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Book Guide by GeistCH

Version: 0.91 | Updated: 08/16/2006

Dead Rising

Book Guide  v0.5

By GeistCH


[1.0] - - - - - Statement of Purpose

[2.0] - - - - - Double and Triple Booking
  [2.1] - - - - - The Effects of Double and Triple Booking
  [2.2] - - - - - List of Multiply-Effected Weapons

[3.0] - - - - - List of Books by Store
  [3.1] - - - - - Bachman's Bookporium
  [3.2] - - - - - Contemporary Reading
  [3.3] - - - - - Everyone Luvs Books
  [3.4] - - - - - Sir Book-A-Lot
  [3.5] - - - - - The Sinister Read

[4.0] - - - - - Story-Obtained Books  (Spoilers)

[5.0] - - - - - Tips and Comments

[6.0] - - - - - Alphabetical List of Items with Book-Increased Durability

[7.0] - - - - - Creditry and Copyright

-Version History-

0.9 - - - - - Aug. 12, 06 - First run. I have probably missed a book or two.
                            I will update the FAQ as/if more information
                            becomes available. To my knowledge I have not
                            missed or omitted any book-related information.

0.91- - - - - Aug. 16, 06 - Confirmed location of a story-obtained book.
                            Thanks to the 3 dozen people who emailed me
                            confirming its' location.  ;)


[1.0] - Purpose of this FAQ -

This FAQ will contain information on the status effecting books available to
Frank throughout the game, such as where to find them and what they'll do for
you. This FAQ will not contain story spoilers in sections without warnings.

The material available for this FAQ is quite limited, so it will be quite
small.  I know that for myself however I would have liked to have this
available to me from the start.  Now that I have a good sense of where and
what all the books are, I am able to obtain a very effective combination of
books before the end of the first case and I find that to be incredibly useful.

	If you have any additions or corrections you can Email me:


[2.0] - Double and Triple Booking -

If you've played the game for more than 15 minutes, you know you can aquire
books that extend the life of your weapons.  In some uncommon cases there
are weapons that are given a bonus by two different books.  There are so far
only four weapons I've found which are given a bonus by three books.

If you look under Status and under Skills in the pause menu with a particular
book in your inventory you can see which weapons they effect.

[2.1] - The Effects of Double and Triple Booking - 

When using a weapon, every body strike counts toward durability loss. If you
swing a baseball bat one time and it hits four zombies that counts as four
points of durability loss to the bat.  Using a single book will triple the
life of an item.

Using two books that effect a single item causes the durability of that item
to be multiplied by nine.

I counted the strikes using a Hedge Trimmer from a hardware store.

No book:  		20 Strikes
Single book effect:  	60 Strikes
Double book effect:   	180 Strikes

In the case of Triple Booking an item, there are four items I've found that
can be triple booked.  I have not counted the number of strikes an item can
perform with all 3 effects on it.  I'm going to assume that three books means
the durability of the item should be multiplied by 27.  I'm simply not going
to count that many strikes.  Let's just say the weapons last a very very
long time.

In the rest of this FAQ, when ** appears after an item name it denotes that
this item can be effected by two books.   When *** appears after an item name
it can be effected by 3.

[2.2] - List of Multiply-Effected Weapons

One of the game's greater challenges can be keeping yourself stocked up on a
truly effective arsenal of weaponry.  Sure you can find something at hand most
times in an emergency, but if at all possible you want to keep your favorite
weapons around and use them too.  The effect of multiple-booking will allow
you to actually use a good weapon to get from point A to point B instead of
conserving them for "when you need them most".   With two books in your
inventory, picking up a single weapon effected by both books is basically the
same thing as picking up nine of that weapon.  It makes a huge difference when
deciding how you'll use weapons.

  Bowling Ball
  Hedge Trimmer
  Pick Ax
  Plywood Panel
  Saw Blade
  Small Chainsaw
  Steel Rack

  Hedge Trimmer
  Small Chainsaw


[3.0] - List of Books by Store -

** indicates an item can be effected by two books.
*** indicates an item can be effected by three books.

[3.1] - Bachman's Bookporium -
  Location: P108 - To the right as you leave the warehouse entrance, between
  the stairs to the upper level of Paradise Plaza.

  Books:- [Engineering] - 3x durability for the following items -
            Pylon, Shovel, Sledgehammer, 2 x 4, Lead Pipe, Excavator,
            Saw Blade**, Plywood Panel**, Sickle***, Hedge Trimmer***,
            Chainsaw**, Small Chainsaw***.

        - [Entertainment] - 3x durability for the following items -
            Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, TV**, HDTV**,
            Skateboard***,Bowling Ball**, Small Chainsaw***.

        - [Horror Novel 2] - +25%PP from defeating zombies.
            Effects the zombie-kill-count bonuses.

        - [Interior Design] - 3x durability for the following items -
            Chair**, Stool, Fence, Painting, Skylight**, Steel Rack**,
            Mannequin**, TV**, HDTV**.

[3.2] - Contemporary Reading -
  Location: P101 - Straight accross the hall from the warehouse exit.

  Books:- [Camera 1] - +25%PP from Photographs.

        - [Hobby] - 3x durability for the following items -
            Toy Laser Sword, Stuffed Bear, Novelty Mask, Toy Cube, Boomerang**,
            Rat Stick, Rat Saucer.

        - [Sports] - 3x durability for the following items -
            Baseball Bat, Skateboard**, Pick Ax**, Soccer Ball, Bowling Ball**,
            Boomerang**, Dumbell, Barbell.

        - [Weekly Photo Magazine - Adds a visual queue for the type and timing
            of photos. The appearance of a PP icon above a subject's head
            indicates a good photo opportunity.  The color indicates the genre
            of the opportunity. This book may be used as an effective counter
            to darkness, as this indicator will appear over any zombie close
            enough to you, regardless of the light level.  Also works well
            for finding Queens, as they appear as Green icons in a mess of red
            and blue zombie icons.

[3.3] - Everyone Luvs Books -
  Location: E108 - Near the North Stairs on the First Floor of Entrance Plaza.

  Books:- [Cooking] - 2x mixed juice effect duration.

        - [Cycling] - 3x bike durability.  Gain a trick.

        - [Travel] - 3x durability on the following items -
            Handbag, Parasol, Pick Ax**, Sign, Bench, Lipstick Prop, Perfume
            Prop, Shopping Cart, Weapon Cart.

[3.4] - Sir Book-A-Lot -
  Location: W204 - Across the hall and upstairs from the Wonderland Plaza

  Books:- [Criminal Biography] - 3x durability on the following items -
            Cleaver, Meat Cleaver, Battle Axe, Fire Ax, Katana, Sword,
            Ceremonial Sword, Saw Blade**, Sickle***, Hedge Trimmers***,
            Chainsaw**, Small Chainsaw***

        - [Health 1] - + 50% healing effect of food items.

        - [Japanese Conversation] - Story Related, see below.

        - [Skateboarding] - 3x Skateboard*** durability.  Gain a trick.

[3.5] - The Sinister Read -
  Location: E201 - Upstairs at the south end of Entrance Plaza.

  Books:- [Health 2] - +50% healing effect of food items.

        - [Horror Novel 1] - +25%PP from defeating Zombies.

        - [Lifestyle Magazine] - 3x durability on the following items -
            Chair**, Stool, Push Broom, Bucket, Garbage Can, Shampoo, Pet Food,
            Hanger, Paint Can, Oil Bucket, Sickle***, Lawn Mower,
            Hedge Trimmer***, Shower Head, Tool Box, Smokestack, Mailbox,
            Skylight**, Steel Rack**, Plywood Panel**, Stepladder, Mannequin**.

        - [World News] +25%PP from survivor related rewards.


[4.0] - Story-Obtained Books -

SPOILER WARNING:  This section contains information on books aquired through
other means than by picking them up at the book store, or books with effects
related to advancing the story.

Japanese Conversation:  Allows you to speak to Yuu and Shinji in the
bookstore when you meet them in Sir Book-A-Lot.

Brainwasing Tips:  While you have this book, the survivors following
you will be far less timid. Survivors will enter combat more frequently,
spend less time panicking, and will follow you beyond groups of zombies
unless they are grabbed or are physically impeded by the zombies in some way.
You get this book by defeating the cult leader int he theatre after his
cutscene in Paradise Plaza.

Camera 2 :  With this book in your posession, photographs are worth double PP.
At the end of Kent's story line, you kill him and he drops this book.

Wrestling:  With this book in your posession, bare handed attacks recieve a
significant boost in power.  Found in the room with the 3 Hostages after
you defeat Cliff.

Survival:  With this book in your posession, food item healing effects are
increased 100%.  Found in in the empty store next to Crislips after you
kill Cliff.


[5.0] - Tips and Comments -

The only real advice I have to offer anyone playing is to aquire a set of
books that offer you a selection of weapons you prefer to be double or triple
effected as early as possible.  Before "Backup for Brad" you have access to 3
of the 5 bookstores.  I head out and pick up [Entertainment], [Engineering],
and [Criminal Biography] as early as possible.  I picked up two Small
Chainsaws near the start of my current playthrough, and I'm at 2400 kills,
most of them with the two Small Chainsaws and neither of them are flashing
yet.  If you're a real fan of the Sickle or Hedge Trimmer you'll have to wait
until the Entrance Plaza is open to you until you can triple book those.

At first I was not overly impressed by the effects of the books.  I'm still
not a fan of the PP increase books, or the Healing effect books.  The only
books I ever carry that aren't direct weapon durability increase books are
Camera 2 and Brainwashing Techniques.  As I approach level 50 I've stopped
carrying Camera 2, but it is a good book.

It wasn't until I noticed that holding multiple books that effected the same
item was really making a big difference in the longevity of the item that I
started taking an interest in them, and having seen no commentary on the
message boards concerning the books and their cumulative effects I decided
to make this FAQ.


[6.0] - - - - - Alphabetical List of Items with Book-Increased Durability

** indicates an item can be effected by two books.
*** indicates an item can be effected by three books.

Acoustic Guitar
Baseball Bat
Bass Guitar
Battle Axe
Bowling Ball**
Ceremonial Sword
Electric Guitar
Fire Ax
Garbage Can
Hedge Timmer***
Lawn Mower
Lead Pipe
Lipstick Prop
Meat Cleaver
Novelty Mask
Oil Bucket
Perfume Prop
Pick Ax**
Plywood Panel**
Push Broom
Rat Saucer
Rat Stick
Saw Blade**
Shopping Cart
Shower Head
Small Chainsaw***
Soccer Ball
Steel Rack**
Stuffed Bear
Tool Box
Toy Cube
Toy Laser Sword
Weapon Cart


[7.0]  Credits and Copyright

Capcom obviously for making the game.

Myself for taking the whole three hours it took to compile this FAQ.

Thanks to:
Justin Young for confirming the Survival book location in 72h mode.
ZombieSexKitten for the tip for finding Queens.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This FAQ is copyrighted by Jeff Smeland 2006.  

You may contact me at:  GeistCH@comcast.net .

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