Review by Azular

Reviewed: 07/20/07

Gah! Zombies have eaten my neighbors! *Some Possible Spoilers.*

Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia is... In my opinion, a tribute to the classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors, for the Genesis, and Super Nintendo. The game is a HUGE B-Movie parody, taking everything we like about them, and making fun of it. Sometimes, it can be funny, sometimes it can be lame, sometimes it's just in between. This game is severely stabbed at by reviewers, like Gamespot, who... Well, I don't want to explain that. Let's just say this is the thing that makes me say "You can't trust these guys, anymore." This game is not as bad as they say. It's actually... Fun?

GRAPHICS: The graphics in this game are good, but... They don't really fit. Look at the cinematics. They really scream at us "THIS GAME IS CEL-SHADED!!!" I wish that were true, because I think it'd look better. The game is still cartoony, though. The character models are okay. Sometimes, they look pretty weird, however. The environments are pretty sweet. They're pretty good, in all, though. But it still should be cel-shaded. It's like having all these cartoony cinematics for Pokemon, but the game looks like it was Sin City. It doesn't work well.
7/10, for being good, but not really fitting.

SOUND: Okay, I want to get Music and Effects out of the way, first off. Music is bland, and forgettable, which is why it's best to import your own music. The sound effects are very nice. The zombies sound... I wouldn't say scary... But still. The guns sound pretty nice, too. But one thing I want to talk about is the Voice Acting. Yes. It's crap. Not the worst ever, though. But that's one of the things it's SUPPOSED TO BE! CRAP! The game is a parody to a B-Movie. B-Movies are known to have some crap dialogue, and crap acting. What does this game have? One-Liners that get old, a stereo-typical script, and CRAPTASTIC V/O! But that's what it's supposed to be.
8/10, for having forgettable music, but great effects, and fitting V/O.

STORY: You play as either Zack, Carrie, Jennifer, or Andy. I only play as Zack, currently, so I might be missing a little dialogue, that may be story crucial. Zack is at his house, with Carrie, and they're up for studying. But Zack wanted this to happen, so he could tell Carrie about his feelings for her. That I felt added a sense of humor, how he's always interrupted by people. There's Andy, who Zack was fixing a flying skateboard for, (You better believe it.) Jennifer sneaking in to get her book report, and, my personal favorite of the guests... ZOMBIES! It's up to you to help these characters as stereo-typical as my "Stereo-Type Mii" as they escape the suburbs, get supplies, and retrieve a fighting robot Zack made, among other things, and just survive this two, or three day duration. It is pretty generic, but I found a few things to be funny.
6/10, for being generic, but somewhat funny. (Especially that janitor.)

GAMEPLAY: There are three words that can describe the gameplay. FUN. HARD. TWO. Fun, because this is one hectic game. There are monsters all over the place, ready to rip that ugly mug right off your skull. Hard, because... There are monsters all over the place, ready to rip that ugly mug right off your skull. There are almost too many! But challenge is good, no? The last word is two. This game is CLEARLY made for two players. The bosses, in particular that friggin' Shopping Cart Train, where you kill SIX bosses with no rests, or vending machines, can be difficult. The game has strange controls, and you MUST get used to them, so you can enjoy the freakin' thing. The game is pretty simple. If it moves, kill it. If it doesn't move, kill it. If it's your partner... Kill it, yes, heh heh, yeah. But that's a good thing. The fun does get a little old, but there are sixty enemies, eighteen levels, and tons of achievements, and unlockables to keep you happy.
8/10, for being fun, hard, and having online, but a bit repetitive.

RENT OR BUY?: I'd say buy it. It has a load of online play, if you can find people to play, replay, achievements, and other things.

SOUND: 8/10
STORY: 6/10

(Note: I didn't get a chance to play the online, because our Live is down... But whatever.)

Rating: 8

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