New to game need help and friends?

  1. so i just bought this game yesterday for the 360
    i never played before or played any other MMO before
    and i feel way in over my head i have no clue where to even start or what to do
    to say i need help would be a understatement
    but i dont wanna give up and would really like to get good at this game
    so would anyone wanna party up with me and just help me out alittle

    ill make a new character located in your server and nation if your willing to help me out
    my GT is britt kn33

    User Info: brittieface

    brittieface - 10 years ago


  1. Not sure this still stands but my in game name is Anthanas, Hometown is Bastok and the server used is Fenrir. Hit me up.

    User Info: HybridMinor

    HybridMinor - 9 years ago 0   0

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