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Saint Achievement Walkthrough by Yuka Takeuchi Fan

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/17/2009

Dead Rising Saint Walkthrough/FAQ

System: XBOX 360

Another guide by the Yuka Takeuchi Fan



Phase 1: Versions
Phase 2: Story behind the author
Phase 3: Story behind the FAQ
Phase 4: Storyline of the game
Phase 5: Basic controls
Phase 6: Things you'll probably want before taking on the Saint Achievement
Phase 7: Things to consider during your Saint run
Phase 8: Frank's special moves
Phase 9: Walkthrough
Phase 10: Frequently Asked Questions
Phase 11: Thanks, Links
Phase 12: Closing
Phase 13: End

  Use Control-F and type in "Phase (whatever)" to zip around a bit.


Phase 1:

  -1.0 (February 16, 2008):
First version of this guide submitted to GameFAQs. You may feel free to 
contribute, but my walkthrough is totally complete, having been tested over 
three playthroughs and written during the last of the three.

  -1.1 (December 15, 2009):
Tried to clean up some of the more obvious spelling mistakes (fixing my 
grammar, hah, forget THAT noise). Also found that the Convicts actually ARE 
in Leisure Park during Case 5-2, they apparently just spawn really far away 
to the point where you're unlikely to encounter them. That and a few other 
things added based on e-mails sent to me.


Phase 2:
Story behind the author

  Anime geek. Sarcastic bastard. Oblivious dumbass. Lazy good-for-nothing. 
All are phrases used to describe me, "Yuka Takeuchi Fan", longtime runner of 
the website "Yuka Takeuchi Fan's Severe Waste of Time". I'm also a longtime 
gamer, and like to write, so here I am.
  I warn you NOW- I am not an eloquent speaker, I have a weird grasp on 
English despite having spoken it my entire life, and I talk way too friggin' 
much. I hope that doesn't get in the way of my attempt to help you out.


Phase 3:
Story behind the FAQ

  I'd wanted to play Dead Rising ever since it came out, finally buying an 
XBOX 360 and said game the day after Christmas in 2007. The premise was 
something I couldn't pass up- kick the crap out of zombies in a mall with 
anything I could get my hands on. To be fair, although Dead Rising wasn't the 
only game I bought (and due to a deal at my local GameStop, I actually got it 
for free), it was definitely the one I looked forward to with the most fervor 
out of it, BioShock, and Dead or Alive 4.
  Well, Dead Rising is definitely the game I play the most out of the bunch. 
I love this game. It's one of my all-time favorites. If you haven't played 
it, it's got faults, but you still owe it to yourself to play it.
  It's got a number of "Achievements", as do all XBOX 360 games; I'm sure you 
know how those work. One in particular, the one I'm writing this FAQ for, 
gets tricky: "Saint". Your goal: Get 50 survivors out of the mall alive and 
complete the game. You don't have much room for error (the max you can get is 
53 despite there being 54 "possible"), and in fact, the "true ending" 
actually makes it a little harder for you to achieve by taking out two of the 
possible survivors.
  If you're willing to forgive my haphazard writing style, I can help you get 
it with the least possible fuss, though. Whattaya say?


Phase 4:
Storyline of the game

  The city of Willamette, Colorado is our setting. A decently sized town of 
53,594 people, it's nonetheless a boring place to be, with little to do 
outside one's home than to go to the shopping mall and waste time.
  That's how it used to be until a few days ago.
  Nobody knows what has happened. A state of quarantine has been posted along 
Willamette's borders, and nobody knows what's going on inside them. The 
National Guard has seen to it that nobody is getting in or out.
  Frank West, a freelance photojournalist, received a tip about this mess. 
Thinking that a story behind the quarantine will reveal something incredible 
that could easily propel him to the top of the journalism field, he has 
chartered a helicopter piloted by Ed DeLuca, who fills him in on the town as 
Frank bypasses the barricades through the air.
  Seeing a strange riot in the streets as he passes over the town, Frank 
begins to believe that all may not be as it seems in Willamette. His plan is 
to stay in the city for three days, then have Ed come back for a pick-up. 
Frank is barely able to finish relaying his plan to Ed, as military 
helicopters begin to chase Frank's ride, forcing him to bail out of the 
helicopter over the Willamette Parkview Mall so that Ed can escape.
  Frank is now stuck in the mall for 72 hours. Nobody will come to pick him 
up beforehand, and should Frank not be back at the heliport by the deadline, 
let's just say that Ed's not the patient type.
  Let's take some pictures.


Phase 5:
Basic controls

  If you have "tutorials" on in the options menu, Dead Rising will alert you 
to the many commands you have on a need-to-know basis. Here's some of the 

Left control stick:
  Moves Frank around, or, when holding down the R trigger, moves Frank's aim 

Right control stick:
  Rotates the camera angle around Frank. Press it in to set it right behind 

X button:
  Attack with whatever you're carrying, or punch if unarmed (if unarmed, you 
can also hold X for a kick that hits low).

A button:
  Jump. Frank will grab onto and climb up ledges if he's close enough.

Y button:
  Call survivors in your group to your location. Use more than once for best 

B button:
  Picks up items, talks to other people when applicable, and performs special 
actions with certain other people.

L and R shoulder buttons:
  Switch through Frank's inventory.

D-pad up:
  Unequip item (if Frank has a free slot). Drops large weapons, and should 
Frank's inventory be full, he'll drop any item entirely.

D-pad down:
  Drop equipped item on the ground. If you leave the area you're in and load 
a new one after you drop your item, you're not getting it back.

L trigger button:
  Take out Frank's camera. Frank will strafe around as long as his camera is 
out. From there.
  A: Zoom out
  B: Zoom in
  X: Take picture
  Right control stick: Move camera aim

R trigger button:
  Take manual aim. Can be used in conjunction with firearms to shoot, melee 
weapons (or certain other items) to throw them, and Y to set waypoints.

Back button:
  Pauses the game, bringing up the map.

Start button:
  Pause the game and bring up, what else, the pause menu.


Phase 6:
Things you'll probably want before taking on the Saint Achievement

-Be level 50.
  It's VERY useful to have all of Frank's abilities maxed out. Of the reasons 
why, having 12 life blocks means you don't have to heal up IMMEDIATELY after 
taking damage, having all 12 inventory slots available means you can carry 
around a good deal of weapons, food, and books for both you and your 
survivors' use (and trust me, some of those books are quite handy), having 
max speed means you won't spend quite as much time in transit getting to 
case files and scoops, and really. do I even need to tell you how doing 
nearly three times the damage as a level 1 Frank is a useful thing? Doesn't 
hurt to have all your special skills in the bag, too. Some are quite useful 
for keeping zombies at bay- I'll get into them more in a moment. Throw 
distance is easily the most useless stat, but you're getting every level in 
that whether you like it or not. You can PROBABLY pull this off at SLIGHTLY 
earlier levels (the PP you gain from rescues and bosses will almost assuredly 
bring you to level 50 at some point during this, anyway), but seriously, if 
you're any lower than, I dunno, level 40, really, just wait until you reach 
50. Even the early parts of this run have their tricky points.

-Zombie Genocider and the Real Mega Buster (RMB).
  Detailed instructions on how to get Zombie Genocider are beyond the scope 
of this document, but the basic idea is to run over 53,594 zombies in the 
Maintenance Tunnels with the cars available inside and outside, GET AN 
ENDING, and start a new game afterwards. Don't bother shooting for a high-
class ending in the process; you'll need at least three real-life hours to 
pull this off out of the six the game provides. I'm sure another guide or 
something on Youtube will give you the right idea! If nothing else, hell, 
this game's all about finding your own way to kick a little ass and save 
people in the process. You might have a great way nobody else thought of!
  The reason why you want the Real Mega Buster is due to the boss fights. 
Zombies really are too good for this thing, as they die in one hit from many 
other items, but you can SERIOUSLY speed through most of the bosses while 
carrying this- it's got all the power of the Heavy Machine Gun the Convicts 
leave you, with none of the hassle of like, BEATING the convicts. As you'll 
find, beating the Convicts tends to not have a direct place in the tight 
schedule you need to follow to score "Saint" anyway, and you can only get the 
HMG three times. But back to the point, the Real Mega Buster actually may be 
a little more powerful than the HMG, and while it's hard to compare for sure, 
here's all you need to know about its strength: the RMB eliminates Carlito in 
ONE HIT during your first encounter with him. For the fact that it's really 
only useful against bosses, you don't NEED the RMB, but it really does help 
shave off a few seconds you may end up needing. Even better? As long as 
you're not carrying an RMB when you load up the Security Room, it respawns!
  One caveat: be extremely careful firing it around your fellow survivors. 
Pop one in the head with this thing by accident, and you will not be happy 
with the results. Your mileage may vary during "screw around" games, though 
("Take THAT, Ronald!!").
  I'm not going to mention it ever again, since 5-Day Survivor is more than a 
bit of a bitch to get, but if you can unlock the Laser Sword, it actually 
works even better for pure damage. It kills all but the hardiest of 
Psychopaths in one shot, and it kills the hardiest of Psychopaths in two. I 
will ENTIRELY assume you don't have this weapon due to the sheer hassle it is 
to obtain it (I'm not even kidding when I say that I had to leave the game 
paused all night TWICE to end up getting that and 7-Day Survivor).

-A good concept of the lay of the land in the mall.
  The guide arrows that show you where to go (activate your watch, scroll 
around, hit X) are quite useful and I suggest you have them on whenever 
necessary. However, that alone really doesn't compare to honest-to-goodness 
experience with where everything is in the mall, or at the very least, a 
willingness to check your map OFTEN. Don't feel bad if you do the latter- I'm 
a bit of a mapaholic myself; it pauses the game and lets you keep an eye on 
your route. Believe me, it's easier to get disoriented than you think it is, 
which will waste your time.

-A good concept of when scoops occur.
  This guide will remove that need for you, but here's the thing. Scoops 
never activate if you're in the area where they occur. Say that you're 
waiting for "Shadow of the North Plaza" (where you'll pick up David) and it's 
actually a little past time for Otis to give you the call. Well, you're 
probably IN the North Plaza. Leave (doesn't matter where, and both Seon's and 
Crislip's count), and if it hasn't been too long yet, Otis will give you a 
ring about David shortly thereafter. If you're trying to get Transmissionary, 
I'll give you a few more tips about it after the walkthrough, as it doesn't 
cover two kinds of Otis' calls (you'll get all the survivor scoop calls by 
the nature of my walkthrough).

-Several playthroughs of the game completed.
  Not hugely necessary (I pulled off my first Saint run on my third serious 
playthrough and I don't recall having the RMB back then), but it's 
nonetheless helpful to know when and where everything occurs. Everything and 
everyone spawns at a (generally) very specific time, and it's VERY useful to 
know when everything happens before it happens. Reading this guide, you'll do 
just fine without this step, though- just keep in mind I'm not by any means 
an expert on when ABSOLUTELY everything occurs.


Phase 7:
Things to consider during your Saint run

-Stay the hell out of Al Fresca Plaza unless absolutely necessary.
  By "absolutely necessary", I mean the three scoops you'll find where you 
need to yank survivors out of that very location (and one situation where you 
really don't have a choice but to bring an unannounced survivor through it, 
which will take place during the first two of the mentioned scoops). Why, you 
ask? The place is absolutely jam-packed with zombies, moreso than any place 
that isn't the Maintenance Tunnel. Your survivors will not stand much chance 
of getting through it in one piece, and even early in the game, it's still 
quite crowded. If you have no choice but to go inside, tread very lightly and 
DON'T just try to bulldoze your way through.

-Try to complete scoops as fast as time allows.
  For the most part, I need not say more. Two scoops require a little more 
  These two scoops- "Above the Law" and "Long-Haired Punk", I believe- have a 
nasty little side effect that comes into play should you not be quick in 
completing them. "Above the Law" has four survivors that will slowly dwindle 
down to ONE should you not get to it quickly enough, and "Long-Haired Punk" 
has two survivors that follow the same rule (this one, I know from 
experience- I took a while to get to Paul, and found that Mindy and Debbie 
both had half their health depleted). I don't know if this applies to any of 
the other scoops, but you definitely want to keep these two in mind- and I'll 
remind you when we get to those points in the walkthrough (in my walkthrough, 
this won't be a problem for "Above The Law", but it might be a slight problem 
if you're a bit slow on "Long-Haired Punk").

-Eight's enough.
  There can only be eight active survivors in the mall at any time, whether 
they're currently actually WITH YOU or their scoop (announced or not) is 
active. If a scoop would push that number over eight survivors, it will 
either be delayed or not occur altogether, so dilly-dallying is not a smart 
thing to do. Like it ever IS in this game. This will not be a problem if 
you're following my walkthrough, but it's nice to know anyway. just in case.
  I hear this can be circumvented, and allow you nine survivors, in the case 
of Kent's three-part scoop. To do this, bring eight survivors with you before 
you deal with the final phase of Kent's scoop, and Tad will bring your total 
to nine. However, that's really just a curiosity that we won't be worried 
about during this walkthrough, nor shall I say more here.

-You must defeat every psychopath the game throws at you during your run.
  Every psychopath you fight with the exception of Cletus has at least one 
survivor at stake (although you could also debate this a bit with Larry, and 
Brock is the true final boss, but they're exceptions). In addition, defeating 
psychopaths occasionally has the added benefit of providing either useful 
weapons, or giving you a more advantageous position from which you can more 
easily save future survivors. Here's a list of what each psychopath provides 
you. I'll go into more detail about how to fight them later.

  Steven: Fought in Case 2-3. The weapon cart isn't hugely useful (although 
it's fun as hell to play with), but you must go through him if you intend on 
going for ending A- he is unavoidable if you're going through the Case Files.

  The Convicts: While it is not an absolute requirement to do so, defeating 
them makes treks through Leisure Park MUCH easier, especially when trying to 
drag survivors along. The Heavy Machine Gun is also a nice bonus. Be careful- 
they DO come back (you can fight them a total of three times), I assume so 
you can get the Heavy Machine Gun more than once.
  Additional note: The Convicts do not respawn at random. People who tell you 
so are stupid and you should either slap them or laugh in their face, and 
ideally you will do both. Multiple times. After their first appearance, they 
will respawn at midnight on the two following days, meaning that you will 
fight them a maximum of three times. You will also kill them three times. 
That's not a suggestion as much as it is a direct command, because they make 
traversing Leisure Park a huge pain in the ass if you don't.

  Adam: Defeat Adam at all costs. Yes, he's one of the harder bosses and he 
may only have one survivor at stake, but this one survivor will open a 
shortcut that warps you from Wonderland Plaza's women's bathroom to Paradise 
Plaza's women's bathroom, which is VITAL and absolutely required for my 
strategy on several occasions. Beating Adam also provides you with a 
RESPAWNING Small Chainsaw that's quite simply the best melee weapon in the 
game for reasons I'll discuss later.

  Cletus: Don't worry, as you can't do anything about James (hey, he either 
dies right in front of you or never shows up in the game, and let's face it, 
you and I both know that he dies offscreen if you don't show up). Defeating 
Cletus gives you access to shotguns and sniper rifles (the shotguns in 
particular being VERY effective for you and survivor alike), at least until 
Brett, Jonathan and Alyssa take his place, which won't happen until late in 
the game. That said, if those survivors show up before you defeat Cletus, you 
won't ever have to fight him. Do not wait that long. You want access to those 
shotguns much sooner than that.

  Cliff: Is holding three survivors captive in a room that also holds two 
useful (albeit not VITAL) books that can ONLY be obtained there, all of which 
can only be accessed upon his defeat. Also drops a machete, which only he 

  Jo: Is holding four survivors hostage, and must quickly be killed before 
that number shrinks to one.

  The Hall Family (Roger, Jack, Thomas): One survivor simply won't join you 
until they're defeated, and three others will be in the area that are MUCH 
easier to get out once the sniper family drops. Sorry, Thomas.

  Sean: Is holding FIVE survivors hostage, and his defeat is one of the 
possible triggers that removes the cultists from the mall. I'll be blunt- 
this WILL be the trigger you use. The Ceremonial Sword is a nice bonus as 
well, and if the Brainwashing Tips book he drops is useful to you, by all 
means, grab it (bit too late to be of major use though, if you ask me- 
personally, I never use it).

  Paul: Is holding two survivors hostage (get there before their health drops 
to critical levels), becomes a survivor himself, and will later on give you 
as many molotov cocktails as you want and can carry.

  Kent: Holds a survivor hostage and drops a book that doubles the PP score 
of any picture you take (Jeez, this would have been nice to have earlier- 
know that it's more lucrative to use during Ending B playthroughs, though, as 
you won't be so caught up with those damned soldiers). Just be sure that 
you're not late to his meeting, or else you'll get a quick lesson in the 
MAJOR differences that exist between coming into a Psychopath fight fully 
prepared and not prepared at ALL. Explanation comes later.

  Larry: Fought in Case 8-4; you must fight him if you're going for Ending A. 
You won't fight him if you're going for ending B (if you're going for Ending 
B and you're fighting Larry, you are expending way too much effort and may as 
well just go the whole nine and get ending A). Drops a giant meat cleaver 
which only he possesses.

  Brock: Fought at the end of Overtime Mode. If you've come far enough to 
where you have to fight him, he's the last thing standing between you and 
your achievement.

-You do not need to save absolutely everyone to get Saint.
  The widely-accepted means to get Saint involve endings A and B, of which B 
will score you the maximum survivors- assuming you know when to let the Case 
Files expire. I'll explain that in a few moments. What you DO need to know is 
that story characters (Brad, Jessie, Otis, Barnaby, Isabela, even Frank) all 
count in the total, and believe it or not, there's no way to get Saint 
without 'em, as you can only pull 48 survivors out of the mall.
  If you're going for ending A, if you save EVERYONE YOU CAN, you will end 72 
Hour Mode with 49 people saved. Check your survivor chart at the end- note 
how neither Frank nor Isabela are counted as saved? Beating Overtime Mode 
IMMEDIATELY AFTER will fix that- you'll end Overtime Mode with 51 people 
saved. Do not select "Overtime Mode" from the main menu expecting the same 
  Ending B, on the other hand, allows you to save the absolute maximum number 
of survivors- that's a grand total of 53. You can NEVER save all 54 people in 
the chart, no matter what you do, so don't panic about that. Anyway, the 
generally accepted course of action (and the one I endorse personally) is to 
complete either Case 5-2 or Case 6-1, then stop bothering with the Case 
Files. You need to complete AT LEAST Case 5-2, as Isabela will be considered 
"safe" afterwards. Of the two options I mention, Barnaby will still be among 
the living if you stop before completing Case 6-1, but Simone will not 
accompany you unless you have beaten Case 6-1 (Remember, the prerequisite for 
her joining is that Frank is aware of Isabela's old job as a medical 
technician- which you can ONLY learn shortly after Barnaby, well, you 
probably know based on what I've said). Personally, I think Barnaby's an 
asshole, so my preference is completing Case 6-1. It's up to you, though.
  ...why don't you want to go beyond Case 6-1? Oh. Well, at that point, if 
go any farther, you'll lose one of the story characters (your only other 
option is to royally futz up Case 7-1 and lose the game immediately with NO 
survivors), and if you finish the case files, you'll lose a second story 
  This being said, of the survivors where the plot does not dictate their 
life, death, or unlife, you can let one die if you're going for ending A, and 
you can let three die if you're going for ending B (as stated, trade Barnaby 
for Simone at your discretion- the choice is yours).
  THAT said...

-So who should I consider letting die if need be?
  First off, keep your personal goals in mind. Are you only in it for the 
achievement and don't care if you get a perfect run, or do you really want to 
save everyone available to you? If it's the latter, just skip on down, as 
this is all useless for you to read. If it's the former, here's some
suggestions, which I'll admit to you straight-up, I have not really worked
with on my own. Mind you, my walkthrough will assume that you have no plans
on letting ANYONE die, but the option IS there. Aside from Ronald, these are
in no real order.
  Ronald is easily my number one choice. He's a colossal pain in the ass to 
deal with- you must give him a food or drink item of some sort (he won't 
accept mixed juices) just to get him to join during a point in the game where 
you're strapped for time. You'll later have to do the same thing to ensure he 
doesn't complete a mutiny that will take seven survivors out of the game 
(including himself), which you should understand is not conductive to your 
Saint efforts. This would not be so bad if not for the fact that you will 
undoubtedly be in the middle of a rescue mission during this time where 
you'll probably have eight people with you. MAKE DAMN SURE that if the mutiny
scoop is active, you get all of your survivors on the air duct ledge before
you go inside- go back outside without placating Ronald and the mutiny will 
automatically succeed, and if you leave anyone outside, they will almost 
assuredly die while you're dealing with Ronald.
  Kindell. His personal mutiny has a lot more at stake (about 10 or 12 
survivors; I can never remember to check), but all you have to do is talk to 
him enough times to put it down, you won't have much else to do at the time 
it occurs (in fact, it's not unreasonable to believe that nobody else will be 
with you at the time, which means you won't have to worry about anyone dying 
on you), and you absolutely will run into him during the game if you're doing 
the Case Files, meaning that you'll need to decide whether he lives or dies 
the moment you see him. Just remember, the same rules apply- once the scoop's 
active, once you go into the Security Room, you better make damn sure you've 
placated Kindell's panic before you go back out, or else you'll be very, very 
unhappy with the results.
  Gordon. I personally don't have many problems dealing with the timer on him 
(in fact, he actually fits pretty neatly into my personal route), but reading 
around, I note that a lot of other people seem to find his time of 
appearance, and his location in Al Fresca Plaza (even though it's in the 
first store you'll find from the Food Court entrance and that's RELATIVELY 
safe) to be a bother to deal with. Admittedly, time will get tight in that 
part of the walkthrough, but I think he's in a good location to grab.
  Aaron. Grabbing him is easy, that's not the problem. The problem is that 
he's the only survivor that I STILL manage to lose every so often despite- 
and I don't mean to sound pompous- being pretty damn good at Dead Rising. His 
appearance in Al Fresca Plaza, the fact that he won't actually USE most of 
what you equip on him, and his appearance around other survivors 
(particularly, Leah and Sophie) that spawn at times where it's not that 
helpful to his cause combine to ensure he doesn't have a good run of things. 
Having to cart Leah around while he's in the game is the real problem, since 
you can't really defend Aaron while you've got Leah in your stabbin' arm. 
Don't try to ACTIVELY kill him, of course, but at the same time, well, don't 
be too surprised if he ends up one of the (un-)dead.
  Paul. DON'T ignore his scoop and TRY to save him if at all possible, but 
there's that little matter of trying to put out his little crotch fire before 
his health depletes that all-important second time around. Occasionally, that 
just doesn't go as planned. Should you not have food to heal him up from that 
little episode, things get even dicier, as he'll be joining you with no more 
than half his health, I can pretty much guarantee you.
  Tad. If you choose to forget about him, you don't have to bother screwing 
around with Kent, whose second mission really can't come at a worse time. The 
decision to ignore Tad also saves you the trouble of having to go through 
Kent's boss fight, which if you don't make it to that particular scoop in a 
VERY specific window of time, will not yield happy results (you lose Tad 
anyway, everything you're carrying disappears, you're stripped to your 
underwear and confined to a much smaller area for the fight, and your 
survivors will have to run halfway across Paradise Plaza to get to you should 
any be around).
  Yeah, I admit there are survivors that really are a much bigger pain in the 
ass to deal with than these particular six (Pamela has quite possibly the 
dumbest AI in the game if you don't take her RIGHT to the Security Room, 
Jolie and Rachel both have a nasty tendency to run full-tilt at a cultist 
they can't hope to defeat, etc.), but if you'll notice, most of the listed 
survivors are relatively isolated- if things muck up, you'll probably lose 
that survivor and that survivor alone (Okay, so Aaron's simply a bit of a 
'special' case). Generally, larger groups of survivors won't give you so much 
trouble, and if you're losing entire groups, you've really got bigger issues.

-Arming your survivors.
  Always try to keep a few weapons on hand to equip your survivors with, for 
those who will accept them. It's nice to have a little backup, and it'll 
lower their chances of ending up in a zombie's clutches. You REALLY want to 
give them weapons that can kill in one shot, should the option be there. 
Survivors tend to not attack as rapidly as you or I, so why not ensure they 
make the most of it? Also, keep in mind that no weapon will ever break or run 
out of ammunition as long as it is in survivor hands. You'd be surprised how 
much shotgun ammo Nick is able to pull out of his ass.
  The basic rule I follow is, if it doesn't knock enemies down, or better, 
simply kill in one shot, it's not worth equipping a survivor with. My 
personal suggestions as far as melee weapons go include such items as 
katanas, swords, anything with decent knockdown power (such as a lead pipe or 
2X4, or especially a baseball bat), or even a small chainsaw (just hope they 
don't hit the other survivors too often should any be around). As far as 
firearms go, shotguns or submachine guns are the way to go. Sure, the 
submachine gun typically won't kill in one shot, but you wouldn't guess that 
from how survivors tend to use it.
  Oh, and don't forget- should you want your weapon back, just equip them 
with something else, and they'll drop what they were originally carrying. You 
can then pick your weapon back up. There's plenty of worthless and/or easily 
replaceable items in the warehouse you can use for just that before you take 
your survivors back to the Security Room. May I suggest either the paint 
cans, or broken mannequin parts, or the lead pipe on the ground? You get the
  As an aside, you CAN heal your survivors. Just pass a food item to them the 
same way you would any other item. Just know that they'll drop anything they 
may have been carrying before their impromptu dinner.

-Waypoints, or "C'mon! C'mon! Follow me! C'mon! Follow me! Follow me! Follow 
  As anyone who's played this game will tell you, the AI in this game isn't 
the greatest. In fact, it can be, and often IS quite stupid. You have two 
major ways of setting waypoints. One such "waypoint" is to hit the Y button. 
I put that in quotes because it really just calls survivors to your location, 
and makes them follow you around wherever you go. It tends to be the most 
idiot-proof waypoint, as survivors will 99 times out of 100 drop whatever 
they're doing- attacking a zombie (MUCH less smart than it sounds if you 
didn't explicitly plan it), standing and crying, and so forth- and run to 
you. Noticed my tagline for this section? Yeah. I don't care what anyone else 
tells you; hitting the Y button repeatedly and not once yields the best 
results, as it ensures you're constantly overriding all "Do Not Stay Near 
Frank" behavior.
  An ACTUAL waypoint can be set by holding in the Right Trigger and pressing 
Y. Your survivors will GENERALLY attempt to get to the location you set, 
although you shouldn't be too surprised if sometimes they either take a weird 
path to get there (tends to happen if you set a waypoint too far away and it 
turns out your location wasn't QUITE where you thought it was), or do things 
you deserved that knife to the trachea.). As stated, this is not typically a 
problem. It's useful if you want to clear a path in front of you and want 
your survivors to stay put in a relatively safe spot while you do it. If you 
gave them enough weapons, they'll probably defend themselves nicely while you 
clear your path. If they're unarmed, well, you'll want to clear that path 
really fast. Do NOT set waypoints in faraway locations where zombies are 
known to spawn unless you want them to do so right on top of your survivors.
  You may want to use waypoints to ensure your survivors go into "walk-in" 
transitions through various sections of the mall. By that, I mean things 
like, say, the entrance to Wonderland Plaza while going through the Food 
Court, which has no actual DOOR separating it. Try to send them ahead of you 
and then walk in yourself to ensure you don't accidentally leave one or more 
behind (it happens to me plenty of times). If you've got a "door" transition, 
the "Run to Frank" option is the better choice.
  Waypoints will deactivate and survivors will automatically run your way 
should a cutscene activate while one is set. This normally isn't much of a 
problem, but should it be, I'll alert you when the time comes.

-Getting survivors up to the air duct.
  The moment a survivor's feet are on the ledge leading to the air duct, they 
will enter the Security Room along with you, assuming you don't send them 
back down for some reason. That said, sometimes the AI will do stupid things 
while trying to get up there (and it will do so much more often if you have 
MANY survivors with you). Try this. If you can't get everyone up simply by 
having them follow Frank, set a waypoint on top of the ledge. If the 
survivors are running right into each other, simply run right into them 
yourself. Frank will harmlessly knock them around a bit and if you're 
accurate, it'll leave enough room for an individual survivor to get up. 
Repeat as you need to. This is 100% necessary to remember should one of the 
two "mutiny" scoops be in play (especially Ronald's), as you won't be able to 
just waltz right back out and get them.

  Basically, if a survivor enters your line of sight (typically, when you see 
the nameplate, Frank can see them, even if YOU can't), or you activate their 
scoop (generally through the same means, although sometimes it'll happen just 
when passing by), you've fully activated them. From that point on, whether 
they're in your group or not, they'll gradually take damage if you are not in 
the area they appear in. It is slow- they can probably survive two real life 
minutes without you if they're at maximum health- but this is something you 
want to avoid, ESPECIALLY if they're not in your group yet. If you see a 
survivor, pick him or her up immediately. If you pass them up and move into 
another area... Yeah, "D'OH" IS the word you want to use. As mentioned a few 
points up, if they ARE in your group, make sure you're close to your 
survivors before moving into a new area or else you'll leave them behind and 
will have to go back and get them (this will be heralded by their nameplate 
suddenly appearing on the upper-left of the screen, with their physical 
bodies nowhere to be found).

-Survivors Versus The Zombies!
  Know how zombies actually attack your survivors. Oddly enough, survivors 
don't do too bad a job of fending off their grabs- in fact, although they'll 
be stuck in place and thus fair game for other zombies, they don't seem to 
take any actual DAMAGE from a grab. You'll probably have to knock the zombie 
off of them, though (you COULD also get lucky with a fellow survivor's 
attack, but that's really not the best way to do things)- they can't do it on 
their own. Zombies can break grapples through the same means, just, well...
  Okay. What can actually damage survivors are zombies' 
bashing/cutting/whacking attacks (depends on what they're carrying). 
Granted, individually, the damage they inflict is pretty low, but if there's 
enough zombies surrounding the survivor, they'll be stuck in place while 
eight or so zombies take rapid turns slapping him around. Death will come 
more quickly than you think. And be careful while clearing zombies away from 
survivors; sure, that chainsaw will rip the zombies apart, but your survivors 
could probably do without the three or four bone-deep gashes in the torso.
  In fact, if you can manage it, use Frank's unarmed attacks to repel zombies 
for this purpose. I suggest the double lariat for large groups, and either 
the jump kick or somersault kick for single zombies that have a survivor in 
their grasp.

-DO NOT trifle with the cultists.
  The cultists appear roughly around noon on Day 2 (that's about 24 hours 
into 72 Hour Mode)- their appearance will be foreshadowed by the sudden 
appearance of purple fliers all over the mall (should the game load up 
anything that isn't Paradise Plaza past that time), and will officially be in 
play once you head into Paradise Plaza at the listed time. You'll see a 
cutscene with Sean, and I'll explain everything else later; you want to know 
why you don't want to screw with the cultists.
  The cultists are a bunch of identical jerks in yellow raincoats and green 
masks that call to mind a certain well-known Internet group that shall 
appropriately remain nameless. They carry weapons on them, although, luckily, 
they're generally slow to pull them out. That's good, because their knives 
cause a good amount of damage, and tear large chunks of health out of your 
survivors. If you start in on a cultist, FINISH THE JOB, or else he may pull 
out his other weapon, a stick of dynamite- and charge at you with it. The 
damage dealt is, surprisingly, pretty much the same the knives deal, but the 
splash damage is never fun for a survivor. Since cultists have a fair deal 
more health than your average zombie (they are the only non-boss enemies who 
can take hits from the Small Chainsaw, Laser Sword, or RMB and live to tell 
the tale), it may take a bit more work than you're used to. If you're using a 
weapon known for one-hit kills, expect to have to send out an extra hit here 
and there.
  As everyone else will warn you, their most dangerous move involves a 
strange dust they can blow into your face. As with everything else they do, 
they pause before actually using it, so work fast- I'm not sure if there's a 
special animation that signals the attack but it's ALWAYS caught me by 
surprise on the rare occasions I've left them alive long enough for them to 
tag me with it. You don't want this dust to hit- if it does, you lose all 
your items, you're stripped to your underwear, your survivors will be in the 
same area they were in before you got hit, and you'll have to carve your way 
through about 16 cultists before you can get back to your regularly scheduled 
game after escaping into Leisure Park. Did I mention that because you have to 
fight through 16 cultists AND run back to where you left your survivors, 
there's no chance in hell they'll be alive when you make it back to their 
location? This sucks. Don't let it happen. Don't trifle with the cultists.

  Assuming your main goal is to get Saint and win the game, know what books 
are the most important to your cause. Here's a few suggestions.
  Criminal Biography. Probably the best weapon book there is. Even if, for 
whatever reason, you DON'T plan on using the Small Chainsaw (you are either a 
challenge runner, a complete idiot, or both if you are so much as considering 
not using the Small Chainsaw), this particular book triples the lifespan of 
edged weapons, many of which are either one-hit killers or deal heavy damage. 
The Katana particularly comes to mind due to its relatively common nature, in 
addition to how you can get it before Small Chainsaws are available. Found in 
Sir Book-a-Lot in Wonderland Plaza.
  Engineering. Again, normally used simply for the Small Chainsaw boost, but 
a lot of tool-type weapons are quite painful to zombies (lead pipes and 2X4s 
are particularly useful early on, before you have access to Small Chainsaws 
or your other real badass weapons). This book triples their lifespan. Fun to 
bring to Crislip's. Found in Bachman's Bookporium in Paradise Plaza.
  Entertainment. Pretty much SOLELY used for the Small Chainsaw boost for all 
"not screwing around" purposes. Still, it IS yet another way to triple the 
durability of that wonderful piece of work. However, if you don't want to 
pick up all three books for that one weapon, this is the one to leave behind.
Also found in Bachman's Bookporium in Paradise Plaza.
  Survival. Doubles the healing power of all food and drink items Frank uses. 
It's integral to getting ANYWHERE in Infinite Mode, which I'm not covering, 
but hey, you can't go wrong with this effect anywhere else. Considering that 
wine is easy to come by if you know where to go, this book will make it 
restore 10 life blocks. You don't need the other Health books. You can pick 
this one up after defeating Cliff.
  The other books have their uses, but these are the only four that are 
hugely useful for the purposes of this guide. Remember, the books that triple 
weapon durability all stack with each other when appropriate. If you have two 
books for your Small Chainsaw, it'll last nine times as long. All three, 
it'll last twenty-seven times as long, which may very well last you the whole 
game for a SINGLE chainsaw. Personally, I think that's overkill, as you'll be 
going through Wonderland Plaza a lot anyway, but the choice is yours.

-Watch where you're aiming.
  For the most part, I think it's obvious as to why you might not want to 
injure your own survivors. It's just that since many of the game's better 
weapons deal massive, sometimes INSTANTLY FATAL damage to survivors, I think 
it's important to remind you of such things.
  A good rule of thumb to follow is this- if it's a weapon that destroys the 
head of a zombie, it's a weapon you want to be VERY careful using around 
survivors- it won't tear their heads off, but it'll still insta-kill them if 
they take a direct hit in the head with it.
  Firearms capable of this include the shotgun and Real Mega Buster. Melee 
weapons capable of this include. well, a LOT of things. Sledgehammers (not 
the swing where you hold down X and break the knees of every zombie in the 
area), rocks, bowling balls, dumbbells, and other such items are things you 
really don't want to wield too flippantly around survivors.
  For everything else, really, whatever seems to damage everyone else the 
most will damage your survivors the most. So don't go playing Dances With 
Chainsaws around your survivors simply because you can.

  You can always save at the beginning of each Case File, and of course you 
can save on the Security Room couch after you return from a survivor dropoff. 
Don't forget, if you plan on using the Wonderland Plaza-Paradise Plaza 
shortcut a lot (here's a hint, yes you do), you can also take a moment to 
save while in the bathroom, either before or after you've made the shortcut, 
should you feel the need.
  Save smart- if you're not sure you can pull off a rescue in time to see 
whatever Case File you're at (assuming you haven't made it to your particular 
target Case File), don't save- see if you can pull it off in time first, to 
save yourself the annoyance of restarting the whole game rather than a 
segment of it.

-On Queens.
  Available to you (assuming you can find them) after the 6:00 PM Warehouse 
cutscene on Day 1, these things can be very useful; they're basically 
grenades that kill every zombie in the area (as long as they too aren't 
infested with a Queen) while leaving humans alone. Just remember that the 
larvae they drop at night will be glowing green and attempting to jump-bash 
you for microscopic damage, albeit microscopic damage that will knock you 
around a little.
  You can use them in two ways, remember- you can either just press X to 
throw it at your feet and clear some room around you, or you can throw it 
with the Right Trigger and X to clear a nice chunk somewhere in front of you.
  Remember- Queen carriers will SLOWLY wave their hands into the air, not 
attacking or moving at all (although they'll barf blood into Frank's face and 
stun him if you just stand still in front of one), will have a Queen visibly 
attached to the back of their necks, will be all zombie "life" that's left 
standing if you throw a Queen into their area, and count as Outtake photos, 
should you be unsure of how to detect them. Eventually, you'll learn how to 
recognize them on sight, so don't stress over it too much.
  If you're a fan of mixed juices, the "Nectar" juice (easily created in 
Paradise Plaza's Colombian Roastmasters with two of the infinite Orange 
Juices that rest RIGHT NEXT TO THE BLENDER) will allow you to summon a Queen 
at will, assuming the effect from an earlier Nectar has worn off, which takes 
several minutes. Don't use twelve Nectars in rapid sequence and expect to 
have twelve Queens afterwards. Oh, and of course, you have to have seen that 
cutscene I mentioned, otherwise you just restore six health blocks (hey, lose 
some, win some).

  Frank, if in range of an enemy, can be instructed to attack or fire at its 
location simply by standing still and tapping the attack button ONCE. Frank 
will autotarget the nearest enemy, and he's pretty good at it, too (guess all 
that time covering wars came in handy, y'know?). This is pretty useful since 
most enemies aren't fast enough to move out of the way, and you can clear 
some SERIOUS crowds out with certain weapons this way- especially with 
firearms! Word of warning though- Frank won't aim up or down at ALL unless 
you use manual aim.
  Don't forget though, hold the button and he'll just continue to attack 
where he was before (in the case of automatic weapons), and of course, you 
know what happens when you hold the control stick and attack.

-Otis's calls.
  Yeah yeah, Otis's calls are annoying and come in at the worst possible 
times, DEAL WITH IT. Like it or not, his calls are the only way to activate 
the vast majority of the scoops, so be sure not to miss them- you don't want 
to miss a call and leave a survivor hanging, do you? Of course not. Why, if 
you're especially vigilant, you may even score "Transmissionary". Now if 
you're real good and you behave yourself, I'll give you hints for that after 
the walkthrough.
  ...Okay, less mean. Look, the thing of it is, Otis's calls always come in 
at VERY specific times. I'll be mentioning them. That's right, you don't have
to feel as taken by surprise as everyone in the human world seems to be every 
time they take Otis's calls and could theoretically make it to safety before 
taking them. No need to worry!
  Do worry about this though. As I've mentioned before, if you're in an area 
where a scoop actually occurs at the time it occurs, Otis won't call you 
about it until you leave the area. This also applies if an unannounced scoop 
is scheduled to take place, but yeah. (Example: If you're in Paradise Plaza 
at 2:00 PM on Day 1, when Otis is supposed to call about "Cut From The Same 
Cloth", he won't actually do so until you load a new area that isn't Paradise 

-Harness the power of light against the darkness?
  The power works on a timer in the mall, and once the lights go out, there's 
nothing you can do about that except for waiting for the lights to come back 
on in the morning. Now, personally, I've never had a problem with this (or, 
although I'm digressing, the tiny text that Dead Rising uses, and all this 
despite the fact that the TV I wrote this guide while playing the game on is 
a 15-year-old piece of 19-inch crap that's survived a trip across the 
country), but if you're finding that the dark is making it hard to see where 
you're going, aside from playing around with your television's brightness 
settings, there's another thing you can do in-game, assuming that you don't 
mind filling an inventory slot. You can pick up Toy Laser Swords from either 
Child's Play or Ye Olde Toybox in Paradise Plaza, or you can hit up 
Children's Castle if you're in the Entrance Plaza. Although pretty much 
useless as weapons (in addition to defeating the real purpose of these 
things), simply keeping one in your inventory makes the area around Frank 
glow with the red light that the handy little thing emits.


Phase 8:
Frank's Special Moves

  Frank himself is a more effective fighter than you'd think. As I'm sure you 
know, this includes times where he just doesn't have a fun, sharp toy in his 
hands to play with. Yes, some of his moves are better than others, and you'd 
probably like to know what to use and when. So let's go over what they do.
  If I list PP bonuses, you only get them if you score an actual KILL on a 
ZOMBIE opponent.

Jump Kick:
  While jumping, hit X.
  Ever play "P.O.W."? Man, that game sucked.
  When this connects, it sends zombies FLYING for what's got to be about 
forty or fifty feet, knocking down anything the flying zombie impacts. It's a 
good move to clear a small path (it doesn't knock down MANY zombies), and it 
does a fairly high amount of damage (you can normally kill a zombie in one 
hit during daylight hours, although it sometimes just a little more to finish 
it off). However, it almost never kills at night, and it's a bad move to use 
in highly populated areas- the kick has a very narrow range in which it hits, 
and anything you land next to will probably grab you while you're recovering 
from the landing.
  Overall, it's a good move. Just keep in mind that its ease of activation is 
best not taken as an open invite to use it wherever and whenever. GREAT for 
knocking a zombie off a survivor, though- you hit, it goes flying, and your 
survivor is free to go. Mind, I almost guarantee you'll hit your survivor in 
the process, but you'll deal minimal damage.

Zombie Ride:
  While running toward a zombie, hit A.
  If timed correctly (run too close and Frank will just freeze for a moment 
while bumping into the zombie, run too far away and you won't pull it off), 
you will climb on top of the zombie and stand on its shoulders. If other 
zombies are close by, you can walk across them, albeit a little slowly. It's 
necessary to earn an Achievement I won't elaborate on, it DOES bring you out 
of harm's way in a zombie crowd, and it can set up an easy Knee Drop if you 
end up using it on lone zombies.
  To be honest, you'll probably activate Zombie Ride by accident more often 
than you'll activate it on purpose. May as well use your accidents to score 
easy Knee Drops, but other than that, this is a utility move that will 
neither largely help nor hurt your cause.

Kick Back:
  While grabbed, repeatedly hit forward on the left control stick.
  Breaks a zombie's grip on you and knocks it forward a short distance, 
knocking down whatever else may be in front of you. 
  Not recommended to use. If you must break out of a zombie's grasp with a 
special move, you have better options.

Flying Dodge:
  Tap a direction on the left control stick twice.
  Frank will quickly dive and roll in the direction you perform this move in. 
There's a small delay at the end of the move while Frank gets up from the 
roll, so make sure you don't just aim it out of one zombie horde and right 
into another. Also, should you be holding a "large" weapon such as the Heavy 
Machine Gun, it will fall out of your hands at the beginning of the dive.
  Another move you'll probably activate more often by accident than anything 
else, but it DOES have a few specific uses. Escaping the paranoid gunshop 
survivors, anybody? Not a move you'll have any specific NEED to activate 
regularly. Again, a utility move that's not going to swing the odds too far 
in your favor either way.

Power Push:
  While grabbed, repeatedly hit left or right (you can alternate them) on the 
left control stick.
  Tosses a zombie a short distance to the side while breaking its grip, see 
"Kick Back".
  Also not recommended to use. Again, if you must break out of a zombie's 
grip with a special move, you have better options.

Football Tackle:
  While pressing the left control stick down, tap A.
  Frank charges forward a short distance and knocks zombies up into the air 
and back about half as far as a Jump Kick. Sounds a lot better than it is in 
practice, as whether you connect or not, you've got a nice long recovery time 
waiting for you at the end of the move. Good thing you really can't activate 
it accidentally- you have no reason to use it except for pure fun every once 
in a while. Scores you 30 PP.
  Try it against a wall sometime for a cheap laugh. And to think Frank 
doesn't take any damage!

Judo Throw:
  While grabbed by a zombie, repeatedly hit back on the left control stick.
  Of the three moves you can use that isn't the "flail wildly on the control 
stick until the zombie is no longer clinging to Frank" maneuver, this is by 
far the best of the bunch. It won't do much to get other zombies off of you, 
but it DOES flip the zombie that WAS grabbing you right over your shoulder, 
AND kills it to boot (100 PP, if you care). Nice, isn't it? You don't NEED to 
use this, but eh, if you remember to do it when the time comes, have at it.

Double Lariat:
  While pressing the left control stick down, tap X.
  One of the best unarmed moves Frank gets, without question. If you are 
surrounded by zombies, this move will fix that in a hurry. Frank will spin in 
place with his arms out. Ever played Final Fight and used Haggar's special 
move? You know what this does. Causes a lot of damage and generally kills 
zombies outright for 50 PP each kill, which considering the amount of zombies 
you're probably trying to get away from you, adds up. You can aim it a bit by 
tilting the left control stick in whichever direction you'd like to aim it. 
Do be careful, Frank CAN be grabbed at the beginning and end of the animation 
(and in some unlucky cases, during, should a zombie manage to time a lunge 
juuuust right)
  Watch out- if you do this move with a weapon equipped, two things will 
happen. One, the spinning will cause the weapon to repeatedly 
smack/slice/slash/whatever the zombies around you. Two, it'll fling the 
weapon across the room, out of your inventory, and probably too far out of 
your sight to find without a massive search. Unless you're using the Double 
Lariat with a weapon you really, REALLY do not need any more, unequip your 
weapon before you use it.
  That said. Surrounded? Unequip your current item. Double Lariat. Smile.
  Do be careful. You'll knock down survivors for relatively decent damage.

Roundhouse Kick:
  The moment you land from a jump, press X. Alternately, under the same 
scenario, hold down on the left control stick and press X for a leg sweep.
  Setting up AND timing this thing is such a pain in the ass that I can 
almost NEVER get it to work when I need it to. Take that to mean what you 
will. It's too bad, because when it DOES work, it turns out that Frank has 
the power of Chuck Norris in his right leg- he really just kills zombies dead 
whenever it connects well over half the time. The leg sweep has a bit of 
crowd control power, but not enough of it to consider training like hell to 
use it. Fun move, but awkward to use and in the end. It's really one of those 
moves that's fun for shits and giggles and best used for that alone. The 
standing version of this nets you 10 PP per kill, the sweep gets you 30 PP 
  It CAN be used to combo-attack at the end of a Jump Kick or Somersault 
Kick. That's always fun.

Lift Up:
  Stand in front of an enemy, then press X + A. (I'm pretty sure you can be 
running at the enemy to do this as well, if you don't yet have Disembowel). 
Afterwards, press X again to throw the enemy.
  Picks up zombie, survivor, cultist, and soldier alike, hefts them over 
Frank's head, and from there you've got two options. Walk around with them 
for a bit to set up a throw, or haul off and throw. You'll move around a bit 
slowly if you're carrying something, and if you're hit, you'll drop whoever 
you're carrying- the enemy won't take damage in this case.
  If that doesn't happen and you throw your captive as you're intending, if 
it's not a survivor, congrats. You've just scored an instant kill on your foe 
AND knocked down anything nearby. Kills scored through thrown enemies are not 
uncommon sights. You'll score 70 PP for using this.

Knee Drop:
  While in the middle of a jumping animation (NOT falling), press down on the 
left control stick and X.
  Frank will drop like a rock on top of anything he's above and deliver a 
painful knee strike. This is almost an assured kill on a downed zombie. Hell, 
even if the zombie's standing, it does a lot of damage, although a kill isn't 
a guarantee on a full-health zombie. It can hit more than one zombie, 
although they'll need to be in very close proximity for such a feat. Any 
kills net you 10 PP.
  Nonetheless, it's a good move, easy to use, and great for knocking zombies 
off of survivors, provided you don't mind the fact you'll probably hit your 
survivor (for minimal damage) for SURE, and knock them down, too. It's also, 
as I said, a nice follow-up to a Zombie Ride you weren't intending on. Just 
don't try to use it in large crowds; that would be stupid.
  You can also use this move to completely negate falling damage, no matter 
what height you use it from.

  While standing behind an enemy, press X + A. (I'm pretty sure you can be 
running at them to do this as long as you don't also have Face Crusher)
  It takes a while to execute, but luckily you're immune to all damage during 
the windup of this move- during which you can aim where the sap you're 
holding is about to be thrown. Once thrown, your ex-foe (yeah, it always 
kills assuming it wasn't a survivor) will knock down anything that's behind 
you. And you get 300 PP too! Did I mention it always kills the unlucky 
bastard that got thrown?

Wall Kick:
  While jumping toward a wall, hold a direction away from the wall on the 
left control stick to aim the kick, and press X to actually execute it once 
you're pressed against the wall.
  It's a LITTLE tricky to aim, but it looks MASSIVELY cool, generally kills a 
zombie instantly upon contact, blasts through zombies, AND nails you a 50 PP 
bonus per kill. It even negates falling damage just like the Knee Drop! How 
sweet is THAT?
  Not as much so as you think. You're not always around walls, and if you 
miss your attack, you could be in for it. And remember, thanks to the laws of 
physics, Frank can't exactly bounce parallel to the wall, so you can't aim it 
absolutely ANYWHERE.
  Let's not worry too much about this for the purposes of a Saint run due to 
the limitations, but for goofing off- oh hell yes, this is a choice move.

Hammer Throw:
  While standing at or running toward an enemy's side, press X + A.
  Forget the Jump Kick, THIS is the end-all-be-all of path-clearers as far as 
Frank's unarmed moves go. Too bad you can't just execute it at will like said 
Jump Kick. Ah well.
  The button command above actually grabs your foe, and you're allowed to aim 
where you're about to fling the enemy- much faster so than the Suplex. So you 
know, I can't speak for the cultists' knives or Special Forces' guns, but 
zombies aren't gonna grab you while you're aiming this. Once you've got your 
foe where you want it going, let 'er fly with the X button. Every entity 
standing between you and a LONG distance away will get knocked down by your 
hapless victim's flailing limbs, and said knockdowns deal a LOT more damage 
than you'd think. Kills from a flung enemy are not uncommon sights. Just know 
that you'll knock down survivors in that path as well, albeit for a lot less 
damage. If the enemy you actually flung dies from this (it's not common), 
that's 100 PP for you.
  TOTALLY worth it to use when you've got the opportunity. Don't go out of 
your way to use it, but it's definitely a move that has serious use if you 
know what you're doing.

Neck Twist:
  Stand at a fallen zombie's upper half, then press X + A.
  Yeah. I'm pretty sure ripping a zombie's head off is an instant kill.
  Too bad you don't often come across single zombies that you've knocked 
down, because that's about all this is good for- and really, if you're using 
this attack, it's to score 300 PP while looking like a complete badass in the 
process. Use it for fun, not for seriousness. There are SURVIVORS you need to 
help, dammit!

Giant Swing:
  Stand at a fallen zombie's lower half, then press X + A.
  Kills whoever's thrown and knocks the hell out of any zombies that are 
stupid enough to approach during the swinging process, usually also for a 
kill. Another move that's made a bit less useful by the fact that it's not 
always easy to come by a downed zombie that isn't actually too dead to use it 
on. Be careful; if you're spinning that zombie right round a bit too long, 
you'll be dizzied upon letting go. The zombies don't give a shit about 
playing fair. See where I'm going with this?
  It's a bit too slow to use for much but fun, as fun as it really is. Not a 
recommended move to use with survivors about for reasons I really shouldn't 
have to explain (if I need to, by all means, try it yourself so I can laugh 
in your face).

Face Crusher:
  While behind an enemy (you must be moving toward it), hit X + A.
  It's hard to get behind most enemies, but if you can swing that, this move 
instantly kills any enemy you use it on, and generally does the same for any 
unfortunate zombie bastard standing between you and the animation's endpoint. 
It looks incredibly badass, too. You're invincible until the animation 
concludes. Great move- if you get in a situation where you think it'll be 
useful, have at it! And the 300 PP bonus. Who's complainin'?

  While in front of an enemy (you must be moving toward it), hit X + A.
  This move's ALSO great, is ALSO totally badass, and ALSO instantly kills 
all non-boss enemies it hits. It's the frontal version of the Face Crusher, 
although you can't hit more than one thing with it. It's really too good for 
most zombies, which die in one hit through a LOT of means (although you CAN 
use it to cancel out a zombie's grab), most of which are capable of hitting 
other zombies in the process. However, against cultists and ESPECIALLY the 
Special Forces, it is invaluable. The fact that you're invincible during the 
entire animation isn't gonna hurt your cause, either- especially on those 
shoot-first-ask-questions-never Special Forces soldiers. Another easy 300 PP 
for your efforts, too.

Somersault Kick:
  Jump straight up, then immediately hit X.
  It takes some practice to get the timing down, but it's a GREAT move for 
knocking zombies off of single survivors (and even if you goof the timing, 
you'll probably still nail a Jump Kick). It doesn't deal much damage at all 
to survivors and doesn't knock them down, making it even better to that end. 
Good thing that your survivors aren't prone to the instant decapitation a 
zombie will typically feel. 10 PP.

Karate Chop:
  Hit X while standing still while a zombie is in attack range, as well as 
anywhere but your front.
  Knocks zombies down and away from you, removing either a limb or a head in 
the process. It's nice, but it doesn't do anything for your normal, "zombie 
is in front of Frank" punches, and doesn't have a whole lot of direct use. I 
suppose if you want to aim it, you can slap a zombie right off of a survivor 
this way. It's not always that accurate, though.
  Trivia: If you beat a zombie to death with Frank's normal punches, and not 
this move, you score 30 PP.
Zombie Walk:
  While unarmed (requires a freed-up equipment slot), hold down X.
  It's fun to play with- 99.9% of non-Queen-carrying zombies will leave you 
alone as long as you have it active- but it's not too useful for our 
purposes. You can't attack while doing this and you move very, very slowly 
(yet some of the zombies have this nice, lurching walk that's about as fast 
as a slow run, go figure). There's a few animations for standing and walking 
you can use- switch between the two actions to get new ones.
  For our purposes, as stated, it's useless. It won't do anything to help out 
with survivors, and the slow movement isn't going to help you worth damn-all 
in that regard.


Phase 9:
NOTE!!!: I am writing this walkthrough assuming you are going for Ending A, 
which includes Overtime Mode. If you're content with Ending B, just complete 
up to 5-2 or 6-1 (depending on whether you'd rather save Barnaby or Simone), 
then ignore the case files entirely afterwards- also note you'll never have 
to deal with the Special Forces if you go for Ending B.

Day 1:

Don't Lean Too Far Forward:
  Not much to do during the helicopter ride; can't exactly get to level 51, 
y'know? Really, unless you want the bonus PP for some reason, you can just 
skip on past the ride with the Start button if you'd like.
  If you look closely, you'll probably recognize two of the people under 
attack. To think that Rich and Michelle apparently survive their assaults and 
walk all the way over to the mall!

Heliport of the Not Dead Yet:
  There's nothing of any importance to do on the Heliport unless you 
absolutely must talk to Carlito, but if you have the Real Mega Buster waiting 
for you in the Security Room, go pick it up. Head on down to the Entrance 
Plaza using what will very soon become a sealed door. Yes, sometimes even I 
see the air duct sealed and go "wha?" during this sequence. The wonders of 
routine! By the way, in the Security Room, see the monitor cutscene or don't. 
It doesn't matter.

All Hell Breaks Loose, Yadda Yadda:
  No sense wasting time. Just do what you know you have to, and head over to 
the pile of benches and other assorted goodies that will shortly become very 
useful. Once the 70-year-old Lindsay easily overpowers Freddie and Chris, 
both of whom are about half her age, and allows every zombie outside to enter 
the mall (let's not ask questions about how they are so quickly able to open 
the shutter inside the Entrance Plaza, or how so many get in during the 
twenty seconds the cutscene lasts), it's your choice whether or not you want 
to grab a few baseball bats and 2X4s, or to just run like hell to the stairs 
like Ving Rhames (better known as "Brad Garrison" in the confines of this 
game) tells you to. I suggest, however, that you simply run like hell to 
Brian's location- he'll be near the fountain, on the right side of it and 
slightly behind in relations to where you're facing when the action starts. 
He'll die quickly, and having that nameplate still above his head for the 
short time he'll last is a nice indicator as to where you can loot his 
shotgun. Grab his shotgun, then flee to the stairs. If you CAN'T find it, no 
big loss, but it's nice to have for the time being- you won't be fighting 
Cletus for a while yet, so it could be useful in the meantime. Time spent 
here WILL count against you in relations to the rest of the game, and 
although nothing important will happen for quite some time, no sense being a 
slowpoke now.
  Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do for any of the people down here. 
Trust me. I picked Mark up using the Lift Up skill, made it all the way up 
the stairs while still carrying him, and he STILL counted as dead afterwards. 
I guess he suffered a fatal heart attack during the cutscene.
  Poor bastards.

They're Always People-Sized:
  Well, you know the drill, meet Ving- er, Brad and Jessie, Otis seals the 
Entrance Plaza route off at Brad's request, Brad goes through the air duct to 
look for something. After the cutscene, attempt to go out the air duct, fail 
as Otis stops you long enough to give you a map and a transceiver (I HEAR you 
groaning out there, and you had better keep it quiet or I will turn this FAQ 
around), then go out the air duct.

Photographer on the Roof:
  Before anything else, take a picture of the air duct's opening (the game 
will alert you if you took this picture; read the photo score assessment) and 
set it to "keep" in your picture viewer. If you had an old air duct picture 
from a previous game, erase it; it's useless to you. If you don't take this 
picture before you rescue the gun shop survivors on Day 3, you'll have to 
come all the way back here and get it, so it's definitely in your best 
interest to just take it now, while you're right next to the air duct. That 
being done, pick up Jeff and Natalie. I always bring Jeff over to Natalie 
before taking either back to the Security Room so I can get the Photo Op, but 
that's just me. It's not necessary, but it's not like you're really strapped 
for time right now, so you should do it too. C'mon, don't you want proof that 
marriage sometimes works out great? It's so heartwarming in this land of 
unhappy couples and a high divorce rate. Once they're safe, save if you like. 
You won't get the benefit of a save break for a while, and one survivor 
you're going to deal with soon has a nasty habit of not surviving the trip in 
my experiences.
  SAFE: Jeff Meyer
  SAFE: Natalie Meyer
  Total: 2 survivors saved

Case 1-1:
  With Jeff and Natalie safe, you don't have anything else to do for a while, 
so you may as well take care of your first case file. For trivia reference, I 
never use the elevator to go into the warehouse; Knee Dropping from the ledge 
using the route near where Natalie was is just way faster. Talk to Jessie in 
the warehouse cutscene (he's covered wars, y'know?) for a handgun, which as 
you've probably found in previous playthroughs, is only useful when you don't 
have anything better and you're still at a low level. I say to just drop the 
damn thing.

Case 1-2:
  I suggest you take just a moment to grab the katana that's on the orange 
awning outside Colombian Roastmasters; just jump out the window to get to it. 
It'll be useful later no matter your plans (and if your plans involve 
fighting the next boss with it, don't use it yet if you value its 
durability). As always, cross Leisure Park and head over to the Food Court. 
You can waste a little time getting there, as you won't have much to do 
immediately following Case 1-2 and you won't want to bother going through Al 
Fresca Plaza more than twice. I DEFINITELY suggest going in to grab the 
Maintenance Tunnel Key either now, or after you take in your first group of 
survivors. Whichever you choose, it only takes about two or three minutes to 
pull off, so you're not losing any real ground. If you don't know exactly 
where that is, there's a room in the Maintenance Tunnel roughly in the middle 
of the map- there's an actual door that blocks off a small room; go inside 
and to the back. Whether you do so or not (and really, I suggest you just do 
it now, it'll kill time that you currently have a lot of), your main goal is 
to reach the Food Court, and you'll be set upon by Carlito once you go 

BOSS: Carlito Keyes, first encounter
  You get a free handgun at the start of this fight. Do with it as you will; 
in my case, that's "drop it".
  Do you have the Real Mega Buster? Fire it at Carlito once. Fight over. You 
  Since you might not have it, since you're level 50, you can afford to take 
a little damage and Carlito doesn't have THAT much health. Just climb up the 
boxes behind Carlito's location, bait him into firing at you while hiding 
behind the cover of the walls (keep an eye on him with the camera controls), 
wait for him to reload, and go in for a few slashes with your katana. He will 
undoubtedly get in a roundhouse kick or two on you in the process, but you 
can take the hits. Stay on his ass; it's not gonna take much. If you're 
worried about your health, you're in a FOOD COURT- just pick up anything you 
can find- I suggest one or more of the six wine bottles lying around Chris' 
Fine Foods. If it takes you all the food in the Food Court to get through 
this fight, this is not the guide for you. Case 1-2 clear. Consider bringing 
some of the food here along with you, I mean hey, you never know. Try to have 
everything I've mentioned so far done and be in Al Fresca Plaza by 4:00 PM or 
else things will get a bit tricky.

Case 1-3:
  Before you move with Brad to Al Fresca Plaza, there's a Submachine Gun on 
top of the Chris' Fine Foods sign; I suggest you grab it as it will be useful 
for a survivor you're about to pick up. Also, stay on the alert for Otis' 
call about Kent if you haven't taken it already ("Cut From the Same Cloth", 
you might not have if you've been quick; it occurs at 2:00 PM).
  If you were fast to this point, all you have to do is go through Al Fresca 
Plaza with Brad. I suggest that you remove zombies out of his path for him or 
else he's going to give you a visual demonstration as to why the normal 
handgun is pretty much useless. During your trip, make damn sure you pick up 
the Submachine Gun in the fountain, as it will also be useful for a second 
survivor you will soon pick up. Once you're in the Entrance Plaza, let Brad 
do his thing and fail to convince Barnaby to come along. Case 1-3 clear. Brad 
will leave you on your own at this point.

He's Just a Bill:
  You probably have a LOT of time to kill and now's as good a time as any to 
do this, if not the best time altogether- you're going to pick up Bill, who 
is not announced in any way, shape or form, and in fact the only clue you get 
to his appearance is the ten or so zombies ambling about in front of "In The 
Closet" on the second floor. Kill them and head around back, where several 
cardboard boxes are stacked. I suggest Knee Dropping them. You'll find Bill 
behind them. Talk to him, wait for him to find that zombies invaded sometime 
between two days ago and now, and he'll join you. Give him one of the 
Submachine Guns you picked up earlier; he's good with it and won't waste time 
complaining or crying while he should be shooting. If you don't have your 
katana from earlier, I suggest picking up some form of bladed weapon from 
Ned's Knickknackery- a third survivor you will soon come across will be 
wanting it. You most likely have the time to do this. Hell, get several- your 
inventory can handle it right now.
  Right now, you're probably going to be doing some waiting. You'll get a 
call about Burt and Aaron's appearance in Al Fresca Plaza at 4:00 PM 
("Barricade Pair"), and you have nothing else to do until then. Kill time 
however you like until then, but stay in the Entrance Plaza. In fact, if you 
REALLY want to be productive, continue to wait until 5:00 PM to activate Leah 
("A Mother's Lament") so you can just snag both in one go through Al Fresca 
Plaza. If you're getting REALLY bored and have absolutely nothing else to do 
for upward of ten or fifteen minutes, you can try to just take Bill across Al 
Fresca Plaza and into the Food Court right now, and just hang out until 4:00 
or 5:00 PM. Burt, Aaron and Leah all show up closer to that end of Al Fresca 
Plaza anyway.

Hacking Through Al Fresca Plaza:
  Whichever you choose, I'll assume you waited, go into Al Fresca Plaza when 
the time is right. Consider picking up another Submachine Gun should one have 
appeared in the fountain since your last score. You want to pick up Burt and 
Aaron first; Leah is safe from attack where she appears. Waypoint Bill so 
that he's in front of Weber's Garments and he'll help clear out the zombies 
(help him out a bit if it's REALLY thick). You don't want Burt and Aaron to 
get hung up on the barricade they made, so get everything out of the way 
through whatever means. Just try not to step inside until you've cleared 
everything out. Unequip your weapon and go inside afterwards. Burt will think 
you're coming to get him and will attempt to slap you around with a baseball 
bat. You'll have to actually fight back- it takes six punches and a bit less 
if you decide to use some of your other moves (don't try to hurt him too 
badly, and if I need to explain why, go swan-dive off your roof). Afterwards, 
talk to Burt a few times. He and Aaron will join you and run to the waypoint 
you set. Burt fights as effectively as Bill- give him a Submachine Gun. Aaron 
is distraught and doesn't attack very often, if at ALL most of the time- 
still, you want to give him a nice, one-hit kill, possibly bladed weapon to 
defend himself with in case he does. A katana will work nicely if you have 
  Once they join, head over to Riverfield Jewelry to go pick up Leah (if you 
didn't wait for her to appear, just wait in the Food Court with Bill, Burt 
and Aaron until Otis calls). Waypoint your group just outside, and help them 
clear out zombies a bit if you want to- they'll take care of most of them 
without many problems unless the concentration of zombies is just too thick. 
Leah is the reason you want to arm up your survivors for now- she can't walk 
worth half a damn and you'll need to carry her around. While this means that 
as long as you keep moving, Frank is incredibly unlikely to be hurt, the same 
cannot be said for Bill, Burt or Aaron (especially Aaron), and also not for a 
survivor you will almost assuredly be running into in a moment.
  Once all four are in tow, head out, go into the Food Court, and wait 
outside the doors to the Leisure Plaza until 6:00 PM. Equip your Real Mega 
Buster if you have it. Is it 6:00 PM yet? It IS? Leave.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys:
  Sorry, Sid. We knew your complete non-appearance in the Notebook boded ill 
for your cause. Useless trivia moment- the driver's name is Sam, the 
passenger's is Miguel, and the gunner's is Reginald, but their names aren't 
given as you play; only during the credits, if I'm not mistaken.
  Once control returns to you, if you don't have Leah in your grasp, fix that 
immediately, and run right to Sophie as fast as you can (you may want to 
detour just around that pool of water in front of you on the off-chance 
someone gets hung up, who else would it be in my experience but Aaron?). 
Everyone will probably follow without incident, and in fact, you should have 
Sophie with you WELL before the Convicts reach your position (you'll have to 
talk with her while on the move, be sure you trail her JUST long enough to 
see "Sophie Richards joined!" or else she'll continue running aimlessly, even 
if you kill the convicts). Run to Paradise Plaza's entrance, clear out the 
zombies as quickly as you can, and go inside.
  Should you be unlucky and have to fend off the Convicts (since you have 
survivors with you, escape is not an option right now), you have two options.
  You have the Real Mega Buster: Shoot each of them once to kill them 
instantly. Since they'll probably be circling you, you'll have to either aim 
true (and mind how the shots don't travel instantly) or try to find a better 
position from which to fire.
  You don't have the RMB: Got that shotgun I told you to get from Brian's 
corpse a while ago? You have 20 shots and you'll have to make them count. 
Take out Reginald the gunner first- stealing his Heavy Machine Gun will make 
dealing with the remaining two MUCH easier, as their attacks from that point 
on are limited to Sam (or Miguel should you cap off Sam) running you over or 
Miguel's pathetic attempt at hitting you with his bat. Oh, that and the Heavy 
Machine Gun kicks ass.
  They'll be a lot easier later on, when you probably won't have anyone with 
you. If you don't run into the Convicts during your mad dash, DON'T GO 
LOOKING FOR THEM. You can do this later on, but right now, it's just not 
  By the way, I'll make this obvious as the FAQ continues, but they'll spawn 
again at midnight on the both of the next two days. Be alert, since one of 
those midnights is only a little under six hours away.

Impromptu Photography Class, starring Kent Swanson:
  The odds are very high it's past 7:00 PM (if it isn't yet, it WILL be very 
shortly), so watch the cutscene and reactivate any waypoint you may or may 
not have afterwards. Remember, from this point until dawn breaks again on 
EVERY day, zombies will have more health than they used to, so watch out if 
you're using attacks that are not immediate one-hit kills.
  Time is running low on "Cut From the Same Cloth", so now's the time to go 
see Kent. The doors from Leisure Park are close to the stairwell leading to 
Colombian Roastmasters, so lead your survivors up, waypoint them inside so 
you can talk to Kent without annoyance, RE-waypoint them after the loading 
screen, and do as Kent tells you.
  500 PP shot: Kent will kneel while taking a picture.
  700 PP shot: Since you've probably played this before, a comparison will 
help. He'll basically perform Gil's outtake pose, just without the wine 
bottle. In other words, the slower of the two poses he'll do after taking a 
picture- he'll pump his right arm (your left) in front of his face.
  Photo Op (unnecessary): Snap a shot of Kent's personal Jump Kick. You don't 
HAVE to get this one, but since he deliberately moves into an area with 
zombies in it after the 500 PP shot, he'll probably use it at least once. 
Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
  Afterwards, Kent will tell you to get pictures for him- your goal is to get 
an EROTICA photo worth 500 points or more, as Kent doesn't really make it 
clear what he wants from you until the second time you see him, which, as I'm 
sure you'll appreciate, is a bit on the late side. You should probably 
already have one if you've played through the game a time or two (Cheryl's 
request late in the game will pretty much ensure an easy score of over 1,000 
points), assuming you've been using the "keep" button in your Picture Viewer. 
And you should be. Should you not have one for whatever reason, fear not! You 
can still get one between now and then, and I'll help you when the time 

The Best Little Warehouse in Willamette:
  Kent's squeaky-voiced ass satisfied for the time being (seriously, his 
death scream is hilarious, later, you should make sure you hear it in full- 
but now is not the time), fight your way over to the warehouse door, and go 
  As soon as the cutscene concludes, you will now find zombies infested with 
Queen wasps around the mall. I'm sure you know how to use them, but as a 
reminder, since I have mentioned it in the tips earlier- if you use it while 
the zombies are in "night mode", and by this point, they HAVE to be- the 
larvae that drop from some of their dead bodies will be glowing green and 
will attempt to leap at you. The damage is insignificant, but it DOES hurt 
  Pick up Leah and walk your survivors over to the elevator door. There's 
always been a zombie carrying a Queen standing point after the cutscene in my 
experience; by all means, go right ahead and relieve it of its burden. For 
that matter, there's a zombie that spawns right at the door you entered from- 
as far as I can tell, it also always a Queen if you'd like a second one. 
These two zombies are only guaranteed to spawn right now, so if you want those 
Queens, get them before you leave.
  NOW! For right now, there shouldn't be anything in the elevator. Later on, 
this will never be the case. For future reference, just waypoint your 
survivors a short distance in front of the elevator, kill everything inside, 
then call 'em in. For right now, just the "call 'em in" part will suffice. 
However, if you want to be safe, by all means, waypoint them. You never can 
tell. Once everyone's in range and sight, take the elevator up, and get your 
survivors to safety on the air duct's ledge.
  SAFE: Bill Brenton
  SAFE: Burt Thompson
  SAFE: Aaron Swoop
  SAFE: Leah Stein
  SAFE: Sophie Richards
  Total: 7 survivors saved

Case 1-4:
  All you need to do to clear the final part of this case is to go into the 
part of the Security Room where the monitors are. The cutscene will do the 
rest. I suggest saving if all has went well to this point.

"Always be prepared":
  You've got a while before the next Case File is upon you, but you'll get a 
scoop ("Out of Control") at 9:00 PM. There's no timer rush to get that scoop 
done, and if you're equipped for it, this is probably a good time to have a 
chat with Cletus, so you can equip your survivors a little better than is 
normally readily possible. Let's go do that now! Oh, but before you do so, 
make SURE you either have a Real Mega Buster OR several Submachine Guns OR 
are willing to wait and use a Small Chainsaw. A shotgun may work if you want 
to use that, but you probably won't have enough ammo to take him out if you 
went after the Convicts with it. That said, if the Convicts are still alive, 
the Heavy Machine Gun is also quite useful for the fight, but THAT said, if 
they ARE alive, you may want to wait and use the HMG on Adam instead.
  Long paragraph, no? There's a reason for it- Cletus is VERY tricky to beat 
if you're not equipped to do so and the boss following him really isn't any 

A Wild Cletus:
  Cletus resides in the Huntin' Shack in the North Plaza. Let's go there. If 
you plan on using Submachine Guns to fight him and you didn't get the two you 
gave to Bill and Burt back, hit the Food Court first, then MAYBE Al Fresca 
Plaza if you don't think 100 shots is enough to do the job. Afterwards, take 
the Leisure Park route to get to North Plaza (doing what you will with the 
Convicts should they be around), hack and slash your way through the zombie-
choked corridor that separates you from the gun store, and prepare to fight.

BOSS: Cletus Samson
  Ouch. Sorry James. Don't have a panic attack; just like the introduction 
sequence survivors, there's nothing you can possibly do to save him. This 
fight has a number of ways it can play out depending on what weapons you plan 
on using. First, I should let you know how Cletus fights, as the info may be 
useful if your weapons are not. Don't bother trying to melee him with most 
weapons, as you can't easily hit him unless you're behind the counter, which 
will simply provoke Cletus to lift you up and toss you back over, probably 
busting a 12-gauge shell in your ass afterwards. That shotgun he carries 
holds six shots, after which he must pause to reload. He may pause to drink a
bit of wine after successfully shooting you, while you're on the ground.
That's a Photo Op if you're willing to take the risk. You CAN try to swipe
guns and wine from behind the counter if you're fast, but know that Cletus
will almost assuredly throw you back over as mentioned. But hey! Free shotguns
and sniper rifles, my friend. Anyway!
  Real Mega Buster: Stand. Fire. Four shots will take Cletus out.
  Heavy Machine Gun: Similar to the Real Mega Buster minus a few wasted shots 
on invincibility frames.
  Submachine Gun: RUN OUT THE DOOR, kill any zombie in the area, hide on the 
left side of the store, take manual aim, and wait for Cletus to make himself 
visible. Fire away; he shouldn't shoot back.
  Small Chainsaw: You can actually reach Cletus from the FRONT of the counter 
with this thing, although you won't always hit, so prepare to take a few hits 
yourself. Swing away and hope for the best!
  Shotgun: Go with the typical technique of hiding behind the store displays 
so that Cletus' chances of hitting you are lowered greatly, wait for him to 
reload (count the shells, buddy), and return fire. Then return position.
  Just about anything else: Grab a shotgun from behind the counter. See 
above. Anything else just doesn't really work.

Rollercoaster... of Death:
  With Cletus' defeat and subsequent highly ironic death (Ouch. Sorry, 
Cletus), you now have access to three shotguns, two sniper rifles, and as 
many handguns as you may want (for reference, you want zero handguns). The 
shotguns and sniper rifles will typically only respawn if you've already used 
them up, if I'm not mistaken. The shotguns ESPECIALLY make great weapons to 
hand over to survivors, so keep a few around if space permits. I'll go over 
some alternate plans later should you choose to save defeating Cletus until 
later; just know you want to do it at some point. If you DID defeat Cletus, 
make sure you've got three shotguns. Save if possible after defeating Cletus.
  Still, it's undoubtedly close to (if not past) 9:00 PM, so take the call 
from Otis regarding the Space Rider ("Out of Control"). If you miss any 
scoops, do not let it be this one, as the results are so useful it's not even 
funny. Try to hit Wonderland Plaza before 10:00 PM so you can just take care 
of Greg's request without any issue, but it's not a gamebreaker if you don't; 
it'll just complicate things with Yuu and Shinji ever so slightly.
  Assuming you're coming in from North Plaza, take the west set of stairs up 
to the second floor. There will be a few cop zombies near the bookstore that 
are there every time you load the area, and they're clearly there so you 
aren't totally without guns (they all carry and drop handguns), but really, 
you don't need to worry about them for the purposes of this walkthrough. 
However, their instant fire capability MAY be to your advantage while 
fighting the next boss. Grabbing one may not hurt if you remember you won't 
need it afterwards. Your target is the Space Rider, on the west side, where 
you'll find a console to examine. If you pass by Sir Book-a-Lot on the way 
(if you're coming from North Plaza, yes, you will), go ahead and grab the 
Criminal Biography book in the back now. Equip your best weapon beforehand 
(hint: that would be the Real Mega Buster if you have it). Examine the 
console. You'll be interrupted in one of the cooler cutscenes Dead Rising has 
to offer.

BOSS: Adam MacIntyre
  If you don't know what to do, Adam is a complete bitch to fight. Even if 
you DO know what to do, he can still be a bitch because you really do have to 
bait him into dropping his guard before you can really hurt him. First of 
all, stay the hell away from him. Meleeing Adam is never smart. In the rare 
event you don't eat two chainsaws and take considerable damage TRYING, he'll 
probably block your attack. This would not be so bad if it didn't have this 
nasty side effect of instantly destroying your weapon. You want to fight this 
guy exclusively with long-range attacks for these reasons. Now, I could go 
into an exhaustive list of what Adam does to attack, but there is no reason 
for me to do so, because, as stated, you do not want to get in close range of 
this guy for any reason. You want him to do one of two things he'll do at 
long range (assuming he doesn't try to close the gap, in which case, widen 
it). The first thing he'll do may be to throw a few knives at you.  As long 
as you move sideways, he won't connect. The second thing, which you want him 
to do, is to start blowing up a balloon. SHOOT HIM to make him drop it, SHOOT 
THE BALLOON to make it blow up in his face, damage, and stun him (if you're 
close, you'll be stunned too, which is another reason you don't want to get 
close), and SHOOT HIM SOME MORE to deal damage until he recovers from the 
stun (you can melee him while he's stunned- you might also be an idiot). If 
he's not stunned, expect him to block anything you do, be it firearm or 
melee. Seriously. That balloon is what you're waiting for, and you want to 
use firearms exclusively. Expect the fight to take a little while; Adam 
doesn't like to cooperate with those balloons. I do hear you can bring a 
Heavy Machine Gun into the fight, fire constantly, and hope the tick damage 
he suffers while blocking finishes him off, but I haven't tried it 
personally. Worth a shot? You be the judge.
  Also: Were you patient enough to go through five days of Infinity Mode in 
order to unlock the Real Laser Sword? If you were, you'll be happy to know 
that Adam can't really block the "hold X" attack it possesses.

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus:
  Once you see the awesome cutscene of Adam's death (if you skip it, I shake 
my head at you in a very disapproving fashion), grab the Small Chainsaw off 
the ground, then examine the console like you were attempting to do before 
Adam's interruption. You'll stop the Space Rider, and through the magic of 
plot device, Greg will show up on the next carriage in. Since you've reloaded 
the area through activating the cutscene of Greg's arrival, pick the new 
Small Chainsaw off the ground so you can have two in your inventory. The 
Small Chainsaw is the best melee weapon in the game if you pick up the right 
books (huge damage, nice range, cleaves through MANY zombies with one swing, 
can be stored in your inventory, and best of all, it lasts far, far longer 
than other weapons of similar use), so you'll definitely want a few. Talk to 
Greg a bit, then follow him to his shortcut in the bathroom (if you get too 
far behind or ahead, he'll signal you over- that's a Photo Op- now get back 
to him). Take the shortcut. If you were fast, wait in Paradise Plaza's 
bathroom (and take a moment to give Greg a shotgun) until you get the call 
("Japanese Tourists"), which will happen at 10:00 PM. Take the call, then 
take the shortcut again.

Beats "Learn Japanese Through Hentai":
  Once in Wonderland Plaza again, head up to Sir Book-a-Lot and waypoint Greg 
either just inside or just outside. Doesn't matter which. Yuu and Shinji will 
be inside, but they don't speak English. Luckily, you can work around that. 
There's a book, "Japanese Conversation", right behind the counter. Grab it 
and talk to Yuu. It takes some convincing to get them on your side (after 
all, Frank's Japanese sucks, and if you don't believe me you can ask Shinji), 
but they'll join without real incident. Oh, and when Frank says "Come, no 
come, decide quickly, please", whip out your camera- when the two bow, that's 
a Photo Op. Once both join, drop the Japanese Conversation book and replace 
it with the Criminal Biography book should you not already possess it; the 
former is now useless. If you fought Cletus, give both a shotgun. If not, 
give 'em the best weapons you have that you can afford to hand over for the 
time being. Sure, a katana may be stereotypical, but damn if it isn't 
  By the way, if you don't find the fact that their voice clips are all in 
perfect English to be at least worthy of a chuckle, there's something wrong 
with you.

Return Loop:
  You have nothing else to do in Wonderland Plaza (the next scoop comes at 
11:00 PM, and it won't time out for quite a while), so you may as well just 
take Greg's shortcut and make your way across Paradise Plaza, and head to the 
Security Room from there. Not much that needs to be said. You'll be close to 
Bachman's Bookporium during this time, so if you feel like grabbing the 
Engineering and/or Entertainment books for your Small Chainsaw, by all means, 
do so.
  SAFE: Greg Simpson
  SAFE: Yuu Tanaka
  SAFE: Shinji Kitano
  Total: 10 survivors saved

Ooooh, Foreshadowing:
  The next scoop will come at 11:00 PM, as I said ("Shadow of the North 
Plaza", and since you have PLENTY of time to pull it off, you can spare a few 
moments grabbing books for your Small Chainsaws if you haven't already. 
Seriously, it's worth it to have at least two books. 900 swings is nothing to 
sneeze at, my friend (let alone the 2,700 for all three books- despite that, 
you run through Wonderland Plaza so many times that all three is somewhat 
  Go ahead and activate a cutscene with Brad while you're in the Security 
Room, just go into the monitor room; you'll activate it sooner or later 
anyway. You probably already got the call not long ago (if you didn't, just 
go into the mall, Otis will let you know what you need to in short order), so 
just go right over to the North Plaza. Even though you have the shortcut 
open, continue the process of Paradise Plaza <-> North Plaza transfers across 
Leisure Park. It's a little easier on you (if you stick to the walls outside, 
zombies typically don't bother you), a bit faster, and you can deal with the 
Convicts when they reappear. For this particular case, if you want to restock 
on shotguns (or you still need to defeat Cletus), you're closer to the gun 
shop and don't have to keep an eye on David in the process.
  Once inside, seriously, just activate your watch's targeting arrow to find 
David, it's a lot easier than listening to any directions I could ever give 
you. You'll find him soon enough. David takes some convincing to join, as his 
leg is injured and he doesn't want to burden you. Note what he says about a 
crazy guy in the supermarket- you'll actually be meeting that guy later on. 
Frank will offer to support him (it'll work exactly as transporting Leah 
went, except instead of carrying him, he'll hang off of your shoulder), and 
David will happily join afterwards. Feel free to steal his food if the trek's 
left you hurting; he won't be using it. Quite frankly, the trip back is a 
breeze no matter which route you decide to take David back to the Security 
Room using (you're dealing with one survivor that you can directly lead 
around), so I'll just assume that went without incident.
  I do warn you, though- if it's past midnight as you load Leisure Park, 
although it shouldn't be, the Convicts will be back. If you're worried about 
them, take the Wonderland Plaza shortcut while transporting David.
  SAFE: David Bailey
  Total: 11 survivors saved

It's probably past midnight. Consider this Day 2.

Taking Ed's Advice:
  You have some time to kill, so go back into the mall. Consider taking out 
the Convicts, as it will be a while before anything of interest happens- may 
as well do SOMETHING productive. In fact, you have nothing at all you NEED to 
do for the next six hours in-game- the next case file starts at 6:00 AM and 
you don't have anyone to save between now and then.
  So do what Ed said- kill some time in the shopping mall! If you have any 
other achievements you'd like to work on or just feel like kicking a little 
undead ass, now's a fine time to do it. May I suggest practicing some of 
Frank's unarmed moves? Lots of fun to be had in the process, let me tell you.

Case 2-1:
  Otis will call you at 6:00 AM. No lollygaggin' now, as you won't have but a 
few moments more to get back to the Security Room and talk to Jessie. Do so. 
Case 2-1 clear. The game will allow you to save, do so if you wish (hint, you 
probably do). Sure, you could have just hung out in the Security Room from 
about 5:30 AM or so until the case activated, but what the hell's the fun in 
  Go follow Brad to the Entrance Plaza. Squeal in giddy glee, as once you get 
into the warehouse, Otis will call to inform you that the shutter that once 
blocked all Paradise Plaza <-> Entrance Plaza travel is now open. May I 
suggest utilizing it?

Case 2-2:
  As you may have expected, a boss fight is waiting for you in the Entrance 
Plaza. Hi Carlito!

BOSS: Carlito Keyes, second encounter
  Barnaby will be hanging around way in the back; you may safely ignore him 
for the purposes of this fight. Word of advice, unless you're packing a Real 
Mega Buster, which will defeat Carlito in two hits, long-range combat is NOT 
recommended. Sure, close range will see you getting bopped around by that 
huge sniper rifle he's carrying, but that doesn't take away TWO LIFE BLOCKS 
PER HIT, which is more than I can say for the bullets. Yes, crazy as it 
sounds, you need to melee Carlito to death if you aren't packing an RMB. A 
Small Chainsaw is the best of your available options, but a katana won't do 
too badly if need be (enter Ned's Knickknackery should you lack one, and why 
not give the battle axes a try if they're your speed instead?). Just remember 
to zigzag around a lot as you run up to Carlito's position so he has a harder 
time shooting you. I suggest using the west side of the second floor to 
approach Carlito so you don't have to run straight at him. This won't be too 
tough a fight, but don't expect to get through it without taking some damage.
  Victory will see your automatic return to the Security Room and the 
completion of Case 2-2. Barnaby is now counted as safe, which I won't factor 
in to your survivor count.

Case 2-3:
  Brad's sick as a result of the gunshot wound. Okay, it makes sense; it 
happens to people in real life. Still, how's that explain all the gunshots 
Frank's suffered just being shrugged off? Must've drank enough wine to dull 
the pain. Anyway, you're going to go to Seon's Food & Stuff in the North 
Plaza to pick up a First Aid Kit. Take whatever route you wish; just know
you'll be getting a call from Otis at 7:00 AM (the "Lovers" scoop- we can take
care of that a bit later), and you'll want to consider picking some shotguns
out of the Huntin' Shack for later use- not against the upcoming fight, rather
for a really, really tricky survivor run that's coming all too close. Getting
back to the point, I never directly instructed you to go to Seon's earlier,
but you may have either stopped in or passed by during that dead time earlier.
  Well, when you arrive this time around, note that the place is currently 
free of zombies. Even from the outside, it's plain to see nothing's inside. 
Strange strange. Go inside.
  Otis will call and tell you where to go- there's a door between the seafood 
counter and the meat counter. Before you go there, feel free to heal up and 
stock up on items so you can heal up later as well. Attempt to open the door 
once fully prepared, and seriously, watch the cutscene, it is badass.
  Then you fight another boss.

BOSS: Steven Chapman
  Okay, can ANY of you tell me you'd ever have expected to see a supermarket 
manager as a boss in ANY video game, EVER? This game kicks so much ass. By 
the way, getting any ideas about who injured David's leg in that story of 
his? I thought so.
  The MOMENT control returns to you after the cutscene, see the direction 
Steven's coming at you from? Go the other way and hide off to the side of the 
aisle to lure him out. Firearms aren't really good for this fight because 
Steven's got a shotgun of his own- and he's damn good with it, too- but melee 
works quite well PROVIDED Steven's wide open from the back (it takes him a 
moment to turn his "Al Bundy Cart of Death" around to hit you back). Small 
Chainsaws are of course the way to go, and will defeat Steven in a matter of 
seconds (Three hits? Yes please). Anything else will probably work, but from 
a time and damage perspective, you can't do much better.
  If you find yourself badly hurt somehow (you shouldn't, as if you're doing 
this well so far, Steven is pretty easy), you're in a supermarket. I think 
you are capable of finding health boosters in here as a being of abstract 
  Watch the cutscene if you'd like, Steven's last speech is pretty cool.

Quote for Ross- "He Shoots, He Scores":
  Now that you have the Pharmacy Key, you can actually enter the Pharmacy and 
get the First Aid Kit you came here for. It's easy to get to, so I won't 
bother telling you how. Exit Seon's. You've got bigger fish to fry for the 
  Go straight to Wonderland Plaza. Stick to the west side of the second 
floor. You'll get a call at 8:00 AM for another scoop ("The Hatchet Man"), 
which you're going to want to save for later- the next two survivors will be 
enough of a pain in the ass to get to the Security Room, and you've only got 
15 real-life minutes to pull this off- it's not enough time to do both scoops 
properly before the next case file activates.
  You're looking for "Run Like The Wind", which isn't far from where you 
fought Adam earlier. Go inside and to the south side of the store- it's 
pretty isolated, so zombies shouldn't come after you. You'll find Tonya and 
Ross. Prepare to spend a little time convincing both to go with you (also 
note how Tonya mentions Ross getting shot trying to protect her; we'll run 
across his assailant later), and for shitsakes, do NOT give Ross a handgun 
when he requests one unless you want to lose two survivors in the blink of an 
eye (Ross... yeah, read the tagline. Tonya will refuse to follow you 
afterwards). Talk to Tonya instead to keep everything going all hunky-dory. 
They'll both join, and Ross will act exactly as a male version of Leah, if 
he's not actually SLOWER. Seriously, this guy is hurting, and can barely move 
without your help (although, amusingly, he can still throw a decent straight, 
and he climbs up to the air duct ledge as easily as any other). I suggest 
giving Tonya a katana if you have it- hell, since you don't have any sort of 
POWERFUL backup this time around, I'd go so far as to give Tonya a Small 
Chainsaw; you have one right across the walkway waiting for you anyway.
  Head to Greg's shortcut, and get a new Small Chainsaw along the way if you 
haven't already. Be aware that at 9:00 AM, you'll get a call from Otis about 
another survivor ("The Coward"). Be ready for it. Take Tonya and Ross over to 
the Security Room with the typical M.O, and while you're at it, talk to 
Jessie to complete Case 2-3. You have about five real-life minutes to kill 
before the shit hits the fan, so I suggest treading lightly and being damn 
prepared. While it is POSSIBLE for you to rush over and yank Gordon out of Al 
Fresca Plaza, your chances of success are not hi*rewind* you are almost 
guaranteed to either kill your progress through the Case Files or the 
Tompkins sisters, or both. Seriously. Just leave him be for now. In fact, I'd 
just stay put in either the Security Room or the warehouse (and if you're 
looking for Transmissionary, do the latter). The bloody MOMENT 11:00 AM rolls 
around, take that call, then run like hell to the Security Room if you're not 
already there (if you are, just stay there).
  Astute readers will notice that I didn't have that little rewind in the 
earlier versions in the FAQ. I'd like to take a moment to impart to you a 
fellow reader's advice. "Mcrfan44" reports a damn good reason why you don't 
want to pick up Gordon right now, if I have yet to successfully convince you 
otherwise. Time is very tight on your case files and the Tompkins sisters 
spawn close to 11:00 AM. By the time you've pulled Gordon out of Al Fresca 
Plaza, you will almost certainly have spawned the two girls. It takes quite a 
bit of time to get the girls to join your group, by which point you've likely 
ruined your chance to complete the Case Files, and screwed yourself out of 
two survivors later down the line. If you just leave the Tompkins sisters to 
their fates, you ALSO lose two survivors. Seriously, you do not have the time 
to be trying to yank Gordon out of Al Fresca Plaza right now and REALLY need 
to save him for the survivor run that you'll be doing after Case 3-1 lest you 
screw yourself over.
  Oh yeah, that's right- one more thing. Remember how you'll need a 500-point 
EROTICA photo for Kent in an hour? Do you have one? If not, now's the time to 
get it. Jessie will be sitting next to Brad. Get a good, close shot of her 
face, breasts, and crotch in the same shot (I had Brad vaguely in the shot, 
as well, although I'm not sure if that counts). That was good for 700 points. 
Try to get that to ensure no "mishaps" in case I've got the requirement 
wrong. Save it and keep it. You can always replace it with either a Zombie 
Jessie shot (I have one that's 857 points) or a Cheryl shot (easily good for 
1,000+ during her request, and if you're looking for irony points, I have one 
that's over 3,000 points as a result of slaughtering the boss version of Kent 
in a previous game and stealing his camera book) later on.
  SAFE: Tonya Waters
  SAFE: Ross Folk
  Total: 13 survivors saved

Case 3-1:
  Get psyched. Case 3-1 itself is a gimme- just show up and watch the 
cutscene, and you're done. It's getting through all the scoops in time that's 
going to prove much, much harder- in fact, I think calling this the trickiest 
survivor run of the lot is not being harsh. Oh, and the game gives you the 
opportunity to save. For the love of all creation, TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY.

Teenagers Are Idiots:
  Step one in our little game. You'll hear someone screaming for help just 
outside the warehouse door the moment Paradise Plaza loads. There's a girl 
named Pamela who's freaking SURROUNDED by zombies that you'll have to clear 
away. In the absence of a Queen, Double Lariat away like your name's Mike 
Haggar. Just do it QUICKLY, talk to her QUICKLY, and blast through the glass 
with whatever you've got after "Pamela Tompkins Joined!" The girl inside is 
her sister, Heather. Talk to her and she too will join you. Set a waypoint 
near the warehouse door- they'll go around the moat to do so, but they'll do 
as you ask. Any other means will lead to much frustration. Do NOT attempt to 
take them anywhere but straight back to the Security Room; Pamela is a damned 
moron and will assuredly frustrate you to no end with her antics if you lead 
the two anywhere else, but that's not the real issue.
  THIS is the real issue- the next part of this run will see you meeting 
eight survivors total, which I've mentioned is the most you can have active 
in the mall simultaneously. You NEED all eight survivors and you NEED all 
eight slots ready. The Tompkins twins both count against that if you don't 
grab them NOW.
  Pull this off before 11:50 AM for the best results.
  SAFE: Pamela Tompkins
  SAFE: Heather Tompkins
  Total: 15 survivors saved

Piss off(,) Kent:
  You literally have 15 minutes to get everything from here to the next case 
file done. Try not to panic.
  Get to Colombian Roastmasters next. Your timer will be at critical levels 
for this scoop (Kent shows up at noon and won't wait around for long), so 
reach Kent as quickly as you can (if he's not in the cafe, just follow the 
sound of gunshots) and show him your EROTICA photo. If all goes well, Kent 
will sulk, ask for one more contest, and leave. Also at noon, you'll get a 
call from Otis about some guy in a restaurant ("Restaurant Man"). We need to 
get to the North Plaza as FAST AS POSSIBLE, so we'll be taking the Leisure 
Park route- don't step too close to Jill's Sandwiches (which is right next to 
the entrance to Leisure Park) because you do not want to fully activate 
Ronald just yet. You do, he dies, because we need to get him LAST out of the 
group you'll be carting around, simply because his scoop has the most time 
remaining and I doubt you want to truck his fat ass into an upcoming boss 

Guerilla Warfare:
  Head STRAIGHT to the North Plaza and head STRAIGHT to Crislip's Home 
Saloon. Ouch! You walk into a boss!

BOSS: Cliff Hudson
  Cutscene-wise, yikes. And you thought Steven was one messed-up dude.
  Cliff is actually smart enough to know that standing in front of you 
quickly leads to the after-boss cutscene's nigh-immediate loading. In fact, 
he starts the fight RIGHT BEHIND YOU!! Unless you want to see a REALLY cool 
attack where he grabs you, lifts you up and impales you on his machete (which 
somehow hurts WAY less than you might guess), I suggest turning around and 
hitting him with a Small Chainsaw swipe like, immediately. He'll dodge out of 
the way and probably slash you immediately after your attack connects, but 
you do what you have to. He's probably going to then head for one of the 
small hatches all around the store, which he can jump into (Photo Op, work 
FAST) in order to warp to one of the OTHER small hatches. Try to zap him with 
either an RMB shot or two, or a shotgun blast while he's running away.
  He will, almost without fail, begin hucking either smoke bombs (which stun 
you) or pipe bombs (which explode you) at you from the top of one of the 
shelves. If you try to climb up to his level, he'll just drop down, so this 
is also a good time to seek him out and try to peg him with either RMB or 
shotgun fire from below. If he decides to run at you and cut you open, use 
the Small Chainsaw on him. The fight will switch back and forth between these 
steps until he drops. Hopefully it won't take long; Cliff's fighting style is 
very good at draining what little time you currently have to get your tasks 
in order.
  ...huh, in the end I guess Cliff wasn't such a bad guy after all. Sad 
little cutscene, really.
  Now steal his machete.

Military Extraction:
  Head straight to the empty store right next to Crislip's, open both doors 
to ensure nobody gets hung up, and talk to whomever you please. The result is 
the same; all three people (Josh, Barbara and Rich) will join you. None are 
that great at fighting (Rich probably being the best of the three), but 
nonetheless, I'd give Rich and Barbara shotguns, and Josh the machete you 
just grabbed. See why I had you pick up those shotguns before fighting Steven 
a while ago? Grab the Survival and/or Wrestling book if you want, but if you 
grab only one, it's gotta be Survival- and if you don't pick one up now, 
it'll still be there later. For now, choose quickly, you've got a Gordon to 

Chasing a P... I'm not sure I can say that on GameFAQs:
  Go around the outside rim of Leisure Park to ensure that your three new 
buddies don't run into too much trouble. You're going to the Food Court; two 
scoops take place on opposite ends, one of which isn't announced. Gordon is 
first, of course, as he has an actual timer, and MY, it's getting low. 
  Go into Al Fresca Plaza, set a waypoint inside McHandy's Hardware, unequip 
your weapon, and jump over the counter to talk to Gordon. Do so, but 
immediately hold down X to kick him once (you HAVE to attack him in some way 
to get him to listen to you, so you may as well ensure he's not holding in 
his guts with a paper clip afterward). Talk to him again. He'll join you. 
Jump back over and do your "Follow me!" waypoint, as Gordon will probably 
never make it over otherwise. Just yoink a lead pipe off the ground or 
something and hand it to him; he probably won't do any actual attacking with 
it, but just in case, right? Now! Run like hell back to the Food Court (by 
the way- if, at this point, you don't have any food or drink on you, get 
something, and I mean ANYTHING; you'll need it in just a moment), and into 
Wonderland Plaza from there!

Frank Bugs Bunny:
  Two screams you'll hear indicate that all is not well in Wonderland Plaza. 
Set a waypoint near, but not TOO near, the bunny statue you see two people 
hanging from. Both of the hanging people (Nick and Sally) are Photo Ops as 
long as they're still hanging. Get to work clearing out the zombies; if you 
have any Queens around, I can hardly think of a better time to use them. 
After you clear out the zombies, throw something at both people to knock them 
down (one of the many Hunks of Meat that WILL be lying around are a fine 
choice) and talk to them to add them to your cause. Although you can't do 
anything about Sally, equip Nick with a shotgun if you have one. If you 
don't, get one from Barbara and give it to Nick.
  Run run run to Greg's shortcut. By the way, why yes, as mentioned in the 
tips, those purple flyers DO bode ill for nearby times.

Morir Es Vivir... Wait, Wrong Capcom Game:
  Meet Sean and the cultists. The cutscene results in you being pitted 
against about 20 or so cultists. Carve them down QUICKLY with a Small 
Chainsaw, and yes, you want to kill them ALL. Rescue Jennifer; don't bother 
equipping her. Go in Jill's Sandwiches after tearing down the barricade with 
your Small Chainsaw, feed Ronald's fat ass with whatever food item you've got 
on you (and take a picture of his laugh for a Photo Op); don't bother 
equipping him either, and tear ass for the warehouse. I suggest using the 
path that takes you past the bathrooms and the toy stores rather than the 
path with the bridge, which is quite choked with zombies at this point. 
Time for your next case file is getting REALLY tight, and in fact, fully 
expect to be taking Otis' call about it at 3:00 PM.
  If you're having trouble getting all your survivors into the air duct, just 
go in without the hung-up survivors and sort things out once you activate 
Case 4-1. That will give you a few hours' leeway in the matter as opposed to 
a couple of minutes, speaking in Dead Rising time (real-life, you may 
literally only have seconds to go). I'm sure they can survive seven seconds 
without you. I'll pretend you saved them all now. Don't worry, I won't tell 
anybody if you didn't.
  SAFE: Josh Manning
  SAFE: Barbara Patterson
  SAFE: Rich Atkins
  SAFE: Gordon Stalworth
  SAFE: Sally Mills
  SAFE: Nick Evans
  SAFE: Jennifer Gorman
  SAFE: Ronald Shiner
  Total: 23 survivors saved
  And if you didn't have Tour Guide before, you'll have it when you pick up 
Ronald, assuming nobody died along the way, or you didn't shoot Ronald in the 
face for being a jackass.

Case 4-1:
  UGH, that was a pain in the ass. Wait to save until you've gotten any 
straggling survivors into the Security Room, for thank goodness, you 
currently have nothing else to do. Well, aside from the case file, of course.

  UGH, spoke too soon. I hear that this is because my little madcap survivor 
run earlier goofed with the eight-survivor limit the game has going, but Otis 
will immediately call and activate "Above the Law" the moment you set foot 
inside the warehouse. I suggest you rectify the situation. Let's do that.

Unusually Aggressive COPS:
  You have a little time before anything bad starts happening to the girls' 
health, so it might not hurt you to stock up a bit. Go to the North Plaza if 
you want shotguns (one of the survivors you'll soon run across could use one, 
and they aren't too bad on one of the upcoming boss fights- and make sure not 
to go too far west if you aren't ready to take on the case file's boss), the 
Food Court if you want a Submachine Gun (which either the same guy or another 
survivor could use) and/or food in the form of booze bottles. If you don't 
want to chance it, just hit the food court; you don't need your survivors 
FULLY armed for this operation, but SOMETHING would be nice. If you neither 
need nor want any of these things, simply use Greg's shortcut to jet straight 
over to Wonderland Plaza, where you'll find the "Lovely Fashion House" on the 
second floor, east side of the area.
  Look around just a bit before you actually enter- if you note that Kelly, 
Lilly or Janet are missing, be sure to double-check to make sure you just 
didn't notice them during the glance, but if your double-check reveals that 
they really ARE missing, it's time to reload your game. You took too long 
getting here.
  Guess Capcom still has the same "progressive" view of the police it's had 
since Edi.E.

BOSS: Jo Slade
  Tonya mentioned Ross trying to protect her from someone. Jo rather seems 
like she could be that someone.
  First, melee is the way to go here, simply because you don't want to chance 
getting anybody that ISN'T Jo hurt, and the area provides way too much cover 
to get a good shot off anyway. And watch where you're swinging your melee 
weapons, for the same reason. She's really not that difficult, although she 
can absorb quite a bit of punishment (hey, for the Small Chainsaw, six swings 
is quite a bit), and that stun gun she carries will leave you on the floor 
long enough for her to either attack one of the four girls (most likely Kay), 
or perform a wince-worthy crotch-stompin' combo that'll make Frank wish he'd 
been born Francesca West. She DOES have a handgun, but she uses it so rarely 
that it's really not worth worrying about.

Takin' a Leak:
  Untie everyone, equip Kay with a Submachine Gun or not (if you want to save 
it for Wayne later or didn't bother grabbing one), and head over to the 
bathroom where Greg's shortcut is. It's up to you as to whether or not to arm 
Kay otherwise if you don't give her an SMG, as she's a bit overaggressive and 
may start fights you don't want her to. Now you wait for 5:00 PM to roll 
around. Otis will call three times ("The Woman Who Didn't Make It", "Antique 
Lover", "Mark of the Sniper"). Ensure you get all three calls. This is the 
entire reason I wanted you to at the very least clear Case 2-1 way back when; 
there will be four survivors in the Entrance Plaza that you can reach quite 
easily with the shutter up, and ALSO because something annoying is going to 
happen that will require that bag of chips on the Entrance Room floor.
  Got all that? You CAN take your survivors back to the Security Room now, 
but I just bring them into the Entrance Plaza with me- really, they won't be 
in any real danger for the following bits, and time will be getting tight to 
complete the next case file near the end of this- taking one trip to get all 
eight available survivors (including the four you have now) inside instead of 
two trips of four each is the better option, I feel.
Deck The Halls:
  The MOMENT you go into the Entrance Plaza, there'll be a cutscene. Poor 
Thomas. I will forever say that Roger looks vaguely like Evil Stephen Colbert 
and Thomas like David Cross.

BOSS: The Hall Family (Roger, Jack, Thomas)
  If you left anyone behind, be sure you go get them before you go up the 
stairs to the second floor, or else Wayne will go fully active while you're 
trying to sort out girl troubles. Afterwards, waypoint everyone right in 
front of Wayne's location (just listen for the sobbing).
  Fighting the Hall Family is a bit like battling Carlito like you did in 
Case 2-1, except there's three of them, none have melee attacks, and their 
shots do MUCH less damage. Firearms aren't really a good idea to use unless 
it's a snap shot from either your shotgun (the spread ensures you'll probably 
hit them even while moving) or the Real Mega Buster while VERY momentarily 
standing still- they're faster to the draw than you are, and if more than one 
of them is standing, the one or two you're not aiming at will happily point 
their guns at you. Roger's shots almost always connect, Jack is a bit less 
accurate, and Thomas rarely lands a hit even at his version of point-blank 
  Use their total lack of melee attacks to your advantage. They'll just run 
away from you if you get too close so they can take aim, so don't let them. 
Stay on them with the best melee weapon you possess (hopefully it swings fast 
enough for them to not just dodge) and you'll do okay.
  Should one of them hit you, there's a chance that if two of them are close 
together, they'll high-five each other. That's a Photo Op if you recover from 
the hit fast enough.
  Wayne will not join you unless all three are down. Sorry Thomas.
  Steal their sniper rifles if you want them.

Four Play:
  Talk to Wayne after the Hall family is defeated, and he'll join you. Give 
him either a shotgun or an SMG. Next on the agenda is Floyd, as he's nearest 
by, so get everyone to Ned's Knickknackery and waypoint them outside.
  Floyd takes a LOT of talking to convince, but just stay at it. He'll join 
your cause. Keep in mind that Floyd CAN be carried, but he IS capable of 
running short distances. If you don't make him move too far too fast, he'll 
do fine on his own. In one game where I was screwing around, Floyd actually 
wound up beating a zombie to death with his bare hands- go, old-timer! I make 
it a point to save this guy every game no matter what I'm doing. Floyd is 
just that awesome.
  Snag a weapon or two, and head outside; your next stop is "Gramma's Kids" 
on the first floor. Just waypoint your current flock of survivors back to 
front of the escalator on the second floor to save you some problems during 
this step.
  It's likely that 7:00 PM has come, so take Otis's call about ol' fat-ass 
Ronald's attempted mutiny. Any food or drink item that's not a mixed juice 
will suffice, but why give him anything good? There's a bag of chips in front 
of the escalator on the first floor, or another bag of chips you'll find 
right in front of Jolie in "Gramma's Kids" that will do the trick in just a 
few moments.
  Once inside the store, talk to Jolie until you can do so no longer. Go 
ahead and leave; Jolie will decide to follow you. Don't deactivate your 
waypoint; just clear out any zombies that could theoretically grab Jolie. 
That being done, you can head to "Ladies' Space", which is on the second 
floor, east side. Zombies will not be getting in your way. Once you're at 
"Ladies' Space, wait for Jolie to catch up; Rachel cannot be approached 
through any other means and MUST spot Jolie. They'll run to each other, hug 
(Photo Op!), and after a short conversation, Rachel will join you.
  Okay, that's all four Entrance Plaza survivors, which brings you to eight. 
No choice for you but to head back to the Security Room.

Rocks against Tanks:
  There's a pretty high chance that either Jolie or Rachel will get stupid 
and attempt to attack the cultists that will undoubtedly be near the 
warehouse entrance. I've seen Janet do it a time or two as well. They'll do 
this no matter what kind of waypoint you set. Most importantly, they won't 
win. YOU need to kill off all the nearby cultists before something bad 
happens. Aside from that, nothing too eventful happens that will impede your 
progress to the Security Room, unless.

Warnings Without Snippy Taglines:
  Do you have any sort of food item or drink item whatsoever?
  Do you have all your current survivors ON THE AIR DUCT LEDGE?
  If you answered "no" to either question, don't go into the Security Room 
before both issues are rectified. Ronald will take seven survivors out of the 
game (himself, Bill, Burt, Aaron, Sophie, Pamela and Heather) if you leave 
without satisfying Ronald's ungrateful ass, and talking with him takes so 
long that you'll likely see everyone outside die if they didn't come with 
  If you answered "yes" to both questions, go into the Security Room, shut 
Ronald up, and now's a good time to save if all went well. You have plenty of 
time to beat the next boss, but if things go wrong I doubt you feel like 
going through the whole process twice.
  SAFE: Kay Nelson
  SAFE: Lilly Deacon
  SAFE: Kelly Carpenter
  SAFE: Janet Star
  SAFE: Wayne Blackwell
  SAFE: Jolie Wu
  SAFE: Rachel Decker
  SAFE: Floyd Sanders
  Total: 31 survivors saved

Case 4-2:
  You probably have around 15 real-life minutes to go to the North Plaza, 
outside Seon's, and fight the next boss. While you MUST defeat this next boss 
before the timer runs out on the case file, it shouldn't take more than a 
minute, so whenever you decide to prepare to restock and re-arm, be it before 
or after the fight (remember your list- shotguns, food, Small Chainsaws)- 
fine by me either way. If it's "before", just remember you've got a boss, if 
it's "after", mind the time frame of the NEXT case file.

  MY advice? Hit the Food Court for some wine, then go to Wonderland Plaza 
for a freshly-respawned Small Chainsaw- and go to the North Plaza from there 
for the boss.

BOSS: Isabela Keyes
  Isabela's not too hard to defeat; doing so without taking a hit or two is a 
bit harder, especially if you're going the melee route (which actually IS 
fairly viable, as her motorcycle tends to get hung up on scenery a lot). Just 
be warned that said melee route will get you knocked around by her motorcycle 
a few times. Firearms work pretty well if you'd rather go that route- shotgun 
blasts will probably hit from the spread, the RMB, well, c'mon, it's the RMB, 
and should she be charging right at you no matter what gun you're using, a 
hit will make her swerve just to your side, ensuring she won't hit back 
(unless you hit her as she was pretty much right on top of you). She DOES 
have a handgun she'll use if she's aware she'll never hit you with her 
motorcycle, but the damage it deals is negligible.
  After defeating Isabela, watch the cutscene. You can use her motorcycle 
yourself afterwards (bonus- it'll respawn too!) from here until the end of 
the game.
  Do what you will; the next case file isn't far away (12:00 AM), but 
PROBABLY not so far away you can't spend a little time goofing off; nothing 
you can feasibly take care of right now will happen. Just know where and when 
you need to be.
  If you're going for Transmissionary, may I suggest waiting for Otis' call 
in Crislip's? Heh heh, I'm sure you can find ways to kill time in THERE.

Day 3 is upon you.

The Midnight Hour Is Close At Hand:
  Two things will happen as midnight (y'know, 12:00 AM) rolls around.
  One: Kindell will show up in the North Plaza. If you were waiting for 
Otis's call anywhere else, he'll be here the next time you load the North 
Plaza (including from Seon's or Crislip's). If you haven't activated Case 5-1 
yet, do that before you talk to Kindell; he'll be fine. In fact, he's 
basically right in front of the door, so you won't need to really look for 
  Two: Otis will call you about the cultists ("A Strange Group"). We'll deal 
with them after we've taken care of Case 5-2.

Case 5-1:
  Once you reach the meeting point at the right time, a zombie will attack 
Isabela. Do whatever's necessary to knock the zombie off of Isabela before 
Isabela is killed. Don't worry, her health will be fully restored after the 
attack and you'll be allowed to save afterwards (this also clears Case 5-1).

Case 5-2:
  Isabela must be carried in a manner that's basically like Leah from 
earlier; she's not half-immobile like Ross was, but she's still very slow if 
she's not being carried. Of course, should she die, although she shouldn't 
(the game is being nice to you right now and temporarily despawning the 
Cultists), you fail the case.
  Kindell should still be right outside, so ignore Carlito's announcement and 
get him to join you while Carlito yammers on. Watch out; the spread of the 
shotgun he carries is likely to hit you a few times, which causes you to drop 
Isabela, so be ready for it. Aside from that, Kindell can really take care of 
himself without too many problems. You have plenty of time to make this next 
trip, but there's no sense being a lazy goof-off now- just head across 
Leisure Park to get to Paradise Plaza, and as always, sticking close to the 
building is the way to go.
  Contrary to what I once thought, the Convicts will have respawned by now- 
it IS past midnight, after all. Do not let the fact that it's playing 
"Transporting Isabela" instead of "Gone Guru" fool you; the game may be 
spawning them far away from you, but if you move exceptionally slowly, 
they'll eventually catch up.
  Once in Paradise Plaza, note that the place is getting pretty packed with 
zombies near the bridge area, so take the path between the stairs and the 
bridge to ensure that Kindell doesn't get into too much trouble.
  You don't need to actually get Kindell up on the Security Room ledge should 
you have completed all Case Files to this point (of course, he needs to be on 
the rooftop). You, Isabela and Kindell will all go in automatically once near 
the ledge.
  Watch the cutscene. Isabela is technically safe from now until the end 
(assuming nothing unfortunate happens during one case later in the game) and 
will count in your final survivor totals, but we'll worry about that later 
  SAFE: Kindell Johnson
  Total: 32 survivors saved

Frank West: Judge, Jury, Executioner:
  You really don't have enough time to hit the theater to take care of Sean 
and save the five people there. They'll have to wait for a little bit. 
Remember, now that you've taken care of Isabela, the cultists will now be in 
the mall again, and the Convicts won't be nice and leave you alone anymore. 
One survivor not too long from now is best taken across Leisure Park, so 
you've got a little while- I suggest taking out the Convicts. This time 
around, they won't come back once defeated, so play around with their HMG and 
Jeep if you think you'll miss them later.
  Otis will call at 2:00 AM with a request from Floyd ("Floyd the 
Sommelier"); he'd like some wine to help calm everyone's nerves with. Floyd's 
in no rush to get it, though, so take your time. Just go see Floyd in the 
Security Room when you have the time and some wine.
  Remember- be back to the Security Room by 3:00 AM (or wait in the warehouse 
a bit until Otis gives you the call about it, hey, it's your prerogative).

Case 6-1:
  Show up to the Security Room. Oh no, Brad shot Barnaby in the face! Hey, 
you do what you have to. Like saving. Feel like you have to? Do it now, as 
Case 6-1 is complete. 

Abusing The Elderly:
  You've got a while before the next case file, and additionally, if you 
don't intend on getting Ending A, at this point, you no longer have to give a 
shit about that. However, for the benefit of everyone else (or if you're 
reading this like a general walkthrough, which is perfectly valid), I'll 
pretend you do give a shit. It really won't make a difference. It's high time 
to put an end to the True Eye cult, so head on over to Colby's Movieland, and 
look for theater 4. It's actually going to be behind about 20 or so cultists 
and there's no way around them, so kill them all with whatever you deem fit. 
I suggest picking them off with the Real Mega Buster to ensure that the 
bastards don't get the chance to do that damn smoke attack, but the Small 
Chainsaw works just as well. However, a word of warning- these particular 
cultists seem to use that knockout dust of theirs a lot more often than any 
other I've encountered for some reason, so long range is the best option if 
you don't feel like losing ground. Go into Theater 4 after that's taken care 

BOSS: Sean Keanan
  For being 62 years old, Sean is surprisingly spry (so much for firearms- of 
course, I wouldn't use them anyway, what with four other people in the area 
and in plain sight, but.), and quite adept with that sword of his. A bit 
annoying is the fact that either he no-sells like a pro, or he's got the kind 
of dementia that causes him to not realize when you're sending sharp, bladed 
weapons through his stomach, because more often than you'd like to see, he 
has a nasty habit of attacking you even while he's getting hit, with no stun 
animation. Worse, if he hits you once, he's bloody relentless and will keep 
hitting you- just try to get away before resuming your attack if it happens. 
Four slashes from a Small Chainsaw will do the trick if you have one; just 
expect to take a little damage while you work.
  I always make a point to watch the utterly badass death scene Sean gets.
  Now steal his sword.

Rescue: The Theater Mission
  Hold off on untying anybody just yet; the last cultists you'll fight are 
about to swarm in and you REALLY want to take care of them first. Usual 
tactics apply, but do note that they'll typically have one guy rush inside at 
a time instead of waiting for you to blow them away with your RMB. Once 
everyone's down, close the doors so zombies don't interrupt your rescue of 
the theater survivors. Don't forget to grab Cheryl behind the door. You may 
not have many weapons to go around- I suggest giving Ray (the most combat-
ready of the bunch) a shotgun if you have one, and Nathan a shotgun if you 
have a second. You don't need to equip Beth or Michelle, but if you pick up a 
handgun or something outside the theater, hell, why not.
  So you know, at this point, three survivors have taken Cletus' place in the 
Huntin' Shack, and until they join your cause, you can't just waltz in and 
grab more shotguns- you may want to consider taking back the shotguns you 
pass out once you're at the elevator.
  Digression aside, just take your survivors back to the Security Room- you 
don't have far to go. Just don't take the bridge path across Paradise Plaza.
  SAFE: Ray Mathison
  SAFE: Nathan Crabbe
  SAFE: Michelle Feltz
  SAFE: Beth Shrake
  SAFE: Cheryl Jones
  Total: 37 survivors saved

I Swear To Drunk, Officer, I'm Not God:
  Thanks to the eight-survivor limit (the five theater survivors plus the 
three gunshop survivors that showed up while nobody was looking), you didn't 
have to deal with this a while ago, but Otis will call you the moment you 
step into the warehouse ("Long-Haired Punk"). Paul can actually wait just a 
little while, although you won't want to be TOO leisurely about things. We 
want to pick up somebody else first and lend him a hand... or a shoulder, 
whichever works better for this guy.
  Go to the Food Court, across Leisure Park. We don't want to go into 
Wonderland Plaza right now, and you'll see why in a little while. Gil is 
hiding behind the counter of Chris' Fine Foods and getting bombed on wine 
(can one blame him?). Talk to him until you no longer can (during this 
exchange, take note: after he says "Hope you can hold your liquor, though, 
'cause I'm soaking in it!", he'll pump his fist Kent-style for a Photo Op), 
then head out using the entrance that doesn't lead to the doors to Leisure 
Park- Gil will sober up juuuuust enough to realize you may be serious about 
helping him, and he'll call you back over. Talk to him just a little more, 
and he'll join you after one last chug- he's too drunk to walk straight, so 
you'll have to help him like you did David much earlier. Take him to the 
Security Room immediately; he's useless for moving and will cause problems if 
you try to cart him around. Use Leisure Park. I'm warning you. It's not hard.
  I suggest you save after you leave Gil to sleep and/or puke on the floor of 
the Security Room. Much like our little soiree before Case 4-1, this next 
section can be a little tricky.
  SAFE: Gil Jimenez
  Total: 38 survivors saved

Huntin' and Killin' With Jonathan & Brett, Special Guest Alyssa:
  Go to North Plaza and head for the Huntin' Shack. Clear out all the zombies 
on your way in, trust me, this is gonna be annoying enough without them 
interrupting. Open BOTH doors to the Huntin' Shack before you walk in. The 
three people inside (Brett, Jonathan, Alyssa) will think you're a zombie and 
open fire. Get the hell out of the store (the Flying Dodge is your best bet, 
and having opened both doors, you have a much wider area to aim for) until 
they cease firing. Stick around; Jonathan will come out to ask if you're all 
right. Talk to him. Do not attack him, and do not attempt to go past him, or 
the results are going to suck for you. I also hope to shit you have that 
picture of the air duct TAKEN THIS GAME I told you to get, or else you'll 
have to go and get one. With that in your possession, the talk is long, but 
uneventful, and will lead to the three all joining you.
  Go ahead and delete your picture of the air duct afterwards. It's useless 
to you now and there's no sense confusing yourself in your next playthrough.
  Brett is a BEAST with that machine gun he carries (it's the only one you'll 
see until later, and only if you're going for Ending A at that), Jonathan is 
just as good with his shotgun, and Alyssa. is a bit lower on the totem pole 
with her handgun. Better than nothing, I guess. With these three in tow, you 
can easily carve a path westward through North Plaza. It has to be west; 
we're about to go say hi to five others, all of which are there.
  Otis calls about one of those people at 8:00 AM ("A Sick Man"). Don't miss 

It's Da Bomb, Yo:
  Once in Wonderland Plaza, "Casual Gals", where Paul is, is on the west 
side, first floor. Take whatever route you wish. You'll see an old woman 
(Susan), but it's best to wait to grab her and Leroy (from Otis' call) in a 
moment. Paul awaits. Waypoint your survivors just outside before you go in 
and wait for them to stand still.

BOSS: Paul Carson
  Best course of action: Jack Paul up with five Small Chainsaw slashes before 
he leaves the store.
  Ahhh, shit. Did he run out the door? Hopefully your well-positioned friends 
from the gun shop will block his route and stun him with gunfire long enough 
for you to finish the job.
  Did he get past them TOO? Ugh. Just chase after him the best you can after 
waypointing your survivors so they don't try to follow you- you don't want 
your buddies chasing after a guy with THIS many splash-damage attacks. If you 
see him running from you and dropping pipe bombs in a steady rhythm, either 
put some distance between you and Paul (no, don't break off the chase 
entirely!), or stay as close to him as you humanly can, although really, 
staying away is the better option. I'm pretty sure he drops five pipe bombs 
before he moves on to other things. His other attacks are to either throw 
Molotov cocktails at you, or send RC car bombs at you if you get MUCH farther 
away than you should ever be.

That's One Badass STD:
  Waypoint your survivors away from Paul as soon as the cutscene concludes; 
you don't want them getting in the way for this- you need to use the fire 
extinguisher just behind Frank to put out the fire in Paul's loins. 
Literally. You can also be an asshole and take advantage of the Photo Op 
Paul's burning crotch provides you with first.
  You can't manually aim the extinguisher, so you'll need to instead stand a 
few feet behind Paul, and be sure you're a little off to Paul's side. Point 
the extinguisher in Paul's directon and hold down X. If you did it right, 
you'll see Frank wave the nozzle up and down slowly while firing. The fire 
should be out once Paul's health is down to about half (if you have a healing 
item and you're not in dire need of it, give it to him once he joins). If you 
screw up, start over from your last save and take another shot at things. 
Talk to him once the threat is over, and Paul will get up, apologize for his 
actions, and join you. Give him one of the shotguns I told you to keep; he's 
good with it. Don't forget to grab Debbie and Mindy from the room Paul had 
them hostage in; Debbie will accept and use almost all weapons (she's 
accepted shotguns in the past), but sadly, Mindy is entirely useless. They 
shouldn't have a scratch on them if it's before 9:00 AM. No, I don't know 
when they start taking damage.

That Durn Redneck Dun' Look Sick Ta Me:
  Now's the time to get Leroy; Susan is not in any present danger although we 
won't want to be slow about this. Waypoint your survivors in front of where 
Leroy is to ensure a lack of uncalled-for hardship. Despite the fact that he 
apparently has a neck injury (check your notebook and the back of Leroy's 
neck) and isn't feeling too well (listen to his personal "woohoo, I'm safe in 
the Security Room" quote sometime), he won't have any problems getting 
around, and is also worth giving one of your shotguns to (and it awesomely 
complements the overalls and beard, might I say).

Helpin' Old Ladies Across The Mall:
  Go pick up Susan now. If you have a Queen, toss it around Susan's feet to 
kill all the nearby zombies. If not, just do it the old-fashioned way. Talk 
to her and she'll join your group. Like Floyd, she can run a short distance 
on her own before getting tired, but having Frank help will see him holding 
Susan's hand instead (which is unfortunately easy to break grip on), rather 
than carrying her around.
  Time's getting short, so head over to Greg's shortcut, as you need to get 
back to the Security Room. If everyone's made it this far, consider saving in 
case things go awry now- if it's 10:00 AM or earlier, you've got plenty of 
time to at least get your survivors to the rooftop- it's safe to save in that 
case (you'll have five minutes in real time to do the job). By now, you know 
what I'm gonna say regarding the route, so I'll shut up.
  Don't take the bridge path.

Insert Lame Music Reference:
  Carlito will make an announcement at 10:20 AM; if you're in the warehouse 
by then, you have nothing to worry about. He'll make another at 10:56 AM, and 
Otis will call immediately afterwards should you be somewhere you can take 
one of his calls.
  If you want any of your weapons back and it's not 11:00 AM yet, (assuming 
you didn't just haul off and take your survivors right to the Security Room), 
now's the time to make the switches. If you want Brett's machine gun, the 
applies. I should tell you now that from this point forward, you don't really 
need any big-ticket items to give to future survivors (of which you have a 
grand total of TWO to go) as weapons, so you no longer need to worry about 
  Go to the Security Room; if you can't be assed to get all eight survivors 
in before you take the next case, just do what you did earlier against the 
ticking clock; go in, take the case, go out, round up the others, go in. I'll 
pretend you took care of it all now.
  SAFE: Brett Styles
  SAFE: Jonathan Picardsen
  SAFE: Alyssa Laurent
  SAFE: Paul Carson
  SAFE: Mindy Baker
  SAFE: Debbie Willett
  SAFE: Leroy McKenna
  SAFE: Susan Walsh
  Total: 46 survivors saved

Case 7-1:
  Ohhh, this does not look good. Word of advice- you're NOT going to 
immediately go take care of the bombs, so when the game asks you to save, do 
so. ONLY save at places I tell you to for a while, as if you screw up 7-2, 
the game ends with the worst ending, and oh- your survivor count? Zero. 
Thought you'd like to know that.

I just wanted a Tad, Kent:
  You NEED to be in Paradise Plaza either BY NOON, or very close to it, as we 
need to see what's up with Kent. If you're there before noon, great, stay in 
front of Colombian Roastmasters and wait until the cutscene loads. If you're 
quite a bit early, feel free to stock up on orange juice, or hell, make a 
Nectar or two if you want.
  If you're in Paradise Plaza (or move into it from somewhere else) at any 
point between noon and 1:00 PM, the situation with Kent will automatically 
  Is it before 12:15 PM (by my guess)? Good.
  Is it between 12:16 PM and 1:00 PM? Bad. You lost Tad and all your goodies. 
  If you're on time and right where you're supposed to be, I find it funny 
how Kent apparently procures Tad from a hidden vest pocket, or perhaps his 

BOSS: Kent Swanson
  And to think he was such a nice guy until now. Never healthy to get too 
caught up in your work, kiddo. Nice boss music though, shame we'll ideally 
hear it for about four seconds.
  If things went right, Kent is a breeze. Run straight at his shrimpy ass, 
and he will fall to two swipes of your almighty Small Chainsaw. Firearms are 
stupid to use, as you may hit Tad, and Kent moves like lightning- he'll dodge 
your shots with ease.
  If things went WRONG, you should be reloading your save, but if you want to 
take him out for fun and reload later on, heh. Good luck. Kent's speed 
becomes all the more apparent when every weapon around you is slow as 
molasses. What's worse, you can't move outside of a certain distance from the 
fountain Kent's got you tied to, and Kent is MUCH stronger than he looks. 
Anything involving kicking (standing or jumping, and by the way, the jumping 
kick is still a Photo Op) knocks two blocks off of your life gauge. Not being 
able to heal worth shit (the two bags of chips won't really cut it) will only 
make things worse. Oh, and mind you- Kent's got a gun, too. You probably 
neither noticed nor cared when you were killing him as soon as the stage 
loaded with your fancy schmancy Small Chainsaw. This entire possibility is 
likely the entire reason why, for a boss this late in the game, Kent's 
vitality is rather low.
  If you saved Kindell earlier, and you SHOULD have, Otis will call as he 
planned to at noon. Kindell will be attempting to mutiny. Luckily, this will 
not be such a pain in the ass to deal with as Ronald's mutiny. The call will 
definitely be coming in during the fight; just take Kent out first.

It'll Only Take a Second:
  You may steal Kent's Camera 2 book if you want to have some fun scoring 
some mega points on your photos later, otherwise, untie and talk to Tad. If 
you take him straight back to the Security Room (and I don't recommend that, 
although you want to at least get him into the warehouse for a moment so you 
can get the next call), he won't need any weapons. Otherwise, give him a 
shotgun if you have one. He shouldn't need it, especially as the zombies have 
been cleared out of a large part of Paradise Plaza due to the Kent battle, 
but you never know. If Tad got hit a time or two during the fight with Kent, 
you can just give him orange juice from THE CAFE YOU ARE RIGHT FREAKING NEXT 
TO in order to heal with. If Tad somehow dies between here and the warehouse 
through unintentional means, you are a goddamned moron and should jump into 
  Otis will undoubtedly call about a girl in a CD shop ("A Woman In Despair") 
once you get into the warehouse, so you may as well go get her and save a 
trip. You've beaten Case 6-1, I'm sure, so you've done the prep work. Just go 
to "Players"; it's not far from here. Remember where you found the Tompkins 
twins? It's the store right next to that. Waypoint Tad just outside the store 
to keep him safe. Simone's easy to convince to come with you; just keep 
talking to her until she does. If you haven't beaten Case 6-1, don't even 
bother following the scoop, as nothing you can say or do will convince Simone 
to come with you. She doesn't need any equipment for the trip.
  You may now take Tad and Simone to the Security Room, and, oh...
whilst transporting your final survivors, and you'll REALLY be mad, because 
you'll lose ELEVEN survivors, Kindell amongst them.
  It's probably around 1:30 PM right now. That's PLENTY of time to complete 
Case 7-2. Save now.
  SAFE: Simone Ravendark
  SAFE: Tad Hawthorne
  Total: 48 survivors saved, and congratulations! You've saved everyone in 
the mall that you can save!

Case 7-2:
  Get your ass down to the Maintenance Tunnel. You've got two ways to go 
about it. The first is to go in through Leisure Park, although Carlito's 
barricade will force you to use a motorcycle to get in the tunnel. Your other 
option, and really, it's the better one, involves the Maintenance Tunnel Key 
you picked up MUCH earlier. There's a door you can use it on just north of 
the bathroom in Paradise Plaza. If you access the Tunnel from there, you can 
start in an actual car (it's a white four-door), which will last a lot longer 
than the motorcycle. If you've been down here before, you'll probably 
remember that for Case 7-2's duration, you won't find any zombies pushing 
propane tanks, unlike, oh, every other time you'll ever come down here. So 
don't worry too much about zombies destroying your car.
  Really, if your time bar is still in the yellow, you shouldn't have any 
problems finding and disposing of the five bombs. Just use your map and use 
your watch's guide arrow; it'll work better than my bad directions. Do all 
that and Case 7-2 will be complete without incident.
  If you don't think your car will survive the trek, there's a truck in the 
northwest corner of the Maintenance Tunnel you can try to reach. If you came 
in on the motorcycle, the white four-door I mention will still be at the 
Paradise Plaza access point, as well.
  There will be one small problem down here that doesn't involve the wall-to-
wall zombies, one that you WILL have to worry about destroying your car. 
Hell, destroying YOU, even.

BOSS: Carlito Keyes, final encounter
  You don't have to actually defeat Carlito to beat Case 7-2, but the option 
is there, it gets you a 50,000 PP bonus, and it DOES make things slightly 
easier on you. Know that I've never been FORCED to attack Carlito in order to 
get through the case, though.
  Before ANYTHING else, I hope it's obvious that you don't want to try to 
fight Carlito in crowded areas.
  Carlito will either try to run you down with his huge-ass truck, or throw 
pipe bombs out the window at you. Neither feels very good if you're on foot 
(which you HAVE to be to grab the bombs out of the trucks), but all he can do 
is hit you with his truck if you're still in a vehicle. I readily admit that 
still isn't that good for your cause- if your vehicle is WAY too trashed, 
you'll have to get out and move on foot, which is neither good for your 
health (due to the limitless zombies and Carlito still driving about) nor 
your time limit (because you automatically lose and get the worst ending 
should the time bar run out on you).
  You can either shove your Small Chainsaw through the door at him, or shoot 
him for similar effects. He'll probably drive off after you deal a fair 
amount of damage (one Small Chainsaw whack), but until his health is depleted 
(two Small Chainsaw whacks), don't get cocky or complacent- he'll eventually 
return. Should you defeat him, not only does he stop coming after you, and 
not only does the stage reset you back near the Paradise Plaza access point 
(all cars will be reset to their previous positions, which means you'll have 
to beat feet to the car nearby- at least the game removed the zombies from 
that particular stretch for the time being!), the cutscene you'll see after 
beating Case 7-2 will make a bit more sense. Don't worry- any bombs you've 
collected will stay with you.
Quick Reminder:
  Muck Case 7-2 up by not completing it before 5:00 PM, and the game ends. 
The mall will be blown to smithereens, all your survivors will be killed 
horribly, and you'll get ending F. That sucks. Don't let it happen.
  See the cutscene after you complete Case 7-2. Poor Brad. You've got time- 
go back into the Maintenance Tunnel and move to the area where you found the 
Maintenance Tunnel Key. There's a cool cutscene you'll otherwise miss. Again, 
poor Brad.
  You can get Snuff Shot B by taking a picture of what you see here, too. Do 
what you want afterward, and leave.
  You have until 5:00 PM to get back to the Security Room. If you did well on 
Case 7-2, feel free to do whatever you want until then.

Case 8-1:
  Just show up to the Security Room. I warn you now, Case 8 is a bit on the 
tricky side; you only have five D.R. hours to beat it (25 minutes to YOU), 
and you have to walk all the way across the mall three times (admittedly, one 
of these three trips can be shortened significantly). Let's get to it.

Case 8-2:
  Leg one of the shuttle run. Talk to Isabela on the air duct ledge; this 
trip will be similar to the one you took with Brad for Case 1-3- only this 
time around, you'll be walking to North Plaza across Leisure Park, rather 
than through Al Fresca Plaza. Follow her; she'll take the elevator to get 
into the warehouse, if you're not used to that. So you know, Isabela has a 
handgun, and it's best not to let her die. And stay close!
  At 5:00 PM (really, the moment you enter the warehouse), Otis will call and 
mention that Paul (if you saved him- I assume you did) wants to talk to you 
in the Security Room- he wants to give you something. He'll have to wait 
until we've taken care of this part of the case, though. Paul's not in a 
hurry, anyway.
  You'll end your trip a short distance from the Huntin' Shack, in Carlito's 
Hideout; you can figure out the rest of the case from here. Know its location 
well, for this won't be our last visit by any means.

Case 8-3:
  There's a save point right next to you on a rug. In fact, you're standing 
right on it. Use it if you'd like, for there's not much you can do to speed 
up Case 8-2, and there's no sense having to do it again in case things go 
  Leg two of the shuttle run- all you have to do is go talk to Jessie in the 
Security Room.
  Go ahead and talk to Paul- he will now give you free, infinite Molotov 
cocktails, as many as you can carry (one at a time). All you have to do is 
talk to Paul any time you want another.

Case 8-4:
  If 7:00 PM hasn't already rolled around, Otis will call you about Simone- 
she wants a handgun. Fulfill (preferably through one of the cop zombies in 
the moat next to the Leisure Park door in Paradise Plaza) or not, your 
choice- you have about 15 minutes to go after and defeat Larry, which is 
really plenty of time. Since you'll be getting another request fairly soon, 
though, I'd wait just a little before you go do that (although nothing is 
stopping you from at least grabbing the handgun). Let's just go kick Larry's 
  Third leg of the shuttle run, commence. Although you can go across Leisure 
Park to get to the Maintenance Tunnel, you're on a bigger time crunch than 
you were during Case 7-2 (funnily enough)- use your Maintenance Tunnel Key on 
the access point near Paradise Plaza's bathroom, so you can just drive to the 
Meat Processing Area- it's MUCH faster for you.
  Once inside, hm, looks like we'd better hurry this one up.

BOSS: Larry Chiang
  I GUESS you're on a time limit- Carlito WILL be ground up in the meat 
processor and killed horribly if you take too long during this fight, but 
honestly? If that clock runs out, it didn't happen on accident. I'm on to 
you, young man. Yes, I said young man, even if you're female. Although I 
forgot to check the exact count on things, it takes several minutes for 
Carlito to be turned into little bloody bits. Time won't be a factor- really, 
if you see even ONE of the two corpses ahead of Carlito on that conveyor go 
into the grinder, it's because you're blatantly dragging out the fight.
  Larry doesn't initially see you as an enemy, and will simply stand where he 
is until you attack him. Open up with the best weapon you've got. Make it 
count; Larry can be pretty badass if you're not careful, as his attacks do 
heavy, heavy damage. From long range, he'll either throw little cleavers at 
you or throw a giant hunk o' beef at you- the latter deals THREE BLOCKS OF 
DAMAGE and has a nasty tendency to ricochet around. Short-range isn't much 
safer. Taking an overhead chop by his big and very very sharp cleaver ALSO 
deals three blocks of damage, and a quick side-chop still knocks TWO off. He 
will also shoulder-tackle you, and he's supposedly got a REALLY nasty move 
where he'll hang you on a meathook and slash the hell out of you, but I've 
never seen it. I HAVE seen him go get a drink out of one of the sinks to 
restore a bit of his health, though.
  If you make sure this fight ends FAST, you won't need to worry about much 
of this. You know the drill by now. He's pretty damn resilient, so exercise 
caution (six RMB shots is quite a bit for THAT piece o' work, y'know). Beat 
Larry before Carlito is killed, and you'll clear Case 8-4.
  If you need them, grab the three cartons of milk as you fight.
  Now steal his giant freaking cleaver.

Last Requests:
  Sucks bein' Carlito.
  At 8:00 PM, Otis will give you a call, it's a request from Cheryl. Time to 
take care of both requests; trust me, if you wait much longer, you won't have 
the chance to fulfill them. Not that it's NECESSARY you do so, but at the 
same time, I see nothing stopping you from doing so.
  Take the truck just outside of the Meat Processing Area and drive on over 
to Paradise Plaza- I don't care if you do it above or below ground. Go clear 
off both requests (should it somehow be before 8:00 PM, just wait for Otis' 
call in the warehouse); give Simone a gun, and do Cheryl's impromptu photo 
shoot, which as you know is really only there to give you something to work 
with for Kent's second request in future games. Do what you will with any of 
the pictures you take (I find a sick ironic joy in getting a shot over 3,000 
PP with Kent's Camera 2 book in tow just to REALLY show the little bastard 
  This will be the last time you see your survivors, assuming you intend on 
finishing the case files. Considering you've read THIS far, I'm convinced 
that's your goal.

Case Closed:
  Go back to Carlito's Hideout before 10:00 PM comes; do with the time you 
may have to kill as you please. Isabela will call you if you're not already 
inside. Go in and talk to her. "The Facts" are in; you've completed all the 
Case Files.
  There is nothing more for you to do here. Start your trip to the Security 
  There is also no way in the blue hell you can possibly make it back before 
the shit hits the fan.
  If you want to see a few cutscenes more and personally witness the ultimate 
fate of Jessica McCarney (and possibly get an achievement), head to the 
Security Room anyway.
  I should mention that if you've got Kent's Camera 2 book, you can easily 
get the points for that EROTICA photo he wants on subsequent playthroughs 
right now, assuming you didn't bother with Cheryl. I'm just sayin'.
  There's also a note from Otis on the table under the monitors. It's left 
ambiguous as to who got out with whom, but all the people you have saved, 
except for Isabela, are now gone from the mall. For now, Frank is alone.
  A moment to talk to those worried about the survivors, and to those who 
just felt that grabbing the survivors was all for nothing. If it's any 
consolation, know that the "cleanup" was mentioned to start at midnight. It 
is not midnight. Take that knowledge as you will. In addition, in Ending F, 
where everyone dies, everybody on the endgame Survivor Chart is darkened out, 
and you have no survivors in your endgame totals. In Ending A, everyone you 
saved appears alive and well on the Survivor Chart, and, well, you got Saint!
  So cheer up. Pretend they only killed Ronald. =3
  From here, you should probably head on back to where Isabela is. You'll 
need to talk with her twice- once after midnight, and once after 10:00 AM, 
and cutscenes will herald both times' appearances. You're wanting to get 
Ending A if you've come this far, and doing what I just told you is your only 
way to do it.

Day 4 is upon you. The shit is now going to hit the fan.

Midnight Strike:
  The cleanup begins. The door Otis welded shut near the beginning of the 
game, which connected the Security Room to the Entrance Plaza- it is now open 
once more, and you may use it to get around the mall. You will now encounter 
Special Forces soldiers nearly everywhere, and they are not to be taken 
  The next ten hours in Dead Rising- that's 50 minutes real-time- may be 
spent however you wish. If you don't want to deal with the Special Forces, 
you don't have to- just stay put in Carlito's hideout, jiggle the control 
stick every few minutes so the game doesn't self-pause, and wait until they 
  I ask you.
  What. The hell. Is the fun. In THAT?!
  Let's go out and kick some ass, buddy!
  However, know that from now until 10:00 PM, it is technically impossible to 
score a "Game Over". Instead, should your health deplete fully by any means, 
you will be "captured". You'll come to (with full health) inside a military 
helicopter, where you'll have to escape or face Ending D, which sucks. 
Remember, if you're ever captured, you've blown your chance at scoring 
"Unbreakable" should you be trying to get it during this playthrough.
  Right, escaping the helicopter. Escape by wiggling the Left Control Stick 
around, but only do it while the patrolling Special Forces aren't looking 
your way, otherwise they'll slap the piss out of you and knock you out for 
about three hours (the ONLY way to advance the game clock faster than natural 
progression, I add). Once you fill the bar at the bottom of the screen, you 
escape and resume the game near the outdoor hallway to the Maintenance 
Tunnel, in Leisure Park.
  You will be stripped down to Frank's underwear and will possess no items. 
This sucks. Try not to get captured unless you either want to see Ending D 
(bad idea for your Saint run) or are incredibly bored and trying to run down 
the clock in the fastest way possible.
  I repeat: the Special Forces are NOT to be trifled with. Here's what you 
need to know.

ENEMY: Special Forces Members
  They almost always attack in pairs, and all of them carry machine guns, 
which they drop upon their demise. Sadly, that last part sounds a lot more 
special than it actually is. See, Special Forces members weather gunshots WAY 
too well, and in terms of firearms, anything less than an RMB shot just 
doesn't faze them enough to be worth using, given they'll still be attempting 
to riddle your photojournalist ass with bullets.
  Their shots cause a lot of damage (it's likely that attempting to engage 
them will see you taking at least one block of damage) AND juggle you around 
a bit, and they have a LOT of health. They do, however, have a few 
  If you see them coming (difficult, as they wear all-black and don't stand 
out in a dark corridor) and still have an RMB handy, you can beat them to the 
punch- they have a pretty specific range they like to fire from, and you 
aren't bound by such silly rules of engagement. Aim however you please, fire, 
listen to that oh-so-satisfying scream. However, where they REALLY falter is 
in melee combat, and if you DON'T have an RMB available, listen up. You've 
got two choices, and both work GREAT.
  One- weapons. As always, the Small Chainsaw is your best bet and will cut 
these guys down in ONE HIT most of the time, if not ALL the time. Failing 
that (I REALLY hope you aren't), katanas, Larry's cleaver or Cliff's machete 
(should you somehow still possess either), and overall sharp things tend to 
do the trick in only a few hits.
  Two- Frank's special moves. Assuming you ignored that wall of text that was 
my special move listing WAY up above- Lift Up (assuming you can throw the guy 
before getting gutshot by a buddy of his), Face Crusher (can't do much better 
from behind), and Disembowel (your move of choice from the front) I KNOW kill 
them in one hit, the Suplex doesn't work half-bad itself, and a Hammer Throw 
can set soldiers up for your other moves. Seriously, should you find yourself 
half-naked and with no weapons, don't lose hope- Frank's still got a hell of 
a fighting chance, but if nothing else, get to a food source until you rearm 
the poor guy- you may want the insurance.
  Defeating a Special Forces member nets you an impressive 5,000 PP, and 
kicking ten of their asses earns you the Legendary Soldier achievement. Watch 
out- they respawn every time an area loads, so watch your back every time you 
load a new area.

Black Hawk Up:
  While we're at it, WATCH OUT if you're in Leisure Park. There's a Special 
Forces helicopter patrolling the area, and it can REALLY ruin your day. It 
will charge at and over you while spraying machine gun fire (good luck 
dodging), and it'll fire missiles that shred three blocks out of your health 
gauge and knock you halfway to kingdom come.
  If you MUST attempt to engage this thing (and you can only be crazy enough 
to do that if you want the Hella Copter achievement), bring at least four 
Machineguns outside, and PLEASE bring some health items. You will need them. 
There will be an orange-roofed picnic spot on the east side of Paradise Plaza 
(it's almost immediately to the west of Jill's Sandwiches on the map)- get on 
top of it either through fancy jumping or through the Zombie Ride. Aim for 
the tail rotor and hope to hell you hit at SOME point; this thing is FAST and 
the target is small.
  But let's not split hairs. You really don't want to deal with this 
helicopter AT ALL unless you are specifically trying to earn that 
Achievement. Stay inside unless absolutely necessary.

Six-Star Shopping:
  Since you need to unlock Ending A, which will see you going straight to 
Overtime Mode, you must prepare before noon comes. You can actually do so 
with. don't wanna say too early. Just trust me, you'll have it easier if you 
wait until you've talked to Isabela at 10:00 AM.
  But YOU'RE not a sissy! Sure, there's Special Forces swarming the mall like 
angry bees, but you're badass. Plus you've got to kill 50 minutes somehow, 
and may as well be productive in the process.
  You want to make sure you have the following things in your possession 
before you go into Overtime Mode. Nothing will stop you from getting any of 
this once you're actually IN Overtime Mode, but preparation is always nice.
  -Small Chainsaws available. If you have two fresh chainsaws actually in 
your possession, good.
  -All three Small Chainsaw books, the locations of which are in the tips. 
This probably means grabbing the Entertainment book now if you're anything 
like me and usually go double-booked rather than triple-booked. (You can 
consider only taking one Small Chainsaw in if you're using all three books; 
it's hard to use even ONE up at that point, let alone two, but the decision 
is yours)
  -You'll be taking a lot of damage, so the Survival book is great to have 
around (failing that, the Health books- stacking them is not a necessity), 
but not vital- although, know you'll need to make MANY more stops for food if 
you don't have SOMETHING.
  -A fully-loaded RMB if you have them available. Just drop your current RMB 
outside the Security Room, then go inside for a full RMB.
  -If you DON'T have access to the RMB, you'll want a shotgun or two around 
(you should only need one); these can actually wait a bit, or even wait until 
you're actually IN Overtime Mode (they're useless against soldiers, but.)- 
just know you want one then; you start close to the gun store anyway.
  -High-powered health items of some sort. Wine's great and easy-access, 
mixed drinks work damn fine as well (in addition, there's a trick with the 
Spitfire drink (good combo for that: Ice Pops + Ice Pops; make at the Food 
Court; "Frozen Dreams") that you can use against the final boss and it's a 
trick I highly recommend using), and if you can be bothered to cook up a Well 
Done Steak, have at it!
  Got all that? Go nuts. I'll wait until 10:00 AM rolls around.
  If you're particularly worried, stick close to either the Food Court or 
Seon's- being surrounded by food is a good thing right now. Just be aware- 
your snacks won't be unguarded.

Power of Ten:
  If you aren't at Carlito's Hideout by 10:00 AM, Isabela will remind you to 
show up. Once it's 10:00 or past and you're in the Hideout, there will be a 
cutscene, and the military will leave. DO NOT FORGET to talk to Isabela or 
else getting Ending A just ain't gonna happen. Go outside afterwards.
  Remember how I told you that getting around would become a lot easier at 
this point? Yeeeeah. Look around you. I'm sure you can see why. You will see 
no resistance whatsoever between now and the end of 72 Hour Mode. Kinda 
creepy, actually.
  Make all your final preparations. Healing to full is also a smart choice if 
you can spare the time; your current health WILL carry over to Overtime Mode, 
and you won't be alone.
  Head up to the heliport via the Security Room- remember, the heliport's 
where you started the game; go up the stairs in the Security Room and open 
the door at the top, if you forgot exactly how to get there (it happens). 
Stay there. If you've got a lot of time left and you're fully prepped, now's 
a good time to drop your controller, get up and go hit the bathroom or get a 
  While waiting for Ed to show up, I like to tilt the camera so that all you 
see in the shot is the front of Frank, and the sky. Cinematic.

High Noon:
  Ouch. Poor Ed.

Overtime Mode is now a go.

  You can either view or skip the credit sequence; you'll be seeing it again 
at the end of Overtime Mode, just cooler. At the end of it, view your game 
statistics for 72 Hour Mode if you'd like. If you've got either 48 or 49 
survivors right now, great- once you beat Overtime Mode, you'll have Saint.
  And I'll tell you what- you've come this far, so what say I help you the 
rest of the way?

Bad News Is, I Forgot To Tell You Yesterday:
  Well, crap. Frank's been bitten (probably many times) and is infected. How 
this doesn't happen through any of the other endings is a question I will 
never be able to answer with any conviction.
  Isabela knows a way to at least stall the zombification process. You've 
only got 24 hours to pick up the necessary goods to let her do so, or else 
Frank becomes a zombie and the game ends with some pseudo-ending text.

The Shopping List From Hell:
  Your first order of business is to grab a few items from around the mall.
  Before anything else, bad news- the Special Forces are back (as in the 
final moments of 72 Hour Mode, you'll be "captured" if your health runs out), 
and they've got new toys, which you'll find out the moment you leave 
Carlito's Hideout. Essentially, they're RC-styled helicopter drones that will 
fly around and look for you. Should they see you, not only emit a loud, 
annoying alarm that alerts any nearby Special Forces member in the area to 
your presence, they'll also attempt to follow you around and shoot you.
  They have almost no health to speak of, so if you still have an RMB, aim 
and fire. It'll drop in one shot. Otherwise, remember when I suggested you 
grab some shotguns earlier? If this is the case and you didn't, grab one or 
two of them NOW- they too will knock a drone out of the sky in one hit and 
the spread will make aiming easier on you. As an amusing aside, I've actually 
found that ANYTHING, and I do mean ANYTHING, knocks the drones out of the sky 
in one hit. Throw a pie at one. Laugh. Laugh a LOT. Pause while you laugh so 
the soldiers don't flay you alive. Still, your weapon of choice for right now 
is the RMB- having only soldiers and drones attacking you means your RMB 
shots WILL be hitting and insta-killing Special Forces in some fashion 
(later, melee's the way to go), and not hitting zombies instead.
  Got that? Good. Time to do some shopping. You need to grab eight items, and 
here's the order I suggest you do it in.
  First Aid Kit: "Seon's Food & Stuff". It's in the same place you got the 
one for Brad in during Case 2-3.
  Magnifying Glass: "Wonder Jewels". Wonderland Plaza, first floor, west 
  Blender: Food Court. Doesn't matter where; there's one in "The Dark Bean" 
and another in "Frozen Dreams".
  At this point, just charge through Al Fresca Plaza. It's safer than it 
normally is, what with no zombies being there. Mind the Special Forces, of 
  Perfume Bottle: "Estelle's Fine-Lady Cosmetics", Entrance Plaza, second 
floor. You found Wayne there earlier.
  Camp Stove: "Sports High", Entrance Plaza, first floor, west side. You 
can't miss the sign.
  Coffee Filters: Security Room, where you found Otis' note. Remember, you 
can take the second floor entrance to access the place now; you may still use 
the air duct if you'd like to go to your next step that way.
  Developing Solution: "Cam's Camera", Paradise Plaza, you have passed it 
countless times.
  Cold Spray: "SporTrance", Paradise Plaza, second floor. It's close to the 
bathrooms if you're looking at the map.
  Got all eight items? If you took my route and didn't dick around with the 
Special Forces any more than necessary, it should have only taken you two 
hours. Twenty-two to go.
  You might not have looked earlier, but do note that zombies once more 
inhabit Leisure Park.
  But, as I always do, I digress. Run back to Isabela and give her the stuff. 
A cutscene will activate.

  Talk to Isabela, and it'll turn out the generator she's been using has 
broken down. You'll need to get another one. This is TOTALLY not just a way 
to make you see another cutscene that will prove useful to Frank's cause. 
Head out to the clock tower in Leisure Park. Approach it and you'll see the 
cutscene I alluded to. Afterwards, head to the side of the clock tower 
opposite the one the big freaking hole is in, grab the generator that's just 
lying around, stuff it into Frank's pocket, and go back to Isabela. WATCH 
OUT, as that damned helicopter will be back the moment the cutscene 
  You have one more goal after this.

Call Me Queen:
  Isabela asks for ten Queens. Good thing the zombies came back, or else you 
would be screwed beyond comprehension right now. You'll have to go out and 
kill zombies that are infested with Queens, then steal the Queens.
  Fill whatever inventory slots you have open with Queens (you can afford to 
empty a slot or two- your RMB has really served its purpose, so you may drop 
that or just drain its ammo, and I leave the rest of the decisions to you- I 
suggest having three slots open for Queens), returning to Isabela to hand 
them off one at a time once you can't carry anything else. It's like giving 
survivors weapons back in the day. Just remember, the MOMENT you give Isabela 
the tenth Queen, you will have reached a point of no return- make sure you 
have everything you want or need in order before handing it over.
  I leave the process to you. The North Plaza has a new stock of zombies you 
would do well to take advantage of. The Special Forces will still be around, 
but at this point, the drones aren't worth worrying about, and zombies will 
typically distract the soldiers from your presence, unless of course you get 
too close (if you do, carve them open with something nice and sharp). If 
you're doing well, you'll have about 21 hours to go. You'll be fine.
  Remember. Get nine, make your final preparations, then give Isabela the 
  Congratulations, for Frank is safe for now, and there are no more time 
limits you have to deal with for the remainder of the game. Amusingly, your 
watch will cease to function now.
  No, by the way, you've still got to escape the mall and Willamette. Don't 
get lazy on me now.

Mosh Pits Are Awesome:
  You're in the game's final stretch. You can save on top of the concrete 
stairwell you start on. Do so if you wish. Hold Isabela's hand just like you 
did with Susan a while ago- it's not that she has trouble walking; it's that 
as long as you're within hand-holding distance, zombies will be instantly 
knocked down once they're in attack range.
  You'll be stopped by a metal gate with a circular grate right next to it. 
Send Isabela inside the grate, and fight like hell to keep the zombies off 
you until Isabela opens the gate. Hold hands again, then charge through the 
next battalion of zombies. Another gate will stop you, but there's a door in 
it. Go inside.
  New area, same rules. Hold Isabela's hand and run forward. Yet another gate 
will stop you; this time you'll have to send Isabela into another circular 
grate to progress. Don't let the zombies get you, now. Afterwards, keep 
running until a cutscene stops you.
  Play will resume on top of a concrete block that you can save on- the last 
save point available in the game. Use it or lose it. At this point, you'll 
have to carry Isabela to take advantage of the zombie knockdowns. Do so. 
Ready? Charge forward, go to the left, go up the stairs, and hit the switch. 
Now, go outside, go wherever you don't see a muzzle flash unless getting shot 
by Special Forces soldiers sounds like fun fun, and run to the Jeep.
  Got a Spitfire? Drink it NOW.
  Everyone else can just get right on the Jeep.

Rocks vs. Tanks, Part II:
  ...THAT can't be good.

BOSS: XM3 Prototype Tank
  Your health will be fully restored for this fight.
  Place your finger over the X button. Hold that down until the battle 
  The tank's armor itself is totally impenetrable, but it has three weak 
points that take damage when shot (you'll see a small explosion if you 
connect with one). Two of them are the flashing green sensors on the front of 
the tank, on both sides. I'll get to the other in a second.
  Mind you, the tank will of course be fighting back. It has three attacks.
  One: It'll raise a small, dome-like sensor. This is actually the tank's 
third weak point, and you want to shoot it when it appears. See, it emits a 
green laser that tracks you around. If you don't shoot the sensor enough, the 
laser will turn red. If you STILL haven't shot the sensor enough in very 
short order, BOOM! The tank will shell you for one block of damage. Shoot it 
enough and you'll cancel the attack.
  Two: It'll send some of those helicopter drones out. One hit will knock 
them out of the sky, but if left alone long enough, they'll start firing at 
you. They're not accurate and deal little damage, but it'll start to add up 
if the fight goes on way too long. If you're not just screwing around with 
this fight, you can probably get away with just ignoring them and letting 
them wander into your line of fire.
  Three: It'll fire four small rockets at you, all at once. If you don't 
shoot them all down before they reach you, you lose a block of life.
  The fight isn't particularly difficult; it just takes way too damn long to 
finish (the tank has a TON of health), AND you have another, much more 
dangerous boss immediately afterwards.
  If you drank a Spitfire, finish this fight as quickly as possible- the 
reason why you wanted the Spitfire effect active is for the next asshole you 
have to beat.
  If you don't think he's an asshole now, ohhh trust me, you're about to.

FINAL BOSS: Brock Mason
  Your health will be fully restored again.
  It's just you against Brock. You have no items at all, let alone weapons. 
Brock is a better fighter than you are. Worst of all, Brock can block pretty 
much anything you throw at him. This ain't gonna be easy, so let's just try 
to get through it.
  As stated, Brock is capable of blocking, but he WILL still take very minor 
tick damage from anything he blocks. Taking him head-on is nonetheless a bad 
idea, so you'll have to work with what you've got.
  I'm not even gonna bother telling you all of Brock's moves. He basically 
does fast steps around, kicks your ass mercilessly, and repeats the process 
while you try to land hits. He'll also try to chokehold you and sap your 
health. There's no indicator once he gets his hands on you, but you can 
thrash the left control stick around just like you would with a zombie's 
grab, and you'll get out just fine. Brock sometimes lets you know it's coming 
by whirling his arm around (that's a Photo Op, so ya know).
  Do not take all of this to mean that Brock is unbeatable. You have ways 
around this. His blocking isn't as effective if you're on a different level 
of the tank than he is. If he jumps down or up, timing a hit right (whatever 
it may be with) will let you do full damage- he can't block while jumping or 
falling. The Double Lariat works well on him too, sticking him in place while 
he blocks- you do tick damage with every hit, and Brock will be stuck in his 
blocking animation, unable to fight back (mind the recovery time on the 
Double Lariat's ending, though).
  If you're knocked off the tank, climb back on, Zombie Ride or otherwise. 
Did I mention there's a sea of zombies surrounding the tank?
  You were waiting for this. Remember the whole Spitfire thing I kept 
mentioning? Do you know what it DOES? It basically turns your spit (unequip 
your weapon, which I don't think will be a problem during this fight, hold 
down the right trigger, then hit X) into a weapon. Basically, Frank is his 
own handgun. If the effect is active, spit on Brock like a crazed dilophosaur
on crack. He will block it, every time. But he'll still take damage, every
time. Better, he'll be stuck in place while you literally kill him by spitting
on him over and over. Does it sound ridiculous? Yes. Yes, it does. But it
works, and it is by FAR the easiest way you have available to beat this guy.
Why not use it? It's not as if Brock is fighting fair.

The End:
  Game, Set, Match. Take that, Brock. Watch the enhanced credit sequence, I 
think it's quite cool.
  By the way, as you'll find, Frank and Isabela are both safe. That's brought 
your survivor total to either 50 or 51. Either way, congratulations, buddy. 
You achieved "Saint". Grab yourself your favorite drink; if you've stayed 
with me long enough to get the job done, you've definitely earned it.
  The aftermath text explains a bit more about the results of Frank's 
activities, but just like all good B-movie horror flicks, much is left 
  Maybe we'll find out more when Dead Rising 2 comes around. Now that I know 
it's actually coming, well, I only mean the following line that much more.
  Heh. Can't friggin' wait.


Phase 10:
Frequently Asked Questions

"You said I can save up to 53 survivors. I only picked 48 out of the mall. 
What gives?"
  As I said, story characters count in your total, it's just that some come 
in late, and some die. Now, since the condition for picking up Simone is tied 
into the story, let's just remove her from the "mall survivors" and consider 
her a story character for the sake of argument. That makes 47 mall survivors. 
But here's the story characters you can get out, assuming you don't just punk 
out earlier than 5-2.

  From Case 1-1: Frank, Otis, Brad and Jessie. 47 + 4 story = 51 survivors.
  From Case 2-2: Add Barnaby. 47 + 5 story = 52 survivors.
  From Case 5-2: Add Isabela. 47 + 6 story = 53 survivors.
  From Case 6-1: Lose Barnaby, but add Simone in exchange. 47 + 6 story = 53 
  From Case 7-2: Lose Brad. 47 + 5 story = 52 survivors.
  Complete all files: Lose Jessie. 47 + 4 story = 51 survivors.

  Don't worry when your survivor chart doesn't count Frank or Isabela once 
you get Ending A (which leaves you with 49 survivors). Both will be counted 
at the end of Overtime Mode, leaving you with a total of 51 survivors.

"Why do you stress the use of Small Chainsaws so heavily?"
  Because they last two beheadings shy of forever if you have the right 
are guaranteed kills on all zombies and most other foes, tear through entire 
GROUPS of enemies, and rip bosses to shreds in only a few hits. Any other 
melee weapon is lacking in at least one of those areas, and efficiency is key 
in a Saint run.
  If you're not going for a Saint run, all being said, my walkthrough can 
still help you out, just do whatever you like, use what you want, and ignore 
anything you don't care about.

"Can you help me get Transmissionary?"
  You bet I can! Now, if you're going through a Saint run exactly as I 
mentioned, and save EVERYONE, you'll get all of Otis' calls about the 
survivors' appearances in the process. You need to save EVERYONE because 
certain survivors (Floyd, Simone, Paul, Cheryl, Ronald, Kindell) have 
requests/mutinies that Otis must call you about, as well- note how you won't 
get those six calls if their rooms hold few survivors. Just be sure you take 
the calls.
  Be sure you enter EVERY part of the mall- or at least Paradise Plaza (can't 
miss this one), Wonderland Plaza, the Food Court (you'll have to go in a 
second time after beating Carlito for this one), North Plaza, and the 
Maintenance Tunnel- and do so EARLY, because Otis calls you the first time 
you enter each of those places, and I don't know if there's a time limit on 
that. Otis will call you during case 2-3 once you're in Seon's, too. Be sure 
you take that call before confronting Steven.
  This next part is the odd one, because it sounds completely 
counterproductive. You have to hide out in the mall until case files activate 
(That is to say, you know how the game says "THE NEXT CASE FILE WILL START 
AT..."? Don't show up immediately at that time.)- Otis will call if you 
on the rooftop and remind you to show up (for 5-1, change "rooftop" to "North 
Plaza" and hide out in Seon's or Crislip's), and all seven of those calls 
(cases 2 through 8) MUST be taken to score Transmissionary.
  Remember that Otis must actually COMPLETE his calls for them to count!
  Isabela calls a few times herself over the game's duration, but her calls 
don't count- only Otis's. Take them anyway to be on the safe side, but once 
you see your Achievement pop up on the screen, you officially no longer have 
to care. Just be sure you complete the game and get your ending so you get 
your Mall Employee uniform, oooo-KAY?


Phase 11:
Thanks and Links

  I would LIKE to say that everything in this game I've learned and done 
myself, but that's simply not the case. I HAVE looked at other peoples' work, 
and although the walkthrough is my own, I HAVE adapted parts of other 
peoples' work into my strategy. If you'd like to know, I would suggest 
looking at some of these guys for alternate takes- their strategies do not 
ENTIRELY match mine, so...

  Stolisomancer's visual walkthrough is quite useful for taking you through 
72 Hour Mode, and shows a perfect Ending A run, although it doesn't take you 
into Overtime Mode.

  I also point you to CarlottaMonroe's guide on Saint AND Transmissionary 
right here on GameFAQs. It's not far from here, most likely.

  I'd also like to thank the dozen or so people who have told me through e-
mail that my guide really helped them through the process of getting the 
Saint Achievement. Sarcastic as I enjoy being, I'm definitely not being 
sarcastic when I say that it makes me quite happy to know that I've been such 
a help to you. Bonus points to "Mcrfan44" for telling me about a few things I 
probably should have added in the first place.


Phase 12:

  Okay, that all being said and done, I think we've covered all we need to 
cover! I hope that you either got the Saint Achievement you were looking for, 
the help you needed for something else, or hell, just had a blast reading 
(wasn't too boring, I hope). And for that matter, I'm happy to see that you 
must have enjoyed "Dead Rising" every bit as much as I have, a game I feel is 
one of the best there ever was. May Dead Rising 2 follow in its footsteps.
  You may feel free to check out the site I've got at 
http://yukatakeuchifan.kiwibonga.com if you'd like; while not the most 
worksafe thing in the world, it's nothing too explicit, although if you're 
not a fan of anime girls you'd probably better go someplace else.
  Enjoy your day, buddy!

  By all means, whatever you feel like saying about my guide, I'd like to 
hear it. You can reach me at "yukatakeuchifan (Hold shift, press the "two" 
key) gmail (pencil stab) com".

  I've REALLY got better things to do with my time than read flames that I'll 
just delete anyway. If you have a problem with my guide, don't act like a 
little prick who believes you're twice as old as you actually are. If you 
have a problem with my guide, let me know where your problem lies in a calm, 
coherent manner. Be professional and I'll extend you the same courtesy, and 
will act as I feel is appropriate based on what you bring up.
  If you would rather act like an annoying whiny bitch, I suggest you drink 
everything your parents have under the sink. I assume no responsibility if 
your brain-dead ass actually does this, although I'll admit to being happy 
that your genes will never pass on.


Phase 13:

  This guide for Dead Rising's Saint Achievement was written by me, Yuka 
Takeuchi Fan (if one must name names, give "Andy Kurland" a try). I'll be 
frank (you can be Brad), you wanna post this somewhere else? I have exactly 
one requirement for doing so- ask me. I will almost undoubtedly say yes 
unless the most extenuating of circumstances occurs. I do of course wish for 
my name to stay in the document. Ego, pal.
  I WOULD tell you not to sell this document for money, but really. Everyone 
knows about GameFAQs and whatnot. If you can find a man stupid enough to pay 
for it, you're teaching good lessons in capitalism to the world at large, and 
giving both you and me something to laugh at. Thanks, buddy!


Phase 14:

  While I appreciate your apparent desire to read more of my writing, I have 
nothing more to say. For the love of Lin Grace's oversized booty, it's time 
to go do something else, okay?

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