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FAQ/Walkthrough by kirbyroks

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/14/06

                    FAQ for Chromehounds (Xbox 360)
           Last updated 07/14/06         Version: 1.0
           Project started: 07/13/06     Project completed: 07/14/06
           Total development hours: 3    File size: 19 kilobytes
           Written by: Josiah Herrington
Contents                   [TOP]                |  [W0.1]  |

Table of Contents.........................[TOP] Use the above box to keep the
1:  Intro.................................[010] Search code for your current
2:  Legal stuff/Updates...................[020] Location in so you can jump
3:  Overview..............................[030] right back to where you were
4:  Frequently Asked Questions............[040] in the walkthrough without
5:  Factions..............................[050] having to search! I always
6:  Playing the game......................[060] make sections start and end
7:  Walkthrough...........................[070] at save spots to make it
      Demo level 1.......................[W0.1] easy for you to follow the
      Demo level 2.......................[W0.2] walkthrough knowing you

8: Credits................................[100]
9: Contact Information....................[110]

                                 1:  Intro

There isn't much to say. This is a short walkthrough for the demo of Chrome
Hounds; An Upcoming tactical mech shooter  for the Xbox 360. The center of the
game is online play which they were smart enough not to include in the demo.
The single player methods are linear and therefore very repetitive and boring
once you have already completed them. But it's a fair amount of gameplay for
what it costs. You get what you pay for.

                              2: Legal stuff/Updates

This FAQ is mine and is copyright(c) 2002 Josiah Herrington. 
This FAQ, as of now, can only be displayed at Gamefaqs(http://www.gamefaqs.com)
Gamespot(www.gamespot.com), www.ign.com, www.neoseeker.com, as well as my own
website, and may be used for personal use only. You may not sell this FAQ or
distribute it for personal gain. Otherwise you may not under any circumstances
host this FAQ unless I give permission. I still reserve all rights to
discontinue any site's hosting of this FAQ.

                                3: Overview

Information taken from chromehound's site:

*About the War*

In the late 1980s, peace held the world in check with a tenuous grasp.
Two of the world's superpowers faced off in lock step as mutual fear of nuclear
war bonded them in a silent agreement for years. However, a single devastating
calamity brought an end to that uneasy balance. Deeply rooted distrust and
ignorance of one another led mankind down the foolish path to a third world
Twenty years have passed since that day. The endless warring and struggles have
given birth to an unprecedented weapon of war - the machines known as "HOUNDS"
which redefined the rules of battle.

                         4: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is there multiplayer in the demo?
A: No, there is no multiplayer in the demo. There are only a very limited
selection of single player missions to play through.

Q: I'm looking on the Xbox live marketplace, but I can't find the demo!
A: You probably have a North American Xbox live profile. The demo is only
available to those outside the U.S. However, you can download it by creating
a dummy XBL account based in Europe or somewhere outside North America.

Q: How large is the demo?
A: The demo is 555MB in size. You will require an Xbox 360 Hard drive in order
to download and play the demo.

                                5: Factions
Democratic Republic of Tarakia

A multi-ethnic nation located in the Western region of Neroimus. Although the
nation declared independence after the Eastern European War (1981-92), the
connections with its Western European allies to counter the Ex-Soviet/Afghan
power within Neroimus is hard to deny.

Since the War of Black Sea (1998-2000), the nation has been heavily supported
by the U.S.A. which was interested in expanding into their Eurasian diplomacy.
Tarakia is more modern and democratic compared to its neighbors in Neroimus,
but it struggles to find a common consensus within the country.

Tarakia, Democratic Republic of
Area: 68,540km 2
Population: 4,520,000
Capital: Xeres
Ethnicity: Mixed
Language: English
Religion: Multi-religion/Denominational
Head of State: President (4yr term)
Gov. Type: Republic
Industries: Farming, Iron & Steel, Machinery
Currency: Tarakian Dollar

     Republic of Morskoj
The former Soviet state is located in the Eastern region of Neroimus. The
people of Morskoj are now independent, but suffered many hardships as a
minority when the U.S.S.R. had control. Geographically, the country is covered
with rigid mountainous areas which were once rich with mining resources.

Morskoj currently faces a state of tension against the Great Soviet Socialist
Republic who is scheming for a reunion. However, the nations are on much
friendlier terms with the Republic of Russia who is also in opposition of the

Morskoj, Republic of
Area: 62,380km
Population: 3,580,000
Capital: Ostrov
Ethnicity: Native of Morskoj, others
Language: Morskovian, Russian
Religion: Russian Orthodox, others
Head of State: President (4yr term)
Gov. Type: Republic
Industries: Mining, Timber, Farming, Metallurgy
Currency: Isra

      Kingdom of Sal Kar
The extended history of the Sal Kari Dynasty is rooted to the ancestors of the
great Ottoman Empire. Historically, the nation experienced a prolonged period
of hardship since their kingdom's fall, but recovered greatly during the period
when the Middle East was reorganized.

Despite the fact that this nation was forced to depend on imported foods and
consumer goods due to the nation's size and desert land, the world quickly
turned its attention to Sal Kar since their abundant underground resources were

Religiously, the nation pledges not to fight a war, but its military
arrangements are aggressively updated.

Sal Kar, Kingdom of
Area: 20,800km
Population: 2,280,000
Capital: Kaffa
Ethnicity: People of Sal Kar
Language: Karic
Religion: Sal Kari State Religion
Head of State: National King
Gov. Type: Limited Monarchy
Industries: Oil, Gas
Currency: Ziyad

                             6:  Playing the game

There is not a whole lot of variation in this demo as it is, after all, only a
demo. It is designed to whet your apetite for more. It, however, fails to
provide you with any multiplayer play whatsoever, which is the main focus of
this game. You should not base your opinions of this game on this demo, which,
for some reason, doesn't include the main focus of this game.

In this you will gain control over a predesigned mech and be given a specific
mission to carry out. You will not be able to design your own mech or to change
almost any aspect of the game. All in all it is a very limited demo.

*** CONTROLS ***

Note: With Sticks, I will show controls as Action/Action 2.
The action before the slash is the action the stick performs. The one afterward
is the action performed if the stick is pressed down like a button.

A Button..................No Function
B Button..................No Function
X Button..................Zoom Map
Y Button..................Open/Close Map
L Bumper..................No Function
R Bumper..................Switch Weapons
L Trigger.................No Function
R Trigger.................Fire
L Stick...................Move Hound/Lights
R Stick...................Rotate Hound/Home Camera/Weapon Cam
Start.....................Pause Game
Back......................Self Destruct Hound
Directional Pad...........Message Commands

                               7:  Walkthrough

Here you will find the walkthrough for the Single Player mode of the game.
***  Demo level 1: ***
***      [W0.1]    ***
Class: Solder: Front Line Specialist

Mission Objectives:
Attack the rebel base camp.
Eliminate all resistance with extreme prejudice.

HOUND information:
Weapons array:

RFZ-WSG-2           x3
Category:           Shotgun
Weight:             359
Energy Use:         20
Penetration power:  KE: 480
Max Ammo:           42
Range:              230
Scope:              Normal
Reload Time:        3000

RFZ-WHT-2           x3
Category:           HEAT rocket
Weight:             380
Energy Use:         24
Penetration power:  CE: 1176
Max Ammo:           44
Range:              115
Scope:              Normal
Reload Time:        2500

RFZ-WAR-3           x2
Category:           Assault Rifle
Weight:             441
Energy Use:         18
Penetration power:  KE: 682
Max Ammo:           170
Range:              441
Scope:              Normal
Reload Time:        1160

YOu will start out in the northern area of sector I-1. At the start you will be
given your first objective; To annihilate the enemy base camp. Head NorthEast
through sector H-2. Ignore the infantry firing on you. You can kill them if
you like, but they pose no threat.  If you kill them, don't waste any shotgun
or rocket ammo on them. Shoot them with the assault rifle or stomp them.
In sector G-3 you will encounter some tanks. These can hurt you, so take them
out. One shot from your assault rifle will take out these tanks. Once you are
about halfway through G-3 you will encounter a pair of basic Hounds. These are
a minor threat, to be sure, but still more than the tanks. You can shoot them
from afar with your assault rifles, or close distance and take them out with
the Shotgun or missiles. I prefer to charge in and shotgun them to death as it
minimizes damage taken and this Shotgun is fairly accurate over medium
distances. continue on and you will receive a new update. You are to head
NorthWest of the fork just ahead of your current position, find the enemy
facilities, and eliminate the defense force there.

Hug the cliffs to your left as you go around the bend and snipe the tanks
though the trees with your Assault rifle. Directly after this, as you
proceed, you will face another pair of the bipedal basic HOUNDs. They can dish
out more damage than you can at long range, so close distance while firing with
assault rifles, and finish them off with your Shotguns and Rockets.

Ahead you will face three quadruped HOUNDs that tend to pack a fair bit of pain
when you get up close. Stay back and snipe them with your Assault Rifles and
you should be able to take them down without much of a fight. From here, find
a nice spot and snipe the tanks in the front of the enemy facility with your
assault rifle. You're doing a lot of sniping for a frontline solder, huh?

After you take out the tanks, just march right in and blow up all the buildings
in the facility. Your rockets and shotgun work wonders for this task so swap
between them to let the other reload.  Make sure you shoot the watch towers
down as well. You don't have to worry about the infantry here, but you can
stomp them if you like. Once you have destroyed every building and tower,
your objective will be completed.

Allied Scount Survives
This one can be a bit trickier than the next, but is still fairly easy. All you
have to do is rush and make sure that you kill the enemy HOUNDs and tanks
before they kill your scouts. Your scouts have a fair bit of health, so they
won't die off too easily. Just make sure you don't dawdle or the quadruped
HOUNDs will eat them for lunch when they get close.

Enemy Annihilated
This one is simple. Just make sure that every major peice of enemy hardware is
obliterated. Trucks, infantry, and the like do not count. Tanks and HOUNDs do
count so make sure they are all annihilated.

***  Demo level 2: ***
***      [W0.1]    ***
Class: Sniper: Sniping Specialist

Mission Objectives:
Lie in wait for the fleeing enemy and annihilate them.
Avoid hitting your allies.

HOUND information:
Weapons array:

RFZ-WSC-1           x2
Category:           Sniper Cannon
Weight:             640
Energy Use:         19
Penetration power:  KE: 972
Max Ammo:           19
Range:              1210
Scope:              Snipe
Reload Time:        12000

RFZ-WSR-1           x3
Category:           Sniper Rifle
Weight:             516
Energy Use:         26
Penetration power:  KE: 765
Max Ammo:           74
Range:              643
Scope:              Snipe
Reload Time:        4750

RFZ-WAR-2           x2
Category:           Assault Rifle
Weight:             428
Energy Use:         23
Penetration power:  KE: 525
Max Ammo:           120
Range:              570
Scope:              Normal
Reload Time:        800

You will start out in the NorthEastern part of sector G-3. There are two sniper
positions from which you can snipe the enemy. One is in sector E-3 and the
other in D-4. I reccomend going to neither of these. It is much easier to just
camp out in the road and snipe enemies as they come into view but this does
present a much greater risk of death as you are not designed for close combat.
Besides, you will not be able to even reach the second sniper point before the
enemies are already past it. If you find that you are taking a lot of damage
on the road, try using a sniper spot instead. Head to the spot in E-3 andface
North. You can use your sniper rifles and sniper cannons to nail the bipedal
HOUNDs as they are going by on the North. Any ones that escape you can pick
off as they pass you to the NorthWest and West.

After the Bipedal HOUNDs you can expect to see many hovercraft. These are quite
fast and may be difficult ti pick off with your sniper weapons. Make sure you
cycle through all your weapons and try to aim ahead of them with your Assault
Rifles before switching to sniper weapons as they travel faster than you can
turn whilst zoomed in. These hovercraft are lightly armed, but move fast and
will shoot at you as they pass you to the West. You won't take too much damage
so don't worry about it unless you really can't hit them. Make absolutely sure
that you are toggling weapons as you fire them and that you are leading them a
bit. They are quite fast and if you aim directly at them you will never hit

You will then see a trio of trucks carrying bipedal HOUNDs. For maximum
killing, shoot the cockpits of the trucks to the front. They pack a fair bit of
HP, but have no weaponry. Several sniper shots should take them out. Make sure
to toggle between weapons.

All allied units survive.
This is fairly easy. Just kill the enemy before they reach any of your allies
and you will take home this objective and 1000 free points. If you complete
the next bonus objective, I don't see how you could not get this one.

Stopped enemy before D-2
This one can be very tricky. It's not a problem to stop the HOUNDs that come
before they reach sector D-2, but the hovercraft that come after them are
quite fast and can easily dodge your weapons unless you are a good shot.
The surest bet to get this is to place yourself on the road before sector D-2,
make like Gandalf, and not let them pass. You can usually hit them fairly
easily this way as it's a straight shot, and you can also block them from
passing. Be careful about taking too much damage though, if you make a stand on
the road. You are not built for close combat and, if you face all the enemies
while on the road, you will take heavy damage to your legs a lot of the time.

***  Demo Complete ***

                                8: Credits

CJayC for the excellent gaming site.
My best and closest friends Josh and Emily whom I love deeply.

The Chromehounds site:

Microsoft, Sega, FromSoftware Inc for the game, demo, and awesome console!

                           9: Contact Information

If for some reason or other you wish to E-mail me, My E-mail is:

Kirbyroks @ gmail . com

Also, be sure to put "Walkthrough Question" in the title or it will get deleted
by my spam filter, and be sure to mention which guide it is. I have several
guides out and asking me questions about how to do something in "Game X" aren't
going to be answered.

Please don't abuse the E-mail and make sure I haven't answered your question in
the guide.
And that wraps up this literary masterpiece. Thanks for reading!
Josh and Emily, you own! I love you guys so much! 

   \^^^/                                            \^^^/
\m/(-_-)\m/ Peace and love and happiness to all! \m/(-_-)\m/
   ( . )        [Hugs]----<(^_^)>----[Hugs]         ( . )
   _/ \_ (>^_^)> <(^_^<)           (>^_^)> <(^_^<)  _/ \_
************************END OF FILE********************************************

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