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Despite all the potential fun of this game, one massive flaw brings everything down 07/06/10 BloodGod65
The only thing rising will be your blood pressure 04/07/08 brutusmuktuk
MINI CHAINSAWS help get it an 8/10 03/14/07 Augustus4
The things Frank will do for a scoop... 07/07/10 Bkstunt_31
Ok kids, can you say "Addicting"? 01/02/07 bos174
Dead Rising:Blood & Fun! 01/03/07 CadderlySoaring
The Ultimate Zombies Experience! 10/09/06 Chris_Potter
Great ideas overcome by glaring flaws 04/03/07 CocoaPistolero
The Dead Are Rising. Knock Em Back Down! 02/03/09 DandyQuackShot
Zombies huh... I had a feeling you'd show up... 08/15/06 darklordonix
There is only one thing better than zombies: Killing them. 09/07/06 DoomTheGyarados
I'd bet those guys in Dawn of the Dead didn't have this much fun. 08/25/06 Drunky
Jinkies! This mall is full of zombies! 07/09/09 Eric43
Dead Rising is an at times frustrating, often fun, and thoroughly unique game. 09/05/06 Evil Dave
Best game on 360. 10/30/06 Exodist
One of the 360s best games so far 10/20/06 gaiaquake
Probably one of the best zombie games out in the market 08/19/07 Gamesarefun1234
Broken Deadness 01/10/07 gatewalker
OMG, A ZOMBIE! 01/21/10 getar1234
Zombie Auschwitz 10/22/07 horror_spooky
Shop till you drop dead, huh? 07/13/07 i_like_things
Fight the dead and pick up some tunes at the music store while your at it 06/03/09 kefka989
Now I know how the people at the end of any zombie movie must've felt 08/22/06 kiriyama2
A good game, and somehow Capcom actually managed to make a decent storyline. 08/29/06 megaman2005
An Instant Favorite In The Book Of MegaVirus 01/02/07 MegaVirus
Get ready for the survival gorefest of your life. Happy genocide. =D 01/22/07 Mr_Feesh
Dead Rising - An instant classic 12/30/14 NettoSaito
Man vs. Zombie, the road to victory 08/21/06 Npeaen
Words from a skeptic: Dead Rising 08/28/06 NWalterstorf
Nothing Like Resident Evil... Fortunately 04/03/07 OutOfRange
Zombified Boogaloo 09/20/06 PickHut
He's covered wars, y'know. 08/19/07 SuperPhillip
Zombies. They Die And Come Back Wanting A Bite To Eat. Ungrateful Sons of Bit....Ahem. Right. 06/20/07 VideoMaster
Interesting game with too many flaws 02/14/07 wolverinefan
Dynasty Warriors 2 + Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas + Resident Evil Outbreak = Dead Rising 09/14/07 xenodolf
A fun game without much depth. 08/17/06 ZZTAtom

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A zombie killing game with an original story 03/29/10 03J
This was one of my reasons for wanting a 360 12/08/08 Ali_X_Rexus
Fun game, major flaws 08/14/06 bighaben
Your name is Frank West... 01/03/08 Cars123456789
An absolute must for zombie fans! 01/05/09 crestfallen49
Who woulda thought an electric guitar could be a Zombie Killer? 08/31/06 DarknessSavior
A definitive Survival Horror game. 07/07/08 DarthRLink
Some great ideas, but some horrendous flaws. 08/15/06 davey2crazy
Welcome to the mall! We got everything: Food, clothes, flesh eating zombies... 08/14/06 Disrespected
When there is no room in hell, the Dead Rising will dominate the 360 08/14/06 egopete
Why didn't anyone from the George Romero movies work on this? They couldn't have done better. 08/24/06 Grandstream
One of the reasons to own an Xbox 360 08/21/06 Legacy92
One hell of a joy ride! Zombies, Pretty Ladies, Anything as a weapon!? Capcom's done it again! 08/17/06 LiquidSnake3
Everything it should be and more 08/14/06 Mead
Capcom Does It Again!!! 08/14/06 Meh_0066
Stuck in a Mall with Zombies. Crazy? Yes. Fun? God Yes. 01/05/09 MisterMarioMan
The Ultimate Zombie Game? YES 08/28/06 nflstreetfreak1
Amazingly fun....but buy some pain killers with this game! 08/21/08 RecordStoreTrsh
Very impressed with this game! 08/17/06 shags2dope78
Shopping at the mall has never been this much fun! 08/14/06 sonicgenki
A one-of-a-kind sandbox game with very few flaws. 08/14/06 superXY
Chop till ya drop...and discover the story of the century while you're at it! 08/14/06 Teknoman

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