Review by rai829

Reviewed: 10/09/07

This game is awesome!

This game is horribly undderated and is much better than most say.

Story: The story is more an excuse to blow away different types of monsters away, but there is one there. It centers around high school steryotypes, Zack; The nerd, Andy; The skater and my favorite choice, Carry; The goth and Jennifer; The stuck-up cheerleader. They're all at Zack's house for some reason or another when zombies bust through the front door and all hell breaks loose. they defeat the zombies and fight their way through the town, buying weapons from Larry Tools. The story is really lackluster, but it carries the game and is pretty funny.

Sound; I like the music, it sounds really cool. Each level has it's own tune, so there's a huge amount of songs to listen to and geuss what, it doesn't matter what level you're in, you just pop up the options menu and select the song you want, there is so many, at least 30. The voices are okay, but some really suck. Zack's voice fits his character, but there are times when you wish it didn't because it's pretty bad, all stunted and kinda weinny, but it's tolerable. Andy's voice sounds younger than a 17 year old, (That's his official age.) should sound and is almost forced sounding, like the voice actor is really straining to get the voice down, but he still sounds like a skater and it's probably the best voice in the game. Carry sounds bored and annoyed and not very goth-like, but it is also one of the better voices. Jennifer is just annoying, I never play as her because of it! Larry Tools is also annoying, when you buy weapons he won't shut his freakin' hole and it gets really annoyin, but Jennifer is still worse.
8/10, (The music saved it.)

Graphics: Very good despite what people say, they're colorful and vibrant and it fits the cartoony mood.

Gameplay: This is what makes the game great. Each character has his/her own melee weapons you can find in each level, Andy and Zack usually have the cooler looking weapons. There 70 different types of monsters to vanquish and they all have different methods to take you out. The levels are sweet, there is a large amount making the game long, at least three levels to a chapter, my favorite is a tie between the high school and castle levels. I don't know the exact number, but there are tons of weapons to unlock and each can be upgraded. Each beaten chapter nets you a few more, you have to mix up your strategy to use some effectively though. Each character has a special attack you can power up with your special melee weapon, but even then the guns are a better choice. The game is difficult, even on normal this game will kick your ass and leave you bleeding in the parking lot. The replay value is really good too, but you have to really like the game to get most unlockables, (The costumes can be hard as hell to get!).

Overall, if you're looking for a mindless action game that's fun and oldschool, but still up to today's standard, this xbox 360 title is for you!

Rating: 9

Product Release: Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia (US, 06/12/07)

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