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Beginner's Guide by darkcat1

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 12/12/09

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|F|F|X|I| |O|n|l|i|n|e| |N|e|w|b|i|e| |F|A|Q| 
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Newbie and Returning players guide 
By Shadowneko 
Email: catgrove@yahoo.com 
Version 4.0 
last update 12/12/09

So you decided to play FFXI and if you're not careful you'll probably 
get yourself into a whole mess of trouble. The thing about playing an 
online game like this is that you either have good manners or the other 
players will start to resent you. These are things that I learned from 
playing the beta under the nick of "Shadowcat" (no relation to any comic 
book characters) and hanging around the retail PC players. I've also 
learned that some of this has occurred on the North American launch as 
the Japanese players came to resent the total idiocy of a large group of 
American newbies. This ensued in something I term as "Stupid Newbie 
syndrome" where a block of established players clashes with a large 
group of newbies that has just come into the game. To prevent more of 
this upon the North American PS2 launch I wrote this FAQ just for you. 
You can always find the latest version of this FAQ by emailing me or 
going to http://maryadavies.vze.com. 

Part 1: getting started- 

First off you have to choose your system. Having the PC edition or the 
Xbox 360 does not necessarily mean the game will look better or play any 
different. (Actually the sky looked a bit washed out on my PC beta but 
I'm not too sure if it is the same now as there's been a lot of 
updates.) There is virtually no difference between the three versions 
and PS2, Xbox 360 and PC players play on the same servers. Also around 
are the Japanese players, and they can be a bit hard to communicate with 
so be nice. 

1.1 System Requirements- 

1.1.1 PS2 edition: 
1.An older model fatboy PS2.[the thin ones will not 
play FFXI as there's no place for the HDD] 
2. Sony's Network Adapter 
3.USB Keyboard (this is required for chatting on the PS2[no USB headsets 
here!], and personally I recommend you get something cheap. Pay $50 for 
a KB just to use on a game console is really silly. I currently use a 
really cheap logitech but any straight up USB keyboard will work. 4.USB 
mouse (optional as I've found this is only useful if you plan on playing 
lots of Tetra Master on POL) 

Software editions for the PS2: 
Main installs(these will allow you to play the game but you may not 
have access to certain areas): 
1.FFXI + The Rise of Zilart with the HDD(you can find this used if you 
just want it to install the game) 
2.FFXI Vana'diel Collection 2008(includes all expansion packs execpt the 
mini-expansion quests) 
Expansion Packs(these are not standalone installs and will not work without 
one of the main installs): 
1. FFXI: Chains of Promathia 
2. FFXI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan 
3. FFXI: Wings of the Goddess 

1.1.1.a Installing the PS2 edition on a PS3: It is possible to install 
the PS2 edition on a Playstation 3 but you first need one of the three 
backwards compatible models of that system. No current model of the PS3 
will play PS2 games so to get one of these you will have to resort to 
going to a used game shop such as Gamestop or using online auction sites 
such as Ebay. I will list the model numbers here and briefly describe 
each one: 

1. Model#CECHB01- this model came with an 20 gig Hard Disk Drive, no 
Wi-Fi and four USB ports on the front 

2. Model#CECHA01- This model came with an 60 gig Hard Disk Drive and 
four USB ports on the front 

3. Model#CECHE01- This model came with an 80 gig Hard Disk Drive and 
four USB ports on the front. 

I guess you can see the pattern here as all backwards compatible models 
of the PS3 have four USB ports on the front. Once you're sure that you 
have one of these models you will need to download the “PS2 system file” 
from the Playstation store (it's free). This will make a 10 gig partition 
on your Hard Drive and allow you to install FFXI. 

1.1.2 PC Edition: *Note- I'm putting Square Enix's stats down here. I'm 
also adding an accessory I feel most of you will need. 

1.1.2a Software and accessories- The PC edition comes in several 
flavors(old and new), but we warned the new ones require a 
DVD-Rom Drive Software Editions for the PC: 
Main Installs(you will need one of these to make the game run)- 
1. FFXI Online + The Rise of Zilart (1st expansion included in 
USA edition) [medium=CD-Rom] 
2. FFXI: The Vana'diel Collection (Includes the "Chains of Promathia" 
expansion + what was in #1)[medium=DVD-ROM] 
3. FFXI: Vana'diel Collection 2007(includes FFXI: Treasures of 
Aht Urhgan.)[medium=DVD-ROM] 
4. FFXI Vana'diel Collection 2008(has all the expansions minus the 
mini-expansion quests)[medium=DVD-ROM] 
5. Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection(includes free keys for the 
three mini-expansion quests. (Basically the complete edition)
[Expansion Packs] *note: one of the main game installs is required for 
expansion packs 
1. The Rise of Zilart (included with all NA an EU editions) 
2. FFXI: Chains of Promathia [medium=CD-ROM] 
3. FFXI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan [medium=DVD-ROM] 
4. FFXI: Wings of the Goddess [medium=DVD-ROM] 
*note:(Recommended Accessories) Dual Shock 2 style gamepad- $10-$30 Or 
Playstation to USB adapter- $10(useful if you have PS2 systems about as 
you can borrow those controllers) *Note- the reason I recommend these is 
that the Keyboard and mouse controls aren't really ideal for the game. 
It was mostly designed with the Dual Shock 2 in mind and has some lousy 
controls without one IMHO. 

1.1.2b Minimum System requirements- 
Windows 98/Windows 98 SE/Me/2000/XP 
Intel 800Mhz or faster processor
128 megs of ram Nvidia GeForce series with 32 megs of ram or an 
ATI Radeon 9000 series DirectX 8.1 compatible sound 6 Gigs of free 
Hard Drive Space,4x CD-ROM (for install only) 

1.1.2c Recommended System requirements- 
Windows XP Intel Pentium 4 processor 256 megs of RAM 
Nvidia GeForce FX with 64 megs of ram DirectX 8.1 compatible 
6 Gigs of free Hard Drive Space 32x CD-ROM (for install only) 
Broadband Internet connection 

1.1.3 Xbox 360 edition: First off I will say that you DO NOT need Xbox 
Live Gold to play FFXI online as you only need a Xbox Live Silver(free). 
This is similar to the PS2 edition in that you need a USB keyboard for 
chatting. I don't recommend the Xbox360 chatpad as it's gonna be hard to 
type fast and execute macros. Also an Xbox 360 with a Hard Disk Drive is 
required to install FFXI. None of the arcade editions will work without 
first buying the Hard Drive accessory. 

1.1.3a Versions: 

Main installs: 
1. Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia, Rise Of The 
Zilart, Treasures of Aht Urhgan(everything but Wings of the Goddess 
and the mini-expansion quests) 
2. Vana'diel Collection 2008(includes everything but the mini-expansion quests) 
3. Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection (has free keys for the 
mini-expansion quests) 
Expansion Packs(these require one of the main installs to work): 
1. Wings of the Goddess 

1.2 Making a Character: First you should know that your job is not set 
in stone as you can change it at any time during play by talking to the 
moogle in your mog house. You also have a starter weapon in your 
inventory when you get into the game(related to the job you just 
picked). However the race you choose to be can affect the stats of 
certain jobs and make them better or worse depending on which one you 
pick. Secondly you should have a basic understanding of the Worldpass 
system which I will explain later in this section of the FAQ. I am going 
to go over the various races, starter jobs, and areas now as that's the 
standard fare. 

1.2.1 Races: 
Hume- these guys are basically the jack of all trades. They 
are good at any job you care to pick from warrior to White mage… 

Mithra (female only)- These crazy cat girls have high dexterity which 
makes them great thieves and rangers. They can have slightly reduced 
MP in the mage department though and when they do get hit, they get 
hit for more. 

Galka (male only)- These big bear like guys are dead tough and they make 
great Monks and warrior types. They generally have high HP but very low 
on the MP department. 

TaruTaru- these are smart little guys who can get lots of MP on mage 
jobs and their intelligence makes them great spell casters. They can 
be decent at melee jobs, but it's more in the area of Advanced jobs. 
They don't have a lot of HP and this can make playing warrior hard, 
but it is workable. 

Elvaan- these elves are great at melee 
jobs from what I hear. They also make pretty good healers because of 
their high mind stat; however they're lacking in the MP department. 

1.2.2 Starting Jobs: (note: FFXI is a game with many jobs that you can 
change your character into if you want. You are not tied to a single 
class progression when you start the game.) 

Warrior (Standard weapon types: short swords, axes, scythes, spears and 
two-handed swords)-this job is adept at all forms of combat and its 
secondary purpose is to protect the other players. (Esp. the mages) The 
ability "Provoke" learned on level 5 is used to keep the monsters 
focused on you and for luring them to you so your party can attack. This 
is really the first tank job most of us try to play but at higher levels 
it's now seen as a damage dealer. 

Thief (Standard weapon types: Daggers, a few claws and short swords) - 
my personal favorite job, this job can net you tons of battlefield 
treasure to put to various uses. (Such as crafting, but I'll get into it 
later) Steal is learned on level 5 and is about as effective as in 
previous games in the series, but the latent abilities such as Gilfinder 
and treasure hunter more than pick up the slack. Also later the Thief 
learns great attack abilities like Sneak Attack and Trick Attack that 
greatly increase the amount of damage you can do. This is basically a 
dealer of spike damage and also seen as someone who can pull monsters 
for XP parties. 

Monk (Standard weapon type: claws)- these guys can basically beat up the 
monsters. They make for one of the best attacking jobs in the game and 
usually have no problems soloing at certain points. 

Red Mage (Standard weapon type: short swords)- these guys can use both 
white and black magic, plus they don't make bad attackers either. Early 
in the game this job works but later it can get to be a total pain or so 
I hear. Mostly on this job they've regulated to being healers which is 
kinda a crying shame because they are good at casting status aliments 
and they have decent sword skills. 

Black Mage (Standard weapon types: Clubs, some daggers, and Staves)- The 
biggest drawback to playing Black Mage is that you don't get a lot of HP 
very fast. On the flipside you get a ton of MP and some great attack 

White Mage(Standard weapon types: Clubs, and Staves)- You're gonna be 
spending a lot of time using cure spells, but then again you've got 
friends everywhere. (It can be hard to level up at the start) This job 
is in high demand thanks to the high cost of potions so if you decide to 
go here everyone will want you to join them. (If you want a ton of 
friends…go this way!) 

1.3 Worldpass system: Square Enix basically made this system somewhat 
useless since now you can select any world by default. Gold worldpasses 
are still sold for the purpose of inviting your friends to play with you 
and to get some fun goodies. 

1.4 Starting Areas: Note: You get a slight bonus for starting at the 
home for you race, but maybe you want some cooler scenery…. 

Bastok- This place is all about machines and mining. It's also the home 
of the Humes and the Galka. Most of the area around this place is 
wasteland with a few hills. It's also home to the Alchemy, Blacksmith 
and Goldsmith guilds. 

San d'Oria- This castle-like town is home to the Elvaans. It's basically 
all medieval/renaissance but many of the NPCs can be big snobs. The 
notable craft guild that are located here are the Tanning and 
Woodworking guilds. The surrounding area is some rather pretty forest. 

Windhurst- Probably the prettiest town but sometimes getting around can 
be confusing. This place is home to the TaruTarus and the Mithra. It's a 
place very steeped in magic and the guilds here are Cooking, 
Boneworking, and Clothcraft. The surrounding area is pretty fields and 

1.5 Linkshells: I thought I should add this here as sometime during play 
you will probably be asked if you want to join one. This is basically a 
chat group, and the members of this can hear you anywhere in the current 
world you're playing in when you chat on it. Joining one of these is a 
good way to get help or find party members. You can also set up your own 
Linkshell if you have a couple thousand gil to pay to certain NPCs. 

1.6 Return to Vana'diel Campaign- Had a character before and wanna get 
back in? If you remember your Playonline account information you can get 
Square Enix to restore your characters provided that you(personally) did 
not delete your characters when you quit. If you forgot you account info 
a tech support rep might be able to get it back for you if you remember 
your old address and credit card info. Just go to 
http://www.playonline.com to try to get back in. 

1.7 Experience Point bonuses- I dually note that most jobs in FFXI can't 
solo much past lvl 20 but there are some instances where you can get 
bonus XP and I will list those here. Some of these do not require an XP 

1. XP bonus rings- When you have enough Conquest points(see Signet, 
Sanction and Sigil below) you can use these to buy a ring that has 
consumable charges. They are the Chariot Band, Empress Band and the 
Emperor Band. These allow for you to have a certain max bonus per real 
life day with the worst being the Chariot Band. The best deal if you 
think you're gonna try to XP a lot is the Empress Band because if you 
use all the charges you'll get the most experience points. If you only 
plan on gaining experience points three time a week or less the Emperor 
band would be a better choice for you. All of these are rechargeable for 
conquest points(original FFXI areas), Imperial standing points and 
Allied notes(trade to the guards). There is also a fourth ring call the 
“Anniversary Ring” that you can use the charges on every hour but this 
is only available through special events and is not rechargeable. 

2. Fields of Valor- This was added recently and it's a system that 
allows you to gain bonus experience points by killing certain monsters . 
You can even do this if the monsters are a lot weaker than your 
character as long as you get some experience points for killing them. 
You also earn points/notes that can be exchanged for buffs or transport 
back to your home nation. When you first wander outside look for a 
“field manual”(hey it's a book!) in it there are options for “individual 
training” and “elite training”. I suggest you look at individual 
training first and pick a page. Each one of these pages contains what I 
call a “monster bounty list” and for the newbie areas it's mostly stuff 
you would kill anyway. I will list “Individual training” on the pages 
for each of the starting areas: 
North Gustaberg (I-6),(L-8),(D-10)&(J-6)
page 1 Target level: 1~6 monsters to fight: 6 Worms 
page 2 Target level: 3~6 monsters to fight: 6 Maneating Hornets 
page 3 Target level: 3~7 monsters to fight: 5 Vultures,1 Walking Sapling
page 4 Target level: 3~8 monsters to fight: 4 Quadav,2 Rock Lizards 
page 5 Target level: 3~8 monsters to fight: 3 Quadav,4 Ornery Sheep 

South Gustaberg (K-8) & (H-9) 
page 1 Target level: 1~6 monsters to fight: 6 Bees 
page 2 Target level: 2~5 monsters to fight: 7 Stone Eaters 
page 3 Target level: 3~6 monsters to fight: 3 Vultures,3 Walking Saplings 
page 4 Target level: 3~6 monsters to fight: 7 Goblins 
page 5 Target level: 4~8 monsters to fight: 5 Rock Lizards, 2 Crabs

West Ronfaure (I-6) & (G-9) 
page 1 Target level: 1~6 monsters to fight: 6 Worms 
page 2 Target level: 2~6 monsters to fight: 6 Forest Hares 
page 3 Target level: 4~7 monsters to fight: 5 Scarab Beetles,1 Forest Funguar 
page 4 Target level: 4~8 monsters to fight: 4 Orcs, 2 Scarab Beetles
page 5 Target level: 4~8 monsters to fight: 6 Wild Sheep, 1 Goblin 

East Ronfaure (G-6) & (H-9) 
page 1 Target level: 1~5 monsters to fight: 6 Pugil(fish) 
page 2 Target level: 2~5 monsters to fight: 6 Carrion Worms 
page 3 Target level: 2~6 monsters to fight: 7 Forest Hares 
page 4 Target level: 3~6 monsters to fight: 4 Orcs,2 Forest Funguars 
page 5 Target level: 4~8 monsters to fight: 4 Wild Sheep,2 Scarab Beetles
West Sarutabaruta (J-8) & (H-6) & (I-10) 
page 1 Target level: 1~5 monsters to fight: 6 Mandragoras 
page 2 Target level: 2~5 monsters to fight: 6 Savanna Rarabs 
page 3 Target level: 3~8 monsters to fight: 5 Crawlers,1 Carrion Crow 
page 4 Target level: 4~8 monsters to fight: 4 Yagudo, 2 Crawlers 
page 5 Target level: 4~8 monsters to fight: 4 Yagudo, 2 Bees 

East Sarutabaruta (F-4), (G-11) & (J-7) 
page 1 Target level: 1~6 monsters to fight: 6 Mandragora
page 2 Target level: 1~8 monsters to fight: 6 Bees 
page 3 Target level: 2~6 monsters to fight: 6 Savanna Rarabs
page 4 Target level: 3~6 monsters to fight: 4 River Crabs, 2 Crawlers 
page 5 Target level: 3~6 monsters to fight: 4 Carrion Crows, 3 Crawlers 

3. Besieged- Every so often Al Zahbi(the offshoot of the Aht Urhgan 
Whitegate town zone and the first town in the "Treasures of Aht Urhgan"
expansion) will come under attack. It's not very predictable but you can
usually see them coming by selecting “Besieged” from “region info” on the 
main FFXI menu. You can gain points by healing and helping to kill monsters 
and if you survive until the end you get a nice experience point bonus. 
However you do not get the full bonus from this until lvl 65. 

4. Campaign Ops(Wings of the Goddess Required)- Anyone can do these 
little short quests that gain you some experience points. They are in 
the past versions of the starting cities: Bastok[s], San d'Oria[s] and 
Windhurst[s] as the starting places. Usually the quests are simple 
enough that even a newbie can do them but getting to the past is 
something best left to people who've been to the central city of Jueno. 

5. Campaign(Wings of the Goddess Required)- similar to besieged except 
the whole world is under attack randomly. You can usually pick a zone to 
defend or attack depending on the current state of things and if you 
survive the battle you get bonus experience points. However you do not 
get the full bonus from this until lvl 65. 

1.8 Newbie quests- This was added last year but going into the gory 
details is very very long. Basically they teach you a bit about the game 
while giving you some items and some little bonus XP. I suggest you look 
at this in addition to my guide: 

1.9 Level sync- This system was added a few updates ago. It lets high 
level players join any party if they want to. The gear these players are 
wearing caps down to a “Fair amount” which often makes wearing level 
appropriate gear better. You can try to ask whatever players you wish to 
cap down to lvl 10 but don't get mad if you're rejected. 

Part 2: Crafts and making money- Every newbie asks, "How do I make 
money?"; well you're in luck because I'm gonna give you some hints. 
Whether or not you've played an MMORPG before you should know that one 
way to make money is just to sell many of the items that the monsters 
drop and this does work but it's only short term. To get rich in the big 
game you're gonna have to use what you just found in crafts and/or do 
hundreds of quests and this can take a while. Crafts work by using 
crystals which monsters will drop if you have signet cast on you. You 
can get signet cast on you by any gate guard, but I'll go more into it 
when I summarize the conquest. I'm gonna have a summary of the basic 
crafts here, but if you want formulas you need to check another FAQ. 
Things that are made can be sold at the auction house or by using the 
Bazaar system. 

2.1 Signet,Sanction, and Sigil: These are spells that allow you to get 
Crystals and earn conquest points(FFXI/Rise of Zilart/Chains of 
Promathia areas) or Imperial Standing points(Treasures of Aht Urhgan 
areas) depending on what area you are in(note: Sigil does not allow you 
to earn Allied Notes from Wings of the Goddess areas). As a newbie you 
should really only worry about Signet as those are the areas you will be 
visiting for quite awhile. Signet also has a new added effect of 
allowing you to use the rest command without losing any TP(I'll go over 
this in “Weapon Skills”.) You can use these conquest points and imperial 
standing points for cool items down the line or just sell them. The more 
points gotten by a nation in an original area the more likely that 
nation will own it. Rank is important in FFXI(original) and WOTG as the 
number one ranked nation will have access to the best items. Any of the 
guards with initials next to their name (I.M., ETC.) can cast Signet on 
you and if you are visiting another nation you can visit consulate of 
you nation to have it recast as well. Please try to keep it on at all 

2.2 Casting lots: This goes along with joining parties and the treasure 
distribution system. In a party you can choose to pool your treasure or 
have a designated quartermaster. (Personally I prefer to pool my 
treasure, but that's just me.) When treasure is pooled anyone in the 
party can cast a lot for it and this picks a random number between 1 and 
999(Dice Roll!! 999!!). The higher the number the more likely the item 
will be yours. The treasure does not auto distribute very well and many 
people will be cheated if no one casts lots. If you really need the item 
in question you can ask your party members nicely to pass. Passing means 
that you don't take a spin on the item and give everyone else a chance 
at it. Lotting in XP parties is considered rude so most players don't do 
it. I really think it's silly but that's the way it is. 

2.3 Crafts: This can make you money but you can also lose some gil as 
well. Sometimes supplies aren't easily gotten from the monsters so you 
must buy them. Eventually what you make can be worth lots of gil, but 
high levels of certain crafts are required. 

Alchemy- this is one I wish I'd figured out how to try this one. You can 
make potions, Ethers and other such useful things, but you can also 
profit by adding certain elemental properties to weapons and armor. This 
can really got you some $$$! 

Blacksmith- With this craft you can make some great weapons and armor, 
but it can run up a tab since the monsters don't always drop what you 
need. You can also do some mining but the ore you get is totally random, 
and you might just break a lot of pickaxes! 

Goldsmith- Worms drop a lot of the raw material to get started in this 
craft, but it does end up being abit expensive. The accessories you make 
can sell high, but you have to work your way up. 

Clothcraft- this one allows you to make cloth armor, beds and other 
things and it's actually pretty good. You can combine it with other 
crafts such as blacksmith and alchemy to make different types of cool 
armor. Oh if you go harvesting for material expect to break a few 

Bonecraft- you can end up making some way cool armor with this. You can 
also make some good ornaments. 

Culinarian- food can have a great effect on your stats. Cooking can make 
things that have really cool effects…like MP regen! 

Leathercraft – Want to make armor? Or you like to farm tigers or 
something that drops skins that don't stack? This is the craft for you 

Woodworking- ever wanted to make shields, arrows, bows and furniture? 
This might be just for you. Expect to go through a few axes at the 
logging points though! 

Fishing- this kinda goes with cooking as you usually eat what you catch. 
Plan on breaking a few fishing poles and losing bait before you get 
good. Also due to new rules new players can no longer fish right at the 
start and must wait until lvl 20. This was a measure to curtail 
gillsellers/RMT.  It can actually make money for you right out of the 
gate and rods and bait are cheap. 

Synergy- this was just added and it's mainly to be used to make custom 
weapons and armor. As the system has only just barely been fully 
released I can only tell you what is known about it at this time. 
According to SE this can even require multiple crafters with the 
mess-ups sometimes rebounding and causing physical damage to the 
crafters involved(On a 75 is isn't much but it could be devastating to 
a low level).

2.4 The Auction house and The Bazaar system 

2.4.1 The Auction House- This may be the biggest place to buy and sell 
things. It's a big building that's marked on most of the town maps and 
there's at least one in each major town. Putting junk up for auction is 
pretty easy as you just walk up to the counter and select it. A menu 
will appear that will let you buy or sell and you select sell and them 
item. This does cost a small amount of gil and the selling prices are 
determined by the old economic law of Supply and Demand.

2.4.1a Reselling things at Auction House- This is how I made alot of my
early gil and it still works. Alot of people are too lazy to find the
NPC sellers for armor and spells so if the NPC has it for cheaper you 
can sell it on the AH for more money.  This can also go the other way
as some stuff sells to NPCs for more than the Auction House price. 

2.4.2 The Bazaar system- Using this you can set prices for anything in 
your inventory, and basically turn your character into a walking shop. 
Open the main menu and go over to the second list and select "Bazaar". 
Then when it lets you go to your inventory you can set the prices on 
things…oh and don't set them too high or you won't sell a blasted thing! 

Part 3: Things not to do (manners and monsters) - Every newbie should 
know what not to attack and what not to do as not to make the other 
players mad. This is what I'm gonna go over right here as nobody likes 
dying…esp. when it hurts the conquest and you loose exeperence points. 
The other players will be so mad at you if all of your friends (plus you) 
go off and do a mass suicide. (Lemmings anyone?) Also use the Check command 
a lot on the lower levels, as it will help you. Mage jobs are a bit weaker 
when it comes to combat so be super careful there as my estimates are based 
mostly on the melee jobs. 

3.1 Basic types of Monsters to avoid (lvl 1-lvl 10)- You shouldn't mess 
with these guys because you could wind up dead. Dying is never fun since 
you lose experience points every time you die (you might even level down 
if it goes too far!). 
Goblins- these guys really aren't any fun…although warrior types can take 
out some lower end ones on lvl 5- lvl 7 Quadav- on the lower levels these 
turtle like guys will destroy you and use you for weapon grease! You might 
try some lower end ones solo about lvl 6-lvl 7…but use the check command 
Orcs- the quadav of San d'Oria these guys also have no sense of humor. You 
might try some lower end ones around lvl 6- lvl 7, but be careful 
Yagudos- these dumb birds hang around the Windhurst area and you really 
should not play with them much. You can try them at lvl 6- lvl 7 but be 
Dhalmels- Some fun idiots thought trying to kill these guys on lvl 6- lvl 7 
was a good idea! Although they are worth a moderate amount of gil I wouldn't 
try these guys with anything but a lvl 10 party. 
Sheep- You might be able to take mad sheep or it's weaker cousin
(demented sheep) on lvl 6- lvl 7, but be totally careful!
Crawlers- these worms are nasty becase they use poision. They should be 
ok by lvl 6-7 but if you want insurnce and can't use White Magic you 
might want to afford some antidotes. 

3.2 Manners- This is mostly gonna have to do with annoying things that 
people with certain jobs do or have done. First off in general be polite 
and don't insult people…after all if you do that where are you gonna get 
party members from? Secondly try not to spam too much (like typing 
a whole mess…especially in shout mode), don't kick people just 
because they are casting lots and thirdly look at these other fun things 
you shouldn't do: 
Warriors- do not provoke every monster in sight! First off you'll 
probably wind up dead and secondly many people around you will probably 
die. This will really make a lot of people mad at you! 
White Mage- this is just what I consider to be the White mage's oath: 
I will help anyone and everyone no matter who they are. I'll cure 
them, use protect spells…anything just to help out! I will not charge 
money for my services, as I am the one who just wants to help! 

General tip 1- Respect the White mage as if you get them mad they may 
leave. Also watch their MP and believe them when they say they are low. 
If your WHM runs out of MP you're basically dead! Protect them at all 

General tip 2- Black Mages have low HP but they also draw the monsters 
to them with their spells. They also require protection…especially in 
the lower levels…. 

General tip 3- White Mages sometimes like to help lone players by 
curing, and using protect and Shell as they run by. Don't yell at them 
for it as they are just trying to help you out! Just thank them kindly 
and let them go on their way... 

General tip 4- Patience is a virtue...please don't get too mad if you 
have to wait around quite a while for a party! 

Part 4: Notable quests- These are things ever newbie asks about, but I'm 
not going full on into how to find certain NPCs and stuff. I'm just 
going into the basic quests that everyone wants to know about: 

4.1 How to get a chocobo: You need at least one job on level 20 and you 
need 4 Gausebit grass. You can get the grass from Wadi hares in Dangruf 
Wadi(a swampy area near Bastok), off flies in Meriphataud Mountains, or 
you can just buy them. Once you have the grass head for Jueno and talk 
to the guy in the chocobo stables in Upper Jueno. You'll need to feed 
the grass to an "injured" chocobo over a period of 5 game days. You 
don't have to do it on consecutive game days though…you can log out and 
continue later. 

4.2 How to get a Subjob- There are two quests there(note: either quest 
will do, but only one is required): One in Selbina (located in the 
Valkurm Dunes) and one in Mhaura (located across the ocean form 
Selbina…near Windhurst). For the Selbina quest you need to fight certain 
monsters to get 3 items: A Magicked Skull (Ghouls), a Damselfly Worm 
(Damselfly) and a Crab Apron (crabs on the beach in Valkurm). When you 
get these items talk to the guy near the water and give him the items 
one at a time using the trade feature (Isaicao). For the Mhaura sub job 
quest you need 3 different items: Wild Rarab Tail (Mighty Rarabs), 
Dhalmel saliva (Bull Dhalmel) and Bloody Robe (Bogys). Give these one at 
a time to the old lady at the end of the pier (Vera). 

4.3 How do I get an Advanced Job such as bard, paladin, dark knight, 
ETC.? - First off you need one of your starter jobs to be on level 30. 
Then you must do quests specifically for each advanced job you want to 

Getting Bard- First go speak to Mertaire in the Merry Minstrel in Lower 
Jeuno and then the rest of the NPCs in the inn. Go anywhere that 
parchment is sold(usually the Jueno auction house for 1,000 gil) and buy 
one then travel to the Buburimu Peninsula here you'll find a secret 
path(at map coordinate G-9) then find and touch the Song Runes. After a 
cutscene, trade a Parchment to the song runes. You'll get the Poetic 
Parchment as a reward. Then go to Lower Jeuno Trade the Poetic Parchment 
to Mertaire. You'll get a lot of gil from this! Then head to the Valkurm 
Dunes and touch the Song Runes at map coordinate (B-7) in the Valkurm 
Dunes. You now have the bard class available to you. 

Getting Beastmaster- Talk to Dietmund in Lower Jeuno to get this quest. 
He'll ask you to cure his son's sickness and to do so you must touch the 
'Nightflowers" on Qufim island when they begin to glow (approximately 
22:00). To reach the flowers, you must get around the Kraken without 
getting yourself killed. The Kraken hears sounds so sneak or Silent Oil 
will help out or you can just swap to a level 1 job and make a suicide 
run! After that talk to Brutus in the Chocobo stables in Upper Jeuno and 
he'll give you the class. 

Getting Dark Knight- Talk to Gumbah (House 2nd Floor)[Map Coordinate: 
(J-7)] in Bastok mines district until you see a cut scene with Werei, 
then go to Palborough Mines 3rd Floor and take the boat at (G-8). After 
getting the Chaosbringer, kill 100 enemies with it and then enter 
Beadeaux to complete the quest. The Chaosbringer must deal the final 
blow in every battle. If a magic spell causes the enemy to die, or if 
the enemy suicides, or if you use a weapon skill to finish the battle, 
the death doesn't count towards your killing spree. You do not need to 
have the sword equipped when you go to Beadeaux, but you do have to have 
it on you somewhere. 

Getting Dragoon- In North San d'Oria talk to Oiheaurese. Then go to Port 
San O'rdia and go into Cargo room then talk to Arminibit and Ceraulian, 
then go to the prison under Chateau d'Oraguille where you need to talk 
to Novalmauge. Go back to North San d'Oria and talk to Morjean. Then 
make sure you have a few pickaxes as you're now headed to the Shakhrami 
Maze. Go into the maze and look for the excavation point at map 
coordinates <G-7> or <I-8> and start digging until you find a dragon 
Egg. Then go back to Morjean and he will send you to Yachemidot. Then go 
to the Meriphataud Mountians to the east edge of Doragora's Spine where 
you should find a "???". Trade the egg to it as to trigger the event and 
then go to Ghelsba Outpost. In a hut there(located at map coordinate 
<G-10>, Open the door and a Dragon will appear, beat him to get the 
Dragoon Job. 

Getting Ninja- Talk to Kaede in a house that you find at map coordinate 
<I-5> in Port Bastok. Then go talk to Kagetora in the warehouse also 
located in Port Bastok at map coordinate <F-5>. After that talk to 
Ensetu in the old house located at map coordinate <I-5> (go into the 
room to the left to find him). Now go to the Bastok Minesand travel 
through them to the Zeruhn Mines to the Korroloka Tunnel. When you get 
to the Korroloka Tunnel go to map coordinate <A-9> where you'll be 
warped over to map coordinate <I-11>. Go to map coordinate <k-8> where 
you'll find a "???". Talk a look at the object and then you'll have to 
fight 3 Korroloka Leech(NMs). After the fight with the Korroloka Leeches 
check the "???" to get the key item. Go back and talk to Ensetsu in Port 
Bastok at map coordnate <I-5>. Go to the new area Norg and talk to Ryoma 
to finish the quest and get Ninja. 

Getting Paladin- Talk to Balasiel on the bridge in South San D'Oria (at 
map coordinate F-7) to get this first part and then bring him a Revival 
Tree Root, that undead monsters (such as ghosts, spooks, and hounds). 
[Quick tip: if you've done the quests "A Squire's Test" and "A Squire's 
Test 2" you can skip part of this as they are basically the same thing] 
Then go talk to Chanpeau (he's standing near a well on the way to talk 
to Balasiel) Go to the La Theine Plateau and go to the area of Ordelle's 
Caves. First find the entrance closest to the lake(at map coordinate 
H-11) then from the entrance of the caves go to map coordinate H-6. From 
there head to a large room with Fungars at map coordinate H-7 and go 
through the room to get to the waterfall(at map coordinate G-7) Here you 
will find two points with a "???" marking them. First inspect the one in 
the pool and then quickly look at the one in the center of the room. If 
you did this right and you were fast enough you will get the Stalactite 
Dew. Go back to Balasial to "Squire's Certificate"(a key Item). After 
talking to Balasiel again go talk to the guards on the second floor of 
the eastern and western guard posts(those would be Cahaurme located at 
map coordinate J-9 and Baurise at map coordinate H-9) Then travel to 
Davoi and look at the Disused Wall located at map coordinate D-10. Go 
back to Balasiel on the brige and he'll give you a Kite Shield and the 
Paladin job. 

Getting Ranger- First go find Perih Vashai(at map coordinate K-7) in 
Windhurst Woods and she'll send you off to watch an old Sabertooth Tiger 
die and bring back the bones. Go to Sauromugue Champaign and go into the 
far southeast corner (At map coordinate L-10). You should see a 
passageway that to the east which leads to a cave. The cave has 3 
Sabertooth Tigers for guards and inside an Old Sabertooth tiger will 
slowly die. (remember kids: DO NOT ATTACK THE OLD SABERTOOTH TIGER) Once 
the tiger dies by himself go examine the bone pile and you'll get the 
old fang. Go back to Perih Vashai in Windhurst woods and trade it for 
the Ranger's Necklace and the job. 

Quick notes: 1. Since the old fang is a key item you have to get the 
quest before you can get the item. 2. Tip: A Chocobo and a scroll of 
instant teleport can help you finish this quest in no time as you can 
avoid the 3 tigers at the entrance. 

Getting Summoner- First go talk to Ajido-Marujido in Windhurst walls the 
you must go fight Thread Leeches(or that type of monster) in one of the 
following places: Buburimu Peninsula, Qufim or the Valkurm Dunes. You 
are trying to get the Leeches to drop a key item called "Carbuncle's 
Ruby".(this is a very rare drop…perhaps a little Thief can help you out) 
Once you get the item go to the "House of the Hero" in Windhurst 
Walls(located at Map Coordinate G-3) and select the door. You then have 
to take a bit of a road trip as you have to experience the seven weather 
elementals. When you visit go through several zones until you get all 
seven types of weather that appear in the world. The colors of the ruby 
and places where you are most likely to find the weather you need are 
1. Red - heat - Valkurm, Rolanberry, Oztroja, Altepa. 
2. Orange - sunny skies - Most Zones 
3. Yellow - sand - Valkurm, Tahrongi, Konschtat. 
4. Green - wind - Tahrongi, Mhaura, La Theine. 
5. Indigo - ice - Xarcabard, Beaucadine 
6. Blue - rain - La Theine, Pashhow, Rolanberry. 
7. Violet - thunder - Konschtat, Jugner Forest. [Quick tip: you 
usually know if you got the pattern when you change zones and see a 
cut scene. If you didn't see one you didn't get the pattern. You don't 
have to be close to the weather…just in the Zone it is happening in…oh 
and you can be on a Chocobo] After experiencing all seven types of 
weather go to the La Theine Plateau and go to the stone circle (located 
at map coordinate G-6) Trade it to the stone with "???" and then you can 
get Summoner! 

Getting Samurai- First go to Kazham then get a Chocobo and head to the 
outpost to the south(don't fall in any holes). Go up and to the right 
through the tunnel and keep going south until you get to the waterfall 
(keep an eye on your compass). Fall into the hole closest to the 
waterfall and this will take you into Sea Serpent Grotto. Try to sneak 
through, but using Silent Oil or getting someone to cast Sneak on you 
would really help out here. Keep going to the right a bit and you should 
get to Norg and go up the steps on the right. Go all the way down the 
hall to find Jaucribaix and then talk to him and he'll tell you to go 
fetch a sacred branch and bomb steel. Talk to Aeka at the bottom of the 
stairs and she'll give you the Oriental steel. To the left of the steps 
(near the back) you can find Ranemaud who will give you the Sacred 
sprig. Just grab a Choboco and go out north to Kazham and head to Jueno. 
(ok I recommend you get a party for this part…possibly level 35 and 
above) Make sure you have a hachet or two with you and go to the 
Meriphataud Mountains and then head east to Zi'Tah. Around map 
coordinate J-9(or K-9 …my source doesn't specify) there is a tunnel. Go 
through it and look for a "???" on a big tree then use a hatchet on the 
"???" point to get a Guardian Tree Ent to come out and get you. Kill 
this monster then trade the sacred sprig to the "???" point to get the 
sacred branch. Now go to Konschtat Highlands at map coordinate D-8 where 
you should see a "???" then trade the Oriental steel to it. You should 
call out a monster called Forger, then beat it up to get the bomb 
steel.(if you have friends with you make sure they pass so you can get 
the item and make sure you lot) Then go back to Norg and talk to 
Jaucribaix and he'll talk to you with Gilgamesh then wait 3 game days 
and talk to him again. You'll unlock the Samurai job and get your first 
Katana blade! 

Getting Puppetmaster(Treasures of Aht Urhgan required)- Talk to 
Shamarhaan at (F-9) in Bastok Markets near the fountain (with your level 
30+ job equipped). Talk to Iruki-Waraki at (K-9) in Aht Urhgan Whitegate 
(on the top floor). Talk to Ghatsad at (I-7) the Automaton Workshop (on 
the top floor). Head to Arrapago Reef and you can get there by taking 
the Ferry from Port Ephramad to Nashmau, taking the North exit into 
Caedarva Mire and heading to the tunnel at (I-6) into Arrapago Reef. 
*Alternatively, use the Runic Portal to the Azouph Isle Staging Point, 
and head to the tunnel at (I-6) into Arrapago Reef. Keep Sneak and 
Invisible up due to the Chigoes and Treants in the Mire. Use caution 
around the imps as they have True Sight. If you want to avoid a few 
mobs, it is recommended doing this during the day as the Jnun in 
Caedarva Mire are asleep during this time (although they can be easily 
avoided during the night). 
*If you have blm main/sub job high enough to use "escape", you can simply 
take any Ilrusi Atoll assault mission. Warp to the assault entrance area 
and when you escape, you will pop right where the Arrapago zone is 
(I-6 on Caedarva Mire map). (You do NOT need a Lamian Fang Key for this 
quest, but you do for the Corsair quest, Luck of the Draw.) Find the 
??? at (H-10) on the first boat, hidden beneath the stairs, to receive 
a key item: Antique automaton. Return to Ghatsad (I-7) in Aht Urhgan 
Whitegate. Talk to him and give him the Antique automaton. Wait for the 
next game day and talk to him again. Return to Iruki-Waraki (K-9) 
to receive your Animator and to complete the quest. 
*You will also be given a chance to pick your Automaton's name from a 

Getting Blue mage(Treasures of Aht Urhgan required)- Talk to Waoud and 
agree to his divination. Answer a series of questions (see below). If 
you fail, he charges you 1000 Gil. There are several different outcomes, 
depending on your answer: 

*Skyserpent: "I see the symbol of the Skyserpent. It suggests spending 
some time away from battle. For a change of pace, why not try your hand 
at harvesting in the Wajaom Woodlands or Bhaflau Thickets? You may make 
an unexpected discovery." 

*Flameserpent: "I see the symbol of the Flameserpent. It suggests you 
take an aggressive stance and not shy away from a challenge. Perhaps you 
might try visiting the Commission Agency. A substantial reward could be 
yours for the taking." 

*Galeserpent: "I see the symbol of the Galeserpent. It suggests a loss 
in the near future... Even I cannot predict what this loss may 
entail.You would do well to pay close attention to your possessions." 

*Stoneserpent: "I see the symbol of the Stoneserpent. It suggests you 
will receive a boon from the earth. A boon from the earth...? Ah yes, a 
stint at mining may prove beneficial. All signs point towards Mount 

*Springserpent: "I see the symbol of the Springserpent. It suggests a 
sojourn to the sea. Yes, a tranquil journey on the waves. Replace your 
weapon with a fishing pole and fate will smile upon you." 

If you succeed, Waoud will mention all 5 serpents, thus starting the 
quest: "Sky, Flame, Gale, Stone, and Spring. I see all five serpent 
symbols... This sign heralds a turning point in your destiny."If you 
somehow get disconnected before paying the 1000 gil (if you fail), when 
you get back you can start all over without having to waiting one game 
day to try again. Waoud will then mention one of the following three 
*Dangruf Stone: "The treasure I would have you seek is a precious stone. 
It is said to be as red as blood and found in a land of geysers." 
*Valkurm Sunsand: "The treasure I would have you seek is a pinch of 
golden sand. It is said to glow with the light of the sun and be found 
only on a certain beach." 
*Siren's Tear: "The treasure I would have you seek is a jewel. It is 
said to glow with a bluish tint and be found near the bank of a certain 
river." Waoud will not yet accept the item. Leave and re-enter Whitegate 
and talk to Waoud again at least one game day later and agree to help, 
answering that his words have moved you to help him. Now trade the 
requested item to him; he tells you to take it somewhere else. 
*Keep the requested item in your inventory. Head to the Ironbound Gate in 
Aht Urhgan Whitegate (H-7) (down the tunnel behind Sajahb) and zone out to 
Bhaflau Thickets). Enter the cave at (I-7) to zone into Aydeewa Subterrane. 
Head down to the first large room and fall off a ledge into a room with 
diremites. These can and will agro by sound. Immediately to the left, 
there's a steep ramp that leads down to a spot with leeches, and a large 
pool in the center that looks like a Teleporter (H-9). Step into the center 
of the pool for a cutscene. (You must have the requested item in your 
inventory for it to activate, however you will retain the item after 
the quest has been completed.) Answer "yes" to both questions. If for 
some reason you answer no three times (don't take his hand, no regrets, 
none!), your memory will be erased of the quest. You will have to restart 
the quest from the beginning in order to become a Blue Mage. 
* You will be transported back to the gates of the Imperial Whitegate 
in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-8). 
* You can now become a Blue Mage. 
* You can talk to Waoud again for an additional cutscene. (The "extra" 
custcene is necessary to start future Artifact quests.) 

Questions: The answer in brackets is said to be the most blue mage like 
answer, though for some they might not work. (Check 
Wiki(http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/An_Empty_Vessel) for other 
possible answers.) 

1. What is destiny? 
[* Is immutable] 
* One forges for oneself 
* Is unknowable 

2. Does the accomplishment of a goal require 
sacrifice and hardship? 
* Not if you think hard enough. 
* Occasionally. 
[* Absolutely.] 

3. You hold in your hands a forbidden scroll. Reading it will bring 
you untold wisdom, but cost all that you own. 
[* Read the scroll?] 
* Throw the scroll away? 
* Burn the scroll? 

4. If the loss of one life would save ten thousand, would you offer 
yourself without hesitation? 
* Offer another... 
* I have no such courage. 
[* Without hesitation.] 

5. Would you choose a tumultuous life where fame or fortune were 
attainable, or a tranquil life where both were forever beyond your reach? 
[* A chaotic life.] 
* A tranquil life. 
* A mix of both. 

6. You stand on the precipice between life and death. Would you choose 
to live life as a beast if it would save you from falling into the 
shadowy abyss of the underworld? 
* If it keeps me from dying... 
* Fall, and keep my humanity. 
[* Embrace life as a beast.] 

7. A companion in battle turns against you, raising a weapon to attack. 
* Brace for the blow? 
* Try to reason with him? 
[* Cut him down?] 

8. A loved one is afflicted with a terrible illness and has little time 
left to live. You are asked to end that life by your own hand. 
* Seek a cure? 
* Leave the world together? 
[* Grant the request?] 

9. You are in the midst of a fierce battle. The enemy lying at your feet 
was once a friend. His breath is ragged and weak. 
* Tend to his wounds? 
[* End his pain?] 
* Ignore your old friend? 

10. A superior to whom you owe a great debt orders you to act in a way 
that violates your sense of justice. 
* Try to remove him from power? 
* Carry out the order? 
[* Follow your sense of justice?] 

Getting Corsair[err..pirate](Treasures of Aht Urhgan required)- 
* Talk to Ratihb (J-12), second floor, at the Shararat Teahouse 
in Aht Urhgan Whitegate for a cutscene. Note: This cutscene must deal 
with Corsair quest, not The Die Is Cast quest that deals with throwing 
dice. Talk to Mafwahb (L-9) by the Imperial Whitegate for another 
cutscene. Travel to Arrapago Reef *This can be achieved by taking the 
Ferry from Port Ephramad to Nashmau, taking the North exit into Caedarva 
Mire and heading to the tunnel at (I-6) into Arrapago Reef. 
*Alternatively, use the Runic Portal to the Azouph Isle Staging Point, 
and head to the tunnel at (I-6) into Arrapago Reef. Keep Sneak and 
Invisible up due to the Chigoes and Treants in the Mire. Use caution 
around the imps as they have True Sight. If you want to avoid a few 
mobs, it is recommended doing this during the day as the Jnun in Caedarva 
Mire are asleep during this time (although can also be avoided easily during 
the day). 
* You will need a Lamian Fang Key (or a Thief using Thief's Tools) to open an 
Irongate inside Arrapago Reef. You may farm this key either in Caedarva 
Mire or Arrapago Reef or can obtain one per Conquest tally by checking a 
??? in the Mire (H/I-7) (on ledge at back of small lake). 
* You do not need a Lamian Fang Key (or a Thief) to get to the required 
???. Use the Ilrusi Staging Point and see below. 
* Once inside the Reef, travel north in the tunnel until you see a ship. 
Board and walk through it, crossing the plank, and travel down the eastern 
shore. Remain alert of any Lamiae (detect by sight) and Draugars 
(detect by sound) that may agro you in the reef. 
* Travel Northeast to a cave and the Iron Gate (J-10, Lamian Fang Key 
required). If you are traveling in a group, just one key will be enough 
to let everyone pass. 
* Once you go through the first gate, hug the left wall and you will 
find another Iron Gate (H-9) guarded by a ghost mob (Sneak). A Lamia 
Fang Key is not required to open this gate, just drop Invisible and open it.
 (Make sure not to have low HP, or the ghost will aggro you.) 
* Once you're past the gate, the Corsair ??? is ahead on a ship (H-10). 
 There is a Lamia on the ship, stay as close to the entryway/plank as 
 possible, but near enough to trigger the ??? for cutscene. Arrapago 
 Reef (Alternate) 
* Using the Ilrusi Staging Point will put you at (G-5) on Map 2. 
* Go to (J-8) to get to Map 1 (point A). [Watch out for the Soulflayer 
(True Hearing) along the way.] 
* Enter the caves at (I-8)/(I-9) (point m). Now you're on Map 6. 
* Exit using the Iron Gate at (G-9)/(H-9). Now you're back on Map 1. 
* Go to the ??? marked on the map, (H-10). 
* Head to Talacca Cove. 
*You do not have to go back to Whitegate to go Nashmau. You can exit into 
Caedarva Mire at I-12 of Arrapago Reef Map 1 (where you just did your 
cutscene). This will take you to I-6 of Caedarva Mire Map 1, where you 
can head to Nashmau by going mostly south or hugging the right wall. 
Please take note of aggroing Treants and wandering true sight Imps, 
before you reach Nashmau. 
* From Nashmau, take the western exit into Caedarva Mire and 
head to (E-9) 
*You must pass through a cemetery (E-10) to reach the zone, there 
are Imps (True Sight) in the cemetery during day & night. During night 
hours, the Qiqirn turn into undead, so if you can avoid the imps, sneak 
is still advised to avoid aggro'ing undead. Watch HP (blood) aggro, also. 
* Once inside the cove, travel along the left shore until you find a ??? 
(located on a big rock outside a tunnel). [There are no regular enemies in 
Talacca Cove.] 
* Check the ??? for a cutscene. You will receive a key item: Forgotten Hexagun. 
* Travel West from the ??? into the adjacent tunnel.Check the Rock Slab for 
the final cutscene. (Ensure you have at least one free inventory slot.) 
*You will now be able to become a Corsair! After the cutscene you will 
receive a Corsair Die. If you did not receive Corsair Die, free up one 
inventory slot and check the Rock Slab again. 
* Optional: Go back to Ratihb for final cutscene. (This "optional" cutscene 
is necessary to start future Artifact quests.) 

Getting Dancer(Wings of the Goddess expansion required)- Speak with 
Laila (G-7) in Upper Jeuno Pick "I surely do" then choose "never", she 
will ask you for a Stardust Pebble. Speak with Rhea Myuliah standing 
right next to her for a cut scene. Head to Lion Springs Tavern in 
Southern San d'Oria and talk to Valderotaux for a cut scene where you 
will ask Valderotaux for permission to dance on stage. *During the 
cutscene you can choose any options, and the results will be same. 
Return to Upper Jeuno and talk to Rhea Myuliah again, she will inform 
you about a pebble that is lying at the bottom of Lake Mechieume in 
Jugner Forest. Exit to Batallia Downs and head to the Cavernous Maw 
(H-5) go to the past then Batallia Downs (S) -> Jugner Forest (S). 
Follow road to J-6 then go around the mountain to your right to reach 
Lake Mechieume. 
NOTE: If this is your first trip to the past, and the cutscene drops 
you in Sauromugue Champaign (S), it is recommended that you unlock a 
Cavernous Maw in a different area before leaving the past. If you do 
not, you will have to get past Banishing Gates 1 & 3 in present-day 
Garlaige Citadel in order to return to the past. The Banishing Gates 
in Garlaige Citadel (S) can be bypassed by one person. You can have 
someone with access to the past go through Garlaige Citadel (S) and 
Tractor you up. Also note that taking a Chocobo from Southern San d'Oria (S) 
does not get you directly to the pebble. You will find Glowing Pebbles at 
I-5. Click them for a cutscene. You will then obtain a Stardust Pebble Key 
Item. Return to Upper Jeuno to speak with Laila (G-7) once more. 
Now you may become a Dancer. You must zone in order for Dancer to appear in 
your Job levels list. 

Getting Scholar(Wings of the Goddess Expansion required)- Head to 
Batallia Downs (S) as your level 30+ job and go to (J-10) to enter the 
Eldieme Necropolis (S). In the Eldieme Necropolis (S), talk to the NPC 
named Erlene at (J-8). She will ask for 12 sheets of Vellum. After 
talking to Erlene, you can talk to Tucker in Crawlers' Nest (S) and flag 
a mini-quest to obtain one sheet of Vellum for every 12 rolanberries 
traded to him. Note that Tucker will only take up to four stacks of 
rolanberries per trade and will only trade with you a total of three 
times. This means that to get the stack of Vellum you will need to trade 
him four stacks of rolanberries three times. If you're not on BLM, RDM, 
SMN or BLU already, change jobs to one of those. Go back to the Eldieme 
Necropolis (S) and trade 12 sheets of Vellum to Erlene for another 
cutscene. Activate your Two Hour Ability: Azure Lore, Manafont, 
Chainspell, or Astral Flow and talk to Erlene for a third CS. You will 
receive the Grimoire and can now become a Scholar. You must zone in 
order for Scholar to appear in your Job levels list. 

Part 5: MMORPG terms- These are things that you should know before you 
start asking a lot of dumb questions. Many of you have probably never 
played an MMORPG before so here goes nothing: 

5.1 General Terms- 

Newbie- this is a person that just started playing the game (it's not 
really an insult but it can be if you're stupid!) AF Armor- Stands for 
Artifact Armor, and this is the vanity armor for any job. It looks like 
the specific job you have from FF5 or FFT! High level characters can do 
quests to get this cool stuff and there's also an alternate version 
called Relic armor or AF2. 

Melee job- means any job that does physical damage to the monsters! 

Aggro- this means that the monster in question will attack unprovoked 
(before you even think about getting it) 

Hate- basically this draws the monsters to you. It seems to accumulate 
over time with certain jobs and also with powerful attacks and certain 

NM- short for named monster or notorious monster. These creatures are to 
be avoided by all but high level players or people on certain quests! 

BCNM- Stands for Burning Circle Notorious Monster. You can fight these 
by trading several of the item called "beastman's seal" to a certain NPC 
in Jueno. If you win you'll get loads of rare items for you and your 

EF- Stands for Expeditionary Force. You may be called upon to join one 
to help out in the conquest by taking over an area. 

Smiley- if you haven't been on an IRC chat you wouldn't know what a chat 
smiley is. The Japanese players have their own versions (see this URL 
for info: http://club.pep.ne.jp/~hiroette/en/facemarks/list_index.html) 
that are different than ours. I'll put a few basic ones under here: :( - 
sad :) - Happy :P - stick your tongue out (Raspberry) 

LOL- in a chat this mean "Laughs out Loud"…you'll sometimes see this in 
place of the standard FFXI set of emoticons 

ROFL- this means "rolls on the floor laughing"…it's made when someone 
thinks something is really funny 

LFP- this means, "looking for a party"…oh and please don't shout it that 

Tank- this is the guy who takes all the punishment…it's usually a 
warrior with provoke, a ninja in some cases, or a Paladin and he'd 
better have good armor! 

NPC- Stands for Non Player Character. These are the guys you get 
missions and quests from and who usually run shops and guilds. 

GM- Short for GameMaster, these guys are the mods or the "guys in 
charge" of FF11. You can call them from your menu, but don't do it for 
trivial matters. They always have high defense armor and "GM" by their 

5.2 Job Abbreviations- I'm sorry, I've been using some of these through 
the whole FAQ and I haven't explained yet. Well I'm making up for this 
oversight right now! WAR- Warrior THF- Thief MNK- Monk RDM- Red Mage 
BLM- Black Mage WHM- White Mage BRD- Bard PLD- Paladin NIN- Ninja SMN- 
Summoner DRK- Dark Knight BST- Beastmaster DRG- Dragoon SAM- SamuraiRNG- 
Ranger BLU- Blue mage SCH- Scholar COR- Corsair PUP- Puppetmaster DNC- 

Part 6: FFXI Emoticons- 6.1 Well here we are about to list these 
interesting chat commands. Some of them are used a lot of the time…while 
others are just left by the wayside. Some of these are a bit 

/amazed -look amazed 
/angry- Look angry at a person…or just be angry 
/blush- blush 
/bow- just take a bow…I used it to thank people 
/cheer- cheer on your teammates…fun when someone gains a level 
/clap- clap for someone…like above I used it when someone gained a level 
/comfort- try and make them feel better 
/cry- *Sniff* my friend just died! 
/dance- Dance around(add 1-5 and really dance now) 
/disgusted- Look disgusted 
/doubt- just doubt something 
/doze- I'm sleepy! *yawn* 
/em- basically this is like '/me' in IRC and with it you can make your 
character do anything in text. (* Shadowneko steals your hat! *) 
/farewell- extreme goodbye…to your friends 
/fume- brood over something 
/goodbye- wave goodbye 
/grin- smile…you're on Shadowneko's camera! 
/joy- very happy! 
/kneel- kneel before anyone you want! (I'm not worthy!) 
/laugh- laugh 
/muted- just mute yourself and others 
/no- just say NO! 
/nod- nod yes 
/panic- PANIC! (oh no that goblin is way too close) 
/point- point to something 
/poke- poke your friends 
/praise- way to go! 
/psych- get psyched up 
/salute- salute someone…I used it to thank people a lot 
/sigh- *Sigh* 
/smile- Smile a little smaller 
/stagger- stagger around a bit 
/stare- stare…at the wall for all I care… 
/sulk- sulk about something 
/surprised- look surprised 
/sit - sit down 
/think- look like you're thinking about something 
/upset- be really upset 
/wave- wave at passers by and such 
/welcome- welcome a friend 
/yes- YES!!! 

Part 7: Security and Gillsellers/RMT- 

A lot of players have had their accounts stolen due to these gilselling 
jokers. I will talk about them abit later but now here's how to protect 

Security for PC edition by Elizara- Info taken from 
/ though it is out of date. I will be updating this here even tho I 
didn't write that thread. 

First, GOODNESS GRACIOUS, never use IE. IE BAAAD. Internet Explorer is 
so full of holes, it might as well be swiss cheese. 

I'd say install Firefox immediately: 

Once you do, install these IMMEDIATELY; do not pass go, do not collect 
$200. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1865 <<==Adblock 
Plus https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/722 <==Noscript 

To set up Adblocker Plus, open its options, then make sure all options 
are checked (check thread for what you should check, that has not 
changed much). As for filters; here's what you should install. There are 
links to install, so you shouldn't worry. Don't install the filters that 
thread lists since those are out of date. (They will autoupdate to 
these, but why put in old version when you can install the newest 
without jumping though hoops?) https://easylist.adblockplus.org/ 
<<==Install EasyList and EasyPrivacy from this page. 
http://www.fanboy.co.nz/adblock/ <=Install Fanboy's List 

http://www.keyvan.net/2006/11/remove-ads/ <== Install the Google/Yahoo 
ad blocker filter. Rest of the setup is pretty much the same. As for 
free antivirus programs, recommended is 
http://free.avg.com/us-en/homepage <==AVG 

http://www.avast.com/ <==Avast! Antivirus 

http://www.avira.com/en/pages/index.php <==Avira Antivirus Personal 

For the pay ones, ESET Smart Security is highly recommended. 

As for firewall; do not install the one in that thread. It is no longer 
being updated. Recommended however is 
http://personalfirewall.comodo.com/ <<==Comodo Firewall. It doesn't use 
a lot of system resources and is pretty nag free unless something is 
wrong or you are installing something. Also, make sure you got some kind 
of spyware scanner installed and use it once a week. Again, here's the 
recommended list. I'd say pick one that has something in taskbar and one 
on demand scanner; too much in memory can choke even the best computer. 
Install this in any case: http://free.antivirus.com/hijackthis/ 
<==Hijack This. 
This basically shows what is running on your system; there are plenty of 
people on boards out there that can analyze the logs. I'd suggest getting 
a base log of your system. Anyway, other than that, here we go. 
http://www.safer-networking.org/<==Spybot Search and Destroy (has a taskbar 
http://www.malwarebytes.org/ <==Malwarebytes Antimalware (is a on demand 
http://www.superantispyware.com/ <==Super Anti Spyware (has a taskbar app) 

After that, check for these programs AND REMOVE THEM. They are bad news. 
Adobe Acrobat Reader =>>Replace with http://www.foxitsoftware.com/ 
<<==Foxit Reader 
Quicktime player ==>>Replace with http://www.free-codecs.com/download/
quicktime_alternative.htm <==Quicktime Alternative 
Real Player ===>Replace with http://www.free-codecs.com/download/
real_Alternative.htm <==Real Alternative. 

Getplus from Adobe is VERY BAD and can open up a honking huge security 
hole; and you can get it without you even knowing you did when you 
install Flash. To remove it or avoid it, follow these instructions: 

Also, MS tried to make a Firefox extension that can make your computer a 
sitting duck ><. Here's how to remove that sneaky .net framework 
assistant: http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/article08-600. 

Also highly recommended after you do all this; BUY THE FFXI SECURITY 
TOKEN(Square Enix sells these for $10). Together, doing all this can 
save you from 99% of all account hackings. 

Buying Characters, items and Gil for real money- DO NOT DO THIS! First 
off most of the stuff for sale was probably stolen from some hardworking 
player and if you buy the stuff you're encouraging those gilselling 
clowns to do this(in fact you may be their next victim). Also buying a 
high-level character is not a good way to experience FFXI since it takes 
a lot to get top level in the game and you're expected to know how your 
job works. In this game hard work pays off so just keep at it and do 
your best! 

Part 8: Endgame activities and PVP- 

8.1 PVP- This games has no full pvp or duels but what we do have are 
what I call two PVP “Sports”. They are called Ballista and Brenner. 
Ballista is a soccer/hockey game where you try to put “petras” in the 
opposing team's goal after you've killed someone. Brenner is more of a 
capture the flag game where you kill people in your way. These are 
somewhat unpopular with most FFXI players so you'll have to con your 
friends into playing with you. There are however some more crowded 
servers where people play this all the time. You do not have to be top 
level to play but it helps to have a few levels under your belt before 
trying these. 

8.2 Endgame Acitvites- Honestly I have no idea why people are so 
obsessed with the endgame activities in MMOs especially this one. A 
common question I see on message boards from players of World of 
Warcraft is “Are there raids in FFXI?” and the short answer is basically 
no. What we do have is a lot to do in between but the closest thing to a 
WoW raid is what we call Dynamis. This is basically a nightmare 
zone/alternate dimension where the evil beastmen have taken over 
Vana'diel. The reason for coming here is that it's the only place that 
drops Relic armor and upgradeable relic weapons. Relic weapons can be a 
real obsession as they start out as the worst weapons and can be 
upgraded using Ancient currency(which also drops in Dynamis) and other 
items to eventually become the best weapons in the game. This takes 
forever and costs lots and lots of gill and multiple trips to Dynamis 
with varying rules as to who gets the currency(depending on the rules of 
the endgame LS you joined). A friend of mine has Excalibur and it took 
him two to three years to get and as for me...well I'm not that 

8.3 Other endgame activities- 

Limbus(You must have completed the Chains of Promithia expansion to 
enter)- Similar to Dynamis but it usually requires fewer players and is 
shorter. You do this so you can get upgrades to the AF armor and some 
special gear. 

HNM- Crazy players hunt these badboy monsters for gil and items. Some of 
these monsters only show up once every 24 RL hours. Casual players, like 
me, are just not that obsessive.. 

Salvage- You do this to get special gear and a lot of your 
abilities/stats are locked when you start. You kill monsters and search 
for items or dropped items(off monsters). Gear also drops here, but it 
takes a lot of gil and time to upgrade, as well as multiple runs. 

Nyzul Isle- Time for 100 floors of pain. The objective here is to slowly 
make your way through all of these 100 randomly generated floors with 
random objectives(after you make it through so many it saves your 
progress). The reward here is a special weapon that teaches a special 
weapon skill and special gear. 

Part 9: End credits and sources- 

Special Thanks to: Kopopo formally of Midgardsormr- for checking my 
place and race names to make sure they are spelled right, and for some 
great suggestions 

The former members of Savanna’s Superstars linkshell on Midgardsormr- 
also for helping me out with this FAQ with suggestions 

The former members of the MithraPride linkshell on Midgardsormr- thanks 
cool cats, you also gave me some good ideas! 

My sister, Mary Alice (her character is Elizara) – For some 
spellchecking, editing, the security section and for the logo for the 
text version of this faq. Also for creating a HTML version of this 
faq(which you can find in a few places if you look) and for some info on 
Windhurst and on white mages. 

Swipe of crystalrecipes.com, and Midgardsormr's former MithraPride 
linkshell- for letting me use a great deal of his ADV job quest list for 
a source! 

Ffxiwikipedia for the new information 

And last but not least- 

FireMyst of RPGamer.com for inspiring me to write this FAQ with his FFXI 
review…that review gave me some big hints as to the "Stupid Newbie 
syndrome" that was occurring in the retail… 


Windurst.org - for helping me remember the details of the sub job and 
the Advanced Job quests! 

Square-Enix-usa.com - for the system requirements for the PC edition 

crystalrecipies.com - for more help with the Advanced job quests…Thank 
you Swipe! 

ffxi.allakhazam.com- for help on the Samurai quest! 

wiki.ffxiclopedia.org- for the new job information and for the 
information on the new Fields of valor system. 

Part 10: helpful links- 
Pikko's Pots(gardening database)- 
FFXI Encyclopedia(great if you're stuck for general info)- 
FF Recipe(crafting database JP/English)- http://www.ffrecipe.com/ 
FFXIAH(logs prices for the Jueno Auction House)- http://www.ffxiah.com/ 
Allakhazam(community)- http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/
Kida's Fishing Database-  http://www.finalfishing.info

Part 11: FAQ- 

1. “Why do I have to pay for FFXI as I already paid for Xbox Live?” 
I've seen this on message boards like 100 times. My short answer is “Why not 
the rest of us playing on other systems have had to pay since 2004?” and 
you guys are no different. Square Enix sees exactly $0 of that $50 
ripoff fee you paid Microsoft to play Halo online(since most online 
games are free on every other platform known to man[and yes I stole that 
line from screwattack XD]). Also FFXI is one of the very few games you 
can play with Xbox live silver(free) so if you paid MS just for FFXI 
you've been ripped off. 

2. “Is the game worth it?” 
I really think so and FFXI is one of the better MMORPGs out there. Some 
people think WoW is hot but I don't think so. My advice is to try to get 
your first job to lvl 30, do a few missions, unlock a few jobs and decide 
for yourself if you hate it or not. Depending on the server there are still 
plenty of other newbies to work with.

3. Isn't this game old?  Is it dying?   
There are new players coming in all the time and the last time SE did a 
count there were over 500K subscribers.  FF14 might make a dent later 
but I'm not so sure. Everyone says that alot of people will jump ship 
for FF14 but other MMOs like Everquest#1 have survived their successors
and I believe FFXI can do the same.

That's it for now and no matter how stupid the question I don't mind 
answering it. I don't get many emails anymore because my old fansite 
went down. People think that you bug FAQ writers by asking them 
questions but you won't be bugging me. 

Disclaimer: Jon Davies (Shadowneko) is in no way affiliated with Square 
Enix INC. This is copyright Feb. 2004 by Jon Davies as an unpublished 
work and may not be used in any way shape or form without my express 
written permission. 

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