Review by wolverinefan

Reviewed: 07/12/07

A very bland 360 game

I thought Monster Madness looked really good. A throw back to the good ole days of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, which is a personal favorite of mine. Sadly I must say that this game plays nothing like Zombies. Is it worth playing through? Read on!

Our heroes are at Zack's house when zombies attack. He must defend his house and then head out into the city where the zombies and other things are causing problems. It's a simple story told in comic book style but I found the characters more annoying than anything else and the plot is very B movie.

Graphic wise the game looks pretty good, if not a bit shrunken. Character models are a bit bland looking but there is a nice variety in enemies. The levels themselves are uninspired in design but the ground and stuff looks nicely detailed.

The sound in the game is very bland. The sound effects didn't do anything for me and it really didn't lead to figuring out when say that broken power cable is ready to jump to life. Little things like that would have been helpful but instead we get moans, bombs and beeping. The voice work is something I would like to call nerve grinding. Music did nothing for me and despite playing for 2 hours straight and stopping not even 15 minutes ago, I remember none of it.

Control in the game is easily one of its biggest downfalls. R trigger is your main weapon, X picks items up; L trigger is your throwing items and the bumpers switch weapons for you. Pressing in the right stick allows for you to jump. It's a very awkward setup and to be honest I would have rather placed Y as jump instead of camera view change and just put that crap on the shoulder buttons. But alas the game doesn't allow for control customization.

The idea of the game is to finish the current task. It's usually get to X spot or kill everything. Usually it's kill everything and then go to X spot to kill everything. So variety sure isn't here in this game.

Enemy variety is pretty good though and they are kind of smart. When they're not getting stuck in objects. The game quickly tossed some tougher enemies at me which was surprising since it was so early in the game.

The game offers four playable characters. They all have their own main weapon. Otherwise they pretty much play the same. You need to just grab items and kill the bad guys. The game play really doesn't vary much. You can collect parts to build new weapons which is an interesting idea but it's hard to make out what a collectable part is and what a usable object is. It doesn't really become a problem but more of a distinction would have been better.

The game offers on-line multiplayer in the form of fighting waves. No tackling the story in co-op because that would have made too much sense for a game. It does offer offline co-op so if you have some friends you'll get more enjoyment out of this but I can honestly say I would have played this more and maybe even finished it if it offered on-line co-op.

It's not that Monster Madness is a bad game. It's just an average game with some bad ideas and missing features. A point was taken off for not including some obvious features like on-line co-op. Take that for what it is though and adjust if that kind of thing isn't important to you but when you offer online play but not the obvious kind then it becomes kind of silly.

Story - 6/10
Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 5/10
Control - 6
Game Play - 6/10
Replay Value - 5/10

Final Score: 5/10

Rating: 5

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