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FAQ/Walkthrough by invader_luj

Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 07/06/06

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Version 1.0.1
FAQ Written By: Invader Luj/David Morris
Email: invaderluj@gmail.com

General Information

By: Sega, From Software
For: Xbox 360
Players: 1(offline), 1-20(on Xbox Live)
Rated: T for teen (Mild Language, Violence)
Release Info: Jun 29, 2006 (Japan)
              Jul  7, 2006 (Europe)
              Jul 11, 2006 (North America)
Genre: Shooter, Mech Simulator


0.0  Greeting

1.0  Basic Game Information

2.0  Demo Walkthrough

3.0  Full Game Walkthrough

4.0  Xbox Live Walkthrough **Coming Soon**

5.0  Hound Building Walkthrough **Coming Soon**

6.0  Parts List

7.0  Achievements and Other Special Information

8.0  FAQ **Coming Soon**

9.0  Version History

10.0 Legal and Policy Information

0.0 Greeting

Welcome to my guide for the Xbox 360 game Chromehounds.  I felt the need to do
this guide for myself as much as for all the people who may need help besides
me.  It is my hope that I can provide you with a one stop source of information
on this game and can help you not only to beat this game but also get all the 
enjoyment possible from it in both the offline and online modes.  I have
provided my email for those who have questions either unanswered or more
in-detail into the game.  Please do read the warnings at the end of this FAQ
for I do have limits to my kindness.

1.0 Basic Game Information

1.1 Story

In the world of Chromehounds the world is a drastically different place then 
the world today.  After two great superpowers clash and the world is torn apart
by war a new weapon emerges as the face of battle, the "hound".  The hound 
takes center stage in a world where planes and ballistic missiles are rendered
useless and new laws of war are written.

Twenty years have passed since the wars begun and you have known nothing else. 
Now you must prove yourself a valuble member of a mercenary force known as the
Rafzakael and eventually choose who you will fight for in the region of
Neroimus.  The choice is yours, but make it quick...Your hound awaits.

1.2 Controls

Left Analog   - Move you hound  (click for light)

Right Analog  - Turn, Look      (click to change from 3rd person POV to gun
                                 camera and back)

D-Pad         - Give commands   (right to start, then up and down to find
                                 command, then right to move on...continue
                                 adding commands until you finish the string...
                                 left to back up)

A Button      - Commander Use

B Button      - Commander Use

X Button      - Zoom map

Y Button      - Open/Close map

Left Trigger  - Assists

Left Bumper   - Assists

Right Trigger - Fire Weapon

Right Bumper - Change Weapon

Select        - Self destruct hound

Start         - Pause

1.3 Game Types

Story     - Each hound type of hound has a campaign of progressively harder 
            levels.  Here you learn the story and master each hound type.  See
            section 3.0 for more.

Xbox Live - This is where you show of your creations to the world.  Play your
            standard online game types as well as some just for this game.  
            This is where each hound type is truly needed and teamwork is a 
            must.  Create 20 person squads and fight with up to 6 people a 
            side.  There is also a persistent battle between the three warring
            nations in which the battles you play determine gains/losses of 
            land and money for your chosen nation.  See section 4.0 for more.

1.4 Hound Types

In Chromehounds every team member has a specific role to play.  Failing to
follow that role will almost certainly spell defeat for you and your team.  No
one role is unneeded so no matter which you choose to play at any time you will
be needed.

Soldier           - Just what you would expect from the name.  This hound is
                    responsible for bringing the fight to the enemy.  You are 
                    well rounded with speed, power, and defense.  The key for
                    you to remember is to keep a distance from quick units like
                    scouts and move in close to hulks like defenders.  Remember
                    you should be the main damage dealer for your team against
                    other hounds so keep a good assortment of high damage 
                    weapons on you.

Scout             - This aptly named hound is responsible for capturing COMBAS
                    (communication towers) and making sure that your team can
                    stay in touch with each other.  You need to pack some fast
                    legs and be super light so you can grab a COMBA before the 
                    other teams scout can get there first.  Damage dealing
                    should not be your concern as weapons only make you weigh 
                    more and move slower, avoid confrontation at all costs, but
                    keep a good machine gun on you just in case.

Defender          - Your job as the defender is to soak up the damage for your
                    team and protect your teams COMBAS.  A sturdy set of legs 
                    and heavy armor are a must for you, as well as some good 
                    medium range heavy guns.  Remember to build your hound for
                    a beating but don't skimp on guns, often the more damage 
                    you do the bigger you become a target...which is just what
                    you want.

Heavy Gunner      - If making explosions is your favorite hobby then here is 
                    the hound for you.  Your main job as heavy gunner is to 
                    destroy the enemy base and lay down suppressive fire.  It
                    should be obvious that super strong legs and super powerful
                    guns are a must.  Always use all four weapon fire slots as
                    big guns have big reload times and cycling through one or 
                    two guns at a time is better then waiting for all 6 guns to
                    reload at once.  And always...always keep your distance 
                    because you move like a glacier.

Sniper            - You like the heavy gunner love to strike from afar.  But
                    what he does with loud, super visible, attention getting
                    guns...you do with a quick pinpoint accurate shot from a 
                    concealed position.  You are the master of the one shot 
                    kill and can aid your team in everything from herding the
                    enemy to your teams soldiers, to doing the dirty work 
                    yourself and make the enemy wonder what just destroyed 
                    their hound.

Tactics Commander - You could be called the brains of the group, and that would
                    be an apt description of your role.  You choose radar and 
                    com units instead of guns and rockets.  You alone can see 
                    the entirety of your teams control area and you know all
                    that goes on within it, be it friendly or otherwise. It is 
                    up to you to coordinate your team to be the ruthless pack
                    of hounds that you are.  Remember to pack as much 
                    communications supplies as possible so even without a
                    COMBA you can "see".  Just don't forget a gun for those 
                    close encounters.

2.0 Demo Walkthrough

Demo is currently available over Xbox Live in the marketplace to all regions
other then North America.  This is more then likely due to the fact that a 
magazine has exclusive rights to the demo in that region.  Please do not email
me about how to trick the marketplace into thinking you are somewhere you are 
not so you can get the demo.  Just search for it online.

Note that there is no customization in the demo so the hounds I show are what 
you get.  Also note that the rank provided is what I got and I am not sure 
where the cutoffs for each rank are.

2.1 Front Line Specialist

Hound Type          - Soldier

Hound Equipment     - Legs      - RFZ-TL-1
                      Cockpit   - RFZ-CK-A2
                      Generator - RFZ-GE-A1
                      Weapons   - 3x RFZ-WSG-2 (shotgun)
                                  3x RFZ-WHT-2 (anti-hound rocket)
                                  2x RFZ-WAR-3 (rifle)

Map                 - Upstream Of Gorge

Mission Name        - Wipe Out Rebels

Mission Description - Attack the rebel base camp.
                      	Due to steep gradients the attack route will follow 
                      the river North-South.
                      	The objective is to destroy the enemy base camp.  
                      Eliminate all resistance with extreme prejudice.
                      	That is all

Mission Walkthrough  - Move to F-4 destroying the few tanks and weak hounds in 
                      your way.
                      From F-4 move to the enemy base camp at C-2 destroying 
                      everything from as great a distance as possible while 
                      still going as fast as possible.

Mission Tips        - Use the shotgun against the tanks because they are easier
                      to hit with it and it kills them with one hit.
                      Use your rifle against the small hounds near the start of
                      the mission as it makes short work of their weak armor.

                      Use the rockets against the larger hounds near the base 
                      and against the base itself.  Just remember that when 
                      firing from a distance you need to aim above the target 
                      as the rockets lose altitude at a distance.

Finishing Rank      - S rank - Time                    - 6'21
                               Enemies destroyed        - 100%
                               Average Attack Distance - 267m
                               Other                   - All Enemies Destroyed
                                                         Friendly Scout 

2.2 Sniper Specialist

Hound Type          - Sniper

Hound Equipment     - Legs      - RFZ-RU-2
                      Cockpit   - RFZ-CK-A3
                      Generator - RFZ-GE-81
                      Weapons   - 2x RFZ-WSC-1 (sniper cannon)
                                  3x RFZ-WSR-1 (sniper rifle)
                                  2x RFZ-WAR-2 (rifle)

Map                 - Kilmore Highlands

Mission Name        - Border Patrol 3

Mission Description  - Lie in wait for the fleeing enemy and annihilate them.
                      	The enemy is wounded, but they can be expected to put 
                      up a desperate fight.
                      	To avoid hitting your allies bringing up the rear, 
                      attack the flank of the fleeing units.
                      	That is all.

Mission Walkthrough - Move to either E-3 facing the road to the North or to D-4
                      facing the road to the Northwest.

                      Destroy all hounds and tanks you see.

Mission Tips        - Aim at the enemies in the order that they come in sight 
                      on the road.

                      Use the sniper cannon and sniper rifle in alternating 

                      Destroy all units before they get past you.

Finishing Rank      - A Rank - Time                    - 5'41
                               Accuracy                - 50%
                               Average Attack Distance - 427m
                               Other                   - All Allies Survive
                                                         Stop the Enemy by D-2

3.0 Full Game Walkthrough

This section of the game is where you hone your skills and gain new parts for 
your hound.

3.1 Soldier Walkthrough

3.2 Scout Walkthrough

3.3 Defender WalkThrough

3.4 Heavy Gunner Walkthrough

3.5 Sniper Walkthrough

3.6 Tactics Commander Walkthrough

4.0 Xbox Live Walkthrough


5.0 Hound Building Walkthrough


6.0 Parts List

6.1 Chassis

6.2 Cockpits

6.3 Generators

6.4 Weapons

6.5 Other

7.0 Achievements and Other Special Information

Name                         GS Points               How to

Soldier Complete                20        Complete Soldier Story Mode

Sniper Complete                 20        Complete Sniper Story Mode

Scout Complete                  20        Complete Scout Story Mode

Gunner Complete                 20        Complete Gunner Story Mode

Command Complete                20        Complete Command Story Mode

Defense Complete                20        Complete Defense Story Mode

All Tact. Complete              20        Complete All Story Mode

Tact. Instructor                20        S Rank On All Story Mode Missions

Soldier Valor                   20        Soldier Exp. Level Max

Sniper Valor                    20        Sniper Exp. Level Max

Scout Valor                     20        Scout Exp. Level Max

Gunner Valor                    20        Gunner Exp. Level Max

Command Valor                   20        Commander Exp. Level Max

Defense Valor                   20        Defender Exp. Level Max

Biped Specialist                20        Use Biped 50 Chassis Times

Hover Specialist                20        Use Hover Chassis 50 Times

Inverse Specialist              20        Use Inverse Chassis 50 Times

Tread Specialist                20        Use Tread Chassis 50 Times

Wheel Specialist                20        Use Wheel Chassis 50 Times

Bronze Flag                     20        Secure COMBAS 100 Times

Silver Flag                     20        Secure COMBAS 300 Times

Bronze Hammer                   20        Destroy Enemy HQ and Win 50 Times

Silver Hammer                   20        Destroy Enemy HQ and Win 100 Times

Bronze Wing                     20        Destroy 50 Enemy Hounds

Silver Wing                     20        Destroy 100 Enemy Hounds

Bronze Patriot                  20        Stay With Same Nation For 3 season

Capital Occupation              20        Affiliated Nation Destroys Another

Nataion Resurrector             20        Revive Affiliated Nation

Neroimus War Medal              40        Affiliated Nation Wins Neroimus War

Crushing Award                  20        Wipe Out Enemy And Survive 100 Times

Gold Cross                      20        #1 In Seasonal Fame

Gold Eagle                      20        #1 In Fame At A Point

Gold Hexagon                    20        #1 In Average Seasonal Fame

Gold Lion                       20        #1 In Seasonal Conquest Points

Gold Sword Cross                20        #1 In Conquest Points At A Point

Gold Wing                       20        #1 In Average Fame

Marching Service                20        Move 1,000,000m Total

Military Service                20        Deploy 300 Times

Red Flag                        20        Win 100 Times

Storming Award                  20        First Strike 30 Times

Survival Award                  20        Live 10 Times In A Row

More Still Unknown              260

8.0 FAQ


9.0 Version History

1.0.0 - 7/5/2006 - Completed 0.0, 1.0, 2.0, 10.0
1.0.1 - 7/6/2006 - Added clarification to 10.0
                   Added Sections to 3.0, 6.0
                   Completed 7.0 As Much As Possible At This Point
                   Still Sorting Out Mission Details, Item Acquisitions, and
                     Waiting To Better Feel Out How The Community Will Do 
                     Online Play

10.0 Legal and Policy Information

10.1 Email Policy

I reserve the right to choose to answer or not answer any emails that I
receive.  I will never provide any personal information contained in emails and
will ask permission to use your question in the FAQ's section of this guide.  I
will also never use nicknames or pseudonyms to identify a contributor unless
you provide me with permission to do so.  If you have any questions regarding
how your email will be treated with respect to this guide please email me and
I will try to clear things up.

All in all though you should know that your information  and 
questions/contributions will not be seen by anyone but me unless you provide 
permission.  I will also not take credit for your questions/contributions.

10.2 Trademarks and Others

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

10.3 Usage and Copyright

For the purpose of the following statements guide and FAQ interchangeble.

At the time of writing this version(1.0.1) of this Faq, the only site that I 
provide permission to host this guide is http://www.gamefaqs.com.  Anyone can 
feel free to email me about hosting permission, but I reserve the right to 
refuse any site permission to host this FAQ.

This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Copyright 2006 David Morris

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