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Reviewed: 04/20/06

A very good part time job...MIRITE?

FFXI or Final Fantasy XI is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(MMORPG). So after releasing on the PC and the PS2, S-E finally released this to a Microsoft console.

Compared to other games on the Xbox 360, this game doesn't really live it up on the graphics part. Though FFXI is still good and they did sharpen the graphics a little.

Gameplay: (7/10)
How is the control?
It's a really easy learning curve. All you have to do is click on the monster and click attack, and you see your character start attacking the monster(It's turned base).

The music on the missions is really good. Also in certain areas the music is very catching too. After a while though you do get sick of it.

How easy or hard is the game?
Let me tell you now. If you are a lazy ass, don't bother getting this game. Go play WoW or something where they literally give you the items. Most of the time the items that are worth getting for your job will cost a lot. I'm talking from 50,000 to 20,000,000. The only ways to get money(A.K.A Gil) are to kill monsters for certain items that are worth something, BCNM(A.K.A Burning Circle Notorious Monster) which you have to use beastmen seals to get a orb to enter these circles, or crafting. Though with crafting, you will have to spend millions to even get to a high enough level where you can make money.

How are people in most servers?
Most people on these servers are very nice. If you ask nicely and don't become a dumb ass, most people will help you. Though there are people which think they are all "High and Mighty" these people are called "Elitist". You WILL want to avoid these people at all cost. These people will have the "Elite" gear because they are trying to compensate for something. The only thing that these people care about is XP rate and lost their souls at level 60+. If you want to know how they act just go to the PC board of this game(They usually bend over for some guy named rykoshet). They usually stick to their own kind so you really don't have to worry much.

How many jobs and races are there?
There are 6 standard jobs opened to you from when you start. Once you hit level 30 you can unlock 12 additional jobs. Corsair and Blue Mage being the new jobs as of this time of writing. There are 5 races total.

The story is pretty much the same as the PC and PS2 since you will be playing with them. As you progress through the story you will also get higher in rank. There are 10 ranks total. Also you will need people to help you on the missions. You will not get anywhere without people.

Play Time/Replayability:(10/10)
This game WILL take you a long time to play. This game has tons of things to do. You can party with other people and fight monsters to level up which the max is 75, you can craft and spend millions to one day reach to a high enough level where you can make millions, or you can do missions. Also even if you complete the story there are still 3 other expansions that you can complete. One being Zilart where you can do the Zilart missions, Chains of Promathia where you can do missions there, and the new expansion that came out a few days after this writing.

Final Recommendation
If you have the patience and the will to play this game like a job than definately get this game. After all once it's all said and done you will be proud of yourself after you have done all this. If you are a casual gamer and don't have that much free time than don't bother, go play WoW or something. I heard the 50 Cent game is pretty easy. Though before you play this game you should do some research on it and see if it's to your liking.

Rating: 8

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