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Guide and Walkthrough by oceanshoreview

Version: 1 | Updated: 08/31/2008

   ________                     .___ __________.__       .__                
   \______ \   ____ _____     __| _/ \______   \__| _____|__| ____    ____  
    |    |  \_/ __ \\__  \   / __ |   |       _/  |/  ___/  |/    \  / ___\ 
    |    `   \  ___/ / __ \_/ /_/ |   |    |   \  |\___ \|  |   |  \/ /_/  >
   /_______  /\___  >____  /\____ |   |____|_  /__/____  >__|___|  /\___  / 
           \/     \/     \/      \/          \/        \/        \//_____/  

*SPOILER WARNING! If you don't like Spoilers, you should probably just turn
back now. Dead Rising is a game that requires multiple play throughs to really
master and my guide is written with the assumption that you've already done
it once and know it's secrets. I don't tell the plot, but I don't censor
names or anything. So, you'll probably find spoilers here and there and they
are all UN-MARKED because I put this big warning here! Consider yourself

           |            Game Developed By Capcom.              |
           | Guide written by Luke Stebner (ahhsumx@gmail.com) |

__/ Table of Contents \_______________________________________________________
I. About this Guide..................................................[#ABOUT0]
     a. Why it was written...........................................[#ABOUT1]
     b. How it was written...........................................[#ABOUT2]
     c. Before using this guide......................................[#ABOUT3]
     d. Version......................................................[#ABOUT4]
II. Escorting Survivors..............................................[#ESCOR0]
     a. Weapons......................................................[#ESCOR1]
     b. Moving.......................................................[#ESCOR2]
     c. Shortcut.....................................................[#ESCOR3]
     d. The Final Stretch............................................[#ESCOR4]
III. Important Things................................................[#IMPOR0]
     a. Mini-Chainsaw................................................[#IMPOR1]
     b. Books........................................................[#IMPOR2]
     c. The Real Mega-Buster.........................................[#IMPOR3]
     d. Queen Bees...................................................[#IMPOR4]
     e. Orange Juice.................................................[#IMPOR5]
IV. The Guide........................................................[#GUIDE0]
     a. Day 1........................................................[#GUDAY1]
     a. Day 2........................................................[#GUDAY2]
     a. Day 3........................................................[#GUDAY3]
V. Otis Call Checklist...............................................[#OTISC0]
VI. Survivor's Chart.................................................[#SURVI0]
VII. Cases...........................................................[#CASES0]
VIII. Achievements...................................................[#ACHIE0]
IX. Legal / Contact..................................................[#LEGAL0]

__/ About this Guide \_______________________________________________[#ABOUT0]
                  --> Why this guide has been written <--
Dead Rising is not a new game at the time of me writing this (August 2008),
but I've recently become quite obsessed with it and discovered it's inner
perfection. At first glance/play through there is little to offer here. But
once you play through it a few times and start to get the hang of how the game
was made to be payed you find a lot more beneath the surface.

As I've been discovering all this and nearing all achievements (aside from 
survivor mode which I don't want to even take part in), I've gained a lot of
knowledge about the game. Questions arise and I solve them or I gather answers
from various sites. The problem I've found is that all the answers aren't in
one easy to find place. Now, I'd like to think that I will provide all of the
answers right here, but that's probably not possible. However, I would like to
provide a step by step guide for an "Ultimate Play-Through" if there was such
a thing.

I think that you can achieve a lot in one play through, but it actually takes
several play throughs to gain the knowledge of all the things you could have
achieved at once. Of course, it also requires a lot of trial and error, and
re-doing of things to get it down. Since I already went through most of this
I might as well share my knowledge with you to better your experience with
Dead Rising.

                     --> How this guide was written <--
This guide was not written in one play through, it took about 10 playthroughs
to feel experienced enough to be able to write this guide.

I went for a playthrough where I attempted to acquire the Saint, Census Taker,
and Transmissionary. I ended up with the first two goals reached, but I fell
short on one very important mistake that ruined Transmissionary at the very
last call. Very disappointing, but knowledge gained for you.

While doing this play-through I made a ton of mistakes. However, I had my g/f
take down notes of everything that I did. Timestamps, locations and a short
summary of the event. On top of that, all Otis calls and a nice list of all
the surivors and some info about them. At this point we were left with a 
mediocre run through and a lot of data. 

So it was her turn to attempt the exact same run with me guiding her through 
what to do. With the list of events that I did and knowledge of all my 
mistakes we were able to come up with a pretty good guide of how to run 
through the game, almost down to an hour by hour step. Not all people probably
want this much detail, but I think it's a great way to present so much info
about such a big game.

Everything needs done in a certain order at a certain time and I think we've
got a pretty good strategy of how to get it done. 

                       --> Before Using This Guide <--
This guide is written on the basis that you already know a lot of things 
about Dead Rising. Like I said above, I have been through 72 hour mode several
times and have become very familiar with the Mall and the events that take 
place throughout the game. I don't expect you to have been through the game 
as much as me, but I would say that one or two play-through's would make your 
life a lot easier. 

I definitely don't recommend going at this before you are at least level 40.
Being all the way up to 50 is ideal, but you will gain enough PP saving people
that 10 levels will not take you much time to earn and you will be maxed out
at a decent time. 

I also greatly recommend you getting the Mega-Buster (which requires 
completing the Zombie Genocider achievement) because it will make so many of
the bosses a piece of cake. Most bosses can be taken out quickly with the
Mini Chainsaw, but Cletus, the Criminals, any Snipers and any one else who is
a pain to get close to will be gone in seconds with the Mega Buster. 

Remember, these are my recommendations. This play through will certainly be
difficult and require skill and grace to complete things in time and escort
several survivors almost constantly so I wanted it to be as easy as possible
by utilizing things like the Mega Buster and Mini Chainsaws. Of course, if
that's not how you want to play the game, you don't have to. This guide will
give you the information to collect everyone no matter how you decide to kill

                               --> Version <--
+ Version 1.0:
Finished August 25, 2008
The first version of this guide, all initial information. No spell checking
done (I now hate the word 'maintanence'), haven't done a re-read of the whole
guide so I'm hoping some people start using it and give me some feedback on
the right and wrong. Missing information for the last few cases, no intentions
of writing about Overtime mode. Hoping to add all clothes, food and stores at
some point in the future.

__/ Escorting Survivors \____________________________________________[#ESCOR0]
Survivors will become your worst enemies here. Their AI pathfinding is 
mediocre at best and often instead of attacking they'll just linger and let 
themselves die. However, you have no choice but to save them (well, most of
them). So let me give you some advice to hopefully make your life easier. If
you have been through the game several times already you probably have 
strategies that work for you, but here is what works for me.

                             --> Weapons <--
If you can give a survivor a weapon, most of the time you should. If you have
a big group, giving 2 or 3 of them a weapon is probably enough, they will
fight while the others run. Sometimes giving a whole group a weapon is a bad
idea because they'll end up killing each other.

What weapon you give them is also very important. Personally, I stay away from
guns because with guns they have to stop and shoot and this results in them
being surrounded a lot. You'll also want to stay away from sharing your Mini
Chainsaw because this just ups the speed at which they can kill each other, or
often times you. They think they are helping get that zombie off your back,
but instead taking a chunk of your life.

So, what should you give them? The 2x4 is one of my personal favorites, but
really the Hunting Knife is probably the most useful. It can kill Zombies in
one hit, but only hits one zombie/friend/Frank at a time so it can't do to
much damage when everyones around each other. Really though, any melee that 
only hits one enemy at a time will be helpful.

                               --> Moving <--
Whenever you can, use Waypoints over just having them follow. If you aren't
using Waypoints by now, you've got some catching up to do. By holding the 
[RIGHT TRIGGER] and pressing [Y] at a location on the ground you will tell
your followers to go to that point. They seem to get very determined when 
they have a destination like this and go straight there, trucking straight
through anything in their path. Even the scared girls are pretty good about
going here. 

The real trick to this though is to tell them a point and stay just ahead of
them clearing zombies out of their way so they have a straight path. If you 
can master this you'll find that saving survivors becomes a whole lot easier
than just telling them to follow you and turning around to see them stuck
behind a plant.

Also, don't stray to far away. Get in the habit of setting a point semi-close,
clearing out just ahead of it and then setting another one in the space you
cleared out. If you get to far away you'll cause the zombies you just cleared
to respawn and then not only will you have to kill them again, but all your
survivors will be in the middle of this mess. Try and avoid this happening
at all cost!

                  --> Wonderland <-> Paradise Shortcut <--
Any time you can, use this shortcut (opened by Greg who is saved from Adam
in 'Out of Control'). This will make your life easier for 2 reasons. First 
off, it's a quick trip around half of the mall and coming out of the bathroom
in either area is fairly clear of zombies at all points in the game. 

Secondly, zombies will not go in the bathrooms at any time unless you lead 
them in. So, if you need to save someone in Wonderland and already have 3
people with you, set your waypoint in the bathroom so they all stay put, go
and save that person who will then automatically start heading for the
waypoint, cover them on the way back and once there head over to Paradise 
Plaza or save. Trust me, it'll make your life easier!

                        --> The Final Stretch <--
Often times you'll find that the most frustrating part of getting survivors
back is getting them to go up by the air duct so they all make it into the
security room. While I can't guarantee a way for you to get them all to jump
up there successfully everytime, I will say that this follows the rule of
Waypoints being better than 'Follow Me'. If you set a way point just on top 
of it off to the left, most people will make it up there without standing in
your way. If you have to many people at once then they'll all just kind of run
into each other, but you can stand down on the bottom and kind of bounce them 
around a bit and run into them to get one to go up.  

Maybe that's not much advice, but it's really a flaky system so that's the
best I can think to tell you. 

__/ Important Things \_______________________________________________[#IMPOR0]
These are the items in the game that I think are the most important towards
guaranteeing your success.

                       --> Mini Chainsaw <--
This is the best weapon you can ever have because you can get it no matter
which play through this is for you and it can kill zombies in one hit and
take down Psychopaths in only a few swings. Now, because its so strong, it
can also take down your survivors real fast if you aren't careful. However,
I always made sure I had at least one of these on hand. That's right, AT 
LEAST one. Everytime you enter Wonderland Plaza after defeating Adam one of
these will spawn for you so you can grab as many as you want. Don't be 
caught without one!

                           --> Books <--
Very critical to your success with the Mini-Chainsaw are 3 books. These are
found in two places and should be picked up as soon as you start the game.
First off, in the bookstore in Paradise Plaza is an Entertainment book along
with an Engineering book. The last book is in Wonderland Plaza, in Sir Book
A  Lot, and it is a Criminology book. All 3 of these books will up the 
durability of your Mini Chainsaws totalling it to last about 27 times longer.
You'll quite literally get around 2000 kills with each chainsaw now before
having to worry about losing it. If that doesn't sound worth it to you, I 
say your nuts.

                        --> Mega-Buster <--
A pain to obtain, but so very worth it. You must complete the Zombie 
Genocider achievement in one play through AND get an ending to have this 
weapon added to the security room. So your talking one full play through of
72 hour mode, just for this (well, maybe some other achievements if you 
feel like it). However, the Mega-Buster is available right when you start the
game and holds 300 shots. I never even used all 300 in this play through, but
I did use it for several Psychopaths and the Convicts at least 3 times. You
can literally kill the Convicts from far enough away that they won't even have
seen you yet with this thing. They go down with one shot a piece.

This gun is extremely powerful and will respawn infinitely even if you do
use the whole thing (but you can never have more than one in your inventory).
This isn't a requirement by any means, but I highly recommend taking the time
to acquire it because when you have 6 surivors in Leisure Park and the 
Criminals have respawned your going to really wish you didn't have to deal
with them again.

                        --> Queen Bees <--
I'm not the type of guy to carry around several Queen Bees all the time and
use them to clear out paths constantly. I'm quite content with just slashing
down everything in my path with my Mini-Chainsaw. However, having one Queen on
hand at all times is a really good idea. Sometimes you just run to far away 
from your survivors and they end up in a swarm of zombies, or occasionally
your survivors are trapped by a swarm of zombies when you find them and these
times call for a Queen Bee to insure your survivors safety.

Sure it's no problem for you to slash away those zombies with your Chainsaw,
but with your survivor standing in the middle of them 9 out of 10 times your
going to wack them as well and you probably don't want to do that. So, just
hold on to one Queen Bee as much as possible for those emergency situations.

                         --> Orange Juice <--
So now that's 2 Chainsaws, 3 Books, 1 Mega-Buster and 1 Queen Bee for a total
of 7 inventory slots used. That leaves 5 more slots (if you've acquired all
inventory slots) to do whatever you want with. I recommend stocking 1 of those
with a Hunting Knife to give to your survivors and the rest with Orange Juice.
Really you can use whatever type of drink/food you like the best. But I love
to grab lots of Orange Juice because it's right at Columbian Roastmasters
in Paradise Plaza. Easy to get to and great for you. Plus, when you do 
accidentally take a swing at one of your survivors you can just toss them a 
jug of this stuff and it will heal them right up. Just remember that when you
do they will drop there weapon and you will need to pick it up and give it 
back to them.
__/ The Guide \______________________________________________________[#GUIDE0]

                             --> DAY 1 <--

Alright, start up everything, go through the beginning stuff (note that if 
you have unlocked the Mega-Buster you can grab it before the zombies even
break into the mall) you cannot save any of the people during the first part
of the game when the zombies first break into the mall. So don't even worry 
about them. I say grab some 2x4's, maybe some baseball bats if you like them
and head for the stairs. In the security room grab the 2 Coffee Creamers just 
for good measure and head out through the air duct.

{ 12:30 }
On the roof you'll find Jeff and Natalie. Run to the left and grab Natalie
then come back around and she'll have a little reunion with Jeff, grab a 
nice photo while they are doing so and get them back in the security room.

{ 12:45 } 
[&OTIS#1] 'Mall Rundown' call.
Leave security room and when you enter the warehouse you'll get a Mall Rundown
from Otis. When you are about to exit the Warehouse into Paradise Plaza case
1-1 will complete and 1-2 will engage.

{ 1:00 }
Enter Paradise Plaza, grab some Orange Juice from Columbian Roasters, some
Hunting Knives if you want and enter "Bachman's Bookporium" (P108) to get
the 'Engineering' and the 'Entertainment' books. Then head to Leisure Park.

{ 1:15 }
Leisure Park, head to the Food Court to complete 'Backup For Brad'.

When fighting Carlito there are 2 really easy strategies. If you grabbed the
Katana you can get up right next to him and slash him 2 times and he'll go 
down. Don't worry about taking hits, you'll survive, just go head on and 
slash him till he drops. Of course, if you have the Mega Buster you can just
launch shots at him from a distance and you'll have him down even quicker.

End of case 1-2. 1-3 engages. 

{ 1:30 }
Head into Al Fresco plaza with Brad. Kill as few zombies as you can to get
through because it costs you time to kill them. Right when you enter there is
a great hardware store to the left (you probably know about) you can grab
some weapons at. Lead Pipes work great. Stay just barely ahead of Brad all
the way across Al Fresca to keep him moving, you need him at the door at the
end with you when you go through or else he won't be in the Entrance Plaza 
with you.

{ 1:50 }
Entrance Plaza. Just head past the escalators for a scene to complete case
1-3. 1-4 engages. 

[&OTIS#2] You will get the Entrance Plaza intro call after the scene.

{ 2:00 }
[&OTIS#3] 'Cut From The Same Cloth' call.

Go upstairs to the store "In The Closet" (E214) and in the back room bust down
some boxes to find Bill. Take his photo and talk to him for a bit, eventually
he'll start to leave and once he gets near the hallway he'll realize there's 
something fishy going on here and then you can get him to join you. Now that
you have him take him down by the escalators on the lower level, there won't
be any zombies there because of the Case having been there. *note that you can
give Bill a weapon*

At this point you have to just hang out until a little after 4 at which time
you'll have 2 calls about people in Al Fresca Plaza. The gate between the 
Entrance Plaza and Paradise Plaza won't be open until after this next scoop,
so you won't want to trek all the way back just to come back to Al Fresca. So,
just sit tight with Bill on the lower level where there is no threats to him.

{ 4:00 }
[&OTIS#4] Call for 'Barricade Pair', don't leave yet. 

{ 5:00 }
[&OTIS#5] 'A Mothers Lament' call.

Now it's finally time to head into Al Fresca plaza. You'll come across Leah
first on the left side in "Riverfield Jewelery" (A103). She'll take some 
convincing to get her to join, but just be persistant and make sure Bill makes
it with you all the way. 

After you get her make a waypoint pretty much right across the street where
there aren't to many zombies and clear out the path into "Webbers Garments" 
(A106) where Burt and Aaron are at. When you enter Burt will try and fight
you, punch him a few times with your FIST (not a katana or something) and
he'll back off. Soon after they'll join your party. Now, head back into the
Food Court.

{ 6:15 }
[&OTIS#6] 'Food Court Welcome'

If any of you're survivors are hurt it'd be a good idea to grab some wine for
them (or yourself if you gave them your OJ) since there is a large supply 
right here.

Now head out into Leisure Park. The Convicts will be out here chasing Sophie 
around and you will have to kill them and save Sophie. If you have the Mega-
Buster your set, if you don't, you're probably already sick of hearing about
it, but you'll either have to get up close and chainsaw them or find some 
firepower to use on them.

Right when you leave the Food Court there is a little circle pond outside, I
put my Waypoint right in the middle of it and went after the Convicts. There
are no zombies in it and my survivors fair very well in there. Make sure
Sophie does not get killed and you save her. Oh and remember to take a photo
of her.

Set a marker for Paradise Plaza once you are ready and pick up Leah to get
her over there. Chances are while you're doing this all it'll turn to 7:00
and all the zombies will become their more aggressive night versions, just 
move quickly so you have to deal with this as little as possible. Also, if
you're thinking about not killing the Convicts, when it changes to 7:00 a
scene will happen and the area will reload which will likely put the Convicts
right next to all your survivors and you, so just get them out of the way.

{ 7:30 }
Back in Paradise Plaza you may have noticed we are running dangerously close
on time to complete 'Cut From The Same Cloth', but we made it so that's ok. 
Set a marker for the top of the stairs, there won't be any zombies up there
because that's where Kent is. Once you see Kent his stuff will engage and you
get the joys of doing it. Complete it and he'll tell you that you have to top
his photo's and he'll meet you tomorrow at noon. There's a real easy way to
get this photo, so don't worry about it, we'll do it when the time comes.

*note that after any scenes, where anything reloads you'll need to reset your
waypoint or else your wanderers will be running around trying to find you.

With that completed grab some OJ if you need it and get these survivors back
to the security room. If you didn't photograph any of them, when you get in 
or out of the elevator is a good time to get them all. DO NOT go into the 
Security Office, stop where the survivors say something to you and head back 
out the air duct.

{ 9:00 }
[&OTIS#7] 'Out of Control' call.
The next thing you need to do occurs at 9 and is the 'Out of Control' scoop.
If you've gotten everything done up to this point before 9 start to make
your way back to the Food Court and hang out there. As long as you are not
in Wonderland Plaza at 9 you'll get the call for the scoop.

{ 9:15 } 
[&OTIS#8] Intro to Wonderland Plaza
Go up the left side stairs and over to the Space Ride. If you don't have the
Mega-Buster continue pass the space ride and grab some handguns from the 
police. If you have the buster don't even worry. If you have to use the 
handguns the best strategy I find is to stay a decent distance from him and
wait till he blows up a balloon. Right when he throws it unload some shots
around his knees to destroy the balloon and damage him greatly and make him
cough. While he's coughing unload more shots into him. Rinse and Repeat. If
you have the Mega-Buster just go nuts on him and he'll die quickly enough.

Make sure you get a photograph of him if you are going for that achievement.

With him dead you can grab his Mini Chainsaw, stop the ride, grab another
Mini Chainsaw. Your set for quite awhile now. Talk to Greg to get him to join
and head back towards the bathrooms with him. On your way back, before going
down the stairs enter 'Sir Book-a-lot' (W204) on the left and pick up the
Criminology book in the back to complete your Mini Chainsaw book trio and 
the Japanese Tourists book by the counter because you'll be saving them in a
few moments.

Now follow Greg down the stairs and into the bathrooms. You now have the 
Wonderland<->Paradise Plaza shortcut! Yay! Now things get easier... right?

{ 10:00 }
Use the shortcut to get over to Paradise Plaza and just hang out for a second.
[&OTIS#9] 'Japanese Tourists' call.

{ 10:10 }
Back to Wonderland, these guys are in that bookstore you just came from. Set
a Waypoint in the bathroom to keep Greg in there and head up and get the 
tourists. You must have the Japanese book in your possession to get them to 
join you. Once they join they'll head for the Waypoint in the bathroom which
is actually a bad thing in this case. They'll try and go down the far stairs,
and you want to get them down the stairs Greg. So just tell them to follow
you, which will make Greg also start to follow you and lead them down and
get them all in the bathroom.

*quick note: The Mirror shortcut, or any reloading of Wonderland will reload
the Mini-Chainsaw if you ever want more or want to give one to a survivor,
but heed my warnings at the top if you do decide to give one to a survivor*

Make sure you get photo's of all these survivors and get them all back to the
security room.

{ 11:00 }
[&OTIS#10] 'Shadow of the North Plaza' call. This may occur while you are 
getting the 3 guys back, make sure you answer it.

After they are all safely back in the Security room head back to Wonderland
via the shortcut and take one of the hallways up into the North Plaza. 

                             --> DAY 2 <--
{ 12:00 am }
[&OTIS#11] 'North Plaza Intro'
Make your way to where David is located in one of the empty rooms and talk to
him to get him to join. There is a bunch of food around so stock up if you
need to. 

*you don't have to do this next part if you aren't worried about getting 10
Now, you have to lend him a shoulder so do so and make your way as best as 
you can to the 'Huntin' Shack' (N127) Clear out the Zombies in front of here
and set a waypoint for David to hang out at. Enter the Huntin' Shack and a 
you'll meet Cletus. Once again, easy to kill with the Mega-Buster but do able 
with any gun or the Chainsaws. Just look for when he reloads or takes a drink 
to do the most damage. Make sure you grab a photo of him at some point to.

*continue here regardless*
You can take David back to the Security Room either through Wonderland through
the shortcut, or across Leisure Park. There's a good chance that if you enter
Leisure Park the convicts will be back. If you choose the park and they are 
back look for them immediately, if you see them close by kill them, if not
you're probably safe to just make your way to the Paradise Plaza. Just keep
David on your shoulder and you'll be able to run through zombies no problem.

When you return safely to the security room with David (don't forget to snap
his photo!) you can enter the Security Room office now to finish 'A 
Temporary Agreement' and initiate case 2-1.

{ 1:15 }
You are now free to do whatever you want until 6:00 a.m. First off, I suggest
that you save if you haven't done so recently (or maybe at all). If you've
made it to here you are safe (for now). While you're already in the security
room grab some photos of anyone you may have missed and then head back out 
to at least the Warehouse, but just stay away from the Security Rooms until
6 am. If you are in the Security room at that time you will NOT get the next
Otis call and will have no chance at Transmissionary. 

This is a great time to head to the maintenance tunnels to get the 
'Maintenance Tunnels Intro' call. I'm going to mark this one #0 because it
can be gotten at various different times, but DO NOT wait to long because 
there is some point in the game where you can enter the tunnels and no longer
get this call. No joke, you can miss this call by simply not going into the
tunnels soon enough. So, if you don't have anything in mind to do but wait
around head to the tunnels.

[&OTIS#0] 'Maintenance Tunnels Intro' (read above paragraph if you searched
to find this call)

{ 6:00 }
[&OTIS#12] DO NOT be in the Security Office or on the Roof at this time and 
you will get a call from Otis to come talk to Jessica. After which you can 
head back there to proceed with the cases.

{ 6:10 }
[&OTIS#13] Go back in the Warehouse and you'll get a call that the gate 
between Entrance Plaza and Paradise Plaza is now open.

{ 6:15 }
Go in the Entrance Plaza to engage in a scene with Carlito and Brad. You now
have to fight sniper Carlito, blast him with the Mega-Buster, force your way
up close to him and chainsaw him or grab some hockey sticks from the second
floor sports store and go to town on him. Not a very difficult fight, just 
gets annoying when he shoots you and you get knocked down.

After this fight you'll end up back in the Security Office. Now, if you recall
when I mentioned that picture about Jessica for Kent, now is your chance. 
Stand a little back from her and get all of her 'Erotica' features in the
photo and you should get over 700pp easy. 

Now leave and make your way to Wonderland Plaza via the shortcut. From here
head up into the North Plaza.

{ 7:00 }
[&OTIS#14] 'The Lovers' call. (Cannot be in Wonderland Plaza to get this)
Don't turn back for them yet, we are going to head into 'Seon's Food and 
Stuff' (L3) first to progress the main cases. 

[&OTIS#15] 'Supermarket Intro' when you enter the store.

Head back to the pharmacy and when you get close Steven will appear. Make 
sure you get his photo and watch for his shotgun attacks. Any ranged weapon
will take him down moderately well, but you can also sneak up behind him 
and chainsaw him pretty easy. Not to tough if you just stay out of his way.

Now you'll have the pharmacy key, make sure you go back and get the First 
Aid Kit out of the pharmacy.

Time now to head back to Wonderland to get the lovers. On the way, if you 
don't already have a Queen, be sure to find one here. In front of the Space 
Ride is normally a ton of zombies that you can almost always find a bee in.
Just hold on to it because you're going to be glad you have it in the near

{ 7:45 }
The Lovers are in 'Run Like the Wind' (W201) on the second floor. Talk to
both Tony and Ross, DO NOT give Ross a gun under any circumstances (he asks
for one, but don't do it). Keep talking to them until they both agree to come
with you. You'll have to carry Ross, but as long as you are Tonya will stay
close by, she is actually a pretty good follower. When you leave Run Like The
Wind head to the right and down the stairs by the Food Court because there 
are less zombies there than trying to go in front of the Space Rider.

{ 8:00 }
[&OTIS#16] 'Hatchet Man' call.

Get the Lovers over to Paradise Plaza via the bathroom and all the way back
to the security room. Don't forget to grab some photos and give Jessie the
medicine for Brad while you're here. If you didn't get the photo when I said
to do it before, get that nice Erotica shot of Jessie before giving her the

{ 9:00 }
[&OTIS#17] 'The Coward' call. (this call may come while you're escorting
Tonya and Ross back, answer it and get them back)

When you get back to Paradise Plaza you'll find a girl screaming in front of
'Child's Play'. This is where you want to have your Queen because she is 
SWAMPED in zombies. Clear them out and then talk to her to get her to join.
Her sister is just chillin inside the store she was in front of watching
Pamela die, so get up in there with Pamela and talk to them a bit to get them
both to join. They are both whiney and annoying, but get them back into the 
Warehouse as quick as you can. 

Clear out the Warehouse and the elevator but don't go up it yet. Take their
photos if you haven't yet and then just wait until 11 in the Warehouse (not
the roof!)

{ 11:00 }
[&OTIS#18] 'Medicine is Working' call (DO NOT be in the Security Office for
the case or you won't get this call)

[&OTIS#19] 'Restaurant Man' call.

Now that you have both of those calls get Pam and Heather back to the Security
Room and go in the office to advance the main cases.

{ 11:15 }
Head back into Paradise Plaza and if you don't have food, go up to Columbian
Roastmasters on the way and grab something then go down to 'Jill's 
Sandwhiches' (P104) and talk to Ronald. He'll want some food, once you give 
him some he'll join and give you a nice Photo opportunity. Break the barricade
to exit Jill's Sandwhiches and just hang around until noon when Kent shows up.

{ 12:00 }
Kent should run up to you or just go talk to him, he'll ask to see your photo.
Select the one of Jessica that's worth over 700pp and show it to him. He'll
then set one more date for you guys to meet up at noon tomorrow. 

Now get Ronald back to safety in the Security plaza.

{ 12:30 }
[&OTIS#20] 'Above the Law' call.
Make your way out to Leisure Park and kill the Criminals if you come across 
them, if not don't go out of your way, just head over to North Plaza. Enter 
'Crislips Home Saloon' (L2) to the right. You'll have to fight Cliff here,
he's kinda crazy, but just like all other bosses in this game there's really
not much strategy aside from having the right weapons and killing him
before he kills you.

Take a photo of him sometime if you need to and after you defeat him you'll
get the Empty Room Key. Leave the Saloon and right outside is the empty room,
open it to find some Survivors. Close the doors behind you so zombies don't 
walk in while your talking to the survivors. Get them to follow you and note
that they can all use weapons if you have any for them.

Now, back into Leisure Park head towards the food court. Once again, if the
Convicts pose a threat to you, take them out, if not don't waste any time.

{ 1:50 }
Move from the Food Court into Al Fresca to 'McHandys Hardware' on the left
across from the fitness place. Set a Waypoint in the back for all your 
survivors to hang out at while you talk Gordon into joining. You'll have to
hit him at least once with something before he'll even consider joining, so
get that out of the way at the beginning and then just talk to him until he

{ 2:20 }
Now head back through the Food Court into Wonderland Plaza. Now you have to
kill Jo the Cop to get her survivors. Time is running low on 'Another Source'
but Jo will begin to kill off her survivors if you wait any longer to do this
scoop. So, be as quick as you can killing her and freeing all her survivors.
Photograph Jo if you need to.

*note: if you really can't do it and don't feel like retrying, skip Jo for 
now and continue back to the security room with the survivors you have. You
can let 3 survivors die and still get the 50 survivors achievements, Jo has
4 survivors with her*

{ 3:00 }
[&OTIS#21] Call to return to security room. (DO NOT be in the Security
Room office to get this call)

If you did defeat Jo you have 8 people with you right now and you're probably
getting real frustrated, you can get them all back, trust me, but it will be
annoying. Bite your teeth together and press on, just don't save in the 
middle because if you don't make it you're going to want to start from your 
last save, not the beginning of the game again.

If you get back to the roof and you can't get them all up by the air duct and
you're about to lose the main case scoop, just go in and finish the case, the
survivors will not die in that time and you can go back out and get them after
the next case begins. If you have made it here, SAVE! You DO NOT want to do
that again, I know you don't.

{ 3:50 }
Head back to Paradise Plaza again and the Raincoat cult will appear with 
Jennifer. Kill them off and get Jennifer out of the box. Go to the bathroom
and take the shortcut over to Wonderland. Hold Jennifers hand to make your
trip easy. (Don't forget a photo!)

{ 4:15 } 
In Wonderland now you'll have to go to the back end where the bear is to get
Nick and Sally. Leave your marker in the bathroom so Jennifer will stay put 
and go for them. If you've never saved them before, you'll notice there is a
hefty swarm around them. You'll find a few Queens here for sure, but the 
Mini Chainsaw will be fine if you don't have any Queens on hand. Grab a 'hunk
of meat' off the ground somewhere and throw it at both survivors to knock them
down so you can talk to them. If you take their photo before you knock them 
down you'll get mad PP.

Once you get them to join they'll run for the marker in the bathroom so just
follow them and provide support. Take them back to Paradise Plaza and to the
security room as quickly as you can, chances are the next few calls will
come during this, answer them and we'll take care of them once Nick, Sally 
and Jennifer are safe.

*Beware on your way back that the Cultists will be in Paradise Plaza and often
your survivors get overly excited and run towards them, especially the woman*

{ 5:00 }
[&OTIS#22] 'Woman Who Didn't Make It' call.

[&OTIS#23] 'Antique Lover' call.

[&OTIS#24] 'Mark of the Sniper' call.

All of those calls take place in the Entrance plaza so that's where we are
headed. The scene for Mark of the Sniper will ensue once you enter. Easy way
to kill the halls is with any projectile, including the Hockey Sticks if you
don't have any fancy machinery on you. If you need their pictures for your
Psycho achievements I recommend taking them BEFORE you kill them because they 
have a tendency of not taking good photos once they've died. They often fall 
into walls, or just plain land face first and then you can't get them well.

Once the snipers are defeated go into the the Cosmetic shop at the top of
the escalators and get Wayne. If you want you can just set a waypoint in the
back of the store, but you can take him with you to because there's no zombies
upstairs at the moment.

Head over to "Neds Nicknackery" (E205) to find Floyd in the back. Talk to him
until you get him to join. Now, leave a waypoint upstairs for them and jump
downstairs to find Jolie Wu in "Gramma's Kids" (E105), she'll freak out a bit,
but when you give up on her and start to leave she'll join you. When she was
talkin she mentions her friend that also got stuck, so head back upstairs with
Jolie to "Ladies Space" (E216) and she will make conversation with her friend.
Talk to them to get her friend to join you.

{ 6:00 }
[&OTIS#25] Sometime during the stuff above you'll probably get the 'Ronald 
Food Call' saying that you should bring some food back for Ronald. So, if you 
don't have any type of food with you, grab some on the way back with these
survivors, any type will do (drink or eats). 

Now, get Floyd, Rachel, Wayne and Jolie back to the Security room and don't 
forget to grab their pictures at some point. Although Rachel and Jolie want 
you to hold their hands, you'll be quickest carrying Floyd and just making 
sure the girls keep up with you. Wayne is your only survivor at the moment 
that can wield a weapon so take advantage of it.While you are there, find the
room that Ronald is in and talk to him until you can give him some food. 

{ 8:30 }
Time now to head to the North Plaza to take care of some Girl Hunting. When
you get over by the grocery store you'll have to fight Isabela, your best
bet is any type of firearm so that you can hide in the middle circle area. 
You can kill her with the Mini Chainsaw in about 2 hits, but often you'll find
when you swing at her it just goes straight through her if she's not in the
perfect spot to be hit. 

{ 9:20 }
You now have nothing to do until 12 at which time you will need to NOT be at
the place to meet Isabela. There is a bathroom here to save along with the
grocery store where you could stock up on food. If you didn't go into the 
maintenance tunnels before to get that intro now would also be a viable time 
to do so, just don't linger there to much because you need to be back just 
after midnight.

                             --> DAY 3 <--

{ 12:00 am }
[&OTIS#26] 'Meet Isabela' call. (DO NOT be where you are supposed to meet
her at midnight and Otis will call to remind you to meet her)

After this call you can go meet her.

[&OTIS#27] 'A Strange Group' call.

After meeting with Isabela you will need to defeat the zombie that attacks 
her and then carry her back to the security room. When you leave Kindel should
be outside shotgunning zombies down. Talk to him a few times to convince him
to go with you. He is a great help here because you can just keep running
with Isabela and he can shoot his way through most anything. I recommend
taking Leisure Park back since you'll be near the park entrance in the North
Plaza. Oh, and don't forget to photograph Kindel sometime.

{ 1:30 }
You need to be somewhere else besides the security office at 3 to get a call
to return there, which isn't a lot of time. However, before that you'll get
a call to bring Floyd some wine, so while you you have a little down time you
might as well make a quick run across the park to the Food Court to grab a 
thing of wine. Once you've got it head back to the Warehouse.

{ 2:00 }
[&OTIS#28] 'Floyd the Sommelier' call.

{ 3:00 } 
[&OTIS#29] 'Isabela Awake' call.

Once you have the call that Isabela has awoken make your way back into the 
Security Room to see Isabela. At this point Barnaby will die and you will 
sacrifice him as a survivor so that you can get Simone to show up later.

*note: at this point, I've read many things that said to stop doing the main
cases to best get the achievements. However, this didn't work for me, or the
g/f. So, I say you MUST keep going. After Bomb Collecting there will be an
Otis Call if you are not at the Security Room at 5 that is where we both got
Transmissionary, not by stopping here.*

*second note: Now, if you have never finished overtime mode before, you will
be able to do that and still get 50 survivors granted you have saved every
single person up to this point. If you've missed any, you'll fall short 
because doing overtime mode means you lose Jessie, Brad and Ed as survivors.
If you stop the cases now you will not get Brad or Isabella which means the
total number of survivors in the game is 51 at this point. So, you could still
get Saint in this play through as long as you haven't missed more than 1 of
the possible survivors.*

{ 3:15 }
With that taken care of, find Floyd and give him his wine then head to 
Movieland to take care of the Raincoat cult. At this point Movieland is nicely
void of zombies, but around the corner is far to many cultists for comfort.
Hack through them all with a Chainsaw and enter theater 4. In here you will
find Sean.

Take a photo of Sean if you need to and hack him down with your Chainsaw, 
he'll fall plenty quick. Now, before worrying about the survivors head to the
back of the theater and take care of the final cultists group that is slowly 
making their way in. Once you've cleared them your done dealing with the

There are 4 survivors you'll have to free from chairs here and then the 
lovely Cheryl is in a door off to the side that you got the key to. She'll
take some extra convincing, but all the others will join when you free them.
There is also a book on the ground by Sean that is probably worth picking up
to give your survivors some extra courage. Once you have all 5 survivors (and
photos of them) head back to the Security Room with them.

{ 4:30 }
*note, the g/f didn't get this call until 6, maybe due to having to many
survivors already spawned, but after the big delivery of the strange group
people you should definitely get this call*

[&OTIS#30] 'Long Haired Punk' call.

Head over to Wonderland. If you are in good time (before 7) definitely save 
here because it's easy to let Paul die which you CAN NOT let happen! 

Enter "Casual Gals" (W102) to find Paul. You can easily kill Paul before he
even attacks you once, but make sure you get a picture of him BEFORE doing
so if you need psychopaths photos. Paul is special because after defeating
him he is no longer a psychopath, but turns to a survivor! However, you have
to be quick to save him. Grab the nearby Fire Extinguisher and do your best to
spray it on him. This is the reason I say definitely save before doing this, 
sometimes you think you're spraying him and apparently you're not at all.

If you spray him enough though you will put out the fire and Paul will join
you. Now, take a pic again to get him as a survivor. If Paul dies you HAVE
to reload to get him. He's not just a dead survivor, but will cost you the
transmissionary achievement to because he has a special call later. Before 
leaving make sure you also grab the two girls that he had held hostage in the
back room and take their pics. I also recommend giving paul some food because
his health is probably considerably low from that fire.

{ 6:45 }
Before heading back to the Security Room head down into the Food Court. You
will not have gotten a call about him, but Gil should be downing wine waiting
for the angels to take him away. You'll have to talk to him a few times and
then when you begin to walk away he'll decide to join you. Get his photo and
just hang out until 8.

{ 8:00 } 
[&OTIS#31] 'A Sick Man' call.

Once you get this call head back into Wonderland, Leroy will be immediately
to the right in the Cosmetics shop. Get him to join your party, get his photo
and then get all of your current survivors (Gil, Paul, Debbie, Leroy and 
Mindy) back to the Security Room.

{ 10:00 }
Once they are all safely returned make your way back to Wonderland again, 
technically we could have waited there before, but we are getting close to
the end now and aren't as crunched for time so I don't see the reason to just
wait around. When you get back Susan should be on top of the big soccer ball
down by the Food Court. If you have somehow made it here before 9 she may
not be, but if you got here that fast you should be writing up your 

If you have a bee with you then you can literally throw it at Susan and it 
will kill practically every zombie around her. If not, just go nuts with your
saw until they are gone. Jump on the ball and talk to Susan to get her to 
join. She's a pretty good survivor, but with just her it's safe to hold her 
hand and just book it back to the Security Room. If you get back before 11, 
just wait in the elevator in the warehouse until you get the next call, then
get Susan back to safety.

{ 11:00 }
[&OTIS#32] 'Isabela Call' call. (DO NOT be in Security Room at this time!
After this just hang out by Columbian Roastmasters in Paradise Plaza. 

{ 12:00 pm }
At this time you'll have your final showdown with Kent. He is now officially
a Psychopath and you will need to defeat him. So get your photo of him and 
take him down. With him is the survivor Tad whom you can save once the battle
is over. Also, during the battle, you may receive the following calls which
you'll want to make sure you answer.

[&OTIS#33] 'Kindels Betrayal' call.

[&OTIS#34] 'A Woman in Despair' call.

If you didn't get #34 during/after the fight then go over to the warehouse
entrance, enter it and you should get the call right away. The problem is
that this call is about Simone who is in Paradise Plaza, so if she didn't 
spawn before/after the fight she will when you leave.

Simone is in "Players" (P103) on the first floor, there is a nice, mainly
zombie free zone outside of this where you can put a waypoint for Tad while
you talk to her. Talk to her a few times and she will join you with the hope
of Isabela being able to cure her. If you didn't do the cases up to where I
said to she will either a) not even spawn or b) refuse to join you because
you don't know Isabela can cure her.

Once you've got both of them make sure you get their photos and return to
the Security Room with them. While you are here make sure you talk Kindel
out of his betrayal. This is critical to you completing the game. Just keep
talking to him until the mutiny is averted.

{ 1:00 }
Getting close to the end now there are only 3 more survivors for you to get.
When you leave the Security Room this time make sure you get a photo of the
Air Duct on the roof. When you take the picture it will say "Air Duct" as the
subject. Now make your way over to the North Plaza back to the "Huntin' 
Shack" (N127). 

Don't go rushing in! There are 3 people in here who WILL shoot at you when 
you enter, the closer you stay to the door the easier it will be for you to 
get out once they start (or for their bullets to eventually push you out the 
doors). Once they see that you've walked out Jonathon will come out and begin
talking to you. Eventually he'll want proof of where you are going to take
them at which time if you have the Air Duct photo Frank will show it to them 
and they will join. Be careful not to wander in to the shack while talking 
to Jonathon because they'll all start shooting at you when you do!

*Get their photos and you should now have 50 survivors photos! If you don't
(didn't get the achievement) don't fret, recharge your camera on the way back
to the security room with these guys and just start taking photos of everyone
in the rooms including Jessica, Isabela, Otis and Greg. Somewhere during this
your bound to get the achievement*

Once they've all joined you get them back to the Security Room and that will
be the last of your survivor escorts! The Saint achievement will not pop up
now, but will pop up after the credits when you get the end game stats. Just
so you know. You also MUST get an ending, so you cannot end the game now, 
plus there are still more Otis calls to answer.

{ 5:00 }
[&OTIS#35] 'Paul's Present' call.

[&OTIS#36] 'Jessie's Worried' call. (DO NOT be in the security office at 5
to get this call) *many things I've looked at said you don't need this one,
but for me and the g/f we both DEFINITELY needed this one*

You can now do all of the remaining cases if you choose to, but don't have
to. However, if you go back to the security room now the next case will
begin no matter what. After that you'll have to talk to Isabela to start
the following case. If you want to complete the survivor requests (which you
will need to do to acquire Saint) head back now and go talk to Paul to get
his infinitely spawning Molotov Cocktails.

Afterwards make your way to Wonderland and get one of the guns from the cops
by the Space Ride (or go somewhere else and get a gun, point is you'll need
a gun in the near future).

{ 7:00 } 
[&OTIS#37] 'Simone's Request' call.

{ 8:00 } 
[&OTIS#38] 'Cheryl's Request' call.

*If you've done everything up to hear you will get the Transmissionary 
achievement now! That's all 39 of Otis' calls! (Yes 39, remember I numbered
the Maintenance Tunnels intro as 0)*

Now head back up to the Security Room Office and talk to Paul to get the
Molotov Cocktail from him, talk to Simone and give her the gun then talk to
Cheryl and you'll have to take a bunch of Sexy photos of her.

Once you've done all these things you've done pretty much everything the 
game has to offer outside of the main storyline (if you haven't completed 
that previously) and you have quite a bit of time left to spare. In this time
you can do whatever you want, just make sure that you are at the heli-pad at 
noon or else you won't get ending B and you won't get your Saint achievement.

Here is a list of things you can do if you haven't already in this leftover
- Freefall (20)
- Zombie Hunter (20)
- Photojournalist (20)
- The Artiste (20)
- Raining Zombies (20)
- Self Defense (20)
- Item Smasher (20)
- Car Jacker (20)
- Marathon Runner (20)
- 3 Day Survivor (20)
- Stunt Driver (20)
- Stunt Rider (20)
- Zombie Killer (20)
- Strike! (20)

I will detail how to do these things in my achievement guide below.

Congratulations and thanks for reading my guide!
__/ Otis Call Checklist \____________________________________________[#OTISC0]
These are all in the main walkthrough, but in case that is all you are looking
for I broke them out and put them here. The boxes on the left of each one is
so that you can use this as a checklist. Remember that you will not get a call
if either of these is true:
a) You are in the area in which the survivor/psychopath is supposed to spawn
b) You already have 8 survivors with you, or cases available with survivors 
add up to 8. There can never be more than 8 survivors anywhere in the mall 
(aside from the security room) at a time. If you do have 8, you'll probably 
get the next call when you enter the warehouse after leaving them in the 
security room.

September 20 -- Day 1
[ ] 1. 'Mall Rundown' .. First time you enter the Warehouse
[ ] 2. 'Entrance Plaza Intro' .. First time you enter the Entrance Plaza
[ ] 3. 'Cut From The Same Cloth' .. 2:00pm
[ ] 4. 'Barricade Pair' .. 4:00pm
[ ] 5. 'A Mothers Lament' .. 5:00pm
[ ] 6. 'Food Court Welcome' .. First time you enter the Food Court
[ ] 7. 'Out of Control' .. 9:00pm
[ ] 8. 'Wonderland Plaza Intro' .. First time you enter Wonderland
[ ] 9. 'Japanese Tourists' .. 10:00pm
[ ] 10. 'Shadow of the North Plaza' .. 11:00pm
[ ] 11. 'North Plaza Intro' .. First time you enter North Plaza
[ ] 00. 'Maintenance Tunnels Intro' .. First time you enter Maintenance 
        Tunnels !! If you wait to long to enter the tunnels, I don't know 
        the exact time, but you will NOT get this call, so go early !!

September 21 -- Day 2
[ ] 12. DO NOT be in the Security Office or on the Roof at 6:00am and 
you will get a call from Otis to come talk to Jessica
[ ] 13. Gate between Entrance Plaza and Paradise Plaza is now open .. When 
        you enter the Warehouse after initiating case 2-1
[ ] 14. 'The Lovers' .. 7:00am
[ ] 15. 'Supermarket Intro' .. When you enter the Supermarket during 2-1
[ ] 16. 'Hatchet Man' .. 8:00am
[ ] 17. 'The Coward' .. 9:00am
[ ] 18. 'Medicine is Working' (DO NOT be in the Security Office for
         the case or you won't get this call) .. 11:00am
[ ] 19. 'Restaurant Man' .. 11:00am
[ ] 20. 'Above the Law' .. 12:30pm
[ ] 21. Call to return to security room. (DO NOT be in the Security
        Room office to get this call) .. 3:00pm
[ ] 22. 'Woman Who Didn't Make It' .. 5:00pm
[ ] 23. 'Antique Lover' .. 5:00pm
[ ] 24. 'Mark of the Sniper' .. 5:00pm
[ ] 25. 'Ronald Food Call' .. 6:00pm (7?)

September 22 -- Day 3
[ ] 26. 'Meet Isabela' (DO NOT be where you are supposed to meet
         her at midnight and Otis will call to remind you to meet her) 
         .. 12:00am
[ ] 27. 'A Strange Group' .. 12:00am
[ ] 28. 'Floyd the Sommelier' .. 2:00am
[ ] 29. 'Isabela Awake' .. 3:00am
[ ] 30. 'Long Haired Punk' .. 4:30am
[ ] 31. 'A Sick Man' .. 8:00am
[ ] 32. 'Isabela Call' (DO NOT be in Security Room!) .. 11:00am
[ ] 33. 'Kindels Betrayal' .. 12:00pm
[ ] 34. 'A Woman in Despair' .. 12:00pm 
[ ] 35. 'Paul's Present' .. 5:00pm
[ ] 36. 'Jessie's Worried' .. (DO NOT be in Security Room!) .. 5:00pm
[ ] 37. 'Simone the Gunslinger' .. 7:00pm
[ ] 38. 'Cheryl's Request' .. 8:00pm

39 Calls Total (Remember, I numbered Maintenance Tunnels as 0 because it 
doesn't really go in any order.
__/ People Chart \_______________________________________________[#SURVI0]
This is a list of all the survivors, where you'll find them, what scoop they 
are part of and what you can get them to do (like carry a weapon or just hold 
hands). Also included in this list is all of the Pyschopaths, which is why I 
call it the People chart and not just the Survivor chart. For more  
information on the locations, use your in game map (below I list what each
store abbreviate section of the mall is).

The [B] option may or may not have you confused. When you stand next to a 
survivor you can interact with them by pressing B. Different survivors do 
different things. Only some can carry weapons for example and others require 
you to carry them. This section of the chart tells you what each person will
allow you to do. They are as follows:

+ Give: You can give this person a weapon or piece of food that they will 
eat. Survivors can only carry one thing at a time and will drop their current
item when you give them a new item.

+ Hold Hands: You can hold this person's hand so that they travel alongside
you. This is a mediocrely incorporated feature. Often if you make a quick 
movement or get in the midst of a zombie pool you will find your hand to hand
link broken with your survivor. But, it's better than just making them run 
for the most part.

+ Carry: These are survivors that you will be able to and pretty much need to
carry on your back. You have no form of attack during this (just like holding
hands), but you can run through most any zombie pool and be fine. Frank will
just keep on going when he has someone on his back.

+ Shoulder: The intermediate of holding hands and carrying. This allows you to
offer your shoulder to help someone out. This will not get broken nearly as 
often as hold hands does, which makes it superior to that, but it's still not
quite as efficient as carrying because you're still two people wide which 
makes it not as good as the carry. But really a pretty solid way to get a 
survivor back with minimum hair pulling.

Each location has a number if it's inside the mall, if you look on your in 
game map and hover over a store you'll see the name and number. If the number
starts with a 1 it is on the first floor, if it's a 2 it is on the second
floor. Each one also begins with a letter, here's where each is:

+ E = Entrance Plaza
+ A = Al Fresca Plaza
+ W = Wonderland Plaza
+ N = North Plaza
+ P = Paradise Plaza
+ F = Food Court
+ L = North Plaza (why aren't these N's?)

On to the chart...
||                              THE PEOPLE CHART                            ||
|  NAME          | Location                  | [B] option | Scoop            |
| Natalie Meyer  | Rooftop                   | Give       | n/a              |
| Jeff Meyer     | Rooftop                   | Give       | n/a              |
| Bill Brenton   | In The Closet (E214)      | Give       | n/a              |
| Burt Thompson  | Webbers Garments (A106)   | Give       | Barricaded Pair  |
| Aaron Swoop    | Webbers Garments (A106)   | Give       | Barricaded Pair  |
| Leah Stein     | Riverfield Jewelry (A103) | Carry      | A Mothers Lament |
| Sophie Richards| Leisure Park              | Hold Hands | n/a              |
| Adam Macintyre | Space Ride (Wonderland)   | n/a        | Out of Control   |
| Greg Simpson   | On Space Ride (Wonderland)| Give       | Out of Control   |
| Shinji Kitano  | Sir Book-a-lot (W204)     | Give       | Japanese Tourists|
| Yuu Tanaka     | Sir Book-a-lot (W204)     | Give       | Japanese Tourists|
| David Bailey   | North Plaza (Empty Room)  | Shoulder   | Shadow of the    |
|                |                           |            | North Plaza      |
| Cletus Samson  | Huntin' Shack (N127)      | n/a        | n/a              |
| Steven Chapman | Seons Food & Stuff (L3)   | n/a        | Case 2-3         |
| Tonya Waters   | Run Like The Wind (W201)  | Give       | The Lovers       |
| Ross Folk      | Run Like The Wind (W201)  | Shoulder   | The Lovers       |
| Pamela Tompkins| Child's Play (P102)       | Hold Hands | n/a              |
|Heather Tompkins| Child's Play (P102)       | Give       | n/a              |
| Ronald Shiner  | Jills Sandwiches (P104)   | Give       | Restaurant Man   |
| Cliff Hudson   | Crislips Home Saloon (L2) | n/a        | Hatchet Man      |
| Barbara        | Empty Store Room (North)  | Give       | Hatchet Man      |
| Patterson      |                           |            |                  |
| Rich Atkins    | Empty Store Room (North)  | Give       | Hatchet Man      |
| Josh Manning   | Empty Store Room (North)  | Give       | Hatchet Man      |
| Gordon         | McHandys Hardware (A105)  | Give       | The Coward       |
| Stalworth      |                           |            |                  |
| Kay Nelson     | Lovely Fashion House(W208)| Give       | Above the Law    |
| Janet Star     | Lovely Fashion House(W208)| Hold Hands | Above the Law    |
| Lilly Deacon   | Lovely Fashion House(W208)| Hold Hands | Above the Law    |
| Kelly Carpenter| Lovely Fashion House(W208)| Hold Hands | Above the Law    |
| Jennifer Gorman| Paradise Plaza (Cult Box) | Hold Hands | n/a              |
| Floyd Sanders  | Neds Knicknackery (E205)  | Carry      | Antique Lover    |
| Wayne Blackwell| Estelle's Cosmetics (E210)| Give       | Mark of Sniper   |
| Jolie Wu       | Gramma's Kids (E105)      | Hold Hands | Woman Who Didn't |
|                |                           |            | Make It          |
| Rachel Decker  | Ladies Space (E216)       | Hold Hands | Woman Who Didn't |
|                |                           |            | Make It          |
| Kindell Johnson| North Plaza               | Give       | n/a              |
| Nathan Crabbe  | Movieland Theater 4       | Give       | A Strange Group  |
| Beth Shrake    | Movieland Theater 4       | Give       | A Strange Group  |
| Michelle Feltz | Movieland Theater 4       | Give       | A Strange Group  |
| Ray Mathison   | Movieland Theater 4       | Give       | A Strange Group  |
| Cheryl Jones   | Movieland Theater 4       | Hold Hands | A Strange Group  |
| Paul Carson    | Casual Gals (W102)        | Give       | Long Haired Punk |
| Debbie Willet  | Casual Gals (W102)        | Give       | Long Haired Punk |
| Mindy Baker    | Casual Gals (W102)        | Hold Hands | Long Haired Punk |
| Gil Jimenez    | Chris' Fine Foods (F103)  | Shoulder   | n/a              |
| Leroy McKenna  | Fine Lady Cosmetics (W110)| Give       | A Sick Man       |
| Brett Styles   | Huntin' Shack (N127)      | Give       | n/a              |
| Alyssa Laurent | Huntin' Shack (N127)      | Give       | n/a              |
| Jonathon       | Huntin' Shack (N127)      | Give       | n/a              |
| Picardson      |                           |            |                  |
| Susan Walsh    | Wonderland on Soccer Ball | Hold Hands | n/a              |
| Kent Swanson   | Paradise Plaza            | n/a        | Cut From The Same|
|                |                           |            | Cloth            |
| Tad Hawtorne   | Paradise Plaza 2nd Floor  | Give       | Cut From...Cloth |
| Simone         | Players (P103)            | Give       | Woman in Despair |
| Ravendark      |                           |            |                  |
| Otis Washington| Security Room             | n/a        | Scoop Master!    |
|Jessica McCarney| Security Office           | n/a        | n/a              |
| Brad Garrison  | Security Office           | n/a        | n/a              |
| Isabela Keys   | Here and there...         | Carry      | Case 5-1         |
| Frank West     | Wherever you are!         | n/a        | All              |
| Ed DeLuca      | Helicopter                | n/a        | Ending B         |
__/ Cases \__________________________________________________________[#CASES0]
*note: This list is not complete yet because I didn't complete them all on 
the playthroughs that I was worried about getting all survivors. I'll have it
completed soon because I need to find out some more info on endings*

*second note: I wasn't planning on giving much more detail on these here
because the main story wasn't the intent on my guide. But if people want it
feel free to email me and I can fill it in*

Case 1-1:
Starts September 19 at 12:00 p.m.
Ends the first time you leave the Warehouse to enter Paradise Plaza

Case 1-2: ~Backup For Brad~
Starts when you finish 1-1
Finishes when you defeat Carlito

Case 1-3: ~An Odd Old Man~
Starts when you finish 1-2
Finishes when you enter the Entrace Plaza with Brad.

Case 1-4: ~A Temporary Agreement~
Starts when you finish 1-3
Finishes when you enter the Security Room

Case 2-1: ~Image In The Monitor~
Starts September 20 at 6:00 a.m.
Finishes at 6:00 a.m. (or slightly after) when you arrive back at the
Security Office.

Case 2-2: ~Rescue The Professor~
Starts when you finish 2-1
Finished when you defeat Carlito in the Entrance Plaza

Case 2-3: ~Medicine Run~
Starts after completing 2-2
Finishes when you give Jessie the First Aid Kit

Case 3-1: ~The Professors Past~
Starts September 20 at 11:00 a.m.
Finishes when you enter the Security office after 11

Case 4-1: ~Another Source~
Starts September 20 at 3:00 p.m.
Finishes when you enter the Security office AFTER 3

Case 4-2: ~Girl Hunting~
Starts after completing 4-1
Finishes when you defeat Isabela

Case 5-1: ~A Promise To Isabela~
Starts September 21 at 12:00 a.m.
Finishes when you get Isabela back to the Security Room.

Case 5-2: ~Transporting Isabela~
Starts after completing 5-1
Finishes when you return to the Security Room with Isabela.

Case 6-1: ~Santa Cabeza~
Starts September 21 at 3:00 a.m.
Finishes when you return to the security room after 3.
all the way through overtime mode, in which case you can continue as long as
you have saved EVERY SINGLE person thus far)!!

Case 7-1: ~The Last Resort~
Starts September 21 at 11:00 a.m.
Finishes when you arrive at the Security Room

Case 7-2: ~Bomb Collector~
Starts when you complete 7-1
Finishes when you get all the bombs outside

Case 8-1: ~Jamming Device~
Starts September 21 at 5:00pm
Finishes when you return to the Security Room after 5

Case 8-2: ~Hideout~ 
Starts when you finish 8-1
Finishes when you reach the hideout with Isabela

Case 8-3: ~Jessie's Discovery~
Starts when you finish 8-2
Finishes when you arrive back at the Security Office

Case 8-4: ~The Butcher~
Starts when you finish 8-3
Finishes when you defeat The Butcher

The Facts: ~Memories~
Starts  September 21 at 10:00 am
Finishes when you are at Isabela's hideout at 10:00am

__/ Achievements \___________________________________________________[#ACHIE0]
There are some really great achievement guides out there and I even used some
to figure out good places to do some of these. I did not copy and paste any
of their strategies and I do not intend to take credit for their ideas. After
completing all of these achievements (except the survivor mode ones) I am
giving my opinion on these achievements. 

xbox360achievements.org is a great place to get more info on achievements and 
talk in the forums with people who are constantly achievement hunting and 
giving great advice. I recommend you check it out yourself.

Dead Rising's achievements are each worth 20 gamerpoints, for a total of 1000.

+ 3 Day Survivor: 
Simply survive all 3 days of 72 hour mode.

+ 5 Day Survivor:
See 7 Day Survivor...

+ 7 Day Survivor:
For this you must play survival mode. This mode is a bit different from the
regular mode, there is no way to save, so when you die the game ends. Food
does not respawn so you will have to conserve only when needed. Your life is
constantly draining the whole time, so you cannot just stand around. 
Defeating psychopaths will leave behind boxes of food/weapons. This is not 
easy and takes 14 hours of straight Dead Rising action. 

+ Bullet Point:
Fire 1,000 Bullets in 1 play through. Just keep firing shots, fire off some
Sub-machine guns and you'll have this in no time.

+ Carjacker:
Steal the convicts car. Once you defeated the convicts jump in their car to
drive it around.

+ Census Taker:
Photograph 50 survivors. This achievement is a major reason for me writing
this guide, so follow it to obtain this! There are 53 possible survivors,
so getting this requires all but 3 of them.

+ Clothes Horse:
Try on every piece of clothing in the mall. The easiest way to do this is 
just go in every store and try on everything you can. The unlockable outfits
do not count towards this achievement.

+ Costume Party:
Place novelty masks on at least 10 zombies. Inside Child's Play in Paradise
Plaza are the Lego heads. Grab these and place them on zombies, after 10 
you'll get this achievement.

+ Frank the Pimp:
Escort 8 female survivors at the same time. This is one of the trickiest 
achievements in the game, check this out for step by step instructions on
how to do it: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/dead-rising/guide/.
I'd write it up myself, but I followed that to get it so there's really
no point.

+ Freefall:
Drop from a height of at least 16 feet. You can get this by jumping off any
second floor area down to the first floor such as from Columbian Roastmasters
in Paradise Plaza or off the Space Ride in Wonderland, etc.

+ Full Set:
Collect all portraits in the notebook. This does not mean you need a photo
of everyone in the game, you just need to meet them once. This also does not
need to be done in one play through, it is cumulative over every time you 
play the game. But if you just follow my guide you will get this in one 
play through :)

+ Gourmet
Eat one of every type of food in the mall (in one play through). Most every
thing you need can be found in Seon's grocery store in the North Plaza, but
you will also need to drink the mixed drinks and eat the Pie in Columbian
Roastmasters. I don't have all the mixes off hand, but google for them and
you'll find them easy enough.

+ Group Photo
Get 50 target markers in one photo. Honestly, you can probably do this right
at the beginning when the zombies first enter the mall. But the easiest place
would be to just go to the Maintanence tunnels and take a photo there.

+ Hella Copter
Shoot down a helicopter. On the 4th day with ending A (meaning you've done
all the story cases) a helicopter will show up in Leisure Park. There are two
ways to take it down.
1. Use a Sniper Rifle (get from Huntin' Shack) to shoot the pilot.
2. Use a Machine Gun (get from any Special-Ops soldier) to shoot the tail of
the chopper. 

I was pretty bad at both, but through persistance and frustration I did get
it down. Youtube some videos if you're having trouble.

+ Humanist
Get at least 10 survivors out of the mall. Simply save 10 people, if you are
getting ending B you automatically get Jessie, Ed, Baranby (depending on the
number of cases you complete), Otis and Frank. So you really only need to find
5 others in the mall.

+ Indoorsman
Stay indoors for 24 consecutive hours. Yes, you can just sit in the Security
Room for 24 hours (2 real-time hours). 

+ Infinity Mode
Unlock infinity mode. Beat overtime mode to unlock infinity mode.

+ Item Smasher
Break 100 items. Just by playing through the game there's a 99% chance you'll
get this achievement. If you don't, just go break some potted plants, cash
registers, tv's, windows, or whatever.

+ Karate Champ
Defeat 1000 enemies barehanded. Sounds a lot worse than it is. You'll 
definitely want to be level 50 when you go for this though. The best way I 
found to do it was to go down into the Maintanence Tunnels by Paradise Plaza
(this means have the Maintanence Tunnels key already so you can use the door
there) and use Frank's Double Lariet move (Hold Left Stick Button and press
X), you'll get several kills with each one. Just keep doing it over and over.
Since your right by Paradise Plaza anytime you take to much damage you can 
just head up to Columbian Roastmasters and grab some Orange Jucie and save
in the bathrooms.

+ Legendary Soldier
Defeat at least 10 Special Forces. With your chainsaw or the Mega-Buster 
you'll have this in no time. If you don't have either (for some odd reason)
just grab some shotguns or sniper rifles and after you kill one of these
dudes snag their machine gun.

+ Level Max
Reach Level 50. Won't take any time at all saving survivors, dedicate a play
through to leveling up and saving survivors to get yourself familiar with 
the mall and scoops. You'll be glad you did.

+ Life Saver
Get at least 20 survivors out of the mall. This guide gets you 50-53 out
(depending on your ending), so just follow it.

+ Marathon Runner
Cover a distance of 26.2 miles. This achievement totals up all of the times
you've played the game, so you'll get it eventually. If you want to speed up
how quickly you get it just keep running into a wall whenever you have nothing
else to do.

+ Outdoorsman
Spend 24 consecutive hours outdoors. You can get this achievement by just
standing on the heli-pad for 24 hours (2 real-time hours) OR if you choose to,
after acquiring Indoorsman simply save your game, turn off your console,
turn it back on and Outdoorsman will unlock. I've read this can mess your
save up if your at a certain point or something? But I don't know, it worked
fine for me.

+ Overtime Mode
Do all cases and be at the heli-port at noon on the last day which will take
you into overtime mode and unlock this.

+ Peace Keeper
Defeat at least 5 psychopaths. There are 12 total in the game so getting 5 of
them isn't to tough.

+ Perfect Gunner
Don't miss with a machine gun. First off, SUB-machine guns don't count for 
this. You have to get a Machine Gun off of a Special Forces dude towards the
end of the game and fire all 150 shots without msising. If you want an easy 
way to do it, take one into the Maintenance tunnels into the butcher shop and 
fire the entire thing at one of the hanging cow's and you'll get this. 

+ Photojournalist
Score at least 1,500 PP from any photo. If you watch survivors/psychopaths
sometimes they get a 'PP' symbol over their head. Take a picture of one of
them when this appears and you'll get WAY more than 1500 points. 

+ Portraiture
Photograph at least 10 survivors. If you're saving them, just remember to take
some pictures of them. If you forget anyone you can go in the Security Room
where they are located and get your photo's there.

+ PP Collector
Photograph all PP stickers throughout the mall. There are several teeny tiny
PP markers on certain objects in the mall. You need to photograph all of them.
For example, there is one on the bulletin board above the bench you can save
on in the Security Room. You'll also notice when you go to take a picture of
one a PP percentage will appear on the bottom of the screen. So, you can 
either go around the mall looking at objects through your lens to find them,
or just read a guide somewhere. I don't have them all listed offhand.

+ Psycho Collector
Photograph at least 10 Psychopaths. There are 12 total, so when you kill them
make sure you photograph them. Most can be photographed AFTER they are dead,
the main exception to this is Paul. He becomes a survivor after you "defeat"

+ Psycho Photo
Photograph at least 4 Psycopaths. See Psycho Collector above.

+ Punisher
Defeat at least 10 Psychopaths. As Psycho Collector states, there are 12
Psychopaths total and you can defeat all of them in one play through so just
do it. 

+ Raining Zombies
Knock at least 30 zombies aside with a parasol. In the Entrance Plaza and in
Al Fresca plaza there are plenty of parasols stuck in the ground. Simply grab
one and hold down X to position it in front of you. Now run into 30 zombies!
It's fun!

+ Saint
Save 50 survivors. This is half of the reason I wrote this guide, so follow it
and you will successfully get 53 survivors out of the mall! However, if you do
all the cases you'll need to complete overtime mode and you'll actually end up
with 50 survivors. Ending B is how you can get 53 and the only way.

+ Self Defense
Defeat at least 1 Psychopath. If you are playing the storyline you'll get this
automatically when you defeat Steven, but any Psycho will count for this.

+ Sharp Dresser
Change into at least 20 different costumes. I don't know if unlockables count
towards this, but just change into 20 different clothing items over all your
play throughs. 

+ Snuff Shot B
Take a picture of zombie Brad. Occurs during the main story after you collect
the bombs. Go back to the room where the maintenance tunnels key is and you'll
get a scene and find Brad as a zombie. Photo him.

+ Snuff Shot J
Take a picture of Jessie as a zombie. You'll get a scene where you see her 
turn, head back to the security room and she'll be stumbling around. Take a 
photo of her.

+ Strike!
Knock over 10 zombies with one bowling ball. Bowling balls can be found at the
sports store in Paradise Plaza (and probably some of the other sports stores,
but this is an easy place), grab one and head into the Maintenance Tunnels,
hold R and aim at a big cluster, hold in X to wind up real good and let it
go. You have a 99% chance of hitting at least 10 zombies easy.

+ Stunt Driver
Jump a car at least 33 feet. There is a red sports car over by where you enter
the Maintenance tunnels. Grab this and head into Leisure Park, I believe I got
it going pretty quick and hit the edge of the small pond in front of the Food
Court and got this. But I'm sure you can find several strategies on Youtube.

+ Stunt Rider
I found an awesome technique on Youtube to get this easy, so credit goes to
them not me (sorry I forgot who it was!) Get the motorcyle by the entrance to
the Maintenance Tunnels, drive it up to the top of the stairs by the entrance
to the North Plaza and drive it off the left side. This takes some work and
positioning and it helped me to clear out the zombies first so I had a good
view, but going decent speed and missing the railing should jump you off.

+ The Artiste
Score at least 3,000 PP from a single photo. Like I said for 'Photojournalist'
just take a picture of any of the survivors while the 'PP' symbol is above 
them and you'll score more than enough points.

+ Tour Guide
Escort 8 Surivors at once. I think there's actually a point in my guide where
I had 8 people going which would get this for you. However, it will take a 
play through dedicated to Frank the Pimp to get that which will have you with
8 people so it's probably worth just doing that.

+ Transmissionary
Answer all of Otis' Calls. This is the other 50% (the first being saint) of
why I wrote this guide. So just follow it, the calls can be a bit tricky and

+ Unbreakable
Get the true ending without being knocked out. In overtime mode if you get 
"killed" at any time you'll find yourself tied up with the Special Forces.
This means you didn't die, but were 'knocked out'. So, either don't die during
overtime mode, or reload if you do, when you beat it you'll get this.

+ Zombie Genocider
Defeat at least 53,594 zombies in one play through. This is a lot of zombie
killing and you will not get it without spending an entire play through going
just for this. It takes about 2 straight game days of driving around the 
maintenance tunnels. But it does come with a great reward, the Real Mega
Buster! The path you take when driving is something really best figured out
for yourself. Drive around, test out how long each car can last and where the
most zombies are and you'll get a feel for it.

+ Zombie Hunter
Defeat 1,000 zombies. You will do this easy in a normal play through.

+ Zombie Killer
Defeat 10,000 zombies. You could do this pretty easy in a play through, but
why go through the effort for this if you're not just going to go for 

+ Zombie Road
Walk over 33 feet on the backs of zombies using the skill called 'Zombie 
Walk'. The Zombie Walk is fun, and I've heard that this doesn't have to be a
consecutive 33 feet, just 33 feet total so you'll get it easy just figuring
out how to zombie walk.

__/ Legal / Contact \________________________________________________[#LEGAL0]
Credit for everything game related goes to Capcom, they created this fantastic
game and everything that is part of it.

This guide was written by Luke Stebner and is his work. Please do not steal 
it! I love sharing my knowledge with others and I will more than likely give
you permission to host it just contact me first so I know where this guide is
and can keep track of it! Don't steal my work! 

This is an awesome game, thanks to everyone for reading and thanks to Capcom
for making it. I hope there's another one on the way!

Feel free to contact me with comments/questions/whatever, just make sure you
put Dead Rising in the title or I'll probably trash it.
email: ahhsumx@gmail.com
website: awesomeghost.com

I'm also working on an html version of this site with checklists for every
thing that you can save to track your own progress which will be located at
awesomeghost.com/deadrising, but it's not done yet, so keep checking back for

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