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An odyssey lost in years gone by... 02/22/08 Chaotic_Fusion
Revival of the JRPG genre? Definitely! 02/19/08 Lvl99blkmage
Lost Odyssey is one of the best the genre has seen in years--and a game that has to be experienced. 02/21/08 ZFS
Filled with various gameplay themes and mechanics notorious to this genre, Lost Odyssey is a game made for the diehard RPGer. 03/03/08 HighOnPhazon
Old school meets new age - An odyssey worth the journey 03/30/09 82xeno
An Odyssey Lost to the Realm of Bad Design 07/07/10 BloodGod65
A fantastically story-driven RPG that all fans of the genre should take a look at. 05/18/09 cantibacterial
A 70 hour long JRPG on the 360?! Never... 05/16/08 Crofty
More Than Just A Traditional Japanese RPG 07/24/08 Element457
A Thousand Years of Dreams 04/07/08 horror_spooky
An Epic Odyssey Well Worth Taking 04/28/08 jayhawk97
The Immortal's Curse 05/12/09 Kamelloe
An Amazing RPG experience unlike many you'll witness, one that anyone with the resources to do so should witness. 08/24/09 Myviewing
An updated feel to a classic JRPG style game, but with bad dungeons. 07/06/09 neonreaper
From the creator of Final Fantasy and the developers of Shadow Hearts comes an RPG about what it means to be human 11/09/09 nintendosega
An Odyssey worth getting lost in 05/12/08 Okii_Inu
Lost Potential 08/01/12 PurestProdigy
Enter the Odyssey 04/08/08 Res_Novae
Technically excellent, but patchy and unadventurous. 04/28/08 riderwaite
A solid but unoriginal experience 06/08/09 Rikuide_Furame
Easily worth it, classic style JRPG 03/10/08 Slawdigi
Even with 1000 years, it is not assembled right. 01/02/14 Unbridled9

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