Review by NMoss

Reviewed: 07/02/07

A good idea with poor execution

I was pretty excited when I rented this game however after hours upon hours of gameplay I became so frustrated with it that I had to write a review so maybe at least one soul will be spared the absolute irritation associated with this game.


Not a bad plot. Zombies eat your neighbors (among many other things) and so you go out and kill everything in your path. Not the most creative story but how can you go wrong with zombies.

Graphics and sound:

Average. The levels had some thought put into them (usually someone else's thoughts that were borrowed). The game does get choppy at points which can be nauseating. The sound is ok.


This is where the game begins to unravel. There are two camera modes: overhead (which is horrible) and behind (which isn't bad). Unfortunately the game forces you overhead at points and this will cause you chagrin to no end. Switching weapons can be irritating. Vehicle controls are ESPECIALLY frustrating and can cause you to want to break the disc in half (well at least I want to at points). However, this would not be completely devastating to the game except when combined with its...


The game is hard - sometimes really, really hard. This is never good with shabby controls. The levels can be SOOOO long (and you can spend an inordinate amount of time collecting things). It may be an hour before you reach a checkpoint. Long levels, few checkpoints, hard enemies, and poor controls equal hours of frustration on a single level.

Overall 3 of 10:

The game is just hard and frustrating. I couldn't find a single Xbox live match so I can't comment about its online features. The game does have a few good points such as tons of weapons, unlockables, and replayability - however they pale in comparison to its many flaws. I would rent this game if you must play it - but if you start to get heart palpitations because it is stressing you out, take it back, rent Tenchu Z, and take pleasure in killing a few adversarial ninjas.

Rating: 3

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