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Otis Transmission Guide by GeistCH

Version: 0.91 | Updated: 08/20/06


Dead Rising

A Guise to Otis's Transmissions v0.9
Otis, please shut up before I lock you in a closet with a Rabid, Starved Badger

by GeistCH


[1.0] - - - - - Statement of Purpose

[2.0] - - - - - The List of Transmissions

[3.0] - - - - - Advice/Comments/Transmissionary
  [3.1] - - - - List of Must-save Survivors

[4.0] - - - - - Creditry and Copyright

- Version History -

0.9 - - - - - Aug. 17, 06 -First Run.  Some incorrect scoop names.

0.91- - - - - Aug. 20, 06 -Minor additions.


[1.0] - The Purpose of This FAQ - 

First off, this FAQ is ONE GIANT SPOILER.

There is no information in this FAQ that will NOT take something away from
the game for you if you have not played through it.  This guide is for the
purpose of timing, preparing for, and understanding the transmissions
Otis is always throwing at you.

For this FAQ I will be assuming you have at least a basic familiarity with
the plot and locales within the game.  When I say, "You need to save Cheryl",
I'm not going to explain to you step by step how to do so.

The order I have the transmissions in is purely subjective.  This is the order
I received them in.  This is the order and number I know works for the 
Transmissionary Achievement. I'm sure there are hundreds of potential orders
you could recieve the transmissions in.

I have received some information from people that suggests you must save
a few other people other than just the survivors who eventually have Otis
call you from the Security Room.  For those calls to happen, it would seem
that each of these people requires some "company" in the room with them.
Until I sort this out, it would be wise to save a few people other than
those who make the requests.

It is of course possible I've accidentally left something out.  If you can
see something I've missed contact me at " GeistCH@comcast.net ".

Away we go.

[2.0] - - - - - The List of Transmissions

A "*" next to the time indicates the time might be a little off on that
entry.  I may have been in the area, or in the middle of something else
that was preventing the transmission at the exact time it triggers.

1. The first time you enter the Warehouse -
 "Warehouse Intro" transmission.

2. The first time you enter Entrance Plaza (After Case 1-3) -
 "Entrance Plaza Intro" transmission.

3. 19th/3pm* Anywhere but Paradise Plaza -
 "Cut from the Same Cloth" scoop transmission.

4. 19th/4pm Anywhere but Al Fresca Plaza -
 "Barricade Pair" Scoop transmission.

5. 19th/4:15pm* Anywhere but Al Fresca Plaza -
 "A Mother's Lament" Scoop transmission.

6. The first time you enter the Food Court -
 "Food Court Intro" transmission.

7. The first time you enter North Plaza -
 "North Plaza Intro" transmission.

8. 19th/9pm Anywhere but Wonderland Plaza -
 "Out of Control" scoop transmission.

9. 19th/10pm Anywhere but Wonderland Plaza -
 "Japanese Tourist" scoop transmission.

10.The first time you enter Wonderland Plaza -
 "Wonderland Plaza Intro" transmission.

11.19th/11pm Anywhere but North Plaza -
 "Shadows in North Plaza" scoop transmission.

 Otis calls to tell you to talk to Jessie about Case 2-1.

13.During case 2-2, Otis calls to tell you the EP/PP gate is open.

14.20th/7am Anywhere but Wonderland Plaza -
 "The Lovers" scoop transmission.

15.During case 2-3 - "Supermarket Intro" transmission.

16.20th/8am Anywhere but North Plaza -
 "The Hatchet Man" scoop transmission.

17.20th/9am Anywhere but Al Fresca Plaza -
 "The Coward" scoop transmission.

18.20th/11am Anywhere but the Security Room -
Otis calls to tell you the medicine is working and Jessie wants you to
come see her.

19.20th/11am Anywhere but Paradise Plaza -
 "Restaurant Man"(Ronald) scoop transmission.

20.20th/Noon Anywhere but Wonderland Plaza -
 "Above the Law" scoop transmission.

21.20th/3pm Anywhere but the Security Room -
 Otis calls and says he sees Isabella on the monitors.

22.20th/5pm Anywhere but Entrance Plaza -
 "Antique Lover" scoop transmission.

23.20th/5pm Anywhere but Entrance Plaza -
 "Mark of the Sniper" scoop transmission.

24.20th/5pm Anywhere but Entrance Plaza -
 "The Woman Who Didn't Make it" scoop transmission.

25.20th/7pm Anywhere but the Security Room -
 "Ronald's Apetite" Survivor Request Transmission

26.First time you enter the Maintainance Tunnel -
 "Maintainence Tunnel Intro" transmission.

27.21st/Midnight Anywhere but North Plaza -
 Otis calls and tells you to meet Isabella for Case 5-1.

28.21st/Midnight Anywhere but Colby's Movieland -
 "A Strange Group" scoop transmission.

29.21st/2am Anywhere but the Security Room -
 "Floyd the Sommelier" Survivor Request Transmission.

30.21st/3am Anywhere but the Security Room -
 Otis calls to tell you Isabella is awake.

31.21st/5am Anywhere but Wonderland Plaza -
 "Long Haired Punk" scoop transmission.

32.21st/8am Anywhere but Wonderland Plaza -
 "A Sick Man" scoop transmission.

33.21st/11am Anywhere but the Security Room -
 Otis calls to tell you Isabella wants to see you.

34.21st/Noon Anywhere but Paradise Plaza -
 "A Woman in Dispair" scoop transmission.

35.21st/Noon Anywhere but the Security Room -
 "Kindell's Betrayal" Survivor Request Transmission.

36.21st/5pm Anywhere but the Security Room -
 "Paul's Present" Survivor Request Transmission.

37.21st/7pm Anywhere but the Security Room -
 "Simone the Gunslinger" Survivor Request Transmission.

38.21st/8pm Anywhere but the Security Room -
 "Cheryl's Request" Survivor Request Transmission.

Now, Otis.. LEAVE ME ALONE.  16 hours of peace and quiet left. =p

**Even on an HDTV I can't read the name of this scoop.


[3.0] - Advice/Comments/Transmissionary -

Why this information is useful:  
You need to know where NOT to be at any given time to complete these in a
timely manner.  Also remember 8 people max in party.  If you "block" the
transmissions for too long you'll miss them or you'll be squeezed for time.
So make trips back to the Security Room with survivors as often aspossible,
and don't wait around in one place for a transmission.  Always try and be
OUT of the zone listed for a transmission, and NEVER be early for a plot
related transmission.

There has been a lot of confusion about the Transmissionary
achievement on the board.  One of the issues has been whether or not any of
the calls can be interrupted by Frank.  The answer is yes.  During the
play-through for this guide, calls were interrupted twice.  As far as I can
tell, Otis will only call for each scoop twice, so you can only have him get
interrupted once per scoop.  Also, at times when there are a lot of
transmissions coming, interrupting them can cause them to time out. At 5pm
on the 20th, I had one of my calls "vanish" because I was getting
interrupted, I only recieved the "Mark of the Sniper" call once, and it got
interrupted and after he sent the other two transmissions he never called
back about "Mark of the Sniper" and I had to re-load my game. 

The Plot, Transmissionary, and You:
There has also been some conjecture as to when Otis stops being part of the
plot. If you stop doing the plot during "The Last Resort" you will still get
all of Otis's Transmissions.  Let "The Last Resort" time out and you'll still
be able to get Transmissionary.  You don't HAVE to let the plot pass you by,
However Transmissionary is a good achievement to get on the same playthrough
as the Saint achievement, and Saint is much easier to get if you also stop
at this point.

I have recieved an Email stating that Otis calls you after you complete
The Last Resort. Obviously I got the achievement without receiving this call.
I have not confirmed this call myself, but if you were aware of that call
and wondering where it went in this guide... fear not, you seem able to
get the achievement without it.

To get Transmissionary you MUST progress at LEAST to this point of the plot,
though.  Isabella must have declared "I'm a medical Technician!" for you to
rescue Simone, and Simone has one of Otis's transmissions tied to her.

It is a good idea to fulfill the requests of your survivors.  You don't have
much else to do at that point, and not fulfilling them can have some negative
effects on the outcome of your game.  Ronald and Kindell, at least, can take
their entire room of survivors with them if you fail their requests.

[3.1] - List Must-save-survivors for Transmissionary -

There are six survivors who MUST be saved in order to get Transmissionary:
1 - Ronald - "Restaurant Man" scoop.
2 - Floyd - "Antique Lover" scoop.
3 - Kindell - Found outside Isabella's meeting place during 5-1.
4 - Paul - "Long Haired Punk" scoop, put out with fire extinguisher.
5 - Simone - "A Woman in Dispair" scoop, must have ISabella available.
6 - Cheryl - "A Strange Group" scoop, woman in the storage room.


[4.0]  Credits and Copyright

Capcom for making the game.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This FAQ is copyrighted by Jeff Smeland 2006. 

Thanks to these folks for additions and corrections:
Donal Terrell
William Howe
Leon No

You may contact me at:  GeistCH@comcast.net .

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