Review by SiriusBlackKS

Reviewed: 05/03/06

Is it Good? The real question of the first 360 MMO

Many of you out there are probably vary tempted by this title if for nothing else as the first mmo available on the 360, (and probably the only one for atleast 6 months). My answer as to whether or not this game is for you lies along one important question....

Are you a hardcore or casual gamer?

If you answered casual then the answer is no. This game has a steep learning curve, and is brutally complex. Even the newbie zones have monsters you can't hope to fight alone untill level 9-10. The manual is near worthless and the game pretty much just launches you in with little to no direction on where to go or what to do. If you are joining without any knowledge or in-game friends it will be tough.

The Gil Auction House problem will also frustrate anyone not putting serious time into the game. The auction house prices are very high, and until atleast levels 7-10 you will probably have no money and have no idea how to get any. One thing I will say is that it does get much easier, as you learn to play the auction house and get into a profession. Also anyone who complains should also know that world of warcraft is no better and often worse, with rare items in the multi-multi-millions.

The job system and just the entire experience of learning how to play and get along in the world will take time. You can't play for a day and know much, let alone a few days. You need to invest a week or two to start feeling comfortable, unless you have the help of in-game people.

Now as far as a review of the game itself I thnk it is fantastic. The graphics are nothing to write home about, but the gameplay is spot on and there is 100% no lag. The mantience and support for the game is superb, and there is little down time.

The game itself plays almost just like a real time massive Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. The two are very similar in mechanics and play style. The PVE is actually very fun and addictive, and not a boring grind.

The leveling is not nearly as slow as some people exaggerate. I played for two months in WoW and was only lvl 21. I have played for two weeks without concentrating on leveling in FFXI and I am lvl 12. That is one of the great things about this game is there is so much to do you do not feel forced to just go grind. Crafting and basic quests, as well as conquesting all offer destractions if you want a break from grinding.

This game also features literal years worth of quests and things to do between the original stock game and it's expansions. It also offers load of fun end-game content which is something lacking from many mmo's especially WoW. There are also many fun incentives and bonuses along the way. It's not the feeling of having to hit 20, or 40, or 60 before finally getting something cool. Your character gains bonuses, abilities, and powers throughout that really make the game fun to go through.

As I said though in the beginnning this is really a game for the hardcore. Those who want to spend the time to learn it, and spin a lot of time to play it. Playing it for a couple hours a week will end up with you just getting frustrated, and if that is the case I suggest you avoid it. If you are looking for a deep, lengthy, invlolving, and fun mmo then I suggest FFXI hands down if you want to put in the time. I have always hated boring PvE grinds, but this game makes it fun, which is the best feature.

I give this game 8/10

Rating: 8

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