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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Absolute Steve

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/05/09

 __  ___   ___    _        _____             _ _             ______             
/_ |/ _ \ / _ \  (_) //   / ____|           (_) |           |  ____|            
 | | | | | | | |    //   | (___  _ __   ___  _| | ___ _ __  | |__ _ __ ___  ___ 
 | | | | | | | |   //     \___ \| '_ \ / _ \| | |/ _ \ '__| |  __| '__/ _ \/ _ \
 | | |_| | |_| |  //  _   ____) | |_) | (_) | | |  __/ |    | |  | | |  __/  __/
 |_|\___/ \___/  //  (_) |_____/|  __/ \___/|_|_|\___|_|    |_|  |_|  \___|\___|
                                | |                                             
        __          __   _ _    _   _                           _
        \ \        / /  | | |  | | | |                         | |
         \ \  /\  / /_ _| | | _| |_| |__  _ __ ___  _   _  __ _| |__
          \ \/  \/ / _` | | |/ / __| '_ \| '__/ _ \| | | |/ _` | '_ \
           \  /\  / (_| | |   <| |_| | | | | | (_) | |_| | (_| | | | |
            \/  \/ \__,_|_|_|\_\\__|_| |_|_|  \___/ \__,_|\__, |_| |_|
                                                           __/ |
                              for Resident Evil 5         |___/

                               by Absolute Steve



So you're playing Resident Evil 5, and you're stuck.  You don't want to follow a
Walkthrough the first time around, because you'd like to do things yourself the
first time through.  Completely understandable.  This Guide was specifically
written for people who do not want one bit of the story spoiled for them.  

That means this Guide is *not* by any means indepth - I refer you to my full 
Guide if you're looking for indepth strategies.  You can also use that to get a 
fuller experience out of the game overall, and it has checklists of all items:

(Full Strategy Guide) http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox360/file/929197/55900

This Spoiler-free Guide goes over the gameplay by short points, making it an
easy and quick reference sheet on what to do next.  Since it is short, you may
want to print it out.  I wish you a whole lot of pleasure and fulfillment by
finally getting some answers regarding many unsolved mysteries in Resident Evil!

  • 100% Spoiler Free
  • Easy to print
  • Perfect for a first playthrough

Now let's get down to business.  Enjoy!

- Absolute Steve

Please take a minute to read this and step out of the Guide for a second.  You 
can greatly support me and others, perhaps even for free.

I sincerely hope you will find this Guide useful.  If you found it to be handy
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  - Absolute Steve
                             |XBOX 360 CONTROLS:|

                               General Controls:
                               Back:  Skip Cutscenes
                               Start: Pause Menu
                               D-pad: Fast Equip

                              Gameplay controls:

      Type A:                                Type B:
      -------                                -------
      Left Stick: ... Walk                   Left Stick: ... Walk
      Left Stick + A: Run                    Left Stick + A: Run
      LT + X: ....... Swing Knife            LB + RT: ...... Swing Knife
      RT + X: ....... Fire/Throw             LT + RT: ...... Fire/Throw
      RT + A: ....... Reload                 LT + A: ....... Reload
      Y: ............ Open inventory         Y: ............ Open inventory
      Right Stick: .. Adjust viewpoint       Right Stick: .. Adjust viewpoint
      RB: ........... Map                    RB: ........... Map
      LB: ........... Locate Partner         RT: ........... Locate Partner
      B: ............ Partner Action         B: ............ Partner Action

      Type C:                                Type D:
      -------                                -------
      Left Stick: .... Walk                  Left Stick: ... Walk
      Left Stick + A:  Run                   Left Stick + A: Run
      LT + X: ........ Swing Knife           LB + RT: ...... Swing Knife
      RT + X: ........ Fire/Throw            LT + RT: ...... Fire/Throw
      RT + A: ........ Reload                LT + A: ....... Reload
      Y: ............. Open inventory        Y: ............ Open inventory
      Right Stick: ... Adjust viewpoint      Right Stick: .. Adjust viewpoint
      RB: ............ Map                   RB: ........... Map
      LB: ............ Locate Partner        RT: ........... Locate Partner
      B: ............. Partner Action        B: ............ Partner Action

                             |   PS3 CONTROLS:  |

                               General Controls:
                               Select: Skip Cutscenes
                               Start:  Pause Menu
                               D-pad:  Fast Equip

                              Gameplay controls:

     Type A:                                Type B:
     -------                               -------
     Left Stick: ... Walk                  Left Stick: ... Walk
     Left Stick + X: Run                   Left Stick + X: Run
     L1 + []: ...... Swing Knife           L2 + R1: ...... Swing Knife
     R1 + []: ...... Fire/Throw            L1 + R1: ...... Fire/Throw
     R1 + X: ....... Reload                L1 + X: ....... Reload
     Triangle: ..... Open inventory        Triangle: ..... Open inventory
     Right Stick: .. Adjust viewpoint      Right Stick: .. Adjust viewpoint
     R2: ........... Map                   R2: ........... Map
     L2: ........... Locate Partner        R1: ........... Locate Partner
     O: ............ Partner Action        O: ............ Partner Action

     Type C:                               Type D:
     -------                               -------
     Left Stick: ... Walk                  Left Stick: ..... Walk
     Left Stick + X: Run                   Right Stick: .... Rotate
     L1 + []: ...... Swing Knife           Left Stick + X:   Run
     R1 + O: ....... Fire/Throw            L2 + R1: ........ Swing Knife
     R1 + X: ....... Reload                L1 + R1: ........ Fire/Throw
     Triangle: ..... Open inventory        L1 + X: ......... Reload
     Right Stick: .. Adjust viewpoint      Triangle: ....... Open inventory
     R2: ........... Map                   R2: ............. Map
     L2: ........... Locate Partner        R1: ............. Locate Partner
     O: ............ Partner Action        O: .............. Partner Action 

                               MAIN WALKTHROUGH

  General Protips:
• When your partner's in need, help them ASAP.

• As surroundings change, so do the objects that can hold treasure.  Expect to
  find treasure in pots, vases, different type of crates, etc.  

• The magnum?  It's always been a boss killer, and it still is. Once you get it,
  crank it up completely and it'll have over 3000 power.  Compare that to a
  max beefed shotgun which only has 400!

  Chapter 1-1:
• After the intro, simply head down the street until the next short scene.  Go
  to the checkpoint on the west; open the door and more scenes will follow. 
  Grab a Handgun from the suitcase and equip it.  After another scene, head 
  outside and follow the linear path to your destination marker.  From here on
  you'll want to smash wooden crates and barrels for loot.  The exact pinpointed
  locations will not be in this Guide, but in the complete Guide instead.
• In the building, kill the enemy after the scene.  The next room has a window
  you'll have to jump out of to continue.  Back on the streets, make a run for
  the next building.  Here, kick in the door with the help of Sheva and make
  your way to another area.  Jump down the walkway and climb back up at the end.

• Walk down the path and enter the house.  Watch the scene and prepare to stand
  ground for a minute or seven.  Beware of the mini-boss who is the most
  dangerous of all enemies.  After this, Chapter 1-1 ends.

  Chapter 1-2:
• Make your way to the next checkpoint.  Here, enter the building up ahead,
  collect some ammo, head back outside again and have Sheva jump on top of the
  building at the broken ladder.  She'll hop back off.  Continue through the
  streets and expect a few enemies to surprise you.  Kick in the door at the
  end of the alleys.

• After the scene, inspect the house and either choose to fight the enemies or
  make a run for the next destination marker.  In the next area, go through the
  door at the end of the hall, and make your way to the top of the building.
  Exit the area by the lift when the cutscene is over.

• In the next area, go through the tunnels and ignore the locked door for now.
  When you get to the incineration room, check for the body with the Furnace Key
  and backtrack to the locked door.  The first boss arrives.  Head back to the
  room with the cylinders and knock one over.  The boss will 'swallow' it.  Lure
  the boss inside the incineration room, shoot the cylinder while the boss is
  in the room and quickly use the panel to activate the incineration process,
  or have your partner do this.  If the boss is still in the room, it'll die.
  Now exit the area by going up with the lift at the end of the tunnel behind
  the locked door.

  Chapter 2-1:
• I suggest you buy a shotgun for now - that's always a useful weapon.  At the
  Hall, don't miss the machine gun in the trunk.

• Head towards the containers and be careful around the explosive wire traps.
  You'll also encounter a new, fast enemy.  When you get to a more open area,
  several enemies will attack you.  Use the flammable barrels to your advantage
  and kill the rest regularly.  Slide the gate open when you're done with the

• Cross the bridge and immediately shoot the explosive barrel(s) as the vehicle
  approaches.  Kill the remaining enemies and use the remaining barrels to your
  advantage.  At the end of the bridge, head downstairs and enter the sewers.
  The shotgun may come in handy here.  When you're back outside, kill the rising
  enemies and proceed through the door by shooting or kicking the lock three 
  times.  Head through the last bit of the sewers and climb the ladder.

• You'll now be in a large area.  Head for the green double doors and inspect
  the hanging body.  Before you pick up the key, grab all ammo in the room.
  Enemies assault and surround you after picking up the Dock Key.  Head for the
  dock and go from the boat to the other side of the docks.  Deal with the
  remaining enemies here, and be sure to grab the Rifle from the suitcase in the
  room with the double red doors right before you leave the area.

• Explore the streets and nearby house, then continue and kill the enemies.
  Sheva can climb the building with the help of Chris to give support.  Proceed
  in to the next set of buildings and have Sheva unlock the door downstairs 
  once she has jumped over to the building across the street.  Once outside,
  fight off the remaining enemies.  Kill the miniboss that spawns as you walk
  up the stairs.  Make good use of the explosive barrels and grenades.  Grab the
  Guard's Key when you've killed him and use it to unlock the door at the end of
  the stairs.

• In the next area, simply slide the gate open.  What follows is an interactive
  cutscene, so keep those fingers ready to press buttons.  When the scenes are
  over, I highly recommend you to upgrade the firepower of your handguns, and
  perhaps your shotgun several times.  The other things will come later, but
  firepower is very important to conserve more ammo.

  Chapter 2-2:
• When you've looted the room, head outside and move between the trains.  Beware
  of an explosive tripwire and dogs.  Climb the middle train by using the boxes
  with planks as steps, and jump over to the other trains while dealing with
  more enemies.  Expect another tripwire at the start of exit pathway.  Before
  you hop in the mining cart, deal with another tripwire below.  Ride the
  elevator down the a very dark cavern...

• I suggest you let Sheva carry the lantern so you can kill any enemies.
  Go left at the junction and you'll come across a few enemies.  Head right at
  the next junction to find item boxes.  Continue until you get to a bridge.
  Head over the bridge and more enemies assault you.  At this junction it 
  doesn't matter which path you take as you'll soon find it is a small round
  split-up.  Both paths hold supplies, however.  
• Continue down the next tunnel until you get to a gate.  Have Sheva raise the 
  gate and quickly move towards the red machine in the large area up ahead to 
  raise the gate for your partner.  Many enemies assault you, so deal with them.
  Climb the outer rings when you're done with the enemies and continue down 
  another tunnel.  Kill the enemies but watch out for the explosive barrel.
  Exit the area by using the lift.

• Inspect the nearby building.  After the scene, grab the Dragunov Rifle from
  one of the lockers and take cover under the windows.  When you get the chance,
  kill the gunner with your rifle.  Head outside afterwards and continue down
  the road.  Climb some ladders, climb down some more and when Sheva tells you
  that she can climb up, give her a boost at the broken ladder.

• Be aware of the dynamite throwing enemies as you make your way to the top.
  After dealing with them, push the container out of the way with Sheva's help
  and continue.

• The second boss of the game is coming up.  You have a circular area with rocks
  in the middle.  Loot the barrels for Proximity Mines and lay one on the path
  and lure the boss in it.  When the boss is flipped on its side, grab your best
  weapon (shotgun, grenades) and target the lower area.  When you shoot, you'll
  see green 'goo' indicating that you're hurting the boss.  When its in the air,
  don't waste too much ammo, rather just burst at it until he gets back down and
  repeat the process.

  Chapter 2-3:
• Use the machine gun on the vehicle to shake off all enemies and be careful not
  to neglect your sides for too long.

• The third boss requires you to shoot him preferably in the face.  He'll grab
  rocks, smash with things and it's up to you to destroy the rocks and dodge
  his attacks as much as you can.  Also blow up the barrels in the distance to
  get rid of annoying pests that are shooting at you.  After a short while,
  parasites will pop out of his body:  Quickly target only these, as they are
  what is steering it.  When the large parasite is destroyed, the chapter will
  be over.

  Chapter 3-1:
• You can't proceed, so grab the Beast Slate from the ground and hop back in the
  boat.  Explore the waters and head to the NE village.  At the end, have Sheva
  hop to a higher platform in order to find the Shaman Slate.  Deal with the
  enemies and go back to your boat.  Now sail to the NW region of the lake and
  grab the Rocket Launcher from a suitcase on a downed boat near the NW corner.
  Head towards the destination marker and grab the Slate Map from the ground.

• Next, head towards the eastern cross on your map.  After getting off, wade
  through the water and avoid the enemies at all costs - don't bother killing
  them.  If they get to you it's instant death.  Climb the ladder at the end,
  explore the buildings, deal with a few more enemies, grab the Raptor Slate
  and head back to the boat.

• Now proceed to the last cross on your map, which is at the end the southwest
  water passage.  Steer right around the structure in order to get off the boat.
  As you explore the houses, more enemies start bothering you.  After dealing
  with them, collect the Warrior Slate and proceed back to the boat - and back
  to the destination marker on the west side of the lake.  Deal with a few more
  enemies on your way back:  You can sail over them if when they're in the

• Wade through the marsh until you get to a small village.  I suggest you search
  the houses first before you grab the magnum near the body in the center, cause
  after that several enemies - including two fairly tough mini bosses - will
  attack you.  After dealing with the enemies, head NE and continue your way.
  Have someone turn the valve, the other should go over the bridge and find
  their way to the barred door and unlock it.  Exit by using the ropeway.

  Chapter 3-2:
• In this village, proceed and waste the enemies.  Have someone turn the crank
  and the other move on the raft.  With the bridge down, continue over it and
  proceed through the cave.  At the open area, search the surroundings and tents
  for supplies, then move towards the next area.

• Now things start to get interesting.  Make your way through the area and turn
  the valves to cease the incinerators. However, several enemies and mini-bosses
  will show up sequentially as you proceed from valve to valve.  It's best to
  kill one wave at a time.  With the fire out, exit the area.

• Protect your teammates and get in the elevator when it's ready.  Move through
  the area and shake off the enemies.  With the door open, get out of the place.

• Inspect the area and head towards the boat on the right.  After the cutscene
  you have 2 minutes to make it to the other side of the dock.  Be careful near
  the other dock as tripwires with explosives have been placed.  A scene plays
  when you reach the boat in time.

  Chapter 3-3:
• Shake of the following boats and open the gate when prompted to.  At the next
  subsection, duck when the boat is going under pipes and try to shoot as many
  gas tanks as possible to cause havoc.  When you're required to raise a second
  gate, take care of the gunners ASAP!  They will be replaced, but keep killing
  them as they're quite dangerous.  When the area looks fairly cleared, flip
  both levers simultaneously and the gate will rise.

• After more cutscenes, it's boss time again.  Use the gatling gun on the side
  where the monster is swimming and target the bulb on what could be called its
  head.  Dodge any tentacle attacks by pressing the correct button.  When the
  creature gets behind the ship, have Sheva also use a gatling gun to speed up
  the process.  The weak spot should be quite clear, just target the .. man in
  person until the creature dies.

  Chapter 4-1:
• Make your way through the cave and kill a new enemy type along the way.  Be
  sure to destroy any torches as they contain treasure.  In the next area, jump
  down and follow the path to the bridge.  If you see any sarcophagus be sure to
  loot the treasure inside.  After the bridge has collapsed, quickly make your
  way back to Sheva by using the lower path, but quite a few waves of enemies 
  attack you.  When they're taken care of, head for the last sarcophagus and
  you'll fall down a tomb.  Kill the enemies inside and prepare for a tricky

• The next chamber will have a few enemies, but they're the least to worry about
  as you'll soon find that the large, spiky, burning boulders are more of a
  nuisance.  Turn the crank in the middle of the hall and quickly run for the
  gate.  If Chris makes it, then that'll do.  Quickly go back in the hall and
  collect all the ammo and gold.  Proceed through the tunnel and an interactive
  scene plays.  Basically it's just 'Run' (tap) and 'Jump', and one last 'Grab'
  at the end.

• Pull the chains to activate the stairs.  Now you'll get to a puzzle-like
  environment for a change!  Head towards the NW corner and have one person stay
  here.  With the other, head back to the center of the room, go north and then
  to the NW corner again, except on the other side of the statue.  Pull the 
  chains and return to the center of the hall.  Now go west and do the same with
  the green statue here.  Head for the golden statue up north now, and kill the
  enemies on your way there.  Move to the NE purple statue and get the other
  chain that is located directly below.  More enemies have to be defeated first.

• When that is over, head to the very last statue, the red one in the SW corner.
  Pull the levers and it's boss time again.  You can choose from two strategies
  here.  The first is very simple, but won't net you the Soul Gem treasure (that
  is worth 10000 Gold).  Head upstairs, dodge the boss' attack and the fight 
  will come to an end.  The other strategy takes somewhat longer. Use explosives
  to flip the boss on its side and target its weak spot with the best weapons 
  you have (such as a magnum or shotgun).  After its dead, head upstairs and 
  exit the area.

  Chapter 4-2:
• Proceed through the area, head right (east) and be careful of the sun laser. 
  Continue down the hall, kill some more enemies, and grab the Earth Emblem.
  Back at the intersaction in the middle of the room, go west and make your way
  NW through the pathways with sun lasers until you can give Sheva a hand.
  She'll grab the Sky Emblem but will be bothered by enemies, so cover her.

• The Sea Emblem is last, which can be found in the western regions of the area.
  As usual, quite a few enemies will hinder you, so do your best to get rid of
  them.  It's also possible to lure them into the sun lasers, but this is tricky
  and can result in getting hit by the laser yourself.  Now head for the door in
  the center and insert all three emblems to continue to the next area up ahead.

• For the upcoming puzzle goes: Touch a laser beam, you die.  If you're standing
  behind a mirror and you're moving it: Pressing left will make it go left, and
  pressing right will make it go right.  However, if you're pressing left, Chris
  will move RIGHT in order to turn it left, so don't turn yourself into a pile
  of ash.

• It's puzzle time!  Ready, set, go!  Okay, so ehm, you see that statue in the 
  NW corner?  Walk around the beams to get to it, stand behind it and flip it
  left once.  Puzzle solved!  Head down on the platform with the mirror.  Ha!
  You didn't think it was going to be THAT easy, did you?  Yeah.. you did for a
  second.  Anyway, on the lower ground, knock the pillar down.  Flip the second
  mirror statue (pretty much in the middle of the room) to the right, then flip
  the one in the NE corner to the left (check your map so you know what corner
  the NE is).  Head down with the elevator.

• First of all, the treasure box in the middle of the floor holds no treasure..
  Flip the mirrors that initially aren't getting any beams (western side of the
  room) both right once.  Then flip the one in the NE corner to complete the 
  beam.  With this setup you can loot the treasure chambers.  Now to activate
  the elevator, turn the SW mirror away from the center mirror.  Turn the center
  mirror left so it faces the exit elevator, and turn the SW mirror back towards
  the center mirror.  You can now use the elevator.

  Chapter 5-1:
• Make your way over to the destination marker.  In this complex, continue
  through the fairly straightforward halls and rooms until you get to a room 
  with glass windows and a lever.  Pull the lever, then shoot one of the windows
  so you can proceed.  Continue through the area with the imprisoned animals and
  the game will shortly after introduce you to my favorite enemy in the Resident
  Evil series!

• After dealing with them, continue and you'll face more... Good luck, I suggest
  you pull out your shotgun.  Exit the area and keep away the enemies as you
  wait for the elevator.

• When the scenes are over, it's boss time once again.  Pretty much pump your
  lead in its face while killing its smaller bugs is the key here.  Dodge as 
  many attacks as you can, and keep your supply of ammunition healthy by
  grabbing it while you go.

  Chapter 5-2:
• Make your way through the facility and you'll encounter more enemies, this 
  time armed ones.  Take cover wherever possible to reduce the likelyhood of
  getting hit, and make it to the other side of the room.  In the area up ahead
  you'll face numerous other armed enemies, but you should know that there are
  also various explosive cylinders placed abusively close to them.  This 
  definitely speeds things up.

• The walkway up ahead is again roaming with my favorite enemy.  I hope you
  enjoy it too. :p  The next factory hall contains more armed enemies.  When you
  have dealt with most of them, hop on the conveyor belt and dodge the boxes to
  get across.  You can pull the lever to stop the production process. 

• Head upstairs, but right before you hop onto the next conveyor belt, it may
  be useful to clear the way of at least some explosive cylinders.  Also, once
  you're on the conveyor belt, try to blow the cylinders up nearby enemies, and
  use the middle edge between the conveyor belts to walk on - this is much
  faster.  When you've dealt with the enemies, you can pull the lever to stop
  the conveyor belt.  Now explore the back area and loot the suitcase for a
  machine gun.

• The nearby lever isn't powered .. yet, so let's get to it.  The area up ahead
  features a few nice cocoons .. always a nice sight.  When you've powered the
  lever, head back and expect a big fight.  You might want to pump in a few
  magnum shots to get a grand damage start, then finish the fight with your
  shotgun.  Note that the lighter beige colored body parts are the creature's
  weak spot.  Remember this, it may save your life.

• The upcoming conveyor belt is a nice one!  You'll see what I mean.  Make it
  to the end (grabbing treasure is not mandatory), which is on the west.  You
  will first have to make it to the left side, wait for a box to pass at the
  end of the right side, and then run the last bit.  Make your way to the next
  area.  After the scene, it's boss time!

• This boss is a tough nut to crack.  You have several resources here:  The gas
  cylinders that it can swallow will reveal its orange weak spots temporarily.
  Better yet is the Flamethrower that - as long as the boss is ignited - will
  automatically expose the boss' weak spots.  The problem is that the boss 
  attacks quickly, and there's always one person that needs to expose the weak
  spots.  I suggest you have the AI handle this (or your partner) so you can
  target the weak spots, preferably with a burst weapon such as the shotgun.
  When you've downed it, congratulate yourself and be on your way.

  Chapter 5-3:
• Make your way through some tunnels until you reach a larger area again.  More
  armed enemies make their entry and it's up to you to deal with them.  Two
  more mini-boss enemies will hatch from their cocoons, which I'm sure you'll
  find lovely.  When you've dealt with the enemies, enter through the door and
  flip the power on.

• With the power on you can summon a platform nearby.  Of course it comes with
  a few baddies, but when is that not the case you may wonder.  Have Sheva
  go over to the other side while you stay behind and flip the lever.  As you
  cross, cover Sheva.  More enemies assault you, including ones armed with
  rocket launchers.  Yes, they're quite dangerous, so you'll want to pop their
  heads from a distance with a rifle (or just aim well).  Make your way to the
  cabin room where a few more enemies with stun rods and shields reside, waiting
  to get slaughtered.  Exit the area nearby.

• Make your way to the center of the facility elevator and pull the lever at
  the green screen.  In order to reach the top you'll have to kill several other
  armed enemies who will appear on platforms.  When you reach the stairs, kill
  a few more and exit the area.

• In the next area, find the power switch in order to control the elevator.
  When you've done so, order Sheva to use the lever so Chris can go up.  Ah,
  nice, more tough enemies.  Be extremely careful as your partner can not help
  you out here if you reach the dying status.  With those two out of the way,
  continue the path and .. encounter another THIRTEEN more or so!  No joke!
  Empty your shotgun on them, use the grenade launcher, anything to get rid of
  these pests.  Drop down in the cabin after getting everything you need and
  search the lockers.  Lower the bridge and enter the next area.

• Well, some big scenes play and a boss fight starts.  The first part of the
  fight requires you to hold out, so you can collect the supplies around the
  area, as long as you don't waste too much ammo.  The second part doesn't
  really involve weapons either.  Simply get close to the boss and press the
  buttons when prompted.  The faster you tap the buttons, the sooner the fight
  will end.  More scenes will play after the fight, and the chapter ends.

  Chapter 6-1:
• Move over the deck of the ship and follow the linear pathway.  You'll come
  across quite large packs of enemies.  Continue through the container area and
  ignore the device that tells you it requires a keycard.. for now.  In the 
  next part, one of you will get temporarily locked.  When the enemies have been
  dealt with, shoot the button with the green light to free the way.  Make a
  detour to the crane and free your partner.  Team up again and continue where
  you left off.

• Keep your enemy slaughterfest up and you'll soon reach two neon colored 
  platforms.  Both you and your partner should pick one and help raise the other
  by shooting the buttons.  Now it's only a short distance to the destination

• Go all the way downstairs and watch the scene.  Next up is another area with
  numerous armed enemies.  When they're dealt with, jump down the hatch, kill
  a few more enemies inside and climb back out at the end.  It's miniboss time
  again, and you'll want to take cover.  Use the gas cylinders to harm him
  faster.  When he's dead he'll drop the Tanker Keycard A.  Get the Tanker
  Keycard B from a safe in the SW corner.  

• Head through the door at the destination marker.  In the next area, deal with
  the enemies that are armed with rocket launchers.  Take cover and kill them
  one by one.  After that, exit the stage by elevator.

  Chapter 6-2:
• Make your way to the large pile of .. Well, to the large pile.  An regular
  scene followed by an interactive cutscene take place.  After this, make your
  way through the interior, destroying and dodging tentacles as you proceed.
  Head for the bridge (be sure to kill one of the mutated enemies who drops the
  Bridge Keycard) and continue to the next area.

• It's big, badass boss time.  First of all, grab the L.T.D. by using the 
  keycard.  Aim for the orange bulbs and dodge the tentacle attacks while it's
  recharging.  When the tentacles are lifted up high in the air, climb the 
  ladder and start taking out all tentacles.  Every time you do, a few enemies
  are spit out (which your partner can take care of).  When you've killed all
  tentacles, the main bulb will show.  You need to shoot it three times in
  total, then the fight will be over.

  Chapter 6-3:
• Well, make your way through the hangar.. You'll be facing a series of very
  tough enemies.. hordes of them actually.  The Hangar Keycard A & B can be
  gotten by defeating the two enemies with the gatling guns.  This is not to be
  recommended with regular firearms.  Instead, find the gatling gun and wipe 
  them out with that.

• It's time for the most epic final boss fight in the Resident Evil series.  Of
  course you know who it is .. But anyway.. Turn off the lights to make things
  easier for you, this way your enemy will have a harder time dodging your
  attacks.  Next, grab the RPG from the corner.  When he's looking around to
  search you (thus not knowing where you are), fire the rocket and try to inject
  him with the virus.  The first time will fail, so you'll need to fire another
  rocket.  Grab it from one of the crates, or have Sheva do it.  This time you
  will succeed.

• Either way, many scenes will play, including interactive scenes.  After all
  scenes, the fight continues.  First, retreat to higher ground.  Second, have
  Sheva escape to safety by delaying your enemy.  Third, push the giant boulder
  so that Sheva can come over to your side.  Last, the fight is now a matter of
  carefully trying to get behind the boss, shooting the orange bulb on its back
  once or twice (this may be a little tricky).  When you've done so, the boss
  will first perform a whirlwind tentacle attack.  After this, don't shoot at
  the boss, but approach him from behind to restrain him.  Let your partner do
  the rest, namely, stabbing the boss to death.
  When you've defeated .. the boss, the final scenes and credits will play.  

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