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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kcappa

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 08/31/06

Chromehounds Walkthrough
Version 1.20
Authored by: Daniel "Kcappa" Sato
E-mail: karmacppa at yahoo.com

Chromehounds, a mechanized combat simulator developed by From Software and
published by SEGA.  It was released in June 2006 for Asian regions, and in July
2006 for the US and European regions.  It is currently only on the XBox 360. It
is rated T by the ESRB and 12+ by the PEGI.


Table of Contents

1.00 Foreword [FOR00]
2.00 How to read this walkthrough [HTP00]
3.00 Story Mode Walkthrough [SMW00]
3.10 Tutorial [TUT01]
3.20 Soldier Missions [SOL00]
3.30 Sniper Missions [SNP00]
3.40 Defender Missions [DEF00]
3.50 Scout Missions [SCT00]
3.60 Heavy Gunner Missions [HVG00]
3.70 Commander Missions [CMD00]
3.80 Final Mission [FNL00]
4.00 Basic Hound Construction [BHC00]
4.10 Hound Construction Tips [HCT00]
5.00 Part Types [PRT00]
6.00 Achievements [ACH00]
7.00 Basic Online Modes [XBL00]
8.00 Acknowledgements [AKN00]
9.00 Version History [HST00]
10.00 Legal Disclaimer [LGL00]


1.00 Foreword [FOR00]
Chromehounds is a mech simulator set in a world that was torn apart by sunspot
activity during the Cold War.  Armored Combat vehicles and new communications
networks called Network Areas were formed to adapt to the new battle
environment.  The latest generation of ACVs embraces a new modular construction
theory, allowing parts to be exchanged between any of these new war machines
called HOUNDS.  You play as a mercenary of the organization Rafzakael, engaged
by one of three major nations to execute military operations.


2.00 How to read this walkthrough [HTP00]
This walkthrough will give you the basics of how to use the various features
of Chromehounds, and provide information pertaining to the missions that you
will complete in the Story Mode.

You can jump to any portion of the walkthrough by searching for the section
code listed in brackets.  For instance, Soldier Mission 6 is [SOL06], and
the part type list is [PRT00].

There are some terms that will be used that should be defined before we start.

ACV - Armored Combat Vehicle, these war machines range from simple mass
production combat vehicles to the awesome HOUNDs.  They take a variety of
HOUND - The latest generation of ACV which uses modular parts that can be
integrated into any HOUND.  They are the most potent forces available in
Tank - Weak enemies, they are the same as our modern tanks, with a cannon that
does minimal damage.
APC - A weaker version of a tank with a smaller gun.
Biped - An ACV with two legs, generally armed with light weapons.
Quad - An ACV with four legs armed with potent weapons.
Sniper - Either a four legged ACV with a sniper rifle, or a HOUND that has
sniper rifles equipped.
NA - Network Area, the communications net that allows voice communication and
detection of enemies.
COMBAS - A communications tower, when captured it provides NA in the
surrounding areas.
HQ - The base building for a squad.  The main base will have the flag of the
country it belongs to on it.
RT - Role type, this describes the role that a HOUND will play in combat.
These include Soldier, Sniper, Defender, Scout, Heavy Gunner, and Commander.
Primary Scores - In story mode, each RT has 3 statistics that you will receive
points for at the end of every mission.  The better that statistic, the more
points you will receive.
Extra Operations - In story mode, at the end of each mission you will be
awarded an extra 1000 points for each extra operation you completed.  The extra
operations available vary from mission to mission.
Ranking - In story mode, the score you receive at the end of the mission will
determine your rank.  Ranks, from highest to lowest: S A B C D.  You will get
an S rank if you achieve 3000 points or more during a mission.
Completion Reward - In story mode, the part you receive for completing a
S Rank Reward - In story mode, the part you receive for completing a mission
with an S ranking.
Default Hound - In story mode, the hound that you will use if you do not build
your own hound for that mission.
S Rank Strategy - Tips for completing a mission with an S rank.


3.00 Story Mode Walkthrough [SMW00]

The story mode is an offline single player set of missions designed to
introduce players to the game play of Chromehounds and to show them the basics
of each RT.  By completing the missions, players will gain parts to use in
their own HOUNDs, and experience points towards their online character.  Each
mission has a ranking that is given at the end of the mission, and if a player
gets an S rank (over 3000 points), they will be given a special part and
bonus experience points for their online character.  Every mission can be
completed with the default Hound, but some are much easier to complete with a
customized Hound.  If you would like to use your own Hound, please feel free to
do so, as you will not be penalized in any way by the game for doing so.


3.10 Tutorial [TUT01]
Completion reward: RFZ-CK-A2 Cockpit
Completion reward: RFZ-MC-1 Mobility COM
Completion reward: RFZ-TC-1 Weapon COM
Completion reward: RFZ-AC-1 Stability COM
S Rank reward: RFZ-WAR-1 Assault Rifle
Primary scores: time elapsed, accuracy, damage taken
Default Hound: Bipedal, 2 machine guns, 1 anti-hound rocket, 2 sniper rifles, 2
assault rifles
S Rank strategy: Complete the instructors orders quickly and shoot accurately.

First, you will have to complete basic tasks in non-combat situations.  Walk 
northeast to find a tank within a small compound.  Walk north and a little west
to the tanks at grid E7 which is marked with point 2 on your map.  Once there, 
destroy the 3 stationary tanks.  5 tanks will approach from the north and
northeast , destroy them all.  4 tanks are stationary on a hill to the west,
destroy them.  Take the COMBAS to the south at grid G7.
Once you take the COMBAS, you will have a live fire test.  Several groups of
tanks will start converging on you, destroy them.  2 tanks appear to the
southwest at grid G6.  4 tanks appear to the southeast at grid H8.  5 tanks
appear to the south at grid H7.
The mission will end, and you will be graded fairly easily.  As long as you
have completed the mission without taking too much time, and keep your accuracy
above 50%, you should have no trouble getting 3000 points.


3.20 Soldier [SOL00]
Primary scores: time elapsed, enemies destroyed, average attack distance
The soldier RT should have good armor and powerful medium/close combat
weaponry.  They favor shotguns, assault rifles, and anti-hound rockets.  The
chassis that you choose should be decently fast, to allow you to close with
enemies and keep them in your favored range.

3.21 Soldier 1 [SOL01]
Completion reward: RFZ-TL-2 Bipedal Chassis
S Rank reward: RFZ-AAM-2 Armor
Extra operations: Complete real combat in less than 3 minutes
Default Hound: Bipedal, 2 assault rifles, 3 shotguns, 3 anti-hound rockets
S Rank strategy: You should complete the mission quickly, under 6 minutes
should be acceptable.  Fire your assault rifles at as long range as possible
while moving into a better position to attack.  If you kill the enemies quickly
enough, you'll make enough points for S rank.

Kill the 4 moving bipeds to the north at G1 while moving to the north.  Kill
the 6 APCs to the north at point F1 while moving towards them.  Kill the 3
quads to the north at D1, make sure to keep moving towards them while turning
left and right.  If you walk in straight lines, they will hit you with rockets,
which stun you momentarily and throw off your aim.
You will now be attacked by several units coming in from the east, this is the
"real combat trial", and you need to kill all these opponents within 3 minutes
to achieve your secondary goal.  Move east onto the hill at D2, then start
slowly moving to the south killing the enemies that appear.  3 groups, each
consisting of 1 biped and 2 tanks will be moving west from grid D4 and E4 to
the east and southeast.  Another group with 1 quad, 1 biped, and 3 tanks will
appear at grid E3 to the southeast, moving north and west.  Kill all of these
enemies quickly to complete the mission.

3.22 Soldier 2 [SOL02]
Completion reward: RFZ-GE-A1 Generator
S Rank reward: RFZ-CK-A3 Cockpit
Extra operations: Enemy annihilated, allied scout survives
Default Hound: Bipedal, 2 assault rifles, 3 shotguns, 3 anti-hound rockets
S Rank strategy: Move quickly and take out the enemy base.  If you finish the
mission fast, you should easily get an S ranking.

For this mission, don't pay attention to the foot soldiers, they can't really
hurt you, and aren't worth any points if you kill them.
Move northeast to the river, engaging enemies as you move.  You should find 4
or 5 tanks immediately, kill them as you pass.  Just before you reach the
river, you should find 2 bipeds in your way, take them out without stopping.
Turn north along the river towards the enemy base at C2, which is marked as
point 1 on your map.  As you come into sight of the base, you will see two
tanks immediately to the north, and a pair of bipeds on either side of the
river beyond the tanks.  Destroy all of these enemies as you proceed north.
In front of the base are three quads, and 5 tanks in the base itself that will
attack you.  Wipe out the quads while you move up to the base, then take out
the tanks.  Use your anti-hound rockets to destroy all the buildings in the
base, which are fairly weak.

3.23 Soldier 3 [SOL03]
Completion reward: RFZ-WMG-3 Machine Gun
S Rank reward: RFZ-WBD-1 Bomb dispenser
Extra operations: No damaged parts, halt enemy before F4
Default Hound: Wheeled, 2 assault rifles, 2 shotguns, 2 rocket racks
S Rank strategy: Kill the APC at the front of the fleeing enemy column as
quickly as possible.  Ignore the bipeds and tanks.

This mission focuses on running down an APC that is fleeing.  You can ignore
everything but the APC.  Immediately follow the road southwest at maximum
speed.  Once you get to a spot where you can start moving over the hill at E6,
keep moving southwest, but turn a little more to the west so you can get to the
other side of this ridge.  You should come over the ridge and see the enemy APC
starting to cross the water at F5, take him out with a salvo from your assault
rifles, and you will complete the mission.

3.24 Soldier 4 [SOL04]
Completion reward: RFZ-ASP-1 Spacer
S Rank reward: RFZ-WGL-1 Grenade Launcher
Extra operations: No damaged parts, destroy the enemy base in under 5 minutes
Default Hound: Wheeled, 2 assault rifles, 2 shotguns, 2 rocket racks
S Rank strategy: Quickly finishing the mission minimizes your damage.  There
are lots of tanks in this level, and if you stop to fight them, the damage to
your hound will add up.  Take out any enemy ACVs as quickly as possible, then
move on towards the enemy compound.  If you finish in under 5 minutes, your
time will assure you of making at least 1750 points, and you only need 1250
from everything else.

As you start, there is a quad with a couple of hovercraft to the northeast, and
a sniper with two tanks to the east.  There are a two squads of a couple of
tanks each, one to the north and one to the east.  Take these all out in
whatever order you want, but don't let the sniper or quad shoot at you too many
times, as their shots do a fair amount of damage.  Then, move to F3 and take
COMBAS G.  Proceed southeast to the river, ignoring the path to the east.  As
soon as you crest the ridge, you will see a couple of snipers, a quad, and a
whole lot of tanks.  You're at close range though, so finish off the snipers
and quad, then continue towards the enemy base.  Your target is the compound
that is enclosed within a wall.  At extreme range, you can probably still hit
the refineries with your assault rifle, so do that as you are approaching the
enemy base.  There are too many tanks here, so just ignore them and concentrate
on killing the enemy buildings.  Once you close in, use your anti-hound rockets
to take out any buildings that are 2 or 3 stories tall, including the oil tanks
and refineries.  Killing one of the oil tanks or refineries generally sets off
most of the other buildings near it, so try to hit these first.

3.25 Soldier 5 [SOL05]
Completion reward: RFZ-WBD-2 Bomb Dispenser
S Rank reward: RFZ-WL-2 Wheeled Chassis
Extra operations: All allied units survive, no damage to Silvy's ACV
Default Hound: Wheeled, 2 assault rifles, 2 shotguns, 2 rocket racks
S Rank strategy: Move quickly to each group of enemies and kill them in the
fastest time possible.  If you can prevent them from having time to attack your
 squad, you will get 2000 points, and that's enough to ensure an S rank.

Proceed south, watching the ridgeline to your left.  After a little bit, you
will see 4 tanks at the top of the slope, destroy them with your assault
rifles.  Move to where the tanks were, then continue south.  You should
encounter 5 more tanks close enough to use your shotguns.  Move to the edge of
the cliff southwest, and you should be looking down at three quads that are
bombarding your troops, one off to the southwest, and two near a small cluster
of buildings at the foot of the cliff.  Kill them all quickly so that they do
not damage your troops too much.  Kill three more bipeds that are to the
northwest now.  Move quickly over to E3 and destroy the four quads there. Move
to H3, and take out the six or seven tanks by the road there to complete the

3.26 Soldier 6 [SOL06]
Completion reward: RFZ-WAR-2 Assault Rifle
S Rank reward: RFZ-WHT-2 Anti-HOUND Rocket
Extra operations: No parts damaged, no damage to Silvy's ACV
Default Hound: Bipedal, 3 assault rifles, 2 shotguns, 2 anti-hound rockets,
2 bomb dispensers
S Rank strategy: Move to destroy the enemies attacking your base initially,
then sweep down the road destroying any enemy attacker reinforcements.  Be sure
to destroy the sniper and quad ACVs near the enemy base before they can do any
significant damage to you.

Immediately move west to your base, destroying the 3 quads attacking it.  Then
proceed south down the road.  A group of 4 hovercraft will be moving north on
the road, destroy them.  Continue along the road.  When you reach the point
where the road bends east, you should see two bipeds coming down the roads
towards you.  You will also see a couple of snipers in the distance at F5.
There is another sniper at G6.  Move south of the road, then proceed east
towards the enemy base.  Kill the sniper at G6 first, then the two in the
distance at F5.  Make sure to keep killing the pairs of bipeds that continually
march towards your base while moving to the enemy base.  Once at the enemy
base, kill the two quads that are defending it and any bipeds that have passed
the enemy base.  Then march up to the entrance of the enemy base, and situate
yourself a step inside the edge of the base.  Most of the bipeds marching to
your base will not shoot you for fear of hitting their own base, and you can
ignore them, as they won't reach your base before you are done.  Switch to
bombs, aim towards the hangar and angle your guns up as much as you can.  Then,
just hold down the right trigger to keep firing.  It will take almost all of
your bombs, but the enemy base will blow up, and you will win.

3.27 Soldier 7 [SOL07]
Completion reward: RFZ-WHT-1 Anti-HOUND Rocket
S Rank reward: RFZ-WHP-1 Anti-HOUND Pile
Extra operations: No parts damaged, enemy hound 1 destroyed in under 3 minutes,
enemy annihilated in under 5 minutes
Default Hound: Bipedal, 2 assault rifles, 3 shotguns, 3 anti-hound rockets
S Rank strategy: Keep the command hound at mid-range and the heavier hound at
point blank from behind.  If you prevent them from using their weapons
effectively, they will not be able to inflict any noticeable damage to you.

Move southwest along the river, using your assault rifle to kill the 14 or so
tanks at long range while you move. 
Once you reach F3, you should see a command hound approaching you from the
southwest.  Kill it at mid-range, it isn't all that hard.  Move towards the
point at which the command hound appeared.  A heavy hound (not sure if it is a
defender or a heavy gunner) will appear, get in very close to it, and try to
stay out of the weapon arc.  Just unload with all your weapons at point blank
range, and the hound will be destroyed eventually.


3.30 Sniper [SNP00]
Primary scores: time elapsed, accuracy, average attack distance
Snipers use powerful rifles with scopes to destroy enemies at long distances.
Their favored chassis is the inverse two legged chassis, as it provides a
stable firing platform and good speed.  Their favored weapons are sniper
cannons, sniper rifles, and assault rifles.

3.31 Sniper 1 [SNP01]
Completion reward: RFZ-RJ-1 Inverse Chassis
S Rank reward: RFZ-ASP-2 Spacer
Extra operations: Over 70% accuracy
Default Hound: Inverse, 2 sniper cannons, 3 sniper rifles, 2 assault rifles
S Rank strategy: Move quickly to your sniper positions and destroy enemies with
careful aim.  If you keep your accuracy over 70%, you should be able to get an
S ranking.

Destroy the 7 tanks to the north.  Move to point D7 as quickly as possible, it
is marked point 2 on your map.  Destroy the four quads located at E5 once the
instructor allows you to fire.  Once they're destroyed, move next to the COMBAS
at B6.  Destroy the two bipeds that appear to the northwest.  Destroy another
pair of bipeds that appear to the north.  Destroy another pair of bipeds that
appear to the northeast.

3.32 Sniper 2 [SNP02]
Completion reward: RFZ-GE-B1 Generator
S Rank reward: RFZ-TC-2 Weapon COM
Extra operations: Over 60% accuracy, no damage to Jayrus ACV
Default Hound: Inverse, 2 sniper cannons, 3 sniper rifles, 2 assault rifles
S Rank strategy: Move to the sniper point quickly and immediately start firing
on enemies.  If you take both groups of enemies out before your main force
engages, you increase your chances of Jayrus getting through without being hit.

Move to the sniper point at F4, your commander will put it on the map as point
1.  Look to the east and kill 5 tanks and 2 bipeds.  Even though it is dark,
the enemy has bright silver paint, so you should be able to see them without
the flares.  If you can't, turn up your brightness a bit.  Once they're dead,
look to the north.  There are 2 bipeds and 7 tanks up there.  If you can't see
them, move up to the north until they get close enough to see.  Kill them all
to complete the mission.

3.33 Sniper 3 [SNP03]
Completion reward: RFZ-WSR-1 Sniper Rifle
S Rank reward: RFZ-WAR-3 Assault Rifle
Extra operations: Enemy annihilated, all allied units survive
Default Hound: Inverse, 2 sniper cannons, 3 sniper rifles, 2 assault rifles
S Rank strategy: You do not need to protect all your squad, as long as Jayrus
survives.  If you have good accuracy and are quick to finish the mission, you
can get over 3000 points from your primary goals alone.  Since you'll always
get an extra 1000 from the enemy annihilated, you're pretty much assured of an
S rank.

Move to the top of the hill at D3, and destroy the 2 bipeds and 3 tanks
advancing on your position.  From there, snipe the 5 bipeds and 2 tanks at G4.
One of the bipeds is out of your sight behind a hill on the west side of the
base, but if you blow up the large circular storage tanks, it should blow him
up.  Move to E4 and try to kill as many of the enemy bipeds surrounding the
enemy base as possible.  Then move up to the hill at G6, destroying any
remaining enemies.  When your squad starts attacking the enemy base, help them
by first blowing up the storage tanks surrounding the enemy base, then shooting
as many rounds as possible into the enemy base.  It will eventually blow up,
ending the mission.

3.34 Sniper 4 [SNP04]
Completion reward: RFZ-ASD-N1 Night Vision Sensor
S Rank reward: RFZ-WSR-1 Sniper Rifle
Extra operations: Destroy all enemy before D2, All allied units survive
Default Hound: Inverse, 2 sniper cannons, 3 sniper rifles, 2 assault rifles
S Rank strategy: Ignore the sniping points and move north to the road.  Let
nothing past you.

Move north to the road, sliding down the hillsides.  Stop when you're on the
road.  Point east towards the incoming enemies and engage the 3 walkers which
should be right on top of you.  Once they're dead, consider destroying some of
the walls of the compound to the east, as these obscure vision of the enemies
rounding the curve of the road.  Engage the incoming enemies.  There will be
another wave of 5 bipeds, then three trucks carrying extra bipeds, then 5
hovercraft.  Destroy them all.

3.35 Sniper 5 [SNP05]
Completion reward: RFZ-WAR-1 Assault Rifle
S Rank reward: RFZ-TL-1 Bipedal Chassis
Extra operations: All allied units survive, No damaged parts 
Default Hound: Inverse, 2 sniper cannons, 3 sniper rifles, 2 assault rifles
S Rank strategy: There isn't much to this mission.  If you're in the proper
positions to hit enemies as soon as you can, they won't be much danger to you,
and they won't be able to hit your teammates very hard.

Move east, onto the ridge just on the side of the road, so you can look north
along the road past your squad.  4 hovercraft are approaching with two more
bipeds behind them, kill the bipeds first, then as many of the hovercraft as
possible.  More enemies will be detected at D8 to the east, so face in that
direction as soon as the warning comes, and destroy 5 bipeds approaching from
there.  You will be notified that the enemy is attacking your base, so start
moving south along the road to I5.  At first, you'll see four hovercraft
attacking, destroy them all quickly while still moving south.  About the time
you reach your base, three bipeds will come into sight to the west of the base.
Take them out to complete the mission.

3.36 Sniper 6 [SNP06]
Completion reward: RFZ-WSR-2 Sniper Rifle
S Rank reward: RFZ-WAR-3 Assault Rifle
Extra operations: Never hit an ally, Allied squad survives
Default Hound: Inverse, 2 sniper cannons, 3 sniper rifles, 2 assault rifles
S Rank strategy:  Take up a position where you can see down the road to the
west and the road immediately below you.  Alternate between killing the front
quads of the enemy column to the west, and the front quads of the enemy column
below you.  If either your squad or the allied squad is left alone for too
long, they will die.

Move up the hill to the south a little, so you can see both the road below you
and the road off to the west.  There will be 8 quads heading to the west, and
4 up your road.  Destroy the front two quads that are heading to the west, then
the front quad that is heading towards your squad.  Keep alternating in this
fashion to hopefully keep enough pressure off of squad 2 that they survive.  It
is important that you attack the front quad, as these are the most likely to be
damaged by your allies, and as such, will be destroyed the quickest.  You do
not have to kill all the enemies to win, just enough that the remainder will
retreat, immediately ending the scenario.

3.37 Sniper 7 [SNP07]
Completion reward: RFZ-WSC-1 Sniper Cannon
S Rank reward: RFZ-WCN-1 Cannon
Extra operations: Destroy enemy commander in under 3 minutes, No damaged parts,
Accuracy over 50%
Default Hound: Inverse, 2 sniper cannons, 3 sniper rifles, 2 assault rifles
S Rank strategy: Stay on the hilltops and make sure you kill the enemy
commander quickly.  As long as you keep a marginal level of accuracy and don't
allow yourself to take massive damage, you will get 3000 points from your
secondary goals, ensuring an S rank.

Kill one of the two quads on the road to the southeast, then proceed along the
hilltops to a sniping point at E5.  The enemy commander is your first target,
he is in a small ACV just to the southeast of the quad at E5.  Then kill the
quad at E5 and three quads along ridges to the south.  Once this is done, look
to the east down the road, four hovercraft are heading west on this road.  Wipe
them out, then prepare for the hound that follows them.  He is tough, and will
kill Jayrus.  Keep sniping him from your hilltop.  At some point, he will
reach the cliff right under you, and you can't hit him.  Just wait for him to
keep moving west, and when he gets far enough away, continue sniping him until
he dies.


3.40 Defender [DEF00]
Primary scores: time elapsed, damage taken, enemies destroyed
The defender is a heavily armored Hound that favors close combat.  They are
typically slow due to their heavy load.  They prefer the multilegged or treaded
chassis.  Their preferred weapons are cannons, shotguns, and rockets.

3.41 Defender 1 [DEF01]
Completion reward: RFZ-CL-2 Treaded Chassis
S Rank reward: RFZ-AMS-1 Missile Counter
Extra operations: Kept enemy away from HQ
Default Hound: Treaded, 2 cannons, 3 shotguns, 2 rocket packs
S Rank strategy: You have to stop any enemies from reaching the base to get an
S ranking.  Make sure you move to base as quickly as possible and position
yourself between the base and incoming enemies.  Kill the fastest enemies
first.  It may take a few tries to successfully defend the base.

Destroy the 3 bipeds to the south while moving south.  Keep moving south, and
destroy 3 quads at I4.  Start moving towards the base at I2 and destroy 4
hovercraft and 2 bipeds coming at you from I6.  At this point, you will be
tasked with protecting the base at I2, intercept any units that approach before
they reach the base.  3 bipeds will come in grid F1 to the northwest, move to
that side of the base and pick them off.  Two groups will appear at the same
time, 3 hovercraft from I4 to the southeast, and 3 bipeds from F3 to the north.
Destroy the hovercraft first, as they are faster.  Then pick off the bipeds.
As soon as you complete this, 3 hovercraft will come in from I4 to the
southeast following the same route as the previous wave of hovercraft.  Take
them out to finish the mission.

3.42 Defender 2 [DEF02]
Completion reward: RFZ-GE-B2 Generator
S Rank reward: RFZ-CK-B1 Cockpit
Extra operations: Kept enemy away from HQ, All escortees survive
Default Hound: Treaded, 2 cannons, 3 shotguns, 2 rocket packs
S Rank strategy: Stay either on the just southeast of your base on the road or
at the end of the small town street that leads north from your base.  You must
stop all of the waves from reaching your base to get an S rank.  Even if one of
your allies gets destroyed, if you complete the mission in under 3 minutes 20
seconds with 10% or less damage, you will make enough points to get an S rank.

Four hovercraft will approach your base along the main road to the west, wipe
them out.  5 bipeds will appear at E1, they move directly east then south
towards your base.  Move north along the small town road that heads north from
your base to engage them when they reach E5.  Move south to the main road
immediately to destroy the 5 bipeds advancing along the road to your base.
Move north again as another wave of 5 bipeds comes from the north.

3.43 Defender 3 [DEF03]
Completion reward: RFZ-WSG-1 Shotgun
S Rank reward: RFZ-ASP-3 Spacer
Extra operations: All escortees survive, No enemies reach F4
Default Hound: Treaded, 2 cannons, 3 shotguns, 2 rocket packs
S Rank strategy: Slow down the enemy quads by damaging the front quads in each
wave.  Concentrate on killing the waves of hovercraft before they pass you.

Waves of quads and hovercraft will come down the road at you.  The first wave
is 5 quads, and the second is 3 quads.  3 waves of hovercraft each will appear,
the first has 6 and follows the road, the second has 5 which take a shortcut
over the water, the third has 3 that follow the road and 3 that take the water
shortcut.  Shoot the front quads of each wave until they slow down.  If any
quicker quads pass them, shoot them until they slow as well.  Anytime the
hovercraft start getting close, wipe them out.  Don't skimp on the ammo in this
mission, you need to stop the enemy before they get past you.  You should also
remember to try to stay between Grigori and the quads, as they may kill him.
The true danger is if hovercraft get past you, as they're fast and take a
shortcut across the water.  If you can hold back these waves of enemies, you'll

3.44 Defender 4 [DEF04]
Completion reward: RFZ-ARD-1 Radiator
S Rank reward: RFZ-WRL-1 Rocket Launcher
Extra operations: All escortees survive, Enemies annihilated
Default Hound: Treaded, 2 cannons, 3 shotguns, 2 rocket packs
S Rank strategy: Make sure the enemy quads attack you and not your allies.
Focus on destroying the quads, as their bombardment is the most dangerous
element in this mission.

This mission is quite foggy, so the first indication of enemies you will
usually see are their muzzle flashes and blips on your radar.  Move along the
road to the east at full speed.  Three hovercraft to the right of the road at
G4 will fire at you, quickly dispatch them while still moving along the road. 
Next, 3 hovercraft and a quad will attack you from the left side of the road
at E4, wipe them out.  Keep moving northeast along the road.  6 hovercraft
will approach from C7, and a quad at C7 and another at E8 will start bombarding
your troops.  Kill 3 or 4 of the hovercraft as they pass, but your priority is
to kill the quads before they destroy any of your allies.  Once you've dealt
with these, 3 hovercraft and a couple of tanks will come down the road from B8,
but far more dangerous are the 4 quads that appear on either side of the road
at this time.  Hunt down quads one at a time, dodging the rocket barrages they
are laying down.  Once the quads are dead, hunt down any remaining tanks or
hovercraft, and the mission will be finished.

3.45 Defender 5 [DEF05]
Completion reward: RFZ-WSG-2 Shotgun
S Rank reward: RFZ-RJ-2 Inverse Chassis
Extra operations: No parts damaged, All allies survive
Default Hound: Treaded, 2 cannons, 3 shotguns, 2 rocket packs
S Rank strategy: You need to charge the enemies to eliminate them as quickly as
possible.  Make use of your rockets when enemies gather together for maximum
effect.  Don't worry too much about conserving ammo, as it is better to run a
little low than to take too much damage.  Once you've killed the enemies that
start the scenario off, move to the mountain to the east that goes right up to
the train tracks, and use it for cover, alternating between moving to the north
side to kill waves there, and the south side to kill those waves.  Be very
careful not to kill any of the ally bipeds that appear near the end of the

Move to the northeast, charging and killing 2 bipeds and 3 snipers. Move to the
south along the train tracks, using a rocket barrage to kill 5 tanks.  3 quads
and 3 bipeds will round the corner of the mountain to your south, hammer them
with a rocket barrages when they bunch up, and fill up the gaps between rocket
barrages with cannon and shotgun fire into the mass.  Move northeast and kill a
 quad.  Move south and kill 3 more quads as they round the corner of the
mountain.  About this time, reinforcements will arrive.  Make sure you do not
accidentally kill any of the allied bipeds, their paint schemes are very
similar to the enemies, and you lose 1000 points if even one ally dies.  Move
to the east to kill a quad and a pair of bipeds.  Another pair of bipeds is to
the southeast, but leave them to your allies and go north to kill a pair of
quads.  Finish off the two remaining bipeds to the south, be very careful not
to kill one of your allies bipeds.

3.46 Defender 6 [DEF06]
Completion reward: RFZ-AAM-1 Armor
S Rank reward: RFZ-WRL-1 Rocket Launcher
Extra operations: All escortees survive, No parts damaged
Default Hound: Treaded, 2 cannons, 3 shotguns, 2 rocket packs
S Rank strategy:  Move quickly to destroy any threats to the convoy.  Always
keep moving south ahead of the convoy, as the quads on the train will cost you
points if you don't engage them immediately.

Kill the 4 bipeds lurking directly to the east, then move south along the road.
Destroy the 7 hovercraft that will approach from the hills to the southwest.  
Move to the southeast and kill the 6 bipeds that appear at E7.  A train appears
on the tracks to the west of the road carrying 2 quads.  Destroy the quads
before they can attack your convoy.  As you continue down the road, you will
encounter a group of 2 quads and a sniper who you need to kill.  To the east of
your base (base 3) are the last of the enemy forces, three snipers, take them

3.47 Defender 7 [DEF07]
Completion reward: RFZ-WRL-2 Rocket Launcher
S Rank reward: RFZ-WMS-1 Missile Launcher
Extra operations: No parts damaged, enemy destroyed in less than 5 minutes,
train destroyed before stop
Default Hound: Treaded, 2 cannons, 3 shotguns, 2 rocket packs
S Rank strategy: As long as you complete the scenario quickly and destroy the
train before it can stop, you should have 3000 bonus points for an easy S

Move northeast along the road to your base at E8.  Do not shoot at the 3 bipeds
on the road ahead of you, they're friendlies.  Kill the first offensive, 8
tanks and 2 quads.  Move east to meet a fresh wave of 4 bipeds and 3 quads
advancing on your base and finish them all.  Look on the railway to the south
of the base for a train.  Once you see it, destroy it immediately, then take
care of the two quads that come off it.  Finally, finish off the remains of the
4 bipeds that attacked your base from the north.


3.50 Scout [SCT00]
Primary scores: time elapsed, damage taken, COMBASs secured
Scouts are quick and lightly armored.  They prefer hover or wheeled chassis.
Their favored weapons are machine guns, with bomb launchers to destroy HQs and
mortars to fire flares.  They frequently have additional sensors to see mines
or gain night vision.  They specialize in taking COMBAS and bypassing the
enemy to attack their HQ.

3.51 Scout 1 [SCT01]
Completion reward: RFZ-HL-1 Hover Chassis
S Rank reward: RFZ-ASD-M1 Landmine detector
Extra operations: Don't drive over any mines
Default Hound: Wheeled, 2 machine guns, 2 bomb launchers, mine detector
S Rank strategy: Move quickly, don't step on any mines, don't bother fighting
any turrets you don't have to, and use the COMBAS for cover against turrets.
Finishing the mission quickly ensures an S rank.

Secure COMBAS H at H3.  Secure COMBAS F at G2. Turn on your mine detector now
by pressing the Left Trigger, as there are a few mines between COMBAS G and
COMBAS D.  Secure COMBAS G at F4, dodging the fire from the turrets along the
way.  Take COMBAS C at E2, avoiding the mines along the way and taking out a
turret to the east of that COMBAS.  Move east to take COMBAS D, then southeast
to take COMBAS E, then northeast to take COMBAS B, and finally northwest to
take COMBAS A.

3.52 Scout 2 [SCT02]
Completion reward: RFZ-GE-A2 Generator
S Rank reward: RFZ-MC-2 Mobility COM
Extra operations: No parts damaged, All COMBAS secured
Default Hound: Wheeled, 2 machine guns, 2 bomb launchers, trench mortar,
night vision
S Rank strategy: Finishing the mission in under 6 minutes with less than 10%
damage should be enough for an S ranking.  You only need to take the COMBAS
that your commander points out, making sure to take a route which exposes you
to the least enemy fire along the way.

Move straight east and take COMBAS B at B2.  Move south along the very edge of
the river to COMBAS E at E2.  Proceed southeast to COMBAS F at G3.  Turrets
will attack you along the way, dodge them.  Once you reach COMBAS F, destroy
the walls and buildings near it so you can hide on the south side of the COMBAS
while you capture it.  Proceed southeast to G4, then northeast to COMBAS H at
F5, hiding on the south side of the COMBAS while capturing it so the turrets
can't shoot you.  Head straight east to G8, then northwest to COMBAS I at F7.
Head southeast to COMBAS K at H8, taking it to finish the mission.

3.53 Scout 3 [SCT03]
Completion reward: RFZ-WLM-2 Land Mines
S Rank reward: RFZ-AJM-1 NA Jammer
Extra operations: No parts damaged, Never spotted by enemies
Default Hound: Wheeled, 2 machine guns, 2 bomb launchers, trench mortar,
night vision
S Rank strategy:  Travel a route which ensures that you are not seen.  There
are a few dangerous areas, simply avoid them during your trip around the
COMBAS.  Remember to use your night vision to improve your ability to spot

Take COMBAS C.  Travel southeast to COMBAS G.  Move northwest again to COMBAS
C, then west to COMBAS B.  Move southwest a bit to avoid the turrets, then go
west.  Take COMBAS A.  Move to the southwest along the river, then cross the
river at grid E0.  Take COMBAS D.  Move east to take COMBAS E.  Move east
again, skirting the mountain along the south side to take COMBAS F.  Move
southeast along the river until the river starts bending towards the fork, don't
follow the river as it bends, just keep going straight until you are at COMBAS
J.  Move southwest and take COMBAS L.  Move west and take COMBAS K.  Move
northeast along the river and take COMBAS H.  Move east to take COMBAS I and
end the mission.

3.54 Scout 4 [SCT04]
Completion reward: RFZ-WBD-1 Bomb Dispenser
S Rank reward: RFZ-ASP-1 Spacer
Extra operations: No parts damaged, Destroyed the enemy hound in less than 10
Default Hound: Hover, 2 machine guns, 2 bomb launchers, trench mortar, night
S Rank strategy: This is an easy mission, just follow the objectives and kill
the hovercraft and tan bipeds yourself.  Let your squad kill the black hound.

Move west to the river, then north along the river.  At B4, you should see two
hovercraft to your west, destroy them yourself.  Move south to D5, killing
three hovercraft with a bit of help from your squad.  Move to E4 and take
COMBAS E.  Destroy the 3 tan colored bipeds.  Avoid fighting the black hound,
it's too dangerous.  Lead the hound to the ambush point at D5, letting your
squad destroy the hound.

3.55 Scout 5 [SCT05]
Completion reward: RFZ-WMT-1 Mortar
S Rank reward: RFZ-HL-2 Hover Chassis
Extra operations: No parts damaged, All Allied units survive
Default Hound: Hover, 2 machine guns, 2 bomb launchers, trench mortar, night
S Rank strategy: Move along the route the rest of your squad takes, destroying
a couple of turrets and quads as you pass.  Your main goal is the enemy town,
and if you destroy all the buildings within the walled compound, you will win.

Go to grid C6 along the river, then straight south along the path that your
squad normally takes.  Once you get into the valley north of the target, there
are a bunch of guys that will attack you.  Keep moving forward, turning left
and right as you go so that they don't hit you too much, taking care to remove
all turrets and ACVs from that valley as you pass so that your squad doesn't
get damaged.  Then keep going south, and destroy all the buildings within the
compound yourself, which ends the mission.

3.56 Scout 6 [SCT06]
Completion reward: RFZ-WMG-2 Machine Gun
S Rank reward: RFZ-WMT-2 Mortar
Extra operations: No parts damaged, All Allied units survive
Default Hound: Hover, 2 machine guns, 2 bomb launchers, trench mortar, night
S Rank strategy: Just destroy the waves of enemy bipeds on your own, this
mission is easy.

Take the COMBAS marked as 1, 2, and 3.  5 waves of 4 bipeds each will attack,
and you will be given orders to prepare to fire flares at a specific grid.
Since the bipeds are no match for you, I suggest you simply destroy them
yourself.  G6 when Alexei gives the order. The waves will approach these grid
coordinates in this order:  G6, G1, G1, G4 G6.  Destroy all bipeds to finish
the mission.

3.57 Scout 7 [SCT07]
Completion reward: RFZ-ARC-1 Rotorcraft
S Rank reward: RFZ-WMG-1 Machine Gun
Extra operations: Force enemy hound to retreat, No damage to Alexei's ACV,
Destroy enemy commander
Default Hound: Wheeled, 2 machine guns, 2 bomb launchers, trench mortar, night
S Rank strategy: Just move straight south and smash the enemy base yourself.
If you do it quickly, you will get one bonus objective and enough points from
time and damage to get an S ranking.

Move south, taking COMBAS D as you pass.  Use the map to see where you can
safely descend the hill towards the enemy base.  Destroy the buildings in the
enemy base, starting with the refineries, then any water towers that remain.
Once you defeat the last key building, the mission will end.


3.60 Heavy Gunner [HVG00]
Primary scores: time elapsed, enemies destroyed, average attack distance
Heavy gunners are slow, but are heavily armored and carry heavy weaponry.
They frequently use multilegged or treaded chassis.  They favor indirect fire
weaponry like howitzers and huge cannons.  For closer targets, they frequently
mount Anti-Hound rockets.

3.61 Heavy Gunner 1 [HVG01]
Completion reward: RFZ-ML-1 Multilegged Chassis
S Rank reward: RFZ-AAM-2 Armor
Extra operations: Destroyed moving target
Default Hound: Four legged, 3 howitzers, 4 light howitzers
S Rank strategy: Make sure you hit the moving target, as this is necessary to
get an S ranking.

Do not move during this exercise.  Destroy the buildings in the compound
closest to you to the southeast, they are between about 450 and 900 meters from
your position.  Once they are all destroyed, you will have to destroy a moving
vehicle.  Just wait for the vehicle to move into the area where you just
destroyed the buildings, then destroy it with your larger howitzers.   Next you
will have to destroy some tanks and APCs in the town to the east.  Most of them
are clustered around the buildings, so destroy the buildings, then any units
left around the ruins.  Your last mission is to destroy the enemy HQ, which is
about 1000 meters away from you to the west.

3.62 Heavy Gunner 2 [HVG02]
Completion reward: RFZ-GE-A3 Generator
S Rank reward: RFZ-RC-2 Stability COM
Extra operations: Time elapsed less than 5 minutes, no parts damaged
Default Hound: Four legged, 1 huge cannon, 4 howitzers, 2 anti-hound rockets
S Rank strategy: An easy mission, just keep moving north and destroy the quads,
tanks, and buildings.

Move north along the road, killing the 4 quads that are advancing towards you.
Once you reach the base, destroy the line of 8 tanks in front of the base and
the barracks inside the enemy compound.

3.63 Heavy Gunner 3 [HVG03]
Completion reward: RFZ-WHW-2 Light Howitzer
S Rank reward: RFZ-WHW-1 Howitzer
Extra operations: Halt enemy before C3 and E5, no parts damaged
Default Hound: Four legged, 1 huge cannon, 4 howitzers, 2 anti-hound rockets
S Rank strategy: I would take a sniper hound instead of the default hound.  You
can finish this with an S rank using the default hound, but you have to be VERY
good with artillery.  It is almost trivial with a sniper mech as long as you
have 3 sniper cannons for long range, and 4 sniper rifles for intermediate

Take up position at C5, just past the end of the wall, so you can keep an eye
on both the southern approach and the western approach.  Kill the two tanks and
two bipeds on the southern road.  Turn to the west and take care of the 4 tanks
on the western road.  Face back towards the two snipers on the southern road
and destroy them.  Finally, wipe out the 5 quads on the western road.

3.64 Heavy Gunner 4 [HVG04]
Completion reward: RFZ-ASP-2 Spacer
S Rank reward: RFZ-AAM-3 Armor
Extra operations: All allies survive, no damage to Sara's ACV
Default Hound: Four legged, 3 howitzers, 4 light howitzers
S Rank strategy: This mission can be completed with the default hound, but
if you're not a good shot with artillery, I'd suggest doing it with a sniper
type hound.  Try to back up your allies a bit by destroying some of the bipeds
and snipers attacking them.  If you can finish off the enemies reasonably
quickly, you should get at least 1 secondary objective completed, which is
enough to get an S ranking.

First, destroy the 6 bipeds at D4, they range from about 650 to 750 meters away
from your starting position.  During this mission, three waves of two bipeds
each will attack from the east, and four snipers will attack from the south.
Make sure that the snipers and bipeds don't do too much damage to your
squad mates.  Set up at D4 to attack the enemy artillery batteries on the wall
to the southeast.  Be sure to let the batteries attack you, as you're able to
take far more punishment than your squad.  Once all the enemy ACVs and turrets
are destroyed, the mission will end.

3.65 Heavy Gunner 5 [HVG05]
Completion reward: RFZ-WHW-2 Light Howitzer
S Rank reward: RFZ-ML-2 Multilegged Chassis
Extra operations: Never hit allied units, All allies survive
Default Hound: Four legged, 1 huge cannon, 4 howitzers, 2 anti-hound rockets
S Rank strategy: You need to complete all the secondary goals to get an S rank.
To do so, make sure no enemies get behind you, and that you don't hit the 3
friendly hovercraft that are following the last enemies.

March down the road to the south, engaging all enemy units.  There are three
waves on your road to start, the first has 2 bipeds and 3 tanks, the second has
4 bipeds and 3 tanks, the third has 3 bipeds and 3 tanks.  Then turn to the
road on the other side of the river and take out a wave of 2 bipeds and 4
tanks.  Turn your attention back to your own road to wipe out the last wave,
which has 3 bipeds and a tank.  Following them are 3 friendly hovercraft, don't
fire on those.  The mission ends when all enemies are dead.

3.66 Heavy Gunner 6 [HVG06]
Completion reward: RFZ-AAM-1 Armor
S Rank reward: RFZ-WHW-1 Howitzer
Extra operations: Destroy all the oil wells, Force enemy hound to retreat
Default Hound: Four legged, 1 huge cannon, 4 howitzers, 2 anti-hound rockets
S Rank strategy: Kill the two enemy turrets quickly, then immediately start
moving towards the location where the enemy hound appears.  Kill any enemies
you can in passing.  The enemy hound is easy to kill if you can get close to
him and his retreat will give you lots of points ending the mission.

Kill the two emplacements on the ridge to the north, the farther one is 1100
meters away, the closer one is 1000 meters away.  Once they're dead, start
moving towards COMBAS D.  Three quads will approach the town area you are
moving through, destroy them all while still moving northeast.  Around the time
you reach COMBAS D (you should be in the northern part of grid C8 at this
time), a sniper will appear on the ridge just southeast of the COMBAS.  A
cut scene will play where he kills your commander.  After this, pummel him with
your artillery from point blank range, and he dies fairly quickly.  A cut scene
will play showing the sniper ordering a retreat, and the mission will finish.

3.67 Heavy Gunner 7 [HVG07]
Completion reward: RFZ-WCN-1 Cannon
S Rank reward: RFZ-WHC-1 Huge Cannon
Extra operations: Destroy all the oil wells and buildings, All allies survive,
Never hit an ally
Default Hound: Four legged, 1 huge cannon, 4 howitzers, 2 anti-hound rockets
S Rank strategy: Take a sniper, as it is much easier to kill enemies at a
range, and you are far less likely to hit an ally.  Clear the first town
quickly.  Once you have secured the town, quickly dispose of the two remaining
pockets of enemy resistance on your own, ignoring any opportunities for allied
assistance.  If you have a time under 6 minutes and 20 seconds, you should get
just over 500 for time, 500 for destroyed enemies, 1000 for your allies
surviving, and 1000 for not hitting any allies, which is just barely enough for
an S rank.

I would suggest using a sniper type hound instead of a heavy gunner for this
mission.  I used an inverse chassis, 2 sniper cannons, 2 sniper rifles, and two
assault rifles.
Clear out the enemies in the town closest to you, there are 5 or 6 bipeds, and
a lot of hovercraft.  Faruk will tell you when you've destroyed all of them.
Don't bother with the oil wells.  From the town, look to the northwest to see 5
black bipeds near the northern wall.  Don't bother destroying the walls, just
kill the bipeds from long range.  Trying to destroy the wall makes it much more
likely that you will accidentally hit a friendly.  Finally, move to the
northeast ruins and wipe out all of the quads and bipeds there.  There are a
lot, so stay at the outskirts and engage one at a time.


3.70 Commander [CMD00]
Primary scores: time elapsed, damage taken, surviving allies
The tactical commander is a unique RT.  They mount large radar arrays called NA
makers, and are the only class who can see enemies on the map, provided the
enemy is within the NA.  They typically use legs that can hold a heavy load, as
NA makers are heavy.  The preferred weapon of the commander is the machine gun,
though they may mount any type of weaponry they need.  Commanders can issue
orders to their squad mates by using the D-pad to navigate through the
communications system.

3.71 Commander 1 [CMD01]
Completion reward: RFZ-NM-1 NA maker
S Rank reward: RFZ-GE-C1 Generator
Extra operations: Time spent less than 10 minutes
Default Hound: Treads, 4 machine guns, NA maker
S Rank strategy: If you just complete the objectives reasonably quickly, you'll
get an S rank.

Listen to a lot of talking by Edgardo.  Order all units to attack the enemies
at grid C6.  Once they're dead, have 02 capture COMBAS A and 03 capture COMBAS
B.  After 02 takes COMBAS A, have him capture COMBAS C.  After 03 captures
COMBAS B, he will eliminate a nearby enemy, have him take COMBAS D afterwards.
When your units capture these last two COMBAS, they will automatically attack
the nearby enemies, just let them go ahead and wipe out the enemies.  After a
bit of waiting, you will win the mission.

3.72 Commander 2 [CMD02]
Completion reward: RFZ-WL-1 Wheeled Chassis
S Rank reward: RFZ-CK-A1 Cockpit
Extra operations: Halt enemy units B3 E3 H3, All allied units survive
Default Hound: Treads, 4 machine guns, NA maker
S Rank strategy: Make sure you have 2 or 3 allies attack each enemy squad
together, and they should defeat them without taking fatal damage.  Complete
the mission as quickly as possible.

Have your teammates take COMBAS, defeating enemies as they are revealed.  There
are two enemy units, they start in the east, and move west.  There are three
tanks in each, and they start near COMBAS D and COMBAS G.  Destroy them all to
complete the mission.

3.73 Commander 3 [CMD03]
Completion reward: RFZ-GE-A4 Generator
S Rank reward: RFZ-WLM-1 Land Mines
Extra operations: Take all COMBAS, All allies survive
Default Hound: Treads, 4 machine guns, NA maker
S Rank strategy: Rush towards the enemy HQ, which is at base 2.  As long as you
complete the mission in under 5 minutes, taking less than 10% damage and not
losing any teammates, you should get an S rank.

Have all your units move to and take COMBAS B.  Once it is taken, they will
engage 2 tanks, an APC, and a quad at D5.  There are another 15 enemy units
around base 2, mostly tanks with 2 quads.  Order your team to take COMBAS D,
and move down to support them.  Kill the quads yourself, and take out any tanks
necessary.  There are some extra enemy tanks to the south of base 2, but they
probably won't attack.  Order your team to attack base 2, make sure to blow up
the oil tanks next to base 2 as early as possible.

3.74 Commander 4 [CMD04]
Completion reward: RFZ-WMG-1 Machine Gun
S Rank reward: RFZ-NM-3 NA Maker
Extra operations: Prevent enemies from passing C5, Secure all COMBAS
Default Hound: Treads, 4 machine guns, NA maker
S Rank strategy: Make good use of your hovercraft (unit 01 and unit 02) to take
the difficult to reach COMBAS (J, B, and A), while you capture COMBAS I and E.
Your snipers can take the easy COMBAS (G, D, C) while the hovercraft that took
COMBAS J can take COMBAS F.  With all the COMBAS secure, your only task is to
make sure the enemy doesn't reach C5, so just travel down the road and
eliminate them.

Immediately send unit 01 to capture COMBAS J.  When he takes this, he'll reveal
enemies there, as soon as he takes it, send him to capture COMBAS F.  He will
be hurt, but not dead, and taking those COMBAS are important.  While this is
happening, have unit 02 capture COMBAS B and A in the north (in that order),
with the snipers (3, 4, and 5) taking the COMBAS C D and G.  Move up to take
COMBAS I and E yourself.  Once they've taken COMBAS C and D, station your
snipers at grid C3 to attack the enemies as they pass.  After you take COMBAS
E, move northwest until you reach the road, then travel west along the road,
killing any enemies that get past your snipers.

3.75 Commander 5 [CMD05]
Completion reward: RFZ-AFS-1 Fuel Tank
S Rank reward: RFZ-CL-1 Treaded Chassis
Extra operations: Own hound is not damaged, All allies survive
Default Hound: Treads, 4 machine guns, NA maker
S Rank strategy: You have to keep far away from combat to get an S rank, as you
will lose 1000 points if you take any damage.  Be careful not to fall down
cliffs during the level.  You can support your team from afar with your machine
guns, but make sure you are over 600 meters away and the enemy engaged with
your allies before you try this.  Always have at least 2 allies attack each
concentration of enemies together, as they will take less damage the more
backup they have.  Take care and keep your forces together, caution is better
than speed in this mission.

Order all units to capture COMBAS I, then tell unit 01 to capture COMBAS H and
unit 02 to capture COMBAS F.  Once unit 02 capture COMBAS F, have him move down
to join unit 01, then they can take COMBAS G together.  Have your snipers (03,
04, and 05) attack the enemies revealed near COMBAS F, then proceed to kill the
enemies near COMBAS C and take the COMBAS.  Have 01 and 02 take COMBAS D, while
your snipers move down to grid E6.  Have your entire force attack COMBAS E,
then B, then A, wiping out enemies as they go.

3.76 Commander 6 [CMD06]
Completion reward: RFZ-WMT-3 Mortar
S Rank reward: RFZ-ASD-S1 Thermo Sensor
Extra operations: All allies survive, No enemy left near HQ
Default Hound: Treads, 4 machine guns, NA maker
S Rank strategy: Move directly to the enemy HQ and destroy everything in your

Units 01 and 02 will split off and speed around to the enemy base.  You must
beat them there, so march directly to COMBAS E, ordering ALL to take that
COMBAS.  After a brief fight, they will take it before you get there.  Leave
them there for a bit while you start moving towards Base 1.  Once you are
nearing the river, give ALL the order to attack Base 1.  Use your machine guns
to destroy all of the bipeds guarding the enemy base, they're not really that
tough.  Don't worry about conserving ammo, just keep firing until there are no
enemies left.  Then move up the bank of the river to Base 1, taking care to
destroy the oil tanks on the east side of Base 1.  After that, just keep
pouring machine gun fire into the enemy base until it is destroyed.

3.77 Commander 7 [CMD07]
Completion reward: RFZ-NM-2 NA Maker
S Rank reward: RFZ-WCN-2 Cannon
Extra operations: Elapsed time is less than 5 minutes, Own hound is not
damaged, Rachman does not take heavy damage
Default Hound: Treads, 4 machine guns, NA maker
S Rank strategy: You may want to build a hound with powerful sniper rifles for
this mission, though it is not necessary.  You need to get two secondary goals
to ensure an S rank.  My suggestion is that you move out with your troops,
trying to defend Rachman and finish the mission as quickly as possible.

Have unit 02 take COMBAS F then COMBAS B.  Have units 04 and 05 defend grid E6,
and unit 03 defend grid E7.  Two groups of 3 bipeds each will approach on the
road, one from the north and one from the south.  Destroy the bipeds advancing
from the north as quickly as possible, then pour fire onto the enemy hound in
an attempt to destroy him before he gets Rachman.  As soon as the enemy hound
is dead, have your troops attack grid G4.  If all goes well, Rachman should
have survived.  It's more a matter of luck than anything else, as Rachman is
under his own orders, and his AI is extremely poor in this mission.


3.80 Final Mission [FNL00]
Completion reward: RFZ-CL-X Treaded Chassis
S Rank reward: RFZ-WHR-1 Huge Rocket Launcher
Primary scores: time elapsed, damage taken, enemies destroyed
Extra operations: No damaged parts, Carlos' Hound destroyed, Oscar's Hound
Default Hound: Inverse, 3 assault rifles, 2 cannons, 3 anti-hound rockets
S Rank strategy: The key to getting an S rank is engaging the enemy hounds at
the correct ranges.  Carlos is a soldier, engage him at mid range, pummeling
him with rockets and assault rifles, constantly moving and dodging.  Edgardo is
in a defender, so keep your distance and hit him with rockets and cannons.
You don't have to engage Oscar, so keep out of his line of fire.

Proceed north to the southernmost tip of the mountain at F6, destroying all
tanks you can see along the way.  As you reach this point, you should activate
the Cerberus hounds.  Start moving to the southeast, shooting Carlos with your
assault rifles, and hound rockets when you feel confident of a hit.  He will
go down if you concentrate on his cockpit.  Behind him is Edgardo, who is
heavily armored and deadly, if he can get in range.  He will be shooting his
shotguns at you without much effect if you stay at range, so pour cannon fire
and rockets into him to get past his armor.  Keep moving southwest, maintaining
distance from Edgardo, but also trying to put a ridge between you and COMBAS D,
so that Oscar does not have line of sight if he comes up.  Keep firing at
Edgardo with your heavy weapons, and he will eventually die, completing your


4.00 Basic Hound Construction [BHC00]

Hounds can be assembled from your parts in the Garage.  Please note that story
mode parts are always accessible, whereas parts gained in online play are only
available in multiplayer modes.  If you're ever in doubt about what a stat on a
part or Hound means, press the start button, then highlight the stat in
question and press the A button.  An information screen with a definition of
the stat will appear.

All parts have some basic characteristics.  These are:
Weight - How much load this adds to the Hound
Energy Use - How much energy this part uses
Durability - How much damage this part can take before it is destroyed
KE:CE Defense - How resistant the part is to kinetic and chemical damage
Cost - How much the part costs to repair

A Hound has 6 basic items that must always be present.  Each hound must have a
chassis, a cockpit, a mobility COM, a weapons COM, a stability COM, and a
generator.  For more information on these parts, check 5.00 Part Types [PRT00]

Once the basic parts are in place, you can add weapons, NA makers, assist
parts, and spacers.

Weapons are classified into two types, heavy weapons which have their own
shapes, and light weapons which fit into standardized hexagonal containers.
Keep in mind that some weapons can change the type of ammunition that they are
using and the amount of ammunition stored.
All weapons have the following characteristics, in addition to the normal part
Penetration Power - Type and amount of damage the weapon currently does  (Keep
in mind that kinetic damage falls with range, chemical damage does not.)
Ammo Type - Type of ammunition the weapon is currently using
Range - The maximum effective range of the weapon
Heat of Impact - The amount of heat transferred to the target if it is hit
Full Auto - The number of times a weapon fires with each attack
Max Ammo - The amount of ammunition the weapon will start with
Scope - The type of gun camera used on the weapon
Reload Time - The minimum time between firings of a weapon

NA makers have a special stat, Network Range, which determines how large the
radius is of the NA that the Hound itself creates.

Assist items are special parts that can perform specific actions.  There are
sensors to provide thermal vision, night vision, and landmine detection.  There
are radiators which increase heat dissipation and fuel tanks which store
additional fuel.  There are jammers which disrupt the enemy NA and missile
counters to throw off the aim of incoming missiles.  There are also armor
plates to protect vulnerable areas of your Hound.  There are even rotor craft
that allow your Hound the ability to jump slightly.

Spacers are used to modify the locations of joints.  You can use spacers to
prevent parts from interfering with each other, or to reposition the location
of a part.  You could even use spacers to allow you to put an armor plate in
front of your cockpit.  Though they have no direct usefulness, their use is
very important in advanced Hound construction.

Once you have all the parts you want on your Hound, you should assign the
weapons to weapons groups via the "Weapon settings" option.  The maximum number
of weapons in a group is set by the type of Weapon COM you are using.  The
first weapon in each group will have a C next to it.  This indicates that
the group will use the gun camera of that weapon, determining the positioning
of the camera and the type of overlay the camera provides.

Once you're done here, you can return to the garage.  Now you can change the
name of the Hound, paint your hound, save or load a Hound, shop for more parts
(if you're online), look at the stats on your hound, or take your Hound for a
test run.


4.10 Hound Construction Tips [HCT00]

This section will list some of the construction methods I've found to be most
useful.  It will be up to you to figure out how to incorporate these into the
design of your Hound.

A Hound meant to face backwards -  Put a generator between your cockpit and
chassis, put armor plates on the rear joints of the generator and cockpit, then
add all your weapons facing the back of your Hound.  You will need to pilot
your Hound using only the gun cameras on your weapons, but you get to armor
vital points on your Hound without using any spacers.  It's harder to pilot,
but you can load on lots of weapons and armor.

Putting armor over your cockpit - There are no joints in the front of your
cockpit.  So what is the best way to get an armor plate in front of your most
vulnerable part?  The easiest and most efficient way is to put a generator
between your cockpit and your chassis, rotate the generator until it has a
joint on the front of your Hound, then use a diagonal spacer to reposition that
joint to a location right in front of your cockpit.

Pay attention to the camera -  The first weapon in a weapon group controls the
gun camera.  Look at the position of the lens compared to the gun barrels, as
that will control how far off from the crosshairs that the shots will be.

Where is the flare - Missile Counters can be set up to maximize their
efficiency.  You should make sure you position the flare to fire off to your
left or right, and move in the opposite direction when a missile is fired.

Height makes right - Putting weapons in high places, such as on top of your
cockpit, makes it easier to fire over obstacles.  Weapons placed high on the
HOUND will have more recoil when fired and make it difficult to hide behind
objects though.

Check the ammo - Some weapons have the ability to pick different types or
amounts of ammo.  Check all the weapons on your Hound to find out if you might
be able to load in ammunition that suits your needs better.  Sometimes weapons
are made more powerful by their ability to use powerful ammunition, not by
their base stats.

Uses of rotor craft - Rotor craft currently don't provide a lot of lift for
flying.  They're mostly for preventing your Hound from taking falling damage.
If you want to maximize the effect of rotor craft though, keep an eye out for
rotor craft with a high lift to energy usage ratio, and cockpits with a hig
Condenser Capacity.

Smoke screen - Mortars using smoke rounds and a thermal sensor can provide a
good defense.

A note about radiators - Radiators by themselves are not an effective defense
against heat seeking missiles.  The only primary defense against missiles is a
missile counter.

How to kill an HQ - When making a Hound to kill enemy HQs, keep the following
facts in mind.  KE is much more effective than CE in attacking a base.  Direct
hits from weapons with splash damage cause more than the listed damage to HQs.

How to counter armor - When a part is destroyed, any additional damage to that
part is passed on to the cockpit.  So armoring your Hound doesn't guarantee
that it will be hard to kill your Hound.  If you surround your cockpit with
heavy armor plates, the enemy can just hit your chassis over and over again to
destroy your cockpit.

Need more power - Cockpits output a small amount of energy.  If you need just a
few more points of energy, you should check to see if you can use an alternate
cockpit to provide a little more energy.

Weapons COM vs Stability COM - These chips both affect the firing of weapons.
The Weapons COM reduces the length of recoil affects, the Stability COM reduces
the amount of recoil.  


5.00 Part Types [PRT00]

This section has a basic explanation of what different parts types do.

Chassis - The chassis determines how much load a Hound can carry, how fast the
Hound is, the effectiveness of COM chips, and how the Hound moves.
The following stats affect how they perform:

Load - Maximum weight of all parts on the Hound that can be supported.

Speed - Top speed of the Hound

Acceleration - How quickly the Hound starts moving

Brakes - How quickly the Hound can stop

Turning Speed - How quickly the chassis turns

Rotation Speed - How quickly the torso turns

Shock Absorption - How much the Hound reduces disorientation when hit by high
power weapons.  The larger the Shock Absorption, the better.

Stability -  How much the Hound reduces recoil from your weapons.  The larger
the Stability, the better.

COM Compatibility - How effective the modifiers from COM chips are in
improving the stats on your Hound.  The larger the COM Compatibility, the

Chassis come in the following types:

Bipedal - A two legged chassis.  They have ok speed and excellent
turning ability.

Inverse - A reverse joint two legged chassis.  These  have ok speed
and great stability

Multilegged - A four legged chassis.  These are slow, but have excellent armor,
durability, shock absorption, and stability.  They can hold a lot of weight.

Treads - A chassis with caterpillar treads.  These have ok speed, excellent
torso rotation speed, good stability and shock absorption, and can hold a lot
of weight.

Hover - A chassis that uses ground effect to float slightly above the ground.
They are very quick, have good turning, but are not well armored and can not
support much weight.  Their stability, shock absorption, acceleration, and
braking are very poor.

Wheel - A chassis with four wheels.  They are very quick, but are not well
armored and can not support much weight.  Their stability and shock absorption
are very poor.

Cockpit - The cockpit determines how many sockets are available to COM parts, 
Condenser Capacity which is the amount of energy available to rotor craft,
Condenser Regen which is how fast the Condenser recharges, and how many parts
the Hound can have in total.  The cockpit also provides some energy to the
Hound.  If your cockpit is destroyed, your Hound is destroyed too.

Generator - The generator determines how much fuel the Hound carries, provides
energy to the Hound and produces heat.

Mobility COM - The mobility COM uses sockets and provides Speed Enhancement and
Acceleration Enhancement.

Weapons COM - The weapons COM uses sockets, provides Aim Stability, which
reduces the length of time that firing high recoil weapons stuns your Hound
and determines the maximum number of weapons that you can assign to a single
weapons group.

Stability COM - The stability COM uses sockets and reduces the amount of recoil
you get from firing your weapons, reduces the disorientation your Hound
experiences when hit by high power weapons, and gives a Rotation Boost, which
increases the turn rate of your torso.

Heavy Weapons - Weapons which do not fit into standard hexagonal containers.
They come in the following types:

Huge Rocket - Large rocket packs which are used to blanket areas with fire.
They differ from light rocket launchers in that they carry more ammo and have a
much lower reload time.

Missile - Heat seeking missiles.  These are not aimed, but lock on to the
largest heat source in their path.

Huge Cannon - Very large indirect fire cannons.  These can generally be fitted
with explosive shells or armor piercing shells.  They have very high recoil.

Light Weapons - Weapons which fit into standard hexagonal containers.  Light
weapons come in the following types:

Machine Guns - Fully automatic weapons that are used at short range.

Grenade - A grenade launcher used at short range.

Heat Rocket - Anti-Hound rockets which do large amounts of chemical damage.

Shotgun - Fires a spread of projectiles which do good damage at short range.

Assault Rifle - A class of weapons that do good damage at medium ranges.

Sniper Rifle - Rifles that have a special sniper scope and do high damage at
long range.

Sniper Cannon - Cannons that have a special sniper scope and do high damage at
extreme ranges.  These can generally be fitted with KE or CE ammunition.

Cannon - A class of weapons that do high damage at short ranges.  These can
generally be fitted with KE or CE ammunition.
Rockets - Rocket packs which are used to blanket an area with fire.

Howitzers - Long range indirect fire weapons which use high explosive shells.
Some howitzers can fire incendiary shells which cause fires to break out
(heating up nearby Hounds).

Mortar - Indirect fire weapons.  Some are made to use high explosive shells,
others can be loaded with flares and sometimes smoke shells.

Anti-Hound Pile - A melee weapon sometimes called a parry blade which does
extreme damage at point-blank range.

Land Mine - A weapon which drops land mines.

Bomb Dispenser - A weapon which drops a lot of bombs, generally used to attack

Assist Parts - Parts which provide special functions.  They come in the
following types.

Sensors - These provide night vision, thermo graphic vision, or land mine
detection.  They can be placed anywhere on a Hound, as their location does not
affect their efficiency.  The Range stat on sensors shows the farthest distance
to which they can show objects.

NA Jammers - These hide you from detection in the enemy NA.  Their Effective
Time stat shows how many seconds they can be activated for.  To conserve the
power, turn the jammer off when you don't need it.

Missile Counter - Prevents missiles from locking on to you.  When activated, a
missile counter automatically launches a decoy flare if a missile is fired in
your vicinity.  The Power Level stat on the counter shows how powerful the
decoy flare is in luring away missiles, and the Charges stat indicates how many
flares the counter holds.  Keep in mind that the direction the counter is
pointed and the heat buildup of your Hound may affect the efficiency of decoys.

Radiator - Helps your Hound dissipate heat.  The heat dispersion of the
radiator will be added to the cooling stat of your Hound.

Fuel Storage - Holds additional fuel for your Hound.

Rotor Craft - These provide your Hound with upward lift.  They rely on the
condenser in your cockpit.  The Condenser Capacity stat on the cockpit controls
how much energy can be stored, and the Condenser Regen stat on the cockpit
controls how quickly that energy recharges after use.  The Lift stat on the
rotor craft shows how much force is applied by the rotor craft, and the
Condenser Use shows how much condenser energy the rotor craft uses.  Note that
the heavier your Hound is, the less effect that each unit of lift has.  You
can put multiple rotor craft on your Hound to increase the amount of lift
provided, but it also adds weight and uses more condenser.  With multiple
rotor craft, you will reach the apogee of your jump faster, but it will
generally not be as high due to the added weight.

Armor - A high defense part to absorb enemy attacks.

Spacers - These parts allow you to change the positions of joints to prevent
parts from interfering with each other or to change the orientation of joints.
They tend to have good armor and durability, but are heavier than armor plates.


6.00 Achievements [ACH00]

There are 8 achievements for story mode with a value of 160 gamer points, and
41 achievements for online play with a value of 840 gamer points.  Each
achievement is worth 20 gamer points, except for the Neroimus War Medal, which
is worth 40 gamer points.  Achievements marked with an (S) are secret

Story Mode Achievements
Soldier Complete - Complete Soldier arc in Story Mode
Sniper Complete - Complete Sniper arc in Story Mode
Defense Complete - Complete Defender arc in Story Mode
Scout Complete - Complete Scout arc in Story Mode
Gunner Complete - Complete H. Gunner arc in Story Mode
Command Complete - Complete Commander arc in Story Mode
All Tact. Complete - Complete all missions in Story Mode
Tact. Instructor - Top marks in every Story Mode mission

Online Achievements
Hover Specialist - Deploy on hover Chassis 50 times
Wheel Specialist - Deploy on wheeled Chassis 50 times
Biped Specialist - Deploy on bipedal Chassis 50 times
Inverse Specialist - Deploy on inverse Chassis 50 times
Tread Spec. - Deploy on treaded Chassis 50 times
Multi Spec. - Deploy on multi Chassis 50 times
Crushing Award - Wipe out enemy and live 100 times
Storming Award - Attack opponent first 30 times
Survival Award - Return alive 10 times or more in a row
Red Flag - Win a total of 100 times or more
Bronze Wing - Destroy 50 or more enemy HOUNDs
Bronze Flag - Secure COMBASs total of 100 times
Bronze Hammer - Destroy enemy HQ and win 50 times
Bronze Patriot - Stay w/ same nation for 3 seasons
Silver Wing - Destroy total of 100 enemy HOUNDs
Silver Flag - Secure COMBASs total of 300 times
Silver Hammer - Destroy enemy HQ and win 100 times
Gold Eagle - #1 in total fame for a given period
Gold Cross - #1 in seasonal fame at end
Gold Wing - #1 in avg total fame for a given period
Gold Hexagon - #1 in average seasonal fame at end
Gold Sword Cross - #1 in total conquest pts for period
Gold Lion - #1 in seasonal conquest points at end
Scout Valor - Scout experience level maxed out
Soldier Valor - Soldier experience level maxed out
Sniper Valor - Sniper experience level maxed out
Command Valor - Commander experience level maxed out
Gunner Valor - H. Gunner experience level maxed out
Defense Valor - Defender experience level maxed out
Marching Service - Travel total of 1000000
Military Service - Deploy total of 300 times or more
Capital Occupation - Affiliated nation destroys another
Nation Resurrector - Successfully revive affiliated nation
Humane Award - End 5 times in a row w/o killing enemy (S)
Bloodless Award - Win 5 times w/o attacking enemy (S)
Silver Patriot - Donate to affiliate nation 1 times (S)
Touring Service - Deploy to every battlefield at least once (S)
Combat Award - Win 10 times when outnumbered (S)
Distinguished Service  - Awarded for destroying the unidentified enemy
weapon (S)
Hound Specialist - Own at least 1 of each part (other than downloadable
parts) (S)


7.00 Basic Online Modes [XBL00]

Chromehounds multiplayer is all done through Xbox Live on Sega servers.  When
you enter, you'll see a large map of the ongoing battle in Neroimus, and a lot
of news messages from the battle.  From the main screen, you have the following
View Map - Press X to browse the war map, zooming in on regions to see the
stats on individual battlefields.
Squad Management - Here you can create, join, leave, or manage your squad.
This is also the area where you can trade parts with your squad mates.
Garage - Build your hound or shop for parts here.  Be aware that the shop has
special lotteries for experimental or captured parts, and your squad can only 
enter a certain number of these lotteries at a time.  You will not be able to
shop if your nation has lost its capital.
Participate in battles - Here is where you can join in battles.  There are
three types of battles, Neroimus War which affects the map, Individual Missions
where you fight the computer in preset scenarios for money, and Free Battles in
which you can fight free-form ranked or unranked battles against other players.
World Affairs - Here you can view the news, timeline, squad or player rankings,
vote in elections, or make cash donations to your country.
System Menu - Change your options, the storage device you're saving to, view
the credits, or exit to the main menu from here.

Here are explanations of the various game types.

Neroimus War - These are battles to control the region of Neroimus.  If you win
a battle, your side gains control points for that battlefield and you get paid.
If you lose, your opponent gains control points and you lose money.  Each area
on the map has 5 control points split over 3 or 4 battlefields.  The side which
has a majority of points on a battlefield gets the control points for that
battlefield.  Whoever controls the majority of control points for an area
controls that area.  The goal is to extend your control over to other nations
capitals and take them over.  Once a nation is taken over, their pilots can not
shop for parts, and can only fight to take back their capital area.  The game
ends every 2 months or when one nation has both other nations conquered at the
same time.

Individual Missions - These are 10 missions which you can fight through, alone
or with members of your squad.  They are all pre-made, with computer opponents
in set locations.  These do not affect the Neroimus war, they're just for
making money.

Free Battle - Here you can set up battles with other players, either ranked
battles which go on your record, or unranked battles which don't record stats.
Anyone can join these games, so you are not restricted to playing with your
squad mates.


8.00 Acknowledgements [AKN00]

Thanks to Animalcrosser06 for pointing out a problem with the tutorial rewards.
Thanks to Whiskycrazy, nicodemusra, and jcnet for their help with the secret
SEGA made a great game.  Morskoj won the first Neroimus War.  That is all.


9.00 Version History [HST00]

July 16, 2006 - Version 1.00 compiled
July 16, 2006 - Version 1.01 Corrected minor errors in regards to cockpit
                condenser ratings
July 17, 2006 - Version 1.02 Corrected issue with tutorial reward parts
July 26, 2006 - Version 1.10 Added information to achievements, basic Hound
                construction, and parts lists.  Legal disclaimer amended.
August 31, 2006 - Version 1.20 Added information to Hound Construction Tips,
                  Parts Types, Achievements.  Legal Disclaimer amended.

10.00 Legal Disclaimer [LGL00]

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. The contents of this document can not be altered by any site that
is allowed to host it except for minor formatting changes. It may not be
placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

This only sites that currently have permission to host this guide are
http://www.gamefaqs.com, http://www.gamerhelp.com, and http://www.cheatcc.com.
This permission is non-transferrable.

Copyright 2006 Daniel Sato

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