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Reviewed: 06/26/07

Play like a zombie, No chance

Let me explain the reviews header first, It is an insight into how hard this game can be. You won't be just sitting there playing and not thinking like some shooters out there where you simply run in shoot everything without moving much and continuing on, in this game if you don't move you will die.
Now with that little explanation out of the way onto the review....

Story : 6
The story really is not anything to be excited about or anything to be so upset about you had wished you had never ever experienced it. I won't say anything directly relating to it to avoid spoiling the experience but to put it simply, the story won't give you the incentive to play the game as its a bare bones experience.

Graphics : 8
They are not the most beautifully rendered graphics you will ever see but rest assured they won't displease you either, After all this is running on the Unreal engine, unfortunately due to the camera you can't really see the scenery for how beautiful it most likely is using this engine, but what you do see is something that will please you. There is enough detail to neither be impressed nor disappointed which gives this an 8 for at least being more than acceptable on a next generation console.

sound : 5
Well I got to this bit and my first thought was I can't really remember much of it, so I can only say that they are fine as I haven't been playing and noticed anything distracting or anything that grabs my attention. I have switched it on to play whilst I write this section to give a thorough review of sound and well it is as I had first thought, Nothing out of place or below par but nothing that will grab your attention once they game is switched off. They are fine for the game they accompany and that is all.

Game play/controls : 5
This is a mixed bag here, The starting camera angle simply does not allow for easy control so I found myself switching to the secondary camera angle which is slightly overhead but always behind your character where as the starting camera is top down.

It doesn't sound bad having a top down view but you must take into consideration the control scheme which is basically your standard first person shooter controls of move and strafe on the left stick with rotating on the right stick, aiming like this from and over head camera is at best difficult.

You may wonder if you can change the camera to something much easier why would I give such a bad review here, well simply because at certain points in the game's levels you are forced to use the over head camera in area's which usually contain a lot of enemies or difficult enemies, I found it pointless to take my preference away from me for well I don't even know why. It simply makes these area's extremely difficult if you play the game above the easiest difficulty, and not difficult as a challenge but difficult as in rip your hair out because you can't see what your are aiming at clearly and to actually get rotated to aim at an enemy in the first place with ease.

Now back to the secondary camera, Once you start using this camera you will find this game a whole lot easier simply because the camera is much more user friendly, it reacts similar to other 3rd person shooters and with the control scheme similar to an FPS game. Thats enough here I will simply say that the controls are fine but with the camera forced on you at certain points they become extremely annoying.

Multi player : 5
I am sure that the games are very fun but every time I come to play on-line there are literally no servers or very few, usually none in ranked matches and an odd one or two in a player match which is a shame because most on-line achievements are for ranked matches. What I have played on-line is very simple and a basic multi player game setup up with king of the hill and capture the flag, team death match and so on, you get the idea.

Overall : 7
This game is not something to avoid as it is NOT terrible as a lot of people make it out to be, it just happens to have faults which make a difficult game to simply pick up and play, you need to really play it to get accustomed to the controls/camera but once you start to get the hang you will enjoy the game, I just recommend playing at easiest difficulty and come back for the whole hog once you have got to grips with the controls completely.

If I were to suggest a rent or buy, well I bought it and haven't been disappointed, just not amazed, I think its worth a purchase as it doesn't come in at full next generation price (not here in the UK anyway 34.99 pounds is what I payed) so if you really still like the sound of it then buy it, it really is fun once you get accustomed to its control scheme.

Rating: 7

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