small collection. Flee from
the house and find a good vantage point where you can see all the enemies 
coming at you. You really need to be fully aware of your surroundings because
Majini will come from every direction. Again, a co-op partner can watch your
back. Otherwise, read the moments where you have a second to check your six
to make sure you're safe. The last thing you want is to be grabbed by a Majini
as the Executioner is bearing down on you. 

Try to rely on grenades when there are a lot of enemies around. Any time you
lob one at him, be sure to go in for a melee. It'll soften him up very slightly
but if you have a co-op partner, they can combo off it. With just your pistols
stunning him is rather difficult, but it can be done if you focus your shots
on his head primarily. It can take 5 or more shots to the head to make him
kneel, so be aware of this and use this as a judgment factor as he gets closer
to you, whether or not you have the time to stun him. Continue using grenades
and before meleeing, try to pull off a few potshots at his head. 

Part of the difficulty, outside of the Majini is that you only have your pistol
to work with initially. If you got the VZ61, that will help you somewhat, but
it's close to useless on the Executioner because it does not stun him easily
at all. The VZ61 will help you thin out the crowds though. Majini killing is
important because a lot of them will drop ammo which you'll need. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is to not let yourself get trapped.
You have around 5 minutes before this ends prematurely. Try to move quickly
but at the same time, pace yourself and do not put yourself in unnecessary
danger. If you see a large crowd coming and you've no grenades, back away.
Use the rooftops and the bus to thin the enemies out and make use of the
explosive barrels. Don't get cornered up here either though. Always keep a
safe distance between you and the Executioner.

The Executioner himself has two main swings. The primary one is a well
advertised straight vertical swing. You can see this coming for the most part
(assuming you of course see him), and it's easy to sidestep. Just again, watch
out for Majini trying to hold you down. The other type is a lot more dangerous.
He'll make several aggressive swings in a row, each one getting closer to you.
You might be able to keep safe just by backing away slowly in a backwards
direction. Staying out of reach is of the utmost importance. 

If you manage to kill the Executioner, your reward will be the GOLD RING. 

/Chapter 1-2: Public Assembly \________________________________________________

Items and Intel

o------ITEMS-----o   o----WEAPONS----o   o------TREASURES------o   
|Handgun Ammo x2 |   |M37 Ithaca (SG)|   |Antique Clock (2000) |     
|Shotgun Ammo x2 |   |               |   |Ivory Relief (2000)  |
|First Aid Spray |   |               |   |Gold Ring (5000)     |  
|                |   o---------------o   |                     |
o----------------o                       o---------------------o 

o----KEY ITEMS----o 
|Old Building Key |
|Furnace Key      |
|                 |

Take a moment to do your first upgrades. Any time before a chapter or any time
that you die, you'll get an opportunity to sell your loot or other items and
buy new weapons, items, or upgrades. No merchant this time around. If you were
fortunate enough to get the Gold Ring from the Executioner, you'll be able to
sell that for a pretty penny. 

I have my own preference for upgrades so I won't force them down your throat.
I'll merely make my suggestions, but the decision ultimately lies with you on
how to upgrade your guns, and that's actually the fun part. I tend to go with
Capacity upgrades first, then Firepower, so try to get 1 or 2 Capacity upgrades
for both Chris and Sheva's pistols. Trying to keep Sheva even with you is
helpful for a few reasons. In the long run, having her weapons stronger
hopefully decreases the amount of bullets she'll be wasting. Still, Chris'
weapons come first. Read more on this in the Co-op tips section. 

If you can get a Firepower upgrade, get that too. Or, you can funnel some of
that money into an upgrade for the VZ61 that you just got. When you're ready,
move out. 


Again, the place will be completely bone dry, so whatever you didn't get during
the fight, will be gone now. No reason to extend your stay so head through the
gate that Kirk so kindly opened for you during the scene. 

Sheva will automatically run off to the left, so ignore her and go to the right.
Enter the tiny hut here to open a barrel and find some GOLD. Now go west as
Sheva did and down the alley. When you reunite with her, drop down the nearby
hole. Crack open the barrel here for GOLD, a larger sum worth 400g. Climb back
out and open the door together. 

Go into the next home and pilfer the goodies inside. You'll find AMMO in a 
barrel, as well as HANDGUN AMMO on the table. Leave now and you'll find a
broken ladder. Use the Assist Jump, assuming your partner is in position and
you can send Sheva up above on her own. It'll prove pretty much useless however
as Sheva notices there's no way in. Continue around the left side now.

Down the alley, you'll find a female Majini... feasting? o_O Yuck. Open fire
and take her down, then move out onto the main road. You'll receive an
unsettling radio call. Sounds like trouble which only foreshadows the same for
you. Watch for a Majini coming from the right. After that, go to the north and
in this little alcove find two barrels for more loot. A Majini on the other
side of this fence will spot you and climb over. Let him and then open fire.


Go south now and you'll likely spot a young blonde woman being violently
dragged off. Ah, a young maiden in distress! You don't have time to gawk
however as yet another Majini appears and lunges at you. Take him out, then do
some more searching. Bust open the tomatoes on the left, then enter that house
there. Inside, a Majini will drop in on you, so kill him, then open the box
for more loot. Back on the main road, another Majini may be coming out of the
opposite building so deal with him. 

Next to a broken ladder is an alley. Venture down this way, and crack open the
box for more loot. Leave and then approach the ladder for an Assist Jump. Sheva
will go find the OLD BUILDING KEY for you. Some Majini will appear too however
and they'll likely come after Chris so shoot them down, followed by possibly,
a third Majini. When the coast is finally clear, head through the doorway
opposite the ladder. Go through the door and then climb through the window
right in front of you to claim some loot inside a box. Leave and now go west
and south around the corner.

A Majini will climb over the fence as you turn the corner. Dispatch him, then
move on. Bust the barrel open for more loot, then continue. Another Majini will
appear out of a pile of boxes. Take care of him, then move further into town
to deal with some of his friends. 

I'll take a moment to make a quick note if you're playing solo. This is just
one of a lot of tips I mention in the tips section, but I'll be reverberating
them throughout the walkthrough as a reminder. Since ammo is definitely a bit
more scarce, and you also have to account for two people, make sure you save
when you can. Try to coax enemies into melee attacks by shooting their heads
for a HOOK or a STRAIGHT, or their knees for an UPPERCUT. When they're down,
all it takes is a STOMP to finish them off. Your knife will also help save a
few bullets now and then. 

Near the end of the road, split open the tomatoes for more ammo, hopefully. 
Ignore the staircase and instead enter the door underneath it. You'll find
SHOTGUN AMMO on your right. Go upstairs and in the south, near the TV, claim
the FIRST AID SPRAY. Have Sheva hold on to that for safe keeping. Go out onto
the balcony now for a barrel. Next, go back inside and west toward the other
balcony. Two Majini will get the jump on you, but that's no problem! Bullets
solve most problems! If you go out onto the balcony they were hiding on, turn
left and open the chest. Inside you'll find the ANTIQUE CLOCK. Schwing! 


You'll be reading about these in the next chapter, but you can start the hunt
now. While in the house with the Antique Clock, go out onto the eastern balcony
and face south. You should see a small house across from where you are with the
sun shining brightly onto the roof. Just below the roof, on the side of this
house is a blue circular shaped emblem. Shoot this to begin unlocking more
goods under Special Features. Look for a few more coming up and throughout the
game as well, but I got you covered, so don't worry. 

Now drop down and open the next door with your partner. A scene shows the
blonde woman again. Still in trouble, I see. First, spy the small house on the
left. It's got a blue circle in front of the door on your GPS Map. That means
it's locked and needs a key, which you just so happen to have. Use the Old
Building Key and open it up. Inside you'll find a box, but more importantly,
the M37 Ithaca shotgun on the wall. Schwing! Take that and get ready for some
click, click, boom. The only thing left to find is a barrel under the staircase
for loot. Take it and then go up that staircase to the door for a scene.

Man, you're really pret-OH SHIT! The fair maiden turns out to be just another
enemy. Or is she? She's the toughest enemy you've faced yet, surprisingly, 
which makes her like a pseudo mini-boss. Worse yet, she'll be joined by a few
Majini soon enough. If you shoot her a few times, a parasite will bust out of
her head. You have got to be kidding... That's your cue to scram. The building
is not a suitable fighting space for all these foes so leave immediately, but
don't take the green door as you'll just end up trapping yourself. Go down the
stairs, and use this narrow space to fend off enemies while your partner takes
care of any from behind. If bug head shows up, use a grenade if you got one,
or just rely on your Shotgun. The thing takes a lot of punishment, so do what
you can. 

Once it's dead, turn around and help Sheva out, as there will probably be
plenty more to deal with. Pick up any dropped ammo, especially Shotgun shells.
Also inspect the area where the parasite lady fell to claim the IVORY RELIEF. 

Just follow your GPS for the most part, as there isn't much to be found. When
you get down the last alley though, turn right. Bust open the two barrels at
the far wall for loot. Also, open the lock on the door if you want, either by
shooting it or kicking it three times. When you're ready, enter the door.


Whew, whoever decorated this place sure has interesting tastes... In any case,
proceed down the halls and enter the next room to find... very little. Just go
around and up the stairs to the north. At the next corner, a member of Alpha
Team will drop dead before you. Take the contents of the nearby box, then go
into the next room. Take the loot from the barrel, then climb up the ladder.

In the north corner, take the loot from the two barrels. Go around the walkway
to the door, but don't go inside.


Stand where the dead body is on the walkway across from the door. You should
be facing west. Look up as high as you can now and you should see a water tower.
There is an emblem amongst the support beams, so take aim for another.

Jump the gap to the left of the door and open the chest and you'll find a lot 
of GOLD. Enter the door now for a scene.

When it's over, explore to find some goodies, including HANDGUN AMMO, and what
else you can find in two boxes in the corners. Exit via the blue door and go
down the hall to the elevator. Ride it down to the next area.

Open the barrel for loot, then proceed down the hall. Inside the next room,
besides a body, you'll have more barrels for loot. The door ahead is locked
unfortunately, so go south down the corridor, toward the dead body. Here,
you'll find the furnace. Pry open the barrels for goodies, then take the
FURNACE KEY from the dead Alpha Team member (thanks, pal). Open the barrels on
the south wall for more stuff, then leave. Go back into the main room and a
scene takes over. Oh God, what the hell is that?! Your first boss fight, that's

 /BSAA B.O.W. File - Uroboros\________________________________________________
| Attacks: Lunge, Arm attack, Instant Death
| Weakspots: None
| ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
|That's one ugly mother! What can you expect though. Your only option initially
|is to fall back. Retreat to the furnace room and prepare to stand your ground
|there. As you most likely noticed, the room has a few gas containers. These
|will come in handy in a moment. 
|As for the boss, he has a few attacks. He'll swing his arm at you when he gets
|within medium to close range. He'll also lunge at you. If you're dumb enough
|to let him get really close to you, he can grab you and put you through a 
|rather gruesome instant death. 
|The answer may seem to be to use the gas to defeat him, but that's only part
|of the solution. The real key is the furnace itself. If you played Dead Space,
|you should be able to figure out the rest. There's a few ways you can go about
|The easiest way is to come into the room on the north side and quickly topple
|the container by hitting Square. Wait behind it and watch for the thing to 
|enter. Make sure it engulfs the canister, then bolt into the furnace. Yes,
|it sounds kind of crazy but it'll be fine. Wait for him inside and equip your
|pistol, or even shotgun if you've got butterfingers. Once he lumbers inside,
|fire at the canister inside his body to stun him. Take this chance to run 
|past him and back outside. Hurry to the controls and activate them to close
|the doors. This will end the fight with a fiery finish!
|You can do this without the canisters however. The north side furnace exit is
|the closest to the controls, so logically, you want to leave that way. So if
|you want to do it without the gas, just run in on the south side, lure him in
|and just keep running. Make sure he gets in then quickly shut the doors. If
|that doesn't work, you can stun him with your shotgun by shooting his visible
|weak spots. Either way, toast him and you're done.
|If you come back to this fight later on in a New Game+ better equipped or if
|you're just a glutton for punishment, you can completely ignore the furnace
|strategy. Use the canisters to soften him up and rely on heavy firepower to
|mow him down. If you're serious about trying this your first time (not
|recommended) make good use of your Ithaca. Otherwise, come back another time
|and use heavy firepower to kill him the old fashioned way. If you kill him
|with your guns and not the furnace, he'll drop a GOLD RING. Nice.

Unfortunately, the beast leaves nothing for you in its wake. Oh well. Just 
head back to that door you were about to open before it jumped you. Open it up
with the Furnace Key and then go down the hall. Near the end, take the three
packages of HANDGUN AMMO from the silver case.


Move forward just a tiny bit from where the silver case with the Handgun Ammo
is. When you enter that nearby hall, there is a chain link fence on your
right. Peer through it and you should see this emblem on the far wall.

Take the elevator and you'll be finished with this one after a scene. 

/Chapter 2-1: Storage Facility \_______________________________________________

Items and Intel

o------ITEMS-----o   o---WEAPONS---o   o--------TREASURES--------o
|Handgun Ammo x2 |   |H&K MP5 (MG) |   |Jewel Bangle x3 - 1000   |
|Green Herb x8   |   |S75 (RIF)    |   |Sapphire (Pear) - 1000   |
|Red Herb x3     |   |             |   |Topaz (Pear) x2 - 1000   |
|Hand Grenade x3 |   o-------------o   |Ruby (Marquise) - 3000   |
|First Aid Spray |                     |Emerald (Square) - 1000  |
|                |  o---KEY ITEMS---o  |Ruby (Square) - 1000     |
o----------------o  |Port Key       |  |Emerald (Pear) - 1000    |
                    |Guard's Key    |  |Sapphire (Square) - 1000 |
                    |               |  |                         |
                    o---------------o  o-------------------------o

Start by selling off any treasures and extra stuff you don't need. You might
as well keep extra ammo because you hardly get anything for it. You'll need it
soon enough anyway, even if you think you're overloaded, you will. 

Buy more upgrades for Chris and Sheva's M92F pistols, Capacity and Firepower.
Also upgrade your boomstick, preferably with Capacity again since it doesn't
hold many shells. 


Take a moment to explore this room. On the left you'll find a clipboard telling
you about BSAA Emblems. They sort of stand out like a sore thumb, but can be
easily missed. 


Find the first one in this chapter on the west wall. It's high up, near the 
corner. Fire on it to shatter it. 

Once you got that, open the silver case near the first clipboard and you can
find the H&K MP5, or just MP5. This makes a nice substitute for the VZ61, but
there's a problem. I'll spill the beans now and tell you that all the beginning
weapons are linked to uber weapons you can acquire later through some hard work
and money saving. It means you have to hold on to the weaker weapons for longer
but it will pay off later. However, the MP5 is the first second tier weapon 
you have found so it can be worth holding on to. In this example, it replaces
the VZ61, but if you want, keep the VZ61 and keep upgrading it so you can go
toward the uber weapons.

This is entirely up to you on whether or not you want to go for the uber
weapons. It's a costly process but if you think you can manage, try it. I'd
almost say don't bother if this is your first time through the game. Again,
it's up to you. You can sell the VZ61 (not recommended) and make the MP5
its permanent replacement. Since you don't get any money for guns though, you
should never really sell them unless you're really strapped for cash. Store
unwanted guns in your Main Inventory at the Organization Menu. 

Alternatively, you can pursue the uber weapons, and store the MP5 or keep it as
a backup (give it to Sheva). Throughout the course of the walkthrough I'll be 
assuming you'll be picking up the new weapons, but also making note of when I 
got the upgrades for the old weapons. This will obviously throw some things out
of balance with your own game if you're not keeping them or whatever, so if 
you're affording more than me, there's a good reason for that. 

Whew, sorry about that. In any case, continue looking around. Bust open a pair
of barrels and a box for goodies. When you're good to go, proceed out the door.

Hm, nice view... I guess. Anyway, proceed into the maze of freight containers.
An archer up above on your left will spot you. Shoot him down and he might just
fall onto the tripwire setting off the explosives. Yes, both of these aspects
are back. If the device didn't go off just shoot the explosives themselves at a
safe distance. Proceed further inside.

You'll come across a fork and two more Majini. On your left is an opening with
some barrels, but it's on the other end of a tripwire. You can't see the
explosives from  here so leave it for now. Go in and turn left, then enter the
container to find a GREEN HERB. As you leave, notice the ladder on the blue
container here. Climb up and shoot the explosive device from before now. Drop
down and pilfer the barrels and the box for loot.

Now go south through the maze, with a path between a yellow/green and a red
container. Go to the right and inside the yellow/green one though and find a
barrel inside. If you're lucky, it might just have a FIRST AID SPRAY. Go down
that corridor now and into a small opening.


As you lumber into this opening, something will appear out of the nearby
alcove. It's a dog, but it's no ordinary dog. OH GOOD GOD! A few more will
appear to form a pack. Take out these nasties quick. The shotgun works wonders
as it will knock them back. If either of these things grabs you or Sheva, call
for or give help when needed. Keep them at bay with your boomstick and then
finish them off. 

After that's over, deal with the archer and go into the alcove to the left of
where the dogs came in to find a barrel. Now, go south, past a tripwire and all
the way around, defeating any Majini you come across. Climb up the ladder, go
through the container, and drop down the other side. Follow the passage to exit
the maze finally, but company awaits. 

You've got a few Majini, including an archer, a new type of fat Majini, and a
dog. You can take them out and use the barrels to assist you. This is a great
time to use any grenades if you got them. If you're worried about health, fall
back into the maze and let them come to you. This makes it a perfect position
for the shotty. 

The biggest threat perhaps is the big guy. He'll unleash his mighty fists and
he isn't fazed easily by even your shotgun. More dogs will appear so save some
shells for them. If you can't bring down the big guy, use the VZ61 or MP5 to
really lay into him. Grenades are still very helpful if you got them though.

Take the JEWEL BANGLE from the fat guy, then deal with any other remaining
foes. Get the barrel in the southwest corner, then head for the large gate to
the east and open it with teamwork to proceed. Open the two boxes, then go
north across the bridge. You can just tell something's gonna happen...

Hop the gap and sure enough, here comes the bad year blimp. A truck comes
barreling toward you. Shoot it with anything you have quickly and it will
topple over. If not, it'll take you and Sheva into the drink for a game over.

Run past and a whole swarm of Majini will be coming toward you. 


There's red barrels all over this place. Try to wait for a group to get close,
or if necessary, take some punishment to ensure a whole group gets close, back
away quickly, then fire on a barrel. If you can take out three at once, you'll
nab this Trophy. 

Deal with the Majini with you machinegun and pistol preferably. Save your
shotty after all the ammo you just used. Make use of the barrels to save more
ammo. When the enemies are down, pick up the goodies and proceed.

At the other end of the bridge, enter the little warehouse for some barrels to
open. Crack open another to the west, then go down the adjacent stairway.


At the top of the staircase, look to the south, toward the bridge again. From
the stairs, you have a good view of the support struts under the bridge. The
only one you see is covered in scaffolding and cloth. In the bottom corner of
this cloth you can see the blue emblem, just waiting to be shot. 

Go down the stairs and equip your shotty again as you enter this tunnel. More 
of those dogs will attack so be prepared. Pick up the goods and continue. Even
more dogs will appear! Take them out then go down the corridor, through the 
door, and around the corner. Before opening the door, take the goods from the 
two boxes on the south and north walls. 

Enter the canal and you'll find some corpses. There's danger to be had however
as some strange flying creatures emerge from their bodies! They're called
Kipepeo and you'll recognize these baddies from the demo. They'll flutter 
around and attack from the air, making them slightly harder to hit with your 
pistol. Use whatever you feel more comfortable with and take them all down. The
last Majini will actually get up, but when you dispatch him, another Kipepeo 
appears. Destroy it and you'll be done with this fight.

Before leaving, turn back around and at the end of the canal near where you
entered, find the shining thing on the ground. It's another treasure, the
SAPPHIRE (PEAR). Take it and then force the door open to continue north. Move
through the tunnel and then climb the ladder at the end. You'll come out in a
small town on the water. 


Start by going forward and taking the GREEN HERB on the ground here. Enter the
house on the right for more loot, including another GREEN HERB. Next, go down 
the stairs to the beach. Enter the water if you'd like and you can find some
GOLD if you look hard enough. More important however is the TOPAZ (PEAR) in the
northwest corner. Get out of the water now and move north. 

Cut open the melon patch for loot. There's another on the other side so get
that too. You may notice that these little market stalls form a perfect barrier
around a chest. To get it, stand in front of the green doors and lob a grenade
at the stall on the right. Try to land it just in between the bottom and right
stalls (again standing in front of the green doors). Only the right stall will
be destroyed so use that to get inisde. Open up the chest and take the RUBY
(MARQUISE). Schwing!

Take the RED HERB in front of the house that also has your yellow destination 
marker inside it. If you need to have Sheva hold some goods and you're on solo,
she'll make things awfully difficult by running off on her own to the other 
side of the house. Go around the side yourself and climb up the ladder. Go 
along the rooftops to the far north corner and take the EMERALD (SQUARE). Drop
down now. 

You could force open the green doors, but let's not. Instead, go around the
building to the back side and in a small alley you can find a window to enter
from. Take the loot from the vegetable pile on your left as you enter from the
window, then take note of the hanging corpse here. Shoot the shining object 
hanging from the stake it's impaled with. Grab it to acquire the PORT KEY.

As Sheva brilliantly points out, you're outnumbered. However, since you entered
through the window, leaving the front doors still locked hopefully, the enemy
can't come in except through the window too. This makes it easier to funnel
the enemies easily to you. A Big Man Majini will be among the attackers so
be prepared and use your shotty when necessary. If you opened the green
doors, you may want to resort to retreating to the beach to fend them off. 
Fattie will drop another JEWEL BANGLE so take that, as well as any other 

|Credit|Thanks to Daywalker for the tip on entering the Port Key   |
|      |house through the window instead, to make the fight easier.|


Find a small green booth in this area. It's to the right of where you enter
this area from the beach. It's a small green booth that says "Charge" on it.
On one side is a small window you can peer into. It's hard to spot, but you can
barely see the edge of one of the emblems on the roof of this booth. 

Beware the archer turning into a Kipepeo, you know, those flying bastards. Take
care of the rest of the Majini and when it's safe, use the key on the lock. 
Another waits on a boat, so shoot his brains out, then claim the contents of a
barrel near the bow of the ship, as well as two more in the makeshift cabin 
near the back. 

Go along the dock and climb up the platform. Another gang of Majini will attack
but this time you've got help. Kirk will drop some rockets on them so just take
out the ones nearest you. Take the JEWEL BANGLE from the third fat Majini and


This is a silver, and with good reason. It's not an easy task. You can probably
do this a bit earlier, but this was the quickest situation I found. The problem
with doing this on solo is you have to account for AI Sheva taking out the
archers. Kirk will most likely kill off most of the enemies, save one. There
should be one surviving archer on the balcony of the far building. Run down
the alley and stop near the ladder. Align yourself so the Majini has a clear
shot. This is close enough for him to fire off quickly and more accurately for
you, but not too close where Sheva will start shooting. If she does, back away.
IF you don't get (and it takes many tries sometimes), there will be other

Before proceeding, climb up the ladder on the right to the rooftop. There will
be a GREEN HERB here. 


While still up on this roof, look to the north. In between the arches of that
building (the one the archer was located at), you should see the emblem on
the wall. Fire on it from here to add it to your collection.

Go around the building and toward another. A group of Majini will pile out.
Your machinegun or shotgun will help here. Watch out for more of the flying
bastards too. When that's done, enter the house they came out of. Open the
large case for the S75 Rifle. This is another beginning weapon that can lead
to an uber weapon later on so hold onto it for as long as you can if you want
it. It's a sniper rifle anyway, so really, there's no need to upgrade to
another one later for the most part. Give it to Sheva for now.


Go through the red doors and you'll find another familiar area if you played
the demo. Travel straight and go around the building to find a dead end with
a car. Take the GOLD from the box on top of it though. Bust through the nearby
window and a trio of Majini will be waiting inside. Take any goodies inside, 
including HANDGUN AMMO on the shelf. Go through the white door and take the 
GREEN HERB on the ground here. Move north and then break open two boxes on your
left for goods. 

Go up the hill and you'll see that Kirk is in trouble. More Kipepeo will come
at you so take them out. Send Sheva up above the broken ladder with an Assist
Jump, then venture by yourself up the path. A lot of Majini will rush you and
even Sheva might not be able to pin down them all so have the shotgun ready.
Help Sheva fend off more of the flying bastards and then proceed up the path to
the house. More Majini will funnel out so just use the shotgun to level them
all at once.

Once inside, go to the immediate left to where some bathroom stalls are. Inside
the last one is a Majini so get him before he gets the jump on you. You'll also
find a RED HERB behind him. Open the barrel for more loot, then return to the
entrance. Inside the next room, you'll find another RED HERB on the table. 
In the northwest corner is a Majini and a barrel. The door here is locked so
head up the stairs. 

More Majini will ambush you as you ascend so take care of them. On the second
floor, find a HAND GRENADE on the chair, as well as another outside on the
balcony. Now, before you proceed, ask Sheva for her Rifle and all her ammo.
Go up to the third floor and open the barrels. Take the HANDGUN AMMO on the
nearby shelf, and a GREEN HERB behind you too. Head out onto the balcony and 
do an Assist Jump to send Sheva over to the next roof. 


Stand on the little outcropping where the Assist Jump is performed. Look back
north and up toward the roof of the building. There is a concrete column with
metal wires poking out. On the face of this column is the emblem. 

Now you have to watch out for her. Hurry downstairs to the 2nd floor and use 
your rifle and shoot any Majini attacking her to clear a path. Shoot the red 
barrel in there to make this task easier. Eventually Sheva will run downstairs
and open that locked door. Hurry down there and join her in dealing with any
other approaching Majini.

More folks will show up so take them down as well. When it seems like the coast
is clear, start looking around for goods. Enter the big house, the one Sheva
was in, and open the boxes for some ammo or gold. Go upstairs to find a lone
barrel in the corner. Go back down and out the white door in the back. Move
down this alley and bust open the barrel, then head back out onto the main
street. Behind the ruined bus is a barrel, and near the staircase is a GREEN
HERB. Take what you can carry and move up to the gateway.

A scene plays and you've got another ugly customer to deal with!


 /BSAA B.O.W. File - Chainsaw Majini \________________________________________
| Attacks: Chainsaw attack (Instant Death)
| Weakspots: Head
| ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
| As you can probably surmise, the chainsaw equates to a very sickening end. 
|Unlike the chainsaw baddies of RE4 however, this guy tends to advertise the
|swing just a split second longer, so even if he gets right up in your face, it
|won't be over for at least another second, giving you time to get away.
|He'll be joined by other Majini so the key here is keeping a distance between
|you and them. Start out by retreating to past the bus. Use the red barrels to
|your advantage and shoot them as he passes by. Anytime you do this, he'll 
|drop to one knee, so take that opportunity to run up and uppercut him to add
|a little more damage. Fall back more to the building and shoot the next barrel
|and repeat with another uppercut. Repeat this strategy with the barrel at the
|corner, but be careful as its position makes it a little more dangerous. Back
|into the alley and use the last barrel. Switch quickly to your grenades that
|got earlier toss them one at a time, using an uppercut in between each. 
|The bastard won't go down that easily, so before he gets too close, retreat
|further and enter the house. You can use this alley and play merry-go-round
|with him until he finally dies. Another strategy is to hide behind the bus.
|The most important part is just keeping him at bay and avoiding contact with
|other Majini, so tight spaces help a lot. Once you're out of explosives, use
|your shotgun of course. Two blasts to the head should hopefully stun him for
|a Hook. When you hit him with the Hook, run past so that AI Sheva can get
|close and melee him too for a combo. Do this as much as you can to widdle him
|down until finally, he falls.

Take the GUARD'S KEY from his body and now you can leave, after you mop up any
remaining Majini. Go east through the gate and around the next corner. Open the
door with the key and move on. A chest just beyond the door has a bunch of
great stuff for you. In addition to 3000g in GOLD, you can get a RUBY (SQUARE),
TOPAZ (PEAR), EMERALD (PEAR), and SAPPHIRE (SQUARE). Move over to the blue
gate and open it. 

Enter the small house on your left for a GREEN HERB. Open the next gate and
enter for a scene. This will be a prompt scene like in RE4, where you'll have
to hit a certain button combo to survive. Do this three times, then watch the
rest of the scenes until the part ends. 

/Chapter 2-2: Train Station \_________________________________________________

Items and Intel

o-------ITEMS------o   o---WEAPONS---o   o----------TREASURES----------o   
|Handgun Ammo x4   |   |SVD (RIF)    |   |Jewel Beetle - 2000          |   
|Shotgun Ammo      |   |             |   |Diamond (Oval) - 4000        |   
|Rifle Ammo        |   o-------------o   |Diamond (Brilliant) - 4500   | 
|Flash Grenade x2  |                     |Diamond (Pear) - 2000        |
|Proximity Bomb x4 |  o---KEY ITEMS---o  |Diamond (Square) - 2000      |
|Green Herb x6     |  |None           |  |                             |
|Red Herb          |  |               |  o-----------------------------o
|                  |  o---------------o   

You hopefully picked up a lot of treasures in that last part. Sell them all off
and buy some upgrades for your guns. If you stored away the VZ61, upgrade the
MP5 a little. 


Read the document on the table and it'll shed a lot of light on what's going on
around here. Take the GREEN HERB and HANDGUN AMMO here and then leave. You have
your objective now; get through the mines. 

Sheva will run along around the train cars. Follow, but equip your shotty. A
few unwelcome guests will be springing up. Approach the trip wire but don't
shoot it. Some dogs will appear from around the corner and from under the train
cars. Shoot the explosives to get a good jump on them. Use the shotgun to 
dispatch the rest of them, including a large Hyena. Keep moving and more will
show up. Get some room and toss a grenade, then finish them off with your
shotgun. Take out the archers on top of the cars and one will turn into a 
Kipepeo. Destroy it and cross the cars to find GOLD at one end. 


Standing on the car, look off to the west. Borrow Sheva's rifle and aim toward
the High-T electric tower. Hanging off near the top is an emblem.

Move on and in the next area, go into the southeast corner. On the wall near
the fence is an object. Gather it for the JEWEL BEETLE treasure. Return to the
cars and climb up. Jump across to the one with dirt in it. Go down here and 
blow up the explosives before dropping down. You'll land in a mine cart which
will start moving immediately. Face forward and watch for two more tripwires.
Try to shoot the explosives before you hit them. When the cart stops, get out
and head back down the track, looking for some GOLD on your left near the end.
Turn around and use the elevator to descend into the mines.


Down here, you can't use your GPS. It's also quite dark as one might expect. 
You have the aid of a large battery generator flashlight though. Problem is
that it takes one person to carry and they can't use weapons while doing so.
If going solo, have Sheva take care of it. She's actually pretty good at
handling it for the most part. Just make sure you have Chris face in the
direction you want to see and she'll take care of the rest.

Take the GREEN HERB and get moving. After the first bend, you'll approach a
fork. The light reveals a bat on the ceiling. It's no danger to you, but you
can shoot it and it might drop some GOLD. At the fork, head to the right first
and take the RED HERB. Now go down the left path and through some water. In
this corridor, a bunch of Majini will approach you. If you think you can take
them, open fire. If you want help, instruct Sheva to drop the light and give
you a hand, but make sure she drops the light pointed toward the bad guys!

The first guy will turn into a parasite so have the shotgun ready. Back away
as necessary and make your shots until it dies. Proceed forward and you'll hit
another fork. With the shotty still equipped, make for the right, and knock
down the Majini there. Duck into this corner and use it to fend off the rest
that will be coming toward you. Keep the light forward and have Sheva help you
by putting it down. One will turn into a parasite, so use a grenade now if you
got one. Bust open the barrels and boxes here in the corner for goods. They
should include two FLASH GRENADES. These will come in handy. Proceed down the
other end of the fork now.


You'll come to a bridge with water all around you. Take a moment to peer to
your right. On the wall is the next emblem. Shoot it down to add to your

Just past the bridge you'll find more Majini. Once again, at least one will
become a parasite so have Sheva give you a hand. Save your shotgun ammo by
favoring the handgun and just pop it in the head a few times. Keep moving to
reach another fork, where two more Majini appear. These ones are normal so
Chris can probably handle it himself. Move to the left first and take the goods
from the barrels and stuff. Go around the center and to the right side now
(both paths lead to the same place as you can see) and find the boxes in the
alcove here. Try shooting these from a distance though as one contains a snake.
Yes, they're back too. 

Proceed into the next corridor and kill the Majini there. Take the loot from
the barrels, then follow the tracks out of here. As the tracks begin to turn,
notice a passage on the left. Enter here and go toward the lighted alcove.
Open the barrel but ignore the box or shoot it, as it has a snake inside. Open
the chest and you'll receive a DIAMOND (OVAL). 

Move back out and follow the tracks up to a lighted area with a crank. Sheva
will drop the light for now so open the gate for her first by using the crank.
When she goes in, some Majini will ambush you from behind. Take out what you
can but just keep them away from you until the gate opens. Scurry inside and
the rest will be stuck.

Enter the main area and prepare for a big fight. A lot of enemies will come at
you and this space makes it easy for them to come at you at multiple directions
so fall back into the tunnel a bit. Some parasites are lurking too so be


At least five enemies here will have parasites. You should have gotten some 
Flash Grenades earlier. Wait until the first two parasites emerge and then toss
a Flash Grenade. It will instantly kill both at once and easily earn you this 

Don't let them corner you, especially in the tunnel. It's a good tactic but
you'll get trapped easily if you don't keep them at bay. As more parasites
emerge, use another Flash Grenade. Rely on the shotgun for the rest and save
ammo when possible by opting for melee. When the main attack force is down, 
return to the room and take out any archers above. Ignore the crank here, as
it's the one Sheva used to let you in. Start climbing up now. 

On the second floor, go over to one corner and take items from the barrels. 
Climb the next ladder and deal with any more enemies up here. Take the GREEN
HERB near the barrel and the contents of the barrel itself. Find another on
the other side of a wooden railing. Go inside the tunnel here next.


A few enemies in the mines will afford you this opportunity, so there's really
no big preference. One inside this tunnel will have a dynamite stick. When he
lights it, shoot it before he throws it for a quick kill and a trophy. This one
may not be the best choice for the trophy, as AI Sheva's dumb trigger happy
shooting will probably set off the parasite inside him, forfeiting your chance
for this guy to get the Trophy. Try on any other enemies with dynamite however,
you'll have plenty of chances as this part goes on. 

Another passage in this tunnel leads to a dead end with some archers and
another dynamite thrower. Stay back and maybe he'll blow up his friends.
Otherwise, take aim from a safe distance or just throw a grenade in there
yourself. Once they're all gone, take whatever goods you can find, then go up
using the elevator. 

To the right of the stairs, you can find some RIFLE AMMO and a GREEN HERB. Take
these and then head up to the doorway for a scene. Irving, who annoys the hell
out of me, will flea with an accomplice. 

After that, it's time to take refuge in this house as you deal with the Majini 
hordes outside. Take the GREEN HERB and the HANDGUN AMMO. Your main threat is
a gatling gun outside firing at the house. It's manned by one of many Majini.
Luckily, you have some help. Open the locker in this room to find the SVD
Dragunov. Again, sniper rifles are really powerful already, so upgrading to the
SVD permanently isn't necessary if you're looking to get the unlockable guns.
Keep the S75 if you want to do that. Either way, use the SVD or S75 and go near
the window. A new option appears, Take Cover. Use it and wait for the gun to
stop firing before taking a shot at the occupant. It's not over yet. More
Majini will probably take over on the gun so stay inside for now. 

Some will enter the house though so divert your attention to them or have your
co-op partner take care of them. Keep taking out the Majini that take control
of the gatling gun until there are no more left. Head downstairs and out the
door at that point. Many archers remain so begin taking them out now. It's
better now because you can gather anything they drop quicker this way. 

On your left, in the southeast corner is a high ledge you can climb up to.
Take the RED HERB here and the open the chest in the corner for a DIAMOND
(BRILLIANT). Now head to the northwest, past the gatling gun and take out any
approaching Majini. Next to the ladder is a hut with some HANDGUN AMMO inside.
Before climbing, use your gun and aim up at the very top of the ladder. Look
to the right of it and spot the sparkling object. Shoot it down to claim a 
DIAMOND (PEAR). Now climb the ladder, turn left and take out the archer. 


When you get up to this high ledge, look back toward the building where you
encountered Irving. On a higher wall of this building you can see an emblem
in the corner. Use your sniper rifle to shoot it. 


Move north along the cliffside and drop down the ledges. More Majini will 
descend on you. Grab the HANDGUN AMMO in the corner here and start fending 
them off. You can send Sheva up above with an Assist Jump, but be careful. The
dynamite wielding Majini can hurt her pretty severely so be ready to run up
there to help if needed. Head up and help her out and deal with many Majini
coming at you from above and below. Especially beware the dynamite guys; there
will be a lot of them. 

When you get the chance, find the ladder and drop down to the ledge below. This
is just above where you tossed Sheva up. Find the glowing object on the left of
the ladder. Shoot it down to get the DIAMOND (SQUARE). Climb back up and kill
any remaining Majini. Move on and find the green container. Push it together
with Sheva to clear a path. Just past that you'll find a few barrels, along
with some SHOTGUN AMMO and a GREEN HERB. Take everything but try to leave one
space open in Chris' inventory. You can probably tell what's coming next. Drop 
down for a scene. 


 /BSAA B.O.W. File - Popokarimu \_____________________________________________
| Attacks: Arm attack, Claw Attack, Swoop Attack
| Weakspot: Red area under tail
| ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
|These foes keep getting more bizarre! This bat... centipede thing is probably
|the toughest customer you've faced yet. It's completely invulnerable to all
|your weapons, due to its strong armored hide. It's similar to the flying
|creatures you've fought up to this point, but just a hell of a lot bigger and
|uglier. It will switch from walking to flying. Both are just as dangerous, but
|on the ground it moves fairly quickly. It's attacks consist of an arm attack
|that you can dodge with prompt buttons, as well as a much quicker swipe that
|it uses at close range. It will also swoop at you when flying, which is also 
|avoidable if you can hit the right buttons. 
|Still, you want to end this fight quickly, don't you? It's weakspot is the
|red fleshy area under it's abdomen and tail area. It's only visible when it is
|in the air and that's a decent opportunity to shoot at it, but it renders your
|ace, the shotgun, pretty much useless. To get a much easier shot at it, you
|need to ground this bird. An explosion is just what you need to stun it. 
|Fortunate for you, there are proximity mines around here. This is why you need
|space for Chris. 
|Start the fight off by just running around and gathering things, but most
|importantly, the Proximity Mines. Gather everything you can though, because
|whatever you don't get will be missed after the fight. Gather up all the mines
|and head down to the lower path. Plant one as centered as you can and wait for
|the beast to crawl over it. If it takes to the air, avoid its swooping attack
|and just wait to lure it again over the mine. When the blast goes off, the
|thing will be stunned and its tail will be visible. Run up close and fire at
|it point blank with your shotgun. When Popokarimu is flying you can also get
|it down instantly with a Flash Grenade (thanks to HomelessKev for this). 
|When it gets back up, repeat this process with more mines. Every time you flip
|the creature, fire at it more. Don't waste time reloading if you reach the end
|of your shotgun clip. Switch to your machinegun or whatever, just keep firing!
|You'll probably run out of mines and the fight won't be over. Opt for Hand
|Grenades. If you don't have any, try to finish him off by shooting his tail
|while he's flying. It'll take some work and maybe a bit of trial and error,
|but the freak should go down.

/Chapter 2-3: Savanna \________________________________________________________

o------ITEMS-----o   o---WEAPONS---o   o----TREASURES----o   o---KEY ITEMS---o
|None            |   |None         |   |None             |   |None           |
|                |   |             |   |                 |   |               |
o----------------o   o-------------o   o-----------------o   o---------------o

After all the scenes, you'll be manning the turret of the jeep as it wheels
through the savanna, being chased by... Zombie bikers? If only we could take
a postcard photo! In any case, if you're playing co-op, this part can be very
easy. It's not hard either on solo though. 

Your first targets are easy, the bikers coming straight at you from behind. The
gun has unlimited ammo and it's got a good targeting reticle. Fire too much in
a short time though, and it will overheat. Look at the gun diagram in the
bottom right and the circle in the middle will slowly fill, telling you how
close it is to overheating. It also has a health bar, but it's not your health,
it's the health of the jeep, which yes, if depleted, means game over. 

Start by mowing down each biker. Their main method of attack is throwing
molotov cocktails at the jeep, which hurt like a bitch. This can be used to
your advantage though. It won't even take precise aiming to shoot the molotovs
and cause an easy explosion, wiping the bikers out. Otherwise, just feed them
bullets til they go down.

Another wave of bikers replaces them, but before you can really unload into
them, the jeep will likely have to hit a sharp curve. Tap the button on screen
repeatedly to hold on tight. The penalty for not tapping it is not death, but
instead, a little bit of damage to the jeep. 

Eventually, an armored truck busts onto the scene. Start shooting at the
occupants on the back and then the truck itself until it blows up. AI Sheva
will hopefully lend you a hand so if necessary, turn back to the bikers before
they unload on you with molotovs. 

After the bikers, hold on by hitting the button that appears again. Another
truck comes in on the left, along with more bikers. Allow AI Sheva to focus
solely on the truck while you alternate between the truck and the bikers. After
they're down, you have another turn so get ready. 

Right after that, Josh gets on the radio and you'll see a third truck on the


The trucks are armored by some makeshift plating. Focus on shooting at the
occupants first and wait for the truck to lose some pace with the jeep,
allowing you to aim at the driver window. It's barricaded so shoot at the
armor covering it until you can see the driver. Quickly fire at him and the
truck should go down shortly after. If you did this right, you'll get the
Trophy. You can do this on the second and third trucks, as well as most of
the others after that. 

Quickly turn your attention to more bikers and yet another truck on the left.
Don't let them do too much damage so spray fire quickly. You'll eventually hit
a checkpoint. After that, your view will spin toward the front of the jeep,
where a blockade awaits. 

Make your immediate focus, the red barrels sticking out near the front and
back of the truck, as well as one on top. Mow down some Majini as you go
between each target, but make sure you get those barrels. That should clear
the path for the jeep to keep moving.

As you pass over the bridge, turn the gun turret to the right. Once you clear
the bridge, another truck will come into view. Start firing on it immediately.
It will attempt to ram the jeep off the road and that will mean game over so
keep shooting until the truck blows up. Once it's gone, you have more bikers
to deal with so start picking them off. Eventually, you'll be done with this


You'll roll back into town at night for a scene. Things aren't looking too good
and they're about to get worse!


 /BSAA B.O.W. File - Ndesu \___________________________________________________
| Attacks: Stomp, swing, telephone pole swing, earthquake attack, boulder toss
| Weakspots: Parasites
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
|Yep, he's back and he's uglier than ever. This is similar to the savanna part
|in that it's just you and your partner with two gun turrets. You still have
|to be careful of them reheating, and the vehicle's life bar is your life bar.
|El gigante, or rather, Ndesu has a few attacks. Most of them involve him 
|getting close to the jeep which is something you have to gradually prevent by
|having you and your partner keep fire on him. The big guy will try and get 
|close and stomp on you, or he may try to swing at you, which you can dodge 
|with prompt buttons. If you are playing solo, AI Sheva will do a decent job of
|helping you out, so worry only if you have a human partner, just to make sure
|he or she isn't dicking around. 
|From the start, open fire on him as he draws closer. You should be able to
|stop his advance before he stomps on you. Aim primarily for the head, and if
|he leans back where you can't hit it easily, aim anywhere else. Just keep
|shooting to stop him from attacking.
|Eventually, he'll take enough punishment and back off, and two parasites will
|pop out of his body. These are your primary targets now so aim for them. If
|you're playing co-op, you can try aiming for both at once, or going for the
|same one. Ndesu will back away and he'll unearth a giant boulder! Take
|aim at this quickly and start shooting it before he throws it. Keep shooting
|it and hopefully you can stop it before it hits the jeep. 
|Return your focus to the parasites. Also, if you want, take a quick second to
|fire at the Majini archers on the right. They won't become a big nuisance but
|don't leave them unattended either. Focus on Ndesu and keep him back 
|until you can pop off both parasites. 
|Once the first pair are gone, the biggest parasite and his main weakness will
|appear from out his back. This should seem familiar for RE4 players. Aim at
|parasite stalk and keep unloading until it recedes. Ndesu will likely
|approach the jeep and take a swing at you. Hit the prompt button to duck. Keep
|shooting now until he backs away in pain again. Four more guardian parasites
|will appear. You know what to do now. 
|Keep Ndesu at bay while shooting down each parasite one by one. He won't
|make it easy for you though. He'll stomp the ground hard, causing a tremor, so
|hit the prompt button to hold on. He'll also use a new ramming attack, which
|you can halt by shooting him enough. The biggest new attack is how Ndesu
|will uproot a telephone pole and swing it at you. Again, hitting the prompt
|buttons will save you and should hopefully be easy enough. Once each attack is
|over, keep fire on the parasites. Take out those archers too if you get a
|chance though it is not as important as the parasites. 
|When the big parasite stalk appears, you should have ample time to unload on
|it until like a giant pimple on prom night, it pops. 

Watch the scenes and you and Sheva will be off.... alone.

/Chapter 3-1: Marshlands \_____________________________________________________

Items and Intel

o-------ITEMS------o  o----WEAPONS----o  o---------TREASURES---------o
|Handgun Ammo      |  |S&W M29 (MAG)  |  |Ruby (Pear) x2 - 1000      |
|Machinegun Ammo   |  |Rocket Launcher|  |Brown Beetle x2 - 1000     |
|Rifle Ammo        |  |               |  |Chalice (Silver) x2 - 2000 |
|Magnum Ammo       |  o---------------o  |Idol (Silver) x2 - 2000    |
|Green Herb x3     |                     |Emerald (Pear) - 1000      |
|Red Herb x2       |  o---KEY ITEMS---o  |Blue Enigma x2 - 3000      |
|Egg (White) x2    |  |Slate Map      |  |Jewel Beetle - 2000        |
|                  |  |Beast Slate    |  |Ceremonial Mask - 4000     |
o------------------o  |Warrior Slate  |  |                           |
                      |Raptor Slate   |  o---------------------------o
                      |Shaman Slate   |
                      |               |

There was no monetary gain in the last part, so if you blew all your money
before the Savanna, there's really no point in spending much time on the
preparation menu. 



As the chapter begins, you get a cutscene with a very nice flashback so watch
that. You'll also learn a little bit more about Sheva. After that, you'll land
your boat on a small piece of land and officially begin.

Approach the body and pick up the BEAST SLATE. You can check the PDA message
from the corpse if you want. Check the skull on the left and bust it open with
your knife to receive a RUBY (PEAR). Now check your map. 

Your destination (blue circle) is just up the shoreline, so let's just head
there now. While on the boat, use R1 to accelerate, L1 to brake/reverse. Hold
X while holding R1 to go faster. Head up the shoreline and toward the land
near the blue circle. 


Before heading to the blue circle, in between it and the starting point (in
the south part of the marshlands) is a column. On the south side of this
column is a BSAA emblem. The easiest way to get this one is on co-op, since
Chris can't shoot while driving, your partner can just get it for you. If you
are on solo, it's still possible, but a lot trickier. Drive to the south (where
you started this area) and use a sniper rifle from the dock to aim at the
column. It's very far away and can take several shots to hit. You can come back
later if you still haven't gotten this emblem and use the PSG-1 rifle with an
upgrade in the scope to make things easier. 

When you're finally ready, go to the western dock and land. 

Ignore the slot on the door; it's where you'll eventually put the slates. Look
to the right and pick up the SLATE MAP. This will add the locations of the
other pieces to your map. It's actually pretty useless since you can probably
determine by your own logic that the other pieces were already in these 
locations. Oh well. 

Start by going to the small island in the very center of the map. Navigate
around until you can dock. As you enter, look on the left fence pole to find a
BROWN BEETLE. Feel free to spook the chickens here and you might get an EGG
(BROWN). By spook I mean walk near them of course, not shooting them, you sick
bastards -_- . 


This is a sneaky one. You can really only see it from the dock where you got
off the boat. Stand right about there and look carefully at the hut and the
space underneath the stairs. Use a sniper rifle to shoot it in between the

Climb the tower on the right and break open the large vase for loot. Drop down
and in the nearby corner find two EGGS (WHITE). Finally, enter the hut and
break open the vase, then open the chest. You'll get the CHALICE SILVER inside.
Now return to the boat and let's pick a destination. If you're following this
guide, let's start by backtracking to the southwest. Go down that long stretch
of water down there until you reach the area to the far west. 

Enter the inner "gate" and then go clockwise around the settlement until you
can dock. Hop into the first window you see and take the contents of the small
pot on the shelf. Proceed further and you should eventually trigger a scene.
Were you lonely? Not anymore. A wave of new Majini enemies appear and you'll
learn to hate them soon enough. 

Back away to where you can target these guys more easily. You can retreat to
the ramp you used to get up here and that lets you account for any incoming
threats. Fire on them one by one but save ammo when possible. They're still
vulnerable to all your melee attacks. Beware the guys with shields. They're
tough to break through, even with a shotgun. Instead, you can instantly
destroy the shield by targeting the wielder's knees and following with an
uppercut. Fend off a large wave of them until the music dies down. You're
free to explore the rest of this area unhindered now. 

Head out onto the large platform to the east. Take the MACHINEGUN AMMO and the
GREEN HERB, as well as whatever is in the pots. Open the chest here for the 
IDOL (SILVER). Head to the northeast house for a lone vase for goods. Now go
to the northwest house, with the red X on it. Crack open the vase for loot,
then open the chest to receive the WARRIOR SLATE. You're done here so backtrack
all the way to the boat and get out of here. 

It's not that easy unfortunately. Before you can get out, the Majini lock you
in. Now it's up to you to kill them all so you can leave. Obviously, whoever is
driving can't shoot and if you're on solo, this is you as Chris of course. If
playing co-op, one person will drive as the other shoots. Teamwork will be
necessary but for co-op or solo, the key for the boat is not to move too slow.
AI Sheva will have good aim even on the boat, but a human partner may not have
it so easy even if you're barely moving the boat so do what you can to get by.
The most important part is to keep the boat moving so the archers don't do too
much damage to you. After they're all dead, you can leave.

Motor out of there and you'll pass many more Majini. Just throw on turbo and
run them over. Back into the main area, make your next destination the 
settlement on the east side. As you move through, you'll see some Majini posted
on the towers. It's best to ignore them and save your ammo, a notion AI Sheva
won't really bother to consider. 

When you dock, you'll see this area is all water for the most part. As you
proceed in, venture to the left, and you'll quickly see you're not alone here.
This little bog is infested with alligators. Whether mutated or not (they do
seem pretty effin big) they're a clear threat. One snap and you're dead meat so
don't let them get too close. Two shotgun blasts to the head should be enough
to kill them, but don't bother. There's at least ten of them in here and that's
way too many. You're much better off running as they can only attack you if you
let them by slowing down in front of them. If you're playing on solo, they
don't seem to go after Sheva either, but be careful on co-op. 

Keep going to the left, to the north side of the bog. Locate a lone tree here
and investigate it to find a BEETLE (BROWN). Now go around the center and
toward the big boat. Your destination is the little area to your left, so you
have to duck into a narrow opening. Stop before you get there though, as a
gator will likely be guarding it. Let him come closer to you then when the
opening is clear, go around him and slip inside. Notice a glowing sparkle on
the right pole of the entrance? Quickly turn around when you get in and grab
the RUBY (PEAR). Head to the back now and climb up the ladder. 

Go around the hut and enter the first window. This will trigger some Majini
to appear. Stay back and just deal with them with your shotgun or whatever else
you have. Pick up any loot they drop then mosey on over to the smaller hut in
the south. Go inside and a lone Majini will hop through the window so just
shoot him til he falls. Now you're free to take the goods in here, including

Retreat to the ladder and drop down. You have to cross the bog again to get
back to your boat, so that means more gator dodging. It's very important you
avoid them here so be very aware and quick. If they get you here, you gotta do
this part over again. Return to the boat and fire it up. Our last destination
is to the north, but let's take a quick detour.

Not visible on the map, there is one landmark in the north, north-east quadrant
that you can spot pretty easily if you're close enough. It's just a bit
northwest of the center island with the chickens. What you're looking for is a
half-sunken boat. You can dock here and get on. Besides a single vase you can
break open, there is a ramp on this boat that leads up to a large silver case.
Inside is a (cue the Zelda music)... Rocket Launcher! Save this for later! Now,
head to the north side of the map and dock (thanks to my good friend,
NeonSKennedy for showing me this). 

From the beach, walk forward and crack open the vases. Shoot the skull above
this table or whatever and collect the EMERALD (PEAR) that drops. The clipboard
on the right should have some info you already know, but read up if you want.

As you move in, shoot the skull on top of the stake in front of the first hut
on the right. You can get a RUBY (PEAR) for it. Enter the hut to find a vase,
as well as another one outside (hop the fence). The left hut also has one vase
inside. When you have everything, continue north into the enclosed area. Take
the goods in the corners first, then approach the towers. The one on the left
has an IDOL (SILVER) so throw Sheva up there to get it. The right one has the
SHAMAN SLATE so have her get that too. Once you got it, the whole town awakens
and appears out of nowhere!

This isn't a good area to hold them off, despite the narrow entrance. Your
best bet is to retreat to the beach where your boat is. If things get too 
hectic, you can even just hop on and flee. Where's the fun in that though?
Use a grenade when the shield carriers get close and wipe a bunch of them out.
Be careful, as one of these enemies will transform into a new type of parasite.
It's called Duvalia and it's like a venus fly trap in that it opens up its maw
and grabs you when it gets close. If it does, you'll be put into Dying state 
instantly so be careful. Deal with the other enemies first and then take this 
guy on. You might think his weakspot is dangling beside his leg, that big meaty
part. I thought that too. His real weakspot is his open mouth and to open it,
you have to hit him in the legs enough times. Shoot at it with everything you
have and just keep avoiding it. Eventually its "flower" part opens up,
revealing that weakness. Fire on it with your shotgun until it dies. 

Now, with all the slates in hand, you can return to the western landing to
finally move out of this place. Before that, drive to the northwest corner and
land on the last settlement. 


Under the roof of the nearby hut you should see this one. Shoot it down.

Break open the vase for loot, then go around the walkway and climb up the
tower. At the other end of this walkway you'll find a chest with a CHALICE
(SILVER) inside. You're done with this area now so return to the boat and sail
back to the west.

Approach the door and insert all the slates to enter at last.


Immediately as you enter this area, you're faced with a small river. Drop down
into this and turn around right away. Underneath the small wooden walkway you
dropped from is this emblem. 

Cross the shallow river here and you'll be attacked by an archer in a tower. 
Shoot him down fast, then climb the stairs and enter the village.


This area will be the site of a very tough fight. If you decided to stick and
fight on the north settlement where the Shaman Slate was, you might be very
low on ammo now. Ignore the corpse that you'll likely spot as you enter. If you
get too close, it will trigger the first of many ambushes. Instead, locate the
small hut in the southwest corner and break open the vases inside for loot. Go
outside and around this hut in the back you'll find a bench with a GREEN HERB
and a RED HERB. You might trigger a small ambush of archers though, but this
is good. Finish them off now so they won't become a problem later. 

Next, enter the large red hut on the west side. Break open all the vases inside
to find more ammo. Take the RED HERB, MAGNUM AMMO, and HANDGUN AMMO as well. 
Climb upstairs to find two more vases. Now exit

Venture north a bit and you'll likely hear a war cry and boy is it unsettling.
It's unsettling not in that it is frightening, but that it brings on a
frightening onslaught of enemies. Quickly retreat back to the entrance and
prepare for a tough fight. This area leaves you open to attack from two sides
but it's still a good vantage point because of the narrow paths. If playing
co-op, have one person guard one path and you guard the other. The main threat
in this fight are the two very large Majinis with the masks and clubs. They
take a hell of a lot of punishment. Think of them as chainsaw Majinis without
the chainsaws. Like them, you can bring them to one knee and use an uppercut.

You'll likely only see one at first so snipe it a few times before it gets
close. Be careful of any other enemies coming up the path as well. Once you're
out of rifle ammo or the masked Majini gets too close, switch to your shotgun
or MG. The MG might be a better choice as the Majini seems to guard against
shotgun blasts a little bit. Keep bringing the thing to one knee and using your
uppercut. Use any hand grenades now if you want, or save them for the second
masked Majini. 

When the two masked Majini close in, along with any other foes, your spot will
likely be compromised so retreat quickly down one path. If you only triggered
this ambush, you'll be off easy with only a few Majini joining the two big
guys. One tactic to try if you're playing co-op is to have one player lure the
mob toward them while the other fires at a distance with a rifle or other
gun. Whatever you do, try your best to take one of the big masked Majini down.
That will make things a lot easier. 

Try to avoid retreating into the red hut as the Majini can jump onto the second
floor instantly, rendering it pretty useless. If you have a grenade though, you
can climb up there, wait until they all pile in, then throw it down there and
quickly run out before they recover. 

If you've been following my advice and retaining the MF29 pistol and have
been upgrading its firepower, you may also be in luck there as well. An MF29
with fully upgraded firepower only needs two knee shots to bring the Masked
Majini down to one knee. Repeat uppercuts and one should go down easily, then
help out your partner with the other. 

Focus on retreating when things get too hectic because it will pay off. The
entrance is still a good spot to go back to because it narrows the enemies
out. Falling back also lets you get a quick moment to exchange ammo or other
items if necessary. Teamwork is key here. Once you kill both masked Majini, be
sure to grab the BLUE ENIGMA they drop, one for each of them. Now focus on the
other enemies, but try to use melee and other items to prevent your drained
ammo supply from dropping any further. 

Once all the enemies are down, take a deep breath. Reload and gather yourself.
Pick up any goods and now continue exploring. Now it's time to go over to that
large area in the northeast, near the corpse you spotted earlier. This triggers
another ambush, one that would have made the previous fight even more tough.
Deal with these Majini and enter the center area where the corpse is. Gather
the S&W M29, which is a magnum. Try to save the magnum for the worst fights.
I tended to end up forgetting it in these moments so don't let it waste 
inventory space either, but still, the power the magnum has and its limited
ammo calls for it being used in only the biggest emergencies. 

Go northwest and look for some vases in the corner here. Don't walk directly
over the holes in the ground as it may spring a trap. You have to cross the
bridge to go north, but it needs to be raised first. Go around the side path,
check the vases, and then climb up the platform. The door here is locked, but
look to the right of the door to find a JEWEL BEETLE. The controls for the 
bridge are here. If playing solo, have Sheva operate them while you go back 
down and cross the bridge.

Bust down the door and enter. Ignore the two pots on the table, as both of them
contain snakes. Go upstairs and unbar the door on the left to let Sheva in.
Now go ahead and search around, busting open vases and stuff. On the shelf, you
can find a GREEN HERB, RIFLE AMMO, and other goods. There's also a piece of
parchment you can read, a diary of a villager that details how the infection
spread even here. 

Go west up the walkway and get the vase here. Enter the small cave and open
the chest for the CEREMONIAL MASK. Return and go across the adjacent walkway.
Open the vases, then board the gondola to end this part. 

/Chapter 3-2: Execution Ground \_______________________________________________

Items and Intel

o-------ITEMS------o   o---WEAPONS---o   o---------TREASURES---------o
|Proximity Bomb    |   |None         |   |Ruby (Pear) - 1000         |
|                  |   |             |   |Sapphire (Square) - 1000   |
o------------------o   o-------------o   |Jewel Beetle x2 - 2000     |
                                         |Venom Fang x2 - 3000       |
                                         |Jewel Bangle x2 - 1000     |
                      o---KEY ITEMS---o  |Gold Ring x2 - 5000        |
                      |None           |  |                           |
                      |               |  o---------------------------o

You picked up a lot of treasures the last part. Sell them all off. If you're
deciding to go for the uber weapons like I mentioned (again, if you're playing
for the first time, you don't have to bother), keep upgrading the main weapons
like the MF29 and the Ithaca. The M29 magnum you picked up is also included
in this set so spend some money on that if you'd like. Make sure to keep Sheva
upgraded too. If you've got capacity upgrades for the MF29 high enough so that
Chris can hold 40 or more rounds, focus on other upgrades. 

You probably also see the Stun Rod is available for purchase. It's a good
weapon in that it saves you ammo, so I would consider picking it up. It also
lets you get a Trophy if you kill 30 enemies with it. I prefer guns personally
though because the Stun Rod doesn't allot you any range, forcing you to get
dangerously close to your foes. 


Move forward into the little enclosure and bust open all the vases and pots for
goodies. Borrow the rifle from Sheva if you don't have it, then step out onto
the walkway. You'll see the natives make a little sacrifice (holy crap) and
then begin to walk off. They don't notice you, but act quickly or they will.
Start by sniping one of them. Continue to fire (and if you're co-oping, have
your partner support you) and snipe the others before they get too close.
Switch weapons and then carve your way down to the area below. 

As you go along the walkway, look out for archers in the towers. Also beware
one of the Majini turning into a Kipepeo. Get any loot from the vases at
the end of the walkway, then drop down to the center platform. You'll see a
scene of the enemies raising the bridge on you. Ignore it and prepare for
another wave of Majini. Stay back and let them drop down to you, then unleash
your shotgun on them. When they're dead, investigate the crank at the end of
this platform. Sheva will automatically stand by it so have Chris go up the
ladder and around the walkways to finally drop onto the raft.

Sheva will pull you to the west, but as you can probably guess, it's not going
to be an easy ride. Gators will pop up and try to bring Chris to a watery
grave. Dodge them by hitting the prompt buttons (either L1 + R1 or Square + X).
Be ready to dodge two in quick succession when you near the end, then climb
up the platform. First, hit the button to lower the bridge, then unbar the door
and regroup with Sheva. Cross together and enter the cave. 


Climb up two ledges. Shoot the first torch at the top of the first ledge and
take the RUBY (PEAR). Continue and after the second one, shoot the second torch
right in front of you to claim a SAPPHIRE (SQUARE). Keep moving to reach an 
empty campsite and a quick scene. Explore both patches of high grass for GOLD,
but watch out for snakes. Search inside the first tent for a note you can read. 
Go out back and open the two barrels for goods.


While behind the tents, look in the space between them and you can see emblem
on the ground. 

Search the other tent to find a FIRST AID SPRAY. Now go over to the mess with
the spilled oil and the pipe. Search amongst here to find a JEWEL BEETLE. Move
north and enter the small hut for some barrels. Get what you find and then
continue north to the entrance of the oil refinery. 

When you enter, you might be glad to see some normal Majini for once. Irving
will be there too, but he'll disappear from sight soon enough. You've got more
important things to take care of now unfortunately. Start with the archers on
the left and right. AI Sheva targets them automatically so give her a hand. 

Drop down and a small group of Majini appear from around the corner. Try to
stun them with some shots until the one with dynamite appears. Shoot the
dynamite (if it's lit) to blow them all to hell. Move forward and at least two
more will show up from the left. Take them out and then go under here and on
the other side, you should find a ladder. Climb up and then take the walkway
leading south to a round platform with a lever. Throw the lever to bring a zip
line up. Ride it down and then open the barrel for some loot while you wait for
Sheva to follow. If you're co-oping, you can have your partner wait there with
a sniper rifle as it will come in handy. 

Turn the valve and that will lower some of the flames on the center walkway.
Unbar the door and a Chainsaw Majini will appear! He'll bust into the center
platform. If you have a lot of shotgun ammo, go ahead and just fend him off
right here and use the melee attacks to help you. If you're co-oping and your
partner stayed behind, they can provide sniper support which will really help.
If you don't have much shotty ammo, or you just don't feel safe on this
platform, run around the refinery and take shots when you can. You have an
advantage climbing ladders and waiting for the Chainsaw Majini to chase you.
If your partner is with you or you're going solo, try to do some combo melee
attacks. Again, if you've been upgrading that MF29's firepower a lot, it will
make things easier by reducing the bullets necessary to make him stumble. 

Once he's dead, collect the VENOM FANG from his corpse. If you didn't already
do so, use that valve on that platform to lower the flames. You have to get
to the other one now so return to the entrance. Go up the staircase to a barrel
to open for loot. This brings you back to the center platform. Climb up another
ladder here to some more barrels and another valve. This one lowers flames on
an adjacent walkway, but not the center one. It also lets loose some more
Majini so get ready to fight! Take them all out, including an archer.

Cross over to the area you unlocked and take any goods you find. Climb the
ladder and operate the lever like before. Use this zip line and yet another
Chainsaw Majini will show up! Jeez... From where he enters, it almost appears
that you're actually safe, but he can jump up to where you are so you better
get out of there. Again, your co-op partner can provide cover from a distance
if you want. Either way, this is a great time to use that Magnum if you saved
it like I said. This platform is probably not a good place to fight, so you
should consider running. Bust open the barrels though before he gets to you
and you might find a Proximity Mine. Use this immediately on one of the paths
or walkways to stun him. 

Run around and use all of the refinery, including the new area you unlocked to
play a long game of cat and mouse. Take shots at him before he jumps up ledges
and use the magnum, grenades, and anything else you have. If you decide to use
the Magnum (which not only does good damage, it also stuns him in one shot to
the head), make sure you don't get caught reloading while he's getting close
to you, because that will spell doom for you with the magnum's reload time. 

When he dies, he also drops a VENOM FANG so get it. Go back to the valve and
turn it to unlock the center walkway. As you go up the stairs, a whole gang
of Majini attack. Find the dynamite guy and try to make him a bomb, or toss
a grenade of your own and be done with it. If you're on solo, try not to let
AI Sheva's stupidity make this fight tougher. Make sure she has room to shoot
so she isn't wasting bullets into Chris' back. Beware one of the archers
turning into a parasite. Turn the corner and drop down to find some barrels
for goods. Enter the door now to proceed.


After a scene you'll be reunited with Josh. No time to jump for joy though as
a whole army of Majini will swarm you. Your goal is to defend Josh as he gets
the lift working. As Josh is armed and also technically invincible, I suggest
clearing a path first and trying to gather all the items in this room first,
then return to Josh. You'll have a breather to reload and heal. Another wave
comes. Josh will likely have the lift working in a minute, but if you want,
stay and wait for the fat Majini to show up. Use your pistol and shotgun (but
try to save some shotty ammo and also your magnum for a little later) and try
to kill him for the JEWEL BANGLE. If you don't care that much, just get on the 
lift. It's not too hard to do this though, because Josh will provide you a 
little backup from the lift. Once you have the Jewel Bangle, get on.

More archers and other Majini ambush you on the walkway. One will become a
parasite so use a Flash Grenade you hopefully got before entering here to save
some ammo. Climb up and open the barrels. One might have a Proximity Bomb. Take
it and drop down, then climb up the next ladder. Take out the remaining archers
and then plant the bomb in the middle of this walkway, the one that Josh says
there's an exit nearby. Plant it here, then drop down to the exit. Josh has
to again hammer on the controls while you wait around. Of course, more enemies
show up to stop you, including a Chainsaw Majini. 

All you have to do is keep them at bay long enough for the door to open. It
takes less than a minute so this is no difficulty. Just climb back up and
stand behind your proximity mine (hopefully you didn't place it too close) and
fend them off as they get here. It's worth your while to kill the Chainsaw 
Majini though, but I recommend it only if you're armed enough. If you still 
have magnum ammo that's a good start. Use that and your shotgun, as well as 
melee to deal with him. Grenades will help deal with him and other Majini 
attacking. Start with the shotgun so you can widdle through the other Majini,
then rely on the magnum and anything else to get the chainsaw guy. One thing
that is very important is to not let the Chainsaw Majini get by you, because
he'll go after Josh and then you'll get a game over if he dies. 

If you succeed in killing the chainsaw guy, you'll be rewarded with a GOLD
RING. Now flee through the door and this fight will be over. After the scene,
go down the stairs and you'll be on the other side of the lift room. Climb
through the window to get some barrels you couldn't reach before. Now climb
out and go up the stairs to open the door. 

Here on the dock, open the barrels beside you first. Ignore Sheva and go left,
through the door and down some stairs. Grab the contents of two barrels down
here, then return and go over to explore the other side. Open the two barrels
on the right, then move further for a scene. Irving makes his escape and now
you've got only 2 minutes to get out of there or you're dead. Josh is waiting
on the other side of the dock with a getaway boat. 


Start by entering the small house with the red door. Shoot the emblem on the
wall and get out. Ignore any Majini and hurry to the very end of this dock and
open the silver case for 3000 GOLD. Now, either take out the Majini or run
past them. These guys are easy so you should just take them out, using your
shotgun if you want to save time. 

Hurry up the platform and go across toward the door (which is now mysteriously
padlocked). Mow down the enemies that appear with your MG. Try to save a
grenade for what's behind the door. Once you get it open, a fat Majini and a
pack of dogs attack. Quickly toss a grenade to clear a path. If you're down to
30 seconds or less, just ignore them and run to the boat. If you have the time,
take out the fat Majini, but use your magnum, to make it quick. Pick up the
GOLD RING and then make haste. Shoot the explosives on the tripwire and
then scurry down the dock to the boat.

When you safely make your escape, this part ends. 

/Chapter 3-3: Oil Field \______________________________________________________

Items and Intel

o-------ITEMS------o   o---WEAPONS---o   o----------TREASURES----------o   
|Handgun Ammo      |   |M3 (SG)      |   |Emerald (Marquise) - 3000    |   
|Shotgun Ammo      |   |             |   |                             |
|Machinegun Ammo x2|   o-------------o   o-----------------------------o 
|Magnum Ammo       |                     
|Green Herb        |  o---KEY ITEMS---o 
|Red Herb          |  |None           |  
|First Aid Spray   |  |               |
|                  |  o---------------o   

Again, upgrade whatever you want. Sell off the two Gold Rings if you were able
to get them. There's a few new weapons available by now and if you're opting
for them, go ahead and upgrade them. If you're still on track for the uber
weapons, keep the originals like the MF29 and the Ithaca, and slowly upgrade
them further. 



As you gain control, aim at the occupants of the two boats chasing you. When
they're dead, turn around and look at the approaching gateway. Aim at the large
red oil canisters and shoot them to easily take out the archers before passing
through. Aim at a smaller red barrel on the upcoming bridge to take out more
Majini. Keep going until you finally have to make a stop. 


As you enter this area (going through the opening) you can see a BSAA Emblem
on the top part of the arch. This is a tough shot while moving on the boat.
Luckily however, you can get it once the boat has stopped. Turn around and
aim at the opening you passed through and you should barely see the bottom
edge of the emblem. Use a sniper rifle. 

Climb onto the walkway and deal with the flying Kipepeo first. Some Majini
will come down to you so take care of them. Feel free to use whatever you have
since you won't be needing any specific ammo in the coming fight. As you 
ascend, shoot the large red canisters to get some easy kills on nearby Majini.

Jump the gap in the walkway and get to the lever. Throw it, then get the
barrel in the corner nearby. Make your way back to Josh, fighting through
more Majini and other creatures.

Back on the boat, look out for more barrel opportunities on the pipes and
things. Speaking of pipes, you'll come to two very low hanging pipes so duck
as Josh commands you to, using the prompt buttons. You'll eventually have to
make another stop, so climb out and clear a path. 

Get the barrels at the start, then proceed down the walkway. Turn and target
the Majini to the northwest. There's a hanging electric generator above so 
shoot it down for some assistance. Keep moving though as some Majini have gun
turrets. Go down the walkway, moving north, and open the door. Duck behind the
large container here and try to use a sniper rifle to take out the turret
gunners. Once it's clear, go down the walkway and jump the gap to the other
side. Take out all the Majini here and grab the MACHINEGUN AMMO. Climb up the
ladder and open the nearby barrel. Now go southwest toward the large "command
center" area where the turrets are. Open the barrel outside, then enter the
building here for another barrel. Open the drawer to find an EMERALD (MARQUISE)
and then exit. On the other side of this building, claim a GREEN HERB, and some
loot from a barrel.

Return and drop down below and sweep the area for more enemies and loot. On
the lower dock, opposite the one that the boat is on, you can find a few more
barrels, and a RED HERB. Beware of some Majini chasing you down here. One will
be a parasite, so try to lure it down the walkway and detonate the nearby large
red barrel for a quick kill. At the end of this walkway (going south,
southeast) you can drop down to the wooden walkway below. Travel across the
walkways and jump the gaps to find more goods, including MAGNUM AMMO. Jump the
gap to the other side and look for the small blue hut. Inside you'll find 
outside this hut is a large silver case. Inside is the M3 Shotgun! Nice! This
is a pretty nice gun, so if you want to keep it, go ahead. Store it away later
if you want to fully upgrade the Ithaca for an uber weapon though. 

If you have everything, return to the main area and find the two levers. Have
Sheva operate one while you get the other. This will trigger some enemies to
appear, including flying baddies. You can go up and use the turrets, but they
seem to keep coming so just hurry to the boat and fend them off with your
boomstick until Josh gets moving. 

After you clear this area you'll get a scene. It's time for another fight.


 /BSAA B.O.W. File - Irving \__________________________________________________
| Attacks: Tentacle swipes
| Weakspots: Yellow spot on back, Irving core (inside mouth)
|Irving got a makeover alright, but not one Tyra Banks would approve of. This
|fight may seem tough at first, but it's really quite simple. What makes it
|more difficult is if you are going solo. As you can tell, you're gonna be
|using the turrets on the boat and not your own guns to do damage to this boss.
|The problem if you're going solo is that you have to tell AI Sheva to use a
|turret and she doesn't always listen. It won't be necessary until later, but
|she'll end up using her own ammo which is sort of helpful, but still a waste.
|This boss has three real phases. It'll swim around with its exposed weakpoint,
|the clearly visible yellow spot on its back. It'll attack the boat with its
|tentacles and then there's the final phase which is like the last one, but
|this time, the core is exposed. 
|While the boss swims about, use the turrets to fire at its weakspot. It can be
|a hard target while the boss is bobbing around and darting through the water,
|so do your best. You have the choice between two turret types, one of each on
|both sides of the vessel. Obviously, when the boss if on the left side, the
|turrets on the right side can't reach him. There is the regular gatling gun,
|which overheats just like the rest after a while. The new turret near the back
|of the deck you're standing on is a missile launcher type turret. It fires a
|an energy missile of some sort and it hurts the boss a lot. The downside is
|that it is a one shot thing, and then it overheats for about 3 seconds. Plus
|it is difficult to aim properly with only one shot. 
|Now, when Irving uses the beast's tentacles, have one partner use the gatling
|gun turret, while the other operates the missile launcher. The tentacles have
|obvious weakpoints in their lightly colored midsections and it takes just a 
|few accurate shots to saw them off or one direct hit from the missle launcher
|turret. One partner should also be ready to heal the other person if 
|necessary, but not waste ammo shooting as it isn't necessary. Also watch the
|the gauges and make sure the gatling gun turret doesn't overheat. 
|After the tentacles, Irving will appear at the back of the boat. Now is the
|time to assign AI Sheva to a turret (this is easier with a partner obviously).
|while you as Chris, get the other one. You only have a few seconds so use them
|to fire on the weakspot together before Irving dives down below. He follows
|this with other minor attack pattern. He'll swat at the boat from below with
|his tentacles. You can either run or you can try to shoot them to stop them
|from attacking. This sequence will repeat itself throughout the fight. If he
|grabs somebody, that person goes into HELP status as the tentacle grabs them
|(ooh, kinky, err... *ahem*). You can't save them with a Circle prompt because
|they're too far away. Instead, shoot the tentacle to free them. 
|Irving will keep switching between swimming and attacking. The yellow weakspot
|has to be dwindled down enough to move on to the final phase. As you progress
|toward this goal, watch out for new attacks. Irving will swim up to the boat
|and try to grab you with his jaws. Hit the dodge buttons to save some health.
|This is a good opportunity to have your partner shoot his weakspot while his
|head is on the boat for a brief moment. Keep dodging and attacking until you
|get to the final phase.
|He'll grab on to the back of the boat and expose his core which is himself. 
|Shoot at his body but also shoot at the tentacles before they attack. Co-op or
|not, you should definitely make sure both turrets are being used for this 
|part, so if you have to, assign AI Sheva a turret. Again, it's easier on 
|co-op, as one partner can take out the tentacles while the other shoots at 
|Irving. Keep firing on the core until Irving backs away. In a moment, he'll
|pop up again with more tentacles so try to take most of them out and also
|pepper Irving with more bullets. Eventually, you should be able to win this
|fight and end Irving's career.

Watch the scenes and that ends the chapter.

/Chapter 4-1: Caves \__________________________________________________________

Items and Intel

o-------ITEMS------o   o---WEAPONS---o   o---------TREASURES---------o
|Flash Rounds x3   |   |MGL-140      |   |Topaz (Trilliant) - 2000   |
|Green Herb x2     |   o-------------o   |Emerald (Pear) x2 - 1000   |
|                  |                     |Ruby (Pear) x3 - 1000      |
o------------------o  o---KEY ITEMS---o  |Sapphire (Pear) x5 - 1000  |
                      |None           |  |Topaz (Pear) - 1000        |
                      |               |  |Topaz (Square) x2 - 1000   |
                      o---------------o  |Sapphire (Square) x2 - 1000|
                                         |Sapphire (Trilliant) - 2000|
                                         |Ruby (Trilliant) - 2000    |
                                         |Emerald (Trilliant) - 2000 |
                                         |Emerald (Square) - 1000    |
                                         |Ruby (Oval) - 2000         |
                                         |Soul Gem - 10000           |
                                         |                           |

This chapter only has 2 parts, but they'll be long and difficult for various
reasons. You'll also come to see how stupid AI Sheva can be and how valuable
a human ally can be. For preparing, you probably don't have much new cash to
work with so get what you can, including a First Aid Spray if you need one (
your health won't regenerate after the boss fight) and get going.


Go down the walkway and open the pots and stuff for goods. Next, proceed east
through the cave. As it turns north and you proceed further in, a scene will
reveal your newest foe. These annoying overgrown spiders will try and grab
you. If they do, rely on your partner to shake them off. Use your shotgun if
you can afford the ammo. Anything else will do though. Climb the ladder and
another will attack you. At least one more below will have appeared too so try
and shoot it from up above if you can. Drop down and deal with any others, then
go along this path to a narrow alcove with a vase inside it for loot. There's
more to be had in here though. If you look up and to your left, there is a
hidden ledge you can climb up. Go up here and you'll find a chest that hides a
TOPAZ (TRILLIANT). Turn around from the chest but down drop down yet. Look up
at the ceiling and you should see another sparkling gem. Shoot it down. Now
you can drop down too and claim the SAPPHIRE (PEAR). 

When you get it and return, another horde of spiders attacks. Shotty them to 
clear a path and return to the ladder. Climb up onto this small bridge and 
look out for a new emblem. 


While standing on this narrow bridge, look to your right (the south). Across
the way and slightly below you should see this emblem stuck in a small

Cross the bridge and open the vases for goods. Keep moving and shoot the torch
ahead for an EMERALD (PEAR). Enter the next cave and as it winds north, another
small army of spiders attacks. They'll likely group in one big bunch which is 
great for your shotgun. Continue killing these eight legged freaks (movie 
reference ftw) until you finally reach a door. Open the skulls on the ground 
for a RUBY (PEAR) and a SAPPHIRE (PEAR). Finally, shoot out the torch for a 


Enter the next room now and you'll be in a very large cavern. Proceed forward
and drop down to a pair of vases. Look up to the doorway where the next drop
point is. On the top part of the doorway is another treasure. Shoot it down to
claim the TOPAZ (SQUARE). Drop down again and find another vase, then turn
around and enter the next room. Opening the large chest in the back here 
requires teamwork but it pays off. Pilfer the inside for a ton of GOLD. 

Now go around and in the next room, shoot the torch for an EMERALD (PEAR). Keep
moving and surely, soon enough, you'll be separated from Sheva. AI Sheva will
stand there for a long time, giving you cover, but she won't regroup with you
when it really matters in a little while. If you have a partner though, have 
them give you a little cover, then search the area and get closer to ambush the
oncoming enemies. As Chris, drop down the area where the bridge collapsed. 
You'll soon be attacked by the native Majini enemies. Great... Fend them off
with whatever you have, just don't let them get too close. Beware the spear
guys and their jump attacks. Also quickly take out the archer ahead before he
pisses you off.

Head to where the archer was and pick up the GREEN HERB. Go up the stairs and
you'll meet with more Majini. By now, if you have a co-op partner, they should
be fighting their way to you so you can regroup. Watch out for one Majini
having a parasite (use a Flash Grenade if you want). Kill the archer up here
too and pry open the vase. If you have a full inventory, leave the items for
now and wait til you can get Sheva to carry extras. 

Go down the next path and some shield guys will come out of the room. Try to
break their shields by shooting them in the knees and using a melee attack. 
Once you've done that, fill them all full of buckshots with your shotgun. AI
Sheva will reunite with you after this so have her pick up anything you can't
carry. Go into the small room the enemies came out of and find another co-op
chest. This one has in addition to more GOLD, a SAPPHIRE (SQUARE), and a 

Go west and then duck into the next room. Investigate the sarcophagus on the
left and take the RUBY (PEAR) from the corpse. Thanks pal. Shoot out the torch
right beside it for a SAPPHIRE (PEAR) and then take the loot from the pot.
Turn around and grab the GREEN HERB and then leave.

Now continue and then turn to the north. Approach the chest here and open it
to receive... nothing? Oh, a long fall down a pit, that's what it was. Press
Square to land on your feet and avoid any serious damage. As soon as you land
though, some enemies, including spiders show up. You're in the center of a
four way intersection and foes will be coming from just about every side. Use
the shotgun to help you out. After the spiders are down, some Majini will
attack from two corridors. Deal with them fast and then fend off a couple more
spiders as well. Alternate between your shotgun and handgun to deal with these
guys. If necessary, duck into the only corridor that isn't filled with enemies
and let them come to you. 

A door should open soon enough, but not before more enemies appear. A new
torch bearing Majini will appear. He'll use the torches to blow fire so take
care of him quick. He and at least one other Majini will have parasites so
try to lure them out for a Flash Grenade to dispatch them. Again, back away 
into a safe spot instead of staying in the middle if you have to. Once the 
coast is clear, open the three chests at the end of the corridors. You'll gain
through the north door now. 

Don't drop down into this room yet. The enemies won't notice you so take the
chance to snipe some of them. Don't bother tossing a grenade between the three
shield guys as their shields protect them easily. Stay up here, as they can't
reach you and fend them off with your pistol and other weapons. It might be
too aggravating breaking their shields though, so drop down to do that if you
have to. At least try to take out the other non-shield Majini before you do
that though. 

There's a whole mess of vases with goodies to collect, but unfortunately,
several giant spiked flaming spheres drop in on you. Yeah, not good. AI Sheva
will flee. It's up to you whether or not you want to risk this. It's definitely
worth it, you just need to be very careful and keep an eye out on all of the
traps. Once you have everything, back up to the platform where Sheva is.


Look toward the north wall and far above the door you should see this emblem.
Shoot it down with your sniper rifle.


Now with Sheva's help, turn the large crank. It opens a door that you need to 
hurry and get into before it closes. Save time by skipping (Select) the scene 
of the door opening. Make a run for it, but watch the traps. Use your own 
judgment and predict where the traps are gonna move so you can make it through
fast. If you get there quick enough, you can run through. If it's about to 
close though, hit the prompt buttons to jump in. The switch on the other side
allows Sheva to follow. 

This next corridor will be like something out of Indiana Jones. It will be an
extended cutscene with a lot of prompts. Hit X repeatedly to sprint and either
Square or Circle to jump the three gaps. After the third gap, be ready to hit
L1+R1 to hold on as Chris almost falls down. 

When you regain control, drop down the next ledge and approach the door. It has
two switches that need to be pulled simultaneously. Get one and Sheva will get
the other. This will open the path to a large room you'll be spending quite a
bit of time in. 

See that doorway all the way across from where you are, a bit higher than you?
Yeah, that's your destination, but getting to it is no easy feat. It's a long
and complicated puzzle, with many traps and enemies set in between. 

Start by going to the small ledge to your left and taking the contents from the
vase there. Next, go right and look for a gap to jump on your left. Go up these
stairs and then find two more vases in a dark corner. Return to the center now
and descend north down the stairs. You can continue north or go west. Choose to
go west and at the end of this corridor, turn left again. You'll find a silver
case with... (drumroll....) a Grenade Launcher! Schwing! Even though you may
be overloaded with weapons and items, find room for this! It will pay off in
the long run. The huge downside to the GL is that it has a lot of ammo types
and each takes up its own slot in your inventory. If you can keep it limited
to two ammo types though, it'll be a useful asset. 

Go the other way now, opposite of this silver case, toward a waterfall and a
large statue in the corner. Approach this statue. Like the door you used to 
enter here, it has two chains to pull. The other is blocked off by debris
however so command Sheva to stay here while you as Chris go back to the main
intersection. Go north now and turn left to find the other side of the statue.
Open the vase on the left first, then approach the statue. Pull the chains
together to make the statue back into the wall. More importantly however, it
causes the stairs in the intersection to change. Numerous other statues lay
around this area, and it's your job give them a few good tugs to make your
way out of here. 

Grab the SAPPHIRE (SQUARE) in front of the statue and then leave to the east,
the way Chris used to get to the statue. Return to the center of the
intersection and the west path is now a staircase as you were shown. Ascend
to yet another statue. Tug on these chains to cause three changes. The stairs
you just used now become a bridge. On the opposite side, a new staircase is
raised, as well as one to the north. Grab the EMERALD (SQUARE) in front of you,
then go left from the statue. Turn around and hop the gap to a chest. Open it
up for an IDOL (GOLD). 


Either once you've activated the emerald statue or afterwards, back away from
it a good distance. While still facing the emerald statue (west), use your
sniper rifle and take a look way, way up high. You should see a tree above this
area and just below it part of the wall where an emblem rests. Shoot it to
add it. 

Now go back to the center, and you'll likely here an incoherent cry that can
only mean one thing: more Majini! They're along the path to the south and of
course, that's where you need to go. Head along the south bridge and a scene
will show them appearing. The one thing I can't stress enough now is that you
need to take care of the archers, if for no reason other than to reduce your
own frustration and stress. Make them your primary target while you wait for
the other Majini to reach you. They are comprised of a lot of spear and shield
guys, as well as one of the fire blowing guys.

A lot of them will come at you so if the crowd gets big, go with your boomstick
or a grenade. You should be safe if you stay on the bridge though, just make
sure those archers are down. When you can, move along the perimeter going east
from the bridge, under a low overhang where another archer waits. Some other
Majini might cross the gap in the center to reach you so shoot them before
they can get to you. When you're in the clear, go down the stairs leading back
to the center, then turn right to go up the newly raised stairs to the north.

You'll reach yet another statue. Give this one a good pull and the eastern
stairs will fall. Take the TOPAZ (SQUARE) and then go to your right (east) to
the purple statue in the corner. One chain is here, but the other is missing.
Have Sheva wait near this chain while Chris searches for the other. Proceed
past the statue, going south, then turning right to go around this area. You'll
find a chest near the center. It has some FLASH ROUNDS for the Grenade
Launcher. They're not that useful and maybe not even worth the inventory space.
Take them if you have room. Return to the gold statue and go down the staircase
now. The only other way to go is east.

At the end of this corridor, turn right and break open the vases. One should
contain a Proximity Mine. Try to make some room for this and take it. Now go
in the opposite direction where the other matching statue awaits. As you enter
this area though, an ambush is sprung and a bunch of enemies will descend on
both you and Sheva. Don't worry about AI Sheva, she should be able to hold her
own. Find a good vantage point and prepare for the foes coming toward you. It
will be all Majini, but some spiders will spring up from the ground as well so
have that shotgun ready. Be especially careful of any spiders when the trio of
masked spear Majini show up. If the spiders grab you, you're pretty much at the
mercy of the Majini. This also will make AI Sheva run down to your aid which
although not necessarily bad, means you have to make her return to the switch
(or stay by the one down here while Chris goes back upstairs). 

Pull both chains once you're afforded the opportunity. Once again the
intersection is redecorated. Grab the RUBY (PEAR) from the front of the statue
and get going. If you go all the way back up to the upstairs purple statue,
it will have a SAPPHIRE (PEAR) in front of it. Go south from the intersection
now and turn right at the end to find the red statue. Before doing anything,
take that Proximity Mine and plant it before or after the small dirt hill in
front of the statue. Pull on the chains of the statue and it will open the path
to the exit finally. Grab the RUBY (PEAR) from in front of the statue. 
Unfortunately, it also triggers the appearance of an old friend!

Yes, he's back! You have two options: fight or run. Running is easy because you
can easily outrun this guy and flee up the stairs to the exit. It also leads
to Popokarimu's demise anyway. If you want a reward though, stand your ground
and fight it. If you've been shaken up by prior fights in this area, don't
bother. You are more equipped to fight him this time around though with
stronger weapons and hopefully some healing items. 

Stay and fight and the Proximity Mine should get you off to a good start. Fire
on his tail with your shotgun as many times as you can until he turns around.
After this, it's a bit more tricky. You are in luck though as it turns out. You
just got a brand new weapon, which I hope you held on to! Da da da daaaa! The
Grenade Launcher. Lay into him with a few rounds til he flips over, then finish
him off with the shotgun. For defeating him yet again, you'll obtain the SOUL
GEM treasure, which you can sell off for a whopping $10,000! Nice. Now, exit up
the stairs to the north.

Watch the scene. Ah, the villains gather! On to the next part. We're getting

/Chapter 4-2: Worship Area \___________________________________________________

Items and Intel

o-------ITEMS------o   o---WEAPONS---o   o---------TREASURES---------o
|Green Herb x2     |   |None         |   |Sapphire (Square) - 1000   |
|                  |   |             |   |Sapphire (Pear) - 1000     |
o------------------o   o-------------o   |Emerald (Pear) x2 - 1000   |
                                         |Blue Enigma x2 - 3000      |
                      o---KEY ITEMS---o  |Beetle (Gold) - 3000       |
                      |Earth Emblem   |  |Idol (Gold) - 3000         |
                      |Sky Emblem     |  |Ruby (Pear) x2 - 1000      |
                      |Sea Emblem     |  |Diamond (Trilliant) - 4000 |
                      |               |  |                           |
                      o---------------o  o---------------------------o

Go up the stairs a bit and in a side area to your left, grab the contents from
the two vases. Continue to ascend until you reach a very large room in the
cavern. Approach the door that's marked by a blue circle on your map.
Investigate it for a moment and you'll quickly learn that it needs three
objects to be inserted, similar to the door in the Marshlands. Well, let's
get looking. Move to the right first.

As you soon discover however, you're not alone here (but you knew that of
course). The Majini are lurking and they've set up a new trap. They've used
mirrors to magnify the sunlight so powerfully that it becomes a moving laser
capable of vaporizing anything in its path! When you regain control, don't
move or engage the Majini around the corner. The sun laser will barrel down
and turn him into dust. Ouch. 

Learn the timing of the beam and move up carefully. If you duck into the side
area to the right, you might notice you have that duck and cover command. It
doesn't serve much purpose at all now so ignore it. Use the small niches in
the wall on your right to take cover as you move north. In one of these niches
there is a torch basket on the ground. Shoot it out and claim the SAPPHIRE
(SQUARE). Finally, duck into the corridor on the right and you'll get a 


Turn the corner and you'll see a Majini at the other end. Stay where you are
and start picking him off with handgun shots. Another Majini will drop in right
in front of you, as well as a torch guy appearing around the far corner where
the first one is. The first one will also turn into a parasite so keep him at
a safe distance while you take out the others. When you're free to move up, do
so and turn the next corner.

As you go up the stairs, two shield Majini will be waiting. Try to hang back
near the exit of the corridor and lure them closer. More Majini will slide
into view from the right as well. Try to take out the shields, but it can be
tough, I know. Your shotgun and MG might help you out here. Give heavy
consideration to falling back into the corridor because a few Majini might
appear behind you. Use the Grenade Launcher if you still have it when they
start to gather at the corner. Once you've dealt with them, proceed up the
stairs. Get any dropped loot and then take the GREEN HERB at the shrine. Also
be sure to take the EARTH EMBLEM which is what you need. 

Now take the path adjacent to the one you used to enter here (going west) and
right after you go up the second short staircase, look for a sparkle on the
wall to your left. Shoot it down for a SAPPHIRE (PEAR). Break open the vases
right after them and then continue on. 

You'll reach another laser lane. Wait patiently for it to pass then make your
way up and take cover again. Keep doing this until you reach the very end.
Break open the vase here, then turn right and go across a narrow walkway to
find another vase. Go around this corner here and shoot out the torch to get

Now, from where you obtain that Emerald, you can make things a little easier on
yourself the rest of the way. Glance over to the northwest and look up a 
little. It's a Majini standing suspiciously close to the mirror that creates 
the beam! If you played RE4, this might strike a familiar chord with you for 
the early Castle chapters. From your position, you can easily shoot this guy.
Do that, and the right mirror will cease functioning. Nice! Now, return around
the corner and proceed west. 

This part can sometimes be annoying. You'll see a path with two sun beams
sweeping to the opposite sides. If you just killed that Majini (see above), you
will only have one beam to worry about and that makes this a lot easier. With
two, you have to be quick here, but you can take cover under the bridge. The 
problem is that for some reason, you may under rare circumstances get hit by 
the beams even under the bridge! Be careful, you really don't want to lose too
much health here. Carefully make your way over to the other side. While under 
the bridge, just sit still and ignore the Majini lumbering toward you from the
far side. The beam should take care of them easily. Once you can move, hurry 
forward and then duck into the doorway on the left. Take the GREEN HERB here, 
and then wait for the beam to pass again before continuing west

When you reach the end, open the vases to your right first. Also, take out the
second mirror. Do this by standing near the far north side of the corridor with
the vases (seems like a dead end path). Now, look up to the east and you should
see the Majini there. Shoot him to stop the second mirror. Now you won't have
to worry about a single beam for the rest of the way. Return to the large gap.

Prepare yourself or if you're co-oping, whoever is playing as Chris with some 
good weapons and enough ammo. If you still have the magnum with a few bullets,
now's a good time to use it. Send Sheva over the gap with an assist. Provide 
some cover as Chris (although the obstructed view limits things a bit) until 
Sheva grabs the SKY EMBLEM. She'll lure out a ton of Majini to you. The narrow
space makes things a little easier. The big masked Majini is the biggest 
threat, so soften him up by tossing a few grenades down there. The Grenade 
Launcher is a good substitute unless you want to save ammo. As it gets closer,
switch to the magnum or use your handgun to shoot his knees and repeatedly 
batter him with melee attacks.

When he falls, grab the BLUE ENIGMA. Also grab any other loot. If you're on
co-op, you can send your partner back over to grab any loot on that side before
it disappears. AI Sheva is too stupid to do this for you however. 

With two emblems, fall back down the path until you reach that doorway before
the bridge (where the Green Herb was). Go down the stairs here and you'll be
behind the starting point of another beam. Wait for it to move, then run
forward. Duck into the niches on the right when you hear it starting up again.
Move forward when it's safe, then to the left to another beam path. Wait for
this one to move, then proceed north to the two vases. Proceed south now,
chasing the beam. Take cover in the first safe area on the left. Open the vase
here, then move again when you get the chance.

You'll reach some stairs on the left, right across from a doorway. The stairs
lead back to the center where the emblem door is. The doorway leads to the
last emblem you need. It is perhaps the most well guarded of the three. First
though, wait for the beam to pass and go all the way down the path to the
south and turn left. Crack open the vases here. One should have a Proximity
Mine inside. It's not necessary, but it might help out considerably. 

Return to the western doorway and enter. Some Majini will already be making
their way toward you. Deal with them from a safe distance. Be very careful of
those annoying jumping attacks they do with their spears. Proceed up the stairs
and rush the three archers, taking them out with your shotgun preferably. 

Before you can claim the last emblem, more trouble shows up. A large horde of
Majini appear, spearheaded by another one of the big masked fuckers. Plant
that proximity mine right in front of the shrine area and then wait. Most
likely, normal Majini will reach you first, so try not to waste the mine on
them. Shoot them down before they get to you (use a sniper rifle if you want).
Once big boy gets there, let the mine do it's job, and quickly counter with 
hand grenades, the Grenade Launcher, your magnum, anything. Whatever you do,
don't let yourself get trapped here on the shrine. Run past them if you have
to and regroup. Use every tactic you know to get out of this with as much
health as you can. When he falls, take another BLUE ENIGMA. Also grab the
SEA EMBLEM from the shrine. Leave this area and return to the center

Plop in all three emblems and the door opens. Hurry up the stairs and approach
the doors at the top. Stop though and spot the sparkling gem above the doors
on the wall. Shoot it down to get a DIAMOND (TRILLIANT). Put your paws on that
and then on the door to enter the next area. 


You're not finished yet. Kill the oversized spider on your right (eww...) and
you might get some GOLD for it. Proceed down the stairs and check out the door
to become acquainted with another puzzle. 

The deal is the same with the beam... it hurts. In fact, one touch will be a
game over so avoid touching it at all costs. You need to use the mirrors around
the room to focus the beam to a gem in the corner. This won't be too hard. 

PUZZLE #1                        

| O                    |  Key: Numbers = Mirrors
| |                    |       I = Tower
| 4----------------3   |       O = Target Gem
|          I       |   |
|          1-------2   |
|                      |
|                      |

The first puzzle is horrendously easy. Go counterclockwise around the mirrors
and outside of the beam. Keep going until you reach the northwest mirror (#4).
Turn this mirror left once and it will light up the gem. Get on the platform
and hit Circle to ride it down to the floor below. Guess what? Another puzzle
is waiting.

Start by clearing the two pillars that will block the beam. Also, be sure to
grab the RUBY (PEAR) on the "safety" platform. If you're playing on solo, AI
Sheva will likely grab this for you automatically. Once you get rid the 
pillars, the completed puzzle needs to look a little something like this:

|                      |
| I   3------------4   |
| |   |            |   |
| 1---2            |   |
|                  |   |
|                  |   |
| O----------------5   |

To make this one into a reality, start by turning mirror number 2 to the right
once. It will reflect into and out of number 3. Run over to the northeast
corner and turn mirror number 4 to the left once. This directs the beam into
the gem and completes the puzzle. Hop onto the lift again to descend to the
next floor.


|                      |
|   3--------------2   |
|   |              |   |
|   |              |   |
|   4------5       |   |
|          |       |   |
| I----------------1   |
 --------- | ----------
         | | |
         | | |
         | O |

First thing, don't open the chest in the middle. Yes, I know it's tempting,
but it's booby trapped. Open it and some spiders will attack you. Same for
entering the door to the north. There is one thing to get though...


Venture into the north door and fend off the spiders. There seems to be nothing
of interest in here. Turn around and look up at the spot above the doorway
you entered through. There it is! 

Start by going to mirror number 2 in the northeast corner and turning it right
once. You need to go clockwise around the room now to get to mirror number 3
(because of the beam). Turn mirror number 3 right once. Again, you're forced
to go all the way around the room to reach mirror number 4. Turn it to the
right once as well and it will light up the orb in the mouth of the statue to
the north. This in turn, opens two doors to the west and east.

Go into the western room since it's closest and take the BEETLE (GOLD). Go
around the room to the eastern door now and enter. Inside you'll find pots o'
plenty on the left and right. Open them all from a safe distance as there are
two snakes on each side (four total). If they get you, kill them for eggs which
you can use to restore your health. The rest of the vases contain GOLD. Go up
to the altar though and take the IDOL (GOLD). Furthermore, to the left and to
the right of the Idol, on the walls, you can shoot down some skulls for a 
RUBY (PEAR), and an EMERALD (PEAR). You've got your plunder, so return to the
main chamber. 

To solve the puzzle, you have to get the beam into the southern corridor. It
just so happens, mirror 5 is perfectly aligned with it, so the obvious solution
seems to be adjust mirror 5. While this does light up the gem, doing this will
trap Chris inside the perimeter of the beams. Yeah, you won't be able to get
out. Instead, go up to mirror number 3 and turn it left to disrupt the beam's
path. Now, go ahead and fix mirror number 5 by turning it left once. This makes
sure the mirrors will be in the right positions when you put the beam back. 

Return to mirror number 3, realign it, and the puzzle should be solved at last.
Navigate through the room to the lift and take it down. Sheva has the nerve to
say "We got it!" We...? -_- 

After all that is done, approach the large cavern ahead of you and that will
be the end of this part. 

/Chapter 5-1: Underground Garden \_____________________________________________

Items and Intel

o-------ITEMS------o   o---WEAPONS---o   o-------TREASURES-------o   
|Handgun Ammo x4   |   |AK-47 (MG)   |   |Jewel Beetle - 2000    |   
|Shotgun Ammo x3   |   |             |   |Lion Heart x4* 2500    |   
|Machinegun Ammo x2|   o-------------o   |                       | 
|Incendiary Grenade|                     o-----------------------o
|Hand Grenade x2   |  o---KEY ITEMS---o  
|Green Herb x4     |  |None           |  *You may acquire more or less Lion
|Red Herb          |  |               |   Hearts, depending on how many the
|                  |  o---------------o   "enemies" drop. 3-4 seems to be the
o------------------o                      average. 

Sell off your loot. Go ahead and upgrade your weapons, or buy the newest 
selection of guns that you can get. Or, if you're upgrading the original set,
keep doing that. The MF29 might be close to being maxed out if you're focusing
a lot on that. Don't neglect the other weapons though, and try to get Sheva an
upgrade here and there as well. 



When you gain control, go left around the center area to a dead end where you
can investigate to discover the large tanks here are water purifiers. On the
ground near the right side of this dead end, search for a JEWEL BEETLE. 


Go around the other way, to the northeast side of the flowers steps. You should
reach a dead end at the right of the bridge. Look under the bridge and you can
see this emblem turned to the side. 

Now, go back around and head up the steps to go down the center path, north 
toward the exit. Before leaving, check the journal on the right to learn some 
more intriguing facts.

In the next hallway, you'll see you've left the caves for some sort of
facility! Interesting... Open the first door on your left and pilfer the boxes
for goods. Also take the MACHINEGUN AMMO behind them, as well as HANDGUN AMMO
and an INCENDIARY GRENADE in the other corner. Read the document here too if
you'd like, then leave. 

As you continue down the hall, something will just barely escape your glimpse.
Oh, that can't be good.... Continue and to the right of the next door, take the
GREEN HERB here. Enter and Chris will recognize this lab from the picture. You
can activate the two computers and they'll act as documents you can read for
more background information on this whole fiasco. Take the SHOTGUN AMMO near
the second computer, then exit.

Well, this hallway sure is nicely decorated! Proceed around the corners, and
go down to a box to open for loot. Open the door to the north by turning the
valve. Inside, the mess just gets worse. Use the lever to open the shutters,
revealing a glass window. Slice it open to enter an area with a bunch of caged
animals. Go down the second aisle (the north side) and go all the way down to
the corner for a GREEN HERB. Turn left and go down the southern corridor here,
but have your shotgun ready before you proceed. 

As you may have guessed, something is lurking about. Long time RE fans might
be able to figure out what exactly, too. Yes, it's a Licker. These bastards are
back and this one has a partner so take it out fast. Your shotgun is the best
weapon to use, but anything else is fine, so long as you aim for the head
primarily. The Licker has a few attacks, but the most dangerous is it's tongue.
It will pierce through your body and quickly drain your life, so get your
partner to help you out fast if this happens. Shotty one as the other shows up
and if you have a human partner with a shotgun, have them take on the second
in the mean time. Once you have killed one, it's a good time to try something


The Lickers take a fair amount of punishment, even from your shotgun. You can
save that ammo and exploit their main weakness however. Using the shotgun or
another weapon, shoot the Licker until he flips over. Now, very quickly, run
over to its body. A prompt to hit Square will appear that says "Stab". Hit it
and Chris (or whoever) will lung at the Licker and stab it in its exposed 
heart. This not only kills it instantly, but it also rewards you with a Trophy.
You might find this hard though, because the Lickers don't always stay on their
backs long. Try to make it so that when you blast them with your Shotgun they
will flip backwards directly into a wall at a straight on angle. This way, they
won't move far, allowing you to attack immediately. 

If you stab the second Licker in the heart, you'll get a very nice treasure
too. Grab the LION HEART and move on through the chamber these two nasties
escaped from. Open the valve and proceed down the hallway. Open the box for
some loot, then turn right and continue. Go through the silver door on the
right and take the RED HERB off the floor. To the right are even more goodies.
Open the safe under the desk for GOLD, and then the large silver case for an
AK-47. Schwing! The AK is a nice gun, and even if you're holding onto the VZ61
still for upgrading, you should at least let Sheva keep this as it's a nice
gun. Go around the next corner and take the HANDGUN AMMO there. Proceed up the
stairs next.

Chris and Sheva end up making two REALLY stupid comments with Chris saying,
"Thank God there weren't more of them." with  Sheva following with the
brilliant statement, "Yeah, we wouldn't last against a whole horde." You just
had to say that didn't you? You just haaaaad to say that....

Around the corner, flip the lever, then approach the door at the end of the
hall. Using teamwork, open it up. 


And of course, as luck would have it, you've entered a room filled with
Lickers! You're safe for now behind the glass, but you just know they'll be
coming for you. Proceed slowly through the area and over to a teamwork door.
Forcing it open of course, causes the entire Licker army to come after you.
Scurry all the way down the hall and immediately investigate the Elevator. It
will start coming down, but you've got to hold your own until it does. 

Now, this is another one of those optional fights, but there are a shitload of
Lickers. The only way you should consider this fight is if you have a lot of
grenades, the Grenade Launcher, a very well upgraded shotgun, and a good backup
gun after that (MG or Magnum). Don't waste the grenades until a bunch of them
gather in the hallway, but do your best not to let any of the leaders get close
either. Even if you are as equipped as the Terminator, this is not an easy
fight. There is a nice trick you can take advantage of though. The Lickers
actually come in two waves. Wave one is triggered by opening that door that
wakes them up. Wave two comes after you if you activate the elevator. So, if
you really want to fight, you can take them on in more manageable waves by
not using the elevator at first. The reward will be a few (but not a lot) of 
LION HEART jewels. 

Take the elevator down. In the next room, go ahead and refuel by taking the
for yourselves. When you're ready, cross the long metal walkway for a scene. 
Just when you thought it was safe in the middle of a crazy scientific research
lab, you get attacked! Hit the prompt buttons to save your skin and get ready 
for a fight!


 /BSAA B.O.W. File - U-8 \_____________________________________________________
| Attacks: Claw swipe, claw swipe (dodge), Pincer attack (dodge), spawn bugs
| Weakspots: Exposed red area on arms, exposed head area
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
|Gotta hand it to Chris and Sheva. They don't crap themselves in the face of
|such monstrosities. This foe can be tough but the fight isn't if you know what
|to do. His carapace is very thick so you can't hurt him just by shooting him.
|He'll attack mainly with his claws. You can dodge one version of them but the
|other comes quick, so it's nearly impossible to dodge unless you're just not
|that close to him to begin with. He'll also try and grab you with his pincers
|but that you can dodge as well. 
|Start by claiming the goods around this platform. You can find SHOTGUN AMMO as
|well as two GREEN HERBS, and a HAND GRENADE. So how to hurt him? You can 
|probably see quite visibly, the red areas on his two main legs. These are it. 
|Shoot at one of these areas with your shotgun or another weapon. This boss 
|moves around a lot so the leg is a tough target sometimes. You also need to 
|account for when the boss rotates around the platform, as you want to keep a 
|safe distance between you and his main claws. Keep firing on the red spot, but
|run away and reposition yourself if necessary. Don't get caught reloading or
|anything like that too close to this guy. 
|Once you've done enough damage to one of his legs, the boss falls over,
|stunned. Now's your chance to really hurt him. Run up to his mouth (crazy, I
|know), and if you have any Hand Grenades, you have the option to toss one in
|by hitting the prompt button. Do this and it will inflict massive damage. This
|is how you're gonna crack that big shell of his. Make sure you pick up the 
|Hand Grenade on this platform. Aim again for his legs, then when he falls a
|second time, let him feast on another grenade!
|It only takes two grenades to totally crack open the shell on his forehead. If
|you're low on grenades though, use the one you have on the platform and then
|wait. Damage him by shooting his mouth and the exposed weakspot on his head
|which is his true weakspot. While waiting, U-8 may call on a swarm of flying
|minions. These little critters seem to work together to attack you. A halfway
|accurate shotgun blast puts them down though. They will drop ammo most often,
|and hopefully it will include more grenades. 
|Once you opened the shell on his head, there are three ways you can go about
|this fight. You can aim primarily for his exposed head with anything you have.
|This can be tough because you have to keep waiting for him to stop moving and
|also dodge his attacks. The other way is to stun him like before by shooting
|his legs. This brings him down and lets you get a good few seconds to shoot at
|his head. This is probably the best way to do it, too. The third option is to
|stun him, and just use more grenades! You've already exposed his weakspot, but
|toss more grenades into his gullet and you can make the fight end a lot

Once that's over, watch the scene and the part will end shortly after.

/Chapter 5-2: Experimental Facility \__________________________________________

Items and Intel

o-------ITEMS------o   o---WEAPONS---o   o-----------TREASURES-----------o
|Handgun Ammo      |   |SIG 556 (MG) |   |Lion Heart x4* - 2500          |
|Machinegun Ammo x2|   |             |   |Power Stone - 5000             |
|Incendiary Grenade|   o-------------o   |Dead's Bride Necklace x2 - 2000|
|Flame Rounds      |                     |                               |
|Green Herb x3     |  o---KEY ITEMS---o  o-------------------------------o
|Red Herb          |  |None           |  
|First Aid Spray   |  |               |  *Number of Lion Heart can, again, vary
|                  |  o---------------o

Upgrade how you see fit. Depending on what set of weapons you're using, go with
capacity and firepower. Also keep in mind a capacity upgrade equals an instant
refill on ammo if you have a gun that's low. 


Cross the walkway and open the door at the far end. In the next room, open the
four boxes for goods, then open the door. Go down the stairs and you'll see a
strange sight. You must be thinking, "Zombies with guns? Puh-leeze." And as 
soon as you think that, your head has a new hole in it. They weren't zombies to
begin with anyway so whatever. 

Take cover and most likely, these guys won't notice you yet. Start by shooting
any of them with a headshot to get the party started. The others should spring
into action. This is a strange scenario for an RE game, but it's fun
nonetheless, using cover and attacking when you can. The Majini here have AK's
and typically fire two short bursts before reloading. Take that opportunity to
fire on them. Kill the three Majini, then proceed forward.

As you get closer to the doorway, two more Majini enter through the door. One
has another AK and the other has a stun rod. You can either run in and take
cover very close by behind the boxes, or stay behind the doorway where it's
safer. If you opt to get close, you can switch to your shotgun to make things
easier. Once the coast is clear, enter and take the GREEN HERB to the right.
Pick up any other loot and open the next door. 

To your immediate left will be a few more boxes so bust those open. Move 
forward a bit and take cover. You can see more Majini just waiting to ambush
you. Pay attention to their green laser sights and attack when they're
reloading. Once the first one is dead, move up and take cover behind the boxes
as the other fires on you. Two more Majini will come in and get closer with
stun rods, while a third starts shooting from the back. Also note that one of
the stun rod Majini is wearing a metal mask for protection. You know you've
gotten far into the game now, because just like the Island area from RE4, the
enemies are using new methods to defend themselves. 

Take out the stun rod guys first before they get too close. Go after the AK
Majini next. Move up and two more AK Majini appear, along with another stun
rod Majini. A co-op partner helps a lot here as you can fend off the enemies
a little better. Either way, do your best and switch weapons if necessary. 
Always duck from the AK fire and then retaliate when you see your window. When
it's all over, grab the loot, including the MACHINEGUN AMMO and GOLD near the
front left side of the room. Also grab the GREEN HERB behind some of the cover
boxes. To the left of the exit door is a small nook with some boxes and a RED
HERB. Beware a stun rod Majini showing up from the dark corner however. 

Open the door together and then open the boxes next. Proceed down the hall but
take cover before you run out into the open blindly. More Majini are waiting
in the next room. One is right in front of you, while the others await on a
higher platform. Take out the closest AK Majini, then wait patiently for the
stun rod majini to get close. When he's there, whip out from cover and blast
him with your shotgun. Repeat until he exposes his parasite. Continue the
shotgun treatment until he's dead. Move up after that to the boxes and take
cover there. 

Wait for the enemies here to expose themselves to you. If they don't you may
have to resort to running up there, which is more dangerous. Toss a grenade
instead if you must. Otherwise, just wait and aim for their heads, except for
that one guy who has a mask on. Try to wait until he exposes his upper body as
well but be careful not to waste ammo. 

Ready or not, charge up the stairs. Here's where you really need to prioritize
your targets fast. There's a good chance at least one Majini will be standing
near the back of this area. Two large groups will be charging down the left and
right walkways. As it just so happens however, there are two large red
canisters waiting. When these groups get close, use the canisters to do your
work for you. Take cover at this point and shoot at the red canisters at the
far side to kill off all those Majini back there. When it's all said and done,
pick up the loot and make for the elevator in the back.

After the scene, go down the hall and open the boxes. Turn the corner and as
you probably guessed, you've got a few Lickers here waiting. Again, your
shotgun is best, but take advantage of the Licker's slow response and awareness
by getting the jump on any of them with a rifle or magnum. As they get closer,
try to use the shotgun to flip them over and then go for the heart. Between
the three of them, you should hopefully be able to get at least one LION HEART.
You can always run too if you'd like. 

Either way, go all the way down the corridor and turn. The vents should clue
you in as to the arrival points of more Lickers. Again, run if you want, but
you can get their treasure if you want to fight. Deal with the first two and
get a LION HEART for it. Move forward and four more will appear. Now's a good
time to opt for Grenades or anything that will pack a good punch. This is an
ample time to consider running too, but the tight space makes that difficult.
If you take them on, you should get at least two more LION HEART jewels. Move
on now and open the next door.


Turn right and go west down this walkway to the corner where two boxes are just
waiting to be opened. Drop down the nearby ladder and a bunch of Majini will
be ready to attack, including one right next to you. Defeat him, along with
another approaching stun rod Majini, and then use the cover you have. The
other enemies are to the south and the southeast. Stay behind cover here
because one Majini has flash grenades and they will easily blind you for a few
seconds, making you easy fodder for the AK Majini if you're not behind cover.
The flash grenades also make you leave cover, but as long as you don't move,
you'll still be protected behind the walls. 

You've got to account for all the crates and stuff on the conveyor belt before
you shoot. Wait for an open shot and when the enemy isn't unloading on you.
Make use of that AK-47 if you still have it as well. Also make sure you look
to the southeast and up at the ceiling. You should see a walkway with the
culprit flash grenade Majini. Fire at the red barrels near him to end that

Move down the path now and take out another AK-47 Majini there. Climb the 
ladder and shoot the Majini at the opposite wall. Drop down and finish him off.
In the southeast corner, find some boxes. Go to the west side now where the
original attackers were positioned. Open the box near the platform, then go up
and drop down onto the conveyor belt. 

This entails dodging some boxes and fighting the opposite directional pull of
the belts themselves. To make things a lot easier, try to stay square in the
center between the two belts. You'll not only move a lot faster, but slip
between all of the boxes too. Keep going until you can climb up the platform
on the right. Throw the lever to stop the belts which will help your partner
or AI Sheva to get up with you. Take the stairs now, and kill the Majini
waiting (he has a mask so no headshots!). Open the door he was guarding to move

To your left will be a GREEN HERB, HANDGUN AMMO, and a box. Take everything,
then drop onto the belt. This one carries a lot of explosive canisters. They
won't go off if you get near them, so don't worry. Focus on running through,
by again staying in the center. Your biggest threats on this part are the
grenade throwing Majini above. They will toss the grenades down and even if
they don't land near you, they can set off the canisters so you it's 
imperative that you shoot these fuckers immediately. The first one will be
close to where you get on so be quick, but don't let yourself get pulled by
the belts too much. Proceed forward when the first guy is dead. 

More Majini will be charging down the belts at you. Take advantage of all the
canisters and shoot them when the enemies pass by for easy kills. Watch out
for more grenade Majini on the walkways as well. This part can be very 
dangerous so try not to rush down the belts. At the very end, two grenade guys
will be waiting, so stay back. Try to aim at their grenades or use a rifle very
fast to dispatch them. Don't underestimate their throwing range either. More
Majini will also be charging at you so let the red barrels do the work for you.

At the end, climb up the platform and throw the switch, though it doesn't help
you at all now. Go down the stairs and open the boxes behind you. 


Check the open dumpster near the bottom of the stairs (left from the stairs)
and peer inside. Shoot the emblem in here. 

Once you're ready, move west and search the tables here for an INCENDIARY
GRENADE. Read the note and it will heavily foreshadow what awaits you. Open the
silver case to receive the SIG 556, which is a really sweet MG. Like the AK,
this is worth holding onto in your main inventory even if you're focusing on
upgrading the VZ61. If you have no room though, store it in the Inventory

Go up the stairs and ignore the lever. The power is out, so restoring it is
your new objective. Go north for now and down another staircase to a walkway.
This leads to a rather uncomfortable place. Just continue on take the
MACHINEGUN AMMO on the box before walking down the adjacent walkway. Up the
stairs you'll find the two levers that will restore power. Throw them together
and then make your way back to the belts. 

You'll hear a very unsettling sound though. Proceed cautiously back into that
messy area and surely enough, something has appeared. Meet my most hated enemy
in this entire game. They're called Reapers, as the note told you earlier. You
might consider that they resemble Salazar's "pets" that Leon had to tackle in
RE4. These guys are much more dangerous however. They typically swipe at you
with their claws. Let them get too close though and they can instantly kill you
with a very annoying attack. Its weakness is the white/yellow growth on its
chest. It only flashes it every few seconds though so fire on it with your
shotgun. This stuns the creature, revealing another one. Shoot at it again with
your boomstick to expose one more. Shoot this one and the creature bends 
backwards, exposing its chest growth again. Fire on this but beware the Reaper
as it lumbers forward and swipes at you. Keep shooting the chest when you
can and kill it. You'll get a POWER STONE for your efforts. I REALLY hate
those things...

Anyway, return to the belts and operate the lever now to get them moving. As
you can see, it's littered with bodies. Some are alive, some are dead. Drop
down and make your way to the right. The ones that are alive will leap at you
if you're close enough, which besides being a bit of a shock, will halt your
progress. Get your partner to help if this happens. It seems you can keep them
from attacking for a few seconds if you shoot them before you reach them, but
this is a good way to waste ammo. Just do what you can to avoid them while
making your way forward. As you proceed though, look out for two of these guys
that are holding treasure to pick up. You can get two DEAD BRIDE'S NECKLACEs 
from them. When you near the end, get into the right most belt lane, and wait
for the boxes to pass. Chug your way up the belt (if you're injured, you'll be
moving at a snail's pace) and climb up the platform.

At this point, run up the stairs and throw the lever to stop the belt if you
need to give your partner or AI Sheva a hand. Open the boxes before the stairs
for some goods though as well. When you're ready, proceed through the next

Go around the hallway and drop down. Four boxes are waiting. As you can
probably guess, something big is coming so stock up. One of the boxes may have
FLAME ROUNDS for your Grenade Launcher. This is a good time to quit to the main
menu (choosing to save your inventory though of course while doing so) and
then hitting continue to manage your inventories. Load up those FLAME ROUNDS
into your Grenade Launcher if you want. Doing this also lets you pilfer those
boxes again when you load your save. 

Proceed through the door with teamwork and then get ready. 


 /BSAA B.O.W. File - Uroboros Mkono \__________________________________________
| Attacks: Arm attack, arm detach attack, lunge
| Weakspot: Three cores
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
|This guy again... Well, he's a little bit improved from the first one you 
|fought. He'll attack with his arms again which only means at close range. You
|can dodge some and not others. He has a bit of a long range attack this time
|though. He'll detach one of his arms and send it at you. You can dodge this
|pretty easily and it's important you do. The boss also has a knack for
|disappearing and transporting around the room, especially when he's in
|danger. Pay attention to his location on your map. 
|This guy's weakness is three cores inside him that are connected by "stems"
|that hang high above his body when exposed. The trick is getting them out of
|there. You have to do a lot of damage to him to do it. The most aggravating
|problem is that the cores do not stay exposed very long the first couple times
|they appear. They disappear almost immediately so you have to make quick shots
|(shotgun) on them. As the fight progresses, they'll stay exposed longer.
|To do this, start by backing up a bit and toppling over the red canister.
|When he absorbs this, shoot at it and that will instantly weaken him to expose
|his three cores. Shoot on them fast before they disappear. Back away now.
|You don't have a furnace this time around, but you do have a portable 
|substitute. A minute or so into the fight, you'll see the flamethrower is
|ready. Grab it from the east wall (you can have your partner do this but try
|not to let AI Sheva do it) and let loose on the bastard. The flamethrower
|requires you to be close so be careful. Aim particularly at his arms and try
|to lop them off. Once he's armless, keep firing (stay close but not too close)
|until his weakspots are exposed again. Once they are, fire at these with the
|the flamethrower too. Remember to stay close and aim high to hit them. When
|you run out of fuel, place the flamethrower back on the dock where you go it.
|It will recharge slowly so in the mean time, find another way to kill this 
|There are two other red canisters around the stage. Topple these over and
|use them to expose those weakspots inside him. Hopefully you can shoot off at
|least one before the flamethrower is ready again. Once it is, use it to break
|through his defenses and expose the cores again. Keep this pattern up. 
|Do whatever it takes to stay alive. He'll send his arms at you and if you let
|him get too close again, that means instant death. The arms particular can
|be trouble if you turn your back on the guy. Luckily, there are dodge buttons
|to use. You can also avoid them if you are just far enough away and back up
|even further. 
|There are a few useful items around the room, including a FIRST AID SPRAY in
|the northeast corner. Grab everything now or else you'll miss it. Watch as
|the boss transports around. When you manage to lop off his arms, he tends to
|run away more often. Track him down and lay down more punishment. 
|When you lop off his last core, or if you do enough damage to him with the
|flamethrower, the bastard will finally die and victory will be yours. 

Once you're done, watch the scene and this part will be finished.

/Chapter 5-3: Uroboros Research Facility \_____________________________________

Items and Intel

o-------ITEMS------o   o---WEAPONS---o   o---------TREASURES---------o
|Shotgun Ammo      |   |PSG-1 (RIF)  |   |Sapphire (Marquise) - 3000 |
|Machinegun Ammo x2|   |             |   |Power Stone x2 - 5000      |
|Magnum Ammo       |   o-------------o   |Jewel Bangle - 1000        |
|Acid Rounds       |                     |Royal Necklace - 5000      |
|Green Herb x5     |  o---KEY ITEMS---o  |Chalice (Gold) - 3000      |
|Red Herb          |  |None           |  |Ruby (Brilliant) - 2500    |
|First Aid Spray   |  |               |  |Topaz (Brilliant) - 2500   |
|                  |  o---------------o  |Emerald (Brilliant) - 2500 |
o------------------o                     |Sapphire (Oval) - 2000     |
                                         |Sapphire (Brilliant) - 2500|
                                         |Emerald (Oval) - 2000      |
                                         |Heart of Africa - 10,000   |
                                         |                           |

Go ahead and get yourself ready. This will be a tough end to the chapter. Make
sure your ammo and goods are well distributed between you and your partner. 
You might want to consider bringing along the Grenade Launcher or the Magnum,
or even both. As for upgrades, your shotgun or an MG or whatever you want will
do fine. 


There's nothing left in this room, but for fun, head over to the west end to 
the chair where Mr. Uroboros was previously sitting. You or your partner can
sit in it like Leon in Saddler's throne in RE4. Cool, I guess. In any case,
make your way for the open door to the north. 


Inside this room you see some large spinning fans on the wall. The right fan
has something hidden behind its blades at the top. Take a peek near the top
and you should see the emblem. 

Climb the ladder and go straight
across into the corridor (going south) to reach the observation room where
Excella was. In the corner you'll find SHOTGUN AMMO and MACHINEGUN AMMO, as
well as a document to read. Opposite that, near the door, open the safe to get
a nifty SAPPHIRE (MARQUISE). Leave now and go left at the fork.

Go up the stairs until you find some MACHINEGUN AMMO at the last corner. Grab
it and turn, making your way toward the door. 


In the next room, turn to your right and open up all the boxes here for some
goodies. When you're good to go, head down the hall and open the yellow door.
Prepare for a fight. 

Take cover immediately. At least two Majini will shoot at you from the walkway
in the distance. AI Sheva won't be of much help here but if you have a partner
they can try to snipe them while you go for more normal shots. There's only two
at first though, so it should be too tough. Just remember that they shoot in
two bursts, then reload. 

When you can, move up to the next piece of cover. Enter the nearby door first
though. Inside are a bunch of boxes to crack open for much needed goods and
ammo. Return outside and take cover again. By now, more Majini should have
shown up. The pipe on the left may be in your way though so leave cover if
necessary, but only when they are reloading. When the danger is over, go around
the walkway to where they were. On your way there though, a Reaper will drop
in on you. Son of a... 

You have no room to run past him like before so don't even think about. You've
got plenty of room to back up though so keep doing that until he exposes that
weakspot on his chest. Fire immediately to send the overgrown cockroach into
his stages of weakness, popping each weakspot in succession. When he finally
exposes the chest one again, keep shooting until he dies. Keep backing up if
necessary and hopefully your partner or AI Sheva will back you up. When it
dies, it drops another POWER STONE. Schwing! 

Return to where the Reaper appeared. Take cover because more Majini across the
way should be firing at you about now. One with a stun rod will come across the
gap to charge you directly so watch out for him. Stay back here and move only
slightly so as to coax more Majini out of hiding. Stay behind that piece of
cover though. Wait for one to come out of the room on the east as well as one
or more on the walkways nearby. Watch for yet another stun rod Majini to come
at you as well. Once the music dies down, you're free to go. 

Hop the gap and then turn left toward the east wall when you can. Pick up any
nearby loot then approach the door here. It's possible you may get attacked
on your way to the door, but this is rare. If you do, skip to the next
paragraph, though you really don't have to. 

Inside you'll find a few boxes, but also a RED HERB. Inside the suitcase, 
you'll find a PSG-1. You can use that against Sniper Wolf! Now hurry, and....
never mind. The PSG-1 is a very nice rifle. If you plan on keeping the S75 to
upgrade, store the PSG-1 in your inventory later. I like the sight system and
it's a good gun still, so consider making it a permanent addition to your
inventory if you are so inclined. Pull the lever here to activate power for a 
nearby console with another lever that we'll be using very shortly.

Sure enough, another damn Reaper appears as you exit the room. Back up again, 
as far as is necessary and let him have it with your shotgun. If you are low on
shotty ammo or just really want to save it, consider your MG. Squish the
bug and you get another POWER STONE. 

Make your way to that activated console and some uninvited guests will show up
out of nowhere. One is a fat Majini so make him your first target. They're
riding a large elevator like platform that goes across a gap. You can easily
take advantage of this situation with a partner by having one of you use that
lever to stop the platform temporarily. The Majini on the other side will just
pull his though and get it moving again. You can keep playing a game with him
though to at best, stall the platform. Meanwhile, you or your partner can pick
off the enemies. Make things even easier by shooting out the lever operator to
completely stop the platform. Deal with the enemies and collect the JEWEL
BANGLE from the fat guy. 

Now you get to make a decision. Either have Sheva operate the lever while
Chris rides the platform (preferred for solo) or send Sheva to do it. If you
have a human partner, have the one who is staying behind hold onto a sniper
rifle. Going as Chris you better be prepared. When the platform begins to move
a Majini will fire on you from the right with his AK. Have your human partner
immediately pick this guy off. If you're playing solo, you'll have to do it
yourself most likely. The biggest threat however is when the platform stops and
two guys with shields come at you from the left and right.

It's imperative you have the AK guy taken care of. A human partner helps a lot
here. If he's dead, focus on the shield guys. Try to force your way past one
so they don't both trap you on the platform. What makes these guys really
dangerous is that they both have parasites and if you let them trap you as I 
warned about, you're in trouble, especially since your partner can't get to you
fast enough. Stay back and use a Flash Grenade to make it easier if you have
it. Otherwise, blast on their parasites with any other weapons you have.

Throw the lever and send the platform back. When your partner gets on, throw
it again to bring them to you. While you're waiting, explore the area to the
west, hopping the gap in the walkway to do so. You'll find a few boxes and a
GREEN HERB here. When you and your partner are reunited, go the other way,

Here, you'll get a quick scene as more enemies appear. Some will be coming at
you close range. Try to have your partner deal with them. Staying behind cover
is important though because two of these guys have rocket launchers and they
sting. A lot. Have the person with the sniper rifle try to take them out from
behind cover. They take a long time to reload so use that window to your
advantage. They have masks on though so go for other shots to kill them. One
of the rocket guys will become a parasite and he'll quickly make his way to
you so be prepared for that. Once that threat is over though, focus on the
Majini trying to get close to you, including bug head.

Take cover again because one more rocket launcher Majini will likely appear. 
Use the same tactics of hiding and then firing with your sniper rifle when it's
safe. Now hurry toward the cabin room they were all standing near. Prepare a
grenade and kick open the door. Quickly toss it in and back away to let the
door close. Hopefully, the grenade will do most of the work here. If not, or
if you have no grenades, you have to deal with the Majini the harder way. Let
the shield guys come out to you on the walkway and go for their knees or 
whatever else you can hit until more parasites appear. Use whatever you have
at your disposal (shotgun preferred) to kill them. Mop up the last two Majini
in here, including another rocket guy.

Inside, collect the goods. Make sure you grab the ROYAL NECKLACE just to the
right of the door as you enter. Also take the GREEN HERB on the console. Read
the documents near the sofa if you want, then move out the door. Go around the
corner and open the door leading to the next area. 

Go forward and pick up the GREEN HERB. Turn and open all the boxes here for
other assorted goods. Go east now, all the way down the walkway into what seems
like a familiar room. Open the boxes on the right, then go down the staircase
to the center platform.


Before you do anything else, you should get a tricky emblem. If you get the
lift moving you can still get this one, it'll just be a lot tougher. Go to the
side of the platform and look toward the east. You should see a little balcony
platform that will come into play soon. Underneath this platform is the emblem.
By underneath I don't mean on the wall, it's like on the floor, just underneath
if that makes sense. Use your sniper rifle. 

Find the monitor near the edge and pull both levers to get the platform moving.
Thus begins a somewhat tricky journey.

The platform will rotate and rise up. It's movement will soon be impeded
however by Majini on the far sides of the room throwing override levers to
stop you. When they do, the platform rises and spins much slower. This not only
makes things take longer, but it makes you an easier target for their guns.

First off, this part is annoying because it's tough to get the platform moving
again. Doing so requires you to kill the Majini who has his hand on the lever
(which is no easy task). The platform may have slowed but using your sniper
rifle (the only gun that really doesn't require luck here) is not easy with
the horizontal movement. It takes a lot of getting used to, but you can try to
aim your crosshairs to the left of your targets and then fire when the platform
movement lines them up automatically. It's still not easy though. 

The other way is to just stay in the center and use the column here to provide
you with cover as you wait. Eventually, the platform will speed up again after
a minute or so. You can also hide here and try to snipe them as in the first

Either way, the platform will be stopped a second time so again, aim for the
Majini operating the lever. When it gets moving again, use the column to
shield yourself from gunfire. As you near the top stay with your sniper rifle
and use the column again as a shield. Five Majini with AKs will be waiting
on the staircase. Stay back and use the column to block most of their shots,
then aim at them through openings. Some have masks and others don't so pick
your targets and drop them all. Once you're done, go up the stairs and collect
all the dropped goods. Go down the walkway into the next corridor. Approach
the door to reach the next area. You'll come into a large cave which opens up
to a large chamber. Before you exit the cave corridor, look to the roof and
you should find the RUBY (BRILLIANT) that you can shoot down. 


This is the last room you need to get through but it's by no means a cakewalk.
The ruins in front of you are reached via a drawbridge which just so happens
to be raised right now. The controls are in a nearby building which just
happens to be locked from the inside (what fiend planned all of this?!). Your
only alternative? Take a lift up and try to enter from the top. Go to the
north side of the building and open the box. Operate the lever here to activate
another lever near the lift. 


Before tugging on the lever, look down the shaft from the south side (you can
get a better view this way). On the right (east) side of the elevator shaft is
this emblem. 

Now here's where you need to make a choice on who to send. The goal here is
to go across the upper ledge, all the way around to reach a large blue 
container and push it slowly out of the way until the person can drop into the
building. The problem? A ton, and I mean a ton of Lickers will be attacking
that person from the scaffolding. If you're going solo, you can send Sheva
and just provide her cover with your sniper rifle. She usually gets the job
done so you don't have to worry. 

If you decide to go, you can choose to try and destroy all the Lickers like
before. This is not easy at all though. If you decide to do this, I highly
recommend coming prepared. Bring the Grenade Launcher for one thing. Also have
a slot open (you'll see why). Have several grenades ready, and even some
proximity mines will help a lot. 

I'll be assuming you're sending Chris up so have Sheva operate the lever and
send him up. As Chris, make your way forward across the scaffolding. Two
Lickers will appear. Try and kill these two, just to make it easier. Use your
shotgun (or magnum to be quick about it) and move on. More will soon appear,
so here's where you start running. When you reach the corner, quickly pry open
the box here to get some ACID ROUNDS (this is why you opened up a slot). Now
go across and hurry to the other scaffolding. This is where the blue container

-If You Are Running-

If you just want to get the hell out of here. Get to that container and start
pushing! If you have a human partner this is great. Have them provide you
cover from a safe vantage point with the sniper rifle. Your partner can help
out tremendously by shooting the Lickers off the wall as they climb up. The
stronger the gun, the easier this will be. Doing this means less possible loot
though, if you knock off a lot of them. You can help yourself too by trying to
delay the Lickers with proximity mines placed along the scaffolding. Keep 
pushing until the path is open. Drop down into the building and regroup with 
your teammate to finish the Lickers off (or run across the bridge after 
throwing the lever). 

-If You Are Fighting-

If you want to stand your ground, start by planting some proximity mines on
the scaffolding. If you have a human partner (which is really helpful), they
can use their sniper rifle to aim at the ruin walls and snipe the Lickers as
they are climbing up. One shot from a rifle or magnum knocks the critters off 
the walls and greatly decreases the amount you have to deal with. As the mob of
Lickers draw closer, use the Grenade Launcher and/or Hand Grenades to fend them
off and soften them up. Stay out of range of their tongues and use your magnum
or shotgun to finish them off. The Acid Rounds for the Grenade Launcher do a 
pretty decent job. 

Another tip to keep in mind is that when you move forward and trigger the
second Licker ambush, if you stay on the left side of the room and don't go
along the north side, the number of Lickers that attacks will be greatly
limited. You can reduce the overall number by staying put and just dealing
with the ones that appear for now. Then, when it's clear, move up and the
rest will soon follow. 

If you have the opportunity, open the three lockers inside the building to get

Go across the bridge. Look up above the opening of the next hall and you should
see a sparkling gem. Shoot it down for the TOPAZ (BRILLIANT). Now, move forward
and open the door. A fateful encounter awaits. 


Watch the next scene before reading on!


 /CLASSIFIED S.T.A.R.S. File - Albert Wesker \_________________________________
| Attacks: Rush kick combo, kick attack, gun shot
| Weaskpot: None
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
|Yes, this is actually a two-on-two fight. Your real opponent is Wesker
|though. Jill is just a bothersome fly with a gun. Wesker on the flip side,
|isn't very aggressive. He'll slowly and dramatically make his way toward you
|and if you actually let him get close, he'll unleash some powerful kicks and
|leg sweeps. Shooting at Wesker proves to be utterly futile as his Matrix like
|dodges let him avoid just about every bullet. Shooting at him from a distance
|though, often makes him prepare his running attack. He'll bend his knees and
|prepare to charge you. When he gets in close range, Wesker will unleash a 
|devastating combo attack. This can be countered though using either Square
|or on some occasions, X. 
|The fight has two stages. The first is in this main room with Wesker and Jill.
|You can force the fight to relocate by running to the metal door on the east
|side however. This forces a cutscene in which Wesker kicks Chris through the
|door. Doing this starts the second phase. This is entirely optional however
|and you don't have to go through the door at all. It is highly recommended
|you do though, for several reasons. Also, getting even remotely close to the
|door during the fight will cause you to go through. 
|The most important reason for leaving this beginning room is to escape Jill.
|She will get on your nerves very quickly with her VZ61. If you have a partner,
|they can keep Jill busy by aiming at her, often causing her to roll out of
|the way. Try to avoid shooting Jill though, because if you hurt her too much,
|you get a Game Over. AI Sheva is utterly useless in keeping Jill busy though,
|so on solo, Jill's annoyance is aggravatingly higher.
|Start the fight by going to the staircase behind the pair and grabbing the
|two GREEN HERBs. Go up the stairs too and on the southeast corner balcony,
|break open the vases here. One will have an EMERALD (BRILLIANT). Good. Now,
|let's focus on the fight. 
|As I said, this fight is a lot harder in this room because you have both Jill
|and Wesker to worry about. The best thing to do is make a break for the door
|as soon as you have all the items you want. Once Wesker kicks Chris through,
|the fight suddenly becomes two separate one-on-one battles. Chris will be in
|a little maze-like corridor with Wesker on his tail. AI Sheva will volunteer
|to keep Jill busy. If you have a partner, they should also offer to take care
|of her. 
|As Chris, run away from Wesker and break open any vases you find along the 
|way. Hurry straight ahead into the room you see. As you enter, spy the small
|pot on the shelf on your right. Smash it open and claim the SAPPHIRE (OVAL)
|inside. Turn left and in the adjacent room you'll find a large chest. If Sheva
|followed you in here, you can have her help you in opening it. If she's back 
|in the main room, you might not get any help. Open it to find a SAPPHIRE 
|(BRILLIANT), an EMERALD (OVAL), and a L. Hawk which is a shiny new magnum! Now
|that you have that, you can actually focus on the fight again. 
|This duel will end one of two ways. Either you survive for the seven minutes
|Wesker allotted you, or you take the offensive and weaken him enough. The
|latter is obviously more difficult and requires some preparation and cunning.
|Weakening Wesker is all about damage. The better your guns, the quicker the
|fight will end. The best choice is a well upgraded magnum. Hurting him is the
|tricky part, because as you have gathered, Wesker has dynamic reaction time. 
|If you put enough distance between you and Wesker, he'll stop and talk. These
|are the moments when he is vulnerable. Use your map and note his location. The
|best strategy is to use the chest room as the center and just go in circles
|around it. Use the option to take cover behind walls and eye your map as
|Wesker draws closer. Wait for him to stop in place and look around. Take this
|chance to fire at him a few times. After a few hits, Wesker will rush you. If
|you want, get off the wall fast and counter his attack. If you stay on the
|wall though, you might be protected. Run away fast though. Run around the 
|L. Hawk chest room and use it to lose Wesker again. Once he's lost you, you
|can attack again. Here's a map to help you get an idea of the chest room
|   Fig. 1
|          Key:  /\ = Wesker                o = Sapphire (Oval)
|               --> = Recommended path    [X] = Chest with S. (Brilliant),
|                 # = Wall                       E. (Oval), and L. Hawk
| #     #
| #     #####################################
| #                                   
| #      /\                    <------ ^        Just keep going around in a
| #  |                                 |         circle around this room. Stop
| #  |  #############################  | #####    when Wesker begins talking
| #  |        #        [X]          #  | #         and stops to look around. 
| #o |        #                     #  | #          That's your chance!
| #  V        #                     #  | #   
| #  |        #                     #  | #
| #  |----->------>------>------>------  #
| #                                      #
| ########################################
| Fig 2. 
|                           Key: /\ = Wesker    * = Recommended Attack Point
|                                 # = Wall
| #     #
| #     #####################################
| #                                   
| #      /\                      <----*
| #                                    
| #     ############################  /\ #####   This diagram is a little
| #          #         [X]         #     #        confusing, but basically
| #o         #                     #  ^  #         the two hallways are a good
| #          #                     #  |  #          spot for ambushing Wesker.
| #          #                     #  |  #           You can ambush him if he
| #       /\               <----------*  #            comes through the S.
| #                                      #             (Oval) room from the 
| ########################################              side hallway. Just run
|                                                        after that and wait 
|                                                         for your next chance.
|For your partner, if you have one. Keep in mind not to harm Jill. Just keep
|her busy by aiming at her and avoiding her gun attacks. AI Sheva might
|actually lead Jill into the corridor with you and Wesker. This isn't much of
|a problem because they'll usually just past through. If Wesker aims for Sheva
|though, you can use this opportunity to attack him again. Some other freak
|things may occur, such as Sheva getting critically injured by Jill in the 
|main room, which almost guarantees that you will lose if you're in the
|corridor with Wesker. 
|Whatever you do, don't leave the corridor to return to the main room. It's 
|best you keep the battles separate like this. Repeat the strategy of hiding
|and attacking and keep doing damage to Wesker. If you are lucky enough, you 
|might be able to hurt him enough to make him fall to one knee. This means
|you've hurt him enough. You'll gain the "Bad Blood" Trophy for this! Nice!
|Once you do that, Wesker will flee to the main room and the fight will end.
|If this is your first time through the game though, you might not have quite
|the firepower to weaken Wesker enough, that is, unless you've been upgrading
|all of the beginning weapons. If you can't do this or it just seems too hard,
|rely on running and surviving for the seven minutes. Try to avoid Wesker in
|the corridor, and not going back to the main room. If you have a partner and
|they need help though, go to their aid, especially if you need to heal. 
|When either you've done enough damage to Wesker or your seven minutes is up,
|the fight ends.

It's not over yet though. After a scene, Wesker exits, stage right. That leaves
you with one last opponent. If you forced Wesker to his knees in the last
fight (and got "Bad Blood"), look for a new treasure at the start of this next
fight. In between the staircases you'll find the HEART OF AFRICA. 

 /CLASSIFIED S.T.A.R.S. File - Jill Valentine \________________________________
| Attacks: VZ61 guns (different style attacks), leg sweep, kick 
| Weakspot: Device (on chest)
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
|A fateful fight indeed! The goal in this battle is obviously not to kill Jill
|(unless you want big fat Game Over screen), but to free her from Wesker's
|control. To do this, you gotta pry off that thing on her chest. This is a fun
|fight for co-op so grab a buddy if you can.
|Whatever Jill is on, it makes her very agile and apparently gives her the
|powers of Spider-Man. She'll mainly move around the floor in some pseudo
|martial arts style and try to kick you if you get too close. Her main attack
|however is with her VZ61's. She'll stop to use these and shoot them in a few
|different ways. She may sweep them across the room or shoot at you directly.
|She'll even climb up the walls and shoot at you from above. Uh, hey! Get down
|from there!
|To remove the device you or your partner must restrain Jill, while the other
|mashes away on the X button (PS3) to pull it. Anyone can restrain Jill by
|getting behind her and hitting the button. You just need to be wary of her
|kicks. Easy there, Chun-Li! 
|The problem is you can't just straight up remove it. Believe me, I've tried.
|You actually need to weaken the device first. How do you do that? By shooting
|it of course! Once again, the easiest way to do this is to have someone hold
|Jill down. This allows the other person to get as close as they need and
|steady their aim. As you can guess, if you have some terrible aiming, you can
|hurt Jill and that is not good. Luckily, the device itself has a pretty 
|welcoming range for bullets so even if you aren't accurate to within a hair,
|you'll probably hit it. 
|Damaging it stuns Jill temporarily. You can follow this up by having your
|partner throw her down to the floor. Then you can approach her and start 
|pulling on the device. It won't likely work however. You need to repeat this
|process to succeed! Teamwork is key! 
|AI Sheva usually gets in position to restrain Jill so you don't need to worry.
|You can do it yourself too and let her handle the pulling. The focus now is
|weakening the device though. You also don't need to have Jill restrained to
|shoot it. If you are quick enough, you can also shoot the device when Jill is
|stopping to shoot at you, or when she's on the walls. Just be careful if you
|do this. 
|Shoot the device a couple times and that will prepare it to be pulled off. 
|Now there are two ways to do this. One is with teamwork and the other is a
|solo job. You can shoot the device and then have your partner or AI Sheva 
|throw down Jill to the floor again. Get on top of her and start pulling. If
|you weakened the device enough, that will end the fight. This is not rewarding
|The other way is to start pulling when your partner is restraining Jill. Just
|approach her and begin pulling. If you weakened it enough, this should work.
|If not, Jill will free herself and then kick at your partner, so they should
|be ready to dodge. If you do it this way however, pulling the device while
|your partner holds Jill, you'll be rewarded. Ending the fight this way gets
|you the "Masters of Removing" Trophy. Schwing! 
|Do what you have to, but don't hurt Jill (despite how much you may want to 
|after the previous fight...). Get that thing off and you're home free. 

With that trial over, you'll have a semi warm and fuzzy scene to watch. It
concludes with the end of the chapter.

/Chapter 6-1: Ship Deck \______________________________________________________

Items and Intel

o-------ITEMS------o  o----WEAPONS----o  o-----------TREASURES-----------o   
|Machinegun Ammo x2|  |J. Breaker (SG)|  |Jewel Bangle x3 - 1000         |   
|Rifle Ammo        |  |               |  |Topaz (Oval) - 2000            |   
|Hand Grenade      |  o---------------o  |Dead Bride's Necklace x3 - 2000| 
|Green Herb x6     |                     |                               |
|Red Herb          | o----KEY ITEMS----o o-------------------------------o
|Egg (Rotten)      | |Crane Keycard    | 
|                  | |Tanker Keycard A |
o------------------o |Tanker Keycard B |
                     |                 |

From here on, just upgrade what you want. Go with capacity to get quick ammo
refills, and maintain firepower especially if you're opting on the newer
weapons. Sell off the treasures, including the Heart of Africa if you got it. 
You're coming to the home stretch so do what you gotta do. 


As you begin, you should gather pretty fast that this place is big. Also, there
are a lot of high up places. A quick look around with your sniper rifle will
probably spot some enemies in high places. Go ahead and ring a few shots out.
This is good because it will bring a few Majini running to your location. Just
stay on the upper ledge and shoot at them when they get close. All of them have
stun rods so they can't shoot you. Just waste them as they desperately try to
climb the ladder to get to you.

When that is over with, drop down and open the boxes. Proceed up the stairs and
approach the large tower/mast structure. Climb up the ladder to the platform,
then the big ladder on the other side to get to the top. A Majini awaits at the
top, unless you sniped him earlier. Up here, get any goods and use your sniper
rifle now again. Look to the south. It's very dark but you should see a crane
with it's large metal arm or whatever hovering over the ship. On top of this
is a lone Majini. Snipe him down to get a reward later on. Now drop down and
go north, dropping down yet another ladder to reach the bow of the ship. Climb
the ladder and you'll find several boxes to your left and right for goods.

Now, try to go south up the stairs and two Adjules will leap out of a freight
container. Quickly arm yourself with your shotty and have at them. Move away
from the stairs as two Majini make their way to you. Beware of their armor and
also their long exaggerated swings (they'll get really close to you fast). One
will become a parasite so have a Flash Grenade or your shotty ready.

Proceed down the walkway and when you reach the other side, a fat Majini will
be waiting. Try to snipe him before he gets close and you can easily bring him
down. Collect the JEWEL BANGLE and proceed further. Two more Adjules and a 
Majini attack. Manage them all with your shotgun before they get too close. 
Switch weapons to kill the Majini, then move very cautiously forward. Another
Majini will try and ambush you from around the corner, swinging his stun rod
so back away quickly. Shoot him and he'll turn into one of the Duvalia
parasites. Damnit! Back away and use whatever weapons you can to weaken him and
shoot his mouth weakspot. You can also back all the way up to the bow and climb
one of the ladders. This guy can't climb so you can try to exploit that. It
makes getting a clear shot a little tougher but it makes things easier. 

Once that's done, continue south and drop down the ledge. Open the boxes here
and enter the corridor. One of the little alleys has a box so get that. Keep
moving til you find a strange obstruction with a green lighted panel. Press
the button to open the path. The only way to go is west for more boxes and a
ladder. Climb up and approach the large blue container. With your partner,
push it out of the way so you can drop down to the center area below. This is
where a lot of things will develop quickly so be ready. 

As you meander into this area, the crane will drop a cage on Sheva. It doesn't
matter who gets there first; it will always be Sheva. To make matters worse, a
bunch of Majini will attack you here. Sheva can help you from the cage but it's
not easy. As Chris, you can easily be snuck up on here. Back up into the 
right-hand corner and watch for Majini dropping in right in front of you. Use 
your best weapons to keep them at bay. Also target the Majini in the container
above. He has grenades, but as long as you stay on the south side, you can't 
be hurt. 

The big player here is the shield Majini that drops in at the end. He turns
into another one of those damn Duvalia parasites. Hopefully your partner will
provide you a little cover from the cage. Use the entire space of this area
to your advantage and run around to get time to shoot. Once he dies, you can
pick up the CRANE KEYCARD from his corpse.


Don't leave just yet. On the north side of this area is that open container.
There was a Majini in there throwing grenades remember? Well inside that 
container is an emblem. It's really, really hard to see from just about any
angle so your best bet is to toss a grenade in there and that should do the
trick for you. Just pay attention to your screen and look for the Emblem to
appear in the bottom right and listen for the sound too. 

Now, to escape, aim at the green light to the north. Shoot it to raise the 
platform in your way. 

Back out here, approach the terminal and open the door with your keycard. Head
up the stairs and shoot the Majini that springs out at you. He'll likely
explode. Now, whip out your sniper rifle and take a look up at the crane. Right
up the first ladder is one Majini waiting, so snipe him. Now, go ahead and
climb up. Approach the next ladder and you'll likely see that two Adjules, like
vultures, are surrounding the cage. The cage will protect Sheva so if you have
a partner, have him or her take them out safely. Meanwhile, climb the next
ladder and attack the Majini here. Before throwing the lever, try to make sure
the Adjules below are dead. Help out your partner or AI Sheva by trying to
snipe them from above if possible. When they're dead, raise the cage to free


Before you go back down, you can get another emblem if you have the patience
and ammo. From the top level of the crane, use your sniper rifle and aim for
a very shadowy structure to the south. It has a dish like device at the top and
that is where you can barely make out the blue circle that is the emblem.
Hitting it is no easy feat. Try to rely on the natural shakiness of the sights
rather than trying to manually line up the emblem with the stick. Keep shooting
until you get it. 

Return to the ground immediately and find your partner. Return to where the
cage was and climb the ladder. Open the boxes here and go north. Pick up the
GREEN HERB and then cross the new platform made from the cage to a box. Go
north and then turn right. Hop across each container to reach a safe at the
end. Inside you'll find 3000 GOLD. Beware of several Majini that will attempt
to drop in on you. Shoot them from beyond the gap and then return once it's

Enter the area in the center with the two green platforms. Two fat Majini will
appear. One will be below and one will be on top with you. They can get up to
you amazingly, so try to have your human partner (if you have one) deal with
one while you take care of the other. Otherwise, AI Sheva might do this for
you as well. Kill them both to get the JEWEL BANGLES. Drop down and in the
center here you'll find another treasure, the TOPAZ (OVAL). Where did this
come from, you may ask? Well, remember that Majini on top of the crane you
shot down earlier? Yep, he dropped this. 

Now, to get out of here, you and your partner must stand on the green 
platforms. You gotta shoot the green lights for each other to lift each other
out of here. AI Sheva automatically gets into position and helps you out so
do the same for her. Depending on what side you choose, you have a few things
to find. On the right side, you can get a few boxes, including some in a gap
that forces you to start the lifts over again. 

The other person can find a few boxes, plus an area to drop down into. Venture
back north here to find another one of those platforms in your way. Use the
green light control to lift it up. This will free an Adjule so be ready. Once
it's dead, enter the nook  here to find a safe with another 3000 GOLD. 

Climb the ladder and go south now. Another pair of Adjules will be waiting 
below. Shoot them before dropping down. Reunite with your partner and head
up the stairs to open the door.


Take the GREEN HERB, MACHINEGUN AMMO, and the HAND GRENADE inside here. Next,
go downstairs and open a few boxes. Proceed into the hall. Drop down the
hatch. Go down this long series of staircases that spiral downward as you
listen to some talking. At the bottom, a few boxes wait, along with a silver
case containing a JAIL BREAKER. This very sexy shotgun is a good upgrade, so 
keep it unless you're upgrading the Ithaca, in which case, store the Jail 
Breaker in your inventory later. 

Go west now and open the door. Once the scene is over, turn around. Break open
the glass compartments here to reach some RIFLE AMMO. Near the door, collect


Look to the north wall. The flowers should be on your left. Raise your view
up until you see a cabinet or something with this emblem inside. Take aim and
fire. If you've gotten every emblem up to this point, congrats, you will get
the "Badge of Honor" Trophy!

Proceed into the next room and it's a big one. A lot of enemies are waiting
below too. Use your sniper rifle from above and shoot a few of them before
they notice you. If you're co-oping, you can have one player go down and attack
while the other covers them from above with the sniper rifle. The alarm will
sound and a bunch of AK Majinis will appear. Use the cover you're provided
to protect yourself. Beware a Majini with a stun rod coming at you. Pop out
from cover and carefully snipe each one, or if you have a partner down there
dealing with them, give him or her some help. Move along the walkway to get
a better view of some more enemies, including one on the high ledge to the

Drop down and deal with any remnants. Search on the right side for some
MACHINEGUN AMMO. When you drop down here, you'll trigger the appearance of a
Majini on the walkway where you entered (to the northwest). He'll start 
chucking grenades down at you which will quickly become annoying so make him
your primary target. Move further west and grab the GREEN HERB on the left.
Some more Majini will appear, including one hiding in a container in the corner
who will also throw grenades. Try to have one player distract and kill the
other Majini while the one with the sniper rifle takes out the one in the
container. Be careful dealing with the shield Majini. Use the red barrels 
here to help you out. 

More AK Majini will be waiting, most of them on the other side of the 
containers and junk here in the corner. Shoot them all and when all of the foes
have been felled, drop down the nearby hatch. Down the corridor, shoot the
next Majini. Continue through and two more will be waiting around the corner.
One has an AK, and the other has a stun rod and a parasite so be careful. The
shotgun is perfect in these cramped corridors. 

When you reach the ladder, one more Majini drops in on you. He turns into the
Duvalia parasite which is bad news. Back up and let loose with everything
you have, including grenades. 

Climb the ladder out and turn immediately to your right. A few Majini will be
waiting and one will eagerly try to throw a grenade. Aim quickly for the red
canister nearby to blow them all to hell. Pick up the loot here, including an
EGG (ROTTEN) and a RED HERB. Keep the Rotten Egg as it will come in handy soon.
Move east through this room now. You'll notice the other red canisters, which
may clue you in that something is coming. It's not another Uroboros though...

It's that guy with the gatling gun! Yikes! Take cover and wait for his volley
of bullets to stop. Pop out when you can and take a few shots at him. It's
really hard to stun him unless you aim squarely at his head so you'll need to
keep ducking to avoid becoming Chris Redfield brand Swiss Cheese. Use the red
canister and a nearby Proximity Mine if you can lure the big guy near them.
If you stun him, you can unleash the rare melee attack, the Haymaker. This
guy takes a lot of punishment so you might end up using a lot of ammo here.
Try to thin his health down with grenades and other explosives first though.
Once he dies, he offers the TANKER KEYCARD A. 

There's obviously a B somewhere so let's find it. First, check the corner to
find a GREEN HERB and some boxes. Get onto the higher platform and take the
stairs near the door to go west. Drop down here to find a platform with some
boxes and a safe. The safe has TANKER KEYCARD B. With both in hand, go to the
door and open it together.

Inside here, a few more rocket launcher Majini are waiting. Take cover and
wait for them to shoot before attacking. Try to be quick because the cover
is destructible and they'll quickly expose you if you hesitate. A third guy
with a rocket launcher will also appear so kill him too. Collect all the goods
here, including a GREEN HERB in the northwest corner, near a box too. Go south
now. Some of the rocket launcher guys will drop DEAD BRIDE'S NECKLACEs, so
gather those. Exit through the south door to find an elevator around the

Watch the scene and the part will end. You're getting closer...

/Chapter 6-2: Main Deck \______________________________________________________

Items and Intel

o-------ITEMS------o   o---WEAPONS---o   o--------TREASURES--------o   
|Handgun Ammo x3   |   |None         |   |Chalice (Gold) x2 - 3000 |   
|Shotgun Ammo x2   |   |             |   |                         |  
|Rifle Ammo        |   o-------------o   o-------------------------o
|Proximity Bomb    |                     
|Green Herb x2     |  o---KEY ITEMS---o  
|                  |  |Bridge Keycard |  
o------------------o  |               |

You'll start this part outside on a new area of the ship. You'll approach a
rather ghastly site and this will trigger a scene. Oh, poor Excella. A new
scene starts and you've got some buttons to hit. This part is tough on co-op
because you have to rely on your partner to hit their buttons as well. AI
Sheva always hits them so long as you get yours. A lot of dodge buttons, Square
and X alternating, will appear in succession so keep mashing them. You'll
come to a part where you have to climb over a container. On co-op, Chris must
hit L1 + R1 together first to lift Sheva up. Then the player controlling 
Sheva must hit the buttons to pull him up. After this, mash X to run and
finally escape inside.


Head down the hall and turn the corner. You'll spot a GREEN HERB at the end
but be cautious. As you draw near, one of Uroboros' appendages tries to
grab you from the vent above. This will be a recurring danger for the next few
areas so watch out and be ready to hit those buttons. Grab the herb and then
enter the nearby room. Open up the lockers for some HANDGUN AMMO, and a 

Head out into the next hall and dodge near a dead body as another tentacle
crashes in. Move forward to a door on your left and enter. Only the locker in
the southeast corner of this room has anything inside, so open it for some
RIFLE AMMO. Enter the next room and you can pilfer a PROXIMITY BOMB from the
corpse and some SHOTGUN AMMO on the desk. The second locker from the left has
some HANDGUN AMMO inside. Go out the door and start moving west. Another
Uroboros appendage will attack so be ready. 

Go up the stairs and turn. You'll see a body be thrown to the ground from out
of the corner. This guy is actually alive though; it's a trap you'll easily
fall into in a moment so let's prevent that. This is a good opportunity to get
a new Trophy though.


First thing I would like to note is that you are by no means required to get
this Trophy now. You got the Rotten Egg not too long ago and assuming you
still have it, you only have a few opportunities to get this Trophy until the
game ends, and not many of these chances are great. You can easily just keep
the egg and it will show up in your inventory in a New Game+ where it will be
much easier to use it in the beginning of the game. It's up to you. 

If you want to get it now, start by shooting that enemy that's laying on the
floor. When he gets up, shoot him a couple more times with your handgun in a
few non-vital areas (legs, etc). This is just to weaken him. The Rotten Egg has
a lot of power (about as much as a magnum shot) so shooting the Majini is just
to ensure that the egg will be a one shot kill. Let the enemy get close and
equip the egg. It's like a grenade in the way Chris holds it, but there's an
option to eat it. Do not under any circumstances do that however, because you
will not only miss your chance, but the egg will deplete your health when
consumed. Aim and fire and the egg should kill the Majini easily, nabbing you
the Trophy.

If you don't have the egg or just want to wait for a better opportunity later
or in a new game, just shoot the guy from afar til he's dead.

Enter the room on your left to find a few goods. The middle locker has a
CHALICE (GOLD). Also take the GREEN HERB in the opposite corner. Exit now and
go around the corner where that Majini was laying. A whole corridor full of
Majini are laying down here. It's quite obvious they're alive though because
as you can see, their stun rods are active. Unlike their counterpart that you
killed though, these guys are really good fakers. No matter what you do, they
won't die, so don't waste bullets and just spring the obvious trap by walking
down the hallway. Use your shotgun to get any Majini out of your way, then
make an about face and shoot the rest coming at you. One will become a Duvalia
AKA fly trap type parasite so you have to deal with that. Use a grenade to make
it easier. 

Pick up the BRIDGE KEYCARD he drops and use it to open the door in the east
room. Before moving on, you can read the document in the corner if you want. 

Go up the next staircase into the bridge. Wesker was here... Turn right and
grab the HANDGUN AMMO. There's a door on the south side that you can't open
yet. On the other side is a small niche where you'll find some SHOTGUN AMMO.
Move over to the other staircase and read the document on the wall. As luck
would have it, there's a weapon for you to  use in this fight. Go up the stairs
and open the door. 

Outside, open the boxes and then go through the door. A fight begins. 


 /BSAA B.O.W. File - Uroboros Aheri \__________________________________________
| Attacks: Ram attacks, minions leaping
| Weakspots: Tentacle cores, main core
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
|It may seem a little daunting at first, but this fight isn't too hard. This
|thing will simply attack you with its appendages. They move in obvious ways
|before doing so, rearing back and spinning. You can always dodge these with
|the button prompts. The main annoyance may very well be the little minions it
|spawns. You'll learn about them soon. 
|As the fight starts, immediately find the panel on the south wall. This houses
|the rocket launcher device that you read about below deck. It doesn't shoot
|rockets though. What this thing does is set a homing beacon for a satellite to
|fire a powerful laser. That's basically what you need to do to kill this
|Operate the device with L1 and try to lock in on the bright orange ends of
|the Uroboros tentacles. These are the things you need to hit. There's only
|two to worry about for now. The problem is these things move around a lot and
|it's hard to lock on. To make things easier, your partner should give you a
|hand by shooting at the orange spots. Hitting them with enough bullets makes
|them turn dark red. This means they're stunned and they will stop moving, 
|making it easy for the LTD operator to lock on. Do so and fire. This will make
|the satellite blast the tentacle off. 
|The satellite needs to recharge as you can see. Put it down and prepare for
|this boss' most annoying attack. Every time you blast off its appendages, it
|sends these little bastards after you. They cover most of the upper and lower
|platforms and they'll leap at you for damage. You and your partner should fend
|these off (they're easy to kill) while waiting for the LTD to recharge. Pick
|it up when you're ready and prepare to fire at the second tentacle. Again,
|your partner should try and freeze the thing by shooting it (though you can
|do it without stunning it, it's just harder). 
|Destroy the second one and the main core appears. This is the boss' main
|weakspot. Wait for the LTD to charge again by killing more of the little
|minions. Pick it up and then fire at the core. Don't waste time, shoot as soon
|it's charged or else the core will hide again. 
|This is the hard part. When you hit the core, it'll vanish and four new
|tentacles appear. You have to cut all of these down, but they're not gonna 
|make it easy. They begin by hovering up high above. It seems strange but the
|boss is actually preparing an instant death attack. If you wait too long, it's
|game over as the boss crashes down onto the platform, squishing you and Sheva.
|Fire up the LTD immediately and lop one of its appendages off. 
|After this, they'll attack pretty often and so you'll see a lot of dodge
|buttons appear. It's easy to miss them so prepare to get hurt a little. You
|can help yourself a lot though by killing the minions. They have a very high
|chance of dropping ammo, grenades or Green Herbs. Kill them off to get some
|health items if you need them. Wait for the LTD to charge and then fire at
|the tentacles, preferring stunned targets if your partner can help you out. 
|This cycle will repeat itself and it's not too hard to keep it under control.
|Shoot weakspot, clean up minions, shoot weakspot, shoot main weakspot. When
|you kill off the four tentacles, the core appears again so shoot at it once
|the LTD charges. You only have to hit it one more time so do your best to
|stay alive. Keep killing off the minions and you'll surely find spare Herbs.
|Only two tentacles remain so fire at them when you can. Dodge their attacks
|and stun them. Once they're off, fire at the core one last time and you're

With the boss defeated, you're done with this part. It's time to move on to the

/Chapter 6-3: Bridge Deck \____________________________________________________

Items and Intel

o-------ITEMS------o   o---WEAPONS---o   o-----------TREASURES-----------o   
|Flash Grenade     |   |RPG-7 (temp.)|   |Power Stone x2 - 5000          |   
|Green Herb x7     |   |             |   |Dead Bride's Necklace x2 - 2000|  
|                  |   o-------------o   |Diamond (Marquise) - 5000      |
o------------------o                     |                               |
                     o----KEY ITEMS----o o-------------------------------o
                     |Hangar Keycard A | 
                     |Hangar Keycard B |

Do your last upgrades. If you ask me what will be most important in this last
stretch, I'd say your handgun, sniper rifle, and shotgun, in no particular
order. You might need them all though so be ready. 


You'll begin where you left off. All of the dropped goods from the Uroboros
minions are gone unfortunately. Find the door you used to enter this area and
leave through it to return to the bridge. 

Find the south door that we couldn't open earlier. It's an elevator, and it
will now take you to a new area. 


Here, start off by using your sniper rifle. Snipe the Majini on the platform
a little bit to the right. There are two on the platform below, as well as one
on a walkway straight across from where you are.

Go left down the walkway now and grab the GREEN HERB to the left. Drop down
the ledges into some water. A Majini with a stun rod will immediately flank
you so be prepared. Climb out and then go across the walkway to the west. Go
around and find the lever here. Grab the GREEN HERB first, then throw the
lever. The large bulkhead doors will open but they take a long time. Meanwhile,
a lot of enemies will come at you. There's a few ways you can do this. You can
try holding your ground here, near the lever. You can also flee and run past
all the enemies and fight them in the center platform where there's more room.
You can also have one player run to the center, while the other provides cover,
but just beware with that player the enemies on the walkway near the lever. 

Whatever you choose, just be really careful of all the stun rod wielding Majini
as they can get annoying fast. You probably noticed how they will prepare their
swing and sort of "skip" toward you to attack. Keep them all at bay. Once the
bulkhead opens, more Majini, this time with AK's, will attack. Use the large
columns for cover and attack when you see your window. Before moving forward,
make sure you target a Majini on the top of the far wall. He has a rocket
launcher so be sure you get him. Press forward, carving your way through the
enemies that appear.

After you hop the gap, grab the FLASH GRENADE on your left. Move beyond this
column and there will be a GREEN HERB on the left. Watch out for another rocket
launcher Majini on the adjacent walkway. More AK guys will also appear at the
far end so take cover. As you approach the next bulkhead, there will be more
Majini to deal with. There are two sections to the left and right of the
door with lower areas and also some walkways. Fully explore above and below on
these sides to find three GREEN HERBS and at least two DEAD BRIDE'S NECKLACES.

Beware when you return to the center area that more AK Majinis will appear
seemingly out of nowhere. Don't underestimate them so take cover and shoot when
it's safe to do so. Once the coast is clear, operate the levers with your
partner to open the second bulkhead. 

Once it starts opening, turn around immediately. Two Reapers will lumber
toward you. Have that shotgun ready. Luckily, the one on the right will reach
you first, giving you a good chance to kill it before the other gets there.
If you have to deal with both, make sure you and your partner keep a safe
distance between yourselves and these bugs. No reason to let them back you up
against the wall, run away if you have to. If you can trust your partner to it,
have them deal with one Reaper, while you handle the other. Shoot all their
weakspots one by one and then finish them off. Collect the two POWER STONES
and then wait drop off the left side of the platform and wait here below for
the bulkhead to finally open.

Once it does, two of those gatling gun wielding Majini appear! Holy crap...
Hop the gap and approach the ladder on your left (this is why you dropped down
to the lower ledge just a moment ago). Climb up to find a turret of your own.
Have one player use it while the other stands by and focuses on the normal
Majini that will try to get at you. The one wielding the turret should shoot
the two gatling gun foes. Fire some rounds into their heads to stun them.
Alternate between the two so that neither one gets a chance to shoot. Keep
firing and let the turret cool off for a second when you have to. Once they're
both dead, turn your sights on the other Majini. When most or all of them are
dead, drop down. Find the corpses of the two big guys and take the HANGAR
KEYCARD A and HANGAR KEYCARD B. If there are no more enemies hindering your
path, make your way to the door and use the keycards.

In this little hallway, do your last preparations. Make sure you got enough
ammo and healing items, and that they are well distributed. Save your game
and back out if necessary to sell treasure or what have you. When you're ready,
open the door and prepare for a scene, followed by a fight.


 /S.T.A.R.S. Top Secret File - Albert Wesker \_________________________________
| Attacks: Kicks, Leg Sweep, Gun Shot, Missile Throw
| Weakspot: None
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
|The final showdown. Pull out all the stops for this. Wesker is virtually the
|same as he was in the fight with Jill. He still has those amazing reflexes and
|his Keanu Reeves moves. The same strategy will also apply here but it won't
|kill him. Wesker also will have a new move where he appears before the shuttle
|and throws missiles at you. Yeah, actual missiles, and they hurt. A lot. 
|Start the fight off by running to the northwest corner. You should easily spot
|a glass case with a Rocket Launcher inside. Take it and run. What you need to
|do now is set the conditions in this room to make it easier to hide. There
|are three levers around the arena, in the southwest, southeast and northeast
|corners. Throwing each of these levers turns off some of the lights. This
|makes it easier to hide and to ditch Wesker. The same strategy applies in that
|you need to make your shot when Wesker stops and begins to look around. If
|the lights are off, this happens easier. 
|Wesker can throw the levers and turn the lights back on though, so you may
|need to run around and throw them again. The main idea here is to just keep
|a very good distance between you and Wesker and keep the lights off, waiting
|for him to stop. Once he does, open fire with the Rocket Launcher. If you are
|successful, Wesker will stop the rocket with his bare hands! Hurry now and
|fire at the rocket to detonate it in his face. This explosion will stun him.
|Hurry and grab him from behind to restrain him. The idea here is to hold him
|down while the other player delivers the shot. It won't work the first time
|though as Wesker quickly regains himself.
|Grab the Rocket Launcher again. You need to find another rocket. There are a
|few to be found in some of the boxes around the main floor. There are a bunch
|above you however. Go up the ladders and across the walkway to a small area at
|the top where another glass case is. Find a few rockets here. Just be careful
|because Wesker will quickly follow you up here. You can either manually reload
|the rocket yourself, or have your partner grab one for you. If your partner
|fetches the rocket, use Circle to plant the launcher down while they reload 
|it for you, also by hitting Circle when they get close with the round.
|Once you're armed again, keep the lights off and run away from Wesker. Wait
|until he stops again, then fire again. AI Sheva might automatically attempt to
|restrain him, but on co-op, you or your partner must decide who will do this.
|If AI Sheva doesn't, you'll have to do it yourself. It should only take the
|second rocket explosion to do this. If necessary though, you might need to get
|a third. Stun him, restrain him, stab him, silence him. The fight is over...

Wesker isn't done quite yet though. He'll get on the shuttle and fire it up. 
The next scene will be an interactive one so be ready. This one is also really
tough on co-op because each player has buttons to press and the cutscene starts
again each time you die. Just skip ahead to the parts where you have to hit
the buttons if this keeps happening. 

First Wesker will try to impale you or your partner. Again, if you're co-oping,
both players have to hit their buttons. After this, the prompts will switch
between Chris and Sheva and each player has to hit their button for their
respective part. If you're soloing, you have to hit the buttons for both
characters. Chris has to shoot at Wesker to stop him, then Sheva must break
free of Wesker's chokehold. After that, Sheva must shoot at Wesker to slow him
down as Chris operates the lever. 


What a strange place for an RE game to end. Once you have control again, open
the boxes behind you for some ammo and stuff. Now try to go northeast only to
be interrupted by a scene. 

You saw this coming, didn't you? It couldn't be over that soon anyway. Wesker
seems to be suffering from Liquid Snake-Why Won't You Die?!-itis. Thus begins
the final boss fight. 


 /BSAA B.O.W. File - Albert Wesker \___________________________________________
| Attacks: Swipe, Slam, Ground Attack, Whirlwind
| Weakspot: Orange spots on back and chest
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
|Wesker's final incarnation isn't pretty, both figuratively and literally. He
|gets too close, and it's curtains for you. Turn and run immediately. You'll
|cross a bridge and as soon as Chris gets 2/3rds across, it will collapse. 
|Before you do this, you should take advantage of a secret that will nab you
|a cleverly hidden treasure. Before crossing the bridge, notice that on the
|other side of it, there is like an rock wall that arches over the next
|platform. It's hard to describe, but you should be able to figure it out. Fire
|on this rock formation with a shotgun or rifle and it will collapse. Now, you
|can cross the bridge and you and Sheva will be separated. Sheva will always 
|be on the high platform and Chris must fend with Wesker below. This is an 
|important fight for both players on co-op so know the roles of each player. 
|As Chris, if you destroyed that rock above, start by turning left. The rock
|will have formed a makeshift bridge. Hop across and on the other side, you'll
|find the DIAMOND (MARQUISE). Schwing! Wekser will have followed you across so
|wait for him. If you try and run right past him, you'll die so just wait until
|he raises his arm to attack. Once he does that, slip by and then cross the
|other platform. Now lure Wesker to the center of this area, taking the slope 
|up. As he slowly makes his way toward you, start shooting. Meanwhile, Sheva 
|should move along the ledge a little bit and with a sniper rifle, she should 
|start aiming at Wesker. The goal is to expose a weakspot on Wesker's back, a 
|bright orange organ of some sort. Your partner as Sheva, can try to hit this 
|from afar, but it's best if Chris does it. Sheva should still try and give 
|Chris some cover though. 
|Once you hurt Wesker a bit, he'll come after Sheva. The player controlling
|Sheva needs to run now. When they cross the next bridge, it collapses too, but
|Sheva manages to hold on. Now it's Chris' turn to cover his partner. Use a
|sniper rifle or anything else to keep shooting at Wesker and slow him down.
|Wesker will retaliate by shooting projectiles at Chris. Dodge them easily with
|the prompt buttons. AI Sheva automatically pulls herself up after a while, but
|your human partner needs to mash Square to do this. Keep doing it until Sheva
|is safe. She should run down the ledge all the way to the end and grab the 
|GREEN HERB there. Chris needs to immediately go to the east end of the 
|platform and find the giant boulder. The player controlling Chris (you by 
|default on solo) needs to mash some alternating buttons to push this giant 
|boulder into the lava. Once you do, Sheva can cross. 
|Reunited, flee together to the center platform again. This begins the final
|stage of the fight, marked by a checkpoint. This will be over soon if you
|know what to do. First, Wesker's attacks. He'll sweep his arm back and forth.
|He can also make a wide attack that you can duck under. He also shoots
|projectiles sometimes and can send his Uroboros tentacles through the ground.
|That attack hurts a lot. His new attack you'll see after you stun him. 
|The key to this is again the weakspot on his back. As he moves toward you,
|Wesker will advertise an attack by raising his arm high up. It's easy to dodge
|so try to get around to his back. You can do this easily with a partner by
|having one distract him. Blast him in the back to stun him. This will always
|be followed by a new attack. He'll cause a whirlwind of tentacles to spin
|around him. It's very easy to avoid though because the range is short. Just
|back away after you stun him and you'll be fine. 
|Teamwork is essential here. Work together to stun him, hitting that spot.
|Never stand on the ramp leading up to this area, it's just a bad area to be,
|especially if Wesker starts going after you there. The advantage is giving
|your partner a clear shot at his back. Once you've stunned him the first time,
|the new weakspot on his chest is exposed. This is where you can end the fight
|now. Wesker will either fire projectiles now or just attack normally. Aim at
|the chest weakspot before it vanishes and stun him. When he's stunned, you can
|deliver the final blow. This is important.
|To end the fight, Chris must grab Wesker from behind after you've hit the
|second weakspot. The player controlling Chris has to get behind him and then
|start mashing the button to hold him. If you don't hold it, you'll lose health
|and Wesker will retaliate and kill both of you. The player controlling Sheva
|has to do some mashing too and that will end the fight. From my own
|observation, the restraining can ONLY be done with Chris. I tried in co-op 
|as Sheva with a friend, and the fight just went on and on and on. Only Chris
|can hold down Wesker, so Sheva delivers the attacks. Once you've done this,
|Wesker attempts to strike Sheva, but Chris gives him one last strike to finish
|him for good.

You did it, the fight is over. Now, put a lid on this thing by hitting the
buttons during the cutscene to finish Wesker once and for all! After that, sit
back and enjoy what's left. 

Congratulations! You've beaten Resident Evil 5! 

 _____ \
|  ___| \
|___ \   \        RESIDENT EVIL 5                          [exra]
    \ \   ---------------------------------------------------------------------
/\__/ /  /                         Additional Assignments
\____/  /

Bosses     [exbo]
This section exists merely for simplicity and ease of mind. If you're desperate
to get right to boss strategies, and don't want to read other parts of the
guide (why not just rip my heart out and stomp on it while you're at it?!),
then this is the place to be. Right to the nitty gritty with the boss
strategies. For the most part, these strategies will be nearly the same as
they are in the walkthrough. The key difference is that the "fluff" is taken
out and the strategy is simplified and condensed. Therefore, if something
does not make sense to you, refer to the original strategy in the walkthrough.

*NOTE* Also, I think this goes without saying, but just to make sure: This
section contains some spoilers so be warned! 

  Uroboros     -     Chapter 1-1

Attacks: Lunge, Arm attack, Engulf (Instant Death)
Weakspots: None


Now don't be confused. The boss does technically have "weakspots" in its
shoulders and these do lead to its demise, but that's in the optional 
strategy. Now, the main way to kill this thing is to burn it with the furnace.
Start off by retreating to the furnace room and letting the thing follow you.
The door will close behind it and you're all stuck together like on a bad
reality TV show.... which is every reality TV show. 

When close to you, the boss can lunge at you and attempt to assimilate you.
It can either grab you temporarily or it can fully take you in and that means
death for you. It will also attack you with its arms, often with a wide
swipe that has good range so watch out for it. The boss moves fast when it
needs to. 

Start by toppling the large red gas can. Wait for the boss to engulf this,
then lure it into the furnace. Wait for him to come in too and then shoot
the can inside his body. This will keep him down for a few seconds. Run out
and activate the controls immediately. If you have a partner they can do this
as soon as the red gas can blows up (this will allow you plenty of time to get
out and if necessary, there is an option to dive out before the doors close).
This barbecues Uroboros and ends the fight.


You can also ignore the can and just lure him without it. Lure the boss in on
the south side. The reason is because this allows you to run straight through
the furnace to the north exit and the controls are right there so you can
start closing the doors immediately. The boss shouldn't be able to get out. 


You can ignore the furnace strategy all together however. The boss is not
impervious to gunfire despite what you may think. As noted before, its arms
can be destroyed by shooting the large orange growths in its shoulders. This
is just step one to killing it the old fashioned way.

In this strategy, keeping your distance is key. You need to stay out of range
of his arms so continue backing up. Run through the furnace and out the other
side when necessary. Aim for his shoulders and chop both of his arms off. Once
you've done this, the boss becomes prone for several seconds. Shoot at its
body with whatever you got. 

You can use the red gas canisters to soften him up and instantly stun him for
some free shots. You can only do this twice though. After that, it's up to 
your guns. Continue lopping off his arms, shooting at his prone body, and then
retreating when necessary to do it all over again. Eventually the boss will
fade away.

If you do it with the alternate strategy, the boss leaves you a GOLD RING.

  Chainsaw Majini     -     Chapter 2-1

Attacks: Chainsaw attack (Instant Death)
Weakspots: Head


Ok, I guess really, this guy is more of a mini-boss. He gets main boss cred
though because of the demo of RE5 so there. Anyway, despite what the guy who
does Zero Punctuation tells you, this guy is not the virtual clone of Dr.
Salvador from RE4. There is one major difference that separates them. What is
it? Keep reading. 

When he appears, immediately retreat way past the bus to the two buildings.
Wait for the boss to pass by the first red explosive barrel. Shoot it, then
you and your partner can do some quick melees or potshots. The biggest threat
in this fight is perhaps not the lunatic with the chainsaw, but the Majini
that will be constantly popping up to make it difficult. Deal with them as

Retreat into the alley and set off more explosive barrels. Also use grenades
and other weapons at your disposal. Soften this guy up as much as possible. 
Once you turn the corner in the alley and enter the house, you can make a
complete circle around here and do it again, or you can flee to where the bus

The guy's main weakness is his head. Get enough shots on it and he'll be
stunned, just like with explosives. Use these opportunities to shoot or chain
melees. Depending on how upgrading your weapons are (likely not much if you are
playing for the first time), you might want to value free shots over melee
attacks. Save ammo if you need to though by going with melee attacks. 

The big difference between this dude and Dr. Salvador can also be considered in
a way, his "second weakness". Unlike Dr. Salvador, this guy can often hesitate
for several key seconds before finally lopping your head off. It can often
change, but sometimes he'll just stand there or he'll just be advertising the
strike which in itself, affords you a quick chance to get away. He's easy to
dodge by staying close and merely running past or side stepping his attack. 
Just be careful with AI Sheva that she doesn't get caught in the strike. 


On Veteran and higher, there appears to be a chance that the boss will rise
again after you initially defeat him. You can tell this is definitely going
to happen if the boss falls to his knees first, before going to his face. The
chainsaw is still active too and you can barely hear it. This means he's going
to get up again, so be ready. 

When he does rise again, you'll notice a stark change. The Chainsaw Majini goes
into a frenzied berserker mode, much akin to Dr. Salvador. In this mode, he
can't instantly kill you (unlike his counterpart), but one strike puts you
instantly into DYING state which is almost as bad. The reason this is bad is
because since he attacks so fast and at such a close range, it will only be a
few seconds after reaching DYING state that you'll actually be dead. So if your
partner can't help you quickly enough, this will spell doom for you. 

Worry not, because this form is pretty easy to take out. Just fire on him
with your shotgun a few times and he should go down eventually. Use a Hand
Grenade too if you want and be done with it. 

  Popokarimu     -     Chapter 2-2

Attacks: Arm attack, Claw Attack, Swoop Attack, Acid
Weakspot: Red area under tail


This boss will be far away from you at the start. Take this opportunity to
venture into the shacks and gather items. Most notably, you're after the
few PROXIMITY BOMBS that are laying around. Gather them up and then get on the
lower side of this boss arena. This wide stretch of land is where you should
do most of the fighting. 

The boss will attack in a few different ways. It has two types of close range
attacks. One can be dodged by hitting prompt buttons on screen. The boss moves
pretty fast when it's on the ground so be mindful of that. When flying, it
will swoop down on you and this can be dodged too. 

On the wider part of the arena, plant your Proximity Bombs in roughly the
center. Lure Popokarimu toward them and they should instantly cripple him. 
Now swing around to his abdomen where his weakspot is. It's that red area
with the weird organs and such under his tail. Fire on this at very close 
range with your shotgun. Keep it up until he gets back up. 

Repeat the strategy by planting another Proximity Bomb. Do the same, and use
the shotgun to fire at his weakspot. Alternatively, you can fire at his
weaskspot from the back when he is on the ground, but you are only afforded 
small windows before he turns around. Also, when he is one the ground with his
back turned, his tail can fire acid that can briefly stun you. finally, his
tail is also vulnerable while he is airborne, so you have a variety of ways
to damage him. If you run out of Proximity Bombs, you can rely on Hand Grenades
to produce the same effect. 


On Professional difficulty, you won't be given a single Proximity Bomb in the
arena! Not one! Either prepare by bringing your own or do things the hard
way. Use Hand Grenades or any other explosive you may have accumulated (the
Grenade Launcher can work wonders) through your journey. Getting him in his
weakened state is imperative on this difficulty. Trying to attack from the back
or when he is flying is not advised due to the high risk involved of getting

  Ndesu     -     Chapter 2-3

Attacks: Stomp, swing, telephone pole, charge, earthquake attack, boulder toss
Weakspots: Parasites


You're positioned in a vehicle for this fight so the life bar you are worried
about is actually the condition of the vehicle. The boss has a wide variety
of attacks. It mainly tries to get really close to you and attack with either
its foot by stomping on you, or swinging its arm across (hit the dodge button).
Alternatively, it will sometimes retreat to the far end and pick up a giant
boulder and toss it at you. Rarely, he will force an earthquake and this is
also one that you can save yourself by hitting the prompt buttons. He will also
prepare to charge you with a ramming attack. After he starts taking some hits,
he'll pick up telephone poles and swing them in one of two ways. 

The main way to ward off his stomp, charging, and other attacks is to use the
guns and just fire right on him. He's a really hard target to miss so this
should be relatively simple. Whenever he prepares to stomp you, charge at
you, or get really close with a telephone pole, just keep shooting and he
should be stunned. If he picks up a boulder, either shoot at it continously
or shoot the nearby red barrel to make him drop it (one time only). He will
get close with the telephone poles and most often attacks with a wide swing
that you can dodge with ease. Sometimes though he'll prepare a more direct
attack on the vehicle and that needs to be stopped by shooting him.

Of course, you need to watch out for the guns overheating. Also, if you or a
friend is using Sheva, take special note of how her gun differs from Chris'.
It's a traditional style gatling gun so the barrel needs to begin spinning 
before bullets actually come out. 

The next big thing to watch out for are the Majini on the left baclony and the
pair on the right side. The two on the right can instantly be dealt with by
blowing up the nearby red barrel (one time only). They continue to appear and
will be a nuisance on harder difficulties. Find time to shoot them when you
can, but only when Ndesu isn't standing directly over you. 

Shoot him enough, and the parasites pop out. Two appear at first so make them
your primary targets. The boss will resort to new attacks so be ready. Keep
shooting and pop the two parasites to make the large one appear out of his
back. Fire at this unrelentlessly (take a moment to kill the Majini though if
you really have to). Once it reverts, continue the strategy from the top.

He'll likely introduce the telephone pole now so be wary of that. Keep shooting
and preventing his attacks until the parasites pop out again--four this time.
Again, pay special attention to each of them until the giant parasite appears
a second time. If you got enough shots in on it the first time, a long
continous stream of fire should do the boss in here. If necessary though,
repeat the process one more time for victory. 

  Irving     -     Chapter 3-3

Attacks: Tentacle swipes, bite attacks 
Weakspots: Yellow spot on back, Irving core (inside mouth)


Irving has a few phases to him. Mainly, he'll swim on either side of the boat
and allow you to shoot at him with the guns. There are four guns total, two
gatling guns, and two energy missile launcher guns, one of each on both sides.
Have a player use one of each (if you're soloing, you may often have to command
Sheva to use one). Aim at the large yellow weakspot behind his head. It's not
too hard to hit with the gatling gun. The missile launcher does a lot of
damage but it can be tough to aim. Both guns overheat, but the missile launcher
overheats immediately after one shot, but only for about three seconds. 

Between swimming phases, Irving may either make his appendages appear and they
will slowly get closer and begin attacking (hit the dodge buttons) or he will
attack with another set of tentacles. In the normal phase, you can man the guns
again and shoot the bright yellow midsections of the appendages and lop them
off easily. The missile launcher often destroys them with just one accurate
shot. When enough are severed, he'll back off. In the other phase, he'll either
swat the deck or he'll try and grab one of the players. This puts them in HELP
state but you can't save the person by hitting Circle because they're out of
reach. Instead, shoot the tentacle to free them. 

Irving may also appear at the back of the boat and swim behind it. You can man
both gatling guns (again, assign AI Sheva to one if you're playing solo) and
fire at his weakspot. He will probably submerge eventually and then reappear
to attack with his jaw. Dodge with the buttons that appear. 

After you deal him enough damage, Irving appears permanently in the back and
reveals his true weakspot--his tongue. Fire at this enough until he temporarily
vanishes. He'll appear again in the same spot, but he'll raise four tentacles
to help. If you're playing on co-op, try to have one player focus on the 
tentacles, while the other shoots at Irving. They will attack so they will be
a big distraction from Irving unless you start shooting them. When you are
afforded the chance, fire both turrets at Irving until he eventually dies. 

  U-8     -     Chapter 5-1

Attacks: Claw swipe, Claw swipe (dodge), Pincer attack (dodge), spawn bugs
Weakspots: Exposed red area on arms, exposed head area


The best offense is sometimes a good defense. This guy is a tough fighter
and he'll dominate the inner half of the platform wherever he is positioned.
His claw attacks are wide and only one can be dodged. His carapace is also
so thick that you can't immediately harm him. Notice that the sections on his
main legs are exposed however. Aim for these. They can be a tough shot because
of how much the boss moves. Use either a highly powered pistol, a shotgun or
even a magnum if you really, really have to.

Once you hurt this weakspot enough, the boss will fall, stunned. Now you can
run up to his mouth and throw a Hand Grenade inside him. As long as you have
one equipped, you'll see the prompt to do so; you don't need it equipped. You
will find a Hand Grenade before the fight, as well as one more on the platform
during the fight. 

Repeat this process and after two grenades the shell on his head will be
totally exposed. You can go one of two ways from here. You can either just
shoot at this weakspot (again, sometimes a tough shot because of his moving)
or you can finish him off with a third grenade if you have it. If you need one,
his flying minions that he inevitably sends after you drop a lot of items when
killed so you may luck out and get one. If you want to shoot his head though,
you can make things easier by shooting his leg weakspots again to stun him
first, then fire with your shotgun or magnum. 

During the latter part of the fight, watch out for a new attack. He'll click
his pincers together and rear his arm back before firing it forward. Hit the
dodge buttons to avoid it. Make sure one partner is ready to heal if necessary
as the boss, again, can be pretty aggressive. 

  Urorboros Mkono     -     Chapter 5-2

Attacks: Arm attack, arm detach attack, lunge, engulf
Weakspots: Three cores


He is very similar to the first one you fought, both in his attacks and his
weakness to fire. He'll often detach his arms and send them after you though
this time. You can dodge this attack with the prompt buttons. He still has that
swipe and a nasty backhand so stay out of his range when possible and stick to
dodging his detachable arms. 

You have a larger area to work with this time. Also you have access to three
gas canisters. Topple them over, let the boss engulf them, then fire to make
him expose his main weakness. Three small cores attached to his body pop up
and destroying all three kills him. If you can't destroy them all, you can
also kill the boss by dealing enough damage to him. 

Granted, the cores don't stay exposed for very long, so fire on them (aim high)
with your shotgun or another weapon. When you run out of canisters, you have
access to a Flamethrower on the east wall after a minute or so into the fight.
It has limited fuel and it takes a steady spray to fully weaken the boss enough
to make him expose his weakpoints. You can use the Flamethrower at that point
though to fire at them and they'll stay exposed longer this way. 

The hard way to do this is similar to beating the boss the hard way the first
time in Chapter 1-2. Shoot off his limbs by aiming at the shoulders, then fire
at his body until his cores pop out again. This is a waste of ammo though. The
boss is weak against any fire based weapons. Use your Incendiary Grenades, the
Grenade Launcher with Flame Rounds, anything. It only takes one to make the
boss weaken. 

Let the Flamethrower recharge while you resort to other weapons (fire based
ones as noted above, preferably). The boss tends to move around the arena,
especially when in trouble so watch its location on your GPS map. Watch out
that he doesn't appear right next to you and do his engulf move. 

Make sure you search the room for items because they'll be gone after the
fight. Most notably, there's a FIRST AID SPRAY in the northeast corner. 

Continue to weaken the boss and go back to the Flamethrower if necessary. Pop
all three cores or hose him down with fire long enough and the fight ends.

  Albert Wesker     -     Chapter 5-3

Attacks: Rush kick combo, kick attack, gun shot
Weaskpot: None


Wesker is not nearly as annoying in this fight as Jill. Jill will fire on you
with her VZ61 throughout the fight while Wesker slowly stalks you and Sheva. 
For this reason, it's recommended you move the fight into the adjacent hallway
immediately after you procure any treasures. Start by gathering the EMERALD
(BRILLIANT) on the upper balcony on the right from the start, located inside
a large vase. After, that, get ready to move toward the silver door on the
side, under the balcony. 

If you don't get even remotely close to this door, the fight will remain in
this room and that's not what you want with trigger happy Jill. Get close and
Wesker will inevitably kick Chris through. Now, go down the hall, escaping
Wesker's sight immediately. Grab any items from vases along the way that you
wish. Make your way to the first room you find. Meanwhile, AI Sheva will be
keeping Jill busy, but the two of them may periodically run through here as
well. If you have a human partner, have them distract Jill, preferably by 
just grabbing her and holding her the entire fight. 

When you enter the room as Chris, look for the small pot on the right shelf for
a SAPPHIRE (OVAL). In the adjacent room, there is a chest you can push open
with Sheva to get two more treasures and a L. Hawk Magnum. 

The fight ends after seven minutes or if you manage to damage Wesker enough.
To accomplish the latter, you need strong weapons. Magnums and Sniper Rifles
will be the best choice in this case. To actually hit him though, you need to
take advantage of distance and stealth. 

Put enough distance between yourself and Wesker and he'll eventually stop and
begin chatting. If you can see him, you'll notice how he stands still and just
looks around in these moments. These are your chances to shoot him without fear
of Wesker dodging. You can get up to three consecutive shots in before he
dashes at you. So, make the shots with a powerful weapon (Magnum) and try to
go for headshots whenever possible. After three hits, Wesker will charge your
position so run after that. 

You can make this fight easy by just going in a circle around the chest room
and wait until Wesker stops, spring out from cover and fire on him. Rinse and
repeat. Watch your map carefully and if Wesker is still coming toward you, move
again and put more distance between you until he stops and talks. Make every
shot count, especially if you're using a Magnum. 

Do enough damage and Wesker will fall to one knee. You'll be awarded the 
"Bad Blood" Trophy. If not, just stay alive for seven minutes and the battle
ends anyway. 

  Jill Valentine     -     Chapter 5-3

Attacks: VZ61 guns (different style attacks), leg sweep, kick 
Weakspot: Device (on chest)


This is a fun co-op battle. The goal here is not to hurt Jill (or else you'll
be hit with a nice, fat Game Over screen), but rather, to free her. You need
to remove the jewel device on her chest to end the battle. Good teamwork makes
this task extremely simple. 

Jill now has two VZ61's and they are her primary method of attacking. She'll
fire them in one of a few ways, either shooting directly at you, or sweeping
them across the room. She's quite acrobatic too, climbing up the walls and
jumping to and from the balconies easily. 

If one player gets close enough, they can grab Jill and hold her. Then, the
other player can approach her and pull off the device. You can repeat this
as much as you like, but you'll never make any progress. The first thing you
must do is to weaken the device enough. Do this by shooting it first.

The best opportunities to shoot it are of course when your partner is 
restraining Jill. You can also sometimes get a shot in when she prepares her
VZ61 attacks. You don't need to be pinpoint accurate, but make sure you don't
hit her anyway. Avoid using shotguns at all costs. 

Chris also has a special command that he can use when he's close to Jill. It's
called "Entreat". Hit the button and Chris will call out to Jill. It seems
useless, but it has a high chance of getting Jill to stop and hold her head
in confusion and pain. This gives your partner an ample opportunity to hold her
down while you shoot the device. 

It'll take several bullets to weaken the device enough. After that, begin the
pull job. The best way again, to do this is to just have one player hold her
from behind. If you finish the fight this way, you can obtain the "Masters of
Removing" Trophy. The other way to do it is to shoot the device once, then
follow up with a throw move that appears as a prompt. This tosses Jill to the
ground and allows you to remove the device from here. You don't get the Trophy
if you remove it while she's on her back though. 

  Uroboros Aheri     -     Chapter 6-2

Attacks: Ram attacks, sweep attack, minions
Weakspots: Tentacle cores, main core

The weaknesses of this boss really are pretty apparent. The bright glowing
orbs at the end of its stems are the things you need to aim for. Unfortunately,
normal bullets can only at best, stun them. Use the BRIDGE KEYCARD to find the
LTD and this will be your way to slay the beast. 

Again, teamwork comes in handy here. The LTD works pretty simply. Aim using L1
and it needs to lock on to a target first before you can fire. The way the
boss moves around though, this is a difficult task sometimes. You can do it
though but the boss may attack before you get the chance. The easiest way is
to have the other player fire at the bright orange orbs and wait until they
turn dark red. This means it's stunned. Now you can easily lock on and fire the
LTD. That will destroy one tentacle. One more to go. 

Any time you do this however, the boss sends tiny minions to the platform.
You can slay them easily and they often drop items for it too, including Green
Herbs so clean up the mess while the LTD recharges. Once it does, fire on the
other tentacle and the main core appears. Again, kill the minions, then fire
on its main weakness.

The next phase begins with four tentacles and they'll rise high into the air.
This is important. As soon as the LTD charges, pick a target and fire
immediately. If you wait too long, the boss will instantly kill you at this
point. Just destroy one immediately and you'll be fine from here on out. Deal
with the minions and take out the other three one by one. 

While on the bottom level, the boss attacks primarily by sending its appendages
at you. You can dodge all of these attacks though. If you go upstairs, it will
attack by sweeping across the top level. It tends to do this attack very often
so I advise not staying upstairs for the fight. 

Take out the four tentacles and the core appears again. Fire on it and it will
turn red. One more to go. This time two tentacles appear. Deal with the minions
and pick up extra Herbs and ammo from them. Dodge the attacks and sever the
last two tentacles. The core appears and it should only take one more blast to
end the fight. 

  Albert Wesker     -     Chapter 6-3

Attacks: Kicks, Leg Sweep, Gun Shot, Missile Throw
Weakspot: None


In this fight, Wesker operates nearly the same as he did before. He'll attack
at close range with his kicks and such. He'll also fire his magnum at you and
that hurts a lot, but you can dodge it hopefully. He also does his charge and
superman run attack. His new attack is throwing missiles which he may do
halfway through the fight, and that also hurts, quite a lot. 

You won't be able to beat him by jumping him like before though. You need to
inject him and that requires one player to hold him down. To do that though,
Wesker needs to be stunned. 

Solution. Find the RPG-7 in the glass case, located in the northwest corner.
It has one shot but can be reloaded. You need to do the same thing now as in
the first fight: put a distance between yourself and Wesker and get him to
stop and look around. You can accomplish this easier by running around the
arena and hitting the three levers to turn the lights out. Wesker may turn
them back on periodically. You don't need the lights off because there are
other chances to get him, but the best is when Wesker stops moving.

Once you see your chance, aim the RPG at Wesker. Again, the best opportunity is
when he is stopped, but you can shoot it at him at many other times. If you are
successful, Wesker will catch the RPG in his hands. Now, shoot it to detonate
it in his face. This stuns him. Now one player can grab him while the other
would try to inject him. This will never work the first time though, as Wesker
easily breaks free. 

You need another rocket now. You can find one in a box in the northeast corner.
If you need extras, you can climb up the ladders and in the center of the upper
walkway, there is another glass case with plenty of rockets. You can manually
reload it yourself if you're holding the RPG-7. Alternatively, your partner
can grab the rocket while you "prepare" it. Once the rocket is fitted in, you
are ready to go. 

Repeat the process and fire another one at Wesker. Shoot it and then grab him.
Immediately have the other player rush Wesker and hit the prompt button to
inject him. He'll break free eventually so be quick. If you get it, the fight
ends. If not, grab a third rocket and repeat. 

  Wesker     -     Chapter 6-3

Attacks: Swipe, Slam, Ground Attack, Whirlwind
Weakspots: Orange spots on back and chest


Wesker's new incarnation has new attacks as well. While he moves, he typically
waves his claw arm back and forth rapidly. If you get too close to him while
he's doing this, it's game over.

Start off by running forward. Don't cross the rock bridge with Chris though.
Instead, take aim at the rocky arch ahead of you, to the right of the ledge.
Fire on this with a shotgun or rifle and it will collapse. Now cross and the
bridge too will collapse. The fallen arch makes a platform for Chris that he
can reach by moving to his left, once you get control again as him. Cross and
gather the DIAMOND (MARQUISE) here. Wesker will follow, so wait until he raises
his arm before you dare move past him. 

Once Chris is back, hop the other gap and approacht he center of this island.
Go up the ramp and await Wesker's approach. The player controlling Sheva can
provide some sniper support. You want to aim for the bright orange spot on
Wesker's back, which will be shown to you shortly. Hit this enough times and
eventually, Wesker will come after Sheva. 

Now this is important. Sheva needs to run across the ledge until she crosses a
bridge, which will subsequently collapse. While the player controlling her (or
the computer) mashes the button to get up, the player controlling Chris needs
to distract Wesker. Use a sniper rifle and fire on him. Wesker will retaliate
by shooting projectiles. Dodge them and keep firing until Sheva is finally
safe. As soon as this happens, make a break for the giant boulder. Chris needs
to go through a series of successive prompts to plop it into the lava. Sheva
can cross after this and you'll be reunited.

Hurry up the ramp to the center and this will start the final part of the
fight. It's rather simple. Just beware of his attacks. Wesker will raise his
arm up and swat it down--easy to avoid. He may also sweep it across though,
and this needs to be dodged. When really close, Wesker will grab one of the
players. If you don't hit Circle to free them, after a few seconds, Wesker
can skewer them for an instant death. His other noteworthy attack has him
sending his appendages through the ground. Just strafe away from these. 

The goal here is to hit his back weakspot enough. A shotgun works well for
this. You can afford to get close to Wesker when he raises his arm up. Just
get around to his back and fire if you can get a clean shot. Alternatively,
you can have one player stay back and while Wesker is distracted, get an open

Once stunned, Wesker gets angry and creates a small whirlwind attack. After
this is over, the fight is two steps from ending. The player controlling Chris
has to initiate this part--Sheva can never do it. Once the weakspot moves to
his chest, have Chris get behind Wesker and you can grab him. Make sure Chris
has at least a little health before attempting this though. Once you do this,
Sheva has to mash buttons to end the fight. 

Treasure List     [exva]
This will hopefully assist you in tracking down all those pesky treasures. 
Note that not every treasure is found just once. Many of them can be found
multiple times throughout the game, and that is one thing I am currently
working on. First, I'll categorize them and give you an idea of what is 

The treasures, if you could organize them, would be divided into two simple
categories: Jewel Treasures, and Unique Treasures. Jewel Treasures are then
further divided into six cuts or series. Each series has a variant available
in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz, and Diamond. Here are the series:

Pear - Small pear shaped jewels

Square - Small square cut jewels

Trilliant - Triangle cut jewels. There are only one of each. 

Oval - Large oval shaped jewels. There are only one of each.

Marquise - Larger oval shaped jewels. Only one of each. 

Heart - Heart-shaped cut jewels. Each has a unique name.

Now, for a list by stage. 

-[Chapter 1-1 - Civilian Checkpoint]-

Gold Ring
-Value: 5000
-Location: Kill the Executioner at Public Assembly and he'll drop this. 

Topaz (Marquise)
-Value: 3000
-Location: After jumping out the window, a large army of Majini attacks you in
the alley. Kill them all and one of the last few will drop this. 

-[Chapter 1-2 - Public Assembly]-

Antique Clock
-Value: 2000
-Location: After the Majini who emerges from the pile of boxes, enter the
building with the First Aid Spray. The chest with this treasure is on the

Ivory Relief
-Value: 2000
-Location: Defeat the woman who turns into a parasite and you'll find this.

Gold Ring: 
-Value: 5000
-Location: Defeat Uroboros (the boss) without using the furnace.

-[Chapter 2-1 - Storage Facility]-

Jewel Bangle
-Value: 1000
-Location: Kill the three Big Man Majini in the stage. One is after the 
container maze. One attacks you after you get the Port Key. The last one will
attack before Kirk arrives in the helicopter. 

Sapphire (Pear)
-Value: 1000
-Location: When entering the canal where you are attacked by Kipepeo (flyers),
turn to the left. 

Topaz (Pear)
-Value: 1000
-Location: After you climb out of the canal and enter the beach area, walk into
the water and search at the northwest corner near the side of the boat. Find
the second one after you kill the Chainsaw Majini. It'll be inside the chest
after you unlock the door with the Guard's Key. 

Ruby (Marquise)
-Value: 3000
-Location: At the port, blow up the only destructable stall (the one on the
right when standing in front of the locked green doors) with a grenade. Once
you've done that, you can access the chest inside. 

Emerald (Square)
-Value: 1000
-Location: On the roof of the building with the Port Key. Climb up from the
ladder next to the second building. 

Ruby (Square)
-Value: 1000
-Location: Find it inside the chest after you unlock the door with the
Chainsaw Majini's Guard's Key. 

Emerald (Pear)
-Value: 1000
-Location: Find it inside the chest after you unlock the door with the
Chainsaw Majini's Guard's Key. 

Sapphire (Square)
-Value: 1000
-Location: Find it inside the chest after you unlock the door with the
Chainsaw Majini's Guard's Key. 

-[Chapter 2-2: Train Station]-

Jewel Beetle
-Value: 2000
-Location: Instead of climbing up the train cars, go around the wall and head
northeast. Right next to the shaft, you should find this on the wall. 

Diamond (Oval)
-Value: 4000
-Location: Inside the mines, just before the crank. Take the southwestern
(obivously not judging from the map, but southwest from the crank), path and
find the chest in here. 

Diamond (Brilliant)
-Value: 4500
-Location: After leaving Irving's little warehouse, venture northwest just
a little. Before reaching the truck, turn left and climb up a ledge in the
corner. The chest is to the left after climbing this ledge. 

Diamond (Pear)
-Value: 2000
-Location: Before climbing the really big ladder up the cliff, look to the
top of the cliff. Next to the top of the ladder is this jewel embedded in the
rock. Shoot it down. 

Diamond (Square)
-Value: 2000
-Location: On the cliffs, on the ledge that you can boost Sheva up to. Either
have your co-op partner get it, or on solo, drop down to this ledge and shoot
it down off the wall. 

-[Chapter 2-3: Savanna]-

No Treasures

-[Chapter 3-1: Marshlands]-

Ruby (Pear)
-Value: 1000
-Location: At the initial landing, there is a skull on a stake left of the
Beast Slate. Shoot the skull and the jewel will fall. The second one is
located on the eastern side of the map. When you wade through the bog, slip
inside the wooden entrance, past the gators. Immediately as you enter, the
Ruby will be on your right on the wooden doorway. 

Brown Beetle
-Value: 1000
-Location: One is on the center island inhabited by chickens. Check the left
wooden pole of the fence after you dock. The second is in the east, in the
bog with the gators. When you enter, go to the left (north) and find a lone
tree. The beetle is on the tree. 

Chalice (Silver)
-Value: 2000
-Location: The northwest settlement on the map. Climb the tower and the first
one is in a chest. The second one is on the center island, again with the
chickens. It's located in a chest inside the hut. 

Idol (Silver)
-Value: 2000
-Location: The western settlement. The chest is easy to find on the open east
platform, surrounded by all the small huts. The second Idol is located at the
northern settlement at the very back end with the two towers you can boost
Sheva up to. The left tower has it. 

Emerald (Pear)
-Value: 1000
-Location: At the northern settlement, just after you dock, you find a small
altar with skulls on it. Above it is an animal skull you can shoot to drop
this jewel. 

Blue Enigma
-Value: 3000
-Location: After you enter the village and venture far enough, a horde of
Majini will appear. Spearheading this attack are two giant masked Majini. Kill
them both and they will each drop one of these. 

Jewel Beetle
-Value: 2000
-Location: After you clear out the enemies in the village, find the crank that
operates the bridge which is right next to a door you can't open from that
side. To the very right of the locked door is the beetle. 

Ceremonial Mask
-Value: 4000
-Location: Hop the gap and you can go left to the gondola or straight into a
cave. Go straight and at the end of the cave is a chest with this inside. 

-[Chapter 3-2: Execution Ground]-

Ruby (Pear)
-Value: 1000
-Location: After you use the raft to reach the switch that operates the bridge,
cross that bridge and enter the cave. Climb the first ledge and shoot the torch
out right there for this.

Sapphire (Square)
-Value: 1000
-Location: Climb the very next ledge after the Ruby (Pear). There's another
torch here to shoot out.

Jewel Beetle
-Value: 2000
-Location: In the Tricell camp, find the pipe with the two overturned drum
barrels and the oil spill. On one of the barrels, this little critter is
waiting. The second one is inside the refinery. Climb the tower in the center.
The treasure is clinging on the side of the shaft opposite the one with the

Venom Fang
-Value: 3000
-Location: Get one each for defeating both of the Chainsaw Majini that attack
you in the Oil Refinery as you turn the two valves. 

Jewel Bangle
-Value: 1000
-Location: While protecting Josh, two Big Man Majini should attack, but
sometimes only one will. Each will drop a Jewel Bangle when defeated. 

Gold Ring
-Value: 5000
-Location: Get the first one during the third stage of protecting Josh, when
the Chainsaw Majini attacks. Kill it instead of going through the opened door
and he will drop it. Get the second one by killing the Big Man Majini that
attacks with a pack of dogs during the timed escape at the docks. 

-[Chapter 3-3: Oil Field]-

Emerald (Marquise)
-Value: 3000
-Location: At the second gate, climb up to the small "command post" at the
top of the wall. Inside is a small drawer that you can open. This treasure is

-[Chapter 4-1: Caves]-

Topaz (Trilliant)
-Value: 3000
-Location: In the cavern where you encounter the spiders, go around the ledge
with the ladder into an acolve with a vase. To the left is a ledge you can
climb up. The chest is located up here. 

Sapphire (Pear)
-Value: 1000
-Location: The first one you'll find near the Topaz (Trilliant). Immediatelya
after you plunder the chest (see above), turn around and look at the ceiling.
Shoot it out of the ceiling and drop down to get it. The next one is inside one
of the skulls at the end of that long, spider filled corridor in the beginning.
The next one is found after reuniting with Sheva after the ambush. In the first
side room is a push chest with it inside. In the second side room right next 
to it is the sarcophagus with the Ruby (Pear). Right next to it is a torch that
you can shoot for the sapphire. The final one can be found in the statue puzzle
maze. Pull both of the chains for the purple statue and the top one will have 
this in front of it. 

Emerald (Pear)
-Value: 1000
-Location: When you climb up the ladder in the first spider cavern, you'll
cross a short bridge to a cave opening. Near the mouth of the opening is a 
torch on the ground. Shoot it to claim the first one. The next one is in
the room just adjacent to the one with the large chest you have to push open.
It's in a torch on a overturned column in that room. 

Ruby (Pear)
-Value: 1000
-Location: At the end of the long, spider filled corridor in the beginning,
you'll come to a door with some torches and skulls. The first Ruby is in one of
the skulls. The second one can be found right after you reunite with Sheva 
after you are separated by an ambush. In one of the side room is a corpse that
is holding it. The third one can be found during the statue maze puzzle, by
pulling the chains on both purple statues. The bottom purple statue has it in
front of it once the chains are pulled. 

Topaz (Pear)
-Value: 1000
-Location: At the end of that long, spider filled corridor in the beginning,
you come to a door with skulls and a torch. Shoot out the torch for this.

Sapphire (Square)
-Value: 1000
-Location: Inside the second co-op chest you find after the ambush in the first
side room. The second one you get from the first statue in the statue puzzle
maze. Pull both chains and the jewel will be there. 

Sapphire (Trilliant)
-Value: 2000
-Location: In one of the chests in the cross shaped intersection you drop into
after opening the booby trap chest. 

Ruby (Trilliant)
-Value: 2000
-Location: In one of the chests in the cross shaped intersection you drop into
after opening the booby trap chest. 

Emerald (Trilliant)
-Value: 2000
-Location: In one of the chests in the cross shaped intersection you drop into
after opening the booby trap chest. 

Emerald (Square)
-Value: 1000
-Location: In the statue puzzle maze, tug on the chains of the emerald statue
and when it moves, this will be laying there.

Topaz (Square)
-Value: 1000
-Location: In the statue puzzle maze, tug on the chains of the topaz statue
and when it moves, this will be laying there. 

Ruby (Oval)
-Value: 2000
-Location: Pull the chains of the final ruby statue and this will be laying
there when it moves. 

Soul Gem
-Value: 10000
-Location: After pulling the ruby statue's chains, Popokarimu will appear
again. Choose to fight him again and you'll get this off his corpse. 

-[Chapter 4-2: Worship Area]-

Sapphire (Square)
-Value: 1000
-Location: From the start, go up to the main area where the three slotted door
is. Turn right (east) and go down the first path with the sun beam. Go down
this corridor and in one of the small niches on the right side, there is a
torch basket on the ground. Shoot it out and you'll find this gem. 

Sapphire (Pear)
-Value: 1000
-Location: After taking the Earth Emblem, go west up the stairs. Immediately
after that, look at a large brick just jutting out from the wall above you on
your left. The sparkling jewel is on there. 

Emerald (Pear)
-Value: 1000
-Location: After claiming the Earth Emblem, go west up the stairs and you'll
reach another path where the beam of light is being shot down. Go all the way
down this path and then turn right at the end to go around the corner to a
small nook where a torch is sitting. Shoot it out to acquire this. There is
another on the third level of the laser puzzle, inside the Idol room (below),
on the wall to the side. It's inside a skull so shoot it down. 

Blue Enigma
-Value: 3000
-Location: Get from the giant masked Majini. One attacks Sheva as she claims
the Sky Emblem after you give her a boost. The other attacks after you get
the Sea Emblem.

Ruby (Pear)
-Value: 1000
-Location: Find one on the second level of the mirror laser puzzle, on the
platform. The second one is in the treasure room with the Idol (Gold) (below),
on the wall to the side inside a skull. 

Beetle (Gold)
-Value: 3000
-Location: On the third level of the laser puzzle, correctly align the mirrors
so the beam hits an orb in a statue's mouth. This opens doors to the west and
east. Inside the western door this treasure will be sitting on a stone. 

Idol (Gold)
-Value: 3000
-Location: On the third level of the laser puzzle, correctly align the mirrors
so the beam hits an orb in a statue's mouth. This opens doors to the west and
east. Go into the eastern door and at the top of the stairs you will find this.

-[Chapter 5-1: Underground Garden]-

Jewel Beetle
-Value: 2000
-Location: At the start, go left around the flower steps and you'll reach a 
dead end with big water tanks. Search around the rocks at your feet and you
should find it.

Lion Heart
-Value: 2500
-Location: All the Lickers have a chance of dropping one when defeated. 

-[Chapter 5-3: Uroboros Research Facility]-

Sapphire (Marquise)
-Value: 3000
-Location: After you gain control, go through the door, up the ladder and
at the intersection, go straight across (not right). Inside the command
room, find the safe under the desk to the right of the door. 

Power Stone
-Value: 5000
-Location: Two reapers should appear in the scaffolding area with the various
Majini. Each one will drop one of these when destroyed. 

Jewel Bangle
-Value 1000
-Location: Once you get the power on and return to the lever, the platform
begins moving toward you, carrying three enemies. One is a Big Man Majini.
Kill him and his friends and he'll drop this.

Royal Neckalce
-Value: 5000
-Location: After you cross the gap with the moving platform, the next area
has the Rocket Launcher Majini. After you've killed them all, enter the small
room and kill the enemies inside. To the immediate right of the door when
entering is this treasure.

Ruby (Brilliant)
-Value: 2500
-Location: Immediately after you ride the large spinning elevator up, enter
the next room. This leads to a small rocky corridor leading to the ruins where
the bridge and all the Lickers are. Before exiting the rocky corridor, look up
at the ceiling and you should see this. 

Chalice (Gold)
-Value: 3000
-Location: It's in one of the lockers inside the locked room where the bridge
controls are. 

Topaz (Brilliant)
-Value: 2500
-Location: Once you activate the bridge, cross to the other side. Before you
enter the next corridor leading to the door, look up above the doorway. Shoot
down this jewel to claim it.

Emerald (Brilliant)
-Value: 2500
-Location: During the boss fight with Wesker, go up the stairs and turn right.
Go down this ledge to the end with the two pots in front of the large Tricell
container. One of the pots holds this.

Sapphire (Oval)
-Value: 2000
-Location: Once you're thrown through the door, venture through the corridors
until you find a room to enter. Go inside and immediately on your right is a
shelf with a small pot. Crack it open for this treasure.

Sapphire (Brilliant)
-Value: 2500
-Location: In the same room as the last treasure, found in the corridors of
the boss fight, go into the adjacent room from the Sapphire (Oval). This one
has a small pushable chest to open. Get your partner to help you in opening
it. This treasure is among its contents. 

Emerald (Oval)
-Value: 2000
-Location: Also in the same chest as the last treasure. 

Heart of Africa
-Value: 10000
-Location: In the main room of the boss arena, during the start of the Jill
boss fight. It will only appear by fulfilling the requirements necessary to
get the "Bad Blood" Trophy (injuring Wesker enough to get him to kneel and say
"Self righteous fools!"). If those requirements are met, the treasure will
appear in between the staircases. 

-[Chapter 6-1: Ship Deck]-

Jewel Bangle
-Value: 1000
-Location: Receive it from the three Big Man Majini roaming about. The first
one you'll meet early on in the stage, near a Majini that eventually becomes
a Duvalia parasite. The second and third will appear after you get rid of
the cage that is dropped onto Sheva. Each of them will drop one of these.

Topaz (Oval)
-Value: 2000
-Location: Near the beginning of the stage, you can climb a few ladders to a
good spot with some Rifle Ammo. This is not the only spot to do this from,
but it's a good choice. Stand here and look to the south. You'll notice the
crane has a long arm or something that stretches across the ship. On top of
this "arm" is a Majini just standing there. Shoot him once with your sniper
rifle and he'll fall off. Now, get to the point where to Big Man Majini attack
you (see previous treasure) and in this area between the containers, the 
dropped treasure will be waiting.

Dead Bride's Necklace
-Value: 2000
-Location: Inside the ship, you'll inevitably come to a room with Rocket
Launcher Majini. Take cover and destroy them. You should get at least two
of these treasures from their corpses, but may get as many as three. 

-[Chapter 6-2: Main Deck]-

Chalice (Gold)
-Value: 3000
-Location: Both of them are found in lockers in this area. The first one is
in the first string of lockers you should find. The second will be after you
go up some stairs. You'll spot an enemy at the far end, playing opossum. On
the left side of this corridor is a door to another room. Inside are more
lockers with another Chalice.

-[Chapter 6-3: Bridge Deck]-

Dead Bride's Necklace
-Value: 2000
-Location: After the first bulkhead is opened, a lot of Majini will attack
with guns on the ground. One is also on the far balcony above with a Rocket
Launcher. This Majini, and at least one of the others should drop this

Power Stone
-Value: 5000
-Location: Throw the two levers simultaneously to open the second bulkhead.
Two Reapers will attack while you're waiting. Kill them both for these.

Diamond (Marquise)
-Value: 5000
-Location: When the final boss fight begins, retreat to the small rock
bridge. Don't let Chris go too far or else it will collapse. Look for a small
rocky arch ahead of you. You want to aim at the right side of this arch and
fire at it with a shotgun or rifle until it collapses. Now, cross, and the
bridge collapses, leaving Chris stranded. When you get control as Chris, turn
left immediately and cross the gap to find this treasure. 

|Credit|Thanks to Watkins for tipping me on the extra Sapphire     |
|      |(Pear) in Chapter 4-1, near the Topaz (Trilliant).         |
|      |                                                           |
|      |Thanks to KingOfLol for the Ruby (Pear) in Chapter 3-2.    |
|      |                                                           |
|      |Thanks to SHaKuR for a Ruby (Pear) and Emerald (Pear) in   |
|      |the treasure room in Chapter 4-2.                          |

BSAA Emblems     [exba]
The BSAA Emblems are these small round plates or emblems as the name suggests
that you find hidden around some of the stages. Why they were put there and
by who is a good question, but of little concern I guess in the long run. You
"collect" them by shooting them, but most of them are cleverly hidden. Here's
the full list and how to get them. Collecting them will afford you a bunch
of various unlockables. More importantly, it will award you the "Badge of
Honor" Trophy should you collect all 30. 

Chapter 1-1| Civilian Checkpoint


Chapter 1-2| Public Assembly


Close to halfway through the stage, you'll find that house with the Antique
Clock treasure and a First Aid Spray to pick up. Go out onto the eastern
balcony (opposite the one the Majini attack from) and then look to the south.
On a smaller building across from here there is the first emblem posted on the


Enter the rundown building in search of Alpha Team. After you go upstairs and
find the body that falls onto the floor, go into the next room. Climb up the
ladder and go around the walkway to another dead body, a door, and a gap on
your left with a chest with a bunch of GOLD. Stand about where this body is
and very high up above the door. You should see a water tower. Amongst its
support beams you'll spot this emblem. 


After the boss fight, open the door with the FURNACE KEY and go down the
hall to an open case with three packs of HANDGUN AMMO. Go left from here into
the very next hallway but not too far. There is a metal fence on the right
side of this corridor that you can peek through. On the far wall beyond this
fence is the emblem. 

Chapter 2-1| Storage Facility


On the west wall in the corner of the room you start off in. Look up just a bit
to see it. Also very easy to spot if you take the ladder to climb up the 
containers to reach the chest with GOLD in it. 


After you cross the bridge with the crazy truck driver and the army of Majini,
move to the nearby staircase. At the top, look south toward the bridge again.
On the scaffolding surrounding one of its support struts is an emblem you can
hit with some good aim. 


Once you climb out of the canal and enter the small port area, there is a 
small green booth that should be pretty inconspicuous. The booth says "Charge"
on it and on one side is a small window you can peek through. Stand here and
look straight up at the ceiling of the booth to see this emblem. Aim carefully
inside and get it. 


On the street where Kirk lends a hand, there is a ladder to get to a nearby
rooftop where an Archer is/was. Climb up here and find a GREEN HERB. From here,
you'll also have a good view at the building just north of you. In between the
archways of this building is an emblem on the wall. 


You'll eventually enter a building familiar to demo players with a lot of
Majini inside and on each floor. Get to the third floor where an Assist Jump
must be performed. Before doing this however, stand in that spot and face
north, back toward the building, but look very high up. A small concrete block
on the roof has this emblem sitting right in front of it. 

Chapter 2-2| Train Station


After you fend off the dogs and hyenas, you can eventually climb onto the
train cars where a lot of archers are. Deal with them, then face the west.
You should see a High-T type electric tower. Near the top of it is this emblem.
Pick it off with your sniper rifle.


Inside the mines, you'll eventually cross a small wooden bridge in a chamber
with a lot of water. Standing on the bridge, look to your right and high up
on the wall. The emblem should be fairly easy to spot. 


After Irving splits, you'll fight your way through the canyon. Move past
the initial blockade of Majini to reach a really big ladder. Climb to the top
of this and then turn around and look back at the building you were just in.
Near the top is a wall where you can spot this emblem. Fire at it with your
sniper rifle. 

Chapter 2-3| Savanna


Chapter 3-1| Marshlands


This emblem is located on a column near the middleish south part of the first
area of the Marshlands. You can very easily get it on co-op by having one
player drive the boat close, and having the other shoot it. On solo, though,
you have to try and snipe it from the southern landing where you begin the
stage, which is not easy. You can make it easier by bringing a PSG-1 with
Scope upgrades. 


On the center island ihabited by the chickens, stand close to the dock and
look toward the hut. Under the hut, just visible between the stairs is this
emblem. Snipe it from a distance to get it. 


Drive to the northwest corner and land at the small area here. Under the roof
of the hut is the emblem. Just look up. 


Once you've added all the slates and opened the door, proceed inside. You'll
drop off a small wooden walkway into the water. Immediately turn around and
look underneath that wooden walkway and this emblem is visible. 

Chapter 3-2| Execution Ground


After you are finally out of the reaches of the villager Majini and come to
the Tricell camp, search behind the tents. Back here, you can see in between
the tents and find this emblem on the ground. 


Once you reach the docks and watch Irving make his escape, the countdown will
begin. Immediately bust open the red door to the tiny building. On the wall
here is the emblem. 

Chapter 3-3| Oil Field


On this trip, the boat stops in two areas in front of two gates. Right before
you enter the area with the first gate, there is an entranceway you pass under.
The emblem is under this entranceway and you can shoot it before you pass in,
but it's tough. Instead, once the boat stops, turn around and aim at it with
your sniper rifle. 

Chapter 4-1| Caves


After you deal with the spiders, go up the ladder to the narrow bridge. While
standing here, look to the south. In a small crevice across the way, you can
spot this emblem. 


Inside the room with the Majini, a co-op lever, and some fiery booby traps,
you can find this one. Either from the ledge you start out (before dropping
down) or standing near the giant co-op lever, aim roughly halfway up the north
wall and find this emblem there. 


Inside the statue puzzle maze, wait until you get to the emerald (green)
statue. Pull the chains on this one and it will raise a new section. Back away
from the statue now but continue to face it. When you get enough distance, use
your sniper rifle and look high above the statue. You should be able to see the
emblem waiting. 

Chapter 4-2| Worship Area


On the third floor of the beam & mirror puzzles, there are four doors. Two are
open at the beginning. Venture into the north door and after killing a few
spiders, turn around. Look above the doorway you just entered and you'll see
this one.

Chapter 5-1| Underground Garden


Once you gain control, go around the flower steps by going northeast. On this 
side, look underneath the bridge. The emblem rests underneath. 

Chapter 5-2| Exmperimental Facility


At one point, you'll be charging down a conveyor belt with a lot of explosive
canisters and many Majini trying to attack and blow you up. After you finish
this part, you'll go downstairs to another area with the SIG 556 MG. To the
left of these items and the stairs is a dumpster near the wall. Peek inside and
the emblem is in there.

Chapter 5-3| Uroboros Research Facility


Once you gain control, move out of the boss fight room into the adjacent room.
There are fans on the wall here. Behind the right most fan is an emblem near
the top. 


Eventually you'll come to a familiar large silver platform that has two
levers that send it into a spiraling motion upwards. Before throwing these
levers, stand near the east end and face east. Look for an elaborate balcony
on the wall. Under the floor of this platform is the emblem and you should be
able to snipe it from where you are. 


After the ride, you'll enter a cave. It opens up to some ruins. On the left
is a lever and an elevator shaft. Stand on one side of the shaft and peer in.
You can see the emblem clearly on the side. Shoot it before you call down the

Chapter 6-1| Ship Deck


When Sheva gets trapped in the cage, it leaves Chris in the pit to fend off
some Majini. One notable Majini is the one on the north standing inside a high
container. He'll be throwing grenades. Kill him, but then pay special attention
to the container he was in because that's where the emblem is. Toss a grenade
in and you should get it. 


This one might be hittable from a few other locations, but you can try from the
top of the crane before or after you free Sheva. Look far to the south side of
the vessel and you can see the silhouette of a tower with a satellite dish or
something. On that structure is the emblem. Try to pick it off with your sniper
rifle but be warned that it's a tough shot. 


After you enter the ship finally, you'll eventually come to a room with a scene
in which you surprise Excella. After you get control, look up to the north wall
with the flowers on your left. On the wall is a glass cabinet and inside is the

Chapter 6-2| Main Deck


Chapter 6-3| Bridge Deck


Progress By Chapter

Chapter 1-1 --- 0/30
Chapter 1-2 --- 3/30
Chapter 2-1 --- 8/30
Chapter 2-2 --- 11/30
Chapter 2-3 --- 11/30
Chapter 3-1 --- 15/30
Chapter 3-2 --- 17/30
Chapter 3-3 --- 18/30
Chapter 4-1 --- 21/30
Chapter 4-2 --- 22/30
Chapter 5-1 --- 23/30
Chapter 5-2 --- 24/30
Chapter 5-3 --- 27/30
Chapter 6-1 --- 30/30

Action Figures     [exac]
Once again, Action Figures are back. They're not being offered as shooting
gallery prizes this time though, if that's what you were hoping for. Besides
unlocking a Trophy/Achievement, they're not particularly good for anything,
except roughly two minutes of entertainment. The Action Figures can be viewed
from the Library. From there, you can view individual Action Figures. You can
rotate them, zoom in and out, and also play a small voice clip that each one
has. Most of them are lame though, even the voice clips of the main characters.
That's just my thoughts anyway. 

Here's the full list in order.

|# |Name                |Cost       |Unlocked                         |
|1 |Chris (BSAA)        |0 Points   |Unlocked at the start            |
|2 |Sheva (BSAA)        |0 Points   |Unlocked at the start            |
|3 |Josh                |500 Points |Clear Chapter 3                  |
|4 |Jill (Brainwashed)  |500 Points |Clear Chapter 5                  |
|5 |Wesker              |500 Points |Clear Chapter 5                  |
|6 |Excella             |500 Points |Clear Chapter 5                  |
|7 |Irving              |500 Points |Clear Chapter 2                  | 
|8 |Spencer             |500 Points |Clear Chapter 6                  |
|9 |DeChant             |500 Points |Clear Chapter 1                  |
|10|Dave                |500 Points |Clear Chapter 2                  |
|11|Kirk                |500 Points |Clear Chapter 1                  |
|12|Reynard             |500 Points |Clear Chapter 1                  |
|13|Majini (Town A)     |500 Points |Clear Chapter 1                  |
|14|Majini (Town B)     |500 Points |Clear Chapter 2                  |
|15|Majini (Town C)     |500 Points |Clear Chapter 2                  |
|16|Majini (Town D)     |500 Points |Clear Chapter 1                  |
|17|Majini (Cephalo)    |500 Points |Clear Chapter 2                  |
|18|Majini (Agitator)   |500 Points |Clear Chapter 1                  |
|19|Majini (Wetlands A) |500 Points |Clear Chapter 3                  |
|20|Majini (Wetlands B) |500 Points |Clear Chapter 4                  |
|21|Majini (Wetlands C) |500 Points |Clear Chapter 3                  |
|22|Giant Majini        |500 Points |Clear Chapter 4                  |
|23|Majini (Base A)     |500 Points |Clear Chapter 5                  |
|24|Majini (Base B)     |500 Points |Clear Chapter 5                  |
|25|Majini (Duvalia)    |500 Points |Clear Chapter 6                  |
|26|Reaper              |500 Points |Clear Chapter 6                  |
|27|Big Man Majini      |500 Points |Clear Chapter 1                  |
|28|Executioner Majini  |500 Points |Clear Chapter 1                  |
|29|Chainsaw Majini     |500 Points |Clear Chapter 2                  |
|30|Gatling Gun Majini  |500 Points |Clear Chapter 6                  |
|31|Motorcycle Majini   |500 Points |Clear Chapter 2                  |
|32|Uroboros            |500 Points |Clear Chapter 5                  |
|33|Licker Beta         |500 Points |Clear Chapter 5                  |
|34|Kipepeo             |500 Points |Clear Chapter 4                  |
|35|Bui Kichwa          |500 Points |Clear Chapter 4                  |
|36|Adjule              |500 Points |Clear Chapter 4                  |
|37|Crocodile           |500 Points |Clear Chapter 3                  |
|38|Uroboros Aheri      |500 Points |Clear Chapter 6                  |
|39|U-8                 |500 Points |Clear Chapter 5                  |
|40|Popokarimu          |500 Points |Clear Chapter 2                  |
|41|Ndesu               |500 Points |Clear Chapter 2                  |
|42|Irving (Transformed)|500 Points |Clear Chapter 3                  |
|43|Chris (Rare)        |500 Points |Collect 25 BSAA Emblems          |
|44|Sheva (Rare)        |500 Points |Collect 30 BSAA Emblems          |
|45|Jill (Rare)         |500 Points |A Rank all stages*               |
|46|Wesker (Rare)       |500 Points |S Rank all stages*               |

*You can get the ranks on various difficulties. So long as each stage is A/S
ranked, difficulty doesn't matter. 

Trophies/Achievements     [reth]
So, you're hungry for some shiny new Trophies or more gamerscore? Well the
Trophies in RE5 are not particularly tough to get. If you enjoy the game enough
a lot of them will come. The DLC trophies will be added later. Here's the
list for now, followed by a few tips for some of the tougher ones. By default,
I've decided to organize them in order of Trophy level. 

NOTE: This section contains some spoilers, so be warned!!!


Trophy: Completed Chapter 1 - 1
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 1 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 1 - 2
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 1 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 2 - 1
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 2 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 2 - 2
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 2 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 2 - 3
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 2 - 3 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 3 - 1
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 3 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 3 - 2
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 3 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 3 - 3
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 3 - 3 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 4 - 1
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 4 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 4 - 2
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 4 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 5 - 1
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 5 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 5 - 2
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 5 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 5 - 3
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 5 - 3 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 6 - 1
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 6 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 6 - 2
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 6 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Completed Chapter 6 - 3
Unlocked: Complete Chapter 6 - 3 on any difficulty setting.

Trophy: Recruit
Unlocked: Complete all chapters on Amateur.

Trophy: Soldier
Unlocked: Complete all chapters on Normal.

Trophy: Egg on Your Face
Unlocked: Defeat a Majini with a rotten egg.

Trophy: Heart Stopper
Unlocked: Defeat a certain enemy by stabbing it in the heart.

Trophy: Egg Hunt
Unlocked: Find all 4 types of eggs.

Trophy: A Friend in Need
Unlocked: Save partner 10 times when HELP is displayed.

Trophy: Lifeguard
Unlocked: Save partner 10 times when DYING is displayed.

Trophy: Exploding Heads
Unlocked: Pull off 20 headshots.

Trophy: A Cut Above
Unlocked: Defeat 5 enemies with the Knife.

Trophy: Cattle Prod
Unlocked: Defeat 30 enemies with the Stun rod.

Trophy: Crowd Control
Unlocked: Defeat 30 enemies with the Gatling gun.

Trophy: Bull's-eye
Unlocked: Defeat 30 enemies with the Longbow.

Trophy: Get Physical
Unlocked: Defeat 20 enemies with physical attacks.

Trophy: The Works
Unlocked: Chain the maximum number of combos together in one go.

Trophy: Fireworks
Unlocked: Shoot an enemy Molotov cocktail, dynamite stick, or hand grenade.

Trophy: Meat Shower
Unlocked: Defeat 3 Majini with one grenade or proximity bomb.

Trophy: Go into the Light
Unlocked: Defeat 2 enemies with one flash grenade.

Trophy: Ride the Lightning
Unlocked: Defeat a Majini using the electric current from a transformer.

Trophy: Stop, Drop, & Roll
Unlocked: Defeat 3 Majini at once by setting oil canisters on fire.

Trophy: Baptism by Fire
Unlocked: Defeat 3 Majini at once with a drum or gas tank explosion.

Trophy: Masters of Removing
Unlocked: Work together to save someone special.

Trophy: Bad Blood
Unlocked: During the first fight with Wesker, damage him a set number of times.


Trophy: Veteran
Unlocked: Complete all chapters on Veteran.

Trophy: All Dressed Up
Unlocked: Purchase all available alternative costumes in Bonus Features.

Trophy: Stockpile
Unlocked: Obtain all available weapons.

Trophy: Take It to the Max
Unlocked: Completely upgrade all weapons.

Trophy: They Belong in a Museum
Unlocked: Obtain all treasures in the game.

Trophy: Badge of Honor
Unlocked: Find all the BSAA emblems.

Trophy: They're ACTION Figures!
Unlocked: Collect all the figurines.

Trophy: Lead Aspirin
Unlocked: Defeat a Majini with a headshot while it's jumping.

Trophy: Be the Knife
Unlocked: Deflect a bow gun arrow with your knife.

Trophy: Drive By
Unlocked: Stop an armored truck by taking out the driver.

Trophy: Who Do You Trust?
Unlocked: Build up a certain level of trust with your partner.


Trophy: War Hero
Unlocked: Complete all chapters on Professional.


Trophy: RESIDENT EVIL 5 Platinum Trophy
Unlocked: Congratulations! You've overcome all your fears in RESIDENT EVIL 5!

Here's some tips to elaborate better on getting some of these Trophies. Because
let's face it, a list is good, but it's not exactly going to help you get them
is it? A few of the Trophies I have marked in the Walkthrough on certain
chances to get them. 

x-The 'Difficulty' Trophies-x

At the beginning of the game, you have the option to play on three difficulty
settings. If you beat it on Amateur, you get the "Recruit" Trophy. However, if
you play on Normal and beat the game, you'll not only get the "Soldier" Trophy,
but also get "Recruit" as well. So you'll save yourself a little bit of
effort. Also, you can automatically unlock Veteran and Professional by joining
a friend's game who is playing on these settings. So, if you do that, it's
possible to cheat even further and beat the game on Professional at the get go
(not recommended without reaping the benefits of upgraded guns and infinite
ammo that comes from playing through a few times) and you could theoretically
get all four trophies in one shot (I might be wrong about this though). 

x-Egg Hunt-x

To get this yourself, you need to find all four egg types. This Trophy only
unlocks on the Organization Menu. You need to have one of each egg type in any
slots in either your personal inventory or Main Inventory. Brown and White Eggs
can easily be found from chickens (particularly on 3-1). Killing snakes that
hide in pots can also yield Brown Eggs. A Rotten egg is easily found in Chapter
6-1 (see walkthrough). A Gold egg is tricky. The best way to farm one is on
Chapter 3-1 on the center island of the marshlands. If you don't get it, reload
your save and keep looking. 

Once you have them, go to the Organization Menu and you should get the Trophy.
Now, if you're one of those giving types, you can make life easier on your
friends and cut the work out for them. Join together with them in co-op and
just hand them any of the eggs they need (most likely Gold and maybe Rotten)
on the Organization Menu by selecting 'GIVE'. If the Trophy doesn't unlock
immediately for them, start your session, then hit Restart to go back to the
Organization Menu and it should work. There, you got your friend the "Egg Hunt"
Trophy! Don't you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

x-Heart Stopper-x

The requirement is to kill a certain enemy by stabbing it in the heart. This
is pretty ambiguous. Who is this mystery foe? The Lickers, of course! Yes,
they have hearts, and it's actually their hidden weakspot. The only way to
stab one is when it's flipped onto its back. There are two ways to do this,
really. The first is to knock one down that's climbing on the ceiling, and then
rush its body. The easier way is to use a weapon like the shotgun to shoot it
and wait until enough damage is done that it flips onto its back. 

The problem is that the Lickers don't stay on their backs for long and the 
impact often throws them so far back that it takes too long to get close to 
their bodies. An easy way to resolve this problem is to align yourself, a 
Licker, and a wall in a perfectly straight line so that the wall is on a 
straight 180 degree angle with you. Blast the licker enough so that it flips 
backwards and hits the wall. If done correctly, the Licker shouldn't move too 
far away. Now run up and hit the prompt button (should be square) to finish it

x-Egg on Your Face-x

As I mention in the walkthrough, you can find the Rotten egg on Chapter 6-1.
You have few opportunities to use it after that however, and a lot of the foes
are armored and heavily armed. It may be best to wait until a New Game+ to use
it on them. 

Or, you can make it A LOT easier and just beat the game once to unlock The
Mercenaries. In a lot of the stages in The Mercenaries, you'll find at least
one Rotten egg laying around. Pick it up and just fling it at one of the many,
many enemies around to get the Trophy. 

x-A Friend in Need & Lifeguard-x

These Trophies are not really hard to get. You need to hit Circle in the two
critical moments when your partner is in HELP or DYING state. Obviously, HELP
state may occur more often, depending on the circumstances. With a human
partner, you can intentionally have them get grabbed by enemies (although this
is risky due to random attack patterns of the Majini), and just keep saving
them. You can also get really close to the Executioner Majini to let him grab
you (also risky). Same goes for dying; you can intentionally maintain low
health and keep getting hit to let your partner save you or vice versa. 

You can possibly get these on a single play through, and if you don't no worry.
There's no need to intentionally force these situations either. The number of
Help and Dying saves carries over (the number is stored in RECORDS). So if on
your first run through, you save your partner in Help state 7 times, that will
remain, so if you start a New Game+ or go to Chapter Select, you will only need
3 more. Same for Dying saves. The number carries over. 


Just a quick tip if you're interested in getting this Trophy really fast. The
Longbow costs 30000, and that's not even counting the money required to upgrade
the S75 to max. It will certainly take a bit of time to get that. If you want
to cut to the chase though, beat the game once and unlock The Merenaries. Now
just beat the Missile Base stage with a rating of A or higher and you'll 
unlock Sheva (Tribal) for use. She comes equipped with the bow. Just play
mercenaries and use her bow on at least 30 enemies and you can get the Trophy.
Yes, it doesn't have to be in Story Mode! 

x-The Works-x

This one can be really elusive. From what I've gathered, it can only be done
with a specific string of melees and perhaps only on certain enemies. I'm not
sure as of yet whether it works on normal Majini. Find a large enemy though,
one that won't get knocked down by melee attacks. The specific combo you're
looking for is Straight (Chris) -> Somersault (Sheva) -> and Haymaker (Chris).
On a big enemy, Sheva's Somersault will not knock them down, allowing Chris
to follow up with the Haymaker. To initiate Straight, try using a Flash

x-Meat Shower-x

This is pretty easy to get, even in Chapter 1-1 with all the Majini attacking
you in Public Assembly. Pretty easy. I just figured it's worth noting you can
also get this easily in Mercenaries mode. 

x-Who Do You Trust?-x

This is another pretty easy one, and you don't really need to rush it as it
can easily be obtained on one playthrough. Basically, the requirement for this
Trophy is to thank your partner a certain number of times. That's it. How do
you do it though? Hit Circle after your partner does something for you, whether
it's giving you items, healing you, or reviving you. Just do it every time and
you'll get it pretty soon. You can speed it up by giving Sheva some ammo that
you need, and then forcing your healing items on her as well. She'll often
trade the healing items and give you the ammo, which you can thank her for.
Then, when she uses those healing items, thank her more. I'm not positive, but
with a human partner, you may be able to get this by merely exchanging items
over and over and over. 

More to come...

Unlockables    [exun]
Here's a quick list of the various things you can unlock in the game. They will
be split into a few categories and lists. 

Bonus Features| 
The Bonus Features can be found from the main menu after selecting "Play Game".
This is where you will find a lot of unlockable extras that you can purchase
for points. Some will be given to you if you meet certain requirements. 

[Outfits] - Alternate costumes for use in Story Mode

1. Chris Outfit (Safari)
Description: An alternate costume for Chris with a safari theme
Cost: 0 points
Unlocked: Complete the game once

2. Sheva Outfit (Clubbin')
Description: An alternate costume for Sheva with a western club theme
Cost: 0 points
Unlocked: Complete the game once

3. Chris Outfit (S.T.A.R.S.)
Description: An alternate costume for Chris with his classic RE1 look
Cost: 0 points
Unlocked: Collect 25 BSAA emblems

4. Sheva Outfit (Tribal)
Description: An alternate costume for Sheva with an African tribe theme
Cost: 0 points
Unlocked: Collect 30 BSAA emblems

[Filters] - Changes the look of the game with different screen filters

1. Filter (Classic Horror)
Cost: 0 points
Unlocked: complete the game once on Amateur or higher

2. Filter (Retro) 
Cost: 0 points
Unlocked: Complete the game once on Normal or higher

3. Filter (Noise)
Cost: 0 points
Unlocked: Complete the game once on Veteran or higher

[Action Figures] - Figures that can be viewed in the Library

See Action Figures section above for the full list and costs

[Infinite Ammo] - Purchase the ability to use Infinite Ammo for specific guns

1. M92F
Cost: 6000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the M92F handgun

2. H&K P8
Cost: 10,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the H&K P8 handgun

3. SIG P226
Cost: 10,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the SIG P226 handgun

4. M93R
Cost: 20,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the M93R handgun

5. Ithaca M37
Cost: 8000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the Ithaca M37 shotgun

6. M3
Cost: 12,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the M3 shotgun

7. Jail Breaker
Cost: 12,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the Jail Breaker shotgun

8. Hydra
Cost: 20,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the Hydra shotgun

9. VZ61
Cost: 6000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the VZ61 machinegun

10. AK-47
Cost: 15,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the AK-47 machinegun

11. H&K MP5
Cost: 10,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the H&K MP5 machinegun

12. SIG 556
Cost: 15,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the SIG 556 machinegun

13. S75
Cost: 15,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the S75 rifle

14. Dragunov SVD
Cost: 15,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the Dragunov SVD rifle

15. H&K PSG-1 
Cost: 15,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the H&K PSG-1 rifle

16. S&W M29
Cost: 15,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the S&W M29 magnum

17. Lightning Hawk
Cost: 15,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the L. Hawk magnum

18. S&W M500
Cost: 20,000 points
Unlocked: Fully upgrade the S&W M500 magnum

[Versus Mode Characters] - Unlockable characters for Versus DLC Mode

1. Versus Character A (Chris Safari)
Cost: 20,000 points

2. Versus Character B (Chris S.T.A.R.S.)
Cost: 8000 points

3. Versus Character C (Sheva Clubbin')
Cost: 6000 points

4. Versus Character D (Sheva Tribal)
Cost: 15,000 points

5. Versus Character E (Jill BSAA)
Cost: 5000 points

6. Versus Character F (Jill Battlesuit)
Cost: 7000 points

7. Versus Character G (Wesker Midnight)
Cost: 30,000 points

8. Versus Character H (Wesker S.T.A.R.S.)
Cost: 50,000 points

Infinite Ammo|

To unlock Infinite ammo, you have to follow a few simple (but perhaps
unnecessarily complicated) steps. Information regarding Infinite Ammo is also
provided. Here are the steps:

1. Beat the game once on any difficulty. This unlocks the ability to "have"
Infinite Ammo. 

2. Fully upgrade any gun. Upgrade any gun in all facets until it's totally
maxed out. This unlocks the option to get Infinite Ammo for that gun in Bonus

3. Go to Bonus Features and purchase Infinite Ammo for that gun with your
points. You can now use Infinite Ammo for that gun and that gun only. The
setting just needs to be turned on.

4. Go to Special Settings from the Main Menu and find Infinite Ammo. Select it
and change the setting to "On".

5. When creating a session, set the third setting for Infinite Ammo to "Yes". 
This makes it so that all the guns you've bought Infinite Ammo for in Bonus
Features will have Infinite Ammo, provided you set it to "On" in the previous

  ____ \
 / ___| \
/ /___   \        RESIDENT EVIL 5                                 [remv]
| ___ \   ---------------------------------------------------------------------
| \_/ |  /                         The Mercenaries & Versus Mode
\_____/ /

The Mercenaries Overview     [mcov]
The Mercenaries are back! If you're unfamiliar with Resident Evil 4, this game
mode is just a simple side activity you can do for small rewards. You unlock it
by beating the game once. The game lets you choose from different characters,
each with their own particular selection of weapons and challenges you to get
the highest score by defeating enemies and stringing together combos. If you
die, you don't get anything. 

Unlike Resident Evil 4, however, you won't be rewarded anything really special
by clearing every stage with every character with great scores. You can always
play The Mercenaries to get points to spend in Bonus Features though. That is,
at least, until you buy everything in there. Then The Mercenaries is just a 
fun distraction from the main game. 

/THE BASICS            \______________________________________________________

In The Mercenaries, you'll be pitted up against countless enemies, as noted
above. As also previously mentioned, your goal is to get as high a score as
possible by maintaining as long of a combo as possible of defeated enemies. 
The game can be played Solo or on co-op, with either a local player or an
online player. 

There are eight stages and eight characters to pick from. You will only start 
out with two characters and one stage though. To get a new stage, you must
clear one with at least a B rank or above. To unlock a new character, you need
at least an A rank or above. Each rank corresponds to a certain score range. 
The higher your score, the better your rank. It's possible to unlock stages
early by joining a friend's game who already is playing that stage. 

In any of the eight stages, you'll face off against Majini from throughout
the game. The type of Majini you'll face will for the most part, reflect the
setting of the stage you choose (ex: you'll face Stun Rod Majini on the Ship
Deck stage). Every stage has tons of items to find and pick up, and the enemies
will drop more ammo and items for you periodically. You will never find any
new weapons to use aside from explosives like grenades and bombs. 

Besides items, there are two important pick ups to find in every Mercs stage.
These are the Time Bonus and the Combo Time pick ups. The Time Bonus is no
longer a "pick up" anymore though. You'll see it represented as a sort of 
glass/sand statue with a clock on top. If you get close to it, you can hit
Square/X to smash it and it will add a set amount of time onto the clock to
extend your run. You will also occasionally get small time bonuses for
defeating the first and sometimes other enemies in a long combo. 

The last thing that will be true of all Mercs stages is that each one has a
special enemy on it. This "super" enemy will be much more dangerous than the
rest of the Majini and will often take considerable effort to defeat. These
super enemies are different on each stage. 

/THE CAST              \______________________________________________________

You have eight playable characters. In reality, there are only four, they each
have several "skins" but they all have unique weapons and items so it's almost
like having eight totally different people. Almost, anyway... 

Chris Redfield (BSAA)
Unlocked: Initially available

                  |              |              |              |
                  | Handgun Ammo | Hand Grenades| Shotgun Ammo |
                  |    50 pcs    |     (5x)     |    30 pcs    |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |  M92F (HG)   |    EMPTY     |  Ithaca M37  |
                  |  50 Capacity |              |     (SG)     |
                  |              |              |  20 Capacity |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |    EMPTY     |  First Aid   |    EMPTY     |
                  |              |    Spray     |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |

Melee Attacks


Chris Redfield (Safari)
Unlocked: Obtain A Rank or higher on Village

                  |              |              |              |
                  | Handgun Ammo |    Rocket    | Shotgun Ammo |
                  |    30 pcs    |   Launcher   |    10 pcs    |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  | SIG P229 (HG)|    EMPTY     |    M3 (SG)   |
                  |  16 Capacity |              |  10 Capacity |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |    EMPTY     |    Rocket    |    EMPTY     |
                  |              |   Launcher   |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |

Melee Attacks


Chris Redfield (S.T.A.R.S.)
Unlocked: Obtain A Rank or higher on Experimental Facility

                  |              |              |              |
                  |  Machinegun  |   Grenade    | Magnum Ammo  |
                  |     Ammo     |   Launcher   |     6 pcs    |
                  |    30 pcs    |  12 Electric |              |
                  |              |    Rounds    |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  | SIG 556 (MG) |    EMPTY     | S&W M29 (Mag)|
                  |  65 Capacity |              |  12 Capacity |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |    EMPTY     |    EMPTY     |    EMPTY     |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |

Melee Attacks


Sheva Alomar (BSAA)
Unlocked: Initially available

                  |              |              |              |
                  | Handgun Ammo | Dragunov SVD |  Machinegun  |
                  |    50 pcs    |     (RIF)    |     Ammo     |
                  |              |  13 Capacity |    150 pcs   |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |   M92F (HG)  |    EMPTY     |   VZ61 (MG)  |
                  |  40 Capacity |              | 260 Capacity |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |    EMPTY     |  First Aid   |    EMPTY     |
                  |              |    Spray     |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |

Melee Attacks


Sheva Alomar (Clubbin')
Unlocked: Obtain A Rank or higher on Ancient Ruins
                  |              |              |              |
                  |  Machinegun  |   S75 (RIF)  | Shotgun Ammo |
                  |     Ammo     |  20 Capacity |    20 pcs    |
                  |    100 pcs   |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |  AK-47 (MG)  |  Rifle Ammo  | Jail Breaker |
                  |  50 Capacity |    10 pcs    |     (SG)     |
                  |              |              |  8 Capacity  |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |    EMPTY     |    EMPTY     |    EMPTY     |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |

Melee Attacks


Sheva Alomar (Tribal)
Unlocked: Obtain A Rank or higher on Missile Area

                  |              |              |              |
                  |    EMPTY     |  Incendiary  |    EMPTY     |
                  |              |   Grenades   |              |
                  |              |     (x3)     |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |   Longbow    |  First Aid   |   Grenade    |
                  |Infinite Ammo |    Spray     |   Launcher   |
                  |              |              |  6 Nitrogen  |
                  |              |              |    Rounds    |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |    EMPTY     |Flash Grenades|    EMPTY     |
                  |              |     (x3)     |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |

Melee Attacks


Jill Valentine (BSAA)
Unlocked: Obtain A Rank or higher on Public Assembly

                  |              |              |              |
                  | Handgun Ammo |Flash Grenades|  Machinegun  |
                  |    50 pcs    |     (x5)     |     Ammo     |
                  |              |              |    150 pcs   |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |   Px4 (HG)   |    EMPTY     | H&K MP5 (MG) |
                  |  25 Capacity |              | 150 Capacity |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |    EMPTY     |   First Aid  |    EMPTY     |
                  |              |     Spray    |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |

Melee Attacks


Jill Valentine (Battlesuit)
Unlocked: Obtain A Rank or higher on Ship Deck

                  |              |              |              |
                  |  Machinegun  | Hand Grenades|  Rifle Ammo  |
                  |     Ammo     |     (x3)     |    30 pcs    |
                  |    150 pcs   |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |   VZ61 (MG)  |    EMPTY     |   H&K PSG-1  |
                  | 300 Capacity |              |     (RIF)    |
                  |              |              |  9 Capacity  |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |    EMPTY     |  Green Herb  |    EMPTY     |
                  |              |     (G+G)    |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |

Melee Attacks


Albert Wesker (Midnight)
Unlocked: Obtain A Rank or higher on Mines

                  |              |              |              |
                  | Handgun Ammo | Hand Grenades|  Magnum Ammo |
                  |    50 pcs    |     (x5)     |     6 pcs    |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |  H&K P8 (HG) |    EMPTY     |S&W M500 (MAG)|
                  |  21 Capacity |              |  6 Capacity  |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |    EMPTY     |Proximity Bomb|    EMPTY     |
                  |              |     (x5)     |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |

Melee Attacks


Albert Wesker (S.T.A.R.S.)
Unlocked: Obtain A Rank or higher on Prison

                  |              |              |              |
                  | Handgun Ammo | L. Hawk (MAG)| Shotgun Ammo |
                  |    30 pcs    |   8 Capacity |    10 pcs    |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  | Samurai Edge |    EMPTY     |  Hydra (SG)  |
                  | 15 Capacity  |              |  6 Capacity  |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |    EMPTY     |    EMPTY     |    EMPTY     |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |
                  |              |              |              |

Melee Attacks


/THE RANKING SYSTEM    \______________________________________________________

No stars this time around. In Resident Evil 5's Mercenaries mode, you'll be
given letter grades. The worst ranking you can get is a D. The best? An SS.
Besides the opportunity to get new characters and stages for high ranks, each
individual rank awards you with a certain number of points to spend in Bonus
Features. You might be wondering what exactly it all means though. 
|Rank|Score (Solo)|Score (Co-op   |Points   | 
|SS  |90,000      |150,000        |5000     |
|S   |60,000      |120,000        |3000     |
|A   |40,000      |80,000         |1500     |
|B   |20,000      |40,000         |1000     |
|C   |10,000      |20,000         |600      |
|D   |9999 or less|19,999 or less |200      |

As you can see, on Co-op play, you are expected to do twice as good, having
an extra person and all. This can be good or bad depending on the quality of
your partner. A partner who knows how to utilize the character they're playing
as can be an extremely helpful asset and let you get some insanely high scores.
It might sound easy with two people, maintaining a combo and all that sounds
easier. Co-op Mercenaries means relying on your partner to pick up their own
slack but also to inherently be part of a team. 

/THE STAGES            \______________________________________________________


Versus Mode Overview
Well, the DLC is upon us. Regardless of your views on the aspect of a versus
mode, and that whole "it should have been included" thing, it only costs a
measly $5. In spite of that, I'm not particularly in love with it either, but
it has its fun moments. It's a part of the game now, like it or not. 

In Versus Mode, you will play with three other players online in game types
that focus on beating the other players, either through direct or indirect
combat. There are two game types and each one has a free-for-all and team


In Slayers, the object of the game is to rack up points by defeating enemies.
The first mistake players make is thinking that in Slayers they have to focus
primarily on eliminating the enemy players. You do get points for killing 
enemy players, but the best way is just in The Mercenaries, by getting a huge
kill combo of Majini and other enemies. Each target has an assigned value and
that list will be revealed at a later time. Unlike in the Mercenaries however,
the spawn rates of enemies can fluctuate quite a bit since there are four
players drawing the enemies toward them.


Survivors is more about directly attacking your colleagues. The goal of this
match is to gain points by defeating enemy players. The amount of points you
get depends on what type of weapon you use. For example, you'll get a lot of
points for catching an enemy with a Proximity Bomb. 

 ______ \
|___  /  \
   / /    \        RESIDENT EVIL 5                 [misl]
  / /      --------------------------------------------------------------------
./ /      /                         Miscellaneous
\_/      /

Here is where you'll find the closing sections of the guide, including some
important questions answered, information for reaching me, special thanks and

Frequently Asked Questions     [fak4u]
Here are some questions that have been and may be asked often. Don't see the
answer you're looking for? Let me know. 

1) How do I get the Infinity Rocket Launcher?
A) Beat the game in under 5 hours. 

2) So do I actually have to play through it again beginning to end to get it?
A) No, just work on your times for each stage and improve them. Your grand
total play time for all the stages needs to add up to less than 5 hours. After
that, you can get the Infinity Rocket Launcher. 

3) Is there any reward for beating Mercenaries with top scores for every
character on every stage?
A) No, unfortunately. It's just for fun and points. 

4) Can treasures be combined like in Resident Evil 4?
A) No, even though some treasures might seem like they can be fitted onto 
others. All treasures are sold as is. 

5) How exactly do I get Infinite Ammo?
A) The process is admittedly a little bit complicated. First you have to beat
the game at least once to unlock the option. This option is located in Special
Settings. Then you must upgrade any weapon to max in all possible facets. This
means Firepower, Reload Time, Capacity and whatever special upgrades it has.
Once it's completely maxed out, go to Bonus Features and purchase Infinite Ammo
for this gun with your points. Depending on the gun, the cost will vary. Now,
go into Special Settings and select Infinite Ammo. Change the setting to "ON".
Finally, when starting a game, make sure you turn the Infinite Ammo setting to
"YES". If you join a person's game, they must have this setting on as well.

6) I shot a BSAA emblem in a stage but it reappeared. Why?
A) They'll always reappear, but you get credit as long as you shoot each one
at least once.

7) Are there any unlockable characters for use in Story Mode?
A) In Story Mode, no. 

8) How do I unlock characters for Versus Mode?
A) Buy them in Bonus Features. 

Other Questions
Here are a few other questions mostly about me and this guide in general. Not
all of these questions have necessarily been asked before, but they may prove
insightful perhaps. 

1) How do you make a guide like this and how long does it take?
A) Having a strong command over the English language helps. I've always been
a strong writer and I love games so the two went well together. Anyone can
do it though, it just takes dedication. I'm very far from being the best FAQ
writer. Case in point, a guide usually takes me more than a week, as much as up
to 3 weeks to complete just the walkthrough.

2) Do you write your guides while playing the game the first time?
A) Very rarely will I write a guide while playing a game for the first time.
I find that it disrupts the experience to be pausing the game every two minutes
to type information. I like to beat the game at least once before I start my

3) Do you even have any time for, you know, a social life?
A) With guidemaking along with college and work, I surprisingly do have a good
amount of time to myself and with others. 

4) Do you take donations?
A) Absolutely not. I'm not a charity case and I don't think I should be
compensated for what I consider a hobby. I do this for fun and to help others.
Besides, nobody in my family has ever begged for money; it's just a deplorable
and shameful concept. That's all I'm going to say. 

5) Do you own a 360?
A) Nope. I almost did, and I'm not sure if I'll be budgeting one soon, as much
as maybe I'd like to. So if you're looking to add me, keep in mind I only own
a PS3. 

6) What will you be working on next?
A) I do have a few things I'm working on, but I'll keep quiet on that one for

Contact Info  [cifo]

If you wish to contact me to ask questions, submit information, or for whatever
other reason, I have my primary e-mail here. I only have two rules for e-mails
and they're pretty simple so please pay close attention. The first one is
simple really. When e-mailing me, try to remember to put a subject that helps
me know it's about this game. "RE5" or something like that would be fine. 

The second is the most important rule and trust me, it bothers me too that I
have to have it, but this is just my policy. If you plan on submitting tips or
some sort of strategy to me, please, please, please provide me with a username
or other alias you use so I can credit you. It can be from GFAQs or whatever. I
don't care, just never, ever, ever leave me with nothing but your real name or
e-mail address because I will NOT use them. I don't disclose such information 
in my guides. I still constantly get e-mails from people who fail to heed this
rule and it is a little disheartening to be honest. If you do this, I'll try 
and get back to you and ask you to give me a screename to credit you with. If
you fail to reply to me after that, your tip, no matter how good it is, will
not be added to my guide. That's just the way it is. This is a very easy rule
when you think about it. 

E-mail: veritas7ax@gmail.com

I also sometimes disclose my PSN sometimes when asked. As of now, I have way
too many friends and I am a bit hesitant to add more. You can e-mail me and
request my PSN if you'd like. Chances are I will let you have it, but I guess
as I start getting even more friends, there may be less of a guarantee. If you
are interested though, besides Resident Evil 5, I play Call of Duty: World at
War online a lot, Burnout Paradise, and sometimes I'll play LittleBigPlanet, 
Street Fighter IV, Resistance 2, Rock Band 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, and other
games online. 

Credits/Special Thanks
Well, where to begin. 

-Capcom for another great game. Even though lately I've been cursing their
names because of the insane difficulty of Street Fighter IV, I have to hold
my tongue. Resident Evil 5 is a great game and worth every penny. 

-My friend Mike for a few favors in helping me type up some things in the
guide. Even though he said he was too lazy to do it. 

-bcappy for providing a huge help with both Weapons & Upgrading and Action 
Figures sections. Thanks man. 

-The ASCII generator at http://www.patorjk.com/software/taag/ for the ASCII
parts. Still need help with a logo though (READ BELOW FOR INFO)

-dandadog for providing me with a better 5 logo than what I previously had

-Anyone else I'm forgetting for now...

Legal Matter
This guide is solely my own creation. Do not steal it without permission and
post it on your site. Do not pass it off as your own work either. If you are
granted permission to host, do not make any changes or else I may ask for 
removal. The following sites have permission to host this guide:


That's all. Thank you and good night! Schwing!

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